BBC Three: Day 10: 09:00-14:00 Commonwealth Games

BBC Three: Day 10: 09:00-14:00

Live coverage from day ten. Tom Daley goes in qualifying in the 10m individual platform diving competition, plus netball semi-finals and crucial badminton and table tennis clashes.

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Good morning. Welcome to day ten, the penultimate day of Glasgow 2014.


We have seen it all, heartbreak, tears, success and glory and


yesterday was no different. So, some wonderful memories created


yesterday and this is how the medal table looks. England have a


commanding lead at the top with 140 medals and 48 golds, many thanks to


the gymnasts over the last few days. Claudia Fragapane became the first


in dish woman to win four gold medals at a Commonwealth Games 484


years with victory on the floor. Australia are in second and Canada


still leads Scotland, who have 17 gold medals in 49. Alex Marshall and


Paul Foster made it a golden double as they helped Scotland win the


men's fours. Wales are in 12 and Northern Ireland


men's fours. Wales are in 12 and Northern have eight medals, no gold


medals yet but there is still ten -- time. The games may nearly be over


but there is still so much at stake. This is what is coming up. There's


badminton as Imogen Bankier and Robert Blair of Scotland take on


England Adcock and Adcock for a place in the mixed doubles final. We


will be live at the International hockey Centre, as England's men look


to emulate the women by making it to the final. We are closing out the


action at the pool in Edinburgh. This morning sees a certain Tom


Daley going in the ten metre platform preliminaries. And we will


check in as Australia face Jamaica for a place in tomorrow's gold-medal


match. So, still plenty to come and we have got some live action now


over at the Emirates Arena. It is badminton. Last time, the doubles


partners at the Olympics were Chris Adcock and Imogen Bankier but now


they are on opposing sides. Let's find out what will happen in this


one. It is going to be great. Let's join the commentators, Gill Clark


and Morten Frost Hansen. COMMENTATOR: I suppose this previous


encounters, the two previous matches between the pairs, both won by the


Scottish combination but both in three games, but surely, the fact


they have never lost to the English pair must give them confidence for


this semifinal? Absolutely. Obviously, it will give them


confidence but it is a new day today, a new match, a new


tournament. Everything can change. But looking back on the last eight


days of badminton here in Dargo, -- Glasgow, I must say that the Scots


are looking very good. On the other hand, I must say that especially


Chris Adcock is looking very shaky. He has not been playing up to his


usual standards. He has got to find that today, at this moment, if they


are going to go through to the final tomorrow. Yes. Not only is the


statistics against the English, but I also think that the performance in


the last eight days of Chris Adcock is against him. But let's see how it


goes. It is going to be a very interesting match and I am looking


forward to it. That is lovely. Good play. Even the


opening six points come here, Chris Adcock has played better than I have


seen for a long time, this week. -- six points, here.


The English pair, currently ranked number five in the world, and Robert


Blair and Imogen Bankier, 13. This is really world-class badminton.


He has missed it. I thought Chris Adcock and Andy Ellis in their men's


doubles quarterfinal yesterday evening, I don't think I have ever


seen them so nervous. They were almost crippled by nerves. Of


course, used the number one seed in both the mixed and the men's


doubles, so all the pressure is on him. -- he is the number one seed.


Yes, you can actually reverse this, in a funny, twisted way, if you


want. If you look at it, yes, Chris and Gabby are favourites to this


one, according to the seeding, but the mere fact they have not won


against this pair ever before, maybe they can say they are up against a


good pair that they have never beaten before, and therefore, they


are the favourites to win, and the pressure is on their shoulders.


Service full called, for striking the shuttle above the waist. --


service full. -- fault. Yesterday, when we saw Adcock and


Ellis, as you say, they looked totally crippled by nerves. Maybe,


as I say, in a kind of twisted way, they can see the Scots as favourites


and therefore, they don't have the same pressure on their shoulders as


they had yesterday, and suddenly, therefore, they can perform.


Another error at the front of the court from Imogen Bankier.


Yes, just shadowing how she should have played the shot. That is a


marvellous return of the quick serve from Robert Blair.


The England coach, Jakob Hoi, nearest to us.


Yes, I think what impresses me so much about Robert Blair is the fact


that he seems to think so well on court. His placement of his attack


always seems to involve Imogen Bankier at the front of the court.


Yes, user with trying to play his partner in. -- he is always trying.


That is one of the most important things in doubles, to play that way.


The Scottish coach, there, probably saying to move them from side to


side. Would that be of the back of the court? -- at the back. I think


so. Overdone it. There was a big gap across court and it was the right


shot to try. Yes, and it was into the backhand of bank year. -- Imogen


Bankier. Scotland, I have not seen them that much over the years, but


this week I have seen them quite a lot. To me, they are slightly slow


starters and once again, they have proved it. Let's see if they can


pick up. That is a good shot. Yes, lovely smash from Chris Adcock.


Yes, totally deceived by that, Robert Blair.


Superb. Good play. Gabby Adcock, in the women's doubles last night, was


outstanding. She has continued her good form in the semifinal of the


mixed. When you get the net and you come


off, you will win all of those rallies.


When they have got you on the walk, they are clipping it into court gave


a lot. You can go back slightly. So, the instruction from their


coach, did you catch it? Just a bit. The sound was quite overpowering but


I think he said they wanted more blocks, to get the initiative in the


early stages. Perfect, low serve, finding the line.


Now, that is what we think Andy was saying to the players, moving at the


back of the court, first won around the head and then whipping its deep


into the forehand corner. But he should have played a block, and just


maintain the initiative and waited for a better chance. Yes, the


frustration from Robert Blair. Now you will get one of my own small


little philosophies. If you look at it from the English perspective, it


is very important, here, for Chris Adcock to get into his own comfort


zone and not have to seek the approval of his coaches, the public,


and his partner, and all that. What he has got to look to do is to find


his own comfort zone, where he plays well, and not have to look around


for the approval all the time. If you can see, so often, he is looking


out to the crowd, to the coaches, to his partner and they are talking and


discussing but he has got to feel comfortable in what he is doing.


A very good rally by the Scottish pair, especially Imogen Bankier.


From your last comment, am I sensing that sometimes, Chris Adcock may be


so intent on trying to do what the coaches have done that he is not


playing instinctively? Yes. well worked. Gabby Really looking so


sharp at the net. It is obviously out of the picture but Chris is not


looking to the bench, he is getting to that zone himself, and that is so


important. He is playing with in stick, but he is cool, calm and


calculated with what he is doing but he is playing. I think the big


difference at the moment is the English pair are sticking to their


favoured formation and the standard formation the mixed doubles, the man


using his physical strength, obviously men are physically


stronger than women so it is best to have them playing from the back of


the court, thundering down the smashes, and women tend to be a lot


more agile than the men, and therefore the twisting and turning


at the front of the court suits the women's play. So obviously both


players want to play to their strengths, which is getting the


women forward using the man's strength from the back of the court.


And the English team is doing that better. That is why they are 16-12


up. It has gone wide. better. That is why they are 16-12


saw in that rally, the Scottish pair in the defensive formation, which is


to see players side-by-side in the court, whereas the English pair, one


forward, one at the back, that is the standard attacking formation.


Good defence. And ever so good recovery from the Scots here. They


got well back into that rally after being under severe pressure. I think


that shot there from Robert Blair really did it. That was a good


return. What great defence from Bankier.


Yes, that was perfect. They do still need a lot of recovery


here, though. The umpire just saying to the English pair, you are taking


too long between rallies, get yourselves ready. That was a good


block. Very, very nice block by Chris Adcock. Look again, he is not


looking out, he is not seeking that approval. He is sort of getting into


his own frame of mind. He is getting into the game, and that is rarely


important, I think. Yes, and it means he is playing a lot better


than we saw earlier in the tournament. He is playing the best I


have seen him play this tournament, all the way. Game points have


arrived for the English pair. Six of them. That is magnificent defence.


And that has gone long, first time of asking, and the number one seeds,


Chris and Gabby Adcock take the opening game 21-14, in 16 minutes.


So, Chris and Gabby Adcock with the opening Game 21-14, just the start


that the English pair wanted. You were able to listen in to both sets


of coaches there, that in your opinion what do the Scottish pair


have to do to turn this around? They have to challenge Gabby at the net,


and I think that is what the coaches said as well. Actually both coaches


from the English side and the Scottish side were saying you have


to challenge the lady at the front. And obviously that is the whole


game, but obviously the Scots have to do what Robert Ware is doing


here. That is beautiful, rather than dumping it and going in with that


really tough fence, he is just blocking it nicely away from her,


and that is the way to play it -- tough offence. Just block it. That


is why they got in trouble, she has got the challenge Gabby on that one.


That was good. He swayed his body out of the way to give himself the


freedom to play the defence there. And what is good, he is playing it


with the drift, and that is why the Scots played a lot of mistakes in


the first game. But Chris Adcock was able to control it here, which was


good. That is lovely. That is not bad!


That is what you want, or going forward more like that. Yes,


obviously it is a fantastic shot, this one, very ambitious, a good


shot but the whole idea is the right idea. Yes, she almost played that


with topspin, didn't she? Yes. Extraordinary. It was a risky. It


has occurred to me, Morten, Robert Blair laying two matches yesterday,


because he was in the men's doubles, and the comment you know,


at the age of 32, perhaps in international badminton on the world


tour he only sticks to one event. Do you think that has maybe affected


his sharpness in the semifinal? Not really, I think it was a little bit


of a blessing in disguise that he lost yesterday. And the fact that he


can focus completely on this mixed doubles, which I think they had a


brilliant chance of even a gold medal. Let's see how it goes here.


They are slow starters. They did not have a good first set. Scotland have


never won the gold medal in the mixed doubles.


The right idea. Yes, and I think for Scottish fans that will be a little


concerning that she is beating up on herself, shaking her head.


They ought to know that Gabby waits for that crosscourt smash with the


defence. Yes, that is far too much towards centre court. Yes, but all


credit to Gabby Adcock for dealing with that so well.


What a smash. That was good play by Gabby, the way she was moving


forwards and forcing Blair to lift it. Yes, sometimes we underestimate


the impact of movement off the shuttle, and how it can affect the


rally. We so often talk about in football, you know, the players off


the ball, and this is exactly the same. Yes. That was nice, now that


is moving Chris at the back of the court, which is what the Scottish


coaches wanted Bankier and Blair to do.


But the funny thing, a clear would have been very nice in that


situation. He opted to play down, and straight into the rally. Yes,


service fault was called. The umpire just confirming what the service


judge called. I don't think heard the call.


It is going wide, well wide, my goodness me. The Scottish pair will


have to be awfully careful here because I get the sense that the


English are beginning to really stamp their


It came off the frame of Chris Adcock's racket. Good serving, but


what a return. What a return from Gabby Adcock, there, clipping the


tape. And, as you say, the Scots really have to be careful now.


Yes, well, I am with you, Morten, I don't think I have seen the English


pair play as well as that this week. I've seen them play better in world


terms, but this is very, very good form they have played themselves


into. So the English pair a game up, and a


5-point advantage here at the mid-game in the ball. Yes, that is


well done. Morten, as we were watching one of those rallies again


during the mid-game interval, both you and I looked at each other about


Robert Blair's movement, certainly trying to lunge forward to the


backhand side. Did not seem all that fluent, really. No, he was not that


comfortable. I was paying a lot of attention to it. From what I saw, he


is either very stiff and sore from the previous matches, or he is


carrying a small little injury, I don't know, but that did not look


good. They have won the first two points. Since the resumption of


play. That is a good shot by Chris


Adcock. That is a soft crosscourt shot, that is really doing the


damage, setting off the nice lift. Once again, Gabby Adcock, absolutely


on top of the net, looking for the third shot of the rally, serve,


return and third shot, absolutely critical in doubles. Well, he will


be disappointed with that. They were on serve -- and error on serve. Here


is allowed to do it. He has played really well today. This is the first


kind of serious bad mistake. CHEERING


Good anticipation by Robert Blair. The next three points are going to


be crucial in this match. The Scots have to catch up, and if the English


are running away, I think this is it.


Yes. Well-placed. Very well placed. Once you have committed to the


backhand defence, Gabby spotted that and hips down Blair's forehand side.


-- hit down. Gabby Adcock, quite frankly, is on fire. Wonderful take


off the top of the tape. She is setting up so nicely for her


partner. CHEERING


Well, the Scottish parent simply have to start closing the gap. --


the Scottish pair. Time is running out for them.


Just having a quick time-out, maybe to compose their thoughts again.


Focus on the game plan. Well, the frustration almost boiling


over with Imogen Bankier. The disappointment is all too


obvious. The crowd, desperately trying to


lift the home players. On the attack once again. The


English pair. And once again, the Scottish pair forced to defend.


Well, I am not quite sure what Imogen Bankier was complaining


about, there. But in my opinion, it is another sign of her frustration,


as the English pair, now, are just three points away from being in the


final. If it has been a part of the game plan from the English


perspective, and the coach's perspective, it has been quite


brilliant, using the reverse psychology. The English pair may be


seeded number one but in their own mind, the Scots were favourites


because of the past results. It has definitely given Chris Adcock


the confidence. Yes. Just two points needed, now, for Mr


and Mrs Adcock. Oh, that is nice. Good play by


Blair. But he will not win it. And with that wonderful keel at the net


-- kill at the net, Gabby where she has been the whole match and now


England have the opportunity to book their place in the final.


the baseline. The new shuttle will be faster. They have to be careful


they are not lifting it for too long.


CHEERING That is it! Chris and Gabby Adcock


are guaranteed a medal because they will contest the mixed doubles final


tomorrow. Obvious disappointment for Robert Blair and Imogen Bankier. But


all credit to the English combination. They really took the


match to their opponents. They attacked more. They were more


positive. And Gabby Adcock, on her net play today, was absolutely


superb. 21-14, 21-14, in 35 and its. And they are through to the


final. -- 35mm is. Oh, my goodness, what a contrast in the body language


between the two pairs. You have to feel for the Scottish pair. They


must have come into this match knowing they had a chance. But they


were beaten by a better pair, today. They never got into the flow of the


game. That was all due to very good play by their English opponents. All


respect, well played by England. Well done to Mr and Mrs Adcock. In


the other mixed doubles semifinal, it is England against Malaysia, his


language and Heather Olver. -- Chris Langridge.


COMMENTATOR: It is noticeable that lie paging is unable to get to the


net and kill the shuttle. She is just pushing it back into play. Not


able to be the danger she was in yesterday 's quarterfinal. Again,


Heather Olver, ready to serve, and flicking the shuttle. Jean did not


have her racket down to say she was ready.


A beautiful little push to the back court, getting the short lived,


great play from Heather Olver. The crosscourt was too loose by Soon,


the athleticism by Heather Olver, moving across the net. The lows


serve lands short of the service line. -- low serve. It gives the


Malaysians and easy point. The opportunity was there, for


Heather Olver. She played a lovely net shot. But you can see, the


shuttle spinning at the net. UMPIRE: Change the shuttle. The players


normally wait until the shuttle is in the right position to kill it but


sometimes it is easy to drag the shuttle down when it is spinning so


much. It looks like an easy kill but with a spinning shuttle, it can be


quite difficult. Found the line. Langridge did not


like the fact they were appealing. Right on the line. What has enraged


him is that chant's hand was up immediately, claiming the point. --


if you would like to continue to watch the mixed doubles semifinal,


you can do, by switching -- but we are switching to gymnastics. We will


shortly be joined by some of the gymnasts. England are leading the


medals table with 140 medals to their name, and many of them are


thanks to the gymnasts. England's Kristian Thomas take the


silver. There is your Commonwealth champion, Scott Morgan from Canada.


Wales' Georgina Hockenhull takes bronze.


Elsabeth Black is the Commonwealth champion. A fine bid for yet another


medal. It does not come much better than this. Nile Wilson, and silver


is his just reward. He has done it, Daniel Purvis. A gold medal. And


Scotland goes crazy! It is a golden floor routine for the


golden girl. Take one pinch of sparkle, a of energy, and what do


you get? Claudia Fragapane. Oh, that is so impressive. Kristian


Thomas, you know what he can produce. This is beautiful work.


They do not use that term very often. What a way for Nile Wilson to


finish. A great baptism. I'm feeling a bit bad. I have got


quite a big couch to myself and there are four macro distinguished


guests crammed into the other one. I'm obviously very scary! Guys,


thank you so much for taking the time to come in and speak. I know


what a busy morning you have had. What time have you been up since,


doing interviews? Eight or nine? I thought you said 5am. That is


doing interviews? Eight or nine? I was having breakfast. Max, if you


just move your arm, I saw them was having breakfast. Max, if you


stacked up there, like a tower of medals all of a sudden. Claudia,


let's start with you first of all, we can take a look at some of your


fantastic work from this week. What an incredible week you have had. If


you were told last week you would be leaving with a whole load of medals,


I'm sure you would have been incredibly happy. Definitely, yes, I


was not expecting it at all. We were just hoping to get the gold as a


team and to come out with three more gold medals, absolutely amazing.


Just describe what it is like to watch this back, does it feel like


it is you watching you orders and feel like watching someone else on


television? It does not feel like that at all. Watching me do it, I


don't know how I do it! LAUGHTER It doesn't feel like it when I am in


the air. Imagine what it is like for your family, in that case. Yes, they


are very proud. I have been getting lots of messages from them how proud


they are of me. How different has it been after 24 hours, you were still


matching yesterday, winning medals yesterday, but when you start


appearing on programmes, becoming more recognisable, do you feel a bit


of a change? Yes, it has not really sunk in yet. It has been absolutely


incredible, just the whole experience. On your twitter feed, I


saw you had the heady heights of signing a hot dog, what was that all


about? I had no idea, some became up to me and said can I be a bit cheeky


and have you signed my hotdog? I wanted to have a bite, thought he


was going to give me some! There is a man lying in hospital filled up


with ink from a pen at the moment or something! Max, congratulations to


you too, where to start with your week, what has been your most


memorable moment? The whole lot has been an amazing experience for all


of us. The medal that stands out for me is the all-round final. For an


athlete and a gymnast, to go and perform six routines on each piece,


I am just so pleased to pull it off in a day. On the last one you went


in with a 2-point lead, but you did not hang back at all, you went out


as if you desperately needed to win that one. I set my targets before I


came out here, me and my coach, Scott, we knew what my target scores


were that I wanted to hit and that is what I am so pleased about, that


I managed to hit the 90 mark twice. So I am really over the moon, I


could not ask for more. What I liked about watching all of you guys, it


seems to be, even with the Scotland team, it is most like you are one


big team, you just happen to be wearing different colours. It


definitely is exactly like that, we have done the whole build-up


together at the same gym, so we knew how each other were trading. We


normally compete for Team GB, so we had been training together for many


years and we are great team-mates. Even though we were competing for


different countries here, it felt like we have been as one so it is


Willie nice. And the start of your week, how has it been? It has been


an incredible week, not just for myself, but for everyone to have


achieved what they have, it is incredible. Do you have a standout


moment from your two golds? From an individual perspective, the bars is


the one I wanted, and I have still not watched the routine back. So I


will be interested to see that and watch the corrections, building


further and looking forward to what is next. I read that you were going


to change your routine when you head into the worlds. Is it all about


constant improvement? It really is, all of us try to push each other


further and further, but just as individuals, but as a team, we want


to be striving for those medals. We will try to work on the executions


so we can work and bring out the best of us. Louis, it is great to


have you back. I just love how much you seem to have enjoyed just of


being back. So many big smiles the whole time. I have had an absolutely


amazing time. You know, it has been such an effort trying to get back to


where I am, and I think that is the relief of it all, I think. Knowing


how hard I have had to work to get back to where I am, and I can just


in myself. I haven't seen this bit, not bad! Obviously we had a bit of a


pick-up, losing Simon, that was quite hard for the team, and it is


quite easy to brush over that, but we had to really come over that, and


it is sad to not have him here with us but I think we have done


fantastically well as a team, as a nation. And we look forward to


having him back with us soon. Were you feeling pressure coming back at


all, because obviously your life has changed since the Olympics, you are


much more recognisable, people would come to watch you may be who are not


gymnastics fans, does that put a bit more weight on your shoulders? A


little bit. Since Beijing, the Olympic Games in London, you kind of


get used to the pressure and expectation, but it is also kind of


nice to have that. It keeps you on edge, keeps you sharp, so it is nice


to have that bit of pressure. And in relative terms, you obviously came


back to training later than the other guys who haven't actually


stopped, so where do you think you are? Are you where you hoped to be,


further on than you hoped to be? I would like to have been a bit


further, I am not going to lie, but I did not leave myself much time, I


kind of shot myself in the foot, getting back into it. But I am going


to train for the rest of the year and really see how I can do in 2015


and try to push to make the great Britain team. But right now we just


need bit of a break just to relax and look back. But not as long a


break as you took the first time. No, I am talking about a couple of


days, not a couple of years! Any regrets about taking those couple of


years at all? None at all. I have had some of the best times in my


life, kind every gathering life. Doing Strictly, that was another


opportunity to just experience something completely different other


than gymnastics, which I have answered I was four years old. I


have had a great time over the last couple of years -- which I have done


since I was four years old. It has definitely taught me to show a bit


more of my personality in the sporting world. As gymnasts, we are


quite well-behaved, and I know behind the camera these guys have


got fantastic, bubbly personalities, and it is about trying to get that


in the gymnastics performance and show people that gymnastics is fun.


Claudia, where do you think the strength and depth is in gymnastics


at the moment? It has been such a big week for the England team, also


for the Scotland team, but British gymnastics is in a really good place


at the moment. Yes, they definitely are, we are obviously such good


gymnasts, all of us, and we have progressed for a while now, and


hopefully we are getting better and better, and the results are still


room for improvement. Listen, thank you so much for dropping in, I know


it has been an incredibly busy morning so we really appreciate you


taking the time. Plenty more sport coming up on the BBC, what do you


know about hockey? Do you need to know a little bit more? Let's find


out. Hockey is a fast and fierce game


played by two 11 aside teams will stop there are five additional


substitutes who may be used and unlimited amount of times during a


70 minute match. Goals may only be scored from the shooting circle, a D


shaped arc. Suspension cards can be issued to players who commit fouls,


a green card results in an automatic two-minute suspension, while a


yellow card is a minimum five minute ban. Penalty corners can be awarded


for a variety of infringement and are taken from the backline, ten


metres either side of the goalpost, with five defenders allowed to enter


the shooting circle. If a score is tied at the end of the match in the


knockout stages, a penalty shoot out will take place. In Glasgow, with


the men's and women's competitions comprise of two pools of five teams


each with a top two in each pool progressing to the semifinal stage.


I am delighted to say that my gymnasts have morphed into hockey


stars, what and credible day it has been so far on BBC Three! We have


Olympic medallist Emily Maguire, Linda Clement, who has been the


Scotland captain, and Amy Gibson who is the goalkeeper. Ladies, I was


lucky enough to be down at Glasgow Green yesterday watching some


fantastic semifinals. We have got the men in action today, but what


has your Commonwealth experience been like? It has been absolutely


incredible. Just to have a Commonwealth Games in your home


city, your home country, it is an amazing experience, and to have been


a part of that, it has been amazing and I can't thank everyone enough


for all of the support. On Wednesday, we had a bagpiper playing


from the stands, it was just amazing to play in front of that. Did it go


as expected? You are probably disappointed to be speaking to me on


a Saturday when you could probably be warming up for other matches, but


how would you sum it up? Ultimately, we are disappointed with our finish,


we were pushing hard to get into the top four and we fell a bit short of


that. So yes, we are disappointed with our finish, but the whole


experience has been fantastic, as Emily said. Your thoughts? I do


agree with Linda, we are disappointed with our finish, but


our performances have been really good and we are happy with that sort


of aspect. But we will push for the results hopefully in later Games.


Linda, you have retired now, is that right? Yes, yesterday was my last


game for Scotland. The time was right, a really enjoyable career but


the time was right to hang up the boots. I spoke to Kate


Richardson-Walsh yesterday, and she said that she is now not definitely


retiring, still thinking about it. Do you almost want to think, can I


do a little bit more? Of the tournaments are fantastic, and you


get Fenwick variants like Glasgow and it makes you think, but I knew


that I was pushing hard for Glasgow for a long time and I knew that I


would be right afterwards to stop, and I am happy with that decision.


How do you think this semifinal, Australia- England, will pan out for


the men? Australia have been so strong, never dropped a title here


at the Commonwealth Games but it will be a big battle. It will be


at the Commonwealth Games but it exciting match, and I am really


excited to see the teams get out there. As you say, the Aussie men


had been really dominant for a while now, looking like a really class


team. But the English men had been really dominant for a while now,


looking like a really class team. But the Englishman as well, over the


past year or so, have really regrouped, they have free belt, and


come back really strong. So I think it will be a fantastic match to go


and watch. I am looking forward to seeing some great attacking hockey.


England have got the top scorer of the tournament so far in Ashley


Jackson, I imagined the Australian goalie will have been watching him


and they will be trying to mark him, obviously? Yes, I think he's caused


a lot of corners. They will not want to give away corners because he is a


definite threat from the top of the deed. He is a class player and they


will have to watch out for him. Would you like to predict this one


Linda? I am not sure. The Aussie men have been on good form, it will be a


close game but I think they might just edge it. We can head down to


the National hockey Centre here at Glasgow Green. They will be a great


match. -- it will be a great match. COMMENTATOR: England's bench


contains some very strong players, Henry Weir and Simon Mantell,


Mantell winning his 108th in Jewish cap, plus all of the Team GB caps.


Alistair Brogdon is on the bench, Phil Roper and Ollie will ours as


well. -- his 108th English cap. It is a tasty one. England against


Australia, it is not get much more mouthwatering than that, and in a


semifinal at the Commonwealth Games, it is right up there, certainly in


hockey terms. And the players and officials will now line up, ready to


be introduced onto the field of play. Along with the officials.


Martin Madden from Scotland, and Peter right from South Africa, who


will be overseeing this one. -- Peter Wright. Middleton and Knolls,


the captains of England and Australia respectively, going


through the coin toss. It is a pretty chilly morning in Glasgow,


the Australians with their short-sleeved shirts. -- Knowles,


the respective captains. The wind is taking the edge off the


temperatures. Australia in green and gold, their traditional colours.


England, white shirts, red shorts, and we are just about ready to go


here at the Glasgow National Hockey Centre. The first of two England-


Australia matches today. This men's semifinal, and then the highlight of


the day, as far as in the Shockey is concerned, in the women's gold-medal


match, England will face Australia. -- as far as England hockey is


concerned. And early start for these guys. Let's hear the introductions


from the stadium announcer. Number 12, Jake Whetton. Number 17, Aran


Zalewski. Number 18, Tristan White. Number 20, Matthew Swann. Number 23,


Daniel Beale. Number 25, Trent Mitton. Number 27, Kieran Govers.


Number 28, Karl Brown. Andrew Philpott. Andrew Charter. And number


31... Here is the England squad, starting with number five, Captain


Barry Middleton. Number one, goalkeeper George Pinner. Number


three, Dan Fox. Number six, Henry Weir. Number seven, Ashley Jackson.


Number eight, Simon Mantell. Number nine, Harry Martin. Number ten, Nick


Catlin. Numbered 11, Alastair Brogdon. Number 12, Michael Hoare.


Number 13, David Condon. Number 14, Mark Gleghorne. Number 15, Phil


Roper. Number 16, Adam Dixon. Number 17, Iain Lewers. And number 18,


Ollie Willars. CHEERING So, the introductions are complete.


Martin Madden and Peter Wright will now shake and with the players, and


the players will crossover briefly, for a quick nod and shake between


them. Not many pleasantries, you. Most of these players know their


opposite numbers pretty well. Now it is down to business, for a place in


the Commonwealth Games final. Kyle Brownhill winning his 115th cap


for Australia today. -- Kyle Brownhill. Winning his 150th cap.


But I think Brown has decided he just wants to focus on the match.


And that is what they are doing. Australia in green and gold, getting


into the huddle. England already set to go. We have got about 40 seconds


until the official start time. Australia will stay in their huddle


for a few final words between them, before they advance forward.


Well, this fixture promises much. Let's hope it lives up to the


billing. England, in their white shirts and red shorts, will be


attacking the goal to our left. Australia, in green and gold,


hitting from left to right, for a place in the Commonwealth Games


final. We are underway. England immediately forward courtesy


of Iain Lewers. Looking for Nick Catlin, the number ten. Swann.


Kyle Brown, his 115th cap, today. -- 150th cap. 35 minutes each way.


Good, crisp, precise passing early on from Australia.


The drizzle has just eased off for a moment. It has been pretty wet, so


the pitch is quite slow. I think we can expect a huge battle, here,


between these two sides. Australia have the pedigree. What they like to


try to do early is put a lot of pressure on the defence, to see if


they can get something early but England know that. They will want to


try today in this game as long as possible. The longer they can stay


in it, the more frustrated Australia will become.


It has fallen kindly for Australia, into the circle, looking for a ball


across. Penalty corner. Adam Dixon on the end of a bit of skill, there.


Kieran Govers am just finding the foot, quite simply and easily. It is


a bit of a soft corner. If the ball hits a defender's foot in the


circle, in the D, the attacking team have a penalty corner. Australia


discussing their options. The England defensive line get their


protective gear on, ready to try to keep it out.


The first penalty corner of the game. Australia, lined up and ready


to pounce. It has come their way. And it finds the back of the net!


What a start for Australia. Tristan White puts Australia 1-0 in front.


George Pinner looks a little sorry for himself, the England keeper.


That was not in the game plan at all, the ball to the right-hand


option at the top, clever little switch, fooling the England defence.


George Pinner was looking for it on the other side but it was round his


feet. He will be disappointed about that, through his legs, a tall guy,


sometimes difficult to get your feet moving quickly but a soft goal for


England to concede this early in the game, really. The best possible


start for Australia, taking the lead within three minutes, here. Chris


Ciriello for Australia. Normally, their penalty corner specialist.


Coming from the centre of defence and nudging it forward. Matt Gohdes


takes it quickly. Too strong. This is definitely something England had


not planned on but they would is definitely something England had


thought about this in training, and worked out how to try to get back.


-- get back from an early goal down against any side.


-- get back from an early goal down not the easiest to get out of


defence against. Mark Gleghorne, sliding in to pick it up but it will


be an Australian ball. The little up and over, looking for


the corner but it bounces beyond any Australian sticks. Matt Gohdes, the


number 16, for Australia. Dan Fox, looking around, checking


out his options. Sharp movement here, from Australia,


as they look to build another attack. Swann is always lively in


midfield. Knolls, Australia's captain, his


244th cap today. -- Mark Knowles. Fox, trying to clear for England but


it is bouncing around and it will be an Australia hit.


Up over the top, delicately done, and well taken. Free hit, quickly


taken and England try to recover. It breaks away, kindly for England, and


Nick Catlin, on the right, if he can just keep an English stick on the


ball, and allow the support to gather. That is the pressure that


Australia put on the ball carrier, particularly when they lose the ball


high, they like to win it back straight away but England need to


steady the ship little bit. They are rocking from the early goal


conceded. They want to put a few passes together, move up as a group,


and not get too stretched. Looking at the first penalty corner, a great


move by George Pinner will be disappointed it went through his


legs. Not a good start. -- but George Pinner. Swann with a little


burst of acceleration forward. A backhand pass upfield was high and


it will be England ball. Ashley Jackson is the leading scorer in the


tournament, with seven. Nick Catlin, trying to give England


an opportunity, through the legs of the Australians, looking for a way


through to the circle but Australia breakaway. Trent Mitton is charging


down the centre. Australia with three men in the D. They attack in


numbers, don't they? They are very adept at just finding a free hit


when they need it, as well as getting the space forward but they


commit players forward whenever they get an opportunity. England, at the


moment, finding it hard to get anyone forward with the ball, with


possession. Middleton tries to find Nick Catlin but the ball is stolen


by Zalewski, who is weaving a dangerous path into an attacking


position for Australia. But cleared. Iain Lewers, doing the good


defensive work. Swann goes quickly round Martin and


heads towards the D. Solid defence by Michael Hoare. Slightly trapped


in the corner, though. England get the hit in.


The rain is starting to intensify again. The weather has been pretty


miserable this morning in this part of Glasgow. This is a bit of a


slower pitch than the guys are used to playing on. And with the wet


weather this morning, it is slowing it down even more, the more rain.


The wetter the pitch and the slower the ground is becoming. It does not


really suit either team. Pushed out by Australia. Jackson will drop back


and take this again. All the way to the goal line and in towards the D,


goes around one. Nothing is the call from the umpire as England hopes to


get a penalty corner decision. WHISTLE


That is how wet it is. Jake Whetton, sliding along, getting absolutely


drenched. Ashley Jackson trying to work


something into the deep but the ball got too far


something into the deep but the ball Sometimes he tries a bit too hard to


do it on his own when things are not going well for England.


Jackson, all the way back to defend, playing it off to Phil Roper.


England, looking for an exit, here. All they find is Australian sticks,


as Jackson has a go, trying to carve his way out of there. This is


better, from Middleton, the captain. Good acceleration, driving forward,


and off an Australia stick. Great tackle by Iain Lewers, there.


On the reverse side. Swann, trying to weave his way around. It is not


out of there, yet. Australia attack again and the foot is outside of the


D. REFEREE: Guys, guys, everybody, calm down. We know you want to take


it quickly but it needs to be right as well. It is the same for them


getting out of the way. So England and Australia, the semifinal of the


compost, calm down? It's not going to get very far, I did think. I know


he's trying his best but all the boys want it and they are trying to


keep the intensity of the game up, take free hits quickly, get forward


quickly. Fox has let it go and it has fallen


kindly for Australia, a reverse shot and it is in explanation mark 2-0,


scored by Simon Orchard. -- it is in! Well, that is a mistake by Dan


Fox, trying to get out of a difficult position, he gets mugged.


Orchard, well, again, he gets the ball on the top of the D and takes


it to the backhand side and fires across the front of George Pinner,


into the corner. That is a good goal. England counterattack on all


the way to the D. Appealing for a penalty corner and Nick Catlin


getting really angry with the umpire. Being told to shut up in no


uncertain terms. Philpott. Having watched Australia


play against India, they looked a bit honourable but they have looked


very strong here against England. Australia still haven't got six of


their team that played in the World Cup, Jamie Dwyer is missing. The


Yong is missing. Hammond. Penna makes the save. -- George Pinner


makes the save. They are pressuring his goal all the time, Australia.


This one goes behind. Yes, another shop there, finding space. Orchard


puts the ball through. Look at that speculative attack by the Aussies.


All the way downfield, looking for Phil Roper. Roper, waiting for


support to arrive. , temp Condon for England. Catlin. A foot


outside of the deed. Jackson. -- outside of the D. Jackson will take


this one. Lewers. England coming forward to the edge of the circle, a


chance to get this in front of the Australian goal. It is behind, it


will be a long corner for England. Adam Dixon will take it.


A good, sustained period of pressure from England. Jackson. Jackson goes


backwards. England will try and build from the other side. The cross


to Michael Hoare. Inside two Catlin. -- inside the Catlin. Australia


break forward, only as far as Jackson. Green card, Ashley Jackson


has to sit it out A good little period from England,


but they need to try to get something out of it. It shows the


difference. Jackson is fighting hard for his team. Orchard, the scorer of


Australia's second. Novels, the captain. Australia, that was right


in the midriff, taken by Lewers. He took one for the team. England


breaking. Chance for England. Shot on goal! Good defence from


Australia. The goalkeeper not needed in the end. Gleghorne, high ball,


looking for Catlin. A good little attack thereby England, two against


one, but I felt that the forward running in here went too close to


the goalkeeper on the same line. If he had come out there, he would have


had a better chance, Brogdon. Not quite firing together, those two


forwards, Brogdon and Condon. Australia 2-0, less than 20 minutes


of the half to play. Australia threatening England's defence once


again. Delivery was poor. It goes behind for an England ball. Of the


lovely aerial through the Kieran Govers. England did well, forced him


wide. It looks like another card. Australia punished, this time. Matt


Gohdes gets a green. Yes, for an unfair challenge on Nick Catlin.


Matt Gohdes sits down for a couple of minutes, so shortly Jackson will


return to the of minutes, so shortly Jackson will


have a man over. In ice hockey, they call that a power. -- a power play.


Australia just happy to back it around, and then go high and look


for a long aerial ball towards Beale, who can't get anywhere near


it. England back to full strength, and they have a man over while Matt


Gohdes sits out the next 90 seconds or so. Dixon. Weir. Nice ball down


the line played precisely to Barry Middleton. Australia claim it was


out, the umpire tells them exactly what happened. Orchard, Ockenden


spread it to the left. Swann takes it down the centre for Australia.


Swann the knolls -- towards Knowles. Swann unceremoniously barged off the


field of play by Gleghorne there. Yes, good pressure from England.


Just forcing the free hit really. Australia very good at getting out


of a difficult situation, winning free hits when it gets close down.


Ockenden. Gleghorne. Weir. Weir tangling with the Australian. The


Australians have poached it again, attacking England's goal, first


shot, saved from George Pinner. Another attack from Australia. Matt


Gohdes is there, George Pinner equal to him. Weir, over one stick, cut


out by the second. Fox takes it for England, quickly. Fox looking for


options down the centre with Lewers, into the D.


England with a shooting opportunity, gloved away, and it is


safe for Australia for the moment. Very called by Andrew Charter there.


A nasty ball for defenders to deal with. Harry Martin gets on his nose,


but look at that, Jackson not quite able to get a stick on that and this


is the shot down the other end, Matt Gohdes coming in, crashing it in,


and look at that forward diving in. Good steal. Now the clock is


stopped. The umpires are in discussion. There has been a yellow


card shown to the Australian captain, Mark Knowles. I think they


must have had an extra player on the pitch again for a short period of


time, so the captain has been taken off.


OK, there you go. REFEREE: You have still got 11 players on the pitch,


someone else needs to go off. I can't help laughing at this, the


basic premise is you have 11 players on the pitch, someone gets sent off,


and you should have ten players on the pitch. The captain get a card


for that. Just to double check, you should be ten. Are we, or not?


LAUGHTER With the constant rolling


substitutions, it can get a bit confusing, but it should be 11


aside, unless people are out with a card. We need another person with a


job of counting people on the pitch all the time. Yes, it has cropped up


a few times during the Commonwealth Games hockey tournament. It started


in the World Cup when England played in the World Cup when England played


Argentina, Argentina had a guy sent off and then put somebody on


accidentally for two minutes. It could have been going on for some


time with nobody noticing. So the result of all that is that Mark


Knowles has a yellow card, which involves a five minute sit down, so


England have a man over for the next five minutes. The Aussie captain off


game for the moment. Let's CEF England can take advantage of this


situation. Australia ball. I find myself, in these situations,


constantly counting to see how many players are on the pitch -- lets see


if England can take advantage. The only thing that matters at the


moment is the score, I'm afraid, from England's point of view, but,


happily for Australia, they are leading 2-0. During the England


women's semifinal yesterday against New Zealand, there was a similar


situation. New Zealand had a player over and it was the England men


watching from the stands spotted it, one of their eagle eyed players


spotted there was an extra player on the pitch for New Zealand, let the


bench know, and New Zealand consequently had a player sent off.


It was their captain, Whitelock. speed. 13 and a half minutes of this


first half to play. The weather improving very slightly. The rain


has eased up, the wind has dropped a tad. Philpott for Australia. Good


pick-up at full stretch on the deck from Iain Lewers. Then he looks for


support behind. This is what Australia do really well, they make


it so hard for the defences to get the ball out and higher up the


pitch. They work very hard to cut down the options, particularly


through the middle of the pitch, and then they closed in like this, three


men on the ball carrier. Jackson finds his captain, Middleton. We


might need a bit of Middleton magic, just to get England back in this


game. Hoare. Jackson. Fox fires it in. England can't attract it. Now


they have possession, edging towards the D. England still in Australia's


half of the field. Hoare, into the D. No penalty corner, that is what


they were hoping for, it will be a free hit for Australia. Knowles is


an influential defender in the middle for Australia and you can see


they are in a little bit of disarray. If England can just put a


bit of pressure on them, they have another couple of minutes without


Knowles on the pitch. Highball. Oh, beautiful control in the air, and a


lovely pass as well to Orchard. Australia look menacing. Heading


towards Penna macro's goal. -- Pinner's goal. A swing and a miss,


England ball. High ball. Looking for Jackson on the right. Can't control


it. Jackson has not had a lot of chance to get into this game yet.


England have not had a lot of ball. Definitely one of the most talented


players on Park Definitely one of the most talented


the ball on his stick in Definitely one of the most talented


can do lots of damage. He Definitely one of the most talented


passing ability. Swann, lovely play from him, releasing Fergus Kavanagh


on the right, pushes it towards Beale. Beal takes it quickly, slalom


is his way towards the shooting circle, fired in, tidied up,


England, way down the right, a collision between Mark Gleghorne and


one of the Australians, Ciriello, who is a big unit. Takes a bit of a


crunch to flatten him. Gleghorne managed it. Yes, Chris Ciriello just


got himself in the wrong position, didn't he? Flat footed, had already


kicked the ball, and he knew he was in the wrong so he tried to get out


of the way but was slightly off-balance. Middleton and Iain


Lewers. Middleton has a turn and a look. Now a little burst of


acceleration, decent looking ball but Australia, aware of the danger,


reacting quickly. A good path from Michael Hoare,


finding Dan Fox on the right. A poor pass from Fox, though.


Yellow card over, Mark Knowles is back on the pitch. 11 a side once


again. I'm just going to count, to check!


Philpot, for Australia. Back to Ciriello. Over on the left, Mark


Knowles, who has just returned Ciriello. Over on the left, Mark


the field of play. Into the last ten minutes of the first half, Australia


2-0 England. Nick Catlin, calling for it on the


left-hand side. He was in space. Middleton did not see him.


Ockenden, running one of his darting runs again. Orchard, for Australia.


George Pinner had to react, and a flying stick as well as a spinning


ball. Chris Ciriello, holding it up and


calming down for a split-2nd, and leaving it for Orchard. He is happy


to go back to Mark Knowles. Ciriello, through the legs of


Jackson. It is a good move forward. Swann, lively again. The ball is


kept in solidly by Daniel Beale. And a good, sustained period of pressure


from Australia. Can England clear this? They have. Avoiding any feet


on the ball and any penalty corners. A little flick behind. Iain Lewers


with a crucial touch for England. Nick Catlin, looking around. He has


got Brogden to his left. But he looked for a second too long. At the


moment, Australia winning the midfield battle. You would think


with the players they have got in their previous god, all the midfield


players, they would be struggling -- without the players they had in


their squad. But they have so much strength in depth in that area that


they are causing England huge problems. And Australia are really


bossing the game, playing the ball around, making England work, sapping


the energy of the side in white. Zalewski's pass is a beauty, all the


way down to Australia's number 16. And into the deep. England have two


clear this. Shooting opportunity. -- into the D. No penalty corner.


Anxious looks from the England players, as the umpire's whistle


blew. England cannot really afford to let any mooring. They have done


well just to hang on in this game at the moment. -- any more in. They


just have to hope they can put something together, get a corner and


the other end, or a breakaway. They need some possession, which has been


lacking in the last five minutes. Matt Gohdes is on to this, but only


as far as Catlin. Spreading it to Jackson who takes it on himself. He


is held on and Matt Gohdes recovers after he loses possession. -- held


up. High ball forward. Such discipline in defence from


Australia. manoeuvre. Zalewski, back to Mark


Knowles. Shadowed by Mantell. It is a good move. Matt Gohdes,


edging towards the shooting circle. Backhand cross delivered but a


little too high for Australia. Paul and Graham on the sidelines must be


happy with this performance. They are keeping England under huge


pressure, England cannot put a stick on the ball and make any meaningful


inroads at the moment. England are not getting any space, as soon as


there is an England player on the ball, he is surrounded. That is the


way Australia play, they make it so difficult all the time. Once you get


your head down, that is it, they will close you down. You have to


know what you want to do almost before you get the ball. Ashley


Jackson winning possession for England. And Australia player is


down but England continue attacking. It is kicked behind and now the


Australia player can get some attention. He looks like he's in


trouble. Is it Daniel Beale? Or is it Zalewski?


UMPIRE: Can I get some help on for you? The physio has been called. It


is Daniel Beale. Both he and Zalewski were down. I think he did


his knee, did he? It looks like it is his leg, his knee or his ankle.


Actually, I think it is his ankle. The clock has stopped at four


minutes and 27 seconds. He looks in trouble, doesn't he?


Number 23, for Australia. It just kind of collapsed underneath him.


Daniel Beale, hobbling off the field of play. He has been replaced


immediately by Jacob Whetton, who has come on Frost ready. I think he


just rolled his ankle in the melee. Come on for Australia. He probably


tweaked his ligaments but he seems OK. They will put a bit of ice on it


and I should think he will be back on in short order. What I noticed,


while the game was shut down, all the Australians got in a huddle


together and England were standing around waiting. The Australians


obviously decided to have a quick team talk. Ashley Jackson loses his


stick and possession. High ball, and a big chase on for Trent Mitton. He


has got good speed and he is into the circle. He plays it back and the


penalty corner for Australia. That is all he was looking for. There was


no other option for him. Iain Lewers, well, he would have known


that but he still could not get out of the way. Good skills by Trent


Mitton but if you look, here, well, it just clicked his toe, didn't it?


Iain Lewers unfortunately could not get out of the way. Six penalty


corners, six shots on goal from Australia. Australia in deep


discussion about what is going to happen, near. Zalewski will inject.


-- what is going to happen, here. Australia lined up.


Australia's penalty corner. England have dealt with it so far.


Australia's penalty corner. England have They clear their lines. Better


defence from the England defensive unit on that corner. Middleton.


Harry Martin. Good ball skills. Just a metre to far. But he retains


possession for England. Less than three minutes for them to get


involved in the scoring in the first half. Australia 2-0 England.


Mark Gleghorne tried to pick it up but it bounced over his stick, and


Australia will fancy another attack or two before the first half comes


to its conclusion. Andrew Philpott. Back to Mark Knowles.


Dan Fox but only as far as Andrew Philpott, who has found Trent


Mitton, who holds it up. Backhand cross, taken sharply by Trent


Mitton. But no touch available for Jacob Whetton, who was riding in. --


sliding in. Quick thinking by Trent Mitton, a twisted his backhand,


putting the ball across to Jake Whetton and he was not far away.


England have done well to come back after their early... Well, a


calamitous start, really. It was a very early goal that they let in,


and a bit of a mistake for the second one. Since the 11th minute,


they have come back, worked themselves back into the game,


certainly in the middle part of the pitch. They have yet to make many


inroads up front. A chance, here. They need numbers forward.


Australia's ability to escape from defence is absolutely outstanding.


Iain Lewers, firing it down the right to Fox.


Iain Lewers, firing it down the the half.


Michael Hoare losing his stick. 30 seconds left and England can still


come forward. Iain Lewers with a lovely pass. Build towards the D,


via an Australian edge. -- drilled towards. That might just be that for


the first half. The clock is ticking down, ten seconds, high ball, in.


the first half. The clock is ticking down, ten The umpire blows his


whistle and the crowd will count down from five. Oh, they are a bit


cold and wet. The hooter has sounded for the end of a half dominated by


Australia. An early goal from White, backed up by the second goal from


Orchard, and the scoreline at half-time makes good reading for


Australia. So, England are trailing Australia


at the moment and we will discuss the first half in just a few


minutes. But first, let's get the news headlines from around the


world. We've got factory boys and butchers'


apprentices and office clerks Don't stop moving!


If you go back you'll die! Good morning. Do not pack items in


your hand luggage, that is the advice after this week 's problem is


with baggage handling. Outrage in Australia after a couple abandoned a


baby when they found out he had down syndrome. ?70,000 has been raised to


help them. Palestinian militants say they don't know where a missing


Israeli soldier is, and the Palestinian have been accused of


capturing him. He signed the New York City last month but now Frank


Lampard could be on his way back to the UK. The former Chelsea


midfielder is on the verge of joining Manchester city on loan.


Each figure represents a life lost in the First World War. 5000 tiny


models made of ice will appear in Birmingham today and the special


memorial will melt away a few hours later. More later. But right now,


act to the hockey. Yeah, I am looking for


a Prince Charming. I don't think I'm ugly, but I don't


think I'm, like, really pretty. I say, "You've got something


on your bum." "Really?" And I say, And it's about time


that I did something about that. Hello, and welcome back. We are


talking all things hockey, and I am delighted to say we have Emily


Maguire, Linda Clement and Amy Gibson on the sofa. Australia seem


in command against England. It was a great start of the game from


Australia, looking really dominant in the opening stages and I was a


bit worried with the English boys out there, but they have managed to


claw their way back into the game. They have had a couple of


opportunities themselves. They will be a


They have had a couple of opportunities themselves. little bit


disappointed not to have corner opportunities. They need to get


Ashley Jackson flicking from the top of the circle. He would be one of


their main goal scorers, so to give him a opportunity would be key to


their chances. Amy, Australia had six shots at goal, two of them went


in, they marked out what they wanted to do from the very offset, didn't


they? Yes, looked for the slap option at the top of the D. It went


through George Pinner's legs, I don't think he would be too pleased


with that but the second shot was very impressive, right in the


corner. He will be disappointed it went through his legs, but he has


picked himself up and made a few good saves after the goals have gone


in and kept his team in it. He has picked himself up after the goals.


Do the conditions make a difference version market is pretty wet over at


Glasgow Green at the moment. Not particularly, it is not affect your


vision, most people are used to it. It should not be too much of a


factor. The first goal was Tristan White, the second was Simon Orchard,


and at that point it looked as though the floodgates might start


open. Yes, two early goals and the English might have been worried at


that stage. The Aussies are really threatening every time they attack.


We can just take a look at this one now. Good elimination skills, and


bang, right in the corner, a difficult one to try and stop.


England just haven't had many opportunities. I think they had to


attempt at goal and could not get either of them in, but you need to


be to get the ball first before you can score the goals. Absolutely.


That is just one of the key parts of it. The Australian players just go


out and really dominate. They just seemed to want it more than everyone


else they play against. They go out there and they play very hard and


strong, and it is difficult to get the ball off them once they have got


it. It will be disappointing for any player to get to the stage and not


take part in the final. We saw Daniel bailed getting a bit of an


injury. Does not look good -- Daniel Beale. Do you think something has


gone? It is quite difficult to tell but at the business end of the


tournament you would be hoping you would be able to play. He will


hopefully be all right for the final. It would be disappointing for


any player to miss it at this stage. It has been an intense year for


hockey, with tournaments, especially at the Commonwealth Games, so many


intense games in such a short period of time. How much does that take its


toll? Australian men are a fit bunch, so I don't think fitness will


be a factor. Hopefully he will be all right. What kind of discussions


will be going on, this is maybe one for you Linda, to bring a team back,


and what would you girls be looking for your captain to say to you at


this stage? Hopefully, the captain will be in there, Barry Middleton,


telling them just to believe. Only two goals down, not a lot to come


back from, they just need to believe in the second half they can go out


there and get the corners. What would you say to them, Linda? I


would be saying we are firmly still in the game, just keep a defensive


platform, try to keep the Aussies out as much as possible and when


they are up there try to get shots in the circle, on target, and win


some corners. What Australia want to do now, Amy, is go out and get an


early goal and set the second half up. We have just outlined it, Inman


will be wanting to get out there and scored two goals, and in men's


hockey you can turn that around quite quickly, so they will be


looking to do that and put their mark on the game really early, and


just say, you are not back into this, if they get an early goal that


will almost kill off English chances, Australia, early doors in


the second half. Linda, when you go out to face a team like Australia


have such a flawless record here, it does not matter if it is the women


or the men, is it a psychological barrier involved in that as well, do


you think, for some teams? Absolutely, but the Australian men


and women are playing very well at the moment. You have to go into


every game of hockey believing you can win, absolutely, and respect


them as a team, but not fear them as a team, just try to take the game to


them. The second half will be getting underway shortly. One thing


I noticed down there yesterday was the atmosphere has been absolutely


fantastic. Could you girls feel that, because you must've had the


majority of the support throughout the last ten days? Yes, it has been


amazing. I can't say enough about how proud it has made me and the


rest of us to play in front of that crowd. I said earlier on about


playing in front of bagpipes, I have never had that before, so that was a


great experience and it definitely drives you on. It just gives you


that extra little edge when you don't think you have anything left.


Amy, did you have lots of friends and family here? Yes, lots of


friends and family, and they did not often get a chance to see me so it


was great to have them around. And the thing is it is not just for you


guys, you know, when your match finished yesterday, there seemed to


be a whole load of English fans and then the next thing you knew there


were a whole load of New Zealand fans, they are cheering for


everything, and the support will be equally good this morning for


Australia, and for England as well. It has been great. Everyone has been


coming out and there will be a lot of non-hockey fans out there, just


coming along to see a new sport, having a great day out. It has been


an incredible atmosphere. It will be an incredible second half, let's


rejoin our commentators. COMMENTATOR: We are ready for the


second half. Australia lead England's 2-0, and now Australia in


their green and gold will be attacking the goal to our left.


England with lots to do, plenty to think about, following the half-time


team talk from Bobby Crutchley. What they need is a goal, an early goal,


just to give England confidence that they can get back into the


semifinal. Australia have the first attacking move of the half, with


Kieran Govers heading towards the corner, the Australian number 27, he


delivers the ball across. It will be England's hit in. Dan Fox coming up


to take it for England. He leaves it for Iain Lewers. Lewers back to Fox.


Fox trying to run down the right, he runs in the Beale, who finds Mitton.


White. Ockenden. Into the D. George Pinner taking no chances, kicking it


away. Kieran Govers looking to nudge that into the path of Orchard up


front there. So, Pinner busy in the first couple of minutes of the


second half. WHISTLE Australia now camped out in this


attacking zone. England can break. Swann for Australia. Brown on the


left, acres of space in front of Brown. Well read, well dealt with by


Hoare. His pass to Jackson is held up for England. Ockenden.


Govers in the circle, looking for some service here. Ockenden steps up


to take it. Knowles. Into the corner, plenty of time and space


here for Australia, they will be looking for an England foot on the


ball. It almost felt to Govers. -- it almost fell to Govers. Just a


moment of relief for England as the umpire blows in their favour. The


little ball here finds White on the foot.


umpire blows in their favour. The little ball here finds Australia


finding an extra man on the backline. Orchard. Ciriello.


Knowles. Knowles a crossfield to Matthew Swann.


Michael Hoare gets his stick on the ball. Can he get out of this little


jam? He can. Lewers. Quick movement for England and Fox has it, via


Jackson. That was off the third of Ciriello. Jackson will take the free


hit. Michael Hoare. All the way down the


line, sliding pick-up attempt. No luck for David Condon. Mitton.


Mitton, great skills from Mitton to get himself into space there,


drilled forward for Australia. WHISTLE


Now, England with an opportunity to get something into the shooting


circle. They need to stay on their feet. Brogdon plays it all the way


back to Hoare. A high ball from Iain Lewers, looking for Fox. Fox flicks


it on, and sadly Catlin could not control it. England finding space


now but Miss controlling the ball, so they have done some little good


things, they are getting behind this Australian team on the last couple


of occasions, but they are just failing to control it. Orchard for


Australia, holds it up and runs towards the D. Back towards Swann,


Swann inside to sell loosely. Ockenden into the circle -- to


Zalewski. Well trapped by Henry Weir. A bit of


space opening up for England. Well trapped by Henry Weir. A bit of


space opening Nick Catlin's cross, just off the foot. The Australian


goalkeeper, Andrew Charter. Encouraging signs for England here.


A great ball in there from Nick Catlin. Good signs, as you say, for


England. They are finding space is now at the back of the Australian


defence. Australia head towards the circle, a


chance for the shot on goal saved by George Pinner. Australia fancy


another chance, this one is behind. Corner for Australia. Good work by


Australia, a great shot in by mixing it, but George Pinner was equal to


him this time. Andrew Philpott will sit out the


card here for Australia. Andrew Philpott will sit out the


next couple of minutes. Mantell provides the cross.


Henry Weir goes left to the edge, picks it up. Dealt with by


Australia. Aran Zalewski comes away with it for Australia, only as far


as Henry Weir. Sharp passing from England here,


writes to the edge of the D. A chance for a shot on goal. They are


looking for a penalty corner, but non-is given. You have got to keep


playing. Australia are tough, and you have to be tough in that area.


A bit of magic from Barry Middleton. That is what England need. They need


to get back in that circle as soon as possible. England have to leave


it behind. This was the push. It was shoulder on the shoulder. On another


day, they could have got a penalty corner for that.


England really need to make some of this pressure count. They have done


well and been able to get high into the Australian defence, particularly


when they had ten men. They are now back to 11, so that little hole has


blocked off. Philpot is back on for Australia. It doesn't help when the


ball fires straight off the side of the pitch, because England need to


get hold of that ball higher up the pitch, if they are going to do


anything with it. Australia have got the? Goals and are be happier of


the? Teams at the moment. Brogden slips and slides into an


attacking position. Jackson takes it up for England. England have not


finished yet. Michael Hoare drive it into the D, only as far as an


Australian stick. Australia are getting in front of the England


forwards and are cutting the ball out.


Players down everywhere, to make English players down,


Players down everywhere, to make Aussies is down and hurt as well.


Brogden got in the way there, and obstruction, and fell over. Long


ball to Mark Knowles. Good take for England, dealt with by


Mark Gleghorne, he was robbed of possession. Matt Gohdes almost with


a chance to break into space. That is where Australia thinks quickly,


they win the ball high, and then they are away. It did not come off


them. But they are thinking, Australia, England are playing a bit


better now. Still yet to win anything meaningful upfront yet.


Ashley Jackson for England. He it quickly. Nick Catlin just could


not make contact. Taken by surprise, he was not expecting the ball to


reach as far as his position. Australia with possession. England


have 22 minutes to score twice. A backhand shot, over the top. Ollie


Willars getting that backhand shot in, but Eddie Ockenden closed down,


got a stick on it over the bar, so it is a long corner.


The bushes, we are catching the end of the bushes, I know what is


happening, cut it out. I don't want to do it, that is why I am speaking


to you. OK? Pretty clear with his instructions,


a little threat to the players for pushing. He nearly put his hand in


his pocket. Eddie Ockenden got out quickly. He pushed the ball over the


bar. Long ball for Australia from one end of the field to the other.


It is behind. A silly mistake... That is looking for Michael Hoare.


The umpire gave the freeze it for two players being under the ball and


being dangerous to the defence. That is to be easy, and that is what


Australia do. As soon as the first free yet goes, that is when they put


their intensity in. A quick spin on the foot, and it is too easy. That


is what we have just told you we are watching for.


Australia are still discussing their options here. Chris Ciriello might


be there go to man here, the number five. He is lined up ready to take


this one. Australia's penalty corner, already 2-0, looking for


their third. It comes to Chris Ciriello. Saved.


Pressure over. Chris Ciriello went to the right, but saved by Michael


Hoare, or cleared by Michael Hoare, off the line. Well done.


Ashley Jackson on the left for England. The lead scorer in the


tournament with seven. Can he adds to his tally? England have a goal!


They are back in the match. David Condon's goal for England. He took


the ball down the back line and forced that pressure in the back of


the Australian defence. A lovely run by Ashley Jackson, look at that


fantastic little ball off his backhand, and David Condon forces it


back. It looks like it went back to Phil Roper it eventually, but a


little ball inside to Jackson. David Condon found Roper. It could have


been any of them. It could even have come off the foot of the defender,


but great pressure thereby England, and they get their reward. Australia


have moved playback to be at the end of the field. Less than 18 minutes


to play. Australia threaten again. England with some momentum. Nice


work from Govers. We think Harry Martin has been


awarded the goal, and meanwhile, Australia almost to score another


one. That was close! Alastair Brogdon there got a chance, put it


at the keeper and did what he had to do, but did not really get a hold of


it. Australia coming forward in numbers again.


Taken quickly. Cleared by George Pinner. Lovely aerial there. It


comes down to Alastair Brogdon. Plenty of attempts on goal in the


last ten minutes. It is all happening. Kieran Govers with a


missed shop there. Just over 16 minutes left to play. The game has


suddenly opened up, and England have more confidence. They are retaining


possession up high, but Australia are hitting back as hard as they


can. Into the danger zone, as far as


England are concerned. Nice work by Dixon to clear England's lines. Into


the corner. They find a way out of here, trying to go up stairs.


a couple of men forward. He cannot provide any service. High ball. The


keeper gets right to the edge of the circle. He read that really early.


He came up before the pass was played to be the sweeper on top of


the circle for Australia. The Australian was held up and he did


not like it come he continues on his way. Lots of attacking play, deep in


the second half now. Mantell for England. Back to we're'


Ashley Jackson, the creator of England's goal. Jackson to Nick


Catlin. He tries to run all the way round to deliver the ball in and


meanwhile Australia have come away with it. Middleton tries to tidy it


up for England. He gets England possession here. Michael Hoare plays


it forward to Dan Fox. There is space for England here. He flicks it


down the right. Martin. The scorer of England's goal. No Australian


feet on the ball. England have got possession. Highball forward.


Looking for Jake Whetton. Barry Middleton, let's see if he can be


creative for England. Pushes it behind. It will be an Australian


ball. That looked like a big tackle for nothing, Barry Middleton


crossing his stick. A wry smile. England have pushed their way back


into the game come if they can just make another one... That is what


they will be trying to do, putting Australia under pressure, but


Australia have had too much for them in the skill department. Swann at


speed. A bit of synchronised diving. Mark Gleghorn and Swann clashing.


Getting a bit of a surf in on the turf. Chris Ciriello drives it in. A


reverse shot and it bounces clear for England. Andrew Philpott. That


is better from the England goalkeeper. Andrew Philpott has a


bit of space in front. Mark Knowles. He finds a Simon Orchard. Penalty


corner. Yes, it is tempting to get too close, isn't it? It is not easy


to close them down. Well coming you cannot let him go, you have too


close him down and realise he is looking for your feet all the time.


Ten minutes to play, England are forced to defend. Australia are


still deep in discussion. The question is, high or low to George


Pinner. He has had one through the legs already. He has looked


vulnerable early on. The steadier man now. They have all sorts of


variations. Here it comes. Chris Ciriello's shot. Another penalty


corner. They were looking for the option on his left-hand post as he


is looking at the ball. There you are. Well, Dan Fox gets out to that


one. I think it was Alastair Brogdon who got out. That is normally the


job Dan Fox. Kavanagh might get his chance or will they use Chris


Ciriello again? It is Chris Ciriello! Coal! 3-1 Australia.


England are checking it. -- goal. They want to use their referral. The


runner blocks him out. This is an umpire referral. Can you check the


action happening in the middle? The runner out is being blocked. OK. Can


you check for the blocking as well, please? And whilst you are at it, we


will have a full-service! Everyone wants everything checked. It is a


good finish, isn't it? It is stopped outside the circle but was there


anything going on? He just does enough to move George Pinner out the


way. There is nothing blocking the ball or the target. I do not think


they are going to change that. I do not see any problems, there is no


reason to change the decision. That is the worst news as far as England


is concerned, the goal of Chris Ciriello will stand. Australia are


leading 3-1 with eight and a half minutes to play. They picked out the


head side of the goalkeeper where there is no line man, so if he can


get the goalkeeper moved, here. I don't think there's any need


for that now. Lots of chat between the umpires and players, that has


been a feature of the match and a feature of the whole tournament.


Jackson is forced to wait before he can take this. Good work from


Jackson, until Chris Ciriello woke up to the threat and reacted. Iain


Lewers goes down the line for England and he flicks it in. England


did not get a favourable bounce. And Australia move forward again. Aran


Zalewski chases after it. Michael Hoare tidies it up for England. Play


on. Daniel Beale is back on after injury earlier, he was appearing to


rove his ankle. He has been fixed up and sent back into play the last


seven minutes of this second-half -- rub. That was a bit of a mistake,


England with numbers. Alastair Brogdon with a flick inside. There


will be a card here. Well, he knew he had done a foul and he hit the


ball away. Swann tries to get it away before the whistle was blown


but the umpire says no. Dan Fox is looking for a foot, and he does not


get it. Five minutes on the sidelines for playing the ball away


after the whistle. England will have a man over for much of the rest of


the match but they have to defend this attack from Daniel Beale. He


feeds it to Dixon on the left who continues on. Middleton has Jackson


in support in front. Dixon is backing up. Middleton, the England


captain. He whips it across the face of the goal but no England stick is


there. Well, a good bit of work there. Always stretching to get the


ball across, always slightly out of reach. Uncomfortable. That is what


Australia do, they make it uncomfortable when you have got the


ball, they are in your face. They are always getting half an edge to


things, slowing the ball down and getting bodies in the way. Michael


Hoare. Playing the ball away after the whistle. Exactly the same.


Michael Hoare will have a five-minute suspension so they have


even things up. Martin Madden is calling the play on the other side


of the pitch as well now, so the players will be frustrated that he


is dominating. Michael Hoare gets a five-minute suspension as well. That


was for hitting the ball away after the whistle went. Ten aside for the


next four minutes or so. Martin tries to get the ball forward. I


thought that was the other way, actually. I must admit. That was


Kieran Govers hitting the ball away. He thought it was his free hit


and I did, too. He has been suspended. England are attacking and


they are running out of time, five minutes remaining. Two guys on the


bench, both for hitting the ball away, there are three players off


the pitch now. You must not hit the ball away after the whistle has been


blown. Kieran Govers and Swann out frustrating. England have a man


over. Iain Lewers. Martin tries to turn and attack. Shouldered out of


the ball and out of possession, there. It looks as though Mark


Knowles has taken a knock frustrating and he is coming off as


well. There is an injury change there. Just looking here, Harry


Martin, well, he tries to stop it, but those are the times when you


just are in the ascendancy, you see Ashley Jackson when the ball comes


in, he does not miss it. England have now lost their goalkeeper and


they have an extra outfield player. That is going to be interesting.


Yes, well England have decided to take the goalkeeper off. Dan Fox has


got an orange top on. They are allowed to do that which means they


have an extra outfield player. I guess that means they have two extra


outfield players because Australia have two off the pitch compared to


England's one. Desperate measures for England. In the dying minutes of


this match. The ball is bouncing, chance for a shot. England are still


looking for the elusive penalty corner. Nothing is coming their way.


The way things stand at the moment England will be heading to the


bronze medal match. Australia looked like they are guaranteed a medal.


Three and a half minutes left to play. This tactic is employed


occasionally when you are down and chasing the game, take the


goalkeeper off to give you a next outfield player but there is


obviously a huge risk that if anything comes of the other end, the


opposition is playing into an uncontested net. You have no


goalkeeper. Chris Ciriello plays it forward. Jake Whetton arrives and is


cornered by England. The urgency does not seem to be


there for England. They need to get forward quicker than this. They have


an extra player around this site if they need to transfer this ball.


They need to do it quickly. Dixon goes round, leaves it for Lewers.


Cleared by Australia. Good goalkeeping again from Andrew


Charter. England are camped out in an


attacking position. Nick Catlin heading towards the edge. An open


goal in front. Under two minutes left. Australia do


not need to go for goal, they just need to keep desertion of the ball


when they get hold of it. We are into the last minute and a


half of this semifinal. This is Australia, open goal, score.


Australia finish it off, 4-1 in front. Eddie Ockenden with the


simplest of finishes. That is all over. I think it probably was. It is


only one minutes ago now. That is the danger, if you can get behind


that defence into the D. An easy finish, three Australian forwards


against one. A vain dive there to stop can then putting that ball in


the net -- to stop Ockenden putting that ball in the net. You have got


to try. It is the semifinal of the Commonwealth Games. There is nothing


to lose. England will head to the bronze medal play-off tomorrow to


play either New Zealand or India. The user of that will face England


in the bronze medal match. Australia will face the winner of that match,


coming up later this morning. Australia will play either India or


New Zealand for the Commonwealth gold medal.


The matches all but over, the last couple of. And Australia have


demolished England by 4-1. ? In the first half, and two in the second.


Including the score at the tail end of the match by Eddie Ockenden.


England were unable to go all the way. They will have to regroup and


return on Sunday and battle it out for the Commonwealth bronze medal.


Australia have beaten England in the men's hockey semifinal. A good start


to the second half by England. They fought back. They got themselves a


goal. They could not really sustain the pressure and they used a a lot


of energy, and Australia were just too strong in the end. You can see


the difference in the opportunities created. Australia get four goals


from 17. England get one from five. That was the story of the game,


apart from the card count. Three yellow cards from Australia, tee


green cards, and that was all about the umpire sending someone off in


the last few minutes for hitting the ball away. Look at it I from the


second half. Sorry, the first half. The first goal from Tristan White. A


chance to slip across the top to Tristan White. Australia


chance to slip across the top to another goal with 11 minutes ago.


Simon Orchard finished off. The ball smashes past George Pinner's leg. A


good finish. And in the second half, Jackson came down and did a


beautiful ball inside the Jackson came down and did a


David Condon, who forced the ball along the back line, and Harry


Martin was creative with the goal at 52 minutes. This was a period when


England thought they were back in the game, only one goal down. A


lovely touch from Jackson. David Condon found Roper and Harry Martin


in front of the keeper, but Australia came back at 61 minutes,


Chris Ciriello, penalty corner, bottom corner again. They have


exploited that lower area and the umpire was asked for a referral. The


right-hand side, there is no stick stopper. A bit more difficult to get


down quickly if you are tall. And right at the death, 69 minutes,


England had a kicking back on, they were trying to force the pace of the


game, but unfortunately, a huge aerial set Eddie Ockenden free. They


had no chance, and it was an easy run to the goal for this Australian


team. Barry Middleton is alongside me now, the England captain. It was


a tough match. There were some moments you had a chance. In the


second half, we showed we could cause some trouble. It was a bit


hard at the end. We showed that we can contend with them and we can


have a real go at them, but our final push, we did not quite have


enough today. When you are up against a team at Australia and they


score so early, how much of a body blow is that, and how difficult is


it to recover from? It gives them some confidence and they can press


on, while we have to open up a bit and play. But we showed in the


second half and we could do it, we could get back into it. We were on a


roll, the crowd were behind us, and probably the third one was the


bigger body blow. You are an experienced England player. The


difficulty in picking yourself up after a defeat, at its elitist jaded


side as Australia, to get back the right attitude for the bronze medal


match, how tough will that be? It comes around so quickly. We come


back for a game in 24-hour is. But we have been through enough. That is


what hockey is. We usually play back-to-back games, we have done it


before. We will do everything professionally now and come out


flying again tomorrow. We want a medal. It is not the colour we


wanted. But we do not want to come in fourth place again.


Commiserations. Go get that medal tomorrow!


Australia have won every men's hockey Commonwealth gold medal,


which is incredible. They are on the march for another. They will be


taking on the winner of the match between New Zealand and India. You


can watch that match online, starting at 12:15pm. Now we had


across to Edinburgh for the final day of diving, and there has been


plenty of action already. We join Helen Skelton and Leon Taylor.


We thought we would get a late entry into the springboard. Obviously you


did not get the memo! I am so sorry! We have had the winning's 3m


springboard. All of the girls from the home nations are three. How


impressed Whately with LEC black? She did not have a great day


yesterday on the 1m, but she was diving very well on the preliminary


this morning. She has got a point to prove, and she is out there and she


will be in a good place for the final. Surprise gold medal for


Alicia Blagg the other night, hammers confidence will that had


given her? Becky did not go very well this morning, qualifying in 11,


but I am sure she will be up in the final receiving. And Grace Reid was


the darling of the crowd. Everybody was ecstatic for her, lots of people


cheering. She seems to be really encouraged by that. Yes, a


consistent performance yesterday and today in the preliminaries. She had


some difficulty, but she made it through, which is great. You can


hear the crowd, they are on good form. She's opting for some of the


easier dives. She is so consistent, she will make it through. Is a she


has opted for the easier dives, but we have noticed a lot of the easier


divers -- other divers messing up on some of the more difficult dive this


week. Yes, but Hannah starling is a force to be reckoned with. Will she


stand on the podium? She will need mistakes from Jennifer Abel, he was


the clear winner this morning, a silver-medallist four years ago.


Jennifer is it a powerful driver, the champion last night on the 1m.


She will be ready to upgrade her silver medal to a gold medal


tonight. We set the Canadians would be wanted it before this


competition, but they have not shown that debt. Jennifer Abel will dive


Last into my's final. They died in reverse order.


Three. But we look now to the men's 10m platform diving. A lot of people


are here to see Tom Daley, as 10m platform diving. A lot of people


are here to see Tom Daley, as well as the Scottish divers. It was such


a close competition last night in the synchronised competition. Such


theatre at the end. Tom Daley and James Denny were here or there. They


have been put together at the last minute, so it is good to see them


were laid off as they did. Their final dive, they ripped the roof


off. It was incredible. They were just on the wrong side of the gold.


The individual competition is up again. A rematch of Delhi. It is


just the preliminaries this morning with the final later. Everybody goes


through, only 11 in it, so the pack is shuffled and we will see what


happens tonight in the medals are awarded. I will let you take up your


commentary position, and a warning to your parents, if you are of a


nervous position, -- disposition, do not let your children watch! Matthew


Dixon is 14 years old and goes in this final against Tom Daley, James


Denny and Matt Mitcham, who pulls in a big crowd here in Edinburgh.


All of the 11 divers will be doing arm stands. The judges for the 10m


preliminary, looking at Matthew Mitcham's programme, he does not


have one big dive, but three big dives in this programme. Yes, it is


common for most of the elite in the world, all six of their dives are


going to be way up there. It is similar to Tom Daley's programme.


Anything that you see is incredibly difficult, probably apart from


Matthew Mitcham's first eyed, -- dies.


or room for error when you are bursting at the biggest and most


difficult dives, a limited degree of difficulty, if you like. So mistakes


can be made. I don't suppose it matters very much this morning, but


you want to be in a good position in the reverse order, so where ever you


place placed this morning, that defines the order you start in the


final receiving. All the athletes go through, so it is a chef of the


pack. To make my day, we are starting with an arm stand. For


those of you who don't know, I get the jitters at with arm stands.


We saw him in Istanbul doing a windscreen wiper impression on the


board because of the wind. Divers do this as a matter of routine. Arm


stand, act double somersault, 2.5 twists in the free position for the


first of the Australians, Domonic Bedggood.


Nice dive for him. 3.6 difficulty. He is a very good twister. Look at


this. Wrapping those arms in. 2.5 twists, checking out, he used to do


some trampolining some stage in his training. That is a trampolining


twist position with his arms down low. He cranks up the twist very


quickly and get a good finish. 91.8 to open at this preliminary. And


that is from a man who says that 3m is his favourite event! He is not


very shabby on the 10m either. Good to see him back, he was with us


earlier in the week. And our Indian diver on the ten-metre board now,


Siddharth Pardeshi, who will go through to the final tonight,


because we do not drop anybody. He is opening with a forward 3.5


somersault. All quite high terrorist dives for the young Indian diver.


is still to come. He was making a meal of this died in training. --


dive. Only getting 6.5s from the judges. It is one that he struggled


with in training. He has got his 57 and that is not bad start from


Pardeshi. Tom Daley. This is something different from the arm


stand that we saw earlier. He is the defending champion from Delhi.


Double defending champion, although he did not defend his ten metre that


form synchro last night -- platform. He is trying to defend


this title. I am speaking in hushed tones after he said he could hear me


last night. 3.5 difficulty for Tom Daley. CHEERING


Well, that is consistent on the take-off and he has been working


very hard, training at the London aquatic Centre now. Strong,


squeezing into the pike shape, looking good, but he goes over


vertical, add it of splash, so we will not be seeing the nines that we


associate with this young man, we will be seeing 7.5s. 73.5, that is


nice. And here it is his ten metre synchro


partner, Silver medal yesterday, not quite in the 3.5s, 3.2 for James. He


will go with an inward three in a hot summer starts -- somersaults in


tuck. Steady opening dive from James


Denny, big opening night last night next to Tom Daley in the synchro.


They were unlucky to narrowly miss out on the gold medal. He will get


eight is from the judges on this, exactly what he will be looking for.


No hangover for James Denny from last night. Straight into the thick


of the action and straight in with some good marks. We have an even


younger Englishman still to come. When they had the line-up it looked


as though he was in the wrong crowd. We will introduce him next after we


have seen Li from New Zealand. He is back on the board at the retiring


and becoming a coach for a while. Three and a half somersaults with


pike for the New Zealander. That dive just got away from Li there.


The take-off looked good, squeezing into the pike shape. Spotting the


water each time. Talking in his chin and over rotating, lots of splash


being thrown. The splash moves away from the diving board. -- tucking.


Something to work on tonight for him. Five and a halfs do not really


cut it, remember. Look at this show man. 14 years of age. From Plymouth.


Bronze at the European Juniors last time. British champion. Personal


best of just under 400. Three and a half somersaults, 3.0. Good work,


Matthew Dixon. best of just under 400. Three and a


half somersaults, 3.0. Good He is so short that his head barely comes


above the safety bars on the ten metres. Beautiful pike shape. No


daylight in between his chest and thighs. Squeezes into the pike


shape. He needed more of a rip, you can see him spreading his arms to


try to get the suction. His coach is giving him feedback. That will be


welcome. That is a good start. Making his debut at the Commonwealth


Games at the age of 14, he will have nerves, but they must be dissipated


by now. Forward three and a half. That is a well executed dive. Good


entry into the water, hardly any splash. Toes pointed. There is not


going to be much change out of 8.5 for that one. These are the marks.


Three eights. He represented Canada at the 2012 London Olympics. But


with injuries, he came down to three and one, so his ten metre days are


done. He suffered a terrible injury. Doing exhibition diving for a kind


of circus really. He sustained very bad injuries indeed. He has a metal


plate in his arm and everything else. Arm stand, triple somersault


with tuck. 3.3 attached to this one. Just a bit short of vertical as he


goes in but everything else was very precise, spot on come in fact.


Squeezing into generate the rotation. His feet are flat. The


judges were penalised him for being scruffy and slightly short of


vertical. 72 for Bouchard. We have just had two Canadian divers back to


back. Now Malaysia have two entrance. Australia have two.


Forward three and a half somersaults with pike for Yiwei from Malaysia.


We have seen good dives from him on the three metre board. We will see


how it translates onto the ten metres. It is important to spot the


water every time. One two, three, he has a look but he does not have the


spot to line up for. The dive tips over. These are the marks. He is


above Dixon and Li. And five other divers. Just to reiterate that the


latecomers, there are only 11 divers. There will be no exclusions


this morning, everybody will progress through unscathed into the


final on the ten metre board. Liang Of Malaysia. Two and a half


somersaults with one another half twists. We have seen some big dives


in his programme. Very steady, strong opener. Only 3.2 degrees of


difficulty, some of the divers have a more complex set of dives. Really


good marks for this. It should be near the top three. I do not think


anyone will catch him. That does take him into third place. Mitchell


does not have one big dives, it is 33.6s. He does start with his


easiest, 3.0. That is a beauty. Wow. Game on. Matthew starting with his


easiest dive, and this will be nines across. Maybe 9.5 if any of the


judges are feeling like flexing their judging fingers. On the


scorecards. Rip entry. No splash. Nine, nine, nine, not quite


emergency time yet for Tom Daley. Diving out of his socks come out of


his boots. The first round is complete. An Australian one-two.


James Denny being Blish men with 78.4 Afterburn first round. -- after


the first round. A decent start for Pardeshi from India. A brilliant


start from this Australian in round one. Dominic Bedggood, the gold


medallist from the synchro. Inward three and a half somersaults with


tuck. For the Australian. Well, after that exceptionally good


opening dive, just throwing up a bit of splash as he enters the water,


technically the dive is good until about now, he does a very fast


forward role under the water and he throws up too much splash, he missed


times the roll. Those three marks give him the lead for the time


being, after his impressive opening dive. Pardeshi from India. A great


boon to Indian diving to have him in Delhi four years ago. Quite a few


have been inspired to come through after this young man. He is not last


at the moment. He is avoiding the final spot which goes to Li from New


Zealand. Well, Pardeshi was having a good think about that. Looking over


quizzically. Why was he taking so long? I have no idea. He obviously


come poses himself and think through what he needs to do, but that is the


worst thing you can do on the edge of the diving board, Clayton mind,


control your breath and off you go. He needed to extend into the water.


Did you have a routine? I used to say, one, two, three, go in my head.


You say it out loud for the synchro. Some people take a long time. Others


like to get into action straight away. Some people like to get out


onto the board quickly and others cogitate a bit. A big exhalation of


breath. This is the dive he has been having challenges with. He has been


talking through this with the sports science people. That is why he is


taking a big breath, taking a little bit longer. Yes, he just loses it a


bit on the take-off, composing himself, doing the right thing but


he misses the leg extension, so he struggles to get the twists done.


Running out of room a bit and the dive clearly finishes very short. He


is not far away from getting it right. He is nearly there but he


needs to be a little bit more patient on the take-off, he knows


what he's doing. He will come back and that will be fine later. That


seems a bit harsh from the judge. Eight back somersault with tuck from


James Denny, off to a solid start in third place.


He doesn't use a towel, like some people, for the arm stands.


Nice! Steady arm balance, 3.3 degrees of difficulty. The chin is


quite lifted, but he knows where he is. Is it crossover as he enters the


water, and they banged together at the ankles, so not quite in the


control of the position that he needs. Amateur of that though the


judges see? There is a lot to take in in 1.5 seconds. The judges watch


this all the time. They can recall what happens in 1.8 seconds.


Hopefully. Onto Fengyang Li. 3.5 somersault with tuck. 3.2.


Just a little ambitious on his exit from the dies. He needs to wake


slightly longer in his tuck position. That is Flash. Just a bit


too ambitious he needs to wake a fraction of a second longer. Still


good. All right, 7.5. Never bad to get that. Eight and nine will be the


real deal later in the day. A lot of the future is around this week for


English and British diving. Matthew Dixon, 14 years old, 2.8 for the


young man. Reverse 2.5 somersault with tuck. Dwarfed by that platform.


Go on! Beautiful dies. -- dive. The degree of difficulty is of course


low because he is of course low because he is only 14 years old. He


reaches back, let's give him hate. He gets into the water with a bit of


splash. He wants to know all about it from


his coach. 8.5s discarded, but thumbs up from Matthew Dixon.


Vincent Riendeau, doing an arm stand. We saw Tom Daley do the


triple somersault, now we see Vincent Riendeau with the back


double somersault, 1.5 twists in the free position, 3.2 for the first of


the Canadians. Very well executed, good technique,


fast twist. The all-important vertical entry into the water, he


does lose his seat bid as he is twisting, rolling over for a


fraction into the water. Other than that, it is good. 3.2 degrees of


difficulty. 73.6 is the total mark for him.


Maxim Bouchard, one of the divers who retired and decided to come back


into the fray. Forward 3.5 who retired and decided to come back


into the somersault is. Good take-off, strong, throws his


arms forwards to generate the rotation. It all looks good so far,


just lining up into the water and letting the dies move a fraction


over the vertical. Still a very good dive. The marks are fairly similar.


All around 7.5 or eight. We are seeing the same dies back to


back here by the Malaysians, a slightly different version by


Matthew Mitcham afterwards. Arms down, the two Malaysians will do the


same dies here. Good technique from here.


again, he lets it overrun a bit, so the splash coming towards us. 6.5,


rather than something higher. The Australian Matt Mitch is still


to come, with a slight variant on what you are about to see now.


Much better from Ooi Tze Liang. A bit better than his team-mate, who


let the dive rollover. He is very precise on the entry. He reaches


forward with his arms. This will be 8.5. Very good dive. 78.40. In


effect, what you will see now from Matt Mitcham is an extra twist being


added. So instead of it being 3.3, we are up to 3.6. He has three in


his locker that are 3.6. An extra degree of difficulty. 78 will take


in both Domonic Bedggood. At the moment, Tom Daley is in last place,


if this goes well for Matt Mitcham. Search good twists. Not quite as


good as his team-mate, Domonic Bedggood. There is the extra twist,


so much more complicated, so much more can go wrong. Matt Mitcham just


goes over the vertical, so he will probably be getting seven for that,


but it is a good degree of difficulty. A bit of work to do on


that. He goes into second place. You can see something in a caption in a


moment that you don't see often in international competition. Where is


Tom Daley? Is not on that page. James Denny is the first of the


English men in fourth place. Tom Daley is right at the bottom. Just


to reiterate, it is the morning preliminaries, nobody goes home.


Everybody progresses, and there is work to be done on both those


opening two dives. Round three. We will be halfway when this round is


completed. Domonic Bedggood, the Australian, has had a fantastic


opening. Let's see what he can do on his third round dive, which is a


back 3.5 somersault with tuck, 3.3. This is the dive that was weak for


him in the synchronisation yesterday. He had some difficulty


spinning backwards. You can only see where you have been, not where you


are going. He is just turning into banana man at it as he hits the


water, arching through his entire body. A drop dies from Domonic


Bedggood. He is getting worse in terms of the


programme, he started well. A little chat going on there in the


background with Matthew Dixon as he prepares for his third round, coming


up in a few dives time. Siddharth Pardeshi, one of a couple


of Indian divers here at the Commonwealth Games. 2.9, one of the


lowest dives we will see. Back to .5 somersault with Pike.


I am not sure whether the long think at the end of the diving board is


doing him the world of good. Thinking, thinking, thinking, at it


can get in your way. Clear your mind, Breeze, take-off. Mind you, it


is pretty scary up on the 10m board. I know what the mind games are that


you sometimes play on yourself when you are standing up there. You are


like a rabbit in front of the headlights. With the dies or the


coach decide that? Is it instinctive when you are up on the board? Each


diver varies. Tom Daley. Time to go. Show us why you are world champion,


Olympic wants medallist, which we have not so far seemed.


He is in last ways, not where he wants to be. 3.2 on this. There you


go. There is to answer. Com posed, ready to rock and roll, and that is


a beautiful inward 3.5 somersault in the tuck position. That is what many


people have come to expect in competition. We will not see too


many nines. He is entering the water at about 35 mph. You can just see


the shoulders and the back just take it.


If you land at a skewers angle, it is landing on concrete. A big dive


for James Denny, back 3.5 somersault is with pike, with all the dangers


that come with your ante. Much better from James Denny. This is one


of the dives that he made a mistake on last night. He has corrected his


errors. Now, he is upright into the water, throwing up a bit too much


splash, so he will only get 6.5 from the judges. This is a huge degree of


difficulty, but he has done well this morning. Well done. A couple of


6.5s in there, and a 6.0. He is talking to his coach about how


that went. Fengyang Li of New Zealand. He is


attempting his third round dive, 2.3, back 3.5 somersaults with tuck.


Beautiful dive from the New Zealander. He is the only one in


this competition, Fengyang Li, opting for the back 3.5 in the tuck


position, bending at the knees and hips. He has got his feet flat


there, which is where we have got the expression, he has got his boots


on, from. A beautiful dive, great rip entry into the water, hardly any


splash. 8.0 from the judges. That is where am posing yourself, waiting at


bit, worked well. It worked well for the New Zealander. Great to see this


young man, 14 years old. gymnastics, and he plays football.


Arm stand, forward, double somersault with twist. 3.1.


That was a solid, steady tide, good balance and he was unfazed by the


enormity of the occasion. -- dive. It is tricky to get the rotation,


flicking your legs, getting out, one twist, there is a lot going on. One


of his more complicated dives. He does a really good job on this. It


takes longer to say it than do it. 6.5s across-the-board. For the


14-year-old. He won gold in the English schools championship when he


was ten. We knew that he would be one of the future and here he is at


the Commonwealth Games four years later. Riendeau Of Canada. A decent


start. This will very shortly be a reverse three and a half somersaults


with tuck. Very nice. He holds the dive dutifully into the water. This


is dangerous and tricky, you have two jump away from the diving board


but spin back towards it. His head is frighteningly close to the


concrete. That it was a safe enough distance for Vincent. A little bit


of splash as he goes in. Yes. Curious. The other Canadian in the


programme in this event. Bouchard. A reverse three and a half with tuck.


3.4 difficulty on this. The Canadians are pretty much joined at


the hip. They are in fifth and sixth position after round three.


It worked for him, that was an unusual technique, standing there as


if he was facing inwards. Anyway, whatever the technique he needed to


use in order to get off the diving board obviously work for him, he did


not have a lot of room to finish the dive. Pointing his toes to the


ceiling. That is very good. He will get over 80 points. I fought he was


going to go but then he did not go on that dive. Very strange. We will


see how it goes tonight when he does it. That has taken him into the


lead. That dive. Three still to come. Two can overtake Bouchard at


this stage. He is going with a 3.3. He has a 3.4 still to come. I am not


sure he will hold onto his lead but it is possible. Three and a half for


Yiwei in the tucked position. He botches that dive. It shows you how


complicated the dives are. It is easy to make a mistake. The take-off


looks OK. He has do squeeze in. He lets go away too early and he drops


his feet, arching his spine. He lands very short of vertical. Not


many marks will be coming his way. He is looking back to see what he


did wrong. His coach and he will now have a discussion about it. They


need to repair the damage done this morning. He will have to make sure


he moves on to tonight. Tze Liang Is next up. Forward three and a half


somersaults with pike. The most basic dive. 3.0. Once again,


spotting the water on each somersault, his head moves slightly,


and he has enough time to punch a hole in the water in the grab


position. Fabulous dive. Some divers use towels and others not. Is there


any reason? They preferred to have the comfort of having a towel


although it is a nonslip surface. It provides a bit of comfort or grip.


He is in second place but he is set to pounce on the lead once again. 72


on the reverse three and a half somersaults with tuck. That is


superb from Mitch. -- Mitcham. We knew it would be a closely fought


final later. Matthew Mitcham is in good shape, he has been injured


quite a few times over the past six years as he was Olympic champion.


But now he is on the middle form and this is an example of that. I


suppose he is laying down the gauntlet. Matthew Mitcham is looking


very strong as he has done on the one and three meter boards this


week. He is going right through the ranks. Tze Liang In second and James


Denny is the best placed Englishman. Matthew Dixon has a lower tariff


programme. Just behind Tom Daley. All 11 of these divers will progress


to the final on the 10-metre platform this evening. It is just a


case of jockeying for position, getting the best start place and


trying to go through your routine as best you can. Three and a half


somersaults with tuck for one of the Australians. Sixth place so far,


Dominic Bedggood. Not one of his favourite dives. His last round dive


was three and a half, similar to this one. Jumping forward and


spinning back towards the diving board but not looking back as he


entered the water, that is what he needed to do to improve it. Going


from short of vertical to upright. Ultimately that is why he scores


7.5s. Siddharth Pardeshi, he already has a 3.2 in his programme. This is


his second highest tariff dive. Reverse to another half somersaults


with pike. The only Indian diver in this competition. -- two and a half.


It is not working for him, is it? I think the crowd reaction says it


all, he jumps away from the diving board, it is a long way round when


you are in the pike position. He is looking for extra difficulty but he


does not know where he is. His aerial awareness is faltering. He


lands on his back. Look at the splash. I do not like to tell him


what to do, but I do not think that 25 seconds or whatever it is taking


him to complete the dive is doing him any favours. He is not where he


wants to be. Let's hope that changes. We should put a clock on


him next time to see how long it takes. Forward forerunner half --


fora and a In the tuck position for Tom Daley.


Wow, wow, wow. Very similar to the forward four and a half he performed


last night in the sink rope next to James Denny. This is very difficult.


3.7 degrees of difficulty, the most complex dive. If you get this right


you could get 100 points and he has smashed it. He left himself some


work to do after round 2. But that is good work from Tom Daley. He was


at the bottom of the pile, that is not where we expect you to be, and


now he is at the top, for the time being at least. Here is James


Denny's three and a half somersaults for the second of the English


divers. The one who, after round three, was doing the best. Well, bit


over vertical as he went into the water, great take-off. It was better


than last night in the singular event. He jumps a little bit


far-away from the board so he makes it's difficult for him. His toes are


a bit high towards the ceiling. He needs to exit a little bit sooner to


stop himself from over rotating but that is good from James Denny. No


longer the best being wish men. He moved alone Tom Daley and Dominic


Bedggood as well, James Denny. The win the silver medal the synchro. --


winner of the Silver. Two entrance for New Zealand, no females, just to


males. -- two males. 3.4 attached to this one. A reverse three and a half


somersaults with tuck. The same dive as we saw from James Denny. James


Denny over rotated. Li from New Zealand under rotated. Short and


vertical. Hitting him on the back of the cards. Short of vertical. --


calf s. Now, the next four divers, five out


of the next six, will all do this dive. Inward three and a half


somersaults with tuck. The only one who will not is Tze Liang.


Rot and entry into the water. My goodness. -- what an entry. That is


remarkable. He looks younger than 14 when he is diving but what an entry


into the water. It is not unusual to have strapping on the wrists. It is


working out well for Matthew Dixon. He needed to straighten out quicker.


That is why the marks were only 7.5s. He did not straighten out in


one movement. You have seen the future of British diving. Victoria


Vincent, 13 years of age, and he is 14. It is amazing that we have such


talent coming through. Vincent Riendeau from Canada. 3.2. Currently


ranked in fifth place. He was almost exceptional, it is still a very good


dive. The take-off is bang on the money. Really good, spin, spin,


spin, look at that. A clever little pike. His feet flat around a bit in


the air. More to come from that young man. It will be quite a


competition tonight. Not quite as good and stride as some people


thought. There will be some others knocking at the door, and Vincent


Riendeau might be one of those. Maxim Bouchard, we will see this


dive, inward 3.5 somersaults, and it needs eight to go


dive, inward 3.5 somersaults, and it needs above Tom Daley.


Just marginally over rotation. He squeezes into the tights took shape,


and a fraction of over rotation. But close to the top of the leaderboard.


He gets two 7.5s, and 18, just about enough to leave him ahead of Tom


Daley. Chew Yiwei of Malaysia will carry on


with the same dive. He was down at the bottom of the


pack before this round, in 10th place. That will help. That was much


more like it. He opted to use a towel, for comfort. 80 points, good


work. It helps his cause. It is not moving up the leaderboard is


terribly much, but he moving up the leaderboard is


terribly much, but might get a slightly more fortuitous start later


on. Back 3.5 somersaults with tuck. This


man has been right on form this week, very good indeed. Ooi Tze


Liang. Is mashed it! That was beautiful. He


was the 3m Commonwealth champion. Here he is, doing all the events,


just arching his back excessively. But his entry into the water was


good. He is just getting the feedback from


the coach. And then forget it, because it is done, there is nothing


you can do now. Next dive. The next dive is the current leader, Matt


Mitcham. He has got two more 3.6s in his locker yet. This is mid range


for him. The inward 3.5 somersaults, well within his comfort


zone. This could take him back into the lead. It will get more than


seven, but that is one of his easiest dives. His entry into the


water, not quite straightening out completely. His backside is sticking


out. He just eases in front of Ooi Tze


Liang. We had a few scraps opening up here, with Matthew Mitcham just


in front of Ooi Tze Liang, the leaders have two big dives at the


end. We have seen this dive a lot, and we


have seen it go wrong. Performed well, it is a thing of beauty. 3.7


is the degree of difficulty. A pivotal dive for every dive. When it


does go wrong, it can be very costly. When the water slaps you,


you certainly know about it. That is what happens to dominate a good


year. He gets a slap from the water. Lots of splash is thrown up. Our


round one leader will now be tumbling back towards the bottom of


the leaderboard. Ouch! He does not even make it to 30 points. That will


send him hurtling down, possibly down into Siddharth Pardeshi range.


This time he will run, so he will not be waiting at the end of the


board. Forward 2.5 somersaults. There you go. He did not spend so


much time thinking about it, just let the dive happened. He did well.


One twist. A low degree of difficulty at 2.9. One of the best


dives we have seen from him. 46.4. We have seen a varied


performance from Tom Daley. 3.6, another big tariff dive for the


Olympic bronze-medallist, and the defending champion from Delhi four


years ago. This should take in well over his current score.


Will they give it tens? It is perfect. At 3.5 somersaults in a


pike position. He waits, now you see me, now you don't. Come on, judges,


warm up! I know it is only the preliminary, but that should not get


any change out of 9.5. Beautiful dive, great fifth round dive for Tom


Daley. We are seeing a real mix from him


this morning. James Denny was in the higher


echelons because of the people were not doing quite what they should do.


What he has to do is perform this 3.6 agree of difficulty, another big


tariff dive for him, back to .5 somersaults, 2.5 twists.


That is really good for James Denny. This is the dive that he had


difficulty with in round two. He just loses his seat at it in the


twist. The judges were penalised that. He does well to get round on


the finish. A bit too much splash. The take-off is good. Well done,


James Denny. That is five and systems dives from this young man. A


nod of approval from him. I think the coach is quite happy. They will


talk about the nuances of what can be better.


With an arm stand, you are allowed to wait for as long as you like. Arm


stand, back double somersaults, 1.5 twists for Fengyang Li of New


Zealand. He has a towel up there to cushion the hands.


Just letting the dive run over vertical as he goes in. It is very


complicated, because you have to get the twist done before you get into


the pike, and he has over rotated on entering the water. Less than 50.


49.6. Due to his age, the lower tariff, but this is his biggest one.


This is the back 3.5 somersaults with tuck. This is a giant for him,


3.3. I thought Tom Daley was diving well.


Not too many flashes there. Matthew Dixon did not really get this one


down as he did in training. He squeezes into the tub shaped, but


runs out of room, ending short of vertical. A big dive for such a


small teenager. The future is here, and it is now,


for Matthew Dixon. He knows he will be back for the final tonight.


Vincent Riendeau has shown some signs that he could be a medal


contender tonight. It is just a case of going through these dives as well


as possible for tonight. Back 3.5 somersaults. That his well honed.


Just dipping his feet as he enters the water, so he will not get


eights on this, but he will not be far off. Take-off is good, but his


feet need to improve. They are flapping around. The entry into the


water is good. A great dive. A bit of room for improvement, and he will


be knocking on the door of the top three. Vincent Riendeau, up into


second place for now, with four or dives still to come -- four more


divers still to come. Maxim Bouchard, currently in third place.


Another good entry from the second Canadian. The same dive. They have


been matching it yet exactly, so we can do a Canadian comparison all the


way through. This is almost as good as his team-mates. It might be


slightly lower on the total score. It was not quite as neat and tidy as


his team-mate, Vincent Riendeau. Not bad for Maxim Bouchard. 75.9, which


will put him in behind Tom Daley. Chew Yiwei is number ten in the


pecking order right now, and he will be looking to improve on that. He


has in his dive list a reverse 3.5 somersaults with tuck. This is a big


dive. Good from Chew Yiwei. He really made


a mess of this in practice just before this competition. It is a


dive is not so confident with. Just entering the water marginally short


of vertical. He is trying his hardest to keep the splashdown. Goes


over 300, as everybody except for Siddharth Pardeshi has done.


Ooi Tze Liang of Malaysia. His second -- it is second behind


Matthew Mitcham. that with a 3.6. That was good from


Tze Liang. He is doing well this morning. He is able to remain calm


and consistent, we will see if he can do the same this evening. The


Malaysian goes head-to-head with the best in the Commonwealth. He has


done very well today. He is a real contender for a medal. Getting the


gold-medal at three metres. Onto the leader. Reverse three and a half


somersaults. He has two and a half twists at the end of his programme.


Eight will put him above Tom Daley and back into the lead. That will


not be good enough for him to top the leaderboard. Making difficult


work of that dive. It is a difficult dive. Tom Daley got a perfect ten


for this dive from one of the judges. Daly drops in round two and


Mitchell in round five. And now we shuffle the pack once more. It is


amazing how things can change so radically in the ten metre diving.


Going from first to fifth as Matthew Mitcham just did with that dive. Tom


Daley is now in first. A round of applause as they are announcing it


on the big screen. A benchmark set by Tom Daley.


Dominic Bedggood, 3.6. Like his Australian team-mate on the final


dive. This man started so well but he has faltered. He is a good


twister. This is his effort on the twist. It is as difficult as it


gets. This is the dive that Tom Daley chose to do second and he did


not do very well. Dominic Bedggood did OK. Like all of the other ten


will return for the final tonight, just in case you are feeling as


though the order was important. Siddharth Pardeshi. A bit of


though the order was important. Siddharth Pardeshi. A bit leeway on


this one. Arm stand, backed double somersault with half a twist in the


pike position. Arm stands are often undervalued. He's off. What a


combination. He went really quickly. Showing steady balance is important


with an arm stand so he may be penalised. He has nailed the entry.


A low degree of difficulty, but little splash. The judges will


penalised him for not showing steady balance at the start. Only half a


second. That is why the marks are as they are. A real range from


Pardeshi. You have to look up and see what he is doing. He needs


better rhythm in his routine. Tom Daley is looking more comfortable up


there. He is in decent form in 2014. He has shown a few spasms here. It


is good, very good. Stunning dive. Front four and a half. In round


four. Around five, as good as perfect, and this is on the money.


He will get nines. A big dropped died in round two. There is much


more to come from this young man. -- dive. That is his new coach from


London. Only three scores count. The next Englishman to go is James


Denny. Forward four and a half. 3.7 degrees of difficulty. He is


preparing himself, he once every little thing to be perfect before he


sets off. -- he wants. Forward four and a half. A little short of


vertical from James Denny. They really put in a lot


vertical from James Denny. They the hard work but he needed to wait


a fraction longer before stretching out for the water. He will go over


400. A good programme of dives from James Denny. That is just a marker


for tonight. We will see if he can improve later. Tom Daley followed by


James Denny, one and two. It is unlikely that James Denny will be


taken off second place by this. Very steady finish from Li. Opting for an


easier dive. An easier degree of difficulty. You can see how the


degree is calculated, you get an extra 0.4 for an extra twist in this


particular category. Playing it safe, doing well. Taking a good


score into the final. Bunching up around second, third and fourth. He


has made it worse by doing that! Matthew Dixon. He could well be


pushing for a medal. Using his experience. Enjoying the atmosphere,


enjoying a major international event. Forward two and a half


somersaults with one twist from the 14-year-old from Plymouth. As you


requested, on the money. A bit of a launch pad take-off. He threw


himself into the middle of the diving board. Into the twist and the


rest of the two and a half somersaults. Clean and tidy. A bit


of over rotation and throwing up a bit more splash than he would have


wanted. It has been a good programme of dives. Big smile. I would say he


was nervous. But he does not show any signs of it being his first


major international competition. There is no expectation. He can go


out and have fun. Possibly one of the medal contenders for to night.


Riendeau Has to be one of those if he can replicate this morning and


slightly improve upon it. Back two and a half with one and a half


twists. He has done very well. A few more of those than I expected. One


and a half twists. Two and a half somersaults. Over 70 points when you


do it like that. Outclassed by a diver doing an extra twist.


Especially when they get it right. do it like that. Outclassed by a


diver doing an extra twist. There is a risk reward balance. Very nice.


7.5s across-the-board. We will see Ooi and Bouchard doing that as well.


He has changed his programme around. He does not have a big, big


dive at the end any more. It is not the same dive. It is the same dive.


Maxim Bouchard from Canada. Well, Canada like-for-like. Following his


synchro partner with the same dive, the previous four, just a little bit


low on the take-off. One and a half twists with two and a half


somersaults. They are much of a muchness, these two. Yes, and they


are getting back together as well. Bouchard is just a smidgen ahead.


Chew Yiwei The that is a lot to expect -- that is.


That is a marvellous dive for Chew Yiwei to finish on. Moving away from


the diving board a bit too much which adds to the chances of over


rotate in which is exactly what he does on the finish here. We will see


him of course as we will everyone into night 's final. It looks like


he will be going in third or fourth in the final tonight. The gold-medal


threat. Certainly a medal threat for Malaysia. He should not be a threat


to Tom Daley but he could spoil the party somewhat. Tze Liang from


Malaysia. Three and a half somersaults. Matthew Mitchell is the


last diver to go next. -- Matthew Mitcham. Interesting from Tze Liang,


opting for inward three and a half, one of his easiest dives. He makes a


hash of it. He comes out way too early. And he lands completely flat


on his face. That is a huge error from this man. Right at the final


curtain call. And he will fall down into fourth with Mitchum still to


come. Tom Daley, Bouchard, and now Tze Liang is in fourth. It is now up


to Matt Mitchum. He cannot actually overtake Tom Daley. The best he can


do is second. He will not have enough to get into first place. A


good dive could put him into second place. That is all that is


mathematically possible, he could not catch Tom Daley because he had


two big of a lead. -- too big. Two and a half somersaults with two and


a half twists in the pike position. A really good dive. We saw him


winning Olympic gold in fine style performing this live, four perfect


tens. It was carrying a difficulty of 3.8 back then. Nowhere near those


lofty march today but he is back in the action, into second overall


behind Tom Daley. That is what through him. You cannot get 3.8


these days, it is 3.6. We do not lose anybody but Tom Daley will get


to dive last. Virtually the same programme at the back end. Matthew


Dixon will go after Siddharth Pardeshi in second place in the


final tonight. Pretty much all of the medals, it is wide open, but


second to fourth are only separated by ten points, so the bronze medal


and silver medal are going to be hard fought for. Tom Daley, have to


add very difficulty opening 38 points, better than Matthew Mitcham.


It just goes to show what you can do when you are on top form. A slightly


average opening dive from Tom. His twist not going very well this


morning, but it will go well this evening, I am sure, and then rocking


and rolling on his last four, to get pretty close to 500, with two


mistakes. Mitcham on good form. Yes, one mistake from him, he ended up


second, in the end. Siddhartha Pardeshi from India. That was a good


dive. An impressive montage. That one, not so much. Here's Tom with


his back three and a half, got ten from one of the judges on that one.


He looks very composed, as he always does. Just that second dive is the


only time these days you have seen him get slightly stressed, slightly


nervous, slightly anxious about a dive. He really wants to do it well


but it is just one he nosy has a little bogey with. Yes, I guess that


is a fair observation. He knows what he is doing, working on what he


needs to work on, and, look, Mitcham made a mistake, Tom Daley made a


mistake, they are all human. We will wait and see.


mistake, they are all human. We will wait All right, we have talked about


him, we wait All right, we have talked about


him, have seen him, let's hear from him.


You have to preserve your triceps like you preserve chicken breasts,


they last longer. So this is not an injury, just a precaution? It is


just an ongoing thing, just preventative to make sure I am ready


for tonight 's final, it is a recovering thing, and I have my


thumb in ice as well. What frame of mind are you going into tonight's


final? It is a bit, but when you did it was brilliant. It is always tough


going into a preliminary knowing that you have already made the


final. It is tough to get yourself going for that. What I needed was a


couple of bad fives to think, I don't want that, I want to go up


there and lead the way. In the end -- a couple of bad dives. Would you


say you thrive under pressure and expectation? Pressure is something


you have to deal with in any way of life. If you can deal with it and


handle it, that is how you get the best results. Without the pressure


and without having to do it, you will not give it 110%, which is what


I had to do the last four. I know divers don't really do trash talk,


but Matt Mitcham's last dive was the closest thing to say, I am coming


for you. It will be a really tight battle the night, anything can


happen on the day with diving, the littlest thing can be the biggest


mistake, so you just after wait and see how it goes. You missed out so


closely on that gold last night, how determined did it make you to retain


your title? It makes you want to do it, because being .2 away from a


Gold is pretty tight margin in diving. I have to give it my best


shot and hopefully be top of the podium. 14-year-old Matthew Dixon is


making quite a stir, his first Commonwealth Games, what you make of


him, inevitable comparisons? He is a great kid, he is really fun, he


works hard and his diving is great. Maybe 2016 but definitely 2020. Look


after yourself, we will see you back in the final. That is incredible, he


has ice wrapped around his triceps and his thumb in a bag of ice. They


just goes to and his thumb in a bag of ice. They


just goes show what these guys are putting their body through all of


our entertainment, and they are putting on quite a show. It will be


another epic battle the night in the story of Daley and Mitcham. Hasn't


Matthew Dixon won the hearts of many people this morning? Will he be


winning medals? The final of the ten metres platform starts at 10:30pm.


Hasn't it been such a busy morning so far? Just behind me at the SECC,


we have a semifinal going on in netball between Australia and


Jamaica. Earlier on this morning, New Zealand backed their place in


the final at the expense of England, but in Australia -Jamaica, I can


tell you at half-time Australia led by just one point. 24-23. The second


half is just underway so let's join the commentary team.


COMMENTATOR: As a result, she has put out nine from ten. Just nice


shooter to shoot work from the Aussies.


Stacey. Stacey and Facey, beautifully quick, the young


defence, as they call her Stacey Facey for short? I like to.


Again, Midhurst really carving up Jamaica at the moment. Is it not


having to do much, other than keep her defender busy and it is all busy


-- open for the Australian goal attack.


I guess that is the team mascot, is it Thumper? Matt Robinson -- Maddie


Robinson. Brilliant take. I was going to say they were made to


pay, Jamaica, with a poor centre pass, but they have got away with


one here. Not a lot of structure about their play, just players


trying to find some space against the tight Australian defence. Not


wasting too much ball, that is why they find themselves well and truly


in this game. Now she has possession. A much harder contest,


though. Look at the speed of Natalie


Medhurst, coming right around for that ball.


Oh, Stacey Facey. Stacey and Facey, beautifully quick, the young gold


offence. -- gold offence -- goal defence.


Medhurst really carving up Jamaica at the moment. All open for the


Australian goal attack. Ten from 11. Maddie Robinson just swept through,


I will have that. That is Maddie Robinson just swept through,


that is a beautiful ball through the Bassett. -- through to Bassett. One


of the leading interceptors on the court, Maddie Robinson. A very good


game, doing her job in attack, and then defensively to get a couple of


intercepts, that is very precious to a team. Yes, that must have been


close, and it is. Three seconds. Good work, Australia. Yes, danger


time for Jamaica. They may well see a time out shortly. 7-2 to


Australia. And you were quite correct. Lorna


Thompson developing a limp as she goes across to the sideline. Just a


change in the mid-court has just added some speed to Australia.


Jamaica have not changed what they have been doing that much. They have


just made some errors, and when they make an error, Australia make you


pay, particularly on a centre pass will stop if you lose that centre


pass, it is then the opposition's, so really it is a 2-goal turnaround.


There she is, Maddie Robinson, we have not really talk about her in


the early stages of the game but she is coming into her own. She has most


but her hand up as the key wing attack. There was some uncertainty


coming into the tournament whether she would be in the starting seven,


and she was not to start with, but she has certainly worked her way


into the Australian line-up. At her best, she just creates so much,


create space, creates opportunities, and even for someone of her stature,


manages to get some intercepts, so a good defensive game, too. So


Thompson, it looks like she might be off, in fact she is. It looks like


Williams on at the Centre for Jamaica. Would that be could eg


Williams? -- could I job Williams -- Khadija Williams. Banjo Lee Williams


-- Vangelee Williams and Khadija Williams for Jamaica. The ball falls


awkwardly for Aiken. Important for Jamaica that they score of this


because Australia has had a run of goals.


Yes, great defence by Helen on the pass. Well done Renae Hallinan.


OK, Jamaica and getting a bit sloppy now, and sometimes this does get


into their game when they are not travelling so well. It looks like


there is a warning there to Facey. Overly physical. That is the first


time Jamaica has been in the goal circle for what seems like a long


time. They add one more. Just too easy on the centre pass, Robinson,


just a clear way to the ball. It has always been their problem. They have


often had a good shooting circle, Jamaica, but they are just not used


to playing opposition that generate such speed, like Australia does, and


eventually it wears them down. Read, trying to lift her side. --


Reid. Not easy when you are playing the best team in the world.


Yes, Bassett just moved a bit too early. Just ran out of court,


Kimberley Ravaillion. I think it was stepping, was it? Yes, she was on


the run a bit too much. Straightaway, Jamaica make an error.


They need to make some changes here, Jamaica. Maybe put Reid and Aiken


down the other end. That is why Romelda Aiken is where she is. They


have still scored 11 goals so far, Australia, so they need to do


something to their defence, and they have only scored four, so I would


put Aiken down the other end, just to change it up. What a pick-up of


the line. Vangelee Williams. Hallen and may working her way back into


the starting seven for Australia. -- Renae Hallinan. She does not like


being on the bench. It is all about matchups, if Australia win this,


Renae Hallinan is better, or you could have the benefit of Sharni


Layton's height over Leona Leota's pass. You can bet that she will want


to be in the first seven, she talks about the agony of Delhi, and she


would love to be out there, turning the tables. She had to deal with a


double disappointment, missing out on Delhi and then the World


Championships the year after. It was a lot of pain in a short period


Budgie has not looked back since then. She has been very good. -- but


she has not looked back. Right over the top of Laura Geitz.


Sloppy. And the defender knows, if they start doing silly things, you


know you are on top, it just lifts your game. Contact called against


Bassett. It is getting a bit untidy out


there. Reid is in position. Now she has


moved. Four minutes left in the third


quarter, which has been all Australia. Good effort by Facey, did


not get up, just generated bit more pace to get a hand to the ball. That


is the pressure she needs to put on Medhurst. She needs to run with.


Medhurst is having a field day. -- to run with her.


It will be interesting to see what Australia do at quarter time. They


have one eye on the big game tomorrow and it is all about the


players remaining fresh. New Zealand have had a tough one against


England. If they can rest some key players, that will give Australia a


major advantage if they are to get up and win this one. In the final


quarter, yes. But if you get it wrong, can to make


a comeback? You have do have confidence in the players you are


putting on. The players on the bench have some good form. -- you have to


have. As you mentioned before, that is the


difference between the In fact, some of the Jamaica's have


not had a quarter way from the court in all of their games, Sasher-Gaye


Henry being one of them. -- a quarter way from the court.


Into the final two minutes of the third quarter, 38-31. The bench are


looking on. A warning against Williams,


persisting too much. -- too much, on the edge of the circle. A nice wall


of defence from Australia, slowing Jamaica up from the centre pass.


That has advanced all the way down. The wheels are falling off, here,


for Jamaica. So good for a certain period of time but then they often


lose their way. This is no different.


But Australia have really shut them down. Look at this defence, starting


with Robinson and Medhurst. It makes it so much easier for the backline.


She has opened up, but not given. And then they give the wrong one,


and Australia getaway again. Terrific defence.


Can they get it into the shooting circle? Not quite, Australia. A very


good quarter, for Australia, who lead Jamaica by eight, 40-32.


A similar number of goals scored by the Jamaicans as in the first, but


the Australians piling on 16 goals in that period of play. The shooting


percentage is good from both teams but Australia are smothering


Jamaica. They are not working hard enough. They are choosing the wrong


option into foul read, which suggests that Australia will rest


some of the big guns. More errors to Jamaica, forced by the strong


defence that Australia are imposing. At the moment, it is all Australia,


a really good quarter, 16-9, and they are in good form ahead of the


final tomorrow. Robinson has been so good in defence which is a bonus


when you are attacking players, getting those intercepts. Bassett


has been nice and steady. You cannot ask for a lot more than what they


have done. Nowhere to go, they are just suppressing them, crushing


them. No options for them. Helpful, there. Foul read doing her best but


they are not giving it to her. -- Reid doing her best. They are


pushing back and pushing back. It looks as though Jamaica are


making a few changes. Khadijah Williams on at wing attack, and


Thompson returning to the court. So, final huddles in this second


semifinal. Australia lead by eight. The captain will be pleased with the


way things are travelling. Jamaica, ringing the changes. Kelly


to goal defence, Kasey Evering on at wing defence. Big changes. The


fourth and final quarter under way, in the second semifinal. Australia


leading Jamaica 40-32. Thompson is back on at centre, for Jamaica.


Williams to wing attack. They are trying to generate something,


Jamaica. Got away with that one. Contact against Laura Geitz.


Interesting or what you were referring to earlier, OK, they have


removed Romelda Aiken from the other end but the bench don't seem


interested in taking off Reid. Interesting, and she has shot 24


goals which is not one of her outstanding performances. I'm not


sure what the thinking is because we know how good Romelda Aiken can be.


Player not happy to give it to Reid. When they play well, they let it go


but they have not done that all game, other than perhaps in the


seventh quarter -- second quarter, when they got on top.


This might be a little clue as to why Aitken is staying on the


sideline. A bit of ice on her ankle. They certainly want her in good


order for the bronze medal match tomorrow against England.


Interesting, they are only six goals down. This is a winnable position.


They just have to believe they can win. John McIntosh was talking about


this before the competition began, when she thought Howard the


Jamaicans would go. She said they needed patience and self belief.


Yes, the push off their from Fowler Reid. -- there.


This is a good game for Medhurst, with that distinctive, high shot.


She has only missed two. Great, just got that one away.


That is one area of her game that she can work, Fowler Reid. She is


such an easy target. If she was able to land some long shots, she would


be more phenomenal Van der Schueren years. -- than she already is.


It is interesting that Australia have chosen not to change their


line-up. Perhaps they are looking at this as their main starting seven


tomorrow. If that is the case, they want to give them some time on


court. Just off the hands of Bassett. Madi Robinson is in the


thick of everything. Brilliant. How good has she been in defence?


She is a pocket rocket. She has had a good game. A good tournament, in


fact. Again, the push off called, contact. It proves costly for


Jamaica. Score here, and Australia will have built up a ten goal


buffer. Bassett just dodging, ducking down,


and letting me flying defender go through. It is all about timing and


a lovely release from Kimberley Ravaillion, on the run.


Struggling to get on the edge of the moment, Australia. Good defence from


Jamaica. Medhurst to Bassett, such a good combination when it is on song.


Renae Hallinan, how good is that? It is amazing what a little opportunity


does. Sharni Layton was in the starting seven today and probably


will be there tomorrow, but Renae Hallinan has been given a sniff and


looks really impressive. Selection headaches for Australia. I always


wonder about that. Is it perhaps easier for the player coming on, in


a way? Because the player up who was their first has warned the opponent


down? I was just wondering. No, it does not work like that! It is like


in cricket, with an opening batsman taking the shine off the new ball?


Ella macro not quite. -- not quite. At this level, the fitness of the


players should be such that they can run all day.


Facey trying to call a time-out from goalkeeper, with a suspect knee


injury. But it is not allowed. We have seen that a bit in this


tournament. The umpires are wise to the players. Certainly nothing wrong


with her knee. Romelda Aiken is standing up on the


bench. Now he has given it. Australia are streaking away with


this game. They will be well pleased with this outing. We have not seen


the two shooters in this game. Score a quick ten and goals you are back


in the game. So I guess if there are any changes they have to involve


Facey. They do. And that is often a mistake that teams have made during


Facey. They do. And that is often a the course of the week, have an


organised time-out and then realise the person calling it was not who


they wanted involved in the change. So much to think about. These two


women are going very nicely in this match, Robinson and Medhurst. Do we


dare to look ahead, Australia against New Zealand in the final


again? There has never been anything different at the Commonwealth Games.


49-36, and Romelda Aiken has returned to the court at the other


end for Jamaica. Back in the goalkeeper position.


Talk about Hallinan working her way into the starting seven, Ravaillion


may have done it, in terms of accommodation, these three mid-court


players work well together. It would make for an extraordinarily quick


mid-court, not that Australia ever has a slow one.


They will be hoping to come out of this game unscathed now. I thought


you were going to say alive. That would have been the instructions


from the bench now, just stay alive. Quicker ball but Geitz is onto it.


Interesting to see Kasey Evering on at wing defence. She affective --


was effective at goal defence earlier.


Are unstoppable in this match, Natalie Medhurst. 51-38, just under


six minutes left in this game. And, really, Jamaica being forced into


all sorts of errors, like that one. New Zealand defeated Jamaica by


eight goals, 50-42, and Australia will make the comparison when they


step off the court. The margin is greater. They will think they are a


better team. You just look for what ever edge you can get.


We have seen a lot of Corletto, in terms of her exciting intercepts,


but she has certainly shut Beckford down. In this tournament, she has


shot something like 16, 17 on average, so a good job from the


Australian goal defence, without being too flashy. And again Maddie


Robinson winning the contest. I don't think it is too early to look


ahead to tomorrow's old medal match. Just such a terrific rivalry -- gold


medal. It comes Just such a terrific rivalry -- gold


medal. It down to Commonwealth Games -- when it comes down to


Commonwealth Games, both have one gold medals twice and both want to


be the first one to win three. There is no such thing as a form guide for


those two countries either, it just comes down to their performance at


that very time. All eyes will be on New Zealand.


Catherine lah to unavailable, will she be able to play tomorrow, or


will Jodie Brown get the nod again? Different parts to the gold-medal


game. Australia have cruised, and they will cruise past Jamaica, they


don't have any injury concerns, so it will be a battle for the Kiwis.


And New Zealand -- New Zealanders would say it always is! They say


that setbacks they have had with injury have actually brought the


team closer together. But also, too, they will have come through an


exhausting semifinal today against England, I mean physically and


emotionally. They looked gone in that first semifinal. Then a


fabulous piece of work and they are through. There has been talk about


the scheduling, playing the semifinals and the final straight


after each other, virtually, 24 hours later, whereas it could have


been quite easy for them to schedule the semifinals with a gap in


between, a day off to freshen up. But not to be. You just have to deal


with it. Those games coming your way in about 24-hour 's or so.


Aiken got the tip, but it was not enough to put it far-away. In the


end, a scramble, away Jamaica come. One of the few occasions they have


flowed down court nicely, Jamaica. That was a bang to the floor. She is


up, Khadijah Williams. Yes, I think without doubt Australia will go into


the final as favourites. 12 players in form, but you never write the


Kiwis off. It has just been extraordinary for New Zealand that


all of those injuries have come in the shooting circle. Yes, unlucky.


Into the final minute, 57-42. Jamaica simply have had no answers


today for the way Australians. Really putting the effort down now,


Australia, 17 goals. The highest number they have scored. That is a


great way to finish. That gives you real omentum, going ahead to


tomorrow. Romelda Aiken still battling. And it


will be Jamaica meeting England in the bronze medal match, because


there is the whistle for full-time. A significant victory for Australia,


57-42 over Jamaica. Australia move through to the gold-medal match.


I guess it was the result most people expected, but until it is


settled, you just never know. It is sport, you never know, but they came


in as favourites, they have been building as the tournament


progressed, and they have put in a pretty solid performance. They lost


one quarter, but overall they will be very satisfied. They have put


some different commendations out there, Australia, they have come


through injury free, and I think they are the team to beat.


So it is an Antipodean final in the ladies netball tomorrow, Australia


will be taking on New Zealand, and what an incredible battle that will


be. It has been an amazing day of sport so far on BBC Three. In just


over four hours, we have covered over a third of all sports here in


the Commonwealth Games. Iced Hinckley still have some time to --


I think we still have some time to fit in a couple of others.


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Thousands have been raised to help him.


A cyclist from Sierra Leone who vanished from the Glasgow


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ring yesterday. It promises to be the same again today. We put our


expert panel together to discuss the forthcoming action. It is the first


time women's boxing has been in the Commonwealth Games so to have the


chance to win a medal is unbelievable. At the end of the day,


I want to win gold. I can't afford to get distracted. I've got to go


there and focus on me. I'm going to win gold. Lavelle's determination,


hard work, a big engine and a big heart has got him through. Northern


Ireland's Audley-Murphy, a spirited performance. I motivated to do the


job and win the gold. A right hand, the best punch in the contest.


Williams is all over him, great finish by the Welshman. Walsh has


got herself a medal hardware, now the only question remains, what


colour will it be? I'm the defending champion, so anything less than a


gold medal will be the disappointment. Every time I get in


the ring, I have to bring my a game. There is the chance to make history


again. Guys, a big session of boxing head, 13 finals, three Philly women


and ten to the men, something you have both experience before,


Auckland champion and the silver medallist from Delhi, four years


ago, and at this stage of the competition, a few days before the


gold medal bouts, what will the boxes be feeling ahead of the gold


medal contest? They are going to be excited. This is what you wake up in


the morning for, what you train hard for. Obviously they will be excited


and a bit nervous as well, being in Scotland, it is pretty much a home


games all of them. They will be excited and nervous but eager to do


well and win the gold medal. I think it is tough at this stage is because


mentally, they will have had five contests, some of them and they


might not have experienced that before, some of the more


inexperienced boxers. They waltzed or that way and they have to remain


focused and get over the line. It will be a tough ask because it is no


good performing so well earlier in the tournament and failing at the


final hurdle. They have to get over it. Mentally, it is going to be


three tower. As you sake, the fifth contest for some of them in the


battle for gold. What will they be feeling physically? Cuts


notwithstanding, how will their joints be holding up, their ribs,


having been tickled a few times, how will they be feeling physically,


preparing for the gold medal bouts? They will be feeling it. The


Commonwealth Games will be first tournament I had boxed in that went


over ten days. I had five fights in ten days. It was hard, hard to make


the weight as I went on. I had some tough fights over boxing the youth


Olympic champion, a big Nigerian that punch like a horse. I boxed


another lad from Kiribati E. By the time I got to the final, I was tired


and fatigued and I learned from that for the Olympics, two years later.


But your best win was in the semifinals. I boxed Vijender Singh,


who is in the final this time around, who was world number one at


the time. Fighting him in India comedy was the golden boy, the


pin-up. I boxed him, 400 million people watched the fight on TV,


live. It was a massive win for me and I was just spent afterwards and


could not replicate that form in the final, two days later. A lot of


these guys need to remember that this is the final. Every ounce of


energy they have got, they need to expend in the final. This is when


you see boxes like Paddy Barnes, who has boxed well all tournament, how


he saved himself in certain contest in the last round, eased off the


pace because he knows he wants to perform his best in the final. Some


of the more inexperienced boxes might have given everything in the


first couple of bouts and now they are feeling it. They have to draw on


every minute they have spent in the gymnasium. This is where it counts,


all the flexibility work, all the extra sessions, it is like putting


money in the bank and now they have to draw it out and perform at their


best in the final. Let's look ahead to the finals, beginning with the


biggest, brightest of the games, Nicola Adams, MBE, reigning Olympic


champion, going up against Michaela Walsh of Northern Ireland in the 51


kilograms flyweight final. Overwhelming favourite but how will


she vary against the talented youngster from Northern Ireland?


Nicola Adams will be looking to win gold. She is a confident, always


brimming with confidence. In the last two years since the Olympics,


she has not boxed as well as she could have, has lost a couple of


times, dropped a decision now and again. She seems to have got it


right with the TV cameras on her, she likes to perform and be a big


star. Michaela Walsh is a divisional fighter, though. She looked very


good in the semifinal yesterday. I think her camp will know they can


take Nicola Adams' scalp. Michaela Walsh has done brilliantly get to


the final. She is a bit better than most of the girls here. But I think


Nicola Adams is on another level above her, with notices Bectu


Michaela, who is still learning and has done brilliant. -- no disrespect


to Michaela. Nicola has taken to the games. It is a showcase for her. She


will perform well and it will be difficult for Michaela to win.


England against Northern Ireland, the rivalry will be there and there


is a bit more bite. I can see Nicola. For the middleweight women,


it is a battle between the reigning world champion and an athlete with


previous world titles under her belt, Savannah Marshall and Ariane


Fortin. Experience against a younger boxer. How does it pan out? It is


interesting because Savannah Marshall is a talented girl but she


does not always produce her best. In the World Championships in 2012, she


won the gold medal and boxed brilliantly but in the Olympics, a


few months later, she was poor, not just by her standards but generally.


She was not there mentally. It got to her and it may happen again. She


says she has put that experience out of her mind and learn from that as


she has gone. That is what experience is. You can't buy it. She


will be a better boxer for doing that. I watched the Canadian


yesterday, she got into a fight and she is a southpaw, she swings the


right hook in, and Savannah Marshall, she boxed yesterday and


although the Nigerian was a few levels below her, she did not really


pick up as well as she could have done. Men's light flyweight, 49


kilograms, Paddy Barnes of Northern Ireland looking to defend his


title. He was the nailed on favourite to do that coming into the


championships. How has he fared unperformed and how will you get on


against unperformed and how will you get on


Paddy Barnes has been very efficient. He never waste the shot.


What I admire more than anything is his ability to suss out his


opponent, the tactics he gets right. He goes to the first round looking


for opportunities. If he finds more opportunities on the inside, you


will take the contest. -- he will take the contest at that stage. If


he thinks he has to go along, you will go at range. He says himself,


boxes clever. He is in against a good Indian, but he has beaten him


before, I think and I see Paddy Barnes with a gold medal, no


problem. 56 kilograms, bantamweight, Michael, -- Michael Conlon coming in


with the serious cut, if you work Casado break's on, what would you be


doing to target him? I was in breast with his speed and balance and


movement yesterday. He needs to target the cut and open it up. He


needs to use his advantage. One of the advantages he has is speed and


his opponent has a nasty cut on his forehead. It is not a nice way to go


into a contest, targeting your opponent, who has a cut but at the


end of the day, you have got to win. I think it will be a good test for


Michael Conlon. I think he is a good all-rounder. You can boxed well at


range, have a terror on the inside but he will have the box at range


and protect the cut. Maybe that will bring Qais Ashfaq on his front foot.


He is a total counterpuncher. That will be a clash of styles. He will


go over the front foot first but Michael Conlon has do keep it long


and protect is cut. The lightweight, 60 kilograms, is


between Charlie Flynn and Joe Fitzpatrick, Scotland against


Northern Ireland, but at 64 kilograms, light welterweight, the


poster boy for the tournament, Josh Taylor has delivered, he is in the


gold-medal bout, facing Jonas Olsson media, a slippery operator. Josh has


dealt brilliantly with the occasion and use the grant of his advantage


so far but how will he fare in the gold-medal match? I like Josh


Taylor, you say to read a fighter and he was unlucky not to win a


medal in London, two years ago. He had a tough draw but he learned from


it. He decided to remain an


Live coverage from the 2014 Commonwealth Games on the penultimate day in Glasgow, with Lee McKenzie introducing the action.

Tom Daley was one of the faces of London 2012 and, having won Olympic bronze in the capital, he begins his bid to make it Glasgow gold as qualifying in the 10m individual competition gets up and running.

It's also semi-final time in the netball, while the action continues with crucial badminton and table tennis clashes.

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