BBC Three: Day 10: 19:00-22:00 Commonwealth Games

BBC Three: Day 10: 19:00-22:00

Live coverage from day ten. Tom Daley will be looking for a medal in the 10m individual platform diving final. The women's hockey final and five boxing finals are also featured.

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I am not sure what is wetter, the swimming pool or ask! That is just


the start of the drama because Dan has got plenty more haven't you? A


bit more diving coming up and hockey. England's Savannah Marshall


has started him out gold medal match. Lucy O'Connor and Macintosh.


COMMENTATOR: A two-time gold medal champion in her own right. She will


be looking to get inside the superior reach. That is the reach


Marshall enjoys. Both boxers trying to counter each other. Marshall


taking goes straight shots, she needs to keep her foot on the


outside of Fortin's. Fortin have counted well as well. -- Fortin has


countered. Straight back into the fray steps Fortin. Tied up by


Marshall, forcing the referee to intervene. Good footwork by


Marshall. Using the Bird very well, using the angle, coming off


laterally. The right hook got through. Looking for a sweet left


foot in the final exchange from Marshall. The reigning world


champion, as we begin this opening round, is doing very well indeed.


Good round for Marshall. Marshall landing with good, straight


shots. Fortin making it scrappy with her own right hook.


The judges are split in terms of how they saw that opening round.


Marshall getting with that left-hand, using it as a


range finder right now. Darting in and out with quick use of the feet.


Marshall has to keep Fortin at the end of her range. Both vastly


experienced ox is at Marshall has the advantage in terms of height


will stop -- both vastly experienced boxers but Marshall has the


advantage in terms of height. Marshall, and incredibly


accomplished boxer. Marshall parrying that final


left-handed attempt from Fortin. Right hand over the top from


Marshall, was a really effective shot during that flurry. Good boxing


here by Marshall in the second round. Marshall has said she has put


the Olympic disappointment behind. That jab continuing to be poked out


by the boxers. Just deterring Fortin from her reigning attacks. She needs


to give herself room here. Marshall is making good use of the ring. Good


work here. That was another incredibly


competitive round. You can see the exchange is there


between them. Marshall on that occasion probably got the better.


Some scrappy shots being thrown in, nothing particularly clear. Two


judges favouring Marshall, one favouring Fortin. Incredibly


competitive bout, it perhaps depends on your preference. As to which


boxer you favour during that second round.


BELL We are into the second half of this


middleweight final, Savannah Marshall, the reigning world


champion, wearing blue, from Hartlepool. And her opponent, from


Qu?bec, it has been incredibly competitive in this final. Marshall


put that Olympic disappointment behind her. She won the combat games


but she suffered from a variety of injuries. His shoulder, foot, she


was not healthy enough to compete. The Great Britain squad just eased


her back into competition. It took a little bit of time to get going in


this contest. She has enjoyed really


displays after that bout with the She has enjoyed really


Indian boxer. She has really found her movement and particularly


hijab, has been a really impressive Bassett during this tournament.


Particularly Bassett during this tournament.


victory. I would like to see Savannah Marshall throwing a fuel


more left hooks. -- a few more left hooks. Fortin had success with that


left-hand. She has to make it clear, she cannot give Fortin any


opportunity to get anywhere near range so she can land her own shop.


-- her own shots. That landed right on the button. Fortin falling short


and there is the bell to conclude round number three. And incredibly


tight encounter as you would expect. One of them will have World


Championship gold on their resume. Marshall just getting caught with


the rear hand of Fortin. A little half step back and attempts a jab.


Again, it is split. Judge capital A has scored four Fortin in every


round. Peer the coaches instructing Savannah Marshall that they need a


big round. BELL To the fourth and final round. Top


spot on the podium is what is being competed for here. Savannah Marshall


wearing blue, trying to keep at bay the onrushing aggressor, Ariane


Fortin from Canada. Fortin proving impossible to resist. Good left


hands to the body and head from Marshall. Fortin is not great on his


footwork. Marshall so superior with her feet. She just needs to find the


angles and step off laterally. Fortin very flat-footed. Marshall


will make it so difficult for Fortin in this last round. Marshall


continuing to work behind that left jab in insidious fashion. Left up to


the body, just around the back of the rib cage. Fortin continuing to


drive a way forward. That will leave an impression in the judges's mind.


Aggression is often favoured. A good left cross a few moments ago from


Fortin. Marshall can box on the inside but she needs to make it a


bit clearer. If you box on the inside, it is difficult for the


judges to see. Hard left hook. Another one getting


through. Marshall just covering up. Fortin continues to drive her way


forward and take the bout to the English reigning world championship


gold-medallist. Fortin ending the contest on the front foot. What an


incredibly tight bout we have just had for the middleweight gold medal


here at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Fortin gave it her all and


produced a spirited display in the fourth and final round. Particularly


taking the bout to marshal. -- Marshall. That was an incredibly


competitive bout. One of high skill and accurate punching. How will the


judges score it? Fortin did exactly what she needed to do, putting the


pressure on Marshall. Marshall throwing body shots. Nip and tuck,


difficult to decide. We will see what the judges come up with. Ariane


Fortin bouncing in anticipation of this verdict. Savannah Marshall not


the most demonstrative of boxers. ANNOUNCER: We have the judges's


decision, a split decision. In favour of the winner, now


gold-medallist, Commonwealth Games women's middleweight champion, in


the blue corner, representing England, Savannah Marshall!


She breaks into a smile a mile wide. Just crowned the Commonwealth Games


middleweight champion. A split decision victory over the former


gold-medallist from Canada. What a courageous display. The boxer coming


up against somebody with plenty of experience, World Championship


credentials, but it was Marshall, back into the ring for the first


time in some eight months, who will occupy top spot on the podium. That


was the moment it was announced to the crowd. Make no mistake, Fortin


played her part in a terrific, competitive encounter. But Marshall


is the first woman's middleweight champion in the history of the


Commonwealth Games. Three gold medals in the women's


category, two one by England, one by Australia. Many congratulations, say


hello to everybody in Hartlepool. Hello, everyone.


How do you feel? Over the moon, so happy.


Did you think you had got it? I knew I had taken the first three


rounds but you never know what the judges think.


One of them call it completely one-way, one the other. What did you


make of it? It was a great fight. What did you


make of this amazing crowd? It has been great. It felt like a


lot more people than in the other stadium.


How much sweeter is this given your injuries?


It is great. My first time back in eight months, two take gold, I am


just so proud of myself. There was a time I could not even punch. I was


struggling to lift one kilogram dumbbells.


Did you feel any pressure, in these Commonwealth Games?


A little bit. I thought, I have not fought for eight months. It was a


lot of pressure on myself. Do you have the strength to lift up


a gold medal? I think I'll manage!


You can probably hear behind us the introductions to the next fighters.


Jangra, of India, against Fitzgerald, his moment of truth, it


will be a fascinating contest. I am looking forward to this one,


and the next. This was my weight division. I watched the fight


yesterday, he put on a great fight. A strong kid, very aggressive. And


the Indian is a good fighter, very skilful. A tough one to call.


This is a real 50-50 fight. Can Scott Fitzgerald make it to medals?


This is to decide the 20th Commonwealth Games men's


welterweight champion. It is now time to meet the fighters. Alt of


the red corner, representing England, Scott Fitzgerald! And in


the blue corner, representing India, Mandeep Jangra!


The referee for this one is from Slovakia.


The pre-fight instructions have been issue to. -- issued. And there is


the opening bell. Contrasting styles but high levels of skill. Mandeep


Jangra, 12th ranked in the world. The man in the red, Scott


Fitzgerald, from Preston. Jangra, lots of tempting and teasing. Scott


Fitzgerald is a classic counterpuncher.


Fitzgerald's counterpuncher.


crucial against a good opponent. He needs to be sharp and accurate.


Those are the shots I would like to see him throw.


Very important. Very seldom does he hold his feet, Mandeep Jangra uses


every inch of the ring for cashing in with daring combinations and


retreating, invariably with his hand down. He draws the attention of the


referee, Fitzgerald retreats to the neutral corner, whilst repairs are


carried out on Mandeep Jangra's footwear.


That is good timing from Fitzgerald and what he must get right. But he


does tend to jump in, gets caught! Lovely stuff!


We said that Fitzgerald possesses quite a punch. Jangra, he just


experienced it first hand. quite a punch. Jangra, he just


another jolting left hand! Pinning his man to the ropes. Working the


body. Good work, but the cot has opened


up. -- cut. He sustained his second contest. He


has been fighting with it ever since. It has opened up in the first


round. He said it did not bother him when it opened up in previous fights


but his corner will really have their work cut out to stem the flow


of lob. Blood. What an opening round for the English man. But that is a


bad cut. Timing is the key for Fitzgerald as


his opponent comes forward. He missed with his own shot and then


got caught with a superb left book. Cracking punch. -- left hook. Almost


paid the price of being knocked out. That is the head clash which may


have opened up the cut. The opening round was undoubtedly a


dominant one for Scott Fitzgerald. But what we have seen June the


course of these Commonwealth Games is that a knock-down does not


necessarily mean 10-8, as it would be in the professional ranks, in


favour of the fighter who scored it. He comes out using his left jab to


to refit effectiveness. -- terrific. Left jab again. He is


working that most fundamental of punches wonderfully at the beginning


of this second round. Yes, if Jangra Johnson, shorten the shot, but just


keep to your basic boxing. -- jumps in.


Again, stepping in with that jab. In stark contrast to Jangra, whose


punch tend to be more of a snaking variety. And he buckled over. He


complained that was low. And what a right hand! Sent to the canvas for


the second time in the contest. Fitzgerald is proving to be a


terrific finisher. He has Jangra in trouble, and rubber legs.


There is another right hand. The referee gives another standing


count. It is the third we have seen for


Mandeep Jangra, this time of the standing variety. Right hand once


more. Everything landing from Fitzgerald now. Jolting left hand


once again. Jangra, trying to get his fight back together. But it


appears to be an increasingly forlorn endeavour. Less than 30


seconds in this round. Another dominant session for Fitzgerald in


this welterweight final. And what is impressive is he is just


getting back to basics and not getting excited about the situation.


He has clearly won this round again. A great display.


That was no knock-down, says the referee, but the bell sounds, and it


is not a moment too soon for Mandeep Jangra.


They will be pleased in that corner. This is all about timing, what a


super shot. Right hand, over the top, Jangra coming forward with that


low left hand, and Fitzgerald kept it nice, plain and simple. Great


fighting from him. Jangra, missing the target, paying the price, and


let's look at the scores, that will do.


Scott Fitzgerald in complete control of this welterweight final. We move


into the third round. Scott Fitzgerald, in red, he has been the


master of the man in blue, representing India, Mandeep Jangra.


He put him on the floor twice. Then Jangra had to take a standing count


after getting into trouble again. Now, Fitzgerald just looking to


fight in the manner he has done up till this point. And that is what


has been impressive, he has not been loading up, all of the power has


come from within his flow, and that has been too much for Jangra to


withstand at this point. The timing of that right hand was


perfect from Fitzgerald. Steadying himself with the jab, just waiting


on the attacks, coming forward with low hands. You cannot afford to make


those type of mistakes at this level.


Jangra, trying to retreat away from trouble. Fitzgerald fought his place


in the England team for these Commonwealth Games had gone after he


lost in regional qualifiers, thought he was going to miss out on


selection, but fought very well at a multi-Nations tournament in


Lithuania, impressing the selectors. He made it through the back door,


and how well he has what, as he lands another crushing overhead


right. A jab, jolting the Indian fighter backwards.


Jangra, throwing shorts from all over the place but his accuracy is


awful. -- shots. Fitzgerald, still well in control.


A beautiful corkscrew right over the top. Perhaps the reflex -- reflexes


of Jangra have been dulled, he is going to have to produce a knockout


punch if you want to claim top spot on the podium. Fitzgerald remains


poised and using the jab to terrific effect. His left book, just shot of


the target. They end the contest at close quarters. At the final bell,


little doubt that 22 old Scott Fitzgerald, from Preston, he will


occupy top spot on the medal rostrum. The cut did not play a


significant role in the outcome. He remained focused on the task at


hand. Surely he is on the way to being crowned gold-medallist here in


Glasgow. His straight hand work was lovely, there is a little left hook


to the body. Superb timing. Right hand especially but for me, that jab


was crucial, it hit the target almost every time. Measuring that


distance and gap. Tremendous. ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, we


have the judges's results, all are in agreement with a unanimous


decision. The Commonwealth Games men's welterweight champion, in the


red corner, representing England, Scott Fitzgerald! , Tait Scott


Fitzgerald does a little dance around the boxing ring. He has just


been crowned the Commonwealth Games champion, 2014. A wonderful display


of boxing. The jab was a thing of beauty during the course of that


contest, it was a power jab. Powerful punches from both the left


and the right, all in all, it was too much for Mandeep Jangra. He has


had a terrific tournament. Scott Fitzgerald using punches straight


and true and conventional, have been more than a match for Mandeep


Jangra. Scott Fitzgerald will occupy top spot, the gold medal position in


the welterweight tournament. Handshakes all around. His dad,


Dave, and his coach, will be absolutely delighted. He has boxed


superbly to earn himself a Commonwealth Games gold medal.


How impressed were you? Very impressive. He has power and speed.


He nearly got the knockout punch. Great performance. Congratulations,


Commonwealth champion! I cannot believe it. Coming here eight weeks


ago, I just wanted to win at least a fight and I have come here and won


the competition. I cannot believe it. In the heat of the battle, I


know, but take us back a few weeks when you lost in regional


qualifying, you must have thought your Commonwealth Games were over? I


thought there was no chance of me getting picked. I had a good


competition in Lithuania. A lot of people thought I should not have


been picked and I have won the gold, I am really made up. I was very


impressed. It was a great performance. You put him down, did


it give you extra confidence? I knew he was ranked pretty high in the


world. I was focused. I knew I had hit him with my shots. It really


gave me confidence. Somebody will put something else round your neck


in half an hour's time, will that be the best moment of your life? Just


being here has been the best experience of my life and getting


the gold, it is another level. It is well deserved and you have been


great to watch all week. Congratulations. We have got Tom


Daley and Usain Bolt as attractions elsewhere and Anthony Fowler and Joe


Joyce coming up later. Thanks to John Inverdale and Amir


Khan. Congratulations to Scott Fitzgerald. A bit more boxing on BBC


Three tonight. If you would continue to watch the boxing, you can press


your red button now. As for here, it is that time of night and we are


going diving. I still get terrified, every single


time. Ten metres is a long way down. You know you are going to hit the


water at 34 mph. So you cannot think about the things that could happen.


It is all about confronting fear. Peak physical condition just is not


enough. You have to gain mental strength. You only game that when


things go wrong. You keep pushing through. You do not


hear any noise. You hear your feet on the board and nothing else.


In life, sometimes, you need fear so you can face it.


And every single time I dive, I feel completely alive.


We are leaving the BBC studio in Glasgow to head straight to


Edinburgh. It is the final of the ten-metre platform. Watching the


action, all above her, is Helen Skelton.


You have come to me as I have to be as quiet as a mouse in this electric


atmosphere. We are waiting for Dominic to do his ten-metre platform


dive. The atmosphere is electric, you will hear it erupt in a moment,


partly because Tom Daley is in the building and there are two other


English divers here, the first was Matthew Dixon. Brace yourselves, he


is so cute! He is an absolute baby faced assassin. 14 years old, he


died in Plymouth. This was his first dive, one of the more difficult


ones, and the crowd absolutely love him. Inevitable comparisons between


him and Tom Daley. He is off to a good start. We are almost at the


turn of James Denny and then we get to Tom Daley. A lot of people have


come to see him. That great rivalry continuing.


Looking forward to two more English divers to come. James Denny and Tom


Daley who will go last. Just letting the dive run away, the


take-off was good. Possibly just a bit more forward momentum. This


could make controlling the dive a bit more challenging. Just rolling


over there, a little bit of splash being thrown up. Relatively low


degree of difficulty compared to some of the dies in his repertoire.


He is a little bit off the pace. James Denny, second of the English


men. That is the silver-medallist of the


British Championships on the platform.


In which three and a half somersaults with dark will stop --


three and a half somersaults with a tuck.


It is a good start from James Denny, really clean on the


It is a good start from James Denny, little short as he goes in, he does


not quite to straighten out enough. He has a good look at the water


not quite to straighten out enough. he has his backside stuck out a


little as he goes in. If he had straightened out completely, he


would be getting eight, maybe even more. We have James Denny, Tom Daley


and Matthew Dixon, three D Shaul. -- three D s.


This dive that has not quite put in the performance yet to suggest he is


a medallist. He dived very well this morning. He is middle of the pack.


Diving in reverse order. This is actually a relatively easy twist


compared to what you will see others try. It has worked out OK for him.


The marks we wait for, the judges are either indecisive... We cannot


bring you what he has got just yet. It will be appearing on your


screen... They will have to re-import the scores.


I did have a question as to why all of the marks did not count. It is


about finding the average. Seven judges. Taking into account the


degree of difficulty. As easy as that!


Very impressive. These young Canadians, this diver is 17 years


old, a great future in front of him, this is the easiest dive. Steady


style. Six dives, six consistently good guides. Let's see how this


young man gets on. -- six consistently good dives. He has just


come out of the world juniors. Bouchard has been persuaded to come


back. There is some metal in that body. There will be different


variances. Some people like to do this with a towel, some people do


not. little bit of a wobble in the


handstand balance. As he exits the dive he thinks she is lower to the


water, but it is a mistake, and he over rotates. Not a disaster, but


not as strong as I have seen from him in training.


He is behind Bedggood, Riendeau, and Denny. A little chat with the


Canadian coach about something. Let's wait and see. We don't have


any microphone stand there. But there was a discussion. No idea what


was discussed. To make a protest you need to do so right away. We will


find out afterwards. Now, the competition really starts. The head


to head. Mitchum versus Daley. There you go! The pressure beginning to


tell. Did the delay: Send to lose concentration? Because that was a


mistake. His easiest dive and he fluffed it. You cannot start your


campaign like that when you are taking on Tom Daley.


Already ground to make up for the gold-medallist Beijing 2008. So, Tom


Daley, and stand to start. When he performed this dive in the


preliminaries this morning, 75.30. Just to give you a little heads up.


Welcome to the men's ten metres platform final, that was the


defending champion, his first dive, and he will get nines and tens. He


has capitalised on Mitcham leaving the door open. Beautiful dive, game


on. 94.5, compared with 73.5. What a


massive swing. 44 points on one dive. And there it is. You do not


even see Mitcham in the frame, he is on page two. Everybody wants to get


a snapshot of Tom Daley, so the crowd just been told to turn those


flashes off. Some concern for this young man, we saw him in training


and he was not getting anything right. Let's hope he gets through


this unscathed. This is his big dive of the programme.


components were there, the take-off was good enough, and extension from


the lakes, a safe distance from the diving board, just is not quite


confident enough to straighten out quickly. A little bit loose and


soft, therefore will not get more than the marks coming up. 5.5 is


about right, but with confidence, he could get seven.


In training he seemed to be doing too much thinking and his dives


suffered because of it. 14-year-old, Matt Dixon. Now stepping up to the


senior ranks. To keep up with the others this needs to be very good,


for the young man. A tremendous entry into the water,


just a little bit untidy as he gets in. The jump is good, 14 years old,


sports the water, kicks out, just tips his feet over, he got 8.5


earlier, I think this will only get 7.5, just a little bit of a wobble


on the way in. All right, the middle in terms of


marks. Yiwei, prefers a different stance to


the one used by Tom Daley. 3.2 Yiwei, prefers a different stance to


degree of difficulty. He is in fourth place.


Nice, from Yiwei. Sometimes struggles with his form. Aseptically


pleasing movements, look pretty, impress the judges. --


aesthetically. We discount the top and bottom


scores and just include the middle three. Still plenty to go. His lead


will not last for long. Will he be overtaken on this dive? Although,


after a good start this morning, Bedggood slowed down. The first


Australian we will see, Mitcham being the other.


Yes, not very good this morning, that was better, but can still be


improved. Completes the dive very easily but is just not quite


straighten his body out in the end, if you did so, he could get as high


as nine. Looking to try to add to his collection. But not probably at


the moment, and platform, will he be in the top three shake-up.


This is a miniscule, in comparison, 3.2 for Li of New Zealand.


What can still go wrong, he fights out of that very early, but feels as


though he is stock, so just rolls over. He will not get eight, just


seven. 7.2. Those of you who have been with


us all week probably think, we know this now, but it is the degree of


difficulty multiplied by the scores that count. We have seen Tom Daley,


we will now see James Denny. Handstand somersault. Took a medal


in the platform synchro last night. It is good. It is good all the way


until the entry. Steady balance, flicking the legs, squeezing into


the top shape, then just allowing his feet to tip over with him,


giving the impression the dive is going over. Just needs to extend a


little more, stay vertical, a minor error. His coach, Adrian


Hinchcliffe, from the Leeds diving club.


Yiwei, just ahead of him, he will have his eye on a bronze medal and


will not see Tom Daley or Mitcham as invincible.


Most mere mortals find this quite a tricky thing to watch.


Leaving the dive marginally shot of vertical there as he enters the


water. It is great when you get the camera to zoom in and see the


concentration and effort that goes in. Only going to get 6.5. Will that


be good enough to stay in contention for medals?


Not likely. He is third right now but it could easily be six or seven


by the end of this round. There will be lots of fluctuations in position.


An impressive start for this man. Definitely a start of the diving.


Riley McCormac has retired. This, a new staff. -- star. The heir


apparent. Off he goes, and down he goes,


really tidy. Good, strong push off the hands. He does lose his feet,


marginally, they kind of flutter, the judges might penalised that. One


judge has. The others either ignoring it or missed it.


I like a flutter, but I never win! Bouchard, happy to be with us after


the problems she has gone through. A clean, vertical entry into the


water. He will be in the mix for the bronze. That will much him over 70


points. -- nudge. The 8.5 is discarded, only three marks will add


up. This was a 75.6 this morning for Matthew Mitcham, there has been a 23


point swing against him. A big margin to make up already. On his


handstand back double somersault 2.5 twists. A nine might take him into


the lead. Not likely... Or is it? Beautiful balance. He cranked the


start a little bit too much, gave its too much means, and could not


stop the rotation. You have so many twists to do and it is easy to over


rotate. That is exactly what Mitcham has done. This could prove to be


critical. His mixed dive is crucial. -- next. He would describe it as his


bogey dive. He is composing himself, he takes a


long time over this. It is better than this morning. He


still struggled with it, but it is a step in the right direction. It is a


step in the right direction but it is not as good as he did in Mexico.


The judges will give him six is. He needs and 11-metre platform, if you


are going to take off like that, you need to extend the legs. He is not


quite as relaxed as he needs to be. He is watching the replay, the


judges do not see the replay. If you want the gold, Tom, it is yours to


take. This is a massive swing for him. Daly leading.


This diver takes longer over this dive as does -- van Rafa Nadal does


over a service! According to my timekeeper, 28


seconds thinking about it! Only 1.5 seconds to complete the dive. This


is very good from him. In training, he was every which way but upright


but the time when it counts, in the competition, he has nailed it. The


man from India land upright, vertical. This morning, it did not


work from him. The length of time he was cogitating. But that worked all


right. He will not be in the top ten the way things are looking. A huge


cheer for this young man who really does seem to be relishing a chance


of performing in front of this audience. 14 years of age from


Plymouth. Bronze at the European juniors. He was very close to 400


marks at the British Championships. Former gymnast, now diver. You can


see the strapping on his arm. It is a great take-off, so composed


and balanced. Beautiful handstand, you could see his gymnastics


background. Gymnasts at home will see what is needed to get that


forward rotation without having a springboard and a vault to get. He


cranks it a little bit too much and over he goes. For the time being, he


goes into the lead but he is only the second one up so it will not


last for long. A brilliant experience for him. This


diver from Malaysia is in third place at the moment. This one will


be performed in the tuck position. This is a back three and a half


somersaults. What a mess, what a shame. Faltering


as he went into the water. Drifting too far away from the diving board


which means that when you come out of the dive, it is difficult to


control and over he goes. That is our second or third surfboard moment


of this competition. Tidal wave in coming. Splashing away from the


diving board. Judge three was Simon Cowell! Judge two saw it in


completely a different way. Dominic Bedggood.


Dominic Bedggood currently in second place. Back three and a half


somersaults with a tart and at the moment he is pushing pressure on Tom


Daley. That is exactly the same, he went surfing on the bottom. Way


over. Just shows you how difficult these guys are. This is the time you


need to get your surfboard out, there is the wave. Live as a wave,


he just did! -- give us a wave. He will have a big reparation job to do


after that. That will stand him way down the pegging. Could easily go


from second into seventh place now. That is good. That is how you do


it! He has disappeared with that entry. Just got his boots on, his


feet are flat. He eventually points his toes. Much better, the best of


the back three and a half s. Even at this stage, the medals are


definitely up for grabs. Tom Daley needs to keep the consistency going.


A silver and bronze knocked out of the range of anybody in the top


order at the moment. Including this young man, James Denny. A slightly


different form of the dive we have seen. A tuck to a pike.


That is one of the dives him and Tom used in the synchronised dives last


night. He is landing pretty much on the backs of his legs. This is such


a difficult dive and when it goes wrong, it can go drastically wrong.


He will drop down the leaderboard with that one. Most of the divers


are having problems with that dive. More and more, it is looking as if


they will not be as much pressure as we thought on Tom Daley. This diver


had a poor second round dive. That is back on track. Very good


from him. His easiest dive. Such a strong athlete, leaps off the diving


board, just rolling into the water. He will get eight on that, that will


help him. He will be top of the leaderboard for the time being.


The main movers and shakers are about to perform. The halfway stage


is approaching. He has taken it on. The Canadians,


both of them, another one to follow shortly. Good dives, this one in


particular. It is tricky, 3.4. Anything above 70 points is good, 75


points, even better. Up into the higher echelons, we go. I would not


be surprised if this man is not on the podium later. He started with


great confidence and with a great attitude. It might be a battle


between the Canadians for medals here. Or it might not be Matt


Mitcham's night. Bouchard is not too far shy of a top three finish. With


everybody else faltering, it is time for him to step up.


It is an unusual technique, he is balancing on his tiptoes and


standing forwards. That is highly unusual. He took ages to go as well.


It is not as good as his team-mate's dive. He will be a bit


further away from where he was on his previous round. That will only


get 5.5 s. Round three, this morning, was a


very good dive for Matt Mitcham, his best dive of the competition. A very


good dive for Matt Mitcham, his best dive of the competition. It is a


good dive for Mitcham. Managing to keep the splashdown. It is the rip


entry we are looking for. He will only get 8.5 maybe, he needed to be


completely rolled up to be 9.5 or ten which is what he would need to


put pressure on Tom Daley. This is a big dive though, 85 points plus. He


got a 450 total this morning. Joy big dive though, 85 points plus. He


and delight for Matt Mitcham. He has come close to any late in what he


did this morning but he has not quite done it. A couple of points


down on that dive from the prelims. Putting him into second place for


now which in effect will probably be third place after this.


A big reception for a big dive. His weakest dive though, it does not


always translate into how it looks in execution. We will know any


moment now. He just missed it slightly. He has


been working so hard on this. A really good, strong start, trust


rolling over as he goes into the water. We'll get 8.5, probably not


good enough for nine. But he will be over 80 points. He knows in his head


how that compares with this morning. Not that favourably. First time on


his evening performance that he is down on marks, but only marginally.


Mitcham, he has woken up and arrived at the party now, in third place.


James Denny in eighth, Matt Dixon, 10th. We have reached halfway and it


is looking good for Tom Daley. A gap between him and the rest right now


but we are only halfway as I mentioned. Some big dive is still to


come. he take over this one? Still not


quite ready to go. Karen Pickering summed it up her


figure, -- perfectly. When you do not get anywhere near upright, that


really does hurt. She has just had the wrath of the water.


Let's hope Matt Dixon was not to put off by that. Making his senior debut


at the Commonwealth Games. What a dive from the 14-year-old


from Plymouth! Absolutely smashed it! That is what he is capable of!


Someone big scores coming his way! Good work, Matt Dixon. Physically he


might look out of place, but those marks are not. 81.6. Oh my. I did


say he would not finish bottom, but he may be a good few places above


it, that is sensational and just shows the promise. The coaches have


worked so hard with him, a great little programme.


3.2, for the Malaysian. That is better from him. Not as good


as Matt Dixon, but not far off. A strong take-off. Just using a towel,


that is a comfort thing, some of the divers prefer the grip of a towel


believe them -- beneath. This man could still be in the


shake-up. Dominic Bedggood. 60 will put him above Yiwei.


It is better from Bedggood. It went awry in the preliminaries. Just


needs to look back a little bit more. Marginally behind as he


enters. Where will that put him? 76.5, total marks, for the time


being, although the lead keeps changing hands as divers each get


their noses in front of the opposition. Several divers to go.


After Li, James Denny will be performing. He can go crashing


through the 200 barrier, currently in fifth place.


through the 200 barrier, currently three place.


That just goes to show how difficult these dives are. You need to jump


away from the board, spin backwards towards it, he just squeezes his


shape and comes out of the dive too early, landing flat on his back.


What a shame. His chances of a medal, which


previously looked very good, may have just evaporated. The Chinese


diver, retired, came back, coaching in Wellington. Decided retirement


was not for him. No question but for this man, 20 years of age. About the


same age as Tom Daley but we have not seen anything like as much as


James Denny. In the sink row with Tom last night, he appears in the


individual. -- synchro. Can he improve on what we have just seen


from Li? Yes he can. That is much better. He


has been working hard up in Leeds at the high-performance diving centre.


Does not need to be that far away, tricky to control, but he does a


good job. Much better than this morning and in the synchro


competition last night. Progress. Maybe not wear his coach


wants him to be, but the score means she is above a few, including Li


now. Some divers are faltering at the moment. Not getting their top


scores. He is in range for a medal having already got the three-metre.


This is his back 3.5. Heading towards 300 points if he gets it


right. And he does! I thought he was too


early, but he knew exactly where he was, good aerial awareness. Do you


know where you are when falling to the earth, spinning around, at


breakneck speed? Yes, is the answer, if you are Lang! Getting feedback


from his coach, also an exceptional diver in his day, used to compete


against me, although he was a bit slimmer than!


Not as handsome, obviously. I have never rendered you speechless


before! Now the young Canadian, 17 years of age. Has been diving in the


Canadian programme for 12 years. It is a good diver. Just a little bit


of splash, could not keep it down, it looked as though he was going to


disappear, then just a little bit of splash being thrown up. It will


still get eight and that is keeping his campaign for a medal alive.


I like his consistency and attitude and the way he is performing


tonight. Excellent dive, eight across the board, takes a -- him


above Lang. He cannot be overtaken by Bouchard at this stage. Although


we might see some tens. Tom Daley will have something to say about


that when he steps up shortly. That is good, a little bit soft going


into the water, but looking to pick up on a slightly faltering dive in


the previous round. That will help. Make your calculations. 7.5 and


eight, counting towards his total. Mitchum, this morning, 67.2, his


second lowest score. This is where it can start to swing. At one stage


during the preliminary Tom Daley was last. The 2008 Olympic champion.


He is not having a good contest at all. This is a very weak from the


2008 Olympic champion. He just is not finding his groove. He will be


battling to hold onto potential silver here. Nobody smiling, nobody


happy, that is more of a forced smile.


That chasm between him and Tom Daley opening up fast. But, what, we talk


about the big one, this is the one which this morning he sent into the


stratosphere. 101.75. Twice she went over 100. We wait for the roof to


come off this listed will do. Four and a half somersaults with a tuck.


Not as good as this morning but still over 80 points. There is no


real competition going on at the moment, Tom is way out in front. A


bit like the preliminaries of three metres with Jack Lawless, Tom is now


miles ahead of anybody else. Nearly 30 separating him and second place.


Mitchum just holding on to the coat-tails of the medals. James


Denny in eighth, Dixon in the ninth. Looking good for Tom Daley, very


good indeed. But not there yet with that gold medal. We could still see


a big dive from Mitchum. First, Pardeshi, forward to half


somersaults, with twist. That is the best we have seen from


him. Sometimes has a bit of trouble with his twist. But this one, well,


his feet and quite pointed, crossed over a little bit. -- are not


quite. Rough around the edges. He is saying he is in a bit of pain.


I am not in the least bit surprised given what he put himself through


this morning. He just kept on that ten metre board until he got it


right. No surprise his body is beginning to break down a little


bit. Fifth Round 5. Matt Dixon has acquitted himself very well indeed,


the 14-year-old from Plymouth. It is a big dive for him, 3.3.


Swinging the arms above the head, looking at where you have been, not


where you are going. Throwing a bit of splash up, but still, that is


probably better than he did this morning. That will be 6.5 s. Good


work indeed. So many from Delhi have come back


and improved on their performances, four years on. Three, four, five and


six are very tightly bunched. This is 3.4, reverse, three and a half


somersaults with a tart. -- with a tuck.


Oh my goodness, that is like being smacked around the back of the head


by a baseball bat. Ouch. It is all OK until now. He does not quite get


his hands... Just collapses into the water. I had four reconstructive


shoulder operations during my career. His body folded up like one


of your deckchairs. Half of his body met the other half of his body going


in there. If you people at home will have recoiled. It is like watching


Doctor Who, and hiding behind the sofa. Dominic Bedggood of Australia,


who wants to get into these medal positions. We cannot assume Tom


Daley has won it just yet. Bedggood is fifth. This is the big one. That


is good from Bedggood. That is OK. A little bit of splash being thrown


out. He needs to squeeze into his tuck shaped a little bit more. He is


a little bit scrappy. It is 3.7 so it is worth a lot. Mathematically,


the scores multiplied, depending on the degree of difficulty. I bet you


are thinking at home, it looks really good but the splashback gives


it away a little bit. But he does go into the lead.


Our runaway leader at the moment, Tom Daley, to come. We have not seen


one of these for a while. He is off. Lowe he is off and he is in and he


disappears. Good, strong take-off. One and a half twists, double


somersault Andy Goode entry into the water. -- double somersault and a


good entry into the water. water. -- double somersault and a


not hang around very long! I don't think we will see him on the medal


podium later on. Not holding back, the senior English


divers here. James Denny has gone for a 3.6.


Back, two and a half twists. We have seen this before with Tom Daley.


It is good from James Denny. 3.6. Two and a half somersaults, two and


a half twists. Good leg extension. Helicopter feet. The judges will


came him for that. You have got to keep your legs together and your


toes pointed. You cannot be flipping your feet around.


The Englishman from Leeds, 20 years of age, the same age as Tom Daley.


Liang is profiting from other people around him not doing what they


should do. Finding himself in third. But the Canadians will have some


thing to say about that. Just, just, just manages to hold onto


that. We watched him in training. That is short and vertical but it is


tight and good form. That will keep him in contention for a medal.


Liang, one dive to go. They have got to get their calculators out, it


will get very tight. Those chasing Daley are grouped together very


closely. This is an advantage for Liang over Bedggood. Vincent


Riendeau. Does that mean "no water"? Or words to that effect, in French?


It does not seem quite right for a diver! What is that going to do?


Will it help or hinder? It is OK, it is above average, it is a big dive.


Max will follow and then Mitcham has downgraded his dive. This will only


get seven s which means it will be less than 70 points. Will he bunched


up with Liang? I think he will. Yes, precisely what he has done. Two and


a half point lead over the Malaysian which is nothing going into the last


round. Bouchard. Might just have fallen away from a medal push. If he


gets 90, he goes in behind his Canadian colleague. He has done


well, just a little bit low on the water, losing it on the take-off,


not quite powerful enough, not generating enough spin speed. He


needs to get his arms to extend a little bit more through the legs.


Just arching as he goes in, it is clean and tidy but he will now drift


away from the medal. I think he now has too much to make up. 28 points


behind his team-mate. So no medal today for Bouchard. A little heads


up on this morning's performance, this was actually Matt Mitcham's


worst dive in terms of marks. Much better than it was this


morning. Obviously it is a different dive, he is playing safe, I think he


has left himself too much to do to challenge Tom for the gold. But he


is trying to fight for the silver. Will that getting closer to the


Canadian and the Malaysian? It is OK but it is not good enough. I have


seen him score straight tens on this dive. He was to ogle to get a medal,


that would be a turn up for the books. -- he will struggle to get a


medal. The star turn tonight, as so often


we have seen him be, the champion from Rome 2009, bronze-medallist for


London 2012, Thomas Robert Daly. It is incredible. Hence, tens,


tens. Judges you might as well, that was perfect. This is textbook, this


is Tom Daley pretty much diving for the gold. If the judges do not give


him tens, I think they are wrong. You had joined the strictly come


dancing judging panel therefore a moment!


Look how tight it is for third and fourth. Matt Mitcham has a big dive


at the end. You noticed Tom Daley walking up the steps followed by his


coach. They have been lots of questions, but he is moving up to


the dry land diving area where he is preparing for each and every dive. I


think he has enjoyed being here. His body might not feel quite that way


after this competition! 2.7, not a big tariff dive. He is off, you


wants to get this competition done. And he has. Six dives. He has hurt


himself on quite a few of his dives in training but he is made of tough


stuff. He can have a rest now. A beautiful dive to finish. Does not


really hold his arms down long enough so the judges were penalised


him. -- the judges will penalised him. Two Indian divers here. A huge


cheer up once again for the little man. He will look very different in


four years time, will Matthew Dixon. Being 14, pint sized and doing a


forward two and doing a forward twist. He has really gone for it. He


actually landed on the head of the ten-metre board and he pushed so


much effort into it. Pops up into the air, just a bit of an over


rotation. One twist, into the two and a half somersaults. What a


performance from this young boy. Great work. We will see more of him.


European Championships. He should be going to the World Championships


next year and the Olympics in Rio, almost certain to be part of the GB


team. A lot of commerce shown by this young man as well. -- promise.


Final round for Yiwei, this is how he finishes off a very arduous week


actually, with a lot of diving. It is a tidy finish from Yiwei. Only


3.2 degree of difficulty. The twist made it even more complex and earned


an extra degree of difficulty. He will finish outside of the medals


but he has taken part in every competition available. He is due a


rest. Now he can. He is going to finish alone Matt Dixon -- hello.


rest. Now he can. He is going to below. Bedggood, a great opening,


rest. Now he can. He is going to not a bad finish, but really needs


high 80s preferably on this 3.6. If he gets 90, he could push for a


medal. He did not quite finish the dive off a similar landing to Tom,


but for different reasons. Just needed to squeeze that shape a


little longer to straighten out as he goes in. High risk, a high degree


of difficulty, it did not quite work out for the young Australian. Not a


good finish in the evening, that is why he is a bit down on his total


mark, does not make 400 this time. His medal chances have disappeared.


Li, Bouchard, and Mitchum, all doing this dive in the last round. From


Wellington, he decided after retiring a few years ago that he


would come back into this ought, and he has done just that. A beautiful


diver to finish from Li, he has done a lot of diving as well. Moved away


from the board a little bit, I think that is a good entry, will get an


eight from the judges. But will not break 400. 20 points shy. I love


you, Edinburgh. Yes, of course.


Now, what can James Denny do for us on his biggest dive? He needs 90, so


he will need minds to go top -- nines. Is he take full of that --


capable? It is pretty good. This is the diver


in the cookie and Tom out of trouble when they were way out of pace in


the synchro. -- the dive that got he and Tom out of trouble.


Reviewing it, going over it with his coach. Adrian will know how to


resolve that problem. Lang, of Malaysia. He has not shifted from


that third place in the last couple of rounds. What will it take to get


him to first place? This is a 3.2. Just over a seven average will put


him at the top of the board with for -- four to go.


He has been diving out of his skin and has saved his best till last.


This will be close, the pressure is on. Will that be good enough for


silver with Mitchum still to dive? Tom Daley will have very little to


do, just complete the dive and it is pretty much his gold medal. 75 will


put the Canadian in the lead. Eight, and I think he is as good as a


medal. Very smooth and precise, a great


entry, all he can do. Will it be good enough? It is going to be


tight. I don't know. Not quite the vertical as he goes into the water.


Only 17 years old. He will be back. That is a shame. He will grow in


every respect in terms of the quality, and more bulked up next


time. Bouchard, needs ten basically, if


you is to reach third place, with Mitchum and Tom Daley still to come.


A tough one to finish on. We have seen it a few times before, a little


bit off the pace. He is holding his elbow. It just shows you what they


had to endure, striking the water at 35 mph plus every time, it is tough


on the body. 7.5, Maxime Bouchard. We are down to


the last two. This was worth 86.4 this morning for Matthew Mitchum. If


he does that again he will get the silver medal. Anything under 82, it


is bronze. So a fluctuation of five points would make a lot of


difference. This is a 3.6 difficulty rather than 3.2. That is where the


extra point comes from, two and a half twist. I don't think that is


good enough for silver, just bronze. He left himself a little too much to


do. It may not yet even get a medal, he is throwing up to much


splash. Less than seven and he is not in the medals. And he is not! He


has had a difficult four years since India. Documented in his book. We


thought he might be back to his best but he is not, and will not get a


medal. This is a demonstration dive for Tom Daley, although he will want


to go out with a flourish and get over 500. That is his territory, his


domain. The final dive for gold at the Commonwealth Games, Tom Daley.


There you go, outstanding from Tom Daley. Retaining the title he won in


Delhi. Winning by an absolute country mile. He will go away over


500 points, 90 plus for this one. Even with the challenge during


preliminaries, the questions about what he has been doing, he has


silenced his critics. Gold for Tom Daley! There is his new coach. He


has done that with absolute precision. He has not let anybody


get within touching distance of him. A massive chasm between first and


second. Look at this, it will tell you exactly what you need to know.


516.5, Tom Daley, then the rest scrapping for second and third.


Reindeau Of Canada picks up the bronze. Matt Dixon, and we will look


out for him in a few years time, ninth place.


Tom Daley absolutely delivered. People were getting tickets for this


event a year ago and today people were still queueing outside. Many


did not have tickets and hoped they could just sneak in. It was pouring


with rain. A young girl who came from Plymouth told me, if I do not


get in, at least I am here. She will be frozen, but happy. Because Tom


Daley did it, and did it in style. Obviously he got a silver medal


yesterday with his synchro partner, James Denny, that was very much a


test, it was announced late they would do it. It was


test, it was announced late they would do just a bonus, yesterday.


Tonight was the main focus. The preliminary round went OK, then he


absolutely smashed it in the final, with that first dive. He set out his


stall, said, this is what I am all about, what I going to do. People


would -- were deafened after that first diver. It is an unbelievable


atmosphere. You go from one extreme to the other. It is absolute silence


and a real respect for the fact that they need absolute concentration, as


soon as they hit the water, everybody roars. And not just for


Tom Daley, but all the other competitors, James Denny, his friend


and rival, he did not have the best night at the pool, he will not be


happy with that, not his best performance. But a new star has been


born in the shape of the 14-year-old who looks like a ten-year-old, not


bothered by the pressure, here on my left hand side, Matt Dixon. Leon


Taylor is here. Yes, Tom Daley retaining his title


in fine fashion. Nobody even featured. He literally just needed


to fall in on that last dive to retain his title.


He attracts a phenomenal amount of attention because of who he is and


what he has achieved. But does he look and listen to what is written


about him? He only pays attention to what is


important to him. You cannot be distracted by criticism but you need


to be aware of it. He interacts with his massive fan base as much as he


can, he is a great person to know, and it is great to see him finish


with a gold here. England have come away with a full chest of medals


from this beautiful pool in Edinburgh.


Has the feel-good factor Robert off on the rest of the team? -- rubbed


off? Yes, and to finish with the gold is


the best thing for the team. Hannah was so emotional. Was that a


surprise bronze medal for her? Yes, it is a closely contested,


high-class field. She needs to be on top of her game and she pulled it


out when she needed to. I was so pleased for her.


You look just as relieved as everybody else! Lots of people will


enjoy a drink, and Tom Daley certainly deserves one. He did it in


some style. Thank you to our crew in Edinburgh.


We will hopefully hear from Tom Daley shortly. More to come in the


final hour of the programme. Our big finish is at 10pm. First, the news.


From the Premier League to the FA Cup,


Football League and the best women's football...


..there's more football than ever all across the BBC.


We've got factory boys and butchers' apprentices and office clerks


Don't stop moving! If you go back you'll die!


Hi, I'm Sam, back to the Games after a minute from us.


Israel's carried out fresh strikes on Gaza.


While Palestinian militants have fired more rockets into Israel.


Egypt's urged both sides to adopt a ceasefire plan.


Body parts of a man have been found at a recycling plant near Bristol.


Police have named him as 34-year-old Matthew Symonds from Swindon.


His death's being treated as "unexplained".


Thousands of pounds have been raised for a surrogate baby abandoned


They took his twin sister, but left him behind.


A second athlete's failed a drugs test at the Games.


The runner tested positive for a banned substance


And looks like another Apprentice star is joining the House of Lords.


Reports suggest Karren Brady is set to become a Conservative Peer.


Now, it's back to Dan with more live action from Glasgow.


Yeah, I am looking for a Prince Charming.


I don't think I'm ugly, but I don't think I'm, like, really pretty.


I say, "You've got something on your bum." "Really?" And I say,


view down the Clyde. The sky is a little moodier tonight. We are going


to take you straight to Edinburgh, some hockey on the way, the gold


medal match, it is goalless at the moment. As promised, here is Tom


Daley after winning the gold medal in the Commonwealth pool.


Congratulations, you did it in some style. It was a lot better than this


morning. I got into it a little bit quicker. The front four and a half


was still not as good but still lots of positives and I am really happy.


Can you ever sit back and enjoy it rushed and not no! It is white


difficult being so far in front. You have to blanked everything out and


just think, someone is chasing you and you have to go for a ten. Matt


Mitcham your friend and rival. What is going through your head when you


are diving next to him? Once you have done the dive, then you can


start worrying about the results. You have seen so many successes.


Were you feeling the pressure of the success of Jack and the girls and


the medals we have one in England? Team England have won so many


medals. British diving is in a really strong place at the moment.


It has been a very long season. We have the European Championships


still that I am happy to have a few days off now! Are you glad it is


over? I am very tired, we have had five World Series, the World Cup, I


have not had a day off in about four weeks! I am so looking forward to a


life in tomorrow morning! A lot of people says this is a rehearsal for


Rio, where does this put you? Yell at it puts me in a good place. I


have to put all of the dives together in one list. I got a


personal best in Mexico in June. I have to make sure I keep working


hard. Congratulations Tom. Tom Daley, double Commonwealth


champions talking to Helen Skelton. You can catch up with what Tom Daley


has been doing, have a look on the website. We will show you what is


happening where on the BBC on the 10th day of the Commonwealth Games.


The athletics on BBC1, including Usain Bolt running in the Jamaican


relay team. The boxing continues on the red button. We showed you plenty


of that yesterday. Joe Joyce, the big boy from team England is


fighting soon. He is the favourite to win another gold medal for the


home nation. You can watch a bit badminton online. England currently


in action in women's doubles. The BBC website is your catch all to


every single sport. If you have been inspired to get into anything you


have seen, maybe even diving! We have seen Matthew Dixon and dives in


Plymouth. I'm Tom Daley who started so young. Go to the Get Inspired


section of the website. We will take you to some more live sports now. We


can now deliver the hockey on BBC Three. England's women are going for


the gold medal in the Glasgow hockey centre.


We saw them with a remarkable penny -- penalty shoot out against New


Zealand. It is 0-0 at the moment. Will this be a second-half ending


with a gold medal for England? Let's go to our commentators.


COMMENTATOR: The kangaroo, of course!


20 seconds before we get underway, in much better condition than an


hour or two ago here at the hockey centre. Hopefully no more rain and


certainly the cloud cover has lifted.


Australia begin the second half of the gold medal match, everything to


play for. Bone and Jodie Kenny. Over to Flanagan. This time, Danson has


the ball. A little clip of an England stick and Australia lose


position. Quek, just the one penalty corner Australia were able to force


but it went out of the danger zone. For England.


Now with Gilbert, still with Gilbert. And here she comes again.


Susie Gilbert rocketing it out the Australian defence. And Quek has it,


Sam Quek for England, keeping possession, the pressure coming from


England in the stages of the second half.


Audacious talent, that youngster. It came off her stick and


Audacious talent, that youngster. It brass, she walked up and tried to


get the free hit, love it! It is what I used to love about


the younger players in the team. They would just go out and play


hockey and you get the sense that Lily Owsley is exactly the same, she


does not really know the names of the hockey players are, she is just


happy to be out there and wreaking havoc among some of the best players


of the world. All of the skills on show for the 19-year-old. A clever


pass from Richardson-Walsh. At the moment, denying Australia


possession, England. Now the ball goes out of the deep


defence but picked up, pressure coming from Australia. Blyth will


get the free hit. Off she goes. He touched her left, finding Peers --


Peris. Nicola White wanting to make a


statement. Danson coming over to help and drives the ball out of


defence but again it is Jodie Kenny. That was Annesley this time, Giselle


Ansley. Luckily she was just outside the circle.


Kenny, it is mopped up by Unsworth. In the end, catching Bone's foot on


the way through. They are looking very confident unit, England. They


are. As time ticks by, the pressure is certainly an Australia. England


are the underdog. So much has been mentioned about their summer far.


White has it for England, finding Annesley and she drives the ball


across. The ball is intercepted by McMahon. This is what England have


done, Australia, not picking the ball up cleanly. Australia beat


Malaysia, 4-0, Wales and Scotland 9-0.


Cummings, the Australian coach, very nonchalant at this stage but will be


concerned his team have not got position. -- commends Max


This is an excellent tackle from Richardson-Walsh. That was brave.


Peris has won it again. They surge into the circle.


Soft hand pass to Townsend. Gilbert is up there. Lily Owsley over the


other side. They have got out of the deep defensive area.


You cannot fault any player for not putting the effort in. Across the


face, is a lone Australian player and a good touch out by Giselle


Ansley. Getting the free hit. It also put it into some perspective,


this Hockeyroos team, apart from the exceptions of Madonna Blyth and


Eastman, they are used to meddling in tournaments and they will here,


but for England, it could not have got any worse and they almost got to


the darkest place possible for them as a group and they are coming out


the other side and they will regard even just making this final a huge


success. It certainly seems to me as if the pressures are all on


Australia. Some of their players are not handling it as well as you would


expect them to. England have held position and that


has been the key. Richardson-Walsh, pushing high up.


Accurate passing again coming from England.


Richardson-Walsh, pushing high up. Accurate passing again coming A


small avenue to get that all in. But they will not give away possession


if they can help it. That was eight of pass. -- a tough pass. This is a


sustained period of stopping Australia having the ball on the end


of their sticks. Cannot go back that way.


Richardson-Walsh stretching hard. Possibly a little lucky not to see a


penalty corner. One already awarded. Flannigan. Pearce. Could


not grab it that time. Emily Smith is being spoken to by the umpire.


She did not retreat the required five metres, it is all for safety,


it is important. That is a hard one to take in. And a turnover.


Pressure. Watson. Absorbing hockey. England are denying Australia


possession. Forward they poor. Kelli White with the ball. The footwork is


not quite there, so they can pop the ball onto a stick, Australia.


Claxton, what can she get for Australia? Webb, under pressure, she


believes. -- opting to go back to the


skipper. But it is backwards from Australia. Ashley Nelson, into the


circle it goes, but again England have time to read and get the ball


out. The free hit. Both teams realise what is at stake.


Yes, they will both go home with something, but they both want the


gold medal. The fact that we have had only seven shots on goal in all


the play so far, that just shows, not able of action in the circle. --


not a lot. Flanagan with the ball for Australia. Again, lots of


English players around. Play on, is the call. Kenny steps up. Taking it


for Australia. Off-loads, but not where Nelson wanted.


It was a great step up from Kenny but she needed to play wide, instead


she went for the longer option to Smith. The connection was just not


there. Excellent progress down the right


flank. Suzy Gilbert. Danson, looking for the free hit, and they get it.


They rush to attack, again through Gilbert, slamming it across,


Owsley! It is in! It is 1-0 to England!


A fantastic ball from Gilbert, and Australia can not appeal. Who says


that forwards cannot tackle, Danson, download, makes a strong


tackle, and then calmness personified from Owsley, a goal in


the semifinal, now one in the final. It is England who have the crowd


behind them. All that work that they have done in keeping the ball,


starving Australia of any time with ball and stick, then the chance they


got, they have taken it. One - zero, England lead, 21 minutes remaining


in the gold medal match. Flanagan for Australia. Claxton. Drives it


in. Three England defenders, and it for Australia. Claxton. Drives it


is deemed to have hit the hand. A free hit. One of the best players


for England with that ball out on the right, Webb.


Those are the mistakes England have forced.


The coach is unhappy and that can easily transfer to the ditch.


Australia feel that every decision is going against them, they are not


getting the blow of the whistle. Kelli White. A great shot in, but no


Australian stick on the end of it, and it is all hands to the pump for


England. Bone, for Australia. Out to


Flanagan. Trying to get around Owsley but all the English players


are back defending, putting pressure on. There is a hard ball again,


pressure showing, speeding the game, putting the pressure on Australia.


Quick, gets past two, gets it onto Danson, a little pass to keep


going, and here is a card. Green card. She runs off.


There was not much that Casey could do. It has been given for a bawdy


obstruction but it was just the quick movement of Danson that letter


was nothing to do. But she has no choice but to run off and sit down


as quickly as she can. Townsend working hard. Look at the


pressure Australia are under now. Just over 17 minutes to play in the


gold medal match. Australia, who have been so dominant, they defeated


South Africa 7-1 in the semifinal. England, how plucky are they?


Winning the semifinal and putting a total unit performance together.


Deny, deny, deny Australia time on the ball. It is absorbing and


intriguing. A little slip past down the left. Lucy Woods, can she keep


it? In the circle go England. Kenny has it. They are in a fight,


Australia. At the moment, it is not one they are winning.


As we mentioned earlier, eight shots in the entire game but one thing


England do exceptionally well... in the entire game but one thing


hit the post! It hit the post! It can so often happen like that. A


sudden opportunity for Australia. Just when we were thinking...


It is just a speculative pass. Then the spin off the post confuses her,


and she has to find the ball at her feet, by then she was closed down.


Clearly you need to be alert at all times.


All the time. Flanagan. Was that the robber of the green Australia was


searching for? -- rub of. Danson, with plenty of options to pass back.


Richardson-Walsh on the left side. It was her pass that helped the ball


into the circle, but Flanagan mops up at the back. Under 15 minutes to


play in the gold medal match. But a mistake by Nelson! The pressure, you


can tell, the feverish way the players are reacting. Just clipping


Nelson's foot. Pearce, out of defence, but just


going on to the forehand of Unsworth, picked off. Kenny has to


hurdle. Gets over Danson, Unsworth, picked off. Kenny has to


quick 1-2 passes. Ainsley still has it up the left flank. They are


shutting down the Australian options so quickly, England, and again this


ball will run onto the stick of Richardson-Walsh. This is heart in


mouth stuff! Technically the way both coaches


have set about playing is fantastic. We have seen all these teams playing


at the Commonwealth Games, you know what they are capable of, and this


is the implementation of plan comment off, under enormous


pressure. -- coming. Ashley, picking up the wall with for English players


-- four players around. What can Australia conjure up?


Flanagan, more patient. McMahon. A little slip ball. Pearce came right


over the top and forces another mistake. Excellent ball down the


right flank. It is interesting, all of the rain


that fell in Glasgow today, it funded down on this pitch, it has


dried out remarkably well. The ball will speed. Eastham gets the back


foot of White and Eastham again. Australia getting the speed wobbles


a bit. It is in the circle now, it is high towards the goal and comes


off the stick of an English defender. A long corner. Into the


circle. Parker gets dispossessed. Look at that, three Australian


defenders and a free hit to England. Richardson-Walsh.


As an opponent, when your opposite number starts to have a go at the


umpire for every little decision, it gives you the decision because you


know you are getting the upper hand on them and it knocks them off their


game. We are so used to seeing Australia passing the ball and


playing free-flowing hockey and at the moment, we are seeing the


forward getting the ball and trying to do it on their own and take on


four defenders and it is not really going to happen for them. They have


not held onto the ball long enough. They sustained passing around the


midfield, that is when Australia are at their most dangerous. Start with


a powerful unit and they could not get their sticks on the ball. Now


they have it, down the flank. But they are almost going to fast. They


are feeling the heat, the pressure, under ten minutes to play in this


gold medal match. Only two goals have been scored against Australia


in Commonwealth Games 2014. One by the South African, Celia Evans, and


now, Lily Owsley. Giving England a 1-0 lead. Look at that crowd


roaring. The roar of the crowd keeping them going. Lily Owsley,


lifted into the Australian player. Up and over and out of the midfield


this time. Richardson-Walsh taking a blow but they will have to carry on.


Georgie Parker's stick just got caught under Richardson-Walsh's


armpit and she was not going to let it go easily, she was going to wait


until she picked her own stick up before releasing it. Bray denies


again. It is a free chance for Australia,


can they get the shot in? Peris. Hinch watching the ball ever so


closely. It is heart in mouth stuff now. Seven and a half minutes to


play. The ball is with England. Giselle


Ansley, one of the young brigade. I guess at this stage, seven minutes


left in the match, England with the 1-0 lead, any thoughts from Danny


Kerry about the equaliser New Zealand were able to get before it


went into penalty shoot outs. I am sure they were discussions as to why


that happened. But I think the team performance today has been


outstanding and I think England will be looking at the clock ticking down


and it will feel like it is in slow motion and Australia feel it is


going at double-time. Six and a half minutes is still a long time in a


hockey match. Flanagan has the captain waiting, a


swinging stick relieves the pressure and Danson comes away with the ball.


Taylor still contesting for Australia. England now with the free


hit. Full press coming from Australia.


They need to get some more possession and get an opportunity


and show the hockey they have played to this crowd. Leaving no room for


Australia to get their traditional passing game into play.


One of the finest games you will see from a deep defender, Hollie Webb


combining again with his skipper. This is inspirational hockey from


England. Will this be the ranks to riches --


the ranks to riches? The disappointment, coming 11th in the


World Cup, but what it transformations seven weeks later.


-- what a transformation, seven weeks later.


Again, Hollie Webb. It is a combination of Unsworth and Webb.


Flanagan dragging it down, across the field it goes, four minutes


left. I don't think I have ever seen an


Australian team make this many mistakes. We talk about pressure and


what it does to people but we are used to seeing the ball literally


sticking to their sticks like glue. It is just not happening. Adam


Commens is not going to be a happy man at the moment. He is clearly


communicating with his staff up in the stands. England have got just


over three minutes to hold out. The green and gold attack from


Australia. Back to Kenny. And across again, the


players not getting where they won two and having to move. -- not


getting it where they want to. England not intimidated by anything


that has been put on. Parker has it. It is the captain who comes up with


the ball. The anticipation is building, not only in the crowd but


any England supporter. This has been a truly phenomenal performance by


England. Who is the woman who intercepts? Hollie Webb. This is


sensational. They have played the majority of this half in their deep


defence, England. The crowd are beginning to sense, with two minutes


left on the clock, the roar is starting to up and over. Up and over


the ball goes, into empty space. Less than two minutes.


Flanagan, over the baseline to a long corner for Australia. One and a


half minutes in the gold-medal match. Just the tactical ability,


firstly, from Danny Kerry and they get the penalty corner. The drama is


not finished in this match and Unsworth flicks the ball away, is


this the opportunity Australia have been searching for and waiting for?


A fantastic spin by Georgie Parker. Richardson-Walsh bows low which is


something... Actually she does not go low on that one unfortunately.


Normally she is one of the lowest defenders. This is Australia's last


real chance of getting back in this game. The defenders have less than


nine seconds to set themselves, they have a look up and they see Kenny


and Flanagan. 37 seconds, it is run down, it'll another one. Lily Owsley


has broken has she? Yes, she has gone too early. Holding tank, fair


enough, 24 seconds on the clock. They are going for a referral. I


think they are saying... We will wait and find out. Can you hear me?


The number five from England broke early, I said. Can you have a look


and see if there is anything wrong with the shot corner? I have said


restart. It is something Australia were blown up for earlier in the


tournament. It is a short corner, England lose their referral? That is


correct. Lily Owsley will remove herself from the defensive area,


they lose a defender because they broke. And now England, with 24


seconds on the clock, have to defend the penalty corner, drag flip time


for these two. Kenny and Flanagan. It is in! Oh my goodness! With 18


seconds on the clock, Australia have drawn level with England! Can you


believe it? You cannot write this script, you


really cannot. It is a fantastic finish, under pressure, from Kenny.


Richardson-Walsh does everything she can to get out of that. But it looks


like we will go to a shoot out. Absolutely gutting for England. The


next five minutes are about getting your players back into focus mode.


D?j? vu for England. They have played superbly well and you cannot


find enough adjectives for what they have done. But it finishes 1-1 in


the gold medal match here in Glasgow. It is all there to see in


the face is obvious trillions, was that their get out of jail card? --


in the faces of the Australians. The medal was almost around the English


neck and then with seconds to go, that penalty corner. The Australians


cannot believe it either! Or can they just not there to look at the


shoot out? -- just not bear to look. Let's look at the statistics.


Not a huge amount of shots on goal, 11 from Australia, just two from


England, but they really made it count until the final seconds of the


game. You just have too field for goal-scorer Owsley. -- feel. That is


calmness, for a 19-year-old to do that in a gold medal match of the


Commonwealth Games. You can see what it means. It was just what they


deserved for the amount of defensive work they put in. It lifted the


crowd and got everyone behind them. Just over Lynch as she comes out of


goal. Exceptional. But then Owsley was sent to the halfway line,


leaving England with three defenders, and Kenny puts it into


the only place possible to send this into a shoot out. And unbelievable


end to an unbelievable match. A game for the purists. Fascinating


tactics. The English coaches outmanoeuvred New Zealand yesterday


and almost outmanoeuvred the number two team in the world. What a


cracker. This gold-medal match has had everything, and other lights


here at the Glasgow National hockey centre -- under the lights. From the


25 line the attackers will have eight seconds to weave their way


into the circle and get past the keeper to score. The keepers have


eight seconds to prevent the oncoming forward from scoring. A


stroke can be awarded if a misdemeanour by the keeper prevents


a potential goal. Eight seconds can seem like a long time for the


goalkeeper, and the supporters in the crowd.


And safety say we have two of the best goalkeepers for this scenario.


Two world-class goalkeepers on show when it comes to the shoot out.


Both teams will have done their homework, and the English


goalkeeper, Hinch, marching into her cage, making the goal looked small.


And there is Casey Eastham waiting on the first eight second countdown


starting. A hush over the hockey centre.


Absolute silence. Sorry, can you wait one second. She


will blow to start. Hinch, did the right thing, just


checking what was happening. Here it comes now. A little move, not much


time... And it is a goal. That is the calmness you expect from


somebody in their 216th game. The question will be whether England


change what they did yesterday against New Zealand. Twigg, at


first. Twigg, with the ball. 1-1, Twigg


gets hers in. They are on the edge of their seats here.


Good running angle by Twigg to take Lynch away from the middle of the


goal. Two successful penalty shoot out.


White. Just the squeak of the pants, it is saved! Hinch, says the first


one for England. -- saves. That is unbelievable. The body


weight going one way, somehow she manages.


Athleticism and ability. Danson. Now, the whistle. Danson Does a


quick swivel, but it goes wide. The Australians breathe again.


The exact manoeuvre at she tried yesterday. Just that final little


nudge takes the ball away from where she wants it to be.


Parker now for Australia. Up against Hinch. And in it goes. What a bullet


from Parker. Make no mistake, one of the best executions we have seen at


the Commonwealth Games. A fantastic finish under pressure


from Parker. Susie Gilbert up next for England.


Tension on her face. Another miss from England.


Well done, Rachel Lynch. Gilbert did just not do enough and the ball --


on the ball. It is now Kenny for Australia.


And a stroke. We talked about that in the lead up. Hinch Is judged to


have taken Kenny out. It was a heavy fall.


She has definitely taken the player and not the ball.


You get one referral each in the shoot out and England have decided


to go upstairs. Why not?


Can you please check? The face of Maddie Hinch, the


heroine yesterday. Everybody in the crowd is making their own decision


but it is the video decision that we await.


It is a stroke comma and England lose their referral.


It has been rejected. No more referrals for England. Kenny. Versus


Hinch. She missed it. She put it wide, can you believe it? Danny


Carey looking cool, calm, and collected. Not even close!


The faces of the crowd say it all. Not so nice, being in that position.


Nicola White. Facing Lynch. It just runs over the baseline. This can now


decided. -- decide it. The Australian captain, Blythe, for the


gold medal. 292 caps for the 28-year-old, 65 international goals.


Blythe. Slips it in. My goodness me, Australia have pinched the


gold-medal. The captain provided the heroics. The Australian Governor


General there. Australia have done in the business where it counted.


Kate Richardson-Walsh marches over to the Australian camp.


Heartbreak for England women's hockey. Against the all conquering,


all-powerful Australians, they have lost. We saw the jubilation the


other day at the Glasgow hockey centre, tonight it is all about


Australia. It is a silver medal for England's hockey players but no


doubt they will only realise what an achievement that is in a few days


time when they have forgotten about the defeat. We have slightly over


run on BBC Three. This what are jammed in and I cannot tell you all


the guests we have coming up because we do not have much time, but we do


have the flag bearer for Scotland. I hope you have enjoyed the


Commonwealth Games over the last ten days. We will leave you with some


magical images, accompanied by the Federation. # There is no place like


home. Stimson of England wins the first


gold of the Games X? Hannah Miley wins for Scotland!


The 13-year-old from the Shetland Islands!


Scotland are going to make it! It is gold!


# there is no place like home.


Live coverage from the 2014 Commonwealth Games on the penultimate day in Glasgow, with Dan Walker introducing the action.

London 2012 bronze medallist Tom Daley won double diving Commonwealth gold in Delhi four years ago and will be looking for a medal in the 10m individual final.

The women's hockey has also reached the finals stage, while there will be gold medals galore handed out in the boxing ring with five finals scheduled.

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