BBC Two: Day 3: 22:10 - 22:30 Commonwealth Games

BBC Two: Day 3: 22:10 - 22:30

Continued live coverage of the 2014 Commonwealth Games from Glasgow.

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Hello, welcome back to Glasgow at the 20th Commonwealth Games and


plenty of live sport is still going on. Red button for Ken you against


South Africa in the rugby sevens. Boxing and badminton. On BBC Two we


will go to a game that was played earlier in the rugby sevens between


Scotland and Canada. Scott Hastings and Andy Moore are your


commentators. COMMENTATOR Scotland will have the


kick-off. They are playing in blue against Canada, in white. A great


take by Harry Jones. Recycled. Sean juke. Going out wide. A real tussle


on that far side with Scotland now. Moonlighting. Canada with that early


exchange. And we can see the contact area is so key. He says that he was


holding onto the ball. Colin Gregor is quite happy to slow things down


for Scotland. Incidentally, there is a full tribute of him on the station


wall. I saw it the other day and it is absolutely enormous. Grant taking


root one for Scotland. Scott White, Gregor. A little show of the ball. A


tackle here by Canada's Sean Juke. Richie Burnett on. Getting trapped


in a number of players in that far side. They will have two stretch


this Canadian defence. Canada are very good. Wraparound play. This is


Lee Jones. A good pick-up by Jones. Good work on the wraparound. I


really like the look of this team. They have grown in confidence as


this tournament has gone on. A tackle coming in here! It was almost


away. A superb tap tackle high, trainer. Still on the attack. Lee


Jones. Lee Jones for the opening score. That is raising the roof at


Ibrox. Jones went over but go back a step and Batman, number five, Colin


Gregor, what a fantastic pass. -- can this man. Just drifting the ball


out inside. In on the inside. Moonlighting. Left stranded. Covered


for the corner. Jones coming inside. On his right foot. The opening score


and the game, much to the delight of the crowd and Gregor has got the


opportunity to add to the lead. Colin Gregor, the Scotland all time


points scorer in the IRB, in the sevens World Series, he has added


the additional two points. It is first blood here for Scotland. These


teams met in the semifinal of the sevens back in April. Only three


points separating the teams. Canada winning on that occasion 10-7.


Scotland on the attack. Lee Jones, the try scorer. He is up in support.


It is a great atmosphere. The crowd are willing every move by the


Scottish team. Nick Bryant with a loud blast of the referee whistle.


Scotland penalised for playing it on the ground. This will take a little


bit of edge out of this game. What often happens in sevens rugby is


that the flow of the game, the momentum can just switch in an


absolute second. Defence turns to attack and attack turns to defence.


Do I note a hint of excitement? I love my sevens. The game of course


was invented here. Winning the line-out ball from the Canadian


throw, Scotland. This is Bennet. Bennett is up against the excellent


Sean Juke. He is a strong runner. Growing in confidence as the


tournament is going on. And talking about strong runners, Grant taking


it up the middle. John moonlight with excellent technique here. --


Moonlight. He gets the support. A good tackle by Colin Gregor. The


defence has got to be goodbye Scotland. The first real opportunity


from Canada. -- has got to be good for Scotland. Dumped to the ground.


Juke stepping back in. Colin Gregor comes for the tackle. Advantage


being played. Scotland pushed offside. Great retention by Canada.


Just spilling the ball. Harry Jones wanted to get the momentum back into


the attack for Canada. Concentration from the Scottish players. It is


excellent at the moment. Canada have got the ball. They are keeping their


shape. Colin Gregor, the captain, snapping at their heels, calling the


shots, organising it. The eyes and ears of the team at the moment.


Harry Jones here. He miss read the play, Juke. It was a loose pass. One


here for Canada. That is a try. Power and pace here. He might well


have got that down despite the best efforts of the opposition. Yes,


confirmation from the officials. And here we can see, I think it was a


mix-up in play but how many times do you see that, a bouncing ball?


Sometimes the defenders standing off. He tries his best. Over the


touchline. Canada did exceptionally well. Power and strength. Slipped


over in the corner. He has won nine caps for the Canadian side. The


conversion has been missed. I have mentioned that these teams have


played each other this season on four occasions. Three times, Canada


winning and only once have Scotland, and the average


differential winning margin is 4.25. At the moment the deferential


is less than that. Just a couple of points. There is an opportunity.


Vernon goes in under the post. What a killer blow. Ten seconds on the


clock. Burnham scores. Scotland take one back and extend the lead. --


Vernon. It was a slightly flatter kick from the restart. Straight


through to Vernon. And when he got into his ears, a good effort with


the left hand. -- got into his stride. He did emerge at the end of


the sticks. Extras added again by Gregor. So, the crowd just take a


little bit of a breather. The excitement, you could cut it with a


knife around this famous Ibrox Stadium. Half-time score, Scotland


leading with a couple of converted tries. 14-5. One converted --


unconverted by Canada. Who is going to get through for the last


remaining spot? Will Scotland hold onto the lead? Can Canada come back?


Momentum is certainly with Scotland. Canada straight out of the blocks


for this second half. As you said, sometimes it is about just stopping


that momentum. I think Gregor will say that he probably got away with


that one. A great kick in the end and the result is fantastic.


Probably, I think he was very fortunate. He knows his game inside


out, he really does. Every single team had a captain's round yesterday


and the one team that had what we call a blow out was Scotland. They


knew the intensity they would have to play at here. This is Mark


Bennett. Jones. Then it gets the workaround. Can he get the corner?


Juke has got it. Mark Bennett going for the corner first of all instead


of going for the hit step. Yes but you have to credit him for getting


across. This is good sevens from either team. This tie is very much


in the balance. Canada will have to get on the scoreboard next if they


are to challenge this Scottish door. -- scoreline.


Nathan, he will have the throw. It is a pressure throw where they are,


Scotland. Oh, early jumpers catching, the try will not be


allowed. John moonlight called it for himself. -- Moonlight.


Richard Vernon, the try scorer for Scotland. Lee Jones coming back very


well. Colin Gregor, playing the sweeper role. He always looks so


assured. Like he has got plenty of time. On the counterattack. Grant!


Grant does not have the legs to go in at the corner. Recycled


possession. On the try and mountains. Has scored! Surely


Scotland now into the quarterfinals. -- on the try and


Bennet has scored. He only knows one way and that is forward. Retaining


possession. And a lovely step. Here we see Grant. He has tied up a


couple of defenders. Moonlight coming up. Stepped off the left


foot. And then it over for the try. And -- and then Bennett over for the


try. Which you would hope would take Scotland through. And he has slotted


the extras. Colin Gregor has slotted eight conversions against Barbados.


One against New Zealand. And he has got three here. Canada can still get


back into this tie. But they will have to do something quick. Three


and a half minutes. Plenty of time still. Douglas. Brought down.


Scotland will just play the clock. He will stick that into the main


stand at Ibrox, surely. He knows very well that at this moment the


clock is your friend. Just eating up the seconds. Just checking where the


mark was. Oh... Was that a little bit greedy? A bit of a mistake by


Gregor. Possibly the first mistake that he has made. Just looking at


the clock. Canada have got to score three times. I have seen it done


before. 90 seconds. It is possible. It was a loose pass. Canada take the


ball away. Coming off the bench, this man. This time, I think you


will see that Colin Gregor will make his touch. Great play. Great steel


by, sure. Opportunity. -- great stealing. Here is Stuart Hall. A


great play on that far side from the Canadian player, Justin Douglas. At


sprinting Stuart Hogg. -- he has outsprinted Stuart Hogg. Stepping


back into the tackle. Moonlight, the Canadian skipper. Justin Douglas.


Justin Douglas, an experienced campaigner. He has played in 11


events on the IRB circuit, scoring 12 tries. He has got plenty of is


pace. -- plenty of pace. Harry Jones is on that far outside. Scotland


have got numbers back. Great defensive work. Scott White having


to meet the tackle. And Scotland will be through to the


quarterfinal, to the knockout stages here at Ibrox. Big play from Lamont.


Scott Waddell comes off. Just making a couple of changes. They are really


pumped. They have played well. Scotland had a real opportunity to


take New Zealand early on. New Zealand just took that game by 17


points to 14. 21 points -5 the scoreline at the moment. And they


will play either South Africa or Kenya in the quarterfinals. South


Africa and Kenya have still to play each other. That will be coming up.


So if you are at home stay with us for all the action here at Ibrox.


Moonlight. Symptomatic perhaps of the frustration. Full-time, says the


referee. And the crowd are standing in Ibrox. 50,000 supporters.


Cheering going around this wonderful arena. And the respect between these


teams. But it is in Scotland who have come away with the victory.


Fabulous performance from Scotland and a great atmosphere. This is how


the quarterfinal line-up looks. New Zealand will play against Kenya.


South Africa have beaten Kenya by 20-nil. South Africa now face


Scotland. Those matches are from midday tomorrow on BBC Three.


Tomorrow is also the first day of the athletics which gets underway


with the men's and women's marathon bright and early tomorrow. Before


that Clare Balding and Mark Chapman will be on BBC One with a fun packed


look back at all the best bits of the day. Earlier this evening


19-year-old Adam Peaty took a memorable goals with the new


Commonwealth Games record in the 100 metres breaststroke. Ross Murdoch


took the bronze. What a wonderful night. A wonderful moment for Adam.


Well played, young man. A big future lies ahead of him.


And look at the medals table. Making interesting reading. Australia and


England now have 17 gold medal. Scotland got four gold medals today,


their best ever tally in the Commonwealth Games, it equals that.


That is all from us at BBC Two. I hope you will join us tomorrow to


find out who will be in sevens heaven.


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