10/08/2014 Cycling


Two years on from the London Olympics, Ride London celebrates the Games' legacy as many of the world's best cyclists from 2012 return to compete.

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MUSIC very good afternoon to you, welcome


to our continued coverage of right London weather sun is


the organisers have reduced the race from 100 miles to 86 because it was


such torrential weather. The elite riders will be OK, a similar course


to the road race in 2012. Sir Bradley Wiggins is back on the roads


and he will have happy memories of 2012.


COMMENTATOR: Here comes Bradley Wiggins, winner of the Tour de


France. Bradley Wiggins is the Olympic champion.


Back on the roads after his so John on the track in the Commonwealth


Games where he got a silver medal. I am sure he is looking forward to


getting a taste of RideLondon which already has a reputation of being


the greatest cycling festival in the world.


some of the sights and sounds of 2013, it really was stunning and


2014 promises to be even bigger and even better.


Last year there was an exciting even better.


Last year there was an exciting sprint finish. Just like the London


marathon there is a mass participation race, 24,000 riding


that sorry London -- Surrey to London leg. We will catch


up with the highlights of the women's grumpy. What a race that


was, the world 's best on a loop in Saint James 's Park. Chris Boardman


has just run those 86 miles -- cycle. How did it go? Horrendous to


biblical and then back to horrendous. I remember when we were


watching the Commonwealth Games feeling sorry for them, I cannot


believe it is this good now. Rachelle, your team did a great job


yesterday with Giorgia Bronzini, she flew off to do another race? Yes,


she is already away. Last night was a really exciting race. All of the


teams wanted to be Marianne Vos and it came down to tactics to beat her.


She was outnumbered with only one other team-mate and it was a really


exciting finish. Marianne Vos actually did the race this morning.


I had a chat with her afterwards and she enjoyed it. This men's race,


Chris, what should we expect? A sprint again? Yes, even the taxi


driver was saying Sir Bradley Wiggins has got a chance. It is a


difficult calls for him. We could see a breakaway, it is at that point


in the year. Most likely to be a sprint. Here is a look at Chris


finishing. Look at that. Great style. Have you got a rucksack on?


Mark Cavendish could not make it this year that his team are set up


pretty well with Mark Renshaw who is a good sprinter? Yes, Mark Renshaw


will be disappointed with the Commonwealth Games last week and


will want to be out here. Everybody at home is looking forward to seeing


Sir Bradley Wiggins and we caught up with him. How does it feel to be


back here riding in London? Very good. We were just talking about how


this was the village. Two years on, it is good to be back and racing. I


have been racing on the track but a long time since I have been on the


road. What is the plan today? Normally we expected to finish in a


sprint. We will try and set it up for him. Without doing what we did


in the Olympic road race. That is the plan today. What were your


thoughts when you saw the weather? On days like this, it is a one-day


race and you just get on with it. Best of luck. Not the best in the


rain? It has dried out and the sun is out. Totally unfair that we rode


through that with flooded roads and those guys are getting beautiful


sunshine. That was quite interesting. Ben Swift will be good


if they can force a breakaway, that would suit him well. What do you


make of where Bradley Wiggins is at the moment? Doing the world time


trial in a month, almost as if he is undecided about his future? Does


seem like he is a bit confused but after the Commonwealth Games he said


he would concentrate on the track. Now we see him on the road. I think


he loves to race in front of a home crowd. For the individual time trial


that is a very clear objective for him. He will enjoy today being in


front of the home crowds. He talked about writing for Ben Swift and we


can hear from Ben Swift now and also Philip Joubert -- Philippe Gilbert.


Differ whether to last year. From what I've heard the course is


slightly harder. Still a long way from the climbs to the finish. It


will be a good race. We have a good team here. A strong team by Team


Sky. Suggesting you meet business. Definitely. I want to improve on


what we did last year. Will it come to a bunch sprint? I think the


conditions will help with it splits up a bit. How you going to enjoy


riding around London again? Yes. Last year was a year to forget. I


hope to get a better result. Thank you for joining us. Earlier it was


raining, what are you expecting on the course? I just hope that we stay


safe. With this wind it is with dangerous. I hope we can get a nice


race. You come with good legs today? It is hard to say. It has been a


long time without a race. Training is never the same. I feel good in


training but I don't know I can be good in the race. Everyone is


working hard. I think the condition is there. Thank you for joining us.


Interesting, Philip Gill birth -- Philip Gilbert talking about prior


to the race, talk about that feeling before you are about to race? This


can be difficult, as Philip Gilbert said. It is difficult to know on the


start line if you are actually inform and that doubt comes into


mind. Philippe Gilbert will be unsure. What might we expect from


him? It is hard and it does seem odd for the general public but the guys


that have been through the Tour de France will have the best form at


the moment. They will have intense training experience and a little bit


of time to recover. For the guys who have been in the Tour de France,


they have an advantage. Yesterday, the star was very much the bike is


60,000 of them took over the streets of London in the free cycle.


Just a freedom that you get. Everyone enjoys it. We see things we


cannot normally see. Fantastic day with the family and the parents.


Absolutely fantastic. It is great to see the families and kids on the


bikes. I am keen to encourage my children to cycle more. It helps us


keep fit, basically. It gets more people on their bikes and if you do


that you can be more healthy. It is a fantastic opportunity to get


around the streets of London. Traffic free and safe for the


children, you can see the sights and we are thrilled to be here. Nanny


and grandad going out every day for a cycle ride.


It really was just an amazing atmosphere around London yesterday.


It is great to see the bike taking centre stage. It was emotional


walking around London just to see that, seeing how many people want to


do it and there is obviously a big political push to make it an


everyday thing. 60,000 people, we were gridlocked with bikes. I will


bring my own kids next year and get involved in it because it was just


an amazing experience. We see cycling in London on a day-to-day


basis, take your life in your own hands. What is it down in Australia?


It is becoming more acceptable. Ten years ago it was unheard-of on the


roads. Now motorists are more aware of the cyclists are it is more


enjoyable. It is becoming quite normal to know that there will be


500 cyclists out there that you will need to pass on your way into church


wherever you are going on a Sunday. Yesterday there was an amazing


feeling. Such a buzz to be around the young children and families. On


closed roads, it was an amazing atmosphere. If you go to the BBC


website and go to the get inspired link there will be lots of


information. A big education thing to do. Events like this are not


scary, you just turn up. That is the beauty of it. For me, the events we


have this morning, they are the real success of this weekend. We enjoy


the sporting event. I think the real success is involving everybody. They


have done that incredibly well. As you can see behind us the riders are


still streaming past. Hello. That one nearly went into the barrier.


Unlike the London Marathon where the elite riders go first here it is the


amateurs that go first. A bright and breezy early start at


the Olympic Park. The London Surrey riding up for the challenge, not


actually 100 miles, down to 86. They have taken out Box Hill and Leith


Hill because of the fear of storms and winds. The longest cycle I would


have done in my life, really looking forward to it. The feeling already


getting here this morning was amazing. Thousands of cyclists


clogging up the roads with perfect harmony. No clashing, it was


brilliant. 30,000 out there to do the same


thing. The vibes will be fantastic. Shall we say a little race or


rivalry? We will look out for cup of tea stops, have fun and relax and


hopefully make some friends along the way. The scenery and meeting


other people. Sharing some Sunday morning downtime with people. It's


very... I think the way the whole event has been put on, I can say


nothing but great things about it. Can you keep up with this fella? I


will be sitting behind him. It should be all right! Obviously Matt


enjoyed it last year and that inspired you to get on your bike


this year. That is the reason I came - that and alcohol... No! I've done


a couple this year. I have done one in Scotland and they are just good


fun. What I have enjoyed most is the amount of parents with kids on bikes


yesterday. We will do that next year as well. Enjoyed it. Last year I


watched while I was recovering from having my baby. The weather was


amazing last year. We could not have a more different way. We are all


water-proof. I did it because my dad asked if I would be his riding


partner. I said, yes! Before I checked the weather! I hope it will


start dry and then, well, the rain will come.


Three, two, one... MUSIC That's good, actually. It's a


bit cold, well the rain has just started! It's a good day out. There


is something about manning up and keep on riding - that's the rule for


today. One or two nerves at the start. You have nerves for a


different reason. It is not just a bike ride you are on today, is it?


We are getting married. En route? Yes, in Richmond Park. That is


bizarre. How did this come about? It with was bit of a bet. Friends of


ours on the ride last year and suggested we should get married.


They remembered. When we told them, they insisted we had to get married.


And obviously we want to. There were apparently points last


night when the organisers thought of cancelling it. Thank goodness they


didn't. An amazing day for all the riders. The cyclists are still


flooding by! Perhaps the wrong word to use. 15 of 140 finished the men's


race. They are a hardy bunch. Everybody will finish today.


20,000-odd thousand people. It makes it into a miniadventure, to be


honest. It was spectacular to go out in those conditions and the roads


being closed - it is an ace experience. The worse the


conditions, the harder you work and you will talk about it for years to


come. That is right. When the riders cross the line and they are punching


the line and there is ex-sitement they have finished, it shows they've


had a goal out there and there's satisfaction of getting through


today. You have the elite men's race. We will talk about that and


get to that action soon. There has been a hand cycle race. That got off


at 8. 30am. It started at Kingston's ancient marketplace. It wept along


the embankment, to the Houses of Parliament and under Admiralty Arch.


It was a battle between two, who fought out the gold medal.


The winner was froms atry ya. A very -- from Austria. It was the same 1-2


as it was last year. In third place it was Hans Frie of Switzerland. It


was Karen Dark who won the women's race for Great Britain: So, as you


can see, the guys are passing me in the Mall. It has been a super, super


day. There you go, dissimilar to what the elite riders are doing. We


can see who is in prospect - it starts at the Queen Elizabeth


Olympic Park and meanders through east London, taking in some of the


major sites of the City of London. Probably quite meandering. The first


sprint at Hampton Court and then out towards the Surrey hills. This is


where it starts to get bumpy. There are five king of the mountains in


total. The first you can see there is Staple Lane.


Then it gets to a different circuit, a couple of loops - I wonder if the


Lord of Ranmore Common is there! A king of the mountains competition


there thaend another sprint at Dorking and then to the famous


climb, Box Hill, during the Olympic road race. That wasn't done today by


the amateurs. There's no such issue for the professionals. And then back


into central London. 25kms. A final sprint at Wimbledon. And then


heading out across the Thames. Putney Bridge again and then towards


the Mall for the finish. We expect around 5. 30pm-6pm. They started,


what, about 1pm. We go to Simon now and Brian for the heart of the race


so far. Good afternoon, everyone. Unlike


those - the riders in the professional race, setting off in


rather more favourable conditions from Olympic Park. The wind is still


clearly kicking up as they set off in the neutralised zone. 150 were


down for the start. 147 set off. Adam Yates, Paul Martins and another


from BMC, the three riders who didn't make it to the start. There's


the Olympic Stadium. The race turns right at the Copper Box.


And Sir Bradley Wiggins, a late entry, for this classic race. Back


on the roads in which he enjoyed so much success two summers ago.


A steady start for the peloton as they wait for the flag to drop.


Heading through the City of London. Some of the riders to look out for


today: Bradley Wiggins. Ian Stannard, coming back from injury,


has missed most of the season. Ben Swift. Petacchi. Renshaw who was


favoured to win the gold in the Commonwealth Games road race last


weekend, but it didn't work out for them on the day. Activity at the


start of the race, as soon as the flag dropped, before they reach the


Tower of London and this, a normal scene - riders test the water and


try and get something established in the early kilometres. Those who


watched the Tour de France, we have so many third-division teams and


even a national team from Great Britain. No surprise that we are


seeing early attacks early on in this case. The peloton enjoying some


early sunshine, but coping with the puddles that were left from the


morning deluge, which descended on the capital and the hills of Surrey,


further south from where the riders were at that particular point.


Yes, they did get drenched, but at least it was warm, so it made it


bearable out there. One of the first landmarks for the


riders on this route out of London - Richmond Park.


This is where we first saw riders trying to break away - Richmond


Park, created by Charles 1st as a dear park in 1634, the largest of


the large Royal Parks and the biggest open space in London. This


is where we started to see riders move away from the front. A lot of


looking around, just to see the impact of the early attempted break


aways. A lot of the domestic professionals there. And this, one


of the key sites of the Olympic Games road race a couple of years


ago, where the road was absolutely packed. There's Bradley Wiggins,


packed in nicely. Fantastic to see Bradley Wiggins here. We have so


many of the British teams. So many different teams. Plenty of attacks,


as we see there second place, one of the favourites for today's race. He


will be here to help Mark Renshaw. Disappointed from the Commonwealth


Games last week. Would love to win this, the second RideLondon.


More riders trying to escape from the clutches of the peloton, as the


race headed through Richmond Park here.


This is the first real break away. As they headed across Richmond Park,


you could see riders from Team Sky, on the peloton, across the road,


keeping things nice and steady, allowing that break to go. We have


one chasser. Five riders in front. One Chaser now. They want the race


to settle down. It was very difficult the first 20-30kms. Six


riders in front. They want to control this because obviously it is


right in the heart of London this race. Team Sky never won it last


year. So, they have come here with one plan in mind and this is to win


the second ever RideLondon. The race then heading for Hampton


Court. The Olympic venue and site where of Bradley Wiggins sat atop


his throne, following that win in the time trail. Burton was out in


no-man's-land... Real mixed conditions out there. The


sun is shining, we have puddles. I am sure we'll see rain during the


course of the next few hours. here to defend his crown so we will


have a new winner. You see one of the continental teams towards the


front, Team Sky on the right-hand side, I am thinking that it is


panning out to be another sprint here. We will apologise if you are


having problems with the pictures. Climatic conditions making it


difficult here. Hopefully the rain showers will pass and the race will


develop into a classic. One minute and 25 for this little breakaway


group. One of the riders here from Rwanda, twice a winner of his own


national Tour, lost six of his brothers in the genocide years ago.


He is a key figure in the rise of cycling in Rwanda and also within


that team? Yes, the MTM Qu?bec team was to put the charity out there.


They want to see black riders in the Tour de France. They want to see a


black winner in the Tour de France in the future. It is about putting


Africa on bikes and helping them. They have two get the bikes


themselves by doing something in their community but already 45,000


bikes given out by the charity which is increasing attendance at schools


16% so a lot of pride in the MTM Qu?bec team. Getting people on bikes


which is good to see. He has been with that team for six years. It is


great to see so many African riders because let's be honest, ten years


ago, how many riders from Africa did we have. I couple from South Africa.


It is great to see some of the smaller countries. So many people


from smaller countries in Africa coming here just to get to Glasgow


and just to be part of the games. Absolutely. Some of those riders


from Rwanda were well up there in the leaderboard in the Time trial


for quite some time last week. A little look at the pelaton. A


decent field, a sprinkling of star names, we mentioned Bradley Wiggins.


We have Philippe chilled at -- Philippe Gilbert amongst the field


as well. We have mentioned Renshaw and Alejandro


some others that may do well, from a domestic point of view, white


Russell Downing may go well. It is grim and grimy and he seems to do


well in those conditions. He did in the Commonwealth Games. Trouble for


a smiling Ian Stannard, former British champion, just getting a new


bike. Take on that front wheel out. No panic. What a shame for him


riding so well at the start of the year. He crashed in another race and


broke a vertebrae in his back and it has completely ruined the rest of


his year so far. Ian Stannard, back on his bike and away. Hopefully


beginning to find a little bit of form. We saw him in Glasgow last


weekend. Ian Stannard one of six riders here from Team Sky. Lead of


calls from the bus by Sir David Brailsford.


24,000 riders around London today what does this say? It's has come an


awful long way over the last ten years. I would like to say that it


is one of the main sports in the country. It is incredible how much


growth we have seen. How much riders like Sir Bradley Wiggins and said


Chris Holly have put it on the map. -- Surrey -- Sir Chris Hoy. We have


seen the worst of the bad weather so these guys will be used to it.


Certainly for everyone who took part, there was some really heavy


rain in treacherous conditions. Massive congratulations to


everybody. A very strong team you have put out? Ian Stannard and Sir


Bradley Wiggins, big statement of intent? Hopefully. It is a British


race in the middle of London. We want to take it seriously. A lot of


talk about this being one of the best legacies. It was only two years


ago that Ian Stannard and Sir Bradley Wiggins were riding on the


same course in the Olympic Games so we would like to do well. Obviously


we saw Sir Bradley Wiggins in Glasgow. Great to see him back on


the roads. Bisley he is here today. He will ride the Tour of Britain


which will then give him the right training preparation to go to the


World Championships and try to deliver in the individual time trial


which he did so brilliantly in last year. Thank you for joining us.


COMMENTATOR: Back with the race and with Ian Stannard who is just


heading towards the back end of the pelaton or no doubt will be in the


not too distant future. Having to stop briefly for a puncture. Team


Sky with half a dozen riders. The maximum allowed here in this


RideLondon Surrey classic. Just over a minute back to the main pelaton.


Working well together as they head out South in the West Horsley region


of Surrey. Fresh downpours making some sizeable puddles at this side


of the road. It could make one or two of the descents interesting on


the couple of loops that they make around the Surrey Hills. It will be


pretty slippery. We have a bit of tree cover as well. It will not dry


out quickly. You can remember during the road race at the Olympics,


torrential rain now. Again, back to some difficult conditions. You can


see it getting darker. You also have Johnny McEvoy sitting in third place


and he will be looking after Sam Bennett who they believe is a good


shout for a win for them today. We have seen Sam Bennett perform well


on British roads in the Tour de France. He is one to look out on. --


the Tour of Britain. One of the least experienced squads out there.


They have not come with big names or a big reputation. Certainly taking


advantage of the opportunity to race here. They may be a third division


team but they have come here to do well. We have seen plenty of top


tens. It is a 1.8 C. The only event above this is a world race. Anything


can happen and let's see what happens over the last 130, does.


Another race for all of the World Tour teams here. For some of the


smaller ones as you suggest, a real focal point for the season. The race


was won by a French rider. He is not back this year to defend the title.


As we mentioned before, some good riders here among this 147 rider


Peloton. It is important to stay near the front. Anything can happen


near this race. Let's hope we do not hear any crashes but this is over


one minute. Do you think this field and this route is a good one to try


and break away on because it is quite easy to be out of sight and


out of mind? He can be like that but certainly here, fantastic race. We


have seen it in the Olympics and last year as well. Just hovering


over one minute. I think the Peloton will be happy about this. This


six-man break need to have as much time as possible. I think some more


rain is coming. We will see a great race. The riders tapping out a


decent rhythm here. Coming to the end of the driveway to watch the


riders go past here. This stop implies there has been a bit of a


fall. We do have a crash listening to the race radio. A thing you can


do. Sometimes when you have situation like this riders will run


around. The front of the race will not slow up. Unfortunately for some


of them it is OK. It is team or Schaefer, one of them on the ground.


Another one slowed up is Richard Hanley. A couple of riders at the


back now. It seems as if everybody is back on board and back on the


road but, as you say, it is extremely narrow. Particularly as it


heads in the Coldharbour area, it is almost single file territory. That


is why you had to keep out of trouble. People have been shouted at


to move up. Very difficult times for a lot of these riders. Let's hope


they are all OK. How hard will it be for someone like Sir Bradley Wiggins


coming into this after a block of training on the track which is what


he was doing leading into the Commonwealth Games? It will be very


difficult. OK he wrote the Commonwealth Games but just look at


him, he is very good at quickly changing. He dropped five kilograms


in a matter of if you weeks to win the Tour of California. He is very


good at adapting and I think we will see Sir Bradley Wiggins the leading


Ben Swift on here. Having a chance to win.


Can you explain to view as how the system works, with the apprentices?


Given an opportunity? The teams are allowed to take on three of them.


They are purely young riders that are given an opportunity to see what


they can do towards the end of the year. If they do well then there


could be a professional contract at the end of it. It is a way of


choosing to, maximum three riders to come on board, sometimes just to


help out. Obviously bringing in some good youths in. It gives them an


opportunity to try and see what they can do. If you show well then


another team can come in. It is the apprenticeship. It is great to see


teams using that to Dave to their advantage. The whether continuing to


change and things are looking a little bit more favourably on the


riders. There is the random rider. another crash, another couple of


riders are down. One of the Colombian riders is down as well. It


does look as if everybody is able to continue. Those were some of the


riders towards the back. Narrow lanes and unfortunately these


conditions are meaning it is very difficult for a lot of these riders.


The place to be is at the front of the pelaton.


No major damage done but that is to crashes we have seen in ten minutes


or so. Perhaps not surprising partly because of the


the blue stripe in the black Jerseys up to the front of the peloton, as


Brian was saying, trying to stay out of trouble. It was a key thing they


looked at ahead of the 2012 tour, wasn't it, when Bradley Wiggins was


going for the win. They studied hours and hours to work out where


the best place to be was and not get involved in any of the crashes that


beset the peloton. When you get the narrow enough lanes and people start


to touch their brakes. In these wet conditions, sometimes when you touch


your brakes it takes a fraction of a second and it kicks in. Punch points


and it has produced a couple of crashes towards the back of the


peloton. Well, the focus of attention this afternoon is the


classic race, yesterday evening, as they start the climb here, the first


of the King of the Mountain climbs - the climb of Staple Lane, which will


be contested between our six break aways. The best part of a


minute-and-a-half in the lead. We will stay with this action just for


a moment here. This, the first of several climbs


littering the route. And a first real test of the legs


here. Yes, a difficult course. We have


five climbs, four sprints on the way and again a problem for Ben Swift


from Team Sky. Again problems for probably one of the favourites of


today's race. I was going to say a quick bike change for him, but it is


not that quick. I don't think hi'll be too disappointed with this --


he'll be too disappointed with this. He'll get help from the team to get


back to the other cars t convoy and make his way up. He's a long way to


go to the finish. Again, it is very important. Also the problem is, you


get that and it brings on a lot of grit and gravel, and that is why we


are seeing so many punctures in this race. We will see that with flint


being washed out into the mid-ol the road as the peloton -- middle of the


road as peloton hits Staples Lane. The problem about Team Sky is they


have so many windows in that team, it is difficult to get your own


opportunity. Ben is taking his opportunities when they have arisen.


It will be great to see him coming down the Mall, putting his hands up


in the air and winning this race. He has the capabilities to do that. He


is up against some world-class riders in this race today. Well, the


first climb kicking in a little bit. Keeping an eye on the rider in the


yellow jersey. He was 17th in the Tour of Britain last year. He was


the first of the domestic-based rider riders to reach of the Tor


last year. They are doing a good job. You have


to remember only world tour events, as we see them over the top of the


climb. And it is Lampiter. One minute and 23 behind. A good


effort, the front two riders with the yellow and the black. Tapping


away a rhythm. Jonathan MacAvoy. Bradley Wiggins on the inside. And


so many of Team Sky - they are looking for the sprinters. They want


to control things. So many teams are here representing


the world tour. We have seven world tour teams.


It was all about the women's race yesterday evening, based on the


circuit around St James's Park and the field led by Marianne Vos. She


had a very busy weekend. She was riding in Belgium with her


team-mates in the morning. Morning flew in. This morning, she was up


early, racing or riding, I should say, in the 100 - the ride which


turned into an 86 and afterward Jill Douglas caught up with the champion.


Some happy memories from 20 #12rks I would imagine? Yes. It all feels


familiar. The rain made it a full experience, so, it was great to be


back. How many times do you do a kind of sporty ride like this with a


lot of amateur riders? This is the first big one and it was great. I


started at 6. 40, so inbetween a lot of people. Yes, I have been riding


around, surrounded by people all the time. It was great. Just people


catching up, having a quick chat, but we did quite fast. I was with my


team-mate. With the rain, it is better be a bit faster. Was there


any enthusiastic amateur men trying to beat you? Well, men and women,


and yes, we had quite a nice group. I think we worked pretty well


together. And your impression of coming here to the Prudential


RideLondon Festival of Cycling, it is impressive, isn't it? The


atmosphere is great. I knew that from other events in England, but,


yeah, to be back here, on the Mall and, to be back in London after


London 2012 Olympics and nowed for the London pru -- and now for the


London Prudential. Yesterday it was amazes to get the stage here --


amazing to get the stage here in London for women's cycling, just to


show again the beauty and to show the world again. I was happy to be


here and also today, to ride through London. Hopefully see you next year.


Yes, if it is possible, I'll be back.


It was great to see Marianne Vos, the world champion racing so well on


the streets of London. It would have brought back happy memories for her.


Sgld a good sprint last night, wasn't it? OK, it is only 45


minutes, but Marianne Vos came here as world champion. She was up


against some very good riders who last weekend, she actually won and


Bronzini was second. Lizzie Armistead back after the


Commonwealth Games title. It was a great race.


Her team-mates helped a lot. Constantly attacked through the


race? That is the important thing, that is how a team can help. And the


way they were on the attack from the start and really kind of blunted


Marianne Vos's sprint in the end which was just enough for Bronzini


to come past her. She won by probably half a wheel in the end, by


most and the aerial shot was fantastic as they go back towards


the A 25. A very tricky one this. It was perfectly timed by Bronzini, who


had time to make up on Vos. Just pipped on the line by Bronzini.


Just looking at the back here, the GB rider and the GB kits, the red,


white and blue, Daniel McClay. A very good rider, looking obviously


to get into the pro-peloton. He is a ride their will want to do well in


this race. The race heading downhill.


Then it will go straight into Dorking, the first of several visits


into Dorking, which is the focal point of two separate loops they


will make out in the Surrey countryside. Gone up a little bit


now after the decent of that -- decent of that climb.


The riders quite offed wisely taking that very cautiously. There are a


couple of potentially nasty turns if you were not aware of what was


coming up in front of you. One of the left-handers doubling back on


itself. It seems everyone has made it safely to the bottom. You have


this gap going up and down again and the radio in the rider's ears. They


use the old fashioned method of the black board and that torrential rain


it is difficult to get time checks up to the riders in front. That is


why we are seeing the gap to over a minute, pushing up to two minutes.


It looks like the peloton are happy for this group of six to hang out


for two minutes and bring them back for a sprint in the end. Looking at


the field, not everybody has a top-class sprinter, so there'll be


plenty of attacks later on. Once more, as you were saying the blue


Jersey is there up towards the front. Yes, they are really looking


after Bennett, one of the riders coming up, to give the man from St


Helens, sitting in second place, a bottle there. It is still warm out


there. The riders have to drink. Johnnie Mcavoy was in the break away


last year in this race. Good to see him in the German team. He got in


the break, as you say, in this event. I remember reading about him


talking enthusiastically about how it was one of the races that really


inspired him as a youngster and to be out there on the cobbles was


almost a dream come, if that is possible in a rass like that. He is


used to -- in a race like that. He is used to riding out the front.


You mention Sam Bennett ux what about Zac Demster? He is a good


shout. He was up there in the top ten. As you say, he didn't have an


outright rider. I think Zac Demster will pay a part - you have to go


with your fastest sprinter. It is the same situation with. And they


have a lead over the peloton. We will be back to Brian and Simon


soon. We are taking breaks at appropriate points, to give you a


flavour. The amateur event, the riders streaming past me on the


Mall. There are a range of reasons why people ride it - celebrities and


people with personal reasons. Let's hear from some of them.


Congratulations on finishing. I guess riding in memory of your son -


a very tough day for you personally? Yes. It was tough, but it was also


an incredible experience. We've, we lost Edward in April this year. He


was only three months old. And he was a victim of Sudden Infant Death


Syndrome, which is a diagnosis of exclusion. The Coroner's report


showed he was perfectly healthy. Medically he was perfectly healthy.


So, we founded a charity called Teddy's Wish, to raise money to help


try and do some research and understand why and get an


explanation as to why this tragedy could have happened. And we know it


will not bring Edward back. But hopefully it may prevent a few other


parents going through this horrible tragedy. And so, we launched the


fund-raising only three weeks ago. We have a just giving page and the


response has been overwhelming and incredibly humbling. We have raised


nearly ?45,000 in two-and-a-half weeks and we work with our named


charities, Lullaby Trust, which used to be the Foundation for SIDs and


stillbirth in neonatal. We got it to cover those three deaths. They are


often sudden and without explanation and the grief is very similar. We


wanted to help all parents that are bound by the same tragedy. So, it


was a tough ride. But, you know, I knew that Edward


was watching over me all the way around. And I put a message on


Facebook before that it wasn't just this 100 miles that was for him, it


was everything that myself and my wife did. My wife has been amazing.


Everything we do is for him. We will live our lives for him and


hopefully this is a good step in fulfilling our promise to him to


make him proud. Thank you for speaking to us and our thoughts and


prayers with you and your wife. Thank you very much.


gets. Almost as wet as an otter. Keen cyclist, aren't you? I like to


cycle. I started commuting a while ago. I started doing some road


cycling. I got asked to do a road trip around Surrey and I have


decided to do against this year. No more gels for you, surely? My mates


did and he lost weight. I have these, I make them myself. They look


a little bit weird and Brown. They are made of dried fruits and owed


and seeds and powder. They have protein and sugar and fibre. It goes


really nicely with what is going to happen next. Which is? Beer. That


makes me think of Gregg Wallace, will he ever do this? He is more of


a body-builder, can't you tell by his physique. Unit Lizzie


Armitstead. I know you were impressed with her? What a race. My


son is English, of course and I am an Aussie and of course I'm going


for the Aussies but I must take my hat off to her. The most amazing


race. This weekend, it is stunning? What a day today has been. The way


it has been organised, I think there may be some comments about what the


organisers did with the course, dropping a few miles off but I think


it was the best thing they can do. Everyone has come back and has a


smile on their face and it is safe. Go and get hydrated. I am going to


go and get dehydrated. LAUGHTER That is the only way an Aussie can


live. Thank you for joining us. This Boris Pike has completed the ride


with them not, why on this bike? I live abroad so rather than Trickett


over I thought I should rely on London to supply me with a good one.


It is not the weapon you would choose for such a long ride? Not


normally but I heard Box Hill was cancelled so that is when you want a


decent sturdy bike. Get a lot of stick? Not at all. All the guys were


very supportive. Lots of condiments and encouragement. Colourful top


riding for a serious cause. West Cancer UK. And yes it was something


in my family so yes, very close to the heart. Congratulations, the


first Boris bike home? I assume there will be a couple of other guys


who did it, maybe. I hope you paid your rental. Yes. I will see if I


get fined heavily. Thank you for joining us. Snow and ice replaced by


two wheels. How was that? A fantastic experience, very


challenging, not just riding a bike, there were parts where we were


swimming through the water but I think it was really well that we


stuck together doing it as a team. We both liked different points we


could motivate each other through. A bit of drafting going on, and you


said it was very tough but they took out all of the hills? I have to


admit that I wanted to do Box Hill because everyone was going on about


how hard it was and we have a lot of hills in Bath. I am quite happy


knowing that it was only 80 miles. I cannot even move my neck I am


hurting so badly. It was so much fun and I can believe how much I


actually loved it. To do it with a friend, we did not chat at all. We


focus on the competition, not gossiping at all. I do not believe


you. Freshly retired. How is it going? Very exciting. I retired and


got married. This is my next focus. I gave myself 12 weeks for this


physical challenge and I will keep doing that over the next year,


different ones and some very difficult ones. Maybe you might see


an adventure television show. Very exciting. Talking about getting


married you are engaged? Thank you. A lot has happened. I met a lovely


man who is here somewhere supporting. He has been out


backpacking man. Very exciting time. I will get married next year. I am


trying to find him I need a massage. A lot of people looking forward to


you rowing naked across the Atlantic? That is not tough enough.


No, it massively is. We need to do more speed ones. She has been


topping me throughout life. She do not even let me win today. Thank you


for joining us. Too happy riders. Having made it to the finish, the


sun is shining on the Peloton. We are looking at the main group with


Johnny McEvoy riding at the front. Just over a minute and a half behind


the breakaway group as you can see. The breakaway group comprising of


Stephen Lamb PA, they have just gone through Wescott


and they are heading into Dorking which means, surely, just before


they get into the centre, they will make a right turn and will head down


chords Coldharbour and Leith Hill. They are heading towards the first


circuit. There is a loop that they will do twice. More of that in a


moment. Here we are now in the centre of Dorking and it is pretty


much as you were when you were last with us in terms of the situation.


Perhaps we will not see a great change for a little while, here? Not


much change over the next foreseeable future. We have had one


Sprint already at Hampton Court. Again, Simon, I think it will


stalemate. Not everyone has got a world-class sprinter.


One of the apprentices is in there, being given an opportunity on the


latter part of the season. Just hanging onto the back-up that group.


Just off the back of the Peloton, Ian Wilkinson looking for some


assistance from the team car. He was involved in the action very early


on. That was brought back. On the first hour of racing the riders did


44 kilometres so it was not an easy start. It was difficult to breakaway


who will get more than one opportunity to see the cyclists. The


Peloton make their way through the market town. Again, one of the


riders riding up the front, probably the same to who have been there


throughout the early stages of this race.


We had a little look towards the back of that helicon, Nathan


Edmondson rider that had been involved in one crash in this


classic race. It is the back of the Peloton Waratahs all action, people


coming back after a crash. It is all action at the back. Sometimes with


the nature of cycling when you are riding through a city and you are


going through a lot of corners it can actually be harder to ride at


the back than the front? Of course. It is a lot easier than a big long


boulevard where there are big wide roads and it can be easy to ride at


the back, it is sometimes safe as well because you have got room to


move. In the sort of races it is so important. The concertina effect.


Obviously a lot of the riders will want to state was the front as much


as possible. Not everyone can be there. Now, busy part of the year


for you in a general manager 's role? Is your phone bill going


through the roof? Very much so. Difficult period. I was involved


with building a team before. Starting from scratch. Now I have


got 14 African riders and we are going to go up to 22 riders so I


need to get eight more on board. I am looking for a couple of marquee


signings. A lot of the teams are as well. A lot of switching around.


This is a transfer period. Not just the big marquee riders but the


riders that will come from the African riders we have already got,


it is helping them. The aim is to get into the Tour de France. Not


just with the European riders but also for the African riders. Qu?bec


is about putting their charity in the best possible place. What better


way to do so than riding this. I will look forward to a holiday soon


but I look after a couple of riders myself.


It is not easy to keep in touch with these riders but I look after a


couple of them as well. I have my own fund, a charity fund and it all


comes at the same time. It is great to see when you see a few years ago


and you look at cycling, it is brilliant to be involved, the


problem I have got is I find it hard to say no. One minute and 30 on


Leith Hill, the second King of the Mountains climb. They are coming at


it from a completely different angle to last year. Really it is a climb


up through Coldharbour than Leith Hill itself but it takes them up to


Leith Hill, the highest point in the south of England. On a clear day,


apparently you can see 13 counties from the summit. You can see all the


way up to London and all the way down to the channel in the other


direction. This is a great opportunity for a lot of people


watching because there are a lot of weekend warriors in this neck of the


woods. They are probably already written the 86 miles this morning,


they can sit back on the sofa with a beer and watch them going up the


same roads that they have written around at the weekend previously.


That is the great thing about cycling, it comes to you. It is the


equivalent of being able to play football at Wembley Stadium or


something like that when you can ride out. Last night after the


women's Grand Prix, we have the family ride, the free cycle, 50,000


people, roughly, lots of children involved in that, families having a


great time riding around ten miles of closed roads in the centre of


London including along the Mall and through the same finishing my line


that the pros will use. Everybody getting the chance to perform on the


same stage. It really does seem to touch all the bases in terms of


rider involvement in every sort of distance. Here is the leading group.


A minute and a half. Staying constant. Heading up towards


Coldharbour, they are on the climb of Leith Hill, the second King of


the Mountains climb here. It is really tough for mere mortals and it


is not a major bother to a number of these protection or drivers. --


these professional riders. finishing line along the Mall. Not


many can say they have riden down the Mall and with the likes of


Marianne Vos and many other riders and Sir Bradley Wiggins will ride


here later on, hopefully leading Team Sky on to the Mall. Back at the


front of the race, we saw the rear end of the peloton. I don't know if


there was a problem, but here are the leading riders. The youngster is


still on at the back. He was a bronze medallist three years ago. A


very promising young rider, trying to make a mark and trying to make a


big nif mark to earn a professional contract next year and going the


right way about it. 20 years old. Again a national under 23 time trial


rider. It is not easy for everybody. Some are starting to struggle


slightly towards the back. One of the riders from MTN there - the


Ethiopian, going off the back of the peloton.


Not a lot of room for the riders here. Some of the country lanes are


narrow. Narrower than where they are at the moment.


Lampier bringing up the rear. They first formed halfway across Richmond


Park as the race headed out of London. It was after 30kms or so and


again covering 34kms in the first hour of riding. These six will want


to help each other, as we can see. Still a long way to go. Still the


riders from Kuota. They are will try and take it easy.


The speed they have gone up, when I say easy, it is probably faster than


most club riders would ride up here. Again, it is a controlled effort


from the boys of Team Sky, Kuota. The two riders we were looking at


there, 101 and Ian Wilkinson. It is great to see the iconic jersey back.


The rally team and his daughter was actually riding in the Grand Prix


last night, the women's Grand Prix. She did a great job as well. She


rode the Sportiff this morning as well. One rider, rider 173, a


29-year-old from Austria. Won the Tour of Taiwan. He has reasonable


climbing legs. He won the King of the Mountain in Ireland this year.


We will keep an eye on him as the climbs continue to come thick and


fast here, in the heart of the Surrey countryside. This is worth


seeing - with a lot of water washing grit on to the road, quite a few


punctures. Again it is very dark underneath the tree cover and it is


very difficult to see what's on the road. A lot of riders hitting


stones. One from team 3 TN is requiring another wheel. With it


raining much of the day, conditions changing markedly. We will blame


Bertha for that one. She looks like she has turned a turn across


northern France. It could have been worse. Maybe try telling them to


some in the Sporti if, f who got a drenching this morning.


-- Portiff, who got a drenching this morning. It is great to see when you


throw adversity into cycling, people love it. ??FORCEWHITE And if you


take Box Hill out, of course, as well. And the sun is shining here.


With less than 110kms still to go and the rider on the front now is


Marcus Eiberger. There will be a lot of flint and


sharp stone mixed in there. There'll be more punctures, I think. I think


the service vehicles will be busy this afternoon. They don't use


wet-weather tyres. They start with the same tires and start with them


-- tyres and start with them pumped up. The difficulty is they cannot


stop when the rain comes down and take some air out. They start with


the same everything and unfortunately the rain which has


come down is putting a few rivers across the road and bringing on a


lot of debris and that is why we're seeing so many punctures. Again, it


comes down to luck. ??FORCEWHITE Quite a story Rwandan cycling. It is


great to see these African countries coming through. We have Eritrea. It


is great to see some of these small countries. Do you think there'll be


further strides forward for African riders and cycling in general? I can


only think so. You have to remember that froom froom froom, DUP Chris


Froome is there that part of the world.


We are seeing the rider from Team La Pomme Marseille. Joe Douglas has the


trip from the start line to the finish here on the Sky Bus. Sat in


Bradley Wiggins's chair. Not many people get to say that and she got


information talking about tyre pressures, that they are at 7.2 bar


today. Sounds like she had some very interesting conversations on her


coach journey across London over to the finish here. Sky, with all their


riders up towards the front, including Bradley Wiggins. It is


great to see him back on the roads of the south-east. It will bring


back a few memories from a couple of summers ago when he just went from


one magical ride to another. And of course rang the bell at the


Opening Ceremony for the Olympic Games too. Well, we also have the


hint of a dry road for our break away group! Who would have thought


that, given the deluges they have been subjected to at various points


of this race? 184 is the rider from La Pomme Marseille. Six riders,


still a long way to go. The other five behind them, will


swing over and come to the back and recover. It is the only way they can


do this, to try and stay away as much as possible. A lot of people


will think, the gap is over 2189. If it comes to -- 218. If it comes to a


sprint, why they out there. Never know what will happen. If it comes


to a sprint, we'll see others at the front, in all likelihood. The thing


is putting a rider on a break away means you don't have to do any word


behind. And with MTN Qhubeka, they have a 24--year-old sprinter. He can


do well here today. It makes an easier ride for them. They can sit


there and let everybody else sosht out -- sort out of the problem. It


is a steady climb more than anything else. Not a particularly steep


gradient for the most part. The road is steadily rising through the trees


all of the time. Just listening to the race radio, a lot of reaction.


They go over the top of the King of the Mountain's point here. It is 963


feet above sea level. Here they come down - and over the top of this King


of the Mountains, with peloton. Two minutes and


Laura Trott, ambassador the event, you rode the pry yesterday. Your


most important event was passing your dad around the 1. Definitely.


Got a hard time. We started. I thought if he manages to carry on,


we'll get a good time. He was like, Laura, wait for me. You are not good


for drafting because there's nothing of you. He was not having any of it.


Let's talk about the Grand Prix yesterday, because your team did an


amazing job. Yes, definitely. We had our team meeting and we got told we


needed to take the legs out of Marrianna and keep attacking. Coming


to the finish, tried to do the best lead I could for Georgia. I was not


feeling all that great. I got on with it and saw Georgia with her


hands in the air when she came over the line. It is probably one of my


favourite road races. All we had to do was follow the Australians and


let Lizzie do her thing. It paid off at the end with silver as well.


Before that, a last-grasp points victory from Elana Barker. I didn't


really plan for it to go like that. Everyone was like, you leave it to


the last minutes. If I knew she would win the last sprint, I would


have gone for the sprint, on the second to last one, sorry. I tried.


I had not been well during the week, so I didn't know how I would feel.


When I got on the track, I wanted it so bad. I put everything init to.


You must be proud of this year. You took a tit wl the game pursuit --


you took a title with the game pursuit guys. It is two years until


Rio now and we're in a really good place. I am happy with it. I will


mention a name, you know wholy say, don't you - from the -- know who I


will say. Sarah hammer, Hammer. I will try and beat here like I did in


London. She's tough competition. You have been involved in this event


since its inception. You must be proud and also you have to pinch


yourself to see where cycling has come in such a short period of time.


It is incredible. The steps forward. For me, when I was younger, we


didn't have events like this. For this to happen and to have so many


things to take part, like yesterday at the Prudential Free Cycle. 60,000


people came out for that. For me, it was amazing to see. There were so


many young girls and young kids around. I feel like that's the next


generation. We could see youngsters on the GB programme from there. One


thing you are passionate about is women's cycling. You are giving


women the confidence to go on a bike now. Getting as many women on their


bike and enjoying it like I do. At events like this, you see so many


people. This is how I started, with my mum riding her bike. It is great


to see how far women's cycling is getting. We had the race at the Tour


de France. I never imagined that would happen. For that to be such a


giant leap forward, it is going in the right direction now. Holidays


for you now? Ten days off in the sunshine!


could be creased. Thank you for joining us. Great to hear Laura


Trott, a great ambassador for British cycling on and off the track


and of course, involved in the women's Grand Prix last night and


taking part this morning. She is so versatile, the British road race


champion and as you say, a great ambassador and just 22 so she has a


long career ahead of her. As somebody who runs a team when you


have got a ride like Laura Trott, she must be a dream to work with in


so many respects? In terms of promoting the sport as well as her


exploits? Absolutely. Laura Trott is a dream to work with but because she


has so much passion as well, a huge passion for the sport, we are in


line with wanting to get women into the sport. Meanwhile out cause we


have got 100 kilometres still to go and our lead group of six are still


out together. Here is the Peloton. They will be heading north, back


towards the pain road -- the main road which takes them back into


Dorking. They have to get off the climb of Leith Hill. The descent


which the breakaway group are taking very cautiously and steadily. Back


with the leaders now. And taking a turn at the front is Steve


one of the domestic -based riders. They don't have too many long road


races, do they? It tends to be something that can close a lot of


circuit racing which is a different kind of race which presumably makes


it a bit tougher when you are in this sort of company in an event


like this? Of course it does. Most of the domestic scene has a lot of


one-hour criterion is. Again that is where they give and get their


publicity, concentrating their efforts and they do not get many of


these kind of distance events. They have the Tour of Britain later in


the year, obviously, that they had their national series road races and


not too many of them. It is difficult for a lot of the domestic


teams to come up to this level and write this distance and race with


some of the top riders in the world. That is why we see a lot of them


going over to Belgium and France. OK, for the sponsors who are


British, they have two go away outside of the UK to get some of the


racing in. It is nice to see them here. It is a big race for these


guys. Not many people get an opportunity to race around the


Olympic course here in London. A lot of these teams are motivated. 25


teams in this race and it is great to see them from all over the world.


In an ideal world would there be a women's race on a similar course? Is


that where they would hope to be, moving forward in an event like


this? Or do you feel that the criteria race that we had last night


is a very good shop window for women cycling? Great for the spectators to


be on a short circuit like the women raced on last night, it was very


exciting and attacking, the women are demanding longer circuits, they


are enjoying it with longer races than the criterium circuits but it


was very exciting last night in the women's race. I'm sure in the future


of the women would like to have a course that goes out of it. For


those that did not watch last night 's race, Marianne Vos was beaten on


the line. Tell us about the commitment of Giorgia Bronzini to


come to this race and win? She has. To be here last night was


challenging for her. She had a very successful Tour de France. She was


asked to support ride in London. She had to try and beat Marianne Vos


which is not easy, she needed the full support of her team. Another


few riders as well. They all came over to support her and help beat


Marianne Vos. We saw it pre-close in the end. Lizzie Armitstead was there


as well. What do you think about this race from what you have seen?


The breakaway advantage has gone up to two minutes and 40 seconds, still


the best part of 100 kilometres to go. Do you think the probability or


the smart money would be on a gallop to the line at the end? I think so.


These riders are out there because it is such a important and


prestigious ride to have a go. There is a possibility they could stay


awake. They are getting TV time and taking their chance. Anything could


happen out there. It takes the pressure off them. The lead riders


eking out another minute or so. Going through Wescott, past the


crowd and back in towards stalking. This time they will not make a right


hand turn and do that loop through the countryside, they will go left.


They will head up the a 24 and makes for Denby 's and the vineyard and


there is a separate route to the north of Dorking. They are heading


in towards the high Street at the centre of Dorking this time. You


just see this gap. Going up ever so slightly. They did go away after


about 30 kilometres, a very fast art. Again, difficult to judge. They


are getting the time checks with the old blackboard method where the


blackboard will give the information to the riders in front of the


Peloton. Just had a shot couple of minutes ago with a very imposing


presence. It just reminded me what a strong line-up, given that you can


only have half a dozen riders in this race.


Quota doing more than backward on the front. MTM, with the rider from


Rwanda, he is on the front of this breakaway league group. If you have


just joined the coverage, the six riders had been away since roughly


the 38 kilometre mark as they were heading through Richmond Park. The


lead has varied before most of the time they had been away it has been


a minute and a half. It has just gone up as they head into Dorking.


Thankfully the rain is holding off. The weather forecast suggesting that


it will improve as the afternoon wears on. Let's hope so. It is sunny


at the finishing line. Many riders coming in in dribs and drabs with


the sun shining on them. Still smiles on their faces. Again, a


great day out for these 24,000 people. And exciting prospect there


in the Orica-GreenEdge outfit. Trying to join the three-man


breakaway in the Commonwealth Games and ended up banging his head


against a brick wall because he clearly was not going to bridge the


gap but then maybe was not aware that a couple of his team-mates were


not too far behind? Maybe his energy might have been better used by


waiting for them to catch up and joining in there? It racks up as an


experience issue? It was quite easy because we were seeing the pictures


and obviously it just went wrong for them in the road race with


Australia. Found himself in the middle of nowhere and as you rightly


say, the team-mates were behind. What does he do. It is difficult


when you do not have the communication. This is his first


race for Orica-GreenEdge. Again, we do have Simon Yates in this race for


Great Britain riding for Orica-GreenEdge. This is talent you,


a great spec for the future. Good luck to him. It is something they


belt you have got in Australia and he is the latest one? I have had the


of training with him over the Australian summer before coming over


to Europe and he talks about -- he is talked about as being the next


Mark Cavendish. He is a huge talent, surprising everyone in


Australia a few weeks ago by opening eyes. He has a level head. He will


have a bright future. A very strong team they had as we would expect in


the Commonwealth Games. Anything that could go wrong did in the way.


The race did not pan out. Breakfast rating for the men and women.


Absolutely, they were the favourites going in and they have the strength


in numbers but everything that could have been wrong went wrong. The


moment that he was stuck between the break and the riders behind, no


radio communications for them and he may be a little less experienced


than the rest of the riders and maybe a bit confused. He had Mark


Renshaw back having troubles mechanically behind him and he was


just a little unsure whether to give 100%. A moments hesitation and the


race was over. It was not a great day for Australia. Up towards the


front of the Peloton as they head towards Dorking. Here we are on the


a 24. The vineyard just on the left-hand side. A good crowd, as


ever, in the centre of Dorking. The good spot to watch the race given


the fact you will see them in number of times coming past. It is very


important to have a circuit like this out in Surrey. It gives them


plenty of opportunity to relax and see some of the best bike riders in


the world. Orica-GreenEdge towards the front with the white jersey I


would say but it looks a little bit grey because of the rain we have


had. Yes, fantastic to see so many people inspired by the legacy of the


London Olympics. We saw some evidence judging by the state of his


shorts that Jade Kelly won the junior race earlier, has perhaps


been on his pants at some point. Only one step away from the World


Tour. They are given a chance to ride. You can have a national team


from Great Britain so it is probably for third division, Continental


teams. The UCI can give dispensation awake to invite some of the


Continental third division teams from other countries which is why we


have got 25 teams all willing to race. Six riders in each team. You


cannot sacrifice too many because the Tour de France has nine and here


it is six. They cannot let it go too far down the road. Massive step up


when you suddenly find yourself in with seniors. It is a massive step


up and I have been there myself but it gave myself so much enthusiasm to


show what I can do. You can either look at these heroes and see Bradley


Wiggins and go, I do not want to upset him I will just sit in the


bunch aren't not do anything, or you can think that you will show him you


are just as good. A lot of these riders are showing respect and they


will want to go out and race. Showing to the world what they can


do. Some of your riders, really mixing it, having gone up to a


senior level at 19 and thinking about Amy Roberts, in particular?


Sensational ride by Amy Roberts, she took on the race last night. Hundred


metres before the line. She was in there with the likes of Marianne Vos


which can be intimidating, especially when she went out near


the start. A lot of young riders that were just taking the race by


the scruff of the neck. Just having a go, having a chance against the


likes of Marianne Vos. The two riders on the front of the Peloton.


The least well-known team in the Peloton. Just moving across to allow


a team-mate through, Orica-GreenEdge starting to show their faces a


little bit more the longer the race wears on. You can see Bradley


Wiggins in the centre of your picture.


Orica-GreenEdge, a maker farm, Team Sky, all gathering their forces


towards the front. You also have BNC in the red and the Black. Again,


Philippe Jit Gilbert is in there as well. -- Philippe Gilbert. Omega


Pharma-QuickStep also tours the fun. You can see what damage has been


done on the roads. A lot of grit and gravel. The rain that has been on


the course today, very difficult conditions for all of these riders.


they had going through their heads during the ride, how challenging it


is to get through the ride. As a professional, it is amazing how


different your mentality can be and if you are focussed on the race you


don't notice the weather. If you come in unfit, and then you think


about the race, until you get to the final few kilometres when you switch


on. Some will not notice the changes in the weather.


Am I right thinking you are sitting here thinking maybe I should have


done that this morning? Despite the atrocious conditions? I have mixed


feelings. I would have loved to have been out there. I am not one of the


strongest mentally in cycling. They say sprinters are a little bit soft.


I think there would have been many moments when I would have wanted to


turn back and have a nice, warm shower. Look at that debris there


being washed across the road. It is a matter of luck whether you


puncture on roads like these? For a member of Team Giant Shimano he has


a puncture. Many have the same tyre pressure, similar tyres. If you hit


a stone, you get a puncture quickly. They heading up to Ranmore Common.


It has a couple of tricky turns and they will do this twice - two laps


of this circuit before they go through Dorking and then up to Box


Hill. Looking behind, the referee's car. We come over another gravel


section and on this climb t rest of the break away riders have not tried


I was told it was fine out there, although it was very, very wet, it


was not cold. He said biggest issue was when you come down it is dark


because of the trees and there was water lying on the ground and you


could not tell how deep and what was it in. One had a small branch and


somebody nearly came a cropper. He said they were concerned once or


twice because they were not sure whether there were any branches or


stones underneath the water. My father always told me, never ride


through a puddle at speed because you never what is underneath it. As


you say, Simon, if there is a brick or anything under that sitting


water, then you are off the bike straight away. No-one likes to


crash. Very difficult conditions. You are right about the weather - it


is not too cold M would have thought, what do I wear? A lot of


clothing holds water. If it holds water, then it cools you down


somewhat quicker. A lot of the clothing these guys are wearing, as


soon as the sun comes out, it will dry away the water. You see all the


riders have short sleeves. Not many arm warmers. We are seeing a man on


the front here who does not believe in arm-warmers. He's a tough guy.


The messer the weather, the tougher the day, the more he comes to the


fore. Especially the classics. That is the Essex man for Team Sky. A


former British champion, just coming back after injury. He climbed back


after a few laps for Team England. It was too difficult a start. He's


doing what he does best - stamp on the pedals. He loves to race, as you


say. He loves to ride in the early-season events. He's a strong,


strong man. He will be needed today for Team Sky. Only six riders.


Standards expected to do a lot of riding today to bring it down to a


sprint and look after the interests of Ben Swift. The climb kicking up


here, with that left-hander. A short, steep section of the climb.


The north Dorking circuit here. And the lead is stable, at one


minute and 50, for our six riders who have been away for some time


now, since 30kms into the ride, heading out of London. And as you


can see, conditions are changing all the time. The sun cannot make its


mind up today. Next it will be Ranmore Common and


then what I think has the potential to be a tricky descent. The vineyard


is on the other side of the hedge there. 627 acres. 265 of them


planted with vines and the wine estate there, the largest in the UK.


Here we are at Ranmore common Lampier at the front there.


One of the Columbian riders going to the back. And Ian Wilkinson there. A


front-wheel puncture. Ian Wilkinson has stopped to give him his wheel. A


big effort for Orica Green EDGE. You can see the difficulty, a lot of


riders are putting the pressure on. leading the Elite Road Race Series


in the UK at the moment. It is all pretty much in one line. 147 rider


start, it looks like we have about 100 riders left. It is still Orica


Green EDGE. Fans at the front, coming up to the zone and they will


get their rose setts and bottles. You have to keep eating and drinking


through this event. Another, about sixth in line there


in that peloton. We are back with the group now. For those who don't


follow bike racing, how much do the riders need to take on board really?


What do they need to take on board in a race like this? I think the


general public would always be amazed at how much they do get


through. Especially on a day like today, you will see athletes taking


some food and drink now that they need to consciously think about how


much they drink. When it is wet, you tend to forget about the hydration.


In a race like this, it is possible for the riders to get through from


10-15 bottles of water or sport drink. That is quite a lot. With


energy gels and bars they can go up to ten. It is a lot of food and


drink. They are constantly, constantly re-fuelling themselves.


Every 20 minutes they will go into their pockets or take a drink. So


little and often and often before you feel like it? The last thing you


want to do is hit the wall, or take a knock. You have to keep nourished.


Again, it is reminding yourself every 10-15 minutes to eat a little.


You don't want to take too many gels. A lot of jam sandwiches


earlier in the race and taking some drinks constantly. They were using


gels probably in the last hour. Again, it is very important and you


don't want to wait until the last hour and start to feel obviously the


pressure and obviously you want to keep as much of that nourishment as


possible throughout the day. I can see one of the riders from Madison


Genesis. That is coming down rapidly now. It


was over two minutes not so long ago. And it may not be long before


Neil and his colleagues are reeled back in. They had two-and-a-half


minutes at the bottom of their climb. They decided just to ease


back. Again, the pressure being applied to see Bradley Wiggins


coming up, just switching over to the side of the road to get his


feed. Always important to get the feed at the front of the race


because anything can happen. You take it back. It can crash into your


wheel. Again Bradley Wiggins is using his experience and taking it


at the front. To those not familiar with it, it looks chaotic there, as


everybody takes their food on board. Organised chaos. You can see the


white hell meted there. A few riders have been distance in this race. --


distancing in this race. They want to keep the pressure on and keep


Team Sky and Orica Green Edge out of trouble and the grit and the gravel


that was involved here. These riders have been out there for a while. It


will be interesting if they are thinking, we would like to be caught


now because we've had a hard long, hard day. They know they are likely


to get caught. While their directors and team managers would like them to


stay out there as long as possible, to take pressure off their lead


riders and to gain that TV coverage that's on offer today. Their team


managers will want them to stay out there. Obviously they will be tired


from a long day out there on the front.


We are not sure how long they will be out in front.


85kms to go. The last time I spoke to you two, you were single. What


have you been doing? We have been on Prudential RideLondon. At Pembroke


of lodge, we got -- Pembroke Lodge, we got hitched. It is row mattic.


Exceptionally. Is it everything you imagined it would be? Yes, all the


excitement and all fun and all the family as well. Really, really good.


It's been a ball. What did the rest of the cyclists think, when you


stopped to get hitched? Think I they probably thought we were running


away because of the rain. I don't know if anyone knew. I don't think


anyone noticed. We got off. People then started to throw confetti on us


and people must have thought, What's going on there? Nothing like taking


the limelight. Then we saw a couple of friends en route who were working


for charities, so they were calling out. That was embarrassing. Mr and


Mrs - are you off on honeymoon now? We have a day off forest before back


to work. A little trip at the end of the month. Let's see your top hat


then! You did have a special hat for the occasion. Do I have to put it


on? Give her a kiss. Of course, pleasure! Congratulations! Thank you


so much. Tell us where you came from and why you were riding today? I am


riding today for the haemophilia society because my 13-month-old son


was born with it last August. Not being a huge cyclist, but I have


decided to take up this challenge and raise money for the Haemophilia


Society for my son. The fact is, prior to last August, the furtherest


I have psyched -- cycled is one or two miles. 100 miles in 12 months.


What is your son's name? Arthur. I am sure he's very proud of his dad.


How did you enjoy it? It was amazing. A lovely, lovely thing. It


poured with rain. Everyone with out there. Every town and village you


passed, a complete outpouring of support. People were out there with


their umbrellas, cheering us through. When the rain got down to


about 50 metres of visibility and we had huge floods around Ripley, it


was tough going. With all the people supporting us, it took us through.


Well done you. Thank you very much. relief when you get across the


finish line and you think it is over. I psyched myself


finish line and you think it is over. I psyched up I was not certain


I was going to be able to finish it and I was so relieved when I got


over the line. The rain was so heavy. Last time I was that wet was


when I was in the womb. You could not see anything. The camaraderie


out there is amazing. Unbelievable. In that downpour, we have just done


100 miles, there are people out there with colleagues, cheering you


on. With their umbrellas as well. I would not be out there, I would be


having my Sunday lunch. A real sense of achievement? I have never been


good at any sport. I have hobbies but sport I always feel that. For me


that is a real big self achievement. Before this day I have never cycled


more than 35 miles, only had my bike for eight weeks. When I started this


morning I was questioning myself. I did it in 531, I was wondering what


I had for breakfast. -- five. 31. You have got the bug? I started to


soon as I got the bike. After today, it has well and truly bitten.


It is great. Getting around London about four miles an hour has never


happened to me. With all the roads sealed off, London is such a


beautiful city, without a doubt the best in the world. You appreciated


Glory. It was wonderful. Like how it has turned out as well. Take the


rest of the day. I would like to actually. I will have a nice warm


bath. Now, we have five of you here. Some of you still on the road? One


was in before and two of them behind. Eight of us have done


RideLondon for whizz kids, for the children's charity. It has been


amazing. Raising quite a lot of money? Nearly ?100,000, we are


exciting. How was it for you today? The rain, the wind, unbelievable.


Spring, summer, Autumn, Winter. Pestilence, everything. Three great


things, the supporters, the marshals, they were brilliant, when


the floods were there they were out with their little great team effort.


Look at my amazing team. They made it all possible. We have skipper who


is the skip. Fill the Marine who has trained us.


is the skip. Fill the Marine who has it happen. Are you for a


is the skip. Fill the Marine who has bath? We are indeed. A cup of hot


tea. Thank you for joining us.


COMMENTATOR: Welcome back. The leading group did have six but we


are now down to five. The MTM Qu?bec rider has just dropped on the back


of it. Look at the other from Ian Stannard, the former English


national champion. There was the rider who was in the breakaway


league group until a few minutes away. This is a big turn from Team


Sky led by Ian Stannard. This is what they are trying to do, they


want to win this race with Ben Swift. He likes a difficult race.


With this breakaway hovering over two minutes in front, they have


thought, this is not really hard enough for us. They want to make


this race difficult and they want to put the other sprinters in jeopardy


and they want to try and win today and this is the plan of action. The


breakaway group is slowly being reeled in that the advantage has


stayed at rather half a minute. Still on that circuit. We are


heading back along the main road in the general direction of Dorking, it


self. Peloton is struck out there, always eight good indication of the


speed and difficulty. This is for Team Sky, nice to see


Orica-GreenEdge also getting involved with the action. It is all


strung out and all in one line will stop just looking back down this


road, this Peloton of hundred and 47 riders on the start line today with


A.D., does to go. 50 miles, steadily thinned out. 23-year-old American


rider in his second season with sky. Second season in the under 23


version. Another really promising young rider that Team Sky have on


their books. Here is the leading group or what is left of it. At some


point in probably the not too distant future he will properly be


gobbled up by the hungry pack. Very much looks like that. They are


trying to hang out there. 24 seconds now. You can see the big push at the


front of the Peloton by Team Sky. They want to use the underrating


course out here to try and hurt the other teams, especially with the


sprinters. The cream has come to the front. Looking down the road, this


bunch looks as if it is only about 80, if that, left. Good to see Ian


Stannard back at the front of a race. He has had such a difficult


year having missed most of the season. That follows the back injury


sustained in what ruined a promising year for him in March. Here is our


leading group of five. The lead coming down all the time. What sort


of pattern might we expect to see in the next part of the race? Properly


a couple of attacks from Team Sky to take pressure off them and keep the


pace. I think, we can see Ewan tucked in very well. He will


probably be the sprinter. Interesting to see with AI using him


is that today but he is so small and keeping out of trouble in the


Peloton, he saves so much power and conserves it because he is not


taking on the wind because he is so small. That is very interesting. He


is tucked in and is about ten thin line. It is still Ian Stannard who


is doing quite a lot and a long spell at the front of the main


field, helped out by Ian Boswell. He is really hurting. They want to keep


the pressure on. They want to bring this Peloton, there are too many in


there. It was quite easy for them just to sit at the front. It is all


action now and it had to come at some point. They had to take on the


rest. We still have Box Hill to come so they are putting the tempo up and


they want to try and spread it out. Ian Boswell on the front. We have


the second loop of the north of Dorking that will take them up the


Denby 's climb again for the second time and they will go across run


more common before coming down through Dorking for one final time


before that climb up Box Hill, remember Box Hill in the Olympic


road race was flying at nine times, just here in the classic. - was nine


times. This is the original breakaway. You


can see Team Sky leading it. Trying to look after Elia Viviani. It will


be all back together before the next climb. The race almost back


together, the last few seconds of the finds from those out in front.


Team Sky must have some plan here given that they are working so hard.


They will be asleep close this gap down in a minute that they must have


a plan to go on the attack, and we saw that they were moving right to


the front. You saw that with the teams, they all want to be at the


front of the climb and they are expecting something to happen. The


first time we have seen that team show their faces up towards the


front in that familiar green outfit. They will lose their star


man. That'll be an interesting move. The owner of that team, he clearly


thinks that you can have a general contender in the Tour de France, ie


Alberto Contador, and you can have the man going for the green jersey,


and you can cater for both of them? Clearly not the opinion of Sir Dave


Brailsford at Team Sky when they had Mark Cavendish and Sir Bradley


Wiggins couple of years ago. Interesting to see how that pans


out. Very much so. I don't think it can happen in the modern cycling. I


think you have to go for one. Whether it is the green all the


yellow. It will be interesting to see that. Team sky did try that.


They have some really strong rider so we will see. There was talk about


Alonzo, the racing car driver coming in with a team. That could still


happen. Looking down on the Peloton, we did think there will be about 80


but I think there are only about 60 or 50 riders left in this race. 147


riders started and we are down to about 50 or 60. Looking as though


the circuits in the Surrey Hills, very beautiful part of the


south-east of England, it looks as if there is an attritional quality


to them in terms of this race and slowly we do have a whittling down


process. The cream is coming towards the top. They are the blue helmets


of Team Sky. About to catch those who have been in the lead for much


of the day. The rider at the front point have done his chances of


securing a contract any harm. Getting involved at the front of the


race for a good portion. That is what you have to do. It is just


under 75 kilometres. Team Sky at the front with Ian Stannard and Ian


Boswell also in the mix in third place. You have Orica-GreenEdge as


well but it is all Team Sky at this moment with Ian Stannard and Ian


Boswell. You see a lot of the riders try to move up. They know it will be


trying to split it up. The rider sitting up is Philippe Gilbert.


Maybe it is almost time for business, the arm warmers have come


off. He looked as if he is coming into the business and now with the


final 75 kilometres to go. Still a long way to go in this race but the


reason they are putting the tempo up is because we have two clients


coming up quickly in succession. I want to wait for Box Hill to rip it


apart, obviously it is not so hard, the running towards the finishing


line, they want to use these next two clients to try and break the


back of this Peloton and put a lot of these riders in jeopardy, having


a smaller group, that is what Ben Swift once. -- is wanting. He has so


many riders starting to move up. You can see on the left-hand side


starting to move up. It is all action over these two particular


climes. It is all about positioning because when you get onto this


climb, we have seen before, there is not an awful lot of room. Often a


race to the bottom of the climb. That is what we have seen, riders


trying to come to the front. The pace, it is difficult for others to


move up. The team tactics is always to be at the front and at the bottom


of the climb. We have seen them do a great job to hold the pace pretty


high. The riders trying to get there but a lot of them taking their arm


warmers. Interesting to see Philippe -- Philippe Gilbert taking his arm


warmers. Normally the team leaders would pass that off to a team-mate.


He has it in his back pocket so he is this be comfortable with that.


The weather we have been having, might need to pull them out of his


pocket in the next ten minutes or so. I think the worst of the weather


is behind us or behind them I should say. The likelihood is that it will


only improve as the afternoon wears on. Here is the climb. Around the


outside of the vineyard. The climb in which there was some change at


the front of the race for lead to some change at the front of the


race. Omega Pharma-QuickStep have riders


at the front as well. Team Sky have Ian Stannard and Ian Boswell bearers


well. They are just going to ease back, I would have thought they


wanted to keep the pressure on to try and keep the sprinters under a


bit of pressure. They will want to come to this line with a group of


maybe 20 or 30 riders so that Ben Swift can actually try and win this.


If you have Elia Viviani around, Sam Bennett as well, they want to put


them under jeopardy in these hard times. Paving the way for a Team Sky


win. You don't want to be bringing sprinters


that energy from Michael Voss, who had only one team-mate to help her.


He did it to perfection. They are trying to take the sting out of the


sprinters that are trying to stay in this group. Only a small group,


50-60 riders. Team Sky keeping the pressure on. Ian Boswell in the


front. It was Stannard who did the lion's


share of bringing that break away group back.


They'll be working in the services of the Italian sprinter today, Elia


Viviani. This is the latest climb. The fourth one of the day and the


second time (Inaudible) A lot of gravel in the road and you really


want to be riding on the left or the right. A lot of punctures so far.


Team Sky is towards the front and then Orica GreenEDGE. A small


peloton of only 50-60 riders. The six riders who broke away in


Richmond Park reeled back in. The next phase of the race is under way.


You can see the point we were making about being towards the front of the


peloton at the start of the climb, because if you are stuck at the back


you really are boxed in. There'll be groups behind. It is difficult for


the team cars to service you. If you have a problem on this particular


climb I don't think there is anyway back. One of the riders is putting


his hand up. Where are the service cars? This race is split up and it


is difficult to service your riders. It can be frustrating on a narrow


climb if you've got did legs and our climber but you aren't Mabel to


match the speed. If an attack goes off at the front and you were


sitting 20 riders back on a narrow ride it is impossible to get


through. Often riders get to the top of the climb and think, if only they


could have got through, as they had the legs but couldn't do anything.


In the red and black is the former world champion of two years ago,


Philippe Gilbert. To the right-hand side in the black of Omega


Pharma-Quick-Step is Philippe. Nice to see some of the lads from NFTO.


I've noticed the bronze medal winner from the Commonwealth Games, Scott


Thwaites. It was a strong ride from him, Scott Thwaites. Ended up


Thwaites. It was a strong ride from Jack Bauer sprinting for the silver


medal. Geraint Thomas was the strongest man on the day. Despite


that last-lap puncture, here is Ian Stannard. That was a big effort.


He's chasing to try and stay with this front group. Two climbs in


succession is whittling down this group to 40-50 riders. That's the


plan of Team Sky, to whittle the race down. The climb picks up here


as they head towards the top. Boswell having done his turn at the


front and also one of the riders who was in the breakaway group, at the


back of the peloton. Here we are at the front of the race, a BMC and


Omega Pharma. The Belgi rider. Number 16 from


Madison Genesis. One of the riders from NFTO, Josh Hunt. You can see it


is really starting to hurt on that climb.


Ian Stannard trying his hardest to stay with them. He blew his doors


off, Stannard, in trying to bring that breakaway group back. A great


ride from him a few minutes ago, but the sort of effort you cannot


sustain all day long. It is difficult when you've ridden 10-15


kilometres at the front. He's a big lad, but look at the decimation of


this race over the last 10-15 kilometres. 147 riders down the


about 30-40. And we've still got Boxhill to come and then the fast


and potentially furious run into London. A little climate Wimbledon


on the way in. Not quite done yet. The weather is improving with every


minute that passes. It really was awful for many of those taking part


earlier today. They were absolutely drenched. The riders in the peloton


were as well earlier on, but thankfully drying out all the time.


There is hardly a gap worth speaking about at the front of the race. The


rider from BMC. No more than a second or so. It is interesting to


see it was Orica GreenEDGE that did the chase. They were not sitting


back and saying it is a home race, they mean business. Taking another


feed. It wasn't so long ago the riders had something to eat and


drink. The riders are taking food on board. We are just inside the final


20 kilometres. The leading riders are together. It is a sizeable


peloton but it is whittling down. We mentioned the property eve. One of


those -- we mentioned the sportif and Martin Johnson is taking place.


It was good. They cut it down and the hills weren't from. To be honest


it was heavy rain but it didn't slow us down majorly, and it keeps you


cool. There were plenty of people there, and we enjoyed it. A big part


of your post-sporting career, cycling, is it? I enjoy it. It is


not for any other reason than I enjoy doing it. There are lots of


benefits. It's good fun. I just ride for the pleasure of it really. You


catch up with mates, get out and about. But I enjoy doing it. You are


fine with frames but you've got a problem with wheels haven't new They


are not always built for the larger gentleman, but look, I done OK


today. It is 95 kilos usually. You are now at? 125 at the moment. When


you won in 2003 what did you way? 120. Nothing keeps the weight off


you like cycling, I find. It's great. In this world calories are


easy and we have too many of them sometimes. It does UKIP slim. You've


been around... It does keep you slim, I did the free cycle cycle. It


was fantastic. It was absolutely rammed. The whole weekend is great.


We were lucky we've got people who've gone out of their way to do


it. To ride the streets of London, closed roads, it's fantastic. It is


a brilliant event. It is only the second year and quickly it's become


probably THE ride in this country. Looking forward to next year, the


Rugby World Cup in England, how have you assessed England at the moment?


I think they are progressing very well. We talk about a year. That's a


along time for a rugby team. They've got a lot of rugby to play before


they get to the World Cup. I think they'll progress very well. They've


won four out of five six nations in the last four years. We've beaten


the All Blacks at homes. You have to keep getting better. A lot of young


guys have played well. If everyone was fit there would be difficult


choices to make. It is up to the players to get themselves in good


form. Someone was asking me about the World Cup. I think for a player


it's simple. You just have to be the best you can be every time you play


and the rest will take care of itself. It is always an interesting


season the year, the championship as well. You've got keep progressing


and getting better. Thinking back to London 2012 and how much home team


support made Team GB. It is difficult in a way, because you are


used to being away at World Cups, playing at home can be different.


You have to get your head round that. The Twickenham factor is huge.


The games at home we should have massive support, I'm sure we will.


Ultimately the tournaments come down to one-off games. You can be the


best team in the world for four years and if you lose that game, you


are on your way home. In knock-out rugby, anything can happen. We're


back with the race now. That's the front of the race, the remnants of


the peloton. Group 2 there at 39 seconds, that I think is where Ian


Stannard is on the road. Sir Bradley Wiggins on the front in the


somewhere of your picture. He's leading the way. He's got some of


his team-mates, Nathan Earl and Ben Smith. Neatly tucked in, letting


everybody take the wind. Christian mier for Orica GreenEDGE. Omega


Pharma, they've got a strong team here and they, too, have plenty of


presence at the pointy end of the peloton. They are coming up to the


front and the Frenchman at the front. Behind him is Gert Steegmans,


the tall figure. Looking at the make-up of this group, we have 50


riders in front and Sky only have three ride ears. Six riders started


from each of these teams. NetApp They are looking good. Scott


Thwaites the bronze medallist from the Commonwealth Games. They have


numbers but Sky only have three riders in front. This is the second


group. A difficult time. Maybe there is an opportunity in 39 seconds to


ease back and hopefully these guys get back on. It doesn't look like


Team Sky have the numbers in front and they were exposed. Boswell and


Stannard have the riders of NFTO for company. They are almost three


quarters of a minute behind the back end of what's left of the main


peloton at the front of the race. Got to see Sir Bradley Wiggins at


the front. The when you see him riding along there, looking so


comfortable, few people look better on a bike as they ride as Wiggins


does. He's so fluid. With no race radios, how will they know that


Stannard and Boswell are only 30 seconds behind? They could do with


them at the front of this race. Again it's all action. Omega


Pharma-Quick-Step at the front with Gert Steegmans. Some Belkin riders


also there. A lot of riders are sitting back. There's still Boxhill


to come. Anything could happen. That's the next difficulty on the


horizon as they head towards the main road and the left-hand turn


taking them into Dorking. Then he hit the A 24 and head north before


making the turn on to the zigzag road of Boxhill. That's the main


difficulty. 65 kilometres to go. In the blue on the left-hand side Scott


Thwaites. Sam Bennett the right-hand side, and Zac Dempster. Riding very


well is NetApp. Few riders hamming on the back but online 50 required


left at the front of this race. Rochelle, do you think we'll see


activity on Boxhill? Do you think that's where the next attack is


going to come? I think absolutely we'll see something happen on


Boxhill, because there's a few sprinters in the peloton. The it's


the most likely it will come down to a sprint. Boxhill is a moment where


if they've got good legs they can make an impact. We are going to see


action on Boxhill. We are seeing action on the main road heading east


into Dorking. This is Gert Steegmans. Mark Renshaw is here, and


Alessandro Petacchi. Whether they know that Stannard and Boswell are


trying to come back to this front group, this is what cycling's all


about. It is twisting and turning. Each team has different tactics. The


pressure is being kept on. That's great to see.


pressure has been an last 20 kilometres, Zak Dempster in second


place. Julian Alaphilippe on the front. Sam Bennett as well in the


red and black. Philippe Gilbert in the red and black, behind him Adam


Blythe, very hard last 20, 25 km. Bradley Wiggins. I wonder what the


next couple of years holds for him? Will he be focusing on the track


with the Olympics and maybe road racing as more than means to an end


in terms of insurance? It looks like that, he still wants to be world


time trial champion. Again he is looking towards Rio, he wants to try


to match Chris Hoy, so good luck to him. It would be sad to see him not


winning, getting involved in so many of the World Tour races but I


believe he will be back next year trying to do something in the


Paris-Roubaix. It is the way cycling is going, the road can complement


the track. You have to pick one or the other. Bradley is confused, but


it is a good situation to be in, he needs to make some decisions.


Obviously he will go for the individual time trial this year. He


has spoken about going back to the track and finishing where he


started. We know with Bradley that every week we hear the different


ambition. It is good to have those problems, you can be good in both.


It is a matter of where his heart lies and that will become clear to


him. It is amazing, when he sets his mind to something, the degree of


success he has. But he needs those specific targets to a mad, to


concentrate his mind. One of the best in the world that setting


targets and hitting them. We mentioned earlier in the programme,


that he wanted to go for Paris-Roubaix, he finished ninth


this year. One of the biggest classic races in cycling, then he


lost five kilograms in a matter of four weeks to get to the Torah of


California so he could climb better and he won it, so Bradley Wiggins


sets targets and normally hits them. -- Tour of California. Ki this looks


like a dangerous move, Caleb Ewan came across. He wanted to be in the


break. Looks like that, again Team Sky only down to three riders, they


have got their main rider in hate, Ben Swift. Or importantly,


NetApp-Endura have got three in here. Frantic chase behind, still


coming in towards Dorking for the last sprint. And they still have Box


Hill. Very much a different race to last year. Thwaites and benefit from


NetApp-Endura, one other wider there. Zak Dempster is there, the


tall Aussie. Gert Steegmans and Alaphilippe, Philippe Gilbert,


former world champion, his first race back. He missed the Tour de


France. Again one of the worlds best riders. Couple of riders trying to


sneak on the back, one Canon Dial -- one from Cannondale and one from


Belkin. This looks like a good selection. The riders from


NetApp-Endura clearly think this is worth. There is Ben Swift, from Team


Sky, on the front, Gert Steegmans has one big races in the past. This


is the 20-year-old Caleb Ewan, making his move again, we saw him


prominently in the Commonwealth Games only last Sunday. A word about


statements, he instigated this move, twice a winner of stages in the Tour


de France. -- Gert Steegmans. In 2007 and 2008. Still a very imposing


physical presence in his 30s. Gilbert, the Belgian, two or three


years ago seemingly could do no wrong, was winning every race he


took part in. He has a fantastic palmares. To have a Aluko was there


across the road. Looking at how everybody is looking. Pushing an


infant is the bronze medallist from the Commonwealth Games, Thwaites.


Riders looking round to see who has made it to Dorking in the front


group. Gilbert has somebody with him, he will be happy with that. The


numbers seem to be with NetApp-Endura, with three. Steegmans


in the front. Who was the Bill Kenwright coming through? As they


head into Dorking. -- who is the Belkin rider coming through. The


front of the race strung out. Towards the front, Adam Blythe in


the black, and number 65 is Orica GreenEdge, Caleb Ewan. Really making


his presence felt in this race once again. The other rider of their is


the apprentice rider on BMC. Loic Vliegen. The stagiaire. Is it


Clement who has joined from Belkin? Stef Clement a very good time


trialist. Very strong breakaway. Not far from this last sprint in


Dorking. Good to see these riders taking this race by the scruff of


the neck. Absolutely, through the high street and now to the age 24.


-- A24. As we head towards the only asset and of Box Hill today. 35


seconds the advantage for the 12 riders at the front. -- ascent. Just


going past the railway station. Sky represented by Ben Swift at the back


of the line. Behind Sam Bennett, one of the favourites for this race, we


saw him win a stage into care Philly on the Torah Britain last year. --


care Philly. Caerphilly. No more than a couple of minutes from the


beginning of the climb of Box Hill. Cannondale working hard in the


peloton for Elia Viviani. Root looking at the rider in the front


group, he is not doing any work, he wants to get Viviana back. Possibly


the fastest guy in this race, they will do everything they can to close


this gap. Working hard now, Cannondale's turn to do the sort of


job we saw Ian Stannard doing. Cannondale under pressure. Viviani


sitting in fourth wheel, they have a lot to do. They will not be helped


by anybody behind. It is all down to Cannondale, can they bring the group


back? It will be difficult because everybody apart from Christian


Corran from Cannondale obviously want to ride but having said that he


has now done a turn on the front. -- Kristijan Koren. We are back with


Gert Steegmans for a make of, and Caleb Ewan, the young Australian.


Alaphilippe, number 31 for Omega Pharma Quickstep, the 22-year-old


Frenchman, already has his contract for next gen. Second and third on


stages of the Tour of Catalonia this year. He rode San Sebastian Larsson


week, important one-day race. Such a packed programme. -- last week. It


must be the most difficult thing for an events like Ryan London, trying


to find a spot in the calendar. -- RideLondon. The Tour of Poland,


World Tour race just finished the other day, the Tour of Denmark going


on at the moment, very difficult. And again Cannondale the front of


the second group as we see the gap going up to 42 seconds. Coming up to


another client, you would expect these riders, Ben Swift, Caleb Ewan,


Adam Blythe, Gilbert, Gert Steegmans, Thwaites and Dempster


from NetApp-Endura, Stef Clement, Kristijan Koren, Sam Bennett. As you


can see on the lower slopes of Box Hill, what a mecca that has become


for cyclists, particularly since the Olympic Games road race. Cyclists


all over it at any time of the day. Just the once for the professionals


here today. It was nine times in the Olympic Games road race. Talking


about only six riders in the team this year, it is so difficult to try


to control a race and we are only five in the Olympic Games. The


British team working for Mark Cavendish that they came so close to


managing the race and getting him to spend. Just the last time over Box


Hill when the group got away. NetApp-Endura have the numbers in


the break but the interesting thing is when they are racing without


radios, it is possible. The Cannondale rider has the fastest man


in this race but with his team trying to close this gap and bring


it back, he is unsure. Interesting thing is the directors have to take


some possibility and go through all the different scenarios before they


go on the road because they will be sometimes when there is no true


indication. They need to leave nothing to chance and go over every


possible scenario. There has been a bit of miscommunication, maybe no


communication, obviously, the Cannondale rider has done some turns


at the front and that is interesting when his team is chasing. Kristijan


Koren has just come out of the Tour de France, riders who do that, it is


the opposite to what you would expect. Those who do not follow


cycling would think that if you have done the Tour de France that you


need to put your feet up and he would be in pieces, but actually you


can often have better legs. You can have strong legs, you can either


come out in a box or with good legs. He obviously has good legs. The


interesting thing is we see the riders without race riders riding


until it gets to one minute, then the team cars will be allowed to


come up and they can get communication. Pretty sure the


Cannondale team car cannot come in to a 43 second gap. Wrist Yan Corran


does not really know, what is happening behind him. -- Christian


don't come out 100%, the team car will come out and say, sit on. These


are the strongest riders, this is the second group on the road, led by


Cannondale, the strongest riders I think are in front and I am not sure


Cannondale will manage to get back. An awful lot of work to do, not sure


how many people will be prepared to let them do it. As you can see,


still not that big a gap, just going over what we were saying a moment


ago, David Millar on Twitter last week saying, after the Commonwealth


Games, those who did not ride in the Tour de France had good legs for the


half of the race, those who did had good legs for the second half, which


is how it pans out for Geraint Thomas.


produced a stellar performance. We are on Box Hill. A lot of people are


against or for race radios. For me this race is perfect, with no race


radios. He doesn't know his team-mates are working for Viviani


behind. The team that has riders here is NetApp-Endura. Sam Bennett


at the front, one of the favourites today, with the likes of Ben Swift.


Ben doesn't have any team-mates with him. Gilbert is there. He's a fast


sprinter but yet again McGuinness against Sam Bennett? But yet again


Gilbert against Sam Bennett? I wouldn't think so. 45 seconds is the


gap here. The wind is blowing a bit on Box Hill. Interesting to see


after Box Hill if Cannondale get any help from the Omega Pharma team.


They've got Gert Steegmans and Julian Alaphilippe. Both are good


finishers. Gert Steegmans in the Belgian championship he looked like


he would win from the breakaway, but Omega Pharma came from the front and


brought it back in the last kilometre. I think Gert Steegmans,


second from the back, is possibly looking and believed he could win


this today. A lovely view to the riders' right, which they'll have no


time to take in, but a spectacular spot and a favourite of cyclists in


the south-east of England. Once they are over Box Hill Headley Heath will


be next, one of the few remaining heath lands in Surrey. And then the


journey back to London. Adam Blythe came back and rode for a British


Third Division team. He's a classy sprinter. Let's not discount Adam


Blythe from this group in front. And he is good friends with Philippe


Gilbert and raced alongside him until the back end of last season.


Back now on the domestic scene. There's some quality bike riders. We


said Philippe Gilbert wasn't the best of sprinters. He probably


thinks this is the last chance to break this race up. Gert Steegmans


is in the chase group but Alaphilippe was on to the wheel. Ben


Smith realises as well. The man in trouble is Zakk Dempster. He needs


to stay with this front group. Zakk Dempster, maybe not a bad time, as


it will be slightly downhill in the not too distance future.


NetApp-Endura down to two. The gap has gone over a minute for the first


time and that was on Box Hill. When we hit Box Hill it was about 34


seconds and now the strongest ride rehearse in front. Great to see BMC


rider Philippe Gilbert on the attack. This is probably one of the


last chances he's got to try to split this front group of 12. It is


all action. Action. Still plenty of racing to come. Anything can can


happen. Especially without communication out there. If


something goes wrong at the front and a rider loses contact, anything


could happen. It depends which riders are in the peloton and which


riders are in the main group. It looks like all the pressure is on


Cannondale. If other teams help out, it is possible it could come back.


Fracturing at the front of the race, instigated by Philippe Gilbert. He's


on the attack, taking Julian Alaphilippe and Ben Swift behind


him. Three riders in front.thwaitethwaitethwaite, trying


to close the gap. There's still 50 kilometres to go.


Here's the front of the race. Gilbert in the red and black. Ben


Smith right on his wheel, and Julian Alaphilippe from Omega Pharma.


Philippe Gilbert driving on, trying to see if he can force a split that


lasts off the front of this leading group. This is what Gilbert wants.


He wants to take it to the rest of them and come into the finish at the


The Mall with few riders, the fewer the better for Gilbert. Behind it


looks as if Caleb is coming across the gap. Euan, an excellent


performance in the Commonwealth Games last week. This is his first


race for Orica GreenEDGE. GreenEDGE. What an effort it was by the Aussie


to chase these three required down. You've got to Iraq, swift, you've


got to remember that these are some of the best riders in the world.


What an effort it At the start of his career with


Orica GreenEDGE he is getting involved in the business end of the


race, mixing it from the riders at the front. Cannondale try to reduce


the deficit. In fact it is going up slightly, to a minute and 5. Back


with the leading group. Just taking the descent with a


measure of caution. Inside the final 50 kilometres of this race. Swift


has a little look. Alaphilippe, Caleb on his wheel and Clement from


Belkin. The lead is a minute and five. 11 ride are in the lead. They


begin their journey back into central London.


STUDIO: Back to that race soon. 15 miles to The Mall, it was won by


Walter for the second year in a row. War veterans from the Army, Steve


Arnold and Josh. I caught up with them afterwards. You've just


finished the hand-cycle race. The weather was pretty miserable. To be


fair this is the worst the weather's been. It started when we started off


and it was clear all the way and it started raining in the final 600


metres. You the. In criterion. Josh, you were watching it. I started


cycling but hadn't done a race yet. This is only my sixth race, so it


was really good fun. The enjoyable. A couple of cheeky hills but it was


good fun. You two are both in the Army and were injured. Tell us about


your injuries. I'm a triple amputee, missing my right arm as well will.


Was injured New Year's Eve in 2010, stood an on IED. Royal Engineers,


search team. Stood on an IED in April 2011. A double amputee,


luckily nothing else injured. And both rehabbed at Headley Court,


which does an amazing job. Yes, it is all military personnel, so you


get the banter. Bounce off each other. See people ahead of you that


are walking and it gives you the enthusiasm to walk again. Or brain


injuries, PTSD, whatever it is. And winding people up as well. I know


you were thinking about Rio but before then the Invictus Games. If


you were selected, how good with would that be? Amazing, against


military personnel from 17 different countries. If we get selected,


amazing. To pit yourself against the Americans, the French, the Iraqis.


And it is being held Attlee valley, so cycling there, the atmosphere and


the history. Watching it two years ago, it inspired me to get on a


bike. Sport is a massive part of the rehabilitation of injured war


veterans. Massive. A lot of injured guys, most of us are fit anyway. The


first thing you can do to get back up to fitness. We've been training


for 10-20 years in the Army, it is a big thing in the military, sport.


When you are jirksd you want to get back into, when you are injured, you


want to get back into sport. Or even if you want to do it for fun, it


gets you out and about. Josh is still out in the wet. Good luck with


selection and we hope to see new the Invictus Games. Cheers. That British


team will be announced on Wednesday. Will find out if Josh and Steve are


in it. You can watch all the action on the BBC from 10-14 September. Is


it is Prince Harry's big idea. Looking forwardto the road cycling


but back to the London-Surrey Classic. We have a dozen riders off


the front of the race. The gap, a minute and 11 seconds. Can they work


together well enough to stay away? At the moment it looks as if


Cannondale are the only team trying to bring them back. Four riders from


Cannondale against 11 people who, if they decide to work together, it


should be an uneven battle, shouldn't it? It should be, but


we've seen stranger things happen in races. 11 riders in the front. The


unfortunately for Zakk Dempster he couldn't hang on over Box Hill. 11


riders, if they are all committing, there's only four riders from


Cannondale and one other. One of the Cannondale ride serious Viviani.


Four riders from Cannondale and one other. One of the Cannondale ride


serious Viviani. He isn't - one of the Cannondale riders is Viviani. He


isn't going to be riding. These ride shears be pushing out an advantage.


It's holding but how long can the Cannondale riders hold these 11 men?


These are the strongest riders over the climbs but there's a long way to


go. Just under 45 kilometres. If these riders stay away we are not


going to see an 11-man group of sprinters. What's your reading of


the situation, Rochelle? It is very hard to make a call at the moment,


because we know it is going to be an exciting finish. Whether the winner


comes from this group or a break works none of us are game enough to


make a call on that yet. Buts going to be an exciting finish with big


names in the group. It is going to be fascinating, as they head towards


London. Swift with his arm in the air. I wonder with whether he's got


a problem. Looks like a front-wheel puncture for Sam Bennett.


NetApp-Endura are going to be losing one of these riders. He's waiting


for his team car. This is a feat for Ben Swift.


Christian coren still taking his brief little turns at the front of


this breakaway group. Sam bent's team car is coming up. It looks as


if he has a problem. The quickest thing here is to change bike. No,


they are out with a wheel. A front with wheel puncture, as we


suspected. He has to have a quick change because it is going to be


difficult. That's very bad timing for Bennett. The pace is high and he


was in that breakaway. Did so well to be in there, but he's going to


have to use up a fair amount of energy to attempt to get back with


them. Not looking so great for him now. No, it isn't. A group of ten


now. Scott won't know what's happening behind. Just over one


minute. Everybody has to keep on riding. If these riders keep on


riding for the next 10-15 kilometres, what will the commissars


say? Will they turn a blind eye? It was unfortunate for Sam to have a


punning ture. couple of years ago. Strong in the


Commonwealth Games last week. He also rode well early on, he has been


there all about is. Very capable of doing the things, but fortunately


for the team, thought it would be a hard chase but the team car giving


him a couple of bottles and get him back. It is devastating to see


athletes working hard, preparing for one race for four years like the


Olympics and so unfortunate to see a mechanical take them out. , said


turning a blind eye, genuine puncture, back where he started. --,


commissaire. It was hard stopping stuff last week with Geraint Thomas,


he was the strongest rider, and he had a puncture. It would not have


been fair. It is a grey area, we have seen many devastating moments


in sport. People will argue that sometimes getting a puncture can be


down to the skills of the riders. It is a grey area. Also with


mechanicals and can be down to the team staff not doing their job


properly, so it is all part of the sport. In these cases, such a grey


area, great to see Sam Bennett back in the front group. The leading


riders into Leatherhead now, twisting and turning through the


centre before the race eventually heads over the M25. Caleb Ewan.


Having a little bit of trouble sorting out his musette. Deciding to


have a drink instead. Obviously hungry because of the effort to get


out of the bag. Maybe some inexperience, might not have needed


to take one in previous races. Good to see him avoiding those pollard is


as well is he was fiddling around with his late lunch. May be an


instance of Caleb Ewan had something he wanted at that particular time,


maybe some gels or something, and in the feed is only do is difficult to


get your bag. He went back to the car is as close particular bag.


Sometimes that can be psychological. He got himself in


difficulty but now he is back. Very young rider as I said, plenty of


time. We will see him pretty much at the top of plenty of podiums. Ben


Swift on the front of the leading group. Still Cannondale


predominantly at the front, Viviani the protective rider who is not


contributing to that, sitting in about fifth. They are not making any


inroads onto this leading group at the moment. Gilbert. In the red and


black at the back. Instance here, watching the NetApp-Endura team car


coming up. Sometimes when the change rise out it can make a big


difference. Neatly and tidily done. Suitably avoiding the road


furniture. The chain freshly lubricated, Scott Thwaites bank into


the thick of the race. Adam Blythe at the back. He has shown flashes of


his talent. You wonder how much more might be in there. It was difficult


to come back to the UK, with BMC last year, good friends still living


in Monaco, with Philippe Gilbert, but again he is such a young talent.


Maybe too much, too young. Maybe you'd went to his head ever so


slightly. I know he is definitely motivated. -- maybe it went back to


his head. He is starting to put himself about a wee bit now. No


doubt he has plenty of ability. Of course he has. I know he is only


young but as a big rider on the UK scene, nowhere to hide. Every time


he attacks he has eight riders in his pockets not allowing him to go


anywhere. In the last few weeks he has thought about his goals. This is


one of his goals. It is good to see him on form. As I said earlier,


let's not discounting. He is a very fast finisher. The British National


circuit race champion 2014, as the imposing figure of Gert Steegmans


goes to the front of the breakaway group. Gilbert on his wheel in the


blank, with the blue stripe down his back is Ben Swift. Most of these


riders in this 11 man group, claiming there, he has been wanting


his bottle for a long period. He has now managed to get it, difficult for


a lot of cars to come from behind peloton. They cannot pass on the


likes of Box Hill. He is on his own, he is a very good time trialist, he


has won stages, if my memory serves me right, in Catalonia earlier in


the year by taking it with just over one kilometre to go. The others can


possibly wait for the sprint, but Stef Clement looking strong. Riding


his way back into form having to abandon the Tour de France on Stage


7. Coro is the Slovenian on the back. The entrance 50 moving a great


deal, no change there. Over 190,000 cars go down that stretch every. --


the M25. Touching on one minutes at the top of Box Hill and we were


thinking if they would stay away. Is their firepower behind? Looking at


it it was a numbers game. Three from Cannondale, one from Topsport


Vlaanderen, Topsport Vlaanderen had two or three riders, why did they


not commit when the gap was so small? It is creeping up, these are


the strongest riders in the race. They will come onto The Mall,


possibly not together, but fighting out the win. The peloton not making


any inroads? Khan went back to the car, taking off his boutique


others, that is unusual. He means business now. -- shoe covers. They


all looked like they are in the race for the win, getting ready for the


race for the win. Bradley Wiggins there about half way back, in the


middle of the picture. Wiggins still in the middle of the peloton.


Russell Downing in front of him, fourth in the Commonwealth Games


road race last week. What do you feel Wiggins's role might be? He has


done his job. He came to the fund, riding out the front pretty much all


day, looking after Ben Swift. A lot of these things you do not really


see, people were expecting Wiggins to be on the front group but he has


sacrificed his chances for his team-mate. That is why he has been


riding on the front. For Ben Swift. Swift is at the front so he is in a


good situation. Sky certainly animated the race in the Surrey


Hills, they were starting to make things happen. They took it on with


Boswell and Ian Stannard. Again, Bradley Wiggins was there and he


kept the pressure on. He could have sat up at the top of the climb but


he kept the tempo. It is difficult coming from a couple of weeks ago


from the track, as you said, then riding 193 kilometres, but he has


ridden tremendously. But the transition from a one-day classic to


a multiple stage race, then you have to remember what he did in 2012, he


won the Tour de France and then a couple of weeks later the Olympic


time trial. He is versatile. Ben Swift could win today and he will


thank all of his team. Swift on the right-hand side, going over into the


guttering. Having a look at everybody else. Decent crowd, what


routes do they take into London? Through Esher, but over the Thames


at Kingston, then threw Raynes Park and Wimbledon Village, then over


Putney Bridge. And up into London along the embankment, past the


Houses of Parliament. Of Whitehall and then the left-hand turn at


Admiralty arch, then 300 metres from the finishing line here on the Mall,


where the sun is shining. As it is on the leading riders. Gert


Steegmans at the back of the moment, looking around. We are back with the


chasing group now. The main peloton. Kristian House in the middle with a


pink trim. Looks like they may have given up, looking at their faces.


The break out at one minute 30, it will be close but the peloton look


relaxed. You can see the speed of the 11 riders at the front,


everybody taking their turn. This gap will steadily increase. Only


Cannondale and Topsport Vlaanderen, everybody else content to roll into


The Mall to finish their efforts. Coro on the left in the green,


Cannondale. At the back of the peloton now, that is Clement Saint


Martin of La Pomme Marseille. This is the front of the chasers.


Topsport Vlaanderen just starting to get involved a little bit. One rider


at the front, another couple in there, just getting confirmation.


1:29. One of the Cannondale riders has done his job. All that Viviani


has is two riders. There were four, we have lost one of the Cannondale


riders off the front. Now it is down to three of them, I cannot see it


happening. That was 134, Steve Lampier, he was involved in the


breakaway earlier in the race. They were keen to animate the action


early on. Halfway through Richmond Park, six riders gaining a lead of


over three minutes, reeled in primarily by Team Sky. A gargantuan


turn at the front from Ian Stannard. And some good work from Ian Boswell.


An awful lot for the Cannondale riders to do, they are not getting


much help. Trying to help their sprinter, Elia Viviani, he has had


considerable success on the track. Not getting much help from anybody


else. Remember when the riders were pulling faces behind the Ian


Stannard, now look at the faces behind these front three. They are


nice and easy. The precious being applied by Scott Thwaites. Now you


have to be in these situations, Sam Bennett still has to take his turn


on the front. Bennett leading at the moment, Scott Thwaites as well, his


team-mate. Good to see Philippe Gilbert racing strongly on British


roads. Stef Clement in the green helmet for Belkin. These are the


chasers. Just not chasing at all, the gap staying constant. One rider


involved here in blue from the front, from the Wanty-Groupe


Gobert, the second division Belgian team. You do the maths and it will


not happen. Just hovering at about 1:30, but to bring that back will be


very difficult. Leading riders there, this is the stagiaire from


BMC, and now Ben Swift coming through the Centre for sky. Caleb


Ewan still hanging in. During his turn at the front. At the moment


they are working well together but I guess as kilometres go buy that will


start to change. They will know each other, they will know how the others


ride, we have already mentioned Stef Clement not the fastest sprinters.


He normally tries to clip off towards the finish, we know that Ben


Swift is swift, we know Philippe Gilbert can sprint but he will not


want to do that, but just looking outside our commentary position it


looks as if there is a headwind in the finishing straight. Again that


is a long finish, you do not want to be taking that on from the front.


Gert Steegmans as well, they have two riders in here, and Alaphilippe,


they can both win. It is the same with weights and Bennett, they both


have great opportunities, BMC have two as well. Loic Vliegen the


stagiaire has an opportunity, great to see him in this race with


Philippe Gilbert. It'll be interesting to see happens in the


last five or ten kilometres. front group that can sprint. As can


the youngster Ewan from Australia. They'll want to know if they back


themselves on this particular day over the other riders. It will be


interesting if the riders block with their body language, giving other


riders confidence to sprint. They'll probably ride together for a little


longer and then start playing games and trying to block each other with


their facial expresses and shaking their legs and their heads. It will


be interesting coming into the finish. There's one of so many world


class sporting venues in and around the London area, Sandown racecourse


on the left-hand side. And here is the breakaway group. Group. Adam


Blythe is taking his place at the front. For these 11 riders it's been


tough. It is getting there with the sprint still in your legs. It's been


an active race from the start. Activity as soon as the flag was


dropped as soon as they left Olympic Park in Stratford. Last year we had


quite a bunch finish, but not this year. I'm not sure if it's the


conditions. They were better last year but I think it is the power of


the other team. Coming here and taking it to everybody else.


Speaking to Steven Roache today, he said it doesn't always matter what


the route's like, it's how they race it. They've certainly given us an


animated race on the roads of London and Surrey today. Gilbert sitting up


momentarily. Clement having a look. The thing is they cannot ease back.


They can't start playing around. Cat and mouse. There's still under 30


kilometres to go. If they do this, they can be brought back. They till


have to keep the tempo up. It is going be the strongest man who wins


this race today. I wonder if someone is going to chance their arm perhaps


at Wimbledon and try to sneak away. Not much opportunity between now and


the finish perhaps. There has to be a lot of thinking for Caleb Ewan and


Ben Swift. With NetApp-Endura and BMC and Omega Pharma, they have two


riders in this front group of 11. Do they start the 1-2? Most of these


riders can sprint. Alaphilippe and Steegmans, Thwaites and Bennett and


Vlieegen and Gilbert, all of them can sprint. They have to keep the


pressure on. We are heading for a fantastic finish. A decent-sized


crowd in London. 1 minute and 31 seconds is the gap. It has stayed


steady for some time. Swift with Thwaites on his wheel. Interesting


that he is emptying his bottle. It is getting serious when you see a


required get rid of a little bit of water. Those little things, mental


edges that they get from emptying half a bottle or less of water


before the sprint. It shows you that the pressure is on. All 11 ride


verse no place to hide. I think there's a lot of mental games that


come into place at this point in the race. They want to give themselves


some confidence, because they've got to believe that they can do it.


They've got to mentally switch on and say okay, now it's the business


end of the race. I can't afford to switch off for a second. Julian


Alaphilippe, another turn at the front. It's a good selection here. A


wave of water coming off one of the lead cars. Ben Swift shaking his


head. He's not happy about something. A lot of fans want him to


pull off the win here today. He came close in the national road race


championship. He was in second place. Philippe Gilbert, a big win


for him this year, the Amstell Gold Race. So many classics under his


race. He had a difficult period a couple of years ago. Ago. He


eventually won the Welt we are. That relieved a... He eventually won the


Welter. Having moved teams and going to BMC, the winds dried up.


Conditions are far calmer than they were earlier today. There's still a


fair breeze from the left-hand side. There is no let-up. Everyone has to


do their turn at the front. You will see the 25 kilometres go and they


will know that it is 25 kilometres still to go. When the boards start


ticking down, 20, 15, 10, they know they've been in a race today. It's


been hard. There's pressure on Ben Swift to deliver today. Today.


Talking about pressure, a few riders, the lead riders in their


team, but Caleb Ewan has nothing to lose. He must be thriving being with


some big names. The headwind will suit him, as he's so small. Is you


would have to put your money on him for an outside chance of the win.


The sun shines on Kingston. The race winds its way back up towards


London, central London, and the finish on The Mall. Kingston is one


of the key points in the time trial in the Olympic Games. Won by Bradley


Wiggins on that wonderful day in the summer of 2012.


S are the leading riders. Just a few seconds knocked off their lead.


Steegmans bring up the rear. Of the two, do you feel Steegmans would be


the favoured rider over Alaphilippe, or knoll necessarily? Knoll


necessarily. Not necessarily. Alaphilippe can sprint. Looking at


this front group, I can only think that Belkin's Clement and


Cannondale's Coren are the only two riders thinking they've got to


attack. Everybody else has an position. Position. Has an option.


Ewan doesn't have the experience. I would love to try and see him win.


This youngster, he said this morning that he doesn't really care what the


weather is like, he's riding his first race for a team and he want to


go out and race. What an impact he's made. Whatever happens, he's made


his presence felt. He's number 65. Adam Blythe is riding on the front.


Looks like he's been down a mine. No place to hide in this race this


year. A good 11 man break. There was 12 riders. The climb of Box Hill


meant that we lost Zakk Dempster. There's still two riders capable of


winning, from NetApp-Endura, and Sam Bennett, the Irishman. Bennett is


certainly a man to watch as we head towards the finish. Riders need good


head as well as good legs. You need to use your intelligence,


particularly if people start to attack. You can't chase everything.


You've only got so much energy that you can use up and you need to try


and work out which things are worth chasing and which aren't. There's a


lot of mistakes made in the past that. Experience will shine through.


You have to keep on riding. In this 11 man group there is no place to


hide. You are expected the attacks to come. There are gaps appearing.


A bit of a split appearing in the lead group. Julian Alaphilippe is


putting the pressure on and Clement is trying to take his wheel.


Philippe Gilbert is there. The Bennett is hanging on to their coat


tails. One of the fastest sprinters. He can't be brought to the finish by


your team-mate, you have to sprint. He looks like he fancies it,


Alaphilippe. Testing the legs of everybody else. Adam Blythe is


second in line. Ben Swift for Sky. They've started messing about ever


so slightly. The time gap is coming down, 1: 14. He wants to win this


race today. They have to keep the pressure on. They've got to keep


going, with 20 K still to go, that minute and 13 could come down


rapidly if they mess around. That's right. They need to co-operate long


fer they want to be in this race for the win. If they have good legs,


they tend to have the attitude that they are going to be on everything.


Every time someone move. But if your legs aren't good, you start to began


and rely on other people to do the chase. Looks like Philippe Gilbert


wants to get to the finish with his small group. Doesn't want to be


caught. Philippe Gilbert going for it. That was Caleb Ewan on his wheel


for a moment. Ewan starts to look tired on the other side of the road.


Gilbert looks behind. Ewan is one rider that Gilbert will want to get


rid of. No place to hide. They have to keep the pressure on. He needs to


keep going, to keep the pressure on. Unfortunately Cannondale are now


having core no-one the breakaway chasing to go up this front group.


That initial move from that really hurt the legends of one or two of


them in that break was instigated by Philippe Gilbert, the 2012 world


road race champion. A good situation for Adam Blythe on the left-hand


side. Gilbert, Swift and Alaphilippe and Blythe. In the back is


Cannondale rider, Coren. On the back foot now is NetApp-Endura. They had


three riders in the 12 man group. Lost Dempster and now Thwaites and


Bennett have to shut this down. They've got to climb up through


Wimbledon as they head towards the river. Alaphilippe on Blythe's


wheel. This is a significant gap. Gap. We now have only five riders


from the original. Philippe Gilbert wants to take this to everybody.


Absolutely. Core season having to hang in there. Hasn't got the wheel


of Blythe in front of him. Alaphilippe Sal the rider, number


31, at the back of this selection. This is the fracturing of the lead


group. 12 became 11 and is now down to a core group of five.


black jersey with the red helmet, this is Christian Corrin, --


Kristijan Koren for Cannondale. Gilbert wants to make this stage. He


wants a race, he looks one of the strongest. He looks in good shape.


He was not in the Tour de France but he has come here to RideLondon. He


will no Adam Blythe. They were team-mates over the last couple of


years. He will want to come into The Mall on his own. I think it is still


too early today. They have ridden a long way today, they have gone


through a lot and they want every chance. It is not a small bike race


and they have in their minds that this is important of the team, you


don't put this effort in to make any mistakes. Great to see a rider of


the quality of Philippe Gilbert on British roads they sing so hard. For


those perhaps not so familiar with him, three times he has won the


Amstel Gold, twice Lombardy, they are major one-day Classics. VH


Bastogne Li?ge, five stages of the Tour of Spain, flesh baloney, San


Sebastian, stage of the France, he has had the yellow jersey and


rainbow jersey of world champion, he is a major player and Heery is in


this group of five. -- here he is. Adam Blythe cannot wear the national


circuit race champion because this is a road race. In the women's Grand


Prix he would been able to wear the jersey. Probably does not get to


where it very often. That is why you see it very often in the domestic


criteriums. This is the second group, Topsport Vlaanderen and


Cannondale. Then you have riders from Wanty-Groupe Gobert in blue.


They are not being given too much rope but I think there are stronger


riders at the front. The front of the peloton not giving up the chase,


a few more joining in now. Only just over 16 km to go. Ben Swift just


having a quick gel. As Coro rides on the front. Gilbert is never far from


the front. He is really the driving force. One of the experienced


riders, Ben Swift just taking some nutrition on. Very important.


Concentrating the whole time. These five riders still doing what they


can. Some of the cars behind, this gap opening up now possibly the over


30 seconds to the second group on the road, those with the riders in


the original breakaway. Ben Swift having a look behind. The riders to


me look like they are in Wimbledon now, they are going up the hill.


Gilbert will try to put the pressure on again. Coro also coming to the


front. Alaphilippe still looking comfortable in third place. Ben


Swift Abba backpedalling away, trying to save every bit of energy.


-- at the back, pedalling away. Gilbert using a bigger gear. Ben


Swift trying to save as much as he can. He certainly looks comfortable.


If you look at his facial expressions compared to Gilbert.


Looks like he could be in pain. He said he was a little unsure of his


form. There goes the move, we expected that. Philippe Gilbert,


this is the climb he likes, really dishing it out now. It was not about


the spring, it is about gaining ground. And escape from the others


and hope they decided to look at each other but Alaphilippe looks as


if he is up for the challenge and he is trying to close the gap and


potentially bring the others back. Although he has a little gap in


cell. This is fantastic racing, Philippe Gilbert on the attack.


Simply one of the last launch pad, he knows he can bring Ben Swift to


the finish. Ben Swift is now stuck with Adam Blythe and Coro but these


are two of the strongest riders. Not and a wink from Alaphilippe, let's


go, we can keep them at bay. These are the cards Gilbert has the play.


Ben Swift did not react, he wanted help, flicking his shoulder. If he


had the legs he would have done it. He just could not go. Strong move.


Gilbert will be happy it was Alaphilippe to decided to join him.


He was lucky Alaphilippe decided to come on his own. Tandem in front,


two very strong riders, Frenchman and a Belgian, they will want to


ride the whole way. They do not want swift Adam Blythe at the finish with


them. Both of them grimacing, trying to increase this advantage. From 11,


down to five, down to two now, both of them giving 100%. Heading


alongside Putney Heath, they will be heading down into the centre of


Putney shortly, then over the bridge. That is the All-England


Club. Not quite on the route, but not far away. Interesting to see


when Philippe Joubert made his move, he put everything into the


move, had a look behind him and it looked like he had another gear. He


just kicked again. Interesting to note how much positive reinforcement


they get when they look behind and see the little gap. The chase is not


easy now. They made the gap on the small incline but as you said, the


gap is still holding. It can only be five or ten seconds. Who is going to


crack first? It is very animated. Still nothing in it. Turning into a


really good race. That is the cab, foreshortened a little bit by the


cameras of course. -- the gap. Gilbert really going for it. He


knows this is his only real chance. It is Ben Swift doing a lot of the


work on the front for the other three. He looks to be dragging them


back, Adam Blythe with him, they know that they have to come back to


the tomb in front of Alaphilippe and Philippe Gilbert. -- the duo in


front. Koren catching flies, we are now back at the front of the peloton


as Cannondale are at the front. I do not think there will be a chance for


contest the sprint. This is the chase as they tried to get back to


the leading two, they are closing the gap all the time almost with


every revolution of the pedals. That was probably one of the last launch


pad 's Wimbledon. The Team Sky car behind looking to see the gap,


willing Ben Swift on. It is three against two. The trio looking like


they are getting close. They have to work together, Swift has to make


sure he does not burn his matches. He cannot even think about that, he


has to get back to the front. He might be one of the best sprinters


in the world that you have to get back to these two in front.


Otherwise you are raising the word place. They are all racing really


hard. The front two to stay away, these three to get back. Everybody


going full gas, then it will come down to who has the guts, who really


wants it. And Swift again taking something on board. It goes to show


the effort they are putting in, and gap down to the peloton being led by


six riders. When they started to attack and push hard at the front,


the gap is going up to 1:40. Absolutely motoring along as you say


to keep the peloton at bay and increased the advantage, just a few


kilometres ago. They begin the descent now, down into the centre of


Putney, they have almost bridged the gap. Just a shake of the legs from


Coro, maybe letting Blyth and Swift do the work, then go over the top?


This has been attack after attack. The strong man at the front, what


have they got left? You often see that when a rider just loitering at


the back, suddenly in the blink of an eye they shoot off. Interesting


to see how much Ben Swift had left once he got over that little pinch


of a kind, it looked like he had nothing with the move from Gilbert


but we must not underestimate the power filly Gilbert has when he


kicks. That can be intimidating but Ben Swift kept himself together. --


Philippe Gilbert. Something like that tells me he is not completely


spent. Down Putney high street now, the bridge has been closed, it shows


the level of importance to bike racing to the capital these days,


the Works enable the race to cross the bridge today. And here we go,


the venue for the start of the boat race every year. Coming up towards


the last ten kilometres now towards the line. It is all back to square


one, these five riders still have a lot to go for. It has been a very


difficult race, 193 km, the weather conditions have been harsh, Philippe


Gilbert still not finished, inside ten km. He will try again. Just has


to regroup and catch his breath for a moment. Then no doubt we will see


him at the front again between now and the finish. Just about half a


mile from Craven Cottage, then in the general direction of Stamford


Bridge. Swift having a look around, Alaphilippe in the predominantly


black jersey with the white helmet of Omega Pharma Quickstep. Team-mate


of Mark Cavendish, who, were it not for the crash in the Tour de France


in Harrogate, would have been taking part today. We look forward to


seeing him back in action very soon. Impressed by Alaphilippe, only 22.


He wrote for the development team of Omega Pharma Quickstep, and is


developed into the World Tour team. -- he rode. Gilbert making a move on


the left as we look back at the front of the peloton. Philippe


Gilbert trying to get to the back, front of the peloton. Philippe


he is waiting now to pounce. If the road goes slightly uphill. 100%


guaranteed Philippe Gilbert will be waiting to pounce. They will all be


thinking about that, all the various permutations between now and the


finish line. The problem is, Simon, in the last nine kilometres there is


not many inclines, it is this sort of flat, pretty much all the way in.


Again not many springboards for somebody like Gilbert. Mostly flat,


wide open boulevards. Still pretty breezy down there for the cyclist.


That was the great difficulty around St James' Park yesterday in the


women's Grand Prix, getting St James' Park yesterday in the


a circuit like this. Five riders taking their turn at the front. It


will be man against man. No other team-mates. When they had 11 riders,


three of them had team-mates but now it is man against man and they are


looking at each other. The game of poker is being played. Ben Swift has


the sort of scenario he probably would have wanted at the start. This


is perfect for Ben Swift, this is what Team Sky tried to do, putting


Ben Swift in a group of five towards the fence. Unfortunately, he


probably has Adam Blythe, at this stage I would say Swift is in the


best position, probably the strongest sprinter in this group. I


am not saying anything against Adam Blythe, but Adam Blythe has not had


World Tour racing this year. He might be missing that we bit of


strength. Adam Blythe, really good ride today. Philippe Gilbert


instigated the attack out of Wimbledon. Could not quite force a


gap, and Julian Alaphilippe went with them. They were finally hauled


back on the hill down into Putney. Is anybody going to make a move in


these closing kilometres? Less than seven remaining now. The group


behind about 60 seconds behind, behind this group of five. Led by


Adam Blythe. seconds, it can be snaffled up


easily. This is the point where we start to see the cat and mouse. As a


sprinter the best advices was given is if you are inside that 10


kilometres you can't take anything for chance or rely on anything, and


put yourself in position to take the win. This group will go up


Parliament Square and Whitehall and then Admiralty Arch and then the


sprint to the finish. One of those five riders down there will win this


race. A race race won 12 months ago... This is the race I like,


where teams and riders take it by the scruff of the neck. Team Sky, I


thought, what are they doing? They are trying to put Ben Smith in a


small group. He knows that Viviani is probably probably past faster.


Team Sky have got what they wanted. Can Ben Smith deliver? It is Blythe


on the front. 51 seconds the gaffe. Still they have to press on, 51


seconds the gap. Still they have to press on. No time to spend too much


time looking at each other. I think it is game over for everybody else.


As you rightly said, the winner is going to come from this front group


of five. I have noticed that Steegmans is not there. Thwaites and


Ewan still in there. A great ride from the 20-year-old. Four riders at


50 seconds. Not enough to come back to the front of this race, so


Gilbert has to think how can I get rid of probably the fastest


sprinters in this group, Ben Smith and Adam Blythe? Still no activity.


Gilbert looking impatient. They are team-mates so he knows that Adam


Blythe can sprint, and Ben Smith. Smith. Alaphilippe can finish well.


We are inside the last five kilometres and Gilbert will be


thinking, how can I win in race? Battersea Power Station on the other


side of the river. That means they are getting closer and closer


towards what could be a spectacular finish. No-one is chancing their arm


in the last few kilometres, not since Wimbledon. Here is the chasing


group. Bennett on the front of that group, but three quarters of a


minute behind and this is where they were all looking at each other. They


really need their wits about them. All those riders need their eyes in


the back of their heads. They'll be anxious and nervous about what might


come from Gilbert at the back. This is more like a track race. Gilbert


is thinking, waiting, remaining patient. He knows everybody will be


thinking, the when is he going to attack. And who is going to be the


first to lead the chase, to take the win? Who is going to try to lead the


rest of them back up if he is able to get a jump on everybody else.


Gilbert at the front. Front. Kristijan Koren second in line. I


think at this point, very intriguing. Clement, Bennett and


Vllegen. Now we are left with five riders.


Gilbert is the one they are all looking at here. Three-and-a-half


kilometres to go. Gilbert doing his turn on the front. Riding strongly.


He's got a busy programme, which Lynn include the Welter a few weeks.


A few weeks ahead. Who is going to be the second winner of RideLondon?


Last year it was a Frenchman. Finished with a big group but


Gilbert is starting to fin Tess. Adam Blythe on the left-hand side.


Swift shuts them down. Waiting for Gilbert to pounce. Starting to


finesse. The finish line looks so inviting but you need to time that


well. The sprint at the end. Alaphilippe is having a little look.


St James's Park in the distance, as the race heads for the Palace of


Westminster and through Parliament Square. So many cyclists have been


able to ride on the closed roads of central London this weekend. 25,000


earlier today. This is the turn of the professionals now and one of


these five is going to win the big race, the classic at RideLondon.


Gilbert on the front, Kristijan Koren, the Slovenian rider in the


green. Then it is Julian Alaphilippe, from Omega Pharma. Ben


Swift for Sky, and for NFTO, the British team coming in this year,


Adam Blythe, in the black with red and white stripes. 147 riders


PROBLEM WITH SOUND NFTO made their debut this year on the British


domestic scene. They've won quite a lot of the Criterions and the road


races as well. If they can nail this, what a story that would be.


Blythe is the British closed circuit champion. He won that in Hull in a


thrilling sprint, beating Chris Opie, the Cornishman, who was close.


One kilometre to go. We are getting very close now to the administratery


arch. They are coming up to Trafalgar Square square. Who is


going to take this. It is Koren. Kristijan Koren of Cannondale.


27-year-old. Is he going to be the first to go round Trafalgar Square


and line up through Admiralty Arch? Nobody wants to lead it out.


Philippe Gilbert. At the back with the element of surprise is Adam


Blythe. Koren is dangling off the front. The crowd are giving generous


support. Gilbert nicely position ?. There it is Trafalgar Square. They


are swinging left under Admiralty Arch and it is the run to the line.


On the front it is Koren of Cannondale. In second place is


Philippe Gilbert. Third is Julian Alaphilippe. At the back is Swift


and Blythe. Who is going to make the move? They are under Admiralty Arch.


They are beginning to flecks their mucksles. Who wants this the most?


Koren is on the front, seconds is Philippe Gilbert. Julian Alaphilippe


is in third plates. Place. At the back it is Adam Blythe. Blythe goes


for it first! Blythe launches the attack. He's established an


advantage. Blythe being chased down by Ben Smith. The two British ride


rehearse at the front. Blythe is going going to take it on the line.


Swift is second and third is Julian Alaphilippe. A brace of British men.


A brace of Yorkshiremen. Great victory for Blythe. Second is Ben


Swift. The rest of the riders, a big bunch. Russell Downing on the front.


Coming in to take the sprint for the next group. Russell Downing.


Challenged by Viviani. Viviani on the left of Cannondale. Viviani gets


ahead of Russing Downing. They are the two to cross the line first in


the peloton. What a story that is. Well done Adam Blythe. I am so, so


please for you. Only a few months ago I said concentrate on the big


international races. He's done his chances of a place on the World Tour


no harm. Congratulations for Adam Blythe. What a ride for him. Just


before one to. After we've seen these British-based teams fighting


it out, but Adam Blythe won the race. Took it from the back of the


group. The element of surprise. The jump, that distanced himself from


the rest. Swift thought, I'm never going to close that down. Blythe


knows he's got the victory. Swift closing down for second place.


Alaphilippe in third and Gilbert having to settle for fourth in the


end. Right at the back it was Kristijan Koren. But it was a


superbly timed effort by Adam Blythe to give him the privilegesous


victory. A stellar performance by Blythe. He did everything right for


any young kids getting into road racing, once he launched his sprint


he gave it everything. The sprint finish isn't the place to pace


yourself. You've got to get up to maximum speed, hopes that nobody


gets on your wheel or passes you. Great Britain, top two positions on


the podium. Two lads from Yorkshire as well. There he is, what a battle


that was. Blythe, with that superb injection of pace, got clear. And


Russell Downing got second in the bunched sprint. What a race.


Encrusted with drama and action throughout.


It was all about this man today, Adam Blythe at NFTO. Still a young


rider, with so much left to give to this sport. . It's been a good day


for the British. We are waiting for it to be confirmed, but they may


well have swept up all the top awards on offer today. It has been a


good day for the British. We didn't win the Olympics, Mark Cavendish had


so much expectation from the crowd. It wasn't to be for him. Last year a


Frenchman winning. A one and two today. Russell Downing in position.


Position. Sam Bennett giving the Irish something to cheer about in


six. We were expecting a bunched sprint but in the end it came down


to a group of five. That's the first time I've called a race with you


with. Your knowledge is first rate. And I enjoyed calling it with but.


Thank you. We were saying earlier that rider, when he is on form, he's


unbeatable. Yes. He had his past share of form in the past. Perhaps


his talent belies how many results he's got. He could be a lot better


and he's tweeted that he is disappointed of the to be competing


in the Commonwealth Games. When he was younger he was part of the


academy based in Italy. Decided to go to Belgium and turn pro from


there. Here's a chance to look at the


closing stages of the sprint. They were fin Tessing and it was Koren,


they were finessing, and it was Koren at the front. Riders at the


back have the element of surprise. This is where it happened. Blythe


measured his earliest perfectly. He's got that super jump. The line


getting quicker and quicker. Swift trying to get into the back wheel of


Blythe but it didn't happen. What a victory. Look at the teeth, clenched


and the first as well. It was a superb sprint behind as well from


the rest of the group. happy with their job. Shame Ben


Swift could not finish it off for them but nevertheless, they did


everything right. Luke Rowe, Alessandro Petacchi also their part


of that group. Spectators will still like to see their heroes such as


Bradley Wiggins, Petacchi, the other big names. Of course many children


and kids looking to become professional in the future, great


for me and I'm sure you personally to see such an interest in cycling


these days in Britain and let's hope these kids start to look up to these


guys and emulate them in the future. My children are in the


grandstand a few metres the way, there were some pictures from my


wife Lorraine and it looked like they were enjoying proceedings. It


has taken a meteoric rise, elevated out there, I go out on a bike ride


on a Saturday morning and I would see one or two but now I see groups


and groups. And also you do not get looked at as an alien if you wear


Lycra in a cafe. Especially in the Surrey Hills, if you go out from


here at the weekend it has changed. Even in the last five years. When I


moved away in 2009 there were some riders but now I have come back and


you see six or seven bunches of 20 or 30 riders. Quite incredible. I


remember when I used to write, I can just about remember, I used to get


comments like "get off and milk it". Adam Commens congratulations, you


look like you have been in a cyclo-cross. Bad weather on the


small roads, great and gravel. -- grid. So over the moon with the


result, could not be more thrilled. Great win for you, perfectly timed


sprint. I knew Ben, I have grown up with him, I knew what he would like.


With the headwind I could get next to the barriers and hit him early.


Just had enough speed. Proper chuffed. When you saw the final


selection five you must have been confident? Bit nervous, I was


cramping up a bit towards the end but when we hit one kilometre to go


I thought it was game on. I could not be more happy than I am. Great.


The people here in the mall, great to see British riders sprinting for


the finish. Quite special for me with Ben, grown up with him, nice


that we were there. Spent a lot of time apart but great that we could


be there at the final. Really good day. In career terms this is a big


win? Definitely a stepping stone. Hopefully something could happen, we


will see what happens. A big statement anyway. Well done.


COMMENTATOR: Very happy man, Adam Blythe, who wouldn't be? The union


flag flying proudly. This morning that would have been absolutely out


direct with the wind. Just dropping off a little bits now. Magnificent


view across London. What a place to do a raise, and also to do a


sportif. I can see why so many thousands came out this morning


despite the weather. Some highlights now of the race today. That was the


bunch rolling out this morning. The conditions were quite good after the


heavy rain. The sun was beaming out of the sky. Some happy moments as


they rolled away but as soon as the chequered flag was pulled in, which


meant the race was on, action started. They were eager to get


away. Evidence of water all over the road, it was Richmond Park where the


first serious fracture occurred when this little group got away. Started


by the rider from La Pomme Marseille, Thomas, quickly joined by


five others including the British riders Steve Lampier Vella shortly


went on to good things later on. There were crashes because of the


greasy conditions, glacial under the wheels. Then the King of the


Mountains competition. It was quickly obvious that Steve Lampier,


the British rider from Vella Shaw, wanted to get some points and take


away one of those crowns. Also in the sprint competition as well other


were scooping up points. And the group got away, at one point, they


had three minutes advantage but slowly they were hauled back in. The


field is depleted. Ian Stannard did a lot of damage in this main bunch,


this race was centred on the Surrey Hills, lots of ups and downs the


Surrey Hills, lots of ups and downs to contentment. Eventually he was


the one who brought the remnants of the early breakaway back the


client. As we started to get towards Dorking for the final time, this


group started to form. It was through the impetus of the attack by


Philippe Gilbert, that was really the defining moment. That group


shared one or two riders and it was the team of Cannondale that was


trying to close them down to set up their sprinter, Viviani. It was not


to become of this group went further away. Up Box Hill, the most famous


climb on the route. You can see the route behind chasing them but at


this point the gap was about one minute. This is where Philippe


Gilbert made the first of what proved to be a number of moves.


Trademark attack by Gilbert, noted for that kind of move. Of course


that caused 11 riders to splinter. Then once again Gilbert decided he


was going to thin the group down further. Caleb Ewan, the young


Australian, went with him and eventually five riders joined up.


Philippe Gilbert again went on one of these small rises, which he had


to negotiate. Relatively flat run but certainly took maximum points


through the sprint despite the competition being won by Steve


Lampier. For a time Gilbert drawing Alaphilippe from Omega Pharma


Quickstep clear but then the remaining three, including Blyth and


Ben Swift, managed to get back. As they approached the finish it was


the Slovenian, Coro, who was left in the invidious position of leading


the group. Adam Blythe, one of two Yorkshireman there, with the element


of surprise, he used it to absolute perfection, jumped past the group,


instance to himself and his nearest challenger Ben Swift, as the line


got nearer the smile spread broader across his face, it was a victory


for Adam Blythe. With Ben Swift second. In third place was Julian


Alaphilippe. Another chance to look at it. That was four lengths easily


established with that job by Adam Blythe. Crossing the line to take


the victory. The wind was coming from the right, he immediately


darted through the barriers, not giving any shelter for the guys


behind. He had time to sit out. -- sit up. Some technical problems, we


are back with you now. No such problems with Adam Blythe, what a


brilliant ride. Totally unexpected result, really. It was a great race,


you are not have picked Adam Blythe but coming into the finish he had


the legs. Chris, you said, watch out for him. He was riding the BMC last


year with Philippe Joubert, he has quality. It is a good gallop and he


knows Gilbert very well. Very canny rider, he was doing just enough. You


could see with his body language she was really sharp. At the finish he


got the jump on Ben Swift. He really overworked, Swift. I think Adam


Blythe was the best man in the race. -- he was really sharp. In the last


20 km Ben Swift was following every move. There were times he looked


like he was in trouble. Then he got composed. Coming into the finish it


is very much about the mental game. Maybe bluffing. I would not like to


come into a sprint with so many big names,


come into a sprint with so many big without knowing their legs. Probably


it was difficult to judge but Adam Blythe had control from the back and


when you have controlled the result comes. It was a very honest sprint


and even if he got jumped he had the legs. We talked about Sir Bradley


Wiggins at the start, he was very prominent helping chase down the


break with Ian Stannard. But then when the second break went Team Sky


got a bit lost. They may have hoped for more people to get in the break.


Ben Swift was still their best card, having him in the breakaway, they


will be happy with that. Probably wanted it to be a bit smaller. Their


job was done quite early on. Ben Swift, he really wanted it. He


desperately tried to keep it together almost single-handedly.


That was clear to the others. Gilbert wrote strongly, but you


could see he was not race sharp, so I think the crosswinds today with


these narrow roads, that made the race split up so early on. I'm


really dramatic racing. Any there is only room for three or four in the.


Gilbert certainly animated it in the closing stages knowing that he was


not really going to be in contention in a sprint. Yes, he had to do what


he had to do. He definitely played his cards right, did everything he


could. This move really hurt. He got some confidence but they did not


give up behind him. He and Alaphilippe got away, but then Ben


Swift and Blyth and Coro came back. Alaphilippe said, shall we work


together? Gilbert said OK, that is great for me. He was only under 23


last year, this was a big deal for him, real opportunity. Both of them


very oriented but there was a big commitment behind. Ben Swift doing


the majority of the work. We can look back to the finish again, Adam


Blythe really called them out. He talked in his interview about the


crosshead when. Bought them by surprise. -- he called them by


surprise. I think mainly he set them up beautifully from the back. Under


the arch he was on the back and when he went for the long sprint he


utterly committed to it. Everybody else thought there would be another


second before it started to kick off and he just caught them out. But he


had the legs. Clearly the strongest two. Totally committed, Adam Blythe.


No looking back even though it was a long sprint. Talking, former


colleague of mine, Magnus Baxter, he said Adam Blythe is the dark horse.


-- Magnus Backstedt. He made the move and went away from Ben Swift,


definitely had the legs. Double disappointment for Ben Swift, he


lost out to Peter Kennaugh in the National 's a few weeks ago. Perhaps


that is why he overworked it today, he desperately wanted to make it


happen. They're easy for me to cast judgement here, but he knew he had


the legs and he was the one who would have to keep it together


because everybody knew he had the legs. He was forced into that


position. Adam Blythe always the person to take the benefit. As a


race, this lived up to its billing, we expected a sprint but the way


they made the changes, then with the weather conditions it was


outstanding. Absolutely, it was a world-class race, all of the big


names there at the finish. This could have been anywhere in the


world. I think the fans were pleased and delighted to see a finish like


that. With the big name in there, Ben Swift, but seeing the best man


win is always delightful. This is a look at the results caption, just to


confirm what has happened. Confirmation of the victory for Adam


Blythe with Ben Swift beaten into second place in the sprint,


excellent ride from Julian Alaphilippe, the 22-year-old from oh


Omega Pharma - Quick-Step. There is the winner, Adam Blythe. Important


win for him in his career, as we mentioned before, he has shown


glimpses of his talent but can he build on this question this is the


key? His goal has to be the Torah Britain after this, riding for a


third division British team, difficult to get in big races.


Philip Shaw there, coming back here, he will then go to the Tour


Spain. Adam Blythe will remain in the UK build-up towards the Torah


Britain and hopefully try to get in there. The last group in the race,


coming in now, some considerable time after the winner.


that, was hard today. It was really hard. With the weather it was like


we had done a mountain bike race. We knew it was coming, so we knew what


we had in store. It was hard out there today. You had to use a lot of


energy getting back to Gilbert in Wimbledon? Yes, we didn't panic. We


bound our time and worked it, whatever. I've got to thank my team


100% today. They were brilliant. Stannard, doing the turns that he


did, and then Boswell. Once we were down to only a few men left, some of


the teams took off then. You came through Admiralty Arch, the five of


you. You were looking at each other but Adam got a great jump didn't he?


Yes, I was wary of Adam in the finish. I was watching him and


trying to keep an eye on the guys in front of us. We got ourselves into a


perfect position and I knew he was following me. As soon as I looked


forward, that's when he went and we held the gap to the line. And great


to see two British riders coming up The Mall contesting that sprint.


Definitely. I'm super happy for Adam. I've beeneration against him


since, I've been racing against him for five or six years old. There was


a lot of standing water on the roads, which made it dangerous. I


think there was quite a few crashes, but my team looked after me


brilliantly. I don't think I ever left the top ten all day. Second on


the podium. Will you settle for that today? Yeah, are I'll have to won't


I? I would have loved to win, but coming off the back of Poland, where


I had bad luck, it is looking good. I had a break and hopefully I can


build on this and keep going forward. Thank you Ben. Thank you.


Another great ride from Ben Swift. We can go straight to the


presentation now. And there is the rider who finished third today,


Julian Alaphilippe. I think Mark Renshaw was going to be their


designated rider today but Alaphilippe got himself into that


decisive 12 man breakaway. Alaphilippe proving to be the


strongest of the pair of them. The crowd are waiting for the


announcement for second place on the day. Just as he was in the National


Championships. Ben Swift for Sky. Full of praise for the work done for


his team-mates today. The it was Sky who animated that middle part of the


race. Really shook the race up. It was great to see Ian Stannard in


particular on the front for so long. When the race hit Dorking, Stannard


coming back from injury, which has wrecked most of his season. Just


beat no-one that sprint as Adam Blythe got the jump on him. Two


riders who've known each other since they were youngsters. A great


reception for Ben Swift. All we need now is the man of the hour.


Last season he was racing for BMC. He's a team-mate of Philippe


Gilbert. Today he beat the world champion and everybody else. Back on


the doing scene and back with a bang, the national circuit place


champion is the winner of the Prudential RideLondon Surrey


classic. It was a sprint won in emphatic style. As they sped up The


Mall, he was loitering at the back of the group and he got the jump on


Swift, the one he was concerned about. We have a worthy winner from


what turned out to be a very good race here. Conditions less than


ideal in some respects but it all added to what we saw over the last


few hours it was a proper race. It was good race and it was won by Adam


Blythe. A great performance from Adam Blythe. I'm sure the teams will


be lining up to sign him up for a new contract. A very dramatic men's


race. It was an equally dramatic women's race yesterday evening, a


1.3 mile loop of St James's Park. A criterion as we call it.


We join it with one lap to go. Here we come from Horse Guards Parade


into The Mall once more and it is Emily Collins leading the way. The


figure of Mariana Vos stalking her movement Lizzie Armistead in fourth


place. Looks like Laura Trott in fifth place. What a final lap this


is going to be, as they take the bell. We've seen all the favourites


today doing all the work, the big names. But will we see one of the


riders we've not seen yet on the podium? The Australian having a last


dig. Looks like a good move. What a turn for place for Mullins as she


heads towards Buckingham Palace. Just gaining a bit of ground. It is


foreshortened by the camera angle but there can be no more than one or


two seconds at movements Mariana Vos. Lizzie Armistead has looked


comfortable all the way through. She showed her face at the front early


on. Every time anyone made a move, she's been there without having to


do too much work. This is an exciting finish. These are the best


riders in the world. They come to the UK for this race. This could be


taking place anywhere in the world. All the big names are there in the


front. Mull mines managing to hold the pace. Amy Roberts, a 19-year-old


from Wales. Amy Roberts off the front of the race in the very last


lap of this Grand Prix. She's going to be needing the gel just in place.


They are putting pressure on Vos and her team-mate. Lizzie Armistead


being very patient. What a sprint this is likely to be as they head


towards The Mall, Amy Roberts is leading the way. Not much in it.


Inside the last kilometre of the race. She is going to give it


everything she's got. You can sea her team-mate on the front. Vok can


probably win this race from here. Shep has to be the clear favourite.


Amy Roberts on the front. Roxanne leading the way. Eileen roue is


still in there. Giorgia Bronzini is there. Amy Roberts is dying a


thousand deaths in the lead. Coming through the centre is Lizzie


Armistead, but here comes the world champion. Vos hits the front.


Giorgia Bronzini tries to follow her wheel. Eileen Rowe in third place.


Giorgia Bronzini leading the way. It was so close! Such a close finish


there. Giorgia Bronzini from Italy, in a photo finish with Mariana


haves, the world champion as they all came hurtling down The Mall.


What a sprint for the line. That was an unbelievable sprint. Giorgia


Bronzini left a late run but Mariana Vos, we haven't got the call yet. A


photo finish. It looked like Giorgia Bronzini to me, not by much but I


think the Italian has snatched the victory there. We'll watch the


replacement Giorgia Bronzini twice the world road race champion. She


was watching the moves all the way. She was sticking on Michael Voss's


wheel. On Mariana Vos's wheel. And now here comes Bronzini. Has


Bronzini got the legs here? She had the speed as they came over the


line. It is Giorgia Bronzini who takes the victory by half a bike


length. That's a stunning win. Vos, when she normally hits the front,


that's the last anybody sees of her. But Giorgia Bronzini with one stage


win this year wins in London. That was a spectacular success. It was a


sprint timed to perfection. She was some distance back but it was all


about the timing of the sprint. And the timing for her was absolutely


right. It is not very often we see the world champion beaten but she's


been beaten here today. The not by much. Bronzini, the double world


champion, is the winner. Mariana Vos taking second place and Lizzie


Armistead in third, with Eileen Rowe in fourth and Laura trot in fifth


place. Just waiting for official confirmation of the result.


That was a beautifully timed sprint journaly. It was an amazing race.


I'm really excited, because the last time I was here in this place was


the Olympic Games and I was a little but the unlucky in that race. Today


really wanted to win in this beautiful city and I really want. A


very aggressive race from the beginning but your team worked hard


today. The I asked my team to show how the women cycling, we are full


of power and we have nothing less than a man. That I think was a


beautiful show for the people. People. They were so amazing and


that was really, really beautiful. And you've taken a couple of big


scalps here today. Yeah, sure. Enjoy that. Thank you very much indeed.


Thanks. Well done to Georgia Bronzini. You can expect to see her


figure in the road race championships in Spain on 20th


September. Is comprehensive coverage on BBC Sport.


Rochelle was particularly nervous because she's the owner and manager


of Wiggle honed daft. Your team did a great job for Georgia. Absolutely.


She is one of the few people who can beat Marianne Vos in a sprint. It


was a very strong team performance. Chris, a very aggressive race from


the start. It was attack after attack but nobody could get away. It


is very difficult on a circuit like this, where there's lots of riders


who aren't going to win in the sprint, so they've got to go. That's


what makes it interesting, the fact that people have got to keep trying.


Difficult with a flat circuit like this with flat foreigners. A great


attack on the last lap. Amy Roberts, a young rider with a lot of talent.


Really good to see Lizzie Armistead on the podium off the back of a


brilliant performance in the Games, taking your title. For her to come


into this race just a week after the Commonwealth Games is difficult.


She's going for the championships at the end of the season. After winning


a Commonwealth Games, it warrants a relaxing period and she took some


time off the bike for four days. To mentally releaks and to land on the


podium yesterday with that kind of field was impressive. We are coming


towards the end of the RideLondon weekend. It's been an amazing


celebration of everything to do with two wheels.


Some great images from the weekend. Rochelle and Chris, it's been a


tremendous success. It is amazing how something that only started last


year has gathered so much momentum. The free cycle was so much of my


weekend. It was an adrenaline rush to be out there on closed roads,


with so many people, families. A great atmosphere. You are a great


proponent of safer roads for cycling, getting more people on


bikes. It is great to see a political will to get this event to


I think there is. We saw Boris Johnson himself ride this last year,


which was quite a big deal to get round 100 years. That really is


putting your money where your mouth. Is if it is going to happen country


wide, it has to happen first first here. Event like this, look at the


amendment of people that want to participate. They are getting close


to 100,000 people riding bikes every weekend and it is here to stay. It


is great it is happening right outside Westminster. You are a great


proponent of women's cycling. That is a strong feature this weekend,


not least the Grand Prix. There's a great increase in participation from


female cyclists. There's so many women getting involved in the


support. It is lovely to see. There's a lot of things happening on


a professional level, encouraging people to get involved in cycling.


In terms of the ambition of this elite men's race to become a real


feature in the calendar, the race we saw today, Chris, will very much


help that. There's no getting around the fact, it's challenging and here,


because you haven't got big climbs to split the field up. We saw a


great race made in a different way. We had narrow roads and cross winds,


which helped animate the race. It has become an established part of


the calendar and hard-fought. There was a sprint but it was only a small


group. OK. Quick highlights before we go? That sprint was pretty


exciting. The highlight for me was the free cycle, being out there and


being a part of it. Chris? Definitely that as well. I'll be


bring my kids next year. Going out in the rain this morning was


exciting in a sick way. Thank you both.


What a stunning picture it is. We've had quite a weekend here in London.


The roads have been closed. They've been full of bikes, and we've seen a


classic race, with a one and two for Britain. And a one and two for


Yorkshire, with Adam Blythe taking the London-Surrey Classic. From all


of us, goodbye.


Two years on from the London Olympics, Ride London celebrates the Games' legacy as many of the world's best cyclists from 2012 return to race the specially-designed 100-mile course that starts at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and finishes at The Mall in central London.

Surrey's beautiful countryside, complete with several leg-testing and lung-bursting climbs, provide the ideal examination of a rider's talents but also a stunning backdrop for the race.

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