Women's Grand Prix Cycling

Women's Grand Prix

London's St James's Park is the venue for the Women's Pro Grand Prix, as cycling's elite female racers battle it out for supremacy. Featuring Olympic champion Laura Trott.

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A very good late Saturday afternoon to you from the finest finishing


line anywhere in the world. To the west, and Buckingham Palace and


Admiralty march to the East, again host the world-class sporting


action. A loop of St James' Park and it features two riders who have


history on this bit of tarmac, Marrianne Vos and Lizzie Armitstead.


They start the Olympic road race for women, heading down the Mall. Both


riders looking for the line, where is the gold medal going? Armitstead


gets silver behind Marrianne Vos. I am delighted to say the race is


better today that smack the weather is better today. And alongside me is


Rochelle Gilmore, former Commonwealth Games champion. And


your team are out there today, first of all, different race from 2012,


this is a loop, like a criterion. And also because the riders are hear


with their professional teams. --criterium four. This will be fast


and open. Marrianne Vos, the greatest ever? Without a doubt. So


inspirational to watch. She only has one team-mate today but you can


guarantee she will be riding into the ground. She makes racing so


exciting. She is the favourite but Lizzie Armitstead is in good form,


taking Commonwealth title. You were not riding, obviously, in Glasgow. A


great ride. Phenomenal, and at the Olympics she had such a perfect day,


but in the Commonwealth Games she got her timing right. A lot of


satisfied viewers and fans. In terms of her confidence, now she is a


champion, you might see an even better rider? I think so, she has


that title and she says it is easy to get carried away thinking


everybody is here to watch her. But I think we will see more relaxed


Lizzie, very approachable and laid-back. And let's not forget last


year 's champion, do we believe that Laura is riding for Georgia


Bronzini? She will have pressure, she also has a huge fan base in


London. She has the cards to play with team-mates like Georgia


Bronzini. They are ready to go, with Jill Douglas.


To the crowd they received a wonderful reception. Marrianne Vos


roundly wearing the rainbow jersey of world champion but here you one


new Olympic title a couple of years ago. How does it feel to be back? It


is two years ago and of course great to be back on the Mall, seeing


Buckingham Palace. Good memories of that Olympic gold. And a couple of


weeks ago you one on a very famous boulevard in Paris, what did mean to


add to that the night? Both iconic, historic landmarks, in the capital


of France and England. Definitely here lining up with these two


champions. Best of luck, we move on to Commonwealth champion Lizzie


Armitstead, from the pouring rain in Glasgow. And winning silver here in


the pouring rain, different weather today and a different race? Very


different race. I am here to have a lot of fun and enjoy the crowd.


Looking back on those days, a couple of years ago it was a wonderful


reception, it is special to ride on your home roads? Very special, as


well as Commonwealth Games champion I get to race in front of the Queens


house again. And a quick word with Laura, great to have you. What are


your faults into this one, how confident are you of retaining your


title? Not very, it is a completely different field. Obviously Marrianne


Vos and Lizzie have come as well as well as our sprinter, Georgia


Bronzini. It will be a race of getting one of our riders to the


line instead of just putting it on a specific person. Best of luck. 1.3


mile loop of St James' Park awaiting the riders and in the commentary box


we have Simon Brotherton. It should be fantastic.


Thank you, Jonathan, hello everybody. Almost ready to go with


this women's Grand Prix, 100 riders, the biggest ever assembled for a


circuit race in the United Kingdom and what a field, as you have just


seen, led by the world and Olympic champion Marrianne Vos. Lizzie


Armitstead fresh from the Commonwealth Games and Laura Trott,


who won this race last year. We also have the two-time world champion


Georgia Bronzini. Last year 's national circuit race champion


Hannah Barnes and this year 's champion Eileen Roe from Scotland.


Britain's most decorated female Paralympic, Sarah Storey, the


Australian Tiffany Cromwell, Roxanne Knetemann, team-mate of Marrianne


Vos, and look out for Katie Archibald, bronze medallist in the


Commonwealth Games points race and prominent in every other event she


was in. We have the setting, we have the field, all we need now is the


flag to drop and the race will be on. Roughly 45 minutes, in the


centre of London. Rather different conditions to that enjoyed by some


of the riders last weekend in Glasgow. Lizzie Armitstead there in


different colours today, those of her Boels Dolmans team, with the


orange sleeves in the middle of the picture. And I think that this field


will fairly rapidly be whittled down. HOOTER


Difficult circuit to escape on, fast and flats. No hills at all. But I


think with some of these riders, the best in the world, they will be


looking to make it difficult from the word go and we are expecting a


race here in which there are plenty of attacks as riders tried to see if


they can get away here in the late afternoon sunshine. Heading towards


Buckingham Palace now, the direction the mood takes them before a long


bird cage walk and the left hand is turning into horse guards and then


left, just before Admiralty arch, back into the Mall and the finish


halfway along the Mall. We have our first attack of the race few hundred


yards after the start. That is what we predicted, very exciting race. It


is flat and fast and fast and does not lend itself to breakaways, but


with the atmosphere, so many people cheering them on, I think the


motivation of these riders to attack will be very high. Is there a change


in professional women's cycling this you, we had the women's Tour in the


UK in May, resounding success. Even more successful than the organisers


figured it might be. And also with Marrianne Vos, La Course on the same


afternoon as the finish of the Tour de France on the Shanxi Lee's a --


Champs. Even the athletes were overwhelmed with the attention from


the media and fans, very successful event, and a couple of weeks ago,


the women's Tour de France event, La Course, another huge moment for


women's cycling. The riders make the left-hand turn into horse guards


Road. The team-mate of Marrianne Vos on the front, Roxanne Knetemann, she


has a big task because Marrianne Vos has flown in with only one


team-mate. The likes of Wiggle Honda have plenty of numbers today. Big


task. Roxanne Knetemann moving to the fund. Saying we will take


control from the start. If there is one rider who does not need help, it


will be the world champion. She never turns up to a race just to


make an appearance. You are right, they only have two but they have the


ambition to win and Marianne Vos is still the one to beat. Everybody


asking, how can we beat Marianne Vos? If she comes she wants to win.


It is up to the teams to figure out a way to beat her. In the black


jerseys with purple on, Sarah Storey and Katie Archibald leading the way


for Pearl Izumi. Hayley Jones as well. A number of their riders


prominence towards the front of the peloton. We were looking forward to


seeing Katie Archibald today but she has had to withdraw, she had a


wisdom tooth removed on Tuesday and has not been able to recover in time


so not in condition to race today. Sarah Storey is there today,


representing the Pearl Izumi sports Tours International team. Still


settling down here in the early stages. Very busy day on the Mall,


around 50,000 people taking part in the free cycle. Riders still coming


through up to an hour before the start of this race. Wonderful


atmosphere on the roads. If you live in London, quite something to be


riding an empty roads, past the iconic sites. You were out? I got to


experience that this morning, thousands of cyclists on closed


roads, young kids, just families getting together and enjoying it.


Personally it was quite an experience. I could not comprehend


what it was but to get out there shoulder to shoulder with young


children, families, listening to their conversations, it was quite a


buzz. How will the top riders approach this? Is it slow and steady


whittling down? I think it will be an exciting attacking race. It is


quite calm at the moment. This race is quite short, it is fast and open


and a lot of riders do not want a sprint because that is where


Marianne Vos has the biggest advantage. It is all about trying to


beat her now she has come here with purpose. We see her on the attack,


very smart riding to take control and say, I am here to play the game.


The race are now, Marianne Vos just a few minutes in, signalling her


intent on this brief visit to London. Taking the race by the


scruff of the neck and very quickly you will see its strings the race


out. They will be in a long thin line behind her. Chasing the world


champion. This is why she is so popular, she animates every single


race. She won an La Course on the Champs a couple of weeks ago. She


had to work very hard for that, she only just one, but then this weekend


she won the World Cup in Germany, she is in good form. He has been


racing in Holland in the criteriums. These are exciting


riders, Lizzie Armitstead winning the Commonwealth Games road race a


week ago. Armitstead just firing off the front, she was chased in media


to lay by Nicola Juniper from Echelon Roto. Straight onto the


wheel. Two of the three biggest names on the front in the first


couple of laps. In the sunshine. A good move from Armitstead, she is


here without any team-mate. Really brave thing at such a big race


against really big teams, she just wants to have fun today. So is she


just showing her face of the crowd can see her? She definitely wants to


instigate something. Because she has outnumbered she wants a small group


at the finish. Rather than in a big bunch by herself. This is Tiffany


Cromwell for Specialized Lululemon. Also was in the com wrath games for


Australia. Strong road rider, just missed out on a medal in Glasgow.


Top ten finishes in classic races this year, ninth in the Tour of


Flanders. Such a close friend for the bronze medal last week. She will


be devastated. She asked to see the photo finish her she must have


thought it was close. With the South African. She will be disappointed to


have missed out. It was the right decision but only by millimetres.


Such a close race. Considerably less than the width of a tie between the


pair of them. Tiffany Cromwell from Australia. -- tyre. Wiggle Honda


wants to close things down now the Laura Trott. I think that is United


Healthcare. It looks like Hannah Barnes on the front two was the


national circuit champion last year, just beaten on the line by Laura


Trott in the sprint. Barnes Road for England in the Commonwealth Games


last week and did a good job in the early part of the race, the first


half in particular, marking some of the early moves on behalf of Lizzie


Armitstead. Both she and Lucy Garner filled the role very well. Hannah


Barnes dominated the domestic season and couple of years ago before she


signed for United Healthcare in the states. There was a big question


over whether she would make the transition from being dominant on


the domestic scene to being a great international cyclist but the


Commonwealth Games performance for Lizzie Armitstead has made people


stand up and take notice. She has a huge future on the road. A very


mature idea even though she is just 21, Hannah Barnes. A big year for


her, based in the US, had a big win early season in Argentina. She has


come on a bundle. A little breakaway group, now. That attack was not the


show, because she has put pressure on people. She has split up the


bunch, managed to pull it away. She looks like she has the national


criterium Champion. Eileen Roe on her wheel, the 24-year-old from


Fife, in the white jersey and Hannah Barnes in the blue and white in the


centre. Great to see Hannah Barnes going on the attack, also because


she is known as a sprinter and she is really applying the pressure.


This is Eileen Roe, the national champion. There she is. Not fully


committed to the move, having a look around to see who is there.


Interesting, she gets to where the national champion's jersey because


it is the criterium, rather than a road race, otherwise we would see


Laura Trott, who recently won the national championship road race,


wearing bee stripes. But Eileen Roe is doing the stripes proud. This


race has come in a busy period. There is an important race in the


winning's calendar as soon as tomorrow. The roots deep France


starts tomorrow, so it might only be one crazy athlete, Georgia Bronzini,


one of the best sprinters in the world, but the best Wiggle Honda


sprinter, and she has come to race this evening. She needs to be in the


car going over to France soon after the race we predict she will get


there at 3am and will be on the start line at 11am. Georgia


Bronzini, number four on her back today, one of the Wiggle Honda


riders in the orange and black, the two times women's road race


champion, in 2010 and 2011, back-to-back world champion. There


is every chance she will figure prominently, the longer this goes


on, as one of the key protagonists. It goes to show how important this


race has become on the winning's calendar. Georgia Bronzini made


history last year, winning six or seven stages straight of the route


to France, which starts tomorrow, and she changed her calendar at the


last minute to come over here, to either help Laura Trott defend the


championship she won last year, or take on the sprint for Wiggle Honda


herself. The riders, preparing to head back


the mall, once again. Here they come, with 300 metres to go on the


end of this latest lap. Controlling the pace. But an attack. Specialized


Lululemon, one of the big teams in the race. She finished the Dureau


this year, the American rider. -- the gyro. Specialized Lululemon, one


of the strongest teams in women's cycling. The American rider, riding


for Specialized Lululemon. A decent bunch, one or two beginning to drift


off the back. There is Sarah Storey, and she will be riding the


RideLondon 100, tomorrow morning. She is off to the world Road


championship next week. She is out here, using this as preparation. She


says she does not want to get too much in trouble in the bunch. She


wants to set off the back or go off the front so we might see how have a


go if the bunch sits up. We have certainly seen in the Grand Prix


series this summer on the roads Britain that she has performed


well, eighth overall. She finished second in the oddly Grand Prix


recently to Lizzie Armitstead. Quite a turn of pace in this particular


type of racing, as she does in most other types of racing, it must be


said, Britain's most decorated female Paralympic athlete. She is


not slowing down, so she is determined to break up the bunch and


she is a real racer, very exciting to watch. Roxanne Knetemann is there


with Marianne Vos, and she was the first to move towards the front of


the race on the opening lap. Again, just showing her strength. This is


the danger. Here comes the world champion again. Dangerous move, and


the bunch as to respond. It is Georgia Bronzini's job to Mark


Marianne Vos. She will be following Marianne Vos all day today, to make


sure she takes the pressure off the likes of Laura Trott from Wiggle


Honda. That is a dangerous move. Georgia Bronzini cannot close the


gap. She cannot give up. She has to get there. That is a very strong


attack from Marianne Vos. In an ideal world, what would Marianne Vos


like at the end of the race? Would she like a small selection or is she


bothered because she won a sprint at the Champs-Elysees and she has shown


she can win from any situation? That is the thing about Marianne Vos, she


can dictate the race. She has taken it into her own hands and she can


control this race. She knows she can win on a small bag away or with a


big peloton. She will be concerned that the likes of Wiggle Honda have


strength in numbers at the finish so she is trying to tie around some


legs and she will do that. If any of these riders have to chase down that


kind of attack too many times, they will not have any legs left.


Bronzini, there, in the black with orange trim and Eileen Roe up there


as well, a couple of riders from Specialized Lululemon, but I saw


that Hannah Barnes had responded to that moved by Marianne Vos. They


come past us now and Hannah Barnes riding on the front with Lizzie


Armitstead, followed by Bronzini, and Marianne Vos. I have to say,


Hannah Barnes has really impressed me in the last couple of weeks. The


ride at the Commonwealth Games was certainly oppressive, for Lizzie


Armitstead and now she is setting the pace and putting pressure on


other athletes in the peloton. Georgia Bronzini is a determined to


stay on the wheel of Marianne Vos. I think this race is entering a new


phase. Key riders are coming to the fore. You can see some faces being


pulled by the riders. It is not easy out there. This is the damage


Marianne Vos can do, when she decides she wants to make it a hard


race, she certainly can do that. Beautiful pictures from the


helicopter. What an iconic setting for this bike race. More attacks


continue to come. Barnes has a little look and decide that it is


another attack that she needs to follow, another move she needs to


follow. That is the New Zealand criterium national champion, Emily


Collins, riding for Wiggle Honda. She has decided she wanted to be a


part of this, making the race card. She is not going to let Marianne Vos


dictate the race. -- race hard. Collins was another rider involved


in the Commonwealth Games in Scotland, only last week. As the


race heads along bird cage walk. A move now from Sarah Storey. One of


the Pearl Izumi riders. We have not seen Laura Trott at the front yet


but she is obviously sensing danger and wants to get amongst it.


The peloton, now heading into horse guards Road. Like we said earlier,


this course is very difficult to get away because you don't get out of


Cyclery quickly. There are long straight, no real technical corners.


It lends itself to a big bunch coming back together. It tended into


a race that Joanna Rowsell would rather forget, last year, taking a


heavy tumble on the back of the course. Wiggle Honda asked her to


come again, and she said she was cursed with it, a bit of bad luck


last year when she broke her collarbone so she was not confident


lining up again. Jo Rowsell was fantastic in the Commonwealth Games,


winding the -- winning the individual pursuit gold medal. They


come towards the finish again, Emilia Fahlin, one of


come towards the finish again, Honda riders, having a look around


at the front of the peloton. Wiggle Honda represented by Emily Collins,


and Emily Farland. -- Emily Farley and. I think that is... It is


Harriet Owen, who makes a move. One of the domestic riders. Third in the


Grand Prix series in pita bread, round two. She won the race in 2012.


One of those who rock -- who rode in the women's Tour of Britain, a


resounding success earlier this year and many of those out there today


enjoys the first-ever women's Tour of Britain. Harriet Owen, also a


world silver medallist at junior level, four years ago on the track.


She got a silver in the scratch race. Tiffany Cromwell did a counter


again. There was a question about whether she was riding for Lizzie


Armitstead today because they really great friends and they train


together in Monaco by Specialized Lululemon have a team so she will be


riding for her team, and looking for a result for herself. As we said,


Lizzie Armitstead is outnumbered. She's racing for herself, by


herself, today. She is right up to the front of the peloton in the


White helmets and she has the orange sleeves on her jersey. That is the


thing with riding by yourself at a race like this, you can't gamble and


sit at the back and let your team-mates cover the moves at the


front, you have to ride at the front. She is good at doing that. We


saw at the luck was that she marked every move. -- lap course. But she


had an horrific accident at high speed in the last kilometre on the


Champs-Elysees. Everyone's heart was missing a beat because it was only


one week before the Commonwealth Games but she came back from it.


Even mentally, to block that out. She's intra Mendis form and she is


on the front, Lizzie Armitstead, the Commonwealth Games gold medallist on


the road. As she says, this is a different kettle of fish, to the one


she was victorious in, in Glasgow last week. Talking to her before the


start, she said the thing is she needs to concentrate on the World


Championships, which means after winning the Commonwealth Games last


week. She needed to take four days off, to have a physical rest. But


more importantly, she needed to have a mental rest. She has two big


targets, the Commonwealth Games and the World Championships and she


cannot afford to peak every weekend. She has to keep this race in


perspective. It is easy to get carried away when you have Sony fans


on the side of the road that you want to impress. She says she cannot


be too hard on herself, she has to be relaxed and race the best she


can, but stay focused on her two big targets. Here we go once again. Was


that Emily Collins going through at the front, the New Zealander? We


will see in a moment. Yes it is one of the Wiggle Honda riders, Collins.


She is the New Zealand national champion in this particular


discipline which is why her jersey is different to the likes of Laura


Trott and Georgia Bronzini. Collins now riding on the front. She is


being marked closely. She is a dangerous rider to let go. You can


see Lizzie Armitstead's counterattack. She is going to set


this race alight. She wants to be a part of it and animate the race and


see what she can do. She wants it to break up because she does not want


to be outnumbered by 50 women at the finish. She wants to be in a small


group of six or seven so she can control the situation. The attacks


coming thick and fast but we are nearly 21 minutes into the race and


it is still a decent sized peloton, altogether on the road. --


altogether. Bronzini had to work very hard when Marianne Vos did that


attack. But she will be sitting in. She is the type of sprinter that


does not want a particularly hard race, wants to get to the finish


with fresh legs. Marianne Vos will know that, and she is the only rider


who can take away the victory in the big bunch sprint. Georgia Bronzini


as one win, at the Giro is a Marianne Vos does not want to go to


the finish with her. A good work-out for Sarah seven, as we head back


towards the front end of the race. Talking to Guy Elliott, one of the


organisers of this fabulous event, who also organises the women's Tour,


he said it was difficult to get Marianne Vos to come to this race


simply because she had orally committed to training with 13 --


already committed to training with her team in Belgium this morning.


The organisers flew her here in a private jet. That is how important


for women cycling it was that she was here. She has trained with her


team in Belgium this morning and then got on a private jet and flew


in. She arrived one hour before the start. It is great to see that kind


of commitment. She wants to support the race and she has scheduled it,


as difficult as it is, she is here. It was some race, the Olympics two


years ago, awful weather conditions but in a way that added to the whole


event, it was an exciting race and as we remember it came down to a


sprint, splashing along The Mall, Lizzie Armitstead and Marianne Vos.


Sarah Storey really doing a good turnout the front of the bunch.


Great to see, she said before the start I do not want to finish this


race, my ambition is to hurt myself so much that I am unable to finish.


That is her ambition, inspiring. Looking at her face she is on the


way. Interesting approach. She wants to use the crowd to lift herself and


get that intense training session. She is emptying every ounce of power


and energy she has. Great to see Sarah Storey on the front of the


bunch, 23 minutes into this women's race. World champion in third place.


Rebecca Rimmington from Merlin Cycles in second place. Few little


groups of riders being spat out the back of the peloton. Laura Cheesman


on the back at the moment. And there we are at the front of the race with


Sarah Storey once more. Definitely in fine form going into the World


Championship. Not easy to sit on this type of peloton and set a pace


like that. How fabulous to see the pain she can enjoy. Fantastic season


this year on the road, winning a time trial in France, just a month


ago. Quite impressive to see her in the able-bodied competition winning


races at international level. Marianne Vos in third place, the


world champion looking comfortable. Not often we see her in trouble. I


saw her under pressure at the women's Giro d'Italia this year when


Emma Pooley went off the front and could have been riding into the


jersey, Marianne Vos under pressure. She normally has a strong Rabobank


team around Herbert she looks very comfortable today with only one


macro team-mate. Dash around her but. She has done cyclo-cross,


mountain biking, she wins the lot. Nikki Harris on the far side. She


said she will describe this race as being" you might guess, Nikki


Harris, she says it is like a cyclo-cross race. She is using it as


preparation for her cyclo-cross season. When we look at Marianne


Vos, we think OK, Marianne Vos and Nikki Harris our competitors in


cyclo-cross and they are finding it very comfortable because it is their


type of race. Good timing, we mentioned cyclo-cross and are seen


as off-road was mentioned Nikki Harris went to the front. Easing off


slightly, in the yellow and blue. Cromwell again, she never runs out


of batteries, Energizer Bunny. Not the first time we have seen her at


the front, Lizzie Armitstead riding on the front. This is a group of


four favourites, five favourites, this could be dangerous. I do not


think you will see any cooperation from the likes of Laura Trott.


Hannah Barnes in blue and white. Laura Trott in orange and black, she


is there. This is a good move for Wiggle Honda with Laura Trott and


Collins. Marianne Vos has missed this. It will come back in all


likelihood. It looks promising for a moment. Laura Trott on the front, as


we head for the race, she was not in top form. Certainly physically in


Glasgow she was unwell, but still found a way to win when it came to


the women's points race on the track. It came down to the final


sprint. She finished in the end of level on points with one of her


team-mates, but took the gold medal on counts back. She was level with


Elinor Barker, very exciting. To know where she had come from that


week, Laura was very ill, not able to eat leading up to the event. She


wanted the gold medal, she wanted the common wealth games title. She


had to reach really deep. She managed it and that is the true


championship is. Of course she was not a team-mate on Monday, Elinor


Barker, riding for Wales. The team-mates the rest of the year.


Elinor Barker had an excellent Commonwealth Games. Very unlucky in


the points race. Still lots of riders in this peloton. Bronzini in


second place at the moment. Stalker on the front, from Specialized


Lululemon. They realise they have a bit of a break. Bronzini putting


some pressure on the pedals. That is not like her unless it looks like a


promising break Bert stalker must have put some daylight between the


group and the peloton because that is the only reason Georgia Bronzini


would be putting the pressure on. As you can see, Bronzini stringing the


peloton out. In the back of her mind she knows she has to travel the


night. Stage 1 in France and 11am tomorrow. It's the cold yesterday to


travel from Italy. It goes to show how important a race like this is.


Sarah Storey has done a big turnout the fund. Peter Mullins from


Australia for Wiggle Honda. She was in the Congo games on the mountain


bikes. -- Peta Mullins. -- Commonwealth Games. She was in the


women's Tour of Britain in May. Very heavy road programme to prepare for


the Commonwealth Games mountain bikes, very unfortunate she had


mechanicals. She will have to focus for the World Championship mountain


bike race. Back into the mall, nearly half an hour gone in this


race. Like you said it will come down to a bunch sprint, it very


difficult to get away, still a significant number of riders left in


this race. They come up to the line one more time, the white jersey is


the national circuit race champions jersey, Eileen Roe. The other rider


we saw was Hannah Walker. In the purple and white. Very popular


rider, she will probably want to show her face. Everybody knows her


face from the Adidas advert, if you Google YouTube Adidas that is who


you will say. Walker in the middle of the picture. -- you will see.


This will come down to a bunch meant, couple of riders trying to


stay out of the wind. As you can see, the leaves are moving around,


quite breezy. These riders have a little gap. Riding around at the


back of the peloton. Sarah Storey still tagging on the back. As they


head now into bird cage walk once again. And despite various riders


having a look it has been impossible so far for anyone to form the


breakaway. This is a great move, digging really deep, you can see she


has the Swedish National championship stripes on her sleeves.


Emilia Fahlin. She still has the knot of wearing the Swedish National


stripes. She rides a big gear, very strong rider. National champion on


the road and in the road time trial. She has opened up a gap as you can


see, the first of the race. Emilia Fahlin, the bits like Joanna


Rowsell, once she gets gay going she keeps on going. She looks so strong.


Definitely very strong rider, taking some motivation from seeing the gap


behind her. Two lead riders behind her in the peloton in Laura Trott


and Georgia Bronzini. This will be the end of her race. She will either


stay away or end up pulling out but this is what Wiggle Honda wanted.


Marianne Vos wanted this. She will have to take up the chase. Marianne


Vos having to do all the work in the white jersey with the rainbow world


champions jersey. Leading the chase. Emilia Fahlin potentially


drawing some of the sting from the world champion, making her do some


work. One of the other Wiggle Honda riders, Georgia Bronzini, on her


wheel. This is a little group, Lizzie Armitstead chases the latest


attack on the left-hand side of the screen, is that Tiffany Cromwell


again? She is having a fantastic race. She thrives on crowds like


this. She loves this type of atmosphere. One of her best friends,


Lizzie Armitstead. They will be trying to do each other favours.


Great move by Wiggle Honda and Amy Roberts now in that little


breakaway. Not much of a gap. As you said hopefully that took a bit of a


sting out of Marianne Vos so some other riders have a chance. In


theory it should have but in reality it is very difficult to tire her


legs. The gap is very small, the chase is on. Inside the last five


laps of the race. They can really starts to put the hammer down as


they know the end is in sight. Will it be cagey? Five laps to go, a lot


of riders will want an opportunity but it has been a hard race because


there has been a lot of attacking. Emily Collins once more, Marianne


Vos onto her wheel. Eileen Roe tries to get onto the coat tails, British


champion. Lizzie Armitstead up there again. In great form, she has had an


excellent year for Boels Dolmans. You mention that she is leading the


World Cup, but she has been strong throughout the year. As Specialized


Lululemon come to the front. Tiffany Cromwell again, very popular rider.


It is for this very reason, she never gives up. Amy Roberts, with


her. In fantastic form. Amy is very young. Just really letting people


know who she is. She was strong in the Commonwealth Games. I think she


surprised a few people and she was in the race for longer than


expected, not her type of the rain. Fantastic job. Keep an eye on Amy


Roberts, 19 years of age. 13th in the road race last week in the end


but third in the Grand Prix series this summer. She won the race in


Vidic, she has form in this type of race. -- Redditch. Roxanne Knetemann


on the front, very famous name, her father Jerry sadly no longer


witness, former world champion, winning in 1978 at the Nurnberg


ring. Much decorated Dutch cyclist. These cyclists being lapped,


Knetemann feeling the pressure now, the only support rider for Marianne


Vos, she will be up against the likes of Armitstead, Trott,


Bronzini. Really exciting sprint. It looks like that is where we are


heading, some of the backmarkers and they're being lapped. Armitstead on


the right of Knetemann as we look. Tucked in and around two riders


behind Armitstead. Out of sight at the moment the rainbow jersey of


world champion Marianne Vos. She is the one they will all be looking for


at the end of this race. A few nervous riders because of the size


of this peloton. The likes of Marianne Vos and her team-mate


Knetemann do not no wall of the local riders. Wiggle Honda covering


that moves again. Another attack from the front of the peloton. Keira


McVitty for WyndyMilla. WyndyMilla Reynolds. Launching that attack


halfway down the Mall, swiftly closed down. Emily Collins in third


place in the black and white. Fifth in line is Lizzie Armitstead. These


riders will be taking deep breaths, Emily Collins applying the pressure.


She wants to make it hard in the spring. She has the Lululemon team,


bit of a tongue twister. Specialized Lululemon, one of the strongest


teams in the world, they have covered that move of Emily Collins.


Who should we be looking for from the Specialized Lululemon seen in a


sprint? If it comes down to the sprint they have not got much of a


chance which is why they are working so hard. Tiffany Cromwell is quite


asked herself. As you see she has done a lot of work in this race.


They have played their cards of trying to get the breakaway but it


has not worked, it will be difficult for them to finish on the podium.


Marianne Vos won the women's Tour here in May, she also won three


stages of the race. Very dominant performance. Lizzie Armitstead


feeling unwell going into the final day, unable to finish the race. As


we mentioned she has had an excellent season. And here we go,


Wiggle Honda on the attack. It will be an exciting finish, it has to be


Marianne Vos closing everything down, clear indication she wants to


win this race. She is taking everything into her own hands. She


will cover every single move. Quite capable of doing that and still


winning the sprint, that is why she has been named as the most


successful and talented women cyclist in the history of women's


cycling. At the moment for Wiggle Honda? I think that is the Swedish


national champion. Emilia Fahlin, she has had a great race covering


things. Roberts coming into the picture now. That is the rider in


the purple. An attack from Amy Roberts as we were speaking about


her, it is a really good move. We have not seen that much of a gap


today. Very swift move from Amy Roberts. Just opening up a little


bit of a gap here. Some hesitation behind saying she will have to carry


on with this. She Has Got One Of The Stronger Teams Here. They Are Taking


Matters Into Their Own Hands But There Is A Bit Of Hesitation In The


Peloton. A Couple Of Riders, There, Hannah Ormesher. Marianne Vos Has


Had To Take Up The Case Again, because she is the favourite. It


can't be easy when everyone is expecting you to win every time you


sit on your bike but she delivers, time and again. She is right in the


thick of it, as expected. Lizzie Armitstead, right on Marianne Vos'


wheel. The world champion, just closing down the gap to the front


with the Lizzie Armitstead in third place. It looked as though it might


be Bronzini and forth, just behind Armitstead. I am sure it is the


Italian who should not be discounted yet at the race. She finished 11th


in the spread in the Champs-Elysees. Not a particularly


good they could Georgia Bronzini, then, it was one of her targets but


she got through the Jared Italia and decided to have a break -- the Giro


d'Italia decided to have a break. Emily Collins, again, here, who has


been very active today. Collins, really digging in on the front.


Pushing, driving on. She is such a small rider but so strong on the


flat. She is very handy in the sprint as well but she won't be


thinking about that today. She's just trying to put pressure on


Marianne Vos to set it up to Laura Trott or Georgia Bronzini. A small


rider Budgie has a decent. Emily Collins won a classic last year, a


big race on the women's calendar. -- but she has a big engine. She has


had a painting schedule since last weekend at the Commonwealth Games,


back home and then back here on Friday, so a hectic travel schedule


between the two races in Glasgow and here in London. It is looking a bit


late for anyone to make a move and get away. Tiffany Cromwell will not


give up yet. On the right of your screen, Emilia Fahlin, these former


Swedish national champion, putting pressure and Tiffany Cromwell from


Specialized Lululemon tried to come across. The Swede and the Australian


and I think we have just seen Lizzie Armitstead jump out of the pack.


Maybe now the race will break up a bit. You can see Emilia Fahlin is


going right into the red, making this move. She does turn a big ear


as she comes out of the corner. Anyone would have said the last time


she made the move that it was the end of her for today Budgie has back


to do it again. Roxanne Knetemann coming across. This could be a break


break. It is the Rabo-Liv rider we were not expecting at the front of


it there, now, Emilia Fahlin leading the way with Roxanne Knetemann and


also Tiffany Cromwell and then leading the rest of them over the


line, Nicola Juniper. Hannah Barnes did a lot of work to bring that back


but did not really close the gap. They still have a bit of a gap and a


bit of hesitation but Tiffany Cromwell is not stopping today.


Cromwell, not interested in sitting up. She will continue with the move


now she realises that it looks as though they will come back together.


Emilia Fahlin, just easing off on the front of the race. It looks like


there was a bit of confusion. They thought they had been caught but


then they realised the peloton was going to leave them for a bit


longer. Tiffany Cromwell says, "I have come too far now, I have two


MTV tank". Cromwell did not need asking twice but they are


freewheeling and looking around so it looks as though the breakaway


will not gain any time. Sarah Storey come on the left of the screen. She


has done a great job to hang on. It has been a very hard race because


they have not sat up and taking a breather much. It looks like Hannah


Barnes has taken up a lot of the responsibility to bring back the


chasing pack. This is Roxanne Knetemann in the orange and white,


and in the black-and-white, in the centre, Tiffany Cromwell but with


the peloton coming back together, Cromwell will need a good half a


minute to get her breath back before she launches yet another attack,


knowing her. Lizzie Armitstead, very vigilant towards the front and here


comes another attack on the inside. One of the riders from Matrix,


swiftly chased down. Marianne Vos is in third place now. She does an


amazing job to get a self-imposed after she has been under a bit of


pressure. She would have taken a few deep breaths and getting closer to


the finish will be inspiring and motivating for her. She is heavily


marked by Georgia Bronzini. Can Bronzini take the victory? Marianne


Vos is the clear favourite and everyone will be surprised if she


gets beaten. A lot of looking around. Emily Collins applying more


pressure. Their areas a fair gap. -- there is a fair gap. She has got


something left after a very hard race Budgie has made a good move.


Marianne Vos is looking around and you can't afford to do that. She has


decided to take up the chase once again. Here we come, now, from Horse


Guards Parade, into the mall, once more and it is Emily Collins leading


the way. -- into The Mall. Collins leading the way and Marianne Vos


stalking her every move, Bronzini on how will and Armitstead in fourth


place and it looks like Laura Trott is perhaps in fifth place. We have


not seen much of her today. She might have something left in the


legs. Emily Collins, Marianne Vos, Bronzini. What a final lap this is


going to be, as they take the bell. We have seen the favourites doing


all the work all the big names but will we see one of the riders we


have not seen yet on podium? Peta Mullins, the Australian mountain


bike rider, having one last little bit. What a turn of pace from Peta


Mullins as she heads towards Buckingham Palace, getting ready to


make the left-hand turn in front of the Fountain, just gaining a bit of


ground, which is foreshortened slightly by the camera angle but


there can be no more than a couple of seconds in it at most. Roxanne


Knetemann leads the chase. She is working so hard for her team leader,


the only other rider from her team here today, Marianne Vos. Lizzie


Armitstead has looked comfortable in this race, I have to say, all the


way through. She showed her face at the front early on and any time


anyone has made a move, she has been there or thereabouts without having


to do too much work. This is an exciting finish. These are the best


riders in the world, coming over to the UK for this race. This could be


taking place anywhere in the world because all the big names are at the


front. Peta Mullins with a strong attack. She is managing to hold the


pace. We have seen and other Wiggle Honda rider, Amy Roberts. The


19-year-old from Wales, now the front of the race, in the very last


lap of the Prix. She has still got to hitch up the leg of her shorts.


She has got something there, just in case. But Wiggle Honda, definitely


putting pressure on the likes of Marianne Vos and Roxanne Knetemann.


Lizzie Armitstead is getting the free ride, being very patient. What


a sprint this is likely to be as they head towards The Mall. Amy


Roberts leading the way. Not much in it. Inside the last kilometre of the


race. She is going to give it everything she has possibly got. You


can see Marianne Vos' team-mate on the front, Roxanne Knetemann, who


came here with a very big task and she is doing everything she can for


her team-mate, to set her up. Marianne Vos can probably win from


here. She has to be the clear favourite. Amy Roberts on the front


and Roxanne Knetemann leading the way, the British National circuit


race champion Eileen Roe is still there, and Tiffany Cromwell and


Lizzie Armitstead in third place. Bronzini, the Italian, now, as they


come into the finishing straight. Amy Roberts is dying a thousand


deaths in the lead as they chase her down. Eileen Roe makes the move past


Roberts. Coming to the centre is Lizzie Armitstead but here comes the


world champion, Marianne Vos hits the front! Bronzini tries to follow


her on the wheel, Eileen Roe in third, Armitstead in fourth at the


moment and here they come, Bronzini leading the way to the line! It was


such a close finish! Georgia Bronzini, from Italy, the Wiggle


Honda rider, in a photo finish with Marianne Vos, the world champion, as


they came hurtling down The Mall. What a sprint for the line. That was


an unbelievable sprint. Ron Deeney left a late run -- Bronzini left. It


was so close, a photo finish. We have to find out -- to wait to find


out who has taken the RideLondon Grand Prix 2014. It looked like


Georgia Bronzini to me, not by much but I think the Italian has snatched


victory. We will wait for the replay. There is Georgia Bronzini,


twice the world road race champion, who was watching the moves all the


way. She was sticking on Marianne Vos' wheel and she made her move at


the right time. That was Eileen Roe on the left-hand side. Chase down


immediately by Marianne Vos and Lizzie Armitstead is in the orange


with the black stripe in the middle. Georgia Bronzini, has she got the


legs to overhaul Marianne Vos? She certainly had the speed at the vital


moment of the sprint, as they came over the line. Georgia Bronzini


takes the victory by half a bike length. That is a stunning victory.


Here we go again. Marianne Vos, when she normally hits the front, that is


the last that anyone sees of her. But Georgia Bronzini, with one stage


win in the Giro d'Italia this year, winds in London. For her, that was a


spectacular success. Her sprint was timed to perfection. She was some


distance back but it was all about the timing of the sprint and the


timing for her was absolutely right. It is not very often we see the


world champion beaten but we have seen her beaten here today, not by


much but a Google bit was enough. Georgia Bronzini, the double world


champion, is the winner, and Marianne Vos takes second place, and


Lizzie Armitstead over the line in third, with Eileen Roe in fourth,


and Laura Trott in fifth place. Just waiting for official confirmation of


the result. Tiffany Cromwell attacked so many


times, was still involved in this print at the end. -- in the sprint.


I think we can go down to the roadside, with Jill Douglas, who has


got the winner. Just waving to the crowds and that


was a beautifully timed sprint. It was an amazing race and I'm really


excited because the last time I was here was the Olympic Games and I was


a bit unlucky in that race and the day, I really wanted to win in this


beautiful city. They have welcomed us. I really wanted it. A very


aggressive race right from the beginning but the team worked very


hard. I asked my team to show how women's cycling is. We often power.


-- we are full of power and we have nothing less than the men. It was a


beautiful show for the people. There was some amazing chasing. It was


really beautiful. You have taken a couple of big scalps today. Yes,


sure. Enjoy it, thank you for joining us.


Brilliant performance from Georgia Bronzini add a happy team manager


alongside me. She said she was full of power, like a man. What an


amazing ride. It was phenomenal, she had to rely on her Wiggle Honda


team-mates and we saw a very professional race. The way it played


out, they had to put Marianne Vos under pressure and every Wiggle


Honda rider had to ride at their peak. They peaked for this race, a


very important race on our calendar, being British based. To manage to


win today's fabulous. A long journey for her tomorrow, well, today. She


is under pressure to be out of here in the next half-hour because she


has to get to a remote place in France will be start of the route.


She will travel in her hotel at -- to be at her hotel at 4am and she


will be on the start line at 11am. We are back tomorrow, with


RideLondon. Look out for Sir Bradley Wiggins and Philip Gilbert in the


men's race. But that is it from The Mall where Marianne Vos, the


greatest women's cyclist ever was just pipped by Georgia Bronzini. We


will see you tomorrow. Thank you for your company. Goodbye.


London's St James's Park is the venue for the Women's Pro Grand Prix, as cycling's elite female racers battle it out for supremacy. Britain's double Olympic champion Laura Trott emerged victorious in the inaugural race in 2013, timing her sprint finish to perfection to see off Hannah Barnes.

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