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There is nothing new except the science. The technology that raw us


and passes almost as quickly into history. Failure is always a threat.


That makes the success even sweeter. The select few drive on into fast


lane legend. And so to 2011. The finest group of drivers ever


assembled on the grid. Artists waiting for poetry to become motion.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


At 18,000 revolutions per minute, this is not music, this is the


scream of science. The inner world of pneumatic valve springs. 300


brake horse power per litre of displacement.


This is Formula 1. The you take milk? I think we know which one


belongs to AD. No one would have guessed you would come up with a


stunt like that. Thank you for the invitation and weak start by going


back all the way to Australia. was excited by the start of the new


season but also disappointed because I was equally awaiting


Robert Kubica at to see what he could do. I think he could have


been a big force. Robert Kubica has undergone surgery after a high-


speed crash in Italy. I called up an hour afterwards and they said


they were concerned about his life. There were fears that his hand


could be amputated. But he is likely to regain full use. It could


take up to one year. I do not know what was going on and how he was


allowed to do that rally. It hurt him and also hurt Formula 1 and I


was disappointed he was not there. Long gone are the days we've hardly


know what is happening at the tests. McLaren when I was there, it were


retiring from the testing. That must have been stressful. Hugely,


because you never have enough time to catch up. And McLaren, here was


a great team, many times champions, and they were floundering.


They were at an absolute mess in pre-season. We could not do any


testing, basically. After about four laps we would have issues with


the exhaust. It was not as bad as in 2009. But the exhaust kept


blowing up after every 10 laps. was always going to be a difficult


season. All the tension had to go to just fixing that exhaust. So


instead of making steps forward from a good foundation, we were


trying to fix the foundation. McLaren have had so many


difficulties in the last few weeks. Hamilton gets it on to the front


row for McLaren. The team where amazing at turning it around. It


was a messy winter and I was amazed when we got to the first race that


we had the pace that we did. Great effort from Lewis Hamilton it up in


second place on the grid. No one ahead of him apart from this man,


Sebastian Vettel. I have got the number one on my car


but it does not make any quicker because of that. It does not give


meet extra horsepower or extra abilities. I still need to push


like mad to go fast. And we start from zero points. Mentally, how was


he going to be able to go forward from, I'm not saying gifted the


world Championship, but he did not have all the pressure, he came up


slowly. How would he developed, it would he pushed forward? I love


what I'm doing. So here we go again! Sebastian Vettel gets away


well from pole position. And look at the lead that he has forced up -


- that he has. An incredible pass from plan macro.


Hamilton just has had really bad luck. A few corners to go for


Sebastian Vettel. His 11th victory. Red Bull's first by Australian


victory. And this is a great drive from Lewis Hamilton. So much hard


work by the McLaren team to get him over the line in second place.


Pretty ominous, that performance from Red Bull. He just came back


with that little extra sparkle that you can pick up from the world


championships. All those questions we had were answered for us in


Melbourne. Happy birthday to you! The best part of it was the


birthday celebrations. Sebastian Vettel went up in my estimation.


Full marks to anyone who could do that to you. This is a direct


battle between McLaren and rebels. Sebastian Vettel crosses the line


and takes pole position. At devastating performance. The


reigning world champion, leading the world Championship, wins again


here in Malaysia. Two races in and he was 50 points on the board. He


was so calm, it was effortless. He blew everyone away. The first two


races of the year, the same winner, we wondered if it would get


monotonous. But then we go to China and get a different winner.


Being in the garage, it we were possibly not going to make it to


the grid. Just five minutes to get this job done. The camera being


pushed back, the stench of petrol in the garage. I was just really


cool and collected. Years ago I used to wodge of the sport. And I


used to watch something going on with the car and thought that


Michael Schumacher it must be very composed. So I try to do the same


thing. Lewis has made it out of the pit lane with 35 seconds to spare.


Then we got out and got a good start.


Sebastian Vettel feels he needs to cover Jensen Button straight away.


He has not had a good start. Moving around like crazy. We believe it is


Jensen Button coming in at first. And crucially, Sebastian Vettel get


away first. That was a terrible mistake from Jensen Button. That


was one of the most embarrassing weekends of my career. How did he


do that? That completely destroyed might race. Hamilton takes a look


at Jensen Button. A tremendous slipped through would down the pit


straight. Button had to give him some space. A beautiful move.


obviously I had a battle with the Sebastian as well. Sebastian Vettel


has to go defensive. There are few chances that arise during a lap to


overtake. I'm sure it's not everyone would have overtaken in


the same place. He is looking up the inside and he is through.


Hamilton takes the lead. Absolutely brilliant. I had the chance to


overtake him and it was a good feeling.


I remember grabbing hold of Martin Whitmarsh at the end of the race


and he was visibly shaking. He dropped his headphones, he was all


over the place. I think it was genuine panic that Red Bull were


going to rain -- to win every race. It was a seminal moment. It was the


fact that they could be beaten. Were Lewis Hamilton at one that,


part of it was he had issues before the race but also it was the state


of mind in racing in 2011. It is the worst start to all Williams


Formula 1 season in their history. It was sad this year watching


Williams really struggle. The worst record for any Williams driver


since the team were formed. One of the greatest names ever to grace


our sport is Frank Williams and the Williams team and it was hugely sad


for me to see what was happening. Because when I started they were


the pinnacle, the people you aspired to even look at. They are


great British engineering success story. But it is like the modern


era has almost passed them by. we arrived in Turkey and there is


the possible -- the worst possible start to a race for Sebastian


Vettel. He has to explore the limits, a find out what his game


plan is. It was interesting to see how he


would get himself back out of that, how would he compose himself,


qualifying and approach the race. He answered that with a flying


start. Sebastian Vettel takes the victory. He led them a merry dance


in the race. And he takes the lead! Fernando Alonso leads the race in


front of his adoring fans. What a sensational start. This is going to


be so close. And he has got it, it Sebastian Vettel driving like it is


a qualifying lap. There will be less Rippon is hard tyres. He has


an answer for everything that Lewis Hamilton can throw at him. The


leader of the championship did not I think the car, in comparison to


the previous year, was not as dominant, but the team, all of us,


we were just ready. We knew what we Sebastian picks up the win in


Turkey and Spain, then we go to Monaco and it felt that weekend


like he really got all the luck. Jenson Button is flying out. He has


a chance to get into the lead of the Grand Prix. In a couple of laps,


we think Sebastian Vettel will hit the cliff and be two to three


seconds per lap slower than he is now. Can the leaders thread their


way through? They can. The safety car has been deployed, no surprises


there. Star been under the red flag, I think I thought it was positive.


-- stopping under. Getting heating your tyres is very difficult when


you have no rubber. Tell me about the tyres. The people at McLaren


think that you can change the tyres at the grid. Maybe I should have


read the rules but I did not think that was the case. That plays into


the hands of Sebastian Vettel whose tyres were about to fall off the


cliff. We were strong, we were making the right calls on pit stops,


and they had to react quickly. I felt they made a few mistakes but


it worked out in the end. Sebastian Vettel finally wins the Monaco


Grand Prix. He is the master of Monaco and behind him, two world


champions, Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button. To win in the


streets of Monaco is special for every driver. The way the race


happened, it seemed lost at some stage already. We got it back. It


tasted very sweet. I think the most unlucky person that weekend was


Lewis Hamilton. He arrived in attacking style. Mentally he could


visualise his name on the trophy. There it all went wrong. I love


being in Monaco. It is my favourite I knew that I could be pole


position. I have extra time in the bag as well. It was definitely


tough one I did not get it. Lewis Hamilton crosses the line to start


his qualifying lap and he will find himself with Felipe Massa climbing


the hill. Felipe Massa will have to stay right. What were needed to get


out of the way? Anything? Lewis Hamilton compromised by looking at


Ferrari. There is some of them with his hand up in the cockpit, saying


what are you doing? If he can wave his hands all day long but it will


not change. He has three minutes left of this session. We have got a


crush. Sergio Perez. That is a heavy crash. The red flags are out.


That is another situation when you have to rise above it and


I think it was due to frustration. I have to admit it was due to


frustration. At the end of the day, You do get frustrated even though


you are supposed to be composed all the time. It is ridiculous. There


Put in an awkward position on the back foot, and you are expected


generally do somehow pull out It was almost like I just broke. I


just snapped. Everybody has those days. OK, Lewis, pretty eventful


day and I imagine disappointing for you. Have you been at the stewards?


What is the latest? I have been to the stewards out of six races five


times. It is a joke. An absolute joke. You can't overtake here. And


you very rarely get an opportunity if ever and I was quite a lot


quicker than Felipe Massa. I went up the inside and the guy turned so


early and turned into me so I tried to avoid him and we were stuck


together. Of course I get the penalty, which is usual. He held me


up in qualifying and I got the penalty. He turned into me and I


got the penalty. It is ridiculous. These drivers are absolutely


ridiculous. Stupid. Why do you think your magnetic to the


stewards? Maybe it is because I am black. That is what Ali G says. I


think when you have tough days, they always feel the same and there


is no lower than you can go. You hit the bottom and it is the


deepest part of your gut, your heart. It is just that I go there


every now and then. That was the one race that I needed to reassess


my opinion of Lewis Hamilton. Up until that moment I had thought he


was the most exciting young driver that I had seen for a very long


time. I thought that was one of his poorest ever races. I had to call


to question my own thinking. Do I now really believe he is as


magnificent as I think he is? I thought Monica was very poor for


Lewis Hamilton. -- Monaco. Everything that could have gone


wrong went wrong. The start of the race, crashing with Lewis, crashing


with Fernando, getting a puncture, braking my front wing, doing the


drive through, the pit stops. Having a tough years in the sport


that I have had really helped me in that race because it made me


realise that you cannot give up. Whatever happens, never give up.


Keep fighting because you never know what will happen. Here in


Montreal, a wet track should simply make this one of the best races of


the year. The safety car is in his lap. Thank goodness, we will have a


race. Mark Webber is round! They have touched! What are you doing?


This is difficult for McLaren. Look how hard it is raining. Absolutely


chucking it down. It is hard when you can't see anything. We can't


drive this. A red flag situation. The race is suspended. The fans are


jumping up and pointing. A racing car! They have not see one of those


for a while. Fernando Alonso beats the Ferrari. It just all keeps


falling into place for Red Bull. Jenson Button is in last place now.


Brilliant driving. Michael Schumacher's surely driving the


best race since his comeback. All over the place. Jenson Button


streaming back through the field. This will be Titanic. Jenson Button


sailed past Mark Webber. Schumacher. Jenson Button goes a long way round.


Ahead of him! Up into second place. This race is not over. He can smell


the victory. He can see Sebastian Vettel. Is there enough time left?


Will be run out of time before we run out of laps? -- will we? Six


times through the pit for Jenson Button. Sebastian Vettel leads.


Driving for his life. Driving for victory. Has Sebastian Vettel got


what it takes to hold him off? He is in there look! Jenson Button


leads the Grand Prix! Jenson Button wins a brilliant race. Absolutely


brilliant. We see Sebastian Vettel finally cracking. He has made a


mistake. I have been flawless up until then. There are weaknesses


with everyone and it is good to see that. A surely the greatest Formula


One victory of Jenson Button's career. Basically my career in one


Grand Prix. The roller-coaster ride, ending on a high, which is great.


have to be politically correct, don't I? You don't. I do! Yes, I do.


I just say that it was an unfortunate situation and it is


very difficult to see in those. Another race where I should have


been higher up. Made a mistake, frustrated myself. Rather than wait


for a clear opportunity, I went for one that was 50-50. It was a


necessary, really, but I did it. And I paid the price. I think they


were at fault. Jenson Button knew he was there. He knew. Clever use


of the radio gadgets. What do you think? I think Jenson took the race


to him. Did he know he was there? Of course. He knew he was there.


utterly dominant performance yet Hello, Silverstone!


So welcome, here we go, British Grand Prix. Another win for


Sebastian Vettel? No! This is fantastic. I think it is as much


experience as the actual Grand Prix red cell. You have still got your


pyjamas on? Lovely! The 2011 British Grand Prix at Silverstone.


You know what I love about coming underneath this welcome bridge?


That picture of me looking younger! Absolutely on fire. Again, Formula


One did not disappoint with some political controversy. For one


weekend only, FIA said no blaring diffuses. The room in the paddock


was that FIA were favouring Ferrari. Was it the natural ebb and flow of


controlling a complicated sport? Sebastian Vettel got away. He leads


Mark Webber. McLaren against McLaren. Michael, we did not expect


you to come back. No question that is a misjudgment from Michael.


Brilliant move yet again from Jenson Button. Fernando Alonso


comes under pressure from Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton up the inside.


Will he have enough grip when he gets to the corner? He will. He has


got to his DRS, his KERS. Along so takes third place again. --


Fernando Alonso takes third place. OK, Lois, current level of fuel


saving is not enough. You need to do some more. -- Lewis. Mark Webber


sails into third place. He has to go the long way round. This is a


proper scrap for second place in the Grand Prix. Fernando Alonso


wins the British Grand Prix. Felipe Massa is through! Contact!


Hamilton get back on the inside? Yes, he can. He believes him out of


the way. It will be a rush to the line. He does it. Fourth place for


Lewis Hamilton. Fantastic. A fantastic day, Fernando. Very good.


Winning the Formula One Grand Prix is a very special feeling, but


winning at Silverstone, with the tradition and the history of


Formula One in the UK, it is the best. It has been a fantastic


feeling. Also a nice weekend in general, with the 60th anniversary


of the victory of Ferrari. Lot of feelings that as well. For so


whatever the reason for changing the rules for one weekend only, it


worked brilliantly in their favour and gave them their only win of


2011. Not good enough. By Ferrari standards of course it is not good


enough. You have to understand that they are the biggest team with the


biggest fan base. It was a disappointing season. Fernando


Alonso was there and he got the podium, but he did not dominate


like he did the previous year. A bad year for Ferrari. The previous


year he had five victories, at Ten Virgin's, this year 10 podiums but


He has got absolutely no grip. Let us take a look at Fernando Alonso


Jaya rating on the brake pedal. Felipe Massa heading off into the


gravel. I never thought I would hear him saying, I'd give up.


We have been putting new pieces in the car from April war or less. In


the wind tunnel they worked but on the track they did not. We


understood it could be too late and that was the biggest mistake of


this year. It is something we need to improve on the next year.


You always have to keep the interest, keep the bosses happy,


keep the people happy. It is not winning, it is success. It is


something I work for everyday so when you do get it it is one of the


most satisfying feelings. The neck and neck at the front.


What is going wrong with the man who could make no mistakes? Webber


is going to get through fear. Hamilton back in the slipstream.


Cannot market where red get round the outside to reclaim the lead? --


can Mark Webber? When have we seen this many mistakes from Sebastian


Vettel? Lewis Hamilton wins the German Grand Prix.


Amazing, amazing. One of the best moves I have seen for a long time.


On the outside, passing Alonso. Thank you Jensen Button and well


done. Think you very much. 3000 glasses of wine!


We will Cup on Sunday morning and saw a rainbow. I remember Jessie


saying to me the last time we saw a rainbow like that was after you won


the Grand Prix in Canada. Hamilton second at the moment.


In Canada it was wet, changeable conditions. Jensen Button takes


over, at second place. With McLaren and the current


regulations he has shown very good decisions. Maybe it was from the


back when I was karting. My father would not let me go on the wet


tyres. For me the car felt great on those conditions. It was a very


special victory. I think he is driving better now. I think he had


an outstanding season and for him to win this race was remarkable.


As an station has been 22 year-old Michael Schumacher. -- a sensation.


Today he starts 7th on the grid, an incredible achievement. We arrive


in Belgium and to make you feel ancient, the 20th anniversary of


Michael Schumacher or getting his debut on the track.


I think he lost a rear wheel. did himself proud. He had an


unbelievable race and got up to fifth-place in the end. That was


one of his great drives. A very good drive from last on the


grid. Three races and Three pole


positions for Sebastian Vettel. The guy is flying at this stage. Are we


were missing one of the legends of the sport? This time he is going


round the inside! Bravery at 200 miles an hour. Anyone who doubts


that he can race, that was brave, brave stuff.


Yes! We did it! Fantastic stuff, one point away


from achieving the title. After all the races you get the


results printed out and on top is the Championship ranking. The first


thing I do is rip off the page and throw it away because it does not


matter at that stage. Paul di Resta in 6th place, as sensational drive


in his first Singapore Grand Prix. How impressive a drive was that?


get his best result in Singapore it was a big moment because that track


was physically challenging for the drivers. They had to manage the


tyres. That really cemented his reputation. What a start for Paul


di Resta or, his first Grand Prix. He took unusual root coming up


through touring cars. I think it is the key to a great performance in


Formula 1, qualifying speed. He had great qualifying in his home Grand


Prix. He managed to be the rookie of the year and also established


himself as a future great. We know Japan is important to Formula 1 was


dull but that weekend of all weekends, sport was not actually


the most important thing at all. massive earthquake has hit Japan


triggering a massive Tsunami. I'm really happy that the Grand


Prix in Japan is going ahead. I think it is great that we are here


and we can hopefully put a smile on I tried not to think about the


Championship. That is why it was difficult in Japan all of a sudden


because we focused on the race. We knew we had the opportunity to win


the Championship already there. That really we were only focused on


that race. The form book absolutely assure us as than in a little over


90 minutes from now we will be a ploughed and -- applauding the new


Jensen Button had to lift the throttle as Sebastian Vettel


gritters fleet put him on to the grass. The stewards thought it was


not worth a penalty. Sebastian Vettel pitched then from


the lead. The McLaren boys are in the pit


lane. At look at that - Jensen Button is


ahead of Sebastian Vettel. As soon as I came out of the pits in front


of Sebastian, I looked in the mirrors and saw him behind me, and


I knew it would be a very different race. He actually had to fight for


it. Jensen Button it under pressure in the closing stages of the race.


Trying to conserve fuel when you have got to macro angry world


champions chasing you down, it is pretty tough. And button does the


fastest sector of the entire Grand Prix.


Jensen but some did not lose his head when he got shoved onto the


grass. Do not get angry, get even, and he certainly has done that.


Jensen button brings the Japanese Grand Prix. The new world champion.


Winning in front of the Japanese fans, I got out and waved to the


crowd and the atmosphere was Sebastian, you're the 2011 world


champion. Well done. Thank you so much. We took nothing for granted,


If he was my son I would be so proud, I say that without


hesitation. He is just an exemplary boy. I have never seen my wife cry


at a Grand Prix before. It means a lot to her. When she cries it is


difficult for me not to. But I will try to hold it together! There's no


question in my mind that his name is etched on the trophy of the


great drivers of Formula 1. Just take a look at that monitor.


This is the Hall of fame that Europe joining, your fellow back-


to-back Formula 1 champions. -- bet Just seeing those heroes is already


very emotional. That is one of the great things about the Formula 1.


There is a lot of history and tradition. You can compare yourself


to that. When I was young I was dreaming about Formula 1, I loved


the history. So I know about the big names and what happened in the


past. You try not to think consciously about yourself and your


success, what you might achieve. But then went you have people


suddenly telling you you're at the same step as these guys, it is hard


to put into words. Maybe there are some people around that are in love


with themselves but for us, we are for we are and we just love what we


do. Then suddenly to imagine that you're there, it does make you


There you go, Sebastian. Thank you. Forever more, that is the company


that you will keep from now on. Sebastian Vettel, World Champion,


congratulations. Great celebrations, emotions from the race winner and


the championship win in Japan. And then we go to Korea and that is the


one that really meant something to the team. It was a team effort and


they confirmed they are the best team in the world. That's what I'm


talking about! Thank you, boys. A great race. We keep on working. We


It was touch and go but it was brilliant work by the Red Bull


Sebastian Vettel will have thoroughly enjoyed that. Great


drive, fantastic. We have won the constructors. Well done.


Constructors' Championships do not come easily. McLaren have not won


the constructors since 1998 but they have had some titles are the


drivers since then. That really is about the team work, both the


drivers delivering results, the pit crew delivering, all the other


factors that are there. For Adrian, Christian, the whole team, Korea


summed that up. All season we were waiting for somebody other than Red


Bull to be on pole position. We thought we would celebrate and that


driver would celebrate. But that driver did not celebrate. A weird


reaction from Lewis in Korea. Finally something other than at Red


Bull on pole position. Lewis Hamilton takes it. Congratulations.


De Voest opposition in a long time. You seem to have got your swagger


back. -- your first pole position in a long time. Yes. In his


emotional for you? Not really. It has been a roller-coaster year.


Here was a chance to celebrate and we were all expecting some greyness.


But he did not do it. -- some greatness. This is a public sport


and people at home want to imagine what it is like to drive the Grand


Prix cars, to imagine what it is like to be the fastest guy in the


world. So in many respects, the expression get over yourself, get


fully focused on the job you are doing, you are not only a highly-


paid sportsmen, you are the performer. I don't care too much


about that. I got opposition, which is great. I had my own little


moment in the car and I did feel that I had to give anyone anything.


Is he very emotional? He might be. I was not happy with things that


were going on in my life. That is one of the first positives for a


while. Contact. I was not going to love Felipe Massa come by and for


the rest of the year he did not let me come by. -- let Felipe Massa.


does not use his mind. How many times with me this year? So many


times. They just keep doing it. can't see anything in my mirrors.


Felipe Massa, by his own admission, had a bad season and he should not


have been using the same part of the track as Lewis Hamilton. He


should have been long gone. That car was better than the Ferrari and


I think he was put himself in a situation and suffered as a result.


On board with Lewis Hamilton. He is getting close to Felipe Massa. He


has gone up the inside this time. That is interesting. Jenson Button,


another fine second place for him. Being out done by a team-mate on a


regular basis is new to you, isn't it? Yes. Yes. What can I say?


Jenson was doing a better job at the time. He is in a good place and


he has great people around him. His dad is always at the races. He has


his girlfriend there all the time. He has his manager, his people


round him. He is in a very good place and that is the challenge for


every driver. We all want to get that. I am trying to deal with it.


I think I am doing OK at the moment. We saw vulnerability in 2011 that


we had never seen before. We saw a motion. He continued to give great


headlines throughout the year, but not because of great performances


on the racetrack, but we did have a few of them, it was more to do with


his on-off relationship, not having his father as part of his


management any more. Having the management company that are more


famous for the music industry and David Beckham. They are not the


sort of headlines that you want. You just want winning headlines.


have had lots of weekend's where I am up against the media. It is


always good to come back fresh. To come back and rise above it. Then


everyone shuts up. The race in the desert is under way. It is even


between Sebastian Vettel and Hamilton in the first corner. And


Sebastian Vettel has got a puncture! Punctured right rear.


Sebastian Vettel comes into the pit and his luck has run out. I never


thought there would be saying that this year. Lewis Hamilton is back


and so on McLaren. I want to dedicate this to my mother, happy


birthday and thank you for coming. I have always wanted to be here for


him but we are here today and it has been such a wonderful


experience for my birthday. spoke about the bubble that Jenson


has around him. What can you do to get into a happier place and have


people around you that make you feel like you are walking on a


cloud? I think I just need to invite them! The have talked about


how exciting it was in the front. That was exciting and midfield as


well. Renault will be the most disappointed of the midfield seems.


They blew the front of the diffuser, which energised the underbody of


the car at the beginning of the year. Vitaly Petrov gets his first


podium. Well deserved. For some reason they were not able to


develop that during the course of the year. The performance stalled


and they found themselves firmly at the back end of the top 10. I was


always intrigued by the midfield. Sure, it is always important to


watch the very front, but I always felt that the midfield there was


something bubbling away to make sure it was really exciting.


Let's talk about the teams that occupy the back of the grid. Virgin


finished the year as the slowest team in Formula One once again,


12th out of 24. Is that good enough? I was always looking out


HRT as being the guys that bring up the rear. In Melbourne the car was


still being built during qualifying. Hispania are a waste of talent and


petrol as far as I am concerned. But they actually finished in front


of Virgin in a championship for the second year running. Virgin have a


long way to go before they can be considered as a serious Formula One


As good as Jenson Button has been, as good as Sebastian Vettel has


been, both Mark Webber and Lewis Hamilton have lost their mojo a bit.


They are better drivers than that, faster drivers than that. Turn


round, David! I had to turn away from the screen! Incredibly brave


move by Mark Webber. Mark Webber will start 18th. After a stunning


performance, Mark Webber is on the podium. His arm goes in the air and


rightly so. Sensational comeback from Mark Webber. What would be


your moment of the season? I don't think there have been too many


highlights, made, to be honest. have said it before with Mark


Webber. If he didn't have bad luck he would not have any luck at all.


The racing driver feels very vulnerable in the team set up. I'm


sure he was considering what was actually going on. Why was


everything going Sebastian Vettel's way? To question those things and


when you start questioning them, your performance drops off and you


are not sure. Mark Webber with a handsome lead. The serious gearbox


problems for Mark Webber. Short shift every lap. I expect to see


Mark Webber passing Sebastian Vettel for the leader of this Grand


Prix any time soon. Now we let him through. He has been a loyal


servant to Red Bull. Red Bull have very much returned that favoured


today. His car has run absolutely faultlessly. Mark Webber wins the


Brazilian Grand Prix. The fist is in the air. As a driver, why would


you pull over the way he did? It was emphatic, in front of everyone,


he was making it clear that he was moving out of the way to let Mark


Webber go. It did not think the car would make it to the finish so why


hold up Mark Webber when he could lose the race or fight with McLaren


later? Let him go and get clear space. I think Mark Webber fully


deserved that victory. He is great around the Brazilian racetrack. But


it is remarkable that it took him so long to get that win. For this


coming season, six world champions on the grid with the return of Kimi


Raikkonen. One-quarter of the grid have won the title. I don't know if


we have ever had a statistic like that before. Such different


personalities. The way they interact with the teams, the way


they develop the cars, the way they raised them wheel-to-wheel. Please,


give us a great racing season! Outside of Red Bull, you have to


get your thinking caps on because there is a big job in front of you.


Once again it was wonderful to share the world with you in 2011. I


look forward to more of it in 2012. But your spoons did not make the


final cut so we have a proper band to celebrate the best bits of the


year. A proper band?! Well done. But not have done it without you.


We could! -- we could not have done That was amazing. Thank you so much.


He has stopped in the wrong box. Yes, yes, yes and yes again! Great


job, guys. He leads the Grand Prix. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.


I really watching what I am watching because this is just the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


best race? The new World Champion. # I had no choice.


# You said that you didn't mind because love is hard to find.


# May be the days we have are gone. # May be in silence far too long.


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