The Brazilian Grand Prix - Highlights Formula 1

The Brazilian Grand Prix - Highlights

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ride in the crucible where success and failure Scream by. Two


contrasting sides separated only by fractions. By a thin, brittle line.


For a while perhaps, victory and glory are companions. The world, it


seems, it belongs to you. But never think it is forever. One slip


across the mind and you are lost. Once a challenger, now no more than


a follow were. Once champions, now owned the supporting players. Those


left in the chasing pack turned to bickering, chlorine and scratching


as the search for that elusive glory again. At times, there is


also a glimpse through the window to the world outside, where good


times and bad have far more meaning than mere sport can offer. Some


have to leave the stage, while others linger. Held fast, thinking


that triumph is still close at hand. It is a fine line between he who


needs and those left behind. What drives them all on? It is the fault


of glory. Which in the end can fall only to one man. So at a salute to


those who race, to those who win and lose, succeed and failed in the


blink of an eye. And a salute to the champion, to the man who for


now enjoys the favours and the spoils. But know that in the


quickest of sports success can be fleeting. Save the Peter Lawrie


while at lasts. -- savoured the glory.


Just a few highlights of be truly curious formula One series. Welcome


to the highlights of the final Grand Prix of PCs and. We have


right here having been crop -- right across the world. The


champion is already crowned. You can see that the name Vettel


appears often on this list. In the constructors battle, it was all


about the midfield. All the action from the base in just a moment.


First, here is what happened in the qualifying. Could Sebastian Vettel


break all the records and pick up 15 Paul positions in just one


season? Sometimes in Formula One, you have


to applaud greatness way you find it. Sebastian Vettel set pole


position for the busy Liam Bond bricks, just as he has 14 other


times this season -- the Brazilian Grand Prix. He broke Nigel


Mansell's record. Yes, Baby E! We got it. Pretty special. Sorry for


my job, but not really sorry. He obviously took three all four races


less. Nevertheless, it has been an incredible year for us. A almost as


excited word Rubens Barrichello and Bruno Senna, who used to the Home


track to deliver their impressive laps. For the other Brazilian in


the field looks less sure footed, even by his recent standards.


Felipe Massa struggled in his Ferrari. He was beaten to 6th by it


-- beaten 26. You have a qualified your team-mate 16 times this year.


Does that give you a smile? course that is OK. It is fine.


left the rest to fight over the places behind Vettel. Fernando


Alonso was in his usual 5th place. Ms Hamilton was disappointed in


force, being out qualified by it Jenson Button. The other guys did a


great job in front of me. It is not perfect, but it is a good place to


start tomorrow. Mark Webber made Sebastian Vettel work for the pole


position in the final runs, but what qualifying might have lost --


lacked in sporting contest, it made up for in a display of genius.


Concentration to the maximum. I hope to get something good out of


it in the end. Last race I did not finish. I want to see the chequered


flag. I think this race has always been different, special in many


ways. It has delivered great races. Red Bull lock out the front row for


the 7th time this season. Jenson with Lewis Hamilton. A lot of


science goes into that. He parks quite a bit bare the his yellow


line. -- over his yellow line. Mark Webber is already pointing towards


Vettel. Look, but never stare. The Brazilian Grand Prix is under way.


Mark Webber is under pressure from Jenson Button. Alonso and goes


around the outside of Hamilton. Felipe Massa looks like he has had


a great start. Ferrari's, once again, very quick off the start.


Very quick from macro webber. Alonso, defending hard against


Lewis Hamilton. Michael Schumacher might have slipped back. He is in


11th place. It is not often we have said that this season. They are


still jockeying for position as we go into turn six. Vettel, pulling


out a very handsome lead considering the distance they have


travelled in this Grand Prix. Petrov is up from 15th to 12th.


Alguersuari has gone a long way back. Once again, Kovalainen, a


mighty start for Lotus, up into 15th place. 1.1 second is the


leader by Vettel at the end of the first lap. Schumacher has completed


the pass by eight arrester. -- Karthikeyan. He will be looking


down the inside as he goes into turn four. Schumacher should defend


that. He did indeed. It is quite slippery on the inside. Rubens


Barrichello slipped down from 12 on the grid to 19th. A very poor first


lap from him sadly. Fernando Alonso, getting himself up alongside


Hamilton. NASA getting very much upon the kerb. -- Felipe Massa


earth. Michael Schumacher, using a lot of the kerb. Good clean stuff


from all the runners. Barrichello is already a long way back. He must


have been slow off the line. Hamilton got a good start. He was


homing in on Mark Webber. Alonso got a good start, but could not


really do anything with it. Eight seconds covers the top seven at the


moment. It sounded like an incredibly low rpm one that Renault


engine. But he glanced in his mirrors and saw he was safe in the


run in to turn to. Sebastien had the luxury of being pretty cautious.


This is Barrichello. He was swamped with all the cars. There is nothing


you can do in that situation. are out of sync with the whole pack.


When you are moving along, it looks much, from behind the steering


wheel than it does when you are watching. But as soon as you're out


of sync in terms of Speed, you get mugged left or right and centre.


Michael Platt as he was in the braking phase and the hit the front


of his wing -- Michael braked. Michael went for the upside, hit


the brakes and then turned in front of Bruno Senna. There was not much


Pruneau could do in that situation. -- Senna. He lost the leading edge,


which will affect the overall downforce. But maybe that will trim


the car for him and bring him into balance. Let's keep an eye on his


lap times. Ever the optimist! We know there is an investigation into


that incident between cars seven and nine. Alonso got so much more


Speed coming out of five. He has gone around the outside!


Unbelievable! That was an incredible pass. You would never


dream of going around the outside into that corner. I would not even


set the car up to try it. That is the difference between great


drivers and... It is maybe six and two threes from that angle. Bruno


Senna, not going to a lot of trouble to get out of his way. He


is obviously a bit anxious there. There goes the brand new set of


tyres on the Schumacher's car. Unlike Vettel in the last race,


there was not too much damage. That is something we're hearing and the


team radio feed. The Rea tyres are starting to hurt. They can live


with a little bit of blistering, but they might have to bring their


pit-stops forward. Michael Schumacher of rejoins the mighty


scrap between the two McLarens. He is a lap down after that pit stop.


As soon as Jensen got a wrong- footed in turn six, he had to


defend heavily in four, was slowed in five and Alonso breeze around


him in five. -- 6. I think the first point of contact was Bruno


Senna or going a little bit deep on the brakes. They had already


touched at that point. I don't think Michael has done anything


wrong, or Bruno. Michael was a little bit aggressive in the


braking when he turned in, but he could not judge exactly where Bruno


was. He was in his blind spot. You cannot remove your car from the


The whole top of the end plate is broken. Unless their strategy was


to do three stops, the hall leading edge was just flapping around. --


the entire leading edge. First of all, they say there is


nothing wrong with a Jenson Button scarf. Alonso was just quicker.


Vitaly Petrov stopping. RADIO: Short shift second gear, we have a


gearbox problem. Do your best. Gearbox problem for Sebastian


Vettel, he added changes wing in parc ferme, no indication of any


problems throughout the weekend. We will see how that affects his lap


time. They are telling their drivers to nurse the car. Bob Red


Bull are getting ready. . That suggests an overheating


gearbox. It could be a synchronisation issue.


There is a seamless shift, thankfully for Sebastian Vettel


they only use the second gear on two places on the track, turn eight


and turn 10. The gap there, Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber,


the gap is reducing. Sebastian Vettel went a little bit wide, in a


pine tree corner. Presumably, he might have been listening to the


radio. A I don't remember ever going faster whilst listening to 18


radio, never affected my lap time. Somehow when the radius box open


and you start listening to the Engineer, it does take away a bit


of concentration. You don't slowdown on the road when you were


listening to Cliff Richard? You are driving at 70 mph.


This is Buemi, Alguersuari, 13. This is Adrian Sutil making his way


through the pack, having just gone in for a pit-stop. Does that


suggest three stops? The briefing this morning, they were suggesting


three is too slow. You said it at the beginning of the show. It seems


the tyres are giving up earlier than they thought.


McLaren boys out, Jenson Button is coming in. The briefing was, expect


two, the reality is looks like they are on for three stops this


afternoon. Not a lot of degradation between the hard and soft tyre.


they just overheating or blistering? At this stage of the


race, we heard a radio message, saying that right rear blisters. He


ran on Friday with a lot of blistering. Providing it does not


take away the surface, the carcass remains intact, they can run


happily. Jenson Button comes out in front of


Paul di Resta after that pit stop. You can see the chi is -- the ties


that came off. There is a small circumference, line of blisters,


not too bad. I fancy that was to try and get past the Ferrari.


What sort of size of the blisters? 5p, 10 pence? Half a centimetre,


tiny, not very big at all. RADIO: Q sure shift, second and third gear.


Second and third gear? Her I think it is an overheating thing. Alonso


and Hamilton pit. End of lap 16. A straight fight between Ferrari and


McLaren. About the same pit stop time. We will see any moment now.


It is taking about 19 seconds in total on a good stop. There is a


long so, where his Jenson Button? Where is Hamilton? -- there is


Alonso. Note changes. -- there are no changes after that round of pit


stops. A tidy stop for Mercedes. Explain


this to me, we meet with senior engineers in the morning, they give


us the benefit of their experience through Friday and Saturday


practice. The Red Bull crew are coming out, what is before


Sebastian Vettel? I think it is. people waiting for him. Pretty


scary, driving at a garage of men at 60 mph. That looked quick.


he has to use his first gear in the pit lane. He will have to short


shift three second and third when he get out of the end of the pit


lane. Is it a heating issue? If you go into third in the pit lane,


often you can drop out your limiter and take off and get a penalty. Ted


Kravitz was looking at Sebastian Vettel's tyres. They were about the


same. Slightly less blisters, fewer blisters than the McLaren. Also, he


overshot his pit box by about 10 centimetres seven are carried had


to shift up a bit. That could prove crucial. A very small gap to Mark


Webber, he has stayed out so this could be Mark Webber's opportunity.


Bruno Senna, he has a penalty. The stewards have decided it was his


fault for causing a collision. Pretty tough. That is a bit unfair.


Red Bull are out in the pit lane. Mark Webber will be in at this lap.


They got far more camera angles that we have got. They have got G


Ps, can compare previous laps. -- G behind Sebastian Vettel. Looks like


he has lost time, must have got some traffic on his in lap.


Sebastian Vettel coming through, Mark Webber was just over one


second when he went in for the stop. That looks like a much bigger gap


now. This is Sebastian Vettel catching Massa, he is still yet to


Pearce. -- be it. -- he is still yet to go into the pits. He will


know if he gets anywhere round, he can open his rear wing. It seems to


be quite late, a perfect run down the outside into the braking zone.


Massa got out of it, he will be on a dirty part of the track.


Perez has gone into the pits, Rosberg going by Alguersuari.


to be flat out in fourth, fifth, sixth and 7th. Gotta be careful in


second and third place. I used to breeze beside of relief if I got


through turn three without being on opposite lock and threatening


myself silly. You could have done a % of Euro downforce and gone faster.


A different world. -- 8% of your we first stop. Massa has not stopped


but his lapping slowly. France we are out in the pit lane. He will be


coming in this lap. -- Ferrari. About 19 seconds, will put him out


behind Hamilton. He is currently running in sixth place. Felipe


Massa will go back out in sixth place. Very clever friend Jack so


he can swing out of the way and saved another tenth of a second.


Virgin Racing dropping out. Three Wales. There is the other one. --


wheels. The wheel that has made a bid for freedom. Our first


retirement. Timo Glock. Arms waving, we are not ready. He has gone. Rule


number one, leaving the pit stop. Luckily the wheel it didn't make it


onto the racetrack. Sebastian Vettel. RADIO: Serious gearbox


in the middle of a canter. Mark Webber is sniffing the chance of


victory. A 2.3 seconds behind. used to synchronise better when you


changed at peak revs and not short shifting. We are guessing what that


problem might be. I am sure Ted Kravitz will find out as soon as


you can. I am not sure if Red Bull will tell us too much. That is a


Lotus with a gearbox problem. He is in the wrong gear. It seemed like


he did a double shift. Possible to do. If you pull a paddle in the


middle of the corner, it will shift up. So it that was an error from


Bruno, it has cost him a place. a test car in June added that many


times. Part of a front wing. That was hanging off the car earlier.


That is not in a good place. It is on the inside. There is the team


principal for Renault. The damaged front wing. That is on the inside,


off the racing line. Every player of Michael Schumacher coming back


through the field. -- There is a replay. Passing Jarno Trulli for


19th place. Schumacher had that puncher, along lap back to the pits.


Bruno Senna that's mother, observing her son out on that Grand


Prix. Must be tremendous emotion for that family. Ted Kravitz.


have come down to the Red Bull garage. There is potential for


Sebastian Vettel to manage this. All the messages have been played


out on the team radio and we have heard them. We know as much as all


the people in the garage and the mechanics sitting there. RADIO:


give up their place to his team- mate. The people working


frantically Arona telemetry pick. They are having a look. There are


all these colours but a lot of red on the computer screens. We are


only guessing befitted an overheating issue. Sounds like it


is getting worse. Maldonado in the barriers there. I think I


understood Sebastiaan Vettel say I will not hold him up. They have got


about seven seconds over Fernando Alonso. Clearly whatever the


problem is it is getting worse in that gearbox. What did you hear?


was so focused on the Williams and the tyres at turn eight I missed


the end of it. No question Sebastian at this stage is not


going to get in the wake of the interest of the team. He doesn't


know if his car will make it to the end of the race, Mark Webber, as I


expect, on the entrance to turn seven, where Maldonado has parked


his car, in a difficult position. If another car was to lose control,


they need to try and recover that car. Wouldn't be this -- wouldn't


this be a moment for a safety car? The Red Bull engineers discussing.


I expect to see Mark Webber passing Sebastian Vettel any time now.


has pulled out a little bit, if anything. I wonder if he said I


will not fall behind. I would like to hear it again. Maybe we can


transcribe that. I would rather the gearbox Blair would then give us


this position right now. He is faster on this lap than Mark Webber.


The gap is back-up. Now he let him through. -- he lets him through. A


faster lap then let him through. Managing the situation, that


confirms what you heard. I will fall behind. He gets the use of the


DRS, a little cheeky opening. What was not the greatest place to pull


that. Timor orders are allowed in Formula One now. -- Timor orders.


Mark Webber leads the concrete. -- the Grand Prix. Can he take his


first victory of the season? McLaren now, out with the harder


tyre for Jenson Button of. It is the slower tyre. Maybe half a


second a lap slower. Maybe he is just getting this out of the way at


this stage of the race. Though Jensen did say it only in the


weekend that he was happier with the balance would this harder tyre.


But lap time is king. It is easy to make a fool of yourself in this pit


lane, sweeping up around the inside of turn three. It would be very


easy to crash. Barton is behind Felipe Massa having made that stop.


-- Barton. We watched eagerly to see what kind of lap times Jenson


Button cannot extract from this brand new set of tyres. -- can


extract. Soft tyres, a different strategy for Hamilton. That is why


you can crash so easily. You have to get through a difficult left,


down the hill, a right and a long left, then straight into the side


of any body. He is behind Button still. But he is on a different


tyre. This will be very interesting. McLaren have split their strategy.


Alonso pits. These men are waiting for their hero, Fernando Alonso.


The softer tyres. He will have to stop again this afternoon. The same


for Hamilton. Button will not have to stop. But will he want to?


nine is the corner that comes up and monks see you as you come out


of turn eight. That is the corner where he's done -- he spun. Sergio


Perez was running 12. He is down in 14th. Sutil has had two stops. It


is game played by the Force India team. We can see in the data that


we have a gearbox problem. There is nothing you can do out there to


help. Just keep driving, keep going. They have all the fashion today.


never rains but it pours. Lewis Hamilton also nursing a box of cogs


that do not really fancy 71 laps of the Interlagos circuit. Vettel is


maintaining the gap at 2.6 seconds. Alonso has just done his fastest


lap of the race. Button, as we suggested earlier on, has not


caught Felipe Massa. His Button lining up for a pass on the


Ferrari? It does not look like it at this stage. He is certainly


hounding Felipe Massa. He has only done one stop, of course. Felipe


Massa is up three places having had a one stop. Jensen has used both


kinds of tyre, which she has to under the regulations. Mark Webber


pits. They put on another set of soft tyres, so we will have to stop


again. It is the restocks for Mark Webber. -- Three stops. Jensen is


on a different strategy compared to Hamilton and Mark Webber. Rubens


Barrichello has been lapped down in 15th. Jenson Button sales down the


upside with his real winger opened. Job done and off he goes. An easy


pass. He will have enjoyed that, having not enjoyed Alonso going


round the outside of him in turn six. Metal beads. He is going to


pit stop. It is so nice to see the pit lane from the commentary box.


It is essential indeed. That sounded like it did not want to go


into neutral. The same strategy as Mark Webber, Hamilton and Alonso.


Where is Mark Webber? He is well in the lead. They are on a three


stopper strategy this afternoon. We expect them to come in Again around


lap 54. Anything in that region. Maybe even later if they can make


these tyres last and give themselves the shortest run


possible on the harder tyres. It is not holding Jenson Button back. He


is comparing very favourably with the Felipe Massa. Now has more to


it is catching Felipe Massa as well. -- Hamilton is catching. Felipe


Massa must have had a problem of turn three. Jensen was out of the


slipstream so early bus-stop he must have lifted. Must have scared


himself around there. As you say, Dr rest does not account for all of


that extra speed. These two have come together five times this year.


Do you think Lewis will give him a slightly wider berth. A I don't


think so. This is clearly struggling a little bit with the


balance of the car around this track -- Lewis Hamilton is


struggling. Crucially, he is not getting close enough at the end of


the lap to put himself in a position to capitalise in turn up


for. -- Turn four. He is just too far back. The car is winding up on


the exit of turn three. Losing so much speed. He is probably having


to lift in turn three, where Hamilton can stay flat. He does not


have the issue in turn 12, which is more than exhilaration corner. --


of an acceleration corner. Ferrari strategy is all about


beating McLaren, rather than trying to win the race. Quite sensibly so.


Maybe the opportunity that Lewis is waiting for. Felipe Massa gets a


psychological gold star on his star chart from his Engineer. McLaren


and in the pit lane. They are fed up by losing time behind the


Ferrari. They have lost 7.5 seconds to Button. They were quite close,


if you remember. On the go at the medium compound tyres. He can now


drive to the end of the Grand Prix. They have obviously seen a nice


slop they can put Louis back into on the racetrack, where he will not


get too much traffic -- put Hamilton back on to the racetrack.


Sutil is now ahead of Hamilton. They must have a bigger issue that


we are not aware rub. That is very early to do the third stop and try


to go to the end on the hard tyres. Could we see a 4th stop? We are


watching Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel trading fastest laps.


interesting thing for me is the fight we have for 6th, 7th and 8.


As it stands, Adrian Sutil is absolutely lighting up the midfield.


He is now in 7th position and he needs three more points, or


certainly two over Petrov, to finish 9th in the championship,


which would be a huge result for that team and massive going into


next season. Felipe Massa has got the medium compound tyres. Another


man driving to the end of the race. Michael Schumacher is hunting down


Heikki Kovalainen. Felipe Massa, just in front of your Lewis


Hamilton. McLaren did not manage to use the new tyres to get in front


of Felipe Massa. The longer you keep him behind you, the greater


chance of beating him bus-stop they have certainly got a great chance


of beating him now. We have a serious gearbox problem. Do


everything you can do safety car. The objective is to stay in front


of Alonso. He is getting fat called because he just did his fastest lap


of the Grand Prix. -- getting that call. It is the same message that


he has been told a few times. It would be nice to be a bit more


specific. It is all fine and well saying short shrift, but they have


a light display it in there. Like a Christmas tree. They also have


audio, which largely the drivers to change when they hear the beat.


Hamilton is going to park the car. We heard about a gearbox problem at


Deauville on for Lewis Hamilton. -- Early up on. The gearbox has gone.


He has to find a sensible place to park this, because he is not going


to make it back to the pit stop. He is aiming for an orange marker.


closest I have ever come to dying was on that corner driving for


McLaren. My car broke down in that piece of track. Another car came


flying over my head and hit my head. Is that when you went on to the


radio and said you were unconscious? That is another


English driver you are thinking about! Hamilton becomes the third


retirement. Oh, dear. Forsberg just steams up the inside. Fantastic


stuff. That is a clever boy. Someone who knows this racetrack.


It is a very long run into that apex. Although Sutil clearly had


the track position on the outside, I think we have seen Rosberg do


that before. He is fighting well for that position. That is the


battle for 6 and 7th. I fear his defence is going to be futile. It


is a different strategy. Rosberg has only done two stops. I think


Sutil thought he had got the job done. Then Rosberg came back


through. That was good stuff. Great driving from both of them. Nico


Rosberg, the last couple of races, since he signed his contract, has


been really aggressive, which is exactly what the Mercedes team will


want to see. He showed Michael Schumacher what he thought of his


will go right, of course. Got a little fright on his way past. Good


straight line speed from the Force India. McLaren are in the pit lane.


Button in. That has got all hallmarks of a team that were not


expecting a driver. Gone on the hard tyres again, we thought he


might get to the end. For Nando Alonso in the pit lane. -- Fernando


Alonso. Lewis is back in the pits. Lee


McKenzie has found him. disappointing end to a difficult


season. An interesting year. A today I give it my all, I felt like


I enjoyed the race. A little bit unfortunate for us and the team we


were not able to get the extra points. But I enjoyed racing out


there, challenging Felipe Massa at the end, it was hoping I would get


him but the gearbox problem came on quite early so I was struggling.


Mark Webber is coming in for his final stop. The hard tyres go on.


Excellent stop by the Red Bull guys. How much will it mean for the


Australian after this season he has had getting well and truly beaten


by Sebastian Vettel to get a win he has so craved? The Red Bull


mechanics coming out again, for Sebastian Vettel, for his third and


final stop. There he is. Into the box. This could be the final pit-


stop of the year for the Red Bull team. They have achieved everything


they need to this afternoon. Lap 60. Mark Webber will retake the lead


again. Already half way down the back straight. Lewis watches on,


sadly. 5th in the world championship. His reward for a


season with many highs and lows. Look how close it is between Jenson


Button and Fernando Alonso. Button beautifully in the slipstream. Will


he get a chance? Alonso thinks he might. He has gone defensive.


Batten down the outside. Alonso release is the brake pedal to


reclaim the corner. He will be so much faster. Patten will be so much


faster after turn 3, the DRS will open now. Jenson Button should have


mile straight-line speed. He has got the job done. Up into third


place, a brilliant driving. The McLaren team thoroughly enjoyed


that. So they should. Jenson Button, third. A replay of him right up


under the slipstream as he comes off turn three. Alonso goes


defensive. Pop open that DRS, release the drag from the car.


That move really started in turn one. He had to go defensive, slow


through two and three and passes and finally. On the clean side of


the racetrack. As we watch Mark Webber, as Sebastian Vettel,


running wide in 105. -- in turn 5. 11.6 seconds ahead. Mark Webber.


The quickest lap, Mark, we don't need any more. He loves to take


this tokens away from his team-mate. He would be determined. Just gone a


bit faster. He did another one. Into the final lap. Mark Webber, 35


years old. The Australian who has had a difficult season, just


watched his team mate clean-up, finally is going to get his reward.


It will still only put him 4th in the world championship, two point


behind Fernando Alonso, but I don't think he will care when a little


bit about that. -- one little bit. Two more corners to go before the


final left-hand corner to climb the hill. Mark Webber is had been for


his 7th from prix victory. -- heading for. He has been a loyal


servant to read all. They have very much to return at favour today --


Red Bull. His car has run faultlessly. He has made the most


of it. He heads to the line. Mark Webber wins the Brazilian Cornbury


comfortably as it turns out -- Grand Prix. He can head into the


winter with some satisfaction, self-belief, and get on with his


programme. Sebastian Vettel in second place, despite nursing at


that gearbox problem pretty much for the entire race. Jenson Button


in third place. 10.6 seconds behind Sebastiaan Vettel as the coasts


across the line. Alonso and Philippe a master, fourth and 5th -


- Felipe Massa. Because they were lapped Adrian Sutil is already sick,


was their 7th. Kobayashi is 9th. RADIO: Stop the car at 101. -- turn


one. Presumably for fuel. Mark Webber finally gets a victory in


this 19 race season. It has been tough, exciting, great working with


you David in the commentary box, thoroughly enjoyed that. Mark


Webber is certainly going to enjoy victory for Red Bull. They were


dominant, nobody was getting near them. Jenson Button was the closest,


that has been the season -- story at the very last moment Mark


Welbeck lip -- jumped above points. Very happy with that. The


Constructors' Championship ends like it starts with Renault holding


important to them giving them money for the next season. Let's look


back and relive some of the best moments. What did the drivers make


of today? Great in the car, great to finish with, three fastest laps.


The feeling with the car, it hasn't been the greatest but to finish on


a high like that, it was nice. The team have worked incredibly hard.


A phenomenal season, everybody in Red Bull can be very proud. A


season where we will look back to and say, great to be part of that


and to have been part of that. We just haven't had the outright


pace to fight rebel. Fair play to them, a great job, congratulations


-- to fight Red Bull. They have been dominant. We have got to start


the season stronger, something we have to do next year. We will make


it hard for them in 2012. It has been a good year, along year,


disappointed it is over but a well deserved rest for everybody,


recharge their batteries, spend time with their families and come


back fighting. I want to say thank you to them all, it has been a


great year, an ambition to drawing up Formula One and you cannot


believe how happy and. -- to drive a Formula One.


We look ahead to 2012. These cars are already defunct.


They have provided success for the teams will go into museums. The


others will probably get crushed. An incredible journey.


We have really enjoyed ourselves. The season belongs to only one man,


Sebastian Vettel, and Red Bull. They have set the mark and the job


next year for everybody is to match Despite him winning the


championship, we still had Fernando Alonso as the benchmark, the most


recent double world champion. We have changed that order. Sebastian


Vettel is the new benchmark. Came off the back of winning that first


title. He has just been incredible. In qualifying, race performances


and set a high bar. I will tell you the name, you


review their season put up the Curran.


Must try harder -- McLaren. A very average start of the year. Six


victories. They struggled not just with development but with the


drivers. Jenson Button seemed to grow in confidence. Lewis Hamilton


seemed to lose his way. Ferrari.


We expect more. They have been part of the world championships is the


very beginning. One victory at Silverstone. Based showed signs,


just need to find a bit more and everything will change. They are


close enough to be contenders next year.


Mercedes will want more next year, a Renault, started strongly and


disappeared. Force India, Sauber, Toro Rosso. The midfield was


exciting. A lot more strength and depth than


we have previously seen. Any one of those teams could break out into


the big league. The most likely his Mercedes. They have the winning DNA.


In the interesting battle with Force India, Sauber, Toro Rosso,


Williams, will we see them come back? You will be with us every


step of the way for 2012. A indeed, looking forward to it.


There you go, Sebastian Vettel's year. There Paul's year. Another


great year for the fans watching Formula One and we will see you in


Hamilton into the barriers. Yes, yes. Alonso Leeds. Greater job,


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