The Brazilian Grand Prix - Qualifying Formula 1

The Brazilian Grand Prix - Qualifying

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three of the newest tracks, this weekend, welcome to one of the


true for Ayrton Senna and millions of Brazilians.


Ayrton Senna achieves his ambition to win the Brazilian Grand Prix!


It was all too much for the man himself. Some moment for McLaren.


10 years later, a familiar face held to celebrate in style.


A brilliant drive from David Coulthard.


Two men in particular would love to watching this weekend. They are in


great form, they remember winning the title here, and they would love


to finish this season ahead. Welcome to the final weekend of the


2011 season, from Interlagos, Sao Paulo, Brazil. The engines are


warming up, the 40th Brazilian Grand Prix. The crowd are here in


their droves, as always are. It is a special place, and behind us on


the podium, a special podium. Brazilians are an emotional people,


we see that in the way drivers perform. 86 million people. These


huge following for Formula One. When you on the podium, the


Grandstand comes alight. Even this morning, there was singing in the


grandstand. There is real passion, and that comes through. You picked


up a win here in the rain in incredible conditions a few years


ago, 2003, you did not get your opportunity to stand up there.


remember rightly, it was looking particularly gloomy and grumpy! Ron


Dennis stole my favourite position! What happened? There were lots of


crashes. It was tipping down with rain. Look at the chaos. Cars were


shunting and crashing. My driver drove fantastically. Gary Anderson


said, we have got to get to 75% of the race, because then we could get


four points for the race. We stayed out there. We won the race. But


afterwards, we had to appeal the decision of the stewards. We won


the case and we won the Grand Prix. That is the most subdued I have


ever seen you! You have to think what was going on in my brain!


are very lucky, you know what it takes to come here and win. I would


love to know what it is like to drive around the circuit. They have


been trying out something that we will see more of in the future.


Does this give us a good idea of what it is like? It gives you a


better insight than the camera view we normally have, which looks down


at the driver. It takes away the amount of movement. A lot of wind


movement across the driver's helmet. He will be glancing down at the


dashboard. It is a great camera angles. I had one of those in 2008.


But hopefully, we will have more of this. We would have had a perfect


view of pole position, if we had followed Sebastian Vettel, because


he has been dominant as we have travelled the world. This season


has given us a 92% increase in overtaking it, the dentist at the


double world champion, and a shirt that has raised money for charity.


And the fund is not over yet. -- fund.


McLaren would love to do what they did last time in Abu Dhabi, to


snatch pole position. It was taken away by Sebastian Vettel at the


very end. Let's discuss the season. The last nine races, they have


ended up on the podium, and after an awful start, they win the award


for turning their season around. McLaren could win so many awards,


it is a great team, they set standards, were kept her shiny cars


are. They had a ropey start to the season, but it was a tremendous


comeback. They can develop a car. They have got to feel pretty


confident for this weekend. But we have to be critical, they are used


to winning championships, they have the resources, they have the


manpower, the skills, the drivers, and it is unthinkable that they


started as badly as they did, and they gave the drivers know platform


to win the championship. One of your favourite pastimes is


criticising McLaren. When you consider that Ferrari have won


titles, and Renault, McLaren are the only team who have regularly


raced and beaten Red Bull this season. There is something slightly


different. There is success in their blood all the way through. I


am being critical because I know they are capable of winning these


championships. You cannot say that about Renault. If we are being fair,


they are an outstanding team, and worthy of every accolade we can


throw at them, but they did not do the job well enough at the


beginning of the season. We would have had a much tighter and more


interesting championship. We will wait and see if their pace shows in


qualifying. Jenson Button, since 2005, never qualified in the top 10


here. It has gone a bit trendy here. The drivers have changed their


helmet. Lewis Hamilton had a Bob Marley helmet in India. His helmet


is different, the Brazilian flag. I am sure you will recognise the


design. No prizes for identifying the inspiration.


Sometimes, I do a special helmet for a Grand Prix. Was thinking what


to do for Brazil. Ayrton Senna, one of the most significant figures in


my life. I was just going to have his design, but I know Bruno Senna


has that, so I wondered whether it was possible to do a mix between my


helmet and his. I put half of my design and then his on the back.


They wanted me to use his new logo, but I wanted to use this one,


because I used to have bait T-shirt with the Senna S on it. It feels


awesome in the car. It has a green interior. All of the helmets have


black. I specifically ordered this. I had to go and buy it myself. It


is so cool. There is only one of them in the world. I wear it


proudly this weekend, regardless of what the sort we have. -- what


result we have. I hope Ayrton Senna is proud of me.


We are proud of Lewis Hamilton. They are confident, already wearing


the rocket red T-shirts. But they are fans who are happy to be here!


A nightmare for you commentators, all of these will make changes.


me, growing up, they should maintain the majority of the design.


But it is great for the charity. But when you keep changing as often


as they do, it is difficult to tell who is driving the car, because you


cannot see the number. For years, it is the one area that a driver


has had signed Asante. The team has imposed their sponsors, and


religiously, it has been the one part of the driver that he can have


control on. One would not like to see that changing. They can have as


many different things on it as they like. I have remembered one small


think. When I was at McLaren, they offered $1 million for me to give


up the right to the image of my helmet, and I said, no, I have had


this helmet since I was 11. It is not like you to miss out on every


flight that! You could have given us half a million each! Ayrton


Senna will be proud. That helmet will be auctioned off for the


Ayrton Senna Foundation. They have just turned on the engine. It is


sounding good. How much would McLaren have to pick up their first


pole position here in the last 11 seasons? That would feel good, but


there are no prizes for poor position. The prizes come on Sunday.


Everybody will be hoping that the wheels come off.


The race in the desert is under way, plenty of smoke. It is even between


Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton. Fernando Alonso goes round outside


of Mark Webber. Sebastian Vettel has gone off with a puncture! He


has not even made it down to the fifth corner! Fernando Alonso has


gone past Jenson Button! Lewis Hamilton leads the Grand Prix


comfortably. Sebastian Vettel comes into the pits, and his luck has run


out. I never thought I would say that this year! Now, we have got


Mark Webber alongside Jenson Button. That looks like the position is


taken. Jenson Button is indeed ers zone. He will be able to open his


wink. Double DRS, two overtakes. Jenson Button does not have KERS.


They touch, more or less. He goes through. Jenson Button comes up the


inside and takes the position. expect Felipe Massa to defend the


inside line. Very clear defence. Trying to use the extra grip, which


she does. Felipe Massa needs to keep it tidy and get his own DRS.


Felipe Massa should have given it up. Who is praised? Felipe Massa is.


This is Mark Webber. He has got the inside line. Jenson Button decided


not to do it. Felipe Massa has barn, which has taken the pressure off


Red Bull. Lewis Hamilton is back, and so are McLaren! A tremendous


Tremendous to see Lewis Hamilton back on the top step of the podium.


Remarkably, despite winning that race, Lewis Hamilton can no longer


catch his teammate to finish second in the Championship. Mark Webber


must win this weekend to become runner-up to his teammate,


Sebastian Vettel. It is getting very tight in the Constructors'


We have come out to the paddock to be joined by a man who will be


recognisable to all of you, and to all of Brazil. It will be hoping to


hold on to that fifth place in the Championship, Bruno Senna. In this


race, and in this place, is the Senna name their help or hindrance


to you? It is obviously a help. It is a lot of attention. But it is


natural to come to your home race and get your countrymen to salute


you. It is a great feeling, I'm very excited about the race. It is


a fair bit of pressure as well. Absolutely, but pressure is always


there. I want to deliver whenever I am in the car. It is no different


to other places in that respect. you feels somewhat unlucky that at


this stage, you arrive in a team like this and the performance of


the car just disappear as? It is not really the performance of the


car, it is more that the other guys are making strides and we are not.


It is unfortunate. The decision was to invest in next year's car. I


think it is natural. I'm sure that if I am raising for these guys next


year, I will be pleased with this decision! We have had complaints


from Vitaly Petrov, and some issues with Robert Kubica, does this


enhance your opportunities for next year? It is hard to say. It depends


very much on what I'm doing on the track. And also, if we can find


some good backing for the team. It is an overall package, it is not


just one thing. I don't think I'm fighting for Vitaly's seat, I'm


fighting for the other seed, and it is a pretty fierce fight. 17th in


final practice, what was the problem this morning? We had of it


-- a bit of a difficult run this morning, we had an imagination.


These things took some time away. We only have one hour, so we got to


do very few laps in the session. But if it is wet tomorrow, the race


will become a lottery anyway. will let you go, because there's a


big crowd building around us. We will await news on the future of


Bruno Senna. And talking of news, here's Ted Kravitz. The spring his


back in Lewis Hamilton's stepped this weekend. His McLaren has been


quick, he was fastest in second practice, and happy with himself


after spending time with some special friends in the USA earlier


this week. I'm really excited to be here, coming off a positive couple


of weeks. The last few days have been very positive for me as well.


I was able to have a couple of great lunches and dinners with


Nicole, which has been a real positive. It has been a year of


growth, and hopefully in the future I will look back and think, I took


a lot from that year. Next year will be an interesting one. Jenson


Button is also after a good weekend. He struggled a little bit in


practice compared to Hamilton, but things he can go well as long as he


sorts out his qualifying. Winning here in Brazil would be great for


me. First of all I have got to qualify the car inside the top 10,


which I have not done for six years. And then I can have a good race.


This is a great place to overtake. Sebastian Vettel says he still does


not know why his tyre deflated on the first lap in Abu Dhabi. He


denies that Red Bull were running with low tyre pressures, against


Pirelli's advice. We did exactly the same as we did everywhere. I do


not like the word bad luck, but there was not much we could do. For


me, the most important thing was to understand that I did not do


anything wrong in preparing the car for the start. And also, in the


first corner. But it was nothing to do with the pressure or anything


like that. Tomorrow marks Felipe Massa's 100th race for Ferrari, at


the end of his worst season for the team. He gives some explanation


here as to why he has got no podium finishes this season, while his


teammate has got 10. Every race, something happens during the race.


That affects me, in fighting for the podium. I think it was not a


very nice season, something happened all the time. And it is


also true to say that we did not have the car we expected. It seems


Renault have fallen out with Robert Kubica. The team says he does not


have a contract with them for next season, and in any case will not be


fit to drive at the start of 2012. Robert Kubica's management say they


cannot be sure of that. Meanwhile, HRT are beginning to style


themselves into a Spanish national team. It is another comeback for


the 40-year-old Pedro de la Rosa. It is another step in my career,


surprising for many, but at the end of the day, I'm a racing driver, I


want to race, this is where I belong. I'm very excited. Next


year's US Grand Prix is set to be removed from the calendar, as work


has stopped on the track, and the local government in Texas say they


will not pay Bernie Eccleston's fees. Somebody has got the land and


they have started to do something. I think the biggest problem they


have got is a shortage of finance. So, it is unlikely to happen next


year? I think it is most unlikely. And what about Bahrain for next


year? We do not know. It is on the calendar, we will be there unless


something terrible happens to stop us. There's now less than 40


minutes to go until the start of qualifying. The crowd are getting


excited. In four months' time, we will be in Australia for the first


qualifying session of the new season, and Pedro de la Rosa will


be in an HRT. That's two drivers on the grey who will be older than you.


Can you imagine still driving yourself? I cannot, because I had a


full 15 seasons. It is all down to the individual. We do not all age


at the same rate. Pedro feels he has got unfinished business. Even


if he does not realistically think he will get Grand Prix victories,


it will take him on a journey which will clove of that particular part


of his career. He may have equity in the King, it may be as simple as


the fact that it is a special -- it is a Spanish Grand Prix team. In


any event, it will be a massive challenge for him, even more so


than for Michael Schumacher, in the Mercedes. We will let you go back


to having your photo taken, David. And we can join Eddie, who was with


another older statesmen of Formula 1. Not just statesman, but one of


the greatest legends of the technical era of Grand Prix racing,


Patrick Head, who, in 1980, was part of the great team that brought


World Championship success. Alan Jones, we can remember - what has


happened? I cannot remember that far back. I'm not asking that.


we're paying the penalty for designing a car which is not good


enough, and we have been hovering just outside the points, sometimes


further out, and when you get no points, you get the sort of season


but we have had. So, not good enough work over the winter, and


not good enough development during the year at. You have been in a


situation... Do you feel as if you have been squeezed out? If I am


right, this is your last race in your current position? Well, we


have got new, senior technical staff. When it came to the


beginning of this year, and we found we were in pretty much the


same position, we had no alternative but to make some senior


position changes, and when I looked at it, I'm very confident in the


new people, and when I looked at it, I did not really think that there


was a position where I could seriously contribute. But I'm going


on to do other things. One of my activities will be with what is


called Williams Hybrid Pas. But if I turn up to Grand Prix his next


year, I probably will not be wearing a Williams are shut. But I


will be contacting your tailor and turning up in something more


colourful than you, Eddie. -- a Williams shirt. Are you confident


in these new people that they can bring you back to the glory days?


Well, they are not all that young. With Mike and Jason on aerodynamics,


and Mark winning it, they're not spring chickens. But I'm very


confident that they will do a very good job. I see signs of some of


what was present at Williams in the days when we were competitive,


which, sadly, in recent years, has been rather missing. I'm very


confident that they will have a strong future. Me for one, speaking


all the time about football, but I shall miss you. We had better not


tell them what team that is. And we would certainly reiterate that on


behalf of the whole of the BBC. And I know that David would as well,


because it was Williams that helped him launch his career in Formula 1.


I think Eddie is talking about Chelsea, they're both Chelsea fans.


You started your career at Williams, in 1995, with Damon Hill, they had


just won for reconstruct as championships - what has gone


wrong? They have just not designed a car which is good enough. It


comes down to the people. -- Constructors' Championships. They


had a long period of success, they dominated, but they are having a


difficult time right now. Williams can get back to their former


success, if they employ the right people. But is that enough? The old


adage in Formula 1 goes, how fast can you afford to go? And this is a


privateer team, they have not got the money. But that is a


consequence of not having the success in the short time. The


sponsors start to move on. Also, you do not get the FOM money. These


other teams, people like Red Bull, have worked their way up. And that


comes down to the other aspect of Formula 1, the commercial side of


Williams, they have got to go out and sell the vision for the team.


If they can get success on the track, then we will see the


Williams flag flying again. As far as Patrick Head is concerned, I


think he might be having quite a nice time next year. He's a real


character. He will be missed, but thankfully, he will still be


turning up at the odd Grand Prix. Let's see how that shirt


competition goes on! Yes, that's bad news! Let's have a look at


what's happening in the garage. This car belongs to Rubens


Barrichello. It really looks like his Williams career is coming to an


end. In fact, this weekend, is Formula 1 career could come to an


end. After so long in the sport, it looks like his days are numbered.


He has been discussing his career with his very first boss, a certain


Eddie Jordan. Here we are again, Sao Paolo, your home town. Tell us


a bit about your emotions coming here, soca. I was born in


Interlagos, my heart is here, I have done my whole career here. It


is such a good vibe. People do this with their hand and say, come on,


you have got to do this. It is such a passion. It feels so nice.


remember yourself, your father, your manager, sitting in the Jordan


kitchen in Oxford and chatting about how you were going to make it


possible to come to Formula 1 - have you any memories of that


moment when kit I had a great time at the beginning of my career,


because you gave me, not just the fact that it was a small team with


not a lot of money, but we needed to learn how to survive a, to go


fast when it mattered, and to finish the race when it mattered.


It taught me a lot. There were two outstanding moments for me, your


first ever pole position, in Spa... And also, the first podium, that


was magical. Our first podium as well. Both moments, I remember. The


podium was such a special moment. If you also remember, we were


having a glass of champagne, and Ayrton came in to say


congratulations. It was his penultimate ever race, if you call


it like that. I was there, by myself, I opened my door, and the


door on the other room opened as well, it was Ayrton, I could not


believe my eyes. He said, we're going to Disney, can I join you? I


tell you, maybe he did not have a cheeseburger for ages, because that


day, he ate it like a kid. He must have been so strict. And that


happened on the way to that race. It was such a memory. To get on the


podium, it was a great weekend. Which takes us on to your darkest


moment, Imola 1994. Looking back, were you surprised to see the


ferocity of it, and how you got away with it? Yes, I remember


turning in, the back end went, and turning in, the back end went, and


that is the final thing I remember. But it caught my attention again


when I saw the movie. Because on the big screen, it was such a big,


big shunt. It was such a difficult weekend. Although I lost my memory


with the accident and everything, it was vivid, I went back to


England on that Sunday, and like almost the whole world, when Senna


moved his head, I thought he was fine. Two days later, we were in


Brazil for the funeral and so on, it was my first ever funeral, I was


shocked. I have tried to tell the Brazilian people, don't worry, I


will be there for you guys. I'm Brazilian, I love my country.


People thought it was a promise, it was just a sad thing, because it


just made it a pressure. I was then on the podium in Canada, and that


emotional person! We all dropped 80 when you when your first race,


Hockenheim, in the Ferrari. To be the first ever Brazilian driver to


be driving for Ferrari, it was very emotional. Did I ever tell you what


made me cry? I have cried my eyes out on that lap, and I said, I have


quite enough, now it is OK, but when I went to the podium and I


looked at the sky, I remember my father selling his Fiat to keep on


going to go kart Championship. I thanked the sky for that, and it


was so pure! It was such an emotional situation.


Let it all out! Feel proud! 2002, 2004, runner up in the


Drivers' Championship, team-mate to Michael Schumacher. Still good


friends? Not any more? With a glass of wine in his hand, he can be very


truthful. I enjoyed our times, but we do not have that relationship


any more. Has Hungary had a harder impact as a result? No, but I was


fighting for the points, and it is almost like a win, you are going


for it. I said, who is the guy? When I saw it was Michael, it made


me laugh, because I thought I would fight that forever. I have decided


to quit Ferrari one year before my contract ended, because I could not


take it any more. They would not give me the chance, it was all


about Michael, so what could not sustain that environment. -- I


could not sustain. They will be hearing more about his


career in tomorrow's built up. Is this the final time he will take a


Formula One car out? When you into the somebody, they give you one


answer to the television cameras and a different impression


otherwise. Did he give you any clue about next season? Rubens


Barrichello is such an honest person. I have to be careful


talking about drivers, but drivers sometimes do not tell you the truth.


Rubens Barrichello is a different class of person. He should have


achieved more. I do not know what he will do. He has not got a


contract for next year, he would like to have one. But I do not


think he will Hawkins of around the teams. If he gets the Williams


driver, he will always be an asset, because he never crashes, and he


has the speed, but these new guys are very good. Is the classic


driver with unfinished business? He has taken part in a third of all of


the Grand Prix ever. But he has always been a bridesmaid. Yes, our


careers have mirrored each other. We did not quite get the last


little bit of performance. But there comes a point when you have


to weigh up what is a realistic chance of me ever achieve in the


ultimate goal. You have got to win races to win championships and the


clock is ticking. Many times, people will take the potential of


youth, potential is such a potent word. Sometimes that wins over the


known quantity. I think Rubens Barrichello is an asset, but he


will not knock-on the door of any of the top teams. He has had 11


wins in his career. You employed young drivers. Maybe because there


is that potential, that BT, that perhaps he will be the next Michael


Schumacher or Sebastian Vettel? That has gone for Rubens


Barrichello. When he was 19, he had a budget, he had a great history,


and I do not think it was a big risk. He was brilliant at that time.


He was so motivated. He was better at selling the team and the


sponsorship than anybody else. I have this huge respect for him. But


I think he should leave with dignity, he has a lot going for him


in the future, I would hate to see him struggle like this year. I


would like to see him go in a good way. There is a lot to be said for


that. Ayrton Senna was driving a Williams when he passed away in


1994. Since then, they have carried his logo on their cars, and 20


years since he won his last Brazilian Grand Prix, what a


touching tribute that is. The name is obviously a name of the past.


Pastor Maldonado, Rubens Barrichello, names of the present.


What about names of the future? They have been getting a chance to


impress. British GP to driver testing for


Force India. Mercedes test driver. Testing for Virgin. Test driver,


the young drivers test. We found there was a whole and and drivers


were not getting an opportunity to try Formula One cars. It is a


fantastic feeling, to get into a Formula One car. It is every boy's


dream. I thought, what am I doing here? To be enjoying every minute,


it is amazing. It is good to look at what talent is coming through


the ranks. There is no better way of doing it and putting them into a


car. I started in go-karting. I worked up from there, and I went


from Formula Three to GP to, and this is my first Formula One test.


Really excited, looking forward to helping the team developed the car.


Any feedback is crucial. I have got to do the best job I can, so the


engineers can look through the data and make sure that we go forward.


If we can bring on some new components and do some development


for the future races, we will not let it compromise our plan, because


we are here to get as many miles on them as we can. I did two days in


the World Series, and I am here doing formal one. It is great to


have an insight of what I am aiming for. It also allows us to print


people through the ranks. -- bring people. We have got people in mind


for new positions, and we try them out. It is a dream come true to get


the call from Mercedes have. I'd crossed opportunity with both hands.


Now, I have got a job with the team. Working out what has happened so


far, there are drivers doing a good job. We are seeing the future of


Formula One, we have to keep developing and allowing for these


youngsters to show us how good bail. -- how good they are off.


They are ready in the garage. 20 minutes to go until qualifying. We


are here with a man who had to be a star of the future. A Brazilian boy,


living in Norwich. Will we see you in Formula One in the not-too-


distant future? The plant is to enter as soon as possible. 2012 is


difficult, but 2013 not promising. Is always difficult to get into


Formula One, there are a lot of drivers with talent and the budget.


It is not an easy job. The talent is already there, we can understand


that, but what is the going rate? What do you need to bring to a team


like Lotus to secure your seat? would be nice to bring a big brand


to Formula One again. The figures, it depends on what the contract


this. It depends. It would be nice to have a big brand to come to


Lotus or to any other team. Is it below $10 million or above? It is a


big number, 10 million. Probably we can expect around six or seven. But


10 million would be very good! Those are the kind of numbers we


are talking about. You put in some good lap times ahead of Hispania


and Virgin. Roman Grayshott has been looking for a second chance in


Formula One. Yes, he has done seven races, and


he is still a young driver. Tell us about the challenges of this track.


The challenge is to have fun in the car, that is the main thing. After


two years, in Abu Dhabi I was so excited, like a kid at Christmas,


it was fantastic. The way Formula One is going is so impressive and


so enjoyable, I was very happy. The session went quite well. I was


pleased with the performance, and I was quite quick in the car. This is


where I want to be. We can see your enthusiasm. We were talking about


the young drivers printing money to get their drivers. Is that a


situation you would be in? Or is it on performance? At the moment, it


is quite difficult for everybody, because the pitch that has have


left Formula One, it is more like a private team that needs funds. You


are trying to put everything together to get a seat and to have


the chance to race. But hopefully, talent is important, and I keep my


fingers crossed for next year. the best.


Less than 15 minutes to go until we get into qualifying. How sad is it


to hear somebody like him St that hopefully a little bit of talent


helps as well? It should not be about the millions. This is not


like any other sport. It costs four chins to get the show on the road -


- it costs a fortune. Therefore, it is expected that, if you are an


integral part of the team, you are required to drink some commercial


benefit along the way, because there are too many other drivers


two can do that. The team bosses make those decisions. Sebastien


Buemi did not take part in the final part of practice. It is the


future of young drivers like him that is decided by a team bosses.


One race to go, any decision on your future? I still do not know.


Hopefully, we will have a good race. I try to concentrate too much on


this weekend, then we will see. saw you on the scales! No comment!


The team bosses decide on the future of the younger men like him,


but who are they? Where have they come from?


Behind every team is a team boss. Behind every driver, a person who


decides the fate. Behind every car, the principal, who handles the


pressure of competition. I thought I had worked hard all my life, but


will I came into Formula One. I had never scratched the surface!


Sometimes, we believe we are facing the biggest problem in the world,


bring it on yourself because of your competitiveness. There's all


sorts of challenges, engineering, political and many others.


never know what the next challenge will be. In Formula 1, never give


up, because it is a rocky road. have to be very determined, you


need to know what you want. You need to enjoy it and be passionate


about it. At the moment, Vitaly is doing his homework, talking to the


side. Newscast: aerodynamicist Ross Brawn is back in the wind tunnel.


Every team boss has come up in a different way. Christian Horner is


an ex-racing driver. NEWSREEL: Christian Horner has no


doubt about where his ambitions lie. I have grown up in motor sport. I


came to the attention of Red Bull when Dietrich asked me to join the


team right at the beginning. I had just won three consecutive Formula


3,000 championships. This is my family, I spend more time with them


than with anybody else. Bringing the contract. Ready to sign. You


will be blamed for anything you do. Very small, but very useful office.


The only satisfaction you can get is when your people are happy to


work with you, and when you win races. Is it more important to be


liked or respected as a team boss? I think the most important is to be


respected. You cannot make people like you at the end of the day.


is more important to win. If you can win, it helps. I do not think


you need to be liked. I would like to be respected and liked at the


same time, but in terms of quality is, you just need to be pretty


determined, but capable of long hours, and have a strong sense of


humour, because your patience will be tested quite frequently. Have


you ever had a team boss who has been a complete lunatic? Eddie


Jordan. It is winning which makes it worth it, releasing the pressure


if only for a few hours. For people like Ron Dennis and Jean Todd, Ken


Tyrrell, to the old man himself, Enzo Ferrari, the reward is in


Enzo Ferrari, the reward is in building the gins. And if wins


create legends, then one man has been the best at that. I think Timo


Glock might not have been wise to give that answer, Eddie! I will


have to go and talk to him about those remarks, and the remarks


which were made afterwards off camera. They're all a bit too nice


these days. In your day, the team bosses owned the teams. I think


there was also a lot more pressure on you. I can remember the stress,


I did not know what to do with it, I had a permanent headache. The


reason was because it was your cash that was on the line, you had to


call the bank manager. Bank managers do not cash promises, let


me tell you that. You're in there on your own. David, you're going to


go to the commentary box. It is a very short lap here, it should be


good fun. Yes, as you say, it is the second shortest lap on the


calendar, the shortest lap time of all. That is going to make it


incredibly close. What we have seen in free practice suggests that we


could get a few surprises at the back end of the top 10, and it is


by no means certain that it will be the usual suspects sitting on pole


position. While David goes to the commentary box, we can have a look


at him hanging out with a man who, having discussed the money, was a


victim of the fact that in Formula 1, you need money if you want to


get a seat. This man is called Nico Hulkenberg. He got a Sikh this time


a year ago, there was dropped by Extraordinary for Williams. We


thought you were the perfect man to take us around here. You were on


pole position last year. Shall we wander down? Anti-clockwise circuit,


short lap, I would like to demonstrate just how steep the hill


is, going down from turn one. We're not going to put it in gear. Look


at the speed! We have got up to 60 kilometres an hour, without putting


it India. It seems to me one of the absurd aspects of Formula 1, you


had been champion in many different classes, you put yourself in the


shop window in qualifying, and yet so keen not racing - how can we


explain that to the people at home? We can explain it because Formula 1


is very much money-driven. Williams had a bit of a financial situation,


they needed someone who could fund the team. Is it 100% that you will


be racing next year? It is a two- digit higher percentage number. I


have just got to be patient for one or two more weeks. This is the


second slowest corner on the track, it is pretty tricky, isn't it?


because you come up the hill, it is a very fast corner. At the top of


the hill, the rear gets very light, and it is not very stable. It is


tricky. I can spot another racing driver. I did not know that you


could do impersonations, that Australian impersonation?


Impersonation? Imitating. That's all I can do. I used to imitate


being a racing driver. Fast corner, very tricky, this is called Juncao.


Did you not put the handbrake on? When you were here last year, did


you know you were heading for pole position? No, it felt good, though.


Lap after lap, it went better and better. It was one of the trickiest


corners. All the way up to the finish line, I could see my lap


times. I think it is time we let you get back to the paddock. We


look forward to seeing you on the grid next year. Please don't write


in, David personally paid for the damage to be repaired on that car.


Let's talk about Nico Hulkenberg, it comes into the tin, does


brilliantly, then gets replaced by Pastor Maldonado, who has the worst


full season for any Williams driver since the 1970s - wrong decision?


In hindsight, yes. Pastor Maldonado, very good, very good person as well.


He must have broken the bank in Venezuela to get that gig. Because


anyone in their right mind would not have replaced Nico Hulkenberg,


having done all the hard work, the first year in motor racing is


really difficult. When you have got rid of that, you have got the


experience, then you can grow. It was a bad decision. Next season,


where will Nico Hulkenberg be? think it is a foregone conclusion,


it is not a to Judit number, it is 100%, he's going to Force India.


He's going to join Paul di Resta there. Williams? The other question


mark is, what is going to happen to Rubens Barrichello? My guess is


that he may not get the drive because Adrian Sutil is younger,


and is showing poor performance in some respects. It would be lovely


if Rubens could have a great qualifying session. You cannot not


like this guy, he is a consummate professional, he is brilliant.


the final time this season, in the case of Rubens Barrichello, who has


got plenty of support around here, perhaps, for the last time ever, it


MARTIN BRUNDLE: And qualifying for the Brazilian Grand Prix is always


a very close contest indeed. And today will be no different. Every


blink of the eye can be the equivalent of a row on the grid of


the shortest race track in the calendar. Everybody wants to beat


top dog in this, the last race before the winter. The track is


anti-clockwise and tough on the neck, with lots of Contador changes,


too. There is some talk of a thunder storm brewing up later in


the afternoon. Will it interfere with qualifying? We think not, at


the moment, but rain is forecast for tomorrow, race day. And there


are added challenges. Finding a clear lap is always a problem here.


Maximising the use of the DRS rear wing and KERS as well on this track,


among those problems. So, set-up will be absolutely critical. David,


do you think the teams will go into qualifying today with the rain in


mind? DAVID COULTHARD: Formula 1 has


evolved, the difference between a wet set-up and a dry set-up has got


closer. There will always be a bit of benefit in pushing the car more


into the race track, but you still have the same length of straight in


the wet. The need to accelerate the car becomes even more, of Cuba.


Some of the teams are saying, we do not have a big difference between


wet and dry. It might be something on the front wing, and the DRS,


that's it. Of course, the wet tyres lift the ride height of the car by


5 mm. Yes, but it is normal to be doing that when you're running low


fuel in preparation for qualifying. The average fuel load for the race,


they will start this race with just over 140 kilos of fuel. It uses


about 8% less fuel than other tracks.


RADIO: We may get some rain during qualifying. If we will -- if so, we


will change the fuel level and then we will decide on the tyres. Who do


you think his most under pressure in this qualifying? I think it


would be one of the Renaults or one of the Saubers, being most under


pressure in qualifying. It is a short racetrack, really difficult


to find perfect temperature. You only have 15% of the lap spent


under braking. Before you know it, so key on the long flat-out section,


coming into turn one. If your brake temperatures are not what they


should be, then you compromise your entry speed, and you cannot afford


to leave any lap ton behind in qualifying. It is one of five anti-


clockwise circuits on the calendar. It is tough on the left-hand side


of the neck. Bruno Senna, a local hero, of course. Felipe Massa, the


man who has been on pole position here three times and won the race


twice. Barrichello has been on pole position twice here, and so has the


great Ayrton Senna. Already, some cars coming out to the end of the


pit lane. It is a 20 minute session, pit lane. It is a 20 minute session,


starting in 45 seconds. That is not going to help their chances, coming


out early. But they will get more than one run of course, so they're


just trying to get a bit of track position. There's a man who could


do with his fourth pole position of the season, and to get on top of


Sebastian Vettel before they head into the winter, Mark Webber.


another thought, these guys will be sitting there longer than Sebastian


Vettel sat on the grid in Abu Dhabi. Any question marks over tyre


pressure, this confirms Pirelli does not have any concerns.


green light is on, qualifying is under way. There is around one


second per lap difference on the tyres. It could be very interesting.


If you get the wrong tyre at the wrong time, or you catch traffic,


you could be in serious trouble in the first part of qualifying, and


early. We have got a fantastic view over the sprawling city. It is a


bit grey, so none of the top teams want to risk anything. These


humidity is rising, and that is why we are seeing so many cars on the


track, rain is being mentioned. 800 metres of altitude above sea level.


That affects the cost. Yes, you get less horsepower at this altitude.


That means you use less fuel. You get less downforce. That takes away


the total feeling of grip and acceleration. But it is the same


for everyone. The engine can feel cutlass and quite slippy. But this


middle sector, from the fourth corner, through the middle part of


the lap, it is very technical. is interesting to see how the Times


are achieved. In the practice, Red Bull have been the leaders in the


middle sector. Mercedes and McLaren have had the best times in the


first sector. That will have cost him time. He is just trying to get


an opening time on the border. medium tyres. We have got medium


tyres and soft tyres. The soft tyre today becomes the medium tyre for


2012. RADIO: We should get the Lappin because of the rain. They


really are concerned! He humidity is up to 60%. Yes, the key message,


you are going to have to work it yourself for the traffic. The


drivers would rely on their team looking at the pit wall. But what


he said his, we do not have time, go for it. 22 cars on the track,


and that does not include Felipe Massa, and Fernando Alonso. He has


just gone out, so we have 23 cars. Felipe Massa was getting ready.


Kravitz? The other people in trouble, Sebastien Buemi. He was


out on the soft tyre. They are looking at 14.5 as the cut-off to


get into Q2. Lewis Hamilton on the hard tyre. Watch out for Sauber,


they might be in big trouble. They have looked off the pace all


weekend. I think it will be very close between Williams, Toro Rosso


and Sauber as to who might be the first Scot to fall into one.


Sebastien Buemi had three laps in total this morning, he has little


truck time. I had Renault paid, Bruno Senna, because he had been in


all sorts of problems. If he runs the KERS, it locks up into the


corner, and he loses the entry position. If he switches it off,


you are giving away performance, and it is worth 0.3 seconds in


qualifying, probably more. You can deploy it twice. I do not think


Renault were suffering from pace as such. But he had some specific


problems. Sebastian Vettel is on a Vitaly Petrov up to fifth. It will


change very quickly indeed have. Lewis Hamilton is the fastest man


in the first sector. They are getting the Times in quickly, they


are concerned about the weather. But there is nothing I can see that


should bother them too much. Sebastian Vettel the fastest man in


the middle sector. The wind sock is handing above the paddock, so there


is not much wind. Sebastien Buemi has had a spin. Problems are not


over. Sebastian Vettel goes fastest. He is on the medium compound tyre.


Jenson Button is on the charge. RADIO: The range is holding off for


now. -- rain. Wind speed, 6.1 metres per second. It will not be


zooming in quickly. But let's wait and see. I have been in races here


with you can see the brain bubbling up and it appears almost from


nowhere. Sao Paulo is 800 metres above sea level, a plateau,


surrounded by dense forest and vegetation. Fernando Alonso looking


for positioning. Lewis Hamilton is on a better first sector. An


average middle sector. He will not go quickest, but he only needs to


get tricky one. -- get through Q1. Felipe Massa about to finish his


again to be inside the top 10. Michael Schumacher fighting to stop


the car from swapping ends. Bruno Senna had difficulties in the


Renault this morning. The longer a Pixies or stop -- the long apexes.


This will be the end of his first proper flying lap. He will be


inside the top 17. Jenson Button is another flying lap. They are all


staying out at the moment, 19 cars on the racetrack. Michael


Schumacher goes into the top 10. It is always much closer here. Red


Bull and McLaren have looked very close indeed. Will Red Bull find


more speed? They can turn up the engine. Lewis Hamilton pits. Jenson


Button is on a better lap. Jenson Button goes fastest, but is a good


time on the media tyres. He prefers the balance of the car on those


tyres. He is not as happy on the soft tyres. If you nail those tyres,


they give you a bigger difference. That is not how he drives a racing


car. Engineers have given feedback on where the pressures are. They


have the censors, it is beamed back to the pits. You cannot afford to


run the pressure too low. Very few braking points around the lap.


There are only 15 corners, so the majority of the track is spent full


throttle. In Abu Dhabi, 21 corners, the drivers had to negotiate. The


way they have the car set-up, it is unloading be inside tyre. The


feeling you have, it reduces the amount of grip you have when you


turn. Three-quarters of the lap is spent with the throttle pedal


welded to the floor. It is like a go-kart, stop and go. There is no


room for a third pedal. Jenson Button and Mark Webber in the pit,


as is Lewis Hamilton. Who will have to sacrifice a set of soft tyres?


Everybody from Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher? They are under


pressure. They would have to go again. Potentially. Fernando Alonso


with the harder tyre. There is no APS on Formula One cars, you have


got to make it yourself. That is probably why he got a bit and cited.


-- UN sighted. Ted Kravitz? Felipe Massa will have to go again. It is


the first time for a few races that there is technical parity between


them. Felipe Massa has played a round with his car. For this


session, they are both running the same specification from wind. --


front wing. Another team potentially in trouble is Williams.


I think the whole of the midfield will be nervously looking at the


weather. What tyres is Sebastian Vettel on? He surely does not feel


the need to put a set of soft tyres on, and less he is concerned about


the rain. Heikki Kovalainen on target to be inside the top 17. He


is climbing the hill to the finish line, and he only goes 19th. He was


0.1 outside the top 17. That is on the soft tyre. He has been through


to Q2 three times this year. But at the moment, that is not going to do


it. Will he get another run? We saw lots of drivers do their best time


after doing a lap, calling it, then going again. It is about


maintaining the right pressure. They need to get the breaks up to


temperature for the run into the first corner. We have seen a lot of


locking up around this lap. If you can get the tyres to last, you will


definitely gain time there. Let's look at the drop zone. Jarno Trulli


is faster than Heikki Kovalainen and Rubens Barrichello, although


Williams have not been out on the soft tyre yet. Jerome d'Ambrosio


will be replaced next year by a French driver. We have no French


drivers on the grid at the moment, but there could be two or three


next year. Including Jean-Eric Vergne. They will be very welcome,


the cuisine they will bring to the paddock! Rubens Barrichello, he has


gone back out on the track, as has Pastor Maldonado. 13 drivers out


there. Felipe Massa and Michael Schumacher in the pits, six minutes


remaining. Being such a short lap, you need less time to get round.


Nico Rosberg still on the medium tyres. He thinks he can go fast


straight line, so as to not lock the front wheel. RADIO: Go for it,


we think there is rain coming. is because Nico Rosberg... They are


line, going tenth. It might just be enough, as we watch d'Ambrosio.


Schumacher has gone out on the soft tyres. There is Kobayashi on the


soft tyres, in 13th at the moment. soft tyres, in 13th at the moment.


There will be some tears here today. It is a question of getting those


laps in. Pastor Maldonado, in 19th at the moment, flat out. Maldonado


gets up to 14th with that. So he's in for now. It is Paul di Resta


under pressure, but he's on a So, a straight fight at the moment.


Buemi needs to get it done as well. It looks like Kobayashi is the next


man under pressure. Barrichello goes nineth, fastest man through


the final sector. He has been on pole position here three times. He


grew up just the other side of the wall from this place. It is his


home, he feels most comfortable here, and that's a very good effort,


surely to get him comfortably through into the next phase of


qualifying. 3.5 minutes remaining. Buemi, the man who did so few laps


this morning, has had a problem in the middle part of the lap. He will


get another effort. He had an awful middle sector. I don't know if it


was traffic or a problem. Let's see what Lotus can do. Kovalainen has


pitted, Jarno Trulli is ahead of him at the moment. Kobayashi has


fallen down to 16th. He's going for his second hot lap on these tyres.


He has got Jerome d'Ambrosio ahead of him. Coming through what used to


be one of the most terrifying Coming up there, hitting the KERS,


giving you another 80 horse power. Michael Schumacher did not go any


faster. Massa has gone out on the soft tyres. Sebastien Buemi has got


himself in, in 16th. So, it is Maldonado once again under pressure.


We're on board with him. Coming up to the finish line. You have got


constant G-force, 16 seconds at full throttle. Driving to the


finish line, Maldonado, 18th, did not go faster, he is in trouble.


Maldonado in 18th place, really under pressure.


DAVID COULTHARD: You definitely do not want to get out over that


curved handle bar and he paid the price. Bruno Senna looks safe


enough, but Adrian Sutil will not be feeling that confident. So,


Perez is in at the moment. 30 seconds remaining. Just eight cars


out on track. He was just too wide as he went through turn seven.


You're unsighted at that point., isn't it? Raikkonen we're hearing


will not go to Williams next year, that has all fallen over. We just


got a quick shot of Patrick Head, on the pit wall, a man who's coming


to his last Grand Prix officially for Williams. Alonso is on track as


well, as is Sebastien Buemi. It is just a personal battle really


between the two Lotus drivers. Jarno Trulli is ahead of Kovalainen


for the third time this year at the moment, but it is Kovalainen who


changes that with a 15.0. This is just a grudge match within Team


Lotus, changing its name of course next year to Caterham. I think


they're going to keep the same colours. Jarno Trulli, another


personal best in the middle sector. This is going to be very close


indeed to getting ahead of his teammate. It does not do it. He's a


third of the second shy of beating Heikki Kovalainen. That makes it


16-2 to Kovalainen. The first big scalp to fall, Maldonado, for


Williams. That was on the cards. Barrichello was in 11th place. At


the moment, it is McLaren 1 and two. Serious frustration for Pastor


Maldonado. Those other drivers who will not be taking part in the


second part of qualifying. Look at that, Ricardo and Liuzzi. Always a


difficult question, Timo Glock, the reasons for you being the slowest


car out there today? It has been a terrible day so far. Yesterday the


car was OK. Since this morning, we have completely lost the balance of


the car. I could not even manage to do a lap this morning on the soft


tyre. After half a lap, the tyre was already gone at the back. We


changed the set-up for qualifying, but still I was a bit unlucky, I


had traffic, one of the Toro Rossos came out in front of me and stayed


the whole lap in front of me. That was the problem. So I lost a couple


of tenths there. We start from the back, that's it. Trying to put a


positive spin on these things. I wanted to ask you, going forward,


what will you going to do for next year? That's what we're working on.


We have got the people in place now, we have got a technical partnership


with McLaren, which is good, but in the end, we have to decide things


on our own. It will be tough at the start of next year, but the


possibilities are different, so that's positive. Jerome d'Ambrosio,


we know that the Virgin name will disappear next year, but there are


rumours that you might be disappearing as well. Can you


explain to us? At the moment, there are discussions going on, but


nothing is fixed. I cannot say much. Why not, you can trust us? You know


Jake would not tell anyone. Tell us what's going on. Hopefully I will


be on that grid again, that's what I'm fighting for. It is not easy. I


just have to keep fighting. Timo Glock, in your team next year, have


you been given assurances about the funding under plans for 2012? You


do not want to stay in a team which is at the back of the grid? No-one


wants to be in that position. That goes for everyone in the team.


Desperately we want to go forward. We are working on that. The plan is


pretty building for the future. We will try our best. What is the


plan? To be in the middle of the pack somewhere, fighting regularly


for top 10 finishes, maybe not next year, but in the future. Jerome,


what kind of a teammate was he? still is! He's a good teammate.


He's not as good as he looks, but he's all right, not bad. That's


great, the honesty of all of this! You ask the same question! What


kind of teammate is Jerome? He's tough, he gave me some hard times.


We worked very well together, very good guy, the technical feedback,


we were on the same page, it is good fun to work with him. We will


let you go and speak to the rest of the world's media. But we're


hearing that the Virgin name is gone, the Russian sports car


producer comes in. Sadly, Jerome will be disappearing from Formula


1? It is too early to say. He was still optimistic. Things can flow


and change so quickly in Formula 1. I would not rule anybody out at


this stage. He obviously has something up his sleeve. Looking


ahead to the next session, it may well rain. We saw some incredible


rain in 2009. The cars will go out early again we expect in this


session, just to be safe. I have always been critical of teams for


not getting a banker in place. It does not make sense to just sit and


wait. Get out there, put a lap in the bag, and take it from there.


this is 2009, on screen at the moment, but back to 2011, and


Martin Brundle. You had me looking out of the window there! You were


playing something from 2009! Qualifying will be restarting in


around 30 seconds. Soft tyres on so many of those cars. Ted Kravitz...


I have just had a look at the radar in one of the garages, and it says


the rain is coming. It is closer than 10 kilometres now. That's the


information which the teams are getting. In the pit lane, all I can


see his blue sky. But it is coming in from the direction of the first


corner, we are told. That's often where the rain turns up first of


all here. We reckon it is about 30 minutes away. That is why we are


seeing so much frantic activity. The green light is on. And we are


under way in Q2. A lot of drivers are on the soft tyre, they want to


get a banker lap in. They do indeed. Those who should have a bit in


reserve, like McLaren and Ferrari and Red Bull, then it should be


just a case of doing a tidy lap. For those scurrying for the honour


of getting in the top 10, it will be more work than that. It is very


difficult to get a clear lap in order short-track like this. Very


difficult to get the positioning right, and to get tyre temperature.


Driving this slowly does not help your ability to get heat into the


brakes. He was just backing-up, trying to find some space. We have


got 17 cars on the track. We have lost Maldonado, Kovalainen, Liuzzi


and Glock, among others. We are now looking to get rid of seven more.


Force India, it seems, are looking most likely to get through, but


they did use an extra set of tyres in the first part of qualifying.


That is Adrian Sutil, a man fighting for his seat I think in


Force India. And we hear he's talking to Renault and Williams


about next year. Hulkenberg, who I'm a very big fan of, is a


You can see the bushes at the side of the racetrack blowing around. It


is pretty breezy. They think the weather is coming in. Adrian Sutil


is homing in on the finish line. That gives him a 1:13.2, which is a


pretty solid lap. It now says, no rain within the next 30 minutes,


and yet the team have been telling their drivers to get a lap in, it


is going to rain! DAVID COULTHARD: Unless they have


got someone in a tall building chucking a bucket of water out,


Here comes Mark Webber, let's see what he has got to offer us. That's


half a second shy of his teammate. Hamilton still fourth, Alonso fifth.


Senna is down in eighth. And now it is what -- Rosberg up in second.


That's a very good time indeed. Button is now up in third. Remember,


this is not for the grid position, it just gives us 11 to 17 on the


having just started a hot lap. Sebastian bore any locks up. As


soon as you apply any kind of steering Glock, you unload the


steering tyre. That is what is happening there with Michael. It


depends on the bonds and other things, but it is the inside wheel


that will not, because it is slightly lighter. Mark Webber, 12.6.


Lewis Hamilton has done the fastest first sector. That corner used to


be terrifying, but now they take a rest. I am getting the impression


that the track used to scare you! lot! There was no way to go, and it


was so bumpy, and the cars were leaping around. They have got


different challenges now. Quite a lot of camper. -- camber. This is


where the old track used to be. He banked circuit. Lewis Hamilton is


still a bit off the fastest time. This is all about getting into the


top 10. Lewis Hamilton still 0.4 seconds off the pace. New helmet


colours for Felipe Massa. How can you be sure it is Felipe Massa in


there? We do not recognise his helmet. They could put anybody in


there! Were you a whole may change it? Very rarely. Jenson Button has


finished. Ted Kravitz? A cracking up from Nico Rosberg. Michael


Schumacher will have to go again, he is not happy at all. Force India


seems to be in trouble, they have already burned through two sets of


soft tyres. Let's see what they do. Nico Rosberg up there in second


place. Michael Schumacher has always been handy around here. He


has won here four times. In 2006, in his first career, he was mighty.


I was reading some notes, thank you for giving me the Ku! -- cue!


but he has had results on every track. What is the secret here?


have to be patient in the middle sector, and you have to go over


speed the entries in certain places. If you to the classic braking and


positioning, you cannot get on the power. You have to go over speed


the entry, to gain the lap time that you will end up losing on the


exit, but it is in the bank. The first corner is all about making


sure you have got your temperature set for the start of the lap. I'd


used to have a light, it was on until I had optimal temperature.


Once the light went off, I knew I could have confidence. You go way


past the 50 metre board, you are on top of the corner. You are staring


into the eyes of the fans in the grandstand. The tyres of warm. That


is not a great surprise. We could do with a gauge, telling us what


temperature that is. If it rains the grid, they have always been


strong in Formula One. To be nationalistic, a great effort from


Bruno Senna, it would be fantastic if he could stay there. The


Brazilians have been camped out here since we arrived this morning,


singing to themselves. It is almost like a carnival. Another young


driver there, aiming at the seat. We have got all of these young


drivers, and somebody like Pedro de la Rosa signs a deal with Hispania,


39 or 40 years old! They spend money and there is no way to go.


Lots of fit, young drivers, and the escalator is blocked. It could be


worse, at least there are 24 seats on the grid. I expect the pay is


will time is irrelevant. -- your time. We just saw Paul di Resta


leave the pits, his final set of software will four. -- soft tyres.


When they have qualified in the top 10, they do not run, because they


have blown their tyres. At least they have got a good slot, but I do


not understand why they do not get a lap time in. We will talk about


that in a while. Jaime Alguersuari just outside the top 10. Adrian


Sutil has gone out. Still in the pits, the first few drivers. I


suspect they will not go again. I suspect everybody behind Adrian


Sutil, including Felipe Massa, will Jaime Alguersuari still shy of the


best. Let's watch him over the line. This is where the end of the pit


wall is, it scares me! That is better from Jaime Alguersuari, but


not good enough. Ted Kravitz? Felipe Massa has a new set of soft


tyres. He used these used set for the first run, so he has got


another set for Q3. A quick weather Report, it is now San'a. -- it is


about the weather? The information they were being given was that the


rain was coming, so either the radar was wrong, and we have seen


that happen, or it was picking up a thunderstorm that has moved away


from the circuit. That is more likely. Paul di Resta stays 10th,


he will be under pressure. Michael Schumacher has gone out. This is


Felipe Massa starting his final flying lap on the new tyres. Let's


get into the top 10. He has got a bit of traffic. He will pass that,


down into the braking zone. Look at how much time he has lost. He has


got no choice, he knows that dropping that amount of time, you


are not going to get the job done, so he has got to save the tyres and


then deliver it on his final flying lap. He is under a little bit of


pressure. Paul di Resta has not managed to improve. We think it is


Felipe Massa in that helmet! We do not have proved! But we did see


through the helmet. You could put anybody in it! This is where he got


it wrong. That is where they will open the door ers tomorrow as well.


-- opened the DRS. The furore is having difficulty cutting occurred


through the second corner -- furore. Michael Schumacher, not a very good


first sector, but the best middle sector. RADIO: Loss of power.


Michael Schumacher just gets into the top 10, displacing Paul di


Resta. Sergio Perez is out there as well. Sebastien Buemi, 14th, having


gone 10 seconds slower in the middle sector. This is Bruno Senna,


still ninth. He has done an OK first sector. He is inside the


first -- inside the top 10. Paul di Resta are under serious pressure.


Sebastian Vettel did not go out. First to sixth did not go out. At


the moment, nine cars on the track. Bruno Senna going quite slowly. The


flag drops to end Q2. Bruno Senna is ninth. He has made a mistake


somewhere. Paul di Resta did not quite make it. What can Rubens


Barrichello deliver?, on! -- come on! Confirmation of the end of the


session. Vitaly Petrov, 15th. He is way behind Bruno Senna. Michael


Schumacher has pitted. It has given up on any further laps. Rubens


Barrichello has done a poor middle sector. He is putting as well. It


side by side. Paul di Resta will start 11th. Alongside Rubens


Barrichello. Jaime Alguersuari ahead of Sebastien Buemi. That


makes it 12-7 to Sebastien Buemi. Vitaly Petrov, 15th, and Kamui


Kobayashi and Sergio Perez side by side.


His uncle was a two-time winner around the circuit, so this will


feel very good indeed for Bruno Senna. Vitaly Petrov did not make


it through. A great lap from Bruno Senna. We will see how he does in a


few moments. Another strong lap from Nico Rosberg. The second


fastest lap in that session, but surely anything better than that


We are here with a man who knows what it takes to win championships


in Formula 1. Jacques Villeneuve, we have been talking a lot about


Williams this weekend - as a man who won the world title with them,


ha have you felt watching them this season? It is tough, because it is


a team with such an amazing past. It has always been a passionate


team. Somehow it seems that decisions year after year have been


heading them in the wrong direction. I would like to think about all of


these new 40-year-old youngsters - where do you see yourself in all of


this? I'm working in as car, I have not been working in Formula 1 at


all. But Michael seems to have been progressing this year. De la Rosa


is coming back next year. As long as you have the hunger, and the


willingness to make the sacrifices, you can be as good as when you


started. I just heard a huge cheer, that is probably Bruno Senna


getting out of his car. The issue for someone like Pedro de la Rosa


coming back is that you're competing against people a lot


younger than yourself. Could you imagine getting back in a Formula 1


car? There was talk about it. there was, once you have been


racing, you always love driving those cars. If you could get a good


shot, it would be tough to say no. But I'm not dreaming about it. It


is not something I'm working on. As you say, you have to fight against


the young, hungry kids, but if you have the experience, and you're


hungry, you can do it. Jacques Villeneuve spoke about this car,


which is by far the biggest motor sport in terms of support - how Bag


-- how big is it for you to get into does car? Those cars are


amazing to drive. Coming from Formula 1, I mainly get a go on the


road courses, not the ovals. But you have tracks with 200,000 people


sitting in the grandstands, 36 terms a year. It is an amazing


Championship. It is fought on the track, very little punishment for


dirty driving. Thank you very much for joining us. We will be hearing


from Pastor Maldonado in a mini and. Just give us your thoughts on


Sebastian Vettel this year. -- in a minute. He has been amazing. He has


been in a position of strength, but he has also managed to destroy his


teammate. That's the main thing. If the teammate had been on the same


page, we could have said it was just the car. We have drag you away


from your lunch, we apologise for that. It might be slightly cold now.


Always nice to see you. We spoke about the fact that Jacques


Villeneuve won the world title with Williams. Pastor Maldonado will not


be doing that this season. A tough day for you today, and it will be


the same tomorrow? 18 on the grid. Yes, we will be at the back, but we


did it a different way from Rubens, a different set-up, so we hope


tomorrow it will be raining, and that's it. Where did you struggle


today? I think with the option tyres, we did not find great


balance for the lap. And we were penalised because of that. But


maybe with our set-up, that does not help as well. I was really


excited when Rubens was trying to put in a hot lap, I thought he


might just sneak into the final part of qualifying, something he


has not done all season, of course. Now, we turn our attention to the


fight for pole position. We have had a look at a few world champions


struggling around today. It is a tricky middle sector, isn't it?


can see here, locking up at the front. The front of the car seems


to be getting a hard time. The cars are much lighter than they would


normally be, and for that reason, I think they have not quite got the


brake balance, they have got too much on the front. And this is


Fernando Alonso, also looking up at the front. Can anyone knock


Sebastian Vettel off his perch? Could he possibly get 15 pole


positions? Of course, it is everybody's dream. He's at the top


of the class in every aspect. But I think McLellan have something, I


don't know why, but something will be in the water tells me that Lewis


will just pip him. It has been close all weekend between the


fastest guys in Formula 1 at the moment, McLaren and Red Bull.


However, did you see that hot lap from Nico Rosberg in the final part


of qualifying? It is time to hand you over to Martin Brundle and


David qualified -- David Coulthard for the final part of qualifying in


this 2011 season. MARTIN BRUNDLE: We have 10 drivers


are aiming for the best grid positions - will Vettel smash the


all-time record? At the moment he shares the record, with 14 pole


positions in one season. Nigel Mansell did it in just 16 Grand


Prix. This is the 19th of the season. Michael Schumacher, a


dollars second behind his teammate, but still getting through to Q3.


Looking very calm in the pit lane. Q3 begins, as ever, 10 minutes


remaining of the final qualifying session of 2011. Nico Rosberg is so


keen to get out there, he's having a good time.


DAVID COULTHARD: That was a fantastic effort in the middle pot


of qualifying, how can you go a second faster than your teammate


around this track? It is the second shortest track on the calendar? It


is about skill, I think is the answer. Ted Kravitz, what can you


tell us. I have got a little explanation, it is all about power.


It seems Mercedes are a team that do not think it is going to rain


tomorrow, or they certainly have not set their car up for it. It was


all power, in the first sector and the third sector. The DRS was


working really well for Nico Rosberg, which is why he gained


time. But he has also managed to Two cars on track, Lewis Hamilton


and Nico Rosberg. No DRS (son. did not sound like he was maxing


out the revs, either. These two were teammates in karting. He's


going for it. He will have lost a lot of time with no DRS on that


front straight. He's more than a second slower than what he did in


the last pot of the previous qualifying session. Maybe Ted


Kravitz can give us some information from the pit lane. Was


it a new set of tyres when he went out, or was it the set he used in


the first session, is he just getting some heat in the breaks?


They all seem to have backed off on the concept of rain. Humility is


still going up, at 63%. What is not going up his Nico Rosberg's sector


times, in terms of improvement. is open now, so he did not want to


use it on that first lap. It is like running your headlights on the


road, it does not actually cost you He was just building up, I think.


Just getting the tyres and breaks ready. It looks like Lewis Hamilton


is doing exactly the same. It appears to be about tyre warm up.


Yes, it is. I have sneaked a look at the eco-wars Berg's pit board,


and it says, that means -- it says L1. That means it is a two-lap run.


Why did we not see that in the previous two sessions? I wonder if


it is to do with a different strategy with regard to tyre


pressures. Is it a question of them knowing that they will not need


these tyres in the race, so they are doing this in a different way,


because they will have to start the Grand Prix on a different set of


tyres? That could well be the answer. So, 1:12.2 for Sebastian


Vettel! Challenge that, everybody. That is a mighty lap time, compared


to what we have seen this weekend! Alonso could only do 1:12.8, six


tenths of a second different. We expected Vettel to pull one out of


the bag towards the end, but he has done it straightaway. Lewis


Hamilton is trying to match it. But Vettel has laid down a marker


already! Incredible, he has managed to go at two tenths faster than he


did in the middle part of qualifying. Button also found a


couple of tenths, Alonso has matched it as well, so it looks


like it is a representative time. Lewis Hamilton down in fifth, what


is that all about? You sense that Lewis has turned the corner of it,


after that victory last time out. He was so happy with his time in LA,


with his current, former, maybe future, girlfriend, and he has been


looking mighty good around here. But at the moment, down in fifth


Place, and we have still to see the efforts of several of the drivers.


Any sign of blisters on the tyres? Those will get wrapped up, because


they could be the tyres he will start the Grand Prix on. You have


to start on the tyres which you used to set your fastest lap, if


you're in the top 10. It is about now I start getting upset normally,


isn't it?! I love the new qualification former, I like this


for reception qualifying set-up, because if it rains, it doesn't


matter, they still have to go out. But we have got to find a solution


to this, the top 10 shoot-out must contain 10 cars fully active. I can


understand if you run out of tyres, what's the point? There is a simple


solution, you just make the top 101 extra set of tyres which they have


to give back. Meanwhile, back to the action. Just over three minutes


to go. RADIO: Rear temperatures are still


quite low, mate. A casual message That seem a long way out, but he


got away with it. Vettel has gone out on the track again. Is he going


to deliver another crushing blow in the Red Bull? Webber second at the


moment. Pole position man has not won his Grand Prix for the last two


years, maybe it is not the best place to be. Interestingly,


Sebastian has tended to be the last man across the line in qualifying,


but he has gone very early this time. Adrian Sutil is going to


deliver the seventh lap time of this session, so at least he's


having a go. So, Sutil does a 13.3, that's pretty solid, only two


tenths slower than Rosberg. Michael Schumacher goes out on the medium


If Michael Schumacher sets a lap time on those tyres, he will have


to use them at the start of the race. We will keep an eye on that.


TED KRAVITZ: Bruno Senna has gone out on a brand new set of soft


tyres. And Lewis Hamilton will be the last of the top runners to set


his final attempt. I think that was a great effort from Bruno Senna.


His practice sessions were blighted with all sorts of issues on that


car. He looked like he could be in the drop zone, but on home soil, he


has put forward the best message possible to Renault to keep his


seat for next year. In the eight races he has done for Renault, five


times he has out-qualified Petrov, who's highly regarded. A new


fastest time in that sector for the double world champion Sebastian


Vettel, as he makes his way, climbing this steep hill, much


steeper than you can imagine from the TV pictures... It all looks


calm and easy for him, but he's carrying mighty speed. He comes


down the hill, just coming through Juncao, and taking the long line


around the outside. He keeps the steering wheel nice and open, to


let the speed built, delivering some KERS Energy, and there he goes.


What can they do about that?! Mark Webber is on a decent lap at the


moment, so is Button. No wonder the team are applauding, that's a


sensational lap. Fernanda oh long say now approaching the line as


well. He's fourth at the moment, and he goes up to third. --


Fernando Alonso. They're all out Michael Schumacher will just set


sector times. Jenson Button does second! He is up onto the front row.


Nico Rosberg coming through in six. Mark Webber takes over second.


Adrian Sutil, eight. Lewis Hamilton up into fourth. Jenson Button beats


Lewis Hamilton. Mark Webber got within 0.1 of his team-mate. Dave


Red Bull front row. The record- breaking 15th time, Sebastian


Vettel on pole position. He did not even deliver his best sector in the


final sector. What time could he have done?! A great effort from


Mark Webber. RADIO: You did it! baby, we got it! That was good!


Thank you, you are incredible! I wonder if it feels as good as the


other 29! I mentioned Jenson Button, he never qualified in the top 10


around this track. He has responded this weekend, third position, very


close to Red Bull. It is a surprise he got in front of Lewis Hamilton.


He looked mighty in the early sessions. It is 13-6, T Lewis


Hamilton, against Jenson Button. Nico Rosberg, 0.5 down on his Q2


time. He would have moved up one or two places. He starts six. How does


he compare? 16-3 against Michael Schumacher in qualifying. What


about Red Bull? 16-34 Sebastian Vettel. -- 16-3, 4 Sebastian Vettel.


You can understand his happiness. Jenson Button, it look like he


would be on the front row. He will auction off the overalls for


charity. The McLaren drivers are wearing the overalls that have been


designed by the fans are. Jenson Button won the Hungarian Grand Prix


in those, and Lewis Hamilton won the German Grand Prix in his.


Christian Horner, lots of doom and place. Adrian Sutil doing a great


job again. A wonderful effort from the moment, they just could not


find a way, as ever, to match the have got us all excited. Twitter is


awash with people saying, surprise, surprise. He ends the season as he


started it. Will this feel as good as his previous pole positions?


This is the one that says, he got 15 pole positions in one season.


the beginning of the season, those are the figures that you dream


about, and they never become a reality. He made them a reality. He


is that good. He loves braking records. He told us, if you are


going to win world championships and titles, you deserve to take


fastest laps and pole positions. It will mean a lot. We do not want to


go on too long, because it must be exasperating for the other drivers.


But he has always been great with the media and his team, he is great


in the car, he is amazing. I wonder how Nigel Mansell felt. He picked


up 14 pole positions. What can you say? He beat the


previous fastest time, impressive. He has done it all year. He shared


the record for two weeks with Nigel Mansell, I never thought that was


such a record, so to beat that, impressive. It is an awesome


achievement. To have Mark Webber alongside is a great final


qualifying. Why did it mean so much to get the record? He enjoys the


statistics, it is a small piece of history, he is only 24, but he has


made his mark. He should enjoy this moment, it is quite special, some


illustrious names that he now sits on top.


Plenty of celebrations in Sao Paulo and back in Milton Keynes. We do


not mind Red Bull picking up pole position, but I wish they would


give us some more excitement! That his total dominance. But some


people underperform. We were unfortunate, because Nico Rosberg


has been getting better, and Mercedes have been improving. But


to do the time in Q2 and not in Q3, that is a disappointment, because


they should have been further up. Well done to Mark Webber, he needs


a win to stand any chance of finishing second in the


championship. What about Jenson Button? He has not even been in the


top 10 in the last six years, but he qualifies third. Let's hear from


Paul di Resta, who did OK. It was close today. You just missed


out on Q3. It was very close. It was always going to be difficult.


We have not had the top speed that the other cars had. We do not know


why. It is a bit frustrating. But we are in 11th with rain forecast,


so fingers crossed that we can capitalise on that. In the past,


the car has been good in the wet. We are in a reasonable position.


How tough it was it out there? We are you expecting to get into Q3?


Produced an of the new set of soft tyres and we did not improved. We


did not get the best out of them. But the other cars have not, either.


You never know about the rain, it can be so unpredictable. The


showers are increasing, but it is what it is. Hopefully, the race


will be strong. As soon as the qualifying session


is over, the sky is darker! We will wait and see what happens tomorrow.


It will help Force India. Paul di Resta has done OK, and he would


love to finish his rookie season on a high. I quite like the rain here!


I think Adrian Sutil can finish in the top 10 in the Drivers'


Championship if he gets the point, and if Paul di Resta is in front of


him and likely to get a point, I am sure they will swap them at the


last lap, because Adrian Sutil has been a huge number of this team,


and it might be his last race at Force India. I think Paul di Resta


will do the honourable think. unlikely, but if they outscored


Renault by 15 points, they will finish fifth in the Constructors'


Championship. Rubens Barrichello starts just behind Paul di Resta,


in 12. You put out the best in what has


been a difficult car this season. Well done. It was a great feeling.


You are always there or thereabouts, but it has been a tough year with


the car that we had. When you are at home, you have to use whatever


is on your side, and today, with the public, I used it to the best,


and I am pretty sure it was a poor position lap on the car! -- pole


position lap! Can you give the fans something to cheer about tomorrow?


I hope we will have some rain tomorrow, and that I will excite


everybody else up. I hope they will not mind to bring their umbrellas!


You can see the second part of our interview with him tomorrow. In


that car, it is like a pole position lap. He will be getting


the rosary beads out tonight! He is hoping for rain. He is the master


in the rain. We saw what he did years ago. He has got such great,


natural control, and he could store -- score points tomorrow, which


everybody will be happy about, if it is wet. He shows us a lovely


smile, and Sebastian Vettel shows us the finger, the 15th pole


position. A record 15th pole position in a


season, describe your feelings. is difficult. There has been some


talk before this weekend about this particular record. The best thing


was not to think about at all. We had a rough start to the weekend, I


was not happy with the balance, but we made the right choices overnight,


and again, going into qualifying, I was happier. Enjoying the moment,


enjoying the laps I had. I was happy with the first lap in Q3, but


I knew there was more to come, and I put everything into the last lap.


I was very emotional when I crossed the line, because I knew that that


was all I had. I was pleased with that. But I had to wait for quite a


long time to see whether it was good enough. The names kept popping


up. My engineer told me, Jenson Button, second, Mark Webber, second,


and then, pole position. Really special. Different from the others.


It took the master, Nigel Mansell, a couple of races less, but still,


very historic and very special to me. I am happy to be here and start


from different tomorrow, and had fully enjoy the race. The weather


will be a question, we knew that, going into the weekend. It has


improved, so today was already supposed to be wet, and it was dry.


This place is tricky, special races, special weather, so I am looking


forward to tomorrow. Mark Webber, 0.1 seconds away. Can you finish


the season with the elusive when? It would be good, today went well.


It would be nice to keep the heat on him. Both of us have got the


maximum out of the car. I could not look after Nigel Mansell, but he


did a good lap. We both got the best out of the car. I am looking


forward to the race tomorrow. very close, and we might have


changeable conditions tomorrow. are all excited about tomorrow, we


all want to end on a high. At the moment, I am enjoying the moment,


this is my best qualifying for the last six years, and 10 place is


better than last year. This is a good start to the weekend. I always


love racing here. It is such a good racing circuit. It is very good for


overtaking, and we have the ers. -- would have BIS. Whatever happens,


it has been a great season for us, just not quite good enough. There


are a few areas we need to work on. Hopefully, we can end this


reasonably good season off with a lap, but Bruno Senna's was the most


popular. For more of us, congratulations, how did it feel


out there for you? The it is great, we have been having a very tough


weekend. Just getting everything together on that lap was very


important. I think the conditions helped us a bit, because the track


temperature dropped, and the car changed quite a lot. I'm really


happy that we managed to put this lap their. It is better than I was


expecting, but it could always be better, but I'm really happy.


Mansell used to say that the crowd at the British Grand Prix well


worth a bit of extra time, what about this crowd here? This morning


I had a tough time, and they gave me great support. I'm really happy


to be able to give something back to them, because they deserve it.


have to ask you, each team has its in-house fighting, and of course,


with your teammate, but for you to make the final qualifying, does


that put extra pressure on the team to sign you next year? Every


performance counts, I have had good performances before, and it is good


to finish the year with a good qualifying performance. But the


race tomorrow is what really counts, it could be a lottery if it is wet.


I hope that we are in front in that lottery. What was impressive for me,


you have already mentioned your troubled practice session, but you


have not actually raced around his racetrack, you do not have a lot of


experience which a lot of the other drivers have, from doing the other


formulas. It is a particular track to find the line... Yes, it is a


difficult track. I was struggling with a fuel wrong lines in


qualifying, but then I tried some different things, and it worked. So


now I know how to drive here, which makes the whole difference.


Sometimes having the experience of driving on a track helps, but


sometimes it can hinder you as well. sometimes it can hinder you as well.


Let's just ride on board with you, and give us your emotions as you


were flying around. Were you aware of the fact that you were at


Interlagos, with the history attached? Or were you so focused on


the job in hand? During the qualifying lap, you're just


focusing on giving everything on the track. There were one or two


moments when the rear was a bit loose, but it was a very tidy lap.


Before that, even in Q1, I was struggling to do a tidy lap. But


when you finish the lap, and you slow down, then you can look at the


crowd, and see them cheering. I'm really happy to be able to give


something back to them. Congratulations, a strong


qualifying from you, and tomorrow, you will be fighting for points at


your home Grand Prix. I hope so, we will see what happens in the wet.


David, will he sleep well tonight, do you think? I think so. Did you


see this wet still dripping down, it shows how deep he had to delve


to deliver that lap. Massive pressure on him. Fighting for


position within the team as well, that's a great performance.


Straight to another interview, then no doubt to about 15,000 autographs.


win tomorrow if he wants to be second in the Championship. We


thought Nico Rosberg might be higher up than sixth. But he starts


behind Fernando Alonso. Felipe Massa, his home Grand Prix as well,


don't forget. He won the world title here - for about 20 seconds!


We have already heard from Paul di Resta and Rubens Barrichello.


Behind them, it is the Toro Rossos side by side, could this be the


last race for either of their drivers? You could ask the same


question of Vitaly Petrov. Kobayashi finishes in front of his


teammate Sergio Perez, who walked past us looking unhappy a few


moments ago. Look at that, a bad weekend so far for Virgin, starting


at the back. Let's here from Lewis Hamilton, who starts fourth on the


grid. Lewis, fourth place start, how do you feel about that?


little bit disappointed. We're still on the second row, but we


would have loved to go quicker. One performance, I'm not too happy with


that. I was not quick enough. I was a cup of tenths off Jenson, so the


car could be a bit quicker. But the Red Bulls were massively quick


today. It seems this circuit brings the best out of people in the


actual race, we have seen you do really well here in the past - what


do you think you can do tomorrow, do you feel inspired here? Yes, it


is a place where you are inspired, because at his Senna's home,


they're so passionate over here. I have been on fourth quite a few


times here. I think 2007, 2008, and maybe another time, maybe last year,


I think. So, four is a good number for me. Let's hope that I can turn


it into something more positive tomorrow. Lewis Hamilton looking


positive, looking ahead to tomorrow. Fourth on the grid, he would have


liked to be in front of his teammate, but nobody was catching


the Red Bulls today. No, they must have held something back during


practice. They delivered a much bigger gap than we were expecting.


But the real glory of course comes tomorrow, the chequered flag. They


will be difficult to beat, but as it gets dark year, we can feel the


temperature dropping. So maybe the weather will play its part. You can


see how dark it has gone, very quickly indeed. And we have heard


that for the last two years, the pole-sitter has not won this race.


We have heard people saying they would love it to rain, the same


applies, actually, to the McLaren's and all of the others behind the


Red Bulls. You have just heard Paul di Resta, it will be what it is. We


cannot change the weather forecast. The drivers understand that. But


secretively, there are some drivers who really think they're extra-


special in the wet, Lewis is one of those, and Rubens is another. But


do not read aloud Vettel, he's the key man. But on this occasion,


Vettel may just let Mark win this win, if it means finishing second


in the Championship. Just to remind you, team orders are now allowed in


Formula 1. Just before we go, you can see the qualifying draw for the


Euro 2012 Championship coming your way on Friday at 2nd December on


BBC Two. Come on, Ireland! Join us tomorrow for the final race of the


2011 Formula 1 season. Before we go, David, your thoughts on Sebastian


Vettel's 15 pole positions in one season. It is a remarkable


achievement, given the level of the competition. McLaren have come back


fantastically well, Ferrari have been right in there as well, at


various points. It is the relentless pursuit of the pole


position, and his deliverance. He has made very few mistakes. Thank


you both of you that much indeed. We're back tomorrow afternoon for


the last race of the year. When we arrived here we thought it would be


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