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The Brazilian Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel takes the victory! That was a devastating performance.


He has lost the front wing! Lewis Hamilton is back!


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 65 seconds


wide in the Crucible, where success and failure screen by. Two


contrasting sides, separated by fractions, by a thin, brittle line.


For a while, perhaps, victory and glory are companions, the world, it


seems, belongs to you. But never think it is for ever. One slip


across the line and you are lost. Once a challenger, now no more than


a follower. You need to maintain the gap.


Once champions, now supporting players. Those left in the chasing


pack turn to Pickering, crawling and scratching as they search for


the elusive glory again. At times, there is also a glimpse through the


window, to the world outside, where good times and bad have far more


meaning than mere sport can offer. Some have to leave the stage while


others linger. Held fast, thinking the triumph is still close at hand.


It is a fine line between he who Leeds and those left behind.


Sebastian Vettel has gone wide! What drives them on? It is the


thought of glory. In the end, it can fall only to one man. A salute


to those who race, to those who win and lose, succeed and fail in the


blink of an eye. And a salute to the champion, to the man who enjoys


the favours and the spoils. But in the quickest of sports, success can


be fleeting. Savour the glory while it lasts.


How do you follow that? Good afternoon, welcome to the last race


of the season. The 2011 Brazilian Grand Prix. It is wonderful that


you could join us around this wonderful, evocative, historic


circuit. We started in Australia, we finish in Brazil, the end has


come, but it has been fun. It has been a classic year. What I love


about Formula One, it always delivers. The highlight was India,


we had no clue what was going to happen, and the Wellcome, the race,


the excitement, it was magic. Formula One delivers every single


time. We will never forget the share it! Congratulations on how


many -- how much money that raced. It has been a fantastic season. The


only thing that was missing was an it into team battle, like we saw in


Red Bull. Otherwise, we saw the comeback from McLaren. Sebastian


Vettel lifting his performance and taking it to another level. The


handing in their a furore, the victory at the British Grand Prix.


We are here for a classic Grand Prix. Today, we are expecting the


weather to deliver. It has been raining already, and we have been


told we are a few minutes away from a shower. This place always


delivers drama, and plenty of emotion, as well. The emotion is


part of coming to Brazil. There is never any pain in coming to Brazil,


it is magic. This is where we saw Michael Schumacher, Damon Hill,


Fernando Alonso, you can go through the list of drivers, it is


phenomenal what goes on here. last images, the ticker-tape with


Felipe Massa, and then him putting his chest as he won in 2008,


fantastic stuff. For one of the drivers, despite the fact that the


championship has been one already, it is still a win, to win in Brazil,


it is still special. There is some extra impetus, because everybody


would love to finish this year, having beaten Sebastian Vettel on


this track. It is not only about winning this Grand Prix, it is


difficult, and this is also part of the development for next year. The


chassis is have been drawn, the manufacturing will be under way.


has been quite a journey to get here, and this is the final race of


the year. We will spend the next 55 minutes warming you up, and then


and write without their futures secure, but the same does not apply


to the man alongside us, the only man we could start with, the


youngest ever double world champion, and others not expecting that!


Explain yourself. It grew overnight! Puberty is over now! It


was there this morning! You are looking older, Hallelujah!


thought you were making reference to a growth here. It is quite a


long way to get something! After the season that you have had, how


did you come down off this madness and what do you do for the next


couple of months? I shake the moustache! That will take you a


month! It will be essential... I should take it off! It will be


essential to use the break to come down, to charge the batteries. The


very soon, we go again next year. We just wanted to say, thank you


for being such an accessible and available world champion. It is


great for the millions of our friends at home who cannot come to


every race. That is a small glimpse of how busy a world champion is,


and I am glad he has gone, because he has -- he might have given away


this bit. Until yesterday, he had picked up 14 pole positions this


season. Could he break Nigel Mansell's record?


Here is what happened. Sometimes in Formula One, you have


to applaud greatness way you find it. Sebastian Vettel set pole


position just as he has done at 14 other tracks this season. It was


stunning, 0.2 quicker than his team-mate. He broke Nigel Mansell's


record of most pole positions in a season. You did it! Yes, baby, we


got it! I am sorry for Nigel, well, I am not really sorry! He took


three or four races last. But nevertheless, it has been an


incredible year for us. Almost as excited, Rubens Barrichello and


Bruno Senna. They used the home support to deliver impressive laps.


Bruno Senna was 0.7 faster than his team-mate. The other Brazilian was


less sure footed. Felipe Massa struggled on. He was beaten to


sixth by Nico Rosberg. It could have been better than that. The


tyres were not great. I was struggling. You have beaten your


team-mate in qualifying 16 times this year. That is OK! That is fine.


That left the rest took battle for the places behind Sebastian Vettel.


Fernando Alonso his fifth, Lewis Hamilton is fourth, beaten by


Jenson Button. A great result, considering his record here.


thought I was further up the grid than I was, but the other guys did


a great job. The Red Bull is working well around here. It is not


perfect, but it's a good place to start. Mark Webber made a Sebastian


Vettel work, but the world champion has his team-mate covered. It was a


display of genius behind the wheel. I am in a good position for the


race. It is a long grace. Concentration to the maximum. I


will get something good out of at the end. I did not finish in the


last race. One wanted to the chequered flag. The car feels great,


I start from the front, and this place has always been different,


special in many ways. It has delivered great races. Red Bull on


points. Toro Rosso start ahead of Sauber. Heikki Kovalainen is again


the best of the new teams are. What a disaster for Virgin. They


will be renamed next season. This car will start ninth, Bruno Senna's.


We speculated after you left after qualifying and you would sleep


tonight. How did you sleep? Others relaxed, I was pleased with my lap,


and the guys have done a good job. We got the car in ninth position,


massive team work, and we recognise that. What is the strategy for this


race? We have seen a bit of rain already. You must be able to have


something up your sleeves. I do not have any experience on this track.


The weather is always changeable as Interlagos, I have been here many


times. We will have to play it by ear. We start with the dry strategy.


We will see how the weather will play. It could be more interesting


for us. The qualifying yesterday was super. How big a platform do


you think that is to convince these people that you are the driver for


them next year? It is important to show a good performance. It is


difficult to be consistently good. But if you show promise, it does


you good favours. I hope that the eye can be like this every time in


the future. -- I hope that I can be like this. We love it when you


climb out of the Kop. The Grandstand went wild. What are you


expecting it today? At the start, they might be some difficulty in


hearing the engine noise! The start is not a flat start. You are just


as the point where it is running down into the start. Could that


give you an advantage? It could be an advantage. We will see how the


conditions are on the track. I am on the queenside, which is an


advantage. -- beak clean side. We start with the right tyres. We hope


it will be as good as qualifying. We are delighted you could join us.


You're on call had his day around here, and hopefully, you will as


well -- your uncle. Rubens Barrichello starts 12th. He has


been in over 320 Grand Prix, but he might not be around next year. His


future is very uncertain, but that I said, I can be there any time you


want. He said, we want you to drive next year. I went into the house,


crying, as you know me, with the gratitude of that moment. That was


one of the best days of my life. Was that a Dream Team, Jenson and


you? It was, one of the best teammates you could have, but also


the nicest one. He was the first one to drive the car, and when I


asked him, he said, we are going to have fun with that. I believed him


so much. For me, it was magical. memory is Valencia, it is my only


recollection of any driver walking up the pit lane after winning a


race, and each and every team and each and every driver coming out


and applauding you - can you recall that? Very much. Valencia was the


100th win for a Brazilian driver. To see all the emotion, to see that


I had to push with one last pit stop, I remember Hamilton coming to


me and saying, you beat me fair and square today. It was a nice feeling.


I remember coming into the pit area, and everyone, every one of my old


mechanics, my old engineer has come everyone was just enjoying it.


the euphoria of that moment, I really must bring it up to where we


are, and of course, what looms very large in my memory bank his last


weekend, how low a point was that for you? I knew it was not my fault.


I came back thinking, today, I'm going to have a great race. That's


me nowadays, it's positive thinking. Yes, I was at the back, but within


what lap, I was already 18th, and I had a great race. It is all about


the attitude. In the crystal ball, what do you see in two years' time?


Could you stay and bring all your family back to Europe and be a team


boss? I don't think so, Eddie. My passion is for driving. I have a


sense that whenever I'm a team boss, I'm going to grab that driver out


of the car, and say, let me drive. My this is is for there, all my


knowledge is there. Although I could build a team, I want to go


back to Brazil, to come back to Brazil, to live. The press have


made reference this week to the fact that if you get a chance to


exit with dignity, following your unbelievable record in Formula 1,


there would be no better place than this - would you accept that?


think Felipe has been very protective. As a friend, he does


not want me to go without saying goodbye to my people. But the fact


is that I will never say goodbye to my people. I'm a man of Interlagos,


a man of Brazil, a man of Formula 1. I have no intention of saying


goodbye to them. One day, yes, maybe I will say goodbye. But right


now, I'm so much part of it. It is almost like I feel that next year,


I'm going to be 40 years old, it will be 20 years in Formula 1, I


have so much experience, but I have so much motivation, so much to go


through, it would be bad not to use my service right now. So in that


crystal ball, I cannot see in to years' time, but I can see myself


here next year. And in just a few moments, expect this part of the


grandstand to go wild when Rubens Barrichello drives out of his


garage. Let's go and see the final preparations going on in the


Williams garage. If I was a team boss in Formula 1, regardless of


age or anything else, to see the passion that he showed, that would


be enough for me to sign him up. Yes, but there is a very


significant aspect to add into that. Just think about how many creches


he has had, then work out the cost of any creches, Rubens Barrichello


is a very solid pair of hands. I would not put him out of the


equation until the very last moment. The engines are getting roughed up,


they will be going to the grid very soon. More than 320 races for


Rubens. But he lacks one thing, he's not young. The word potential


is over used by many an engineer. You cannot actually quantify


potential, but it gets people excited. That is where or the young


drivers come in. We know what this guy can do, safe pair of hands, but


maybe this new young thing will be the new Sebastian Vettel or Lewis


Hamilton. That is the problem for Rubens right now. But a great


driver. Time to hear from yet another Brazilian, today is Felipe


Massa's 100th race for Ferrari. But looking at the size of the cake, I


think he might be slightly weighed down today. As if this wasn't a big


enough weekend for you, you have now received the world's largest


cake - just explain why we are all here. Because it is 10 years in


Formula 1, and 100 races for Ferrari. It is a very special race.


Here in Brazil, especially. For my family, and everybody who helps my


career, so I'm very happy to achieve that. And I hope we can


have a good race tomorrow, in front of all these nice people. It was


great to see some of the drivers here to celebrate as well. It must


make you very proud. Yes, I'm very proud of everybody, all the Great


fans, the drivers. And also, everybody from the Sauber team who


was working with me for three years. And everybody from Ferrari, it has


been a long-time racing for Ferrari, even when I was a test driver and


everything. It is very special for me. Can you give the crowd


something to cheer about tomorrow? Yes, for sure. We need to use this


great moment to put everything into the race tomorrow to have a good


result again. Do you think it is a good lookalike? I think it is


better than me. Don't put yourself down, I hope you have a fantastic


weekend. They're both about as tall as each other, but definitely one


of the nicest guys on the grid. We hope he has a strong race at home.


We're here with the Team Principal, Stefano Domenicali. Not quite such


a successful season this year, Felipe gave himself five out of 10


for qualifying yesterday. Could you give us a mark out of 10 for


Ferrari this season? We have to make some priorities. If we give


the right car, I'm sure they will do a good job. This is the most


important thing. We have to make sure everything is going in that


direction. Of course, Felipe had a difficult season, no doubt. But I


know that he has been through difficult times, and I'm expecting


for him to show to us and to everyone how strong he is. So, for


this year, how many out of 10 for the team? I have not understood.


For the team, how many marks out of 10? I will not do that, because it


will be used. But I know very well what it is, and my people know very


well. Maybe you could give us some insight as to where you are


currently, which is very close. You're running Lewis Hamilton right


down to the chequered flag in the last Grand Prix. Can you give us an


insight into the target for the team, in terms of performance? Is


it half a second, one second? have put down a target, for the


aerodynamic development in the wind tunnel, week by week. We hope that


is enough, but as always, we need to see the first race. We saw last


year, in February testing, it was not so clear where we were in terms


of performance. We have quite an ambitious target, and we hope that


first of all we can achieve that, and secondly, that we will be fast


enough to beat the competitors, who are very strong, no doubt. Luca


Montes a Millo, the ultimate boss of Ferrari, he has been quite


critical about what he's expecting from Massa next year - do you think


that helps? Of course, we need to say that everybody has a different


way to motivate the people. In any organisation, you do something for


the benefit of everyone, because otherwise, how can you say, you


have to be... Do you understand? And of course, the style of a


President is always to motivate everyone, to make sure that we, all


together, give the maximum. And I'm sure that he realises that it has


been a difficult moment, and he wants to show to Felipe that we


expect a lot from him, but that is the same for everyone in the team.


We will have a quick look at the standings. Explain to us your


highlight of the season. I'm guessing it would be the British


Grand Prix? Yes, of course. That was fantastic for us, celebrating


60 years of being in Formula 1. And then I would say that we could have


won a couple of races more. But that's the result of the track, and


we have to take out what we had. It was not really a good season. So,


looking forward to finishing this and concentrating on the next one.


We will let you get to the pit wall. Thank you very much to all of you.


Bye-bye. We all know what a Golden Globes looks like, we know what an


Oscar looks like. But this is what everybody wants to get their hands


on, the BBC 2011 Formula 1 Award. What shall we start with? Best


start. What springs to mind? It is my old driver Nick Heidfeld.


Malaysia, if you recall. For me, Alonso, Italian Grand Prix, fourth


to first place. Actually, on reflection, Alonso, what an amazing


thing that he did in Spain. I would agree with that. But I'm in shock


that you admitted you were wrong. I'm here to give you the Best Start


award for this season, you came from fourth to first, an absolutely


outstanding achievement. Very well done. Thank you. If F1 is not about


a decent drive, I'm not sure what it is about. India was probably the


most emphatic, dominant race win. Fastest lap, pole position, walk


away with the race, Vettel was supreme. If you cast your mind back


to Montreal, the longest Grand Prix broadcast in the history of the


sport. The winner was Jenson Button. I think he was the Driver of the


year. He was at the back and he came through and won it. Best drive


for your performance in... Canada? I'm glad you agreed with us. First


of all, thank you so much. I'm so glad that you have not paid too


much taxpayers' money on this. Canada was one of those races that


you will never forget. You will only have one of those in your


career. Thank you, man. Fond memories. We cannot give out awards


without including Sebastian Vettel, the guy has been stunning.


youngest ever two-time world champion. I think he has been head


and shoulders above everybody else. I have got the perfect award for


Sebastian Vettel. On behalf of the BBC, for the most number of helmet


changes in one Formula 1 season. Why do you change your helmet so


much? To get this award. How does it rank with the World


Championships? Above everything. and show it to your team, well done,


we're proud of you. Let's try and pick best overtaking. That is not


difficult. It is a slam dunk. German Grand Prix, Nurburgring,


Lewis Hamilton taking the Ferrari on the outside, he made it look


effortless. It was a classic. me, it was the one when I nearly


dropped the microphone in the commentary box. It was Mark Webber


Taxpayers' money, mate. Why not? Thank you very much. You always get


the odd naughty boy in Formula 1... I would nominate Hamilton and Massa


for coming-together two corners before the end of the British Grand


Prix. I disagree, I think it is Masser -- Massa-Hamilton, their


confrontation in India. All good, but actually, what could beat the


two of them in Singapore? You have won the award, sharing it with


Felipe Massa. Whatever, man! Formula 1's 2011 Naughty Boy award.


Do you know what? Have you been speaking to my old headmaster?


you naughty at school as well? he thought so. I'm delighted to


crown you the Naughty Boy of Formula 1. Thank you. Very nice.


Your first win of the season, congratulations. OK, the final


award of the season, this is just for someone, something or a group


of things that have made you think, wow! I've gone for Rihanna at the


Korean Grand Prix. It was a great moment. I would have to go for


George McCartney! Thanks, George! Put your hand in my pocket. This


one goes to the Jourdan for all you're amazing shirts during the


apologise for those clothes, and I thank you if you bid on the shirt


for Children In Need, and you can see Nico Rosberg gearing up to head


out on to the grid. It is a big race for him. He was showing great


pace in the second part of qualifying yesterday. In the end,


he qualified sixth. He beat his team-mate, Michael Schumacher. It


has gone quieter, so now we can award the final of Ward, for the


fastest pit stop. It goes to Mercedes. You will not believe this,


but I wanted to give you an award from the BBC, the Golden will not,


2.3 seconds for the pit stop in South Korea. People did not think


we could get to this kind of speed. If you could accept this, and do


you want to dedicate it to anybody? I want is a thank-you for the hard


effort the pit crew have put in, to make us the best in the pit lane.


And the design team, to provide us with the equipment. Please give it


our best congratulations to everybody. You do not get your pit


stop down to 2.3 seconds by accident. They start sixth and 10th


today. The cars are making their way round to the grid. Lewis


Hamilton and Jenson Button start side-by-side, and they need no


extra inspiration to race in a place where they have fond memories.


It is always special for me to come back here. It is a beautiful place.


The murmurs that I remember, being at the circuit after I won the


World Championship -- moment that I remember. When I land, I feel and


close to Ayrton Senna. I feel his presence. The people are passionate


about sport, the atmosphere they create is unlike any other circuit.


The previous year, I had been so close to winning the championship,


and I lost it by one point. I was in a position to win it, then I


lost it, then I had it, then I lost it, then I got it back. My heart


was in my mouth. I came across the line, and I was the world champion.


When I have kids one day, I will be able to play it for them and say,


this was a special moment. Team- mate on pole position, Sebastian


Vettel as well, I thought, do not be negative, we will win the world


champion. -- world championship. We are the champions, my friend! I


wish I had auto June, some of us cannot sing Clive! A very special


moment. I gave you a bit hurt in the garage. It was pretty crazy. --


a big hug. Great memories. We ha at the back


of the Mercedes garage. -- we are at the back. It is great to come


somewhere where it is all about passion. It is crumbling in parts,


the paddock is cramped, but it is great here. You take this race of


the calendar at your peril, because you look for Brazil, and you say,


you must be there. You have to experience the passion. It is


incredible, anybody who has watched the soccer commentators from Brazil,


when they get a goal, it is something similar here. They make


it sound so incredibly exciting. This is what the product looks like.


The team hospitality is so cramped, we have to hide under here. If


Jenson Button wins this race, he will have won the second half of


this season. That is a good message to send out to the rest of the grid.


That is why each Grand Prix is important. The teams are coming


here with new developments, the teams want to win their races.


Jenson Button is driving better than one when he won his world


championship. If he picks up just one point, he will equal the total


that Sebastian Vettel managed which won him the title last year. It


puts into perspective how strong the car has been in the second half.


The car was not close enough to the pace at the beginning. The


championship is not divided in half, it is over a serious number of


races. I have been critical of McLaren, because they are such a


great team. They did not do their homework well enough at the


beginning. Had they done so, we might have had a more exciting


season. They may have been closer to getting the championship.


have got Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso behind


Red Bull. Fernando Alonso won both of his titles here, 2000 of five


and 2006. That will feel so long ago now. Yes, a great double world


champion. That seems a distant memory now. He has been one of the


great starters this year. He will try to make a move as they get the


run into the first corner. It is an open entry. The cars can filter in.


Stefano Domenicali has told us Ferrari will be stronger next


season. What will Fernando Alonso be doing to apply the pressure, to


remind them that this has not been good enough? He will say, I can


deliver for you, give me the car, give me a hope, I can win a


championship. He has that experience. The problem we have,


Ferrari did not seem to be giving us the right vibe that they are in


a position to challenge for that. We are getting close to the start


of the race, there has been some fantastic races over the years.


Martin Brundle is on the grid for us. For the final time in 2011,


take it away. One of my favourite grids, so much


atmosphere. I like to see the colour of the eyes of the


spectators, but they have changed Pit Grandstand. There is still


plenty over here. Lewis Hamilton's car is pushed to the grid.


Sebastian Vettel coming in behind him. I wonder if that will be what


we will say later on. To stop the drivers running into people, the


mechanics are forced to pick them up on the back of the grid. The top


16 are pointing uphill. It is pretty tricky. The tyres coming


everywhere, they are still talking about rain. I am getting sunburnt.


So many of the teams set their cars up to expect rain this afternoon,


and as ever, it has not shown up. Look at these fans, they also close


to the racetrack. This grid is narrow. They are looking for their


Brazilian local heroes, Rubens Barrichello, Bruno Senna and Felipe


Massa. There is Felipe Massa, in the golden crash helmet, to


celebrate 10 years in Formula One. That is nothing to his best mate,


Rubens Barrichello, 19 years. He is hoping for 20. Let's see if we can


talk with Paul di Resta. Let's see if we can learn a few things from


him. A change of boots. Do you not like the other bids? I have a


problem with the pedal. The biggest thing is trying to choose a visor,


because of the forecast. It is quite bright, but you have to be


prepared for the rain. Never have a part Pfizer in the rain. -- dark


visor. The weather forecast is changing, but it is looking more


and more likely that it will not rain. The showers are not coming


close to the track. It looks like it will be dry, and hopefully a new


set of option tyres. You can choose your tyres, it is pretty tight into


the first and second corners. and our bit of the hill is not


quite as deep, so hopefully our stock will be as good as it has


been. -- Allah start. See you later. Let's see if we can find Felipe


Massa. Bruno Senna's and Renault is on the grid. Pastor Maldonado at


the back there. It looks as if Bruno Senna has left the grid. They


all dress in the same overalls! Is Pruneau not on the grid? He has


just popped off. We do not think it will affect the tyres, the weather.


It will be a short shower, and then who knows? It is cropping up all


over the place. Let's see if we can find Felipe Massa. He is here with


lots of media. All sorts of microphones sticking in there. I


suspect he will walk up a tiny pair of steps and wander towards the


bathroom. They load up on so many litres of water. He is speaking


Portuguese, the language here. I will give it 10 more seconds, then


have a word. He is the furthest forward on the grid,... How is it


that in? Is the car feeling good? It can rain, we need to be ready


for everything. It will be a difficult race. It is hot now.


Let's concentrate, to take all of this power from the grandstand, and


make a good result for them. A wet race is your best chance to win?


can be. We have to be ready for everything. Who else can we find?


Adrian Sutil is over there with Force India, he has had a great


qualifying. We think he could be moving from the team next year. I


do not want to talk to him about that on the grid. But I will


doorstep him. A great position, what do you think you can do?


good position, it is good to start here. But yes, we have to look for


the rain showers. It is hard to predict. We have to prepare for


every situation. We will see Hamed goes. I have given up listening to


Formula One weather forecasts! Sometimes, I think the same! So


many different forecasts. Sometimes, none of them are correct. It is


hard to say, especially here, we have seen so many different


forecasts. But hopefully, ours is right, I always trust hours! Do you


care if it is wet or dry? I do not really care. They have done their


best to accommodate the weather. The cars are in parc ferme, there


is little they can change on them. Let's see if we can talk to a few


of the megastars. Nico Rosberg on the left-hand side. Then, we have


got Fernando Alonso. Let's keep moving. How are you? Lewis


Hamilton's car. Jenson Button, third on the grid. They run the car


on a laptop. They start them up using a laptop, you do not be the


driver anymore. -- you do not need to drive any more. The lead is


being closed now so we do not have another look. And surprisingly!


Let's see if we can learn something from Mark Webber. How was it


looking? Kenya beat Sebastian today? We will see how the race


goes. The showers are developing, we will see if any of those hit us.


If it is dry, it will be interesting to see Howard goes in


terms of tyres. -- how it goes. Have you got the same seventh peer


and downforce level as your team- mate? Yes there. It will be nice to


see you win. Let's see if we can have a final word of the season


with Sebastian Vettel. He is hiding under the umbrella, because of the


sunburn. We might just have half a that one, after that look! Five


drivers have taken the last 48 podium positions, do you intend to


take another one today? 49 sounds better. Yes, the season so far has


been incredible, but we have got one more to go, and I'm looking


forward to the race. It is going to be a difficult one. At the moment,


rain is on the way, so we will see what happens. It should be a good


race. After the puncture in Abu Dhabi, you want to go into the


winter after winning his last race of the season, yes? Yes, without


punchers. Last time we had a good start, we will try to repeat that.


And we will try to get further than the first corner. -- punctures. The


car feels good. As you know, the weather is a bit of a mystery. But


chances of rain are getting less and less. Three races in the rain


this year, Red Bull have not won any of them. That's the big


question mark for them. But it is what has happened. If it does rain


here today, my guess is that it will not rain here today. Let's see


what Mark Webber can do. For me, he thinks he can take Sebastian Vettel.


It will be a big ask, I'm afraid. Just a few paces back, Felipe Massa,


his worst qualifying for ages. But these fans love him. He will be


under pressure to perform. Well, not just because he's Brazilian, I


think he has to do it because of the connection with Ferrari. We saw


him celebrating 100 races with them, and he really needs to get his game


on. There's Nico Rosberg, he had high expectations yesterday, he was


disappointed with sixth place on the grid. In the last three seasons,


48% of the races have been won by Red Bull, incredible dominance,


thanks in no small part to their various record-breaking


performances. Interlagos, 800 performances. Interlagos, 800


metres above sea level, anti- clockwise, here we are with pole-


sitter Sebastian Vettel. Get ready for a lesson in how to qualify a


Formula 1 car. Goes through the Senna S. Coming through to turn


three already, absolutely flat out at Curva do Sol. In seventh gear


coming gently downhill, speed building easily. Past the braking


point. He's on throttle before the apex! Now, we're up to seventh gear,


coming up to the horseshoe, the Ferradura. Coming up hill.


Immediately coming into Laranjinha. Cutting heavily across the kerb on


the inside. Be patient on the throttle here. Brake in a straight


line for this very tricky little right-hander. The front locks, but


no problem. 150mph, diving down hill at Mergulho, then up in again


to Juncao, the Junction. He controls it nicely. Early on the


throttle, just climbing the hill, the never-ending, long left-handers.


We're into seventh gear, nothing to do apart from duck into the pit


lane, come out of it again, take the shortest route to the line. 15


pole position, in one season, a new record for Sebastian Vettel, the


only man and a 72 seconds. And there was the finger once again,


but we may as well end the season exactly as it has been all year


long. A quick mention for Mark Webber, he has been struggling a


little bit at the start this season. Sebastian Vettel will not mind that.


Virtually every race, he seems to have gone backwards off the start,


and that is not his usual form. He needs to be in top form here, if he


needs to do what he says he can do, take on Sebastian Vettel in a


straight fight. Let's take a quick rain check with McLaren. Jonathan


Hyde, would you prefer it to rain, and do you think it will? I have


been asked that question honoured yesterday and this morning. The


radar says there are showers all round, but it is blazing sunshine


at the moment. We expect a shower this afternoon, the indicators are


that it will come, the question is, when? Would we like it to rain? Yes,


I think we would, actually. With the set-up we have got, we would be


up for that. Have a good race. And there are Brazilian superstars


every way you look. Look at the crowd gathering around, because


Ronaldo has joined us, with his son. Is this the next Brazilian football


superstar? I hope. I cannot believe, two races in a row, we have got the


great man himself. Are you becoming a real fan or Formula 1? Can we


just go home now? Does this young man not realised? There's a


wonderful Grand Prix about to happen, are you not excited? No.


thank you for coming. Are you excited? I'm very excited. I love


Formula 1. Thank you very much for dragging your son down here,


obviously against his will. Have a good day. Fantastic, can we go home


now? I thought you were a children's presenter, are you not


one of those great people with young kids? Why do you think I


left? You frightened the poor left? You frightened the poor


little chap. Now, we can see the circuit from above, and for the


first time here in Brazil, we will be using DRS. They have said they


do not want to make the overtaking too easy. Will it make it too easy?


Because overtaking does happen here already. The other thing is, if


they get the DRS on so quickly, there is a danger that they will


lose the back of the car. We saw it with Massa. You try something


different and then you're in trouble. Personally I think it is a


big ask for the drivers, to employ the DRS that early, you will have


to be sure the car will be in good condition. Let's think of some


reasons to get young Alex excited about this race now. The first one


revolves around Red Bull, Sebastian Vettel would love to win this race


and finish the season in the only way that he knows how, picking up


the trees. I have a sneaking suspicion, if things go well for


Mark, I think inside that team, there is really such a good feeling,


I think he might just let Mark go for it. Here's Rubens Barrichello,


he said he felt great yesterday. Yes, and bearing in mind where that


car has been, languishing at the back for some time, I think it was


brilliant. A queues for the camera from Rubens, he has taken part in


more than a third of the Formula 1 Grand Prix that have ever happened.


Would you like to see him here next year? The way he did that interview,


it sounded like a swansong. He wanted to make that interview, he


loved it, he asked us for a copy of it. Not many drivers do that. It


was almost as if, I want to get a lot of things off my chest. He


wanted to say that he was not friendly with Michael. It was an


expression of emotion. What will Bernie Ecclestone be saying? Thank


you for the entertainment but don't do it again please next year?


the ultimate. We used to say, we are all puppets in Bernie


Ecclestone's little scheme. But in this case, Vettel is not, because


he has been so dominant, winning so early in the season, berniemacro


would not have liked that. You have not managed this yet, one-word


answer, who will win? Vettel. 1973, Interlagos first reverberated


to the sound of an F1 engine. But for this season, we bid farewell to


2011, in high-definition, in a way brilliant in Brazil? There are six


drivers on the grid who are desperate to head into the winter


break with a victory, and, crucially, have they got to do so.


But if it rains, there could well be several more this afternoon. It


is always very unpredictable here at Interlagos. We have seen races


delayed through sudden downpours, safety cars coming out, a 70%


charms of the safety car. It is a short lap, therefore it is a 71 lap


race. And it is tough, it is a very tough race for the drivers,


particularly their necks. We're hearing, as we look at the


cityscape of Sao Paolo, rain is two kilometres away, but not heading


this way. That's as we understand it at the moment, so, no rain for


the next half-an-hour. Nelson Piquet, in 1981, he drove around


the track in front of the adoring crowd, and with some style as well,


beating Vettel here? The pole- sitter has won two of the last 11


Grand Prix. Can you see that changing today? I fear the only


thing that can stop a Red Bull winning this race is the weather.


The starts have been absolutely adequate this year, converting pole


positions to getting into that first corner ahead of everybody


else. I think Ferrari stand an outside chance, Alonso has made


some incredible starts this season. RADIO: The chances are rain in the


next 20 minutes have reduced. So, if we have a dry race, we will


have to be a bit patient, until we get to the pit stop window. We're


expecting to have two stops this afternoon, three stops is


considerably slower. If anyone goes for that strategy, it is because


they are getting marginal on tyres. We have seen some blistering over


the last couple of days, but as you know, as the rubber goes down over


the weekend, the risk of blistering tends to reduce. At the start of


this Grand Prix, they will be six or second seven seconds slower than


what they were doing in qualifying. The track temperature if anything


is rising at the moment, as we hear that the rain risk is receding.


This is how they line up. Red Bull Senna, he has done a tremendous job


out there, as far as we are aware. That is Jenson Button, a man who


would like to hang on to second place in the Championship this


afternoon. You finish second in the World Championship, David, I'm sure


it mattered to you. It did, because it represented the best result I


ever had. He is the world champion. But no question it makes a


difference where you finish in the World Championship, especially if


you finish ahead of your teammate, and a teammate as good as Lewis


Hamilton. Well, Lewis cannot overtake Jenson Button this


afternoon in the Championship now, so I think for the first time in


his career, he will end up behind his teammate. Red Bull will be


sticking with the same drivers next year. Webber would love to beat


Vettel this afternoon. He has won this Grand Prix before. Looking at


the statistics, Alonso, Hamilton and Button have never won here. So


that gives those three an extra corner. You were knocked out of


your final Grand Prix on that corner. It is a nasty corner.


it is a long entry, all the way through to the apex. It is 50


metres from where they start to turn in. In many ways, it allows


the cars to funnel into the first corner. But it gives a bottle back


into the second corner. That is where I went out. A lot will come


down to the initial getaway, and the KERS deployment. How much do


you use? How much do you use to attack or defend? And collecting


data up is quite difficult on this short lap, recharging the system,


harvesting. All the cars are on soft tyres. Seventh and 8, Sauber


and Toro Rosso, that will be worth several million pounds to the team


for next year, who can hold that position. We expect a grudge match.


Williams should not be under pressure in ninth. If Lotus stay


10th, although they do not have any points, if anybody gets a 12th


place from Hispania and Virgin, they would lose that. You have to


be in Formula One for two years to get the extra money, and that would


destroy Lotus. Their future planning, yes. They will be


spending in anticipation of having that extra funding, because they


have to develop the package. years in, the three new teams are


still on the grid, which is great news. 24 starters, as we are on


board with Lewis Hamilton, doing a prescribed number of burnouts to


get the tyre temperature. A lot of science goes into that. He rolls


back onto his yellow line. The back of the field start finding their


slots. Mark Webber is pointing towards Sebastian Vettel. The grip


slips up. -- decreed slurps up. They are looking at the same five


red-light, which will be switched on by Charlie Whiting. The official


starter. Looker but never stare. They are away, the Brazilian Grand


Prix is under way. Mark Webber is under pressure from Jenson Button.


He has got the line. Fernando Alonso, around the outside of Lewis


Hamilton. Felipe Massa has had a great start. Ferrari, very quick


off the line. It is Sebastian Vettel from Mark Webber, Jenson


Button, Fernando Alonso, defending against Lewis Hamilton. Force India


going strong plea. Bruno Senna got off the line pretty well. Michael


Schumacher has slipped into 11th. They are still jockeying for


position as they go into the sixth corner. Sebastian Vettel pulling


out a very handsome lead indeed, considering how little distance


they have travelled. Nico Rosberg seventh, at Adrian Sutil, Bruno


Senna, Paul di Resta. Michael Schumacher tried to reclaim tenth


place. Jaime Alguersuari has gone a long way back. Heikki Kovalainen, a


mighty start of the Lotus, up into 15th place. Michael Schumacher


going down the outside of Paul di Resta. The Mercedes has been


incredibly fast through the practice sessions. We have to do


two laps before the switch on the DRS. Michael Schumacher should


defend. He did indeed. It is quite slippery up the inside. That will


be wedded ers Sony is. -- where the DRS zone is. Rubens Barrichello has


slipped the 19th. He was so excited with his qualifying performance.


is an emotional chap, I expect a few tears in his helmet now. He


does not have a straight line speed. He did better than the car should


have yesterday. Sebastian Vettel has broken the one second that will


allow Mark Webber to get the activation for that ers. 2.2


seconds at the end of the second lap. How does he do that? How does


he get so far ahead in five miles? With great racing drivers behind


him? He just carries the speed. He picks up the throttle before he


gets to any corner these days. the fourth corner, that was


incredible, in qualifying. He was on the palate, seemingly, for the


whole apex. -- on the power. Rubens Barrichello must be up to 16th.


Kamui Kobayashi and Sebastian bore any fighting over 13th place.


Sauber and Toro Rosso within one world championship point in the


Constructors' Championship. Fernando Alonso getting alongside


Lewis Hamilton. He defends the position. Felipe Massa getting on


the kerb. This is the shot from about. Look how late the apex is.


Good, clean stuff from all of the runners. Rubens Barrichello must


have been slow off the line. Does he use the KERS? Jenson Button goes


down the outside. Lewis Hamilton tries to gain on the inside, but he


slots in between the Ferraris. he was safe. Skilful driving it in


the midfield. Sebastian Vettel was pretty cautious. This is Rubens


Barrichello. He got swamped with all of the cars. There is nothing


you can do. You are out of sync with the whole pack. It looks much,


from behind the steering wheel. -- it looks much calmer. You get


knocked left, right and centre. He lost another five places by having


to be careful. Fernando Alonso looking stronger in the race than


he did in qualifying. We have seen the Ferrari getting out of shape on


the curbs are a couple of times in practice. They have struggled


through the bit -- through the first sector. A massive slipstream.


That would have been using the DRS. Lewis Hamilton was looking for a


way past, but he has been dropped. All 24 cars are still remained.


Some close battles. A long way to go. Ted Kravitz? Michael Schumacher


did not start on his new set of soft tyres. It was important for


him to get past Paul di Resta. He still has the benefit of new tyres


later. Williams, no particular reason for Rubens Barrichello's bad


start. I wonder what McLaren can do to rescue Lewis Hamilton's strategy.


Lewis Hamilton, fifth place. Michael Schumacher is on the back


of Bruno Senna. I still find it strange to see Senna and Michael


Schumacher! When Ralf Schumacher was on the grid, it was RSC, and


Michael Howard MSc. -- Michael had MSC. The DRS will not work here.


Unless you or alongside somebody, you are not going to dive at the


inside of the fourth corner. obvious place would have been in


the last sector, out of the 12th corner. But if you remember 2004,


we had Mark Webber lose control on the damp track. Maybe they were


worried about the speed at the 14th corner would be marginal. By the


time you lose your downforce, due or in the dirty air. Grand Prix


cars are like aircraft, if they run in turbulent air, they lose


performance. A lot of understeer from Michael Schumacher. He


struggling already with the tyres. Bruno Senna does not have the best


car. Understeer is when the front tyres slide. Because Michael did


not do a time, he can choose his tyres. That leaves him with another


new set of tyres. Mercedes and Paul di Resta have new tyres. Michael


Schumacher may well be keeping the fresh set of soft tyres for if we


have rain and they go on to intermediates. If you have 80 per


tread, it is easier to keep heat in the tyre. -- you have a deeper


tread. He becomes more difficult to move the compound and heated up.


The strategic play from Mercedes. Time will tell if it comes into


play. Let's never mentioned the word rain again until water comes


out of the sky! I am fed up talking about it! It does not seem to turn


up. The lead is 3.5 seconds. 0.7 back to Lewis Hamilton. The first


pit stops, lap 22, Lab 23. We are expecting two stops. The first


round could be between 20 and 25. The cars are heavy with fuel. Less


than you would have at normal altitude. It is putting less energy


into the tyres, so you should be able to go further. But with


altitude, to use downforce, so the car will slide around a bit more. -


- you lose downforce. The second stop well between 45 and 48 laps. -


- second stop will be between. of cars could pit at the same time


there. Yes, there will be a few Mercedes, knowing they have had


difficulties in controlling the where -- tyre Wedd. If they are


going to be hitting the limiter on the straight in front of us,...


That is a four-letter word we are not using! Michael Schumacher, 10th.


He has recovered his position. Bruno Senna has driven well this


year. He is desperately trying to keep hold of that drive for the


future, and he is making a good claim of it. Do you go for


potential, up or as a known quantity? The French driver has


done seven races. He is 0.5 away from Fernando Alonso. He has won


the GP2 championship. He thinks he has come back more mature, fitter


and more able to deliver. Renault are spoilt for choice. Bruno Senna


has put down a good case for him to stay with the team. That was a


great qualifying yesterday. That is a lot of pressure, because the car


has not been great in the second enough of the slipstream. Michael


cut across! He hit the front of his wing. I would like to see a replay


of that, it looks like he has a puncture. As we watched, Michael


went from the outside, hit the brakes and immediately went across


Bruno Senna. There was not much Bruno could do in that situation.


Bruno looked like he had a second bite at him in the middle of the


corner. It will not slow down. He tries desperately to get out of


everybody's way. He wants to hope that carcass flies off the tyre so


it doesn't start disintegrating and breaking his bodywork. Let's look


at the front wing of that Renault. It is looking tatty but


fundamentally still OK. He did definitely lose the leading edge,


which will affect the overall downforce. Maybe he has a little


bit of oversteer and taking off a bitter front wing might run the car


and bring him into balance. -- a bit of front wing. His middle


sector was not too bad, 41.3. That compares very well with Sutil in


front, also 41.3. He stays out so he will be just monitoring that.


The team at do have data beamed back to the pits. Fernando Alonso


on Jenson Button... There is an investigation into that incident


between cars seven and nine. Alonso got so much more speed coming out


of five. He has gone around the outside! Unbelievable. That was an


incredible pass. You would never dream of going around the outside


into that corner. I would never even set the car up to try it.


is the difference between great drivers and... Yes. Well, maybe six


and two threes from that angle. agree. And then the secondary...


Michael turning in an Bruno not doing an awful lot to get out of


his way. Obviously a little bit anxious. There goes -- they go


those Brenn new set of tyres on Schumacher's car. -- brand new.


There was not much damage. The floor was OK, bits missing, but the


tyre was a complete mess. Outside shoulder... Understood. That is


something we are hearing on the team Radia from other drivers, the


rear tyres are starting to hurt on hot track conditions. I wonder if


they might have to bring the stops forward. If they can make it to lap


20, they might be able to stay on two laps, but they might have to go


with three. Michael Schumacher joins in the scrap between the two


McLarens. He is a lap down after that pit stop. As soon as Jenson


got wrong-footed in turn six, if he had to defend heavily in four and


was slow around five. I think the first... I think the first point of


contact was Senna going a little bit deep on the brakes. They have


already touched at that point. don't think Michael did anything


wrong and nor did Bruno. That was a racing incident. Michael was a


little bit aggressive with the braking, but he can't judge exactly


where Bruno is at that point. After that Bruno is on the inside line.


You can't remove your car from the action. I would put that down as a


racing incident. Let's wait for the stewards. Alexander Watts, Formula


One driver, Le Mans winner. We have heard very little from the stewards


this weekend. Now they have something to do. Senna comes into


the pits for Renault. Do you think he is in a three-stop strategy?


will have to be now. They have not changed it. Remarkable. Unless


their strategy was to do three stops. The top leading-edge was


flapping around. Sometimes if it doesn't really her the performance


of the car. Alonso pulling out a gap on Button and Hamilton. Right


behind them is Rosberg. Remarkable. It is Schumacher. Massive then


Rosberg. -- Massa. The McLarens are struggling. Somebody said to me


this morning that McLaren are not as fast here as they have been in


recent races. Compared to Red Bull. That is beginning to look correct


in the race. It is interesting and confusing at the same time. A lot


of downforce you get at altitude, it should affect the cars the same


way. The lap times of the front few runners,... Lenny is at McLaren.


For a say there was nothing wrong with Jenson Button's car. Vitaly


Petrov stopping. Short shrift, second gear, we have a gearbox


problem. My goodness! A gearbox problem for Sebastian Vettel. He


had a KERS issue, but no indication of any gearbox issues this weekend.


We will see how that affects his lap times. McLaren are telling


their drivers to nurse their cars and tyres as much as possible. I


think Red Bull are getting ready.. Don't use the full 18,000 revs in


second gear. That is an indication of an overheating gearbox. It could


be a synchronisation issue. They have this seamless shift.


Thankfully for Vettel, they have only used second beer in two places


on the racetrack, 108 and turned 10. -- second year. The gap between


Vettel and Webber is reducing. Vettel went a little bit wide in


the pine tree corner. He might have been listening to the radio call.


It is interesting, I don't remember ever going faster while listening


to a team radio. It never affected my lap time when I was transmitting,


but when the radio starts a new start listening to the engineer, it


takes away a little bit of concentration. You don't slow down


on the road when you are listening to Cliff Richard! These guys are


going a lot faster. The this is a Buemi ahead of Perez and


Alguersuari in 13th place. Sutil is making his way through the pack. He


has just pitted. That is why he is back down there. That suggests


three stops. Our briefing this morning was that they were


suggesting three is too slow. You said it at the start. It seems like


the tyres are giving up earlier than they thought. We have got the


McLaren boys out, Jenson Button coming in. The briefing was to


expect two, the reality is we are on for three starts this afternoon.


-- stops. Not a lot of degradation between the hard and soft tyre.


they overheating or blistering? at this stage, we heard the radio


message from Sebastian Vettel to his engineer, saying right rear


blisters. They ran on Friday with a lot of blistering, but providing it


doesn't take away the surface, the carcass remains intact, they can


run happily. Jenson comes out in front of Paul di Resta after that


pit stop. The tyres that came off are right in front of me. A small


circumference line of blisters, they are not too bad. I fancy that


his strategic to try to get past a Ferrari again. We will see a


Ferrari react, no sign of them doing that yet. What size are the


blisters? Five pence piece? Half a centimetre, tiny. For short shift,


second and third gear. We need this. Second and third gear did he say?


Yes. I think it is an overheating thing. That is when you put the


most talk. Alonso and Hamilton pit at the end of lap 16. We have a


straight fight between Ferrari and total on a good stop. 3.9 against


3.7, Hamilton against Alonso. There's Alonso, wears Button? Was


Hamilton? Paul di Resta might have a chance. No changes. Rosberg is in


as well for Mercedes. He has been some senior engineers in the


morning, they give us the benefit of all of their experience through


practice. The Red Bull crew are coming into the pit lane. Will this


before Vettel? I believe it is. There they are. 22 people waiting


for him. Pretty scary driving at a garage of men at 60 mph. That


looked quick! It did. Now he has to use first gear in the pit lane and


he will have to short shift through second and third when he gets out


the end. You think it is the heating issue with the gearbox?


That would be my guest. If you go into third in the pit lane, often


you can drop out of your limiter and earned a penalty. Ted was


looking at Vettel's Tyre's. couple of things. Vettel's were


about the same if not slightly less blistered than the McLaren. They


looked in better shape. He also overshot his pit box by about 10


centimetres. The mechanics had to shift up a bit. That could prove


crucial. It was a very small Gatka Mark Webber. This could be his


opportunity to jump up. Car number nine, Bruno Senna, has a penalty.


The stewards have decided that it was Senna's fault for causing a


collision. Pretty tough, I reckon. I think that is a bit unfair. You


would not like to be the stewards leaving the Brazilian track! Red


bill are in the pit lane so Mark Webber is coming in. -- Red Bull.


They have far more camera angles than we have. They have G Pearce,


they can compare previous laps. -- GP yes. A great stop for Mark


well behind. Vettel must have some traffic on his in-lap. Vettel is


coming through, Mark Webber was just over a second when he went


into the stock before he took that lead. That looks like a much bigger


gap now. Alonso in the background ahead of Button, who seems to be


pulling away from Hamilton in this phase. They can't seem to catch the


Ferrari at the moment. It seems like the McLarens are hurting their


rear tyres this afternoon. I can't understand why that would be on


this track. Not many corners, 15 corners, only seven or eight of


them are put in any load into the core -- car. Her Senna's drive-


through penalty, one unhappy Brazilian. If you had to put your


money on straight-line speed between the McLaren or the Red Bull,


you would go with McLaren. 70% of the flat is full throttle. Why


would McLaren not be performing? Because so much time is lost in the


midfield. The rest is relatively easy. Pretty much all year, Red


Bull have been slower than a slow things down the straights. They


have gone for downforce, corner speed, and it has paid dividends.


By getting out in front, nobody can mug them down the straights. Sutil


on Perez. Sutil has stopped. Perez has and. That is di Resta, isn't


it? No, it is Sutil. It is Sutil and Perez. Sutil on the better


tyres. Will Perez come up the inside? Sutil making his way back


up into eighth place. Kobayashi will be his next target up the road.


What about Paul di Resta? He is back down in 14th place at the


moment. We will see how that works out. Felipe Massa leads the Grand


Prix. The man who has won twice, been on pole position three times.


Thought he had won the World Championship here in 2008 but


hadn't. Was Burke against Alguersuari. -- Rosberg. This is


for tenth place. This is going to cost and delay -- cost them dearly.


Mrs Vettel catching Massa, who has activation point. He will know that


if he gets... He can now open his rear wing. This is where we are


seeing it. He will have a perfect run down the outside into the


braking zone. Massa got out of it, he would be on the dirty part of


the track. Who do we have in the background? Perez has pitted.


out. He just has to be careful in the second and third. I'd used to


breathe a sigh of relief if I got through the third corner without


being on the opposite lock. The cars are so good now, you can dump


8% of your downforce and go faster. It is a different world. It replay


of a straight forward overtake from Nico Rosberg. That is all night.


Nico Rosberg recovering, having made his first pit-stop. Ferrari in


the pit lane. Where will that dropping out? He will, at behind


Lewis Hamilton. He is currently in sixth place. A very clever front


Jack, so he could swing out of the way and saved another 0.1 seconds.


Ted Kravitz was watching the stops. A slow getaway from Felipe Massa,


but it will be interesting to see if he only needs to make two stops.


It could be interesting if he does and the others need to make three.


Mark Webber had a slow in coming lap. Fernando Alonso gained 3.5


seconds on him. He was really penalised. We did not see anything.


We still have 24 cars in this race. That underlines the tremendous


reliability we have had this year, despite over 1000 overtakes this


year. And 100 -- hundreds of pit stops. So much action, if you do


not know where to block next. The skinny wind on his car. -- wing.


Jarno Trulli is up to 15th, he is yet to stop. One Stop all the way


down, until we get to Jarno Trulli. Rubens Barrichello passing Jarno


Trulli. Then, having a think about Jaime Alguersuari. It is getting


busy. We have a Virgin dropping out. Will we will not made a bid for


freedom, and we have our first retirement. -- the wheel nut made a


onto the track. -- locally, of the wheel. The lead is 2.8 seconds, he


is managing the car and the gap. has had to respond, because Mark


Webber was chipping away. He has sent the message back to Mark


Webber. It will have been broadcast from his engineer. RADIO: Good job.


Everybody likes a bit of encouragement, even if you are a


multiple champion. Whatever issue he has got, he is managing it


superbly, he is that chink Mark Webber. -- he is matching up Mark


Webber. Do you think they could have increased the calling or


anything like that? Once the race starts,... It is only going up to


the start line but you cannot do anything. They too often have


gaffer tape, which they can rip-off. Maybe Ted Kravitz can give us some


information? RADIO: How are the tyres? They are OK. After that


drive through, Bruno Senna in 16th place. I wonder what he will think


about the penalty. I think it was harsh. I think he than a bit deep


into the braking zone and made the first contact. You can squeeze a


Pollet a little bit. -- you can squeeze your opponent. You cannot


crowd someone towards the white line. But I agree, it was a racing


problem. You have to short shrift. -- shift. Bruno Senna under


pressure from Pastor Maldonado. They are fighting over 16th place.


The gap at the front is down to 2.3 seconds. Mark Webber is closing in.


It must be temperature related, it is not mechanically related.


could be a synchronisation issue. Part of what they do is make sure


they synchronise the gears. Mark Webber is sniffing the chance of


victory. He is only 2.3 seconds behind. They used to synchronise


better when you changed at peak revs. We are destined to an extent


what the problem might be. -- we are guessing. Ted Kravitz will find


out, if Red Bull will tell us. It seemed like he did a double shift.


If that was an error from Bruno Senna or, it has cost him a place.


I did that in the Pirelli test, daytimes are. -- many times. That


is not a good place. It is on the racing line, really. They should


not be any need to... A slow-motion replay of Michael Schumacher coming


back through the field. Batty's passing Jarno Trulli for 19th. --


that is passing Jarno Trulli. Have we got something else loose? That


is just helicopter tapir. -- tape. That is his mother. Ayrton Senna's


sister. She is nervously watching her son. There must be tremendous


emotion for that family. Kravitz? I have come to Red Bull,


the intention is for Sebastian Vettel to manage this. All of the


messages have been played out on the team radio feed cover so we


know as much as all of the people in the garage. RADIO: Short shrift


every corner. But then I will fall behind. He said he will give up the


place to his team-mate. They are looking at the telemetry. There was


a lot of red on detail and a shave. -- on the telemetry. It sounds like


it is getting even worse. Pastor Maldonado in the barriers. I


understood Sebastian Vettel to say, or I will not hold him up. They


have got seven seconds over Fernando Alonso. What of the


problem it is getting worse. -- whatever the problem is, it is


getting worse. I was focused on the Williams, I missed the end of the


radio. Sebastian Vettel will not get in the way of the interests of


the team. He does not know if he can make it to the end of the race.


It is a difficult position, where Pastor Maldonado is. They need to


recover it. Would this be a moment for a safety car? The verbal


engineers discussing. I would expect to see Mark Webber passing


Sebastian Vettel for the lead any time soon. Sebastian Vettel has


pulled out a bit, if anything. I would love to hear the radio


message again. Maybe we can transcribe it. Maybe he meant, I


would rather it blow up and I give this up. The gap is back-up. Now,


he lets him through. He did a faster lap, and let him through.


is managing the situation. That confirms what you've heard on the


lot of time. It was not the greatest race to do that at --


greatest place to do that. Team orders are allowed now. It was him


saying to the world, I have a problem, I am moving over. Mark


Webber leads. Can he take his first victory of the season? Mark Webber,


he has won six races before this. He has regularly been on the podium


this year. Jenson Button still ahead of Lewis Hamilton. Lewis


Hamilton is closing the gap again. Michael Schumacher there, he is a


lap down. It does not like Hamilton is coming back. Jenson Button was


better at activating his tyres. Michael Schumacher running over


some of the debris. I was wondering when we would see some action.


There was a little lifting of the hand. He may have felt he needed to


do that, because there was a yellow flashing. He needed to make it


clear that he was being allowed through. There is the yellow now.


He went past the yellow sign, what else could he do? Michael was


fielding. Ted Kravitz? Renault have made their second of two stops. I


listened to the team radio again for Sebastian Vettel. He said, I


will fall behind. He did not say, I will not fall behind. He was just


repeating the message. The problem seems to be with second and third


gear. It is the harder tyre for Jenson Button. Interesting. He will


have used both types of tyre. Will he get to the end on that? It is


the slower tyre. Maybe he is just getting this out of the way.


Although he said he was better with the balance on the harder tyre. But


the lap time is ticking. He would rather have that and be unhappy


with the balance than running around, smiling, with a slow lap


time. It is easy to make a fool of yourself, sweeping around the


inside of the third corner. It is easy to crash. Jenson Button is


behind Felipe Massa. We watched eagerly to see what kind of times


Jenson Button can extract out of a brand new set of medium compound


tyres. All of the engineers here will be looking at that information


Sebastian Vettel, who is about half a second a lap slower than Webber


at the moment. Quicker than Alonso. Let's see what Alonso has just


delivered, the same lap time. That gap is still about 7.5 seconds


between Vettel and Alonso. Hamilton now in fourth place. Button has


done his personal best middle sector on his out-lap. Still shiny


tyres from the releasing agent when they come out of the moulds. You


know you are about to receive an extra helping of grip when you get


those on. Mark Webber is the race leader. Lap 33. The gap to battle


was two seconds. He is 9.5 seconds ahead of Alonso, who is 6.5 ahead


of Lewis Hamilton. Felipe Massa just about hanging on, 28 seconds


off the lead. Button, having made that second stop, beginning to


close down Massa. Rosberg cruising along in seventh place. He has not


had the speed in that Mercedes-Benz. We want the prettied --


precipitation now. We need it now. We need it for the race. Mr angry


from Norfolk is now listening up -- loosening up. I can't see any dark


clouds around us now. Soft tyres, a different strategy for Hamilton


against what they put on the other left before down the hill, a right


and a long left and then you feed straight into the side of anybody...


He is still behind Button. But he is on a different tyre, this will


be very interesting indeed. McLaren have split their strategy. They are


trying to hang on to Alonso now. Red Bull are too far-out, surely.


Button has managed a 17.6 on his first flying lap on those hard


tyres. Hamilton did a 17.9 on his in-lap on the soft. Vettel and


Webber doing 1:17.0s at the moment. Vettel has just done his fastest


lap of the race with a dodgy gearbox! The track will be evolving.


Fuel burning off, card getting lighter and more responsive. A


little bit more comfortable in the braking zones. The change of


direction, the acceleration, less mass. Great, great racetrack.


Consistently above four g for the drivers. You will start to see a


few of them resting their heads inside those cockpits. The most


pathetic feeling when your neck goes and you can't do anything with


it. You don't want to touch the brake pedal or the throttle pedal


and you really don't want to turn the steering wheel, but somehow you


hang on when you're my neck muscles have given up. -- your neck muscles.


It is always incredible how fear and adrenalin can focus the mind.


They could be some rain on the way. Could be rain on the way. Go as


fast as possible on these tyres. Very clear message. 2.5 seconds is


the gap, Webber to Vettel. Alonso comes into the pits for Ferrari.


These men are waiting for their hero, Fernando Alonso. A set of


soft tyres going on so he will have to stop again this afternoon.


for Hamilton. Button will not have to stop. Perez recovering. That was


out of turn nine. The corner where you said in the commentary


yesterday, it comes up and mugs you. That is the corner he span on to


staff to wear Maldonado's car was there because the barriers. Sergio


Perez almost running in 12th place. Is the cart OK? Can you continue.


Yes, I can continue, no problem. Ted? At Red Bull they are saying


good job to Sebastian Vettel, keep going. He is managing the gearbox


well. McLaren, they said it was tactical for Button to go on to


that tyre. We will see whether he prefers it. Felipe Massa strategy


might work for him, two stops. He is putting in the times. He will


have to stretch this tyre out of 48 to make two stops work for him. He


might go past Alonso on that strategy. Bruno Senna is missing


fourth gear. We heard sunburst -- then a struggling for gears when he


got past by Maldonado. Here is that piece of plastic bag. I have seen


that so many times down the back straight. A wild crowd down there.


Even when you go on the formation lap, there's debris everywhere.


Sutil coming up the inside of di Resta. Sutil has had two stops so


that his game played by the Force India team. -- that is gameplay.


do have a gearbox problem. There's nothing you can do out there to


help. Just keep driving, keep going. They are all the fashion today.


never rains, but it pours. Sorry for mentioning the rain again.


Lewis Hamilton also nursing a box of cogs that don't fancy 71 laps of


the Interlagos circuit. Vettel is maintaining the gap to 2.6 seconds.


Only one stop so far from the Red Bulls so they are 26 clear of


Alonso. Alonso has just done a 17.0 and that is quick. Massa is hanging


on to him, just about. Button beginning to catch Massa. He is in


the DRS zone. On board with Hamilton. Button lining up for a


pass on the Ferrari. Doesn't look like it at this stage. But he is


certainly hounding Massa. Only done that one stop, of course. Let's run


through... Massa is up three places, Button down two. Jenson has used


both types of Tyre. He could go to the end if he wanted to. What will


they put on Mark Webber? Another set of the soft tyres. He will have


to stop again. Three stops for Mark Webber. Jenson is on a different


strategy compared to Hamilton and Webber. Let's see what they do with


Vettel. Alonso has just done a personal best. A long way behind


Webber. Barrichello has been lapped. This is the fight and the DRS Open.


The Jenson Button sails past with his rear wing open. Job done. Off


he goes. Look at the distance leads, will he pit? Yes, I can see


the Red Bull mechanics. Nice to see the pit lane from the commentary


box. It is essential. Now we know this man is pitting from what was


the lead. A problem on the down shift. Soft tyres have gone on,


same strategy as Webber. And also Hamilton and Alonso. Where is Mark


Webber? Turn One, he is well in the lead. They are on a three stock


strategy this afternoon, we expect them to come in again around lap 55.


Maybe even later if they can make these tyres last and give


themselves the shortest run possible on the hard tyre. It is


not holding Jenson Button back at the moment, 17.3 on his last lap.


Comparing favourably with Alonso on 17.0. Hamilton is catching Massa as


well. Fifth and sixth, Massa and Hamilton. Here we go with a replay.


Massa went to the inside, it was all he could do. He must have had a


problem because Jenson was out of the slipstream so early. He must


have lifted. Must have scared himself around there. As you say,


DRS doesn't account for all of that extra speed. No. Massa trying age


two-stop strategy this afternoon and looking as if that is not


working. Close your DRS-1 second per lap. Please save. We need your


points. Be careful with di Resta. We need your points against Toro


Rosso, not Force India. Don't run into a Force India. Mark Webber


does a new fastest lap, 1:16.484. Fernando Alonso, another second set


and - seven seconds. Ted has news on gearboxes. For Lewis Hamilton,


it is a shift problem. They are trying to get him to manage it.


They are keeping Lewis in. Paul di Resta comes in for a pit-stop for


up Vettel's problem is with second and third years particularly, but


he seems to be managing that. We're getting to the end of the gearboxes


on their four recycles, but because Vettel didn't finish the race in


flying in the first sector. Quickly catching Felipe Massa. They have


completed the second sector. A very short run up the hill, just 18


seconds. Lewis Hamilton has stopped twice, Massa has stopped once.


Webber leads Anne Vettel by 4.1. Alonso just 6.9 behind Vettel. He


is beginning to catch. This is his opportunity. He was not as close as


Button. Hamilton was a bit late. Surely just a matter of time, he


has used up all of his KERS. Not quite enough momentum. He has used


up his KERS and that will make it difficult for him on the run out of


turn 12, the last turn. It can only be a matter of time. A lot of


debris they have to be careful of through 5 and 6. It came off


Michael Schumacher's car. Diarrar is not available until after turn


three. -- DRS. It is all about getting a good exit speed out of


Juncao. Timo Glock's release will be investigated after the race.


That will be quick and easy as it only have three wheels on it when


it was released. The Ferrari has scampered away! He would presumably


look at the different strategies playing out, Button has a hard tyre


on, he needs to keep within 20 seconds of the Red Bulls, which is


not doing at the moment, to be able to use that strategy, but he is in


the hunt for Alonso. Third plays is on the cards for Jenson Button.


Let's transport the fans into the crash helmet. These two have come


together five times this year. Do you think Lewis will be giving him


a slightly wider berth? He has not been pushing his luck too much, has


he? I don't think so. Lewis is clearly struggling with the balance


a round this track and looked like coming off turn 10. It looked like


he had left one black line off the inside tyre. Maybe a differential


issue as well. But he is not getting close enough at the end of


the lap to then put himself in a position to capitalise. Is he


within a second here? He is. He has to get a good run through. You are


fighting the car in the middle of the turn and he is too far back


again. Ferrari is winding up on the middle of turn three, whereas


about beating McLaren, rather than trying to win the race, quite


clearly, and sensibly so. Vettel is now 4.6 seconds behind Webber.


Lewis was trying to get as close as he could through turn 12. Felipe


Massa gets a psychological gold star from his engineer. And Lewis


Hamilton going into the pit. they're fed up losing time behind


the Ferrari. They have now lost 7.5 seconds to Jenson Button. They were


quite close, if you remember. On go the medium compound tyres. He can


now drive to the end of the Grand Prix. They have obviously seen a


nice slot where they can put Lewis back on to the racetrack, where he


will not be in too much traffic. Let's see where that might be.


There's a bit of back marker traffic, that's the position,


Adrian Sutil is now head of Hamilton. So, they have certainly


put him into some clear air, but he has now got to catch and pass


Adrian Sutil. They must have a Adrian Sutil. They must have a


bigger issue than we were aware of, because Bateau very early, to do


your first stop, to try to go to the end. Could we be seeing four


stops this afternoon? As we are watching Webber and Vettel trading


fastest laps, Eddie has got some news on the race so far.


news on the race so far. interesting thing for me is the big


fight that we have got for sixth, seventh and eighth position, you


could even call it the Renault position. As it stands, Adrian


Sutil is lighting up the midfield, he's a now in seventh position, he


needs three more points over Vitaly Petrov to finish 9th in the


Championship, which would be a huge result for that team, and massive


going into next season. Thanks, Eddie. Massa has got the medium


compound on now. Another one driving to the end of the race,


then. As Michael Schumacher hunt down Heikki Kovalainen. Look at


that, Massa just in front of Lewis Hamilton. So, McLaren did not get


the undercut, it did not manage to use the new tyres to get their man


in front of Felipe Massa. As Rob Smedley said to his driver, the


longer you keep him behind you, the greater the chance we have got of


beating him, and they have given him a great chance now.


RADIO: You have to do everything you can to save the car, short


shift. He's getting that call because he just did his fastest lap


of the Grand Prix, he was beginning to close the gap back to Webber.


And his engineer was saying, look, you will not finish if you do not


slow down. Look in your mirrors, don't look at the Red Bull in her


view, that was the message, basically. -- the Red Bull ahead of


you. DAVID COULTHARD: That is all fine


and well saying that, short shrift, but it would be nice if he could be


more specific. They do have lights inside the cockpit, and they have


audio for the gear changing as well. Hamilton is going to park the car.


We had about a gearbox problem early on for Lewis Hamilton. Box of


neutrals. Sounds expensive. RADIO: Gearbox has gone. He's not


going to make it back to the pits. There is an orange marker, which is


where Charlie Whiting would tell the driver has to aim for.


closest I ever came to dying was on that corner, driving for McLaren.


Another driver ended up flying over my head, and hitting my head with


his Benetton. Thankfully there are gravel traps and some now. Is that


when you got on the radio to the team and said, I'm unconscious?


that's another English driver that's another English driver


you're talking about. So, Hamilton becomes the third retirement. And


you cannot damage your own gear box any more in Formula 1. It is all


done automatically. It is the luck of the draw. Ted Kravitz... Yes,


Lewis Hamilton's sometimes miserable season comes to a fairly


miserable end, even though he has won three races. It was no surprise


to anyone in this McLaren garage, even though they are gutted now,


with their heads hung low, they knew it was going to happen, it was


just a matter of time until his gearbox gave up the ghost. They're


not too confident about Jenson Button's ability to get to the end,


either. But they will give it a go. So, I'm looking at my Twitter, and


there's some fans saying, look, isn't this just Red Bull staging


this, so that Webber can win the race and maybe get second in the


World Championship? Do you buy into that conspiracy theory, David? As


Rosberg goes on the inside, but Sutil is carrying the momentum...


And Rosberg steams up the inside! Fantastic stuff. That's a clever


boy, that's someone who knows this racetrack. It is a very long run to


that apex, as we have been saying. Although Sutil clearly had the


track position on the outside, I think we have seen Rosberg doing


that before, when he was at Williams. He's fighting well for


that position. That is the battle for sixth and seventh. But I fear


his defence will be futile, because he is on a different strategy,


the job done. But Rosberg was, hang on, I'm coming back through. That


was good stuff, great driving, from both of them. Nico Rosberg, in the


last couple of races, since he has signed his contract, has been


really aggressive and racy, which is exactly what the Mercedes team


is exactly what the Mercedes team will want to see. He showed Michael


Schumacher what he thought of his pass in Abu Dhabi in the last race,


as, once again, Sutil lines himself up. Will he have learned from the


time before? Looks like he has got the job done this time. He gave him


the job done this time. He gave him a little fright on his way past.


And that was very easily done, good straight-line speed from the Force


India. And the gap at the front, 5.5 seconds now. But crucially,


Vettel is 9.8 seconds ahead of Alonso, despite his ailing car.


Mark Webber cruising away at the front. Vettel has been told to just


slow down and beat the Ferrari home. Nico Rosberg down into seventh


place now. And another replay of the second opportunity, and he


Rhigos, giving him a little frightened. He says, you will not


be doing that again! You do not see his brother very often, you often


see his father. Meanwhile, back with Sebastian Vettel. That's one


of the second gear corners. We heard from his engineer, short


shift, he has got a serious gearbox problem. There's the man that will


be trying to respond to that information. We have lost three


drivers, Hamilton, Maldonado and Glock. It is the first retirement


for Hamilton. That's because, when you change various strategies in


the cockpit, for instance, if you come in on a set of intermediate


tyres, the circumference is different, so the system has to be


reset. That's the only reason normally the red light would come


on. So, is he making adjustments in the cockpit to try and slow down


that shift, which is exactly what you were try and do in the wet? You


do not want to be shifting when you have got high wheel slippage.


Vettel still coaching his gearbox along. I was about to say,


Hamilton's first retirement since 2010, the Hungarian Grand Prix,


which was also gearbox. RADIO: Plus 11, Alonso. He's


pulling away easily now. So, the incredible reliability that McLaren


have had, with Lewis Hamilton, it have had, with Lewis Hamilton, it


is quite remarkable, when you consider what reliability was like


in Formula 1 just five years ago. Regularly you would lose six or


seven cars. Your strategy now, Mr Coulthard - it looks to me as if


Jenson Button will be looking pretty handy if he gets to the end.


Yes, if he can keep these tyres in this shape, and maintain the lap


time, with very low degradation on these tyres, he should get quicker.


And we have got McLaren out in the pit lane. So, Button coming in. I


was just about to say, if he did not have to do that stopped, he was


on to beat Alonso. That has got the hallmarks of a team that were not


expecting a driver, I thought. Has he gone on the hard tyres again? We


thought he might get to the end. needed to get to the end.


TED KRAVITZ: It was not going to work. It was worth a go, I suppose.


As Michael Schumacher stops to put on the harder tyre. There were


never going to do the 40 laps, because the wear and tear is about


the same. The team were expecting him, for whatever reason, Jenson


was a bit hesitant coming into the box. Just to comment on those could


do as the theories about Mark Webber, it is not going to work. --


on those conspiracy theories. It would need a Button and also not to


nowhere. No, after some great opening laps, he has not managed to


build on that. Once again, we are seeing the curse of pole position.


Only two of the last pole position drivers have won. Amazing indeed.


And funnily enough, the last two years, the second place man has won


the race, and pole position has finished eighth, by complete and


utter coincidence. If Webber wins, it will be three out of three for


second place man winning the Grand Prix. As we watch Sergio Perez


taking 13th place away from Rubens Barrichello, who looks like he


fancies trying to take it back. Is this Rubens Barrichello's last race


in Formula 1? I remember his first one so clearly. We were teammates


at one point. You and him had a mighty contest in Formula Three. It


is incredible that Rubens is still in a Formula 1 car being


competitive. Do you think he should have called it time and taken today


as his glory day? I do feel that he should have taken all the plaudits,


he has contributed a lot to Formula 1. Alonso taking on a fresh set of


books. Just coming back to Rubens, he said very clearly in our


interview, that he will not be saying goodbye, ever! He's wedded


to Formula 1. Passion is a great thing, but at a certain point, you


have to recognise, this cannot keep going on forever, a sportsman's


career will come to an end beyond - - before normal pension age.


made your decision in the middle of the year, you said, I'm stopping at


the end of the year, I will let the fans know.


RADIO: We want qualifier laps right to the end. Webber, another fastest


lap. So, just where can Jenson finish? It will be interesting to


see, Alonso has just come out on a fresh set of tyres. Jenson is 20


seconds behind, so we will have to wait and see how it levels out. You


have got to say, what would he be able to do differently at this


stage of the Grand Prix that he was for Jenson Button and he is now


only... He is 4.6 seconds behind Fernando Alonso. You can see him


disappearing. He has a chance against Alonso, he really has.


Catching is one thing, as we see Lewis Hamilton. BBC in there.


back in the pits Ali Mackenzie has found him. Lewis, a disappointing


end to a difficult season. I think it has been an interesting year.


Any interesting year. I gave it everything today, I felt like I


enjoyed the race. A little bit unfortunate that we were not able


to get the extra points, but otherwise I enjoyed racing out


there, I was challenging Felipe Massa at the end. But the gearbox


problem came on quite early so I was struggling. Is it a relief in a


way that the season is over and you can reset yourself and think


everything over and look forward to 2012? It is not a relief, but it


has been a long year. Looking forward to a little bit of downtime


and hopefully some time with family and friends. Then do some good


training and attack it next year. I have a lot I can improve on. It is


all positive even though we did not have a great result today. We will


let you know what that team radio was from Sebastian Vettel. Jenson


Button was rather humbled around the outside of 106 by Fernando


Alonso and he might just get some payback. -- turn six. He is


catching him at a rate of knots. am being told that Senna --


Sebastien said he felt like Senna in 91. Is that about... Senedd won


that race with a gearbox issue. -- an G think, I wonder what this


feels like. Remembering the history of F1, Vettel clearly doesn't need


anywhere near 100% of his capacity to drive a racing car even if it is


limping slightly. Webber's lead up to 8.2 now. Mark Webber driving


beautifully. He has his chance and he is taking it. Button is just 2.9


behind Fernando Alonso. Let's hear more from Ted. Mark Webber is


coming in for his final stop. It is the hard tired going on. I was


going to say something about the guys on the Red Bull pit wall


sharing a joke. They did not want to share the joke. Excellent stop


by the Red Bull guys. How much will it mean to the Australian after


these -- the season he has had, getting well and truly beaten by


Sebastian Vettel, to get that one win he has craved. Good work by the


Red Bull mechanics. A lot of smiles going on. Senedd got to cramp in


his shoulder very on. -- early on. In nice thought from Sebastian


Vettel. But I fancy he has it a bit easier than Ayrton Senna did in


1991. It would be a great feeling for Mark Webber. We were flying


back after his victory in 2009. He was promising to win here again


this weekend. The pit wall were probably laughing at... Driving


along in a Grand Prix and you are dreaming about 1991. They are going


a lot slower than they were in qualifying. The Red Bull mechanics


coming out again. For Sebastian Vettel, his third and final stop.


There he is. Sebastian Vettel into the box. This could be the final


pit-stop of the year. For the Red Bull team. They have achieved


everything they need to in the pits this afternoon. If lap 60 of 71.


Mark Webber will retake the lead again. Webber is already halfway


down the back straight. Button relentlessly catching Alonso. He


must be right behind him now. Now you can see it on your screen.


Jenson Button absolutely flying. I think he is about to take revenge


for the move earlier on in the race. DRS Oban, he is within the one


second of the measurement point. -- Open. Catching is one thing,


passing is another. Although they have their various devices these


that turbulent air and we know how that feels. You are driving into a


bit of a vacuum and the front will not stick. Indeed, and he has done


a couple of laps more on the set of tyres than Alonso. Jenson Button


loves overtaking on this track. He did a fantastic comeback when he


won his world championship. Will he be close enough? He is having a


sniff. Just a look. Filling up that Ferrari's mirrors. The McLaren has


been a lot faster off turn three. But alongside pretty quick, too.


How close will he be at the end. Equal pace cars, it is not long


enough down the back straight. Jenson did not use any of his


thrilling -- KERS in the first part of a lap and I suspect he will be


using all of that coming off turn 12 to put himself in a position to


pass into turn One. Hopefully we will get a bit of that graphic.


Lewis watches on sadly. 5th in the world championship is his reward


for a season with many highs and lows. Webber has done a new fastest


lap, 1:15.4. Waltzing off into the distance. 8.5 seconds is the gap.


Look how close it is between Button and Alonso. Button beautifully in


the slipstream of the Ferrari. Will Button get a chance on the brakes?


Alonso thinks he might because he has had a good defensive. Alonso


releases the brake pedal to reclaim the corner. Now he will be so much


faster. Button will be so much faster. DRS will open now and


Alonso has to go immediately defensive. Button should have more


straight-line speed. He has got the job done! He is up into third place.


Brilliant driving this time around from Jenson Button and the McLaren


team thoroughly enjoyed that and so they should. Button, P3. What a


great bit of strategic driving. He did not use his KERS the lap before,


saved it for turned well. Got a little bit of help from that Toro


Rosso. In the end, fantastic. Right up into the slipstream. Alonso goes


defensive and when you pop opened the DRS, you release the drag from


the car and in the end, Alonso did not even defend into four. That


move started in the first turn. did. Set him up. He had to go


defensive in one so he was slow through two and three and he passes


him in four. We watch Mark Webber, the leader... Vettel. Vettel


running wide in turn five. You can get back on the racetrack there.


Vettel only 11.6 seconds ahead of Jenson Button now. Great job with


Alonso. The next car is Vettel. We believe he has a gearbox problem.


Interesting that they are only giving that information to Jenson


this late in the Grand Prix, but I guess it is on a need-to-know basis.


He is very much in the race for second place. He has just done the


fastest first sector of the Grand Prix, 18.9. He is now running in


clean air. That is three or four- tenths quicker than Mark Webber has


just done. Do you think Red Bull will just sago as hard as you can,


we will take a chance on the gearbox? They have come this far in


the Grand Prix. They would love to have another 12. Let's see what the


Here he comes. 15.5! Six-tenths quicker. Anne lapping the HRT. --


and lapping the HRT. Does he have enough laps left? 11 seconds is the


gap behind Vettel. You have to assume Vettel can manage that, but


we will find out. Vettel a long way behind Webber. Let's run through


Sauber, that would maintain their position ahead of Toro Rosso.


Kobayashi... Petrov in the final points positions for Renault.


Alguersuari Ann Buemi need to score some points. They have a chance


seconds is his lead. Vettel just 10.2 ahead of Jenson Button in


third place. Ted. Down at McLaren, they are urging Jenson Button to do


more. He has not doing quite enough on the set of hard tyres to reel in


Sebastian Vettel. It will be very close towards the end, but that is


what they are telling him to do. They say even though it was an


enforced change onto the harder tyre, they are glad that the way it


worked out because Ferrari are disproportionately slow on the hard


tyres. We haven't HRT that has gone straight on at the first corner. --


we have an HRT. The yellow flag is out because it is in the firing


line of anybody who had a brake failure. Warning flags. This is


Button, a tenth quicker in the first quit -- Sceptre, seven-tenths


quicker in the second sector. He will run out of laps because


presumably Vettel can just turn it back on. Can Button a break


Vettel's gearbox? They will be running the engine more. They will


be flat out. He has been told he's driving qualifying laps, he knows


he has an injured Red Bull in front of him. Are there enough laps left


for Jenson Button? This is the Toro Rosso that he has to pass.


Alguersuari. He has quite a lot of traffic. Five cars between him and


Vettel. Petrov, Kovalainen, Kobayashi and someone else.


D'Ambrosio in the Virgin. Four runners out of it Grand Prix.


Liuzzi, Hamilton, Maldonado, Glock. Traffic galore for Jenson to get to


Vettel. Let's have a look at the sector times. Two-tenths up in the


first sector. Still a tenth up in the second sector. He really is


closing down the Red Bull, but with five to go, he will run out of time.


He is still on the podium. That will make it 51... The last 51


podiums shared by the same five drivers. That is Webber, Vettel,


Butt, Alonso and Hamilton. -- Button. Massa has not had a podium


this year. Button comes inside a back marker. Who else has he got?


Kovalainen is still out there in 16th place. Ahead of the HRTs and


the Virgin racing cars. Lotus looking like they are pretty secure


in tenth place. Michael Schumacher has had three stops including that


puncture, in 15th place. Barrichello in 14th place. Button


getting a lot of traffic. Petrov doesn't want to lose any time. He


is only 3.4 seconds behind notice of Kovalainen, running 16th.


Webber leads by 13.8 seconds. Four The two Ferraris are fourth and


The two Ferraris are fourth and fifth. This is where the lowered


builds on the neck. He will be resting his head. Going across the


resting his head. Going across the line. And then moving on before


braking into turn one. It has not been a great track for Jenson


Button. He has just had one podium here, I think, before, at


Interlagos, that was third in 2006, for Honda. That's funny, we are not


going to get any rain! Webber, 13.8 clear of Vettel. Alonso in fourth,


just 5.2 seconds behind Button, but falling away. Where is the big


Rear wing not working, I believe. TED KRAVITZ: Yes, it was a problem


with the DRS. But there was a strange message asking Felipe to


speed up a bit. It said, Barrichello might overtake you and


use you, so it was a strange way of asking him to speed up. Felipe


Massa starting to struggle for lap time. Sutil is a long way behind


him, though. Alguersuari is still him, though. Alguersuari is still


catching Petrov. Michael Schumacher, down in 15th place. It has not been


the traditional Interlagos performance for him. Massa really


struggling, he lets Rubens Barrichello throw. Working with his


fellow Brazilian, he knows that Rubens Barrichello is currently 3.9


Rubens Barrichello is currently 3.9 seconds ahead of Michael Schumacher.


But what is the point? You're racing drivers, and you have to


drive your car as fast as you possibly can. Why lose time?


Anyway... Why did Massa do that? Because he has got 17 seconds to


Sutil. And he wanted to help his body. And upset Ferrari along the


way. Until Vettel has a gearbox issue and creaked over the line. So,


penultimate lap for Mark Webber. He loves to take those trophies away


from his teammate, doesn't he? He will be determined. He has just


gone a bit faster. As he was being told, we do not need any more of


those, he did another one! Into the final lap, Mark Webber, 35 years


old, the Aussie who has had a difficult season, and just watched


his teammate cleaning up, finally is going to get his rewards. But it


will still only put him I think fourth in the World Championship,


two points behind Fernando Alonso, but I don't think he will care one


little bit about that. Going round Mergulho, two more corners to go


before the final left-hander, to climb the hill. And Mark Webber is


heading for his seventh Grand Prix victory. He has been a loyal


servant to Red Bull, and Red Bull have very much returned that favour


today, his car has run absolutely faultlessly. Webber has made the


most of it. He had to the line, Mark Webber wins the Brazilian


Grand Prix! As it turns out, it was comfortable. He can head into the


winter with some satisfaction and self-belief, and get on with his


programme. It is going to be Jenson Button in third place, in the end,


10.6 seconds behind Vettel. Alonso and Massa will come next. Because


they were lapped, Sutil is already sixth. Di Resta, the young Scot,


once again in the points. RADIO: Great job, I would like you


to stop the car and at turn one. Presumably, that will be for fuel.


And so, Sauber stay ahead of Toro Rosso for seventh in the World


Championship. Rubens Barrichello acknowledges the crowd, he finishes


the Grand Prix. Paul di Resta I think has finished more Grand Prix


laps than any other driver this year. So, good effort from him in


his rookie season. Is that the final wave we will see from Rubens


Barrichello? Will Renault be interested in him? I suspect not.


Will Williams we signed him? Will he turn into a super sub, like Nick


Heidfeld? RADIO: Well done, you have won the


Brazilian Grand Prix again. Thanks, you say, he has been a loyal


servant to Red Bull. And he did another fastest lap on the final


lap, so he ignored it twice, just to underline how prominent... When


Mark Webber has chasm almost all of his Grand Prix, he has blitzed the


field. I remember him winning the Nurburgring, but even on those


occasions, nobody could touch him. If he could find that form all the


time, he would be the world champion.


DAVID COULTHARD: He came so close to be in the world champion in 2010.


He is a quality driver, he seems to have lost his way a bit this year


with the Pirelli tyres. I suspect there could be some other issues,


but that will give him a great into the barriers, and Timo Glock


lost a wheel directly after a pit- stop. It was a lap 29 but Mark


Webber closed in and went past Sebastian Vettel, to take the lead


of the Grand Prix. These two have pretty much been unchallenged this


afternoon. Button tried to do a different tyre strategy, maybe even


trying two stocks, but it did not work out, so he came in for a fresh


set of tyres, and used them to brilliantly catch Fernando Alonso


and go past him. So, some new mathematics coming in now, and Mark


Webber is actually third in the World Championship, he did just get


past Fernando Alonso. Of course, when Jenson Button went past Alonso,


that put Webber into third in the World Championship. Felipe Massa


running the risk of getting a penalty. I think that's great stuff,


to entertain the crowd, but sadly, you're not allowed to do that. I


think you should be allowed to celebrate. OK, he did not win the


race, but he's on his home soil. Did you not think Mark Webber seem


slightly subdued, for a man who has just one his first Grand Prix in


more than a year? This is Massa doing some doughnuts in front of


the crowd. They did not have too much to cheer today. He was the top


Brazilian, in fifth. He almost did not make it back into the pit lane.


That would have been embarrassing. He might get his wrist slapped, but


it is worth it, isn't it? So, yes, the Brazilians in the race, fifth,


14th and 17th after a drive to a penalty. Force India beat Mercedes


Benz home. What is he saying? Mark Webber wears his heart on his


sleeve a little bit. He doesn't look about too much, but he can


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 65 seconds


deliver when he needs to. Not so Button, apologies if you heard any


colourful language. So, the strategist from Red Bull racing is


getting the honour of the final podium of the season. And what an


honour that must be. And there's the smile, it is well deserved.


Well done, Mark. Can't be too many Well done, Mark. Can't be too many


people in the paddock and happy about Mark Webber winning a Grand


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 65 seconds


Apparently there's virtually no oil left in the gearbox, he did not


expect to get much further than expect to get much further than


half distance, that's what I'm hearing. He's warming up now.


DAVID COULTHARD: That was a touch of class! And the Red Bulls


strategist gets the constructors Trafford. -- the Constructors'


two times world champion. That's podium number 36 for him out of 81


starts. Jenson Button, a fine third place. His father, pretty happy


with that. The champagne is about to be wasted and enjoyed, because


Mark Webber finally gets a victory in this season. It is over, it has


been tough, it has been exciting, it has been great working with you,


David, in the commentary box, thoroughly enjoyed that. And Mark


Webber is certainly going to enjoy At Interlagos, eight months after


the start of the Formula One season, at the final race, the Aussie get


his first win and no wonder he is excited. His first victory in


Formula One since the Hungarian Grand Prix last summer. Well done.


I would say there's not a person in this place who would begrudge him


that victory. It was brilliant. I know we've probably hear little


stories about Vettel short shifting and gearbox pressure, and I don't


want to know about that, I want to rejoice in Mark Webber, who is a


special guide. He has brought something special to this


championship and particularly this race today. Quite right that


Sebastian Vettel should be the last man to have a sip of champagne, and


also quite right that up on the podium with Mark Webber, the


current world champion and the only man to really challenging in this


year, Jenson Button. There will be a sweet part in Jenson's mind, how


he got past along so. -- Alonso. He wanted revenge and he got revenge.


A great season. I still think this is a better year for Jenson Button


than his championship-winning year. The man who finished first Today


finishes third, the man who finishes third finished first. The


three guys at the front of the championship on the podium. Will


Mark Webber mind it was another technical fault for Vettel? He is


an of the Allied don't want to use the language he will be using. --


he is an Australian. It will be colourful. Mark Webber is really


good fun, he is a big asset to Formula One. I want him to enjoy


his racing because I was concerned this year. I thought he wasn't


getting the job done. He answered the question today. There was a


lovely moment in that Grand Prix when he reminded us of one of the


classic moments around Interlagos. I feel like Senna in 1991. Good for


you, be proud. This is why he feels like Senna in 91. If you don't know


the story, 20 years ago this weekend, this was Ayrton Senna


picking up his first ever victory in the Brazilian Grand Prix and he


did it after being stuck in sixth gear for the last few laps. It was


so hard for him to pick up that win, he could hardly get out of the car


at the end. A man overcome with emotion. A lovely shot of the


marshals jumping around. They were elated as well. But Christian


Horner is happy this weekend. It was not quite as much of a


challenge for Vettel as it was for Senna all those years ago. You'll


be proud of both your driver's today. It was a difficult race for


Sebastien. The gearbox had a problem from the fifth lap. He kept


it alive and short shifted and did everything we needed him to.


Phenomenal to get to the end. Let's take nothing away from Mark Webber,


he drove a phenomenal race today and thoroughly deserves that


victory. We don't want to say it, but Jake and I felt the team looked


very strong. When you got your first and second yesterday on the


grid, we thought we would see a demonstration by you, which is what


happened. We were not always convinced it would be in that order.


Your justification for signing Mark has been justified. Today it was


emphatic. Absolutely, he has had a tough year, but he has kept working


hard. He has been competitive all weekend. He wanted to finish on a


high, it is a great race to win. He has been up against a team mate in


the form of his life. Vettel is an awesome competitor. That has to put


things slightly into perspective. It has been a number of all --


unbelievable year for the team. But up everybody's hard work and


dedication, none of this would have been possible. We would all like


the chance to drive in Formula One, but none of us would like to go up


against Sebastian Vettel in the same team. This will mean a lot to


Mark Webber, P1. What can he do next season to grab his season by


the scruff of the neck and not be comprehensively beaten again?


has signed off his ear in the best way, he has won the last race. He


can reflect on this year over the winter. He is an honest man, he


will look at his own performances and I'm sure he will come back


stronger. We struggled to slow Vettel down. We kept telling him to


not go so fast. It is a great pairing for our staff and I'm


delighted they're both with us next year. Do you think Mark Webber can


take the challenge to Vettel next year? I think it was a body punch


for mark this year. As Christian has said, form of your life, how


long can that form continued? Sports stars have in and out


sequences. Can Sebastiaan keep it up? If he can't and Mark can come


back up -- at him, it can be a really big tussle. We want to see a


bigger fight. We want to see them fighting all the way through the


grid. We need people like McLaren and Ferrari and Mercedes and other


teams to pick up their game and take it to you because as much as


we like you, Christian, we don't want you up here all the time!


has been a phenomenal year. That was their 12th victory, we have won


24 races out of the last 31 event. It is an enormous strike rate. We


have one event left. The cars are running in Milton Keynes as a


celebration this year. December 10th, we will be there. No points


for that one! On behalf of all of us, thank you for the entertainment.


Please don't dominate next season as you have this one! Next year you


can go for the hat-trick, thank you. Let's hear from the men who have


delivered that hat-trick for Red Bull. The race winner, Mark Webber.


A win to take you into the winter, how are you feeling? Very good. I


have felt good all weekend. Today I had a little bit of the rub of the


green. Seb had a little bit of a problem. A win which you will take,


for sure, because I've had enough bad luck. That is how motor sport


goes sometimes. A very important win for me and the team. I enjoyed


the last few laps. It is always nice when you can pay it a bit


later than people. I enjoyed doing the last few laps. It was a nice


way to finish. But I want to dedicate this win to a close friend


of myself and my family, Bob Woods. He is very ill at the moment so


this win is for him. Sebastien, you compare yourself to Ayrton Senna in


1991, nursing a gearbox problem. Describe the struggle you had?


differences he won! It was a real shame because I had a good start


and had a good feeling. But very early I got the call that we had to


manage a gearbox problem. I had to turn down the engine, short shift,


and it was getting worse throughout the race. I ended up using high a


gear is pretty much everywhere and that is wide the comparison came


into my head. Nevertheless, Mark drove a fantastic race and he


deserved to win. I don't really fancy... I don't like calling this


bad luck. If something like this happens, it is not in your hands.


But I still tried to do my best, I tried to keep the gap to Fernando


and Jenson macro at the end. We had a pretty amazing season and I think


it would be over the top to be upset now. We will take second


place, a one-two finish for the team. It has been a phenomenal year


and a very strong finish as well. Now I think we are ready for the


winter and looking forward to the break. We can come back as strong


as this year hopefully. Well done. Jenson, a fighting drive to the


podium after losing a place to Fernando Alonso earlier. Yes, it


was a difficult race for me on the softer tyres. Fernando was very


close out of turn five so I covered the line into six. Normally NEC


place to block, but I looked at where he was and when I looked


forward, there was a lot of debris on the inside. I think it was


Michael's tie and a bitter front wing. I did not want to drive


through it and I could not pull to the left. That was a bit


disappointing and a bit unlucky. But I did not have the pace on the


soft tyres. We decided to put the hard tyre on for the last two


stints and it worked pretty well. Especially the last stint when I


could hunt down Fernando. Ferrari struggled on the hard tyres. I was


able to make the pass, but third Jenson Button, who has been on the


podium race after race. We round of 2011 saying that Red Bull could not


be caught and the same applies to today. Felipe Massa might be


pleased to finish 5th. We will talk teams at the back, but not for


Lotus. They finished in tenth place. The name you would pick out his


Adrian Sutil, very pleased with ninth place. Without doubt. Driver


of the day. He was magnificent at bringing back Carter's sixth place.


It finished with Jenson Button the year, emphatic today. Dominant


for the position he is in, Force India chlorine they were back


into contention? It was a very good performance by them and for Toro


performance by them and for Toro Rosso and Sauber. Maybe it


surprises. David has dropped down to join us. How did you enjoy that?


Your last commentary of 2011. wasn't as much on-track action as


we've seen, but the strategies were very interesting. Watching the cat


and mouse of the pace of the cars, Ferrari looked strong at the start,


great comeback from Jenson Button. The Red Bull engineers are amazed


Sebastien could get the car around in the lap times he was doing and


get it to the finish. In the end it was a fitting victory for Mark


Webber. He has been greater round here before and no one begrudges


him that. It would have been very hard for said to let Mark through


as he did. Give us an idea of how hard it would have been full set


out there, short shifting. You lose lap time. It is easy to do the


short shift, you just follow the lights and you'll feel you -- you


can feel you have to shift early. It will not have been difficult for


him to give up the position. He has had an amazing season. He has not


done it alone. Let's talk about Paul di Resta. 27 points in his


Ball, eighth place for you today, more points at the end of your


rookie season. How are you you feeling? Quite relieved, we just


have not been able to get top speed out of the car this weekend. We


went on two stocks, probably three stops would have been a bit quicker,


but qualifying hampers that a bit. After a failure with KERS, and with


the gearbox, for the last 25 laps, I was a bit nervous. But we got


home in the end, and we were able to manage the gap to conjure. To


get sixth place in the Constructors' Championship is a


good job, narrowly missing out on Renault, but we will live to tell


the tale, and keep fighting hopefully for another year. What a


difference a year makes. You were a spectator here last year. And this


time you were overtaking Michael Schumacher. Yes, it has been a good


ear, a long year, I'm disappointed it is over, because you always want


to continue. But it is good to recharge the batteries. Everybody


can go and spend time with their family, and come back fighting. I


want to say thank you to them all, it has been a great year, it has


been an ambition of mine to drive in Formula 1, you cannot believe


how happy I am at the moment to have completed the first season.


Will you be back with Force India next season? I definitely hope so.


A decision should be imminent. We are staying positive. We will focus


on the winter ahead and come back strong. Well done, Paul di Resta,


the first man since Jackie Stewart to score points in his first two


Grand Prix, Scottish driver, that is. It will be a tough decision for


them, had to let go, will it be them, had to let go, will it be


Paul, will it be Adrian? You can see highlights tonight, and we are


back next year. Sadly, there is a bit of a wait. But we will be back


on the 17th of March for the first race of next season, all of the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 65 seconds


to these guys. What a great season. We will be here doing more of the


same next season, don't you worry. Just to explain how it works next


year, we will not have every race live, as we have done for the past


three seasons, however, you can see 10 races live on the BBC. For the


early morning races, such as Australia and Malaysia, we will be


with you at two o'clock in the afternoon, for a full re-run. David,


what are you most looking forward to? Formula 1, the excitement, the


development, the racing between the teams, the drivers going wheel to


wheel on track. I have absolutely loved this season, thank you,


loved this season, thank you, gentleman. Also this year, on the


forum, we have had lots of driver interviews. And next year we will


be able to share those with people in the evening, on BBC One, because


we will be hanging around late into the night. Indeed, and very often


we have not got the answers in the immediate aftermath of the Grand


Prix, which gives us the opportunity to delve deep and come


back on the same day with that information, as to why the race


played out the way it did. We were not expecting three stops this


afternoon, everybody expected two stops. We had to adapt ourselves as


we were going through the commentary. In terms of the racing,


Red Bull have now said to everybody, come on, try and challenge us. And


the others have to deliver. They have been off the pace, compared to


what Red Bull are able to do. The others need to up their game. We


need bigger excitement, we need a big mish-mash of everything that is


possible to give us a big challenge to Red Bull. I want to see that.


you think that will happen? To be honest, I don't know. I will tell


you what will happen. Yes, they will take the challenge to them.


But what I would like to say on behalf of everybody at BBC Sport is,


thank you very much for your company over this past season. We


have all enjoyed bringing you the races. The message is building, the


bar has been raised, can anyone now come with a decent challenge? We


That was amazing, thank you so much! Yes! Yes! Alonso leading the


race. Magical, Michael... Brilliant, Jenson, absolutely brilliant.


really watching this, this is just the best racing ever. A new world


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 65 seconds


# We met with a goodbye kiss. # It all kicked off. # I had no choice.


# You said that you didn't mind. # May be the days we had are gone.


# Living in silence for far too long. # No more laughs.


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