The European Grand Prix - Qualifying Formula 1

The European Grand Prix - Qualifying

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It is how you go about that. Just when all seems lost,... At perfect


performance by Steve Davis... He has done it! It's not about how


hard you fall but how quickly you get back up and back into the race.


An incredible number of falls. Desperate, now! And a new world


record. Retaining total self-belief. No matter how futile it seems.


must be the best part of 15 lengths. Swooping! Just holding on... It is


about that once-in-a-lifetime performance would you find


something that means even when you are last, you can still cross the


line first... Jenson Button, last is. He sails past! Somehow finding


enough grip. Is he a head? He is! Jensen Button leads the Grand Prix!


Sensational drive. It wasn't a bad finish? If you are one of the lucky


ones who stayed until the end of the night, the car behind us driven


by Jensen Button give us the most incredible finish. One to tell the


grand children. You watch the longest race in Formula One history.


It felt longer even when watching. How long did it feel in the


commentary box? It did feel longer. You were talking about marshals and


the water but in the end, it was fantastic. I have no idea you were


so at that? At bird-watching? not know that is what you called it.


Eddie Jordan, impressive in the commentary box and it was also


impressive in the pit lane. The atmosphere was like nothing else?


If you were looking for the best Seat in the House, we were so


fortunate, we go to many different teams and we had to be with the


McLaren team for this race. It was euphoric. You cannot believe the


excitement. Wonderful, wonderful occasion. As ever, Formula One does


not wait for any man, we can hear the engines roaring. Determined to


make it two wins? Watching these pictures, that big grin on his face,


Jensen Button is popular but it was the fact that one person dominated


so much. And then Jensen Button looks like he was having such a bad


race and still took the win? If you think about his career, with Honda


in changeable positions, his first victory for McLaren in Melbourne.


Changeable conditions. There is nobody like him when it comes to


wet and dry transition. There is no question, next time we have those


conditions, no matter where he is, if the bookmakers are open, we will


have to place bets... After racing around the man-made island two


weeks ago, this place is equally unique. It is very were we travel


to somewhere were the sunbathers have their action interrupted by


the roaring of 4 min one. We are in the industrial heartland of


Valencia. One of the biggest ports and Spain and also an 0 to the less


glamourous past, with the sheds at once reverberated to the sound of


something rather different, fishermen selling their catch. And


this is a live shot of the pit lane, full of fans and that is a


beautiful area. And just above us, these old tiles. Put up many years


ago and they probably had no idea that one day, instead of red


snapper and halibut, these buildings would be filled with the


most expensive racing cars. There are some lovely things about this


place but there was something missing? The most famous moment is


Mark Webber going upside down last year. We need this to deliver?


need this to deliver, the overtaking in the past has been


very poor. And really, that needs to be rectified. But Valencia, it


is right in there... It is no different to Monaco, we talk about


the architecture, it is a wonderful place to visit but that sparkle,


that fire in your tummy, it isn't here yet. We saw one overtake in


2009, 12 months ago, 82 overtakes in Turkey. This is the acid test?


We should not be surprised, there isn't much overtaking, qualifying


sorts out the fastest and the slowest and why should there be any


big transition? But with Pirelli, there has been a lot of drop-off in


the performance of the tyres. That has made the strategy much more


important. And with ers, drag reduction, we see the situation


would drivers cannot defend, you cannot defend against the speed


differential. There is no question we will see more overtaking. Some


people point to the fact that Sebastian Vettel was well aware


that Button could have activated that. And talking of the current


form and a one champion, with all the euphoria about Jensen Button,


nobody has mentioned that it was almost the perfect result for


Sebastian Vettel? He will have been told by his engineer that his


closest rival, Lewis Hamilton, has just gone out. He will be


absolutely crazy in the car with joy. And yes, what I like about


Sebastian Vettel, we saw that glimmer of hope. He does make


mistakes but he had to be pushed into this and full marks to Jensen


Button. I do not think any other driver in any other circumstance


would have been able to. Do not give up on the current form and all


season, there are still 300 points up for grabs. Before we get into


the nitty-gritty, we should we live exactly what happened two weeks ago


and these boys will be very pleased to know that we have managed to


condense four hours, four minutes and 39 seconds into just a couple


will have the race. Whoever is round! Hamilton was getting up the


inside. They touched. Lewis Hamilton, so -- suspension damage,


puncture. He was trying to pass Jensen Button. Look how hard it is


raining, the race is suspended. Ferrari is off? Fernando Alonso. It


was Jensen Button. Puncture? Felipe Massa with Kobayashi. Michael


Schumacher has gone past the pair of them. The front wing. They will


touch. He has broken his front wing. None of these guys were -- know


what the front wing is? Michael Schumacher is a sitting target, can


he get through? Well... And there he goes. He will not let Jensen


Button through at the same time? He can! Mark Webber nearly lost it.


Jensen Button sales pastern. But then goes a long way around. Is


Schumacher ahead? Jensen Button into second place. -- sales past


him. Enter the final lap. Jensen Button at Leeds! Jensen Button,


what a victory! He wins a brilliant race! That was Trulli incredible,


14 overtakes by Jensen Button in the final five laps. And the final


overtake was on the car behind, Sebastian Vettel. The first time we


have seen that chink in the arm or of Sebastian Vettel? What went on


in the team? How much reflection goes on. It will be very


straightforward, he will have looked at the entrance speed into


that corner, it is very clear that he put the wheel on to the damp


part of the track and that tried to much. They will be no more analysis


necessary. It was a mistake by the driver. Why he was so late


responding to the pressure that Jensen Button was putting him under,


only he can answer. Second place is still not bad. Of course he is


disappointed, he does not want to make the stakes in those conditions.


It shows he is human. Sebastian is telling everyone who will listen, I


was not under pressure, it was a natural error? He can say what he


wants, we are looking at this and we have to take over own shoe. He


would never have made that mistake if Jensen Button had not been there


and for him to go on a length with that argument, it does not wash


with me, I think Jensen Button put him under enough pressure to make


him fall into that mistake, at least to look into his nerves, and


the slightest little confusion in the mind suddenly met the cars


around 10 and Jenson Button was passed. When looking at the Gap,


you look at the pit board and you see you have five seconds and on


the next lap, it is one second, that puts you under pressure


because you think, were well I find four seconds? It was the aggression


from Jensen Button and I have spoken to him and if you look at


the calendar, he said the only way anyone will catch Sebastian Vettel


is to be aggressive, or on the track when near him and in the


approach. He probably says exactly what Lewis Hamilton is saying with


the way he is driving, but I think Jensen Button isn't naturally


aggressive, he is smooth and stylish. He loves the changing


conditions. Were he will find that you find aggression is beyond me


because Sebastian Vettel has a significant lead in the


championship so it will take something new. We saw both McLaren


cars bumping into each other, you did that in 1999, how does it work?


Do you just accept that? There would have been a conversation,


Martin mentioned in the broadcast that during that which they had


time to reflect on that and has some responsibility. It is never


good to crash with your team-mate, not with anyone but the pressure


within the happy family of the team is immense on those two guys. The


person you have to beat first is to tame it. And the pressure gets more


when the man sitting in the car behind Duke has a lead that he has


got. Formula One has been on the front and back pages of the past


seven days, which is hardly surprising for a sport that


generates more stories than points. Let's wrap up all the action from


off the track... On the back of his win in Canada, Jensen Button


believes he can challenge Sebastian Vettel for this year's World


Championship. Potter knows the Red Bull driver can make mistakes under


pressure. We are 60 points behind, we have seen a couple of witnesses


in Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel over the last two races. And the


lough isn't always on their side, which is good to see. Sebastian


Vettel insists it was not crapping under pressure, just a rare mistake.


It's was not a mistake, I was feeling so much pressure that I


cracked. I had to push their heat hard. Everything is back to normal.


-- push very hard. I have nothing to be ashamed of or worried about.


On the subject of the championship, Fernando Alonso has admitted for


the first time he does not expect to be able to beat Sebastian Vettel


to this year's title. Instead, he is focusing on second place.


first guy is out of reach for the rest of us because he has a lot of


advantages. We cannot forget, we are on average one second behind


Red Bull. They're very dominant in this championship. Maybe the most


dominant car in years. The silly season is in full swing, Jensen


Button denies he has been talking to Ferrari and instead looks set to


stay at McLaren but Ferrari insist they will keep Felipe Massa and the


German magazines have mocked-up what Lewis Hamilton might look like.


That isn't very good! I don't think that is so good. I'm not saying too


much about that. There is a real change this weekend, could the Red


Bull stranglehold on pole position be affected by the ban on


qualifying only engine maps to generate exhaust gas even when the


driver is off the throttle, using the exhaust for a dynamic game and


makes the cars sound like their misfiring of corners. If it comes


ahead of another clampdown in this area for the British Grand Prix in


a fortnight. All the top teams used qualifying laps and the reason we


did not race in this was because fuel consumption was too high or


the reliability of the engine. It will make a difference. But my


feeling is everybody would just deal with it. Perez is fit to race


after his crash in Monaco four weeks ago. The Mexican says his


sentence meant it was too soon to try to make a comeback for the last


race in Canada. I was feeling dizzy. I was not happy. But my normal life


has improved a lot. This is a big help and the motivation and I am


looking forward to getting back in the car. And Paul di Resta goes


into qualifying today on the back foot after having his car smashed


up by the test driver on Friday. The repairs meant he missed most of


the second practice so he has a lot of ground to make up. It has proven


very difficult to get the car balanced with the temperature on


the track. And making sure everything is working. And you have


It's over 40 degrees on track temperature. The Grandstand is


filling up. Lots of fans taking photos. We haven't necessarily had


this atmosphere in Valencia before. It takes a couple of years,


naturally enough. It's very close in terms of proximity to Barcelona.


So, people with money have to budget tooz where they're going to


go, I would imagine. More and more people are coming here because it's


absolutely in the centre of the city. It's beside the port. There's


a lot of real life going on here. I can see the racing is becoming more


exciting and people will flood to this place. I've bumped into quite


a few British people who are biening racing with a holiday. You


can walk from the track, lie on the beach in the afternoon. You could


pay less for the ticket and get a bit a holiday too. Now just past


the Force India. Give us the mind set of Paul di Resta. He picked up


points in the first couple of races. Everything seemed so easy. Now


maybe the sport doesn't seem as easy as it seemed. It isn't as easy


as it seemed. Can Force India be a front-running team? That remains to


be seen. He needs to be beating his team-mates, scoring points and


getting an opportunity to go somewhere else to score wins.


Rubens Barrichello's engine is roaring up over there. We don't


want to blast your ears for a second time. We heard from Ted


talking about new regulations coming into Formula One. This is


changing engine mapping for qualifying. Fernando Alonso has


described this as the second championship. Is that just


desperation from him, do you think hoping this will create a second


championship? Every year there's always someone complaining about


something. It was the double diffusers, when only three teams


started with it in 2009. Jenson managed to win races early doors


and hell on to win the world championship. Then obviously, we've


had flexible front wing talk. Now we've got the blowing hot gases.


Once this passes, it will be something else. I joked this


morning on Radio 5 Live it will be the colour of some of the driver's


underwear that's the secret thing. They do look for everything in this


sport? I have my own little theory. We've seen Red Bull so dominant


this year. We're in danger of seeing another era of Michael


Schumacher, dare I say it. The car is so good. Vettel is so good. My


guess is they are looking at areas where they think Red Bull has been


advantage and they want to take it away from them. In many respects


that's how Formula One works. If it's going to make closer racing,


I'm all for it. They just look for different things each week until


they ban Red Bull eventually. don't say it as flippant as that.


But the change of the engine here is directed towards Red Bull.


That's my view. It's such a complex sport. The regulations are set


there. Interpreting the rules, of course with technology, you can


explore areas when they were writing the rules they didn't know


existed. It constantly has to be updated. As of today it is national


motor sport week in the United Kingdom. You can walk through the


front doors of a Formula One team and get really cles to motor sport.


We saw it as a great opportunity to make David Coulthard get up very


early in the morning and do this: Attention Class A drivers, you have


15 minutes to qualify. This is all about affordable motor


sport. This is Lewis. This is his road car. And this is what track


days are all about. 25 quid you brought your, what is it? Scirocco.


Still some kit in the back there. Here I am, out on the Brands Hatch


circuit. Wow, it's such a great track, isn't it? Great opportunity.


I wish I'd known this when I was a young driver coming up. Oh, my God,


James Bond. I've seen him in the movies. It's best defined by a map


you're given and it's to get round this course as quickly as possible.


It's a great entry-level motor sport. Per round is �150 maximum to


do. We go to the right of this cone, to the left of the next. You're


going to stop here. Circle these here. Keep the power going, then


you go forward. Come to a halt. Reverse off the line. Turn, come to


a halt, select reverse, looking over your shoulder. The finish line


is on the left. Well... What looks like a very short course, actually


I'm not sure I can memorise it. Grand Prix racing is easy, you do


the same thing time and time again. -- goodness.


APPLAUSE Would that have got me an entry


level or would I have been firmly last? Erm, going the wrong way


would incur a very large penalty. It would be fastest time plus 20


seconds. Official time keeper, what do we have here? Alastair's time


was? 23.31 and yours was 32.12, but two penalties. The two penalties,


what does that add to the time? Another ten seconds. Right. So 19


seconds off the pace in a 23-second wheelspin... It is an uphill ski


slalom and it's he or she who gets furthest. It can be done incredibly


cheaply. Like all motor sports you can spend as much as you like as


well. Well done, yeah. It is purely a


driver's sport. So actually a new comer, spending a lot of money,


will get him no results whatsoever. This is a great sport for partners,


because you need your co-driver there to lean on the wheels when


you're going up a tight corner. Yeah. Lots of husbands and wives,


lots of brothers and brothers. Help! This could definitely test


the relationship if you have a husband and wife in here. Shall we


test my skills and see if I can get up the hill? Little bit of left,


right. Brake off. Off the gas. No. The look on your


face. That's because I know I have on. Power, more power. Burn the


wheels. Absolutely it's going, it's going.


Yay skhrm -- yay! I'm happy with that. I don't want to go any


further. Thank you very much. Right, I think I've had enough adrenaline


for today. You can drive it back down the hill.


His excuse that it was too dissimilar to a car like this, used


to the Formula One cars. Ross Brawn was chuckling away to that. Did you


see any skills that might make you want to bring this man out of


retirement? I would have done a better job more ballast. Apparently


that does help and bouncing. always said you're too thin,


particularly for live television. Have you had an offer of a contract


yet? Fun any enough, I haven't. We actually had a run up the hill


climb as well with Scott Moran, the champion, incredible what they're


doing. Stirling Moss started in that way back. It's worth going to


motor It's an affordable way to get into motor sport. Let's


talk about your involvement in this. You're throwing open the doors of


Mercedes Grand Prix and welcoming the F1 in? We have two competitions


running. One for a factory visit, factory tour. The other is to join


us at good wood to join us as part of the team and work on the car.


have one question, it's slightly different, Michael Schumacher,


Mercedes, next year's contract. Whose side is the option on? It's


on Michael's side. He can renew if he wishs? Thank you. What do you


expect his thinking to be? He was second in can da, faster than some


of the guys on the track, the fastest at times. Are those results


going to help to convince him to stay, do you think, or does he not


need any convincing? It reminds him of how much fun it can be. It's


frustrating to be midfield, when he's had such a great career. He's


used to fighting at the front. He had a taste of it again. If we can


convince him that we can be there consistently, he will carry on.


I bring you back to the go motor sport side of things, do you have a


policy to allow a certain amount of university graduates or people to


do work experience within the company? How do you do that?


Presumably the bright young talent is the future of Formula One?


as much as we can. We have a lot of students come through. We work with


former students. I think it's a great initiatives. The universities


get together and design a racing car that they take to Silverstone.


That's a fantastic initiative. F one at schools is a competition,


you know, that will jet propel cars, that they build and race each other.


That's fantastic. We do an awful lot on that side. I must put final


touch to that. I think it's fair to say �6 billion revenue is in the


British economy because of our sport. We mustn't let that be


forgotten. How much of that do you feel is a result of Formula One?


are the centre of Formula One. Eight of the teams are in the UK.


If you want a Formula One team, you come to the UK. �6 billion of


turnover, �4, �4 billion is exported. 40,000 people have a


career with motor sport in the UK. We should celebrate it. It's


fantastic. Let's hope a British engineer can get this car towards


the front. Mike I hope you're more optimistic for this weekend. Thank


you. Lewis Hamilton has had a tough couple of races. The outburst after


Monaco, ended up in the wall in can da. We decided to put a smile on


his face. We sent him to watt kins Glenn, the famous American circuit,


to do what he does best, in a slightly different car.


For many people in America this is mecca for road racing. We used to


come in the 70s and watch back then. That was exciting. Mario Andretti


and Johnny Player, Lotus special black. He was our favourite. Great


British drivers have been here, Jimy Clark. My son and I came up


from pencele vain ya, a four-hour drive. We wanted to see a --


Pennsylvania, a four-hour drive. came to see Lewis Hamilton and Tony


and I think the history and Stewart, it's like driving an old, historic


car. It's completely different for drive this? It is. I can't wait to


get on the road. I have already? Shake and bake! I'm going to have


fun. Expected to be heavy. Go on... I'm going to try and enjoy it, this


does not have downforce, it's much heavier than what I try. But I


watch it on TV. Days of Thunder. Getting a chance to drive his


Formula One car is an honour so I'm really excited to be here. And


waited 40 years of my life to do this! Am a little nervous, I want


to make sure that I bring this car back in the same condition that it


leaves the pit lane. Especially a car that he has won the World


Championship in. Massive excited, I feel like a kid in a candy store.


Getting to drive a different car and feel this engine, it sounds


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 63 seconds


have to swap jobs! Are you ready to race over here? Yes, she never know.


There was nothing in the world that is like driving a Formula One car.


It was cool to have all these fans coming out. And see Lewis Hamilton


and myself to something that is out of our element. Some nice donuts?


did a couple at the end, I had to give it a go. You have to take that


off your box. Shake and bake! If you have no idea what that means,


watch tad bigger nights. We have escaped the loudest acclaim.


Everywhere we went today, some clever engineer decided to ask the


team to roar their engines. We are at the back, it's wonderful to see


the way this operates, the teams have brought specially adapted


exhausts just so they can blow hot air from underneath the old fish


market. Divot, you were out there with Lewis Hamilton, he has come up


with the new nickname? Tony Stewart, he has smoke. And Lewis Hamilton,


he said probably bump or crash? I thought that was very humorous.


Thankfully, we don't actually carry nicknames. One would just be?


Come on! Boring. We cannot say it on! Let's move on. I was thinking


of one for you, Eddie Jordan! Let's talk about Lewis Hamilton, he has


had past couple of races that are quite tough, everyone from Nicky


ladder to Eddie Irvine have had something to say about his current


driving but what about the man himself. He has been speaking to


Ted Kravitz. There was Hamilton, suspension damage, puncture. This


is just incredible. It's hard enough out there without running


into your team-mate. Difficult times for McLaren. Hamilton has


gone up the inside. Surely that is another penalty? You talked about


turning over a new leaf, have you look at yourself and the driving


and when you take it more easy? I have stood back and I have looked


at things. I liked the way I drive. I will continue to drive the way I


drive. If I was not be able to drive the way I can, I would not


enjoy it. Of course, he can always make better judgments. Just


improving on certain judgments and calls. A very clumsy pass going on.


Hamilton drives into Felipe Massa. Felipe Massa is off the road.


of the 100 board races I have done, you are bound to have some that


don't come off so well and when they do, of, they are good. I had a


bit of a bad run. He is looking at the inside. Hamilton takes the lead.


He was Hamilton, brilliantly wins the Chinese Grand Prix. There is a


quote, if you don't go for gaps, you are no longer a racing driver?


Yes, I had that coat when I was fairly young. It stuck with me. --


heard that quote. I don't know if other drivers have that feeling but


I definitely do. Twitcher is awash with potential nicknames former


partners in crime but we cannot broadcast them. Mark Webber came


out with the Great Court, Lewis Hamilton seems to think that the


chequered flag was at the apex of turn three on the first lap. Is


this impatient, passion and driving? Or is there was Hamilton


driving as he always has and he is being unlucky? I must make


reference, he said, I liked the way I drive. And so do we. It's


exciting. Please don't change. You don't automatically lose brilliant


talent. It is born out of frustration, his car was not good


enough when it launched an that has made huge strides but I want Lewis


Hamilton to drive the way he is. That is how he excites me and I


want to see exciting racing, I don't want to see former leader. He


does it for me. I think it is down to the pace of the car.


Unsurprisingly. Sebastian Vettel has not had to overtake many people.


He has started on pole. Michael Schumacher has statistically


overtaken more people at the start of races because he tends to be on


the for throat or just outside the top 10. -- 4th row. If the McLaren


is the fastest car out there, but it has been lacking in qualifying,


it would be different. If Lewis Hamilton does not have to come from


behind, he would not have to make those manoeuvres and it is part of


his instinct to go for the gap and it is so difficult to pull that


pass off. I would not criticise him for having a go. It is just part of


Formula One, trying to pass a faster car on the racetrack and it


will be close at times. Statistically, Lewis Hamilton, his


past three have come from trying to pass the car in front. Can you look


at these... This was Monza. Getting there will inside Felipe Massa.


That was clumsy, bunched up. There was a gap. He was not going for the


past. Singapore, on the outside of for clever and I think that was, on


reflection, Mark Webber touching the rear wheel of Lewis Hamilton.


It was almost like a reverse of what we saw in Canada with Lewis


Hamilton and Mark. And the incident with Jensen Button. Taking the


racing line. You could argue at best that was a racing incident and


at worst, it was the responsibility of Lewis Hamilton because he was


behind. It should not be the car in front's responsibility to weed out


of the way. It was always going to be a closing gap. He had to make


the pass, he did that with Jensen Button in China and he went on to


win. Jensen Button perhaps that, it's not happening now. We will


continue that. Thank you very much. We will hear your beautiful voices


very shortly. Interesting point, would you think Jansen's mind was


there? He said he did not see Lewis Hamilton? That is what he says, the


camera does not say that, it says he made a significant error on the


corner before and he went to take advantage of the inside track


because it was the Hon Nicholas Lewis Hamilton could pass. This


spray would have netted was virtually impossible for Jensen


Button to see Lewis Hamilton and for certainly know that Jensen


Button is very straightforward and clean as a driver so to say that he


caused an accident, no one says that. It was just one of those


things, I do not know where else Lewis Hamilton could have gone, he


had the speed out of the corner and had to have a go. And he does have


a go and the good news is, when he tends to have bad races or gets


caught up in front of the stewards, he puts in an incredible


performance afterwards so watch it. 10 minutes until qualifying starts


in Valencia. Three different winners in the three races and by


far the most popular and most patient was Rubens Barrichello, who


had to wait five years for another win in 4 min one. It came right


here. Lee McKenzie has been with him. -- Formula One. I had my 10th


winner, the 100 for Brazil. It was just phenomenal. For the first time


in five years, Rubens Barrichello is a winner in Formula One.


remember going up the stairs and Lewis saying, what a great race it


was, it was a great one. Some drivers have not been so impressed


with the circuit, you like it? is a place I like, there is a good


buy. At certain points the drivers complain and that is we make a


straight line but the walls come back. So it becomes blind. There


has not been a lot of overtaking the strike but if we had some in


Monaco, we will have plenty. Rubens Barrichello makes a beautiful move


on his old Ferrari team-mate. He will be grinning from ear to ear.


Last year we saw problems with back markers, Mark Webber... 40 thought


that the closing speeds from the Lotus were too extreme, do you


think that might be more of a problem this weekend? We hope not


but that is a problem. The problem is with those walls coming back to


you and coming away. It is almost like the car in front isn't


actually taking the defensive line. There could be decisions as to work


to go. Just watching what Mark Webber went through, that Philip


was just horrible. It is like the spectators are on top of you.


feels good. As long as they are safe. It feels very good. I


remember seeing a lot of people in the pool at the top of the


buildings. And having fun. It was such a long time ago but I remember


that in Spain, before Alonso, you could count how many people we had


on the grandstand. This is a little tricky section. Tell us about this


and coming into the bridge? Just fantastic, the feeling you go


through, it is an narrow part of the circuit and it feels good. It


is something different. Is this track edged into a memory or do you


walk around and say, I remember this... It is in your mind. He


takes five laps for a racing driver to memorise. Five laps. And when


you do that, you never forget. you feel excited? You have done so


many races in Formula One, do you still have the feeling of not


waiting to get back into the car? Every weekend I feel refreshed. The


most difficult moment is when you say goodbye to the family and the


kids. That is the tough part. I have to go for another wicket. As


soon as you are in the car I'm going to the airport, you're in the


racing mode. They were sitting at home and having lunch and they said,


does anybody want me to be more at home? Mummy said, yes and the other


two said, no! Three against one. has been a pleasure to get your


insights. I hope to have a great weekend. Thank you very much.


will let you speak to engineers and maker plans. Thank you. Happy


memories for Rubens Barrichello, yet to make it into the final part


of qualifying. We are walking into position to watch qualifying. You


just so Lewis Hamilton? I asked him how his mind was and he said,


looking good. Good to know. Lewis Hamilton will use all of a skills


just to keep the car on the track because it is still so slippy at


there? For good reason. This is still a road circuit and you have


all the trucks and the cars and everyday traffic and all of the oil


that is deposited, it takes longer, it is significantly slower than


normal circuit so you have those added together and it takes longer


to bed in. Schumacher coming around, going over the bridge and he spins


the car 180 degrees. This is the final part of practice this morning.


By now, it should have more grip. What will happen? We are about to


find out. 20 minutes of action coming your way. The slow was seven


cars will be alone at it. -- slowest seven cars will be


round eight of 19 in this year's Formula One world championship.


This 3.3 mile Valencia Street Circuit, as it's called, it's more


of a regular race track with walls, I would say. It has 25 corners. 24


drivers here, but only one of them can be on pole position. We have


just over an hour to find out who that man will be. David, where


should we look first today? We're going to look at the man who's been


locking out pole position, Sebastien Vettel. There's been talk


about changes made to the software and the ability that the teams have


to change that software between qualifying and the race. This sort


of hot blown cold diffuser that we've been hearing a lot about.


They're not allowed to run different software now than what


they start the session with. People will be interested to see what


effect that has. As the track temperature gets up to 44 degrees,


then the humidity and air temperature increases. You get a


different race track than practice sessions. Quickest in the morning


was Sebastien Vettel. Closely followed by Fernando Alonso. But


this is a different track now. The tyres interact differently with the


Tarmac. You have less downforce available as the air temperature


increases and less horse power as well. The drivers won't expect the


car to be the same as it was following the morning session.


big crowd enjoying the sunshine, very much looking forward to this


qualifying session. It's a chemical reaction between the tyres and the


track. Up at 44 centigrade, we heard Mclaren drivers saying we


can't switch these prime, sorry the new medium tyre they're running


here, they can't switch them on. What does that mean? There's a


chemical interaction between the tyre and the road and for whatever


reason, certain tyres will work better at lower temperatures and


others work better at higher temperatures. This is the first


time we've had Pirelli tyres on this race track. They make the best


guess as to the right separation between the soft option tyre, the


one favoured for qualifying and the harder prime tyre, which will be


used once during the Grand Prix. At the moment, it looks like there's a


bigger spread than normally. There's at least 1.2 seconds to 1.5


seconds between those two tyres. The operating window of the tyres


is bigger than we've seen at other Grand Prixs. As we look at


constructors' championship, Red Bull, Renault way out front from


McLaren-Mercedes, Ferrari, less than half the point. Quite a close


fight between Renault and Mercedes that looks like it could go on


season long. Sebastien Vettel leading the world championship by a


big margin. You know, if Vettel didn't rock up here or Silverstone


in two weeks' time, he would still be leading the world championship


at the next race. He has more than two Grand Prix victories in hand.


He has 60 points advantage with 25 per victory. There's still more


than half the season to go. Remember back to Jenson Button's


world championship year, dominated the first half the season and --


half of the season and then struggled. As people caught up and


leapfrog ahead of where Brawn started the year. There's a long


way to go in this season. I don't think that viewers should be


thinking it's a foregone conclusion that we'll have Sebastien Vettel as


world champion. Mclaren have designed to make either of their


two drivers champions again. And Fernando Alonso on his home track


here has looked pretty motivated to get Ferrari back in the picture.


Indeed, a lot of points available still. I think it's 275 still


available this year. So, a long way to go. Now the drivers must qualify


today and race that ignition map tomorrow, which is going to be a


challenge for some of them. At Silverstone in two weeks, we might


see the reset that everybody's talking about. For now, it's all


eyes on getting the best out of the cars this afternoon. Half a minute


now to go before the green light is on. Jaime Alguersuari painting a


picture of this race track on the back of his eye lids imagining


every time and place that he will touch the brakes, turn the steering


wheel, apply the throttle to get that Toro Rosso out of qualifying


one into the second part of the qualifying hour.


And there it is then, qualifying one begins. We have got 20 minutes


to lose seven drivers. As ever, we expect, I hate to say it, we expect


team Lotus, Virgin racing team and hiss panna to be six of the seven.


Db -- Hispania to be six of the seven. It doesn't always turn out


that way. There can be surprises now. I wonder, David, with this big


step in the tyres, you've explained between 1.2 and 1.5 seconds from


the prime tyre to the option, is that going to put pressure under


some midfielders early on to get a set of those soft tyres on make


sure they get through? It will. It will put pressure on them to get


the tyres on. They have three sets of each of the tyres available,


three sets of the option and three of the prime. They don't have to


use them. Certainly one of the midgrid running teams, whether


that's Toro Rosso, Force India, you know they're going to have to


protect themselves. We see some large amount of smoke out of the


back of Paul di Resta's car. It could be just venting, something


from the engine. They're not allowed to drip oil out of the back


of the cars like they did in the late 90s. They've got to actually


any excess oil blow through or anything from the gearbox going


into the air tray of the engine and gets ingested by the engine. It


seem tolz have cleared now. You may remember a time when people


qualified in Monaco and they overfilled the oil tank, put oil


everywhere to slow down the opposition. What a scandalous idea


!. Fernando Alonso is out on the prime tyre. It's a medium compound


tyre. The first time we've seen it. I did 20 laps on it this week,


doing a feature for BBC, drilling down and looking at why the tyres


have changed the dynamics in Formula One in 2011. I thought it


felt like a very good tyre. The temperature there was 47 degrees


last week. It seemed to hang on pretty well. I think it will work


nicely in these companies. We've seen the GP3s and 2s on Pirelli


tyres putting more and more rubber down on the street circuit, this


temporary facility. So the track should be coming nicely to the


drivers, as this qualifying session unfolds. Now we saw a very quick --


very quick times this morning 1.37.2 by Sebastien Vettel this


morning. That is faster than last year. Pole last year was a 1.37.5


and so I think we can safely say they should be beating that this


afternoon. Indeed. As you are talking about the track rubbering


in, last year there was 3 at 3 -- 3.5 seconds between practice and


qualifying. There's a fuel effect as well. At this moment in


qualifying you run the minimum amount of fuel required to do the


time. They need an out lap, a timed lap and in lap. They probably have


about ten kilos of fuel or board or maybe slightly less. Ten kilos,


imagine going in the gym picking up a 10 kilo weight to accelerate,


turn around the track, it would be a third of a second slower. It


can't be that direct. It is. It is measurable in terms of the weight


of the car. That's the incredible thing about Formula One.


Everything's so precise and exact. In a constantly changing


environment with track temperatures and all those other things, it's


one thing you can guarantee. If it's projected to be three tenths


of a second, you drive a clean lap, it will cost you that. Cost per lap


of fuel and death, also taxes are the three certain things in the


world. We must establish would will go through to the second part of


qualifying, which 17 drivers will continue in this session, as we see


the Ferrari of Fernando Alonso, a local hero. No doubt about that.


You have to say, Ferrari look handy so far. Yeah, they've been


certainly putting in some quick lap times. They know where the glory


comeles is on Sunday with the checkered flag. It looks like


they've been trying to extract the maximum from this car in the


practice session. Alonso was four tenths down on Vettel in the


morning session. The crowd appreciates seeing the local hero.


A bit of traffic ahead of him. Who's that? It's Kovalainen in the


Lotus. He's backed way out. That would have cost him a little bit of


time on the run down to turn one, which I guess you would claim isn't


really a corner. We markably we have 25 designated corners on this


race track, when you drive the circuit you can only count about 12.


I'm fussy on my corners. There are some around here that don't count


as corners to me. Let's invite Mr Kravitz into the commentary.


there I am. Just to give you a little update from practice, so -


am I coming and going? I will move forward into the pit lane. Kamui


Kobayashi stuck into the wall the end of practice. He was late


getting his car ready. He's out there and OK. The top guys are out


there on the harder tyre, getting a baseline and establishing a banker


lap in case somebody hits the wall. Ferrari, Dark Horse, excuse the pun,


for many, for this session. They're going a different way on strategy


with front wings. Fernando Alonso choosing a different front wing to


Felipe Massa, just because they like the feel of that. A triple


element one for Alonso, double element for Massa. Just driver


preference? Drirch -- driver preference. They will have taken


what the driver feels F there was one clearly quicker, they'd both


have it on there. Maybe they only have one servicable unit. So it's


gone to whoever they're designated number one driver, which you have


to presume is Alonso. Fighting the car there in the last corner. That


didn't look at all pretty. That would have cost further time.


Looked like he was hanging wall paper on a windy day with the


window open there. He was fighting that car. His trace afterwards will


look like a hack saw when they see that, as he was really struggling


get the Ferrari into the final hairpin. Sebastien Vettel, white


crested helmet today. He keeps changing his crash helmet colours


each race weekend. I was fascinated to read when he wins a Grand Prixs


those overalways, helmet and gloves get put to one side, which is,


there's going to be a big wardrobe, when it's finished in a few years'


time. There's modern generation have cottoned on the memorabilia


value. They keep their cars ond their contract, keep gloves,


trophies, everything they can, saving up for their retirement.


think it will be on eBay when he's retired? Jenson Button then has not


yet put a competitive lap time in. This is his first flying lap. He's


the fastest man in the middle sector. Kovalainen in seventh place


doing a good job for Lotus, just behind Renault. Jenson really


struggling on these tyres to get the car into the corner. Still a


1.39.6. These are steady times. At the moment we saw 37.2, albeit on


the faster tyre. Maybe the temperature is taking its toll.


Track temperature is higher. That will affect the performance of the


car. The tyre is worse, copy that. We need to halve it from this lap.


That's interesting, need to harvest on this lap. That's referring to


the KERS system. That presumably means he's got underbraking, the


KERS system, they're saying don't use it until it's fully charged up.


I think it was his saying he will have to. I heard that he said he


will have to. Any way, he's definitely saying that the tyres


are not working as well that's was in the morning session. That's


reflected in the lap times. You come out of the morning session


saying right don't touch the car, I'm happy with the balance. You


come to a session a couple of hours later, higher track temperature and


oh, no, the balance has changed. The only thing they have available


is front wing adjustment, tyre pressures, deferential, adjustment


in the cockpit. Other than that you're fixed with the car you have.


There are firm regulations where they can change very little on the


car. As soon as they roll out from the timing baem - Vettel is has a


personal best. He will go fastest I believe. He does indeed on a 1.39.3.


Kovaleinen, Rubens Barrichello. Paul di Resta. Timo Glock in 17th.


We have not yet seen Jimmy Alguersuari. Quite brave of


Alguersuari. He did not to any practice in practice number two


yesterday. Presumably, he does not have a problem with the car and he


is being very brave. It will not be the softer option. We can see Nico


Rosberg getting ready to finish his lap. Hiya has his sector been? He


is in 7th place so far. 1.5 seconds off the pace. Jensen Button, the


winner last time out in Canada with that sensational victory. It may


have been the longest race in Formula One history. 46 mph average,


nearly half of the race was covered behind the safety car and we still


absolutely loved it. Jensen Button attacking the race. The fastest man


through the first sector so far in qualifying. And through that


sweeping section towards the end. There are a couple of wonderful


camera angles on the wall which we occasionally see. Still on the


Prime tyres, this law. -- this law. Jensen Button stays second but


improves his time with just one 10th child of Sebastian Vettel.


Hamilton, we are beginning to see a surprise attack from the McLaren


team. Looking close, David? It is at this stage but this is also on


about dropping those seven cars. Everything from 18 down. Rather


surprising. We have a few of the guys who would have expected to be


in that drop son, they are not out yet. -- drop zone. They should all


get through. We have seen Alguersuari struggle to get through


and clear this first hurdle. Alguersuari playing it very cool


and only just now coming out on the soft tyres. Interesting on Williams,


they have come back with a very major step, they have abandoned


their new exhaust. Both Barrichello and modern Ando have gone back to


the middle of the exit exhaust. think we heard Rubens Barrichello


say the car is definitely worse. Clearly, it is about changing the


car as they have gone into qualifying. He does not like it. If


I heard him correctly. Getting brave and coming out very late.


They have put the quick tyres on straight away but that does buy


them and you set of tyres for tomorrow's race? The strategy has


been different, we have seen such variation in the lap times during


the Grand Prix, cars that have started well out of normal position


have been able to come through and score serious points because of the


right tyres at the right time. This might be one of those strategic


qualifying sessions because of the huge gap between hard and soft


tyres. Not looking particularly strong. Kobayashi lost time with


his throttle. It has not been that smoothest of runs so far. Hodder


Surrey, starting his first flying lap with five and three-quarter


minutes remaining. Still Sebastian Vettel, Hamilton. Flick a mass in


six. -- Felipe Massa. A tin cars on on a soft tyres. The option, as it


is called. Mercedes Benz feeling the need to go out on a softer


rubber. I am surprised by that. Within 1.3 seconds off the pace


this morning. He would not think they were in real danger of being


outside position 17. That will only leave them with two sets of options.


But in Canada, we have seen the only ran once in the first part of


qualifying for the very reason of saving the tyres. Alguersuari. He


made that work. Sebastien Buemi in 4th place for Toro Rosso. Timo


Glock in the drop zone. Alguersuari still to put his time in. If they


do a good time with Kobayashi under pressure, they might be able to get


in and get some tyres on. Paul di Resta had a very slow start after


Hulkenberg crashed his car. He seemed to get on to the pace very


quickly. He drove here for Force India last year. You drove and one


of them, David? We will talk about the track in the early part of


qualifying. We will now focus on the last three. The last three


minutes of this session. Pastor Maldonado, three-tenths of the


Canada the best of those we were teams had to allow him into the


race? Yes, that was on the there for the new teams coming in and


teams that might have a design flaw with their car and there could be a


danger to others. All those teams have shown they are capable of


getting within the pace and racing responsibly. We will see what


Pastor Maldonado does. Felipe Massa, so strong over the weekend on the


soft tyres. We are hearing that he is burning up, he only has three


sets of us. Up into 6th place. This is what we're seeing with those who


chose a different compounds, there is such a big lap time difference


between them and it is Paul di Resta and Kobayashi at the moment


under pressure. Kovaleinen is in for Lotus. We will see some pretty


frantic efforts at the end and Paul di Resta goes over the line now.


Gets himself into p 9. Rubens Barrichello, up to 11. That has put


Kobayashi firmly into the drop zone at the moment. Rosberg is knocking


on the door. He is currently on a very fast lap indeed. Rosberg, 4th


place. Kobayashi, starting up, he is a man under pressure, he has got


traffic ahead of him. Mark Webber is out on track, his Mark Webber in


the drops and? Traffic could be a critical issue for a major shock.


Felipe Massa, still down there as well. Proper traffic jam out there.


20 cars on the racetrack and only four of them in the pit and several


drivers beginning to struggle Kobayashi is well inside the top 17


on the slap. Mark Webber is catching Rubens Barrichello and


Paul di Resta. He needs a clear track at the moment, otherwise we


could be in for an amazing shock, here. He is coming behind Rubens


Barrichello, he will get out of the way, he has done his lap. Mark


Webber, about four tents adrift of the quickest in that sector. That


is a tents down. In that sector. This will be close. It would be


great if we can get a camera angle of 10 to see whether traffickers.


We will see Sauber as well. Mark Webber, he has caught Paul di Resta


quite quickly. He will get another lap if he needs it, which is very


important indeed. Mark Webber crosses the line, 14. He is in for


now. And finally, here is Kobayashi to personal bests so far. He goes


up to only 16th. Felipe Massa under pressure. He is flying out there on


the soft tyres. Kovaleinen, could use for the day of many of the big


runners? He has got to personal best so far. The other front-


runners have not used the soft tyre. Kovaleinen, can he pull off a


shock? No, he goes over the line, goes faster but stays 19th. Felipe


Massa, presumably, will go P1. One set of tyres burned up, it is a bit


of a glory moment. But it isn't going to... As long as you get


through, it is a resit. Jarno Trulli. Well wide through there. At


the moment, he is 20th, just behind... Will, he spins. He got


dirt on to his tyres coming out of what would have been turn number 20.


We have seen a lot of people running out on to the artificial


grass and when you have that dust on your tyres, you're braking into


churn number 25. It will not pick a big difference to his qualifying


position. He went very wide. That was a little bit sloppy. Jarno


Trulli, he says, what if I can't get of a competitive driver? I


quite fancied America. That has all the hallmarks of a driver getting


ready to call time on his Formula One career? If he enjoys the


journey of helping the team developed, he is the right man for


the job but it is unlikely Lotus will go from this position to a


front-runner. Alguersuari. Toro Rosso, the third consecutive race.


He falls at the first hurdle. These are for the grid positions.


Alguersuari, Kovaleinen, Jarno Trulli, Timo Glock, Narain


Karthikeyan is 24th place on the grid. The leaders do not but the


soft tyres on and that helps. -- did not put the Saltires on.


Everybody qualifiers and the back seven will line up in that order.


And on home turf, it is proving to be difficult times for Alguersuari.


He will still be looking in his murders. Their test driver, there.


Just confirming. Timo Glock, 21st on the grid. He holds the lap


record at this race track. Always set in race conditions, lap records.


Only 21st place today. This is the tail-end of the top 10. Fernando


Alonso only in 30. Paul di Resta in 14. Mark Webber, 16th. Look at that.


And last man into qualifying, Kobayashi. They will now line-up in


that grid order. Subject, of course, to any gearbox penalties or engine


changes. Eddie Jordan and myself have decamped to the back of the


Ludus carriage, not much call for those tyres at the moment.


Intermediate and wet tyres. -- Lotus garage. Let's go through that


session. It was a big shock for notice and also for Mark Webber?


Martin Brundle was fighting with himself, lucky or unlucky? Probably


lucky? In that position, you have all those other cars guaranteed to


be much slower. They are in your way, so it was a mistake as far as


the team is concerned to allow Mark Webber to only qualify in 16. It's


not good enough. And how pleased a week to be joined by Heikki


Kovalainen and Jarno Trulli. Feel free to have a chat. It looked for


a moment like he would give us a big shock, how close were you?


think it is still a reasonable gap. In any case, for us the focus is


still to get the maximum out of the car and out of ourselves. Every


time. The performance welcome later on. We are working hard every day.


It might not seem like that but I am pleased. And we will get there


eventually. I have to ask a question, you have recently been


reported as saying, I don't fancy America, and would like to do them


on? I have never said that. -- Le Mans. That is the way it is. For no


one? It's just speculation. At the moment I was complaining about my


power steering rather than anything else! We saw 1.5 seconds into Q 2,


are the team keeping you happy enough? We are making good progress


and if you see from time to time, depending on the track, we are very


close. Definitely, this isn't a track for us, because a lot of the


long straights means we don't have the care system. Can you explain


put a lap in. I was trying everything, then I spun off.


were regarded as the expert pole maker. Your team-mate is out


qualifying you at the moment? not really driving at the moment. I


don't have front power steering, so I'm far off from being able to push


myself. So obviously I never expect to be in front of him this year as


far as the power steering is not working properly for me. As we ask


that question, a great big grin on the face of Heikki Kovalainen.


Thank you for joining us for that quick track. Now let's head back


for the second part of qualifying. Which has just begun. 15 minutes


then of this session to lose another seven drivers. David,


you've qualified and raced in this Grand Prix, put the viewers behind


the steering wheel of a Formula One car. As we said in the first part


of qualifying, there's 25 designated corners. That's defined


by a little sensor within the FIA data recorder in the car. In


reality, of those 25 corners, there's probably only 12 of them


that the driver has to make any sort of braking and turning and


gear selection-type decisions. The rest are just sweeping, drifting


through the walls that they build around this temporary facility.


They're not really challenging at all. But nonetheless, they are


classed as having pulled more than a G, as much as you would pull in a


normal road car. I found out just last week that most passengers are


comfortable with about half a G as a consistent amount of lateral load.


Useful information there? Yeah, thanks for that. Back on track.


big challenge here is a lot of long straights. You have to compromise,


like in Canada, between having not too much downforce that you lose


time on the straights, but enough that you can nail your braking. I


think around this track for DRS, which they can use, the drag


reduction system, they can use that everywhere during qualifying,


everywhere the driver is brave enough to push it, there's 57% of


this lap. So just over three kilometres of this 5.4 kilometre


track where they can have the DRS open. That gives them as least ten


to 15 kilometres an hour, maybe more actually, every team,


depending on the design of the rear wing, will gain more or less than


the competition. That gives them sizeable performance advantage.


It's well over a second in qualifying being able to use DRS.


There's a perfect example, Felipe Massa with his rear wing wide-open.


On the tyres it says there, soft tyre. That's the same soft tyre


that Felipe Massa qualified -- finished qualifying one with. New


soft for Button, Webber, Alonso, Vettel and Hamilton. From the end


of Q one, Hamilton so close on the hard tyre to Vettel. Looks like


Mclaren have found some speed. where you see a new graphic that


said "soft, medium or hard" it's not the driver's attitude. It's the


tyres he set the fastest time on. Massa going for a second run on


those tyres, the one that got him through into this session. They do


appear to be lasting reasonably well it seems. I don't think it's a


question that they're a qualifying tyre that's good for one lap and


one lap only. They appear to go a little bit further than that before


they start to give up on the grid. But as you can see, carers sliding


around here a lot. I think there'll be a lot of discarded rubber, calls


the marbles, on the outside of the crack tomorrow. Green flags are


waving sm. Circuits do that, as you come out of the pits. I think it


mean there's are no yellows. We had a car spin at turn 25. That was six


minutes ago. So some circuits do that in the world and some don't. I


find it disconcerting, you get flags waving at you and you're not


sure why they're out there. drivers would have information.


They have a little sensor in the cockpit which displays if they


enter a blue flag zone or yellow zone, then that comes up on the


dashboard as well. The flags are there as a belt and braces. Felipe


Massa then, the fastest we've seen in qualifying so far. We see Mark


Webber out on a set of those soft tyres. Let's see what Red Bull can


show us then. We're getting down to the serious


business of sorting out the grid. Mark Webber into the last corner.


Great traction, good sling slot down the pit straight, easing it


through turn one. Braking zone then, Fernando Alonso in the background.


Webber has done 38.0. Alonso a 37.9 to go faster still. 37.2 was the


best time this morning from this man, Sebastien Vettel. He's purple


and purple, the fastest man in the first and middle sector, just this


sweeping right hander, heavy braking zone, into the last corner.


Patient on the throttle, keep to the right-hand side. Up the gearbox


and Vettel goes to a 37.3, take that. It's .6 faster. Button is


into second place now on a 37.7. So Vettel from Button, Alonso, Webber,


Massa, Sutil right in there. Paul di Resta too. Sixth and seventh.


Hamilton goes second now. Matching his team-mate Button. But about 010


faster. Heidfeld is in there as well. We're looking for the top ten.


The fastest ten to go into the shoot-off. Nico Rosberg on a 138.3.


You have to say he was outshone by Michael Schumacher in Canada in the


changeable conditions. Schumacher, for me, the first time we've really


seen the old Schumacher at the wheel was two weeks ago in Canada.


He's looked punchy around here as well. What has Michael Schumacher


got in answer to the other front runners? A bit of traffic ahead.


Let's see if that will get out of the way. It's Maldonado. Then just


up the road he's got Kobayashi as well.


Little lift through there. wouldn't have expected that. You


would have expected him to be flat through there, unless he had the


DRS open already. He's expecting to be behind Red Bull. There shouldn't


be big surprise there. Unlike Michael, as he goes eighth at this


moment. He's a reasonable distance from his team-mate, Nico Rosberg.


We've got Maldonado stopped there between those, showing as the last


sector, but that's not the last sector. They might have to red flag


that. That's a tricky position. Blind entry there. You can cover it


with double wave yellows. Marshals on track, slow down and be prepared


to stop. The marshals doing a great job there. Down at 18, isn't it?


It's for the marshals to get the car into neutral. I wonder if they


might have to red flag. This There's no black line, so he hasn't


spun into that position. I think he's had an issue with the car and


tried to drive away. You can see it is stuck in gear, they're rocking


the car there. There's a reservoir of hydraulic energy to open the


clutch that the driver can press and also the marshals can press.


Absolutely. You concur there's no tell-tale black marks to suggest


he's had an incident as a driver. Must be a car failure. I agree with


you. Looks like he's just been parachuted in there for the show.


So, where will the crane come from to lift the car.


The clock stops, eight minutes remaining. The only down side for


those out there on fresh tyres, is that they've used the best of them.


The man doing that was Fernando Alonso, who was on a very hot lap


indeed. Let's see who else was out there at the time? Schumacher had


done his time. Alonso and Webber and Massa were all starting a lap.


Rosberg, Heidfeld, Hamilton and co had finished his. Buemi is


currently 17th of the 17 runners because he's yet to set a time in


the same way that Vitaly Petrov has yet to leave the pits. They're


playing Dan dare with the clock again at the end of the session


hoping their drivers can get a lap in. We've seen tears over that one


as well. But it saves you a set of tyres. So it's a gamble that they


feel, clearly, is worth taking. There's the answer to where is the


crane coming from, David, it's got a diesel engine and four wheels.


Let's hope they're more careful removing this car than in Canada,


last week, when they brought Lewis Hamilton's car back. It was


bouncing off the Tarmac, doing all sorts of additional damage. The


Spanish marshals seem to be giving it loving tender care. The reason


why the car obviously leans back is the weight distribution. A bit more


rearward in this car, at that lifting point. Maldonado out


qualified Barrichello for the last three Grand Prix. A winner here in


GP2, a circuit he quite likes, but unfortunately he's not on it any


more. We heard from the radio feet it's -- feed it's more likely to be


mechanical and fuel pump throttle related rather than the gearbox


seizing. I'm told that he was told to turn his fuel pump on shortly


before the car ground it a halt. I don't imagine that they would have


short fuelled him. They're a professional team. They would have


known what they're doing. They would put enough fuel in for his


run. Maybe it's just a fuel pressure failure. Weal' hear from


the team shortly. That's what it looks like at the moment. The


drivers disadvantaged, Kobayashi who was on a decent run, Perez,


Buemi. We're about to see what you've been explaining. Coasting


around clearly in trouble, being told of traffic approaching


otherwise he'll get a penalty on the grid. He accelerates away. It's


down at the end here, where it all comes to a grinding halt at turn 17.


No, he's waiting for another driver to go through. Quite an adventure


for a non-lap isn't it? That's uncomfortable to be in the middle


of that turn, the middle of 19, where the cars are flat ou. Worst


case scenario for a driver. You have an issue. You can't power away


from the line. At that moment, his eyes would have been firmly on his


mirrors. It's a blind wall there, isn't it. I would think all the pit


lane Charlie Whiting and co in the stewards office would be thinking


why didn't he turn left there and get the car away from the race


track. But he desperately wanted to get back to the pits. Because if


you don't get back to the pits under your own steam, you are out


of qualifying. Sebastien Vettel staying cool, a man who's never


finished lower than second this year. The only man in the field to


have been on the podium in every Grand Prix. Fernando Alonso must


fancy his chances. He's always saying "I can still win this


title." He's beginning to give up on that one a bit this year. But


there's a long way to go yet. Who know what's may happen. Remember


back several stone last year, he announced he could still win the


world championship, he was the same distance behind the leader at that


point. It went down to the finale in Abu Dhabi. I don't think it's


idol chat. I think he firmly believes it. Never gives up does


Fernando Alonso. Mark Webber, what's interesting for me Mark


Webber, who's yet to lead a lap this year, and Vettel's led 80% of


the laps, but Mark's had four fastest laps in the Grand Prix.


He's been fast. It just will not work out for him. He has the pace.


Theres no doubt about it. Sebastien Vettel, how many fastest laps does


he have so far in Grand Prix? Zero. Those are facts. But a bit like


Felipe Massa has been quickest in four of the first seven qualifying


sessions in Q1, but that doesn't count for anything. The only thing


that counts in a race is where your position is at the chequered flag.


The same here. The only thing that stands between Mark and leading a


lap and winning the Grand Prix is qualifying in front of his team-


We have only got four cars on the race track. Sebastien Buemi now


goes on to the track. I'm looking around, Kobayashi, Rubens


Barrichello, petrol. -- Vitaly Petrov. This top 10 shoot-out.


Still lots of strange noises as they go on and off the throttle on


the slow corners. On to the four cylinders. I drove this thing last


week and I just could not believe how much grip and poise and balance


these latest form of a one cars have. They're just Supreme to drive.


But someone else out there will be have the 10th quicker. -- will be


half of a 10th of a second quicker. You're moaning about the quick


corners and the exit, you don't go, perfect, perfect. You are right,


you still on, that is your job. Moan about it until it goes just a


little bit faster and then moan again. Up against that wall, it


always seems quite tight. That turned into four and five. And then


we come to were the DRS might be. It's an unusual feature on this


track. I am surprised, I thought once they were locked in, but that


is actually when it opens up. Kobayashi, through this long


straight. This first section of the DRS in tomorrow's race, it is a


double drag reduction system. And the second will be on this exit.


Enter the exit of this tight section. Again, through what is


effectively the straight. But it has several bends in it! We should


see plenty of action there. Double DRS, that would be more effective


you. In Canada, there was not enough space. You kind of use all


the race track there. Whereas here, it would be less easy to defend and


another lock up for Kobayashi. Right into the wall at the end. And


Kobayashi goes on the 13th, confirming that Sauber are


struggling. And another man with a lot brake. And right at the end,


Rubens Barrichello blows it. And you can see the smoke on the tyre,


that vibration will be horrible. That keeps him in two p 12. And


Therese, then, does 39.6 and he is only 15. He says, and I feel fine.


He had to pull out of Canada. He will not feel good when he sees


that lap time on his dashboard. Vitaly Petrov, finally coming


through. Putting in a competitive lap time. He is 9th at the moment,


matching Michael Schumacher. Sebastien Buemi, what can he do for


Toro Rosso? He stays 17th with that. Plenty of work to do. That is their


right thing, Alguersuari has the embarrassment of dropping out. But


at the moment he will stark white alongside him on the grid. Three


and three-quarter minutes remaining, who is under pressure? At the


minute, the top six are not bothering, Michael Schumacher did


feel the need to get out there and put in a better lap, he is half a


second adrift of the fastest time at the moment. But he has done to


personal bests. And this is all about confirming that he can be in


the top 10. He can be under pressure. They all have to cross


the line before the flag drops. Michael Schumacher, his rear wing


wide open. He moves up into P6. Schumacher, it looks like you have


to get under 1:38.5 to get into the top 10. Felipe Massa is out there.


Nick Heidfeld, he has got to a personal best. -- two personal


bests. Do arrester, doing a personal best. -- Paul di Resta.


Just to confirm the top five. They have ended up in the pits,


satisfied with their work. Schumacher is out there. Nico


Rosberg did stay in the pits, he has not gone out. Nine cars or on


the track, 13 seconds remaining, Paul di Resta gets well out of


shape on that artificial grass. Again, that is a personal best, one


10th down on Adrian Sutil. Struggling to get that horse power


into the race track and he will now be about qualified by Adrian Sutil.


Whatever he achieves, because he is already ahead of him. And Adrian


Sutil cross as a line. Can he get into the top 10? He does! Vitaly


Petrov has backed out. The Adrian Sutil makes it. There is nobody out


there who can make the difference we now know the next seven to drop


out. Vitaly Petrov, Paul di Resta, he will start in 12, Rubens


Barrichello, Kobayashi, Pastor Maldonado, 15th, Sergio Perez,


Sebastien Buemi. Barrichello has completed another lap but it was


not any faster. And that cost Paul di Resta. It would be amazing if


that was on his best lap as well. Too many adventures for Paul di


Resta. That was on his fastest lap. The car scraping down the ground.


Paul di Resta will start the Grand Prix in 12th place. Nevertheless,


that is a very good job... Good job. The reason why he says that his he


did not get any practice. Nico Rosberg, he race for Williams last


year. Paul di Resta, pushing hard. Still four-tenths white. Good job


from Adrian Sutil to get himself into that top 10 shoot-out. Rubens


Barrichello ahead of Pastor Maldonado. Sergio Perez will be


disappointed with 60 of his. Sebastien Buemi does indeed line-up


just ahead of his team-mate, Alguersuari. 17th and 18th.


Congratulations to Adrian Sutil, making it through to the final part


of the qualifying but frustration for Paul di Resta, who has had a


frustrating weekend. You heard the story that his car in the up in the


wall after being driven by the reserve driver and frustrating for


Pastor Maldonado, you have been down to Williams and what do you


know about why the car stopped on the track? I grabbed the driver


myself. The lead through the different scenarios, was it feel?


He said know. Not the gearbox. It was more likely to be a electronics.


There was no tell-tale mark, no spin. We will leave it at that.


will wait and find out but let's talk about the first part.


Alguersuari. The Cocom these boys are, his shirt is off and his


trainers and his shorts are on but that is the Red Bull look. What is


it like competing at home? You have got to Spanish phrases? We have had


a lot of problems this season so we are trying to solve them. Yesterday


I could not run in the afternoons and the mechanics were very tough.


It is my second home town because they live in Barcelona so Barcelona


would be my home town. It is nice to be here because it is still


Spain and because of the weather and the environment and the people,


it is quite cool. What I want to know, sorry, Jake... People still


don't really realise how young you are. And the experience, you came


in as the youngest driver and you still are incredibly young. Were do


you see the next part of your future in this business? At the


moment, as you say, and very young and what I want to focus on is just


enjoying myself and driving fast and doing my best and just to learn.


It is nice experience that Red Bull got me into Formula One at 19 years


old. It is just experience and I am still learning a lot about the


tyres and the set-up. We're still not at 100% with the car but it's


just a matter of timing. We are having fun. This year we had


problems. You just try to enjoy the present. Trying to improve the


present and trying race after race to improve the set-up of your car


and everything. We know you would have wanted more this weekend in


starting in front of the home crowd. What was it like to have your best


Formula One finish and pick up her first points? It was good. I


started Formula One with the zero in my pocket. It was difficult for


me to race, the weekend was testing. This year, we're still trying new


things for qualifying and new things just to check if it improves


and if it's better. It's difficult because Formula One isn't easy,


especially for a small team. At the moment, I think we are doing a good


job because we have been learning a lot and so far I think we have been


improving ourselves during the race, in Monaco, it was a good race for


us. We scored our first points. And we just need to keep focusing on


this and we need to relax and stay calm and the results welcome.


distracting is it for you as a driver to hear stories of you being


replaced? It doesn't because Red Bull has done enough for me, since


I was 15 years old and go-karting in Italy, and they brought me into


Formula One. As I said, I don't think about my future because they


know about my future. At the moment, I just see myself here, with this


team and I just see myself with this family because they brought me


into Formula One and I have developed with them and I think I


can bring much more to the team this year and next year for sure.


It is a matter of time. Good to catch up with the Spanish side. The


immediate future, pick the pole position? Sebastian Vettel. Or Mark


Webber?! Great to chat with you. It might be another Spaniard we're


looking at, Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa has been under pressure. Lots


of runs, softer tyres? It was on a surprising as to why he did that


and I think it was a mistake because it showed weakness but I


still think that team is being led by Fernando Alonso. The prancing


horse might be the dark horse. You heard it from behind me, they think


Sebastian Vettel on pole position. You might be right, 21 years and


five days old. Alguersuari. The youngest man on the grid. The top-


ten shoot-out, Red Bull, McLaren, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, one Renault


car and one force India. Piloted by Adrian Sutil. He just squeezed


through after the chequered flag had dropped. That is the 10 runners


for this final qualifier. 10 minutes to go until the line-up for


the top 10 4th Grand Prix in Valencia and already we have some


action. Ferrari going onto the track. Fernando Alonso, he has


threatened to be the front row contender all the way through


practice and qualifying. And Ferrari have looked as if they have


new set of soft tyres. They were running very low. Felipe Massa only


had one more set of new soft tyres left. Two Mclarens on two new sets


of soft tyres. Vettel, Lens lns and Webber have another set of --


Alonso and Webber have another set of softs left. Previously we would


have seen teams put on their qualifying only engine maps. Vettel


also on new soft tyres. Now we will learn how much they're affected by


not having the maps available to them any more. We've often seen


that Red Bull have been massively fast in qualifying and been under


pressure during the race. It's not conceivable that Mclaren could have


won the last three Grand Prixs. Are you expecting Mclaren to be closer


to Red Bull, David? That remains to be seen. You caught me off guard


there. I was looking at some notes. Yeah, this track is a bit of


compromise. It doesn't play to aerodynamic strength. It's more


about top end speed and braking. Ferrari certainly were in good


shape in Canada. They were within .2 of pole position there. They


have to feel they are in this fight. It would mean a huge amount to them


for the locals. Someone's got to stop this amazing run of I think


seven pole positions for Sebastien Vettel this year. This may be the


man, Fernando Alonso. He rattles through turn one. Not much of a


corner. Then hard on the brakes into what is the first big decision


of the lap, down to second gear, short shift through the exit of


turn three. Then this awkward chicane, rattling over the kerbs at


four and five. Then through the kink on the run down to the bridge.


A lot of people having difficulty with the rear locking into this


corner here. No problem for Fernando. He then powers out across


the Swing Bridge. Does it feel narrow when you get to the bridge?


They're so focused on a point in the distance, I think driving a


race car is a bit like joining the dots. You're not watching or trying


to watch the scenery pass by. At this moment, Fernando Alonso will


look ahead to where his desired braking point should be. Then as


soon as he's hit the brakes, he will look at the apex of the corner.


Maybe Spanish turf but Fernando Alonso has never qualified in the


top three here. There are three drivers on the grid who have won


this Grand Prix - Sebastien Vettel, Felipe Massa and Rubens Barrichello


who is already out. He starts the Grand Prix 13th. That looked fairly


pedestrian from Alonso there. He wasn't really attacking the apex


too much. Let's see what it translates in terms of lap time. A


quick brake adjustment with his left hand. I love that shot against


the wall. I could watch that all day long. Alonso then again


struggling put the power down in the last corner. He does a 37.4.


That will not be quick enough for pole, I'm pretty sure of that. The


crowd seemed to like. It I don't think Fernando will be that pleased


with 37.4. Massa follows up with 1.37.8. We see now what Mclaren and


Red Bull have got to say about that. Hamilton into the final corner.


Sector times are good. Vettel is out there and flying. He's half a


second up on his team-mate. Hamilton goes faster on 37.3.


Webber can only do a 37.5 for third. Mclaren from Ferrari from Red Bull.


It's Sebastien Vettel, this man out there, he's lighting up the race


track again. Two corners to go, one now. He spots the braking, well he


struggled from the apex slightly. Vettel then crosses the line now.


He goes into the 36, 1.36.9 for provisional pole position. They


will have to go again. Vettel then absolutely flying, four tenths


quicker than Lewis Hamilton. There's a man who used to drive for


Mclaren and Ferrari and owned the Toro Rosso team. But the story is


back on track now. Nico Rosberg, at the moment we have seven cars out


on track. Six of those are recovering to the pits for a second


go. We've yet to see Michael Schumacher, Nick Heidfeld or Adrian


Sutil, still trying to save their tyres. Nico Rosberg out on track.


Another brake shift change with his left hand. So much to do in the


cockpit. The work load is immense with the rear wing, KERS,


differential, engine maps, brake bias, so much going on. Plenty of


KERS left. He hits that button now, as he heads down what is


effectively the first of the very long straights. Engine revs,


creeping up there, with the wing open. Just touching 18,000. Seventh


gear, good for Cornwallifying. He's kissing the soft limiter --


qualifying. He's kissing the soft limiter there. His first sector


time is a full six tenths off the ultimate pace. A lot of work to do.


He's used up all of his KERS already in the lap. Lots of


understeer through that corner. He's now three quarters of a second


adrift. Now sweeping in this very high-


speed section. Steering wheel change going on there. How do they


do so much in the cockpit at 190mph? Great traction from the


Mercedes there. Rosberg, at the moment, stays 7th with a 38.2. You


said Michael Schumacher was thinking fourth row of the grid.


Looks like he was right. Interestingly, Nico Rosberg in the


morning session, would have had a bit more fuel but he did 38.5. He


has found a little bit of pace, which isn't the case when we look


at Fernando Alonso. Actually he did. He went a tenth quicker. The warmer


track conditions have stabilised some of the lap times. An amazing


lap from Sebastien Vettel, once again, throwing down the marker and


saying, right guys, you have four tenths to beat me pour pole.


Mercedes have been quickest in the free practices and qualifying. Are


they not carrying enough downforce? I think they have a very effective


DRS system. Earlier in the year, we heard one of the downsides of such


an effective system is they have problemles keeping the flow


attached under normal conditions. You need that fully explained what


the effect of that is. There's no point being quick in a straight


line if you're not quick enough through the corners, except it


might make it easier to defend during the race. If they are going


to be firmly at the back of the top ten, then they shouldn't be under


any pressure from the guys just outside it. Ted has a quick word


before we get down to the final laps. They're all going out again,


including Sebastien Vettel, which you might find surprising, afrrt


from the fact that the track is getting faster and faster. Not even


Vettel thinks he's safe in pole. Michael Schumacher saved himself a


set of fresh tyres tomorrow by doing only one run. That paid


dividends for him in Canada. That's what Schumacher's doing. He's yet


to post a time in this session, a competitive time. Nor has Heidfeld


and Sutil. But the front runners, they can't afford that. Sebastien


Vettel knows just how fast Lewis Hamilton is. He knows how fast the


Ferraris have been. Jenson Button in fifth at the moment has also


shown handy pace around here. So this is a proper shootout. And Red


Bull do not feel comfortable enough to just leave Vettel in the pits


and save a set of tyres. Mark Webber has some work to do in the


second Red Bull. He's only fourth at the moment. About six tenths of


a second to find, which you'd think is pretty easy in 3.3 miles, but


it's not. You've got to question whether he's got all the tools at


his disposal. He has been unfortunate with KERS not working


in previous Grand Prixs. He knows the track. He likes it. He


obviously took us on a high flying session during the Grand Prix.


Let's see what he can deliver during this lap. He's into that lap


then. So 32 seconds remaining. Clearly they've got to get offer


the line before the flag comes out. Who's out there doing that?


Hamilton, Button and Vettel will be the last man over the line to start


a hot lap. He'll pass the finish line with about 12, 13 seconds


remaining. Webber's done a personal best first sector about a tenth of


a second shy. Alonso is a tenth faster. Matching Vettel's first


sector pace, just about, within a few hundredths of a second. So much


of the track remaining. Mark Webber then really needs to get the Red


Bull up onto the front row of the grid. The flag is out. Zero seconds


remaining. These laps can be completed. Seven cars on the track


at the moment. Rosberg has pitted. Michael Schumacher with a


reasonable first sector as well. So has Felipe Massa. Button a 25.8


first sector, not particularly good, even though it's a personal best.


Charging through the apex, absolutely committed to this


qualifying lap, Mark Webber two, corners to go. Can he get this Red


Bull onto the front row and challenge Hamilton and Alonso. On


the power early through the exit. He crosses the line, Mark Webber,


and second it is on a 37.1, two tenths shy. Alonso is in the pit


lane. Alonso's gone in the pit. He's had a problem in the middle of


the lap. Now we're looking out for Vettel, who's been blinding in the


middle part of the lap too. Can he improve on that. He knows he still


has to fend off Hamilton. He's quite a bit quicker. And Hamilton


pits. Vettel has said that's enough. He's been called by the team and


he's coming in. Massa has just done a 37.5 for P5. Button only 37.6 for


sixth. He'll be disappointed for that. All Red Bull front row and


the drivers knew that they'd either made mistakes or they didn't need


to complete the lap, save the tyres. Sebastien Vettel then is on pole


position yet again. Pole position number 22. He's 24 years of age


shortly. But Vettel, then, yet again, has what it takes to beat a


quality field of drivers, including his team-mate Mark Webber. In the


end, Hamilton was four tenths shy of pole, starting third alongside


Fernando Alonso, who had a poor middle sector, presumably either


traffic or an error. Alongside Alonso, his team-mate Massa. Jenson


Button, I think, will be thoroughly disappointed with sixth. Nico


Rosberg seventh ahead of Michael Schumacher. That means it's 8-0 for


Alonso versus mass ma in qual -- Massa in qualifying. For Rosberg


it's 7-1 against Schumacher. We're getting to that point in the year


where you can do a meaningful comparison and the statistics are


very stark. But once again, Vettel is the man with the speed.


That's right. The image that all his rivals hate to see, that finger


denoting he's number one again. An incredible run of pole positions.


Looks as if he's got a comfortable margin over the rest of the field.


He's having a peak within the cockpit of the other cars. They


don't get this opportunity any other cars. Nothing in the


regulations to say you can't stick your head in there. He'll not be


allowed to touch that car. What's he checking out? Checking out the


comfort of his seat, do you think? I think he's looking at the back of


the steering wheel to see how many paddles are there and what they


might do with those. That's a specific request from somebody


within the team of trying to find out what they're doing. Nick


Heidfeld and Adrian Sutil chose not to use any tyres this that session.


They will line up ninth and tenth. Heidfeld presumably because he did


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 63 seconds


choice. But they set the best times Fernando Alonso, would have loved


to pick up pole position here. Sadly, just not quick enough. It's


all about Red Bull in Formula One at the moment. We need, Eddie,


someone to do something. In many ways Red Bull are ruining the final


part of the qualifying sessions. Everyone just pulled into the pits


and it was game over. It's game over for a couple of reasons. It's


the best balanced car. We've all seen the regulations that's


probably come against them in some respects. They're trying to fathom


out why they're on pole. If you look at the amount of lead they've


got, it clearly hasn't been the mapping of the engine. They'll have


to think again as to how to make them all bunch up together. It's


worth reminding you, they've banned the teams changing engine maps


thinking it might make things closer. Well, it didn't. It didn't


do much for Paul di Resta. He starts 12th after a difficult


weekend. Let's hear from him now with Lee.


It had been a difficult weekend any way. You did the best you could


with the limited laps you managed. It was difficult. After Friday you


were always going to be on the back foot. There was an unfortunate


situation in my car, which was a lot of damage and took the guys a


long time to repair yesterday. We went into this morning, having


changed something after three laps. It didn't quite work. We had to


revert back. We were where we were. The last lap was up a bit, but I


seemed to make a bit of a mistake at turn 17. I triggered something


in the car and lost the down shift and lost the advantage I'd gain in


the rest of the lap. I suppose it is what it is. Have you to stay


positive from it and we're in a position wri think we can fight for


points. The only thing is we've not done a Long Run. We're going into


the race with an open mind. heard on the team radio saying well


done. You were using every inch of the track and sometimes a bit more.


Whalz your biggest unknown going into tomorrow? The biggest unknown


is how the car will perform an high fuel. At what point do you conserve


the tyres a bit? The biggest concern is what aerobalance you're


going start with, not having driven it. There's many things that leaps


to, even brake attempts. You can be on the edge, and it can be over


even from car to car. People have been in this situation, I'm sure,


before we have. We'll make the best over the years, would you have


Ricky sticking with the plan you made six months ago and give the


reserve driver the chance and risks something like this happening, or


do what you can do to help someone like Paul di Resta because this is


the state his car returned to the garage in? It was not his choice.


You have to see the mindset of the team, we have to applaud them for


giving him the chance and he has grabbed that with open arms, he has


done a super job even though the last couple of races have been


difficult but in that team they have a third driver, Hulkenberg,


who is outstanding and those three drivers are potential winners. Full


marks to Force India. It is easy to criticise. That is what they


happened, they made a mistake and they paid the penalty. It's not


that bad, he starts in 12, I have a suspicion he will get points.


di Resta is the race driver and you have to help him. These boys need


no help. Lewis Hamilton will be pleased to be standing next to


Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber. Lewis Hamilton, very close to both


of them in those very strangely designed suits that the McLaren


drivers have for the qualifying. Let's here from them. What is


Sebastian Vettel looking for? was showing us the spare


advertising space on his overalls! Have you asked him to look for


something in those cars? drivers are inquisitive. They will


have a look at the Corus and it's a one time they are in the open. He


is always wanting to know what the opposition are up to. I and all is


performing, another pole position, what was thinking of sending him


out again at the end? We wanted to be the last car on the circuit and


be able to react to others if they were going quicker. We could see


that nobody was going to be able to beat his time so we just saved the


lap. Even if you have not got any fresh tyres left? Yes, but that is


no disadvantage, three-quarters of a time lap. We are in good shape.


Well done. Well done, indeed. For the first time since 2006, one


driver picking up seven pole position is. Interesting comment on


the tyres, saving tyres is the thing to do. We saw that from


Schumacher and Toro Rosso. But he says that despite the fact they


have used those tyres, there are still OK? They have put one he'd


cycle through the tyres by going out so there in the warm words so


they build up heat and they get used to... It does two things, it


makes the compound just that little bit harder, which could be an


advantage on the straight circuit so you are able to go one or two


laps longer but might not have the ultimate speed. I don't see any


advantage. Jensen Button did not quite have the speed today. Three-


tenths of a second behind Lewis Hamilton. Starting in 6th place,


how do you feel? It's all very good. The car felt pretty good in Q 2. I


just could not get any real grip. A special attraction in the first two,


last week it was OK. It was so frustrating. Yes. Frustrating. Q2,


the car felt very good and I did not have to push it hard. And then


Q 3, I don't know why... Be were talking about oversteer, do you


know were it is coming from? It's coming from the back. So much has


happened since yesterday. The car was great this morning. But with


the heat, maybe the balance isn't working. As good as it was this


morning, because of that. It was the same thing on the front tyre


also. They say tomorrow will be even hotter. How does this puzzle


on raffle? I am sure we can change the balance. Tyre pressure and what


have you. The Eire Og balance and differential, but I did not expect


that in 23. Not great. We will have a good race. It looks like there is


only one happy driver in Formula One. Jensen Button is right to be


down, he has to do something to sort this out, to sort out


qualifying? We know how he can race, we saw so much evidence of that in


Canada, sorts the qualifying out because he will not win races


starting in 6th position. Perhaps a man to look at his Sebastian Vettel,


he has got qualifying nailed. He is that the drivers press conference.


He said all along the new regulations on the engine mapping


would not affect Red Bull and I assume you are correct? I did not


say that, there was talk beforehand going into this and there will be a


lot of talk before the next grand prix but everyone will lose out on


something. If people expect us to lose more than others, that is what


I disagree. All in all, I think it was a very good day for us, very


good to have the front row for the team and it will be a very long


race, it's always tough year. It's a tricky circuit, 25 corners before


we even cross the line again and especially in qualifying and to get


the corners right is very difficult so to get the perfect lap is quite


tough. But I think I first round was quite good, I was very happy.


It is a good result. And could to start from that tomorrow. Mark


Webber, you were alongside Sebastien on the front row. You're


one of the only leader contenders to improve on your final run, was


it the perfect lap? It was pretty good. You have got so many corners,


you would like to put all of them together perfectly for all of you


runs but it's not the case, we have to do our best to put together when


it counts. I did not have the Smithers build up into Q 3. I knew


there was some more to come. I had to put it altogether. Still not


easy, but it was a pretty good lap, nice to go quicker on the last


sector to put that on together. But in the end, it was a great day for


the team. And off the back of all that talk and it's nice to come


here and do well. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's race. And we


will go from there. Lewis Hamilton, you were trying to improve at the


end of Q3 but third on the grid, is that a good effort? Definitely. I


was not expecting to be so high up after P3, we were struggling. The


guys did a good job. And we can analyse some of the data to improve.


Fantastic job by the guys. I think the lap was not too bad, I tried to


improve on the last lap but you're always trying to get more. I just


bailed out. Hopefully I will save those tyres for the race. Lewis


Hamilton looking towards the race from third on the grid, just behind


Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber. Then Fernando Alonso and Felipe


Massa with Ferrari, expecting to challenge alongside each other. And


five German drivers in the top 10. Including three astern. Fernando


Alonso starts and forth, he says he has made the best seven starts of


his career so far this season and he will need one from 4th place?


believes in himself, he is also sure about the car. He needs to get


it all together as a package and then he can challenge. Plenty of


sport coming your way. As ice-pick, the MotoGP is happening live on the


Red Button. Then we have that re- run over on BBC Two and then


Wimbledon, we were watching Andy Murray from here in Spain.


Congratulations. And more action coming next on BBC One. And then,


of course, we are back. The European Grand Prix, all the build


up on BBC One coming your way from 12:10pm, including a chat with a


man who had quite a good race the last time out. I like those


conditions, you have to really feel your way around. Before I started


racing, and was karting, and my father would put it in wet tyres


and I had to run around on slicks because he wanted me to learn how


to drive in the light. Maybe he just could not afford to get a wet


tyres. Now he claims... It is all credit to him, he is my father


figure! Jensen Button sounding as tight as Eddie Jordan! Sebastian


Vettel picks up pole position in the heart of Europe's greatest city,


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