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The European Grand Prix

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underway! Lewis Hamilton wins! He is the master. Jensen Button leads


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 63 seconds


Sunday afternoon. Welcome to the 2011 European Grand Prix live from


Valencia. Race number eight in a Trulli special season and it's time


for this Spanish city to bask in the glory of Formula One and live


up to the drama in Canada two weeks ago. No pressure, then? Here in


Montreal, this wet track should make this one of the best races of


the year. The safety car is in this lap, thank goodness, we will have a


This is difficult times for McLaren. Look how hard it is raining. It is


the red flag situation. The race is suspended. That looks like the Red


shouldered viper to me? And the fans are jumping up, it is a racing


car, we haven't seen one of those for a while. Fernando Alonso has


been beached. It just keeps falling into place for Red Bull. Jensen


Button is in last place, now. Brilliant driving. Schumacher


driving the best race since his comeback. The cars are all over the


place. Jensen Button, streaming back. This will be Titanic. Jensen


Button sales past Mark Webber. Schumacher, Jensen Button goes the


wrong way round. Button up into second place! This race isn't over.


What can he do? He can smell victory. Is there enough time left?


Will be run out of time before Lapps? That is a beautiful drive.


Six times through the pit, Jensen Button. Into the final lap, bottom!


Driving for his life. Has he got what it takes to hold him off?


Jensen Button leads the Grand Prix! Jensen Button, he wins a brilliant


race. What a victory! Absolutely brilliant. Sebastian Vettel,


finally cracking. Surely the greatest Formula One victory of his


career? It really was quite something. It probably was the win


of his life. One of the races of our lifetime and what did the team


do? Did they sit back and relax? Not in the sport. Not when you


train with Red Bull. This is a brand new front wing, a matter how


quick it was in Canada, they want to go quicker. There was no time in


the sport for reflecting. Once you have retired you can look back and


that is why David Coulthard and Eddie Jordan are with me. Apart


from the drive, what is your standard memory? I am returning


home. Everybody was euphoric. Everybody was captivated by what


Jensen Button did and the excitement of the race and Canada,


for everybody I come across, that was the stand out. If it was a


great story for Formula One, we had an amazing drive from Jenson Button


but what I take his McLaren, they were so close to having one of


those nightmare situations were you were explaining how drivers crashed


into each other. Like Red Bull in Turkey last year. But with that


drive from Jensen Button, that was suddenly not the story. All the


guys, the mechanics and engineers, or watching with big smiles on


their faces but that is the margin between success and failure. In


terms of the psychology of the driver, was it worth more than just


25 points to Jensen Button? That was an incredible drive. What would


have appeared to Sebastian Vettel as a straight forward drive to the


line turned out to be under pressure and he put his way out. It


was a stunning victory and lots of overtaking. And those conditions


are made for Jensen Button. races that have brought us here and


those still to come... Hold on, Jensen Button is behind Sebastian


Vettel but there are still 300 points to fight for. He is still in


this? He is still in this but he has to be very careful about how he


accumulates points and in my opinion he has to get his


qualifying and needs to be further up the grid to challenge. You can


see what happened in qualifying shortly and the other big story was


Sebastian Vettel made a slip and that does not happen very often.


It's very hot and we are gearing up. The drivers arriving. They have


been on the beach, there are wonderful bars and there are other


things they could be doing but as give everybody a chance to see this


beautiful circuit. The track temperature was getting towards 50


degrees in the evening which is why both of these boys will be finding


when I bring them out into the sunshine. Let's talk about this


place, it is very hot but there are plenty of good reasons to be here?


It's a wonderful city? A lot of money has been spent developing


this and this whole area was developed for the America's Cup.


Once they have that facility they thought, what can we do? And they


created this track. It goes around the port, very clearly displayed.


And we are looking at one of the streets. It's not actually straight.


That will make it very interesting with the use of DRS. The cars will


be moving from one side of the track and taking the racing line.


It does make a very slippery? does. It is only used once a year


and a lot of trucks are up here building up the track before the


grand prix and we have had a number of incidents, this was Kobayashi.


Turn 25. And then Michael Schumacher, losing the back end.


That isn't his normal mind. That is an exercise in reverse parking.


There are some great things, the port, the fish markets, these are


old fish markets. Some nice things but one overtake in the race in


2009, 82 in Turkey. This is a real test for the new regulations?


the new regulations working? If you were looking for a prime place to


see that, it is here. This is similar to Monaco, street circuit,


in the centre of the city, it has huge affection to a lot of people,


me included, I have been won over but we actually have to be certain


that we can get a proper race. Maybe today is the day. The sun is


beating down, the heat is on the rest of the pack. You can see, 60


points between Sebastian Vettel and Jensen Button and few people


mentioned after Canada that Sebastian Vettel increased his lead


because Lewis Hamilton was in second. And the constructors... 255


points for Red Bull. There are some new rules this weekend, there is a


slight change to the engine mapping system during qualifying which many


people believe was designed to slow down Red Bull. However, once again,


one man slightly forgot to read the script. Anyone who came to Valencia


hoping for a surprise result in qualifying would have left the


track disappointed. Sebastian Vettel was quickest again, he


starts on pole position for the 7th time. Down the field, Jarno Trulli


underlined how tricky this track is with this lazy spend. Conveniently,


the pits were nearby. Alguersuari's techniques did not work. The driver


was an early drop out. Today we just went for one goal on the first


lap and I got traffic, I could not do it. The tyre was gone. Faced


with a filling fuel pump, Maldonado could not find the hard shoulder


and instead parked his car in the middle of the track. Into the top


10, everyone qualifying when they were expected to. Adrian Sutil is


10th, Heidfeld 9th and then Mercedes with Nico Rosberg having


an advantage - he saved his fresh set of tyres by just doing one run.


Michael Schumacher does not predict any fireworks. There is that much


chance to move forward in the race. It is going to be mostly staying in


position and driving to the end and take the points. Jensen Button was


brought back to earth with the pub. Only six on the grid, the rear of


his car getting away from him, winning Ferrari started head of


McLaren on the grid. It was a great result for Alonso on home soil.


know this is our maximum position and Red Bull have been able to


reach us over the last 13 races. This is Formula One, no magic


tricks. The real goal was to beat McLaren. We have got one in front


and one behind. Between now and tomorrow, we can fight. The top


three, as they were last year. Lewis Hamilton drove a brilliant


lap and outrode the car's -- Mark Webber was in third place under


pressure and having already been quickest, Sebastian Vettel cooled


off his final attempt and retired to the garage to consider his


genius. The 22 year-old has 20 poor positions, 10th in the all-time


list and only two behind Nelson Piquet and Niki Lauda. This is a


fresh start this weekend and I would love to just finish in that


position. I would be more than happy. We will see how it goes.


was a good time to peak. My personal best, it was not enough.


But it was a good lap. We are pretty close. McLaren and Ferrari,


we would have taken that in the middle of qualifying. It is


difficult to predict, especially with the races so far. When you


start from pole, you do not want to finish second. Sebastian Vettel,


the only driver smiling after qualifying. Mark Webber alongside.


Lewis Hamilton will look to overtake one Red Bull at the start


and Ferrari is ready to pounce. Jensen Button in 6th place followed


by a Rosberg, Schumacher, Heidfeld and Adrian Sutil. Kobayashi, 14.


Perez, fit to race from 16. And at the back, Team Lotus, Virgin and


Hispania. It is a real treat to be her, it's a hive of activity. An


ancestor, the world champion, with his headphones on, gearing himself


up. Clearly very focused. Can you give us an insight into his


favourite band? German folk music! It is small, what you buy deep


purple! He is completely infatuated! -- smoke on the water.


How many times have we stood here in all of this driver? The later


stages, they decided that they thought the advantages the car had


was to do with engine mapping and they changed it, they could not


change it and so this down. It did not happen, they have got it wrong.


He does the business once again, it was a really good lap from Mark


Webber. But those Hamilton is happy, starting third? He will be looking


to last year's race? He had a great start? He really launched off that


been sidelined. And he put that to good effect and gets his nose down


the inside. How he managed to get through that corner without


touching, I don't know. That massive launch from the grid. This


is the key area. Been to turn number two, there was a big window


of opportunity. And he can actually launch himself over that inside. It


was down to whether the manifold leaves enough space. It'll be


interesting to see after all this criticism if he gives us such an


exciting start? There will be no change and if there is, I would be


one disappointed and toot surprised. He drives with his heart. He does


make mistakes, tiny ones and for the rules, but I think all that


noise was a message from Red Bull to get out of the garage. Plenty of


eyes will be on his car, and plenty focused on Fernando Alonso, who has


never done particularly well at the their own Grand Prix. However,


everywhere he goes, he still has fanatics following his every move,


as you can see right now, and one Well, Fernando, thanks for sparing


some time, I know it is a busy weekend for you. Some drivers do


not have one home Grand Prix, you have two. Yes, it is being used for


May. Obviously, I like to race in Spain, I like to say all the fans


sharing his love for Formula One. This sport has been my life for the


last 20 years, and racing in Spain two times is good for them, and to


watch these cars is something unique, and we need to make the


best of this year, because we never know when we will have two Grands


Prix in Spain. Maybe it will be for a few more years, you never know.


We need to maximise this time. is the Alonso maniac like? Formula


One has really been helped and given a boost in this country


because of you. 2004 was the first time Spain saw Formula One live on


television, and it was my best years, 2005, 2000 a six, so there


is a lot of passion for Formula One and for myself. -- 2006. Every time


I go out to the restaurant for the cinema, normal things, they are


crazy people around me, but it is very nice to feel all that support,


and hopefully I can pay it back with some good results, especially


at home. You are meeting some fans now. Is it nice to get up close and


speak to them? Yes, their eyes shine when I speak to them, I


noticed that, and it is good, not only here. When you arrive at the


airport, the hotel, there are fans everywhere. Sometimes also in your


room, but it is OK! Enjoy your The poor guy has a tin rests each


weekend, even before the start raising the car. -- aching wrists.


He is just putting on is the air ahead of putting on his helmet, the


balaclava furs. Fernando Alonso is busy thinking about this race, not


the fact that he is 92 points behind Sebastian Vettel. Ferrari


are more than 100 points behind Red Bull. When did his team start


turning its attention to next year? If they were a normal team, and


Ferrari are not, you would already have started. It is too big a gap.


The pressure on Ferrari in Italy and other parts of the world is


massive, and they can never give up. They have to keep on the struggle.


Are much what the love to win here in Spain? And what about Jenson


Button? He starts from 6th on the grid, so he will have to overtake a


few people if he is going to do the business. However, that will not


faze him, he managed to overtake 14 cars in the last five laps in


Canada, a race that he will be It has been said, it has been


written, Canada was Jenson Button's greatest ever win. Where does it


stack up? I would say yes, it is my greatest ever win. To come from


last to first with everything else going on, it was definitely my best


victory. Those conditions, you have to really feel your way around.


Maybe it is from when I was karting, before I started racing, my father


would not by me wet tyres. I had to go around on slicks. He said he


wanted me to learn how to do that, to get car control. He says that


now, but he could not afford to get wet tyres or could not be bothered.


So he was tight and now he is claiming all the credit for your


brilliant win. Of course, he is my father! I do not blame them! You


may have been inside the car, but one of the best seats in the house


was for the people stayed up to watch the victory. Would you like


the chance to relive some of the best moments? I would love to, it


is my first chance. It is not the for four hours, just the


I do not think this it was a highlight. Highlights and low


damage, a punch-up. I got a bad exit, moved over to the racing line.


I looked in my mirrors, I saw an orange or rear wing, but I do not


know if it was mine all of us. What was he doing? What was he


doing? Did you feel like he was in the wrong place? At that point in


time, I did not know how far he was out the inside of the outside, if


you like. I cannot see a thing behind, I do not know what was


going on. That was the first reaction, shock, how did that


happen? It was so lucky that I do not get turned into the pit for.


And no credence to the rumours that Lewis has come up against you a few


times and but some cheeky passes on you. It was not you are laying down


a marker. I do not want to crash! I was lucky to get away with it,


without damage. I thought I had a puncture, but I did not. To get


away with no damage was very lucky. I wanted to go on to win the race,


so I would not do anything like that. Fernando Alonso has beached


the Ferrari. Hans Jenson Button has got a puncture. But in his in last


place. I was a long way at the inside, he accelerated into the


corner, which was very strange, I think he was trying to find his


feet on the new tyres. Button absolutely flying. How good were


you feeling now? You were picking up places. Every move you make, it


feels so good. A lot of people have said, where did your pace come


from? Everyone was driving slowly, finds another grip. How close was


this to being a big accident? does not look so bad. I saw the


oversteer, I had to go on to the wet part of the second. It was just


floating on the wet surface. That was a big moment, actually. That


was the real hot feeling, that buzz. The seven-times world champion.


Schumacher looks in his mayor, Button goes a long way round, and


into second place. I did not know if I would get has Sebastian in the


last lap. We can win this race. plan was to get it just right so I


could get him with the DRS on the back straight. But I pushed him


into a mistake. Vettel has gone white. Button wins a brilliant


rays! It was nice to see him crack under pressure, or make a mistake


and a pressure. A lot of fans wanted to see that. It was good to


see that. I think we needed as a sport to see that. We are starting


to think he was not human? No. I don't know. But it was an


opportunity to see that he can make more this season, with all the


pressure, we will see more of that and we can take advantage. So when


you tell us you can win the title, it is not just DRS the. It is


definitely genuine. -- the aspic. We were so happy that you could


join us for that race. The pit lane is open. It might be a little bit


loud for the next few minutes, but it is good for the crowds. Kamui


Perhaps they will be taking photos of Jenson Button if it rains, but


the chances are slim. There is something about Jenson, his first


win came in strange conditions, he does well in wet-dry conditions.


has a natural talent for that. He is able to find the balance. He


talks about his father not giving in the tyres. In hindsight, it may


be the best lesson he had. As far as the moment with his team-mate,


sometimes we have seen these things produce World War Three, but it


seems to have been dealt with quite well. They got the dream result,


they won the Grand Prix. Had that not been the case, it would have


been the story after the event. They had that to our window with a


red flag. -- two-hour. Lewis had more speed, but that is in the


history books now, a great win for Jenson. You know what it is like to


tap your team-mate, you and Mika Hakkinen did the same thing. What


is said after an incident like the gap, he did not break early.


For the team, that was not good. I went on to finish second, to add


insult to injury. What can you do? Don't do it again. Did you


apologise? Of course, it was my fault. Very magnanimous, because I


know what drivers can be like! Right in the heat of the moment,


racing drivers do not like to apologise, so I commend you for


that noble act. I think we should leave the pit lane for just a


couple of moments, because people have been applauding Jenson


Button's almost last week but questioning Lewis Hamilton. I


suppose no one can really know what is going on with lows at the moment,


but one man as a good idea, Niki Lauda won three titles with Lewis's


team. He is with Ted Kravitz. of my viewers might have read


strong comments that you have to say about Lewis Hamilton. What did


you say? First of all, I want to correct things if they were


interpreted the wrong way. I think that Hamilton is one of the top


three guys in Formula One. He is the quickest guy. He is, for me, an


amazing racing driver. What I criticised him on was, in Montreal,


attacking his team-mate between the pit wall and Jenson's car, where


unfortunately he had to stop. Luckily enough, Jenson could finish


the race and even win it. This I criticise, to attack the team-mates


so hard. They both might have stopped, and for McLaren nothing


would have happened. This was my criticism. I say again, he is the


best guide today. If he would ease off a bit and get the points he


needs for the championship, this is what I criticise him for. To be


world champion, you have to collect points, and for two races he has


collected none. Do you think he has the mindset of an overtaking driver


who does not think of the long view? I can tell you, between


racing drivers, I have been won and I know. Lewis is aggressive, so


some guys will be frightened when he turns up in the back, the slower


guys. They move over, and this is happening in Formula One. But if


you want to make a point as a racing driver, like Jenson has to


do, you should not move over, because if he continues to move


over, Lewis will be gone and he can never think of winning races again.


Between racing drivers, there is very hard work. Some guys he know


will move, and Jenson did not. I think Jenson did not even see him.


Schumacher was the same thing in the past, still today. When he


turns up, everybody knows there is no compromise. If you let anything


happen, he will drive through the whole field and win, and nobody


wants that. Niki Lauda echoing everybody's thoughts, they want to


see Lewis Hamilton continued to be as dramatic and brilliant as ever.


David, before you go to the commentary box, Lewis Hamilton


tends to bounce back from a difficult weekend with good


performances. He is a driven young man here. The problem is he has not


got a quick enough car. If he was on the front row, he would not have


these incidents. He would just drive off into the distance. We are


analysing his decisions behind the wheel, but the focus is for McLaren


to deliver the fastest car. Funny, that, Vettel is not hitting anybody.


Nice to see you, good luck in the commentary box today. I suppose


around here people could hang out on the beach, hang out in the city,


but the thing to do is to come down to what was once a fish market and


what Formula One cars flying around. It is a great place for the fans,


and the weather is not either. -- onto the grid. When we get there,


the first place we will arrive at is between the Force India and the


Renault, Nick Heidfeld and Adrian Sutil. Pirelli are not happy,


because both of those drivers did not go out for the final part of


qualifying yesterday to save tyres. Pirelli and Formula One are


concerned that is not good for the show. The rules are there, and


people circumvent them to their best advantage. The teams are


within their rights to do whatever they can to give them the best


chance of picking up points. I do not have any real problem. If they


want to insert a new rule, then do anything to give the team, sponsors


and the people, the best chance. This is a treat. Nico Rosberg...


Hello? Thanks a lot! He gave me a little smile. I hope that isn't


indicative of today! I will let you fire around and chat to people.


Nick Heidfeld? May I just have a word? Egress? We have so, it'll be


interesting. There could be a chance for us. Can you get back to


some of the performances at the beginning of the season? It will be


difficult but it will be interesting to see what will happen.


Some people think the changes will hurt us but obviously I hope it


will not be too bad. Have a great race. There is a man I would love


to speak to. This man picked up a couple of European Cups and his


time. Trevor Francis, the first million-pound player. What does he


think of the current earnings and Formula One? Nice to see you. You


were the first million-pound player in British football. What do you


think of the current money and the earnings and Formula One? It is a


bit absurd, 32 years ago I went for �1 million and that broke the


record by about �500,000. Today, it has got out of control. It would be


too long before we talk about 100 they pounds. Lionel Messi? Ronaldo?


One of the two. I must ask, you want to European Cup medals under


Brian Clough, were due place in in the formal on context? How would he


do? He could manage any team, he was so good to get success with


Derby and Forest, that was unbelievable. He would quite like


to be with McLaren, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, that would suit


him. How special is this? We have a grandstand on the track, this is


like walking out at Old Trafford. am nervous. This is an unbelievable


ambience. And a great occasion and I'm really looking forward to the


race. You will get lots of e-mails asking where you got that pass


from! He is a legend. Over here there has been an upside to the


Force India team. Adrian Sutil... Can we stake in? No, it's not! Do


you remember me? What has happened? The first time in Q 3. Great


performance? It was good. I'm really happy. You can see. It is a


long race. Let's hope you are happy at the end. It is an important day


but I have a good feeling. We have a good strategy. Only Eddie Jordan


could start an interview like this and not ask, what are those class


is about? Just... Fun! We have interviewed your team-mate, how


good is he? Great, we have a good relationship. He is always pushing.


We are always close together and it's very good for the team so we


both score points, hopefully, and hopefully today. Well done,


congratulations. It is worth pointing out that one has


qualifying, he deserves congratulations but Paul di Resta


is starting and 12, he had a very difficult weekend? The most


difficult. They have a policy in this team that the allied the third


driver to go out in one of the sessions on the early morning on a


Friday and what happened? He crashed. Which curtailed quickly


the about of running that Paul di Resta had in the car. Sort of place


was a big success. We talk about Jensen Button, sitting in 6th. He


would like to see him. He isn't around. If he wants to improve his


racing, he must sort out a Saturday? He must sort out


qualifying, he is a real contender but not from 6th place. He has to


up his game. Time to say hello to your old friend. He is running


away! Will we have many more races here in Valencia? I hope so,


certainly for a long time. Can you see in the future, two races? Is an


occasion for having two races so close to each other, in terms of


the calendar? Can Spain sustain this? It's not easy to sort out


properly. We have been with Barcelona for a long time but you


will see what happens. When you say that, that makes it sounds like you


say Barcelona have been with us for long enough? Do you think Barcelona


has had its time? I don't think so. We will wait to see how we can work


things out. They have been good for us. It's all very new. Your views


on Canada? Wonderful. I hope this one is like that. Placid and


Domingo is here! Wonderful to see you. A long-term fan? Always, many


years. Were you think Fernando Alonso sits among the great


drivers? I hope the championship goes better. I hope people like


Fernando and other drivers, they start to win races. I know they


have taken the power of Red Bull, but let's see. I noticed before the


start of the lap earlier, you were with Fernando Alonso. Are you a


guest of his? I think he is looking forward so much. He would rather


like to be on pole position. But for his place isn't bad and for me,


he is a great champion. And I also hope that it is a safe race and a


clean race also. Ferrari fan? this month. Do you have fun? No! I


don't. But I will... Lovely to chat. He spends a lot of time in his home


in America so he would hope for the American Grand Prix. Jensen


Button... One second? Can you repeat last week? It is different,


the conditions today. I have made it difficult for myself but we can


have a good race and with DRS, we can have some good racing. This is


the man that really makes a difference to world champions?


the microphone to him. Mrs Michael muscles. So called for the obvious


reasons... I have to go! There won't be a lot of rain? We talk


about in normal circumstances that was very good, but in these


conditions, it is just a step too far. Let's turn around and look at


the Grid. Right behind Lewis Hamilton, he put on such a show


last year, it was a fantastic lap in qualifying yesterday I'm looking


towards the start of the grid, the huge grandstand, what do you expect


to happen at the start? I hope he does not change. The recent


criticism of his driving style, that is why I turn on the telly, I


want to see and drive like this. And the sea with Kobayashi another


aggressive drivers. Niki Lauda said the same. This is special. We can


always be guaranteed something dynamic from this man. It would be


lovely to grab hold of Lewis Hamilton. How different are these


grades to the times when you were bombing Jordan? -- running Jordan.


The teams, they have not got any clue about what is going on. They


have got peripheral vision. They're completely focused on what they


need to do. Everybody is in one area. How to get the best start and


the best result. Nothing else matters. When you consider the


speed with which Sebastian Vettel set the pole time, the first man to


dip under 1:37. The 3.3 mile circuit, Sebastian Vettel on pole


yet again. Let's look at that very slow entry. The stop watch does not


begin until he crosses the line. 180 mph. The approach zone. Down to


just 60 mph. The apex. Hard on the throttle and very close to the war


on the exit. The straight circuit Stan chicane. Pumping across the


chicane, running nicely. 190 mph. The sweeping right hand. Turn No. 8,


leading into the swing bridge. Heavy braking through the exit.


Just trying to step out and eager on to the throttle. Spinning out


the rear tyres. This long, sweeping, turn. 195 mph. The long straight.


The braking zone. He really maximises the width of the track.


Minimising the angle of the corners. Turn 13, 14. 90 mph. Really chasing


that throttle well through there. Straight ahead, despite being long


and left hand in the approach, 185 mph. The braking son, turns 17.


Second gear. Almost a hairpin. Hook up, one corner. Sweeping through at


185 mph, the final part of the lap and the easiest part to make a


mistake. The last corner. Turn 25. Trying to get away, into the pit


straight. Right across the line. And it's another pole position.


have made a way out the back of what I call the fish markets, this


wonderful architecture. First, let's hear from Christian Horner,


who has drivers on 1 and 2. Sadly, just as he wanted to hear from the


team bus at Red Bull, we could not. One of the big worries for Red Bull


is what we call the double DRS zone. One single activation point. This


reduces the drag and makes a can't go faster and in the eyes of


Formula One, improves overtaking. This is the detection zone. Over


the bridge and then the first and second Activation zone. People say


the reason for Sebastian Vettel slipping was that he was our that


this was coming up and he did not want Jensen Button to overtake. The


problem of having both zones is the first one is to overtake and the


second is to pull away. I have a different view. I think he will see


Sebastian Vettel, if he makes a decent start, or whoever leads into


the first corner, making virtually a qualifying lap because he wants


to brake that one second marker and if he can, it will be so much more


difficult because he will not be allowed to be into the zone to


activate. If I was a driver on pole position, for I would do everything


in my power to make that big start. Here we are, Rubens Barrichello, he


won here, Petrov starts in the 11th. They have not been as quick and


McLaren say they have more downforce and they will look after


their tyres better. And they have brought different things, they have


a new upgraded rear wing and the front wing. I think McLaren are


still in this out. There pushing very hard. Sadly, I don't see the


same initiative coming from Ferrari. I wonder what is going through that


man's mind? He wants the perfect start. To get in front of his team-


mate. Canada was pretty special. Now, time for something completely


different. The tight, twists and turns of the sun-drenched city


circuit. They say opposites attract, it's time to find out. David


Blundell, David Coulthard, time for the 2011 European Grand Prix, live


on BBC One and BBC One hitch be. Sebastian Vettel on pole position


but there are 23 men right behind him, ready to beaten to the


chequered flag. Let's hope this one # So you want to be a rock


superstar # And live large, big house, five


cars # Coming up in the world


# Don't trust # So you want to be a big superstar


# And live large, big house, five cars


track for round eight of the Formula One world championship.


It's the European Grand Prix. The Valencia Street Circuit by name,


partly a street circuit by nature, 25 corners, spread out around the


port, the Mediterranean sea gently lapping against the nearby beach.


That beach would be a very attractive alternative for the


drivers this afternoon, instead of four layers of fire proof clothing


and cockpit temperatures of well over 50 degrees centigrade. Can you


-- you can see the three sectors the lap is split into. We will


check those out during the Grand Prix. Look at those temperatures,


47 on the track already and 27 air tremure. David, what are the key


challenges today? Well, track temperature, air temperature going


up. That challenge mean that's everything they learnt through the


relatively cool Friday practice and slightly cooler qualifying on


Saturday, their predictions on how far the tyres will go, changes. Now


the track is a bit more rubbered in than today. GP2 has put down extra


Pirelli rubber on the temporary race track. As the temperature goes


up it changes the chemical interaction with the tyre and


circuit. The predictions going into the event is that a two-stop race


is the fastest way to go through, using three sets of tyres. It's


quicker by about seven seconds. I suspect that will narrow in and


make a three-stop valid. I agree. Mclaren are saying they won't run


and hide in front of us, the Red Bulls will not be flying off into


the distance and out of site. You have to say, Mclaren could easily


have won the last three Grand Prix, they did win in can da. Do you


share their confidence? The only thing that matters is the Czechered


flag. Mclaren were victors in Canada. Before that it was Red Bull.


If we look at the underlying race pace through Friday practice, where


the teams tend to run some fuel, heavy fuel and do some race


simulations, it was Red Bull, Ferrari, Mclaren, Mercedes and


Renault in that order. That was Friday and the only time it really


mat serz what happens today. It was critical for Mark Webber to get on


the front row alongside Sebastien Vettel, so a Red Bull lockout for


the third time this season on the front row. I think this man, Lewis


Hamilton, has got to attack in the first lap. He must not, they'll


want to stay somewhere within a second when they get into that


detection zone for the DRS That starts at end of lap two. Lewis


Hamilton, same grid position, leapfroged up and challenged


Sebastien Vettel into turn two. hearing there is a big difference


between the left and right-hand side of the grid in terms of grid.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 63 seconds


Let's see how they line up for the through qualifying, past the 107%


barrier. Though that's not always applied any way. So, we have a full


grid. Not aware of anybody needing to start from the pit lane at this


point, as the mechanics take off the tyre covers. Those that are


from 11th on the grid backwards, can run whatever tyre they want.


Those that are in the top ten have to use the tyre that they set their


fastest time on. With the exception, I'd imagine, of well Heidfeld did


do two sectors. I think he has to start on those tyres. Those


uncomfortable situation yesterday where two drivers didn't even


bother to set a time. That was Sutil and Heidfeld.


So we're hearing that Petrov and Perez are starting the race on the


harder compound tyre, the prime, as it's known, the medium compound.


You'll see the softer tyre with the yellow banding on it on the outside,


which enables us to identify those. We know that the key runners at the


front will all be on that soft tyre. Spanish flags are waving. Fernando


Alonso, never been in the top three on the grid here. Might be his home


turf, but it's not been that successful for him. He's a happy


boy right now. He's saying the last few Grand Prixs have been the best


in his career. That's not in terms of results, but he feels he's


getting the maximum oust himself. That's interesting, because I


remember in carting, I'd give my scores out of ten in performance,


very rarely if I won a race I would give myself ten, but sometimes you


would if you had a good battle through the field. It's in the mind


of the holder. He's fired up and thinks this championship is still


possible. Seems a long shot to me, but they came back last year.


bit of sports psychology there from Fernando Alonso, as always. It


seemles we have quite a split with some of the midfield team that's


are going to try an each-way bet with Renault, Sauber and Williams.


These are the detection zones into turn eight. Then the next two long


straights where they can be activated. It's a double DRS, drag


reduction system, where the rear wings open and the cars gain


somewhere around eight miles per hour. I think will be more


successful here than in Canada. The second straight is longer than


Canada. We know the Canadian pit straight, where the two Mclarens


got together, you use all that track. You do. On that run on the


second activation point, between turn 14 and 17 it not -- is not a


natural straight. It make it's difficult to see whether you're


going left or right. It will remain to be seen houp the double


activation will work. It's not available to the drivers until the


end, well until they're into the third lap. That is why Vettel will


particularly be wanting to scamper off at the front and get himself


more than a second clear of whoever's per suing him, so that


they can't breeze past him in the straights, as they warm up their


tyres and head to the grid. Doing their clutch five-point checks.


Perfect example there. You hear that? It runs into the limiter, as


they push a button and it finds the bite point for the clutch. It's


just a procedure much the driver presses a button and holds the


clutch open apbtd system does the rest to find out how much wear is


on the clutch plate to get a great launch. It's a curved grid. Those


on the left will find themselves pointing, they need to point


towards the first corner. They don't want to take off and have to


turn the car immediately. You could easily break traction then at the


tail end of the field begin to finally line up. We await the five


red lights. We're looking at the back of the field for a man with


the green flag. They stayed on for just three seconds in all the other


races, we've seen this weekend. They're off! Vettel looked a bit


tardy off pole position. Webber is going on the outside. He's close in.


The Ferraris are away. Massa with a tremendous start. Massa up the


inside then and Webber. He has to yield. Alonso takes that place back.


Ferrari then third and fourth. Not a great start for Lewis Hamilton.


Alonso maintains that position into the turn four and five chicane.


Look at Vettel doing exactly what he needs to do. No contact at the


back. Tremendous skill of driving at the back there, David. They've


managed, and we have a big lock up there from Paul di Resta. Amazingly


they got through the first two turns without any contact. That's


unusual for this track. It seems the win threr was Alonso. Hamilton


and Button both dropping back. Bad starts from the Mclarens. Nico


Rosberg in sixth place. Look at the lead Vettel has got already. It's


going to be very interesting now to see what Ferrari can do about Mark


Webber. Lewis Hamilton in fifth, Rosberg, Jenson Button, Paul di


Resta attack being like crazy. He's also a front wing in the last two


races. It doesn't seem to have slowed him down in terms of


aggressive overtakes. Exhaust smoke coming out of the front of the


Renault. It's just where the inlet for the radiator. It's blowing the


dust put down oil to soak up. Around 150 kilograms on board. I


love this camera shot you can really see the cars, even at that


speed, sliding around. Tremendous camera angle. I hope besee plenty


of that through the race. Vettel behind the leader. That's the kind


of spread that you get early in a Grand Prix in estably. Kobayashi 13,


then Buemi. Petrov had a very poor start. Perez 16th. Alguersuari 17th.


Glock up to 18th ahead of both Lotus, they're 19 and 20. 21 is


Maldonado. 22, d'Ambrosio. Karthikeyan remains in 2478 place.


Webber begins to pull a gap on the Ferraris. Hamilton is hanging onto


them. Rosberg absolutely flying off the start again. If the Mercedes is


struggling on tyre degradation as we are led to believe, that could


be quite a headache for Button today. He has the use of that DRS.


We will find out as we see, who is that actually? Glock and Kovalainen


getting up close on the run through 12, 13, 14, so that's the corner


obviously just after where Mark Webber went flying last year. One


of the potential overtaking places. Mercedes have said they have been


eating up the rear tyres on a Long Run. Initially the get away for


Sebastien Vettel was a bit tardy. It was so much better than what


Lewis Hamilton had. He was passed before turn one. A complete


reversal of what we saw last year. Massa goes for the inside on Webber,


backs out of it. That allows Alonso to go round the outside of his


team-mate and retake the place. There you see Rosberg getting round


the outside of Button. Rosberg very patient on the inside of turn one.


He, -- turn two actually. Watch Massa flick past Alonso. He can't


seem to get the starts right. Massa's got himself into third,


challenging for second. Alonso, the wiley old fox that he is, goes down


the outside and takes third place back. So a great run down to the


first corner, tremendous skill. Massa was the man getting the work


done there. At the moment Button is fine, but he's around the outside.


Rosberg just gets on the throttle early and drives clean past him,


somehow. They all make it work. Vettel 1.8 seconds ahead of Webber


now. Out of the DRS zone as they enter onto the third lapment


Terrible start from Petrov. You were counting off the running order


there, he made a terrible start. Renault have in the past, then Toro


Rosso on the inside. A man that used to base himself here in


Valencia, he call today home for a period of time. There we see in-car


with Lewis Hamilton, absolutely boging down as he goes off the line.


Massa with a flier. Not really committed. I feel if Massa was


Hamilton he probably would have made that pass stick. It's as sweet


as you like. When you get the revs, the clutch activation, everything


spot on, you just take off. A too few revs and the engine bogs down.


Too many and the wheels spin up. The harder you try to fix it, the


worse you make it. Vettel does a new fastest lap of the race. 2.2


seconds clear of Webber in second place. Then Alonso, Massa, Hamilton,


Rosberg, Button, Schumacher, Sutil, Heidfeld. We're on board with


Button and looking at the back of Nico Rosberg and he is already


nearly nine seconds off the lead as they said into lap four. This is a


key moment where he needs to be within one second as they get into


the braking zone here. He should be able to open his DRS as they come


across bridge, the Swing Bridge, which you mentioned yesterday,


opens up every night. It lets the super yachts in and out of the


harbour. Let's see if his rear wing pops open. Yes, it is open. It's


not getting him very far at the moment. The traction of the


Mercedes off turn ten seems to be cherry, end terms of opening that


wing. He is again quite late getting that opened on the he has


to wait until the activation point. Is that enough? Right now, it's not.


Mercedes is good enough. He looks like a sitting duck for later in


the race. We can see Jensen pulling that pass. In the McLaren garage


the general sense of irritation is with Lewis Hamilton's side. The


feeling is the production overheated while sitting on a line.


They might have to pet litter and get a few more laps on the tyres. -


- pet litter. -- pit later. sense it is only a matter of time


and he is now 10 seconds of the leader, Jensen Button. He has won


car underneath them and he is faster than Mercedes. It is


interesting to see how the her delivering the pace, there is no


question that McLaren is quicker. But there are areas were the


Mercedes is a little bit quicker. Once again, the Mercedes just


drives off to Number 10 and that means at the point where Jensen


Button crosses the line to open his DRS, he is too far back. He has not


used his Kers system. Does he have a problem? Let us see if he uses


that coming out of turn number 14. Maybe he wants to keep that. So


that he can use it for DRS. And he does indeed. He wants both toys to


play with. Now he has got an extra straight line. The Mercedes topped


the speed track yesterday in every session? These cars have got


identical engines. The down for us to the drag of the Mercedes engine,


as we can see... Coming around the wall. Turnover 24. And into the


apex. Much better drive this time. It is that concertina effect, he


gets closer and on the gearbox. Much better speed on turn number


one. Well! Sir perv! The brakes are so powerful, they stop you at 5.5


times the force of gravity and that is the speed differential, if you


are on the brakes five metres later, that was incredible footage. Just


watch this, what's the difference as Jensen Button brakes later and


Nico Rosberg was a little bit surprised, there. Steaming past.


And duly did commit to that braking zone. He needed to get that done.


He is a dozen seconds off the leader. We will wait to see, let's


have a look. That is interesting. Ferrari, the last two laps, they


have matched Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber's times. The gap is


only two seconds between Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber. And Alonso


is closing fast. Will he get the advantage of the DRS? You must say


that the Friday analysis, suggesting Red Bull would be


followed by a Ferrari and McLaren, that seems to be playing out. But


the big test will be over the next 10 laps, they are wrong this option


tyre and the prediction is they will run out of performance after


15 laps. Who can make this tyre go there for this? End to that number


six. Coming towards the end. Only one 10th faster than Mark Webber


and Fernando Alonso. Remember, he has to get within one second of


Mark Webber into the braking career to get a double helping of that


extra speed in those two, long back straight. He is one 10th of a


second shy of that. Felipe Massa, just falling back from Fernando


Alonso. Let's have a look at Jensen Button. He actually lost quite a


lot of time. Well, he included that overtake in to turn number two. Not


a great flat for Jensen Button. -- lap. Let us see if Jensen Button


starts to come back towards Lewis Hamilton. Six seconds off the lead.


Good work, Mark Webber. You are doing a good job with those tyres.


That was a friendly word from his engineer. At times they are nine


seconds off pole position. Whether that is the fuel load or keeping


the tyres intact. They must be so careful in the traction area. What


can we do to protect those rear tyres? It is all about controlling


the amount of load and the amount of slip that you put through those


retires on the corner. Braking, you want to maximise everything. You


brake as late as you can and the grip that the track allows but in a


qualifying game might just go full power and except Sun spending of


the rear tyres. You don't want to do that you. You need to not


believe that black market on the surface. That isn't available on


Your tyres any more. Sebastian Vettel has picked up the pace. That


looks one day late and $1 short but he gets away with it. Kobayashi on


Barrichello. Remember that amazing movie did on Fernando Alonso here


last year? That is the battle for 12th and 13th place and it's easy


to forget that this textbook racing isn't just at the front. A everyone


has watched last year, they know his tricks! That looked just a


touch ambitious. Fillipi massive the fastest through the first


sector of anyone. Fernando Alonso, he is about to punish Mark Webber


for that scruffy lap. Six tenths so when and his team-mate. And this is


the result. How much closer here's and they both have got DRS


available but Fernando Alonso will have his rear wing open. And nine,


Mark Webber is under attack. They reckon that DRS was worth one


second in qualifying and diffuse that everywhere during qualifying.


During the race, it is only during those designated areas. That is a


useful tool for Fernando Alonso, he goes very wide at the exit of


turned 20. The artificial grass started to pull away from the


circuit. With too many people running wide, that could be an


issue later in the race. Once so did the fastest middle sector of


the race. That is with his rear wing wide open. He gets plenty of


extra strength. Fernando Alonso on the exit of to number 20, opens his


steering wheel because he realises he has not got enough grip so he


could go off the track. And he recognises earlier that he was too


committed to that. Just look after you retire as! -- you're rear tyres.


And we have some use... That give Mark Webber precious breathing


space because he is getting through those times quicker than Fernando


Alonso. That is what they were worried about on the grid, they


were telling us they needed to watch out for the Ferrari because


they are easier on their tyres and us and we will see if it pushes


Mark Webber into the three stops. Strategy Wise, Sebastien Vettel has


the luxury of choosing two or three stops. The two-stop strategy his


second at -- seven seconds quicker by the end of the race. Hamilton


hanging on. So, 6.7 seconds covering the top five at the moment.


We have got a race on our hands. It will not be that easy for Mark


Webber this afternoon. Ferrari looking handy. I think the man that


has the comfort zone is Sebastian Vettel but there's only one point


gap on Mark Webber, he is under pressure and he should have the


pace to defend. Let us remind ourselves that Felipe Massa is


hanging in also. Only two seconds behind Fernando Alonso. Who will


blink first? Because the undercut on the pit stop winner, if you get


those new option tyres, you will gain a lot of performance. It'll be


a hive of activity in the pit lane. That is the significant point.


Getting into the pits, get those fresh tyres on. And you will gain


several seconds over the next few laps because the Pirelli tyres,


they add instant grip and that is a key element. They are designed to


degrade as well. Whatever tire you put on, you will go faster,


especially with a fresh set of soft tyres. If you blink too early, come


into early, you might enjoy some undercut but you'll have to stop


want extra time later on. Looking down the running order, Michael


Schumacher, he is a full 21 seconds behind Sebastian Vettel.


Technically, Sebastian Vettel could make a stop in the next lap and


still come out in front of Michael Schumacher. That is part of the


strategy they must make. It isn't just about what is quickest from


where you are. What were when you come out? -- bought were will you


come out? There is a very good fight going on. Between Barrichello,


Kobayashi, Alguersuari, for 12, 13th and 14th. And that is the


battle. They are lapping the mid- 47. 2.5 seconds off the pace. You


cannot look at them and say, there's there were, they are still


driving as if their lives depend on it. But this looks like it could be


an race that has a long battle. And it's about whoever blinks first and


hence into the pit lane. Now, the replay, look up at Ferrari ahead.


That is Felipe Massa. Getting way too deep. Turn 17, the hairpin. It


looked as if that was a moment for Lewis Hamilton to make that pass.


But he just held on. The Wall of Death on the outside. Felipe Massa,


he maintains 4th place. But he is pulling away back from his team-


mate. Fernando Alonso still within that one second zone for DRS. If he


could pass Mark Webber, I wonder what he could do about Sebastian


Vettel, there could be four seconds behind the leader. You must presume


they could catch him. Certainly, he is in that one second and know


where you are losing performance, getting the dirty air from Mark


Webber. To get that close tells me that there is no question that


Ferrari is a quicker package. career there were two men I never


wanted catching me. One was Ayrton Senna and the other was Schumacher.


If I was driving out, I think it would be Fernando Alonso I would


not want. And probably Kobayashi. Toro Rosso cars, busy fighting each


other. He has kept his tyres in better for the exit on turnover 20.


And they head towards the port. The old fish market. And we have


Heidfeld in the pit lane. Barrichello, also, for Williams.


Both Toro Rosso cars staying on the track as they head into her lap


number 12. Kobayashi is in as well. That looks clean enough. Heidfeld


away. Can he clear the Lotus cars? So close to going over that white


line. I wonder if he got between those Lotus cars? Part of the


decision you must make at the pit wall is to clear the traffic.


Presumably, this was an aborted overtake. This is why Paul Lemmy


and Alguersuari ended up fighting. -- Sebastien Buemi. Coming back to


Nick Heidfeld in the Lotus, he has come out between the other Lotus


team-mate and that will cost him as he tries to clear Heikki Kovalainen.


He either misjudged that for he misjudged the time to get in and


out of the pit stop. I notice Renault in amongst Team Lotus.


McLaren coming out. Getting ready in the pit lane. That is for Lewis


Hamilton. They are the first of the front-runners to stop and Hamilton


does indeed go to the pits. The soft tyres going on. That is


whoever and Fernando Alonso. -- Mark Webber. Let's try another


set... The pit stop looked good. When that mean that Felipe Massa


must respond? Otherwise the undercut, the fresh boots on that


car, will give Hamilton such a lot of grip. And the pit exit and the


out lap, as it is called, along with on the way in, it is so easy


to lose time? You will analyse those laps. Is there anything else


tenths in performance from the car. If the driver doesn't get


absolutely his in-lap aced or outlap, when you're trying to find


out how the tyres are performing, if he's hesitant you can give away


a second. That's crucial later in the race. The clock is always


running. It doesn't matter whether you're in the pit lane or doing


190mph into this braking zone. Vettel leads Webber by 3.5 seconds


now. Alonso third. Massa fourth, Button fifth. Hamilton halls pitted.


Michael Schumacher stayed out. Nico Rosberg has also pitted. We have,


whoa big oversteer. That's a set of rear tyres beginning to cry enough.


Heidfeld passed Sutil. So, Sutil having just pitted, Heidfeld sorts


him out. Sorry Martin, Red Bull mechanics are in the pit lane.


Looks like Ferrari are poilzed as well. Webber in the pits. 40mph the


speed here. Webber then on the soft tyres too. Massa didn't come N I


had a feeling Massa was going to come in. He didn't. He hasn't


responded to Hamilton. Let's look at Hamilton's times: He's done the


fastest final set of the Grand Prix. His out lap was 1.50.3. So


including getting up to speed in the pit lane, that could put him


amongst the Ferraris. Ferrari have not reacted at this time. I would


have thought Mclaren would be pretty pleased with that. They


might pay a heavier price later, because the tyres have gone further.


Ted? Lewis Hamilton's stop on 14, bang on for a three stop. We'd


expect him at 28 and 42. The Mclaren guys are readyying tyres.


Ferrari feel they haven't reached the cliff with the soft tyres and


they can go for five or six more laps. Thank you. What Lewis


Hamilton has reached is the back of Michael Schumacher. He's going to


breeze past at the end of the straight. Hamilton absolutely


flying and he, on these fresh tyres, unsurprisingly. So maybe Ferrari


are going to try and do one less stop. But the sort of pace that


Hamilton is putting in out there, may change their tune. I think we


can see Sebastien Vettel is coming in for his stop. The Red Bull


mechanics, Mclaren and Ferrari, it's a pit stop challenge between


the three top teams and to add to that, we have Mercedes as well. All


of the four teams are servicing their cars. It will be busy down


there. Just one pit crew for each team to service both drivers and


they have to scarper out of the way with the Jacks. We watch Ferrari


get up to speed. Unsurprisingly they're all putting soft tyres.


Hamilton with a new fastest lap of the race. Where exactly is he in


relaiction to the Ferraris? He's still behind them. Hamilton hasn't


made the difference. He's right, he's just coming out of that


chicane. Button then just leaving the pits now. He's a long way, lost


a lot of time, didn't he? Behind Rosberg early in the race. So


Jenson's not been able to catch that up at the moment. Felipe Massa


has yet to stop. He leads the Grand Prix. From Vettel, Alonso, Vettel,


Webber, Alonso, Hamilton, Button and then Rosberg as well. Jenson


then at the end of the bridge. This is Alguersuari and Rosberg and


Schumacher charges up the inside. He has a broken front wing. Michael


Schumacher has had contact somewhere. That car will understeer


horribly through the corners. I wouldn't be going too high speed.


He should be called by his team, you cannot go at 190mph - We saw


with Heidfeld in Canada. He drove over his front wing. Michael is


brave at this stage, trying to get back to the pits. Remarkably he's


overtaking a Force India. I saw him years ago driving faster than I


could with no front wing and only three wheels on the wagon. The


talent is there. Force India outbraked itself to be fair. This


is Rosberg and Alguersuari. Rosberg's pitted. Alguersuari has


not. He's chasing Rosberg down. Rosberg got Hamilton another new


fastest lap and Felipe Massa has now pitted from the lead. He's 20.7


seconds it took him in the pit lane, about what we thought his pit stop


just 3.7. Then you can see on the graphic, we saw Mclaren practising


the other day doing two second, 2.19 was the best pit stop timement


Critically, then, Felipe Massa is and Michael literally wearing his


front wing now, into the pit. That would have been scary if it tucked


under the front wheels. It has tucked under the front left, as can


you see. It's moving around as he pulls into the box. Now they have


to lift the front of the car up onto a high stand allowing them to


remost old wing and then in with the new nose assembly. That


effectively puts him out of a point-scoring chance this afternoon


I would say. So, it has worked out for Lewis Hamilton in terms of


passing one of the Ferraris. He is now ahead of Felipe Massa on the


track, some way ahead of him. We see Schumacher coming out of the -


oh, no, that's the replay. Michael exits the pits straight into an


accident. It looked like he crossed the white line as well coming out


of the pits. If he crossed the exit he will get a penalty as well.


Maybe that's what unsettled him, is he ran into turn two. Rosberg


trying to go around the outside of Alguersuari there. Look at this,


Mark Webber looks now the gap down to 2.4 seconds. Though he just had


a difficult la -- lap. It was 3.5 when he started the pit stop phase.


Button fastest man in the middle part of the lap, so far and doing a


1.44.2. Button then is 20 seconds offer the lead. At the top three


are covered by less than four seconds. This might explain the


slow lap that Webber just had against Hispana. That's through


that section 18, 19, 20. That would have cost him a punch of time,


showing his frustration. Always fails to surprise me why we can see


the guy waving his hands. That's frustration for you. Mark knew he


really did get close to Vettel. It's put him back again and almost


in the danger zone again with Alonso in terms of that rear wing.


That was a costly tangle. That worked out badly for Felipe Massa.


He was passed. It was a result of the privilege system. Alonso was


the lead driver on the road. He has the privilege of when he comes into


the pits. Felipe Massa can't come in before him. That left him


vulnerable to Lewis Hamilton as Alonso said no, no, I want to come


in later. There was nothing Massa could have done about it.


certainly cost him. I wonder why Massa didn't pit straight away.


Hamilton, we talked about it, Hamilton came in, fast straight out


of the pits. Ferrari didn't respond. As we watch Nick Heidfeld then


against Sergio Perez. We're seeing great racing down oh, and contact


there. Heidfeld has track position. That was a great move by Heidfeld.


Brave stuff going round the outside, because Perez could have pushed him


wide. Is he going to lose a further position running down into turn 25?


He's got Barrichello and indeed, Barrichello down the inside. Most


experienced man in Formula One, showing he knows what to do.


hasn't lost any bravery. Perez drops two places in one lap.


Heidfeld tenth, Barrichello 11th. Perez is yet to stop. He's trying


to play the trick he used very successfully in Australia. Sadly,


before they were disqualified from the race and lost their points.


There was contact, but Heidfeld didn't give in. He kept his foot


buried in the throttle. Then you have got that turn 19 and 20 joined


up corner. Webber has the gap down to 2.2 again now. Vettel has


responded. I can't help but sense that Vettel is just doing all he


has to and nothing more up front. Let's remind ourselves, they could


be running on a slightly more preserving the opportunity to use


maximum power for when they need it. I'm not sure I would be entirely


comfortable with a 2.2 lead, if you make a small mistake you're a bit


in trouble. But Mark Webber seems to be in a spot of bother. He was


more comfortable after the pit stop. Once again Alonso has closed the


gap. It's down to .8 of a second. Mark could well be challenged in


the DRS zones. So, that incident with Michael Schumacher and the


Renaults, Alonso with a 43.8 and gets himself up behind Mark Webber,


look at this, the crowd enjoying that. They've just heard about that


new fastest lap. He was definitely within a second of the detection


zone. It was just before these two corners. Schumacher under


investigation for that contact into the first corner with the Renault.


I think it was the Renault of Vitaly Petrov, two drivers who


connected with each other in Istanbul as well. A similarly


clumsy move, it has to be said. Webber, the gap's up to 2.4 now.


It's Vettel's turn to get a Hispana racing car parked on the apex of


where he would dearly like to be. When will Vettel pass that car?


Blue flags waving. He's hanging on the racing line. He wasn't going to


give up the racing line, was he, there? The leader had to go past on


the dirty side. Look how close Fernando Alonso is now. We're into


lap 19. Vettel leads from Webber. Sorry Martin, that will cost Webber


potentially. He's catching him into this last corner. There's no reason


for Vitantonio Liuzzi to get out of the way. He does. Every reason.


He's making his own race track up down there now. I think he realised


that it gave one of the leaders a bit of a hard time. That's often


the case. You're coming up to lap people and you're the one that


wakes everybody up. They seem a bit more alert after that. You have to


be really careful if you're second place, they don't know two cars are


coming up them. I always found it quite easy. Maybe that's because I


wasn't leading many of them. Mark Webber with his mirrors full of


scarlet Ferrari. The Red Bulls are charging, the prancing horse will


not let them get away. Finally Alguersuari pits, his first stop of


Massa, who is beginning to get some pace again. Then Button sixth. 20


seconds off the lead. Rosberg nine seconds behind him. Sutil eighth,


having a good run for Force India. Heidfeld ninth. Barrichello tenth


and Webber increasingly coming under pressure. This gets really


difficult. Not only is he trying to focus on extracting the maximum


from these tyres... Rear temperature creeping up. Try one


click rearwards, you need more front on entry. Rear temperature,


tyre temperatures or brake temperatures creeping up. He says


try one click forward. Yeah, that must be brake temperatures. He is


under pressure from Fernando Alonso. He's having to drive slightly


defensive. It means that you don't explore the braking point as much


as you would when you're running alone with the ability to just


search out where is the grip, is this car constantly changes. You


have the situation where you're burning off 2.5 kilos of fuel each


lap. The performance is getting lighter but you play that off


against the degradation of the tyre, which is, well, it's getting tired


and losing performance. I thought he said one click


rearwards. I wondered if it was the differential. There are sensors on


the cars reading the surface of the tyre temperatures, tiny infrared


things. The teams know exactly what's going on. Look how close


Alonso is now. Up the inside, will Webber yield. He has to. Fantastic


from Fernando Alonso there, absolutely opportunist and the


crowd enjoyed that one! Fernando Alonso almost from nowhere just


pounced. The job was done. Now what Prix. Fernando Alonso, really... I


think that is still cement dust shaking up the crude macro behind


Webber's car. Webber got a little bit wide, as we get a replay, he


gets a massive toe down into what is 2010 12. This is the area where


Webber went flying last year. A nice clean manoeuvre. Mark does not


find it too much. These cells are made dummy, goes left dance which


is right. -- the cells in a dummy, goes left and switchers right.


Let's explain why there was such a massive toe. A gear these cars to


be on the rev limiter in qualifying, when you are able to use DRS


everywhere. That means John top gear is long in race trim. Mark


Webber is in a situation where he is underpowered. Suddenly, you have


Alonso in the slipstream, able to use DRS, able to extract the


maximum power from the engine, and that is the end result. There will


be no further action on the content between Schumacher and Petrov, we


are told. That will be put down to a racing incident, then. No


penalties at this time. We still have 24 runners in the Grand Prix


Vettel, and I think some parts will have signed on the pit wall at Red


lap you do, but the tyres are degrading faster than that. We


still have a tap map temperature of 47 degrees centigrade. -- track


temperature. It helps the fuel load, when you start to burn fuel. The


fuel weight is approximately 150 kilograms, 25% more weight on top


of the weight of the car and passenger. It is like two


passengers inside the car with the driver, then trying to accelerate


them around the racetrack. Vettel leads Alonso by three seconds.


Webber is coming back on him. Hamilton is in 4th, 4.5 seconds


down the road. Ted Kravitz. Mark Webber had problems with the brakes


in qualifying, so that might have reoccurred in the race. His tyres


were only a flat sold when Alonso made that pass. Jenson Button is


not happy with the set-up and balance of his car, so they have


been making tyre pressure adjustments in the garage. Down the


field, it looks like Perez's One Stop is not working for him. His


lap Tyne's are looking horrible at the moment. -- times. He is on the


medium tyre, he will be quicker at the end of the race on the soft.


You are right, Perez is five seconds off the pace at the moment.


That looks like a strategy that is not working. You only need to do


four laps like that and you have got a free pit-stop to put fresh


tyres on. That does not look too handy. He is down in 14th place. He


is the only driver who has not pitied during the Grand Prix. 24


runners. David, in parc ferme conditions, we used to call the


cars apart after every session, go out and do a warm-up, a call them


apart again, then go and do the race. We had so much reliability


despite that. Now they cannot do any of that, but we have incredible


reliability. The technology moves forward. A lot of it has been


helped... Lewis, we are doing the same pace. We need to keep going a


little bit longer on this set. Interestingly, looking behind


instead of forward, I wonder if they are resigned to the fact that


Ford may be the best Lewis can get today. At point. Webber has done a


1:43.5, Hamilton is doing 1:45.5. Button, 45.6. Lewis is struggling


on these tyres. Maybe he put them to heart out of the pits, as we


watch Petrov making his way past Kobayashi. The Saubers have


struggled this weekend. I think it is the lower downforce required.


There are low downforce package, it is all relative, but it is not that


effective, it seems to me. It looks like there is a bit of a lull, I


will finish the sentence I started earlier and reliability. It has


been helped by the fact that you have one gearbox for five races and


you are limited in the manner of engines for the season. The rpm is


capped at 18,000. We were doing over 20,000 at one point. When you


are pushing those boundaries, there is a massive stress, and an


liability. For the engine manufacturers to come back to


18,000, it gives them such head room. They do not learn what they


learned when they had to read it to 20,000. We can see McLaren


preparing for Lewis Hamilton. not run out of breaks any more, we


do not have clutch failure, drive shaft failure. -- brakes. The cars


are pretty bulletproof these days. Look how slow this is going to feel


as Hamilton chugs down the pit-lane in the finest racing car in the


world, limited to 40 mph. Another set of soft tyres going on for


Lewis Hamilton. He will have to stop once more. What was going on


there? Away too early, obviously a sign from the chief mechanic there.


We will get a replay of that, hopefully. 4.4 for the stop, but


they have wonder if that includes the hesitation after it was nearly


over. Not a good phase of the Grand Prix for Lewis Hamilton. We are on


board with Petrov now, who is looking to get past Perez. Erez has


not faded, his tyres must be feeling pretty second-hand by now.


-- Perez has not pitied. He does not take a run around the outside.


He has got Kobayashi chasing him as well. This is over 14th, 15th and


through turn one. He must be in dire trouble with these tyres.


is still five seconds per lap off the pace. Petrov was not putting


his car and the optimum position for an overtake. That is an easy


corner, turn one. He would not be expecting Erez to lift out. You


could see the Rehan movement of the car as he went through the turn. He


did a remarkable job to keep it on the track. And Nick Heidfeld are in


Sebastian Vettel on lap 26. He leaves, and easy overtake now for


Petrov. He has wasted their lap on that one. He had the help of DRS


there. It works for the way through the field, whether you are lapping,


being lapdog Justin combat. Vettel leads by 3.2. -- being laughed walk


just in combat. Button is beginning... He is in 5th, he is


ahead of Hamilton now that Hamilton has made his second stop. Kobayashi


passes his team-mate for 15th position. Surely Sauber are


thinking, surely the same as we are, this is not working. Every 4th time


he goes past the pits, he has wasted a pit-stop. What is the


point? Well, I am trying to look down the pit-lane. They are going


to bring him in. That was at least a couple of laps too late. They


were living in Melbourne mode, when it seemed to work, he only did one


stop there. This was the overtake from Petrov. He gets well out of


the way, he does not make that difficult at all, the sensible


thing. And then Kobayashi doing the same thing with the benefit of DRS.


It is all very happy at there in the midfield, waving thank-you to


reach other. I would have thought he would have been quite upset with


him. Michael Schumacher and Maldonado, wheel-to-wheel. That is


for 16th place, which Schumacher takes. Do not find yourself, when


you see Michael up close and personal life that, going, is this


going to be another contact?! was close. He was a demon in Canada


two weeks ago, he was the one doing the double over take out of turn


nine, coping with the conditions in the old style. It is just not moist


enough for him out there. They are managing to cross all of the water


and around the port. Hamilton does the new fastest lap of the race,


43.1. Maybe that is not so smart, to take so much life out of the


tyres so early. Pirelli say you have to treat them carefully in the


beginning. You say that, but it is only six tenths quicker than the


previous lap from Vettel. He may well feel, with that extra


performance from these fresh tyres, once they hit the wall, they really


drop off in performance. If he was at the end of that previous set,


maybe he feels he is comfortably doing this lap time. We will find


out. He has certainly burned out the fastest, the first of the


front-runners to have to pit tries. Ted. Still at McLaren, just a


thought. We know that Jenson is trying a different strategy to


Lewis Hamilton. Jenson Button is going longer to try to make a small


third stint. Whether he is doing two of three, we will find out. If


Lewis continues like this, he will come up behind his team-mate, and


then McLaren will have a little problem. He could well do. The last


thing McLaren will want to do is leave Jenson out holding a Lewis if


he has fresh tyres. Interesting team decision to be made in about...


Let's look at the Gatt, 7.9 seconds between Hamilton and Button. We


have a difference of 1.2 seconds per lap. Do you think Ferrari have


a chance to win this race? What you think Vettel is just coasting and


doing all he needs to do? I am glad you mentioned that, because with


only a 3.2 seconds gap, there is a lot of racing to be done. The key


thing that Sebastian Vettel has on his side is that Ferrari are very


unhappy, or were very unhappy on the prime tyre, the harder tyre.


They're going well at the moment on the option, matching Red Bull,


slightly quicker on that previous lap. Lewis, you have set a purple


lap, you are the fastest car. Please look after these tyres and


manage your pace. The engineers thinking exactly the same that we


were thinking up here. You can take the grip early on, but it is not


going to be there later when you really need it. Andy Latham there


telling Lewis, OK, just can't let a little bit. We love your attacking


style, but you might be taking a bit too much out of those tyres.


Five. To stop there for Heidfeld. In the pits, we have just had


Heidfeld, Di Resta, Petrov. That was their second stop. Most of them


will be doing a three-stop race this afternoon. And Webber, then,


goes into the pit lane. He was getting very close behind Alonso,


so Webber pits first. Will this give in he and a cat? That could


put a lot of pressure on Ferrari, and it would take the pressure off


Vettel up front. This is a key pit stop for Red Bull. Holding the rest


evenly so the car does not rock on the jacks, otherwise they cannot


get the guns nicely on to the spin of. 3.7, for Red Bull. Now Ferrari


have got a decision to make. Are they go into have to? Definitely a


three-stop for Webber. They went into qualifying with three sets of


each of the tyre compounds. In a dry race, they must use both of


them. If you are new to Formula One, we will remind you about that. It


is a question are having to get out on both tyres at some point. They


want to use these lower tyre, up to two seconds per lap slower,


depending on which team you are talking to. Alonso looks so steady.


In fact, that looks very steady to me. Let's have a look at his sector


times. First sector was OK, struggling for grip. He will have


to pit, surely, the will have to respond. There is a bunch of


traffic, Vettel coming up behind Petrov, Karthikeyan. Is that


Maldonado there as well? A bunch of traffic which Alonso does not want


to lose time in. The Ferrari mechanics are in the pit lane.


Options are being brought out for Fernando Alonso. Some over steering


into the pit lane, he has got no real grip left. He has hit the


cliff that we have heard the drivers talking about. It is an


early warning system. You have run out of rubber compound on your rear


tyres, and Alonso was really struggling on at in lap. Where is


Webber? Massa goes through. It is going to be close. He is going to


pass him. That is the undercut for you. He pitted one lap earlier, had


the extra grip. He was just over one second behind him as we got to


Maldonado preparing to come from They've blinked first and got it


right at the moment. Great stuff from Red Bull strategy. Now


Fernando Alonso has got to do it all again. That turns the tables.


That puts Red Bull back in charge for now. It does. One thing I think


I didn't finish earlier was saying that Ferrari have been struggling


on the harder tyres. Once they have to put that on, they might...


rear tyre temperatures are very hot. I can't go any slower. Understood.


I can't go any slower! We both know that's not the case. He can park it


up if he fancies. Thlz a clear message to his engineer. Please


stop talking to me. I'm frustrated, I'm trying to drive this car


quickly and I can't make the tyres last. That could be an indication


of a lack of downforce, cars sliding around. Massa ahead of


Webber and Alonso at the moment. Vettel pits. Red Bull don't have a


luxury this afternoon of coasting in when it suits them. They have to


keep reacting to Ferrari. Jenson is in the pits as well. Another set of


the soft tyres going on, to confirm they will stop again. Both Red Bull


and at least Alonso have to stop. So Massa leads the Grand Prix, but


he's yet to do his second stop. Massa didn't quite lead the Grand


Prix. He didn't get through. What's going to be interesting,


Massa could come into play with Webber, if Ferrari want to play


strategic, they would leave Massa out for another lap. OK he's going


to be fourth, let's use him to back Webber into Alonso. Well, you've


got to be cruel to be kind to the team, I guess. You have Webber in


the 1.42. Alonso is flying as well out there. They like the new tyres.


Button finishes his second stop, gets back up to speed. Rosberg has


been in too. He looks as if he can keep the Mercedes inside the top


ten. We do have a race on our hands. Vettel leads from Massa, Webber,


Alonso. Massa yet to stop. He's kind of 20 seconds out of bed there


really in that respect. But you're right, David, he can really spoil


it. He's now struggling for rear grip as well. I don't think Webber


will be behind him very long. has his DRS open. It will be a key


moment to pop it down the inside to turn 17. Massa goes defensive. He


was so much slower on the brakes, Webber with a fantastic pass. Now


Massa is holding up Fernando Alonso. He is indeed. Look at the gap


that's giving Webber up front. Oh, has he seen him? How do they find


time to make hand signals when they're trying not to have 180mph


accident? Massa pits. He had to then. He had run out of rear tyre


grip. Candy from a baby as Webber drove clean around the outside of


him. Vettel then, the top three are covered now by 3.1 seconds, a set


of used soft tyres and a very long pit stop indeed. Left rear didn't


go on properly. So that does, look at that, 8.6 seconds for Felipe


Massa. Could be very good news for Jenson Button who's just coming


into the background there. So Button much closer to Massa now.


But he's finished his second stop. He's 29 seconds off the lead Jenson.


He was around 20. But he doesn't have the pace at the moment.


Hamilton 13 seconds off the lead in fourth place. Mclaren are burning


up their tyres faster than Red Bull and Ferrari. There then is the


guilty wheelgun. Good drive from Mark Webber. He's coming back. He


was struggling at the beginning of the Grand Prix. Typical that you


don't give up. He's going to get himself into a comfortable position


against Sebastien Vettel. This is what he needs to do if he's going


to lead the first lap this season. Remarkably he's not led one. He


needs to win a Grand Prix soon if he's going to come back into this


challenge. They're having to be so careful on the throttle. You can


hear that. Compared to qualifying they're doing seven, eight seconds


slower. They're coaxing the throttle into play, aren't they?


Track temperatures 47 degrees, the chemical reaction that's going on,


Jenson Button locking up, running wide in turn 17. Then into this


fantastic sequence through 18, 19, 20, should be flat through the last


part there. Then this run down through 22, 23 and into the last


section. Completely flat, uses all the kerb and then straightens it up


KERS is not working. Something about KERS, wasn't it?


KERS is not working. That's not going to help his lap time that.


Will cost him three, four tenths. The winner two weeks ago is really


struggling today. He's in sixth at the moment. Just 1.7 seconds behind


Felipe Massa. Now he's carrying 40 kilos of gubins an it's not giving


him extra power. The powers are ballasted up to weigh the same.


It's not ideal weight. Put it lower if you could and spread it around


the car, he's carrying the system and it's not giving him any


powerment Simply put he's minus 80 horse power. Vettel leads on lap 33


on 1.8 seconds. Here's a replay of that tardy pit stop for the Ferrari


team. They're looking for another gun.


They had to get the spare gun in on the action. A shake of the head


from Felipe Massa. Look at that, the wheel nut struggling get that


out. They're fearsome things. We did a competition with Jenson and


Lewis, the guns feel like they'll break your risk. Top three in the


short pit straight. They've lapped Michael Schumacher. Of course he


came in are with -- with a broken front wing earlier. He's not had


great pace. Mercedes struggling with rear tyre degradation. Rosberg


in eighth place. But Michael Schumacher is in 17th and Ted has


news on that. Everything is overheating down here in Valencia.


Certainly Red Bull's looking good, but Button's KERS has overheated.


Red Bull's tyres are the only one that's seem to be in good shape in


the hands of Sebastien Vettel. He's the only one in good shape. With


the hotter track temperatures, tyre degradation has been much higher


than the engineers expected. What this means is that this race will


be won by whoever can make the harder tyre work best in the final


stint. A quick one on Michael Schumacher. He's made a third pit


stop. He's run out of soft tyres. He's on the harder tyre. Thanks for


that, Ted. Alguersuari is doing a great job in seventh place.


Remember, when he was fighting with Rosberg and Rosberg was on fresh


tyres. Now he's ahead of Rosberg by 2.9 seconds. He's only stopped once.


He's in the 1.44. That's looking very handy indeed for Alguersuari


in the Toro Rosso. It seems as if he's found a sweet spot in his set


up. He needed to. He's been under pressure in Toro Rosso. He's not


been extracting as much from the car as Buemi. He's responding here


to the home crowd. He lives in Barcelona. He considers this almost


a home race. This is aee-haw section. I love it. -- yee-haw


section. I love it. That last corner is tremendous. It gets your


adrenaline pumping, skimming the walls at 195mph. Vettel, 142.4. The


gap is two seconds to Webber. He's 1.5 ahead of Alonso. 3.6 seconds


covers the top three then a 14- second wait for Lewis Hamilton,


make that nearly 16 seconds now. Ted's at Mclaren. Something is up.


All the mechanics are coming into the garage. They're getting out


their marigolds. They've been warned that Jenson Button has a


problem with his KERS. If he needs to retire, the mechanics have been


told get out your electric protection gloves because there's


something wrong. I hope they don't have to retire Jenson Button, but


it doesn't look good. The KERS could be overheating or shorting


out somewhere presumably. Normally it's a very reliable system. It's


one of the best out there. It was developed with Mercedes-Benz.


Hamilton doing 1.44. Button has just done his fastest lap of the


Grand Prix. Whatever the problem is doesn't need gloves, spanners,


hammers or anything at the momentment -- moment. There's


Vettel, Webber, Alonso, the front runners.


Alonso won't give up, as ever. We've seen him running wide and


struggling to keep the Ferrari exactly where he wants it on track.


But he's keeping the Red Bulls very honest indeed. They come into the


back of the buildings there. Let's look at the gap now.


Vettel crosses the line, into lap 36. He is 2.1 clear of Webber,


who's 1.6 clear of Alonso. It's Hamilton again struggling.


that's reasonable pace, reasonable pace. We're about a second faster


than Hamilton at this point, a second faster than Hamilton. Lewis


has just done a 145.2 now. Again those rear tyres... They've given


up. Yeah he's gone off the wall. What a fantastic battle. The top


three separated by less than a tenth on the last lap. This is a


real battle of the pressure they have to deliver consistent lap


times on a track where your car is constantly changing. Your fuel


levels are getting down to sensible levels. The tyres are desperately


losing their performance. You go on board with Felipe Massa, I have a


feeling that Ferrari will be the last to pit here. If the rumour is


true that they can make the prime work, they're not going to get any


better than third place if they come in first, for the pit stop


that is. They were at sea when those tyres were going off. They


were losing so much time. They could barely keep the thing on the


track coming into the pit lane. This is all about who can make that


medium tyre, that they've now all got to run, to the end of the Grand


Prix, at the next pit stop. It's the first time that tyre has run.


It's in the a different construction. It's just a different


compound. First time this year. It's a question of who can make


that work best amongst these three as to who will win the Grand Prix.


Red Bull looked as if they were making it work better than Ferrari


in terms of switching the tyre on. Explain what switching those medium


tyres on means. Typically, it's been that the slower tyre of the


two tyres they've got here. I prefer to call them prime and


option because I think it gets confusing when we get into the


compounds. But the prime tyre, the harder of the two tyres, has been


over a second a lap slower from new than the option. They've had more


difficulty getting that performance out of it on the first timed laps.


It's been taking two, three laps to deliver. Typically, there's going


to be a crossover point probably lap 15, 16, when the option tyre


suddenly starts to lose performance and they'll be doing the same lap


time as a new prime. That becomes a strategic decision for the driver


and team to decide how many more laps to do on the option. I should


correct myself, Ferrari could still get the advantage from doing the


undercut by coming in early, but they would have then be on the


harder tyre. Let's hope they do that. We could see an almighty race


then as Red Bull respond. Michael Schumacher. Six more lap was this


tyre. Keep pushing like this. Unusual amount of information to


give away there on the radios. He's fighting with Rosberg in eighth. 24


seconds behind Jenson Button, so Alguersuari in seventh. He's got a


fight on his hands with Rosberg, Sutil, Heidfeld and Di Resta. Di


Resta threatening to get in the points as well. He's in 11th at the


moment, as Alonso seems to get ever now only 1.3 behind Webber. It's


really a question of who puts those tyres on first and how they operate


when they get them on. That's terrible driving from the HRT there,


waiting until the car was almost on top of it before allowing it to


pass. Look at the Ferrari as well. I'd be surprised if the stewards


don't talk to him. You're being lapped, you have to get out of the


way. Yeah, that was Liuzzi again, wasn't it? It was Liuzzi, yeah.


Vettel then, just hanging on somehow. It's good to see the


Ferraris have kept Red Bull very honest indeed this afternoon. Will


we get surprises before the end of the Grand Prix? Top ten remain,


Vettel, Webber, Alonso, Hamilton, Massa, Button, Alguersuari, Rosberg,


times on his two-stop strategy. Let's see if that works out for


more points. Two weeks ago in Canada, he started from the pit


lane and came through to V8. It is interesting to note that Red Bull


have only had one race where they got a one-two finish, back in


Turkey. But Vettel has led, before this race started, 80% of every


race in lap this year. Of course, that percentage just goes up and up


and up as he charges around here. Mark set in Canada, you make your


own luck, but he is being hard in insult. He has been unlucky with


reliability issues. We joined the battle with Rosberg. Rosberg is


homing in on Alguersuari, whose tyres must be feeling pretty


second-hand by now. Rosberg and usually have thing to make an


additional downshift on the apex of turn 14. -- and usually. He lost


some of the gains that he had made. I did 17 laps and a Formula One car


last week for a feature on the Pirelli tyres, and these engines


have no talk. You have to keep coming down the gears. They would


not pull the skin of a rice pudding. They are good at the top end, near


18,000 revs, but once you fall out of that band, they just will not


pull. It is all relative, they still get up and go a bit, but it


felt pretty gutless, I thought. horses available, around that


amount. But it was underwhelming to drive the 2.4 V8 at the end of my


career, no talk. Compared to the braking, which is mind-blowing the


good, I have to say. Ted has news. The Red Bull carriage is looking


very happy. It has underlined how miserable they look at McLaren.


Jenson Button's car looks OK. They are all wearing the electrical


protection rubber gloves because he still has to make a pit stop, and


they are not sure whether the car has residual life and it is the


attached to it. That is why they are wearing them. But they are not


looking at retiring him. They will be more concerned that Lewis


Hamilton is 26 seconds off the pace. Yes, it has not been a great


young Spaniard, driving beautifully in front of them. 85,000 in the


crowd. Has Rosberg got it now? Can you hang on around the outside?


Alguersuari managing to get another attraction as they charge side-by-


side into the braking zone. Job done for Nico Rosberg in to turn 17,


the hairpin. So Rosberg up to seventh place, then, with that.


Presumably, Alguersuari is running out of tyres. Vettel has done a


1:41.9. I cannot help but feel he is just plain games at the front.


As we said earlier, he could be running in a more conservative


engine mode, controlling the gap. I daresay he is more comfortable,


having his team-mate behind him, and if that were Fernando Alonso.


It was looking good for Mark for a while. He was able to close up to


Sebastian, but he has got his mirrors full of Fernando Alonso, as


we go on board with Hamilton. need to try to up our pace again


for the next few laps. This is as but now the tyres have degraded


more, he cannot go any faster. And the reason why they are getting


jumpy about that is because Felipe Massa is closing in at over one


second per lap on them now, aiming at fourth place. This is intriguing.


What has happened to the McLaren Res pace? They were looking like


the nearest challenger to Red Bull. In terms of underline pace, they


were quicker is that the last three Grands Prix. There are eight


traction zones at the second. Those high-speed corners, you're not


pulling a lot of lateral, you are not sliding across the track at


high speeds, so it is all about keeping the rear tyres end, I would


say. That is the big difference. Silverstone is going to pose a new


challenge, a lot of high-speed corners, possibly one of the


fastest sections of any Grand Prix track at Becketts. I recommend


anyone who goes, go and hang out and watch the cars at high speed.


It is very much a case of point and squirt around this street circuit.


Felipe Massa still catching Button at over one second by lap. We are


on board with Button now. Can we see any dramas? Yes, this pace is


OK. Without KERS, we need to stay tyre, they expect that gap to be


over one second in performance. Although they will start to get


high degradation on the option tyres, it still seems to be that


you are going to get a faster lap time the longer you can stay on


these. Once they are on the prime tyre at the end of the Grand Prix,


they are not going to go any quicker. Schumacher is not doing


too bad a job. He is on those tyres now. He is doing a 1:45.2, Rosberg


is 43.9, so about the 1.3 that we were told they are slow. A lot of


marbles of the outside of the key dejected Lewis Hamilton in there,


especially if Felipe Massa catches him. The gap was 5.2 seconds. It is


now 4.8 that he is ahead of fifth- placed Felipe Massa. Vettel just


picking up his pace. What can Vettel do in that cockpit that the


others can't? How can he go that fast and not use his tyres up?


is the one million dollar question. It is down to the difference in


preference between drivers. For whatever reason, Mark Webber's


style, if you do a direct comparison, the only comparison you


can really make is between the team-mates striving nominally the


same cars, and he just seems to be able to position the weight of the


car equally between the four tyres. The others seem to be taking that


bit more out of the rear tyres. Once you start to lose the rear


axle, it affects your braking, traction, and lap time goes down


accordingly. Vettel was one of the smartest drivers have there, and I


think his stint management on each of the tyres is as good as


anybody's now. He knows how to apply the throttle and the steering


over a full stint, as Mark Webber comes in, then. Now we are going to


see the final phase of pit stops. My Clarence out as well, Martin.


They are in the pit lane as well. - - McLaren. Lewis Hamilton in on


this lap, we are hearing. An important stop, that looked good


enough. Now we will see how these medium compound works. A bit of


traffic for Webber. 3.6, the stop, not too bad. It is all about


getting on it on the out lap. Webber exits the pits as Lewis


they saved from qualifying is going to go on that car. There we go.


figures come back to Webber, he has come out behind Petrov and


Barrichello... And Barrichello, who are battling for position. That


could be costly, if he is not able to run a clean lap and extract the


maximum from those prime tyres. could put Alonso on him, you might


be right. That is Hamilton's Third Stock of the afternoon. He is


fighting Massa for 4th and 5th. Let's keeps a close eye on his


sector times. This is the traffic you were talking about. Mark uses a


lot less of the racetrack than Sebastian Vettel. That was Webber


getting out of shape heading for the pit lane. They knew he was in


her Formula One that lap, but the really got wound up through there.


We were talking about that earlier. You have got to maximise your in


lap and your out lap. You cannot leave anything behind, because it


will be critical when you rejoin the track. Alonso is now in clean


air, and he has done his fastest middle sector. He is only two


tenths slower than Sebastian Vettel's last lap. It is key to see


what he can deliver now. Webber has not done a personal best to either


of of the first two sectors of the out lap. Webber, then, does a 54.5,


including the pit stop. He is dropping back. The traffic is not


holding him up at all. He looks to have a problem. He was close to


them when he left the pit lane, but look at the gap now. His first


sector time, we won and get a complete flying lap from in to save.


The other drivers have got the advantage. It is a nervy wait to


see whether he will undercut them, or whether they can actually hold


on a little bit longer. If he cannot get those working, dialled


into the race track, 27.2 for the first sector, three tenths slower


than his team-mate. That is telling you that they do not need to pit in


yet. It looks like he is struggling with front-end grip. It looks like


the front tyres are not coming up to temperature. This is valuable


information for the battle between Vettel and Alonso. They will be


like, OK, we will hang on a bit longer on the option tyres.


noise you can hear is the front exhaust exist on a Renault. -- exit.


All sorts of stuff going on with the throttles, much of it will be


switched off in two weeks' time at Silverstone. We will hear less of


that, but the Renault will since sound strange because of the front


of anyone in the Grand Prix. -- Vettel does. They will not be


rushing in to get their next set of tyres. Webber has not touched a


personal best time on this time either. He is not matching even the


use its tyres. We saw Ferrari getting ready. I think they were


throwing a dummy. They went back in to wrap up the tyres. You are not


allowed to hang out in the pit-lane and the inner workings own, so that


was a genuine, we are coming in, oh, no, we are not, or it was to force


Red Bull that they needed to cover it. Their car and Kobayashi for


15th place. We still have 24 runners from 24 starters. That is


why these drivers are fighting like crazy. He would normally expect to


see them knocking on the door of the top 10. Kobayashi has regularly


been in the points, as has Petrov, but they are currently fighting


over 15. Kobayashi has stopped twice, Petrov three times. We are


moving into the final stages of the Grand Prix. With 24 runners on the


track, traffic is a bigger problem than we have seen of late, isn't


it? It is, and it looks like we have some traffic for Vettel. Paul


di Resta and Buemi are between him and Alonso. That gap has opened out,


hasn't it? It is at 6.4 seconds between the race leader and the


second man, Alonso. Ferrari are out into the pit lane again, the tyres


and at this time, so we have to presume this is for Alonso. And he


is in the pit. I am a bit surprised that they did not leave him out a


bit longer, because the tyres... think it was the traffic, they


would have lost too much time trying to get past the guys in


between. Webber has got horrible traffic in front of him. So where


is he? It is not enough. Look at that, it worked out perfectly for


Alonso. He just manages to get past Petrov, and so does Webber, but


still lots of traffic ahead. That, then, is going to be... Yes, Di


Resta or, Glock is in there, Barrichello, or trying to get out


of the way. And that is for from his second stop. Barrichello


is right behind him. Alonso is getting caught up in that, so Mark


Webber is right behind him now. Unusual to see so many cars


fighting all the way down the field, no retirements. That is giving


extra problems for the strategists to work out just how they can feed


their drivers back into clean air. Maybe Mark will have the advantage


now he has the chance to bring these prime tyres in. He struggled


in the first two laps, so Alonso may have difficulty. This is Mark's


moments, he has to try to get past the Ferrari now. He has more


knowledge on these tyres as well. He has got to do a Kobayashi, just


out of the way of that battle as we see them run down through the last


sector, the section you love so much. Paul The Wrestler moved out


of the way for them. -- Paul di Resta. All sorts of action going on


that is for position. He has just made a pit stop. They are side by


side down into turn one just as they meet the Toro Rosso coming out


of the pit lane, four cars heading into the braking zone. Sebastien


Buemi just came out in front of them. He is painfully slow through


the exit, backing everybody up. Buemi, Kobayashi, Di Resta, Petrov,


those two. Alonso and Webber are just catching Barrichello, and then


they have got some clear air, but still Vettel stays out. He is still


pumping in low 1:42s. He is the fastest man out there. Hamilton


happy on those tyres, I'm doing 1:42s as well. Di Resta are still


fighting like crazy with Kamui good racing all the way down the


field. So and Vettel pits then. The leader pits. Ten laps to go. And


Sebastien Vettel finally will come in for those medium compound tyres.


He obviously just felt the rears beginning to go off or something.


He's gone right to the edge of them and decided that now's a good time


and how's traffic going to work for him? I think they'll have to get


out of the way pretty quickly as well because they're lapped


effectively, as the leader comes through, they'll be getting the


blue flags. Karthikeyan is in the pit lane. He's running 24th. At the


moment Kobayashi is winning the team Lotus battle. Let's run down


the field heading into the closing stages. Vettel leads from Alonso.


To Webber, Massa, Button, fifth, yet to make his third stop.


Hamilton sixth. He has stopped three times. Then Rosberg,


Alguersuari eighth. Sutil ninth. Heidfeld tenth. Perez one stopping,


up in 11th at the moment. Barrichello 12th. Buemi 13th, Di


Resta 14th, Kobayashi 15th, Petrov 16th. Mark Webber is in the DRS


zone. His wing was open. Down into, what's that 17? Down into turn 12.


So he'll get another blast of that. I wonder whether he's missed his


moment with Alonso though. There are a few laps yet. Second place


would be a bit better than third, obviously. So, Fernando Alonso pops


in the fastest middle secondor of the race, 46.0. He's responding.


He's a good straight behind though. It's certainly worked out very well


for Vettel in terms of track position and distance ahead of


Alonso. Ted? It's worked out well for Vettel in every sense. That was


a lovely stop by Red Bull. Vettel seems to be the only driver who's


had everything under control today. He's continuing very happily at the


front. Lewis Hamilton's pace has picked up on the harder tyre, on


1.426789 Mclaren are coming out now for Jenson Button. This will be


interesting to see if there's KERS left. Paul di Resta was looking for


10th place, now he's involved with Nick Heidfeld and Barrichello it


could be it for Paul di Resta. Felipe Massa pits for the third


time. We're expecting Button as well. He


is in the pit lane. There he is. They're going to give him a tweak


of front wing adjustment as well. That will change the balance


presumably because of the medium compound tyre. They want an


automatic aerobalance change. put a bit more front wing in with


that tyre. Especially with the difficulty getting the front to


bite to leave the pits on the first couple of laps. He'll have the


benefit of some feed back from Lewis, presumably. There's only


been three races in history where we've had no retirements in a Grand


Prix, 1961, Dutch Grand Prix, American Grand Prix and Italian


Grand Prix in 2005. Only six cars started in 2005 in America, when


the Michelin tyres weren't used. So we have a remarkable situation, if


they all get to the end. Commentators' curse there I imagine.


The most finishers ever in a Grand Prix of 23. That was in the Chinese


Grand Prix earlier this year. That's reliability, it's impressive.


It's giving us lots of good racing and giving the leaders plenty of


headaches as well. Now it's all shaken out from the final stops,


Vettel's lead is 8.7 seconds. Over Fernando Alonso, who is just 2.5


ahead of Mark Webber. Then 28.7 seconds clear of fourth place Lewis


Hamilton, who I think could well have Felipe Massa closing in on


Massa, lost a lot of time in the pit stop. Let's see what the gap is


now. Massa and Button have finished, so


Massa is 7.4 behind Hamilton. We wait for Button to go over the line


as well to see if he's anywhere near chasing the down the Ferrari.


The tail end of the top ten, the biggest fight is Adrian Sutil is


only 2.4 seconds behind the two stopping Alguersuari for Toro Rosso.


Button 12.4 behind Felipe Massa. The top three now covered by 11.3


seconds. It's Red Bull from Ferrari from Red Bull and Mclaren, Ferrari,


Mclaren, fourth, fifth and sixth. So those three teams looking out


the top six, best of the rest. Nico Rosberg in seventh. We watch Petrov


and Kobayashi still fighting hard over 15th place. No points or


prizes or driver bonuses for that, I would imagine. But they like to


have a go. Kobayashi has impressed in his short career with his


overtaking skills. Petrov has come on so much since his first year in


Formula One. He's in the DRS zone, throws it down the inside, realises


he's overcooked it and sensibly drives it straight, regains control.


He'll think, right, I'll make that stick the next lack. He threw the


anchor out a bit too late there. Kobayashi lucky not to knock the


front wing off. Well, I criticised Perez's strategy, and I was so


correct on that. He's running 11th at the moment, knocking on the door


of some points if anybody has a problem. He's got Barrichello is 11


seconds adrift. They're all busy fighting each other, Perez's one


stop has got him up there. It's so difficult to judge what's going on


with these tyres at any given point. You're dealing with the changing


fuel loads. They might be in difficulty at one point with the


tyres, but then it can come back to them as well. Good performances


from Alguersuari and Sutil. Eighth and ninth place. Disappointing for


Heidfeld, I could have difficulty with my pronunciations, we don't


have many of those names in Scotland! So Alonso hasn't got


anything to take the fight to Vettel. He's eight seconds adrift.


And Webber holding station. They're all doing, the last lap they all


did 42.5. This lap is 42.2 for Vettel. There's Webber, third place


man. Now 9.4 back to Alonso and 2.4 back to Webber. The story here then


is can Mark Webber catch Fernando Alonso and put Red Bull back into


the one, two situation? Half a minute clear of Hamilton in fourth.


Paul di Resta in 14th. There's still a race to have here mate.


Barrichello we could have Buemi and Barrichello.


It might be possible, but they're all doing 1.44 that whole pack.


He's got a couple of seconds to find to the back of Buemi. You


never know, he might steal a point even from there with last lap


dramas. Vettel was tardy initially off the line, but held first place


into the first corner. The two Ferraris were fighting like crazy.


Initially it was Massa ahead then Alonso, retook that. It was Red


Bull one and two, Ferrari three and four. Fernando Alonso on the soft


tyres looked as if he had enough pace to keep the Red Bulls honest


all afternoon and he has done that. They haven't been comfortable or


had any free air at all to make pit stops when it suited them. They had


to stay on the strategy and pace of Ferrari. Alonso has got himself in


between the two Red Bulls. He will not give up, will not let them go.


Mclaren consistently then fell away, pace-wise, they're fourth and sixth


at the moment, Hamilton and Button. Best of the rest then, Nico Rosberg


in seventh. The leaders have chosen a three-stop strategy, as the


fastest way to do this race, the first two stopper is Alguersuari


for Toro Rosso, currently in eighth place. Struggling on lap times


though. He's doing a 47.0 at the moment. He's about to have a lot of


company. There's Sutil, Heidfeld, Perez and possibly even Rubens


Barrichello. So that's for the tail end of the point scorers.


Alguersuari has not got this sorted at the moment. 1.47.0, means he's


two, three seconds off the pace as his tyres begin to fade in the


closing stages of this European Grand Prix. Vettel, a new fastest


first sector. He's having a laugh up front there, David. It seems to


be the case. Just when we thought we had a battle going on in the


first couple of stints, right at the end of the harder tyre, the one


that they've left right to the last moments to race on, he's put in the


fastest first sector. Remarkably the lap times, if we consider what


the fastest lap was last year, different racing conditions, but


38.7 was the fastest last year and we're doing 41.4, when you contrast


that with qualifying, which was a faster pace with the use of DRS and


KERS, it shows how the face of Formula One, the competitive


conditions in which they race has changed. Faster opportunities for


qualifying and slower opportunities for raigs. -- racing. 41 .852 the


fastest lab. Mark we have a gearbox problem. Short shift in the low


gears. Short shift in the low gears, we


were saying earlier, it is the case. We've said it before with Mark


Webber. If he didn't have bad luck, he wouldn't have any luck at all.


They've detected something in the software telling them to reduce the


torque on the low gears. That's why he will short shift. Second, third,


fourth, he's got enough of a window a 31-second window to Hamilton


behind, but what that means is any hopes in the last three laps of


securing second place have gone out of the window. Bar a mechanical


issue for Alonso or Vettel it will be third place for Mark Webber this


afternoon. That's where the major torque is in the shorter gears,


where you pump the torque of the engine into the gearbox. They're


saying gearbox is hot. Saying just get out of the gears as early as


you can. That's the confirmation of the fastest lap that Vettel D


there's another story unfolding, because Felipe Massa is catching


Lewis Hamilton as well. They're in fourth and fifth places. Button did


his personal best lap of the race. We watch this battle between Sutil


and Alguersuari. Alguersuari must have had a bad lap. He got himself


into the 43s, now 43.5. That 47.0uals a scruffy lap or very bad


traffic. Sutil then six tenths behind and within the DRS zone, if


he can hold that, down to turn eight. Heidfeld and Perez not


catching them. I expect some action here. There's


a big result for either of these guys to take eighth place. That


would be well deserved by either of them. Great performance this


afternoon. That's within a second, there's the detection zone. Two


long back straights, he'll have another eight or nine miles now,


plus you can see, both desperately trying to get the power down, stop


the rear wheels from spinning. Now we'll see presumably, we should


start homing in on the Toro Rosso towards the end of the straight.


We're on the limiter, he has the DRS open but his seventh gear is so


short that it's not really. He's bouncing off the 18,000-rev limit


in Top Gear. So the DRS is not giving him the benefit it should.


That's Felipe Massa getting up behind Glock in the Virgin. That


should be fairly straightforward across the Swing Bridge. It's just


4.7 behind Hamilton now. He's catching him at about three


quarters of a second on the reefious lap. Button I think is


solidly down there in sixth, same for Rosberg in seventh. It's


Alguersuari and Sutil now we're looking at, plenty of fights going


on between Buemi, Di Resta, Kobayashi.


Ted? Come back into Mclaren, I was asking their man Simon Roberts why


they weren't particularly quick today. He said it's nothing that we


expected. The feeling down here is that when they get to a hot race


like this, where tyres are critical, they slip back behind Ferrari.


Ferrari will have an advantage when tyres are the issue. Team radio.


Lewis you're doing a great job. Still five seconds gap.


Encouraging Lewis Hamilton to close on Mark Webber with the gearbox


problem. That's a good call. What about the next race Martin? I know


Mark Webber hasn't taken his gearbox choker yet. If he needs a


new gearbox before Silverstone we wouldn't expect him to get a


penalty. That's right. You get one free change of gearbox. Have you to


make them last five races, otherwise you take a five place


grid drop. This is the five. You can hear him bouncing on the


limiter. That will keep him behind the Toro Rosso. Unless he can


surprise in the braking zone. That choice of seventh gear, is locked


off once you get into qualifying, in fact it's locked off two hours


after free practice two. When you go into Saturday, you're stuck with


it. He gets closer, but he's not race, he will be the first man ever


to never finished out of the top two in the first eight races of any


grand prix season. Carelessly at the front. Using his head. And


using his tyres better than anybody, keeping them intact, not taking


that instant grip when available. Playing belong game. Keeping the


car in a good track position. So calm behind the wheel of this Red


Bull Renault. He has only follow the back markers, he led from the


lights going out. Other than during the pit stop. This has been a study


in dominance for Sebastian Vettel. The pit stops were great. We have


not seen him put any wheel wrong. Other than possibly just


fractionally slower off the start line. That is the only thing you


could look at and say was not perfect this afternoon. As he heads


towards the end of the 57th and final lap. The European Grand Prix,


here in Valencia. Sebastian Vettel. He will take his 6th win in eight


races. An utterly dominant performance. Yet again, Sebastian


Vettel, Red Bull will not get one, too, because this man in the back


of the picture, Fernando Alonso, at least has kept Red Bull on us this


afternoon with a very strong second place. Mark Webber protecting his


gearbox and has fallen behind. And is yet to cross the line. There he


is. For the final step on the podium. Sebastian Vettel, Fernando


Alonso, Mark Webber and then 20 seconds, Lewis Hamilton coming


through that final section. He is also relatively calm and coasting.


Not under pressure. 4.5 seconds adrift. He salvages 4th place, that


is the only way it can be described this afternoon. 46 seconds behind


the winner. Michael Schumacher in 17th place. He has been lapped.


Felipe Massa takes 70s. The bus of Red Bull sees his cars when it


again. Taking on the might of Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes Benz


and they keep on winning. Fantastic drive, Sir. Brilliant. Brilliant


afternoon, well done. Yes! Yes! Fantastic, boys! Better than


anything you could imagine. That was such a nice race. I wonder what


he thinks is better than the other five he has won this season? His


16th Grand Prix victory. It might be because there was speculation


that some of the engine software changes being made, people were


hoping that this would be the demise of their dominance. Not


today. And a well earned the eighth place for Alguersuari, to pit stops,


he fought hard. Kept the car in the right part of the track to keep


Adrian Sutil behind him in 9th place and Heidfeld in 10th. Perez,


he did finish 11th. But he does not get any points. Then Barrichello,


polemic, Paul di Resta, Kobayashi, 16. Schumacher, Maldonado. That was


a very good drive. You just lost out. He bumped into traffic. And we


did indeed have 24 finishes in the Grand Prix. Who is your driver of


the day, to that? -- David? Excluding the obvious candidates,


Alguersuari, the Toro Rosso has done a good job under pressure. His


best result of the season. Beyond that, there wasn't a great deal of


wheel to wheel action, it was an exercise in controlled, disciplined


driving. Difficult to see anybody putting a foot wrong. Interesting,


the other races have been wild. We really had to hold on to follow


them. 24 finishes. Paul di Resta in 14. Maldonado has not really shone


for Williams. Liuzzi beats Karthikeyan. Why do you think it


has not been one of those wild races that we have seen, even in


Barcelona? We're getting to that stage in the season, despite


Pirelli bringing the different tyres, strategies are now being


understood, the performances are being analysed from Friday practice.


What we had based on Friday information was Red Bull were


fastest from Ferrari, Mercedes and Renault and that has played out in


the results. We are starting to get enough information so no matter


what fuel levels people run, we are starting to see what will be the


best strategy. Unless someone has tripping over traffic or has bad


weather conditions, we should not be surprised that the fastest man


in qualifying is going off at the front of the race. Strong


performance from Ferrari. Fernando Alonso will be delighted at


continuing his friend of telling us this has been the best season he


has had in terms of driving and is on performance. As we see, once


again, the one thing that his rivals fear is that a number one


finger being pointed at the camera. We are beginning to misinterpret


which finger he is showing! There you go. That finger. He was hugging


Ian Morgan, the chief engineer. That was a rather limp hog with


Fernando Alonso! When you go for that case and you are not sure if


it is left or right, it is like that when winning �3,000 worth of


carbon fibre. It isn't good. Mark Webber, with his eyes are closed,


no one is in a rush to get their helmet off. No sweat. That confirms


that the fastest lap was three seconds slower than last year and


physically, the challenge is reducing in Formula One for these


guys. The actual challenge of driving on the limit... And that


was the case! He isn't bothering to take his helmet off. Keeping his


head warm. Everything comes off, now. The radio, earplugs, close,


balaclava. The way in. The old- fashioned system of writing it down


on a notebook. His weight will be added to that of the car. As long


as it is over 640 kilograms, they will not be thrown out of the Grand


Prix! Fernando Alonso, probably about to wish Sebastian Vettel a


happy birthday for the coming week, when he will be 24 years old.


Pretty ominous, what he is doing now. He could be around for another


dozen years, easily, at the front. You would still say that a driver's


Prime is around 30. I think they might need to do with that with


Sebastian Vettel. -- low were that. -- lower that. He has led Sebastian


Vettel on four laps this year. How does he keep his chin up?


Straightforward, qualifying in front of him! Get that track


position and then handle it from there. He drove very well. Gearbox


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 63 seconds


and second in all of the first eight grand prix is of the season,


definitely this man. Sebastian Vettel. Rewriting the record books


already, as he lifts the winner's trophy. He has only dropped 14


points this season so far. Placido Domingo. Ian Morgan takes a


constructors trophy. We will hear the Austrian and then for the team.


-- anthem. And the matador, here in Spain. He drove as hard as he could


but it was not good enough on the day. Two world champions up on the


podium. The first time Fernando Alonso has been on the podium here


in Valencia. Mark Webber is handed his third-place trophy. Another


podium for him, he looks happier than some of them, it has to be


said. Relieved to get to the end of the Grand Prix. The first man with


the champagne, save some for the mechanics! And maybe some for later


on. Why they contemplate higher on earth they are going to match the


speed and the brains of the World Championship leader by 77 points.


Almost a servitude celebration, but I suppose Sebastian Vettel is


getting used to it. -- servitude. They will be thinking, I can do


with a drink! That it will take away the fact that Sebastian Vettel


has won six of the eight races. He can stay at home for the next three


races and still the leading. 77 points ahead of his nearest rival.


What a drive from him. Really, it is unassailable in my view, at this


stage. I cannot possibly see where the real competition against him is


going to come. We hope that McLaren would make a big impact, but they


were very poor today. Ferrari may be, but there is how long way ahead.


We have to hope there will be some exciting races and fan. Sebastian


Vettel is looking excited, milking the podium, showing off his trophy


and his champagne, a great sight to his team principal, Christian


Horner. Well done, Christian Horner. That was interesting on the team


radio. He said, this is better than you can imagine. Was that because


people were questioning whether he lost his nerve after Canada?


think he does really enjoyed his afternoon. It was a fantastic race


for him. Yes, he just got it right from start to finish, a great


afternoon. Did Canada hurt? Was this the tonic he needed? I think


so. It was a great performance. It was a very controlled race. It was


tight with Alonso, a tough afternoon. It was not as easy as it


looked. There was less action with the DRS than we expected. Unlucky


for Mark not to keep the two. But it was close. A tough weekend for


Mark Webber. David Coulthard, no driver has ever started the first


eight races of the season finishing in the top two every time, almost a


record-breaking dash down from the commentary box! Wherever we go,


when other drivers are struggling with pace, reliability or with


their rivals, Sebastian looks serene at the front. Yes, excuse me,


I will take my ears out, talk back issues! He was faultless at the


front. He gave us hope that we had a race on our hands, he only had a


two-second gap to Mark Webber and then the same to Fernando Alonso.


But he seems to be open at Ayr when he needs to control the race and go


for his fastest lap at the end. He likes his statistics, and although


it makes the team nervous, he tears up the engine and delivers a quick


lap. Rob marshal, the chief designer, is with us. Either you


are making so that in Look driver, or he is making you look like a


clever man. He is a very good driver, to be honest! Such a talent.


You work on the car, the dedication that you and Adrian put into it,


when you see someone driving it that well. It was fantastic. Yet


again, he has not put a foot wrong. Awesome performance from start to


finish. Spectacular performance, really. If you were the manager of


the other teams, what would you try to do to beat him? Copy us! That is


never a good excuse, but maybe it is the only one. Can I just ask you,


maybe the viewers would like to try to understand, why are we seeing


this switch behind with Ferrari and McLaren at different circuits?


Forget your guys, can you explain that to the viewers? This one is a


different sort of circuit. I think it has been a bit of a struggle for


most of the drivers to get on top of the tyres this weekend. It is an


unusual circuit, lots of 90 degree corners. Not many fast corners. We


have not been to a circuit like that. The track temperature is very


hard. It has been a steep learning curve for everyone. We hear Ferrari


are interested in your skills and abilities. Use of about Red Bull,


time to help someone else that Mark they have not spoken to me about


it! I am sure you are very expensive! Enjoy the celebrations.


Thank you very much indeed. some reason, McLaren's race pace,


which they had been boasting about all weekend, they tell us, wait


until Sunday, well, we did, and they could not do much. We can hear


from Martin Whitmarsh. Martin, some good points, but explain why


Ferrari seemed to have been quicker than you today. Is it that when we


get to a circuit wet tyres are key, they seem to be easier on them?


think we were probably overheating the tyres. They have a stronger DRS


system. This is a DRS-strong circuit. As you may know, Jenson


had a KERS failure halfway through the race, so he was closing half a


second per lap as a consequence. He was easier on the tyres. I think


Lewis did a good job after the start that we had, but very


difficult to get back on terms. We have had three races with very


quick cars. It was not the quickest race car today. I think we were


quite close to the Ferrari pace, not as fast as Red Bull in the race,


but we will see what we can do in two weeks' time. The British from


free, so important for McLaren. Would you have the quickest race


car there? Well, surprisingly, that is what we are going to be working


on! But you never know, every circuit is different. We will have


some developments. That is the interesting thing about this season.


The last two years have been quite intriguing. Obviously, Red Bull is


very, very strong. Disappointing that we do not have their race pace


at this event. You know, after the disappointing start, it is quite


difficult to recover in traffic. You damage the tyres pretty quickly.


That has clearly made it difficult to do the lengthy stint that we


wanted. We lost a bit too much time. On the other hand, we are a long


way ahead of the others behind us, but we need to be in front of Red


Bull. A clear message from Martin Whitmarsh, we were not as quick as


we hoped to be here, but we will be quick at Silverstone. That is where


Jenson Button will be arriving joint second in the Constructors'


Championship and Drivers' Championship, despite today


finishing in a lowly six. Jenson, Lewis and Paul Black Rod going to


Britain in a couple of weeks... -- I tell you what, we would not mind


this weather in a couple of weeks, Eddie. I think we would be frazzled,


shrivelled up into nothing, this is just so warm. It is the real start


of the summer, I suppose. Frazzled and do nothing, not a picture I


want in my mind! Talk to me about McLaren. They did not have the race


pace. Martin Whitmarsh was at a loss to explain it, maybe the heat


had something to do that. That is why I ask why the others were


struggling. It is so difficult to explain why you do not have the


pace. In my experience, when you are winning races, everyone goes,


of course we are, we are better than everyone else. When you are


not winning, oh, well, we think we are working on something. Nobody


really understands. There are so many black arts in Formula One to


extract every last bit of performance to give drivers


confidence. The man with the most confident right now is Sebastian


Vettel. He is in the drivers' press conference as race winner of the


sixth time this season, sitting in the middle. Sebastian, another win.


He described it on the team radio as better than anything you can


imagine. Why the rate this win so highly? Why we are feeling so high


after victory? Maybe from the outside, you know, I do not know


how much was happening in the Grand Prix, but maybe for myself, it


looked like a boring race. But I will tell you, I enjoyed it so much.


Between you and the car every single lap, I did have pressure


from behind at times, because the strategy was different from Mark


and Fernando, so it sometimes they were pitting earlier, sometimes


later. Even though I had a gap before the stop, I came out and


they were quite close again. Again, pushing hard, judging the tyres,


trying to imagine what the end of the stint could be like, trying to


foresee the strategy. Every single lap between you and the car, as I


said. For some reason, I enjoy this track. Last year I had a smooth


weekend, again this year. Fantastic, the team has done a phenomenal job


preparing the car. You know, even though we come every year and say,


this might be tricky, because the track is not made for us 100%, with


no real fast corners, but we managed to put everything together.


For us this weekend, I am very happy with the result, obviously. -


- Fernando, for some laps it was just you and your Ferrari, that you


and Mark were very close and the track, a great battle.


interesting race for the fans and the people on TV to see the fight


with Webber. All the race through, I think. At the beginning of the


race, I was behind him, trying to be not too far and trying to have


the benefit in the pit stop, have the opportunity to overtake him.


The opportunity came later in the middle of the race, but on the


track, not in the pits. I overtake them on the braking zone for turn


12. On the pits, they did a good job and overtook us. On the Last


Star, the team did a good strategy, keeping the car out longer than the


Red Bull. -- on the last stop. The car performed well, and we overtook


him finally. Changing positions between Mark and me, at the end,


second place was the maximum we can have in these days. Been here


between the Red Bull cars is a great achievement from the team.


Monaco was very good performance for weekend, we finished second.


Canada was very good performance, we do not score any points. Here,


again, very good weekend, potential performance, both cars in the top


five is a great team result. Definitely moving in the right


direction. We need to keep working and get closer to the skies in the


next one, hopefully. Mark, Fernando mentioned the changing positions.


He received an apology on the team radio. Was that because you should


have finished second today? I think we should have, but in the end we


did not. It was a good race with Fernando. It was probably my best


race of the year up until the last pit stop. It was quite close with


all three of us. Obviously, we are trying to go as fast as possible,


manage the tyres. It is always the same these days. I was very happy


with how the race was going until the last stop, and it was my fault,


not the team's. I elected to... I was right about Fernando coming in


beneath me, and it was not really knowing how the medium tyre would


perform on the out lap. For sure, it is not as good as the soft, but


is it better than an old sock? I took that risk, and I lost out. Ben


Ando stayed out for a few more laps, I came out into traffic. --


Fernando. I miss second today, Fernando drove a good race. We were


all nip and tuck all the way to the end. At the end, the gearbox was


playing up. We had to back right off. We had a massive gap to


McLaren, they were one sector behind at least, if not two.


deflated Mark Webber. What did not in Valencia. Lewis Hamilton will be


another frustrated driver. We will have a look at the start of the


race from his point of view in a moment. Nico Rosberg, Jaime


Alguersuari, his best-ever finish in Formula One. Nick Heidfeld Franz


off the top 10. Sergio Perez disappearing into 11th place. He


stopped just once during the Grand Prix. Is lap times may have been


slow, but it helps not stopping too much. Michael Schumacher lost his


front wing and ended up 17th. The new teams at the very back. 24 cars


finished this race. We saw how busy it was on track as the front-


runners were trying to get past. Sadly, they could not. This is what


it means for the Drivers' the teams want, this is the one


that the money attached, and it is first for Red Bull, McLaren, and


then Ferrari. Renault are behind Mercedes at the moment. Back to the


very start of the race now. We saw the start from 2010 in that build


up, an incredible start from Lewis Hamilton, but if we look at this


weekend, the great start was from Felipe Massa. But he could not make


it stick. Difficult conditions on the grid with 150 kilograms of fuel.


Felipe Massa right around the outside of the McLaren. He has


another look at Mark Webber. The bails out and allows Fernando


Alonso to get around the outside. Then they ran in that order on the


way down to the second chicane. In all that incident, we would get an


overview here. Rosberg managed to Alonso and Hamilton. It looks safe


macro at his point, but having a snip at Webber was very costly. The


next corner is a left-hander, so he assumes the position. Just behind


that, Rosberg slipped in front of Button. Sorry, Eddie, I can see are


trying to get in. Button was very wide in turn one, so we would have


had dusty tyres on a run into turn 2. None the less, a clean start


from all the cars. The thing that impresses me more than anything was


the clear running of Vettel. Now we he gets the place back against


Massa. I would have to say it was a very strong raised by Alonso today,


and it showed a slight resurgence of performance from Ferrari. We


have not seen that much in recent times. However, Lewis again. For me,


and then Fernando Alonso, his nemesis, going around the outside.


At this point Lewis Hamilton was hot under the collar and his


frustrations grew. He did keep them controlled. Bearing in mind the


last couple of races he has had and I thought there were times at the


car let him down. What is interesting is Fernando Alonso has


been delighted with his last two races, very happy to be second. And


Lewis Hamilton, frustrated. Just not happy. The car isn't giving him


the opportunity to win championships and you can sense in


all the radio communication, at one point he said he couldn't go any


slower and the next, he could not go any faster! Some frustration for


Lewis Hamilton, he always finished second here but not today. How


would you sum up today? Could result compared to the last race!


Nice to see the chequered flag but it did sound frustrating that there.


At some points you are being told to slow down and that others, to


get more. How difficult is it to get on with your job? It was not


frustrating. We had a very poor start. And we lost out to Ferrari.


But we were not as quick. Even if I was ahead, I would really have


struggled. And the guys were just asking me to stay out longer. This


is all I can do. I was pushing all the way but I was really struggling


with my tyres. It seems like we have taken one step backwards this


weekend. In terms of performance. Or the others have taken one step


forward. To be able to finish in 4th place, still some good points.


I cannot complain. Where do you think your car is lacking? Were


when you ask for improvements at Silverstone? Downforce. We have had


upgrades in the front wing, for example, but we have been


struggling with rear downforce. In the next race we will be really


struggling. Once we lose the engine map. We might see some differences.


You are quite interested by what you said? My hearing isn't as good


as it used to be but did he say he thinks he might lose out further in


the next race? The system is cold blowing. Contrary to what people


thought, it would be disappointing to see McClaren drop back even


further at Silverstone. This circuit is all about straight lines


and maximum speed. Clearly, the car was not working with that. Engine


mapping? What is he talking about? That has been the focal point of


this weekend, they are not allowed to change that in the qualifying.


Actually, the people that know the regulations believed that the big


game that Red Bull had... What is engine mapping?! Making the engine


fluctuate up and down in a given situation. The nice thing about


Lewis Hamilton, it was a tough couple of weeks but he is still not


scared to have a go, particularly against the world champion. He has


been criticised, we heard the somewhat effort of an apology by


Niki Lauda. But nobody wants to see him change. That was so swift, so


clean. Emphatic. Never any question he was not going to go past and


that is what I want to see. There was more overtaking than we have


seen here in the past but it was not exciting? I think we have to


take note of what a great start to the grand prix season we had and it


was inevitable that one of them would not be quite as exciting.


Especially with all other cars going out after normal qualifying.


And the fastest car at the front. Ers did help with some but it did


not seem to be as clear at creating opportunities. We have been spoiled


so far. And a couple of books ago in Canada, Jensen Button was the


centre of attention but it was not the race he hoped for today. He


lost it right from the start. have heard about the start that


they made. This is another one. He is battling from the back foot


straight away. He loses out, Rosberg coming round. What can that


be? Have they got fundamentally less grip available? It isn't


downforce of the line. Maybe something else? It is compromising


the way that they use their tyres. That was surprising. In the past,


McLaren have made good starts. Jensen Button finishes in 6th


place... Word you think you struggled most? With the Kers


system or the start? At the start it was not perfect. In the way it


was the only fun part, getting past him to turn number two. Apart from


that, it was not the most exciting race, was it? From your point of


view? I did not see another car for the whole race. I did not have a


very good balance. I had a lot of Winston, which I was struggling


with throughout. And then I had because cistern filling halfway


through, which is a lot of lap time for us, we have a good system. --


of the Kers system. Even so, the pace was not there. To finish with


those issues was not so bad. But we need good upgrades. We need to get


our heads down and improve the car, the package, aerodynamics, we need


to improve for Silverstone. We are not moving forward. That is what we


need to concentrate on. Lewis Hamilton echoed that. For


aerodynamics? I think so. We need to take risks. Behind us, there is


a big gap. In this race, anyway, to the Mercedes and Ferrari, they are


in front and Red Bull is miles away. We need a lot of lap time and I do


not think these new regulation changes in terms of the diffuser


bulls will have a lot of impact. Hopefully we will gain more than


Red Bull but I don't know. Thank you. And that is the idea of just


how complicated it can be, not even the drivers know if the new changes


will help or hinder. There is a clear message from Lewis Hamilton


and Jenson Button to their team. Bring is more aerodynamics, bring


us a faster car. McLaren are one of the teams from pre-season testing


until what they delivered in the first race, they made a massive


step forward and they are trying to unleash that next step forward. To


be in a position where they can qualify in the front row and


challenge. At the moment, they seem to be lagging behind. The big


problem with McLaren is they came here full of expectations, the


front wing and the rear wing, and they have to go away from here and


rethink and rework this. It did not give them any advantage, it lost in


time. The rear wing helped slightly when Jensen Button was having a go


at Nico Rosberg. He finished in front of him. This was incredible,


there was no DRS. He had massive speed. He was very lucky, it looked


like Rosberg went early on to the brakes. He sets up for the shot and


then Rosberg was so early on the brakes that Jensen Button's cat-


like reactions not only got him down the inside but he fully passed


them by the time we got to the apex. There has to be a question-mark


over the way he handled that corner, he left to big of a gap and he did


not make any effort to stop them. I would criticise my driver if he did


that, to be honest. I did not think it was strong enough defence.


Jensen Button brave on the brakes or was Nico Rosberg being nervous?


He was early. Jensen Button went for the inside. It did look like


Nico Rosberg was early on the brakes, he was able to be on the


dirty line and still make the corner without locking up. You


would take a driver away after the race and talk to them about what


happened? He gave up one point, he could have fought harder for that,


the system is so tight after Red Bull that you must say, Mercedes


needs as bigger shot in the arm as anybody and if Nico Rosberg can up


their game... If drivers are going to defend so clumsily, like that,


then you would have to talk to him and say, come on, we are in this


together, surely you could have put a better fight up against that


corner? I bet you wish you had driven for Eddie Jordan? There was


nothing wrong with what I said! is your point of view. It is


absolutely fine for individuals to go at it. I'm just glad I have


never driven for you! You were a tough bus and one man who did start


his career with Eddie Jordan was Michael Schumacher and he isn't


scared to go for overtakes. It all got tasty. As he said, every time


you see the replay, you are worried about what you will see next?


a contrast to Canada. Brilliant driving, right on the white line. I


have to see that again. It was a little bit clumsy. He is on the


inside, he is entitled to be there but there was always going to be


that closing gap and you have to either get off the brakes and put


yourself into the position... Watch this, he is over the white line.


Tactically, that could have been looked at. I just be to refresh my


memory as to whether the wheel has to be completely over or if it is


just touching. The Beagle, the gap is closing, Michael is regretting


that he is on the inside and he tries to get on the brakes and he


to have a chat with Michael Schumacher, that was probably worse


than Nico Rosberg! I reckon he is just about... That would not be


given as a goal, I am saying that. Although I would have him out, what


do you think? I am not show Show! Let's hear from Michael Schumacher.


My car, some are pure race for us. After the front wing, we did not


see so much of the on television. No? What a surprise! I'm not of my


front wing, that was my own problem. I tried to keep my position with


Petrov, I wanted to stay in front of them, but I simply could not


stop at one point any more. I lock the front tyres and slide it into


them and lost my front wing. Then the race was pretty much done. I


gaze the pace would have been OK for 7th or 8th. That would have


been the maximum we could have got. When you are driving around, what


are you thinking? Are you just try to keep out of people's ways, using


it as a test? What goes on? First of all, you just go maximum and try


to recuperate as much as you can. You never know what will happen.


Our speed was not too bad to catch up quite a few Mike Barker's --


quite a few back markers. But the problem was that the guys were


starting on prime tyres, so that meant they had the option tyres


when I was approaching them. The difference of the tyres was to be


to make any further move forward. Thanks, Michael. You are welcome.


It must be so frustrating for the drivers. Just when they are feeling


good, like Michael after Canada, you pay the price if you do not get


it right in the lap one. This is an exercise in getting every corner of


every lap perfect. I think that is what we saw from Sebastian Vettel


up front. We do not see many mistakes from Fernando Alonso. Mark


made one little mistake, running wide on Pittendrigh. Otherwise,


they are all taking the boxes around the racetrack. You're always


going to be on the back foot if you have to come in for another pit-


stop. It is a bit unfair on Pirelli to blame them. What was the


downfall of Michael today was track position. He should have given way


to the faster car. For me, I think it was just silly. You should not


have lost his front wing, and he will recognise that. Is it an easy


excuse for the driver's first Mark blame the tyres. He is a racing


driver, you should ask him. They have a gift for finding the best


excuses at any given time. All racing drivers are the same, they


love excuses, it is never them, always something else. Michael


Schumacher made a mistake in that corner. They are entitled to make a


mistake, but do not blame the tyres. One man who was not making any


excuses is Alguersuari. We spoke to him yesterday ahead of qualifying.


He had a great qualifying session. He struggled in qualifying, I


should say, but had a great race. This is his best result in Formula


One, A. Yes, a timely result. He seemed pretty chilled when you


spoke to them about his season. None the less, the drivers in that


team are under pressure. There are teams -- drivers being lined up as


the next Red Bull young drivers. One of the skies will be popping


out of the system. It was a big result for Alguersuari. We spoke to


his father here, he is active and involved. He is doing a good PR job


for his son. It was what happens on the track that matters. This was a


strong result. It was not easy to go and do the laps that he did. He


is the young driver with a huge amount of talent, and he has got a


lot to offer Formula One. We can hear from him now. He has fallen


out in the first part of qualifying previously but finished in the


Points For the last two races. He will be smiling. A great result in


front of your home fans. How are you feeling? Very good, really good,


because Valencia is my second home town, and I could not do it in


Barcelona. We did a good race, but the consistency was not key. Here


it was. The brakes that we had in the car were very important. To


show this race performance and consistency was very good. There


has been speculation about you and your seat. You feel you are having


to fight to show your talents? Absolutely, I am here because I


enjoy Formula One, I enjoy driving. I think I'm doing a good job, I


think I am learning a lot, and there is still to come. I do not


think my future is under question. I don't care. To be honest, I want


to enjoy the present a Formula One. I do my very best job race after


race, and I think we will have some points. In life, problems exist,


and problems are always in life, so you are always needing to push to


recover the problems, needing to push to evaluate yourself and go


one with a progression. I think we are doing a good job, because we


are covering the pace that we did not have at the beginning of the


year. We are progressing. It is not just about the results today. You


understand the car, the tyres. The engineers know and understand


better the car and help you improve your performance. It is Formula One,


it takes time. It is work and work and work. You might enjoy your


third home race at Silverstone, because he went to school in


England. I was in Ipswich at school, and it was a good experience for me.


Hopefully we'll get some points at Silverstone, and I will be very


happy. Enjoy it, thanks. impressive young man, fast and


philosophical. Points for Jaime Alguersuari, but no such luck for


Paul di Resta, who was locked in a battle. If you were at the front of


it, you picked up a point for tenth place. Four finished in 14th.


might not have been the position you wanted, but what a fantastic


battle at the end. It was, quite a few cars there! We were definitely


compromised by strategy. Those five laps, the tyres, two laps in the


first stint, three laps on the third stint. When the tyres are


like that, you are losing 2.5 seconds per lap, and that


compromised the race. There was a bit of confusion. When we were due


to come in, Adrian came in. We had to let Sebastian come by when he


was lapping us. I am not sure we would have quite finished... May


the 10th, probably 11th. You get difficult races, but it was all


very tight, and that is what made a small difference to getting at


there. The first race that you have been trying to get past people but


constantly looking in your mirrors because 24 cars finished here, and


traffic is a big problem at this circuit. It was a big problem. DRS


did not seem as effective as I thought it would be. A few times I


got in his own but nothing really. -- in the zone. I did not get


overtaken, so I suppose it is positive from that. It was a


difficult weekend, losing Friday. That is crucial, to make the car


right. I think I was slightly off Adrian's pace but could match it at


some point. Unlucky, Paul. If you want more motor sports, MotoGP is


on BBC Two. Press red to join as for the forum. This is what you


not going in at four. That is the race winner, Sebastian Vettel, the


champagne is prey in already! Eddie, this is your moment. I think he is


Listen, I have done and enough swimming for a lifetime! He is in


again! I do not think there is anything we can do to save you,


David! This is the kind of stuff We did well to stay dry. Press red


right now for the forum. I do not want to worry you, but to my right


is a very big harbour indeed. Thank you for joining us for the European


Grand Prix. After the Canadian Grand Prix, the drivers were soaked.


Actually, they were just as drenched here, but it was Canadian


rain two weeks ago and the Spanish sun this time. Apart from one man,


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