The Indian Grand Prix - Qualifying Formula 1

The Indian Grand Prix - Qualifying

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Welcome to India, one of the few places where Formula One has never


been before. They've got their Bollywood heroes, they treat their


cricketers like gods and as of this weekend, they have got 24 new stars


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


I think he rather enjoyed his souvenir. Good afternoon and


welcome to another chance to see a slice of history, the first-ever


Formula One qualifying session in India. In all the years you owned a


Formula One team, you saw many new circuits, give us your first


impressions of this place. Huge surprise, I am absolutely delighted


for them. This has been a risk financially and otherwise. I think


they've got it right. Still some things to do, but they are doing


well. The only disappointment is that there is no longer a chance to


fight for a title. Wouldn't the Indian fans have loved to turn up


to see the driver's fight for the championship, but that is not the


case as Sebastian Vettel has It is incredible to stand him now


on solid Tarmac, huge buildings behind us, and one of the longest


and most impressive pit lanes and paddocks in Formula One. When we


came here a year ago, it was rather What a difference a year makes.


know. September last year we came here. We were this much in March


walking around. Everywhere was marred. What is your stand out


memory? Your face as I was powers loading -- power sliding through


I can't believe I'm here, it feels like a different place. Some very


excited marshals. How big is this for India? Huge. Standing on the


track, we are getting goose bumps. Really? Yes. We are a bigger fan of


this man. Of course you are. Let me take a photo. When we were here


last time, it was the same, people excited to see you, people proud of


the fact that this is India's Grand Prix circuit, but a year ago they


were standing up to their knees in mud. Now they are working. You were


in one of these garages trying to saw a piece of wood. Trying!


Hindering the process rather than helping them. There you go. Thank


you very much. Ah you're looking forward to seeing him driving


around on Friday? -- are you all? Yes! Good. This is how the English


cricket team should play. We are not talking about cricket! What was


the cricket score this series? Just checking. You can tell by the


cheers they were excited to see you. India is a cricket country, India


will always be a cricket country. People questioned whether they


could also love Formula One. There is passion. These are just the guys


working here, not even the fans. It is amazing. It is so nice for me to


see. Despite media in the Friday session, people I excited to see me


drive on a Friday morning. -- This is now totally new to me. We


stood there and turn one went into a lake and I said take a right into


the lagoon. Is that not going straight into a massive puddle? The


drivers' start with a hard right into the lagoon! When we go to new


circuits, they fly in the marshals from Europe or somewhere. Here they


have trained up fanatics to be there marshals. Let's check how


ready you are. A car crashes here and loses its front wing in the


middle of the track, I will time you to get into the middle and get


back. Pick it up! Look at that. seconds? Nine seconds. If the plan


comes together, I will be up here clapping and cheering as you race


around the Indian circuit. I will way that you. It will be lovely.


Don't fall in the drain. There's no point pretending otherwise, it is a


little rough around the edges, but to have it in a state of readiness


is incredible. A It is incredible. It is also remarkable in that short


space of time. In between that time they had the Commonwealth Games and


that was funded by the government. That had a lot of problems. This,


privately funded by entrepreneurs, is hugely impressive. This looks


like it has been here a considerable amount of time and


everybody is overjoyed with how they have got themselves together.


It is a big weekend for Delhi. The eyes of the whole world are on


India at the moment. The only disappointment is the hazy skies,


but how clear would it be for qualifying? Time to find out in the


company of Martin Brundle and David is open and qualifying is under way,


traditional 20 minutes. The usual suspects should clear this quite


comfortably. In Q2, it will be very interesting to see who burns up the


soft tyres. Be to is a much bigger gap between the tyres than last


week. -- it is. Even some of the front runners, will they risk it?


The track is evolving, we have stable temperatures. We could see


huge evolution in the race track without taking into account the


difference in tyres. We will have the usual guys at the back running


the fast tyres. Let's explain what we mean by evolution of the


racetrack. As the rubber goes down, every time a car goes through the


corner, it leaves a little bit of the tyre behind. That is when you


get a black line on the apex. That generates its own grip. The tyre


against its own or rubber get more grip. Look at the left side of the


track, it is grey. It is the same tarmac, but the cars are not


running on that area. The dust is pushed into the gaps in the tarmac.


This is the Force India weaving slightly to get heat in the tyres.


We are expecting them to have to do at least three laps. More than that


and you are carrying too much of a weight penalty. Ted. In the pit


lane, a couple of teams that might struggle to get out of this Q1


session R Williams and Sauber. Williams are struggling with


overall grip. The engineers say the balance isn't too bad but they


can't find a grip. They will aim to get their drivers on track last in


this session. Traffic might be a problem. Watch out for Sauber, and


Renault are doing more setting up. Petrov and Senna were early out,


but now everyone is piling out. Most people on the hard tyre.


cars of the 24 out on the racetrack. Petrov has embraced the racetrack,


he has done a 1:29, not particularly fast. 22 of the 24


cars on track. Alonso does a 27.8 and we are beginning to get in the


to go well over a second faster with softer tyres. Button is on the


hard tyres. Running very wide on the exit of the last turn. It is


actually Hamilton. Where will he open? 28.5. A bit of time lost.


Picked up a lot of dust on those tyres. Normally you can clean the


tyres on a couple of corners, but with a track as dusty as this, you


can't afford to weave up too much. The next lap will be lost. This


track was finished literally just in time so there's a lot of


construction dust and rubbish around the place. It is the same


for everybody, they have the same opportunity. I don't think we can


criticise the track for that. It reminds me a bit of the early days


when we went to the Hungarian Grand Prix way you kicked up a lot of


dust. Mark Webber crosses the line. This morning, we were down in the


low 1:25s on the soft tyres. The track has got a little bit dusty.


We had a support race, which tends to change the dynamics of the race


a little bit. Vettel into the 26s finally to go fastest. Rosberg up


into fifth place for Mercedes-Benz. The usual suspects at the front.


Who is at the back? We are looking at Christian Horner. Down in the


drop zone, Kovalainen, Karthikeyan, Trulli, Timo Glock, d'Ambrosio,


Kobayashi and Perez. The last two still running, is that supreme


confidence? They will get a clear track. They will decide whether


they will do another run. It could get them the benefit of a clear


track. Ted is at Sauber. Just looking into their garage. No


problems for the car. They know they might struggle to get out of


the session cleanly. They are not going to do race set-up, which is


what everybody else is doing, with high lap times, they are going to


concentrate on letting them clean up the track and then try to secure


their way out of this session. Tactics rather than confident.


confidence. They have enough tyres. Michael Schumacher fails to take


the final corner. I thought Michael looked immense on Friday morning.


He then said he had been struggling on this racetrack. Underbraking for


the final corner. He locked the front left. On to the dirty part of


the track. The run-off areas are super dirty. We have seen drivers


run off the road and then go and have an accident. Timo Glock not in


the car at all. He has done three laps. Presumably he has a problem


and that means he has no chance at the moment. He looks like he could


qualify in 24th place for top three drivers will get penalties at the


end of this qualifying, guaranteed. One is Petrov for running into


Schumacher in South Korea two weeks ago. The next one up his Perez for


speeding under the yellows yesterday. Two minutes after that,


Lewis Hamilton did the same and he also has a penalty. Five place drop


for Petrov and then three places for Perez and Hamilton. That gets


applied after the session finishes. This is Lewis Hamilton at the


moment, running third. Personal The track is evolving very quickly.


From the practice sessions, it was taking them a few laps to get the


tyres to perform. There is an element of track evolution, but the


tyres, there is no graining, so it is taking them a few laps to


penetrate, to get enough heat into the surface. Sebastian battle does


fastest. Kamui Kobayashi and Sergio Perez have gone out onto the track.


Jenson Button runs why it, which compromises his speed. -- Jenson


Button runs wide. A Ferrari engine being held up by Michael Schumacher.


Michael Schumacher has gone into the pits, so he is not behind him


now. This is Jerome d'Ambrosio, not far ahead of him. You can see the


yellow markings on the tyres, it is the soft compound. He rarely have


said, we came here with a conservative strategy. There was no


real knowledge of the track. But lots of simulation. They took a


conservative approach on one set of the tyres. The soft tyres of 1.5


seconds faster. Ted Kravitz? It is a gearbox failure for Timo Glock.


He is getting changed, that is the end of recession. Bruno Senna is


under pressure. Pastor Maldonado put the quicker tyres on, he is


ahead of Jenson Button. There will be a few nervous front runners.


Jenson Button, down to 11th. What is Bruno Senna up to? Look how wide


it is into the final corner. My fear is, the track will be so dirty


off-line, it will not be worth overtaking. We have seen quite a


bit of that in free practice. Paul di Resta, 10th. Michael Schumacher


better lap. He just sneaks in for now. All of a sudden, Jenson Button


is looking under pressure. Will he have to run again? He has got to.


He should be able to get through on Bahadur tyre. He is on the soft!


has had to get out of the way of three cars. It has all gone wrong.


He has got loads of traffic. He will get another flying black after


this. He may have to jockey for him. He cannot back up to much.


is being towed by the Virgin. He is running behind Jarno Trulli in the


Lotus. His first sector, 42.7. He will have to position himself for a


single flight lap, to not be the first big scalp. He is now 16th.


Michael Schumacher is about to start. As long as they get over the


line before the clock goes to zero. Michael Schumacher finding himself


some space, ahead of Heikki Kovalainen. Jenson Button trying to


find the space. He will be OK if he gets over the finish line. He has


backed off from Jarno Trulli. He has got to go for it. He is still


16th. Other cars cannot come down very quickly. -- can knock him down


moment. He has got to deliver it now. Personal best, first sector.


It has had to sacrifice a set of the faster tyres. Will he get some


traffic? He is right in the middle of 10 and 11. He gets compromised


massively through their apex. I think that HRT driver might find


himself in front of the stewards. Can he make up the time? Jenson


Button, personal best, first sector. Kamui Kobayashi is in the pits. Did


that traffic cost Michael Schumacher? It made the difference,


but he has used a set of the tyres. Jenson Button, two personal bests.


He will hate to use those tyres to get the job done. Kamui Kobayashi,


the first big scalp. We say goodbye to Kamui Kobayashi, Heikki


Kovalainen, Jarno Trulli, Daniel Ricciardo, Narain Karthikeyan. 23rd


will be Jerome d'Ambrosio. Timo Glock, sadly, will start at the


back. Tough for Timo Glock, but what was


it like for you? It has been a while. It is very emotional,


driving in my country. I did not think I would get a chance, but it


has happened, and I am very happy. Everybody is so happy. I think we


track, the Lotus Renault cars and a Toro Rosso. Interesting facts from


Q1, 14 times that Heikki Kovalainen has beaten his team mate in 16


races, and Kamui Kobayashi, every time he has been eliminated in Q1,


he has gone on to score points. Maybe he will not be that


disappointed after all. This it is about Asher for lend another seven


drivers out of it. -- shuffle and another seven drivers. You can see


the yellow markings there. That leave the pit lane and, if you are


a primary garage, you will have cars coming out in front of you, so


your preparation for your fastest lap, it will have an effect,


getting temperatures into the brakes and tyres, the feelings. It


is a matter of timing, it is like watching a triple jumper or Jonny


Wilkinson getting ready. Vitaly Petrov going very wide.


Kravitz? It is a brand new set of soft tyres for Jenson Button, and


for all of the top runners. The plan for McLaren, they will try to


just do the one run in Q2. Then, Jenson Button will use to one's


tyres for the first bank collapsed in Q3. -- Q1's tyres. In Q1, Felipe


Massa went out on the soft tyre. Ferrari either wanted to put up a


bit of wear through the tyres or wanted to do some learning.


bizarre. I am surprised, why would McLaren save the used said? -- use


set of tyres? The temperatures would have dropped down. You do not


want to add a lot more pressure artificially. Otherwise, I am


surprised. Sebastian Vettel out for the first time on these tyres. I


love to see a Formula One car like that, brilliant direction changed.


You should sit inside and Philip, it is sheer brilliance -- feel it.


The car obeys your every command. Nobody listens to our command in


any other sphere of life! So often, it ignores year, and it goes into


the barriers. Well Sebastian Vettel think that is good enough? -- will


end, taken wide. The Indian dust going into the tyres. It is molten


rubber on the surface, and it soaks up the dust. He gets out of the way


of his team-mate. That is not ideal. That his team management, why have


your drivers fighting over the same piece of racetrack? A bit of


information, he could have lifted. Sebastian Vettel has given up on


the second lap. Nico Rosberg is the fastest man in the first sector.


Jenson Button looking for a slipstream. This is Nico Rosberg,


about to deliver his best lap of throttle. Down its two shifts, then


it is slow through the exit. This looks like a tremendous section. It


is a chicane, effectively. The back end of the car will step out and


that situation. -- in that situation. That was fantastic.


slower than Sebastian Vettel. middle sector was not very strong.


He was quickest of all on the first sector, but then it looked like he


was preserving the tyres. It looked like a race lap, rather than a


qualifying lap. Felipe Massa or putting the Ferrari up into fourth


place. Paul di Resta is yet to run the Ferrari flapping around. They


have been trying an experimental front window. I heard some


fascinating gossip, when Mark Webber crashed in Italy, he went


off,... Felipe Massa get it wrong. The Red Bull goes off, the front


wing never made it back to the pits, it disappeared. A good bit of


gossip,... Somewhere at large, maybe somewhere in Milan, there is


sixth place. Make that second place as he crosses the line to complete


the dirt and that is why they paid him back with no grip whatsoever


when he next called on them. apex of that turn, he clipped the


kerb. A big orange kerb. That is where it all went wrong. Jenson, is


that another set of soft tyres? If he runs one more set, he will have


of Massa, Alonso went up into third play. It is Red Bull, McLaren,


Ferrari, Red Bull, McLaren, Ferrari at the moment. Followed by the two


Mercedes. Toro Rossos, Alves they were two weeks ago, very, very fast


in a straight line. -- as they were. Look how close Rosberg is. He is


only three-tenths a way. We could see the Mercedes popping in as well.


Sebastian Vettel, four-tenths quicker than everybody else. A


shaky hand! That is the air blower which is calling him. He has got a


steady hand. -- Carillion him. Vettel still wanting to look at


data. I am told that with the sound analysis, even on a just finished


lap, they can look at the data of other drivers. Incredible


technology and information that they have. That is exactly why


former one is such an interesting sport. A few years ago sound


analysis, you have to wait until the next day for that information


to be preserved. They would listen to the television feed. They could


run that through a programme and tell you the speed of the car at


any point through a corner. The top teams don't have to scratch their


heads any more to find out where cars as well as watching them. They


can even tell you the gear ratios. Ted has some news on Paul di Resta.


He is doing three timed runs on this sector, they are leaving it


late. Not joining the early running. We haven't seen Jenson Button yet.


Michael Schumacher is now coming out on a brand new set of soft


tyres. He has only got one set left. I have a feeling Jenson Button will


the Renault. When you have blowing exhausts working well, that is what


you get when you stick your foot down. Completely missed the apex of


the final corner. Senna remains in 14th place. Cost him dearly in the


last corner. It was a better lap than that. Just under three minutes


remaining. We are watching Adrian Sutil going into 12th place. 1:27.1.


The fastest lap is a 1:24.6, it shows you the dominance of the Red


Bull. Red Bull is the only team that can switch on the higher tyre


and make it work. Some teams may only run that higher at the very


end of the Grand Prix tomorrow. Or get it out of the way early on if


there is a safety car. This track will evolve massively tomorrow. As


resort in South Korea, you would have to do Malta ball stops. -- as


Resta, Sutil, Barrichello, Maldonado, Senna and Perez are not


in the top 10 shoot-out at the moment. Last man in his Buemi. A


tenth slower than Michael Schumacher. This is Sebastien Buemi


taking a little bit too much baguette! It seems as if they are


fighting the car like crazy through the exit. You have to hustle a


corner like that. That is being a number 17. Two personal bests so


far. Just outside the top 10. Vettel remains fastest, from


Hamilton and Alonso. Can Perez get himself up from 17th place? I


suspect he can. He doesn't. He remaineds 17th. -- he remains 17.


They lost Kobayashi straight away and now Perez looks like he will


start behind -- alongside him on the grid. It looked like he was


cruising through the turns. They have not found the sweet spot so


far, Sauber. Sutil is on a better lap. 30 seconds remaining. Senna is


a tenth of a second outside the top 10 at the moment. If he can spot


that final corner better... Sebastien Buemi confirms a top ten


slot. Senna does just make the apex. He only goes up to 12th place. He


is right beside his team-mate. The session is over. Sutil gets himself


in the top 10. That was a good effort. Schumacher down to 11th at


the moment. Paul di Resta is on a 16th place. One corner to go. Perez


is behind him as well. Maldonado crosses the line from 16th place


and gets himself 12th place. Another good qualifying effort from


Pastor Maldonado as the Force India comes across the line, Paul di


Resta. He goes up to 12th place. Not ahead of his team-mate this


time. Michael Schumacher is 12th and out at the moment. We are on


board with the great man. Let's watch him negotiate the very wide


entry into the final corner. He kisses the apex nicely. Schumacher,


under pressure. Can he do it? No, he stays 12th. Rosberg is being in


seventh. Eight-tenths faster than Michael Schumacher. We lose Petrov,


Schumacher, di Resta, Maldonado, Senna, Barrichello and Perez. Not


too many big surprises. The gap between Nico and Michael has been a


surprise. Michael looked put up during the practice sessions. Paul


di Resta will be disappointed. I think this is a really technical


middle part of the track. If you just get a little bit out of


sequence, the lap time drains away. That is how it stands. Toro Rosso


will have the benefit of extra tyres for the race. Buemi gets


himself in Q3 for the first time in coincide with me being here. It was


a deliberate time in have a bit of a visit and a holiday and catching


the Grand Prix at the end. It is potentially a milestone in India.


We did see you hanging around a lot with Lewis. Is he in good shape?


Yes, he seems to be in a good place. I don't claim any intimacy of true


knowledge of the way his mind works, but I get the impression he has


come through a difficult time for all sorts of different reasons and


he has come out the other side of it. He seems to be calm and a great


deal of equanimity about him. I think the future is bright. Thank


you for joining us. Enjoy the rest of qualifying and the race tomorrow.


Thank you. One man chilling out and sadly no longer in the car is


Kobayashi, out in Q1. Are you disappointed with 18th place?


Definitely. The last lap was pretty good but I had traffic.


Unfortunately we are not strong enough. I had no luck as well.


cricketers have just smashed England for six, a Bollywood


superstar has just released Abreur new movie, but can Formula One


begin to mix it with the best? -- a brand new movie.


The green light is on, qualifying three is under way and we have got


immediate action. Will we see 10 cars or will Sutil and the two Toro


Rossos choose not to run because they have used up so many of their


soft tyres to get this far? We have got Brown used soft tyres that have


gone on the McLaren of Lewis starts tomorrow. 540 metres of DRS.


It is so dirty now. Should be pretty amazing on the first lap of


the Grand Prix as the drivers try to bring up the temperatures.


hear that Massa has got a used option? It could be a sighter or a


case of we will try to save a set of tyres. It will be interesting


tomorrow. There isn't really a clean side of the grid because they


come out of the last corner and make their way over to the left-


hand side of the grid. A bit like in Malaysia. That means random


potatoes spots rather than classic always left side or right side,


clean or dirty side. We can see the grid just in front. Cars diagonally


fall away. Just clipping pole position. It will not be a big


advantage to be on one side or the other. That is a very good spot. It


will be dirty off-line, we know that. Drivers used to clean it up


on the warm ups. In qualifying you don't know what side of the grid


York -- you will be on. More news from Ted. No sign of Jenson Button.


Jenson Button, one set of soft tyres down, he is only going to do


one run. He was compromised by that extra run he had to do in the first


part of qualifying. He said he was struggling for regret, the car


didn't feel right. Not a lot they can do about that. -- struggling


for grip. They are in parc ferme conditions when they are not


allowed to change the car. They could maybe for sake a little bit


of in laps and things like that. Otherwise it is a case of running


what you have run. You have had your two practice sessions to get a


balance. Lewis Hamilton is at the end of the lap. On this lap, Alonso


in that first sector was four- tenths faster. Hamilton, not a


quick lap. Massa, 25.1. Alonso, 24.5. That is double park we are


expecting. That confirms the old and new tyres between them. Mark


Webber ending his first flying lap. This is not looking particularly


fast. I wonder if they are doing anything lap on the first lap to


then really use those tyres on the second lap and leave some life


within that rubber. There's a chemical reaction that goes on in


these tyres. We are seeing Hamilton of a second down. Lewis Hamilton


has the fastest first sector. His strategy is working. The Sebastian


Vettel yet to complete a flying lap. Sebastian Vettel goes fastest. Who


can match that? Coming behind, Lewis Hamilton. The second for now.


Still time to run again, of course. This is the final new set of soft


tyres for Jenson Button. Normally, that is a wonderful feeling. But if


Jenson Button has got balance issues, he will not be feeling


fully confident. Mark Webber, very fast through the middle sector. 0.1


shy, but still third on the grid. The top four covered by 0.1 seconds.


Out on the track, Jenson Button, Nico Rosberg, Adrian Sutil, Jaime


Alguersuari. All 10 drivers have gone out and put an effort in. We


will see them on the track. Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton,


Mark Webber, Fernando Alonso, covered by 0.1 seconds. Will


Sebastian Vettel take his 13th pole position of the year? RADIO: You


are second. Less than 0.05 behind Sebastian Vettel, the main time to


be gained is in the middle sector. That sounds easy enough. But try


and find it. It is interesting to see the different strategy is


unfolding. McLaren were mighty in the first sector, but then they are


losing it later on. There are only two corners in the first sector.


And a very long straight. mechanical corners. They have got


the car working well mechanically. Adrian Sutil, the only Force India


in Q3. A big weekend for Force India. A new group have Cummins to


take a slice of the action in the team. Here they are, the Indian


Grand Prix. Adrian Sutil is coasting around. He is literally


just coasting. It will sort out the order. We will not bore you with


the details on that. Timo Glock, 24th, he did not complete a time,


but he did a time in practice that was with him to 107% rule. I do not


see any problems with starting tomorrow. It is not for me to say,


it is for the stewards, but I am pretty confident. It is difficult


to read, the drivers are coasting. When we think they are about to


nail a lap, they are still coasting. Nico Rosberg, a personal best,


first and second sector. 1.6 seconds away from pole position.


Sixth on the grid. Jenson Button, 1:30.1. Nico Rosberg backed out, so


that might be his only runner. He expected to be just outside the top


three teams. Seventh is his regular slot. This is Fernando Alonso.


is a long way off the pace. He will get round for another flying lap if


he has enough fuel. Every lap of fuel is 0.1 seconds, the amount


that it costs them. You can begin to understand what that means when


you look at the small gap between the top cars. Some problems with


Jenson Button. 50.5, first sector. He does not have enough time to get


round and start his lap. Fernando Alonso is about to start. Lewis


Hamilton, his final effort. Has he gone out in time? Well Lewis


Hamilton get to the end of the lap before the clock ticks away? An


awful long way to go. Jenson Button will start his lap. He crosses the


line now. He is on a lap, 41.1, his first sector, 0.1 down. Lewis


Hamilton is on his fast lap. 41.2, Sebastian Vettel. Toro Rosso have


not bothered to set a lap times. It is corner by corner. An ordinary


middle part of the lap. He has given up on it. Sebastian Vettel is


flying even harder now. He has got to finish the lap. Lewis Hamilton


has pitted. Look at Felipe Massa! His front corner was already


damaged. It looked like a suspension failure or damage.


Sebastian Vettel has increased his command at the front. He is 0.3


seconds faster than Lewis Hamilton. Sebastian Vettel secures pole


position. Nobody will be able to complete a particularly fast laps


unless they happen to be passed this zone, because it out there at


the moment, Nico Rosberg and Jenson Button. It will compromise


bigot, it was a full life of bread! -- not a baguette! That has


exceeded the design load. A severe shock through the front suspension.


It has broken there are. Congratulations to Sebastian Vettel,


it was easy in the end. Lewis Hamilton second, but he drops down


three places. It will be a Red Bull front row. Jenson Button with a


tough day. The Toro Rosso cars will be delighted.


Congratulations, your 13th pole position, at a Red Bull front row.


Thank you! It was an interesting qualifying session, a new circuit,


a new challenge, but I am very happy to be on the front row. I do


not know whether being on the left or the right is an advantage or not.


There is not one side that stands out to be Bickley inside. It was an


interesting session. A good battle. After the first run, it was close.


I knew I had to do a little bit better. I could have a clean up. It


was interesting to see people going in different directions, how many


laps they took before they started their timed lap. The first lap


gives you some insecurity, because the tyre is not ready. But it


worked. Tell us about your qualifying up. Did you get past


Felipe Massa? He was heading into the gravel as I was coming up to it.


I saw the tyre Marques, the smoke and the yellow flag. But I was in


the yellow flags own already. -- yellow flag zone. A Red Bull front


row, you start from second. I am happy, considering that we had the


yellow flag on the last lap. It could have been a lot worse. To


start on the front row, not being able to attack the final sectors,


it is good in the end. It was a strong performance today, and you


split Red Bull. Yes, I am pleased. I feel very proud that I could do


that for the team, considering how hard they worked. It would be nice


to be ahead of Red Bull, and it was unfortunate about the penalty, but


that his life. A bit disappointed. This morning was good, but we


struggled with understeer. The conditions got colder, which did


not help. We are in reasonable shape over long distances, but


qualifying was going to be crucial, and we did not maximise it.


Formula One has arrived in India. It was not a classic, but it was


not bad. It depends who you are. If you are Sebastian Vettel, it was


the best ever, because he dominated it. If he goes along in that way


tomorrow, it will be a pity, because he will be so dominant, he


will be gone into the distance. have been around for a long time,


has special visit to see a team get 16 pole positions in a season? --


how special is it? I was there in the McLaren days when they won


almost everything. We just heard from Christian Horner, this is a


remarkable team effort. Full credit to them. There are four of their


cars in the top 10. That is the dominance they are enjoying. It


comes from the confidence. Sensible management, sensible and a ship,


and the brilliance of the technical side. -- sensible ownership.


McLaren are trying to win a winning car. They took pole position last


time, second on the grid this weekend, frustration, because Lewis


Hamilton takes a penalty. It would have been lovely to start on the


front row. Yes, but that has not happened. I saw that Jenson


Button's Chen was on the floor, he did not seem confident. He was


talking about problems, the car not balancing act, and the problem here


is the tyres. I have a concern about Jenson Button, but


surprisingly, I think Lewis Hamilton is very strong, and he


will want to prove himself in front of everybody. Plenty of rough-and-


tumble on the track, and you can see more after us on the BBC,


England against Wales, rugby league. It is 8:30am tomorrow morning for


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