The Indian Grand Prix Formula 1

The Indian Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel takes the victory. That was a devastating performance.


He has lost the front wing! We have got a belter!


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


give us a Porsche? How are you doing? They are harder to pedal and


they look! Which would you like? Thank you for the right. That is


much easier. We want something traditional. He is famous for


colourful shirts. What have you got that is beautiful? I want this red


one. He looks good! You look beautiful. Will we see that on


there? It is it a Sunday show it? What about my discount? The first


time I have failed! He has done it! There is one bit of India you have


come here without coming here. not believe this! We have seen a


lot, but this is incredible. Will you surprise us again? Watch what


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


Indian Grand Prix, are watching the smells, besides, the sounds! I


start the Grand Prix weekend! did you find this place?


Wonderful. I hope our attempt to do not put you off, but it was


infectious. Now for the doubts that really matters, 200 miles per hour


around the circuit. Welcome to the first ever Indian Grand Prix. What


a welcome from that should! That is the named! A three pound shirt


bought from a side street, it is the burst's it is the best he has


ever looked! I met a Bollywood star, he wanted a picture of him in the


shed! Thank you! Let's talk about coming to this place. This country


has 1.2 billion people. Is the aim for Formula One to inspire


everybody, or are we here for the high rollers? The dream would be to


embrace everybody, but you can never do that first time out. But


there is enough media and TV and interest. We were staggered by what


went on, to give us a taste that people want to come here in the


future. In terms of an intimate knowledge of Formula One, most


people would not know all of the drivers, but they know that Formula


One is global and they are excited it is here. But also, the Indian


drivers, Narain Karthikeyan is a national hero already. When you


have a local staff -- local store, people get behind it. There is


already a team in Formula One, Force India. A lifelong dream for


the owner, and for many motor sport lovers here. It is all about


getting it right. We have seen some disappointing crowds in South Korea


and China, disastrous crowd in Turkey, what have we learned that


we have got to put right here? not want to see -- keep using the


word embrace, but you talk about Turkey, the people in Istanbul did


not have a clue, so the media could not be penetrated to encourage the


people to come. I believe that is different here, the promoter is


active, I have seen all sorts of things, just the people they have


brought here today, it is staggering. Eddie Jordan is also


embracing the Indian Grand Prix! We are here in a province of 200


million people. If this were a country, it would be the fifth


biggest in the world. The drivers have arrived, let's hope the


his photograph taken at! Sebastian Vettel not a fan of his photograph,


but Michael Schumacher arrives for his 284 Grand Prix, but your first


in India. What are your impressions? It is pretty


impressive to see the track. It is a great challenge to us to drive


out there, a fantastic character, and a good combination of


overtaking spots, a long straight, slow corners and the challenge of


the high-speed stuff. Of all the places we go to, like China, do you


feel that there is an ambassadorial role for you? It is your name that


everybody recalls. I have heard about this before coming here,


because I had some interview sessions during earlier races with


Indian journalists. He is nice to know, but when you come here, you


focus on your real job, and that is doing what I love to do. If people


are happy about that and they want to see me as an ambassador, even


better. Some of the drivers have said this is the best new circuit


that Hermann Tilke has designed. Do you share that view? Were you


consulted? It is as a result of a safety group meeting we had some


while ago before the trap was finalised in Geneva -- before the


track was finalised. The widening and opening for the braking zone is


a result, and it is great stuff to have this, because it allows


multiple lines and good fighting. We are looking forward to an


exciting Grand Prix. As far as the constructors standings are


concerned, Mercedes or fourth. You are keen to improve next season.


Seven points between you and Nico Rosberg. How keen are you to finish


above him? You would want to finish in front of him, but in the


rankings, it is not we important who is ahead. I do not care that


much. It is more important when things get going and we can fight


for the podium. That is when it becomes important. Enjoy the race,


and steered clear of Vitaly Petrov. He is behind me, but I guess there


will be other obstacles to deal with today! A bit of a challenge


for all of the drivers, and 80 huge challenge yesterday to get to grips


with this incredibly tasty circuit. But the prize on offer, to be the


first man ever on pole position here.


The outcome of qualifying would be affected by this moment in practice.


Lewis Hamilton kept his foot down when there were marshalled on the


track. For that, he was docked three places on the grid. There was


a small but enthusiastic crowd for the rest of the first ever


qualifying session. Sauber were in big trouble. Kamui Kobayashi and


Sergio Perez started down the grid. Paul di Resta missed out on the top


10. Disappointed. This morning was quite good, I struggled with


understeer, and we could not fix it. The conditions got colder, which


did not help. We are in reasonable shape over a long distance, but


qualifying was going to be crucial, and we did not maximise it do.


top four were within 0.1 seconds following the first run. Jenson


Button was not amongst them. On the hard tyre and the soft tyre, I


could not get any grip, and I did not have a clear lap, the traffic


was terrible. People are trying it and backing out, so there are cars


everywhere. Fernando Alonso came third on the grid. It was harder


for Felipe Massa. He used all of the road and the curbs on his last


run before this misjudgment snapped the suspension. Sebastian Vettel


had already passed the Ferrari's accident on his way to pole


position. It was interesting. It was a good battle. After the first


run, it was close, so I knew I had to do a bit better. I was able to


have a clean lap. Lewis Hamilton was second. With the penalty, fifth


on the grid. Considering how hard the team have worked, to be there,


it would have been nice to be ahead of Red Bull, but it was unfortunate,


the penalty. Sebastian Vettel was not troubled, resulting in a new


record for the most poor positions of the season for Red Bull. -- most


pole positions. Well done. 13 pole positions. Red Bull in control, but


they will have to watch out for Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button.


Felipe Massa has a be built Ferrari. Seventh is the best Mercedes can


manage. Toro Rosso are well placed. Pastor Maldonado is the best


Williams. Vitaly Petrov has a fireplace penalty for causing an


accident in the last race. -- five place penalty.


Because of their misdemeanours, 71% of the cars do not start in the


places where they qualified, which is rare. Lewis Hamilton was naughty


at the start of the weekend, so he drops three places. You cannot get


close to this person in India, some people or he rose, this man is like


nice to see you. This is a country mad for cricket. Are there any fans


left for Formula One? It has not coincided. I am sure there are many


Indians who love Formula One. That is what you are born with. I am


sure that this will be a mega event, which will be well excepted by


you will have the honour of waving the chequered flag at the end. Pele


did it in 2002. He missed the winning car coming over the line,


have you been practising? I have been very prepared and very


informed about that. Yes, that is one thing I need to be careful of.


I am so looking forward to this event because way back into 1002


when I watched my first F1 race, at Silverstone, the feeling was would


it ever come to India and it has happened so I am really excited.


know you're batting action is impressive, show us your flag-


waving action. It is more like a sword fight. I have to do that for


the whole map after the winner has passed. As simple as that.


anyone can do it, you can. Thank you very much. Let's join our own


heroes the Formula One. Let's make our way down the pit lane. It is


good to show people a brand new facility like this. Incredible to


get Sachin Tendulkar on his own. big star. Maybe people don't know


what he stands for. The magnitude of him because he is just like a


god in this country. Quite funny when he was walking down the palate,


100 people around him, and Sebastian Vettel walked past with


no one interested! Two big records yesterday in qualifying for


Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull. is very significant, the 13th pole


position this season and it puts him in it -- an exclusive club. He


has now matched Fangio for 28 pole positions, which is hugely


significant. He has had a great start to his career, he has had


good cars. But he has made full use of the vehicle. There's no question


he is cementing his status as the man to beat. The thing that catches


me is the dominance of the team. Coming from the team's side, 16


pole positions of up this is remarkable. Only once has that been


eclipsed, and that was by Lewis. If they keep going on for two more


races after here, it is staggering the dominance they have had his ear.


What else can we say about this Red Bull team? Red Bull very impressive


indeed. But yesterday it was Toro Rosso that was celebrating. Not


because they had taken pole position, almost like they had won


the world title. Ali Mackenzie is with the perfect two men to explain.


-- Lee McKenzie. Sebastien Buemi and Jaime Alguersuari. We are


talking about successful Saturdays and yesterday seemed to have


surpassed all expectations. Yes, to have both cars into Q3 was a good


achievement for us. We don't get any points for that so hopefully


today we will have a good race. This car seems to be getting better,


how does that relate to you as a driver? They have been improvements


because we can demonstrate that we are competitive and it also means


Toro Rosso is becoming a big team. For the future of the team it is


very important. We are fighting with Sauber, who were in front of


us in the Constructors' Championship. Today we have a good


position to overtake them in the championship. This means Toro Rosso


is becoming big. We saw how much it meant to the guys in the garage, it


was like you had both won the race. What was the atmosphere like when


you went back? What did they say? It is not very often we get both


cars into Q3 so we were really happy. What we updated in Japan


seemed to work properly. It is good to see that what we do is making


the car better and we can now fight in the top 10. To be in front of


one of the Mercedes and both Renaults is definitely good.


you give them something to smile about today? I think we can be in


the points, definitely. To overtake Sauber in the championship would be


amazing. We will see how it will be. I hope your afternoon goes well,


thank you. Plenty for the crowd to get excited


about when it came to Toro Rosso yesterday and they have opened the


grid. The atmosphere is starting to bubble up despite the fact that the


pit lane has been empty of the onlookers. A quick chat about the


Toro Rosso drivers. Both young drivers. The best finish of his


career in South Korea for Jaime Alguersuari. Making the job very


difficult for Red Bull to work out who should be in that car next


season. It is. The first half of the year it was looking like


Alguersuari. It is a great problem for Red Bull. They have five


drivers with Daniel Ricciardo as well. They could ultimately put


them in the league team in motor racing. It is going to be


interesting to see what they will do. They have a whole host of young


drivers waiting to get into Formula One. A looking at the midfield


battle in the Constructors' Championship, let's have a look at


where they stand. Very interesting when you look at their championship


positions and their positions on the grid. It has nearly been turned


on its head up with the exception of Sutil, who is very strong. Force


India can be caught by Sauber. I would be watching over my shoulder


for Toro Rosso. What they have achieved, by far the first is cut


in South Korea in a straight line and they have both made it into the


top 10. It has been the turnaround of the season as far as teams are


concerned. Not long until the race, just over half an hour. Keep your


eyes on that midfield battle. Some people who will be tuning in with


interest are in the United States, in the state of Texas, in the City


of Austin. India have managed it with aplomb and now Austen, over to


there is no interest in Formula One in America, but I think we are


about find out that is not the case. You know who DEC his? DEC shoe


making a go of it. We have had Detroit and Long Beach. I don't


know why they haven't made it. watching this awesome F1 car.


are passionate about it. I went to the race at India and there were


140,000 people there. That, is allowed! And fast. -- of that car


is allowed. I have heard rumours about David Coulthard coming to


Austin. I have been watching him since I was a little girl with my


dad. About how a drive from my home Niki Lauda was racing. I used to


watch it as a kid. Buffalo, antelope. We are the home of the


antelope. It is a matter of marketing and the wakening people


to what it is. It has been around for years and years, but America


has grown accustomed to cars going around in a circle. Once that


education aspect get out, excitement will follow. Do you know


who that is? Who is that? We are waiting for Bernie. If you hear me,


incredible facility which is in construction. Everything behind us


will be the circuit of America. have to pick a good geographic


location. It doesn't matter what kind of event you are doing. We


thus been positioned between both coasts in America and between


Central America and Canada, it is a great location from a global


perspective. This track has not been conceived and designed by


consortiums or sovereign wealthy nations. It is by guys who raised


their hearts out and know what a good track should be. The cool


corners will be this. 40 metres of elevation. Similar to Becketts.


This is 1.2 kilometres. Very similar to Istanbul to and eight,


except it is quicker and downhill and right handed. You have to build


a track from the ground up. You don't modify another institution,


you don't modify anything, you don't play football in Yankee


Stadium, you play baseball. How far is this through the project? You


have got over a year until the Grand Prix. I think we are probably


very tight on time. Being perfectly candid. But we will have a Grand


Prix next year in November. What we are going to do here... The camera


shots don't do the steepness of the hill justice. This is a technical


and very scientific experiment to see just how much speed a static


tyre can build between now and going to be the first person to


drive the circuit of America's. I am not even sure whether we will


get to the first turn. Wish me luck. dirt. Feel more like a rally driver


will be racing there. If you are wondering what the black armband is


about, it is because we lost two great more -- Motors bought men and


the last couple of weeks, Dan Wheldon and Marco Simoncelli. There


will be a minute's silence before the race. Wonderful to see you Ben


Austin. You were watching most of the engineers and mechanics. Plenty


of interest in that place. All of the teams enjoy going to these new


places. They really get a sense of the country for top the European


races, you arrive on a Thursday and leave on a Sunday. These other


races, they are going to get a surprise. It is not all J R Ewing


and oil rigs, it is a vibrant little town. 80,000 students. It is


a very young Fipe. Eddie will love it because there is a lot of live


music. I am loving your 1980s J R Ewing reference! Talking about the


circuit, we like South Korea, it is a great track, drivers have been


impressed here. Have we learn from mistakes in Abu Dhabi and Singapore


and Valencia? The circuit is as good to great racing as the


circuits and driving. Abu Dhabi built a great facility, but the


drivers are enthused about this track. That is what Abu Dhabi got


wrong, it was all about the facility rather than the racetrack.


You have to start with a great race track and then build the facilities


and the enthusiasm will come through. No US raised this year,


two US races by 2013. Spoilt for choice. All of the team principals


here, even back as far as my day, we were pounding the table with


Ernie, get us into America. Indianapolis didn't quite fulfil


that. Now with the announcement of the New Jersey race and Austen, it


is like a dream come true. Those are places we are going, but right


now it is all about India. Lewis Hamilton has just climbed into his


car with his Bob Marley helmet. A big day for Lewis Hamilton and a


big day for everyone, a particularly big day for a circuit


the drivers are already in love with. India is colourful, India is


vibrant. India is exciting. That is why we say incredible India.


think they have done a really good job with the circuit and it is very,


very fast and flowing. Fabulous speed. The high speed is phenomenal,


the amount of grip you have. A lot The drivers seem to like it. They


will get the chance to enjoy themselves and less than half an


hour, because the pit lane is open and Jenson Button is in his car,


looking focused. He starts ahead of Lewis Hamilton. Jenson Button


starts in fourth position. He cannot claim he does not know his


way around, because we found the perfect mode of transport to


introduce him to this course. Thursday morning, 11:15am, this is


what the most important drug walks of the season. -- one of the most


important trucker walks. On most of them, we will go round, but here,


it is important to go on a tut-tut, I feel! Only 16,000 kilometres?


That surprises me! It is only one year old. We got you a new one. But


it goes up to 80 kilometres an hour. We are off. Smoothed! Where is the


KERS button?! You are like the real driver, you use the horn a lot!


Perfect! That is an amazing bit of kit. We could learn a few things


from this for next year. Tell us what is going through your head


when you look at that. Did we get it right in the simulator? We can


make sure that they were acquitted to prepare was correct. Looking at


the Kurds, we are OK. It does not look as tight in reality. It looks


more open. Which is nice. Nicely decorated! I think it is lovely!


When you can see the grandstands and things like Waterloo's, or are


you looking those? Yes, full distance, rather than, where will I


go to the toilet? But little things that are upright are important. It


is difficult to find a brick market if they do not put them, so you


have to look for something else. That looks amazing. If it were flat,


it would not be as exciting. We are what we have learned. The first


corner is more open than we thought, the third corner is more open on


the entry, and the same on the fourth. This is similar to the


simulator. This corner, there is gravel at the apex, but the great


thing, from the fifth corner until the 15th corner, it is all pretty


fast, with good changes of direction. It will be a lot of fun.


learned, the drivers in India are skilled. You thought you were the


best, you are wrong! How much as on the meter? One of you has got to


foot the bill. Two-wood and 40 rupees. This has come all the way


from Delhi. You have signed a juicy contract, so �4, please!


Eddie Jordan was feeling generous, and he footed the bill. This is


Jenson Button leaving the garage. Let's hope his race engineer also


makes it back for the start of the race. This seems to be the trend,


to have undulating circuits. Yes, they have created the adulation,


because this was a flat land. It gives something extra to the


drivers, you have the sensation of being on a roller-coaster. Even the


back straight, it has a small rise and dip, and it gives them a great


feeling. When the cars came out, the grandstand stood up and clapped


and cheered. The excitement is starting to build. They have


designed a circuit here to encourage overtaking at, but it is


so dirty off-line, it is difficult to do that. You will not see many


drivers, and as they have do, they will not take the risk of going off


the side. It is safer and wider, but it is a long straight. It is


the DRS and everything else with the Kurds. It will make this into a


spectacular race. If you are tuning before Andrew Marr, that programme


is starting on BBC Two. You can watch him next week, but you can


only watch the first Indian Grand Prix on the BBC once! There does


not seem to be a clean or dirty line on one side or the other.


the final corner, they go diagonally across the starting grid,


so they are right between pole position and second on the grid.


The cleanest part of the track will be somewhere around 10 or 11 on the


grid. Mark Webber has lost more places than any other driver, so it


will be interesting. Whether it is watching it from home or


introducing him here, I have lost count of the number of crude walks


Martin Brundle has done, but he has never done it in India.


It is brilliant. The cars have left the pit lane. Some are doing


practice starts, which is the noise you can here. I am looking at the


amazing truth. -- amazing growth. It is an impressive piece of


engineering. The modern Formula One starting the rostrum, but the rest


is pure India. Let's see who we can find. The safety car has been out


in the last five races on the trot. There is a very good chance we will


see that here this afternoon. The photographers are getting the


Indian flag held out so they can get some shots for the week. Lots


of pretty girls here. Mark Webber, second position, in the Red Bull,


after Lewis Hamilton took his penalty. Lewis Hamilton did split


the Red Bull cars, but he has to go back. How is the track on the way


round? Pretty good. We took the hard tyre round, so I did not fill


the car too much. It looks pretty good. You have got half a chance of


getting to the first corner first. It looks reasonably even. The proof


will be in the pudding. My last few starts have been pretty good, so it


will be nice to continue that. heard in the week some stories


about maybe Sebastien helping to, but that is not how do you see it?


You know what it is light at this level. 17 years, I have never had a


position given to me, and I do not what one. Mark Webber is not


looking for gifts at the first Indian Grand Prix. Fernando Alonso


not yet on the grid. Lewis Hamilton's car is. Can we find it


Jenson Button? He is still sitting in the car, adjusting the nearest.


-- adjusting the mirrors. It is unusual to see that still being


done. But how little space there is for him to get out of the car. It


is incredible, they have to take off the headrest before he can


begin to get out. If it is on fire, he would be out of there like a


shot, but you can see how tight it is for the driver. You heard David


talking about a Bollywood star who has done more than 400 movies. It


is a big day for motor sport. not want to get run over! You are a


Formula One fan anyway? Absolutely, we are so excited that Formula One


is in India. We have been talking about this, thinking about this, I


have had many conversations with Bernie Ecclestone about bringing


Formula One to India, and I am very happy today, hearing from everybody,


all of the arrangements and everything have been top class.


you show me how you can disconnect your neck and move around? I will


do a dance. It is your turn! I have got to see the match over here! --


man! Blackadder, we like to call him Rowan Atkinson. Can I get


through? Here we are again. Indian Grand Prix. A lot of energy


going on here. Degrades get more and more crowded. -- grids. It has


been a remarkable achievement, so far. It is not an easy country or


an easy society in which to make this kind of thing work. They have


done remarkably well. So far, so good. I had some Indian traffic


this morning, slightly Indian! It took a couple of hours to get in!


But we got here on time, and everybody seems to be optimistic.


You are cheering for McLaren? have an instinctive allegiance


towards McLaren. I think we are in a pretty good place. I think Lewis


Hamilton is in good form, he is in better form than he has been for


some months. They are optimistic. We have seen him not looking as


happy as he has been. I have spoken to him a bit. I do not claim great


intimacy with him. I would describe him as Light reflective, but that


is not a bad thing. It is an optimistic reflection, rather than


depressives. The future is bright for him. Let's hope the future is


bright for the Indian Grand Prix. Let's see if we can find Jenson


Button. He has left the grid. We have got Felipe Massa bad hair. --


down here. Coming up shortly, we have got a tribute to Dan Wheldon


and Marco Simoncelli. Hello, what do you think? It is a bit chaotic.


But it is super. The chaos suits Formula One. It is brilliant. Is


there anybody famous you can introduce me to? Normally, we


organise the chaos, but this is on its own! You are in an entourage?


Sachin Tendulkar. You are on the grid, how is it feeling for you?


Fantastic. It is a special feeling that Formula One has come to India.


The people have waited for a long time. The boot -- it has turned


into a reality, it is exciting. This is a special feeling for all


of us. It is time to hand back to Jake Humphrey. The drivers are


moving towards the front of the grit.


-- grid. We are about to remember two lost


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


champions, Dan Wheldon and Marco India in honour of two men who


recently lost their lives, Marco Simoncelli and Dan Wheldon. That


was a remarkably difficult thing to watch before a Grand Prix because


in this modern era, death is not something that is particularly


common place any more. Indeed. It is absolutely fitting that Formula


One pays its respects to two other forms of motor sport, in the car


racing and MotoGP. The drivers wanted to be part of that. It is a


reflective moment just before starting a Grand Prix but


nonetheless they wanted to pay their respects. It sends a very


positive message that at certain moments Formula One can be united.


Tributes are very important, but so is learning from these problems.


Formula One sets a benchmark for safety, it is important that


motorsport doesn't slip too far behind. It is a tragic reminder,


but nevertheless, Formula One has been the pinnacle of safety for


quite some time. It started with Max Mosley and has carried on with


Jean Todt. They are really resilient, they will not give up on


this. Everything they can possibly do. The great news is it gets


transferred into the automobile industry and the people on the


streets, they are the real beneficiaries of up fingers crossed,


never stop the search for safety. Our thoughts with the families of


Dan Wheldon and Marco Simoncelli. Thank you for joining us, David,


but let's turn our attention to what we hope will be a race that is


a fitting tribute. Let's speak to Paul di Resta.


There seems to be about 2000 people inside your garage, a lot of


excitement at Force India. A lot of excitement, but the biggest thing


is we have new partners, the Sahara group have come to their first


Grand Prix, enjoying the experience. It is an important day and


hopefully we can score some points and keep the mood very happy.


were not that comfortable with the car yesterday, will there be


different today in the long run? think so, we have optimised the


long-run performance over qualifying. It was always going to


be tricky in qualifying. But you have to think ahead and stay


positive. Hopefully be aggressive. Thank you.


That is what we want to hear, Paul di Resta saying he will be


aggressive after a difficult qualifying session. Fernando Alonso


has said he can fight for victory from third place on the grid, but


they might be energy with the car. Let's speak to Ted. There is a


problem with the car. A problem with the front wing. Specifically


the right hand side. Let's see if we can have a look. I have just


spoken to Stefania Dearman jelly and he was not aware there was a


problem until we pointed it out. The mechanics said there seems to


be a problem with where the actual flap of the front wing meets the


end plate. Some very controlled activity. One of the mechanic's


hands is shaking. The flap itself is completely detached. It is like


microsurgery trying to fix this. They will get it done because they


have another 10 minutes, but some fevered activity at Fernando


Alonso's car. Who knows whether there will be further problems with


the front wings. We have seen that happen before this season, Lewis


Hamilton was sitting in the garage until the last moment in China. A


last-minute rescue job. There have been problems with this new front


wing. Ferrari fighting hard to make sure they cut his quick next season.


There is something not right about the front wing. This looks like a


card directly out of a comic strip. It is like two Ready shovels


sitting on the end of a plank. It is horrible, it doesn't even look


right. A design disaster for -- a design disaster. You know those


when you see them! Thank you! Fernando Alonso starts third, just


in front Mark Webber. He hasn't taken a place off the start of a


race since April. If he does it today, he will take the lead and


that would mean a lot for a man desperate to be second in the


Drivers' Championship. He couldn't pick a better time. He happens to


have a decent run at the beginning. I actually think he could go


straight into the lead because he has already talked about it and


traditionally, Sebastian Vettel doesn't always make great start.


Vettel is on pole position for this race. He has matched the great


Fangio's record of 28 pole positions. How much would he loved


to pick up a win? If he is naughty, Johnny Herbert will have his eyes


on him because he is the race to it. How do you take pole position at


India? -- and he is the race steward.


The drivers are enjoying this Buddh International Circuit. Sebastian


Vettel is on pole position for the 13th time for Red Bull. Diagonal on


the pit straight, cleaning up some of the potatoes lots. 180 miles per


hour down the straight. A sweeping left, climbing the hill at the apex


of three is right on the crest. Such an unusual layout. Short shift


Such an unusual layout. Short shift up to third gear to get best


acceleration, best traction. 1060 metres down the back straight.


Listen to that Renault engine. Just under 200 mph as we head into the


braking zone of turn four. Plenty of action there in the race, no


doubt. This is where the track gets really interesting. Fifth gear


through the left-hander, playing with the throttle, carrying


tremendous speed in the Red Bull. Balancing the power beautifully. A


long-term 10, the front of the car wanders to the outside, a bit of


grip on the kerb. Hard on the throttle, using the artificial


grass. Fifth gear for that -- through that first part of to and


13. Absolutely flying. Look at the speed he takes into to and 15. It


must be brilliant to drive his Red Bull. A very wide entry into the


final corner. Touch is the apex perfectly and straightens the car.


Over the line, Vettel red hot in has now started 35% of all of his


races in Formula One from pole position. We're getting close,


Eddie is dressed for it, you're ready for it, what about Lewis


Hamilton? He said he wanted to remove all of the distractions.


Good to see him sharing an embrace with his dad. We have not seen much


of that in the past 12 months. think he needs it more now than in


it -- than ever, sometimes family bonds know when love is required


and it has never been more required than it is now. I am emotional


about seeing him doing it. On the front of that Force India, you can


see one of the biggest Bollywood stars. Can Formula One match the


kind of thing India is already in love with? The first ever Grand


Prix, time for Formula One to impress. What will happen? I think


it will be impressive. I just hope we don't have a Vettel gift, going


into the distance. I want to see the fight taken to him. We also


have a double Diarrar stone, that could spice things up. The crowd of


very much up for it. It has been a tough few days for motor sport, but


now we turn our attention to what we do best, delivering exciting and


dramatic raising. As ever, the aim for the drivers is simple. To win


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


the race. To be the first to see advertising says, and without doubt


it has been a spectacular race so far. A country of 1.2 billion


people, 200 million of those on in this northern province, which


includes Delhi. India has more motor rating history then you might


imagine. The first road race was in 1904 from Delhi to Mumbai. In 1969


they formed a motorsport body and in 1980 it was their first


Himalayan Rally. Today it is the inaugural Grand Prix of India. A 60


lap race at his new Buddh International Circuit. Lots of


emotion on the grid, lots of excitement. And then there tribute,


the minutes silence for Dan Wheldon and Marco Simoncelli. The Indian


national anthem was played, which translates as vow what the ruler of


minds. Whose mind do you think is on the game today? We had a very


impressive qualifying from Sebastian Vettel. Getting his


timing absolutely to perfection. He was able to get those tyres


switched on in a single lap, which many of the other drivers were


struggling to do. Based on the qualifying performance, he has


found a sweet spot and I fear that if he converts pole position into a


leading at the first corner, he might not be seen this afternoon.


Lewis Hamilton unfortunately got his penalty for a yellow flag


infringement on Friday practice. But he is totally focused. McLaren


started great this year. Alonso in Monza it was able to lead that


raised into the first corner, much to the delight of the Italian fans,


so look out for him at the start. Gods of racing are welcome. We have


seen the Bollywood stars, the cricketing stars, now it is time


for the Formula One stars to show what they can do. Jenson Button


inherited fourth on the grid after Hamilton's penalty. Both McLaren


drivers with a fast race car underneath them. Still the dancing


goes on outside in the paddock. Wall-to-wall action here. Meanwhile,


the drivers, as you say, David, Lewis Hamilton with that 1,000


yards there on the grid. -- 1,000 Yard stare. The back straight is


1060 metres. Let's talk about Massa's front wing. It is fixed.


Not too many people around it. He must be slightly concerned. The


last think... Alonso's wing. The last thing you want is for your


front wing to be coming underneath your front tyres. It is indeed! You


want your front wing to stay where it should be. Let's take a look at


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


qualifying. Only two Indian trouble -- drivers have ever been in


Formula One, Chandhok and Karthikeyan. They have fired up the


tyres they did their fastest lap on. Four chose not to do any laps. We


will see who is running what. Soft airs on Sutil's car, marked with


That is the first time they get a proper start away from their grit


box. Furious calculations going on about how to set the clutch bite


point for their getaway. It is very wide. I expect to see plenty of


dust being thrown up as the cars leave the grid. They have been


cleaning up the right side of the track. DRS zones, two of them on


soft tyres Maldonado and Schumacher. That is to let Paul di Resta know


that the three cars in front of him and the one behind him have soft


tyres on. Kobayashi has hard tyres on the Sauber. What do you think


about that? I think given the gap between the tiers, it is a bit


strange. He is clearly having a punt at the One Stop race this


afternoon. There is not much difference in time. I think what


that will do is give the other teams a sight as to what is the gap


today. They have no historical information on how this track will


be in a Grand Prix. I asked Mark Webber how the track was and he


said he did not know because he was on the hard tyres. It will be


interesting to see how Kobayashi copes with those. It looks like


Vettel is joyriding and having fun. He is doing a very prescribed


number of heat cycles into those tyres. He will slot as late as he


can into his grid position. The yellow line is where you're right


front tyre should be. Christian Horner looks on with the boss of a


Nissan Renault as the back of the outside the gates of Silverstone.


This is a very big day for Indian motor sport and for that matter,


it well, behind him is Webber. Where they are thinking about going


up the inside. Alonso has gone very deep. Rubens Barrichello and


Kobayashi, I think was in there, too. One of the Virgin Racing cars


having to take avoiding action. And more contact at the back of the


field of Jarno Trulli with an HRT. Yellow flags are waving. Webber


under pressure immediately down the straight. No DRS involved there for


the first two laps. Button just flew past Mark Webber. Hamilton


down in sixth place. Michael Schumacher or yet again making a


flying start, getting himself up into eighth position behind his


team-mate Paul to rest there -- behind his team-mate. Paul di Resta


man Mark Webber. He would have been frustrated that the McLaren just


cruised past him. All year long we have seen it, Red Bull have gone


for grip in the corners and they have given up on straight line


speed and that has hurt them badly, David. Indeed, there are other


factors as well. Perez coming in. A bit of locking up action there.


Massa still being hunted down by Hamilton. It is Kobayashi who has


stopped, we think. We saw him in trouble in the first corner.


Somebody has lost their wing on the way in. Barrichello's front wing


got lost on the way to the pits. Perez, block and Barrichello pitted,


Kobayashi stopped on the track and Trulli appears to have got running


again. A long pit stop for Barrichello. Lots of colours on his


crash helmet this weekend. Let's hear from Ted. Rubens Barrichello


came in to change the front wing. Timo Glock also came in. Perez has


come in to get rid of the hard tyres. He can run the soft, quicker


tyres now for the rest of the race. Sebastian Vettel's lead at the end


of the first lap was... Alonso was a bit too hard on the brakes. That


is what released Jenson Button up into third. Kobayashi was rather


careless. Fernando Alonso will get a good view of the Red Bulls.


think he was a bit caught out. Mark was quite early on the brakes. He


went left and was not able to use mark as a reference for the braking.


Sutil lock his wheels. There is Barrichello. I think he hit the


back of his team mate. I think there was some contact with Rosberg


as well. Maybe we will get another replay of that. Another replay. Now


we will see that Jarno Trulli gets spun out in the Lotus. He has


pitted. This is a replay of his pit stop. The right rear puncture. So


much contact. You have got these really wide turn in points and it


is tempting to have a go but then they all concertina into one point


on the inside of the corner. Look at the lead that Vettel has. He


leads by 2.7 seconds over Button who is half a second clear of Mark


Webber. Sen up in to tenth place Timo Glock retiring from the Grand


Prix. We have two cars out at the moment. We have the DRS available.


Despite having a port straight-line speed on that Red Bull, he now has


the DRS are available down the back were seeing hide degradation, I


would say this was Jenson looking after his tyres but we are not


seeing baton these tyres. They are projecting a can get 35 laps or


more out of the set of tyres this afternoon. Just as we saw two weeks


ago in Korea, Mark Webber struggling to get past the McLaren,


even with the DRS available. I spoke Adrian Newey about that this


morning. He said, that is how we run it. We like the grip of the


corners. He also said he thinks the engine is a bit peaky. Button Locks


his wheel. Why was he so far on the right? Webber was not that close to


him. Still, it is not enough with the DRS Open. Now he is in the


slipstream. Jenson goes defensive. Mark also -- ought to have a chance


of getting round but Jenson is having none of that. You cannot


force another driver of the road that you are entitled to drive your


racing line. I think there was a bit of rubbing tyres on the exit of


that corner. Mark takes a decision to go on the clean site. He should


have given it up at the apex. Jenson quite rightly takes his line.


But he is a man under pressure. It looks like he has opened up a bit


of a gap now as they come to turn 15. If Mark is going to get a pass,


he will have to make it stick. Jenson will have to find his form


with the balance of the car. While they are squabbling for second and


third place, the gap goes up to 4.2 seconds as they move into lap six.


Vettel will soon be saying, come on, guys, give me a race.


Jenson seems to be wanting to clean that line-up for himself. It could


be something to do with the set-up of McLaren. BC the DRS and the KERS


all getting used DUP. You can see the red icon on the side of the


screen. He will have to get himself a lot closer when he ends that lap.


McLaren has great straight-line speed. DRS will give mark another


10 or 15 kilometres an hour in top speed, so I think it shows what a


slippery car but McLaren is. It is the level of downforce they choose


to use. In terms of the want the extra downforce in the corners. It


is a balance. There are two relatively long straights in the


first part of the lap and then it is all corners. And the corners the


drivers laugh. -- love it. The car feels alive when you are above 100


mph or with downforce. It is so precise. You can position the car.


That is why the guys are raving you can do it.


They were referring to Bruno Senna. They probably think they race


strategy is being compromised heavily. Bruno Senna made a great


start. He was 40 per on the grid, he is tenth at the moment. -- 14th


on the grid. Vettel is cruising away at the front. A bit of


oversteer on entry. That could be due to the settings he has to


harvest the energy for his KERS system. I think it is interesting


just listening to the engineer for Jaime Alguersuari. Sometimes it


sounds like they are stating the obvious, you have to pass him. He


probably could have worked that one out for himself! Let's see what Ted


has found out. Jenson Button has done the hard work keeping Mark


Webber behind him. McLaren believe now the Red Bull tyres will start


to fade and Mark Webber will not have as much of an advantage as he


had earlier. Lewis Hamilton was crowded out by Felipe Massa. They


feel they are quicker than the Ferrari so they will start to turn


Lewis -- they will start to tell Lewis to turn it up now.


The gap is 4.7. A big cloud of dust on the right hand side of the track.


I do not know what is going on there. I will have a look. Lewis


Hamilton is not really hanging on tyres. We expect them to do two


stops, but Lewis after the penalties, you see Ferrari losing


its back in the little bit, but this does seem strange. Hamilton


did a 32.2 on the last lap, Button did a 31.8. There was nothing to


suggest through free practice and qualifying that there was an offset


between the McLaren drivers. Strategy could be playing a part.


Fernando Alonso running fourth at the moment. Unusual to him -- for


him to drop spots off the grid. Vettel with a new fastest lap.


1:31.3. Button just about matches lead in sixth place. That was a


relieved slow lap for Lewis Hamilton. Certainly not because of


any traffic, he is running in clean air. Alonso is managing to keep the


gap at just over a second, which is the crucial window for Massa if he


of the race at the first corner, we don't know how hard tyres are


performing. Senna under pressure. That Toro Rosso has been mighty in


a straight line. They love those long straights. Job done for


Alguersuari. But Senna is coming back at him. It is very much one,


at a time through here. They have been finding it hard enough to keep


on the track by themselves through that section. 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 and


then the long right hander. A unique corner that could only be


the Indian Grand Prix. 12 is the left-hander, this is 13. It is a


mighty chicane, effectively. We are already on lap 10. Vettel is 4.8


seconds in the lead. We have a fairly static race at the moment.


Let's look down the field and see who is getting the job done. Sutil


remains 9th. Alguersuari went up into 10th. And now Senna under


pressure from Buemi. Another DRS zone. Senna has no answer to the


straight-line speed of the Toro Rossos. That is such an unusual


corner. You climb the hill to turn three and it is absolutely


unsighted, even when you are walking, your head is at walking


height, let alone when you are sitting on the ground. The first-


lap incidents have been investigated and no further action


will be taken. No penalties applied in this race or a grid drop for


Kobayashi, for example. I have no KERS. Fail 0. No KERS any more.


That is to reset that system. Try to get it kicked back into the life.


If that doesn't work, that will cost him about three-tenths of a


second per lap, not having KERS available. Pastor Maldonado is the


next man up, looking at the back of Senna. Paul di Resta coming back


through the field. He has had one stop. But the inside of him is


Sergio Perez, who has also stopped once. They are making their way


back through the field. Petrov is in 19th place. Ted? I can tell you


wide di Resta needed to do that. He has pitted to get them hard tyres


out of the way. He will fight his way back through the field. He


doesn't have to run the slower time any more. Di Resta had to make that


move to make the strategy work. Jenson Button has just done the


fastest lap of the Grand Prix. The gap remains 4.8 seconds. Vettel is


just coasting at this stage. The others are coming on. We are on


board with Maldonado. He is looking at the back of Bruno Senna. Senna


has lost his KERS. We need to attack Senna. Use KERS, DRS. Kerr


has an DRS. KERS is for 6.7 seconds per lap. You have an extra 80


horsepower with no extra weight to carry. Pure power. A bit of extra


drag. It is like a small family three-door hatchback, they would


have 80 horsepower. You know how much metal you drag along with that.


It is pure performance and a reasonable kick up the back, only


available for 6.7 seconds every lap and it is reset on the start line.


You can use it to attack or defend. Button does another new fastest lap


on a 31.0. The gap is down to 4.5 seconds. He is dropping Webber as


well. Webber was six-tenths slow on the last lap. It looks like he is


dropping out of the zone. He will not get any DRS benefit now, 1.6


seconds behind Button. The first nine out of the race was Kobayashi.


-- first man. Tell us what happened. Someone hit me from the back. A


span. Then I got a puncture. I saw some smoke from the gearbox. I had


to stop the car. Somebody knocked me out of the race, I still think


he could have come back on the track somewhat better than he did.


That was his real problem. As we were hearing from him, we saw Perez


passing di Resta and then being passed again. Bruno Senna fending


off Pastor Maldonado. The gap is down to 4.2 seconds for Button. Six


seconds covers the top three. 10 seconds covers the top five. That


is the excellent actor and 14. Slightly blocked by that


advertising board. Maldonado again. Useful KERS. -- used full KERS.


What would be the alternative to full KERS? He will get the full


benefit, the full 6.7 seconds. There's always diminishing returns


as you get further and further off the corner. You want to start


deploy incurs as soon as you are that extra 80 horsepower. Let's


explain traction limited. These Pirelli tyres, the construction and


the compound, they are very sensitive to wheel slip. You always


have a differential between the rear wheel and the front wheel but


you don't want to go beyond about 10% on retire slip. -- rear tyre


slip. You can overheat the surface of the tyre and you lose grip. That


is Maldonado. He will not be using any KERS now. That will not help.


Is that on the back straight? like a service road. A lot of


marshals hear from Bahrain. He is well out of the way. Not in any


trouble. Technical problems for Maldonado. He was running in 13th


place. That moves Heikki Kovalainen up to 14th place. It looks like the


rear axle. It would suggest he did not have any injured at that point.


-- any engine. It sounds like he has broken the drive when he did


the gearshift. Yes, gearbox. We have lost Maldonado, he makes the


third retirement as Adrian Sutil and Alguersuari come through very


nicely. Buemi hunting him down now as well. Toro Rosso a little bit


tidy off the start, but both inside the top 10 in qualifying and now


they are showing tremendous race pace. The yellow flag is waving for


Maldonado's car. Three retirements. Kobayashi and Maldonado and Timo


Glock. He is with Lee McKenzie. difficult day yesterday and it


doesn't seem to have got any better, what happened? Unlucky. Down to


turn one, I had a very good start. I saw bits flying. It looked like


Kobayashi span off and came back onto the track right in front of me


and I had no chance to avoid a crash. I damaged my front wing and


I had to come back to the pits and change tyres. I then had a problem


on the front right. Then I came back into the pits and retired.


luck. Look at this for a run of times Jenson Button is putting


Then he spoiled it by doing a 1:30.9. Tremendous consistency from


Button. Vettel slightly faster on that lap. Now 4.3 off the lead.


Buemi lines up on Sutil. That should be easily done. He has got


so much more speed. And the use of the DRS. That gives you 68 mph. --


tenth where they started. This is a great little scrap. Di Resta,


pariahs, Petrov. Pariahs looking like he is putting di Resta under


championship 0.6 times this season, but we haven't seen him in too much


wheel-to-wheel action. -- running, they are in the mid- to


low 33s and Kovalainen doing a fantastic job in 13th, he has just


done a 33.1. The Lotus has found some pace. Kovalainen is 13th at


the moment. As you rightly say, lapping faster than those three.


Kovalainen again, and it has been a feature of the last couple of


phrases, where Lotus have had tremendous race pace, Kovalainen


running a solid 13. He might be 12th after Sutil pitted. That is


the fight between di Resta, Perez and Petrov. Button is now 3.3 clear


of Webber. 31.04 Button. Mark Webber will be coming into the pits.


The McLaren mechanics of down there. There is Mark Webber. End of lap 16.


How close was that? The Ferrari goes down, a dusty pit lane. Only


just finished the racetrack and certain elements have a lot of


construction debt. The left side of the pit lane is concrete, must be


something to do with if they've spilled fuel. Michael Schumacher is


getting round the outside of the Ferrari. Alonso has dropped a place


to Schumacher. He will be keen to get a move on and get past him. He


has fresher tyres. He will be in the DRS zone. Michael has the


advantage of the slipstream of the Lotus. Alonso needs to be getting


on with it. Webber is clear that in front. Michael Schumacher, who has


not pitted yet, is in the middle of them. Fernando Alonso needs to be


getting on with that, but he seems to be ever closer to Webber than he


was before that pit-stop. It has worked very well for him, except


the traffic. Schumacher doesn't have to get out of the way because


it is not a blue flag situation. Look at how close Schumacher was


running to have Webber. It looks like they are taking a little bit


of time to get them up to speed. Mark seems to have got them


switched on and is opening a gap, but this is costing Alonso Dilley.


Alonso will surely be passed the Mercedes any minute now. Felipe


Massa hits from third place. There is that front wing. Much spoken


about. They had two of the new ones that were strengthened. One of them


met its match against the wall in qualifying. Felipe Massa it comes


out just behind his team-mate, does he? Or just in front? So close.


Still Fernando Alonso haven't made his way past Michael Schumacher. He


will get the DRS down the straight. Let's see how Mercedes shapes up


looks like job done to me. Alonso is on his way. Now it is Felipe


Massa's turned have a go at that. Nico Rosberg pitted for Mercedes-


Benz. Ted has something to tell us. McLaren reacting, I wondered how


long they would leave Jenson Button out because Mark Webber was doing


some quick times. The answer is, they are bringing Button in.


Hamilton was not able to pass Massa out of the blankets around 100


degrees centigrade. They tried to heat the wheels us well. There was


3.5 seconds for the McLaren boys to get Button on his way. Rosberg has


also just pitted very nicely. Schumacher has decided he fancies a


set of those tyres that Alonso just whistled past him on. Michael


Schumacher pits. Once again, we have a rather clumsy pit exit.


just don't get it! Why, when they design is fantastic facilities, do


they come up with what looks like an afterthought of a picked out. It


was the same situation in Korea. Perhaps I will have to ask Charlie


Whiting. There must be some kind of Fi it a region why the pit lane has


to join before the first corner. -- and FIA reason. Hamilton was


struggling, it has to be said on that first set of tyres. He has now


been matching our race leader. Great camera angle, there. The


world champion away nicely. It did not seen super-fast but it was


plenty fast enough at 3.2. Look at that, a comfortable lead. He was


exactly five ahead before the pit stop. We will have a look to see


how that has all transpired. Webber had just done a new fastest lap of


the race. That has been pipped by Felipe Massa who is in fifth.


Hamilton is in sixth. Buemi has pitted as well for Toro Rosso. We


heard they might do as many as 25 laps on those tyres but this must


mean they are two stopping. They could do a three-stop from there. I


think the aim is to do a two-stop as long as they can on the softer


tyres and then just do a short stint. We were hearing rumours that


a hard tyre was so slow they would be looking to do similar to what we


saw in Nurburgring and pitting one lap from the end to get those tyres


on. That will not really be necessary if they are running as


wide apart as we are seeing now. Fastest lap of the race. Ron sped


clear their coaxing his driver long as we have often heard -- one


Smedley. Felipe, you are faster than anybody else, right now. The


race has not quite unfolded for Lewis as I thought it might. I


thought it would have more pace than that. Button got on those


tyres as Schumacher goes up the inside of Bruno Senna. That is for


eighth place. Senna has not pitted yet. I thought we were going to


hear some radio from Ross Brawn. Paul di Resta has pitted for the


second time. Lewis is 15 seconds off the lead. I thought he might be


all over the back of the Ferraris. He will -- he qualified in second


and was out of place on the grid but has not looked that fast in the


race. No, but he is getting into his rhythm now. He is matching the


that first set of tyres that he was not comfortable with. They have to


start the race on the tyres where they set the fastest lap in


qualifying. Qualifying is about extracting every last bit of


performance out of those tyres. He seems much happier now on the


options. He abandoned his second attempt at a lap. Those tyres have


probably done an lap less and taken less abuse in that respect. Vettel


has done a new fastest lap of the race that nobody else can get near


or at the moment. Vettel has put the hammer down. Lewis Hamilton is


lapping Rubens Barrichello who we know already had to pit for a new


nose after running into his team mate in the first corner. We have


since lost Pastor Maldonado as well. I wonder if his gearbox issue was a


problem through getting hit in the first corner. Let's try and find


out. He is talking to Lee McKenzie. A pretty sudden end to your race,


what happened? We don't know 100 % and the need to have a look and the


data will stop. 0 really disappointing moment because I was


going OK. Disappointing for that. Three men out of the race,


Maldonado, Glock and Kobayashi. 21 hanging on to Vettel. Vettel leads


Button from Webber third, Alonso, Massa, Hamilton six. Then Rosberg


and Schumacher in the two Mercedes. Then Senna still yet to pit in


ninth. We are on board with Lewis Hamilton who is getting close now


very excited about those. If it was not so dirty, it would work better.


Plenty of the KERS going on for Lewis. This was the section I was


telling you about early on, side by side through there will not work.


There is a tribute to Bob Marley on top of his crash helmet which you


can see for a reason I am not aware of. He is a big fan. I just made


that up! Senna has finally pitted. Karthikeyan has pitted. A local boy


still in the race. D'Ambrosio picks as well. Webber was fastest of the


top four last time around. Look at this, Felipe Massa running wide.


That is why we saw Lewis Hamilton so close to him. I would love to


show you a different camera angle to that because it looks like you


are heading for the sky and all of a sudden, there is a hairpin.


do not actually see the corner when they start braking. They know it is


there. They have driven this track over the last couple of days but


you start heading uphill, hit the brakes and some time thereafter,


the corner appears. McLaren are getting closer with the DRS. He has


gone up the inside this time. That is interesting! The problem is he


could not see him in his blind spot. He legitimately had his car


positioned to be able to go to the pass but it was in that horrible


area where you have a massive blind spot where you have to get your


wheel alongside the sidepod of the car you are trying to overtake so


me go, I had the line. Massa will say, I had the racing line, I was


ahead, I was entitled to turn in there. I think we saw on the


graphic before that incident came together that Lewis still had some


KERS left over. He was close to Massa on the previous lap so he had


an extra boost of KERS and committed to it. Unfortunately, you


needed another compliant racer to make that work in that situation.


Massa could not just jump out of the way, what could he do they? Him


if he did not turn in there, he would be on the sand and in the


barriers. Lewis did not make a completely clean pass and that is


why we have seen an incident. Lewis were lucky he had his car on the


inside which was a fact. Massa will say you are not far enough for the


corner to be yours and racing etiquette will decide the guy in


front has got the line. Now Massa has gone wide Internet seven. -- in


turn seven. I wonder if he has got any suspension damage. Felipe Massa


is still showing up in sixth place. Here is Lewis Hamilton back on the


track. It looks pretty slippery through there. Yes, they had to


drop an extra gear. And that looks like a steaming Toro Rosso. That is


unusual. Ferrari engine. Ferrari did have a problem with Alonso's


engine on Friday practice. That is not an easy car to recover. Contact


involving Hamilton and Massa is under investigation as we watch


them try to give the mechanics a did not give me any space. Turned


in on me, did not give me any space. That would be my opinion if I was


behind the wheel of that car. Massa will be said, what was he doing


there? It is a fast entry to the corner. Let's get off the fence,


what do you think will happen when the stewards look at that? I am


sitting on the fence, Martin! I think, because of the history this


season that those two guys have together, they could be a penalty


applied. I think racing his racing and sometimes you have incidents


and I would put that down as a racing incident. I do not think


there was any malicious intent. He was trying to strategically get his


car in front. What do you think? think it is very close to being a


racing incident. I have a feeling he will get a drive-through for it.


That is he being Lewis Hamilton. Let's hope not. Let's see if he can


come back through the field. He is still in ninth place, despite that


nicely, well done to the marshals. They have done it under waved


yellow flags. That means slow down, be prepared to stop, even. That is


how serious waved yellows are. That means you must respect the marshals.


They put their lives at risk. If there were no marshals, we could


not go motor racing. We have to respect them. Ted has more news.


have been keeping an eye on the Ferrari pit wall. They were trying


to calm Felipe down. He was steaming with rage inside the


cockpit. There is superficial damage to both cars that no signs


of Ferrari pit in Felipe Massa at the moment. Quickly about Paul di


Resta, we believe he will go to the end of the race on these tyres. He


has used all of them in terms of hard and soft compound and they


Problem with the gearshift -- gearbox on the down shift. Never


rains but it pours. Contact with Hamilton. Now potential gearshift


problem. Sometimes they sort themselves out and they go on to


secondary censors or do a reset. All sorts of clever pieces of


electronics in the backs of these cars. This is Lewis Hamilton coming


upon Ogasawarar. Lewis still have a chance of solid world championship


points. That has surely taking him away from any kind of podium


opportunities. Vettel does another fastest lap of the race. Matched by


Jenson Button. Lewis thinking better that time of going up the


so it will be interesting to see whether Hamilton will be in the one


second window for the DRS, but will he have enough speed? New fastest


lap of the race from Fernando Alonso, where did that come from?


The stewards are considering that information. We often talk about


penalties and it can be getting boring, but it is like having a


football or rugby match with no referee. It would just be anarchy.


If you don't apply the rules, speed through the pit lane, jump through


the start, as many tyres as you like. Rules are rules and they have


to be applied. Otherwise it would be anarchy. The stewards are


looking into that. Johnny Herbert, a former law ones when an Formula


One driver. -- former Le Mal winner. He fined BA wants 5,000. -- he


penalty. Vettel with another fastest lap of the race. Alonso


just about hanging on to Webber. And now with that contact, Massa 17


seconds adrift. Despite all of the carnage and action for Massa, he is


still comfortably ahead of the two Mercedes. Alguersuari eighth place.


Paul di Resta, who is 15th and coming back. Drive-through penalty


for car No. 6. That is causing a collision and that is Felipe Massa.


They have penalised Massa for turning in on Hamilton. Exactly as


we predicted. It is. Exactly the opposite to what we predicted!


Felipe Massa has the penalty for that one. Lewis sweeps to the


outside and tries to cut back underneath. He will get a much


better drive out of the corner. Not this time. Vettel, Button, Webber,


one-two-three. By the time Massa does his drive through, it will


cost him about... About 17 seconds. He will drop out around the place


where Hamilton is running out. Massa has been given a penalty.


What I was trying to get to his he could find himself on the same


piece of tarmac as Lewis Hamilton again. We will find out shortly, he


is serving that penalty. No, he is a long way ahead. Felipe Massa has


Barrichello around him. Hamilton gets the job done. He is up into


Back markers ahead. -- 1060. The next man up the road is Michael


Schumacher. Schumacher or is ahead of Felipe Massa having done his


drive through. That makes Massa the next man up the road in terms of


position. We will see what that gap is surely. Massa is nursing a


gearbox issue. Alonso is the fastest man in fourth place. 14.5


seconds covers the top four. Massa pits. When you do we drive through,


you're not allowed to stop for tyres or repairs. It has to be a


pure penalty. Now be to serve his time. -- now BT's service time.


Looks like they're changing the nose as well. Much slower tyres. A


gone. He is out behind Perez. We watch a replay. Look at that. A


famous resonating front wing. It is a new front wing, it is very


similar to the Red Bull front wing. all of that dust, comes across. We


saw that through free practice. Hits the end of the Kirk Andy Goode


catch, but tires will become impregnated with sand. -- end of


the colour and a good catch. bendy front wing strikes at Ferrari.


It seems that when the fuel comes off and the car gets even faster,


it starts to have flexed and oscillate. Ferrari, as soon as they


saw that, they knew they had to change it on safety grounds for the


FIA might get involved. They would make them change the wing. The


women now is two races old. -- comfortable. Sebastian Vettel


taking it very easy. They tell me Mark Webber doesn't have any


problems. But he can't get the gap down to Button. But he has found a


second also in the last couple of laps. We might see some action from


Mark Webber now. He is still a couple of tenths shy of Button on


that lap. But more importantly, Fernando Alonso is homing in on


Mark Webber's third place. Let's talk about that Massa Hamilton


thing again. The stewards get G Ps traces of previous laps, a lot of


other camera angles. Far more information than you at home or we


in the commentary box do. They have seen something, but I don't know


what Massa could have done. I don't get it. He has got his front left


suspension damage. Whether that is the hard tyres... We saw him break


the suspension in qualifying when he struck a kerb. Surely that is


the contact with the McLaren? didn't hit the front wheel.


thought he did. Broken suspension again. It remains to be seen


whether that was over the concrete secondary kerbs. They loved to


square that fire extinguisher staff and mechanics hate that. -- squirt.


I don't know if it was on a kerb. Or whether it was through contact.


It was on a kerb. It is the push rod, the second time that has


happened. It happened before on the right hand side. It is not due to


contact with anybody else, it is due to hitting the kerb. You were


calling it a baguette yesterday it. I hoped we would come up for --


come up with a bigger name for those big Kirk's! -- better name


leads by over five seconds. We have yellow flags as they clear a way


Felipe Massa's car. They have no answer to this boy, have they?


Absolutely no answer whatsoever. Traffic wasn't being kind for


Jenson. Gap is 5.2 seconds. I expect he has lost a further three-


tenths in that middle sector. Jenson is the only man recently


that has really been able to hold a candle to Vettel in terms of race


pace. The only guy that can keep him honest, or at least keep him


engaged in the race. The gap is 5.8 seconds now. Rosberg is in fifth


place. He has had various troubles with Hamilton and Massa. We are


watching Petrov having another adventure. I asked him what his


name was because I hear all sorts of pronunciations. Perez goes a


metre past. You can unsettle your place. 3.3... Michael, pace is very


good, Nico 30.4, Michael 29.6. Massa, from suspension failure so


be careful on the Orange curbs. Good, clear information for Michael


Schumacher. A man we know it is one of the very best at absorbing


information while driving a Grand Prix car, it is wide he has won so


many races and titles. -- it is and then catching the pair of them


is Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton still has a great chance. He has just


done a fastest first sector. A great chance of fifth place in this


what looked like an engine problem. We have lost four cars. High


attrition rate here compared to recent races. Petrov passes


Kovalainen for 12th place. Looked rather easy. We have lost Buemi,


Maldonado, Timo Glock and Kuboya sheep. -- Kobayashi. Let's see what


Alonso does with that left kerb. Doesn't go anywhere near. What do


you want to call them? We will go with the information from Michael.


Orange Kirk. That is what it hears. will be Webber coming in. He was


losing a lot of time. Indeed he was and it was a hard tyre. That will


be horrible for Mark Webber. He around the rear. Mark Webber


punishing his tyres. This heart tyre, a second a lap slower and he


has got to run them until the end of the race. Interestingly it


looked like he sectors were not too bad on the hard tyres for Massa and


this hard tie is not looking a second down so we will keep an eye


on that. As the fuel loads go down, we have always seeing the Pirelli


tyres performing better than expected. There is Mark Webber all


on his lonesome down the back place at the moment but it really


depends on what kind of adventure he finds on these tyres. We saw


this -- we thought this hard tyre had been pensioned off but Pirelli,


because this is a totally unknown track and surface, Pirelli came and


they were intentionally conservative with this tyre, as


they put it. They wanted something that would hang on. There are some


pretty fast corners. We have a two compound spread. The tyres which


are available are hard, medium, soft and super soft. Here we have


hard and soft. There is such a big difference between the performance


of the tyres. And four compounds have to cope with the entire year,


all the different tracks, street circuits like Monaco, the four


compounds have to cover the entire race season. Vettel still leads.


Mark Webber is running fourth at the moment. I think he could


probably run from Delhi to Mumbai on those tyres. The projected where


was not an issue. I have been following Mark's sectors. He


matched Alonso in the middle sector Forster Webber has done his


personal best in the first sector. The indications are being hard tyre


is performing a lot better. This is valuable information for the other


teams. A Alonso pits from third place. I know Ted is down bat.


Ferrari had to react. They saw that the hard tyres were working and


they knew that Mark Webber would be able to jump Fernando Alonso so


that his belt and braces stuff with Ferrari. Plenty of racing still to


go.: So ahead of Webber comes out loses out. Started second, slipped


to third when Button breezed past him on the first lap. Now three


pit-stop strategy finds himself in fourth place. He has got his tyres


up to speed. Alonso finds his feet on his hard


tyres. Mark has got to make his move. The tyres are not cold.


a figure of speech. There is a man who has kept his helmet on a long


time, that is a clear sign to the media, don't bother asking me a


question. That was his younger brother walking alongside him. They


do look remarkably similar unless one is wearing a crash helmet, of


course. Jenson Button set the fastest lap of the entire Grand


on Alonso's lap. Now he has gone super deep into the blind turn


three. Some frustration there. Be lost time on the way in and on the


way out. In fairness to mark, he must wonder what has happened this


season. Statistically, if you start at the front you cannot gain many


places but he has lost more places of the start of the start line than


any other driver this year. He started second and the way things


have worked out so far, he has gone backwards to fourth. His team mate


looks seemingly invincible in the sister Red Bull car. Mark must be


sitting there thinking, what do I have to did to get a break and get


a win? He might have taken a little bit of pleasure seeing Alonso


really taking -- fighting the Ferrari. This is the battle for


third. Vettel leads by five seconds. Button fastest again on the


previous lap. The gap was up to 6.7 the harder tyre. The Ferrari begins


to disappear into the distance. We are on board with Perez. He is


over two kilos of fuel, cost them about the tenth. As the fuel burns


off, you get the car going faster and faster. We thought going into


this race that the softer tyre had a degradation of one-tenth of a


second so it cancels itself out. watch Barrichello passing


Karthikeyan for position. Karthikeyan is now 16th. Rubens has


had two pit stops, including low at having lost his nose in the first


Michael Schumacher is in such immense condition. He has a lot of


muscle. You were studying Michael's muscles! You could not help pit.


Vettel looks like a stick insect but somehow does not bother, it has


never been a problem for him. He rests his head because he has those


big headrests. Bristly was not a muscly guy but he would not want to


take a punch from in -- Bruce Lee. I have a feeling a pit stop is on


the way and I think it is for Lewis Jenson Button? They might be being


conservative and bringing him in but they are ready for somebody at


McLaren. Once again, we are seeing Lewis


really struggling. He is about a second of a lap slower than butter


and -- than Button. He is not able to maintain the pace. He is not


making much headway into the battle for fifth and sixth between Rosberg


and Schumacher which I think will be a tasty battle later. Michael is


running slightly quicker than his team mate. We will see an Inter


team battle with the Mercedes drivers.


Vettel leads by five seconds from Button. Vettel has just broken


another record, it is for the most lapsed lead in a season, beating


Nigel Mansell's 1992 record. He is desire is here. He said he will not


be happy unless he wins the first Indian Grand Prix. If he keeps this


pace up, we might have a race on our hands. Talking of races, it has


not generated quite the action we expected. Here is some to savour.


That was lapping a back marker, it was not overtaking. He is getting a


G about it. He has got Petrov catching him. Some GP2 winners and


champions ahead of him. Just looking at a pace of Alonso, he is


now match and the pace of Vettel and Button. I think that sends a


message to McLaren and Red Bull that it is safe to pit for the


harder tyres, don't be scared of them. Once again, the tyres have


not been a problem we thought. Alonso has just done the fastest


middle sector which is all corners, basically. That is the signal now


for Vettel and Button to start thinking about throwing those on to


get to the end of the Grand Prix. 15 to go. Perez catching Sutil very


tyres. This stop is crucial for his battle with Schumacher.


Hamilton hits for the hard tyre as which is the race leader coming


down there? Button pits for McLaren as well. Lewis with his various


dramas is in danger of being lapped. I think Vettel will be called in


one. And important for him as he could not yield there. Otherwise he


would have other traffic to pass as well. Bruno Senna is now up in to


ninth place and driving another fine race. Ted was watching the


stops. Yes, they must have given Hamilton some kind of code and the


idea is to jump Michael Schumacher on this and see if it works. Bruno


unhappy with Narain Karthikeyan but my experience is, you just need to


concentrate on going forwards, there is no point in wasting time


gesticulating. It will not change anything. He goes very wide on the


entry to the pit lane there. Just as well there was a tarmac run-off


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


coming into the final time. -- gained a bit in the pit stop phase.


It is the fourth longest straight at the end of this lap. It looks


like it is slightly less to May. -- to me. Lewis Hamilton is behind


Jaime Alguersuari, though Jaime Alguersuari has pitted. Michael


Schumacher is ahead of Nico Rosberg. He has got one more stop to go.


Crucially, he is running one second per lap faster. He was only 2.5


behind when Nico Rosberg pitted. Yes, he has gained one second on


that lap alone. Michael Schumacher has a great chance of maintaining


his position ahead of Nico Rosberg. Jaime Alguersuari has come back out


in eighth place. He should be looking good. That is Pastor


Maldonado, one of the five retirements. Just 19 runners. It is


quite unusual. We have seen races where we have had total completion


of the race by all of the runners. I think the curbs have played a


role. It has been a bit harder on the cards and other tracks. Jenson


Button, 2.8 behind. He gained a lot in that pit stop phase. Adrian


Sutil still fending off Sergio Perez. RADIO: Stay at, these times


are good. Nico Rosberg, 29.7, last lap. That confirms that Mercedes


are free to race each other. Michael will come out in front of


Nico Rosberg if he retains this pace. Mark Webber went very wide.


He had got the gap down to 1.3. He did not lose too much there. A lot


of that of his tyres. -- lot of dirt. Michael Schumacher is running


behind Jerome d'Ambrosio. This could be crucial. If he loses time,


it will affect his battle with Nico Rosberg. He is 23 seconds up the


road. The total time in the pit lane, 21 seconds. Michael


Schumacher continues onto the pitch straight. He lost 29.4. He lost


about one second passing Jerome d'Ambrosio. Mark Webber still


About Jenson Button, they were giving it a go, they wanted to make


Sebastian Vettel's life as hard as possible, so they tried the


undercut. It went OK, they gained a couple of seconds. They just wanted


to make them work and to force Red Bull into a pit stop, and forced


some pressure on them. That was the thinking as to when a -- as to why


they pitted Jenson Button. Narain Karthikeyan might be very popular,


but he does not seem popular as they try to pass him around the


circuit. Michael Schumacher is lapping at a pace... He is taking


the pit-lane entry. I do not know why he did not go a bit further.


Maybe they think they have got the Rosberg is not even in the last


corner, so he will be comfortably ahead of him. From a 2.5 second


deficit, it looks to be for five seconds. -- four or five seconds.


Nico Rosberg has seen his team mate emerge... It is a family show, so I


will not say what I think he has just said! He will wonder, why was


I pitted? Maybe he was screaming on the radio that he needed to pick.


If that was not the case, from a strategy point of view, why was he


brought in first? That is the question he will be asking. Michael


gets up to speed. Nico Rosberg is closing very quickly indeed. He was


visibly faster through there. Michael is getting used to the


heart tyres. -- hard tyres. thing that Michael has been


describing, he has been well outqualified by Nico Rosberg, and


he has not been able to understand the tyres. This could be another


example, he has not been able to extract the performance as well as


some of the other drivers. But now he has found his feet, he should


not be under any pressure. He was running similar times prior to the


pit stop, and now he has track He has responded to Jenson Button


closing. RADIO: You have got nine laps remaining, Nico Rosberg 1.5


seconds behind, you are free to raise, but keep it clean! I love


that! Are a reminder from the engineer, keep it clean! He is


thinking, that is if he gets anywhere near make! Jenson Button,


17 seconds clear of Fernando Alonso in third. Mark Webber, two seconds


behind. Then, this battle, Michael Schumacher, Nico Rosberg. Lewis


Hamilton seventh, 16 seconds adrift. He has had three stops, including


one for a new nose. Michael Schumacher stretching their legs of


the Mercedes. Teetering a bit around the edge. He is a lot faster.


Jaime Alguersuari, eighth. 12 seconds clear of Bruno Senna. It


has only made one stop. He is five seconds clear of Adrian Sutil, the


last points scorer. Sergio Perez matching Adrian Sutil for pace.


from 16th. Jerome d'Ambrosio will overtake him. Narain Karthikeyan


will slot in ahead of Daniel Ricciardo. Jarno Trulli brings up


the field a 19th. Ted Kravitz? Bruno Senna is on the soft tyre. He


has only made one stop. We do believe he has to stop again.


will be soft, soft, and as little time as possible on a hot tyres.


Sebastian Vettel has done the fastest lap of the race on the hot


tyre. -- hard tyre. The cars are light, the track has Robert M. --


rubbered in. The fastest potential will be on the rack -- on the last


lap. I like that shot. That is the Grand Prix circuit, Forshaw.


Nothing else looks like that. The cutaways and the angle of the


seconds behind Sergio Perez. They came through GP to, these boys.


Pastor Maldonado is another one. Heikki Kovalainen as well. It has


filtered out some good grand-prix drivers of the future. Still some


talk that Kimi Raikkonen might signed for Williams. It is not a


fantasy, there is a chance that Kimi Raikkonen will come back and


drive for Williams next year. Force India have also said... Adrian


Sutil has to get away -- out of the way. Force India have decided to


print their decision forward in the next couple of weeks. They are


spoilt for choice, aged unsubtle, Paul di Resta, Nico Hulkenberg. --


Adrian Sutil. You'd have got to presume that Nico Hulkenberg has


only gone there as a reserve driver for this season, with a promise of


racing next year. It is very likely that Adrian Sutil might be going


elsewhere. Sebastian Vettel is collecting tokens, towards being


the greatest Formula One driver of all time. B has just done another


Sutil gets out of the way of Mark Webber. Adrian Sutil, five seconds


but it is still 0.5 slower than the Hamilton. He might have got damage


in the contact with Felipe Massa. We will find out. He was asking on


the radio. He felt as if he had not got much grip. That is a perfect


shot of the wide turn end. It would be an overtaking fast if it was


clearer. It is impossible to defend. But because it is so dirty Tom Mapp


may be next year they can do something about that. Third,


Fernando Alonso, fourth, Mark Webber. A tough Grand Prix,


physically? A Mark Webber was leaning his neck. It is the


duration of the G-force that saps your strengths. The rest of the


track is not too bad, but that sequence is working V-neck very


hard. -- working the neck. It is relatively cold out there. It is


4:30pm local time, so the sun is starting to set. The sun is


starting to set on Mark Webber's chance of a podium. Sebastian


Vettel his way out en front. They are 25 seconds away from him. He is


still 0.2 quicker than Fernando Alonso, but he is running out of


time. This is Vitaly Petrov against him. Vitaly Petrov having a look at


11th place. You could hear the exhaust going on, energising the


underneath of the car, giving more grip. Thankfully, that is gone next


year. They have to exit the exhaust more. Bruno Senna has to put the


heart tyres on. He moves out of ninth place, and that will cost him


but behind the Sutil Perez fight. That has cost Renault some points.


Petrov moves up into 11th. Ted has more news. Just an update on Lewis


Hamilton. We heard him complaining about the car. The news is it has


stabilised now. So have his lap times stabilised. I just wonder


Maarten what do you think about Lewis's mood. It felt he turned a


corner a little after the last race when he was well in the front by


Jenson Button, now he has beaten -- been beaten again. Obviously he had


the incident in the middle as well. For once, he wasn't penalised and


the other driver was. Seventh place is not what Lewis Hamilton fancied


this afternoon. Sebastian Vettel got off the grid and went straight


into the lead. Mark Webber was passed by Jenson Button on the


first lap. Button stopped earlier and every time he stopped he seemed


to close the gap. On lap 24 Lewis Hamilton was trying to go up the


inside of Felipe Massa or and they collected each other. Webber has


now done a new fastest lap of the race as he has a final go at


Hamilton recovered from wing change. He has had ferried it will pay


since he put the heart tyres on and advantage over Alonso and a 19.


Over Webber for the fight for the rest of the best. They say they


just want race victories but Sebastian Vettel will not give them


a race victory. Ricciardo is putting on the last lap. This is


the fight for third place between Webber and Alonso, this is the main


story now. The DRS kicks in halfway down the straight. RADIO: You have


the fastest lap, you are straight home now. They are trying to stop


Vettel doing a hot lap as he comes to the line again. There are not


too many places to pass until the end of the lap. Sebastian Vettel as


he falls down the hill to the final corner is about to add another it


to his collection of bragging rights. Sebastian Vettel becomes


the first ever winner of the Indian Grand Prix. He has led the most


laps over in a season. We look for Jenson Button, another fine second


place for him, 8.5 seconds behind in the end. Vettel had it covered -


-. Alonso beats Webber for third place and the final slot on the


seventh car is Lewis Hamilton. Was that summer motion from Adrian you


eat? His head was down, he was either writing something down in


his note pad. RADIO: Fantastic, you have won the first ever Indian


Grand Prix. Yes, boys! Yes, we did it! First Indian Grand Prix, proud


of you. We did it. Good job, Sebastian, you lead every single


lap. Not bad indeed, despite the


instruction from his Engineer, he did go for fastest lap on the last


lap and he achieved it. Schumacher ahead of Williams again by 15


seconds. Barrichello, of course, having that new nose at the end of


the first lap. Jarno Trulli was 19th out of 19 finishers. RADIO:


And Lucky, mate. Pace was good up until the crash. -- unlucky, mate.


was there some a motion from Adrian? He is grinning from ear to


ear. An incredible run of success that he has had as a designer for


Formula One. He has worked with Grand Prix, good for him.


Karthikeyan has done a solid job this weekend. A decent effort, I


would say. Yes, he has done a good job. To be out of the car for such


a long time and then jumping and be expected to perform. It has been


said that he is considered to be the fastest of the Indian drivers.


He has done his reputation no harm at all this afternoon. Coasting


back into parc ferme. These cars will be very carefully checked


before they are released. It is quite a long time before they are


allowed out of there, actually. The FIA have a raft of cheques that


they did. Very comprehensive and impressive. They have to make sure


that everybody is legal, decent and honest and that it is a fair


competition. What is not a fair competition is when somebody puts


Sebastian Vettel and the car at the moment because they cannot see


which way when he has it all covered. He does not fluff the


starts, does not make mistakes, does not repay over traffic. He


does not fall off the front of his car. He is a blueprint for the


young drivers, for aspiring Formula One drivers. He spends hours


working with the team. He is one of the earliest to the track and one


of the last to leave. That is not by action -- it is not by accident


that he is achieving that high level of success. He went to see


the Taj Mahal and rode on elephants and was absorbing India and now


India has absorb him in terms of a thoroughly dominant performance


again. That's what we're talking about. Not even sweating. Adrian


Newey has won nine titles in the 21 years he has been in Formula One.


These two men do seem to have something special. McLaren are


second in the Constructors' Championship with that performance.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


whether it is appropriate to spray pretty handy when rate. Over a


quarter of the races he has ever Nine World Championships in 21


years his cars have won. Second place drive their Jenson Button,


of the motor sport governing body here. I have enjoyed the event, I


will be happy to get out of this, to box! I will be sad to leave


India, it has been a last minute affair in some places, but it has


been tremendous, all round. I am sure they will improve what they


need to next year. The first Indian Grand Prix has been very enjoyable,


and a great success. For Indian motor sport and Formula One. A


slightly subdued champagnes brink. -- champagne sprint. They want to


remember Marco Simoncelli and Dan Wheldon. There was an emotional


ceremony on the grid before the start of the race. Sharing the


spoils of glory, Sebastian Vettel. Sharing his champagne as well. It


is Abu Dhabi next, in two weeks. For now, we will savour the sights,


sounds and colours of India, and the podium. The champions of today,


the three fastest drivers, and the quickest man who ever designed a


Formula One car, but knowledge and the enthusiastic crowd. --


acknowledging. Sebastian Vettel, the first winner of the Grand Prix


of India, and well deserved. They all have been this year. He remains


the man to beat. Today, he was the man that nobody


could beat. It may have been last minute, but for the first minute,


he has been the fastest man. Those are the men that helped him get


there. It was a podium of world champions, but it was the current


world champion standing on the top step, standing alongside the most


successful and talented man up there, Adrian Newey. He will be


delighted with that result. Formula One comes to India, and it is only


right we explain to the local fans what Formula One is all about.


Sebastian Vettel had the pole position, the fastest lap and the


wind. Whether you like it or not, that is the case, he has dominated


the championship. He took over from last year. Some people said he was


lucky, but he made it count. This year has been remarkable. One of


the best demonstrations of dominance. We talked about chaos.


It is worth looking at the pit lane, because they decided to bring all


of the crew cast down, and it is full of the marshals and all of the


men who have made sure the Grand Prix could happen. They first spoke


about a Formula One race here 15 years ago, and finally, the dream


has become a reality. You can see what it means to people. All of the


marshals are Indian, they have been trained up. Look at the grandstand


behind, packed to the rafters, a great turn out, and a real sense of


celebration. The real celebrations belonged to Christian Horner and


Red Bull. It has been a special weekend. It has been tremendous.


The reaction has been incredible, the enthusiasm, the amount of


potential drivers on the roads! It has been a wonderful venue, it has


been a great first Grand Prix. have not really given enough credit


to the head of Force India, he has been banking on the drum for so


long about bringing an Indian Grand Prix. We were not sure it would


ever happen. I am sure he has a tear in the back of his eye,


because this is a dream fulfilled, a fantastic event, a great


foundation, and full marks to everyone responsible. He needs a


fair accreditation. We have shown the people of India what Formula


One is about, Sebastian Vettel. Do you think it is about time somebody


gave him a race? That was quite intense on the pit wall. It looked


comfortable, but with the DRS and the hard tyre, it was all about


managing the gaps and getting the pit stops at the right time. He has


been so good at that all year. He was inch-perfect. We have gone on


with enough superlatives about him. All but like to ask, what is the


matter with Mark Webber? Why is he not closer? He was on the front row,


he still has not passed a car at the start of their race. That is


not a great memory to finish this season with. He needs to appease


game. -- he needs to up his game. He lost out around the second pit


stop. It was frustrating, we could not keeping second. He dropped his


place to Jenson Button, and it was impossible to keep him ahead. He is


aware of that, and he will bounce back strongly in Abu Dhabi and


Brazil. One of the remarks I heard, Jackie Stewart said, even Michael


Schumacher could not win in a Red Bull. What did he mean? I have got


no idea! You had better ask him! refuses to expand on that! Before


you disappear, you have enjoyed Eddie Jordan's clothes, what do you


think? He has taken it to a new level. What is it? He is embracing


India. I would hate to see you in this! Your legs are looking


strange! This is the green of India! The shoes? Rock and roll


boots. You can bid for bishop for Children In Need. -- bid for the


show it. You can go and celebrate now. Celebrations for Red Bull, a


fantastic result again. Again, Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa


coming together. They could not work out why there was a penalty


for Felipe Massa. Look carefully at that Lewis Hamilton is there. That


is what the judges have seen. He looked over, Forshaw, he knew that


Hamilton was there. He looks a few times. This penalised Lewis


Hamilton. Would that have had a bearing upon the stewards'


decision? I do not know. They just needed to demonstrate for once,


Lewis Hamilton has been on the hard end orbit, -- hard end of it, but


under normal circumstances, people would say it was down to Lewis


Hamilton, it was his fault, but in this case, it is different, I


believe that Felipe Massa knew he was there and he had no right to do


that. As the celebrations continue, let's hear from Lewis Hamilton. For


almost the first time, involved in an incident and not penalised


himself. When you woke up this morning,


seventh place was not on your radio. Give us your thoughts. There is not


much to say. A disappointing day, very sorry for my team. They worked


hard all weekend. They deserved a better result. Congratulations to


Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel, but I do not know what else to say.


Tell us about the incident with Felipe Massa. He got a drive-


through penalty. I do not know. We had the one minute's silence before


the start of the race, and we were standing next to each other. He has


not spoken to me since a long long time. I put my arm around him, and


I said, could look for the race. But in the race, I tried to


overtake, and I tried to come out of it, because it did not look like


he would give me any space, and we collided. But again, really sorry


for my team. I heard you asking about damage to the car. I had some


vibrations, on all of the five -- on or off the right-hand turns. I


had a very poor performance. I was pushing as hard as I could, I just


did not have the pace. But the car looks fine, maybe it was just me.


You were hoping for a strong weekend, what do you do now between


Abu Dhabi and leaving here? I fly back and I try to get my head back


in the game. The Indians did a fantastic job this weekend, the


track was great, and we have been treated so well, we have been


treated like kings. Lewis Hamilton has been well looked


after, it looks like he wants to go home. He said he will remove all of


the distractions next season. He is not happy, but he cannot take full


responsibility for the way his race turned out. Leave today to one side,


this is a culmination of several races. There is animosity between


those drivers, they are not talking to each other. I do not like to see


that, particularly apt but -- when you are competing. You must not


lose focus on the bond that we all have. I am disappointed to hear


that is going on. For me, I have said it for some time, we saw a hug


between Lewis Hamilton and his father, we need to see more of that,


more passion and relationship. If he is talking about reviving what


he got before, he needs to think about what was there before, and


that was somebody close to him that he could confide in, talk to, to


relax when he needed to relax, and be prepared to come and race to win.


It is good to know that he was doing his best to make amends with


Felipe Massa. It is worth having a look at what is happening, they


have created a circle. We said that the important thing is to make sure


that we feel a sense of India, passion, and excitement, and we


have had that. This is an unbelievable Foundation, when you


consider what is happening. Now we understand what cricket is like in


India, it just takes over. This is a further example. If we could


emulate what happens with cricket, and we got on the way to doing that,


this was a great success... We need to see what the audience was like,


but for a first race, I have to say, the foundation blocks are well


implanted, it has been a real success. After a difficult couple


of weeks, it is nice that the national flag stands for courage


and sacrifice. We can see one Indian flight, but a Bahrain flight


as well, because they did not have a Grand Prix this year. Plenty of


the marshals have come over here to help out. Drama from start to


finish, the drivers were encouraged to have fun. Let's hear from the


fastest men. Pole position, you lead every lap,


you set the fastest lap. Was this the most perfect winner of the


season? It was a good race, I enjoyed the time in the lead very


much. I had a fight with Jenson Button. He kept closing in around


the pit stops. I was pushing very hard, but we seemed to lose a


little bit. But it was crucial to manage the tyres, to make sure


there was enough left at the end. All in all, very smooth, the car


was well balanced. I felt more confident on the hard tyres at the


end. A fantastic performance, thanks to the whole team and to


Renault, a fantastic job so far, without any problems. Mixed


emotions. On the one hand, I am very happy, the first Grand Prix in


India, and I am proud to be the first winner, but on the other hand,


looking back at last weekend, we lost two mates. I did not know Dan


Wheldon, but it was a big name in motor sport. I got to know this


year Marco Simoncelli, and our thoughts are with them. Yes, we are


ready to take certain risks, but we pray that nothing happens every


time. Sometimes you get reminded. That is the last thing we want to


see. Mixed emotions, and our Jenson, your engineer said we can


raise Vettel, but I guess it was too difficult. Yes, it was. In the


last race I really struggled on the first lap, I lost a lot of places.


I wanted to redeem myself here. I got a good start and we got up to


second. And then it was just basically trying to hang on to


Sebastien. His pace was very good, he didn't make any mistakes or top


every time through the pit stops we gained a little bit, I don't know


whether it was the stop itself. When I came out of the box, I felt


very good and very competitive. But as soon as he got into a rhythm, I


could do nothing about it. But all in all, for the team, we have done


a perfect job today. We could not have done anything else. Yesterday


was a disaster for me in qualifying, but we put it right here. A good


race. But a tough weekend for everyone in motor sport, the last


two weekends have been very, very difficult. It is very difficult,


especially with Dan. I knew him from a very early age, he was the


guy we always had to beat. Very sad day. We should dedicate this first


Indian race to Dan and Marco. Another super talented youngster


who was the most amazing guy to watch. We should dedicate this to


them. Fernando, your battle was with Mark Webber, tell us about


your race. We didn't make the perfect start. To be starting on


the clean side, I didn't get a grip we were expecting. They started


better than us so we lost a couple of positions. I stayed with Mark


until the second pit stop. He decided to stop and then we did two


extra laps and we were able to overtake him. To get on the podium


on the first race in India, to have this feeling and to taste the


champagne is always nice. As these two said, mixed feelings this


weekend. Sad days for motor sport over the last couple of weeks. Two


accidents and we are all praying for them today. Always remember


these two fantastic people. have set a new record for the most


laps lead in a former one season, taking over from Nigel Mansell. I


bet you don't want this year to end. I don't mind. The car is fantastic,


the team is enjoying it and we are on the run. Since the beginning of


the season. We enjoy every race. The great thing is, you walk in the


garage in the morning and you see the guys, they are flat out, they


are pushing very hard. There's no sign of getting lazy and not paying


attention to detail. It is really enjoyable to see that, knowing we


have already achieved a lot this year, but we are still hungry. We


are not lacking motivation at any stage. People come back with


questions, but we seem to give the right answers. I love what I do. We


all do. We don't want this season to end. After all the excitement on


the circuit, and understandably sombre press conference. The best


way to remember Marco Simoncelli and Dan Wheldon was for those guys


to go out and do what they do to the best of their ability. I think


they said everything. It was done with such sincerity. And feeling.


It doesn't need any more from me. We all thought about these guys


today and we know the sacrifice these drivers are taking every week


in all different sports, not just in Formula One, throughout the


world, whether it is karting or grass track racing or biking. Motor


racing is dangerous, it will never not be dangerous, but these are


dark days when we see what we have seen in the last couple of weeks


and we are just very happy for the one, thankfully, the legislators


and organisers make sure the cars are absolutely in the safest way


possible. After spending time in such a corporate sport that is


constantly moving at an incredible rate of knots, it is worth pointing


out that the atmosphere has been very reflective. We remembered them


here by putting on as memorable a Grand Prix as possible and this is


Grand Prix as possible and this is how the race finished. Sebastian


Vettel picking up yet another victory. He set new records. Jenson


Button was the only man to really raised him regularly this season.


Alonso also manages to finish Cannery cobia she has not picked up


points in the last eight races - Kobayashi. Not good enough for him.


Fresh from the garage with a few thousand fans hanging around behind


him and some grid girls as well, who are very excited to see Narain


Karthikeyan. A very special afternoon. Explain your emotions.


It was hard to finish the race and I finished the race and I was


running comfortably and beat my team-mate. I made a very good start.


I had to finish. Today probably was the start of something big in India.


Because of the fact we have had the race. How do you think it will help


you commercially to bring the necessary sponsorship to get you a


really good drive next year? gave me my first drive in 2001, my


first test in a Jordan. Since then it has been building up and I made


my debut in 2005 and then Force India came in at this Grand Prix. A


lot of corporate support. As you saw, a big crowd as well. A big


success for us. Motor Sport in general is on a high at the moment


in India. Yet more evidence that just about every driver in Formula


One has driven with Eddie! Let's talk about India and motor racing


in general. How important is it that Formula One comes here and


give something back to the country as well as turning up and then


proceed with these beautiful cars and lovely circuit? All of our


neighbours, China, Malaysia, Singapore, we are competing with


them in the economy and other things. Having a high-profile event


like this gives us a boost, which is very important these days.


There's a lot of disparity, but we are a country of a billion


passionate people and we are very, very happy with what we have. It is


fantastic for Formula One to come here and for India to host this


event. Have you spoken to your boss? What have you said to him?


You look very strong, give me a seat, is that what you have basked


in? It is an option. The Indians are on a buying spree of Formula


One teams, so we will see what happens! I sold Julie! I think so.


We are going to have a look at the start of the race. We will see how


start of the race. We will see how you kept out of trouble. It started


happening around you at the back. Sebastian Vettel's aim was to get


away cleanly, in the lead, and he managed to do just that. We heard


Mark Webber saying he thought he had a good chance to get into the


lead, but he didn't do it. Vettel absolutely out of sight. What is


going on at the back? One of the green Lotus's hit him and I hit him.


I was lucky to get away with only a little bit of damage. The car was a


bit strange, but it was OK. This circuit has been designed to tempt


people into overtaking. Jenson Button had a go at Mark Webber and


snatched second place. Has that been one of the successes,


encouraging the drivers to have a go? Yes. Both the braking areas and


the hairpins... Even if you are a bit outside, you can take different


lines and get away with it. It is not like other circuits. We are


surrounded by autograph hunters are we will let you enjoy those, thank


you. We will go on board with Fernando Alonso. It looked like he


had got the perfect start, but it wasn't to be. Losing the rear end


and we talked about the lack of grip on this circuit and it cost


him. He made the cardinal error, he went too wide on the first corner.


That entices everybody to come on the inside where they have the grip


and they don't have any other problems. Jenson was right there.


How many times have we seen Jenson take opportunities like this? It is


fabulous. We are on board with Jenson. You can see the start made


by Alonso. He loses his grip and Jenson goes down the inside. A


superb move from Jenson. Jenson made that move on Mark Webber. Talk


us through this move by Jenson. Let's be honest, the Mercedes


engine, in my opinion, has the legs of most of the engines in Formula


One, and it certainly has the legs of Renault in a situation like this.


It was like a catapult. What Jenson witnessed was something magic,


something you can never quite explained. You get out of the draft


and you still have enough power to put you in front. It is a magic


situation. We know it was a difficult afternoon for Lewis


Hamilton. His Bob Marley reggae helmet. Be difficult weekend all-


round and stolen at the start. think he is probably saying to


himself, get me to the end of Brazil as quickly as possible. Get


me out of here, let my life start again. I have just had enough.


Everything I do, every door I open seems to be full of problems. He is


saying to himself, sorry, he is apologising to the team, he can't


do enough, but everything he does seems to turn out badly. Lewis


Hamilton not deserving the race he had today. Let's watch Pastor


Maldonado. This is in the thick of the action. He got hit by his team-


mate. Maldonado in the end having to retire. Pastor Maldonado is


suffering the worst driver -- season of and the Williams driver.


Will he still be in Formula One next year? If he is, he will a lot


to his commercial nous. What he brings to the team is a very


significant budget from Venezuela. I think he has performed quite well.


I don't know what the situation is with Raikkonen. The possibility of


Adrian Sutil going there if he is not retained by Force India. A lot


to play for at Williams. I am not sure how it will unfold. Pastor


Maldonado, only one point to his name all season. Sergio Perez


managed to pick up. Today ft up a very difficult last few races for


Sauber. Fife Toro Rosso are starting to show great pace. They


need Perez and Kobayashi to start to impress. I am hugely impressed


with Perez for top you go out and say to him, our strategy will be to


stop less, you will have to put up with the Tigers. Let's go with them.


He does it every single time. Today He does it every single time. Today


he nicked a point. He has given some impetus to the Sauber team. In


my opinion in recent races, they have not been close enough to the


action. They are in desperate trouble to keep Toro Rosso behind


them. I don't see it happening, I think Toro Rosso have the wind in


their sails. Toro Rosso fighting hard. Another man fighting hard is


Michael Schumacher. He is his -- he is enjoying his battle with Nico


Another strong race, fifth place. It just worked out perfectly to


plan. My plan was not use any KERS in the first couple of corners and


save it for the long straight. It worked out perfectly well in the


important moments. I planned my race carefully. There was no need


to run to close to Nico and destroyed tyres. I drove my pace


that I knew my tyres could handle for the long distance and it worked


out nicely. They also have to say, the guys I am working with, we have


a lot of experience together and it was nice to sort out the car for


the race and have a great battle. It was nice that you got the nod as


well and you were able... You held your position. Normally the guys


who pit first have the advantage because they can take fresher tyres


earlier. Here it was slightly different in as far as I had my


tyres in such good shape, even by the end, that I was able to close


the gap. That is not normally the case. I don't think it was a


strategy advantage, it was just managing and setting up the car to


the right spot. Leaving India, do you have positive things to say


about this first Indian Grand Prix? I have a big compliment to make. If


you imagine these guys do the job for the first time, I am sure


things have been difficult but it worked out perfectly fine. The


circuit is fantastic, a good spectacle for overtaking, a good


challenge to drive. Organised very much in order and has to be


He finished fifth, five point between him and Nico Rosberg. He


has told everybody that he does not care if he finishes ahead of his


team-mate. Do you believe that? for an iota. This is the most


competitive man on the planet. Should we believe such nonsense? He


wants to beat Nico Rosberg and everybody else like there is no


tomorrow. He is driven, pardon the pun, and he wants to beat everyone.


Paul di Resta has shown more than an iota of quality and talent this


season. This is him overtaking a virgin car. Things have slightly


fallen away, we believe he is going to be retained by the team next


season, with Nico Hulkenberg. Let's Just some of pure race.


underestimated the tyre wear. We went for an aggressive start on the


hard tyres. We were hoping for a safety car. It was a big risk. But


it was worth taking, because if it had worked out, we would have


gained a pit stop. Unfortunately, it did not happen. The other people


around us could do two stops. Their tyre where was better. But when we


were on the track, we were reasonably quick. You made your two


stops pretty quickly, and you could not have stayed out? We did not


have the tyre wear. Maybe the last two sets worked better. But we


would never have made it to the end on the middle set. It is a big


weekend for Force India, lots of media attention, a Scottish man


giving Indians lots to smile about. I think the Grand Prix has been


successful, but not for me. But Adrian BOP ninth place, and two


points. That is fallible for the Constructors' Championship. -- that


is valuable. He will be back in the points,


hopefully, when we had to Abu Dhabi. -- when we head to Abu Dhabi. What


do you think? For Jenson Button, a fantastic race, assertive,


aggressive at the start, he got up to second place, a fantastic


defence, with Mark Webber behind him, he looked after the tyres, he


did not put a foot wrong. We were not quick enough to catch Sebastian


Vettel, but a great result. A great race. For Lewis Hamilton,


disappointing. He and Felipe Massa are magnetic! I do not have to have


the debate, the stewards have made a clear decision, but that had


Lewis Hamilton, and his strategy had to be changed, and his car was


damaged, so he had the discipline to print the points that secured


second place in the ditch at this championship. -- in the


Constructors' Championship. overview of the race? It was OK. It


did not quite deliver, for a number of reasons. They have got to bring


the high-pressure washers to clean... There were some unique


features that could not be used because it was so dusty. But you


have to take India for what it is. They put on a good show. Next year,


it will be better, but it was not a classic race. Eddie Jordan has been


crystal-clear, he believes that Felipe Massa looks in his mirror


before making the move. Perhaps you could talk us through your


emotions? I could not tell you what my emotions were, live on TV! The


stewards made a decision, it is a shame, they seem to be magnetic,


but he turned in, and he knew he was there. Lewis Hamilton did not


have a chance. Others will try to interpret it differently. We all


think it is quite clear. We need to talk about Lewis Hamilton, his


manager has evaporated. -- his motivation. What do you do?


last race, pole position, then he had an impaired car. He defended


brilliantly. That was a great race. He came here, he was second on the


podium. He had a penalty, so actually, it has been unfortunate.


He can do a better job, he is a great driver. We have got to give


him the opportunity. He can now demonstrate to everybody that he is


a great driver. Perhaps you would like to analyse the most dramatic


moment. You are talking about the incident? The reaction of Rowan


Atkinson! He merely said a bad word! Very nearly! He loves his


motor-racing! He certainly does! Now, proper analysis. Let's look at


the incident between Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa. Have you noticed


a pattern emerging? There is clearly bad blood between them. A


number of incidents. I had something like this in 1992. We


just happened to be the same speed on all of the tracks for the whole


year. You are always fighting for the same piece of.... Sometimes,


they yield, other times, they do not. Of course, Felipe Massa was


looking at in his mirror, because he needed to judge where the other


car was. You have got to take a view on whether you can turn in or


not. It depends which camera angle you look. That was Singapore, Lewis


Hamilton underestimated the length of his car. It is six of one, half


a dozen of the other, between these two. They are half-hearted moves


which result in them slipping off. This is Japan, Lewis Hamilton did


not know he was there. Six of one, half-a-dozen of the other. It has


been unfortunate, if you focus on today, Felipe Massa was judged by


the stewards, and we accept that. But let's talk about something


positive. Jenson Button is doing a fantastic job. He is giving Lewis


Hamilton a hard time. Lots of people did not expect that, but


Jenson Button is not putting a foot wrong, he is driving brilliantly,


and he is now in a strong position. He has not secured second in the


championship, but had the day he will do. Do you think signing him


on a long deal has helped him consolidate? I would like to claim


that, but he is such a focused individual, he is doing a great job,


and he fits well with the team, he works well in the organisation.


Hopefully, he will continue, and we have got another three exciting


years with him. A final congratulations, today you have


confirmed second place in the Constructors' Championship.


Compared to Red Bull, that is not a bad place to be. It is not what we


wanted. But nonetheless, we have done it, now we continue. We are


putting in our efforts to improve next year's car. I am sure you will


bring development parts for the next couple of races. Just to let


you know, if you have just got out But you can press the red button


and join us for all of this. Am I in the way?! You are bouncing


away! Moaning and groaning and mumbling about the music! This is


how they celebrate at Red Bull. Just about the only negative is


another win for Red Bull, which means more loud music in the pit


lane, but please do pressed the red button at the end of the show and


join us on the Formula One Forum. However, we are also doing our bit


for Children In Need. Eddie Jordan, please announce what you are


donating. I would be pleased to do so. It started as a joke, but this


garment will be signed by everybody associated with the programme today,


and we will put it on eBay, to make sure we raise as much money as


possible for the Children In Need. They need the money, you can have


this. We are getting rid of David Coulthard's white jeans. Would you


like to bid for those?! I have got my notes from the start of


qualifying, the start of the race, the running order for the shows,


and the statistics document that we used to pretend we know what we are


talking about. And I will give away a signed script, which only takes


two minutes to write! We would love you to get involved. Please help us,


go on the website. We are now going to disappear to the F1 forum.


Plenty of questions, we would love you to join us. What a first Indian


Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel stayed out at the front for the whole of


the Grand Prix. He drove the kind of the race we have seen from him


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