The Italian Grand Prix Formula 1

The Italian Grand Prix

Jake Humphrey is joined by David Coulthard, Eddie Jordan and Martin Brundel in Monza for the Italian Grand Prix. Monza was the scene of Sebastian Vettel's first F1 win in 2008.

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That is as far as my Italian goes. But it does not matter what


nationality you are as the pursuit of speed is the universal language.


This place has reverberated to the sound of the racing car since 1922.


But what has not changed is the love they have around here for one


team, Ferrari. I imagine the garage is a nervous place at the moment.


If there is one race where this team needs to reform it is right


here in Monza for the 2011 Italian Grand Prix. Welcome to coverage


with us right here on BBC One. Have you been enjoying the famous


Italian hospitality? You can almost smell the passion. We will not talk


about the wind on this show but the food is fantastic. Yesterday we


talked about David winning here so it is only right that we should


start the programme to date with this.


Another magnificent victory for Eddie Jordan. People said you could


only win in wet-weather! I do remember one occasion when I got


poked in the chest and told that it was the first one I had ever won on


merit. And what do they mean when they talk about the piranha Club?


Well it was a moment when Schumacher it was taken off to


another team. Words always stay with you and I have never forgotten


those words. And he was right because it is a difficult business.


Making reference to the Ji Parana Club, everything will be OK


provided you can get on and win and get what you need. That is how


sport is and motor-racing is no exception. Let's take a look and


see what is happening with the rest of the Formula 1 season. The magic


of the sport is that in two weeks' time you can be in Singapore, it is


just so different everywhere you go. You have both maternity and history.


That is what sets aside from so many other sports. It is a truly


local sport. It looks like a tough end to the season for these teams.


A lot of time away from home. A lot of stress and shipping everything


back and forward. The team principal of the Ferrari has just


popped over and to say hello. As strange weekend for you in many


ways because there is such a warmth from the fans but yet such pressure


to perform. Yes I was discussing last night the difference between


what is a driver for Ferrari and the feeling of people towards the


drivers. The drivers become famous because they're driving with us.


Everyone would like to see us in the same place we were last year.


It is difficult to do and for sure today will be a challenge for


everyone. And the Italian fans one year strip your car off almost


every piece of bodywork? Passion from the Italian fans, be


wanted to have a memento. They took anything they possibly could!


expensive day for Williams. We hope this is a successful day for


Ferrari. The advice to any driver around their today is do not stop


on the track because once again the David, explain how much you are


aware of the fans when you're racing around here? Eel are, it


piquancy the crowd and they are so colourful. They move around in the


Grandstand and you know when a pass has happened even if it is not on a


piece of track where you are racing. And if you glance up but the big


screens you can get a very good visual reference of where you might


come out after a pit stop. miles an hour and still watching


television! It is going to be difficult and it is difficult in


the Championship battle as well. Mark Webber is sitting at the


moment in second place in the constructors Championship. Ferrari


are sitting buried at the moment. Not so famous drivers knocking


around. Let's take a look at some famous faces. And there is such


pressure on Ferrari because of the past, their history. Nicky louder,


we all know him of course, it is good to see him back. And Eddie


Irvine, my old Irish buddy. A pretty famous face. These guys had


such passion about coming here and driving. I have one concern, and


where are the Italian drivers now? Those that are able to win. Why


does an Italian driver, very seldom, to see them driving at Ferrari.


Traditionally it does not happen but I would love to see the passion


of an Italian driver here at Monza driving at Ferrari. Did you ever


get close to driving for Ferrari? did have a conversation with them


at one stage but I figured that British teams felt comfortable.


There is no question that it would have been an emotional thing to


drive for Ferrari but it would have been difficult as well. You did OK


in the end! So the game today is to continue to chase Sebastian Vettel


and beaten to that world Championship. But they cannot even


beat him on Saturdays in qualifying! Here is Ted Kravitz.


The slow pace of life in the royal park gets turned upside-down when


the Grand Prix comes to town. 24 cars rushing past in a blur. The


early action came from Pastor Maldonado who opened his role would


baulk rear wing to a saloon pitching his Williams into a spin.


Nico Rosberg was trying something different in the race. He was slow


and qualifying because he used the hard tyres at the start. Michael


Schumacher is one place ahead of him on the grid. We have a


different strategy between the go and myself and we will find out


what is the better one. No matter what it is a team effort. Ferrari


tried an old slip streaming tick to try to get Fernando Alonso up the


grid. And it worked. Fernando Alonso is the 4th while the


obliging philippic master is only in 6th place was DUP we know how


important the slipstream is here at Monza. At the start you're in a


good position and you are in the first places in the first couple of


laps. I could not manage to put everything together. It was a shame


because of that. It was a messy session for Mark Webber who is


running different here ratios than his team-mate Sebastian Vettel and


they are more suited to the race. So the fight for pole position it


will be between Sebastian fettle and the McLaren cars. He managed an


impressive power slide but not the fastest way around the corner. That


gave the McLaren cars and chance but they could not take advantage.


They could not beat Sebastian Vettel's original time. And then he


went even quicker, half a second faster on a track that


traditionally has not suited the Red Bull. Half the second is a lot.


I want to finish and then if there is another opportunity I will take


it. All in all I'm a very happy. We feared that in qualifying we could


be too slow on the straights but we got everything together and the


balance was perfect. So in the corners I was able to catch up and


managed to be quicker than the others. Previously we were


struggling on this circuit so it is nice to come back. So Sebastian


Vettel in pole position for the 10th time this season. Lewis


Hamilton alongside and Jensen Button behind, both ready to attack.


Mark Webber also has strong race case and could make the podium. But


watch out for Nico Rosberg on that different tiers strategy. It is an


all Williams raised in rose 7. Team Lotus and HRT behind.


We're just making our way down to the Mercedes. They have had


brilliant speed all season on the straight lines. Not the greatest of


qualifying sessions. But first McLaren, if Jensen Button and Lewis


Hamilton have not made individual errors in qualifying, could they


have lived with the pace of Sebastian Vettel? I spoke to them


after qualifying and they felt they did lose some time on the


qualifying laps. But the gap was simply too big. The strategy they


had gone for it was for race pace and they never expected to pull it


off in a qualification. But Sebastian Vettel did a fantastic


lap. Red Bull have had an issue all season with KERS. And Mark Webber


was handicapped yesterday. They have had certain problems all


involving the same area. I am surprised that they do not have a


handle on it. We thought it was all finished with around the British


Grand Prix. But it is still lurking in the background and they need to


sort it out. It was five years ago at this very race that Michael


Schumacher announced that he was retiring from Formula 1. But here


he is and he starts from eighth position today. That's find out how


Are you feeling? I am very excited because Monza is special. We have a


different strategy, and hopefully one of us can take advantage of


this. Maybe even both. Let us see which of the two is the better.


have one here five times. What is it like to be back here, albeit not


in red? I get a good reception from the fans. This certainly have not


forgotten what we do together. they certainly. Just a few moments


before he climbed into his car. We are in the next port a long as Nico


Rosberg gears up. He has sacrificed speed for better strategy. He


qualified on harder tyres. Is that a wise move? That remains to be


seen. The rumours of blistering on compound tyres. Pirelli have the


strategy of making the race interesting. I think it is good


that someone in the top 10 is on a different strategy. They have the


advantage, which is two very similarly skilled drivers in terms


of timing. As a result, and also it is very hot, icy blistering as


being a problem. I fancy Nico Rosberg winning this little joule,


because I think to start on the hard tyres is a good omen because


at the end they will have soft tyres and they will be able to pick


up the pace. And keep an eye on Michael Schumacher, who has been


amazing at the start this season. How hard is it to drive around the


circuit? It is mainly a lows of straights with a few corners. If we


decided to go to the next best thing then driving it ourselves, in


the company of a man who knows a fair bit about racing. Maughan says


all about speed. The driver has to work especially hard. -- Monza is


all about speed. Off they go! would be the driver's ultimate


nightmare. Dear me. I am watching the screen to see how he gets on. I


am hugely excited. Having never sat in a Formula One car, how will I


know what to do? In my day, we only had to think about the gears.


quite nervous now. Running for the line. It is a rather unimpressive


31.8. What is the record? 22. Your nine seconds off the pace. What is


the trek to a fast lap time? needs to be treated aggressively.


You have to be hard on the brakes and the clutch. How often does


Christian drive this? Maybe once. Once his once too much. Christian


is going first. Should I? Good luck. On the brake a leg. How do you


reckon he will be? Well, people do not realise that Christian used to


race. He still has a GP to team for some -- GP2 team. Massive


deceleration. Nice apex. This is going to be the greatest Lapper


your life. No pressure. Approaching braking point! He has blown that!


To going, this is it. It is like a load of Banksy drivers. I will give


you that it has been a few years since we were in the car. There


were some nice lines around there. Has this ever held due to winning?


Our guys came on here before it that race. -- before the race. That


track knowledge, the time they spend on the simulator gives them


the edge going into free practice. The key thing that people do not


realise when they are playing games his house sensitive a Grand Prix


car is to drive. When you have it within its operating window, there


is lots of downforce and grip. It is not designed to go sideways. You


have to keep it tidy. And nice getaway, Jake. Nice apex. This is


it. Use the KERS. You will get another boost. And again. Is he


going to get the braking point? Would define the handbrake? I have


decided this is the flying lap. -- where did you find. That chicane is


ridiculous! How do I get this corner right? I am going to go slow,


As you can see, driving a Formula One car, or on track or in the


simulator, is really difficult. All things considered, it was a pretty


good effort. You need talent to drive a Grand Prix car or a


simulator, neither of which Jake has got. Tell us something we do


not know. A sterling effort, Christian. It looks so easy. Some


new-found respect for the boys out there. Absolutely. This circuit has


not got many corners, so imagine what you would be like at


Silverstone. Let us talk about the set-up. Pretty much everybody


behind you have said they feel good about this because looking at the


top speeds, Sebastian Vettel does not have the advantage. Is that are


concerned? Is the aim to run and hide today? -- is the aim.


Hopefully, if he is stalled, he will still be competitive. He


should still have enough straight- line speed to pass McLaren because


they have a big way in. We think we are in a good position. -- winger.


I think we both need a bit more tuition from David cold start. --


David Coulthard. Sebastian Vettel, heading to top


spot on the grid, but Jenson Button is right behind him. The man in 4th,


his future is not completely secure. Tell us about this season. What


would your report cards say. What Would You report card say? You


have got me there. A sensational drive for Button. Maybe some of Cs.


The As would have been in the races. What a brilliant drive.


qualifying, it has not been strong, the first part of the season, but I


fear her -- I feel that I am improving. It is a pity that I have


not had a good chance to push it in qualifying. Misunderstanding, and


not getting a Lappin into two. -- a lap in to two. You have done more


over lapping than -- overtaking than anyone else. Why is that?


Races like Canada, it is those races that have meant that I have


had to overtake a lot. It is that excitement, are really making a


move stick. That is what you really expect. Overtaking Fernando or


Felipe Massa or Michael. It really means a lot. You have a real smile


on your face when it happens. seem really happy. Winning here,


beating Lewis Hamilton, has that raised your stock as a racing


driver? As it made people sit up and notice you more? It is


difficult to comment on but from what other people say, yes. I think


I am driving better than I was at Brawn. My confidence is very


different to what it was. Finding a car that I am unable to work with,


and a good balance, that makes a difference. -- I am able. You feel


that you are emerging as the team leader? I am sure that Lewis


Hamilton would say he is the team leader, but I would say that it is


me. We're both working as hard as we can. That does not mean we are


fighting against each other. Fighting against rebels and


Ferrari's is not easy. -- Red Bulls and Ferraris is not easy. If


Sebastian Vettel does not win this year, it will be a big surprise.


For us, we are all fighters and we all want to win the championship,


but pretty much, it is over. We want to keep the excitement in the


sport though, so every race, we should be fighting for a victory.


If we can do that, it is an amazing end to the year. That will carry


over to 2012. We're not going to be running a new car, the rules are


not different. Having a great end to the season is exactly what we


need. So we will definitely see racing for McLaren next year? Is


that signed and sealed? probably better speak to Martin


about that. But for me, my overtaking in the last race was


great. I lost my wing mirror so we could not see where the car was.


That is probably the best thing to do. Black the wing mirrors out so


you cannot see if the car is going to hit you. It worked for me.


would be a success for wrap up to the season in your eyes? Winning


them all. No pressure! No for some talking about pressure, we have


made their way out on to the grid. I'm sure some of the drivers are


feeling nervous. You can see the incredible grandstand that they


have got here. There are very few in Formula One to rival this one.


The thing is, it is a park every day of the week except for this


week. There is this amazing atmosphere were people have been


coming in. I came here particularly early and the place was rammed. It


is just a different place. It is going to be a very hard thing for


new races to compare to this. This is one of the very special places.


Let us make our way over to the other side of the grid. It would be


nice to see where Jenson Button will be starting. We will talk


about his future. It may be worth waiting, because I think we have


the World Champion making his way down. Sebastian Vettel experience


last year what Jenson Button felt the year before. Why have they not


got their heads together and sorted out a contract? And do not think it


has anything to do with the agreement to want to drive. Both


drivers had been vocal about the fact that they are burning out


during the course of the season. From my time at McLaren, I know


that there were many promotional days because of the Investment


model. The partners require peace of the action with the race drivers.


In fairness, I viewed that I raced for fun and I got paid for


promotion, so you cannot always have it. Do you agree that Jenson


Button's stock has gone up? He might not be winning the worst


title -- the world title, but he seems a better driver than he was.


He is seen as a better person overall. You have to understand


that I think he was an exemplary World Champion. His stock went up


because of that. His face is more familiar. He is somebody who has


moved away from sport, into the global renown. I think he has


turned out to be a remarkable man, very easy with the public as well.


He is prepared to talk and sit down. I guarantee you, he is one of the


guys that if you wanted to an interview on the grid, he would be


the first to do it. I spotted something on the McLaren, they have


a reversed Gurney on the rear wing. You have to come in behind the car


to see it. Typically, if you look at the black girl a sitting up


against the wing, that is to get down force of the real -- off the


rear wing. -- Black Gurney. That is very interesting. Literally, that


suggests that the McLaren wing is to bake, and that they have had to


Will that compromise it around the circuit? Leads move down to the


front were Martin Brundle is waiting. You have to look at the


technical features of the cars. Maarten, good to see you. We have


already celebrated Eddie's win around here. I'd finished second


with the Benetton team. It was pretty exciting. Ayrton Senna beat


me in the race that day. He leaned over and said, we are going to be


team mates next year at Williams. I thought that I was going to


Williams and I did not know that he was. But as it happens neither of


us drove for Williams the following year. But that was a long time ago.


Let's concentrate on the day. I just want to show you the 800 metre


run down to the first corner. I think that is going to be pivotal


to day in terms of McLaren. Can they stop Sebastian Vettel getting


that one second in front that he needs to stop them getting into its


DRS activation zone. So the safety car has only been used three times


in the past 10 years despite the high-speed nature of this circuit.


Despite that it tends not to be needed as there enough -- as there


is enough run-off area at the chicanes. Christian, you have got


the short 7th year in his car. If you could change that now, would


you? I would not. We split our options because we have got Mark


Webber on the other gear. We think it should be OK even install


position. We are about to find out. I will come back to Sebastian in a


moment. Let's find this Jensen Button who is the third on the grid.


He is under the umbrella. A quick word. Are you working together with


Lewis Hamilton to fight Red Bull? Obviously when we get out there.


But it is every man for himself out there. We will see what happens


during the race. We know what we're doing now. We're not going to trip


over each other. It is so hot today and I think it is going to be tough


on the tyres and that DRS is going to make it an interesting race.


you think that you have an advantage with though -- the gear?


I don't think so. Sebastian Vettel expected to be in pole position but


Mark Webber did not. We will see what happens. There are also at a


lodge of flies about. I am glad you picked up on the important things!


But it will be important if you cannot see where you're going! So


Mark Webber just walking off the grid, unfortunately. This is a


Fernando Alonso's car. Let's take a look at the rear wing. They have


much less drag. But the Ferrari has not been fast enough, except that


they think they're vain to use their tyres much last. -- going to


use. Less see if we can find Felipe Massa up. It is so hot down here. I


think they all want to get out of the sunshine as quickly as they can.


Let's have a word with Vitali Petrov. Sorry, let's have a word


with Jackie Stewart. You know this place very well indeed? There's


more atmosphere here than at any other race track in the world. The


Italians for motor racing are probably the best advice of all the


countries. And Gerard, you are the governor at Lotus. It is really


positive this year with our drivers. They have brought positive energy


into the team. I would try to have a quick word with Vitali Petrov.


Are you satisfied with the 7th place? It was an interesting


weekend. The engineers did a fantastic job and this is the


result. Can you get anywhere near the top six? We will try. To date


is another day and we will try to fight the guys in front. Felipe


Massa here are hiding in the shadow of the wall. Talking to his


Engineer. British engineer, of course. Last minute details. We


just have about 30 seconds remaining. He is on a run, I think


it will be his 6th consecutive points scoring opportunity. So


Felipe Massa are very much back on form these days. But that is not a


conversation that I am going to interrupt at this moment. So an


expectant crowd for what should be a thrilling Grand Prix. It is going


to be who finds out first and relax the fastest if they cannot get


through without three stops. Once again Formula 1 is all about


dealing with your tyres and making sure you have your strategy bang on.


But there's a whole new strategy, it used to be UK men with as little


drag as you could get away with. But that has all changed because of


the DRS. And for the first time. am a little bit confused and


slightly disappointed. For me this was the great track where you could


slipstream in the natural way. But then to insert two DRS, that


confuses me. What are would like to do is just keep a lid on these


artificial moves. I would like to see a little bit more natural. I am


a believer in KERS and DRS, but let us not overdo it. One man who will


want to try to get to the front is Mark Webber. I thought sunshine had


been banned from Formula 1 but it is a hot day. How will that help or


hinder you? It should not be too bad. It is nice to have a pretty


straight forward Grand Prix in terms of decisions, whether Wise.


We will see how that DRS work. And KERS, the boys seem pretty relaxed


about that at the moment. We have done everything we can so it should


be OK. Do you think you can make up a couple of places on the first


term? I would love to. I'm looking forward to a decent start more than


anyone. That was Mark Webber. He will be


feeling quite tense at the moment but the fans certainly are not.


Jaime Alguersuari has once again gone out in the first part of


qualifying. And there is Michael Schumacher. Would you rather be a


Michael Shaw banker or Nico Rosberg today? -- Michael Schumacher.


think Nico Rosberg at this stage. When you sacrifice the qualifying


position blab to be confident he will make it up during the race.


Nico Rosberg has that in his mind. But we cannot rule out Michael


Schumacher. Since Canada he has upped his pace. So it will be very


interesting to see how this pair operate. Every single person


dressed in red, all hoping that Fernando Alonso can do the business.


Time for a treat for you, the man on pole position against the man


who is second. How much difference was there between the lapse of


Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton? Blocked a lot. -- not a


lot. It is the super high-speed KERS circuit. Let's take a look


with the lap with Sebastian Vettel on the left-hand side and Lewis


Hamilton it on the right. They head towards the heavy braking zone.


towards the heavy braking zone. Both cars with great traction going


up through the gears. There it equally matched at this stage.


Approaching 200 miles an hour. Easily the full throttle even with


the DRS wide open. Heavy braking at the second chicane. And Lewis


Hamilton slightly ahead with better straight-line speed. Down there now


towards the first corner. And on the exit of that, once again Lewis


Hamilton is slightly ahead halfway around the lap. The second corner


is a little bit tighter, great precision needed. At this stage in


the lap they are absolutely neck and neck. With the fast chicane to


come. They fly the car or a cross the curse. But Sebastian Vettel


clearly has more grip and confidence. He is taking several


metres out of Lewis Hamilton at that particular place which makes


all the difference. The magnificent Parabolica corner ahead of us. Pick


up the throttle as early as you dare. The shortest run now to that


finish line and it is a brilliant 25th poll position for Sebastian


Vettel. Incredible. And he is the first man except fought Ayrton


Senna to have temple positions in two different seasons. A great


record. There is the race director up having a final look at the cars.


He is the man who will start the race and do that before too long.


Sebastian Vettel, starting on pole position, tell me about that.


race has all kinds of permutations. You talk about Sebastian Vettel,


Jensen Button, Lewis Hamilton. I have a sneaking suspicion that


Lewis Hamilton might just pull this one out the back. All the evidence


is dragging you towards Sebastian Vettel as being the one. But the


problems he had since Belgium, coming out and saying he was wrong,


I just have a sneaky suspicion that he might just bring it home. That


would be a big shout, to beat Sebastian Vettel. I believe he can


do it. I think he was wounded, he had a little swipe at a journalist


the other day. It was a veiled disagreement. Well the fans are


certainly ready and I hope you are as well. On the red Button you can


ride on board with different drivers. Almost time to hand it


over to David and Maarten. The fastest track on the racing


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 51 seconds


calendar. About to walk into life heritage and the magic of Monza.


The first race held here in 1922 and this circuit has played a part


in every Formula 1 world Championship apart from 1980. It is


a temple of speed whether fans worship at the Alter of Ferrari and


Fernando Alonso in particular, the winner last year at Monza. David,


what are the challenges faced by average speech. -- all about


momentum. There is a massive amount of braking forced through the


braking system and the driver. It is a short race but the heat


saturates into you. I do not know what it is the forest, but


physically, it is a hard one for the drivers. This is all going to


be about slipstream in and track position. Presumably Sebastian


Vettel asked to get ahead to keep the McLarens at? He does not have


the top speed of the cars around him. He was one of the slowest cars


in qualifying. They have taken a strategic decision to set the car


up to be as fast as possible. You do not have the use of DRS on the


straights. You can gain an extra few kilometres an hour, but that


leaves a number of places on the track were due are sub-optimal. We


will see two strategies playing out. Mark Webber, the only man in the


field to elect not to have a brand new engine for the race this


weekend. He does have a brand new set of softer compound tyres. The


people in front of them do not have that luxury. We will see if that


manages to give him an advantage. Jenson Button, who I thought seemed


particularly perky and confident. Lewis Hamilton, in the other


McLaren, or on the front row. caught up with the team principal


of McLaren after we pointed out that Gurney on the underside of the


wane. He confirmed that he never thought it was the right way to run


the wing, but apparently that is the right way for McLaren to run.


They have put the smallest amount of fuel in, why is that? You cover


the distance at greater speed. All will lap distance is the same, you


just do not need as much fuel. -- although the latter distance.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 51 seconds


us see how they line up for around who took the decision to qualify on


the harder tyres, had to take another set of harder Prime tyres


for the start of the race because there was damage to the sense that


he used in qualifying. Because of blisters, do you think? Will love


rubber will literally get so hot it explodes. -- the rubber will


literally. That could be so that -- that could be the case. These four


drivers are taking the autumn at a route. They want to get at higher


out of the way. While you have the heavier fuel load, the equivalent


of two medium-sized passengers, why not put on a more durable tyre?


makes perfect sense. The only issue is that the harder tyre is law. We


presume that we will see some blistering this afternoon. But we


saw blistering inspire. Sebastian Vettel was able to run quite


happily. -- in spite. There is about 2.5 mm of Russia -- or proper


before you have the belt that texts the surface of the tyre. Blistering


is not a problem, it is when you get down below the top surface,


then you have issues. Interestingly, Lewis Hamilton... As the mechanics


bolt from the grid. If anybody stalls on the grid, they will be


running back out there again. As they make their way back to the


pits, Lewis said this morning earlier on "I just want to get to


the end of this race. I have not finished here for a while." That is


not consistent with attacking like crazy. This is the second DRS zones.


It is quite an unusual choice, because there is a curve in it. I


wonder why they did not put Ascari down to a parabolic in the next


section. Interestingly, it is not the obvious place for a driver. It


is not a clear place to have a DRS zones. It would be interesting to


speak to Charlie Whiting to explain how they come up with these


decisions. It would be a more obvious place, to pick a straight,


then there is no ambiguity with drivers weaving to take their


natural line. From the Ascari chicane, down to the parabolic.


tarmac. It looks lovely. There we have the old historic tarmac. I


would love to know when its surface was laid. It could tell a few


stories. The last time they changed the tarmac was in 2000. The last


time they use the scary bank in was 1961. -- banking. Phil Hill won


that race. These drivers, trying to make their mark on the history of


Formula One. Burning out their tyres. The drivers of old would be


protecting their tyres at this stage. These guys know that they


have to get heat and pressure into those tyres. It is a 53 lap race.


83% full-throttle as they go around this super high-speed layout. It is


a challenge for everybody. They now have to find the perfect biting


point of the clutch to get off the line and down to the first corner.


The trigger for that is when the five lights go out. We do not


bother with the green. They react as soon as they see them disappear.


And the Monza race is underway. Wheelspin from Sebastian Vettel.


Three of them, side by side. Look at that, Hamilton and Sebastian


Vettel touching. Felipe Massa fancies the inside of Hamilton. We


have a car approaching sideways, taking two out. I think it is


Petrov. Barrichello, two. Three cars out, as we saw somebody


arriving sideways. Alonso leads. Hamilton defending against Michael


Schumacher. He is ahead. Immediately ahead of Felipe Massa.


The safety car is out because the carnage is in the middle of the


track. Jenson Button dropped out of the first chicane. Michael


Schumacher up to third. We have Liuzzi, Rosberg, Petrov, with a


black crash helmet on. Recognising the ice hockey players and others


killed in an awful airplane crash earlier on in the week. Rubens


Barrichello, trying to get his car starting again. Remarkably, he


beached himself, trying to get over the sleeping businessman --


sleeping policemen. Was at the Hispania? I think it was Liuzzi. He


got a wheel on the grass and lost control. Of course, they are


thinking that at least they got through the first turn, but then


from nowhere, absolutely nowhere, comes a car to knock them out. The


computer is showing for Schumacher third but he is 4th. Felipe Massa,


Button. Another tremendous start for Schumacher. He has been the man


on the opening laps. Why is that? It is always easier to make lots of


positions if you are not qualifying at the front. But does not take


anything away from him. The start system on the Mercedes, it will be


the softer end je -- software engineers and be taught set-up. The


mechanical set-up and the reactions of Schumacher, and he is


undoubtedly the king of starting. do not think we saw Kobayashi in


the melee but he was obviously involved because he needs a new


front wing. Cruising up to the back of the field, he will effectively


get a freak pit-stop. Alguersuari has gone up from 18 to 11. -- Free


pitched up. -- pit-stop. Sebastian Vettel got way too much wheelspin


off the line. Alonso was not as quick. So lucky that Hamilton and


Sebastian Vettel did not connect. But look at the back. There is an


HRT with its wheels on the grass. No grip. He was going straight to


the scene of several other people's accidents. He cause of that. That


is where Kobayashi got his damaged nose. Fernando Alonso leads the


Grand Prix. Schumacher, muscling through as we watch complete


carnage. A confetti of carbon fibre raining down a few seconds after


the silliness of the first turn. Plenty of space on the right-hand


side. Everybody knows that. But look at that, the Wall was coming


towards him and he stays absolutely planted, as you would expect. Some


nice fresh air. He put a wheel on the grass and momentarily the rpm


increased. It shows how tight he was. Here it is Liuzzi, heading for


an impact, hoping that he will slot between the cars. Unfortunately,


several cars taken out. Rubens Barrichello was unlucky. He managed


to Nicosia the first car but was blocked by the second. Liuzzi's


problems started earlier. He put a wheel on the grass and never


resolve the incident. Kobayashi is there, at the back. How did he lose


his nose? It might have been another incident. We have Bruno


Senna in the pits. He has got is hard tyres out of the way now. If


you're new to Formula One, you will know that they both have to use


both compounds during the Grand Prix. D'Ambrosio is out of the


Grand Prix. Barrichello, back in the pits, and Ricardo, still going


around. We have lost Petrov and Liuzzi. Barrichello came in and his


car was undamaged. They put on a new nose and put him on hard tyres.


Kobayashi can run with soft tyres, as can Bruno Senna. He has got his


hard tyres out of the way. Daniel Ricardo was coming in with what


looks like a damaged HRT. He is retiring. I will check that out


because d'Ambrosio was not involved in that accident. The safety car is


out. It has only been out three times in the last 10 years. I think


there will be some recalculated strategies going on right now.


is why they have the supercomputers. Maybe not the small teams, but


certainly the main teams will be looking at that on the screen now,


running hundreds of thousands of what-ifs. This will change the face


get to the second the safety car line. They all look as if they are


relatively in line. Lewis Hamilton is nowhere to be seen. Michael


Schumacher then punishes Lewis Hamilton for that see the restart.


Mark Webber for the Red Bull. Sebastian Vettel again down the


inside, getting so much better acceleration. And Fernando Alonso


having absolutely none of that. know that Sebastian Vettel went


with the shorter ratio in qualifying. It was all about


getting good race pace. They have more mast to accelerate now was the


petrol. Fernando Alonso has got to break the one-second margin of two


Sebastian Vettel. Sebastian Vettel it right on the back of Fernando


Alonso. But Michael Schumacher having another tremendous start to


this Grand Prix. We know that the Mercedes are quick in the straight


line. Another contact! Mark Webber has lost his nose. Filipe Massa or


pointing the wrong way. Sebastian Vettel has been turning point. That


was bravery at 200 miles an hour. Nobody would lift up the throttle,


nobody would yield and Sebastian Vettel came out the winner. No we


spoke about this in the qualifying show. He was flat on the grass


around the outside of Fernando Alonso. We have got yellow flags


out at the moment. Jensen Button presumably got held up as little


bit. We do not know if Felipe Massa or managed to recover his position.


On board with Mark Webber. In a good slipstream. He tries to muscle


his way around and he hits the kerb, flies drew the air. -- flies


through the air. He has done into the barriers. Clearly front wing


and damage. Michael Schumacher at looking at second place as well.


All the former world champions, they know what it takes. Fernando


Alonso just has a little bit of space between them. He was faster


is to it -- yesterday in qualifying. Five world champions fill the top


five places. DRS has been enabled. That should assist Hamilton. But


the Mercedes is so much faster on the straight line. A lot of


turbulence on the front wing of that McLaren. Southerly they mass


at making his way back, up in 9th for Williams, almost three seconds


off the pace of the leaders. Jensen Button beginning to hone in on this


fight as they are so busy watching each other that they are losing


time. Schumacher goes outside the white lines was DUP you are allowed


to do that at this place on the track. Parabolica corner. We have


got Mark Webber, a replay of that. No front downforce. And that shows


you just how effective those wings are when they are doing their job


properly. They are there to push the car into the ground. Mark


Webber was racing to get back to the pits. Lewis Hamilton and, for


some reason his DRS did not work on that main straight but it is


working now. They reckon the DRS is worth about 15 kilometres around


here. Lewis Hamilton now has his DRS wide open. Will he remember to


use it? Let's see what effect that has. Michael Schumacher in knows he


does not have the DRS available. But he does have KERS. The straight


speeds look OK. Schumacher is just very high. Explain that one. The


guy in front is just a bit quicker! You are not slow, he is fast. But


the net result is the same. should have delivered to the old,


there is good news...! Such a tricky piece of race track. No DRS


down this section. Jensen Button cannot quite join in this battle.


Lewis Hamilton it looks better positioned this lap. It is a long


way down the straight before up the DRS actually becomes available. Now


he has closed it again, what is all that about? We know that McLaren


had some issues during practice. They had issues with we attaching


the airflow. I wonder if that is why it Lewis Hamilton it was


getting it close nice and early. Safety first, playing the long game.


Hamilton tries to go on the inside. But Schumacher it with a robust


defence. A much better slipstream this time for Hamilton. But there


is not enough of a breaking the zone to make the difference down


into Parabolica. Hamilton now with his DRS wide open once again.


Hamilton is not using his KERS. Is there an issue their? He does have


it available but he is choosing where to use it. He is not using it


on the main Straits. It is difficult to pool which might be


another issue. I think we're seeing Lewis Hamilton catch up so much


around here because he is using his KERS and his DRS down at this


section. But there is now worth to overtake when you get to the end of


it. -- know where to overtake. Perhaps he's just trying to put


Michael Schumacher or under pressure. He can hold Michael tight


and hope that that makes him slope the limiter. He cannot do anything


at the moment about Michael Schumacher. Jensen Button it still


as second and a half behind which is surprising me. But you do not


want to be right up behind those cars, losing downforce. Over


heating the engine. Maybe Jensen Button is just plain the smart game


here. He is probably pretty comfortable to let them battle it


out. This is a slightly more cautious Lewis Hamilton than we


have seen at other Grand Prix. He's going for a very deliberate and


very safe overtake. The average speed around this race track is 245


kilometres an hour. There are very few breaking stones and he need


those 2 euros per wasted kinetic energy. Lewis Hamilton now out of


the slipstream of Michael Schumacher. It is just a question


now of fool can break the latest. A very tidy, Adlene moved from Lewis


Hamilton. But Schumacher or still has that speed, he has the


slipstream and to the DRS. Jensen Button are now just joining that


party. But Lozelles and really needed to cut that one straight


back off again. -- Lewis Hamilton. Lewis Hamilton again trying to get


Michael Schumacher have to go defensive. This is going to be


overtakes. He is the man who has overtaken most on track this year.


And he will have the DRS. Michael Schumacher only has his horse power


to defend with. The two are really homing in on third place man


Michael Schumacher. He has won the scrum Prix five times, Michael.


There are groans of frustration at the McLaren garage. They will have


to change their strategy. Michael in third position is holding up the


to McLaren's. That is the message to Masser, but Vettel will be


absolutely delighted with this. They will say that they have had


enough of this. They are going to call one of their drivers in quite


soon. Felipe Massa is now up into 6th place. It was smart of


Maldonado to let him through and not waste any time. If you are


going to be five metres better on the brakes than the driver in front,


you need a breaking zone to do it. The principal at Maclaren is


watching his two men. 18,000 revs in 7th gear. It is a critical


choice of 7th gear ratio that you must make before Saturday morning.


They have appeared their car to use all of the rpm without DRS. That


means they are just banging up against that it read level. You


can't go any faster. Schumacher is struggling to grip on those tyres.


This will all be about pit stop strategy and Les Lewis Hamilton and


Jenson Button can make this stick on the track. In the lead on lap 15


by nine seconds is Sebastien Vettel. Mark Webber is out of the Drumcree


in the second to Red Bull. Hamilton is looking up the inside into


Parabolica. The activation of DRS is quite a long way down, that is


why you will not see it Popeye Open and tell... They are both on it


now! Hamilton had to duck back into the slipstream of the Mercedes,


that is how fast it is. Steve -- Schumacher has had to go super


defensive, slow on the exit. He is on the grass! Sue will give him NO-


SPACE a tall. -- Sue or won't give he loses that place. A sporting


etiquette, are amongst race drivers, that was right on the limit. Lewis


Hamilton has been super clean so far in this race with Michael


Schumacher. This may be a chance for Lewis Hamilton on Ascari. He


will be furious with Michael. Michael Schumacher is pushing the


boundaries of what is correct, and has been doing for several laps now.


He is absolutely on the limit. He has gone into the pit. We


understood that Hamilton was going to pit that lap. As soon as they


got that message, they told him to stay out, no doubt. Michael


Schumacher goes on to a brand new set of soft tyres. Take us through


this, David. Around Ascari, Michael sees Lewis Hamilton take the inside


line, and he chops across him. He takes a tight line on entry. You


see how much Lewis had to lift out. That was a heart-stopping moment


for Lewis Hamilton. This is a replay. For some reason, it works


so much better for Jenson Button to make that move down the outside.


Michael Schumacher's tyres were losing him speed. He was working


hard to keep that faster Maclaren behind. When he got the opportunity,


he was able to make it stick. Sebastian Vettel moves into her lap


18. He as at 1:28.6. Jenson Button the pit lane as to how long it took


them to do that stop. We can expect Lewis in pretty soon after that, I


would imagine. He has a lovely clear space as long as he can stay


ahead of that traffic. 3.5 seconds, that stop for Jenson Button, as he


makes his way down. They are a long way ahead after all that fighting


with Schumacher. We are saying Michael is pushing the boundaries.


You can't say he has done anything that would warrant standing outside


the headmaster's door yet. Certainly not, but in sporting


etiquette amongst racers, that was at the limit. There is a certain


etiquette as to how much she would squeeze yourself in as a junction


and how much you would give your competitor a bit of a squeeze on


the racetrack. You can see Maclaren coming out. This will be for


Hamilton. The difference here, of course, you are doing it at 200 mph.


This looks like quite a last-minute decision. There are entire lap 19


already. A new set of tyres for Lewis Hamilton, and away he goes.


It is all about where Jenson Button is, and he is a long way ahead.


Michael Schumacher just there to the left. It is all about the


breaking. Michael Schumacher takes the position away. That will please


Lewis a bunch. A pity it Jenson Button first, and that kept him


ahead of Michael, and they pitted Lewis Hamilton next, and that kept


him behind. Frustration at McLaren. A lot of this is because they are


running this... Do we call it a battle? This is Maldonado, Perez


and Argos wiry fighting for 7th. That squabble started at the


beginning of this lack. There is Perez, who we think is now our pin


28 position. The reason why it McLaren were running that big wing,


they thought they would be in a fight with Red Bull which has a


Renault engine. They never imagined they would be up against a Mercedes


with the same engine that they have. They were always on to a loser, and


that is why they have lost out. It will be a massive task far either


McLaren to get anywhere near winning this race. That was a 3.0


second stop. Yet again it is Michael Schumacher versus Los


Hamilton. -- Lewis Hamilton. Still they are side by side, and still


Michael Schumacher will not healed, and why should he in that position.


He is having to get really defensive, and that is two moves.


The rules are clear that you can make one change of direction, and


you cannot move back. I am fully expecting to hear a radio message


soon. Sebastian Vettel comes into the pits at the beginning of lap 20


for soft tyres. He has been absolutely untroubled once he


managed to retake the lead after the fast starting Alonso. There was


no need to panic or rash or get anything wrong, because he has the


whole pit straight to himself. Webber was put out of the race


earlier by contact point. Again, bouncing off the limiter in 7th


gear. It is going to have to be a brave move that puts Lewis Hamilton


passed Michael Schumacher. How far is Jenson Button away? 3.8 seconds.


The F I A are aware. Stay with it. That is what we were expecting.


What do you think they will do about it? As I was saying, you are


only allowed one move, and it is a very clear rule. I can hear all


Schumacher's supporters saying that it was fair, but it is not at all.


You can make one defensive change of direction. There he is again


coming back across at the braking zone. They designed this rule for


the safety of the drivers and of the crowd. Yes, and I think he has


breached it, not so much there as earlier on. We have Senna and


Kobayashi side by side. I am pleased they didn't miss that.


Felipe Massa, and Lewis Hamilton has got the inside line. Will


Michael Schumacher yield anything here at all? I think Lewis knew he


was going to dive into his space, so he wasn't about to put his car


there. You have to say, the patience of a saint from Lewis


today. He did say he was going to keep an eye on finishing his


crockery. He hasn't managed to do so the last couple of years. --


that the one under the heading spoilsport? That is probably what


Michael Schumacher or is wondering. That is what Lewis Hamilton is


saying. It is a fair defence, or is it over the mark? Beyond reasonable


driving? Sebastian Vettel has the fastest lap in the ground Prix,


1:27. He is now 11. Second -- 11.7 slipstream. Will he try to sell him


a dummy? I don't think Michael but Michael won't give him the


outside. There are now side by side, and there is no where to go. He is


only too well aware of that. And a look at the inside. I sense a


little bitter frustration going on there now in that yellow helmet of


the McLaren driver. Here is the rule as it is written in the


and unaided. Manoeuvres liable to hinder other drivers such as more


than one change of direction to defend a position. Deliberate


crowding of a car beyond the Bench of the track are not permitted.


That has happened a few times. We had an radio message there from the


team principal telling Michael to leave him some space. You cannot


charge back across the track. You cannot fault Michael's positioning


of his car, it is just the way he is moving it about. As a driver


would you prefer a direct message? It was just a fairly generic hint.


They do not want him to get a drive through penalty. I always wanted my


engineer to give me very specific pieces of engineering. Because


there's a lot of action, a lot of noise in the car and sometimes it


is difficult to filter out the message that you get. Jensen Button


honing in now on Fernando Alonso. Lewis Hamilton on the limiter now.


They are of course only on a half tank of fuel. Lewis Hamilton is


being tentative. Schumacher or release seems to be struggling at


this stage with the performance of his car. He just does not have the


grip of the McLaren. If a McLaren comes up alongside you you just


cannot take the position back, he have to leave some room. So he did


understand that message! Lewis Hamilton it is losing one seconds


per lap. Jensen Button has just done his personal best of the race.


Jensen doing a great job closing in on Fernando Alonso. Jensen Button


once again coming alive in the second half of this race. He seems


to be finding grip in it wet conditions and he also seems to


like these low downforce places. Pastor Maldonado now slipping


backwards after that tremendous start. We have a fight between


Schumacher and Hamilton. Lewis Hamilton's tyres are going to wear


out quicker. RADIO: please make sure you leave room for the car


when you move and change direction. A coded message there that they are


doing something about this. I think that is a very clear statement


there. Michael it is now leaving a lot more space. Michael of course


will get as slipstream from the car in front. Lewis Hamilton is on the


limiter. Hunting down a feisty Michael Schumacher. He has the car


that is fastest on the straight line. We know Lewis Hamilton is


going to be massively frustrated. We both know Michael well, how do


you think he will receive that message? He is a smart cookie. He


has always pushed the boundaries during his career and he has got


away with it more often than not. I think he has done that this


afternoon that I do not think that a penalty is necessary. Maybe now


he has just broken the back of this race. A 4th or even a 5th place for


him would be a great result. when Jensen Button got his chance,


he took it straight away. We can see a replay now of Hamilton with


ever more speed. Has he taken that position? He has indeed. Michael


finally yielding to him. So a tremendous exit. And she mucker


realised finally that he had to leave that space. -- Schumacher.


Getting a great slipstream from Michael. Schumacher now in a


comfortable 5th place. And he did backed down a bit. I think he has


had enough of that particular fight! It is only a matter of time


before he loses that position to Lewis Hamilton. He is now thinking


of fending off Felipe Massa. A new battle to look for, Jensen Button


versus Fernando Alonso. This race often lasts only one hour and 20


minutes. Now we can see some different camera angles of Michael


going left to defend and then staying left. That was a clear


field. Yes I think Lewis Hamilton it was able to use his DRS more


effectively there. So less time on the limiter and in the end I think


Michael Schumacher could not defend. We know Mercedes have been


struggling a lot with the degradation of their tyres. It


costs you dearly around this track if you do not exaggerate quickly


enough. Jensen Button has lost a little bit of momentum. A little


bit slower than Fernando Alonso on this part of the track. Presumably


he is going to be buzzing on the limiter just like his team-mate


will stomp --. Keeping an eye on Lewis Hamilton's time. He has just


done the fastest middle sector of the entire Grand Prix. Now Hamilton


can do something about closing that eight. Five-second gap. I'm down in


the Red Bull garage. It is feeling relaxed that Sebastian Vettel has


this cushion. Disappointed of course that Mark Webber is out of


the race. And the next stop will come in about five or six laps time.


The tyres are holding up a lot better than they thought. Ferrari


are going to hold out as long as they cannot on the soft tyres. --


as they can. Fernando Alonso in its second place.


As Sebastian Vettel does a new fastest lap of the race. Alonso has


more the problem of Jensen Button closing in. We have 17 miners at


the moment out on the race track. We have lost Kobayashi, Mark Webber,


Vitali Petrov. On board with the Toro Rosso as they go up to the


Force India of Paul di Resta oeuvre. And that was sadly very easy indeed.


Different tiers of course on those two cars. Paul di Resta has a fight


on his hands to stay in the points. Michael Schumacher is now just the


fastest first sector of the Grand Prix. He was sober aggressive


against Lewis Hamilton but it seems to have switched around. Schumacher


is actually only two seconds behind Lewis Hamilton will stop he is


hanging on quite nicely. Keeping the gap back to Felipe Massa. So it


is working for him as well. Sebastian Vettel, changes his


helmet every race. Choosing to run wide through the exit. The man with


259 points. Mark Webber, out of the Grand Prix. You would have to say


that Sebastian Vettel pretty much has two hands on that trophy now.


Jensen Button falling back a little bit from Fernando Alonso. It was a


one-second gap. Now down to 1.6. Mark Webber has been talking to our


own Lee Mackenzie. Bad luck. Just talk us through that moves. I got a


good run down the straight. Trying to get around the outside and


Felipe Massa it was starting to come across. I did not know if he


was going to come that far across. And when I got towards the second


term I started to belt out of the move. But those curves are so high


it just launched the carp and I made contact with him. Then I tried


to get back to the pits. I knew that there was some damage but I


did not know that the front wing was jammed under the front of the


car. Invaluable points lost today. For bit of a dent junior


Championship aspirations. What are you aiming for now? I think we are


all battling for second place now. Sebastian Vettel needs to have an


incredibly disappointing end to this season and for anyone to take


the Championship from them at this stage. A missed opportunity for me


but I will come back in its Nearly a missed opportunity for


Nearly a missed opportunity for Barrichello to get into the pits


there. And that will have cost Jenson Button and his gap to


Fernando Alonso. Ted has got some news as we just watched Massa.


Breathing space, David. You are absolutely right, and that is what


Ferrari are concerned about. I just went in there to ask how Alonso's


race is going, and they are worried about whether he is going to keep


his place on the podium, so they can see that the McLaren's are


gaining on him. Alonso comes into the pit. Yellow flags out as they


clear. A good pit-stop again for Ferrari as we now await Lewis


Hamilton into his human garage. The car is boiling hot, the brakes at


nearly 1,000 Celsius, the engine at over 125 centigrade. He is now


again and behind Barrichello. A fresh set of tyres. Will that get


into the end of the Grand Prix? should do. So we are not expecting


any more pit stops at the front of the field. He is actually even


closer to Alonso then he was before the pit stop. They are both on the


Prime hard Tyre, so everything that went to before. They have also got


less fuel. And the team are ready to welcome Sebastien Vettel. No


pressure during this stop. There are really getting that fine-tuned


now towards the end of the season. They are coming out of Ascari as


Vettel is coming out of the pit lane. Ferrari historically this


year have not been giving as hard a tyre. Mark Webber is reflecting on


what might have been. Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button, tickling it


-- typically not as good on the harder tyres. You fancy, then, that


Jenson Button has got a very good chance of taking second place at


this stage. If past performance is any bearing on future success, yes.


Well Fernando come back at him? Surely an error there from Alonso?


He has got no traction, it seems to me. Very poor traction on this


harder compound tyre, which they always say really hurts Ferrari.


But it is very soft rubber compared to what we used to run. They appear


to have issued heating their tyres, and we are seeing it played out


there. Jenson Button takes advantage of the slipstream of the


Lotus years lapping. -- he is lapping. 12 the position at the


moment, and that could be the best result for Lotus this year.


tyres come out of the blankets at 100 degrees. Michael Schumacher


presumably does have to stop again to put a harder tyres on. Button is


15.6 seconds off the lead. How do you start putting red bull under


pressure? You say the tyres come out of the blankets at 100 degrees,


but it is a bit like wearing a pair of jeans. He have got to get them


on the track, stretch the tyre, move the side wall. Lean against


them under braking, before they really give you the performance.


do think that is a great analogy. I know exactly what you mean.


Schumacher here in second place at the moment, a bit out of kilter


with his tyres, he has to come in again and put the Prime tyres on.


There have been plenty of different strategies. But we are certain


Michael has to pick a game, and here he comes, out of second place.


It should put him somewhere very close to Hamilton again, actually.


And there is a big gap back to Schumacher from there. -- back to


Alguersuari from there. It wouldn't have been a big step by Mercedes to


put them side-by-side Again. Hamilton over break himself! He was


so excited to still be in front of Michael Schumacher. So how has this


all shaken out? Sebastien Vettel leads by 15.6 seconds from Jenson


Button, about a second ahead of Alonso in third. Masseur is up to


4th, do arrested just outside the top 10. Maldonado has pitted in


on the set of hard tyres from the start, and the team think he could


have been on for 7th or 8th, so a shame for him. The cyber team


looked very good on Friday. -- the Sauber team. Alonso is definitely


holding on to Button better than we thought he might. Maybe those tyres


are now coming to him. You can see some debris from earlier on in the


race, you don't want to run over that and cut your tyres. If the


race finished now, Sebastian Vettel would have pay 112 point lead. And


it is a different person who keeps finishing well behind him in terms


of those pursuing him, and he wins each one. So he has built up a full


league. Felipe Massa there is behind him, but has only pitted


once. How did you read that with Mark Webber? I think that Felipe


Massa were left in plenty of space on the way into the chicane. I


think I would have had the tendency to just try to cut to the left. I


think Mark just didn't expect it, and by the time he made the


decision to try to stay on the track, he just got launched into


the back of Felipe Massa's car. didn't play out as he expected. You


have to keep your guard and hope be the seventh consecutive race


that a driver who drops out in the early part of qualifying ends up


scoring championship points? He has locked up the rear axle. He is 17


seconds behind Alguersuari. Bruno Senna up into 9th place. He is


lapping slightly faster than Maldonado. Still plenty of action


to come. Sebastian Vettel is just handling him, every time Jenson


Button does a fast lap, Sebastian Vettel El response in the lead to


keep the lead. -- responds in the At the moment, the fastest is


1:26.09. That is with KERS, with DRS and with Pirelli tyres. So they


are going a lot slower this year engineers are saying these are very


soft tyres. That is a very clean pass there. Buemi has pitted from


8th, Senna from 9th. He had that damaged wing earlier on, and it is


the soft tyres that have gone on for Senna. I think we are going to


see a very good fight the seventh, 8th, 9th, 10th and possibly even


11th. Maldonado, Barrichello is a long way behind in 12th. Ricardo


his 16th. Some 14 laps behind the leader, but still running his


Daniel Ricciardo. A three-second stop for Ferrari again. 2.9 is the


quickest we have seen. Felipe Massa wants to use both compounds of


tyres. He always seems to be on for a good result, but then something


weird happens or he gets himself into a bit of a mischief. That is


what happens when you are not at the front of the field. Sebastian


Vettel leads by 15.8 seconds over Jenson Button. Fernando Alonso his


third, and he is 7.5 seconds ahead of Lewis Hamilton in 4th. It is a


tall order for Lewis to make that up. Sadly for him. He is the


fastest man on the track without this bit of traffic, but he needs


to find his way through. Sebastian Vettel has not been troubled since


he retook the lead after Alonso's start. After that, it was really


about who could negotiate Michael Schumacher, and particularly the


incredible fight between him and Lewis Hamilton that was tough


racing in the extreme, no doubt about that. No contact, as it


happens. Jenson Button cruised up in the melee and made his way past


both of them, and that has made the difference for him. That gave him


the chance to take Alonso in that tyre stop phase, and he is


comfortably ahead of Hamilton. He didn't drop behind Schumacher again


at the next stop. That was a pivotal lap or two. That is what


has got him up in a comfortable second place. Another great weekend


for Jenson Button. He is a little behind in qualifying, but it hasn't


made much of the difference as to who was on pole position. He looked


like he was struggling in the early stages of the race, but I suspect


he was just keeping his tyres under control, watching the fight in


front. You just want to try to keep back in case they get into an


incident. He is once again showing, we had the conversation before who


is the team leader in Maclaren, and Jenson Button said, I am. Hamilton


now has closed the gap to Alonso down to 3.9 seconds. Apparently is


in need of some encouragement. I just asked their man in the garage


what the plan is now, and he said the plan is to catch Alonso and


passed him, we have to encourage him and tell him that he can do it


on the radio. After the day that Hamilton has had, apparently he


just needs a little pick me up on when he leaves the car about the


wheel to wheel action. If you look at Mark Webber, passing on the


outside, there is more wheel-to- wheel action. More than I can


remember for a long time. The cars are pretty equal. They know they


cannot waste a moment. It has made for some incredible race in.


what is also interesting, the engineers are really getting to


show their decision-making capabilities, with strategy. Who


went with short ratios? Mercedes arguably had nothing to lose. They


went along and that allows you to Michael Schumacher to do than that


position. It would be easy for McLaren to reflect on this and say


that they left the ratios too short. It is all about optimising the


package. Buemi, too hot into the chicane. Bruno Senna had a better


exit. But Sebastien Buemi has the turning point. Sensitively


realising that he should spin the rear tyres. He almost lost his nose.


Surprising how slow the Torro Rosso was. That could be strategy from


Sebastien Buemi. Slowing him down before he gets into the second DRS


zone. Soft against hard. It has worked well for Buemi. He has


broken the zone. Samad, not only has a different car, but he should


be eight tenths quicker. -- Bruno Senna. Let us to a run-through of


these final moments of the Italian eight laps to go. We can catch di


Resta as well. Sebastien Buemi is one second a lap slower than the


rest of. It looks like it would be quite a bit faster. Especially on


those tyres. He might be within the one seconds on. Tardy coming out of


the second chicane. He is not going to be in a position to pass the


Slapper. He has to take advantage of the different tyres. This is


important for Bruno Senna's future. They need to see, if he gets too


much on the kerb, he needs to show that team that he is a potential


team leader. Perez, who dropped out with transmission problems. Still


16 runners of the 24 starters. Ricciardo, running 16th. The gap


between Hamilton and Alonso, 5.2. Will Bruno Senna run out of laps?


If he can clear this Torro Rosso, he has a run at Paul di Resta. Paul


di Resta, doing a tremendous job. He scored again in Germany. Can he


do again -- can he do the same again for Force India today? Over-


ambitious towards the first corner moment. But in his lapping him. --


he has won. Sebastian Vettel has matching him punch for punch, but


Alonso has no answer. In the background there, Hamilton coming


off others worry. -- Alguersuari. Bruno Senna opening. Does he have


the revs and the pace? He goes inside and stays inside. As long as


he can keep him on the racetrack. He has better traction on the


chicane. His next target is Paul di Resta. 4.3 seconds down. Bruno


Senna has a chance. I am surprised that Sebastien Buemi was so


compliant. He is racing. Bruno Senna, he gets his tyres dirty. But


Sebastien Buemi really lost a lot by lifting out on that straight.


think I would have been a miserable so-and-so and held Jenson Button up.


If he wants to catch di Resta, that is what he is going to have to do.


Sebastien Buemi kind of half defended it. Sebastian Vettel, the


race leader. Hamilton still catching. This is the venue where


Sebastian Vettel won his first Grand Prix. An incredible drive for


the Torro Rosso team, who were not really in a position. But using a


lot of Red Bull technology at the time. It was a Ferrari engine in


the back of it. Wet conditions for qualifying and the race. A little


bit like when Ayrton Senna won his first Grand Prix in Estoril and


signalled to the world. "I am here." He might be thanking Michael


Schumacher for making them work extra hard today. There is an event


at the end of the season called race the champions and they are


paired off together as teen Germany. Annoyingly, they have won it for


the last few seasons as team Germany.


I do not think he has opened his DRS all day, Sebastian Vettel.


Great overtaken the beginning of the race, Paul di Resta. RADIO:


Bruno Senna has passed Sebastien Buemi. We need to push, Paul, but


we should be safe. He has a 5.5 second advantage. Lewis Hamilton is


pursuing. We must not forget that Lewis Hamilton was sleepy on the


restart, which allowed Michael past him. I would be interested to know


whether he did not realise the safety car was coming in, or


something else. They had many settings they need to change on the


steering wheel when they are running behind the safety car. They


will have all sorts of different things to adjust. Maybe he was


looking at his steering wheel and then we had the two front runners,


Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel, and he was caught slipping.


Could this be the first Renault engine victory since Johnny Herbert


won in 1995? Very strong here with Ferrari and McLaren. I was just


wondering that. You had a Mercedes engine when you won? Yes. Lot of


traffic. Hamilton trying to fight his way through. Buemi ahead of


them. Between him and his target of a podium. Bruno Senna, closing.


Paul di Resta was faster than Bruno Senna on the previous match. --


previous lap. Alguersuari, not catching and seven. -- in seven.


The main fight his Hamilton catching Alonso, that is the real


story as we home in on the last three laps. It has been, I think,


very interesting Italian Grand Prix. He was caught out completely by


that closing speed and locked up his front axle. Sebastien Buemi


news over and says, there you go. That is a little strange. It caught


Hamilton out. Deals Lewis Hamilton, his hand would have been out the


window, waving and being annoyed, but he does not get distracted by


that any more. -- the old Lewis Hamilton. His only Focus's Fernando


Alonso. I have just popped into Mercedes and they say that Michael


is very happy in the car. They say that Michael is taking it to the


flak. We saw the championship graphic. Kovalainen and 13th, that


is good for Team Lotus. They are top 10 in the can structures


championship. -- Constructors' Championship. If it finishes as it


is, Sebastian Vettel will be 112 points ahead of Alonso, which will


be short of the 125 points that he would need. He will have to go to


Japan or career to win the championship. -- Korea. Let us hope


he does not win it too quickly to keep the championship alive. We


have six more runs out her -- after this race finishes. Some tremendous


racetracks to finish the end of the year. Singapore, Japan, Korea,


India, Abu Dhabi, and then finishing up in Brazil. We are then


on the bottom of rap -- penultimate lap of the Grand Prix. Hamilton as


a clear picture of his target. The gear box of that Ferrari of


Fernando Alonso. Struggling to stay within the confines of the corner.


Hamilton is three-tenths up on the middle sector. Hamilton, six tenths


on this latter alone. He is going to be with him right at the end of


the Grand Prix. Alonso coming upon traffic, giving him the chance to


get into the one second zone and uses the arrests. -- used his a DRS.


Look at that, he is tantalisingly close and he will not get the DRS


that time. It is not available. The only DRS that is any good to him is


the exit of the Ascari. 1:26.18. The DRS does not kick in until the


race is effectively over. Hamilton, tantalisingly close to the back of


the Ferrari. Bruno Senna ahead. Di Resta, he has caught him at a


massive rate. Meanwhile, Sebastian Vettel was going through the Ascari


chicane. Towards the end of the Grand Prix. Alguersuari in front of


them for traffic. Look how close Hamilton is. He has the DRS as they


head down towards the edge Gary G Cain. -- Ascari chicane. Alonso was


really fighting. Hamilton... Sebastian Vettel crosses the line


for his 18th Grand Prix victory. Absolutely untroubled here at Monza.


Jenson Button will finish second. That will be happening any time now.


No chance for Hamilton. The finish line is very soon after the exit of


this corner. Alonso on the podium. Lewis Hamilton and forth.


Alguersuari, di Resta, and Bruno Samad, there battle is over. --


Bruno Senna. One Red Bull on a home. That is the first time a Red Bull


has not finished in the Points since Korea last year. They have


not had two cars in the top five all season. RADIO: Fantastic,


Sebastian, you have won the Italian Grand Prix. Yes! We did it! Nobody


can believe that we would still be that Sebastien best -- Sebastian


Vettel, bottom and Alonso had shared the podium. He will be


feeling pretty good with that 7th place, but anybody who doubted that


Sebastian Vettel could raise wheel to wheel, you have got to give it


to him today. He was phenomenal on his pass, and he just drove away at


the front. No sign of any complaints from the officials about


Michael Schumacher's driving, so clearly his subsequent actions on


the team's instructions headed that off. I think it was just this side


of the line. It was well worth giving his driver a reminder. But


no reason for them to be outside best result of the season for locus


-- Lotus. Daniel Ricciardo did cross the line, but is not a


classified finisher be behind. A Adrian Sutil and Mark Webber,


d'Ambrosio, Petrov Rosberg, all caught up in the first corner


incident. In third place, we just saw a great crowd shot there. How


will they be feeling? Getting out of this place is a nightmare for


everybody. Alonso led into the first corner, but only made it into


there line on third. They have had a great day's entertainment. They


know Ferrari will not win the championship this year. They had


the adrenalin rush at the beginning of the race, but no great surprise


that this man is the winner once again. The organised chaos that is


getting out of Monza, it will contain plenty of smiles. It is the


31st podium for Vettel in 75 starts. 18th victory. You have got to start


considering this young man and now on the same level as Ayrton Senna


or Michael Schumacher, surely. answer locally. Are we witnessing


one of the true greats, the legends of the sport? Are always difficult


to judge when it is so early in the career. But his results are


remarkable. He has proven today that he is a racer, fighting for


the victory when he doesn't have to take such risks. He has speed, and


great humility. He has a wonderful champion. We need a cross-eyed the


G on his back - Red Bull gives you with his speed. We could consider


him away if sue macro, Alain Prost, Niki Lauda, Ayrton Senna, all the


Not many double winners of the Italian Grand Prix, but he has got


that already. And he is such a lovely bloke, a really


straightforward lad. The whole family, we saw Papa Vitale their on


the screen before hand. Sometimes we can hear some titbits of how


they felt it went. They don't know what happened to the other drivers.


It amazes me how much they do know, their perception of what was going


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 51 seconds


before he puts it on. Attention to red ball representative. Nice from


Sebastian Vettel to Alonso, saying, you had me on a great start. The


best podium of the year. The and that is why they call him Teflon,


everyone just bounces straight off him. For the second time, Sebastien


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 51 seconds


Vettel on the top step here in Why do you think he is looking so


emotional on this particular victory? It is where he had his


first Grand Prix winner, a lot of history on this track. Close to


tears there. He hoists the trophy aloft. He is unbeatable. And


something you said earlier on, I have never subscribed to this


concept that he is fast but only from the front. He is good at any


place in the field. And the prize there for the constructor. It is


Jenson Button on his 38th visit to the podium. He knows what it feels


like up there. And once again, the best placed McLaren driver, and he


is enjoying it so much, he put the trophy back up again! One of the


best podiums in Formula One. Being a Ferrari driver, you are already a


winner. Look at that celebration, a great moment. I love that image


here in Monza. More grand prix tracks, please get the fans below


the podium. And they love Fernando Alonso, despite finishing only


third today, and they love him. Yet again, a brilliant and faultless


performance, Sebastian Vettel wins the Grand Prix. Next time out where


in Singapore, but meanwhile, we have a celebration going on here in


Monza. Judging by the sound of the crowd, you would have thought that


Fernando Alonso had just one that, but it is Sebastian Vettel, three


years to the day since he picked up his first winner in Grand Prix. He


can't be crowned champion when we had to Singapore in two weeks'. It


has been a very special weekend all round for that young man. Yes, and


I think the reason he is emotional, at the beginning of the season he


would never have put this down as a possible winner. He wouldn't even


have done that last week for two weeks ago. I think the team have


got this car on a new level, and the rest of the teams need to watch


out. And surely that is the greatest podium position in Formula


One. People have said that Sebastian Vettel can't overtake, he


can't race. But I think he has proved that when he needs to, he


can. I don't know where we kick- start these people into, but look


have been the end of his race, just like Webber. This is bravery at its


extreme, and it is fantastic to watch. We spoke before the race


about how the car was set up, and we knew he didn't have a top speed


advantage, and if he was stuck in traffic, he would not have had the


advantage. We are all clutching at straws here, because I think he


does have the speed advantage. Look at how he pulled away. Look at how


many laps Lewis Hamilton spent behind Alonso, Schumacher,


everybody. There is no hiccup in this red bull calf. I cannot see


anyone touching him for the remainder of the season. This man


is just dominating Formula One at the moment. It is hard when someone


is in the middle of their career to ask whether we are seeing a legend


being born. How good you think he is? You have to look at the DNA.


His junior racing was exemplary. You then see him coming across in a


car that has not a hope of winning a race, he did that three years ago


with Toro Rosso. Andy has gone on to prove to us each and every time


that he is about to emerge. Michael Schumacher needs to go in his


rocking chair in time to come and say, good God, there is that


Sebastian Vettel, and years now the ninth world champion shop -- he has


now won at nine world championships, and everybody thought my seven


couldn't be beaten. Well, he looks a long way from the rocking chair


at the moment. The home fans have had a fair bit to cheer about, they


had a man on the podium, and a great start from Fernando Alonso.


This was bravery at its extreme. Lewis doesn't know which way to go.


The one thing he doesn't want is a repeat performance with Kobayashi


last year. So he let it go. He had a car that let him down, in my view.


I don't know what was going on with this car. They seemed to put a


Gurney on the rear of the ring, a reverse Gurney which amassed a


check-up on what the real value of that is, because it didn't seem to


work. And wasn't that special? He stuck his foot on the accelerator


and held it there, and he took the lead. His star started to fade


towards the end, but he took a How nerve-racking were the last few


mat -- last few laps? Today, Red Bull were stronger. Congratulations


to them. They did an exceptional job. McLaren were strong but we


were able to be in front of them. Difficult, a difficult race. I'm


sorry for Felipe Massa because without that touch, he could have


been there. And did Michael Schumacher do you a favour by


holding up a McLaren? He was just doing his race. Well done.


Congratulations to Ferrari. You can see the car has been pushed down to


the garages. Michael Schumacher, we mentioned in there. A great drive


today. He could not retain his body in position. The question everyone


in position. The question everyone is asking, did he drive safely and


correctly? Let us look at this again. The rules are clear. You


cannot move twice. Everyone has the same vision as we have. It is a


matter of opinion. I think that it certainly is questionable. There is


one, and he comes across. I am sorry, on a particular case, if I


was a judge, I would reprimand him. I would want to know why he did it.


He will say that he moved on to the racing line but he did move twice.


Lewis Hamilton's few of the same incident. Someone came up to me and


said "If it was Lewis Hamilton doing those moves, he would have


been up before the FIA." Let us not get into that. We do not want to


get into the realm of paranoia. Yes, Lewis Hamilton seems to think he is


victimised. But here is a situation, we know how hard Michael Schumacher


races. In the old days, when you passed him, then you knew what you


were into -- then you knew what you were in for. We are expecting a


little bit of Ross Brawn talking to Michael Schumacher but we could not


hear from them. We heard from him during the race, he was the man


charged with selling Michael Schumacher to watch is driving


around the chicane. Let us hear around the chicane. Let us hear


from them. -- hear from them. entertaining race. Take us through


it. Deeply disappointed at the start, because we had a different


approach with Nico Rosberg. It would have been interesting to see


what could have happened with that. That was frustrating, but Michael


drove a fantastic race. We do not drove a fantastic race. We do not


have the fastest car, but he drove a fantastic race. The last couple


of races, we have seen all the things that we know about Michael


Schumacher. They played your instructions to him on the team


radio. Charlie Whiting had a word with you, too, and down? Yes, -- to


calm him down. Yes, they were asking us to be more careful. It is


a balance between racing and not overstepping the mark. Charlie


asked us to make sure he left room for Lewis. Great racing, fantastic.


Really exciting. What happened in the end? Did Michael go wide? He


seems to let Lewis Baston. -- let Lewis pass him. He hit the limiter


and had a slow gear change. He missed a gear change. It would have


been interesting to see how long that would have gone on. But a


that would have gone on. But a little mistake let him through.


Plenty of entertainment for Ross Brawn. Plenty of entertainment for


these fans. All things considered, considering we were talking about


the DRS, is it too much, we ended up with the race that was pretty


interesting. It is usually interesting but it was frustrating


that Sebastian Vettel was on a different planet. If you cannot


have a fight at the front, it is good to have a race all the way


back. We saw a dish worry, and di Resta, but at the front, Sebastian


Vettel did a good job. He was in a league of his own. It was a shame


it was so one-sided, the McLaren drivers, interesting to see them


looking kg. That is not their natural position. Who is the team


leader, said Jenson Button? I and the team leader, he said. Lewis


Hamilton thinks he is also the team leader, but he was making his point.


He is the boss, and he demonstrated that today. These guys spend a lot


of money coming to these races and all they were given today was


really special. Nobody could touch Sebastian Vettel. Let us hear from


them. A great win. Made possible by that


overtake. Some tears on the podium? Yes, very emotional. This circuit


means a lot to me and it has been very special. One across the line,


I remembered every single bed. The podium is unbelievable, when you


stand up there. You feel so blessed, because it does not happen to so


many people. Coming all the way, it is filled with people. It is


unbelievable. The circuit has been tough for us, to be competitive. To


come back this year, really, the car was amazing in qualifying. Even


better in the race. The start was not that good, I do not know where


Fernando was coming from. It took me a while to understand that there


was three of us alongside one another. He did not give me much


room to pass him. I do not know if he believed I was on that side. I


was on the grass, but it was just enough. Very enjoyable. After that,


the car was fantastic. It was a great race for us. 150 years of


Italy, it makes it special for the people here. Thank you to the fans.


Obviously, all the Italian people were cheering more last time, but


yeah, it is very special to me. Jenson, you apprise you battle with


Fernando, but you come out in front. -- You Read Prize to you're battle.


It was fun, fighting with Lewis, Michael and Fernando. It was a good


race. It was always going to be very difficult. We were in 7th at


one point. But a lot of fun. The atmosphere here is fantastic. It is


electric. Another good race, and we just have to get everything


together on race weekend. Hopefully we will be challenging Red Bull and


Sebastien. Great job by the whole team. You said before the race,


Fernando, but the start would be crucial. Have you ever had a better


start than that? We have had some good starts in the last couple of


Grand Prixs. Standing in six, there is no room to overtake. There was


the feeling of a good start. We maximised the potential in our


start, and we were leading the race. But obviously, we were not


competitive enough to fight for victory, so we tried to manage the


podium possibility. I was very close at the end, but it was a


fantastic race. A fantastic feeling. As Sebastian mentioned, up here in


Monza, the fans are very passionate, with their emotions. Well done to


the whole team. It was a stressful weekend with lots of pressure for


them. I think we managed to the race in the best situation possible.


-- managed the race. With Mark Webber retiring, and McLaren behind


us, I think it is a great achievement. Before the race, the


talk was of the gamble you're taking on the given. You must be


concerned when you found yourself behind Fernando. -- on the Deering.


I do not think we to Kenny gambles. The gears were probably shorter


than the rest of the field. -- took any gambles. We cannot use the


speed. Before the race, we were pretty confident. We were not


afraid of these ers -- afraid of the DRS zones. I think it worked


fantastically well. We were able to pass Fernanda without that ers. But


even with that, it would have been more comfortable later. All in all,


I think we did the right thing. It was a great race car with great


speed. I think that he rain was just right. -- the Deering.


message from Red Bull, told you so. message from Red Bull, told you so.


Sebastian Vettel, 25 points once again. The drivers battle, this is


how it looks. Fernando Alonso finishing on the podium. Michael


Schumacher involved in a great battle. Felipe Massa finished 6th.


Pastor Maldonado was running high for a time. Finishing just outside


the points. Heikki Kovalainen's best finish of the season. And the


guys they did not finish. Most of this caused by the man who started


slipping around at the very beginning and ended up crashing


into two cars. Nico Rosberg in the middle of that thanks to Liuzzi


taking them out. And this is how would looks in the driver's


Sebastian Vettel could be the champion. Red Bull, as far as the


Constructors' Championship are Constructors' Championship are


concerned, are very close. Christian Horner joins us,


alongside David Coulthard. Congratulations. Once again, it was


a good and bad day. Talking about the goods. Was the plan to run and


hide with Sebastian Vettel? He has been unbelievable. It has been a


fantastic race. Anyone who thinks he cannot overtake, he completely


disproved that. Unbelievable to win in Monza. We did not expect that


result. It was a dominant driver of. I am curious to know, how we deal


with mixed emotions? Sebastian is getting closer to the world


championships, but Mark Webber, that incident at the Parabolica a,


do you let them take some time? They are both mature guys. I think


they put it into perspective. We lost a team member earlier this


week after a brave fight against cancer. That kind of thing has put


things into perspective. This result, we would like to dedicate


that to her and her family. Our guys, they're both fighters. Mark,


he will be disappointed and frustrated but he will bounce back.


He is determined to get back to winning ways and hopefully he can


do that in the near future. Earlier on, I said that if you were to pick


out two races that you were least likely to win, it would be Spa and


Monza. When did the development start to turn this around? We put a


lot of effort into this package for Monza. The aerodynamic guys and the


design guys have done a great job. It is testimony to that hard work


that we have managed to come here and be quick at the two races and


won them both. On paper, they should have been our worst.


your job now is to come Sebastian Vettel down to do the business in


Singapore. And Brad PUP Mark Webber. We will look at the incident ended


his race. What would you be saying to him after he had another


struggle? We have the incident at the first corner, and he lost his


wing. He was trying to get back to their pits. It was just unfortunate.


He knew he needed to make ground quickly. He came from a long way


back. He went to the outside, and it was very tight. He ran out of


room. It was a racing incident. There is no way through on that


outside corner. I think you are relying on Felipe Massa to be co-


operative, which he does not need to be. It is a racing incident.


Congratulations today. Send our condolences to Aaron's family on


One man who was desperate to be on that podium but couldn't quite do


it was Lewis Hamilton. Let's hear from him. Lewis, from three abreast


at the start, to just missing out. Was this a great race, or a missed


opportunity? It was a great race. I got some point and I finished.


much happened. Tell us about the restart. Michael was on the outside


of me, so I was looking at him in my mirrors, and then before I knew


it, the guys had gone. I missed an opportunity to slipstream Sebastien,


but once I finally got past, I was able to chase them down, and I had


fun chasing Fernando. Did you think that Michael Schumacher's racing


was all clean and fair? At one point he were on the grass. It was


fine. And do you think he adhered to the rules? Sure. And going into


the next long-haul? Yes, I am looking forward to the next couple


of races, when we go away overseas. It is going to be exciting, we have


six races left, we will continue to push, and I hope we are able to get


a couple more wins for the team. Were you racing the wrong team in


some way today? We focusing on Red Bull? We weren't focusing on anyone.


That was as fast as we could go. We just lost a little bit on the


straights, that is why I couldn't pass Michael. But otherwise it was


pretty good. Lewis not being drawn there on the


Michael Schumacher situation. Very restrained. We are used to


sundering guts from Lois, and we didn't see that today. -- thunder


and guts. I felt it was a much more controlled. You cannot have Mona


when he is full of beans, and then complain he is lacklustre when he


is in control. I didn't say that! So, Lewis was being very well


behaved. Was sue macro? I think he pushed the boundaries, as he always


has done. Lowest Mader the move, and Michael turned up early to


defend it. And, you know, the rules are very clear. We saw him cried


Rubens Barrichello towards the wall in Hungary last year, and I think


that was potentially another one of those situations. You don't often


hear Ross Brawn telling him. Here is the second chicane, and getting


out of it. It was a great race in the end. I don't think it needs to


go to the stewards, but that is absolutely on the limit. What would


you have done if you were the team boss? We know what to expect from


Michael. He is a tough campaigner and always has been. But I gather


what would have happened is that if the team reported it to the


stewards, particularly Charlie Whiting initially, and they would


have taken a look. Very clearly, it is not the Engineer who was talking


to Michael, it is Ross Brawn. So that is the significant difference


for me. You know you are being told what to do. It is a coded message


not to do that again will we will get a penalty. I think that is why


Ross did it, because it was that serious. So when you heard from


Eddie, you knew it was serious? tried not to hear from Eddie.


was a fantastic start. He was always potentially gain to end up


with that result. He doesn't need to get involved in that. We are


celebrating what a great racing driver, what a great racing season


he is having. It is a shame. Perhaps we should still celebrate


the fact that it was a great drive by Michael Schumacher. He finished


in 5th. Here is his take. Michael, another great start. Indeed, yes.


It was a fun afternoon. Tell us about the battle with Lewis


Hamilton. He was saying on his radio, one move. Was your racing


clean and fair? I think so. I felt that I did exactly what I was


supposed to do, and as far as I was concerned, there was no request for


me to see the stewards, so I guess all is in order. At some point, you


were running in a good position. Where was that lost? I think the


start was tremendous, and that is where we sort of picked up the


positions, but it was a kind of dream to stay, but the dream


becomes reality when you start racing these guys, and they are


just enough quick to pass. Even with only 20 laps to go, Lewis was


able to pull a gap of 15 seconds, so you can see that the speed of


the car is unfortunately quick enough that we can't really keeping


behind us. The last couple of races would indicate that it is coming


together at Mercedes. It is certainly the nature of the track


here. It is the major point why we look better. But we keep on


improving, and we will hopefully improve a bit further for the next


coming races. Hopefully we can at least get closer to the front. It


is certainly more fun to be where we are now than where we have been.


After the Hungarian Grand Prix, he wasn't a very apologetic for his


driving, and a couple of races later he apologised. Perhaps he


will look back at the Tate? I don't think so. That is his style. And I


would prefer him to drive for the authority and aggression, because


for the last year prior to this, we didn't always see it, and I have


seen an emerging, new Michael Schumacher. One man who has asked


for aggression from the team is Bruno Senna. I don't think they


will be hard on you tonight. You had a strong race pace. It was a


good race. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time on the first


corner. It wasted all my hard work in qualifying. But the team did a


good strategy, and that was that. We were fighting for positions


right from the back, and got into the points, so that is a good


feeling. I would like to know, you have driven for one of the new


teams, and you are now with that the more established teams. We're


trying to find out what is it required, the teams used to drive


for, how will they get to where you are now? I think they have to grow


a lot. Experience counts for a lot in this sport. For the drivers, it


is important to be able to have a car that shows the potential. So


being here in this team makes me be able to have some strong races, and


hopefully a nice platform for the future. Bruno, I said during the


commentary that this is your chance to show Renault Europe potential


team leader in the future, so you needed to write his well. -- you


are a potential team leader. Tour Carson through these images. --


talk us through these images. was very fast on the straights. I


had to take Parabolica absolutely perfectly. I was behind for a long


time. It was good fun. But if I had a bit more free air, maybe I would


have got another few points. But I am happy we managed to get into the.


Today. Can you believe your luck? It was only two weeks ago that you


were sitting thinking you might not get another drive this year, and


now here you are. You have raced at Monza, and picked up some points.


You are right back in the heart of Formula One, having been absolutely


nowhere. Some guys need a break, as well. In a very short time, I was


competing with much more experienced drivers. Being


competitive was never a problem, but get into Formula One was very


difficult, and everybody knows how difficult it is to get in. I hope


that I can go in there and stay here. You have a couple more races


and then we are back to your home town in Brazil. What is that going


to be like for you? Last year was absolutely amazing there. It was


the first time I raced in Brazil. It was a super special race. People


gave me so much energy, and I couldn't believe how much


difference that makes, because I had never been there. Been there


with this car, that will be a great experience. I hope that my heart


can take it! We hope our hearts can take it! It has been great watching


you, thank you very much. Bruno finishes in the points, and just in


front of him, Paul di Resta. Here is Paul's take on today's Grand


Prix. Let's talk about the start, you managed to keep out of all of


the chaos that you saw. Yes, my launch wasn't very good, but the


pre-launch was quite good. I saw a Williams lunch on the inside of me,


but there was no way to avoid it, and I had to go across the chicane,


but from there, I was just unlucky at the restart, and had to back out


of the tangle. Just through Webber losing his front wing and being in


the wrong place at the wrong time. But we extracted as much as we


could from what we had with the tyre strategy. The Ferrari was a


bit quicker. We have taken a few points. It is good for the


constructors Championship, we have overtaken Sauber. And you were told


on your team radio to keep pushing? Were worth. We had a little in


reserve, and the team were keeping me up to date, but it would have


been tough had it been any longer. But we will put our heads down,


show a bit of downforce, and I am quite happy going into it, and hope


that we can put up a fight. Well done. Thank you.


On the way into the European leg this year, we said that Paul was


the best rookie out there. Do you maintain that? Unquestionably. He


has been able to consistently about qualifying the others. He is the


guy that you would maybe expect would make a mistake, because of


his inexperience. He has been in touring cars, so this shows he has


the talent. When he was team mates with Sebastian Vatel in if Formula


Three, he was able to beat him. -- Sebastien Vettel. Perez has been a


remarkable rookie as well, so we have been very fortunate this year.


There has been very little between them. I think that Paul just edges


it for me. Let's talk about a man who isn't a rookie, but looks to


make a real Rocky at the start of the race. We were lucky that


everybody hopped out of their car's OK after this one. We are getting


some jumpy images, but look, he went really wide and got a wheel on


the grass. He was probably thinking he could make some places, but


skids on the grass and goes right through. He would have known he was


going to collect some cars, and a fragment of time in which he was


one of the lead cars. He took a straight line down into the first


corner, goes to the outside of the Renault 4 -- and then he got a


double hit. Would have been great for indoor pinball, but not good


for Formula One. When Cup as a bouncing over the grass, usually


they take off. -- when cars are bouncing. We should be very


grateful that we didn't have a very serious impact. I am well impressed


at the way the car has behaved here. Had he hit the kerb, it would have


been a different accident. We had a sports car take off through their


because he hit that kerb, and he flew some distance. That was an


unfortunate incident, but we were unlucky. Another man with a bit of


an issue was Felipe Massa. He ended up back to front. This just wasn't


happening for him. In many ways, it seems to be the same for Felipe


Massa and Ferrari as for Webber and Red Bull. They have been able to


win the Grand Prix in the past, but for whatever reason, there just are


not delivering that last little bit. Let us start at the beginning. That


tangle with Mark Webber. I was in front of him on the second corner.


He tried to pass. He could not, so I broke later. I was in front of


him and he touched me. I spun. Nothing to say about that. He


pushed me out. It was unfortunate, because I lost all the


possibilities. You work your way back up a bit, but as always, as


often happens with you, sometimes you a further forward and yet when


the chequered flag falls, you're not in that position. Paddy-field


today? Unlucky. -- How do you feel today. I'm not very happy because


of that. We need to concentrate and work hard to be starting and


finishing in the right position. That is not happening. Time running


out for Felipe Massa. The time not running out for Sebastian Vettel.


He has plenty of races to try and become the World Champion. It could


happen at Singapore. For the championship, and keeping the


excitement alive, I hope that is not the case. I wish him the best,


but mathematically, best to keep the championship alive. What is the


chance of him being beaten at this stage? It is really nil. The


bookies are paying out dividends. If they are not, they should be.


This has been a remarkable season. On the back of what he did last


year, we are looking at a remarkable young man who is


particularly nice and deserves all the accolades he is getting. His


just reward will be this new championship. I hope it is over


sooner rather than later. If he is able to win it, good for him.


wins it, he deserves it. Relive the race on the highlight show tonight


race on the highlight show tonight on BBC Three from 7:00pm. More


sporting action as well today on the BBC. The final day, live from


the Royal Aberdeen club of the Walker Cup. Also, MotoGP action


coming next Sunday at 12:30pm. We're back in two weeks' time for


We're back in two weeks' time for the Singapore Grand Prix. It will


be pretty special, I think. David Coulthard, thank you very much.


Eddie Jordan, thank you very much. Joined us on the Red Button right


Jake Humphrey introduces coverage of the Italian Grand Prix, with commentary from Martin Brundle and David Coulthard. Reigning champion Sebastian Vettel is the runaway leader in this year's drivers' championship and the German will relish a return to the famous Monza track, which was the scene of his first victory in Formula 1 in 2008. It was a momentous occasion as Vettel, then 21, became the youngest-ever driver to win a Formula 1 race and it was a maiden victory for Toro Rosso.

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