Third Round Highlights Golf: PGA Championship

Third Round Highlights

Eilidh Barbour presents highlights of the third round from the PGA Championship at Wentworth. Commentary comes from Peter Alliss, Ken Brown and Andrew Cotter.

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Hello and welcome to the West Coast at the Wentworth Club committee in


the heart of story. It has been a glorious first two days of


competition but today, the wind has picked up and it will be a little


bit more tricky around this sometimes treacherous course, a golf


course that has undergone somewhat of a makeover this last year. An


extensive multi-million pound renovation programmes started


immediately after last year's tournament to bring the course back


into line with the original design. Russia from players has seen every


bunker rebuilt, 29 of which have been removed -- pressure. The greens


have been restricted and receded. Some have been completely rebuilt.


An air system has been installed to make the greens firm and fast and


irrigation and drainage has been improved.


Ken Browne is here, nice to see you. The changes on the course, why did


they have to make them and what difference does it make? Emma


Nuttall they had to make them, this was originally a classic heathland


course, and it has been tampered with -- I am not sure they had to


make them. They tried to go back to the original idea and they have done


it well, the bunkers have become softer and the contours have changed


and they are really enjoying it. No Rory Mclroy this week, a last-minute


disappointment. A real shame, he was planning to play, he did not


withdraw until a late point. He has injured his back and he will not


play the Memorial. He was getting keys to his new club is anti-over


practised, really disappointing. Still a stellar field at Wentworth,


nine former winners, four former world number ones, this is how they


got on over the first two days of competition.


Day one, a new West Coast, Ernie Els, the designer of some, was


making headlines. He replaced the ball at the 12th after identifying


it and it came out too well. Eagle turning to an honourable par. Henrik


Stenson started quietly and finished strongly. A struggle to find a


stellar form of last year this season but this birdie at 11 14


macro, in 68. Scott Jamieson had a card without blemish, no drop-shot


left the Glaswegian one shot away from the lead held by Sweden's Johan


Karlsson, still looking for his first Tour win, romping to the


finishing 30. 6-under at the end and he will be out in front. They two


and when the game its hot and sunny but drying out in the breeze and


difficult. For some it was an effort to make the cut but defending


champion Chris Wood found a birdie on 16 and a round of 74 90 just made


the weekend. Other big names did better, Lee Westwood moving steadily


into position in a group at 5-under. But rereading the way, Italy's and


chess, when Ari alongside Scott Jamieson who led the home challenge.


Nice to see your name top of the leaderboard. A long way to go but


happy to be where I am. Also, Thomas Pieters, who missed the Players


Championship in the States blamed fatigue. 69 followed 68, the Belgian


was well rested and you will be dangerous at the weekend. A 3-way


tie at the top of the leaderboard overnight between Italy's Molinari,


Scotland's Scott Jamieson and the big hitting Belgian Thomas Pieters,


who held the lead of Maximilian Kieffer with Open champion Henrik


Stenson a shot further back alongside another couple of danger


man, Byeong Hun An and former world number one Lee Westwood. Andrew


Bache Johnston, Tyrell Hatton and Ross Fisher, the English trio, still


in contention. Luke Donald knows his way around here, winning twice


before. Danny Willett jokes about dusting the cobwebs off his weekend


outfits as he made the cut, and Justin Rose and last year's Champion


Wood sneaked in. A short week for three-time Major champion


Harrington. More Major champions also fell before the weekend


including Paul Lawrie, Martin Kaymer and Darren Clarke. And the much


fancied Tommy Fleetwood outside the cut on 5-over par. A supporting roll


for Edoardo Molinari and a different couple of days to his brother. But


still some big names at the top of the leaderboard and a very exciting


couple of days in prospect. Let's see who is going out with who missed


the day at Wentworth, moving day. -- this Thursday. Branden Grace


cause controversy on the first day of the competition, he is out with


Henrik Stenson who is back at Wentworth for the first times in


2014. Lee Westwood is hoping to add to his two second-place finishes,


alongside Byeong Hun An, with a record low score of 21-under par.


Germany's Maximilian Kieffer still looking for his maiden victory,


click on this week in Europe? Is out with the much fancied Molinari. And


finally, Scotland's Scott Jamieson has been leading from day one


alongside Ryder Cup hero Thomas Pieters, from Belgium. So let's see


how the early starters got on. After carding a double-bogey six on the


fourth, this was Andrew Johnston's birdshot. It looked good. And it


was. Chipping in for an eagle to move him back to 300, four from the


lead. Not the perfect start for drink mead Francesco Molinari, a


drop-shot on the first, bogey five, to start, dropping to 6-under par.


The last player on the course was Belgian's Thomas Pieters, and he had


this on the first for a par. But he misjudged it and he dropped to


6-under par. England's Graeme Storm living in the right direction, this


birdie taking him to within two of the lead. Scott Jamieson out on his


own at 7-under par, one ahead of Francesco Molinari and playing


partner Thomas Pieters, but the leader is Japan has Mac -- Japan's


Tanihara. So let's get out on the course. Without commentary team.


COMMENTATOR: Thank you. This is Scott Jamieson, the leader


struggling down the opening hole after missing from 15 feet. A chance


for a birdie. From the back of the green. It is safe. This is a day for


quiet consolidation. Henrik Stenson at the par-5, and it is masterful.


Educate left-to-right to save par and the fourth is always one of the


easiest. Thomas Pieters clinging on to the bank. His second of the


second, he will step forward and he will let it run out. It was looking


good and he will save his par at the 2nd after dropping the first. Grace


downhill at the 4th, second shot, big drive.


The cabin is saying, down, down, down. -- the caddy. It bounds off


the top of the bunker. The greens are firm. It is not a pushover to


get close to many pins today. Jamieson has found the dance floor


at the 2nd. This is for his birdie. A little bit of left on that one as


well. What a miserable hole! Four our Open


champion Henrik Stenson. It was caused by a wayward drive to the


edge of the woods and it was zigzagged across and a six, a dirty


Big Six! He gets it in, a par, par start. If you can par the first


three holes, you are doing very nicely. He remains at 7-under, the


leader by one. Branden Grace the fourth, for a birdie. Yes, well


done. Birdshot of Pieters, he tried to


drive the ball solo under the branches, it did not get off the


ground -- birdshot. You can't really blame the weather. A little rescue,


cutting it into the right pane and he has done it well, one of the best


we have seen, sneaky from ), tricky, and another chance at an eagle. He


is, big boy. He played a beauty and it might go.


Hamburgers on me, lads! Thomas Pieters half scuffing this out.


Trickling out a little, his fifth and he should be in for a six. He


dropped one of the first, par at the 2nd and double-bogey at the bird. --


the bird. Molinari playing this par-5 in three


shots. Beautiful wedge player. And nicely done, although the hole,


straight up for a birdie. Scotland's Scott Jamieson on his own


at 7-under, one ahead of Francesco Molinari, and not a great start for


Thomas Pieters who has dropped to four under. Alongside Tanihara, with


a round of the day so far, 67, moving to four under par.


This is a good view for eagle, Kieffer. A chance to join the lead


again. Quite quick and he takes a lot of time to pick his line


downhill, a lot of movement for his right. That was poor.


Better angle to the flag at the 6th, Grace. The second, he is bound to


take one hard bounds on firm greens. Just a little unlucky. He has got a


couple of good putts so far to save par, this is to join the lead. It


broke just a fraction more, he thought it looked straight and it


drifted to the right. Kieffer, for his birdie. Not the


best attempt. On the Eagle. In it goes and Kieffer to within one of


Scott Jamieson, he dropped a shot at the 2nd and he gets it back on the


fourth. Grace said his caddy it is a case of getting it onto the green


and letting it go. This is like parking -- this is like putting on


the seven at Augusta. Sit down. Very slippery, that is to save his par at


the six. Normally a very reliable striker of


the iron, Molinari, that is a crackerjack. A little bit of draw,


one of the few players getting it within is -- within 15 feet. Grace


to save par, no. He just left his second shot to the right and it was


fiddly from now, so Branden Grace dropped another shot. Bogey at the


1st and now back to four under par. It is a baby Beef. A little up the


slope here. For a red two at the 5th for the later starters, Molinari. My


goodness! Playing most of his golf on the PGA Tour.


Now the remodelled eighth green. It has certainly been made easier and


fairer. Dodt. He judges it well, can he get again? The Australian, in


that group on four under, that moves him of the board today. Level par is


a good score today and Scott Jamieson is out in front on 7-under


par, one ahead of Francesco Molinari in the chasing pack. Byeong Hun An


was the winner here two years ago and Jimmy's Kieffer.


Grace from the downslope, the pin is on the back. A tasty little shot. He


has to run it out of the bank, you can't pitch it all the way.


Exceptionally good shot. Deserving a round of applause.


Quite a dangerous teeshot, this sixth. Out of bounce right, and some


scrubby thick bushes down the left, I hope he has avoided the


rhododendron Bush. Dodt at the 9th, the hardest hole on


the course, his second. Well, you could probably give him


another 30 and he would not get one inside that, a beauty! That is the


line, they have just moved it, they have just changed their mind.


Branden Grace seems to have it. Yes, he does! Decrypting the side door,


Branden Grace has not seen many birdies today, that is his second


and a couple of drop shots, 5-under. Pieters driving into trouble. They


are finding trouble everywhere. Now he is in more trouble.


Byeong Hun An, just a bit of fluff behind the seventh green so this is


to save par. Barely touching it. And away it goes on its merry way and it


is a shotgun. For the South Korean. -- and it is a shot that has gone.


Jumping of two years ago still in a decent place, the first drop-shot


today. Jamieson left it much further away than I thought. What a


miserable hole that was. Oh, dear. It will play like eccentric


millionaires, Molinari leading on his own. Pieters, to save par,


dragging it in the bunker, second shot greenside bunker, but beautiful


from there. And it limits the damage. Molinari will not know yet


he is leading on his own. Ball lying OK, we saw that after the teeshot.


He still has to get it up quickly. Making sure he got it up the back


level, but a bit beyond, you see how quick it is back down there. Now


this is Beef with his second eagle, he also had one of at the 3rd and


fourth, now behind Molinari, to the delight of his followers. Kieffer


for his par on the seventh. Ilonen putt coming up. Straight right. So


he slips out of that group into second place. Back among the men on


four under. Thomas Pieters has found the end of


a divot. Something like a 9-iron should not bother a player of his


quality too much, but there will be pace on this. That was unfortunate.


So many divot down there, that is where the balls gather off tee. The


Australian Dodt at the 11th, four under, very much in the chase. Nice


looking swing. A good shot, right! Yes! How do they do that? Thomas


Pieters has been going along rather untidily and he has a long putt up


the hill at the 7th. Follow the green line and it does not look too


bad. What a wonderful surreal game it is! Struggling and rescuing and


chuntering and in she goes! And suddenly 5-under and within sight of


the leaders. So Thomas Pieters is back in the mix one shot shy of


Francesco Molinari who dropped a shot on the first and steady since.


Nocerino player has gone without a bogey today. That round of Tanihara


stands him in good stead and he will be high up the leaderboard at the


end of the day. Dodt. At the 11th. Just a push down the hill and it is


there, a beauty. I am surprised he has not done better and he has had


his moments but no consistency. Grace through the back of the ninth,


you can see the drainage ditch has been cleared behind him. He is going


to go past it. Look at it rolling. 12, 14 feet. Beef, for his par.


Andrew Johnston, to call him by his proper name. That was a misread.


Enlist stroke and after that eagle, he slips back. Grace. -- it was


enlist/. Grace, for par at the 9th. It shot dropped.


Every card is littered with bogeys, a couple of birdies and some eagles.


Andrew Johnston, a bogey on the 13th. A couple of eagles. Oh, no,


that is... Jamieson a long way behind Pieters,


168. The Glaswegian. He grew up playing on the South side.


Down there, no ripples. Yes, ripples, lots of ripples!


It will have put the wind up Pieters, but he is a good deal


closer to the green, the Belgian. He likes it! Well, I must have


misheard, he said, that is awesome! Another birdie opportunity and


Pieters getting back into things. The Australian Andrew Dodt, third


shot to the 12th. Not much landing area and he has done it well. Just


at the front of the green and he will have that for a birdie.


Jenson Button second in the water alongside him, he came back here,


fourth shot. -- Jamieson. And that is good.


The tenth. Branden Grace, four under. 186 yards today. The wind


swirling around, and that could be good. That is a very good results.


Jamieson with a putt 45, he put his second in the water, he pitched it


up to here. Has he only lost one shot? No. Oh, dear!


Just want out of the lead so this is to tie the lead and he has done it,


he missed a 6-under par. Very nice. -- he moves to 6-under par. Grace


with unusual putting action, always keeps his hands behind the ball. And


he gets it in for a delicious two, so he is one behind the leaders, and


he has played consistent golf this year on the PGA Tour in America.


Back-to-back birdies move Dodt into a 3-way tie alongside Molinari and


Pieters. Despite two eagles, a bogey moves Andrew Johnston back to four


under and Jamieson is off the top ten on 3-under par after a second


double-bogey of his round on the path four A.


And beef Johnstone. He played it pretty well from an awkward angle,


delightful little shocked. They will cry Beef! Where is the Beef? Kieffer


hit it in the trees down the right and he had to get it out sideways


from an awkward spot. He has this forces bogey.


38, one birdie and four bogeys. Par 35. Grace at 11th, a good drive.


Buy. Bite. Yes. An at that dreadful chip,


misses putt and drops the shot. Andrew Johnston at the 14th after


playing a delightful pitch play -- gets his par-3. Adventurous round


with a couple of bogeys, a double-bogey, a couple of eagles and


a birdie. Does not look as though it will be a low runner.


That is a good result if it stops. No, it has gone. It may go off the


green. A very difficult tent and the wind


is difficult to judge. Done very nicely, and nice bit of side on it!


Grace for a birdie at 11. Quick one down the hill. What a beauty. Could


be a cavalry charge on Sunday, tomorrow, the way things are shaping


up. Jamieson hit over the back of the


green and pitched to hear at nine and this is another stroke going.


He's gone double bogey, par, double bogey, bogey. It will take him out


in 40. It can be such a cruel game at times. Actor 2-under. -- back to


2-under. Thomas Pieters to keep his share of the lead and he's done


it... He hasn't done it. I think the ref will have to look at that again!


We need to look at that again. A shot dropped. Look at that. A bag of


all sorts. (STUDIO) that bogey moves him to


5-under par, one behind a three Whaileyy between Andrew Dodt,


Branden Grace and Francesco Molinari. Shane Lowry going on -- in


the right direction along with Alex Noren, both moving to 3-under par.


Kieffer for a birdie. That wheelchair him up. -- that will


cheer him up. How do you fancy this one, Ken? Not


much! He's hit it in the water. Is he going to get lucky? No. He was


trying to play safe and still skimmed it. Andrew Dodt at the 14th.


Beautiful car waiting for a hole-in-one. The first one to do it.


The only one. Nice shot. Norum at the final hole having


chipped into the water. He finishes miserably. It does not make for a


happy evening. 12 for the last two. But still on the edge of the hunt.


Shane Lowry, a our first look at him. Played some good golf yesterday


without much luck on the green, but he's gathered it together today. Do


we believe in the greenline? Anywhere within that and it should


have a chance. I thought it was left, but in it goes. Believe the


line, the line never lies. One clear now at 7-under par. He leads the PGA


Championship. Down in the deep stuff, Branden Grace. Hope this


hasn't plugged, Andrew. It came out very nicely. Almost holed it,


Branden Grace. An amazing turnout this week, delightful weather.


20,000 people here on Wednesday for the Pro-am, 25,000 yesterday. Loving


their golf and the old BR. Or two! What can Spence and find here. --


the odd beer. This is for an eagle. Day one he played beautifully, a


little scrappy yesterday but holed some nice putts. Very tricky to make


birdies today. Still not too far-away. Grace, playing with


Stenson. He's birdied the tenth and 11th and this is a chance at the


12th. He joins the leaders at 7-under. An Aussie and a South


African at the top of the leaderboard. Two at the top now.


Grace a winner on Tour and Andrew Dodt had a couple of good finishes


towards the end of last year. Thomas Pieters hanging in. 67 from Tanihara


much earlier in the day will stand him in good stead at the end of


today. The pin tucked on the edge of the cutting surface on the left. --


putting surface. Has he got it right? Where has that gone? Straight


back? I think it's gone straight back into the bunker. That's cruel.


It hit the flag. Shane Lowry, can he close with a birdie four?


It will be a par to finish. A round of 70 for the Irishman. Good back


nine, eagle on 12, birdie on 17. 68, 74, 70. Well-placed to challenge


tomorrow. Grace. The pin back left today. Finding the right club is so


important. 176. The wind firmly behind today. Molinari will have had


a long look at the putt of Kieffer. It moved more than he thought. The


same line from him. A shot goes for Molinari. Unlucky, the second shot


was too accurate, back off the flag and into the bunker. He slips back


to 5-under. Johnston opens up the blade to scoop it high.


Not good. Going with the putt stick, Grace. The ball can pop in the air.


It could come out soft. I think he has. What a little duty that was!


Just got it rolling off the fringe. Look at that run of figures.


A birdie putt for Johnston, but it is a long one, almost have to go off


the green. Making rather heavy weather of this. A good position off


the tee. Grace is one shot clear of Andrew Dodt after that run-off


birdies. In that group on 4-under is Shane Lowry and we've been having a


chat with him. It looks like anything under par is good today.


How pleased are you? Very pleased. If you'd given me level par before


today I would have taken it. This golf course is very difficult, even


on a nice day. 20 mph wind and it makes it difficult. I'm very happy


with 2-under and it looks like I'll be in a decent position going into


tomorrow. Can Andrew Johnston save his part?


He can't. Nearly reached the green in to grow on the par-5 and found an


awkward lie. A six. Ben and at 13. Another testy cheap. -- chip. They


keep leaving the greens and leaving themselves difficult approach shots.


I don't think he liked that. Tyrrell Hatton to close with a


birdie. No. No. 72 for Hatton. Frustrating, stuck in that huge


group on 3-under par. That's a ball for the water.


An now. I thought he'd saved the day. Double bogey. The euro, the


pound, the dollar, the yen signs disappearing over the horizon at a


great rate of knots. Kieffer with a par putt. They've given it a lot of


attention, he and his caddy. Looks good... No. I thought he'd got it.


Another one goes flying by. 2-under now.


Johnston. Is there a four to finish with? Keep moving. Keep moving.


That's a little bit of an untidy finish for Johnston with that bogey


on the 17th. He was in good position. Andrew Dodt at 17. Two


excellent shots to the edge of the green. Turn, turn, turn. She should


be OK for a birdie macro four. -- he should. He's got to wait.


Kieffer with the wind hard behind him at 14. Beautifully played. That


for a two. Six, five finish. He'll be back again tomorrow. Well done,


the Beef. The Beef is done. Andrew Dodt for a 2-putt birdie. He now


shares the lead with Branden Grace. A tidy back nine, no dropped shot


scum at four birdies. -- no dropped shot is, for birdies.


He had a two at the 10th and he's got a two at the 14th. Well done.


After that miserable first putt, Grace has this for par. Shot gone.


Beautiful tee shot. Only seven or 8-iron, walk off with a five.


Andrew Dodt out in front on his own, the Australian. A few adrift now, a


few behind the leader. Andrew Johnston, after his level par


72. Time to get the thoughts of the Beef. A roller-coaster, can you sum


it up? Exactly that, roller coasters. Happy with the way I


bounced back a couple of times and disappointed with the way I


finished. I was in good position for a birdie on 16, and on 17 I made a


six. I should have been a couple of shots better. When you put your feet


up for five minutes, do you focus on the Eagles, the good shots, or do


you look at the negatives? I'm focusing on the FA Cup final! I have


to focus on the positives, it's still a good score and I'm still in


the mix. Well done. Right in the heart of the


cup, what a neat and tidy round. Very few players breaking par. 68.


Four other players have broken 70 today. 8-under, he's in a good spot


for tomorrow. Molyneux Ari, par putt. Asking a lot. -- Molinari.


Racing it at the hole. A good effort, but it will be a dropped


shot. Long-range birdie chance for Lee Westwood. We've seen one or two


players leave this short. Let's see what he can do. Looks not


bad. Can you believe it? Never would have dreamt it would turn that much,


right into the heart of the cup. First birdie of the day for


Westwood. 3-under. Two par-5s to come. You never know. Stenson for a


birdie at the 17th. Well done. Another four at the last and it will


put him in reasonable condition. Nothing has really happened for him


today. Three bogeys, a couple of birdies coming home. Branden Grace


has missed a couple of opportunities in recent holes. He one but hide


Andrew Dodt. A very solid round of golf,


particularly the back nine. How delighted are you? Happy to be


finished because it was tricky at the end. Just a really solid day,


tee to green. Very in control of my shots, holed some nice putts when I


needed to. Nice to have a solid 68. When the wind gets up, it is strong.


What worked particularly well for you today. Selecting the shot and


committing to that. If you have any doubt, the wind magnifies the


result. Really committing to the shots regardless of where it goes,


that was the key. A little dodgy one. Unlucky with his tee shot to


have finished so close to the bunker. Now he's done the


unthinkable. He hasn't. That was nearly the most ridiculous shot in


the world. Why run the risk of putting it in the water? God only


knows. But he got away with it. Lee Westwood is tiptoeing up the


leaderboard. Birdied the 16th. Birdies the 17th as well. A spring


in the step. 4-under. Stenson, a lot of right-to-left in this one. If he


could find a birdie here, he would be right back in things. And he does


not. So close. Grace for a birdie. He has a unique


putting action. Hit it! It's a par, no birdies on the final


two par-5s for Branden Grace, but still a good back nine. Seven wins


on the European Tour and he will be in the hunt tomorrow. The big names


are mustering not far-away. Stenson, Westwood, Molinari, Pieters. Stenson


still very much in contention. Struggles on the front nine, a


couple back after that. Whisper it quietly but he has lost a couple of


drives left today, Thomas Pieters. You don't want to miss left on this


one. Write down the out of bounds line. Needs a bit of luck. They are


peering into Mr MacGregor's garden! The green slightly slopes away from


you, it is crusty, bound to come out running. It will take a deft touch


to get it within a flag length. He's done well. Very well indeed. He's


given himself another chance for a first birdie of the day. Westwood,


third to the final hole. The pin is in its usual Sunday spot, he will


remember it from his play-off against Luke Donald. That's a


cracker. Absolute honey bunch and the crowd love it. He's very


popular. He's taken a long time to line this one up, fiddling around. I


don't think he fancies it. One birdie, one birdie. There it is.


First birdie of the day. A birdie machine, a machine that makes one


birdie. He moves to 5-under. Out of bounds off the tee so this is three


of the two, -- off the tee, playing his fourth, Pieters. That goes


bounding on. Westwood, a little bit of


right-to-left. Very gettable. Rolling well. Westwood has it.


Creeping into contention. Up into a tie for third place with Molinari,


three behind Andrew Dodt. He will be there tomorrow. Look at that finish.


Pieters, it could have been worse, it is just one shot gone after going


out of bounds with his first tee shot. Back to 3-under. It is Andrew


Dodt out in front. A lot of jostling for position but hide the top two.


Only 72 from Westwood in the end, but 5-under par and in a good


position to challenge. A very good school today in these


conditions. How pleased are you with the way you please -- played? Yeah,


big time. Such a grinder, just trying to stay alive. I played some


good golf, I hit the ball tremendously from tee to green and


managed to make a couple of putts. You will have a couple of mishaps


but it's good to come out on the better side of the schools. What a


finish, that's changed things nicely. I wasn't playing well and


Tour the last four holes. To get into contention is great for


tomorrow. A day of some frustration for Francesco Molinari. He's been


made to work hard on the final hole, but in it goes for a par. The only


birdie came at the 17th. Slipping back a bit today, but still within


three of the lead. It had been ready difficult day for


Thomas Pieters. Bogey on 17 and it was to get worse on 18. This was his


approach to the par-5. He would sign for a seven, finishing sixth over


for the day, moving down to 1-under par. Andrew Dodt, 8-under par with a


1-shot lead over Branden Grace. A really tough day out there. You're


still in amongst it, how do you assess your performance? I thought


it was pretty good. The front nine I fought really hard to keep the


school together. I was just a bit unlucky and didn't take my chances


on the back nine. I was hoping for a better round, but 2-over is not too


bad in these conditions. We will be back with the highlights tomorrow. A


lot more sport over the bank holiday weekend on the BBC.


International cricket is back on the BBC.


An interesting if not sensational day around the West Course.


Conditions are expected to be calmer tomorrow and with 14 players all


within five shots off the lead, is all set up for a big finish. Andrew


Dodt is the man to catch. Former world number one Lee Westwood and


open macro champion Henrik Stenson among those doing the chasing.


Should be a cracker. See you tomorrow.


Eilidh Barbour presents highlights of the third round from the PGA Championship at Wentworth. A host of Europe's top golfers are competing at the famous West Course, in what is one of the most prestigious events on the European Tour. 2016's winner was England's Chris Wood, who came from three shots down to claim what he described as 'the biggest win of my career'.

Commentary comes from Peter Alliss, Ken Brown and Andrew Cotter.

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