Final Round Highlights Golf: PGA Championship

Final Round Highlights

Eilidh Barbour presents highlights of the final round from the PGA Championship at Wentworth. Commentary comes from Peter Alliss, Ken Brown and Andrew Cotter.

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Hello and welcome to went worth, where we are set up for a dramatic


final day around the West Course. Five shots separate the top 15


players as they battle to join that illustrious list of champions,


alongside the likes of Rory McIlory, Seve Ballesteros and Sir Nick Faldo.


The Sunnis back shining, the crowds are out in force, as they have been


all week and there is a real buzz of anticipation in the air -- the sun


is back shining. The man leading the way overnight is Australia's Andrew


Dodt, the world number 251, with a 1-shot lead over Branden Grace. Lee


Westwood and Francesco Molinari lurking two shots further back. The


short Graham will be crucial so we sent Ken out to look at the reseeded


services -- short game. I am on the 16th green and all of the greens


have been redone. All of those who have watched the Chelsea flower


show, you have seen miraculous horticulture but here, this is


amazing, because six months ago, there wasn't a blade of grass on


this place. This green was just soil. It's fantastic. I will give


you an idea how greens are constructed. This is the putting


surface, then 12 to 15 inches of root zone, Pete and sand, then there


is coarse sand and a level with drains in it, but the miraculous


thing they have got is this care system, which allows you to suck air


through to get the moisture out, almost blowing warm Aryan and there


it is, the little green thing like a Dalek, and that allows you to blow


warm air and get the grass to grow quicker than it does in the winter.


So let's have a look at this grass. Can you believe it? Let's have a


look how long it is. If we get down... They reckon it is three


millimetres long. Can you believe it? It grows when you walk on it,


scuffs and yet it is still a perfect surface, it really is amazing. It


has only been there in six months, let's see how the putts roll on the


greens. It is truly remarkable. I have not seen one ball bobble or


bounce this week. You think players walk on it, pitch marks, spike


marks, nothing. It just hugs the ground all the way, amazing, when


you think six months ago there wasn't a blade of grass. I'll tell


you what, I'm a big hit at parties as well. It is amazing just how good


is golf courses looking this week and with it all hanging in the


balance, who we will be concentrating on on this final day.


Welshman Bradley Dredge's last European Tour win came way back in


2006. He had Open champion Henrik Stenson the company, the Swede


looking for a first win on British soil since lifting the Claret Jug.


Runner-up in last year's US Open Shane Lowry loves this course and he


is out with a man who went lowest yesterday, world 58 Hideto Tanihara


from Japan. Not many pairings know this place as well as these two.


Francesco Molinari has four top-10 finishes in his last five years,


while playing partner Lee Westwood boasts two runner-up finishes at the


event. And southern hemisphere feeling to the final pairing,


Branden Grace alongside surprise overnight leader Dodt from


Australia. Maximillian Kieffer started the day at 3-under par. He


had this birdie putt on the first. Well judged, that would drop. Fist


pump from the German as he moved to 4-under par. Dean Burmester, and


opening 930, here on the tenth for another birdie to go 5-under.


Sweden's Alex Noren birdied the first, second and the fourth and


this was for another at the 7th. In it goes and he moved to 5-under par.


Open champion Henrik Stenson looking dialled in on the par-3 second. His


tee shot would go close. Close enough for a birdie. The Swede moves


to 5-under par. Burmester again with another birdie putt on the par-3/14.


6-under now, two shots back. Ireland's Shane Lowry on the second,


a birdie putt. He walks that one in and he moves to 5-under par. So in


this first Rolex Series event, it is South Africa's Dean Burmester making


the biggest strides on the final day, 6-under today, 5-under for the


tournament. He's alongside Open champion Henrik Stenson and Lee


Westwood from England, but the leader, Andrew Dodt, 8-under par,


one ahead of Branden Grace, on the first tee, so let's get out on the


course with your commentary team of Andrew Cotter, Ken Brown and Peter


Alliss. Thank you. Well, the last pair and


we could have some good stuff going on this afternoon. The weather's


good, the courses in very good condition and we've got good golfers


here -- the course is in very good condition. I wonder how they are


going to plot their way around. Taking the driver. Could end up in


trouble, or down the hill, or in a funny lie. Shouldst NFL. On the tee


from Australia, Andrew Dodt. Andrew Dodt, our leader. He's been around a


few years and won a few bits and pieces, but this would be a BD. -- a


big one. You don't see many down the left-hand side of this fairway, Ken.


They are going down the right and down the hill and there is thick


rough. There is a bit of room down the left, can he find it?


Our Open champion Henrik Stenson at the 3rd, second shot. This newly


shaved constructed green, which has been quite controversial over the


years. When you do it like that, it makes the job easy, doesn't it?


Lovely shot. Beware the Stenson. Westwood at the 2nd. They have


demolished this tee. It was pristine on Tuesday, look at it now. And


another one! I think he fancies it. He does indeed. I little beauty.


Stenson for a birdie at the 3rd. Smoothly back, straight in. Yes.


What a delightful start to his round.


The Worksop man. Got to be, hasn't it? Got to turn. Hunger on that left


edge for the last yard, I can't believe it, an inch, a fraction to


the right. Unlucky. Always tricky to know just how deep


and has soft and how receptive the sand is, but this is fairly


straightforward, got to aim right at the flag, let it come down gently,


ease its way down. He didn't aim it right enough. Only seven out of ten


for that one. Graeme Storm, a regular feature on


the European Tour for many years. And just tickles one in. Up and down


career, Graeme Storm. When he is playing well, it all looks easy. A


bit of work to be done here, Kenneth. Look at this, this is


probably eight feet if it's an inch. Bound to be a little nervy. Just at


the right-hand side, pace is important. Not hard enough. Never


was hard enough. It was always going to go left of centre. Shot dropped.


Big drive, ten yards far right. Five. Neatly thoughts on the way to


the second. I'll tell you, the quality of the


grass here looks absolutely stunning. I can't believe it was


seeded, to grow such a sward in 18 months is amazing. Grace taps in, he


gets his four. So there they are, level as they go to the second tee.


17 holes to go. It will be interesting.


Tyrrell Hatton. Flip setup and would you believe it? -- flips it up. That


will bring a smile to his face. Come along, Tyrrell. Can Branden Grace


read this putt? You would have thought it is just inside the right


edge. A lot have gone so close and missed. This to take the lead. He


read it perfectly. He can see the winner's enclosure and he is not


frightened to run in there, leads by one.


Molinari, to save his par. He has pushed it, has he? So reliable from


tee to green, in the top ten both with driving accuracy and greens in


regulation this week and has been steady on the greens. But a couple


of opening misses from fairly short range.


Well, early on in the last round, but already we have a leader, a


clear leader, Branden Grace, one ahead of Andrew Dodt. But just look


down the leaderboard to Alexander Bjork, who has just come in with a


66. I wonder where he'll be at the end of play today. And Nicolas


Colsaerts, suddenly he is roaring up the leaderboard. Not 1 million miles


behind. Stenson for his birdie four at the


4th. Hushed crowd. He rams it right into the hole. What a perfect way to


start, a four at the 1st, the tricky first, and two, three, four, birdie,


birdie, birdie. One behind, the Iceman is on the move.


Dodt's third shot, 3rd hole. Got a few levels to combat here. Is he


going to pitch it all the way? What a beauty. What a beauty. No, no...


Well, they do happen sometimes and you don't know why, but they're's a


classic example of a very difficult shot, desperately hoping to get down


in two, does it in one. Hey Ho. Lowry at the 4th. Bit wayward with


his second and he flips it up. Look at that. How do they do that? I


don't think they really know. Alex Noren. The first of the three par-5s


on the back nine and he makes a timely birdie four.


Out in 31. Join the group of 6-under, Shane Lowry. He has done


it, right in the heart of the Cup. Joins Alex Noren, currently in


fourth position. Stenson at 7-under, Branden Grace and Dodt at 8-under.


Nicolas Colsaerts, second to the 12th. Massive tee shot on the par-5.


That is absolutely stunning. Big, high draw to this front left pin,


difficult to hold it to the flag and that's a dandy. Eagle chance. Lowry


for a two at the 5th. Oh, yes. Did that go in at a lovely


speed? -- didn't that. They are really getting to grips with the


course now, after a few days' practice. They really are rattling


them in. Colsaerts for an eagle at the 12th and he... Has done it! .


Well done. He has had a bad run lately. 31 out, five, six, 7-under.


The South African looking to finish with a four. He has, another one he


has rolled in. What a round of golf. 65, the lowest the week by a


distance. 6-under for the tournament. Dodt has a bit of green


to play with here. Can fly it pretty far if he wanted to. Left-to-right


movement on it. No, it came down a little bit but


leaves himself a slick one for his birdie.


If he has got a nice lie here, it is not the hardest chipped in the


world. Should run out. -- hardest chipped in the world. He will have


that for his birdie. Molinari with a little pitch. Hit it... Again, you


look at that, unlucky it didn't drop but more fortunate that the pin


stopped it in its tracks. It was going a good four or five feet past.


Andrew Dodt for his four, for the birdie. And for the outright lead.


The Queens land, after dropping that shot at the 1st, moves to 9-under --


Queenslander. Grace to follow Dodt in for his four. So there we are,


Dodt was on his own for just a couple of moments and Branden Grace


back alongside him at 9-under par. Noren, hands low, big sort of


forward press, well down the grip. That where he needs to put it. Hit


it... And he has it. So Noren, now, that is three birdies in a row, his


seventh in total. 7-under for the round, 8-under. One behind.


Stenson down the left side of the seventh. Not a bad line to attack


this pin, which is 24 on, four from the right today. Can't stop it with


spin so he is going for elevation. How has he done? That is a fantastic


shot. Coming in from the clouds, dropped softly, this awkward pin.


Give that a one half out of ten out of the rough. -- give that eight and


a half out of ten. It is left-to-right, but how much? It is a


subtle one. Most people missing on the right. Not this one, right in


the centre of the Cup. Well done, Shane, has been cool at times this


week but warming up, three in a row. The Irish are loving it. Well, what


a difference in the scoring today compared to yesterday, so many red


figures. Eagles around today. Andrew Dodt and Branden Grace have had


their share, one clear of Noren and Shane Lowry with that picked up shot


on the 6th hole and is a big names loitering not too far away. Westwood


still to get going. Matt Fitzpatrick, 66 to move to 5-under.


Graeme Storm. Crook second at the 9th but the chance to lay one up


close. And that was as close as you can get! Right down the goalie,


excellent. They are so important, those little lucky ones, a bit of


good fortune keep the momentum going. Out in 32.


He couldn't, could he? The eyes are all on Henrik Stenson to get within


one. Oh, the Open champion is on a charge. Fantastic stuff.


Over the beautiful oak tree, Shane Lowry will need some luck here. And


he got some. Will it stay up? No. Will it? Go on, stick. Oh, my


goodness, that is the luck of the Irish.


Justin Rose. Didn't have to hit that very hard. Birdie putt holed by


Rose. 4-under for the day and for the tournament. One to go.


Well, can Shane Lowry make the most of his luck. If that ball turned


again, he was on the lower tier. He is keeping the pace up. What a


three! Joins the leaders. No wonder he is


smiling. That was one against the head, if ever there was one.


Alex Noren, his second to the 16th, 8-under par. Only a short iron. Look


at the size of the divot, no wonder he hurts his wrist. Not one of his


best. Colsaerts, after a cracking iron


into this par-3/14. Up the slope, should be makeable. It wriggled in


the side door, 7-under for Nicolas Colsaerts. The card of many colours.


So four birdies in a row has Shane Lowry in a three-way tie on the --


in the lead alongside Andrew Dodt Branden Grace. Alex Barron and


Henrik Swainston academic Stenson, the -- and Henrik Stenson, the two


suite, a further shot back. Soren Kjeldsen a second to the 11th.


As to dig it out of the hay -- has two. Come around, that is a good


recovery. Mr Westwood. Errant tee shot on the


left bank, has visible bogey. The saver in the heart, double bogey on


the seventh. -- the sabre in the heart. Alex Noren. He's done it, you


know? What a putt from Alex Noren. 9-under par, co-leader.


Graeme Storm, just down the slope on the 11th.


Right in the middle. So from the thick rough turn the left-hand side,


it's a birdie four Graeme Storm. Fourth of the day, 7-under now.


Tanihara, again, it's just the lightest of touches and he has it.


Tanihara, now, that is four birdies in five holes, he moves to 8-under.


Rose now at the final hole. Not the best of weeks they him but a nice


day today. Older beautiful putt on the last green and this isn't


looking too bad if it keeps coming... But it's running out of


steam. But beautifully judged just the same and he has finished with a


nice round. His home club, where he learned to play, only about five


miles or a bit more from here. I'm sure they are pleased to see him


home this week. The macro nice final rounds. -- two nice final rounds.


Molinari at the 8th. And that could go down the hill


nicely. Nicely, nicely. Stenson for his par on the ninth,


keep the momentum going. He was in the fairway bunker down the left.


Henrik. There could be costly, couple behind now. Still a long way


to go. Molinari, beautiful second shot in


here. It is quick. And has it. Molinari playing alongside Westwood,


both failing to fire at the moment, but Molinari gets going again.


6-under. Noren, having driven in the rough,


got his second here. A bit of a heavy lie. Find the green, do no


worse than five. Come along, that Kuboki if it keeps coming. Tricky


putt from there, big swing from the left immediately in front of the


ball. Just two putt for a five. Now, Mr Lowry. This to stay 9-under and


he... Has done it. Look at all those red numbers. Out


in 30. Good God, that is four below his handicap. Two putts would be


good. Don't be too hasty now. Over the ridge. It should drift away.


Could it come back? It is trying to come back and that was a very well


judged putt from there. Very well judged. And Graeme Storm, left of


the 12 in two. Thick, cloudy stuff though he has


judged that very well indeed. Just stabbed it into the bank, that for


his birdie. Storm with the chance to get within one of the lead. Noren at


the 18th, second shot. He's having a crack at it.


did magnificently. Oh, my word. Good gracious me, if he holes that one...


This would be a very nice up and down from Graeme Storm.


And he has it. Birdie number five today four Graeme Storm and now


within one. Tanihara's tee shot on the tenth,


185, the pin on the right half of the green.


All sorts of danger down to the right of the green. You can see how


firm the greens are, a lot of balls bouncing through this week. Ken was


down having a look at the firmness of the greens earlier. One of the


things that has been noticeable this week is how hard the ball is


bouncing on the greens and there is a reason for that. When you first


plant out some grass, you have blades here and they send out one


sort of route. As Times go by, the Blades are separate and so do the


roots and it develops under the putting surface I think that they


call Thach, little thatched area. Let's see how soft as greenies. When


you stick something in, it is not too hard at all. Let's try here.


I've got a spike. Let's see how it goes in. After a bit of twiddling


through the service, you can push it right in like that and it is like


going into putter. So the actual root zone is very soft, it is the


top that is a bit crusty. This is what it works like, if you have a


bit of Thatch, which develops over six months, you don't want too much


but the right amount gives the green a bit of give and it's like this,


this is your putting surface with that soft organic material under the


surface, the Thatch, the ball to slant is a little softer. When the


ball is landing clean on the root zone, it tends to ping away. No


Thatch, no hard bounces. That was like one of those old open


University lectures on television. Now, what a poet this is for Noren.


The course record held by Johan Carlsson -- what a putt. Course


record is 62, this to match it. What a putt. What a round of golf


from Alex Noren. 62, fantastic score. And that could well be worthy


of victory. Equals the course record of Thomas Bjorn and Robert Karlsson.


It might bring more than that, it might bring victory here at the PGA


Championship. I think I might have kept that ball for the trophy


cabinet, but there we are. Now it is up to the others to try


and hunt him down now on the back nine.


Well, Stenson was within five or six feet of the hole at one point, spun


it back to here. Needs to get going again.


Deserves three, and he has got it, by golly. Well done, he deserved


that, beautiful second shot. Don't rule this fellow out yet. Well,


there are three or four of them can do it. So Henrik Stenson is one of


those chasing down his fellow countrymen Alex Maron, out in front


courtesy of that 62. Eight birdies and an eagle, looking to this big


prize. Let's get his thoughts. What a round of golf that was. It


seemed like everything was working for you. Every putt that I wanted


went in. It was one of those days. I might not never have it again. It


was a nice start and a nice finish and I finished so badly yesterday


and I was angry all evening. I came off with a good start and that was


forgotten. It was a very nice day. You set a very good clubhouse lead,


you are in before the rain was scheduled to start, is it a nervous


wait to see if you have done enough? Definitely. The last seven holes, it


could go either way and I think there is a lot of birdies out there,


but you have to hit the fairways and the greens and it is a little


tricky. 17 or 18, you can make. There is a good chance, some of the


other guys could do it. I am happy with the round and if it goes well,


it goes well, but I am more happy, but if someone beats me, that is it.


It was a great way to finish the week, but whatever happens at the


end of today, how do you reflect on it as a whole? Good. I felt all


right coming in. This was the best putting week I have heard all year.


I worked harder on the putting this week than on previous weeks because


it has been my strength and maybe worked too hard on my weaknesses and


forgot about the putting this year. I trained really hard and today was


a lot of luck involved as well. I am very happy. Graeme Storm is plugged


in the bunker. Nice little damp wood down to here. Some damage


limitation, but back to 7-under. First dropped shot of the day.


Henrik Stenson. Eagle putt at the 12th. He is usually pretty good at


putts at this length. He frightens the hole if he does not get them in.


It is a birdie. Nicolas Colsaerts at the 13th for an


eagle. Looks good. And by golly, it is good, wonderful way to finish. He


had a stumble and dropped shots at the 13th and 15th but finishes 3-5-


three. Well played. Hideto Tamihara second. Quite a long way back, 235.


Coming around, coming around, the green line leads to the bunker or


just inside it and it is pretty good. Might run on just off the


table top. A good shot and an eagle putt to come. Par putt for Andrew


Dodd. No. It is slipping away. -- Andrew Dodt. Header to Terry Harrer,


chance to get to 10-under. . Tanihara will join that for a


birdie. He will join that group of 10-under. Henrik Stenson can he save


par? It is a big putt. No, no, no. Suddenly he will find himself three


behind Alex Noren with five to play. Even on the last few holes at


Wentworth which can give you something back, that is a big ask.


Francesco Molinari's third. Extremely able to 12. Birdies and


some eagles, that is marvellous. Very little swerve, just a touch of


left to right sayyid. The rain continues to fall at Wentworth. Alex


Noren is tucked up after his course record equalling 62, two shots clear


of Branden Grace, Shane Lowry and Hideto Tanihara. Can he perhaps


catch Alex Noren? Bit of moisture on the greens now, slows them down a


fraction. Takes a little bit of break out of the putts. Lovely


birdie there for Molinari. 7-under par. Here we go, decisions to be


made by Branden Grace. We will see how he is lying. Oh my goodness.


That is a record if he has a bash at it. Henrik Stenson from down in the


bunker on the 14th. Very nearly. Here go. Here's going to splash out.


Virtually sideways. Oh dear! Hit the stone. You were saying, that was the


risk of it. Now, he will not try it again, he will be taking a drop and


playing four. Alex Noren's score of 11-under forced him to take


something on. I do not think he would have done that otherwise. It


came down so steeply on it. There were stones under there and he was


expecting what anti crunched into the stones. He will not admire it


when it pops into water. Branden Grace has dropped and he is playing


four. And this has to be good. Down in the sand lying OK, playing five


up and down for a bogey and his chances are slipping away here at


the 12th. Shane Lowry. And a good run, go back, go back, go back. The


rings are softening, but still very good for a Shane Lowry, that to get


to 10-under. Lovely lie in the bunker for Branden Grace. He has to


get it running. It should run the way he has hit it. Mighty fine


effort. Nearly a par. Can he read this putt? Got to be a bit of left


to right movement. Shane Lowry, to get within one. There is a glass


ceiling stopping these players from getting any closer to Alex Noren.


Branden Grace for his bogey six and if you feel if he misses it, the


opportunity for him is virtually zero.


It holds everything at 4.4, we had six eagles, he took a bit of a


gamble out of the ditch. That is the wrong sort of double.


Where is this one going? Quick hook down the left. It has gone awfully


quiet. He is grabbing for another ball in his bag. Henrik Stenson at


8-under. If he is going to have any chance of catching Alex Noren, he


has to go in... Still going there at the 15th for him. Still a long iron


in for Hideto Tanihara at the edge of the path. A few gasps and groans,


away to the right. I thought a challenge to Alex Noren would come


from this group but they are imploding, Hideto Tanihara and Shane


Lowry. The forward shot having gone out of bounds with his tee shot at


the 15th. Shane Lowry. Pretty darn good. He will have that for his


bogey. Now Dodt, little pitch. Looks pretty


good. It nearly does. That will be a par for Dodt. Has not had a birdie


since the fourth. The last time his playing partner picked up a shot as


well, both he and Branden Grace have stalled badly in this group. Alex


Noren will be watching keenly, if Hideto Tanihara and Shane Lowry both


go here, he really is... In full position. That is a beautifully


played shot from there. It should... Just a yard or so more. After that


wonderful round of 62, Alex Noren spending a little time with a young


fans. Popper autograph books. How lovely! A number of players doing


their very best to make sure that Alex Noren is the champion here at


Wentworth and here is one of them. Shane Lowry at the 15th. Out of


bounds. Pretty good effort, but I am afraid, costly.


Couple of shots, blown away. Along with a few others. Hideto Tanihara.


Also struggling on this 15th hole, but that looks pretty good, but not


good enough. He also drops back. So what a turn up for the books, Alex


Noren who has been in at least 45 minutes, a spectacular round of 62,


came shooting up the table and he is leading the way and others are


making it very easy up, or easier for him, to be the winner. Sad to


see, shots being dropped, but over the closing three holes here at


Wentworth, much can happen and has over the years. So, hold your


breath. Second shot for Dodt. It has been put in the bunker, absolutely


buried. Some of the faces have got a bit of extra sand. That was a smelly


life. At the eight team, this to go to 7-under and get a nice prize.


Well done. Very nice. Good round. 68. Two bogeys. Great year last


year, won three times on the Tour, when he gets going, he is hot


indeed. Looking perhaps that victory number nine. Par three, the third


shot of Andrew Dodt and he has got that a little but crisp as well. It


all started so fast, I thought we were going to see a firework display


but it has gone out. Hideto Tanihara, second shot at the 16th.


At Buchanan, up you come. Yes, not bad. -- up you come. Dodt, is it to


the bunker? All, goodness! Double bogey five. That was cruel. With


?900,000 going to the winner, enormous prize fund, you are just


throwing money away. Johnson at the 18. Medium Johnson! That looks well


done. Very well done. Exceedingly well done! Always leaving them


wanting more, Beef. Keep off the chips and you will be all right!


Hideto Tanihara for a birdie at the 16th, this to 9-under, come along,


it is there, if he had hit it, it was there. Whether it is the thought


of the ?950,000 first prize, it may have upset a few. Here is Henrik


Stenson with his third shot of the 17. Drove it into the rough down the


right. And that is short. No, it is not, I tell a lie. Unusual looking


putting action. Random race. Different grip. -- Branden Grace.


His 15th has caused him problems in the last couple of hours. There has


been sixes and plenty of double bogeys, by far the hardest hole on


the course. He has had a few that have looked like he would find the


bottom and a chance here at the 17th for Henrik Stenson. Just seemed to


lose the pace of the greens when the rains came down a fraction. Alex


Noren sitting in the players lounge watching the television screens


wondering how he is going to work out every minute that texts by. It


is looking better. Now looking for another bit of magic here. You can


see where he was trying to land it in the fringe. A lot of money at


stake. Here is Tyrell Hatton. He has got this putt for an eagle. At the


last. He took eight pacro at the 17th and that is finishing with a


birdie. If this is despatched into the water, somewhere, just beware,


get ready to duck. No. How gentle! 74 with an eight.


Just to drop the one stroke. He has pushed it. Seven. A little unlucky


with his tee shot. It would have been kicking back onto the fairway


and stayed tucked behind the trees. Double bogey, par double bogey and


back to 5-under. On the fourth and Alex Noren, early, summing up his


round. Down the little tear. Alex, Alex. You start with a birdie at the


1st and the second, another birdie there at the 4th. Right into the


back of the cup. To come one. 11 and 12. Good range for another birdie.


At 16, this was a little Brucie bonus. Shortened his approach and


spun back to there, another birdie on the cards. And on the 18th, after


a cracking tee shot. This is what you call a Tom Watson special. Do


you remember that? I certainly do, a majestic shot. He would have been


thinking about possible victory. Then things happen, others fade


away, finishes with an eagle three, majestic. He is thinking he has got


a good prize here. Lo and behold, a bit like Paul Lowry, finished well


and after that, he is the champion. Equalled the course record. Superb.


Wonderful round of golf. It truly was quite a remarkable round of golf


from Alex Noren. Henrik Sweet -- Henrik Stenson had this robbery to


finish with a birdie on the 18th and he would finish on 8-under par --


had this putt to finish. Shane Lowry with his second shot to the par


5/18. It looked good and it was good. That would leave him a putt to


finish with an eagle. And after a double bogey on the 17th, this putt


would go to make amends a little bit. Finished with an eagle and he


would finish the tournament on 7-under par. Japan's Hideto Tanihara


had an excellent day around the West Course yesterday but did not go


quite so well today, that putt perhaps summing up his round but he


would knock that in for a par and a very respectable finish of 8-under.


A birdie from Francesco Molinari on the 17th meant that he needed this


birdie putt for an outright second place and in it would go, 9-under


par for Francesco Molinari and he would finish two behind Alex Noren.


He was eighth last year, sixth in 2008 but confirmation that the sheer


Alex Noren has become the first Swede to win the BMW PGA


Championship and he did it in some style, a course record equalling 62,


also equalling the largest comeback in this event, starting the final


day seven shots behind. What a way to end the week.


Francesco Molinari with that birdie on the 18th to take a right second,


just ahead of a group that included Open Champion Henrik Stenson on


8-under par. I am joined by the Tour executive, Doctor Ian Robertson from


BMW and Alex Noren. Before we hand over the trophy, Ian you must be


delighted although it is a bit wet now. I thought we were going to get


away with the weather, but the British weather always comes in. To


give a trophy to such a valiant winner who did -10 on the day, great


crowds, 109,000 over the tournament and even the Pro-Am we had records.


We are delighted. I will let you hand over the trophy.


Congratulations Alex Noren. Congratulations. It is heavy. Some


big winners on there. There are some big winners on there. How delighted


are you to be holding this, you're fit one in the space of a year? I


feel extremely happy. I have had trouble on this course, I made the


tournament too big in my mind to come close to a win and to pull it


off, it is amazing. It was weird to wait. Nine holes to go, it was


weird. Seven shots back you were at the start of today, what we are


expectations coming in? Was a 62 in your mind? Not at all. I tried to


play a good round of golf. I played pretty well, the first three days.


Bad finish yesterday. I was angry coming off the golf course. Tried to


get a good round. Try to get some momentum going. It is a big event.


Every point counts and that was my thought at the beginning. A lot of


good putts and then, if I could post a good run, we would see what would


happen. He posted a great round but you still had a little way to find


out if you would get your hands on the trophy, top pay through what it


is like sitting on the players lounge watching the golfers come


through? It is weird, especially when your friends say it is done.


You do not want to take your win too early. It was very weird. I remember


sitting in the lounge in the past, when the other guys had not teed off


and I was finish with my last round and I did not want to be in that


position. Now, it was the opposite. Congratulations on an incredible 62,


equalling the course record. Your 2017, BMW PGA Championship, Alex


Noren. It really was a sensational round of golf from Alex Noren, Ken


Brown with me just now. It was so impressive on so many levels, but


what impressed you the most? He managed to get out in 31, but he


just kept going and a lovely birdie at the 14th. The 15th, he holed are


really good clutch. Just kept the momentum going. And mass of 116 and


a brilliant one at 18 and an eagle at the last. 11-under par, you


thought there would be challenges. I thought someone could equal him. Are


you disappointed that the challenge did not materialise? Henrik Stenson


came out of the traps flying and you thought perhaps it would be his


wake, but once that scorer was seemed to back off.


Branden Grace, was making a charge and found the ditch. They all


slightly stumbled and the closing holes proved tough. There was a lot


said about the course, the changes that were made, how do you feel it


held up over the week? I think it has been outstanding, the changes


they have made, it has been presented well. We had the Kaiser


Chiefs entertaining the crowd, it has been superb. Wonderful golf.


Alex Noren was a deserving champion. It has been a great week. It has


indeed and there is plenty more sport to come on the BBC. Tonight at


midnight on BBC Two, we have highlights of England against the


Barbarians as Eddie Jones 's side prepare for their Tour of Argentina.


International cricket returns to the BBC on Thursday as England take on


Bangladesh at the start of their ICC Trophy, BBC Two at 11:15pm and are


next golf is highlights of the Scottish Open from Dundonald in


July, the week before the Open Championship. It has been another


special week on the West Course, we had a little bit of everything but


there has been one like that shone brightest, a sensational bogey free


final round of 62 from Alex Noren who came from seven shots back to


surprise the field and claim his ninth European Tour victory.


# I want to be free as I'll ever be. # Help me exercise my mind.


Eilidh Barbour presents highlights of the final round from the PGA Championship at Wentworth. One of the most important and prestigious tournaments on the European Tour, the list of past winners includes illustrious names such as Sir Nick Faldo, Seve Ballesteros, Ian Woosnam and Rory McIlroy. In 2016, it was England's Chris Wood who added his name to that impressive roll of honour after mounting a stunning comeback from three shots back to win. Commentary comes from Peter Alliss, Ken Brown and Andrew Cotter.

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