Day 1 Round-Up Golf: Ryder Cup

Day 1 Round-Up

Highlights from the opening day's play at the 41st Ryder Cup, held at Hazeltine National in Minnesota, USA.

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There is nothing quite like this in world sport. The opening morning of


the 31st Ryder Cup in Minnesota. This is golf with the volume and


emotion levels cranked up to maximum level. The Europeans have dominated


this contest winning eight of the past ten matches in the last three


in a row. Incredibly, the United States of America have uncorked


champagne only once this century and tens of thousands of their fans are


desperate to quench an eight year purse. This biennial contest is


always worth the wait. -- eight-year first.


It takes some nerves just to walk out of a first three and Darren


Clarke of Northern Ireland has done that as a player and as European


captain. His great friend skippers the US, Davis love, having been on


the losing end of that European miracle at Medinah four years ago.


Both teams are determined to play the match in a spirit that would


honour the memory of golfing legend, Palmer, who passed away at the


Beacon. Six different nationalities, five major winners including


top-ranked Rory McIlroy and six rookies. No European team has won


away from home with so many rookies in the side. The 12 strong US team


starts as favourites. 11 time Ryder Cup winner Phil Mickelson 15 major


winners in their line-up. Only he and JB Holmes have ever been on a


winning US team before. There was plenty of excitement on a misty


morning in Minneapolis. Peter Alliss watching it all unfold. Thank you,


Hazel. He is Justin Rose about the lodge


the first shot of this year's Ryder Cup matches. You can just about pick


out the fairway with visibility of 400 yards, maybe 350. You can see


they're how gloomy it is. And he has found it. Nice opening tee shot from


Justin Rose. For the United States, Patrick Reed oblivious to the chill


of the wind. He strikes one away, and that's good.


So four foursomes or alternate short managers getting is underway just


after 7:30am. Jordan Spieth and Patrick Reed renewing the successful


partnership from Gleneagles. So, too, Justin Rose and Henrik Stenson,


both combinations unbeaten to get the last time. Phil Mickelson teams


up with Rickie Fowler to face Rory McIlroy, who takes, the rookie Andy


Sullivan under his wing. The all major winning partnership or Jimmy


Walker and Zach Johnson faced Ryder Cup heroes Sergio Garcia of Spain


and Martin Kaymer Germany, whilst the power and precision combo of


Dustin Johnson and Matt Kuchar take aim at the experienced Lee Westwood


and first timer, Thomas Pieters of Belgium. In the top match, Jordan


Spieth, the double major winner warming up his putter at the 2nd


door, that is a birdie and a one up lead on Stenson and Rose. His


partner Patrick Reed was an instant Ryder Cup hero as top US point


scorer last time. He put them two up at the next. That is back-to-back


birdies for America. Meanwhile, in the second match Rory McIlroy drew


first blood with Andy Sullivan for Europe winning the fourth in part


after a miss by Mickelson on the green. And a nervous start forth in


time bettering Lee Westwood missing this one at the 2nd consecutive


bogeys with Thomas Pieters, so unsettling start for Europe at the


bottom of the order. So the US two up in the top and bottom matches,


and in commentary with a total of 23 Ryder Cup appearances between them,


Mark James, Ken Brown, Peter Alliss and Hunter Mahan. Rather fortuitous,


I feel. Jordan Spieth with a second shot to


the seventh. That is a beautiful shot. Not easy


to get to that back pain and he has played a delightful one there,


Spieth. A couple under for the opening six holes and two up. Rickie


Fowler, fifth shot on the sixth. I don't think they're favourites at


this hole. Certainly not now. Now Justin Rose putting, him and Stenson


in serious trouble. They have played six holes and they are two down,


they might go three down here, with a long putt for a birdie. And that


is a good-looking putt. Not in, though. Patrick Reed with the putt


to go three up. McIlroy, his third shot, and the opening one up,


looking like going to up with the Americans having all sorts of


problems coming up to this par-5. That could well be a concession. Not


sure quite yet. Patrick Reed with the putt the go three up, and he has


done it. Lovely start for Spieth and Patrick Reed. Three up against


Stenson and Justin Rose. Great stuff. Even Stevens at the moment,


but early days. Sullivan has pushed his tee shot, with a good little


pitch across the little inlet, under and around the branches, sliced


across, it fell short, and it could be in the hazard. It just clipped


the grass. The open champion. Dustin Johnson. Putt foray birdie at the


5th. And it finally hopped straight into the bottom of the cup. One of


these moments with things turning in favour of the United States. Phil


Mickelson with his second shot to the seventh. His tee shot just


around the corner of the fairway. Simple pitch up, the flag, to the


back of the green. APPLAUSE


Westwood, this is a massive putt, this, for a birdie. Has he had it?


Johnson and Matt Kuchar three up after five holes and the first two.


And a big iron to this ninth green, 475 yards. Jordan Spieth to play.


It is going right, he needs a bit of luck, and he doesn't get much. The


seventh green and Rickie Fowler's partnership with 3-putts from here


to win the hole. CHEERING


The Americans get one back. From one down. Spieth and Patrick Reed three


up, Dustin Johnson and Matt Kuchar also three um, and Europe one up


with McIlroy and Sullivan just losing the seventh. So it is nip and


tuck at the moment, America slightly ahead. A twitchy looking par-3 8th.


Playing 189 yards. He is liking it, his liking, that is a cracking shot,


absolutely delightful. And the locals are loving it, and there are


plenty of them out here. The open champion, Stenson, slightly uphill,


this second shot to the ninth, his opponent is in the right-hand


bunker. He did what he needed to do, he


finds the putting surface. McIlroy's tee shot ending up in the bunker,


some of them coming out, fairly simple, if you can get it to stop,


but it didn't. It goes on, eight feet, ten feet past. Attach scrappy


from the Europeans. Here he is, Mr Tiger Woods, one of the assistant


captains, calling into Davis Love III, what is going on? Hopes to be


back playing in the next three weeks. That would be nice to see.


Now, McIlroy. Very important middle putt. Sloppy to lose a short-haul to


a three, sloppy. Here is how it looks. McIlroy and Sullivan just


losing the eighth. All square after a fast start. The United States up


in two and Europe up in one, and the other match, all square. One of


these putts that can sway a match. He has got his routine in this


situation. He put his partner in the sand. Didn't play a very good bunker


shot. Can he sync this long putt for a four? Not far away. Now, Garcia.


Him and Martin Kaymer, one up. Play the


beautiful second shot very close, and look at this one, even better.


That's the way to do it! The Americans are taking a bogey at this


ninth, so two putts from this European side to win the hole. They


win the hole with a par, and go two down. Zach Johnson, this, to halve


the hole. Garcia pitches it can absolutely stone dead. It sneaks in


the right edge, at pace. The seven hole, halved in three. Garcia and


Kaymer one up. Westwood trying to cut from the corner of the dogleg


and has gone to the right. Don't go over there. That is miles to the


right. It looks like he's in the water. That is poor. Two shot at the


short eighth, Garcia in 15 feet, and this looks good. Though, it is good.


Two lovely shots. The Europeans here at the 9th have


played three and thereabout four feet away. Fowler is chipping just


off the green, this is their third shot with the match all square. It


is running well, slowing up, running well, in. Would you believe it? The


crowd go ballistic. There's Abraham Lincoln. Well, well, well. Mickelson


and Fowler go one up. This to win the eighth hole for Zach Johnson.


What a lip out. That came out faster than it went in. All sorts of


trouble at the 7th for the Europeans with Westwood heading to the water.


This is their fifth shot, so this, for a bogey. The Americans in decent


shape. They don't want to go four down, that is for sure.


Patrick Reed, what they half, rattled into the back of the cup. It


was a half in four. It didn't look like it. Spieth and Reed stay two


up. This from Dustin Johnson to win the hole. This, to go five up. Not


looking good, is it? It turned right into the bottom of the cup and the


locals are going wild with the cheers flying round the course. Five


up after eight holes. A bit of a break for Stenson and


Rose, finishing between the bunkers. It is a par-5, this is their third.


This is their third. It was almost a gobbler.


Walker, this worry half at the 9th. Can you follow him on? Yes, he can.


What a great putt. The Europeans remain one up, though. Plenty of


chat between the two Americans. They know it is up a little then down a


little, this for their birdie at the par-5 11th. The Europeans in a


little closer. It makes it, it's in. Great Park -- great putt from


Spieth. Crucial putt for Stenson. Sometimes


he tries to be a little firm if it is make or break. You beauty. Half


in four the remain two down. -- they remain.


Very awkward shot left for Martin Kaymer. You can see the pin down in


the valley, next to the water. Got to pick it fine draw it. Nice


strike. Nice strike. One of the shots of the day. Beautifully


controlled. So difficult to get the contact just right. Thomas Pieters


at the long par-4 9th, this for par, five down, not too much pressure on


them at the moment. Well done. APPLAUSE


You know what it is like to be a captain, Mark. There is a lot going


on. He's looking calm, but his brain is spinning. Kuchar foray half,


Pieters in from 12 feet for a par, to stay five up at the turn. They


have got one back. A little light at the end of the tunnel for Westwood


and Pieters. If you can turn one of these matches round it is huge in


the momentum of the match. Sullivan for par at 11. The Americans can't


do better than bogey, and he has made it. Great stuff from Andy


Sullivan. The match, all square. Come on, Sergio, let's see one of


your magic ones that just tumbles into the front of the cup. Is it


that quick? Oh! Garcia and Kaymer remain one up, but


an opportunity. The Europeans are not made their par. This is for


Reed's rep R. You wouldn't have guessed about that. They have halve


the hole in bogeys. A good break for the Europeans, but Spieth and Reed


remain two up. There is a situation, the Americans two up and four up,


with a tenuous lead for Garcia and Kaymer. McIlroy and Sullivan all


square, with Mickelson and Fowler, so all to play for. Garcia at 11. A


lot of trouble looking up there. That is right of right. Good grief.


We almost ran out of red paint, then! That was on the rainbow,


wasn't it? It would be too bad there, but he has short sighted


himself for the pin. It's back right. The pin nine yards on in the


centre of the green, but still, 240 yards, this par-3. It is a massive


hit with almost certainly his longest iron, Justin Rose.


That was just pure Alun Pugh. Absolutely on the button. -- purer


than pure. Sullivan pitching a yard short of this green and rolling back


to him. This is a little damp, this area. Not an easy chip. He's played


it pretty well. Use the slope to kill it. Pity well played from


McIlroy. Staring at the offending piece of turf. Tricky pitch for


Kaymer with Garcia's wayward second. He has short-sighted himself, the


pin on the right, not much room to play with and not the easiest live.


Very well played by Martin Kaymer. This is pressure. This is to halve


the hole, and to remain all square. Come on, Andy, well done, two in a


row. That really will boost his confidence. Great pitch from Kaymer.


At 11. This, to win the hole for birdie. It just slid across the face


of the hole. They hang on to the one hole lead.


Big D concentrating hard with his fingers crossed. 240 yards. What an


irony, released that down the breeze, and Andy Sullivan has


suddenly found a bit of confidence. From their angle it looks like he's


gone in the hole. Have you got one of those outfits, Ken? I only wear


them when I go down the pub! They flew out on my flight. I tell you


what, they do like a beer. In 43 on this par-3 13th, good tee shot from


Sullivan, and Michael were, this, to win the hole. Might be a bit of


noise if this goes in, even though we are in a foreign country. I say!


A bit partisan, old chap! Very good putt. The plot thickens. Zach


Johnson with the putt to win the hole and even the match. Beautiful


putt. It felt like Sergio and Martin Kaymer had control this match but


the US back all square. Sullivan, in the light rough, not a great deal of


rough, this is rather surprising. He and McIlroy, one up. He's suddenly,


live. He got rid of those early nerves, and playing nicely,


Sullivan. Zach Johnson with the hybrid at 13. Looking good, trying


to find it, trying to find it, beautiful shot. Lots of great shots


from this par-3 today. Putting the pressure on Europe. The US already


in with four, McIlroy his game right now. That is always going in. This


group is really on fire. Great golf, great golf from these two. McIlroy


is really warming up. It is nice to see. The atmosphere now is getting


really good. Walker to win the hole. That Is big


putt there. A lot of momentum for the US right now. One up on the last


two holes. Turning the tide. A lot of missed opportunities. A check on


the leaderboard: This is where McIlroy's shot from


the trees ended up. Sullivan, a little chip. Oh, it's away. He's had


a few chip shots and I'm afraid, none of them have been very good.


He's done it again - oh, he hasn't! Oh, it looked so, so good. That's a


five, a sloppy five. If that's conceded, the United States have a


four-footer or so to win the hole. Yes, well done. You should win holes


of this length of pars. That's what's happened. Back to one.


Right in the middle. Dustin Johnson and Matt Kuchar are playing really


great golf right now. Captain Clarke. Lee Westwood, this to halve


the hole. That's missed. So his morning of


misery continues. Five down. Looking a little long. Solid shot.


30 feet for birdie. Came in low, trying to get it to


come back. Solid shot. It needs to turn and it will. Yes!


The United States are putting quite beautifully. In the last hour,


they've holed a ton of putts, beautifully struck.


Rose needs something to happen. That's not it. Good try, but not


enough. It's in! US gets the first point of


the Ryder Cup. Huge crowds, huge roars. First blood to the United


States and it must be said, Europe, so far, have not holed many putts.


Play has been a little bit untidy. It's been tense and exciting. We're


three quarters of the way through the opening foursomes. So far, the


mood swings towards the United States.


Beautiful shot. Putting a lot of pressure on Europe right now.


Big crowds on this hole. Beautiful shot from Phil. Wow! US trying to


get a clean sweep this morning, if they can.


It's right in the middle. Beautiful putt by Matt Kuchar. Playing so


solid. Solid win for the US. The United States already safely in with


two points on the board. Two matches still out on the course, Garcia and


Kaymer two down to Walker and Johnson.


The American team play very solid. They got off to a good start. To


come back from two down early you have to make a few, that pretty much


sums it up. Looking real good... Oh, my word!


That was cruel. That was absolutely cruel. That putt had no choice but


to go in. This is brutal. Great try by Andy Sullivan.


Oh, he dubbed it. That's not his favourite shot. I must say Europe


are creeking and groaning on this opening morning. They're doing their


very best to help the United States into a healthy morning lead.


Pours it in the middle. The US ties it up with two to go. Big roars, a


lot of people here on the 16th hole. Trying to break. Stays just high.


Great putt. Good touch. Easy par for the US.


Sergio, can we have a touch of magic? No, no, no, no, no, no, no.


Pick it up, let's move on. Zblt United States overwhelming


Europe at the moment. The crowd likes it. Oh, wow! The US


has a lot of momentum on their side right now.


The crowd are playing a huge part in this morning. They've really come


alive. It was dull and misty this morning, chilly.


This has to be a good one. And it isn't. This is a very sad collapse.


Doing nothing for the confidence of the Europeans at this moment.


Lovely line. Solid shot. Put the pressure on Europe.


It looks a bit of a lost cause unless this goes in. He's holed


longer ones than this. A good effort but a lost cause. Pick


them up, move on. The United States two putts to win


the match. Needs a ripper. Not bad. A chance


for McIlroy maybe to hole one. What a morning.


Zach Johnson, a very sound putter. Two putts to win. Should be no


trouble. Particularly when you only take one! Another point for the


United States. It will take all Darren Clarke's charm and whimsy to


get his team ready for this afternoon's four balls.


Just short. That's a four for the US. They will have to wait and see


if they get the full point or the half point.


No. 4-0 to America. A tremendous start by them. The crowd have given


them a huge boost. At this moment, Europe's chins are on their chests.


Confirmation, 4-0 to the United States. At moments, it looked as if


it was going to be very different from that. But it must be said,


Europe's players were very untidy, at times. The United States holed


more putts and that's the result. What a turn around in your match


first of all. Well, you look at the birdies that those two made on the


toughest par three, that 13th hole, 250-yard par three, amazing birdie.


They came back birdied the next hole. Had a lot of momentum. But I


thought we showed a lot of heart to hang in there. We won the next three


holes and the match. The European guys weren't quite at the top of


their game this morning. The American guys played better. They


played very well. Hopefully this afternoon the roles will be reversed


and the Europeans will go out and make some putts and get some


momentum. What a start for the United States. The first time in 40


years a whitewash from the first session. How much can you take from


this morning? A lot. We can take a lot from this morning. It feels good


for people to play well. We came into this Ryder Cup with an


amazingly relaxed and focussed attitude. We've had Great Leadership


from Davis. Great Leadership from Stricker and Furyk and Tigerer. The


guys are extremely talented and they're sick of losing. Am I


surprised at 4-0, of course, I am. The thoughts of the vice captain and


a smiling Hunter Mahan is with me. The US has struggled with the


foursome, just one point from two sessions at Gleneagles. How have you


turned it round this time? All the groups that I saw were very


familiar. They're guys that have played a lot together, especially


the last couple of days, but even in president's cups and previous Ryder


Cups. Everyone is super familiar with one another, comfortable with


one another. They can just go out and play. I'm sure Davis Love can


build the momentum, but how will it spark changes in the thinking of


Darren Clarke. Not much he can do this afternoon. He needs to get the


new guys out there to play. After this afternoon, there could be a lot


of big changes for tomorrow. He has to look at the scoreboard, I mean


the US only needs 10-and-a-half points to win. They can smell it. He


may have a lot of changes to make. He needs to go with his best guys.


You seem very happy about it, so far, not surprising. A fantastic


start for America. One hour's turn around between the morning foursome


and afternoon four balls. This is how they line up. Deja vu about the


top match. Spieth and Reed will hope. So -- hope so. The American


duo unbeaten now in four matches together.


Brandt Snedeker was at Medinah. First taste of the drama for Brooks


Koepka. They take on Martin Kaymer and green jacket winner and


debutante Danny Willett. That red hot all Texan pairing of


Reed and Spieth hadn't cooled off by even one degree. Reed ramming this


home for birdie at the first. One up and Rosetta and Stenson immediate --


Rose and Stenson immediately under pressure again. A confident start


from Rafa. He set up birdie. Europe and Spain one up on Holmes and


Moore. Danny Willett's build up to the match has been chael enging, but


this was a settler. First hole halved in birdie. At the next,


Koepka's partner, Brandt Snedeker, who's yet to win even a half point


for his team, knocked this into birdie range and took it. US go one


up in this match. This morning everything was going in on the


greens for Jordan Spieth, but not that one. Missed for par. Rose and


Stenson all square now. To the bottom of the order, last match,


Europe one up, but the new US Open champion, Dustin Johnson, drains a


15 footer to go all square with McIlroy and Pieters. Talk about


muscling in on the action, Brooks Koepka reduced the long par five


630-yard third to two blows and two putts for birdie. Now two up on


Kaymer and Willett. So all square in two matches. Honours evenly spread


in the others. Europe desperately need to find some momentum in this


session. It's going high. Oh, beautiful shot.


Just like he planned. The US will have to make birdie just to tie this


hole. Liking it. Very solid shot. 12 feet


for birdie on the sixth. This for a half. Garcia-Cabrera


Bello go two up. This morning's drubbing by the


United States, this afternoon it's pretty even Stephens. Lovely


conditions for playing golf. Elegant looking, simple swing of


Thomas Pieters. If you pitch it by the flag, you


land on a down slope. Yes. At last, the Europeans have


holed very few putts today on this opening day's play here at the Ryder


Cup. There was a good one. He's rolling them nicely. He's done


it again. He really is a little fire ball.


Needs a little hop, skip and a roll. It does. Beautiful shot.


He doesn't want any extra work to do. That will do very nicely! A win


for Europe. That eases a little of the present pain.


There's a calmness that's come over Team Europe this afternoon. They've


got a bit of confidence. Great shot down the fairway, sounds like. Yeah,


beautiful. Perfect. Rafael Cabrera Bello off to a good


start this afternoon. Perfect distance. Beautiful shot.


Willett surveyed this putt from every angle. This to win the hole.


Another one lips out. The Europeans have not been putting well.


Beautiful shot out of the rough. Not much of an angle. Very aggressive,


right at the hole. Oh, what happened there? That was


not in the programme. I have no idea what happened there. Just a little


accident in the hitting area. They love it.


But his partner thinking, "What on earth are you doing to me? "


Simple little pitch, or is it? Yes, delightful.


Looks good. Oh, yes! One of Europe's rookies playing at this moment very


nicely. A lot of lip-out this afternoon.


Guys hitting the putt a little too hard. No Stenson here at the


seventh. This is the top match in the


afternoon four balls. Can he do it? He can. Europe one up.


Kuchar has putted and missed from more or less the same line.


He's done it. He knew it was in. He and his new partner go two up.


Justin Rose safely on the green. Gave his partner information on the


wind on this shot. I think he will be dialled in.


Solid strike. Very high ball hitter. Watching it. Beautiful shot and Oh!


Hello! Gorgeous. For a second it looked as if it was


going in for a one. But a cast iron two. Don't bodger to bring your


putter. -- bother. He's done that


beautifully. Well, both the players from the US


left the long putts right on the edge of the hole. They're now two


down. Pouring it in the middle. One of the


best putters on the Tour. He's showing why.


Very casually just nudged in. Now three up.


Situation looking much better for the Europeans after this morning's


debacle. As we keep saying, lots of holes to be played. At this moment


it's 3-1. Hit it crisply. Likes it, I fancy.


That's why. That is why! Beautifully struck.


Oh, yes, beautifully played too. A real chance for McIlroy and Pieters


to go four up. Daddy's home. Daddy's home


apparently. He's probably watching the golf. Great shot from Koepka.


He's taking to this like a duck to water.


This to win the hole and go four up. All the way. Well done, the rookies,


the new boys, doing very well. At this moment. Going nicely. Gaining


more confidence. Sergio Garcia with a tricky third shot at the 9th. This


can be awkward. That is nicely played, beautifully played! And the


Americans have had a bit of bad luck and missed a few putts. That was


beautiful, wasn't it? Played absolutely perfect.


Good, long iron into this ninth for Holmes, Leicester match Garcia's


chip in birdie. And they turn, four down. -- this to match.


Uphill at the 9th, Brooks Koepka. That long iron, high into the air.


The flight on that, majestic stroke from Koepka. Garcia put a few free


problems, trying to hoik this up in the air. Lovely shot from surgery.


-- from Sergio Garcia. Keeping the pressure on. Danny Willett at long


range from nine for a birdie. Koepka is unfairly close. He is giving that


a fair hit, dead straight, great putt from Danny Willett. Really,


from nowhere. Up a little slope here on the green


for Ryan Moore. Decent length putt, and Ryan Moore is the man who brings


the cheers back. In the 43. -- in for three after a magnificent iron


shot. Right to live, get the pace up, but it dived, so Europe get a


hole bag. Three up with nine holes to play.


Garcia, to halve the hole. The Americans finally getting a birdie


but Garcia follows them in for a birdie. Doesn't want to go to him


too much. A couple of great birdies in a row for Sergio Garcia. Darren


is discussing something, a much better afternoon for Europe. This


morning must have been rather difficult to watch. Brandt Snedeker,


this to win the hole, and he's done it, so they are back to four up, he


and Koepka against Willett and Kaymer. Next to play is Stenson.


-- what a shot. Massive tee shot from McIlroy around the corner of


the dogleg at the tent. And pitching on to the green. You can feel the


Europeans' confidence rising. Not quite stone dead, but what a shot.


Koepka at the 11th. Still learning his trade on the European Tour. In


the far east and through Europe, and learning it well. Nice shot, there.


Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy close, and this, for a birdie, and by Jove,


he's done it. APPLAUSE


McIlroy for a half. At the end of it all, he has half in three. Four up.


Sixth on this par-44-speed. His playing partner's got a 15-18 footer


for par, but Stenson has this for the win and may do it.


Europe have their four. This is to halve the hole.


Three up, Rose and Stenson. Only six to play. What does the leaderboard


pillars? Europe still up in three matches but considerably up in those


three matches. The United States up in one, well up, four up. Martin


Kaymer and Danny Willett can't do much about it. They are up against


it. Justin Rose at the 13th, a par-3. Him and Stenson are three up.


Nice bounce, nice kick, nice bounce, fortunes are favouring Europe a bit


this afternoon. Exactly the opposite of this morning. 215 yards, the pin


tucked to the left of the green, and water to the left of that. Nice


bounce for Rose. His playing partner can freely go at the pin now.


Henrik Stenson, what the shot. Remember all those wonderful shots


he played? Just had another one there. Koepka sailing along nicely


with Snedeker. Running sweetly. It just goes by three or four feet,


further than you think. This is a dangerous flag to flirt with, they


are three down, the Europeans in quite tight on this par-3, so not


much margin for error. He kind of liked it. He kind of likes it, what


a shot, 215 yards, and he almost cans it. What a bounce on that.


Martin Kaymer, and this, to halve the 11th. Koepka already in for his


birdie. The Americans are 7-under par for the opening 11, and five up,


impressive stuff. Snake get going and is five up, Martin Kaymer must


be wondering what is going on and must be suffering a bit from shell


shock at the moment. The other three European matches going well. Stenson


after that beautiful, beautiful tee shot at the 13th, this for a birdie,


this foray two. Yes, firm and straight, lovely putt.


DJ playing his third on the 11th from the right rough, needs to get


something going quickly here. Beautiful shot, right to the hole,


stopping in about five feet. The US, hoping to get one back here. Jordan


Spieth to halve the hole. Stenson on for a delightful two. I thought that


was almost a foregone conclusion, but no. Stenson and Rose when the


hole, to go four up. I think that the call of nature may have


interrupted the caddy, there. Taking the poster with him. -- the putter.


Patrick in the third bunker on the other side, really getting onto this


hole, not sure how his life is but he can be aggressive with this shot.


-- how his lie is. There it is, good shot, good shot. McIlroy with that


first putt running seven feet by. He is up to it. Good putting when you


do things like that. It annoys your opponents. Justin Rose, monster


drive, beautiful angle to this hole, a little bit downwind, trying to


come in, nice and high, slowing it down. Beautiful shot. Trying to


close the door on Team USA and get the point for Team Europe. Johnson,


to win the hole, and does. Gets one back. Back to three. Europe up in


three, still. Snedeker and Koepka well up on Kaymer and Danny Willett,


the closing holes coming up. The crowd have been taken completely out


of this Ryder Cup. Patrick needs this. Good try. Europe in full


control and needing a couple of putts to close this matchup. Europe


has absolutely manhandled the US this afternoon. He's doing great


with his putter. He has really put it on the US, Stenson. The crowd


have suddenly gone very quiet indeed. Just rolling this up to the


hole side. Don't do anything foolish. That looks pretty tidy.


Just you watch this. If you want to see poetry mood in motion, the


feathers turning into the ring, drifting around, and here comes


somebody after my dinner. I'll see them. Justin Rose, to win the match.


Rattled it right in the back of the hole. Thank you very much. Stenson


and Rose, back to form. Not brilliant this morning but this


afternoon, much better. Five and four victory. The first points of


the afternoon for Europe, a five and four victory for Rose and Stenson.


Let's hear from them. We played well in the morning, we just didn't make


the putts, and in the afternoon the continued, and we got on a good run.


From the sixth, almost three birdies in a row, putting you two up. Can


you describe the level he was playing at early on particularly? I


was scratching around for birdies, and Henrik was doing it in his


flashy fashion but when he gets going with the iron, is a joy to


watch. A couple of drastic shots and a couple of cute putts upon mine,


and that is where we began to get some momentum and we never looked


back. It was a good performance. Looking pretty strong today, we kept


hitting good shots. So far, we have not seen any balls playing from


bunkers run the green putting up very quickly. Will this one do, I


wonder? It is running beautifully. That is a delightful shot. Ryan


Moore with a birdie putt here. Good putt, he likes it, he likes it, he


likes it, boom! The US gives the crowd something to yell about. He


has a putt here, Garcia, some length, to halve the hole. Maybe


coming back to life. McIlroy with a tee shot at 13, the


others all on the green, and he looks to have gone left. He


couldn't, he wouldn't, he has. What a time to leave your partner. In a


bit of bother, but he can swim, clearly.


Seve would have been proud of that one. He is making his eighth


appearance to recall Seve's appearances in the Ryder Cup. Danny


Willett with his second at the 14th. Sadly, five down. No stop at all,


good shot, but just... Where did that go wrong? Thomas Pieters has


this to win the hole. It is very speedy. Just thick of it down,


you're are well ahead at the moment. Don't do anything silly. That is


running... In. The rookie came good, he done good. Well, well, well. Well


done. Four. I say! This has got to go in from Willett. Playing one of


those fancy shots. No. Good night Vienna, thanks for the game. Best of


luck in the next round, and all that stuff. Five and four victory for the


United States. There you have it, Rose and Stenson win the five and


four,... If they'll play like that, then that is what is going to


happen. It is unfortunate, but the guys have had a great afternoon by


the looks of the board. Martin, tough day at the office given the


events of this morning as well. Definitely, it was a tough day. When


you have been here you have got to try your very best to try to


contribute something for the team, but it didn't really happen today.


It is not only about me, it's about the hole team. Unfortunately, I was


trying really hard but the putts didn't go in for me today. It was


nice playing with Danny. I wish that I could of done a little better to


give him his first match. But tomorrow, you will get your point.


Ryan Moore, with about 30 feet. He needs this putt. He needs this right


now. Gave it a good read. Rolling. Looks good, it has got a great line,


and boom! Wow! Crowd is erupting, great stuff from him. Great stuff


from the rookie. Cabrera-Bello, to halve the hole. Tickling it down the


hill. It slinks by, so the US win the hole. Wonderful effort therefrom


Ryan Moore. Matt Kuchar can still birdie this. Good putt, good try,


still looking for that first birdie. He is posing. Just needed one more.


A touch of good fortune there, Sergio, my boy. Thomas Pieters now


for par. This will be some far. -- par. Rather sloppy, losing that hold


to a four. Dustin Johnson, nice, it could be very nice. Four outstanding


birdie chances. The United States need them more than the European


side do. Thomas Pieters, up the hill, with the bit of movement. --


little bit of. Charles for the US. -- Chance for. This is of huge


importance. Just a little movement from the right. It is about marrying


that pace up with the line. CHEERING


He had just enough pace to hold the line, so the United States win the


15th, just two down with three to play. Back to the relative


tranquillity of Garcia. This putt to win the match. Big swing, right to


left, it is creeping closer. That is tidy. Make the others do the work.


He has had two wonderful putts in the last two three holes. One of


them was this sort of length. They will raise the roof if this goes in.


This, to keep the match alive. Oh, no, sir. Thanks for the game.


Another point for Europe. A brilliant day for Rafa


Cabrera-Bello. A rookie playing along with Sergio, and they win


three and two. Rory with a long iron, him and Pieters, two up, one


of his opponents is on the green, not too close to the hole, but has


Rory played one of his super fans, plummeting down from a blue sky? And


yes, he has. -- super irons. That was absolutely superb. DJ with a


medium to short iron into this par-5. Mod ball.


Well, if it had any mud on it, it is washed off now. He's a great friend


of mine and an unbelievable player. I think you saw that today. Every


time I was a little bit off, he stepped up and he did great. I think


we felt extremely comfortable. We have played a lot of golf together.


And it was great to be able to do that. Kuchar coming down the hill,


this is quick. If he overdoes it by a whisker, he will be eight, nine


feet by. What a lovely putt. It didn't go in, but it was damn near.


Some worried looking places. Kuchar has missed his putt, and what can


Rory do? To quit down, if it falls in, is a bonus, and it does. He has


redeemed himself, that is fantastic. Don't blow a gasket, don't break a


read, don't do anything! Closes out with an eagle three Faure three and


victory. Well done. My goodness. It is worth seeing again. A tricky run


down the slope. And it just tickles in, wobbling left and right and then


write the left, but what a way to finish. What a comeback by Europe


after a dreadful morning's performance. This afternoon, some


sparkling play, to get back within just two points of a difference.


Let's hear what captain Darren Clarke thinks of it all. An emphatic


reply to a trying morning. How did you deal with the whitewash at


lunchtime? We were all disappointed. I am not going to go fly. But the


guys just had a tough morning and then we played really well. But that


happens. Historically, the Europeans are supposed to be better for some


players and they are better for ballplayers, but that was turned on


it's head, but that is the Ryder Cup. The consensus was we had to


just try and chip away. It was really just chipping away at the


lead. Even if we were 2.5 and 1.5, or even 2-2, just to get some points


on the board and some momentum, but I don't think we could have done any


better this afternoon, than to win 3-1, and we will be going into our


locker room happier than they will tonight. Davis, how do you assess


what has been a topsy-turvy day? We knew that the Europeans would play


well this week. We played better this morning, they played better


this afternoon. Lots of close matches. Lots of birdies by the


Europeans this afternoon. And said the comeback out hot again tomorrow


morning. It has been a sobering afternoon for the US team and


galleries, and some big statements made by Europeans. What is your


reading of it all? Europe got grounded a little bit in the


morning, then they went out and got a couple of Leeds early. You could


see on the scoreboard, the blue, and to see that going, then it just kind


of filter down. Henrik was unbelievable today. Can you second


guess the reaction to this in the respective team rooms? What will be


happening, do you fancy, and those? B1 will take a deep breath. It's


such an emotional day for both teams. There's a lot of golf left.


You have got this focus on the next shot and the next match. It is going


to take a long time and we have got to pace ourselves. We thoroughly


enjoyed it, I am sure that everyone at home has. And we get it at all


over again tomorrow, on day two. This is how they will be lining


up... The last two remaining European


beauties are being blooded tomorrow morning. And from what you saw


today, how is that going to play out tomorrow morning? Four rookies


coming out for Europe. They played, Rafa and Thomas Muller also for Team


Europe. I love these pairings. I think it is going to be tough for


both teams. It is going to give down to the 17, 18. The big success story


for the US today from your perspective was what? Just getting


off to a good start. It is pretty rare for the US to do that. They got


back confidence, going into tomorrow, and it is just about


hitting their next shot and not getting too far ahead of themselves.


We will be cherry picking the best parts of day two for you at


half-past midnight and it will be repeated at a more gentle hour on


Sunday morning. Live coverage on Radio 5Live throughout the day. What


a start to the 41st Ryder Cup here in Minnesota, played hard, but


played in great spirits, as befitting the memory of the King,


Arnold Palmer, with both teams the to honour his memory after he passed


away the weekend. Add all these golfing superstars owe so much to


the original game change. Good night. There have been golfers with


a more elegant swing. Golfers who have won more than his seven Majors,


but there is only one Arnold Palmer. He took golf to places and people as


never before. He had a presence, especially at Augusta. He won the


Masters four times. He came and played in the open at a time when


not agree American did. These were pioneering days in the televising of


tournaments. Arnold Palmer was simply box office. A fighter, he


loved the drama and tension of the moment. He was one of the big three.


They push the bounds of golf way back. He was a team player. He never


played on a losing Ryder Cup team. He remained to his dying day


respected by the players of today. A dear, dear friend.


Highlights from the opening day's play at the 41st Ryder Cup, held at Hazeltine National in Minnesota, USA. The biennial clash between the best golfers from the USA and Europe has been dominated by the Europeans in recent years - they have won the last three contests, and six of the last seven.

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