Day 2 Round-Up Golf: Ryder Cup

Day 2 Round-Up

Highlights from the second day's play at the 41st Ryder Cup, held at Hazeltine National in Minnesota, USA. Europe took command on day two of the 2014 Ryder Cup at Gleneagles.

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CHEERING It's been a remarkable opening


session for the United States. Right at it, baby. Not too brilliant this


morning, but this afternoon, much better. He's redeemed himself, the


young fellow. Take a bow, Rory McIlroy and Team Europe, who have


already produced something of a minor miracle in Minnesota, dragging


themselves back into contention on a quite pulsating opening day in this


41st Ryder Cup at Hazeltine National. Because after a morning


mauling in the foursomes by a fired up American team and their


supporters, the first session whitewashing this great event since


1975, what a response it was from Darren Clarke's men. Led by the


talismanic Rory McIlroy here at the 16th, with that eagle, yes, America


leads 5-3 but arguably this moment has given Europe the overnight


momentum. Even before I hit that putt I wanted to put an exclamation


point on that session forums. Honestly I thought about the


celebration before I hit the putt. It's a hostile environment out there


and I want everyone that's watching out there to know how much it means


to us, how much it means to me personally and others as a team and


we're not going down without a fight. There was certainly a large


question about Europe's chances after the red wash in the morning


but blue was the colour that dominated the afternoon fourballs,


Europe claiming three of the four matches including a significant


first defeat of America's top pair. The USA led by two but it might have


been a lot worse for Europe. An emphatic reply to a pretty trying


morning. How did you deal with the whitewash at lunchtime? We were all


disappointed. We were hoping for a lot better than that this morning


but the guys just had a tough morning and our condo parts played


really well. But that happens in Match Play. -- counterparts played


really well. At the start of the European were supposed to be better


for some players and America is supposed to be better fourballs


players but that's the Ryder Cup. We knew the Europeans would play well


this week and they really played well all day. They played better


this afternoon. A lot of close matches even though the scores don't


indicate it. A lot of birdies by the Europeans this afternoon. We had to


come back hard again tomorrow morning. So date two starts with


ultimate shot foursomes matches and for Europe all four pairings Conte


Nawrocki and all four are untried in this format. Michael Roy and Thomas


Pieters need to build on Berrett afternoon success yesterday, taking


on five-time major winner Phil Mickelson and Rickie Fowler. Red-hot


putter Brandt Snedeker and big hitting Brooks Koepka team up


against Henrik Stenson, who takes Rocky Matthew Fitzpatrick in his


charge. The Sheffield man has had to make today -- has had to wait until


today for his debut. It's Justin Rose who will offer him guidance


today against Jimmy Walker and Zach Johnson, who won that opener


together. Whilst Reed and Spieth, smarting from a first defeat in five


to God have the successful Spanish duo of Garcia and Cabrera-Bello in


their sights. Rickie Fowler's first Ryder Cup win at his ninth attempt


has clearly had a positive effect. He set off superbly in the top


match, draining the birdie putt at the 1st two cheers. Could the


Belgian match it? Oh, yes, what was that you are saying everyone? The


European captain has picked a good year and Phil Mickelson knows it.


Pieters already as fired up as his partner Rory McIlroy it appears on


Darren Clarke's own course leaders in Boris -- embracing that rule,


taking one up lead in the top match. Rickie Fowler, who had hugged


trouble yesterday, found the sand not to his liking again at the 4th,


a mistake that would see top pair allow McIlroy and Pieters to go two


in front and worst was to follow for the Californian at the 5th,


shortened to a driveable par-4, out came the big stick and way out into


the distance when Europe thereafter. Ian Nicholls and offers the


consoling arm, three down now. In the last match out, Jordan Spieth


was ominously warming up the putter. A second birdie on two holes. They


barge in front of Spaniards Garcia and Cabrera-Bello, one up. Another


iceman, Henrik Stenson's putter was as cool as his nickname. The second


par putt sliding by today it and the Swede and Sheffield on Matt


Fitzpatrick two down against Snedeker and Koepka. Richard Kruse


all Sachsen for Europe but it's America with eyes on a first win in


eight years who lead in two matches, European blue the dominant colour in


the top one. All square in the other. Like the record 55,000 crowd


here at Hazeltine, our commentators are engrossed in it all.


COMMENTATOR: I'm very impressed with this young


fellow, Ryder Cup debut. Taken to it like a veteran.


Oh no. Sadly, too long, found the water. At the 3rd, Jordan Spieth. To


win the hole. Lovely putts this morning, all the Americans. What a


start from Reed and Spieth is, birdie, birdie, birdie, the opening


three holes, and they are two up. A little stream to the left. They've


dropped out to hear. They are playing their third shot to the


short par-4, the American team tied for two.


Oh, very nice. Very nice indeed. They still have a chance of sneaking


a half. Walking down the seventh green you can see how money people


were out watching, there were 50,000 here yesterday all cheering for the


American side, mostly cheering for the American side and if Rickie


cannot listen they'll get another cheer. Rickie Fowler on the seventh,


this do win the hole. This for a birdie. Despite visiting water the


Europeans have a chance for a half. Rory looking a little anxious.


Fingers crossed this before half. They visited the water off the tee.


Thomas Pieters has this for the four. A testy, nervy, tickling one.


Beautifully done, right in the heart of the cup. What a beauty. They


remain three up. He's into this, he's into this. The opening match,


McIlroy and Pieters, three up after the opening seven holes. Snedeker


and Koepka a couple up after six. The third match all square at the


bottom much advantage Reed and Spieth, playing some wonderful


foursomes golf. It's a bit different, P. He hasn't


got -- Peter. He hasn't got to play one out of there, ended up in the


fellow's pocket. I remember once someone hit it into someone's bra!


This is quite a good little hit from here. He can afford to be bold.


Hanging over the top of the flag. Spin, no spin, rather unlucky. I've


seen Mickelson spin back from there. This is a delicate one, right at the


8th, horrible downhill lie. Cheerio. Almost further away than he started.


He meant to pitch it at least twice on the fringe. Off the back foot for


Reed. Oh, another birdie, four birdies in the opening five for the


Americans. What a little chip for Reed and Spieth, looking like they


might go three up. Get in there. What a duo these two have been. Now,


Sergio has this putt to half the hole, what a blow if he could, could


he? Has he? It's their wonderful retort from Garcia. Eighth green,


this is a par put for Phil Mickelson. It's very slow. As to


give this a whack. They are urging it, they are urging it, oh, my


goodness, what a par, what a par! That year will ring around the golf


course. Getting their! -- that she will ring around the golf course.


Get in there. What annoys, it's like being in Ibrox. Down the slope at


the 7th format Fitzpatrick. Could do with one. Come on, come on. He's


done it, you little beauty! A little confidence booster. A tricky one for


a half. Well done. McIlroy for a half. Will there be such a cheer if


this goes in? Well done, McIlroy. Rather subdued, not quite so


raucous. Well done. McIlroy and Pieters remain three up. A massive


putt for Brooks Koepka, Mr half the hole. So Europe sneak a hole, the


United States want up after seven holes. Terrific stuff, it really is


-- the United States are one up. You lap the second day, the foursomes, a


morning's play, you can see McIlroy and Pieters up, one much all square,


the other two, America just ahead. Cabrera-Bello two down, third shot


at the par-5 six. They just clipped the top of the bunker, tried to get


it out too far. It's caught the top of the bunker, killed it. Spieth.


Third shot at the six. They are in the driving seat here.


CHEERING Could have done better with a hop


forward but on the green in three. At the back of the ninth, Rickie


Fowler to get one back. This for a birdie down the slope. Can he read


it? Can he read it? Oh, my, oh, my, my. Therein for a par. Not quite


online. Garcia, fourth shot at the six.


Opponent on the green in three. Must get down in two. To have any chance.


This for a half at the 9th four Rory McIlroy. Oh, no, oh, no, that came


from nowhere. For the first bogey. Europe now only two up.


Rafa Cabrera-Bello at the six, for a par, if this goes in, which it...


Reed, two putts to win the hole, I'm sure he can cosy it up. Or can he?


Christopher Columbus, he's left his partner a snorter there. Chris Wood,


second shot to the seventh hole. Tricky little shot. The poll was an


far on the green. He's played it nicely, nice -- the hole wasn't far


on the green. He played it nicely, good shot. Two putts for it. Making


him work for it. Reed and Spieth go three up. Looking strong. Zach


Johnson at the sevens, long putt. Third shot. Up to the hole side,


that's very well judged from such long-range.


APPLAUSE Justin Rose now to win the hole here


at the 7th. Could just do with a little bit of magic. Is there a bit


of magic about? There is. There is! Well done, Rose. One up.


Well, after a lot of toing and froing this is where Rory tee shot


finished at the 10th and it looks like you can probably get a club on


it but not the most inviting shot for Thomas Pieters. The Americans,


15 feet away. Where has it gone? Oh! A little Brucie bonus there, after


the two tee shots it looked like it could be two lost balls but


eventually they find the green in two. What a break. There's the


scores on the doors at the moment. Europe up in two, the United States


up in two. Very close. We've seen some most entertaining golf. It's


been a real adventure when they hit the tee shot, it's a long one with a


big swing from left to right. Difficult to lay stone dead. Run it


out, Rory, run it out. Trying its best. Pretty good from there so they


have that for a par. APPLAUSE


81 yards left for Spieth, a wayward drive from Reed at the 7th hole. It


looks like he had a gap to go through straight at the pin. What


stopped from Spieth. These two are absolutely on fire this morning. A


miracle par for the Europeans. Mickelson has this for a birdie


three to win the hole, on number ten.


What a raw there's going to be if this goes in, and it has. The United


States win the ninth and tenth holes. Europe one up now, a tenuous


They were in command half an hour ago.


Go on, Sergio, this for a birdie, a little down the slope. He's coaxing


it, he's coaxed it right into the centre of the cup for a timely


birdie three. APPLAUSE


Almost equidistant away from the Americans, but just Rory to go


first. They could do with a nice putt at this stage will stop is it?


Is it? Just as the boat was starting to rock, they lost the last two


holes, a lovely birdie from Rory. He acknowledges the crowd. What a great


shot that is. APPLAUSE


This for the Americans' fifth birdie in seven holes. Patrick Reed makes


it. They stay three up against Garcia and Cabrera-Bello. What golf


from these two. 5-under through seven holes, a great putt from


McIlroy. Can Mickelson follow him in for a half to remain one up? At the


11th hole. Oh! He can't. Just drifted off at the last second. Two


up for the Europeans. Rose at ten, good tee shot from


Chris Wood, one of this pair, downhill to this front left pin


position today. The Americans miles down there at the tee. Oh, good shot


from Rose, applying a little bit of pressure for the American pair.


Third shot on the 11th, par-5 for Fitzpatrick. Getting one out of the


rough. That's beautifully played by Matt Fitzpatrick, Stone cold dead.


Good birdie. Pieters, for a par, here at the 12th.


Pretty good bunker shot from Brooks Koepka but Snedeker has this to


halve the hole, the Europeans in for four. That is not like Snedeker.


Back to all square. Fowler, top match, he and Mickelson. Putts it


in. Back to one, McIlroy and Pieters. Six holes left. Tiger Woods


on the left, just wandering along with Spieth. Tiger looks a big man


now. I remember when he was very thin. Wood to win the hole here at


the 10th. In! Ever-changing leaderboard.


Europe up in two, the US now only up in one. How well Reed and Spieth


have played, three up. Snedeker has driven it into the left rough,


Koepka at the 12th. What on earth was that? He's missed the pond. That


was a shank. A Lucy locket, the old cab rank. Would you believe it?


Write off the pike. Have a look at the other end, watch it shoot out to


the left. Over there she goes and watch it go, baby. Hit something and


ricocheted back, shot of the day. The Americans pin high Wright, 35-40


feet, a wonderful monster drive from McIlroy. A pitch from 97 for Pieters


and this is a real birdie chance. Oh, beautiful pitch. Stay there. A


chance for the Europeans. Well, a good try from Snedeker. Complete


shank from Koepka. Got lucky, finished playable. Snedeker onto


here, this for a par. The Europeans not in for five yet. And they are


not in for five yet. Well, both pairs trying to lose this hole. 35


feet for Mickelson. Pushing retirements this group, they are


allowed three hours and four minutes and that's just about up and they


are putting still. A few minutes' were left in that one. -- work left


in that one. This is where Fitzpatrick's tee shot ended up,


well wide of the green. This will call for some touch, skill and luck.


And he's got all three will. What they touch. -- what a touch. That


will going shot of the day, or be in your list of the best shots of the


day. Halved the last hole in pars, the Europeans want up. Put on the


14th here for McIlroy to regain the two hole lead, the Americans not in


yet. A bit of work left and that's way, way, way right. The chance for


Americans to get a half. The US has just played beautifully this


morning. About 5-under. Keep the momentum going, keep the pressure on


Europe growing. And that's the right side, a big moment for Europe to


kind of sees a hole back. Mickelson left Fowler much to do. This for a


half. Well, that was very tacky, very unlike the American team. It


wasn't all that far away, I suppose, but three putts. What a gift for


McIlroy and Pieters. Snedeker at the 13th, this to win the hole to get


one ahead. He does. Well done. CHEERING


Who said golf was a quiet and gentle game? CROWD: USA. Rory, out of the


right rough. Just won the last hole to go two up. Watching it closely.


Very solid shot. Slope of the Green taking it right to the hole, 20 feet


for birdie, put the pressure on the US team. Now Garcia to halve the


hole. This has been a little bit of a messy one. Some people thought the


US might have given this, but they didn't. And that's the reason. The


win for the US, they go marching on four up.


CHEERING Justin Rose here, 250 yard par-3,


one of the prettiest swings in golf, tries to hoist this high up into the


air. Soft. Beautiful shot. This is going to end up being a hat of a


shock -- a heck of a shot, putting a lot of pressure on the United


States. They are two up in the match. Stenson, good tee shot,


Fitzpatrick from a good sport, clean, look at the green.


He likes it, he likes it. He loves it. Koepka, this is where Snedeker's


tee shot ended. . Can he fired it under the trees, miss the branches.


Under the bunker. Miracle shot coming up. It has, indeed. That's a


brilliant result. I don't know quite how he did that without mirrors,


smoke, etc, but he did. Chris Wood to win the hole here at the 13th.


Oh, shaked the edge. A bit of match play strategy needed here. You're


two up, you don't want to race this four or five feet by. You're running


out of holes. They've got a four, five footer for a par. Don't leave


your partner too much to do. And don't bother with that, I'll just do


it for you. Thank you very much, partner. Zach Johnson, tester here,


to have the hole. Oh, dear. Huge miss. Huge miss. They go three down


in their match. Europe is quickly gaining control of this match. After


that miss of Zach Johnson, that is the situation. :


All to play for in the other two. The bottom match seems, certainly


for US to be a certainty. Stenson, right rough. Second shot on the


right rough. Looking at it very intensely. Hoping for it to sit.


Wow, wow. This is really turning into a huge match for both teams.


Snedeker, a little deeper into the trees here. US can't do anything too


foolish. I think he caught it a little heavy. Oh, wow, right in the


middle of the green. Just outside Henrik by 20, 25 feet. This is a


heck of a match. This is a huge match for both teams. McIlroy. He


has good eyesight. To see the hole from that distance. He needs it


within three or four feet. O in, of course! Judgment of distance. Well,


it's pretty good, but not there. Koepka, at the 15th.


Looking good. Oh, yes. Well, he's had a few holes where he has been


up-and-down. Had a shank, a couple of wild tee shots. Beautiful putt


there. They are a good team. They set the crowd going, too. Everybody


happy! Fitzpatrick, this for a half. Ah, bad luck. Good three for the US.


They now go two up. Rickie Fowler, clearly needs this


putt or the match is over. Low right. Never really had a chance.


Very good win. Excellent golf from McIlroy and Pieters. The Europeans


3-under-par for their round. Very good foursomes. In fact, excellent.


Jimmy Walker here for birdie. Really need something to make it happen.


Beautiful putt. Wow! Snedeker and Brooks are giving life to the US.


This is great stuff. Absolutely vital putt here for the


European point of view, to half the 14th. Is oh, it just slipped pass


for Chris Wood. McIlroy and Pieters take the first


point for the morning foursomes. Four and two. Rose and Wood two up


against Jimmy Walker and Zach Johnson. Rory must be delighted?


Definitely. You want to set the for the rest of the team. When they saw


us up early, that's exactly what we were trying to do. Get up early on


them, put blue on the board. Luckily, Darren had a lot of faith


in us to send us out first. We delivered for him. Great interaction


between you and the crowd all the way round. What is it like to be


playing in this cauldron? Unbelievable. It's a great


atmosphere. It seems like we are playing it in the right spirit. It's


really competitive on the golf course, but still respectful. So,


obviously happy with how everything has went. Hopefully, we can get


ourselves back together and regroup and go out and win a point again


this afternoon. Fitzpatrick has the same yardage as their opponents. 259


yards. Oh! I'm afraid, with two down, looking like going three down,


this match could be over. Pressure, do you think? I think it was a


little bit more club than he had. He was trying to give it a little


extra. Just trying to give it a little extra and came over. Reed.


Oh, hit a great putt, just hit the left edge. Europe survives this


hole, stays three down. Snedeker, US team, short of the


green. Two up, trying to close the match out on this hole. Chipped it


ever so slightly. Running out about five feet short of the hole.


After a visit to the water this is a putt for the European side from


Fitzpatrick to save their par. Oh. The match over I feel.


Solid win for the US. This Koepka and Snedeker team is a monster. They


have a lot of momentum on their side. McIlroy and Pieters winners.


Snedeker and Koepka just finishing off there at the 16th. The other two


matches still alive. Europe favourite in one. United States


favourite in the other. Can anybody turn the match around? The Americans


have laid up and Justin Rose is going to have a go at this par-5


green. There can only be one place. There can only be one place. Oh,


dear. Interesting strategy there, Justin Rose. Two up and went for the


green with his second. Jimmy Walker and Zach Johnson in a nail biter and


gaining momentum with some Europe miss-Kews. Staring it down.


Beautiful. Steady right there. Great shot by USA. Gained momentum in this


match. You can hear the crowd -- miss-cued. This doesn't look easy.


The US with back-to-back bogeys. They're struggling right now. They


are spraying it all over the place. From the rough, in the trees. He


were in control of this match, three holes ago. Jordan Spieth needs to do


something good here. Trying to skip it. Wow, the US... They are losing


the grip of this match, quickly. Had to keep it under the branches. The


pin at the front of the green. It stayed in the water. Up the hill, a


little from the right. You beauty. You little beauty.


APPLAUSE For a par, the US still have a putt


for a birdie. They are clinging on with their fingernails in a piece of


glass. Europe, two putts. They can win this hole and cut in another


hole. Beautiful putt by Sergio. The US third straight bogey. They are


reeling right now. They need to get back their confidence.


Beautiful save by Europe for par. Zach Johnson here, Team USA. A putt


to win the hole and go one down, with two left. We will hear a loud


eruption if this goes in. Boom, the US. One down, with two to go. This


match has changed quickly in the last couple of holes. We shall see


in the next 45 minutes or so. Don't go away, don't go away. These last


two matches, all sorts of things could happen. So important what


happens here and the result of the match. The US will be happy with


2-2. Can Europe sneak something out? Who knows. Two down. They are on the


16th. He has to play a little gem of a shot here. Nice contact. Very nice


contact. Don't spin too much. Inside the Americans with a much easier


putt than Reed, up the slope. This match is getting tighter and


tighter. Europe is getting a little momentum each time. Chris Wood had a


chance at the 17th to close the match out, but it was just a half.


Both tee shots have found this right side and first to play is Zach


Johnson. They are lucky off the tee. Looks like a pretty good right to a


right rough to a pretty good pin. Clearly, the ball jumped. He's


hoping it gets down quickly, and it did not. Cometh the moment, cometh


the man. He has this to win the hole. To get within one. Has he, has


he? He has you know, he jolly well has. Ha-ha. My goodness, pumped up.


Reed and Spieth one up, two holes left to play.


Justin Rose, from the right side. Just trying to get this thing in the


middle of the green. Wow, great shot. Classy player. Major Champion,


Rider Cup winner. Justin Rose knows how to hit those shots. Jordan


Spieth, for a birdie here. Put immense pressure on. He likes it. He


likes it. No, there's no way. There is no way. There is no way. What


just happened! Zach Johnson hit his second shot over the back of the


green for the United States. Jimmy Walker chipped about 15 foot by. Two


putts here would mean a victory for Europe. Up the hill and down the


other side for Chris Wood. That's going to be good. That's going to be


good enough. Well, it was a brave fight from the US side coming back.


The Europeans sneak home. One up victors. What a match. What a match.


This to tie up the last. He hasn't. He Jolly well has, you know. Well


done. Match all square. 16 and 17 victories. How did Spieth stay out.


Right in the heart of the Cup. All square. This is a massive, massive


point. Oh, don't go away. This is getting more and more exciting


there. Is how it stands. Two victories for Europe, one for United


States. The score 6-5. The final pairing going up the last all


square. Let's hear from Justin Rose. Three he up you are comfortable


thinking when can we close it out and have lunch. When it's back to


one, they have hope none their step. A half point for them is more than a


half point. That's a psychological advantage if they get something out


of the match. It was important to close it out. I saw Tiger earlier


today, around 7.00am, he said - they have to win this match. It's a huge,


huge match. Right now, a half is not really good enough for them. They


need a full point. Tiger Woods got a beady eye on what is happening on up


here. The Americans hit it over the back right of the green. Still


there, in an awkward spot. They have played two. This is for a three from


the centre of the green for Cabrera Bello. That's a pretty darn good


effort. Doesn't want to leave his putter too much work to do. They get


a chance. Singing quartet from the first two. Lovely Rye ams to sing.


Jordan is taking dead aim at this shot. He is definitely seeing this


go in. Sit, sit, sit. A little testy. Testy. Wow, this match


couldn't get even more tense. It seems to on every shot. Just came


out a little hot. Huge, huge putt for US. They cannot afford to lose a


full point on this match. Great putt by Patrick Reed. Big shy


of relief from the US squad. There are cheers, but mostly just a sigh


of relief. This to steal something. I daren't watch. I'm going to


listen. Well done, Sergio. Well done, Sergio. A hard match. What a


match. What a match. Incredible. Well done by Europe. They fought and


fought. Even when they were four down they kept fighting. The US lost


their game. They made three bogeys in a row. A half point for both


teams. But Europe definitely won that match. Cinderella couldn't


write a story like it. Fantastic this morning. McIlroy and Pieters


played wonderful golf against Fowler and Mickelson. Snedeker and Koepka


played well against Stenson and Fitzpatrick. The last two matches


they were amazing. Do you remember the US were ahead 4-0. I don't think


anyone else They kept throw does. Ing darts at us. We made an amazing


birdie on 12 to have the hole. Thanks to my partner's putt. We


just, we saw a little window. Just a little window they gave us. We


grabbed that moment. We came back strong and they actually had tole


fight hard to not lose the match. It was a great, it was a very well


played match. Fantastic comeback from the Spaniards. Rory seems to


havelet Ian Poulter vibe out there. He has it going? Poulter must have


been talking to him an awful lot. He's just such a confident player


right now. The his result last week goes that way. Rory, he is a


brilliant young man. He just loves it so much. So proud to be


representing Europe and playing the way he. Is for him to be leading off


Europe today, him and Thomas Pieters going this afternoon, befitting of


how he is fitting this morning. A veteran of three rider Cups, Hunter,


how influential you reckon that Rory McIlroy, the man we have been


talking about, is becoming in this contest? No doubt Rory is the new


leader of Team Europe for the future. He is playing unbelievable


You saw it yesterday. On The Eagle putt to finish off the match. That


emotion, that swagger, that yness, that is something you have to have


when you are on away soil. He is the leader of this team. The


US has to defeat him this afternoon. If they don't, I think they will


lose the session and will lose control of the Ryder Cup.


Interesting. This morning, an extraordinary session from Europe's


point of view. In that last match, the Spaniards recovering from four


down to get that half point. How does that play for US morale? That


was a huge, it was a half point, a win for Europe. Being four down. The


way they played. The way US started hitting it everywhere was not even


in some holes, late. That is a huge win for Europe. They feel so good


about themselves. US need to take control. Win matches early. If Rory


wins again, first off, the US is in trouble. Let us confirm the order of


this afternoon's fourballs. This is the thinking of captains Clarke and


Love. Dustin Johnson and Koepka team up taking on the established Rory


McIlroy and Thomas Pieters who won two out of two. Chris Wood and his


12th Ryder Cup partner, Danny Willis and Ryan Moore and JB Holmes have


something to proof this after noon. Matt Kuchar might give the momentum


player Phil Mickelson licence to attack against Martin Kaymer and


Sergio Garcia. The Spaniard is one of five Europeans who will be


playing all five matches. These two combinations lock horns for a third


time at Hazeltine. It's honours even between them in matches so far. Reed


and Spieth come off both a chasening half this morning and defeat in this


format yesterday to Europe's Olympians, Rose and Stenson. So


leading the line again, four time Major winner, Rory McIlroy who lost


none of his intensity over a working lunch. To the second hole, Westwood


and Willetts scramling here. Master Champion shird third shot. In from


off the green. An unlikely birdie. Such is the quality of this contest,


good enough for a half to remain all square against Moore and Holmes.


40-year-old Henrik Stenson, warming up perhaps for another superb


afternoon against the USA's go to pairing of Reed and Spieth. At the


1st that birdie lands the all-important first blow for Europe.


Up ahead, Belgium's Thomas Pieters drove the short 311 par-4 5th hole.


A monster this time with putter in hand. A brilliant eagle he is


already a Ryder Cup diamond. Two up with McIlroy. Phil Mickelson, his


third shot to the 3rd hole. That would make the breakthrough against


Kaymer and Garcia. One up, US. When the Spaniard missed from close-range


for par at the next, Garcia would gift his opponents another hole. The


eight time Rider Cuppa and German farter in now two down in that


match. With only one point separating the teams, this is a


positive start for Europe in the afternoon as they seek to close that


gap. Up in the top and bottom matches so far. The United States


are ahead in the third and all square in the other. What an


afternoon session in prospect ahead of tomorrow's singles. 7th tee, Rory


McIlroy. 410 yard par-4. Water left and right. He's going out with the


big stick. Oh, the big stick, going left. He's going to have to see it


quick. There's water there. He's sneaked past it. OK. Tiger Woods


looking on. Wondering what he is thinking - will I ever get back and


do this again, or has it all passed by? It would be sad if it has. I


would like to see him in full flow once more. Just a little hand and


arm shudder. Oh, yes. Stopped a whisker too soon. Good shot.


Kuchar has a great start to this afternoon's session. Trying to add


another birdie to his three or four he has had. Oh, he's got it going.


He's got it going. Kuchar has the putter home for Team USA. With the


US in tight, Pieters was a tad aggressive on his first putt, ending


up three putting leaving Rory basically by himself with a birdie


putt here. Oh. This can be a silly game at times.


That is why he's Rory McIlroy and the heart of Europe right now. What


a great job. Some people think he doesn't putt very well - it comes


and goes! There you see a Bird's Eye view of this 7th green. McIlroy had


the worst tee shot. He's the one so far who got the birdie. This to


halve the hole. Well done. Well done, indeed. Koepka holes a nice


putt. McIlroy and Pieters, two up. Holmes has driven in the water.


Here's Moore. Ryan Moore, oh, that doesn't look...


Has he gone miles left, away from the water on the right? No, well,


that's... Almost a chargeable offence. Third shot for Justin Rose.


His part partner, Stenson, is not in. Best he could do is a four. The


Americans are close, three, four feet away. He's hooked too high and


too wide and too clumsy. Conceded. Rose and Stenson go all square.


Koepka, for par. Really need this. You can't give three putts and


bogeys away. Wow. Wow. Oh, the US just... Just keeps giving up holes


to Europe. Pieters for three. That's just too easy. These guys are way


too good to give them pars for wins. Rory, Rory has been great this week.


He has really led Team Europe. Bird's Eye view of the proceedings


here at Hazeltine. Patrick Reed, third shot at the 6th.


Oh. It's heading for the hole. Could it? No! Oh, come on, come on. Steady


on, you'll have thrombosis. Some are with you. You don't have to


encourage them too much. This for the half.


Reed and Spieth go into the lead for the first time in this match.


Westwood coming up the green, running nicely. Will it reach? Yes,


it will. Oh, what a bonus. Yes, you beauty. Your partner knocked it over


the green and thought that was rather amusing, you thought nothing


was funny and you knocked in a monster. Willett and Westwood, one


up. 312 yard drive for McIlroy at this huge 478 par, yard par 9th.


Uphill second. Wind a little right to left. So little of it. He likes


it. Oh, what a shot from McIlroy. That's just majestic. More like a


beer festival, isn't it. Songs ring out, cheers and shouts and tears of


joy and anything else you can think of. It's all here. Octoberfest. Garp


gash, over the water at the 7th. Just all about judging the distance.


Oh, just scraped over. Oh, what a shot. Go in. My goodness me. They


are stepping up the pace here at Hazeltine.


After that magnificent second shot here at the 9th, McIlroy to win the


hole. Beautiful. Every shot a gem. Captain Clarke, fum bling with his


glasses, sweaty hands, moves forward to say - well done. They do play


rough these boys sometimes. Sergio's putt was conceded, only about a


foot. Lovely second shot for a half. Matt Kuchar. Oh. Too hard. Didn't


take the borrow. The Europeans get one back. Only one down, now. That


is how they stand at the moment. 2-2. Those bottom two matches, only


one hole in it. Justin has come out of the trees and found the green.


Not very close to the flag. McIlroy, got a good look at the pin position.


Urging it up and on, and he's done a pretty good job, 10, 12 feet away.


Koepka, after another biggie, down the middle of the fairway. Just to


pitch it to this back right position. McIlroy already 10, 12


feet away. Looking good. Stay there. Great shot from Brooks Koepka.


Second to the 7th. Out of that rough. Helping him there. Not


getting too much backspin. Beautiful shot. The standard of play this


afternoon is breath taking. JB Holmes, one down, second to 9. Long


uphill par-4, 478 yards. These boys reducing it... That's an absolute


cracker from Holmes. Good lord. They're just knocking the pin out.


Incredible golf. Brooks Koepka had his birdie putt


conceded, such was the quality of the approach. McIlroy has this for a


half. Ah, boy, he is on fire, Rory McIlroy. Four up. He's going to pull


a muscle in that right shoulder. It's just a matter of time.


Westwood, up the slope here, at the 9th. Not a bad angle to putt it


from. A little bit up the slope. This for a birdie 3. Oh. Thought it


wasn't going to make it. But it made it comfortably. Wonderful second to


the 7th from Patrick Reed. This tap in for a birdie. Shouldn't be a


problem. And isn't. This partnership, 6 under for the


opening seven holes and two up. Not too shabby. Huge tee shot. A


towering iron into this long 9th for Holmes. The Americans are back to


all square. Gorgeous day for playing golf. We have seen some exceptional


stuff. Let's look at the scoreboard. Pieters and McIlroy in complete


command of the opening match, four up. Playing delightful golf. Second


match all square. The bottom at the moment going to the Americans. It's


very tight. Reed having a shot at the 8th.


Oh, another marvellous iron shot. 180 yards.


Rory just far enough back to put spin on this. A tight front pin over


the bunker. The breeze is helping. He has to land it very precisely.


Oh. Got lucky there. Got very lucky. Pitched off the little down slope.


Wasn't what he was trying to do. A tricky length of bunkers. Has he


got it? He has. A terrific shot. 35, 40 yards are never easy particularly


when you have to land it on a small landing area. Excellent.


For a birdie at the 8th, Justin Rose, he needs it. Americans in


close. Koepka and Johnson currently four


down. This is for their birdie. If they miss this and Rory holes


they'll be five down, so it's vital. Yes. Brilliant up and down, nudges


it in, heaping pressure on. Back to the big hitters.


Crucial putt from Johnson, but McIlroy has this to remain four up.


With seven to play. Oh, well. I can sniff a comeback now.


Reed at the 8th, all the others have missed. This to go three up. Oh,


yes, he is playing some sensational golf this afternoon.


CHEERING This guy is along for the ride.


Westwood at ten, long-range birdie attempt. This would certainly be a


bit of a surprise. He knew that was then, 12 feet out. A lovely surprise


for Lee Westwood. Dustin Johnson, he liked the sound


of it and no wonder. Covering the flag all the way. We need something


to happen and three down. Holmes, oh, my, good grief. So


concerned at giving it a chance he has mis-hit, so Willett and Westwood


stride up to the 11th tee one up. Couldn't get any closer. Just


watched this leaderboard, three up and want up, in the opening two


matches for Europe and three up and one up for the United States. The


United States leading 6.5-5.5, terrific stuff. McIlroy's search


shot, the Americans in the driving seat. A little flip over the corner.


Up she goes, will it stop? No. APPLAUSE


Now Mickelson, the ageing of the eight. -- gladiator. Once more into


the Coliseum. It's getting closer, it's in.


CHEERING And the cheers ring out and the sums


remain upright. Saved again. -- the thumbs remain upright. Saved again.


To win the 12th. Dustin Johnson. It's done, what a brilliant three,


very few threes got at the 12th. The Americans win 11th and 12th, back in


this match. Garcia, you saw Mickelson holed his tramline, this


is to halve the tense. -- tenth. The Americans go two up after that


birdie. Thomas Pieters. He and McIlroy have lost the last couple of


holes. Needs some good, clean hitting. That will do, for a start.


Check on the scoreboard. Well, it all seems to be rather different


from the scores would suggest. It's very much even Stephen, but the


Europeans appear to be just struggling a wee bit at the moment.


America in the ascendancy. Pieters for a birdie. He is putted nicely so


far today. How about that? It was desperately


needed. Oh, that hurt. One of these days... Oh, again, beautiful putt.


This to halve the hole. Too much pace. Kirkpatrick misses it and


there's a huge turnaround there. -- Koepka misses it. Five holes left to


play. Sergio, with a putt to win here on the 11th. He's had great


touch all week. Oh, wow. Just needed a bit more.


Thomas Pieters, second of the 14th. Splinter. Pardon? Way right. A few


more of those will shut them up. JB Holmes, one down, tee shot at the


13th. Two against one. CHEERING


Beauty. Pieters to win the hole. He's done


it, he's played quite splendidly today. A wonderful way with tee


shots, but what a debut. Four up, he and McIlroy, four up and full.


Garcia at the 12th. Third shot. CHEERING


Happy days. He's missed a couple of tiddlers, but then out of the blue


touch of magic. DJ, after a mammoth drive. Taking dead aim, 76 yards to


the hole. Left it a little right, it's going to spin back down to the


hole. Beautiful shot. Study now, study. Great shot the United States.


They need this hole. Phil Mickelson here to answer that long birdie putt


by Sergio. Good role, good effort, but off.


Europe now just one down in that match, getting very tight.


DJ with the putt to extend the match. Right to left, uphill. Nice,


solid putt. CHEERING


Yeo -- US three down, three to go. You can hear chants of USA. You've


got to keep that magic going. Back to the 13th, Holmes, this putt for a


two just to get the match back to all square. Thank you very much.


CHEERING Brooks lifts out the fairway here,


par-5, incredible setting. 20 or 30 deep here on this hole. Very


aggressive. A high cut, going right through the middle of the green.


Looking good. Great shot by Brooks. Big roar from the US, the hometown


fans here. Matt Kuchar here on the 13th par-3.


Backward pin. Along putt. The camera has a lot of work left to do so he


must have nuzzled this up there. We've seen the past few days this


putt will run away from you rather quickly, so speed is of the utmost.


Settle, settle. Do it! Oh, boy! CHEERING


Matt Kuchar with a bomb. Oh, no, what just happened there? After


Kuchar's bomb, and dance and celebration of all sorts, Sergio


with a putt to halve the hole. Up and over the crown, rolling,


rolling, rolling. Very good effort, very good effort, but not quite good


enough. US takes that hole undergoes two up. -- and goes two up. Koepka,


two great shots, middle of the green, eagle shot. The match is


getting very interesting now. Nestling at up there right by the


hole, that won't be a Amy, but the US definitely in command on this


one. -- it won't be a gimme. Nicholson, second to the 14th.


Four up, with four to play. If this finds the bottom of the cup it's two


up with two to play for the United States. Perfectly played par-5 from


Koepka. They marched to the 17th. NACRO one -- CROWD: USA. Come on,


Stenson. Him and -- they've hold very little but finally finds the


bottom of the cup. Well done, Henrik . Phil Mickelson to birdie putt


here, about four feet. Been really awesome this afternoon,


really feeding off one another. The flag on the 17th is eight from the


right, not too tucked away. Covering the flag all the way, a


crackerjack from Thomas Pieters. Kaymer for the half on 14th. A


beautiful wedge shot in here. He wants to stop the momentum of the




US goes three up, with four to go. The 13th, a difficult par gimme and


Rose has holed nothing so far today. Is it his moment? -- it's a


difficult par-3. Something to cheer about, found the cup.


Neither of the Americans can make a birdie now so a couple of putts from


Pieters and the match is over. One is enough. Three one victors. A


vital point for the European side. A little stumble in the middle of the


back nine but other than that Pieters and McIlroy looking


extremely solid stop what a great day for Thomas Pieters. Six and a


half a six and a half. This to halve the 13th. That's no good. So Rose's


beautiful putt means 13th, the Americans just one up. After a bit


of a struggle towards the end, McIlroy and Pieters win three one.


The bottom two matches looking like they're going the American's way. A


great book for rooms in -- great putt for Rose. Just one behind.


Let's hear from Rory McIlroy. What a star he's been. I'll ask about the


atmosphere, how have you found it? It's been tough. You have to keep


your focus and concentration at all times and sometimes not letters --


let it affect you but at the same time when you play a good shot or


hole putt, you want to let them do that, so as much as they are giving


is, we are trying to give it straight back at them. Phil


Mickelson here, great try, right down the middle of the fairway for


stop his specialty, like a little half wedge, punchy, big divot,


coming in low. Stops. Right where he wanted it. Great stuff by Phil.


Danny Willett, a great drive. Metal wood, a mighty swing, looks like he


found it out to the right, trying to watch it, see where it goes. A heck


of a shot. That was beautiful. APPLAUSE


Phil Mickelson here for birdie. This match has turned into a must have


for the United States with Europe tying it up at six and a half. Phil


and Kuchar have been a great pairing today. Phil seems energised, been


rolling a really nice. Boom, another one. Great job by Phil. Great birdie




He's holed some in the Ryder cups in the past, if this doesn't find the


bottom of the cup, this match is over. Big swing from right to left.


He's done it. The Americans three up, with three to play. Europe has


won the last two holes, they're getting a lot of steam in this


match. They're definitely thinking of stealing a point from the US.


Henrik, beautiful shot. Stay there, baby, stay. Easy, it's a good shot,


good place to become a good place to putt from. Danny Willett, after a


great metal, hit this greening two, an eagle putt to win the hole out


right and go up 14 Europe. Tracking, it looks like a great touch.


Excellent putt. Probably won't be conceded in circumstances like this.


Great putt. Sometimes during a stroke play tournament you have a


critical moment and in the Ryder Cup just on the odd occasion as one of


these. Rose has left his marker two feet short of the cup and has to


keep it inside that. This is for 34 Stenson, a massive putt. -- it for a


three, four sensed -- it's three, for Stenson. The US reeling a little


bit, lost the last two holes. A great wedge shot here, hoping to


capitalise. Get the US backed up two. Boom. Patrick Green was saying


there was no doubt about that, trying to get the crowd pumped up.


Phone a friend, what an effort, what an effort. Just when he needed to


make one, he does. Two up. It's running out for Europe. With JB


Holmes, birdie conceded. Wow, these are Ryder Cup putts if I've ever


seen them. Solids stroke, good putt, that's what you want to see from


these guys. Great stuff. From both teams. Aiming everything down the


left, he's got a left-to-right shot, he's got a bit too much club here.


Car Britain, landed softly. This could be spectacular. It's coming


down like a wedge, what a shot, a couple of shots from Kaymer and


Sergio Garcia there. 15th, five on three from the left from the water.


It's a beauty. Lovely shot. Took some of the backspin off but he's


putting down the slope from there. Out in 29 today. On his own balls,


Reed. It's a tickly putt down the hill and across the grain for


Garcia. Pace so important. Running a bit, slowing up nicely. Write to the


hole side. That's a gem. APPLAUSE


Ryan Moore, birdie putt, this for a two, just on the very edge of the


shadow. Tickles it down the hill. Looking good. Oh, would you believe


it? Just short of pace. He was left alone but managed to get a three.


Kuchar has had eight birdies so far. Another bit of magic coming up here,


this to win the match. No, the match goes on. The Americans have made


their par, Danny Willett missed from about ten feet. This is to halve the


17th. Critical putt the match all square. Oh, Lee, Lee, they lose the


hole to par. The Americans charge, one up. Nicholson. -- Mickelson.


Knows a two and the match is over. Very nice indeed. That's a cracking


shot, it really is. Takes the pressure off his partner.


CHEERING So the momentum swinging American's


way at the moment, still a bit of golf left. This to win the hole. And


he's done it. What a man he has been today.


CHEERING The pendulum swinging American's


way. It guarantees them half a point, three up, three to play. Oh,


beautiful. The veteran of many campaigns, once more into the


breach, dear friends come of this for victory. It's there. Very well


played indeed. 21. To the 18th. Westwood. His partner is on the


green. Beautiful shot to the bunker. Can he make up for a couple of


mistakes he's made, short putts missed? Yes, he can. He certainly




Almost a concession. Patrick Reed, he's played sparkling golf all day.


Out in 29 and he's whipped that straight into the hands of the


green, I fancy. Glorious shot. That was a shot, into the pin. JB just


goes in. Is it going to reach? No. So Europe's have two putts to


salvage a half here. Willett first. He's left. Westwood -- he's left


Westwood to do the work. Stenson must have a good lie to play this


shot. Stenson, what a shot! CHEERING


Smarter than the average bear, boo-boo. Pressure, pressure,


pressure. Keep your head still, close your eyes, slowly back.


CHEERING Well, America win one up. Oh, my


goodness. It will break the heart of anybody. Reed putting 43. Can he


match Stenson? No. Well, the match goes on. The beat goes on. Victory


for Europe, two Victor Ruiz for the United States, the US are two up


with two holes to play. 9-under for his own ball today after 16 holes.


Patrick Reed. A lovely shot. He's played some


delightful shots today. Much to ponder for Darren Clarke.


Justin Rose playing one of those fancy little shots from the edge of


the green and trundling up to the side of the hole for a safe three.


Oh, look out! Oh, what a good try. What a splendid try. But it didn't


drop. Those two putts to win the match. A mere formality, one would


think. He's certainly not going to charge this down the hill, just let


it tickled down the hill. That will do, thank you very much. Thank you


very much for the game. CHEERING


A sad end for Europe. They had their chances but they've lost a couple of


very important points. It makes tomorrow's worked very difficult.


HAZEL IRVINE: You got yourself within one point at


lunchtime. Is there a sense of deflation at the way it's gone this


afternoon. We'd been hoping for a lot better but the teams have come


back from further behind so the guys will be disappointed that they


didn't do a little bit better this afternoon but it's not over yet.


Amount is not as high as the one faced in joiner, you are right. How


do you pick up your team and what will be the message this evening?


With the team here, they don't need picking up. They will know and


understand they have a challenge tomorrow but I'm sure they'll be up


for it. I won't have to do too much lifting tonight. With we saw some


wonder golf today, but how quickly the overall storyline has changed,


with every passing session. How do you read it? After going 4-0 down in


the opening session, Europe had their backs to the walls and today


they ebbed back until it became six and a half points -- 6.5-5.5 and you


thought the afternoon play would be critical. Rory Arnold Pieters played


wonderful golf, the last few matches were critical and it looks nip and


tuck. Eventually we lost all three. I don't know how it happened. The


Americans played wonderful golf, particularly Patrick Reed, superb.


Disappointing to be three points behind going into the single. I


didn't expect that but there was a mountain to climb after a poor


start. One or two of the guys who played all four matches began to


look ragged. It will be interesting to see how the fatigue begins to


play in tomorrow's singles. This is the fascination. We have right off


the back the match we all wanted to see, Patrick Reed against map --


Rory Rory McIlroy. Rory has been superb, Patrick Reed won the match


virtually single-handed. Fatigue will be a factor. Europe have to be


on their money. They can't let anything slip away because the US


only need five points. Five European players will have played all five


matches, which I spoke to Darren Clarke about an two for the United


States, Reed and Spieth, and they are our first. Davis Love is the man


who was in charge at Medina and he's seen his team lose from four points


behind. He is naturally cautious, a little, here? That's quite good for


Europe and I see them fairly even Stevens. What Davis Love would like


to see one of its best players against someone not quite in form.


Europe need to have one of those days and this time the European side


isn't quite as strong as the US. They have a mountain to climb but it


is possible because we've seen it They have a mountain to climb but it


is possible because we've seen it happen before. Isil Ian Poulter


walking past and he said hey, we are in a better position than we were in


mid-ISO he still believes, that's for sure. You can see the singles


matches on Sunday evening from 11pm, the final 12 singles matches and it


will be repeated on Monday evening from BBC Two. It will be live on


Radio Five Live from four o'clock on Sunday. So much to look forward to.


The United States, 9.5-6.5 in front, I'm not sure if we're quite in


miracle country but Europe certainly need to produce some magic in


Minnesota. In a word, is the comeback possible with six rookies


in this side and the way things have gone so far? If they win here it


will be a greater thing than winning in a diner. It was a tough day but


it's always possible, a Ryder Cup always brings up something special.


It certainly will and I hope you will share it with us. In the


meantime we will draw breath and get ready for 12 pulsating singles


matches. From is all here at Hazeltine National, it's goodbye.


# You love it # You love it when I lose control


# You'll love it when I get you on my own


# You love it when I lose control JOHNNY CASH: # You can run on for


Highlights from the second day's play at the 41st Ryder Cup, held at Hazeltine National in Minnesota, USA.

Europe took command on day two of the 2014 Ryder Cup at Gleneagles with a dominant performance in the foursomes which took them into a 10-6 lead and within sight of a third consecutive overall victory.

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