Day 1 Highlights Golf: The Open

Day 1 Highlights

Hazel Irvine introduces the best moments from the opening round of The Open at Royal Troon, situated on the rugged coastline of the west of Scotland.

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It is here at last, the first day of the 145th Open Championship and I'm


sure it will be worth the wait. The 12 year weight since we were last


here at Royal Troon. This is the ninth time we've come to this corner


of the Ayrshire coast and it's a smart bet that on Sunday evening, an


American will be walking down this 18th fairway and onto the green,


taking the applause of these mighty galleries and pausing in front of


Troon's modest but rather lovely clubhouse holding the Claret Jug.


Why? The US has enjoyed a 54 year reign at Troon. Their players have


won the last six times it's been played for here.


Yes, with its famous par-3 Postage Stamp and signature 11th hole


running beside The Railway, The Old Course has sprung a few surprises


over the years but there is no surprise that another American, the


newly crowned US Open champion, Dustin Johnson, comes here as one of


the red-hot favourites. He is fancied to make it three wins in a


row this summer. He, like many others, isn't going to Rio for the


Olympics but they are clean to brave Scotland this week. What a field


this is. These are the worlds top ten players


right now and the four, Jason Day, Dustin Johnson, a career-high number


two, Jordan Spieth and Northern Ireland's Rory McIlroy have taken it


in terms to dominate the game over the last couple of years. You could


make a case for each one of them and many more players here this week and


it is silver, not gold but they are chasing at Troon, the Claret Jug.


One of the most famous and oldest and most beautiful trophies in


sport. Last year it was Zach Johnson from Iowa who touched it to his


breast at St Andrews and he already owns a green jacket from Augusta.


How this year's Masters champion, England's Danny Willett, would like


to take this with him next year. You will remember the thrilling events


at Augusta when the Yorkshireman capped his composure as Jordan


Spieth was losing his with a brilliant round of 67. Called to the


cabin for the first winner in two decade since Nick Faldo. Targeting


his second major of the year and he had a 9:25am appointment on the


first tee, as did Ken Brown. The Masters champion is preparing to tee


off. The breeze is helping. Thinking about it, the driver out, and he's


going for it. The champion of the world. Danny Willett, the Masters


champion come up and running. Here are some of the headline attractions


in the morning group in this large field of 156. Jordan Spieth got


going alongside a fellow US Open champion, Justin Rose and the man


who got so close at Oakmont, Ireland's Shane Lowry. Danny Willett


in that power trio with Rickie Fowler still a major winner in


waiting and Jason Day, who broke his major duck last summer. And at


9:36am, McIlroy, teeing up for the first time since winning at Hoylake


alongside Matsuyama and two time Masters champ, Bubba Watson. But who


better to lead in the local boy made good, Colin Montgomerie who battled


through qualifying to return after six years away. The three-time


senior major winner hit the opening tee shot at 6:35am. All happening


just a wedge away from his family home. He made a double bogey but he


battled back, five birdies to go 3-under at the turn. You make your


score in the first nine and you protect it coming in. This was a


gimme birdie on the first the Johnson. Fellow American Patrick


Reed kick-started his round on the third. This one, straight in for


eagle. He went to 2-under par and picked up more on watcher, six and


seven with birdies to go 4-under par. Colin Montgomerie gave back a


shot on 11th and tried not to leak another one on the 13th -- on four.


This is a par putt and a half. Still 2-under, Monty. Chapman is proving


to be a real player this year and the Californian, lapping up the


Scottish Sun with a birdie on his first in his debut. Justin Thomas


ripping up the front nine, getting birdie on the first four and here is


another one on the seventh to move to the head of the field, 5-under


par. Amat has made huge headlines at St Andrews last year. -- amateurs.


Only two this year, and Scott Gregory won the amateur Championship


last month. His fourth birdie of the Day coming on ten, 4-under par, a


dream start for the 21-year-old. Light winds, sunshine, perfect


morning and look who's making the most of it. Six Americans on the


leaderboard. For Bjorn Alderson, coming here ranked as the 200-1


outsider. -- for Bjorn Alderson two Tour Bjorn


is the opening day of the Championship, watched by Andrew


Cotter, Ken Brown, Mark James and Peter Alliss. COMMENTATOR: Thank


you, welcome to Royal Troon. For the up team playing of this great


Championship and it's the most glorious day, or it was when I


picked from under the covers at about 5:20am, eager not to miss Mr


Colin Montgomerie's opening tee shot and the next few days are going to


be very different in terms of the weather. Play begun from 6:35am.


McIlroy. Here he is, and now he is at the 2nd holed. He drove to the


left on the first, finding a bunker, but made the putt for par and looks


like he'll do the same thing here. The opening three holes that very


simple, under 400 yards. Jimmy Walker. 2-under par, he's only


played four holes. A birdie putt and easy, what a lovely game it is on a


day like this, with the greens running true. 3-under par. McIlroy


is trying to finish off with par on the second holed. A good save --


hole. Jordan Spieth hit two beautiful


shots onto this fourth green. This is the three. I don't think he's


given it enough. He is assured four and a birdie, the first of the day.


Bubba Watson on the tee, you can see the close proximity to the beach. It


really is a golf course by the sea, here at Troon. That's a huge tee


shot, scampering down the fairway. Is it going to reach the green? It


could be a one, this could be the longest in history. Sorry about


that, did I drive through you? I didn't think I could reach! Now,


Justin Rose, the home hero. Great things expected this week. Justin's


supporters. Wiggling to the right. Steady.


Not the best swing from Justin Thomas, his second shot to ten. I


think something put him off. Rickie Fowler on the third, second shot


over the back. This is quite a lengthy chip for three. More


realistically, up and down for par. What they three -- a free. That will


get the blood pumping. -- a three. After that we at second shot from


Justin Thomas he's been left with this. Not much more he can do apart


from log it on -- lob it on and get within 20 feet. Elevated green,


running off on both sides, so he'll be careful it didn't run off. Bubba


Watson, after that majestic tee shot on the 382 yard par-4. This is for


two. Oh, Bubba. Bubba! The wind is freshening and Ken has been out to


see how it can affect play. I do like to be beside the seaside


and Troon is by the seaside, as you'd expect, there's a bit of wind


about. Let's have a look at the plan of the golf course. The clubhouse is


way in the distance. The opening nine holes, let's have a look at


this plan. We have the clubhouse here. And the first, second, third,


fourth, fifth and sixth holes all winning in the same direction and


the wind is generally playing from the West, that direction. So you can


see. These opening six holes all played down breeze, so they are


relatively easy and then there's a little loop at the end, 7-9, then,


11 and 12 going the other way and 13-18, it going directly into the


breeze. Those closing nine holes are really tough. You have to make your


score on the front nine and hold on the back nine. This really is a


fantastic place. These opening holes are critical. The back nine, by


jingo, so tricky if the wind is in the wrong direction.


Nestling in the hay bales and the ferns. Danny Willett for birdie. He


came up short. This is for 2-under after four. Oh, beautifully done.


The long par-5 6th. Spieth, from 255 with a long iron. Pitching just


short, I'd imagine. Ooh, short and right but what a friendly bounce


that was! You dream about bounces like that. Chance of an eagle for


Spieth. Hello! It should be the other way around, the dog should be


following the ball. Looks like he could keep off the chips.


Jimmy Walker, birdie attempt on seven. O, walloped them are well


done. -- walloped, well done. Dustin


Johnson on the sixth, the long hole. Lovely shot. Just firing it at the


pin, he really is, in great form at the moment. But these are the easy


holes. Spieth, for an eagle on the sixth. As he hit it? A bit of a


dribbler. He'll be a couple under after six. Solid start but this


field are tearing the front nine apart.


Thomas, in trouble on 11th. But not any more! --: 11. Isn't it a funny


game, one minute you are cursing and then you play a shot like that, the


ball disappears and then you are happy again. Kevin Chappell on 12,


this is for a birdie to go to 3-under par. Yes. The Americans are


really having a good day at the moment. A cheque on the leaderboard,


early days of course -- checking the leaderboard. Thomas and Reed were


5-under par moments ago. You can see that they are making hay on the


first nine, which you have to do under the these conditions, similar


to Royal Lytham St Annes, you make score going out because it is much


more difficult on the inward nine, especially the last six holes.


Coleman, rewriting up on 18. This is for a round of 71 after a double


bogey start. -- Colin Montgomerie wrapping it up. Well done. Not


looking great on the leaderboard, but a lot of tough holes on the


inward nine. Good performance. Jimmy Walker on the eighth hole. A


bunker off the tee he had to play out sideways, and going in for four,


only dropping one shot. Slight relief. Back to 3-under par. Danny


Willett. Chasing a long iron into the sixth Cole. Par-5. -- hole. Not


that long, judging by the height. Dutiful shot from Willett. A good


chance of an eagle three. -- beautiful shot. After the wonderful


tee shot, this is a birdie, for Watson. Five of the best played


holes you would see. Couldn't be much better than that. Well, the


first round players are in. Colin Montgomery was first. Despite your


experience and everything you've achieved, can you tell us how you


felt on the first tee? It was right up there. I have played in the Ryder


Cup if you times and that was right up there. Thank goodness it was only


a 4-iron. I hit a reasonable shot but after that it was a bit silly. I


had to finish the hole with a double bogey six but at the same time, it


was a great honour and I'm glad to get out alive and finished with 71.


-- finish. Reed on 12 after a wayward tee shot, chopping it out,


trying to judge the bounce and spin. My goodness, he's done it


brilliantly well too. Looking down from on high. McIlroy.


His third to the sixth. The longest hole on the course.


Reed. Beautifully controlled, out of the rough, making a birdie and


moving to 5-under par. He's out on his own, the by one. -- the leader


by one. Let's see if McIlroy can find a birdie on the sixth. Hit it.


McIlroy gets one on the sixth. Didn't quite reach the green in two


but a little pitch and in it goes, 2-under par.


Long par four, Justin Thomas, his second. Go left! Left! What a


cracker Jack. A birdie chance, not many birdies on 13 today.


Bubba Watson at the 6th. He is 4-under par. This is for another


birdie. He left his first putt a little bit tentatively. But he makes


amends, another one for Bubba Watson, birdies on the first, third,


fourth, fifth and sixth, tied for the lead with Patrick Reed.


Justin Thomas, beautiful second shot into 13, this is to tie with the


leaders. What a beauty. What a beauty. The 13th produces so few


birdies and he's made it, he's 5-under. The tee shot of McIlroy on


seven, Ken. 400 yards. You beauty. That is flush. Is it going to get a


decent bounce? Oh, my goodness, go on. Surely he's not going to drive


it 400 yards. Has he made it? Not quite. Just a little rise up to the


green stopping it, that was enormous. Kevin Chappell.


Run away, ball. Yes! Just enough pace to hold the line. What a birdie


that is, Ken, on the 13th. That is rare.


Justin Rose, reaching the turn with a birdie. So so from Rose, 35 is the


very least you'd expect from this gentle front nine. It was an


enormous drive from McIlroy, nearly to the front edge of the green.


Heavy-handed chip, but still a birdie chance. He likes it, he likes


it. He loves it. He has hit some good ones this morning, he struggled


to start with but McIlroy is moving through the field. 3-under, very


nice. We can see the top of the ball but he is a long way back. The wrong


line into this one. Look at that, he's moved it nicely, chasing it up.


Patrick's off. What a shot from Patrick Reed, it's going to scuttle


an. Oh, that's cruel. That was an extraordinarily good shot but look


where he is now. That's no reward for that.


Postage Stamp, Rory on the tee, a big gallery around it. That's a


marvellous shot. Has the overcooked it? He is drawing it, oh,


magnificent. What a shot. Hey hey! Well done. That was hanging on for


dear life, beautifully hit shot. Wonderful. Bubba, he's overcooked


it. Shooting through the breeze, it may be long. Look where it's


finished. That's an playable. -- that's not playable. As a


left-handed player I don't know if he can scoop it somewhere. Thomas


for par on 14, trouble in the front right bunker. He's rattled it in,


what a par saved from Justin Thomas. He stays at 5-under, in a tie for


the lead with Bubba Watson. You wonder how you can go wrong, you


look at the distance of the Postage Stamp, but Bubba Watson showing how


you can do it. Going over the back, the chip rolling back to here. That


is for a double bogey. Patrick Reed was in a bit of bother, in the front


left bunker. This is for his par. What a save that is from Patrick


Reed. Clinging on on the back nine, dropping a shot on 13. Just one


behind Justin Thomas. So, Bubba Watson birdied the first,


third, fourth, fifth and sixth. And now getting six on the Postage


Stamp. 124 yards of unhappiness for him today. After a brilliant tee


shot. Three birdies in a row, six, seven and eight. 4-under par, just


one behind. McIlroy, two, six, for Watson. So, the state of affairs,


Justin Thomas is on top. Moving into that group on 4-under par, McIlroy,


with three in a row. Kevin Chappell has been in all sorts


of trouble here on 16. You think it's a birdie chance, par-5, but


this is the seven. Eight, the Kevin Chappell. He takes an almighty


tumble down the leaderboard -- for Kevin Chappell. Justin Thomas on 15,


this is to drop just one. He pitched up to here. Going in for a double


bogey. Double bogey for Justin Thomas, slips back to 3-under now.


Great run coming to an end. Matt Jones on the fourth, this is a putt


for birdie, to go to 3-under. It looks good and it is, my word, what


a start. He is on a sizzler. Soomin Lee, the Korean 22-year-old. Winning


in Shen Zen earlier in the season. Getting two on the Postage Stamp. He


is tied for the lead now, 4-under par. Louis Oosthuizen on 14. The


most gentle pathway out there, perhaps. All sorts of trouble today


-- par-3. He needs something magical to happen. This might yet!


Oosthuizen! His albatross in the second hole at Augusta and more


magic from him. Back to level par, simple as that. The 1st hole in this


year's Open Championship. Danny Willett, a bit of a struggle here on


ten, a bit untidy. But this is for a five. One shot dropped. Quite


alarming, the ten, 11, 12, the scoring so far. Early days, but


sixes and sevens, a couple of nines. Patrick Reed for a par on 15. He


doesn't waste much time. Rather refreshing, and in she goes. So


easy, well done, sir. Soomin Lee, 4-under par. The


surprise package. A young fellow. It won't, it couldn't, it has! Would


you believe it? Finding the tradesman 's entrance, the back


door, going through the pavilion, through the patio doors.


Extraordinary. Out in 32, 4-under par. Well done, young sir. McIlroy.


Nicely done. Good par on ten. One or two sixes at ten today. McIlroy


finds his way through to the 11th tee, the dangerous 11th and Ken has


been to have a All the way down the right of the


11th is the railway line. It is out of bounds. This is one of the


hardest holes on the course. But look at why. BT is here. This is the


railway line. The difficulty is you are hitting across the anger of the


fairway. It is quite narrow and difficult to judge. If you missed


the fairway, come and have a look. All the way down the right is this


tremendous course. You think there might be relief on the left, but


there are certainly is not. You cannot see the fairway from BT. The


green is no pushover either. Looking back to the 11th tee and over the


top of the course at the top, here is McIlroy. This whole averaging 5.1


and it is a power for. Not often that happens early in the peace. He


smacks one away. Danger everywhere. He is unsure. He is on the sure. Oh


my good God. Where is he? He might be all right. Now, lucky.


Up ahead on the green at the 11th, or near the green, is gay. A super


little chip. For underplaying the tension.


Conditions are quite benign at the moment. There is a strong breeze.


This is his chance for an eagle. The simplest of birdies. He takes the


lead at four under par. A four way tie on the opening morning of the


145th Open Championship. It is Patrick Reed, Rory McIlroy,


seemingly, one of a record seven wins. You can see the scores are


made on the way out, defended on the way home. Gary player said it was


the most difficult back nine in the world when the wind was blowing.


There is a breeze now and it is asking questions.


It was elevated green, surrounded by bunkers. He is short, yes she is. A


long way from the hole. Could have been a worse spot than that. McIlroy


at the 11th. There are short, very fortunate with his tee shot found a


decent life. That is a good pace. That is beautiful beautifully


judged. Coming up the last. A 3-under par. He is drawing into the


front left end into the breeze and that is brilliant. We won't see


better than that today. McIlroy gets is for.


Patrick Reed pouting for a two from long range. That is very well done


indeed. A good three. An excellent round he is putting together, but


one left. You would expect him to make a birdie at the 6th. Justin


Thomas finishes with a birdie at the last for a round of 67. The first


appearance in the Open Championship for the American. That is a tidy


card which included a double fogey -- double bogey. Excellent play.


Soomin Lee. You can see his caddy there. This is his third shot at the


11th. It is a beauty. It is a real beauty. That was the closest we have


seen a birdie there today. What do you make of Troon playing conditions


today? It is as came as we will see it. I try to take advantage of the


day and, that is what I was saying this morning, I have never played a


course where I literally have no clue what are the winning score will


be. I don't know if it will be over par, even power, under par. You


don't know. You play what you are dealt. A brave Taoiseach. -- key


shot. He will have that for a birdie.


Bubba Watson for a power. He has let things slip away dramatically over


the last four or five overs. He was steaming along and now level power.


Read at the last and he has done it. 66 shots for Patrick Reed. That will


take some beating. There is a look at his card. Patrick Reed's opening


66 equals the lowest opening round score at Royal Troon before. Lots of


good putts today the 24 is something you will look on with a lot of


pride. I haven't added up the stats but to hear 24 ports means a lot. I


have been working hard on it and I had a lot of putts today. They were


from just off the edges and that is the key thing. Back home, the greens


are much faster but we don't have this much wind. It is one of those


things I had to get comfortable with, hitting it hard enough and I


could do that. Pat Jones. A big hug after the ninth. He is therefore


too. It is a power for. If anyone can float one in their nicely it is


Rory. Going down the shaft, trying to keep the ball down a little.


Where has that gone? If that is it, that is an eagle shot he has left


himself. Matt Jones is at the front of the ninth and a good break off


the key. Up the slope. Up the slope. It dong. He joins read at the top of


the leaderboard. Nothing like a little snack when you have an itchy


head. What am I going to do here? Pictured in the bag? Lob over the


top? There is no chance of pitching it onto the green and stopping it.


Danger is if you miss it. Oh dear. That wasn't on the programme at all.


A glorious long putt at the 13th and he bloated stone dead. A birdie


chance year. Justin Rose, he has done it. He has made a birdie at the


15th. How about that for a card? His second birdie at number 15 today. He


moves to 2-under. 17 and Jamie Donaldson. For a too. He has got it.


2-under par for the Welshman. McIlroy. Oh my word. It is a double


bogey. The back nine really is something. The 13th claims McIlroy.


Back to 2-under. Porteus. Another birdie putt. He has just gone three,


three and another three. Who is this new man? Who is the stranger? Haydn


Porteous is the 22-year-old from Johannesburg in South Africa and the


one the Johannesburg open in January to qualify here. He recently posed


naked in a newspaper article called my sporting body. We have seen


rather a lot of him recently. There is McIlroy, sort of a little bit


plugged. He has got to get it out on the back of the green. The best he


could do. 20 minutes ago he was in the middle of the fairway faced with


the middle Ireland to the green and made a mess of it. People abruptly


dropped another one here, or maybe two. Fowler with summer break on


this one for his two on the 14th. Left to right. He gets back the shot


he lost in the 12th. Back to 2-under. Leading the way in this


group at the moment. It is a par putt for McIlroy. A long putt from


the back of the 14th. There should be a little bit of right to left at


the end. He is going to drop at least one of the back of that double


bogey on the 13th. He is unravelling a bit. Justin Rose, shorter and he


could've puttered through here. Plenty of green to play with. A


knock in a birdie to come for Rose. That would get him to 3-under.


McIlroy needs this one to drop just one. He certainly does. He missed


one of this length on the last. Not this time. Three shots dropped in


the space of 25 minutes. Here is Haydn Porteous, the young


South African going so well. Right to left. He is a rolling them in


just now and Haydn Porteous, the 22-year-old South African, leads the


Open Championship. What a run. Evil par, eagle birdie, birdie. Thank you


and good night. Back to Rory McIlroy. Just a short Aaron. What a


short Aaron. Write down the flag. A chance to get one back. This is Matt


Jones at the 11th. This is his fourth shot. He has had all sorts of


troubles on this goal. He has at least been able to hit it forward


and he hasn't done that very well and he has knocked it behind the


trees. That might be very difficult. Jordan Spieth. His chance of V2.


Hazard. He -- Spieth is into the red figures. Just trying not to rule


himself out of anything at this early stage. Matt Jones is in all


sorts of trouble on the 11th. Not the first to suffer here. This is


his sixth shot. Well left. There we are. The sixth shot was a beauty. It


is too gone, back to 3-under. A huge drive here. That is better. That is


well done. He is mercurial, you would say.


All sorts of problems for all sorts of people on the 11th. He goes to


4-under. He is the first to get a birdie on the 11th. Haydn Porteous


has made it cuts this year. He has missed his last three in a row. He


is enjoying his open debut. One shot ahead and he has only played nine


holes. Great to see Jamie Donaldson in. Further down, another good round


from Harrington. A par round of the back-to-back winner of this


Championship in 2007 and 2008. Jordan Spieth in trouble on 18th.


Jordan Spieth has had a drop on the 18th from way off to the right.


He is making heavy weather of the final hole. Good roller. What a


part. What a birdie on the 13th. They will all be trying that


technique. Why not? Jordan Spieth, third shot at the 18th. That sounded


a bit fluffy, didn't it? It certainly did.


Justin Rose, long birdie attempt. It is creeping on down there. He knew


enough added. Not to be, but a strong finish. Birdied 16. Powers on


17 and 18. A round of 68 for Justin Rose. Last year was his first top


ten since 1998 as a 17-year-old. He doesn't have a great record at the


open but a good start here. Spieth at the final hole. Making a big mess


of it so far. He just touches it over the top of the hill and that is


a drop shot. He deserved no better. He just fiddled about. Ends up with


a five. Just doesn't seem to see the lines on the greens here that he


would add somewhere like Agusta. Beautiful from Stricker. Plenty of


rounds in the 60s. One came from Justin Rose. A great way to start


the open. Are you pleased with the score? It could have been better.


Everyone says that but it legitimately could have been better.


Hit the ball fantastically well. It 16 greens. The only blips were six


and seven where I didn't birdied the par 56 which lead to frustration so


I was aggressive and easy shot on seven. Those two holes stop


lamenting that I was happy with the way I dug in. With the meat of the


course to come from eight onwards I put together a good round and a good


score. There were a couple that were left out in the first six holes.


Soomin Lee to avoid dropping his first shot of the day. A birdie


chance. The shot gone, back to 3-under. A none too convincing


bunker shot. It is a six. His first slip. Fighting to save par on the


13th. He let one slip as well. A big group on 3-under. Porteus. This for


his bogey. He drops 2-4 but nothing too serious. 4.85 average, the 11th.


A reasonably tricky par for. Bubba Watson at the final hole. Just to


the left of where his headers. Work was. A bit of movement. Beautifully


struck. Beautifully played. We have seen a lot of quality shots today.


Now McIlroy. McIlroy will probably be drawing it. We will see when it


bounces and spins. Pretty strict. A good shot. He will have that for a


68. Soomin Lee has a routine and he puts his left arm on his chest. He


is left. Confused by the reader. A rush of four birdies for McIlroy on


the front nine. He has had problems since then. This for a 68. He Reed


it pretty well, it just wouldn't come back. No damage with a 69.


Bubba Watson. A beautiful second shot down here. It has to drop and


it does. Bubba Watson closes with a birdie. A round of 70. Off to a


solid start here. Plenty of red on the card. Looking down the South


Beach, that is the view of the top of the leaderboard. Patrick Reed


with the 1-shot advantage over at Justin Thomas and Steve Stricker. A


good round from Justin Rose. He finished in the top ten at St


Andrews last year. Good progress from Richard Sterne E. He only


grabbed a qualifying pace at the French Open a couple of weeks ago.


Rory McIlroy, a round of 69. He is on the second page of the


leaderboard at 2-under. Let's hear from him. 32 gone out. He must be


pleased. I knew going into data that is where you need to make your score


on the front nine. Especially with the wind direction. Bubba had three


equal parts on the front nine. It is the nine where you have the make


your score and they did that and give myself a cushion going into the


tougher back nine. A lot of players are saying they just tough two


hanging on the back nine. I felt like I was hitting it better. I


didn't feel like I was hanging in. The six on 13 and I let it linger


and made a bogey on 14. That didn't help but it felt like there were


some chances. 15 wasn't playing as long as it has all week. 16 is a


reachable par-5. There were chances on the back nine. This is the best


we will see in terms of conditions so, thankfully, I am not too far


behind the lead. A decent day work. It into European Tour winner, Mark


James joins me. Rory making the point that there were chances when


he was coming home on the background. The wind dipped a bit at


that point. As he said, that could be a rare thing. It will be the last


time this week. Interestingly, it has dropped. It is very calm now.


The players who have got the calmest conditions for the 11 o'clock


onwards and somewhere around that is the cut-off point for the field.


Those players will be of very early tomorrow morning. The wind is


supposed to get up during the day but if it is quite for three or four


hours, those players who have had the best could have the best


tomorrow and could get a huge jump. Patrick Reed mastered conditions and


the breeze was in his is coming back. He seems to love Scotland. He


was the top scorer at the Ryder Cup a couple of years ago at Gleneagles


and one beautifully with a top ten finish at the Scottish Open. He is


coming into form at the right time. He is an interesting player. He gave


it everything at Gleneagles. I thought I would hate this guy, but I


liked him. I still love watching him play. He is getting better and


better and he will hang around all week and he really just looks


comfortable on this course, comfortable in the wind and he had


it tougher earlier. Yes, he is very dangerous in this Championship. It


is the Eagle early on that catapulted him in terms of his


momentum, straight in there and home with that record equalling open


round of 66. His lowest round ever in a major Championship. Great stuff


from him and lots of Americans on this board. Very little emotion from


him. Keeping everything in check. That bodes well for if he gets into


contention. He looked to have control of what was going on. Easy


to think the club up and your brain gets a bit scrambled. Let's find out


the Wii will be watching in the afternoon. It takes nearly ten hours


of tee times to get all the players under way and amongst the notable


ones in the afternoon, the trio he finished second, third and fourth


last times. Ernie Els, Phil Mickelson and Lee Westwood earning


his first top four in a major back then. Just after two o'clock was


when Dustin Johnson set out on his quest to win back-to-back Majors and


three titles in a row. Martin Kaymer and Russell Knox from Scotland. The


leading European on the US money list right now. Then came Zach


Johnson alongside former world number one Adam Scott and the sweet,


Henrik Stenson. They have come so close in the open before. Zach


Johnson was reluctant to hand back the Claret Jug but he has made a


positive start in his bid to retain the trophy. That is a birdie putt at


the 1st. Phil Mickelson has picked up a shot at the 2nd. Another chance


at the 4th. Taking the scenic route. He hasn't won anything since is


Murphy Triumph two years ago. Whatever Ernie Els? He was stung


into action after dropping a shot at the 2nd and has made two birdies


since then. His tee shot at the short fifth and that will set up a


run of three in a row. The Big Easy, 2-under for his round now. Back to


sack. Clearly love and cherish, the birthplace of the open, as much as


he did St Andrews. And Billy Horschel, soberly dressed today. A


birdie putt. He is how it looks. Patrick Reed


still unchallenged. There is now a 3-way tie. It is Thomas Stricker and


Horschel on 4-under and those making the best progress include the likes


of Richard Sterne E, 3-under 217 and Justin Leonard, the man who won here


in 1997, also 3-under 39. COMMENTATOR: Looking down on Royal


Troon, the delightful town of Troon itself, with its harbour. Wonderful


stretches of beach. Tidy little turning. Wonderful golf from Zach


Johnson. Cracking on well, the defending champion hitting one away.


Slightly anxious. No need. Came in nicely, well done. Nice


start from Mickelson. Finau from America, his birdie putt


on the 13th. Could be. It is, too. Went in nicely. 3-under. No dropped


shots at all. Zach Johnson, who has made a wonderful start to his


opening round. The defending champion. He needs a bit more club


to reach the green. Very straight, not the greatest of hitters. Is it


straight enough, bouncing enough? It certainly is. That's the way you do


it, scuffling along and getting it on the green. Sergio Garcia. Second


hole, second shot. I detect a grey or two in his beard, over the years,


but the shots remain startling. This is for birdie. It looks good


and it is good. A couple under already, Zach


Johnson. This is on the fourth, this is a chance for the eagle three.


Back at the bunker. Just misjudging the pace up the slope before it ran


down. Ernie Els, who has his putting problems but this is for a birdie.


He didn't hit it, did he? Well done, Ernie. As long as it disappears,


it's good. Another birdie, four birdies but that five and six, just


to keep him honest. Always looks sometimes he has his hands behind


the ball but he's very efficient at putting and he has been for some


time. His third birdie of the day after four holes. The defending


champion, after winning at St Andrews. Garcia for a birdie. Yes,


well done. Could it be his year? It might be his year. It all depends if


he can knock in a fuse putts. Westwood, for birdie. On seven. -- a


few putts. Well done. Reaching the Postage Stamp. He loves


a challenge. 124. Does he like it? He likes it, that's a crackerjack


shot. What a beauty. Delightful shot.


Ooh! Can you believe it? Can you believe it? Awkward little shot down


the slope. Delightful tee shot on the eighth hole, and spinning back.


Down the line very nicely, very steady. How's that for a


good-looking card? Dustin Johnson, now. The US Open champion. He holds


it -- holes it. A birdie, which was needed.


Justin Leonard, for birdie, going along very nicely. He's certainly


remembered how to putt. Look at that. Lovely card, out in 33,


starting home, nothing to it! STUDIO: Looking the south tip of the


island, there the leaderboard. Justin Leonard, would you believe


it, 1997 his year, he had an immaculate display of putting on the


final day with a closing 65 to beat Jesper Parnevik and Darren Clarke


and here he is again, on the leaderboard. Phil Mickelson also


rolling back the years, three years in fact to Muirfield when he won his


only Open title. He hasn't won any event anywhere since then.


COMMENTATOR: Stenson, second shot on this big, big par-5. He hit it well,


a towering shot. Has he got it online? Going at the heart, it's a


majestic shot. Absolutely sparkling shot, to the heart of the green.


Chance for an eagle. Johnson, much better angle, he can


see the flag. That's fantastic. What a great shot. After that wonderful


second shot of Stenson, this putt 43. -- for three. Eagle three. What


they putt. What a man. -- a putt. Beautiful shots.


Birdie at the 6th and the seventh, Johnson is 1-under par. Looking back


to the eighth tee, this is one of the great holes in golf and Ken has


been looking and he will tell us all about it.


Back on the hill is the eighth tee, the Postage Stamp, one of the most


famous holes here on the golf course. Very small putting surface,


15 yards by eight yards. I've marked out where the pin positions may be,


the four positions. Let's have a look at this one. So little margin


for error, if you have a wedge you can have a go but if you get it


wrong, have a look at this, you go down there, no green to work with


and a deep bunker. When you are on the tee with the wedge, the


percentage play, which is difficult, to try to hit the centre of the


green on this towel. From there, look how far you are from the flag.


Over there, ten feet, 15 feet here and about ten feet. The longest putt


is to the pin at the back of the green which is only 20 feet away


which isn't too bad, and it's uphill. When you are going for this


green, the Postage Stamp, play for the centre of it, don't chase the


flag, or you can be in a lot of trouble. Ken Brown, he knows a thing


or two. Kaymer on the eighth hole, can he follow his advice? Watch his


reaction. He looks to be happy. So happy! So happy! Good shot. How is


Mickelson's touch? Birdie chance on number nine. A little bit slow.


Winning at Muirfield, looking back on his career, he may say that is


his best, perhaps winning at the Masters. I think he thought he would


master links golf, but how about that, 32. Justin Leonard. A winner


here. A few years ago. It is doing its best for him. Remembering old


times. Just kissing the balls. He wasn't old enough to shave last time


he was here, look at him now. Phil has got one of his fairway woods. He


likes it. Very nice, he has a decent flag lie


as well. -- flat. This reminds me of the putt that Leonard made in the


Ryder Cup, smashing it into the hole from about this range and everyone


galloped onto the green. Not this time but it's a good putt from such


long-range doorstep thank you for reminding me of that, Peter! Those


were the days! 124 yards to the flag. Here is Zach.


Phil Mickelson for a birdie. He is 4-under and playing quite


beautifully. This is the 10th. The greens are in magnificent condition.


One of the worlds best. It's hardly surprising. Par, birdie, par,


birdie, par, birdie, very rhythmical. The Bay. If only the sun


shone more. Up to the 18th hole. Finau, 3-under. Par for a 68. That


could well be three. Zach Johnson. Beautiful two for him.


He moves to 4-under par. Finau on 18, after that delightful


second shot. This is to go to 4-under par. And he makes it look


very easy, 67. Very nice playing in deed. -- indeed.


Now, Mickelson on 11. A long iron, up towards the green. The wall on


the right. I don't think he quite got it. Pretty good, two putts from


Mickelson, pretty easy prospect. Johnson's second.


A style very much of his own. It looks on line. Yes, a good one


again. He's a very confident player, in a similar mould to Luke Donald a


years ago. Down the fairway, not especially long, a good short game,


a good head on his shoulders. Martin Kaymer, the first of this threesome


to play the second shot into the 10th green.


Now, Zach Johnson for birdie to join the leaders on 5-under. Ooh, so


near. He remains 4-under par. You almost feel that you can jump up


and touch it. Absolutely amazing. Mickelson for par on the 11th, to


stay 5-under. No bother. He's had a fantastic front nine and now we have


hazel. STUDIO: 19 years since Phil Mickelson first played Royal Troon


in anger. He knows his way around. This opening birdie for the


five-time major winner on the second. The next one would follow at


the 1st of the par-5 holes, the fourth. The Californian's birdie


putt on the sixth took advantage of another par-5. The is 3-under and


this is a beauty. The tee shot on the Postage Stamp, 420 square yards


of green to work with and that's enough for Phil, hardly a puff of


breeze now. A birdie, Mickelson firmly on a roll. And his putter was


in action on the difficult 10th, this is one of only six birdies


there to date and the Muirfield champion goes into a tie with his


Ryder Cup team-mate Patrick Reed on 5-under. We saw signs of it last


week in Castle Stuart and it looks like he may be onto something. So,


the thrill returns. The co-leader with Patrick Reed and the red, white


and blue of the US really dominating the opening day. Nicholson, one of


seven Americans on the front page. Tony Finau, the winner of the Puerto


Rico open, making quite a impression on his debut, not a single bogey in


his round of 67. What did you expect with your first open here at Troon?


-- Open. I am used to traditional golf courses, a lot of trees. I


definitely got what I expected, ailing style golf course and I'm


happy with how I started. -- a links style. COMMENTATOR:. Kaymer, after a


good start this is to go 4-under par.


He's got his putting boots on, looking very good indeed, smooth,


unruffled, unhurried. 4-under par. Second shot on the 12th, for


Mickelson. Hitting a little bit right of the flag. No risks. A lot


of players have gone in the gully. JB Holmes. The Ryder Cup player. We


under par. -- 3-under par. Mickelson, to get to 6-under. He has


misled that. He will get the par under his belt -- he miss read it.


With this wind, every hole is a birdie hole.


Justin Leonard. Birdie putt on the 16th. He's done it again. Could he


win again? Dustin Johnson. 1-under, second shot to the 11th. He's hit a


majestic drive. Steady, it's all right. Dustin Johnson certainly


arrived here at Troon in good form. two perfect shots, a tentative putt,


this is for par on 11. Mickelson. His second shot. He's


played... A nice little bounce onto the green.


Just about see the flag here on the ninth hole, Garcia.


Totally changed this green. What they shot from Garcia. Beautiful, he


really is a joy to watch from tee to green -- what a shot. Mickelson has


left himself this sizeable putt. Giving it the full stretch to the


flag. That's not too bad. Patrick Reed finished a long time


ago, 66. Mickelson, six left to play. Americans at Royal Troon. In


control. A bit further down, it becomes a more international


leaderboard. Good to see Jamie Donaldson, who has had his


struggles. Now, Stenson, his third to 11. In


the tangled stuff. What a shot. Wonderful second shot from Garcia,


this is for his birdie. And he's out in 34. In these conditions, there


are birdies to be had, even on the tough back nine. Write in there.


A wayward drive and second but a great pitch, Stenson. Can he make a


great four at the 11th? One eagle and all pars so far. This is to stay


2-under. No. Mickelson has reached the 14th, the


joint leader with Patrick Reed. The pin is just on the front left


corner. Nice result. Very narrow entry to this green. Andy Sullivan.


This is to get to three. Beautifully done, Sullivan. He's coming back to


form in recent weeks. 3-under. Really is Dead Calm out here now.


Mickelson, for his two on 14. A conventional grip for this length.


Sort of a reverse. What a beauty! Well, absolutely great. Going to the


top of the leaderboard, -6. A former champion is on the war path. Look at


the card, superb, no bogeys, six birdies. Smiling. Justin Leonard. He


used to roll these in for fun in his pomp. That's a shame, it was going


so well. But it's a birdie to finish for Justin Leonard. Playing in the


former champions's group. STUDIO: Phil Mickelson, one shot clear of


Patrick Reed. Mickelson missed the cut in the first two Majors of the


year, making up for it here at Troon.


COMMENTATOR: Stenson on 12, 150, to the pin.


Immensely long. Playing to the middle of the green. You can see


Johnson's ball in the bunker there. Soren Kjeldsen on the final hole.


Tiger leader. -- tidy. A birdie 467. Stenson's birdie attempt on 12.


Got to go. Yeah. Well done, third birdie of the day, birdie and an


eagle on sixth. Russell Knox. 3-over after three, so


he's trying to get back to level par. The middle of the 13th fairway.


That's a fine shot. Come on. The leading European on the US money


list. Now, Nielsen, chance for 67 -- Kjeldsen. Yes, indeed, two birdies


in the last three holes for the Dane. What a start here. Not a great


relationship with the Open Championship. We talked about


Russell Knox trying to get back from his par double bogey bogey start,


3-over. A couple of birdies, this is to go back level.


What a free that is on 13. Laser-like second shot from him. He


is recovering well now. An ugly start.


Championship leader, Phil Mickelson, this is to stay 6-under. Solid par


on the difficult 15th. The par-5 to come. Some wind turbines about to


head out into the Firth at some point. Ken Brown has been looking at


the 16th. The 16th is the last par-5, it is


basically a straight hole. These fairways are fairly generous, quite


flat and that there is a little gully ditch running over the fairway


that you must contend with. Second shot, you must decide whether to


reach the green in two otherwise you are going to lay up. Bunkers around


the green, it is a birdie opportunity but the key factor on


this whole, this little ditch running across the fairway. -- on


this hole. 235 yards to reach it. Generally this hole plays into the


breeze, so sometimes they might be able to clear it but you have to lay


up short, nine times out of ten. You have to land a reasonable distance


short of it. You have to hit your tee-shot about 285 and then you have


the best part of 250 yards so probably a couple of 3-woods. Is


anybody going to take on the ditch? We'll have to see. Is the last


chance really of an easy birdie, so you have to attack, that's for


certain. Mickelson, 290 two the gully. The wind is from the south.


They will be crashing at this with drivers. You can still get home from


there. Kaymer, Taoiseach on the 14th, a


very narrow entrance to the green -- tee shot. Absolutely dead still, the


wind has dropped away. Kaymer is going at it. Lovely birdie


opportunity to follow. It is a long way back just to be


sure. Bunkers to the left and the right. Down into the front right. A


lovely tee shot from Martin Kaymer. This would move him to minus five.


Yes, cried someone, no set the ball. Going along very steadily. To


Stenson. Dear oh dear. Missed putts coming thick and fast. Stenson slips


back to one. Now, westward. -- westward. Go on. In it goes. Just


about. Wrestle the pain away and it will drop. Let's have another look


at this. An eagle. That left him back up to level par. Mickelson


trying to emulate Westwood. He has given it an almighty thump. That is


beautifully played. Not easy to get that distance.


These are easy targets for someone like Zach Johnson. I fully expect


this within 12 feet of the pin. You are right, you are wise. He loved


that. Too good tee shot in so far. Louis Oosthuizen with a hole-in-one


earlier. I am still reeling from the short missed out on the last. They


are surrounding the pain. For birdie, Mickelson. This would get


him to 7-under. Oh yes. Beautiful. 7-under. He is opening a little bit


of space between him and the field. Great play from Phil Mickelson. At


46 years of age, Phil Mickelson could be on for his lowest round of


golf ever in an Open Championship. Two shots ahead of Patrick Reed and


only for counting events left until the Ryder Cup teams are settled, ate


lots of red, white and blue on the leaderboard. Not many Europeans.


Soren Kjeldsen, a real resurgence in his form since he won the Irish Open


last year. 4-under for the first day. You must be delighted. I played


really well and conditions were better than I thought they would be


so it was a nice combination of some good shotmaking, some good putts and


great conditions. A steady tee shot for Stenson at this 167 yard 14th.


It would be good to get a pop in here. Beautifully done by Stenson.


Moved back to 2-under. Mickelson, it one of the club and


the steps to this long par-3. Another beautiful shot from


Mickelson. A chance to get to get under. 63 might be on the cards.


Zach Johnson for his two on the 14th. A positive stroke, right in


the middle. Zach Johnson continues this wonderful opening round in


defence of his title. Five birdies, no drop shots, two behind Mickelson.


You think of all the 63 's Majors that have been done by numerous


people. Nick Price, Greg Norman, Johnny Miller, and humour. Nobody


has shot 62. That is still a tall order for Mickelson.


Fingers crossed he will beat that today. This is to move to minus


eight. He did it. -8 for Mickelson. He has a chance at the last. 340 62.


That would be some round. Never been done in Majors. They are all nodding


approval. Mickelson is in heaven. Let's see if Garcia can find another


birdie. He hasn't. Garcia goes to two. A popular band, as you can


hear. -- he has it. Let's hit the 3-wood. I am not


feeling as much wind as I expected it to. It is 267 to the start of the


bunkers on the left. 312 to the bunker on the right. He is heading


toward the bunkers on the left. Lucky, lucky. He will need a bit of


that. Take to get to the front left in from there. Par is the likely


result now. Andy Sullivan. This too birdie at 16 and get to minus three.


Well done. Putting the ship back on course after a bogey at 15.


Does he chase this flag? He just held onto it a fraction. Does he


chase the flag? Of course he does. That for a 60 to come. Mickelson


providing all the drama league in day here. He is unfortunate to stick


there and come up short but he is very good at this distance, Zach


Johnson. Just a little bit of chat. But for his par. The last time he


walked up this hill in competitive golf, Mickelson thought he was in


with a chance of winning. He finished a shot behind the man on


his right. He played too conservatively then. None of that


today. What a round he has played today. Zach Johnson. Save par on 15.


He has parted very, very well. Three behind Mickelson now. There have


been no fewer than 27 rounds of 63, this, for Mickelson, 462. -- for 62.


He will know exactly what this part is for. He will know what it means.


It is good. Go now. No. You cannot, you cannot leave it there. Maybe


just an inch. An inch from history. Not to be for Phil Mickelson, but a


very special round of golf. What a way to start his challenge for this


Open Championship. 62 survives on touched. 63 for Mickelson. He is as


staggered for the rest of this. What a round of golf. The course record


at Troon, so close, so close. It was the 1973 Troon open champion who


once said shooting a 62 in a major is like the four minute mile in


golf. That was the equivalent of a nanosecond away. What a round, what


the start. Feel the thrill is well named. Three shots in front. So, to


Russell knocks. One overpower. Very nicely done. Noise all over the


course now. He moves with a huge leap in red figures. He was 3-over


after three holes. Kaymer. A chance to get to 5-under. Good scoring


toward the end of the day. Beautifully done. Three behind


Mickelson but it is a tie for second pace. That is a tidy, can shot. Five


birdies and 11 pars. Sullivan at 18. Drawing one in. What a good shot.


Chance of a 67 for Sullivan. This kind of shot is his speciality, Zach


Johnson. Grid control with a wedge. Right at the flag. Johnson nearly


did the same as Russell Knox. Short putt for the birdie to come. Andy


Sullivan, can he close with the birdie? Oh, he can. Pours it into


the middle. A fine round from Andy Sullivan. Garcia for birdie. Yes.


Well done. 3-under now. To get to 6-under, Zach Johnson. A beauty for


Johnson. 6-under. Birdie, birdie finish to pay with Mickelson. Phil


Mickelson still trying to dig in the enormity of that mess at the last.


Could have been a 62. He will settle for a 60 day. It is the New Course


record at Troon. I wonder what his reflections on that extraordinary


Brown will be. Where does that record equalling 63 stand on the


list of great career rounds for you? It was a great round but I had great


conditions. The final round at Muirfield will always be my best


round of my career, but this was a tremendous round. I had a chance to


do something historical and I am heartbroken it didn't go in. I know


it was right in the centre and it just didn't go. Did you think it was


going in? It started on line and they had solid, I hit it with the


right pace. I thought I Reed it right. I knew it was in with the


food to go, I felt a surge of the javelin that I just sort -- shot 62


and then I felt the disappointment of not shooting the 62. It was for


pricking. Zach Johnson Tom Grabham -- it was heartbreaking. All sorts


of trouble down there. He is wide. Stay there. Stay there. It hasn't


finished. It has finished now. Could be an awkward stance. In a


leaderboard dominated by Americans the German Martin Kaymer stands out.


No bogeys on his card today, five birdies. This for another. Very good


effort from Kaymer. They are right to groan. Johnson after the


lacklustre tee shot, to say the least. Played it nicely. A defeat


left for his par. -- eight feet. No good for Russell knocks. That will


be a double bogey on the 17th after doing so well to get back up to


subpar figures. Slips back. Not a great day for British golfers. The


best of them is well-placed. Andy Sullivan four an apartment in the


clubhouse. Massively pleased. Always nice to get off to a good start in


an Open Championship. The scoring was favourable. Conditions were


quite benign so it felt like if I did not take advantage of it I would


had grief coming in. A solid start, even though it looks average now. To


save par, Johnson. An awkward one for Kaymer. Standing above the ball.


It has not been a great round. He had a birdie on the 13th. A bit of


drama here on the 16th. I am sure he will celebrate in some


non-flamboyant way. This 465 for Kaymer. He has played well. -- this


for 65. That is not his best part. A little tap in, a round of 66, a


great start to this Open Championship. His lowest ever round


in and open. Three behind Mickelson. Bradley for birdie. Oh yes. We have


seen a mix of pubs from Keegan Bradley. A misplaced drive right up


against the face of the bumper. Third shot now for Zach Johnson.


Near enough. Just died on the front of the green. Still a great chance


to save par and remain 5-under. Can Garcia find the birdie on this par


five which has given up so many? He can indeed. Garcia moves to 4-under


par. Closing well. Finishing strongly. The support is still with


them. Six birdies in the first 16 homes for Zach Johnson. No bogeys.


Everything was going swimmingly. Another bad tee shot here. Hacked


out of the bunker sideways. This, for a round of 66. No one likes to


finish with two bogeys. Surely not. Well, he will be disappointed. 67


for the day is a good round of golf. Just not quite the one he was hoping


for. He has got basically joined Garcia at minus four.


Right out the bottom of that leaderboard you will see the name


Zach Johnson, disappointing finish from his point of view. Bogey, bogey


at 17 and 18. Some happy sitting for a sack. It was Bobby Locke of South


Africa and Arnold Palmer who retained their open titles rated at


Troon. It has been done before and he can do it. Before I talk about


your round, how did it feel to be welcomed back as the champion? Very


nice, very warm, welcoming. Lots of nice embraces and applause. From the


RNA and the fans. It is nice to come back to a tournament you respect but


that you love. It is not always nice giving a trophy back but the last 12


months or so has been fantastic. You did a good job for the majority of


the round. It would suggest you didn't want to give the trophy back.


It was a solid day. A level of quality shots, opportunities out


there. A couple of nice recoveries and a couple of Arendt shot at the


end. I paid the price, as you should. It will by you hear if you


are not on your game. Unfortunate but with more positives than


negatives and I will continue tomorrow. Let's dig a breath. Phil


Mickelson is three shots ahead of the field. Patrick Reed and Martin


Kaymer, the top European in hot pursuit. Then comes the group in


fourth, all tied at 4-under par and it includes the top Briton, Andy


Sullivan of England. It also includes the defending champion,


Zach Johnson. Justin Rose looms large at 3-under. Also in that


group, Henrik Stenson and Sergio Garcia. We have been following the


fortunes of some of the biggest names in the game and they find


themselves a long way back at the moment. If you have been following


Rory McIlroy, he is there at 2-under with Rickie Fowler, so to Adam


Scott. Colin Montgomerie hit the opening shot. Level par from Jordan


Spieth, Willett, Johnson and the world number one, Jason Day, a less


than average day, ten shots and the back behind the leader. Like many,


he was 4-under to the turn but it was pressing the accelerator on the


back nine that separated him from the challengers. We got a break with


the weather. The wind died a bit, changed direction, so this 10th and


11th was very tricky. A couple of nice shots and he has been working


on his 10th. This is delightful. The three at number ten was a real


boost. That was one of the rarest birdies today. This is the 14th at


the short par-3 and Mickelson seeing everything now. He played a cagey


shot and another one of the find at the bottom of the cup. He is gaining


confidence here. He has that look on his face where he is content. The


16th and you would think he would be in a lot of trouble but he makes it


look easy. It is a dangerous shot. It is difficult to get it out and


move it 18 yards. That was another birdie opportunity. His seven of the


day. He founded in and at 46 years of age, this gives them another


crack at the birdie. He played aggressively. He was trying to work


the ball in from right-to-left which he did delightfully. One of the best


T-shirts today. Again, if he can nudge this one, there is something


special on the horizon. He would walk to the eating knowing that he


had a chance not just to equal a golfing history with a 63 but to


write a whole new page at the 18th. Found the rough and played a good


approach. How that stayed out, I will never, never know. He couldn't


believe it. He had to be content with a 63. Just parked behind the


cup. He had a part like that at Phoenix. This one seemed to become


in nicely and just decided it wasn't going to go. He said he felt like he


played the round of his life and he still felt like crying. He said at


Castle Stuart he realised he had to do work on his like again and he had


a huge session on Tuesday. That seems to have made a massive


difference. There are a lot of parts taken from off the greens. He has


honed himself. He always practices but his confidence has developed. It


went from good to better and better. I thought he had shot the 62. He is


looking to be the second oldest champion ever after Old Tom Morris


in 1867 he was only two months old. Mickelson will feature in your shot


of the day. First of all, the Oosthuizen had a special job at the


14th. It was the par-3. 167 yards. That was more breeze about. With the


wind of the left, it is awkward. He covered the flag all the way and in


she went. Got back to level par. A special shot. Two aces after his


performance at the Masters. This was a fantastic shot. He nudged it in


low and it came off the Kosh and that was one of the shots of the


day. Such a quality striker. Mickelson on the same hole. Another


chance added to. He plays a similar sort of shot. A little higher, the


wind has died down a fraction. Watch this one. He struck it so well. A


lovely too. What is your shot of the day. This came at the 3rd. Bubba


Watson, driver, a par for, 372 yards and he gives it this wallop. The


pain is at the back of the green. Could you chase it on? It scripts


passed the bunker, runs down the edge, it must be the best of 390


yards. A bit special. Only Boboc could do that. He will be looking


forward to tomorrow. The wind is due to switch around. Relentless rain as


well. A beautiful summer 's day here in Scotland once again. Ken, it has


been an eventful day. We have had a hole-in-one, a horror show at the


11th and a very low number indeed. A history equalling number. It might


have broken the record but the day belongs to Phil Mickelson. It is


fair to say he has mastered Royal Troon today. Good night.


Hazel Irvine introduces the best moments from the opening round of The Open at Royal Troon, situated on the rugged coastline of the west of Scotland.

American Zach Johnson defends the title he won in a three-way play-off last year, while 2014 champion Rory McIlroy returns after withdrawing from the tournament 12 months ago because of an ankle injury.

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