Day 2 Highlights Golf: The Open

Day 2 Highlights

Extensive coverage from Royal Troon of the second round at the 145th Open Championship. Friday's play was delayed by rain last year.

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Hello, if it is true innovation you are after at the Open Championship,


Phil Mickelson almost gave us some of that yesterday. The left-hander


was millimetres away from a landmark achievement, a 62 in a men's Major.


Something that has been described as golf's four-minute mile. Phil was


doing his best Roger Bannister impressions on an opening day that


was dominated, as they so often are here at Royal Troon, by the US of A.


They have always done well at Troon, those from the other side of the


Atlantic, this year there are more in the California sun on the further


Clyde. Others like Steve Stricker who have seen it many times before


are all 4-under with eight Americans in the top ten. Yes, there are


others who didn't find the going quite so easy. Bubba Watson has not


enjoyed Opens past. Jordan Spieth, so close at St Andrews last year,


was a shot further behind. It was feisty Patrick Reed, so long the


standard-bearer, finishing 5-under and leading the way. Zach Johnson


showed a fierce determination to hold onto his Claret Jug, reaching


six and before letting slip two shots on the final to my calls. But


what Americans stole the show, as he so often can. By the time Phil


Mickelson reach the final hole, you had eight birdies and a chance of a


record-breaking mark. Never in men's Majors has a 60 to be managed, and


Mickelson came as close as any. On another grand day at Troon for the


stars and stripes. He might have been heartbroken, but Mickelson is


still only the ninth man ever to shoot 63. The Muirfield champion


takes a three shot lead, the largest after an opening round for 15 years.


Patrick Reed and two-time major winner Martin Kaymer of closest to


it. -- are closest to it. Justin Rose, Henrik Stenson, Sergio Garcia


amongst those at 3-under, whilst Rory McIlroy and Adam Scott six


behind Jordan Spieth, reigning US Open champion Dustin Johnson all


eight adrift whilst the world number one, Jason Day, lacking ten shots


behind. It could be all change on the second day. We might be it about


to go from sun splashed to just splash. Rain, we understand, is on


the way. The wind is coming in from the south, meaning that is into the


players' faces on the front nine holes and potentially helping them


home. That might be a moot point with gusts of up to 25 mph coming in


in the afternoon. It might be a day for Phil Mickelson to dig out the


all-weather gloves that he has taken to wearing on occasions like this.


We couldn't take our eyes off him yesterday, and Ken Brown had him on


his radar earlier this morning. Phil Mickelson, just wondering passed the


18th green, wistfully looking, morning, Phil, how on earth did that


putt slip past the edge of the whole yesterday, unbelievable for a 62. He


is getting the feel of the putting servers this morning, it is a very


different day. It is chilly, the wind has turned from 180 degrees.


The greens are a little bit slower. It will be interesting to see how


Phil does. It is chilly and everybody is wrapped up this


morning. Phil is ready for action. What a day was for him yesterday.


Something very special. Mixing with the stars again! Phil and his


playing partners, Ernie Els and Lee Westwood, might have some of the


better conditions morning thanks to their early tea-time. Golf's man of


the summer, Dustin Johnson, was rather upstaged by my think I'm up


Spike bogey 366 today. Russell Knox starting on over. -- Dustin


Johnson's bogey free 63. Henson and Scott enjoyed solid starts.


Denmark's 41 you rolled Soren Kjeldsen has enjoyed a newly single


golf life. He moved to 5-under. Right behind him, all eyes on


46-year-old Mickelson leading this putting touch to save par here at


the 2nd. Job done. Yeltsin again, taking advantage of the par-5 at the


6th. Further gain therefore the Dane, who won at the Irish Open last


year to behind Mickelson. It didn't take the Muirfield champion logs


reassert himself. His ninth birdie at the 4th, now 9-under par, and


three in front once again. Here is the picture as we join it on day two


of the opening Championship. Mickelson three shots ahead of


Kjeldsen, who has made significant progress, two on today. Bill Haas


going well in that group at 4-under par. The greatest gains have been


made by Charl Schwartzel, the former Masters winner from South Africa. He


has picked up shots and the first three birdies in a row at the 3rd


number seven. He is on the march, as we join Ken Brown, Mark James,


Andrew Cotter and Peter Alliss. A very different day from yesterday as


we look down across the links eh at Royal Troon. The water looks pretty


calm. There is a hint of rain in the air, but we have more to come. Here


we are looking back to the tee at the 1st. Yesterday's here are,


Mickelson, about to hit his tee shot.


Bones and filled together. You would think they would have exhausted


every possible discussion on every club and every shot. It is lovely,


like newlyweds! He drilled that, didn't he?! Oh, I say!


APPLAUSE I do say, that was wonderful.


Ciman had some problems on the second to save par.


Getting in, they cry, but it doesn't today. The shot goes, different


prospect there. After that beautiful tee shot at the 5th, Mickelson. He


has a putt for a two. Oh! Not to be, so close. One birdie,


and all passed so far. -- all par. Second hole catching a few players


out today. Bird shot for Johnson. Not counting Zach Johnson out. That


is a way to bogey the second. He bogeyed the 18th to finish


yesterday, Johnson. 5-under. Schwartzel has made a sensational


start to his round. He is swinging beautifully, putting fine, and


another one rattled friend. He really is on a roll. Better things


from him today than yesterday. Mickelson, a long way at the 6th


hole today. Third shot to the par-5. A little bit of zip there.




Andy Sullivan at the 5th. 3-under par, this for a birdie. Looks


good... APPLAUSE


My golly, it is good, well done. What a revelation he has been over


the last couple of seasons. Conditions still pretty good for the


morning starters. Mickelson, birdie opportunity at the par-5 6th. It


will press forward, local press forward of the hands. Watching it


all the way, run on, watching get to judge the break. -- watching it.


Martin Kime for a birdie. At the 4th. -- Kaymer. Sweetly done.


A more conventional putting grip for this one. Then he searches. He is


rolling the ball very nicely, nice and steady. One and on for the first


six, par here at six. And another superb... Oh, it was.


Now it is just OK. Mickelson, seventh hole, second shot. 135


yards, over the back and closed in the pin. Walter Little beauty. It


did the salsa around the hole there. -- what a little beauty. Stenson on


the par-5. Actor back birdies to 5-under he goes. -- back-to-back


birdies. This was a wonderful second shot for Mickelson on the seventh.


He was blind, spun it back to here. A birdie chance. Oh, only just but


he has done it! Second birdie for Mickelson. And he moves to 10-under


double figures. At the moment coming he is running away with things.


Zach Johnson for his birdie at the par-5 4th. That is two of the first


four. Johnson moves 6-under. Mickelson on the dangerous eighth


hole. It is only small, but it packs a punch. Another super shot from


Mickelson. Could it going? Might it? APPLAUSE


He is like that for the Dynamo, magic.


Henrik Stenson on the fifth, birdies on the third and fourth. Still quite


still out there, close to those left-hand bunkers, pin here. Just


about there, coming down off the shoulder. What a result, great


birdie chance to come. Charl Schwartzel, what a run he is on.


Would it end here? First bogey of the day was out on 31 with five


bogeys, a bogey on the 10th, back to 3-under.


What a shot black Johnson. Downslope to land it on, that is as good as he


could have done. Superb shot from Zach Johnson. The rain is coming


down a bit more steadily now. Keegan Bradley at the 3rd. His third


shot, birdie putt, big swing. Here it comes, Lookout! Leapt into the


hole for Sanctuary. 5-under par. Zach Johnson, fairly still waters


behind him. This will be a wonderful up and down. Conditional tense, it


wasn't, what a shame. He usually rolls those in so well. Shot goes on


the fifth. Back to the group in 5-under.


What a difference a day makes in these conditions. All rather damp at


the moment. Stenson, putt for a two. In it goes, three birdies in a row,


the man who was so close to Mickelson at Muirfield three years


ago has done well again. Bones keeps the ball dry for his boss,


Mickelson. Two clubs on today with that arthritic condition he has,


keep the hands warm and a bogey of the cards coming he hasn't had one


yet in this Championship -- two gloves on.


And he still hasn't. Right in the middle it went. Mickelson remains


11-under, 33 to the term. -- turn. Zach Johnson on the Spectator


crosswalk, a little punch in it, he holds that after just zipping it in.


Johnson, another birdie opportunity to come. Mickelson on the 10th hole,


brollies or out and the rain is down. Before the rain came down, Ken


Brown without having a look at this hole. -- was out. The 10th turns


back into the prevailing wind, 451 yards from right to left. The


fairways totally on-site it, you have no idea where it is over the


mound. -- and cited. It is an undulating fairway, the ball tends


to keep from left to right. The ball is played uphill to an elevated


green, club selection is not easy, trying to keep it under the breeze


because you are uphill. Up here on the putting surface on the 10th


green, to the left of it is a huge bank with vengeful long grass, you


don't want to go in there. If you drift down the right, watch what


happens, the ball trickle is off into the green. And she's gone! Down


the slope! And the problem here is when it goes down the slope here,


lots of people have done the same thing, just have a look. All these


divots, terrible pivots. You come down the bank, hopefully the ball it


in a different place. Look what you are left with? And awful little


chip, you could find the hole line. This is interesting, no bunkers, but


my goodness... Looking down from on high at the terrifying T-shirt on


the 10th. -- tee-shot. Pick a line. Heading right, there is thick stuff


down there. He might have avoided the worst of it. We will see it


plainly enough. Keegan Bradley at the 4th hole,


third shot. Pitch over that bank, scuttles along. Pretty nicely


judged, too. APPLAUSE


The caddy exits. Zach Johnson in for his birdie.


APPLAUSE That Johnson goes back to 6-under,


joined his playing partner, Stenson. Third shot from Mickelson here. He


has parted quite beautifully so far. -- parted. He has struck the ball


beautifully, got a nice pace. A little bit shy on the one. Again,


nice, easy role. Safe par. More than happy with that off that


he shot. The fun of the 11th to come. -- off that tee-shot. Even


with his great height, spends and can't see much of the target.


Straight over the camera tower I suggest is more or less in line.


Stop, stop, stop... Yes! He has no idea at this moment how good that


is. Bradley out for that very good chip,


birdie putt on the ball. Well done. -- on the fourth.


Five shot lead for Phil Mickelson. A Scandinavian assault, Danish and


Swedish. Soren Kjeldsen, Henrik Stenson. Zach Johnson, the defending


champion, as well. Martin Kaymer is further adrift.


Martin Kaymer at this very, very annoying, beautifully attractive in


a weird sort of way, eighth hole. And he has made it look like there


is nothing to its... O! I thought there was going to be a point of


Shandy brought there, but it wasn't to be.


APPLAUSE Stenson makes it! That was pretty


from Stenson. Nice commercial shot from Soren


Kjeldsen, in the middle of the fourth green, putting upslope,


uphill for a two. Delightful touch putter, he has hold


some good ones today as well. -- he has hole.


Stenson on the eighth tee, playing 125 yards, hardly a breath of wind.


I put my head out a minute ago, nothing around the clubhouse at all.


The forecast was for it to be horrific this morning.


A lot of spin on the ball. It lands very softly. The flag is hardly


moving. This side of the draw might get a huge break. One of the best


wedge players in the game, Ken. A strong grip, holds the face open,


pushes with the follow-through. He is a good wedge man. A lot of spin,


delightful. Soft greens and not much breeze makes this shot a little bit


easier. Second shot of Mickelson at the 11th.


Fabulous irons, superbly struck. Some very high quality golf today,


beautiful golf yesterday, and Phil has had one heck of a career.


Charl Schwartzel, he had a heck of a start, five birdies on the front


nine, slowed down a bit since. Here at the 13th, Schwartzel now to


3-under. Henrik Stenson, for his two. Adam


Scott's Marco looked -- Marco looks almost at his line, and he knows it


is pretty slow. -- marker. You think he is very capable of


winning Major titles, no doubt about that. Par at the 8th for Stenson,


stays at 7-under. Came to the ninth. Blind shot. --


Martin Kaymer. Pin at the back of the green today. You have to judge


the grass. That is not great, but it hit nice and soft. Two for the chip


now. Did you have a putt with all-weather gloves on, Ken? It is


like wearing divan gloves. He needs to keep his touch. This will be a


massive birdie... O! He tried. Just a par for Phil. Very, very tidy


golf. Just a little tasty one left,


unusual putting grip. Nicely done, Tony. 33.71 today to go with the 67


yesterday. Martin Kaymer uses the Texas wedge, the putter from the


green, more often than most. He has got a chance... In she goes! What a


beauty! Bit of a push with the second and comes up with a nice


finish on the front line holes. -- front nine holes. 7-under. Good


wedge from the tee of this eighth hole, the Postage Stamp. Zach


Johnson to get to seven. A beautiful putt from Johnson. A 3-way tie for


second. Martin Kaymer, Johnson and Stenson.


Interesting play from Mickelson. He needs a bit of luck. It looks like


he has avoided the course over there.


STUDIO: Phil Mickelson with a four shot advantage, but they are


gaining. Martin Kaymer, Henrik Stenson and Zach Johnson all moving


to 7-under par now, this leaderboard is no longer resembling quite the


51st State of the USA that it did last night. Gorgeous yesterday, but


every beautiful day in Scotland its acts a penalty. Tony Finau is


certainly enjoying his first taste of the Open. Tony, you are getting a


proper Scottish welcome. Weather has turned. What you make of it? It is


what I expected. When I keyed off, it was chilly this morning, the


weather was up and it started to rain. I felt like we were in for a


long day. After the first few holes I was able to manage out there. How


pleased are you with the Lovell part to date? -- level par today? I try


to keep my head down and play, I was able to do that nicely. I did and


have the best front nine but I was able to have ice back nine and keep


myself in the mix. Not easy, this. Phil is undecided to


the green, hasn't got the greatest lie, could be worse. -- on the


cited. Well, OK, he is going to have a


pitch in a putt to save his par. Stenson second on the ninth. Can he


fire on up and get it to land softly? He had the distance right,


but he is in Martin Kaymer country. Mickelson has just got a very


playable tight lie. Played two, just taking a tee shot into the right


rough. Can he save par? The Mickelson magic is spinning a lot,


maybe too much. When you invade my personal space,


you're affecting my ability to concentrate.


Martin Kaymer couldn't get the club on the back of the ball. Wouldn't go


in a give it. Where has it gone this time? -- didn't go in a divot.


Mickelson to save his par. He hasn't dropped a stroke yet this week. His


first stroke here at the 12th. Errant tee shot with an iron got him


into Walsall is of trouble, couldn't reach the green in two. -- got him


into all sorts of trouble. There is hope, just leaves by three.


STUDIO: That is the first bogey for Phil Mickelson since the 13th hole


of the last round and 2004. After that shocking first chip he has


another chance. That didn't really look as though he knew what was


going on there either. That is just a dreadful cap. -- chip.


Keegan Bradley off the tee, dodged the bunker. Should have a bit of


spin on it, struck it so well. Good chance of the birdie. Stenson to


save par at nine, played the chip well, came up a little shot from the


right. That was not a good putt. Left off the clubhead. Stenson slips


back to minus six. Still a heck of a front line, though. -- front nine.


Martin Kaymer chipped through hole ten. There he was obviously nervous


and flushing it and going back down where the previous chip was. Third


shot, 16 foot Yeltsin. Chance the birdie here. A good touch around the


greens. -- Soren Kjeldsen. Beautifully played. Realistic


chance. Kaymer, for a six. It's a shame,


after all that good work today. A tasty one he for Kjeldsen. Oh!


Par-5, it's going to be a five, after such a delightful chip


opportunity missed. All piles on the back nine, he stays at 6-under.


Keegan Bradley, a little bit of right-to-left on this. This is for


birdie. Not that much to right-to-left, surely not! There is,


good lord, what a three! Just about to drop supplies to the


Caddis. Phil has a plain like that, not quite as big as that, flies his


own plane. Have you been on it? I know you and him are pretty tight. I


haven't been on Phil's aeroplane as yet. It's impressive to have your


own aeroplane. Pretty much straight downwind, pin from left.


Safe, down the right side. At 6-under par, Kjeldsen, 17th green.


An outside chance of a two. I will! That's a little bonus.


Well, he'll be looking forward to getting in the clubhouse. Three


birdies, no bogeys, 7-under. Phil Mickelson, get it in the hole.


It doesn't sound as the same in a strange foreign accent, it should be


an American, getting the hole. Trickle bogey on ten, off the green,


in the rough. -- triple bogey. Has he hit it? No, he hasn't, another


one goes for Kaymer. 14th tee, playing 178, pin right side of the


green. He's trying to shape it there. Oh, Philip, Philip, Philip, a


massive break. There was a 50-50 chance it plugs and he's right in


the middle of the green. HAZEL IRVINE:


Phil Mickelson whether three shot advantage, a four way tie for


second. Interesting to see Keegan Bradley up there. This is the man


who won the first-ever major he entered at the USPGA Championship in


2011, he's really struggled since the anchoring ban came into force


this year. He's missed 11 out of 19 cuts, but a real sign of improvement


for the American here. COMMENTATOR:


Kjeldsen on the final hole, 7-under. Maybe heading for a Ryder Cup place.


And a beautiful little drive down two of them, side-by-side. Well, we


saw Zach Johnson hitters tee shot away to the right into trouble. Ken


was down there earlier before it started to rain, I hasten to add.


Here's what he thought. The rough was always about the open but how


deep was it this week at Troon? The first cut, it isn't really rough,


it's a semi, it's about three wide, two yards of reasonable stuff and


then into the deep stuff and if the ball goes in here you can find some


terrible lies. You will do well to hack that out. Also hidden there


sometimes is a nasty bit of Heather, as the train goes by. Let's see how


deep it is. It's a goods train as well. Put a tape measure in, it's


always interesting. This has got to be just about 20 inches deep. So if


you venture off line here and get unlucky you could get in some tough


stuff. The key this week is keep out of the rough. Wise words on any


course. After a brilliant break of the tee coming off the edge of the


bunker, Nicholson to extend his lead for a two, he had 32-macros


yesterday. -- Mickelson. Another one finds the bottom of the cut,


11-under. Impressive stuff, Peter. Yes, it is, it's quite remarkable. A


joy to watch. There will be a big cheer if this finds the bottom of


the cup. Kjeldsen, the 18th, he could be his final putt. Wondering


left to right. A wonderful day on the links for Soren Kjeldsen, the


clubhouse lead at 7-under par. 68, two rounds of 38 -- 34, that's a


wonderful round of golf. HAZEL IRVINE:


Rounds of 67 and 68 today have put Soren Kjeldsen firmly in contention


in this Open Championship. It was a tied seventh place at the Masters in


April and three months on his contending once more. Let's hear


from the Dane. -7 going into the weekend, you must


be over the moon with that? I'm very happy with that, I played really


well yesterday and we expected really tough conditions today. I


think generally we got pretty lucky. It wasn't great conditions, by no


means, but they weren't too bad and I hit a lot of quality shots again,


made putts when I needed to make putts and saved some good pars and


it was a really nice round. Into big spectators braving all to look down


on Mickelson, who has found a reasonable lie, some sit forward --


intrepid spectators. Mrs all the trouble. The rain is gentle, he has


two gloves on now, maybe these waterproof variety you may have read


about but I'm told on good authority, washing-up gloves, if you


pull them over the top of those, are absolutely waterproof and do a job


very well. Johnson, who found the right Russ-macro -- the right rough


off the tee. Fortunately it's not blowing very


hard, this is quite heavy rain coming down. A little unpleasant.


Back to 6-under. There's how the leaderboard looks,


he leads by four does Phil Mickelson, 15 since three, the


par-4, and a lovely setup routine. He looks from behind, he's picturing


the line, where the going to start the ball? At what pace? Get a clear


image of that. Steps up to it, not too fast. If you rush into it you


tend to have a rushed stroke, practice the soft ones. Those


gloves, they might lose a bit of feel with them. Interesting, he's


not afraid of getting them wet, that's the thing that intrigues me.


Fine, thin leather, like grip on the shaft and push it back and through,


and that's the second bogey, second bogey today, second bogey since we


started. Just found the rough off the tee and it cost him.


A first look at Andrew Johnson. The Middlesex golf club, they'll be


cheering in the clubhouse for that one. Was a little gem, he's been


playing some good golf recently, the Spanish open winner. Nicknamed Beef.


The green running away from him, decent lie, longs better than


shorts. That's the beauty, that is as good as you can go. How about


that one? That could well be one of the shots of the week. Nerve, you


see, you have to keep your nerve, and he did it beautifully. I find


this Zach Johnson style of chipping and pitching intriguing, Ken. He


sort of looks at it for a while and once he steps up to the ball it's


all very quick. You watch now, he just goes up, just a second or two


and clips it away, very stiff wrist, stiff arm. Pretty darned good. You


been amazing, he has the clubface wide open, he hit one up the tee.


Could do with a bit more source on those gloves. After the most


delightful little chip, this would be unlikely par, or an easy par.


Yes. Superb, 66, with a couple of bogeys on it. Look at those red


figures, out in 31, 35 back and right in the Championship, former


Masters champion as well, 2011. HAZEL IRVINE:


Phil Mickelson began the day with an advantage, still has it but the


chasing pack is changed a bit. Soren Kjeldsen already in with the round


of 68 and Charl Schwartzel, the Masters champion five years ago,


home with a 66, delightful touches in that round as well. Let's hear


from him. 66, that equals your best running


your open career so far. How good was it? This one was probably the


best out of the 66s I have made. The front line was very difficult, thank


the very first hole, I had a yards for my second which normally I wage


from 79, and basically played like that all the way out, then when I


returned it started raining and it rained hard, so it was a big


challenge but I'm very happy the way I played today.


COMMENTATOR: Mickelson, long putt for a birdie.


Had a couple of bogeys, dropped a couple of shots so far in this


round. But two putts will be okayed, one, no, good effort, but oh, a


little bit more than I'm sure he hoped for. Johnson, birdie putt. I


like the cut of his jib. Well done. APPLAUSE


A little bit of chicken on the bone here, Peter. There is, there's a bit


of movement here. If he's to the right of centre or towards the right


edge, he's going to miss this. Just needs to be inside left edge. Inside


the left edge, with a little bit of pace. He's played before. He knows


how to do it. APPLAUSE


Now Stenson. He was in great shape years ago, then he had two or three


years when he really was in the doldrums, almost gave up then came


back, found a little magic touch, a magic sword, then he is turning into


one of the world's best. A lovely shot. I liked watching that, though


he does things they don't tell you in the textbooks, like that -- Zach


But he gets the job done. Good shot. Has more writing on him than an F1


driver. He has. Come on, Phil, only two holes left


to play. He finds his weight everywhere. Oh, that might be, good


for a lefty. Just rocks the shoulders backwards


and forwards, Zach Johnson, his putting style is very simple. No


wrist action and nicely done. He's a little Luke Donald, just goes about


its business, very steady, hit the fairways, has some good Science. --


some good irons. Henrick, very nice. He moves within


two, 13 doesn't give much away. Can he get his stands, Peter? Being


left-handed he's only just got away with this. I think if he can swing,


this is wet, very soft, deep sand, he is a wizard. Look how open that


faith is, almost like a frying pan, flat on the back. The sound is


underneath and that's the way you do it. -- sand. That was a very awkward


shot at this time in the proceedings and beautifully played. Quickly to


the 18th, and that Beef, what a raw if that had gone in. Played the


recent US Open, the Americans just love the Beef. Mickelson, after that


absolutely splendid, splendid bunker shot. This little tiddler for his


three at the 17th. In she goes, well done. Not a very good tee shot, but


still a par-3. HAZEL IRVINE:


Mickelson coming towards the end of his round, Henrik Stenson only two


shots back now, leading Briton on that leaderboard Andrew Johnson, the


27-year-old from Barnet, won the Spanish open and hazard great summer


so far. Let's hear from Beef after that 69.


A pair of 69s, a drastic play, how pleased were you to score as you did


in the end after conditions today? Very happy, it's been a strange


couple of days. I played awkward yesterday, I hit one bad shot that


cost me seven. I hit the purist shank you ever seen and it came out


of nowhere. The same today, I was playing all right then I make seven


down 11, I two horrific tee shots and that was don't worry, I'm


playing well, and once I seemed to get on a roll and making two or


three birdies in role it's been quite strange, but very happy.


Dustin Johnson just off the green for a birdie at the 15th. He is


1-over par, that looks good, well done.


APPLAUSE Hadn't had any great fireworks from


him thus far in the Championship, a couple of sixes, but level par.


Now Mickelson, gloves still on. The rain has eased off a bit, but...


Well, safe, but perfect distance. APPLAUSE


He's given that the full treatment. Zach Sit, sit, oh, you greedy thing.


Just tickles him on a slight downslope. I tell you, Zach, it's




Another good round for Mickelson, a couple under today. Edged away from


the field, taken the all-weather gloves off, finally. Zach Johnson.


Third shot at the 15th, came out to here. Still, a fair distance from


the green. But oh, look at that. That's a lovely shot, a chance for a


four. Now Mickelson. A great man for a birdie on the final green, the 36


hole of this year's Championship. This Faure three. -- 36th hole. Very


slow from that side. And with the wind in this direction, planes


taking off, a bit of noise, take your time, it's only a tiddler but


you have missed these. Well done, nice confident work under miserable


conditions. I've seen worse. But he played nicely.


APPLAUSE Zach Johnson, to save par. Always,


always left. That's a total misread from Johnson. So he will slip back.


LAUGHTER What are those four up to? Dustin


Johnson, just finishing off. After that beautiful shot into the green.


This for a four. Well done. I wonder if we are going to have any great


blistering scores from him over the weekend, but a couple of sixes today


have slowed him down. A few birdies. In it goes for Johnson for a bogey


at the 15th, two bogeys on the back nine so far, back to 6-under. He


needs the coursed fast and fiery. Dustin on the 17th, tee a bit


forward, 215 today. Scampering for the umbrella, look at them, they are


all blooming. What a shot from Dustin Johnson, huge squall has just


come in and through the first we can see him, four feet away. That was


hit and run for cover. Johnson, second shot. He's got to hit an


absolute belter to reach this one. Just up the front, a perfect line. A


decent shot there, what a player he's been over so many years, former


Masters champion, defending champion here, grand career.


Keegan at the 14th, tee shot on its way. And a good one. A bit of juice


on that beauty. It really was a laser-like tee shot


from Dustin Johnson on the 17th. This do make it three birdies in a


row. So Johnson moves to two under par,


the world never two, the U.S. Open champion making a good move towards


the end of the second round. -- world number two. Stenson in the


sand, looks as if he's got a lie under shot. -- lie and a shot. I


thought he would hold it. I thought... And so did he. What a


magnificent shot, and another birdie. Garcia. For a birdie at the


14th. Running well, running very well.


APPLAUSE Zach Johnson, this fraud par 116,


just short of the green on two. See if you can make it all better. There


we are, five in the end, a little bit clumsy around the green, but he


remains 6-under. Bradley, a chance of the two on the


14th, a little bit from right to left down this slope. A couple of


shots went on the 11th and 12th but one back on the 14th joint Zach


Johnson again on 6-under. Henrik Stenson then, to finish out here at


the 16th. A beautiful bunker shot, nearly holed to Ty Nicholson. -- to


tie with Mickelson. He chased Mickelson three years ago at


Muirfield. HAZEL IRVINE:


A score of 69 to date, the lowest halfway total at Troon ever in the


open meeting and Darren Clarke's efforts by a shot, he's earned his


hot bath all right but before it he talks to us.


63 yesterday, brilliant, 69 today, different sides -- type of


satisfaction? I thought it was a good round to follow after


yesterday's round. It's difficult when you get hot and the momentum is


going your way to follow it up with a good round and I felt I played


pretty solid in some adverse conditions, played a good front nine


and the back nine I came home in strong. I made one or two mistakes,


yet when I did hit a bad shot I didn't make too big of a mistake and


that was key. A lot of people have enjoyed watching you over the years


because you want to BF on the front foot attacking, how much do you have


to rein in your natural instincts today? I'm trying to make birdies


but I'm trying to do it from the centre of the fairway, the centre of


the green. I'm not trying to overpower the golf course and I'm


trying to get in play. Then from there, get it in the centre and I


feel the greens you can make a lot of putts. There's soft movement in


them. You can make 20 or 30 foot because they're not having to be


perfectly timed, or coming in from the side door. Ten and are going


into the weekend after two days here. -- 10-under. What do you think


about the way the tournament is set up now? I'm enjoying the challenge


the weather is now providing and the winds we are going to having the


next couple of days, I'm looking forward to that challenge. One of


the things I've really worked on the years is to Gelb -- to get ball


flights off the tee down, into the air, and it was evident today are


number 12, where I hit a terrible tee shot, why worst shot of the week


and because it was so low it got down onto the ground and it wasn't


too bad. In these crosswinds we're going to play in that will be key,


get it on the ground quick and it takes a lot of stress off the tee


for me. Did you celebrate the 63 last night? No, I was getting ready


for this round. I'm hopeful that there is an opportunity Sunday to


bring home the Claret Jug and that would be incredible, but knowing


that I've already done it takes away some of the stress. But I also know


that it's a long process, there's a lot of golf left.


COMMENTATOR: Obviously not laying too badly at


the 17th, Johnson, can get a clean shot at it. A delightful shot, half


running pitching shot to within four feet or so. Good escape, -- could


escape with a par. Now DJ, final shot. Three birdies in the last


four. Saved the day. APPLAUSE


And still on the fringe of the hunt. Stenson, you don't want to drop a


shot with just one more hole to play. Well done. Always tricky. He


nudged it in nicely. Stays one behind, one to play.


For par from Zach Johnson, out of the sand he came, in it goes, very


good three at the 17th. Hanging in there, 6-under, four behind


Mickelson, one hole to go. Kaymer, this Faure 73. -- 48 73. Good


outward bound and a few untidy strokes Cummings home. 12 for those


two holes and the rest were all pars. He's had a wonderful two on


the 14th, Keegan Bradley, and this is a very flat putt across the 15th.


Trundles along and drops another one for Bradley. He moves to 7-under


alongside Soren Kjeldsen, who has finished. Three behind Mickelson.


All three members of this group, side-by-side, Johnson first to play.


Some distance to go. The wind beginning to take on a


sideways slant, right at it, steady, steady. I was anxious because there


is out of bounds just over the green here. Right at the left-hand window.


The downstairs window. He likes it. A little bit bowl.


APPLAUSE -- a little bit bold. Good line. JB


Holmes, he can give it a good old tweak, I tell you, he and Dustin


Johnson can have a rare old match and he's not bad with his bread and


butter either. What about that? APPLAUSE


3-under, second birdie of the day. Stenson for at the last, quite a big


swing on this. Big fat grip on his putter. The fashion today, keep


going, no, it's not high enough. Good effort, but not quite high


enough, never was, but that's a four and a very good round from Stenson.


APPLAUSE Tap in for a 65. 32 home. That is


the distance Zach Johnson has left himself. A little break as well on


this one, not a nice putt at all. For a closing par. It was always a


big left to right out there, always difficult.


Shame, an ugly finish for Zach Johnson. Two shots went to the last


boreholes, round of 70, still under par today -- last format calls. --


last format calls. In it goes from Henrik Stenson, 65. Heavy rain. What


to round that is from the Swede. One shot behind Phil Mickelson. Another


day for Henrik Stenson. STUDIO: Henrik Stenson turned 40


earlier this year. Perhaps life begins, it may just right now, what


is boggling finish, 65. A little on tidy from Zach Johnson, the


defending champion. -- a sparkling finish. Zach, another round below


par but I noticed as you came of 18 there was a grimace on your face. I


had two decent shots, missed the yardage or whatever you want to call


it, from that yardage anyway. Yes, a little sour. That being said, I mean


if I had snuck a few early in the day, tough conditions. It is not


easy. I guess it is not going to get any easier if the wind picks up.


What was the key to success today? Blog I'd hit it close, I played


solid yesterday. I got a good run earlier in the round, we know it is


important to make your score on the front nine, the rain was getting


closer and closer. I birdied three, four and five before it raining. I


snuck another one in ornate, a soft bogey, it was a little soft online,


I was battling dint of conditions, gossip back straightaway on ten -- I


was battling in tough conditions. Delighted with that score today.


Sergio Garcia has been fighting hard against day, got himself 5-under for


the Championship, aided by this effort. Difficult shot right over


the bunker at the long 60. That is his third, and it set up the birdie.


But he gave away the advantage there was a bogey in the last. Meanwhile,


after a quiet start, all pass to this point up the short fifth, Texan


Patrick Reed find forward momentum -- all pars.


This would yield the first birdie of his day, and he moves to 6-under,


four shots of Nicholsons lead. -- four shots off Mickelson's in Leeds.


The spectacular round of 65 shares the honour of second-best effort in


history, there is a tie for third place. Soren Kjeldsen and Keegan


Bradley have parred the last few holes. Zach Johnson also home in


that 70. He is 5-under. There is a big group at 4-under. That is Howard


looks at the halfway point and a two. Phil Mickelson's best ever


start, the best start by anybody at Royal Troon in the halfway stage. It


looks like in his 23 years at the open he has become a good bad


weather player. He certainly looks that way. It is extraordinary this


summer we have gone from bikinis to balaclavas in the space of a few


hours. They come out yesterday with the suncream, and now everybody is


shrouded in camouflage kit. He really is his own man when he comes


to this. He is wearing the gloves, he has the clip and the hat, I think


it is to keep it on, frankly. I don't know, your guess is as good as


mine. Whatever it is, it is all coming together and working


beautifully. The putter was working well once again. That is a birdie at


the 4th. For Phil Mickelson, the elements for you that have made the


difference over the last couple of days be to have been what? Well,


people talk a lot of nonsense, in my opinion, oh, he is wonderful, he got


to the ninth and he turned it on. In my opinion that is nonsense. You


can't turn it on just like that otherwise everybody would decide to


make 100 and their early 68. Look at this, he is hitting the ball


beautifully, keeping Cole. Things happen, you play a good shot,


sometimes it kicks it in. -- keeping calm. You mustn't get rid of those


sort of experiences. But it is learning to keep calm, do your best,


hit the best shot you can. Nerves come into it. We know the work that


he has been doing on the parting has paid dividends. But once again, his


genius with wedge in hand was apparent here from the southern


pole. Some of those shots... Use all the way the clubface was laid. These


bunkers, they are called hazards. That is a exactly what they should


be. People played backwards, but keep out of them if you can. But


that is what they are therefore, they put twists and turns on Formula


1 tracks because of that reason. He has an array of shots around the


green. He misses a lot of putts like this, Phil. He is a late starter,


really. Early 40s, whatever he is coming he has won 60 or tournaments


but he really didn't start performing in Majors until he was


well into his 30s. Interestingly, he has come into the press conference


saying it was stress-free golf today. He looks back to 2004 here at


Troon when he was third and says that this is where he really began


to click with links golf. It took him a long time but from that point


he has always filed comfortable with this course, and the results have


been seen. That wonderful victory three years ago. It is a phrase that


is used a lot, patience. If you look at the things that Jack Nicklaus


says now, Jack is a dear, dear friend of mine, he talks enormous


sense now, far more than he did 25 years ago, about the way the game is


played. Things that happen here. You have got to wait. When he came here


first of all to the Championship, you realise that a lot of people


have no chance. I can't play, there is no air conditioning in my hotel,


I can't get the stake the size of a 13 shoe, I am going to go home, I'm


fed up with it, I can't understand what they say. Half the field is


eliminated. All these sorts of factors come in. It isn't the golf


that they are used to playing. It could be all different again this


afternoon. The seagulls might start walking this afternoon. When the


seagulls are walking, you know you're in trouble. You talk about


patients, Henrik Stenson has had plenty of that, that's for sure.


Just one shot behind Phil Mickelson. But as Eusebio have the challenge of


rain this morning, there could be further challenges ahead with strong


winds forecast -- as you say. Out just after 2pm, Jordan Spieth,


Justin Rose and Shane Lowry. Augusta hero Danny Willett, Rickie Fowler


and world number one Jason Day. Whilst Rory McIlroy goes to the


first tee knowing that his challenge might be challenged by more rain and


gusting winds as well. The elements work against them.


A reminder of how it looks as we go back out onto Troon mac Old Course.


-- Troon's Old Course. We will hand you to Mark James and


Andrew Cotter, who are all hunkered down and ready for anything.


COMMENTATOR: We shall see, the wind is supposed to big up a little bit.


Certainly tricky for the afternoon starters. -- to pick up a little


bit. Rickie Fowler can manage his way around in a bit of a breeze. You


can see the flag looking from this morning, punching getting low into


the wind still. -- punching it is low. Look at that. Beautifully


managing the shot. It just shows how difficult it is. Very tricky.


Awkward, awkward stance. A good lie for Justin Rose. Oh, that was


ambitious. I haven't seen angle like that from Justin Rose before. It


certainly was a big risk. It obviously was. He is lucky he didn't


hit it again around the club. Fowler now for his birdie. Lovely


approach. Oh, beautifully done, what a great start for Rickie Fowler.


Minus three. Let's have a look at this again, Justin Rose, awkward


stance, good enough lie that he fancied he can get up there with a


3-wood. It was a shocker, wasn't it?! Really quite a good release on


the throw. The world number for now, British number one, though. --


number for Mac. Just a flip with a wedge on this back right pin. It


will fly right with this wind. STUDIO: There is the situation.


Keegan Bradley in that tie for third at the moment after finishing his


round of 68 with three consecutive pars. The first major he ever


entered five years ago with a long putter trying to win his second one


for the short version. Let's hear from him. 68 today to follow the 67.


Would this have been a better round over all then yesterday? Definitely,


it was really nasty of love around. It was difficult all day but it


rained pretty hard run five holes. The way the wind is blowing, a lot


of people are talking about the dangers out there get you were able


to keep your call. I have been strong mentally all week. -- keep


your Poole. I kept strong to finish that well. Good view of the


technique, but bedding himself in, Patrick Reed.


Well played. If you are in the middle of the bunkers here, the ones


on the right are not too bad. That was well built with. Google Roy for


his birdie on the second. -- McIlroy for his birdie on the second.


Here they are, just about the ideal start, does have a birdie in the


second, three and. -- 3-under. This is a very good save for Patrick


Reed. Move to the right. Shame. Cox his head a bit confused,


thought he had it, misread it. First drop shot of the day for


Patrick Reed, back where he started, 5-under.


Fiddly on for Jordan Spieth on the par-5. Looks to be lying nicely.


Held with superbly. Jordan Spieth will have his birdie here. A proper


spot for windsurfing, lively, good technique for that. Justin Rose,


after all his frustration on the fourth, is holding his club away


after the second. This now for par. I think he has had the wrong end of


the draw a few times in the Open Grampian ship. Matthew Southgate on


par so far on the back nine -- Open Championship. This poor a birdie,


for a 71. -- for a birdie. That is a great round of golf from Matthew


Southgate! Great story, well done, Matthew. Patrick Reed, as so many


have done before, has missed this 10th green. Off down to the right.


Good up and down on the mine. Going to need a bit of putting magic on


the 10th -- down to the night. Difficulty is all relative. We saw


Matthew Southgate finishing. He had surgery for cancer the week of the


open at St Andrews last year. Here here's playing in this great


Championship having come through final local qualifying. What a


positive difference 12 months have made for him. Being diagnosed with


cancer last year and going through all that you have, do you feel it is


like a second chance now? In a way I do feel it is like a second chance.


I am grateful, I was so lucky, it was nothing too serious and I


recovered for equipment. My goal with all that now is to raise


awareness for other young guys. It is just one of those things where it


takes courage to go and shoot to my good scores but it also takes good


courage to get yourself into the doctors if you have got a problem.


Anybody who is uncertain about their health, it is a great opportunity


for me, I can reach out to a load of people. If I can get one young guy


to go to the doctors and find a problem early and end up saving the


life, that is a lot more important to me than hitting a golf shot. It


is lovely to be in the position that I am indeed speak out to so many


people. You are in for the weekend, the first time you have made the cut


for the Open, how excited are you? I'm role. I came to my first British


Open in 99 when I was ten years old. -- I'm thrilled. I went to everyone.


My dad used to bring me, we used to ride bikes down to the golf course,


we never missed a shot. I used to drive dad mad about the open, the


open, I used to sit in the grandstand at eight o'clock in the


morning just to get a seat. Comfortably double figure the amount


of times. To know that I would be able to come down here someday and


plate to that crowd and get the reception that I had given so many


other hundreds of players over the years is very special to me. Rose


for bogey, still a bit of work, the winds are up and this is not easy.


He has just pulled that straight off. That is a bad seven. That is


after a bogey at the 1st. Shocking start bowls. -- shocking start for


Rose. Reed for par at the 10th, hit it. That was a timid effort.


So, Patrick Reed slips back. Wind up over 20 mph now in from the right.


It was a fabulous shot, absolutely brilliant. To get that much club on


the ball. It is a wide stance. Jordan Spieth is settling into this


one. The ball didn't rattle around off wide, wide wedge. He recovers


well. As you expect, fairly straightforward bunker shot. He


wonders why that has run on. Two bogeys in the first three for


Watson. A chance here to get at least one back. Oh, well,


beautifully judged. It wasn't an easy play for Bubba Watson. A great


shot off the left-hand side. Used all of his strength. Jordan Spieth


for his par on the sixth. It was a very loose weight she played in on


the left-hand bunker. And a very un-Speith like part. On Speith like


wedge. -- on Speith like wedge. Par-3 5th, 199 for Jason Day. Pin on


the left, the wind was really howling as he hit that. What a shot!


Absolutely flushed. Beautiful. Simple enough, two putt birdie for


Bubba Watson. Back to level par. To go under par for the day, it


Jason Day. Got to be. Nothing to it at the 5th.


The par-5 6th to come. Patrick Reed for his par on the


11th. Another one goes. Reed is giving them away at the moment.


Bogeys on the eighth, 10th and 11th. STUDIO: As ever, there is an element


of the luck of the draw about the Open Championship. Those who entered


this morning early will have considered themselves fortunate to


have avoided the strong winds now gasping in. Nobody is making an


impression there. Patrick Reed has gone backwards. At the moment, the


steady, steady rounds of Steve Stricker and Billy Horschel, who


haven't dropped so far, are proving the most effective here in the group


of 4-under par. Patrick Reed is now 2-over on his round. In the group at


3-under. There is sand or something on the back of the ball. The green


is well above him. He is at the 8th, and Speith has to flip it up. It is


back in again. No, it's not. Oh, yes, it is. Don't just drop in the


back, oh, it is built on the downslope. Oh...


Looking at 2-over par at the moment, the cut. Day has shied his birdie


chance. Lovely, lovely putt. Back to level par. For a bogey.


Couple more shots drop away. Not a happy bunny.


STUDIO: A reminder of how it looks here at Troon. Phil Mickelson still


with the 1-shot advantage over Swede Henrik Stenson. In a tie for third


place it is Kjeldsen Bradley. Defending champion Zach Johnson home


after a round of 70 today. -- Kjeldsen Bradley. Many of the


players in the field wearing black ribbons in the memory of the victims


of the dreadful events in Nice last evening. Amongst them is the French


golfer who lives in that city. He said today, I am proud to be French


and we all need to support each other. We would echo those


sentiments and pay our respects as the trickle hovers at half-mast


overall Troon today. -- the French flag.


Oh, he has clipped it off nicely. A load of spin on it. An absolute gem.


If you do that, you can feed it too far. That was perfect play. -- you


can then it. It looks like means business. -- he means business. He


has got his game face, focus, whatever that means.


Here he comes, McIlroy's third shot. A whisker too soon, but nicely


played. He is still a young man, but what a wonderful record he has had.


McIlroy birdie putt at sixth. Just a little bit of amazement on this. Oh,


lovely, lovely. Birdie it is. APPLAUSE


That's more like it. 4-under. After a splendid 45 yard bunker shot


splashed out in the air, looking in strokes, it looks like just a par


for Bubba. That is what they call infrastructure! Well, Rory is having


a shy at the 7th, 89 yards, bit of breeze helping. It isn't far from


the green. Still well balanced, pretty


straight, will it hold of their will it...? Bounding on, look at that. --


hold the fairway. It is skipping the way, nestled a bit. -- skipping


away. Come on, Bubba, where you going now?


Not bad, I don't think, it is an almighty one. Oh my good God, the


cat that?! -- look at that. This is the group ahead on the green, Rickie


Fowler down the slope. Hitting Cross handed, he has looked pretty good


this morning, a couple of decent ones. Go on... No... Oh, yes!


APPLAUSE Just enough pace, just enough break.


And tidy start, started at wonder, has moved to 4-under. -- untidy


start. Started at 2-under. His two playing partners have made


it three, and so has he. He is at 1-over. Three birdies in a row. Bit


of blue sky, Peter, how about that?! Can he get this one right, he has


had a good start on the green so far today, this is a left to right, down


the slope, he is taking a lot of time picking his lie. Has he? He


has! What a start for Rory today, right in the centre, three birdies


on his card, no drop shots. He looks a bit bedraggled. Thank God nobody


is hungry! Bubba, can he follow McIlroy in for a birdie? No, you


can't. -- he can't. APPLAUSE


14th, moves to 3-under par. The Asian champion. McIlroy decent at


the 8th. QT here yesterday, nearly hole it. -- nearly holed it. One of


the shortest hole is no proper golf course. Par-3, 100 and 20-odd


guards. Oh, golly gumdrops. -- odd yards. That doesn't look very


inviting at all. Ken was out earlier, looking at the treacherous


nurse of these greenside bunkers at the 8th. At Troon, all around the


greens there are sneaky bunkers. Have a look at this one, let's chuck


a few balls and see how they lie. Not too bad. Little bunkers, you


very rarely get a flat lie at the bottom, awkward shots. Often you


don't have much green to work with, so they are awkward. You have to


flick it up very quickly, this one is not too bad, I quite fancy it.


They have found a flat layer, you can see how the bunkers gather up.


Let's have a go at this one. Open the clubface. Don't be too cute or


you will leave it in here. Too bad, it has come out a bit runny. The


bunkers rampant through greens are small, they are pot bunkers and they


are tricky. -- around true greens. If you don't get a flat lie you will


have also also trouble. Some of the members have trouble getting out,


two. -- all of trouble. Bubba looks to be playing out


slightly sideways. What is the angle of the club compared to his feet?


That is a brilliant shot. I don't believe it! That could almost get in


the Guinness Book of Records. You just can't do that. You can't do


that... Smoke and mirrors there. APPLAUSE


What were we making all the fuss about?! Just a couple of simple


breeze. -- threes. This is their way, a fair distance to go yet. Come


down with the iron. -- this fairway. That doesn't look great, a mix of


bushes and long grass. A bit of trouble off the Tmax. Left on the


ninth, McIlroy. -- off the tee. Slow to come up, just a few paces shot of


the flag. Attended by, up and up and shot.


Could use a slightly longer lens! McIlroy for his par.


Gasps from the crowd, the first drop shot of the date from Rory McIlroy,


right at the end of the front line. Phil Mickelson in with his 69 and


Henrik Stenson with 65. Harm but very wet. A wonderful round. --


harm. Anybody who can get on the first page of the leaderboard from


this afternoon has done very well indeed. Steve Stricker, what around


he is putting together. All pars so far. Here he is on the 11th.


And hops it up nicely, such a wise old head, Stricker, doesn't play too


often. Done very well here. Fowler, for par on the 10th.


Sometimes you have to work so hard for your pars. This for an eagle to


get to -5, come on, no. Got a heck of a birdie. Michael Roy to ten,


perfect drive. Trying to get back that drop shot at nine double quick


-- Rory McIlroy. Now, he is hitting it low. A punchy shot. A pretty good


shot as well. APPLAUSE


Stricker, on the 11th, this Faure birdie, all pars so far from Steve


Stricker. He putts so well, Stricker, but


can't quite believe that stayed out, another par for his massive


collection. Still four under, that's a very, very tidy card in these


conditions. An, after the birdie, a little wind


helping. Hang on, drifting away. It's gone into that slightly longer


rough. Dipping into the wind, at least.


Good drive, solid iron shot from McIlroy, this for his birdie. It's a


well struck putt. The wind now starting to affect the putts as


well, looks as though it drifted away when it shouldn't have. A


birdie putt. Very nice indeed. Shugo Imahira,


after a double bogey in the third as well. He'd just missed one tiddler,


McIlroy, let's hope he makes a better job of this one. No, he


hasn't, making a worse job, that's two in a row. That's just the sort


of thing you don't need on a day like today.


That was awful, back-to-back birdies for McIlroy, and the 11th to come.


Hasn't been very pleasant for Steve Stricker but he's got a rescue club


here. Must be lying better than it looks. He did get lucky with the


live there didn't he, there's a lot of long grass around. -- the lie


there, didn't he, there's a lot of long grass around. Absolutely right,


that's a great shot. What a recovery from Steve Stricker. A bit of luck


in the lie but well executed. Patrick Reed, Faure birdie, he was


doing well earlier. Five bogeys from the eighth to the 16th, could redeem


himself a bit here. It's looking good, it's thin, brilliant for Reed.


Back to minus two. -- it is in. APPLAUSE


An, to save par. He will slip back to three.


APPLAUSE Magical shot from Stricker from the


right rough with that rescue wood and this for a birdie to get to


minus five. Drifting right. Trying to come back, but no, but good par


on the toughest hole on the course today. Train whistles by and


steadies himself, wind down and off the left.


Well, certainly did well not to lose his train of thought there, didn't


he? 12 holes, 12 pars, that's moving


Stricker up the leaderboard. -4, currently in sixth position. In


deteriorating conditions, that's looking pretty tasty. Now Jordan


Spieth, one outside the projected cut mark at the moment. That's where


Monty finished, he might miss it by one as well. Tee shot on 14. Looks


good, murmurs somebody. Looks fantastic, what are shot from space,


so that to get back to three. He is fighting hard. He's only missed


three cuts in 14 Majors, right on the mark. So McIlroy for a birdie on


the 11th. In the old days this would be an eagle, par-5 right up to the


89 Open. This is Kodai Ichihara, very


unpleasant start to his round today, dropped four shots in his first five


holes. Throwing it across the green, he is judged that well, hasn't he?


Birdie on the sixth. All smiles. Still well inside the cut mark, a


long way to go, mind you. Now for some very big names in the tough


conditions this afternoon it's a struggle to make the cut, Jordan


Spieth, this would be very helpful to get back to three. In it goes,


that is the predicted cut at the moment. It might even go to four


over, where Monty Waits but Spieth, back to three.


He holes that one, McIlroy, just missed a couple of tiddlers. -3, a


tough 12th to come. Left to right for An to finish with a par. He has


hit two terrible putts from the back of the green and then from there,


just beginning to get concerned about the balls moving. Still a


very, very good round in these conditions, two rounds in 70. Fowler


to try to save par at the 12th, a left to right and he misses it is


the other way. Patrick Reed started the day 5-under


and the wind whipping away at his trousers, in for par and the last


hard day's work for Patrick Reed, a round of 74, nice birdie on the


17th, but back on 38. Two and for the Championship.


HAZEL IRVINE: It was Patrick Reed who feel they --


figured so prominently on the leaderboard, got to 6-under and with


a round of 74 he is back in the Packer two under par, a very tough


day and a very breezy office. I wonder what he makes of it.


You made a very good start on Thursday, today a very different


day. Can you describe how you found conditions? A lot more difficult


than yesterday. The front nine played a lot longer, on the second


hole yesterday I hit for eye and I think off the tee and sand wedge and


today Mac -- and today I hit to Ireland for my own so it was a


different date, I needed to figure out what was going on with the wind


on the back nine. It just seemed like the front nine I was long all


day and I got to the back nine and everything was just liked but short.


COMMENTATOR: Stricker for par 113, all pars in


the first 12 holes, must hole it. Yes, you beauty. He's a machine.


The ball of McIlroy, it shouldn't be too difficult. Just a bit of a ridge


before the pin, it's lying well. Firm, wet sand.


He decelerated there, took it back fine and just stopped halfway down,


got a little edgy on it. Here's a long putt on a Postage Stamp for


Richard Sterne. Dropped are shot on the sixth, a chance to get one back


here. Rattles into the cup, a big crowd still out there at the Postage


Stamp. Wow he says, as well he might. Take that.


This for par four McIlroy now. Classic putting group. -- grip.


So another shot will go for McIlroy, all sorts of trouble is now. Steve


Stricker has to go all the way up onto the shoulder here and down.


That will go on and on. So that to continue his amazing run of pars.


It's a little bit like yesterday for McIlroy, who was going so well on


the front nine and then a couple of problems at the start of the back,


that just keeps him, head bowed, moves on, three bogeys in the last


four holes. I can't believe how many people are still here. It's like a


penguin colony, huddling together for warmth. A brightly lit runway,


it's one of the longest runways around at Prestwick. I wonder if a


few players are looking at that longingly at the moment! McIlroy


thinks he can get there with a long iron.


This is cruel for these players, because the wind has changed round.


It's not giving them help now on the way home. Take shelter from the


storm. Now Harrington, a great round. One goes at the last. I said


great round, but that's really testament to the conditions that a


level par round is a great round. In the end it's going to be won over


for Harrington, 72, but it moves him up. He was playing Louis Oosthuizen,


he came round with 45, it gives you an idea what the back nine is like.


McIlroy needs a good putt to drop. He is bleeding strokes at the


moment. That's not going to get there. So another shot will go for


Michael Wright, four shots gone in the space of five holes and from a


position of challenging the top page of the leaderboard, he's back to


1-under for the Championship. -- for Rory McIlroy.


Bubba Watson, can he find his par on the 13th? No, the arms will flap and


the art eyes will widen. And Bubba is in real bother now. He needs a


birdie or two. Six shot for Steve Stricker, par four this.


He's played the sixth, having made all those pars he'll have that for


the seventh, par-4. Bubba's tee-shot on the 14th, can he


judge the wind correctly? He surely can. So he said he needed a birdie


or two, one might come here at the 14th. Rose has been tacking up this


hole, this for his par. How is he doing? Pars so far on the back nine,


a double bogey on the fourth, very frustrated at that point. He had a


bit of a hurl. He needs this, inside the cut mark comfortably enough at


the moment. As he hit it? Yes, he has! Working man's par. He remains


1-over for the Championship. Should be safe enough, if he can steer his


way home. He needs a birdie, 5-over at the moment. He's got a chance to


make it. Well done. Nicely done, Bubba.


APPLAUSE First page of the leaderboard, which


is pretty much set in stone and has been for some time, net -- Mickelson


by one from Stenson, Kjeldsen, Bradley, Johnson, Finau, all played


this morning and enjoyed better conditions. It was wet but it was


still and they took advantage. Rickie Fowler to save his par, he's


got a good line on it. Superdry. -- a super try.


It's been a Sunday trip at the 18th Justin Rose, a bunker off the tee,


splash out, greenside bunker. Up and down for bogey. Nicely played.


APPLAUSE Jason Day, it's lying very nicely.


Just a little clean, his endeavour to get it to grab.


APPLAUSE Rose drove in the bunker, hacked


out, his nest -- next one splashed out to here, this is a bogey,


downhill, a little bit of movement from right to left, not terribly


inviting. APPLAUSE


A double bogey. 77. Jason Day, trying to save his


par. A six at the par-5 16th.


APPLAUSE 1-under for the round, but currently


1-over for the Championship. McIlroy just 1-over for his ground, it's a


neat, tidy score under the conditions. -- for his round. The


chance of a birdie here, two good shots, his third to the par-5. Too


much backspin, Rory, too much, come on!


APPLAUSE Ten or 12 footer for his birdie.


Hardy folk, gathering to watch the golf. McIlroy eyeing up another one.


His letter few shots slip away on this back nine, but this for a four.


-- he has let a fuse shots slip away. It is in the whole as well! A


lovely birdie at the 16th, Rory moves back to level par. Just


outside the top ten. Well, it's been an interesting round for Steve


Stricker. Let's see if he can finish in -- here. How did he get on today,


17 pars. Not on the 15th, let's not talk about that. Well, Bubba Watson,


who has missed plenty of Open Championship cuts in his time, has


missed the last two years, needs a birdie here. Giving it the hard


stare. Oh, what a chance he has given himself! Beautiful shot by


Bubba Watson. He might yet be here for the weekend.


APPLAUSE The crowd that have hung around for


this starry group show their appreciation. Good crowds again,


obviously they enjoyed themselves tremendously yesterday. They have


come down for today, had very different weather. Bubba Watson


needs this to make the cut, this is for a birdie at the last. And he has


it! Watson with our three. He will be here for the weekend, whether he


wants to or not. APPLAUSE


Of course, he does! Battling round of 76. A birdie at the last to sneak


in, that's something to be admired. Not wasting much time is Rory


McIlroy, a little sliding left to right. Well done, Rory. Not easy


today, about 6pm a horrible squall went through. Wasn't exactly what he


wanted but two under par, still writing it. Do you think he believes


he can make that up? It's not impossible. That front nine can give


you a few birdies on day three and four.


HAZEL IRVINE: After all of that the squall As, the


wind and the rain, the leaderboard has been little changed since 1pm.


Phil Mickelson with a record-breaking halfway score at


Troon, hot on his heels just as he was when he was runner-up to Phil at


Muirfield three years ago is Henrik Stenson. Kjeldsen, Bradley Johnson


still in the picture, a quintet at four under and looking a little


further down, that quintet includes Sergio Garcia and Rafael


Cabrera-Bello -- Rafa Cabrera-Bello, who's had a wonderful season so far.


At two under within touching distance, there's the danger man,


Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy, who settles for a level par round of 71


and I wonder what his thoughts will be on his afternoon's rather


difficult work. I've been on the good side the draw and the bad side


of the draw here. The good side of the draw, the time I can remember I


won the tournament. I feel like I've been on more bad than good, but it


is what it is and I'm just glad that I handled the conditions well today.


It's one of the best sort of bad weather runs I've played in a while


and I'll get back and depending on what happens tomorrow, if I can get


off to a fast start I might not be too far away going into the back


nine. So Rory is still in the running but some big names are not.


Having missed the cut, Ernie Els, the last three winners here at


Troon, Mark Calcavecchia, Justin Leonard and Todd Hamilton, Paul


Casey didn't have a great time, neither did Matthew Fitzpatrick and


there will be no matter Silver Medal handed out because both of the


amateurs in the field also missed the cut. Ken Byrne was rather


chuffed he was not out in all the nasty stuff this afternoon. How


severe was that for the players who are very definitely in the wrong


side of the draw? It was quite adjusting if you looked at the draw,


52 groups out, in the morning 22 finished under par and in the


afternoon, only four. The afternoon was brutal. About 6pm there was a


huge squall that came through and the ball was going nowhere. Jason


deep left his tee shot 40 yards off the green, it was horrible. How


difficult is it to banish the despondent feeling you are miles


behind the leader and you know there's


despondent feeling you are miles behind the leader and you know


there's weather coming in? You can never tell until you are out there.


Sometimes the weather does change but this morning they had a real


good break and this afternoon it was very tricky and if you have to do


it, 72 holes, you can only do the best you can and hope. Bernard


Langer in 1985 was on the wrong side of the draw at St George's and


nearly won it, so you can get lucky if you play well enough. Two rounds


to go but it's tricky. Am sure Phil Mickelson relaxing with a little


shandy while everybody was struggling towards the end of the


day, it's his best ever start in an Open Championship at the halfway


mark, so to Henrik Stenson and his was the best round of the day. This


65, he had only ever had is six rounds in the 60s and this is top


notch from him. He got motoring at the


rounds in the 60s and this is top notch from him. He got motoring at


the 3rd. That's right, the pin was tucked behind the left-hand bunker,


he had to hit high floater, not much breeze at this stage of the morning.


That's a beauty. He can spin it a lot, that's his first birdie of the


day. He was taking advantage of a very high-scoring stretch, a par-5


4th hole. Awkward shot, a steep bank on the bunker, he managed to get a


bit of Grabban that was delightful way to start. Three in a row, this


was the fifth, the first of a short holes here, this is his tee shot.


The pennies down the left side of the green and you have to feed it in


between the pin and the flag there. He sneaks it past the bunker and it


trickles round to the hole side. That's an absolute beauty. Not much


work for the putt at that one but certainly required here at the 7th


and using this like every other club in the bag to great effect, moving


to 7-under now. Just, just, he hasn't holed that many putts, but


he's holed a 15 foot which has kept the momentum going. It was timely.


Having dropped a shot at the 9th, he got it here. Sam Hill so


challenging, this is one of seven birdies, set up by this iron shot.


The weather is turning nasty, the wind picked up and that was one of


the best shots all day, difficult to get the ball back to the pin. Along


putt at the 13th, diving down to 8-under and Mickelson's turn. A


couple of blemishes on his way home. That was a beauty, not many birdies


at the 13th, that was one of them. The last of the par fives, didn't


look promising but created the chance. The he was lucky, got to the


flag of the bunker, nearly found the bottom of the cup. 65, a fantastic


round of golf. He hasn't contended in the last six Majors or so and you


get the feeling from what he said in the aftermath of that round he knows


time is running out, he's played 42 Majors, he reckons he's got between


12-15 to bag one of these Majors, he reckons he's got between


12-15 to bag one of these things in his career. The he's good enough to


win a major, he knows he's good enough to win a major, he's played


with major winners, but time does tiptoe on. He's got a marvellous


game, he needs to hole 12-macro more putts, he needs to get 15 footers in


and he will be in contention. His tee to green game has been stunning.


Stunning as well your choices for shot of the day, you have not gone


for power today. A few good ones, my favourites, Bubba Watson missed the


Postage Stamp, the green is above him, he has no green to land on, he


has the clubface wide-open, watch what he does. It's genius. Flips it


up, the dance around, Lancet on a sixpence and very nearly holds it.


-- holes it. If it came up at all short it would be back to his feet,


tremendous. Another beauty from Jordan Spieth, I delightful picture.


Skips on, killed itself, trickles up to the hole. So important at the


links you can play those shots and he was one of the best. But the


winner. Mr Mickelson, I believe. Phil put a great round together, a


bit of sand on the ball, not bury fanciable, a bit lip to come over,


look how wide-open the clubface is, he will pop it up in the air.


Getting it out wasn't difficult but getting it to go the distance, a bit


of drag like a snooker player. That was exquisite. Who needs a Claret


Jug when you can win shot of the day? We will be back to do it all


again tomorrow evening at 8pm in the evening, with action from the third


round. Five live on the air with live radio coverage from midday.


Don't forget, you can keep up-to-date with everything going on


here on the BBC Sport website mobile app, there's video clips on their


all-day and much more besides, the all-important weather forecast


summed up by one phrase tomorrow, not as wet as it has been but the


breeze will be up by the time the leaders start out in the afternoon.


We had fun in the sun yesterday, but into every golfing life a little


rain must fall. It's all part of the game at the Open Championship. Good


night. # What a difference a day makes


# 24 little hours # What a -- the sun and the flowers


# Where there used to be rain #.


Extensive coverage from Royal Troon of the second round at the 145th Open Championship.

Friday's play was delayed by rain last year and the second round had to be concluded the following day, with American Dustin Johnson ending one shot clear of Danny Willett at the halfway stage of the tournament.

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