Day 3 Highlights Golf: The Open

Day 3 Highlights

Extended highlights of the third round of the 145th Open Championship from Royal Troon, presented by Hazel Irvine.

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In a rugged, windswept corner of South Ayrshire, that is where it all


began. It was in Prestwick that old Tom Morris struck the very first


shot. Eight golfers played three rounds to decide the land's greatest


player. The numbers may have grown, but the aim is the same, this is the


one, 156 years ago, this is where the Open was born. Welcome home.


Good evening. Yes, it sure, the home of the Open championship is once


again a place for old heads, experience and golfing gal, just as


it was in the days of old Tom Morris. Phil Mickelson certainly has


plenty of those qualities. At the age of 46, he could join that 19th


century golfing pioneer is the oldest winner of the Open


championship. The last 24 hours here Royal Troon have been wet and wild,


and in a sport where you'd is trending, the opposite is true in


this major championship. Old guys rule, well, they did yesterday.


Garcia, running well, running very well. Andrew Johnston, Beef, what a


gem. Charl Schwartzel, that could be one of the shots of the week. Bill


Haas, nice finish, nice round. Tony Finau, that is a pretty nice


position to be in, 4-under par in the clubhouse. Zach Johnson, that is


the way to birdie the second. That is another one for Bradley. He moves


to 7-under par. That is a little bonus. 7-under par. Brilliant from


Stenson. To shoot 6-under par in these conditions, it is pretty


sweet. Yes, I am just moving along. It is all about getting in


contention, being in position on Sunday and this is a good stead.


Another good round for Mickelson, a couple under today. I am hopeful


that is an opportunity on Sunday to bring home the Claret Jug. That


would be incredible, but I know it is a long process, there is lots of


golf left. By the halfway point, Mickelson, the Muirfield champion,


had followed up his 63 on Thursday with a hard-fought 69. His three


shot lead at around one was slashed to just one thanks to a brilliant 65


from Sweden's Henrik Stenson. Two other over 40s in the chasing pack


by the holder, Zach Johnson, and Soren Kjeldsen. Five men, including


England's Andrew Johnston, start their Saturday from six shots


behind. Rory McIlroy is eight shots back. Another moving day in an Open


Championship. Which direction that movement will be remains to be seen.


The wind is whipping in off the Firth of Clyde is such an extent


that the organisers have made some changes to the course. Ken Brown can


explain. Certainly a breeze about this morning and some hot news from


the Royal and Ancient. Rules advisory note, the forecast is for


high winds. The greens have not been cut. Very unusual. We have not cut


the greens in case it gets too windy and the Paul Sturrock to blog about.


Let's look at this one. We are on the 13th hole. You can feel there is


a little bit more grass on. It is fluffy. It will help the balls to


not be around. The forecast for the breezes 25-30 mph. It will be


difficult if it is as strong as that. It is another day for hats


with clips in them to keep them down. Ken has opted for the natural


look. It should stay largely dry until later at the tail end of the


afternoon. No worries from his perspective but that may be a factor


in the rounds of the men at the head of this championship. A quick look


at some of the later paintings. That is appealing for the crowd to


get its teeth into. Bill Haas, board -- voted the PGA Tour's most


underrated player starts at 2:50 p.m.. Zach Johnson outlasted


everyone in last year's marathon open at St Andrews. He will be


playing with Tony Finau. Phil leads a major at halfway for


the sixth time. He has only once gone on to win from that position.


It will be a long wait for them. Up ahead, the early starters were


trying to make an impression on the leaderboard. World number one Jason


Day set off on a mission from 1-over par. He moved to 1-under par and


unleashed a 375 yard Drive at the seventh hole and created this chance


for birdie, birdie number three of the morning. At the ninth hole,


Jason Day setting up this putt for a fourth birdie of the day. He is


making progress. The Australian was 94th in the field after round one,


and surging into a tie for 11th place, moving 3-under par. But the


US PGA champion has not made a birdie on the N word nine yet this


week. He turned for home with an immediate bogey. Missing from 4.5


feet. Back to 2-under par. This is the situation. The leaders are


waiting their turn. Behind them, the players hoping to make their moves


today. Amongst them, Jason Day in the group at 3-under par. Rickie


Fowler has made some progress with a birdie at the second. He is 1-under


par for his round. Let's join commentary.


Thank you. Looking down from high on Troon, Royal Troon, and on the


right-hand side, skirting along the beach, it is the opening hole, and


on it, Rory McIlroy. With the starting time at 1:40 p.m.. This is


his tee shot. I do not think anybody saw that. It


could be in a spot of bother. It did not lie. -- bounce. It is straight


into the rough. A difficult second shot for Rory McIlroy. Jason Day,


relief from the hospitality. Pitching up, this is not easy to get


it close. McIlroy took a gamble with the driver from the tee. He has come


off second best. Jason Day, struggling at the 12th


hole. Only one dropped shot at the end of the day. A sparkling outward


nine. Trembling at the moment. McIlroy for his par at the opening


hole. You cannot be giving away shots. These are the easiest poles


on the course. -- the easiest holes. That is five, and back 2-under par.


-- back to 1-under par. Rickie Fowler for a birdie at the fourth


hole. Well done, up and down from the sand. 3-under par. From the


United States, he pulled his tee shots. Not a bad lie. He gives it a


fond, and flies it into the wind. It is a good shot. How he stopped it, I


do not know. Steve Stricker, the United States threatened. This is


for birdie at nine. Nothing changes. It in 34, 2-under par. After that


splendid second, Jim Herman tucks it in for a three on his opening hole.


3-under partygoers. -- under-par he goes. JB Holmes for


his three on the first. He goes to 3-under par, playing alongside Jim


Herman, both getting birdies at the opening hole. The Americans


together. McIlroy to finish things out at the third. A big drive. My


goodness. He bogeys the first, past the second, and bogeys on the third


from absolutely nowhere. -- pars the second. JB Holmes, his second to the


second. He will send it along way. A good touch. A beautiful shot from JB


Holmes, the man from Kentucky. McIlroy in a bit of a downslope at


the fourth hole. He flips it out nicely. He will have that for his


birdie. He was a little unlucky were the ball finished in the bunker. JB


Holmes with the simplest of happens. He has a great record at the Open.


Five times he has played and missed the cut. 4-under par for the


championship. -- he does not have a great record at the Open.


They are wishing this one in. A birdie at the fourth hole. He has


got it, a bit of cheer after a slow start.


There is his card, two bogeys and a birdie, 1-under par. Wrapped up


fairly warm. Henrik Stenson, from Sweden is wearing a woolly hat,


three layers, water approves. He is feeling the worst. He still has the


sunglasses, just in case, just in case. -- waterproofs. He is being


tested by the sand again, Rory McIlroy. It is a good iron. -- lie.


He will chase it up there. On the tee, Andrew Johnston.


APPLAUSE He gave that sum. He really does


hammer it out there. The flight on that, the left edge of the fairway.


Go on, the Beef. Nearly when the green. A pitch and putt Canty will


have his birdie. This would be a real boost for Rory McIlroy's ground


today. This is for par. He doesn't seem to have great


adapted to the pace of the greens this morning. Tune looking north up


the sure coast, it is beginning to move. JB Holmes making his presence


felt on the leaderboard after back-to-back birdies at the 1st and


second, there are five men under par today. I wonder what the


possibilities will be as we go forward to the third day at The


Open. COMMENTATOR: Rory McIlroy has been driver all the way so far, here


we are at the 6th, down the right-hand side. He likes it. This


could go forever. Hits the downslope, go on. One of those


little hollows. OK. The green is well in range.


It was driver off the tee for Andrew Johnston. Just short of the front


left greenside bunker, pitch up to here. This for an opening three.


Rory McIlroy a little bit disappointed, but his second was


better than this but still a little shy, still, and legal putt. -- and


legal putt. Kevin Na. Deliberate player. Very


nice. Birdie on the second Kevin Na, moves to four under. Driver again


for Rory McIlroy on the seventh, this is downwind. That is straight


as an arrow as well. Just a little bit to the right. Here we go. That's


just about there, in the gully just short of the green. 390 yard hole,


395 yards. That's a good one, could be a very good one, an outstanding


one, it just seemed to turn the other way at the cup. Good drive,


certain birdie now. JB Holmes. Short backswing. Another one. Three


birdies on the card and he's only played five holes.


Seventh green, Rory very nearly drove the putting surface, pitched


to hear, this poor birdie, little bit of movement from the left. Not


sure that's finished yet. Not a great start. Very up and down, some


brilliant driving. One of your favourites, Patrick Reed. Yes, this


to go to four under. Just nudges it in.


Ryan Moore. From the United States, this would be far away, he is a good


chap. What did I tell you? It's a double hat day, Peter. Big


crowd around the screen, Rory has this. -- this green. Oh!


Some Rory supporters getting a bit vocal. They have been on the jungle


juice. Henrik Stenson going to the first, just checking where we are,


the East Coast or the West Coast? He is checking the pins out. Just


seeing where they are. Got the wrong book. Patrick Reed. For birdie. This


to go to 5-under. He's got it. Four birdies in a row. On the tee,


from Sweden, Henrik Stenson! APPLAUSE


The body action tells us that is up the right-hand. No great chase.


Died. OK. On the tee, from the USA, Phil Mickleson! APPLAUSE


Different tactic for Phil Mickleson. He has been on sparkling form.


Patrick Reed at the 8th. 100 yards, that is all it is, he has pulled it.


That could be horrid. Oh dear. That is one of the prose in new yacht


they just had made in hamburger! -- one of the professionals New York's


they just had made in pretty frugal in dropping strokes


this week. Zach Johnson. We have seen a lot of putts holed


this week in conditions which have not been favourable but my word they


have got a lot from long range. STUDIO: Henrik Stenson underway and


earlier today, his compatriot Yester part of it who was runner-up year 19


years ago said this on Twitter. COMMENTATOR: Just wondering where to


land this one. We have not seen anyone put one in within a foot or


two of the hole so far. A little hollow and a few bumps round and


about. It looks so simple, can see the shoulder coming off the right


right-hand bunker. Just have to be right. Took the spin, looked as if


it was Greg Rutherford Ptit Zig nicely, but it did not. -- looked as


if it was going to run in nicely. But it did not. It's gone. Trickles


down the bank. Done pretty well. Phil Mickleson for an opening birdie


three at the 1st hole. He switches between the conventional


grip and the King's Cross special, right-hand side ways on the shaft. I


don't think these slower greens will suit him. He likes them fast.


Patrick Reed after a run of four birdies has this for par at the 8th.


Run it, run it, run it, oh. No one has really managed to read


this one, it's a double breaker. If he pops it in he will be tied at the


top on 10-under with Phil Mickleson. Yes, yes, yes, what a lovely start.


Beautifully struck. The wind is getting up. It's been up all day.


Ken has been out braving the weather, tell us about it.


I do like to be beside the seaside and Troon is beside the seaside, as


you would expect there is a bit of wind about. Let's look at the plant.


The Kop house is back there in the distance, the opening Nice -- nine


holes, clubhouse, the first - sixth all run in the same direction and


the wind is generally blowing out of the West. These opening six or play


down breeze, the play relatively easily. There is a loop at the end


here where you go 7-9 then ten, 11, 12 goes the other way, and 13-18


they are going directly into the breeze so the closing are really


tough. You have to make your score on the front nine and hold on on the


back nine. This is a fantastic place, these opening holes are


critical. That back nine, by jingle it is so tricky if the wind is in


the prevailing direction. 37 from the left, the pin was moved this


morning from a much more awkward spot due to the wind. Mickelson


forced to play. -- first to play. Sergio Garcia for par at the 4th.


Big swing, turn it, just too high and too hard. Danger lurking on


every hole when the conditions are like this. Soren Kjeldsen.


After a humongous way long drive an eagle chance, 394 yards, this hole.


Hardly human. Hit it, got it so far in one and then, oh. They don't


learn, these boys. That's magnificent hit. He is a big


thumper. Playing nicely today. Mickelson for three, Vista go to


11-under. -- Vista go to 11-under. He has used this putting style since


he was a youngster. Stenson at the third, 379 yards. He


will really club this. If that is on line, it will not be far-away,


surely. Here she comes, it is still running. It is in the bunker. Akpala


lie, know I do not, yes I do. -- I tell a lie, no I do not. Bill Haas,


the son of Jay Haas. He is going very steadily, as he often does.


Kjeldsen, after that rather flamboyant first putt. That was a


bit bold, the first one. And shot thrown away. We need a bit


of Stenson Mac -- we need a bit of Mickelson magic. With the wind, you


need something special. He needs to land on some long forgotten piece of


chewing gum, maybe, to stop it running. If anyone can do it, he


can. And amazingly vicious swing, up in


the air. That is a wonderful shot. To have the courage to swing that


hard. A brilliant result. Steve Stricker, yesterday he had 17 pars,


and an eight on his card, which was a shame. He is very reliable when he


is potting. He plays a very economic schedule these days, but when he


does play, he is normally there are thereabouts. Holmes, for a birdie at


the ninth, this is to go to 6-under par. It is there.


Well done, JB. Phil Mickelson took the outright lead at 515 on


Thursday. That was on day one and he held it to 3:30pm this afternoon. 46


hours and challenged at the top but he has company now after the opening


birdie from Henrik Stenson, and tiptoeing into the picture, JB


Holmes and Bill Haas. Zach Johnson has also picked up a birdie, and


Rafa Cabrera-Bello, third on the European Tour's money list, he has


had a wonderful season and it continues at Troon. Lots of red


white and blue on the board. Back down to the third. This is quite an


inviting bunker shot. If you mishit it, it will pitch on the downslope.


Yes, yes. He misread it. A wonderful splash shot. Another birdie for


Henrik. He is staking his claim. Johnson, for birdie. A rather


unlikely birdie after that slightly well tee shot. Out in 33, going


well. A birdie four Henrik Stenson. He currently has the outright lead


at 11-under par, but Phil has won two tie with him. -- has one to tie.


Can he read this for his third birdie of the day? Yes, they are


starting to pull ahead, the final pairing, both 11-under par. Phil


Mickelson targeting his second Open Championship.


The tee shot of Zach Johnson, on the fifth hole.


It will kick on from the back of the front bunker, no, straight into the


front bunker. That is where McIlroy was earlier. Soren Kjeldsen, the


pitch up the fourth hole. There is a little clearer just short of the


flag. Get up, get help. The green is slow enough. That is just sticking.


That for his birdie. JB Holmes, John Bradley Holmes, if you are


wondering. If you were not, you have been told. He bumped that into the


bank so well. It is a beautiful shot from JB Holmes. Nearly another


birdie. Not a bogey on his card today. 6-under for the championship.


Zach Johnson at five, the par three. He just caught the edge of the


bunker. Always a dangerous thing, bunkers in links golf. Soren


Kjeldsen, for his birdie. Yes. Kjeldsen breaks free of the pack on


6-under. He is within four of Stenson and Mickelson.


Henrik Stenson, sizing up his second to the fourth hole. He has played


well today, rock-solid. One of the finest iron players in


the game. That is an example of it. Great work by Stenson. That is for


illegal. -- for eagle. Zach Johnson, for his bogey on the fifth. There


was a shank in the bunker, it came out for a long putt, and then a


horrible second, two shots gone for Johnson. He tumbled back to 4-under


par. The veteran, Steve Stricker, on the final hole for birdie.


That is a bit of a weak attempt for Steve. But that is a thin plastic


round of 68. In difficult conditions. -- that is a wonderful


round. 1-under par for the bag nine. He could sell that this afternoon.


Bill Haas, 608 yards to the pin today. That is for his birdie.


Martin Kaymer, to get to 4-under par. He strolls against. Martin


Kaymer reaches the town in 35. Three birdies in his last four holes. That


is a good birdie for Bill Haas at six. It takes him to 6-under par.


Mickelson, this for birdie. Stenson even closer with a part for eagles


to come. You can see the little ridge that he has to come up. --


with a putt for eagle. Will it get their? It will, but slightly adrift.


Par for Mickelson, and Stenson, with his chance to come. Garcia, on the


Postage Stamp. Narrow stance, slightly open. Just 100 yards today.


There we go, peppering the flag. Garcia playing alongside Andrew


Johnston to be. Johnston has had a good one.


So far, four Henrik Stenson, has it been such an assured start to the


round. He is tied for the lead. This will take him a step forward.


That is a bad putt. No eagle, but it will be another birdie. Three


birdies in the first four holes. Henrik Stenson, 12-under par, leads


the Open championship on his own. Yes, the 40-year-old from


Gothenberg, standing six feet two, standing very proud. At the top of


the Open championship leaderboard. What a dramatic start for Stenson.


Phil Mickelson licking up at the man who is yet to win a major


championship. There is a big green at the fifth


hole, but it looks like a small target. Stenson wants to stay inside


that right-hand bunker and feed it to the left.


He has looked impressive. Is this his time?


The wind has really dropped away. 13 mph, drifting from right to left.


Mickelson, for the first time since Thursday afternoon, chasing the lead


at the Open. The perfect club, but once again,


Stenson is inside him. An awkward one on the sixth hole for Tony


Finau. He got here in two. Alp and down for birdie. It was lying OK in


the sand, so not too much trouble. All the way across the green on the


fifth for Mickelson. He is just being outshone at the


moment by Stenson. Now, Garcia for his two on the eighth hole.


Perfectly judged. He claims the Postage Stamp. A birdie on the


seventh and the eighth holes. He moves to 6-under par. Always put


same routine, a couple of twirls with the Parker as he steps up. Feet


apart and the forward price. There it is, he pops it in. A safe par on


the fifth hole. And the smile. Finau, for birdie at the sixth hole,


to join a group of four others, five players at 6-under par. They are


behind the two runaway leaders. It might be raining again, but it is


amazing how these guys have had the best of the conditions on Thursday


and Friday, and now, as the leaders, they are getting the better fit


again. The wind has dropped a little bit, and Henrik Stenson, it in


front, to extend his lead. That was good. Go on. Everything but the


hitting. A couple of inches short. It is a safe par for Stenson.


3-under for his first five. Lining up on the sixth hole, the third shot


for Kjeldsen. A bit of a downslope, but not lying


too badly, Wayne. The club faces wide-open, the pin is at the front.


What about that? He moves to 7-under par. He would have been kicking


himself walking down from the tee that he could not get the ball well


up into the green. There are many ways to make it two. Gently ease the


pin aside. There we are, the Postage Stamp his mind. Dustin Johnson has


been in all sorts of bother. They have moved the tee up on the 11th


hole, but it is still taking its toll. The sixth shot for Johnson.


That round that was going so well, he reached the turn in 33, 3-under.


Soren Kjeldsen after pitching in from 80, 100 yards or so, for his


birdie. Beautifully done. Soren Kjeldsen moves to 7-under, five


behind. After a good long first putt from


the front of the green, Keegan Bradley for birdie. He joins a group


at 6-under. Andrew Johnston on the ninth. Good chance missed on the


previous hole. Got within four or five feet but couldn't hole it. But


he has this one. Cries of Beef, the leading home challenger, out to the


turn in 34, 6-under. Dustin Johnson, this for a seven on the 11th. It's


taken its toll on many players and Dustin Johnson, what around he had


going but it comes to a juddering halt here on the 11th.


Phil Mickleson is on the sixth and this could be ruling awkward, all


the long rough trampled down. Very difficult. It actually looked there.


Brilliant from Mickelson. That was outstanding. The master of recovery.


Second shot, currently tied for third.


Henrik Stenson took relief from the sprinkler head you can see in front


of him. This was his birdie attempt. This is all coming from a very poor


second shot. The only poor shot he has hit all day. Tony Finau. Hans


low, prodding this forward. Only 100 yards. Don't be short of the pin,


get a nicks well, that's going into the sand. Golf is a cruel game.


Nastier. Sorry, Tony. Good luck at the 6th green, very close to the


beach, wonderful stand behind there. Exposed to the elements. Phil


Mickleson with a wonderful recovery. After that second shot and indeed


the drive he will be very grateful of five there.


Rather timid first putt from Bill Haas, this to stay at seven. A few


players have misjudged this one on the ninth. That is an ugly bogey.


Two under to the turn, out in 34, back to that group at 6-under. This


is a result of that tee shot which looked so good at one point. Still


there. Every moment captured for your enjoyment. After being flawless


for the first five mac holes this is Henrik Stenson for par at six.


That's a bogey. Drops back, into a tie for the lead with Phil Mickleson


on 11-under. Soren Kjeldsen, nice four on the sixth, and a decent


second shot in here. Soren Kjeldsen moving along well, a couple of


bogeys today but three birdies and no within three of the leaders.


STUDIO: Back together again, Mickelson and Henrik Stenson at


11-under and only three behind after two birdies back-to-back, Soren


Kjeldsen at 41 years old, the man who won at the Irish Open last year,


knows how to play the links. He is making ground, and that trio on


6-under beginning to make inroads into the lead from the top two. Not


using his trusty three stroke two would here. Still straight behind


them. Drifting a little bit to the right. Bunker down there. Just


topples, that might be awkward. Mickelson meanwhile is off to the


right. That's a fantastic view of the postage damp. -- postage stamp.


Here we go again. 100 yards, causing the players fits. Par putt for Rory


McIlroy. I would say his Open Championship is done.


Opting to land it a little short and bounce it up. Touch unlucky.


Soren Kjeldsen. So easy to read it back in as Tony Finau did.


Beautifully played by Soren Kjeldsen.


And awkward distance here for Henrik Stenson, about 45 yards. Some light


rain so that will make the sand a bit more firm. Caught too much sand.


Quite a difficult up-and-down from there. Rory McIlroy with his second


on the 16th. Oh dear. Racket abuse. Frustration.


Soren Kjeldsen for his sand save. Yikes. Give that a rattle as well,


it's about the same distance past. Cleaned off the tee by that bunker,


put it back in, couple of winters ago it was historically a bunker,


and they decided to put it back in to guard against those going for the


green. Henrik Stenson found it. Bump it up. Wonderful judgment,


controlled touch from Henrik Stenson, should get his par. Bill


Haas to try to save par on the 10th. Dropped a shot on the night. Phil


Mickleson from long range on seven. Just have to hold the putter


slightly above the ground to avoid the coin of Henrik Stenson. That is


four. 11-under. Rory McIlroy is having a very in and


out afternoon. More out than in. Little bit of redemption but only


par. Mickelson birdie on the first and second rounds, fascinating to


see how he plays this year. We have seen a few players spinning back


into the front bunker, into the wind, just 100 yards. Try to be long


of the flag. How much spin is on it? wind, just 100 yards. Try to be long


Stay, stay, stay, stay, stay, stay. Well, survived, just.


Henrik Stenson off the back foot, little forward press. Didn't even


need to spin back into the bunker, straight in there. Poor shot from


Henrik Stenson, he will be standing out of the bunker. Beyond awkward.


JB Holmes has been going along very nicely with this. For par. That's a


couple he has missed. They come and they go, the drift in and the drift


out. Two dropped shots in a row. Henrik Stenson, pitched his tee shot


in the front bunker at the 8th. Your shot, poor thinking. Pays the


penalty, horrible place. Two nice clean hits and Billy has to


spend the front of the 11th. -- Billy Hass has found the front of


the 11th. What an massive break for Phil


Mickleson, not trickling back into the bunker. Have seen quite a few


comeback of the green, down the right-hand side. Screw around the


bank and into the bunker, Phil Mickleson for two if he gets this.


Good effort. Lucky that he missed the bank, stayed on the top and


missed some down slope, gets his three.


5-under for the past threes, that is impressive. -- par-3s. Henrik


Stenson, make sure you get this. Four, shot dropped.


It was wild and windy this morning and that was when King took a look


at the 12th. Bit breezy this morning, this is the pin position


sheet that the players will pick up, looking at number 12, eight on, five


from the left. Here it is. Narrow portion of putting surface, four or


five yards left, for five yards right, little basin. If you go to


the left side you go down this little slope, very awkward. Beyond


the flag there is a little bit of help, if you can pitch it in the


bank, the ball could trickle back, the top tier would leave you a fast


putt. If you go right, have a quick look at this, tricky putt bunker and


from there you are playing down the hill. This is a little awkward,


tight and narrow. This is Andrew Johnston at the 12th


hole. This is a very small target. The great thing is to be straight.


By golly, he is straight. Whatever length putt this is, 15, 16


feet, it is quite easy. A little bit uphill. Moving from left to right.


Make sure you hit it hard enough, Beef.


Beef! He stays at 5-under par. Mickelson, uphill all the way, this


birdie chance. This is on the ninth hole.


A certain amount of treading water going on at the moment by the


leaders. Sergio Garcia, in a good spot. This is critical, for par at


the 12th hole. Up the ladder and down the snake,


back to 4-under par. Stenson, 35 for the front nine against a par got 36.


Phil is the same. This final pairing of Stenson and


Mickelson, 1-under par for their respective friends today. Phil still


leads the way. Soren Kjeldsen is in touch, level par for his round. Bill


Haas and JB Holmes are making good progress, but they have got lots of


work to do. Steve Stricker, tied for the best round of the day on 68.


There is a gentleman that remembers the excitement and the tension of


Royal Troon very well, Wayne Grady was the leader after 54 holes. Give


us your impression of what is almost a match play situation at the top.


Henrik, the first 56 holes were interesting. Henrik had the honour


from the first and he looked like he was dictating play. He was playing


well. It was a pivotal ballpoint in the round for Mickelson when Stenson


bogeyed the sixth hole. He got the honour back. -- it was a pivotal


ballpoint. The nastiest hole and the Open rotor is the 11th hole. It has


just broken its own record for 23 triple bogeys. What are the


particular challenges of the bag nine and the 11th hole? Ten is a


blind tee shot, a living is all glass, you cannot see anything. They


have taken about 30 yards of Gore side in the driving area on the


right-hand side. It could have been worse. 12 is a cross breeze and the


last six straight back into the wind. The hour-long holes, it is a


long journey. We have seen it all week, scored on the front nine and


hanging on the back. It is a long journey to the Claret Jug, but we're


making progress and we will rejoin the leaders at the 10th hole. The


hardest hole on the course today, you cannot see the fairway from the


tee, all over the crest of the hill. Plenty of sixes, some savings. Just


two birdies. -- some sevens. Is it? It is a beauty. It is a nice soft


bones and it stays on the fairway. -- soft bounce. Stenson, Mickelson


safely down the fairway. That is a good shot. It will come


back from the slope. Nicely, nicely. The 10th green and this is a bogey


putt for Soren Kjeldsen. Roth off the tee, he did not move it very


far, and chip to hear. So bad, is six going on the card on this par


four. God yourself and move on. McIlroy, the final hole. His third


shot. Come along. That is the sort of date has been. A of miscues. A


couple of sloppy shots, and if you Parkes that did not drop, and they


all add up to 73. Not what you're his supporters were hoping for. 69,


71, 73. He missed a couple of short ones early on. Andrew Johnston, an


awkward chip. You will go to the left-hand side and hope it will move


a little to the right. It has. That is a lovely shot. Did I say a lovely


shot? Know do not get carried away by the adulation of the multitude,


my boy. You have a good future ahead of you. Andrew Johnston, up there


with that birdie at the 13th hole. If you're wondering why he's called


Beef, as a child, someone said to him, your head is like a big piece


of meat. That is why they love him. It is his first appearance at the


Open championship for five years. A frustrating day for Rory McIlroy.


His reflections now. I guess the best way to ask you


about today was how was that? It was tough, I did not get off to the


start I wanted. That is what killed me. I felt like I played the last


few holes quite well. You cannot expect to make up may shots and the


bag nine because of the way it was playing. To be over-par on the front


nine, that was disappointing. You could not get it back. All the


attention that you have got, the moment when the three wood snapped,


what happened and what would you thinking at the time? It was not a


good shot. I was trying to play one of the left and let it go and they


went to the right and it was the same shot I played on the 15th. The


ball nearly went out of bounds so it was frustration building up. I


obviously did not mean for the club to break, but sometimes that is what


happens, and hopefully I will try not to do it again.


Garcia, marvellous iron play. He will launch it low, Andrew Little


through the breeze. That is a beauty. 180 yards. It deserves a


round of applause. Stenson and Mickelson both found the fairway


from the tee. Mickelson friend the green, but Stenson did not. He has


doffed his chip. Stenson for par, but first of all, Mickelson up the


slope, for a very rear birdie at Number 10. It has a chance, boys and


girls. Just a bit firm. He played it nicely. Will it run?


Unlucky. It checked a bit too early. Stenson making a mess of this. I


good tee shot. Short with his second, he played a per page, it is


a long putt for par. We'll all be forgiven. Of course it is. -- it was


a bad pitch. Mickelson must be thinking, I have got to pop in this


five foot to tie. No wonder you can smile. Johnston, the par putt at the


14th hole. The shot from the bunker came out here. Well, he in at the


last, so if you give him two from the edge on the last, and a


three-day, it all minds up to same thing. Disappointing. A little down


the slope. You can see Vergini is aiming. It did turn enough. That is


a good four. Two fours on the card, achieved in different ways. Garcia


after the superb tee shot at the 14th. This is for two, to go to


4-under par. Kjeldsen for par. Another one going.


He dropped one at the 11th, and now another one at the 12th hole.


This is Haas, Bill Haas at the 14th hole. If you find the green it is


never a bad shot. And he has. Mickelson, rather fortunate. The


ball was stopped from going into the bushes. That is his second shot,


pumping it over at the end of the prickly stuff. Just the other side


of the green. Stenson's short, dead straight. All


he has to do is hit one straight. -- Stenson's shot. He has to pick the


right club and hope for the best. It looks like a big iron. Yes. Just


down in being Gradel. -- in dingly dell. Haas for a birdie at the 14th.


This to go to 7-under par. Putts are coming up short because they did not


cut the grass this morning. They thought the winds were so strong the


bowls get blown about. Johnston has stayed on the fairway. He has got to


put some draw on this. He has. Will they win send it back? That is a


Cavanda in there. Phil was rather fortunate to stay out of trouble


from the tee, and to play out over the bushes, he came up short. He has


got to pitch over the bunker. His third shot. Delightful. That was not


easy. You have got to keep your nerve to play those sorts of shots.


That bank is quite sharp. It looks like he has a lofted club. He has


put his hands forward. It looks like he's going to try to hit it into the


bank and poppycock. Yes, he has, beautifully done. -- and pop it up.


Very neat and tidy. Beef, splashing one out at the 13th hole, and


nicely. He has that to save par. After that very good pitch over the


bunker, Mickelson has this for a par four.


That's a very good save, one of the best holes of the day. Was on the


edge of trouble all the way up that hole. Dangerous hole and he has


escaped with a par four. Once in awhile he will tweak one of


these and this is one of those. Certainly is. Just over a metre


long. Sweet as a nut. Can he save his par? Has tremendous


support out there, his mum and his sister and a few others. Yes sir.


Got a fantastic reception at the US Open a couple of weeks ago and


getting cheered on here, there is nothing quite like it if you are a


home player. Phil Mickleson at the 12th, continuing his strategy of


Irelands. -- irons. He's got away with that.


Lucky to be a left-hander, might have some sort of shot at it. Henrik


Stenson also going with iron. Lovely.


Bill Haas, third shot. All the humps and bumps. Roll fairway is over the


top he flies, no Billy, no. JB Holmes at the 18th. For a round


of 68. Good effort. Got off to a flying start. Dropped a couple


coming back, four under par if he gets this one which I think he will.


Joint sixth. Had a good run at the Masters recently as well. In


Preston. -- impressive. Good scoring, very good scoring indeed.


Tony Finau has played well as well, new name, new player, talented. Long


putt for two. I told you he was talented but I didn't think he was


that talented! STUDIO: As we look at it it is still


the two at the top, Phil Mickleson with a little bit of trouble again


off the tee but managing to keep it together. No black marks on his


report card today. Henrik Stenson with two bogeys on his. Andrew


Johnston in only his third major Championship, the 27-year-old


Londoner making quite an impression. Lucky because it kissed off the


course. Doesn't look too inviting. It certainly doesn't. Move out of


the way if he's going that way! This could be all right. But it could be


a disaster. We will wait and see. grouse. Pretty good escape there.


Chance Henrik Stenson here. Can he find the green? Hang on he is


saying, going left a bit. Never got there. Now they are virtually even


Stephen. This is awkward, awkward pin.


Sensible play. The nearest challenger for The Open to the two


leaders, 6-under, Henrik Stenson 10-under, Phil Mickleson 11-under.


Watch the control and the spin, tight lie, comes down on it steeply.


Where's he going with this one? Here it comes. Should go down, that's an


amazing shot. Little unlucky. Trickle down. That's what you call a


bit of chubby. Going to try and give it at least


five or six pieces of run. He fooled me. Ended up doing nothing.


Very well done. Escaped with five. Slipping behind the leaders.


Slight optical illusion, I thought Phil Mickleson was closer but


obviously not, he is putting first. If he gets this in... And he does.


Pressure on Henrik Stenson now. What a four. So close to that Bush,


fabulous. Henrik Stenson, it's early, still another round and a few


holes to go but this would be a body blow if he misses this. Serious body


blow. Just see from this angle, it up the


hill, as quick as Phil Mickleson's was down, this is slow. Big moment


for Henrik Stenson. Oh yes. A nerveless putt, very well done. Very


well done indeed. Third shot for Johnston. Miss the trouble if you


can, and he has. 13th par four. The wind into the


players off EEC the left. -- of the sea on the left.


Good, healthy pet. Flying over the top and right into the middle of the


fairway. Stenson hoping to become the first Swedish man, to win a


major Championship. Plenty of girls have done it. Andrew Johnston. This


will be third on his own. Not bad. I got position with his second shot.


-- out of position. Stays at 5-under. Joint third at the


moment. I would not like him to fall on top of me! STUDIO: Quick look at


the leaderboard, Phil Mickleson coming through some trouble with


still a 1-shot advantage, JB Holmes in with 69 today, one of the better


rounds, tell us about it. So far this week I think you have played


the front nine in 8-under and the back nine has proved much more


tricky, how do you fix that for Sunday? You don't, that is just the


golf course. I doubt anybody is under par on the back this week.


It's tough, have to make your birdies on the front side going out


and coming back in par is a great score. I had my chances to get some


pars and didn't make them but it's tough, you have to do more of your


scoring on the front. COMMENTATOR: Write down the flag.


Sweetly struck. Phil Mickleson on the green, Stenson's ball looks as


if it found little is Andy divot -- a little sandy.


Good shot. Well executed. Bill Haas. Third shot at the 16th, monster


par-5. Shot. It was. Honestly, it was. Now it's merely decent.


Phil Mickleson up the slope. You get some idea if you look from left to


right of the slope on this green and the way it runs, the movement in it.


Phil Mickleson noted all of those things and did it beautifully.


Superb putt. He's looking good. He is looking good. Lady luck is on his


side. Mickelson in for a birdie three. Stenson trying to follow


suit. No. Always a bit tentative, just a wee bit tentative. To the


side of the hole. Mickelson sneaks further ahead. How do you fancy this


one? Tight lie, big putt bunker in front of you. It's a little


frightening. Played it well. Played it very nicely.


This is slow. Very slow up here. Moves to 6-under. Six behind mind.


Played in 86 major jump in chips and never won. You never know. -- major


Championships. Andrew Johnston after the very good pitch over the bunker.


Does it again, well done. Very well done. Just won the hole left and he


is 5-under. -- just one hole left. Write down the flag, beautiful shot


from Stenson. He knew it, he was walking after it. Soft conditions,


Stenson firing it right at the flag. What a great character this guy is,


Andrew Johnston. If he was to ever win a big event it would be


incredible wouldn't it? Giving this is full attention.


Staring down, sizing it up, lining up the ball. The leader, for birdie


on the 14th. After all the add, it was ordinary,


to say the least. -- after all that. After a perfect tee shot at 14,


Henrik Stenson, to get within one. Yes, birdie two. He moves to


11-under par. 2-under par for his round. Two heavyweight fighters.


They are going to to toe. A very average first putt from Mickelson.


This is to save par. He took his time over it. He misses


it. There is a two shot swing. A birdie four Stenson, a bogey for


Mickelson, they are tied at the top. The first dropped shot of the day


for Mickelson. It does not compute. The second shot, the final hole for


Johnston. He has played well. Andrew Johnston,


he has that for a third consecutive 69.


Keegan Bradley is slipping away at the moment, a couple of shots gone


on the bag nine. And another one on the 15th hole. Time for Johnston to


try and find a closing birdie. This is for 69. Beef denied.


He has become this great character. A great personality, the Beef, but


Andrew Johnston finishes with 70, alone in fourth place, 5-under par,


the leading home player. We look forward to seeing him tomorrow.


This is a very important putt for me, for Phil. -- for Mickelson. If


he misses this, I get the feeling that Stenson is in control. What a


great putt. Stenson would have been able to dictate play, but that was


brilliant from Phil Mickelson. They are still locked together. If


Stenson can roll this in, the jewel in the sun at Turnberry, a few miles


down the road, 1977, Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson, separated from the


rest. They are five clear of the rest of the field as the Stenson --


as Stenson rolls it in. They are heading to the 17th. There are


options, different ways to play it. Ken had a look at it earlier. The


16th hole is a par five. It is 564 yards, out of range today with the


breeze into you. You do not necessarily have to go with the


driver. 295 and you run into that little creek. You can lay up in the


correct position on the fairway. There are bunkers you have to avoid.


If you can come in from the left, it gives you a good angle on the flag.


The green is surrounded by bunkers and the flag today is cut on 24,


four from the right. Have a look. It is right in that corner. See that?


Lets have a look at it. It looks fairly enough killers. It is not too


bad, but if you get your pigeon from the left-sided gives you a good


angle. The green slopes from the bag right to the front left. The tricky


thing is this pot bunker. You let it drift and you go in there, it leaves


you such an awkward shot. The green is running away from you. That is


the key bunker to be avoided. The players will aim to the left of the


flag. It looks simple but Europe got to be pinpoint accurate with the


approach, otherwise you can find trouble in the right. The wind has


dropped a bit. Stenson with his trusty club of his. He cannot reach


the burn today. This one instead of the driver.


He has pulled out to the left. Depending on the lie, it was always


a layup anyway. Not a good tee shot at 16 four Stenson. He has not


strayed too far from the beaten path today. No Mickelson. You have at his


caddy seeing left to right. He is going with the driver. -- you heard


his caddy seeing. He has got some support out there, Mickelson. That


is how cold and windy it is. With the driver, look how far back from


the ditch Mickelson is. Billy Haas, for par at the last. The leader in


the clubhouse. The six time US Tour winner, the former FedEx Cup


champion. Stenson. This needs his full


attention, his third shot to the 16th hole. Trouble from the tee. He


got it up to here. He has just tugged a little bit.


More than a little. That was wild. It has come out of its planned


march, at least. That was loose. -- its plug mark. A great opportunity


for Phil Mickelson with Stenson in the left-hand bunker, for Mickelson


to put this close and make birdie, possibly reverse the two shot swing


back on 14. Well done. Soren Kjeldsen, just looking to


tickle this one down the slope, right to left. In she goes. Soren


Kjeldsen, all sorts of problems on the back nine, but the birdie, and


back to 3-under par. It looks like it is all about the two men at the


top on the leaderboard, but Bill has still in touch, five shots back, and


in fourth place on his own, Andrew Johnston, the man with facial hair


that old Tom Morris would be proud of. I wonder how much he is loving


his new-found star status. Let's find out. I loved it, I had a good


playing partner to start off with, Sergio Garcia, he has a lovely man.


Every hole, they are shouting Beef, I love it. To be able to have the


fun, and take it seriously, you are now in contention going into the


final day. What does that mean? That is what you want. At the start of


the week, you want to be competing on Sunday. I am looking forward to


it. We have enjoyed watching you interacting with the fans, slapping


hands, does that come naturally to you? If someone puts their hand-out,


I will give them a high five. It is about giving back, thousands of


people coming out and supporting. We would not have golf tournaments if


they were not out there. I really appreciated and I love it. I am


going to give back. The ball has settled down into the middle of the


bunker. It should not present too many problems. There we go. The


least he would expect. Nicely played, to make up for his mistake


with his third shot. Zach Johnson, it has been a hard, hard day for


Zach Johnson. The closing hole. It is a birdie. He started so well,


with a birdie on the second, but it has tumbled back today. Phil, for


birdie. 12-under par. There you go. 2-under par for his round. He puts


the pressure fairly -- squarely back on Henrik Stenson to make his par.


Birdie for Mickelson. This to avoid a two shot swing.


That is a good putt, it was not an easy one, little bit of


left-to-right. Henrik Stenson, one shot behind Mickelson as they head


to the 17th. The clubhouse leader spoke to Rishi Persad. I becoming


more comfortable with links golf? You have got to know it is difficult


that the view hate good-quality shots, you can play, but here the


good quality shots are hard to come by. You have got to be patient. My


potting will have to be better tomorrow. I made some nice putts


today so I cannot blame that. But hopefully I will keep the ball in


front of me, in play, out of the bunkers, and on the back nine, try


to take on that challenge. It will be tough. Take your time. The final


words from his caddy, take your time. Two holes to go, a 1-shot


lead. I have never played with the pressure of the Ryder Cup. These


guys are opponents. Use on their faces, the pressure out there in a


major championship, it is something else. -- you saw on their faces.


Mutterings and grumblings. Lots of players have been down there. It is


lying OK. It will be interesting to see how he plays that. 217 yards, on


the 17th, and quite some way behind the group in front. It is another


good straight from Stenson, just asking it to move to the right. That


is why. Look at that again, from distance. He is one of the best in


the business with the irons. Distance control is all about solid


contact and there is no better ball striker than Stenson.


might have stuck in the bank. Out of bounds is right


might have stuck in the bank. Out of the bank. He is not hitting another


one. the bank. He is not hitting another


playing this, but it seems to be the bank. He is not hitting another


the hill is because the bank. He is not hitting another


difficult shots. Kjeldsen, the bank. He is not hitting another


bit. A chance to save par. It -- Stenson. These are


bit. A chance to save par. It -- This too tidy lead. Yes. How about


it? What the This too tidy lead. Yes. How about


Twice on the back nine Henrik are trading blows,


Twice on the back nine Henrik Stenson has made two, two shot


swing. Henrik Stenson leads The Open Championship with one hole to go in


Long walk back to the 18th tee. Phil Mickleson and Henrik Stenson are


going punch for punch. A look from on high. To lead The Open


Championship again. Walking, knew it was in. Jesper Parnevik came close,


this Swede still has some way to go but he is on top. Keegan Bradley


very fortunate not to go out of bounds. Stones at the back. Those


are out of bounds. Pitching for birdie, nicely done.


Getting a bit cooler, breeze across from the left hand into so it has to


be the driver from Stenson. 305 to the bunker on the right. Heading in


that direction. Should be short. It's playing a long way.


Final tee shot for Phil Mickleson. The last time he won The Open


Championship was the same year that Andy Murray won Wimbledon.


A little bit further rate than Henrik Stenson. But that's perfect,


not a problem. Par putt for Soren Kjeldsen. Nicely


done. Nice way to finish, back 939, four over. Round of 75.


Keegan Bradley has had his struggles on this back nine. This to finish


with par. Wasn't even close. That's a 39 back nine as well. 76 were


Keegan Bradley. Back to 2-under alongside Patrick Reed, Charl


Schwartzel and Sergio Garcia. Mickelson taking a 5-iron. Bones


says he wants him to carry it about 175. Ten yards on the green and


hopefully it scoots back to the flag.


Phil was right, Bones was wrong. Phil wanted to take another club. I


get that you have to cover it but why do you have two interfere with


that? I shot going off during his swing, a pretty stern rebuke to the


photographers. -- a shot going off. Gentle rain coming in, the wind,


Henrik Stenson, second to the last. What an opportunity.


Opportunity to stick it in close and make birdie last Phil Mickleson is


struggling. Phil Mickleson tipping the cap as he walks up between the


giant grandstands, the champion from three years ago, his closest pursuer


then was Henrik Stenson who leads him now towards the end of this


third round. I used to love the old days,


although they didn't do it Saturday, when they allowed all the crowd to


follow you down the 18th fairway. It's lying OK, big bit of sand on


the ball but shouldn't be too much of a problem. Coming out of a


cushion of sand anyway. Sure he will have shaken off the frustration,


we're about to watch a master at work.


Wonderful shot, wonderful shot from Mickelson. Should still save par.


All is forgiven and forgotten. Look at this. Sand on the ball has


nothing to do with it. Blasting the ball out. Such a seriously good


bunker player. Just picking a landing point.


Bumps it on. He has judged it very well indeed. Lovely shot from Henrik


Stenson. Will the leader of Henrik Stenson be


one or two? Looked like he had left it out but


finds the bottom of the cup. Round of 74 Phil Mickleson -- rendered 70,


four Phil Mickleson. Shouldn't present too much of a problem for


Stenson. Which he does. Wonderful round of


golf from Henrik Stenson. Tricky conditions. Back nine for 68.


12-under. He will lead The Open Championship by one. It might not be


the battle in the sun like 77 at Turnberry when Tom Watson was


starting to usurp Jack Nicklaus as the greatest player in the game but


you have two heavyweights in Stenson and Mickelson who will battle it out


tomorrow for The Open Championship. STUDIO: Could be more of a battle in


the light drizzle here in Ayrshire once again. Henrik Stenson one shot


ahead, leading in an major at this stage for the first time in his


career, his 41st start in one of the big occasions in world golf. It's


all about Henrik Stenson and it could be all about Phil Mickleson


tomorrow but someone else could spring a surprise. Let's hear from


both men. Yesterday we spoke about how good your 65 was, 68 today but I


guess equally as valuable? Absolutely, it was as good as the


65. It's always hard to compare rounds but it was tough on the back


nine. Got off to a good start, could have been four under after the first


five, dropped a couple and it was wobbling a little but got it


together and played nicely in the last six or seven and picked up a


few on the way home. Phil Mickleson denied you in 2013, how much are you


looking forward to the battle tomorrow? I did remember that! It's


going to be tough, he's a great competitor, one of the finest to


play the game in the last 15, 20 years. A lot of people watching


today enjoying the battle, how about you? It was a fun challenge, I


didn't have my best, I was a bit out of sorts. I had a real challenge


hanging in there. It was a real grind me, it wasn't easy like the


first couple of days where I was striking it and keeping the ball in


play. I made some difficult swings and some top pars but I shot a


number, under par on a typical day and I'm glad to put myself into


position heading into tomorrow's round. It was Rory McIlroy that said


that Henrik Stenson and full right are playing their own tournament and


it's been fascinating to watch. What were your hallmarks of Stenson's


round today? The key to his round were 1011 and 12. Some trouble off


the 10th tee, hacked out of the fairway and got onto the green and


left himself this putt. This was to save his par and it was a real


beauty. Slow up the hill and right into the centre. Absolutely vital,


could have dropped one there. 11 he attacked his way up the whole,


chipping up to here, Phil Mickleson had got his four par and he had a


horrible one from about a yard. Watch what he does, confident pace,


right into the centre, two keep putts. At the 12th he does the same


thing, comes up a bit short, pitches up to here, again Phil Mickleson has


got his par. At the hill with a bit of pain from left to right. That was


vital. This is the first time he's ever held the 50 for hole lead, the


first time he has been in the final pairing going into the last day, how


do you think he might cope? He is bound to be nervous, he's done


everything in golf, world number six, outstanding tee to green game


and I think evil revel in it. As per Phil Mickleson he is the man with


all the experience. It was this part of the round, the middle of the


round which was important for him at the 12th. He had played some super


golf, iron off the tee. The ball is going to go into the bushes but it


hits the side and it just comes back out. Still awkward, a lot of players


might have considered dropping, very little backswing. It's risky because


the club has to go through the grass, he gouges it down the


fairway. Did very well. Got it on the short stuff and the flag mac was


right on the front of the greens so that was handy. His wedge play for


so much of this round was magnificent as you would expect.


This was magnificent, unbelievable, you think oh no, but you little


devil, a little unlucky didn't go closer and holed that putt four par.


Fantastic. Any advantage for you in his experience of the situations?


He's a major winner, won The Open Championship and seems to thrive on


links golf. And he has been putting beautifully all week. Time to hand


out the praise in the shot of the day. Straight on the money, who will


it be? Henrik Stenson with the tee shot, listen to this. Beautiful.


Flushed it, hoping the wind will drift it to the right but watch when


it lands. Drops down like a bag of sugar. Then he holed it of course. I


am sure he will be delighted with that honour but what he wants is the


Claret Jug, tomorrow we are on a at 8pm.


High temperatures are on the way here in Scotland, on Monday. But not


tomorrow I am afraid. It will be more of the same, pretty cool,


breezy, damp, it will be absolutely fantastic. The final day of The Open


Championship here at Royal Troon. Is someone else going to steel the


show? From all of us here we look forward to your company tomorrow.


Goodbye. It sparked the greatest


transformation in British history. It had nothing like the impact


of the railways. Discover how the steam revolution


shaped the way we live today.


Extended highlights of the third round of the 145th Open Championship from Royal Troon, presented by Hazel Irvine.

This time in 2015, weather disruptions at St Andrews meant that day three actually only saw the conclusion of the second round - American Dustin Johnson, the new US Open champion, ending one shot clear of Danny Willett at the halfway stage of the tournament.

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