Final Round Highlights Golf: The Open

Final Round Highlights

Extended highlights of the final round of the 145th Open Championship from Royal Troon, presented by Hazel Irvine.

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They came from the four corners of the globe to test themselves against


the best. To tame this wildest of the rain. To see if they were equal


to the challenge. 136 men are all hoping to hear six words... Six


small words which could change her life. Six words with huge


significance. Today, for the 145th time, just one player will hear his


name called out and those magnificent six words, champion


golfer of the year... There is a little space on the claret jug


waiting for the 145th champion golfer of the year to be inscribed


into the silver on the final day of the Open at Royal Troon. But who


will it be? Henrik Stenson and Phil Mickelson look like they are playing


their own private tournament, six and five ahead of the field. At ten


paces? It could turn out into a bit of a jewel. Will someone is


gate-crash their party on another chilly day of sweeping and swirling


wind on the Ayrshire coast? The statuesque Henrik Stenson has


waited his whole career for this chance. It is the first time he has


led into round four of a major and the first time he has played in the


last pairing. But will he finish what his compatriot could not? 19


years he led as well but still their country waits for their first


leading man in a major. But more history awaits Phil Mickelson.


Already one of the greats, a winner of five of the biggest golf titles,


including this one in your field three years ago. Now aged 46, nobody


of his vintage has claimed the claret jug in almost 150 years. And


he has got unfinished business at Royal Troon after he came so close


last time. This tea-time has put many in mind of another head-to-head


contest here in Ayrshire 39 years ago. It was the so-called jewel in


the sun. One of the best loved final days in open history at Turnberry


between Jack Nicholas and the young pretender back then, Tom Watson. On


whom the sun smiled that day. There are echoes of the past. Albeit not


in sunny conditions right now. It is a very cool summer's day by the


seaside. I do not think the ice cream van is going to do much


business at all. Ken Brown has been braving the elements earlier. What a


morning it is for the final day. I am right at the first and it is


whistling down the goggles, this win. Look at that. Amazing. -- the


golf course. Straight across and it might help the front nine. The


forecast is for it to die down. It is very difficult. Any score better


than 75 would be amazing. The wind is up and it is strong and it is


bitterly cold. I would certainly echo that. It is getting up to 19


degrees, they tell us, later. But it sure does not feel like that.


Westerly wind is gusting 25 mph and once again it will be a attritional


once more at Royal Troon. Let's show you who is out with who.


Ten behind the gritty Texan, Patrick Reed and Sergio Garcia starting out


together just before two o'clock. They are likely to be in operation


at the Ryder Cup in September. -- opposition. Tony has done better at


this open than anybody so far and he is accompanied by Soren Kjeldsen.


Steve Stricker, what a return to the open for him after four years.


Kentucky's J.B. Holmes is in tandem. The beef and Billy show. Andrew


Johnson has been loving the beef mania at Troon. Seven behind and


Bill Haas could yet spring a surprise from six-pack. And then it


is the main draw at Royal Troon. Phil Mickelson and Henrik Stenson.


Sweden against the United States, perhaps, for the spoils on the final


day. Would anyone make a charge? Lee Westwood in his 22nd straight open


is grafting hard. This is his second from seven. His fourth birdie of the


day brings him back to level par. Ryan Palmer from Amarillo in Texas,


show me the way. To a rather rare bird on the daylight today. An


eagle. -- a day like today. Bringing him back to level. Andy Sullivan,


this is his birdie at the first and he followed with another at the


third. Two under for the day and one for the chap in ship. Ryan Palmer's


eagle we have seen but how about this courtesy of Matthew Southgate?


Second at the fourth. This would make sure of it. So much for Matthew


to smile about this week. 1-over for the Championship. Nobody is leaping


onto the first page of the leaderboard yet. Phil Mickelson and


Henrik Stenson have a lot of wriggle room at the front. Just the one


level par round of 71. There is a little bit of movement below on page


two. They are all a long, long way back. 19 years ago a Swede was


bleeding and he was ambushed by the round of a lifetime from the chasing


pack as Justin Leonard came from five back. The possibilities today


are many and intriguing. Let's savour all the Andrew and Peter.


Thank you, Hazel. It is dreary and Chile. We have got the promise


perhaps of a little bit better weather in the afternoon when the


leaders go out. We will go down to the first and here, Rory McIlroy,


who came here with a very high hope and rounds of 69, 71 and 73 do not


look bad on a monster course like this. But he is nowhere near. On the


team from Northern Ireland, Rory McIlroy.


This first one has not been too kind to the young master. This is his


final round of this year's Championship. Will it be blistering?


Or will it be strewn with errors? Wind coming in from the right. Is


that too far right? No, too far left. That is fine.


Andy Sullivan has a chance to get two under. Yes. The fourth is


playing the easiest hole this week. A birdie for Sullivan. Always


smiling. Rory McIlroy's pitch at the first. A simple looking shot over


the bunkers. Landed over the green. Just over the bounce and spin. A


bold looking shot. It was too bold. And through she goes. Now it looks


disappointing. Soren Kjeldsen is having a final confidence boosting


Championship will stop --. Looks fairly straightforward from


down on high but there is a bit of a slope to come up. On the edge of the


green. Up it comes. It will be a par to start for Rory McIlroy.


Woodland at the first. Level par for the Championship. Just easing back


on the wind. Dropping down like a stone. Making short work of the


first hole. Second of McIlroy. The lie is OK down here.


Oh, here we go. Wonderful shot from 3-macro Roy on the second. To get


his round going. -- from Rory McIlroy on the second. Justin Rose


for his dirty on the postage stamp. -- birdie.


After that lovely second shot the taps in to go 1-under par. -- E taps


-- Rory McIlroy taps in. Matt Jones, the Australian. A rough start on the


back nine with a bogey at ten and 12. Lovely shot at the 13th. How


about that? Eagle on the 13th. One of the toughest holes on the course


and it has been gobbled up by Matt Jones.


Second from Grilllo to the third. Beautifully done. He should have a


nailed on birdie, the man from Argentina. Did somebody order beef?


Andy Sullivan at six. This is for a par. He is a long way away. Top


shot. Grilllo, a beautiful second into the


third hole. He has managed to sneak a par. Here come the boys. You can


see it is July. Willie hats and long johns.


The very least he would have expected would have been a birdie


from one of the first three gentle par four holes. He missed a very


makeable one of the last. It is about six or seven he has missed


from that length so far in the Championship. A, guys. Hello.


Interesting personality, master Hassam. -- Hassam.


Two under-par. Rory McIlroy tee shot on the fifth. Tough pin position


just on the right of that bunker. Flying so high and landing so


softly. A birdie chance but he has missed so many already. He needs to


get the putter working. Here we are. Bunker to the left of Andy Sullivan.


But a good lie. Will have to really accelerate through. He was so close


to being good. Still a chance of dropping just one.


The bunkers around eight are nasty. Here is Watson. 16. 6-over, sadly.


But this is for a three. Yes. He brings joy and sadness in the


twinkle of a knife. -- the eyes. The 14th. 178. Write down there.


That will do from Darren Clarke. Try to get to 3-over. Good golf this


week. Andy Sullivan after a couple of shots from the bunker at eight.


Well done. Two birdies and two birdies. Another


opportunity for Rory McIlroy. Let's see if he can find a birdie at the


fifth. Yes, this one he has done. A couple of chances have slipped. But


two birdies in the first five. Two under-par. Darren Clarke, for two at


the 14th. Good golf from Darren Clarke. Level par for his round


today. Four to go. 3-over for the Championship. Tee shot at six for


Rory McIlroy. Just over 600 yards. Boomer!


He really does hit the ball majestically when he is in full


flow. Beautiful shot. Thomas Pieters. This is for a two at eight.


In it goes. One of the Belgian's finalist. Nicolas Colsaerts will


have something to say about that. -- one of the Belgian's finalist. --


one of the Belgian's very best. Beautiful shot. One smiling face.


When all looked lost. Then a shaft of sunlight. After two big shots


down at six, Rory McIlroy with a short pitch. He will have that left


for a birdie four. Jordan Spieth. 18th green. Hopefully his final


pat-macro of the Championship. This is for a round of 67. -- his final


pat-macro. -- his final putt. Made a birdie at ten and 11. Plus two.


Birdie for Michael Roy here at six. -- Rory McIlroy. Is it too late? He


will need help from the leaders. He will need a lot more birdies.


STUDIO: Into the top six, Rory McIlroy with three birdies at the


second, fifth and six. Charl Schwartzel also moving to that


number but still nine shots behind Henrik Stenson.


Defending champion, Zach Johnson. Birdie at four. He moves to 3-under.


Tony for now has been given relief from the wood chip. Second shot.


A good safe shot. Darren Clarke. He has played some nice golf this week.


This is at 15. Is it? Oh, Darren! One for the old times. What a


beautiful putt. Birdie at 14 and 15. For now, first dirty chance. A track


and dropped off that. -- birdie chance. Nicely done, Tony. Yes.


A nice way to finish. Out in 32 and back in 36. Round of 68. Anything


better than level four, you have got to be reasonably happy. He has found


some kind of lie, Andrew Johnston, at the first.


Fantastic shot. From a tough lie. Walking straight towards the claret


jug, Henrik Stenson. Darren Clarke, for birdie at 16.


Three in a row. Just warming up at the right time. Great informants. --


performance. Very short putter. Heavy shaft and


heavy end. They are cheering him on. From the USA, Phil Mickelson. A


former open champion. 46 years old. How many more chances is he going to


have to win a major Championship? Continuing his Conservative play.


Iron from the tee. A good opening shot. On the tee from Sweden, Henrik


Stenson. He has been a top player for many years. 68, city five, 60


eight. Leading by one. -- 65, 60 eight. -- 68.


Has he missed all of them? He has done. Stay on the fairway! Not too


bad. A birdie putt up ahead at the first green, Johnstone. He is loving


it. These! What would happen if he won it


today? That would be a story. Matthew Southgate. It was online. I


did not think it had enough pace. Easily had enough pace. Even par.


Second shot, Stenson. Opening hole. Just a glorious iron player. The big


Swede. That is very unlike him. He plays a lot of nice three


quarters shots. Little prodding shots. That was not one of them. He


gave it a real good thump. Write down the flag! What a beauty. What a


start. He has been shining all week. This time he has got one him. At in


32. He has missed twice inside four feet and maybe inside three. Out in


32. 25 on at the first, Henrik Stenson,


around 80 feet. Very nervous start for the leader.


Matthew Southgate. 13th. Another one! Another one! Another one! My


goodness, two tramlines in a row. Got his card and wet on the final


green. Wayne, you lead going into the final round going in to 1999.


What is it like on the first? For me at that stage it was quite scary. I


did not have the pedigree of these two guys, but I had one in America


just before. I was playing well and confident that it was still a


nervous experience. This would he a good settler. This is for the par.


And a poor bogey there for Stenson. A short birdie for Mickelson. The


two leaders are flip-flopping. Bogey. He got to the range quite


late today. He might be playing catch up a little bit at the moment.


The last thing you need is to get out of your routine.


Fixup two shots on the first, Phil Mickelson. -- he picks up. 12-under.


Leading by one. Third shot at the second. In danger


of dropping one here. It took a terrible kick.


Well, a good effort. Great tournament. Birdie at 14, 15 and 16.


Round of 70. Well done, Ryder Cup captain. Phil Mickelson leading by


one. Henrik Stenson dropping a shot at the first. Rory McIlroy is flying


but he has missed some opportunities as well. The wind is dying a little


bit and the sunshine is coming out. More pleasant than it was first


thing this morning. Stenson has found the fairway. Just tucked


behind the right-hand uncut. It depends how brave he is going to be.


-- right-hand bunker. Cutting high into the wind. It should land


softly. Just a little bit cagey. But a delightful shot. Just what he was


after. Mickelson from a feud yards closer than Stenson. Just out of the


first cut. Great angle. He will try and turn this a little bit left to


right, back into the breeze. Holding it up. Well! It is going to need all


of his mastery with his short game, Phil Mickelson, to get it up and


down. Quite an inviting pin. Being on the left-hand side of the green.


Using the wins to work the ball into it. -- using the wind. Magnificent.


Oh, lovely, lovely. I don't fancy this much. Not at all,


so tight. The area around the green. Easy for the club to bounce. But


this man is a genius. Look at that. How about that? How


good is he? 64 degrees wedge. Just made it look so easy. I think even


he impressed himself there, that was a fantastic shot. Worth another


look. Can get underneath them, watch the way, you could see a bit of


spin, how it stayed out I don't know. Certainly one of the shots of


the day. Looked little nervous up the first, just a little. Yes,


surprising. Short second onto the green. They have all been short from


the front. This putt here at the 2nd, if he can roll it in it will


just settle him. Looks good. Beautiful. That's


better. Andrew Johnston after that superb


second shot. A weaker dollar -- wee tiddler.


Rory, looks like he's got a dig at this one. Don't take any more than


five, what ever you do. That could be through the green again. Sticks


up there, just makes it a bit more awkward. 153 yards left, the pin


towards the left of the putting surface and a little slope to the


right which you can use to get the ball towards the cup. Stenson first


play. Mickelson just a little back in his


stance. Wind of the right. That's the way to bring it up, the


little cushion, glorious shot. Rory is putting this. Tricky one to


judge. Short back and quick through, the


ball does appears into the cup. As the day is going on, the conditions


getting nicer, a couple of trees on his card, a couple of birdies. --


couple of threes. Stenson. Yes. I shaky start, drop the shot at the


1st, then birdie, birdie. Steve Stricker for eagle at the 4th.


Could be, could be, if it runs. Oh. Steve Stricker for eagle at the 4th.


Could be, could be, Didn't see the line. Lodged it


tricky one, I think. Not much in it. Didn't see the line. Lodged it


outside Didn't see the line. Lodged it


one, as he started. Going to have to give


one, as he started. Going to have to of this lie. Decent contact at the


12th, Rory. From He's left himself another one of


those. Third at the par-5, the crowd


getting louder. CHUCKLES Beef didn't make a meal of that one!


Just inside the left edge, Rory. Oh. He's missed some of those this week


hasn't he? Eight or nine now. Beef for another birdie, my goodness


there will be a cheer if this goes in.


560 yards, Stenson reckons he can chase it in there with the iron.


We shall see. A bit right perhaps, I don't know. Yes, a little bit right.


Ballooned up a little bit but that's OK. Long putt but safe.


Mickelson some 20, 20 five yards ahead. -- 25 yards ahead.


Looked like a good strike. Super shot. Superb. This is a great


exhibition. Every hole he has played so far has had a bit of drama and a


bit of class. Matthew Southgate. Wouldn't surprise me if he gets this


one in. Another one with a nice look at the hole, that was an eagle


chance. He is galloping through the field.


3-under for his round, a couple under for the Championship. Look at


that Fred good run on the back nine. The flag is on 20 so must be the


best part of 60 feet. Had this sort of putt at the 1st, left it seven or


eight feet short. A few humps and bumps along the way. Quite a slow


one. Why need on this occasion. -- wide


on this occasion. Billy Haas, little chip and run


shot, and play this in America very often. Delightful little shot.


Tremendous amount of thought going into this one. This is a putt for an


eagle three. Pressure on Stenson. Satisfaction is


an 8-foot eagle putt rattling into the bottom of the cup.


Yesterday Stenson had two or three of these and hit them with a perfect


pace. Things are a bit different, the final day, a major at stake,


this for birdie to tie with Mickelson.


Beautiful, right in the heart of the cup. Looking more and more like a


two horse race, 14-under for the final pairing. Cracking stuff.


STUDIO: Cracking stuff indeed. Just one dropped shot from Henrik


Stenson. It's all square, 14-under, they have separated themselves.


Andrew Johnston doing his level best, 2-under for his round but it's


looking more and more as if it will be the sweet or the man from


California. COMMENTATOR: The gladiators tied on 14-under. Wind


cross. Pin tucked behind the bunker. He's played another excellent shot.


The fifth, ranked the fourth most difficult, playing 192 yards. Have


to be brave to go straight at it. Very nice. Just favouring the left


of the flag. Nice to see Sergio Garcia, the same


putt that Rory had earlier on. Tip toes in. A steady run for Sergio.


Ten behind. Ryder Cup points at stake and big prize-money.


Billy Haas just having... A little spasm. Missing the short putt,


dropped a stroke, back to 5-under. After an marvellous iron shot into


the 13th, come on Rory. Yes. He is playing some fantastic stuff, a


couple of loose tee shots, one or two missed opportunities on the


greens but some glorious bits in between. Ken has been down on the


18th green. He has an artistic bent to you now. My goodness. This is


attention to detail, look at this. Painting around the very edge of the


hall. It's a special paint so you can see it, the cup, on the 18th.


The final putt will plop into this hole. Do you have your scissors or


have you done that? He's already cut the edge with the scissors.


Fantastic. Whoever wins The Open Championship, the ball is going to


trickle into that cup. Thank you very much. Beautifully done. Look


how crisp the edge is. Like it has been cut out of a piece of tee.


Mind your fingers, there is no wet paint sign! Mickelson. This spur


two. -- this for a two. Quite a swing from the left here, left to


right. Very good reading. Great skill in leading the greens. --


reading the greens. Club golfers, you should find out more about that,


it will help your putting. Give you some idea what you are doing. This


is an interesting one, how about this from the bank at the 6th? He is


playing a game with which I am not familiar, bumping it down the hill,


but it's working well. Garcia at the 8th. 116 yards or so


today. Purging it on, on, on. That's all right.


Slightly easier putt for Stenson, doesn't have quite as much break as


Mickelson's cad. -- had. Good effort. Looks like a couple of


threes. Stenson with one of those tweakers


which are so often missed at crucial moments. Good, safe three.


JB after that shot off the bank. Super up and down. Why does he


remind me of a lumberjack? You could see him hacking down trees up in


Oregon. Garcia at the 8th, for a two. White trousers are all the rage


now. Well done Sergio, back-to-back birdies, 5-under.


Southgate finishing up. He has holed couple of snorting putts. Don't


finish weekly. That's all right, we'll tap that one in. 69.


Doing well, not Kurds spot, little upslope. Not easy. Controlled it and


did the most important thing of all, down the short grass.


I am not sure whether Henrik Stenson is playing for position or if he


thinks he can race this on the green with a iron. It's 600 odd yards. I


think he can. It's no good if it is high and pitches soft. I think he


likes it. He doesn't. Not sure, looks like he will be laying up


after all. Reasonable angle. Look out. CHUCKLES


Who knows what might have happened if that had not spun back. JB after


that huge drive, you can see how close to the green he is. Just a


little flick of the wrists, and there you have it.


74 yards, good distance, he is a master at these. He is, will be


interesting to see how he plays it, just short of the pin there is a


little hollow in the green. From short range, he spins the ball as


well as anybody. Skidded through the little hollow.


Very good. Stenson with a little pitch. You can see the lie of the


land from left to right. He's gone the high route. Look at this. Do you


think he meant it? I think he did. That is a bit of finesse there.


Quality. This will give us a nice view of it, the little hollow at the


front of the pin, trying to carry it over that, super spin on it. Some


zip on that one. Marvellous golf these two are playing.


Online. And in. That's the way to play it. Iron off the tee, up the


fairway, good pitch. Beautiful stuff. Can Stenson match the birdie


of Mickelson? Not much in this putt. He can. He can. Right in the centre.


Amazing, they are streaking ahead of the field. 15-under. Phil Mickleson


knows how to win Majors. Steve Stricker, left edge. Just,


just, just. Sleeps it in the side door. Comeback Player of the Year


twice on the PGA Tour, looks like he's going to make another comeback.


Wonderful day for Matthew Southgate. What a fantastic way to finish, how


proud are you? It's been incredible, I have been played well for weeks, I


am proud of myself to have backed myself stuck with it. It got tough


at times this week and I stuck to my guns, didn't do anything out of my


comfort zone. I just stuck to good rhythm and good shot selection.


Sometimes it was tough to get to the middle the green, I am just pleased


that I will be there or thereabouts at the end of the week. Mickelson.


Driving at the 7th. Doesn't like it. Could be a spot of bother. Lucky


boy. Lucky, Lucky, lucky boy. Some of the spectators, there might have


been a headache or two there. Jason Day at the 18th for birdie. Hasn't


been a great week for the world number one.


A week break and then he will be heading back to the PGA to defend.


Rory McIlroy. Second shot. Driven it over the burn.


Good shot. He's played a lot of good golf this week, Rory McIlroy. There


is how the lie. Phil Mickleson came off the virtual bushes and a virtual


spectator and isn't too bad now. Should be eating this up. Great


shot. Another opportunity. What a fight these two are having. He is OK


with the TV cable, it's been wrenched out. Very tight to the flag


here, the bunker creeping in on the left edge of the green. Clean lie.


Clean contact. Just lost that bit of control but bearing in mind where


his drive was going, to have a birdie putt is pretty fortunate.


Right below the eighth green, has to get this up so quickly. Only a


little bit of a downslope as well. That's the safe shot, had to make


sure of it, could have, it back into the sand, that for par for Andrew


Johnston. Mickelson the first to try and land his blow on the seventh.


Little bit of right-to-left in it. Not this time. Stenson will have a


chance to lead on his own again. But again, par, bearing in mind the


drive that he hit, is a good result for Mickelson.


Chance to take the outright lead again for Stenson here at seven.


Very hard putt to read. We have seen a lot of guys have trouble here


making putts at seven. They go to the eighth still tied.


The target just five feet to the left of the pin. Between the pin and


the left-hand bunker. There we are. A little bit of contour takes it


down. Another wonderful shot from Phil Mickleson.


Stenson to follow that wonderful tee shot by Mickelson. Frightening hole.


Well done. They really are putting on a show.


Johnson for his par at eight. -- Johnstone.


Second bogey of the day for Andrew Johnston.


Stenson to put a bit of heat on Mickelson. If he can get it, first.


This is really fun to watch, isn't it? How good is that?


He will shift down to his kind of claw grip. Here we go. Always wide.


That blow by Stenson not matched by Wilson. -- Mickelson. Stenson in


front on his own. This is for his dirty, McIlroy. -- birdie. He has


played well this week. Keep your eyes on him for the PGA in a couple


of weeks. His vision is obscured, Stenson. Cannot quite see the flag.


Just on the edge of the calls. The pin is on the back today. Pushing it


to move left. And it did. Beautiful shot by Stenson. And a birdie chance


to come. What golf he is playing. 168 to the hole, Mickelson. Looks


like an eight iron. Did not get all of it. Did he get all of it? Yes, he


did. A great shot. Blow for blow. Birdie pat-macro, get in there. --


putt. Continuing his good form. Stenson first again with his putt.


For his sixth birdie of the nine. I think he's looking for bones. I'm


not going to make any predictions. He has got a chance to join Stenson


at the top of the board. That is two in a row that he has let get away.


They will enter the back nine with Stenson leading by one. STUDIO: Just


a single page of the leaderboard is all that is required to underline


the dominance of the front runner. J.B. Holmes is putting together and


Andrew Johnston in only his third major. Are craning their necks to


see the top two right now. -- they are. It was in the 1977 battle not


far from here at Turnberry when it was neck and neck between Jack


Nicklaus and Tom Watson. Tom turned to Jack and said, this is what it is


all about, isn't it? And the bearer applied, you bet it is. Almost 40


years later, these two men are bringing out the best in one another


once again. The American said he did not bring his best yesterday. He put


that right at the very first hole. An important statement getting this


into birdie range. A two shot swing. The Swede making a bogey. 12-under.


The Swede hit back at the second banishing his nerves and roaring


level with the lefty once more. Stenson had seven top four finishes


in ages and was on top again at the next, to go 13-under. They have


played together so often in big events that he feels like he is with


his playing partner and he well knows Mickelson is capable of this


kind of thing. Another glorious iron. Eagle chance at the fourth.


Phil Mickelson has made more of those of this century than anybody


else with 36 and counting. He took it, of course. With Stenson making


birdie, honours were even again. And after six, when they traded birdies


here. On a different level from the rest. The postage stamp, now. They


had it licked from the ten Stenson. When Stenson took a chance from the


green and Mickelson missed, he took his chances again. Four under for


the day. They have negotiated the first half of this challenging old


course at Royal Troon. Report card time now from Ken Brown. What do you


make of this enthralling contest? Well, it is quite an atmosphere. It


is really electric. Everybody is enjoying it. Phil Mickelson is


smiling and Henrik Stenson is smiling at the quality has been


spectacular. Some marvellous shots. Plenty of birdies and even the odd


eagle. Now it is the back nine. The winters drop a little bit and it is


a bit warmer. They have got it really good. They have had it pretty


good all week with the weather. It is the back nine starting with the


10th. Thanks, Ken. And now, described by Gary Player as the


toughest in the wind in the Championship golf and even tougher,


you suspect, with the claret jug on the line. Back we go with Andrew and


Wayne. Three Wood. -- three wood. Straight over the point there.


Heading to the right half of the fairway. Once again, glorious shot


from Stenson. Mickelson also with three wood. He


turned it a little bit too much. Not finding the right rough. This is for


his par at ten. So close, but short. Second bogey in three holes. 5-under


alongside Steve Stricker. Come on, beef. And hopefully the final shot


for Rory McIlroy. Get in there! Well, what a week. What a


frustratingly weak for the former world number one. He has played


magnificently. -- frustrating week. But he has been let down on the


green. It will still be a top-10 finish. He finished third at St


Andrews in 2010. It is going to be top ten here. But he has designs on


so much more. Closes on 67, though. Aiming well down the right. Andrew


Johnston. Good timing for the train. Just getting left a little. Perfect.


Beautiful tee shot. Good concentration. He just stayed out of


the heavy stuff, Mickelson. Half decent lie.


All over it. Well, come on, sit down. You can see that all of


Mickelson in so close from the ideal position. This is another glorious


iron shot from Stenson. Pretty good. Equities to and on either side of


the hole. Locked in their own private battle. -- equal distance.


The best round of the day has come from Rory McIlroy, 67. It will ease


some of his earlier worries. His first appearance since winning the


current jug double-macro years ago, let's get his thoughts from Richard.


-- two years ago. Had you sum it up here at Royal Troon? I think I have


played pretty well. My side of the draw on Friday, we had it rough and


iPod like we should level par on that one. That was good. I probably


would regret the front nine, not being able to make some birdies. And


another solid round today. I feel with the circumstances I have played


pretty well this week. I do not know if I could have done any thing to


get near those two at the top of the leaderboard. They are on a different


planet this week and it'll be fun to watch the back nine and see you


comes on top. He has got at! Stenson is a 17-under par in the Open


Championship. Six birdies today and he has opened up a gap with


Mickelson. Can he find the answer? Get in there! Right on top. A birdie


there from Mickelson. Giving these huge galleries their money 's worth.


J.B. Holmes. He finished so far adrift of


-- he finished so far adrift of Tom Watson and Jack Nicholas all of


those years ago. Always a big moment. The tee shot at the 11th.


Finished to the right of it. It could be tight. Do not go too


far. You would have been puffing hard on that one. Great position


now. On firmer fairways that would have


been in trouble. On a softer landing you are fine. Mickelson taking the


driver. He was close on the left yesterday. We have seen a seven,


eight and a nine. That is perfect. J.B. Holmes to remain 700. --


7-under par. A very solid round. Over the corner of the gauze here


for Stenson with a five iron. Getting up is not a problem.


Another great iron shot. Little bit unlucky. Sitting down very quickly.


Mickelson at the 11th. Mickelson. A six iron. Or thereabouts. Come on!


Listen to the man. Oh, wow. He offers his own commentary. Best shot


he hit all day. Down the back. Comparisons with 1977 are very apt.


Hubert Green was third at ten behind Jack Nicholas and 11 behind Tom


Watson. J.B. Holmes is nine behind Phil Mickelson and ten behind Henrik


Stenson. Rory McIlroy with 67 as well. Astonishing performance from


Stenson and Mickelson. Long-range birdie attempt at 11. Mickelson just


over the back of the green. Go, go! That is a big error of


judgment from Stenson. It will not upset Phil Mickelson.


What a difference in the nines at Royal Troon. 936 over on the back


nine. What a difference. And with what Phil Mickelson described as the


best shot he has hit all week, a little bit unlucky, just trickling


down the back. Will this stay up? Can see the


marker of Stenson. Some six feet away. Mickelson has also worked it


out. He should pop in. A little bit of gamesmanship. Phil Mickelson is


going to finish. Would not normally see that. I like this. This is


becoming Match Play. Absolutely Match Play. Although Match Play,


Phil Mickelson could not do this. I am N. -- I am in. Just turning the


screw with a smile. There is nothing easy about this


putt, I promise you. He has got to start outside the hole, almost two


balls out. Going up the hill. Got to be nice and firm.


Not enough pace. A little bit firmer and it would have held the line. And


they go to the 12 tied. Andrew Johnston is just beginning to


let slip a couple of shots. Bogey at ten and 12. This is for the part.


All groaning with him. -- for the par. Andrew Johnston alongside Rory


McIlroy. Round of 67. Four under. Phil Mickelson with the iron again.


He got lucky yesterday. Got tangled up with a little bit of gauze. But


he made a brilliant four. Stay! He has done it again. But not as bad as


yesterday. The iron was well for Stenson. It is a long one but the


wind has dropped. Would have been in their faces.


Good tee shot. Last time he followed the bogey with three birdies. Birdie


putt for Cyril Hatton. What a couple of weeks for this young man. Get


there. Oh, yes. He joins the group at 4-under par.


It has been a valiant defence of his the Open crown. Zach Johnson has


featured... If he can close with the par, 1-under at the moment, he did


not want to give away the claret jug but he has performed so well here.


Tyrell Hatton, 221. Just about the full distance today. And they like


it. Beautiful shot from Tyrell Hatton. What a tee shot on the par


three at the 17th. Down the flag, all the way. To go to 5-under. Not


lying too badly. But feet below the ball. Aiming at to the left. It


should come round the bed. It has gone well right. -- come round a


bit. That is a horrible mound of nasty nurse. That was going in quite


quickly. -- nasty nurse. Look how quickly it shot down.


That is OK. Looked good in the air. Definite advantage for Stenson at


12. Mickelson in trouble. A little bit to the left for his birdie at


18. Not far to go the Mickelson. But it


is the lie. Just try to get any kind of control on the ball.


OK. Take your medicine. Tyrell Hatton after that superb tee shot on


the 17th... No, no. He stays in that private home battle in 4-under par,


tied with Rory McIlroy and Andrew Johnston. Stenson for an unlikely


birdie at the bottom under this 12th green. Coming from the three


pat-macro. -- three putt. It is short again. But it should not


be a problem. Defending champion. Par on the final


hole. What a valiant defence it has been for Zach Johnson. 71 to close.


Sub par for the winner at St Andrews.


We have learned a little bit from the pace of Stenson's putt. A lot of


people have been short. He has given it. Yes. Mickelson! What a four. He


has played the 12th terribly and the last couple of days, walking off


with fours. He stays 16-under. It is developing into a classic. Stenson,


just to finish out. Which he has done. Once he finished the 12, six


holes straight from home and the claret jug the end for one of these


two blaze, Stenson and Mickelson side-by-side. -- two players. Steve


Stricker with a chance for two at 14. A couple of birdies so far. Not


a bogey on the card. And another from Steve Stricker. He moves to


6-under par. The Americans are all over Royal Troon. STUDIO: Par save


at the last hole for Phil Mickelson, locked in with Henrik Stenson. Great


progress for Steve Stricker heading for his first top five in a major in


two years. But where is can? -- Kenneth? This is a wonderful one.


Your name is? Gary. Gary and Gwyn. They are cutting the flag is this


week. And they get a signed flag. Well done. This one looks like a


winner. You are standing a bit near to it! Well done, Gary and Gwyn.


Andrew Johnston, tee shot at 14. Pin back left. Falling back right.


Straight left to right. Looking the record. Tom Morris senior. 149 years


ago. Just seems like yesterday. Straight left to right here for


Mickelson. It just seems commonplace now,


doesn't it? It is shot after shot setting up the birdie opportunity.


Andrew Johnston all the way on the back of the 14th.


What an effort he has given it. We hearing cries of beef. He will be


hearing it in his sleep. Round of 67. He will be leader in the


clubhouse. Get there. Go, go. Round of 68. What a couple of great weeks


for him. Last week at the Scottish open and here at the Open


Championship, turning a reasonable year into a fantastic one. For


Tyrell Hatton. Stenson now to try and strike first.


There is not much to it. Across the 13th green.


Remaining 16-under. Looking for his first major Championship. This is


gettable, no doubt about it, for Phil Mickelson. Not a huge amount in


it. Giving it a bit of a run. Missing by fractions. 62 on


Thursday. That was almost as close. They are still tied together with


five holes to play. Everybody is clattering from the stands and


trying to get a position as they move onto the 14th. It is just


fascinating. Garcia. Birdie putt at 16 on the par


five. He gets to 4-under. In a four way tie for fifth position.


That is another one. Perfect distance from Mickelson. And again a


fairly flat putt. One had and 78 yards here for


Stenson. -- one 78 yards. They will try and draw it back into the


breeze. He likes it. Good shot. He's been pretty lucky with that


lie. This is the fifth shot now. He is in all kinds of trouble on the


right-hand side of the hole. What a recovery. Two shots ago -- two shots


to go. He will slip back to 5-under. Great opportunity for Mickelson, who


is going to make the first putt? If Phil can get this in, the pressure


will go straight back on Henrik. Certain three. Opens the door for


Henrik Stenson, slightly. Andrew Johnston, to say par again.


-- to save par again. He has been entertaining us royally but he is


just slipping a little bit at the moment. Still inside the top ten but


he will go back to 3-under. Four bogeys in the last nine holes.


The sun is out and Stenson has sized this up. Another chance to lead on


his own. He has it! Stenson and Sweden start


to count down the holes, he leads by one with four to play. Birdie number


seven, remarkable golf under this final round pressure. What a


leaderboard, what a performance from both of them. Off to the 15th Igor,


Mickelson now chasing down Stenson. -- off to the 15th Igor. STUDIO:


Sweden has produced four major winners in major golf. -- women's


golf. But I am sure they are all willing on their man today.


COMMENTATOR: Fitting weather now for willing on their man today.


COMMENTATOR: Fitting weather now for this


Not up to his normal lofty Stenson now 17 and under par, look


Not up to his normal lofty standards. Adrenaline will be


coursing through his veins as he watches Mickelson. We all watch


Mickelson now, look at the crowd on the right-hand side. Second to the


15th. Walking after it, be right he says.


It was for direction just a little bit shy. JB Holmes laid up short of


the ditch, 3-wood. Smashes it. Great shot, coming off a double


bogey. That's now for eagle. He has studied it from every


possible angle. Mickelson biding his time, waiting his turn. Down in two


from here, he would probably take that. One clear at the moment. His


caddy waits. We all wait and watch, it's good, it's great from Stenson!


What a birdie, what are putt! Birdie number eight and he is closing in on


the Claret Jug. The comparisons to 77, Tom Watson did the same thing


from off the green at the 15th. What are putt. His card is almost


entirely red, an extraordinary final round from Stenson. Over to you Phil


. This, for birdie. It's a great effort. But Stenson is


two in front with three holes to play.


That's four. Doesn't get any better than this.


Garcia. 18th, uphill all the way from this angle, slow.


Another great major performance from Sergio Garcia, 69 today. Mickelson


first to play. Second easiest hole on the golf


course, 30 birdies and three eagles. Phil has got his 3-wood out, the


green well in range. What a lovely shot. He has found the


par-5 in two with an eagle chance. It's not over until the fat lady


sings. Stenson also out with a big club. This might carry all the way


to the green. He's pulled it. We could have big


swing here. Steve Stricker at the 17th, having a wonderful round, he


is 7-under. Hasn't dropped a shot, this is going to be his first


calamity of the day. Unfortunate, played quite stunning golf today,


out in 34, two birdies coming home. This doesn't look too clever, Peter.


I think the lie is probably a little bit better than it looks. Little bit


of a landing area as well. Pretty good result there. You just need a


bit of Lady luck sometimes. Could be level in three or four


minutes. About four different permutations here. Phil Mickleson


putting for history, looking good. Oh! That was robbery. What a


fantastic effort. Magnificent effort. Birdie four. Just seemed to


hop once midway down that path, maybe just took a bit of pace out of


it? Don't know how it stayed out. Pressure with the P. Double pressure


on this one. A little down the slope as well, it is ticklish. All right,


he's done it. Nerves of steel. Two to go, two ahead. STUDIO: Stenson


now 19-under par, matching so far the lowest round total for an Open


Championship of Tiger Woods in 2000, can he hang the lead and what would


be a tie of the records are indeed could he yet break it?


COMMENTATOR: It all comes down to this. Probably a 3-iron, small


target. He likes it. It's going to be all


right. It's going to be slightly better than all right. That is


majestic. What a shot, right down the flag, what a cracking iron shot.


Follow that, Phil. He knows what he's got to do, has


hit a lot of good piping hot iron is as well, has Phil.


Sort of likes it. Stay there, it's down the bank. The further down it


goes the harder the shot becomes. Chances got a poor lie.


This looks more like a Championship now is the sun comes out and the


breeze has dropped just a little bit, it's gone from a wind to a


stiff breeze. Buzz of excitement everywhere, could it be Stensons


date? -- day? Mickelson faced with a very difficult shot. Almost a good


one. Still six yards from the hole. A little bit dry lipped, that's


understandable. Phil really needs to pop this in. He is already two


behind. This to save par at the 17th. He's done it. He has the heart


of a lion. If he was a boxer he would be up against the ropes


getting pummelled but he's not going to fall over just yet. Wonderful


stuff, been an absolute delight, the battle between these two today.


?433,000, what a brilliant week 's work. The 69 today included a double


bogey. Well done JB. This putt for a two to increase his lead. Golly. It


happened to Mickelson on the last hole. You would swear it was in when


it was to three inches short. But both in 43. -- for three.


A wonderful effort, 69 for Steve Stricker. Horrible double bogey from


nowhere at the 17th but what a week 's work. Part-time player these


days, Steve Stricker. Comes out for the big ones and that's a terrific


effort. Finishes fourth on his own. Smiling Andrew Johnston, what fun he


has provided this week. Just a few dropped shots over the last have a


dozen holes or so but I'm sure he has learned a lot and given that


remained as amount of pleasure. -- given a tremendous amount of


pleasure. The 18th tee. What a battle these two have had, Mickelson


and Stenson. It will be Stenson first. Two shots ahead. The Claret


Jug in his hands, hasn't quite closed his hands on it yet. We need


one straight and true. Three bunkers up the left and one up the right,


cannot reach the one up the right with this club. There are the


bunkers. Little fairway wood, one bunker at


the right-hand side which he would be able to reach with this club. A


bit of room the right. Absolute perfection. Coming out just shy of


that trap. No! Lucky, Lucky! Never looked like going in. He's not sure


either. Mind the bunkers, give yourself a chance.


From there we have occasionally seen people hole second shots. That was a


beautiful tee shot from Stenson. We were confident he couldn't reach the


right-hand bunker, the dreaded Greg Norman bunker. It must, it cannot,


it will, it hasn't. 16 inches short. Into the bottom of the cup... Oh.


They will be jumping up and down at his clubhouse at the moment.


Fantastic effort. Good luck Andrew, well done, well played. 73, he will


finish eighth on his own. Sounded quite sweet. Half a club


short perhaps. Mrs Stenson looking very serious.


Now straight at that bottom left-hand window, smooth shot, just


keep it steady. What's he done? That's what he's done! Heart of the


green. Another majestic shot. What a day, what around this has been.


Absolute delight. Great scenes. Suddenly the Championship comes


alive, one has to say it hasn't been the most flamboyant, the weather has


been against us. So much organisation, so many things to do,


you cannot control the weather. But we have certainly enjoyed the


quality of the golf put on by these two today. Shot for shot, blow for


blow, absolutely brilliant. It is going to be Sweden's day. Do you


think he's risking starting to put Stenson's name? They always put the


number of strokes don't they? If he can pop it in, you can never tell


with sport, we have seen a few fall at the last hurdle, this is to go


round in 64. Big swing on this, at least four feet. He is judged it


right. Brilliant effort, just short of pace.


65. Brilliant last round. But it's not going to be quite enough. Hadi


putt on the 18th on Thursday for 62 for the lowest round ever in a major


Championship. Well done Phil, played some wonderful stuff. At 46 years of


age. Finish in style. It is there. Water of golf! What a


day! What a way to end. Magnificent. Absolutely magnificent.


Gracious loser, Phil Mickleson. I shake and a hug. Well played, a


wonderful battle. Don't come much better than that, Ken. No. Amazing


performance, round in 63. He's a good sport, Phil. It has been a


lifetime 's dream. Finally winning the big one. His wife has been by


his side for the last seven or eight years. Matthew Southgate. Pete


Carroll and will be around somewhere. His coach, gave him a pep


talk after the US Open where he withdrew, to save pull your finger


out, you are better than that. He has reached the magic age of 40,


life begins. Will he go on like a few have done before when they reach


the magic figure of 40? Getting even better. Well done, well done,


everyone is delighted for him. One of the good guys. STUDIO: What a


special day, the lowest final-round in this Championship, ever, by a


champion, beating Greg Norman's 64 in 1994. We started with Mickelson


getting 63 on Thursday and we finish with another, only the 10th in Open


Championship history. 20-under par story is the lowest score to par in


any Open. And it equals Jason Day as the lowest as any major in history.


The final putt about to drop on a round of 63, only Jonny Mellor has


done that at the US Open and won a major, what a way to smash down the


door. 65 for Phil Mickleson, how should we remember today? It was a


bit like 1977. Two of the best players in the game going head to


head right at the top of the game, nothing quite like it. A marvellous


days golf, ten birdies on the card, started with the 3-putt and you


thought would he wobble but he did not, what a day, phenomenal. Classic


Match Play situation more or less from the off, nobody else seemed to


matter. Yes, after a few holes you could see they were in total command


of the game. Stenson has already been a great driver, it is whether


he could hole clutch parts and by golly he did today. Phil Mickleson,


his 11th runner-up in a major and 17 Underwood have won all but four Open


Championships, how will he feel? If you give it your best and it's not


enough, that's all you can do. He was beaten by a better man today.


Sweden will be so pleased, he will be the Prince of Sweden. Finally one


of them winning a major. Real class from them both, time to collect one


of the most precious prizes in sport, this moment has been a long


time coming. With a score of 264, the winner of the Gold Medal and the


champion golfer of the year is Henrik Stenson! CHEERING


APPLAUSE How popular are when will this man


be? He has been around quite a while, he's been a marvellous player


but he handled himself so well, he's got a sense of humour, talks to


everybody, he's a proper superstar. And golf 's newest major star is


with us, clutching the Claret Jug, congratulations. Was that the round


of your life? Possibly, yeah. I have had a couple of nice final rounds


but probably not as good as this one. What made you so confident that


after all the close calls it was going to be your day to day? I


didn't feel like I had much to lose, I have been second, third, there is


only one thing that matters and its winning. I knew I had to play as


good as I can more or less to come out on top and I am very happy I


managed to do it. The lead changed hands at the 1st hole, looked like a


few signs of nervousness, Phil Mickleson wouldn't back down, seven


times it changed hands. What was going on, did it feel like Match


Play? Yes, it was going to be that way. We managed to leave the other


players with a bit of distance, it was going to be him or me and I know


he doesn't back down, I knew I had to play some of my best golf. Didn't


get off to the best start, didn't hit my second shot good enough, came


out long-range and three putted, but it kind of made me focus more, get


into my game plan and my game again. Just making tonnes of birdies. What


was the moment when you felt you had it and would win? To be certain that


was when I hit a wedge into the middle of the green on the last. It


could have been a comfy ride coming down 18, there are some key moments


of course. I made the 23rd putt for birdie on 14 and drained a bomb from


15 yards and 15, I knew he was going to make it with possibly an eagle on


16 and I chip it up and he misses and I had to make this five footer


to stay two ahead. Coming up 17 I had a brilliant shot but he never


gives up. He made par and I just missed mine. But it was still only


two, I had to play the way to the finish. You have shouldered


expectations in your country for a long time, I know that Jesper


Parnevik was here at 19 years ago, you have waited all that time and he


sent you a text message and you finished what he couldn't, how


meaningful is that you and your country? Yes, this is for all the


guys who have been there before me, who tried and came close. We have


always had that on our shoulder, when is it going to happen? Now it


has happened and we can focus on getting a second one rather than


when is it going to happen. Do you believe this is the first of many? I


don't know how many, but I've got one and I am hungry for more, I


wouldn't mind another one or two. We wish you all the best,


congratulations. Here at Royal Troon, what a contest,


what a day, and what a champion, all hail Henrik Stenson. Thank you very


much, I will give it a kiss. It sparked the greatest


transformation in British history. It had nothing like the impact


of the railways. Discover how the steam revolution


shaped the way we live today.


Extended highlights of the final round of the 145th Open Championship from Royal Troon, presented by Hazel Irvine.

This time 12 months ago, the tournament found itself one day behind schedule due to inclement weather with the fourth and final round put back until Monday.

American Zach Johnson was the eventual winner after that final round - claiming his second major title with victory in a three-man play-off.

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