Day 1 Highlights Golf: The Open

Day 1 Highlights

Eilidh Barbour presents highlights from the opening round of the Open Championship from Royal Birkdale. The world's best golfers descend on Merseyside for the 146th Open.

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Good morning, it is the first day of the 146th Open.


Hello, welcome to Royal Birkdale for the 146 Open Championship.


Defending champion Henrik Stenson arriving at Royal Birkdale in style.


He has enjoyed his year with the Claret Jug, he has even taken a jet


skiing, but now it is time for the competition to start again. This is


the 18th green at Royal Birkdale, on Sunday night in this very spot


somebody's life will change forever. They will be part of the long, rich


history of this great Championship. There are plenty here this week to


fancy their chances. The world's top ten are all here,


2016 US Open champion Dustin Johnson still top of the bile. Could Hideki


Matsuyama it come the first Asian winner? Despite his recent


struggles, Rory McIlroy is still Europe's number one. Henrik Stenson


returns to defend his title as champion golfer of the year. Nick


Faldo remains the last Englishman to lift the Claret Jug with his 1992


victory, but this week there is one Englishman in particular who is


hoping that former amateur success around Royal Birkdale will inspire


him to the greatest prize of all, Justin Rose. He burst onto the


scenes in 1998, from around this spot that he chipped in for a birdie


on the 72nd hole and a tie for fourth place, his best finish in the


open, but the Olympic champion and US Open winner has more silver in


his sights. Good luck, Justin, have a good one.


Over the bridge for the walk on to the first tee. Nothing quite like


it. You are always going to be a bit nervous. The weather today has


brightened up a bit, it had been chucking down, the wind is fairly


fresh, it will blow up at around 18 miles an hour. It will brighten up,


so we are all set for a really nice day on the links.


Hoping for another nice week on the links is Henrik Stenson, he gets


under way at 9:47am. Louis Oosthuizen came so close to a


second victory two years ago. Justin Rose is one of the home favourites,


Justin Thomas is one of America's rising stars. Brooks Koepka is the


US Open champion, having pipped Hideki Matsuyama, who tied for


second. They will have plenty following them, with the inform


local lad Tommy Fleetwood. Zach Johnson goes out with the former


number one Jason Day. It has been a struggle of late for Rory McIlroy,


but what better place to show the kind of form we know is possible?


Dustin Johnson is world number one, and Charl Schwartzel is much


fancied. Amongst the early starters was Ian Poulter, enjoying a career


revival. This would drop in on the second to


put him 1-under par. Another birdie opportunity on the fourth, a similar


length, and a similar outcome, 2-under par. He would drop a shot at


the par-3 7th. Amateur hobby plant gave the 150 travelling supporters


plenty to cheer about early on, his second to the first good enough for


an opening birdie. Henrik Stenson getting his Championship under way


on the first, hoping to replicate Padraig Harrington's 2008 victory


here, he was the last man to win back-to-back open Championships.


Straight down the middle for Henrik Stenson. Just two players under par,


and they are both Englishman, and Stuart Manley is in his first Open,


going along nicely. Let's get out on the course with your commentary


team. Thank you.


A good tee shot. Well done. Justin Rose's second shot to the first. The


dangerous par-4. A nice easy rhythm. He likes it. What an opening two


shots, to Rapier irons. Superb. Jordan Spieth found a very poor


light with a wild tee shot. He has missed the trouble and he has got a


fantastic result from not a very inviting lie. That has ended up very


good. Another half a dozen of those, you


will be in clover. Ideal tee shot. People try to cut it into the right


to left breeze. He does it delightfully, to the delight of the


crowd. Right in the heart of the cup.


Always nice to hear the cheer, particularly if you are a home


player. When he gets his eye in, there has


been none better. A bit of moisture on the fringe, it


has caught him out. A little down the slope. Fantastic.


He was runner-up here last time the Open was here. Lovely.


It is a tough day on the links, especially early on.


A good drive. A misdirected second. Cost a shot.


This one adjusting. Look at that. Magic. Nice outfit.


He plays plenty of golf, from Thailand.


Not many birdies at the 13th today. After two perfect shots, Hideki


Matsuyama. The world ranked number two, one of the best in the


business. Like Justin Rose, he starts with a birdie.


Colin tie. How wonderfully old-fashioned. In she goes.


Hacked out from the long rough after an errant tee shot. Lovely,


beautifully struck. He will save his part. He loves a big occasion. Nice


outfit. He plays most of his golf on the PGA Tour, from India. Very good.


We are seeing a few more birdies in the last hour or so.


What a beauty. Every shot has come out of the middle of the club so far


for Justin Rose. He must have hit an iron for safety, accuracy.


A few more birdies coming at the 1st. He has another. If he puts


nicely, he has got whole game. This is interesting. Across the


little hump, gathering speed. This can sometimes happen, you can


get a nice lie, this will shoot forward with the rescue club. Having


to take this length of club at the 11th today.


Look at the crowd, anticipating. Oh, yes. Dream start the Justin Rose. He


used to share a house with Ian Poulter, now they share the lead in


the Open. He is a bit of a live wire. Five


amateurs in the field this week. Alfie is the European amateur


champion. A narrow stance. Tied at the top with Ian Poulter. Very early


days, I hasten to add. He tugged it well left. Could have been worse.


Here is a tester for a man with a very good short game. This is


tricky. I hope he has not gone back into his splash mark. He had to be


so precise with that. That is a beautiful touch. He got


away with it a bit with the tee shot. Turned it over, went through


the air, but he should escape with his par.


Should be a green light pin from this angle, and it is. Tucked behind


the right bunker. The first is yielding more birdies


than it did two or three hours ago. He had to go over a little rich, the


flag got on the other side of it. Had it off work to save his par. The


flag defended well, surrounded by the bunkers. A small finger of


green. Took a skip on. That was very unlucky, just did not get the


cheque. He could have easily missed that on


the left. He scrambles out a par after an errant tee shot. The sun is


out and Henrik Stenson is ready. A great iron player, Maureen.


Absolutely superb. That was a good call! Absolutely superb he is, one


of the very best! Thank you, Henrik Stenson, goodbye! He has been


blowing hot and cold with the irons this season. That is one he will


want to forget. He pops it in. It is usually a


birdie opportunity, but Justin Rose escaping with a four.


Just a hybrid of the tee, went a huge way down here. A seven or


8-iron? The wind firmly at the tales on this


13th, and he has another birdie chance.


He holed out from the sand at the last with an eagle. It is great.


Stuart Manley leaps to the top of the leaderboard alongside Ian


Poulter and Justin Rose, in his first Open, at the age of 38. What a


way to finish. Thank you, I am in for some lunch now.


Stuart Manley was one of the very early starters.


This is your first Open, you have creamed about this for a long time,


and you are the clubhouse leader. It has not sunk in. First major, was


very nervous on the first tee, I am just delighted to shoot under par.


You said nerves, but what were you thinking, after waiting all this


time? I was try to go through my pre-shot, I had a few keys on my


swing, I got onto the tee, the rain is lashing down, my hands are


shaking, the umbrellas are going everywhere, it was pretty tough, I


was just happy to make contact! A wonderful 68. The little corner is


the fifth green and the sixth tee. The sixth is interesting. Ken was


down there earlier. It is one of the longer par fours,


499 yards, and it is a demanding tee shot. The dogleg to the right quite


hard. The bunker on the left does not come into play, but the next one


on sometimes does. It is the nasty pot that sits over there. The one


down the right side, 275 yards to reach it. It has a massive piglet.


Let's look at the tactics. This is the widest point of the fairway, you


hated 265, but from there you still have to have good yards to the front


of the green, or you take on the bunkers, which is awkward, because


you are coming across the corner of the dogleg. A demanding tee shot,


but if you get it in here, you are going in with a middle I am. This


bunker is the killer. It is one of the deeper ones on the golf course.


You do not just have to carry the bunker, because beyond it, there is


some really nasty, vengeful rough. This tee shot is one of the ones


that asks the question, do I take a gamble or do I lay back and go in


with a big iron for the second shot? A driver for Justin Rose.


Way, way right, that is horrible stuff down there. No one has seen


it, that is the problem. The most he -- that might be a lost ball. Henrik


Stenson did well to get it to here. A fairly flat green. Beautifully


read. Moving along nicely. There has been a drop for Justin Rose, playing


his third shot now. A long way back now.


What a shot, though. To the heart of the green, still with a chance of


saving par. It was not a lost ball, just a penalty drop. Seems to have


lost his caddy, though. There we are, fine, save yourself a caddy


payment as well. Looks very inviting. Downwind. Just


a nice, smooth toss up in the air. Bingo.


It will be a bogey. After his tee shot, that is not a bad five on this


ninth hole. He was in all sorts of trouble way


left of the green, he has had another one since. But he cosies


that up, he will get out with only dropping one shot. That is not a bad


result. Justin Rose keeping an eye on this.


It goes in, a lovely two. Go there and do likewise.


One of the band of friendly young French golfers making a mark. And


why not, indeed. Well played. A super long drive, 350


yards, a simple pitch, and there you have it.


It just catches the back edge, what a result of that is. Joint fourth


position at the moment. Downwind, no trouble getting there.


It could be good. Swinging a little bit more.


Consecutive birdies move the Frenchman of the leaderboard. Just


the one bogey, on the sixth. What a good start to the back nine.


Look at the wind whipping across, you must aim it to the left, as we


look back. All of the trouble is on the left. Play to the right of the


big scoreboard and hope for the best. He has gone well out. It needs


to come in a bit. A fine result. Well done, a good three. Very nicely


done. Co-leader. New leader. A lot of crowds out on


because, enjoying Jordan Spieth. Thing is hotting up as the


temperature rises. Fitzpatrick at the 17th, third shot, not far from


the flag. Got to chop this one up gently and hope it lands... That for


birdie four. Now, Stricker, can he match Fitzpatrick's? He can, he can,


he can. He has. Even better. Two glorious bunker shots. Front left


pin at the 6th. Ian Poulter's second. You see how tight the flag


is to the front end of the green. Two marvellous shots. Brooks Koepka


the US Open champion, enormous tee shot, thrown onto the green. A crowd


pleaser. A little bit of chubby on it. Fitzpatrick, having played a


beautiful shot from the sand, this is to go 1-under. Well done. Four


from 69. All downwind. Should be a pushover. Spieth, after that


magnificent tee shot pitching over Little hillock. Just see the top of


the flag. He didn't like it. As he tweaked it? He's tweaked it


horribly. For a class player, that's a stinker. That was a mistake.


This looks all right here, is going to remove a bit of the green


keeper's wonderful fairway, up she comes. It's missed the crowd on the


left by 40 yards. Ian Poulter, to make a birdie out of the hole that's


playing the hardest, the 16th. Just gave it a bit of a dart, didn't


he? This is where Spieth's second shot ended up. Well pulled to the


left. Pictures it up. Would you believe it? Almost cheating, isn't


it, you play one absolute stinker and then you play one that equals


the record. Just put down four. Fitzpatrick, third shot at 18. Down


in two for 69. Couldn't nudge it in, could he? She goes, will it run? No,


it won't. Not very good. This gives you a good few of the third shot of


Rose. Reeva into the tenth green. It. Quickly. Make sure he carries it


all the way back. Fitzpatrick. Now will this be his


final one? It is. It was a struggle, four at the last, round of 69 for


the young fella from Sheffield. And a very nice start to this year's


Championship. Matsuyama has missed a few chances on this nine. Thought it


would slip by, right again, last one finds the bottom of the cup. He's a


ball of fun, isn't he? Using the claw grip. Rose, this is to save par


at ten. If fraction too hard. I thought it would have turned from


there. Ian Poulter now from this very well used bunker so far today.


Just got to flip it up... And hope for the best. It's in! Good four.


Oh, Poults. Rose, to drop just one. Poulter's got this little nudge into


tie the lead. This is to get to 3-under and join Spieth. And he's


done it. Unlucky with his bunker shot. Down there enjoying the crowd.


He was in contention all last week at the Scottish Open and Ian Poulter


is right in amongst it at Royal Birkdale, fourth birdie of the day


for a share of the lead. He came close here around these links into


Gaza eight. Could 2017 be the year for Ian Poulter?


Looks like there are good crowds out there today. Russell down there in


the sand. It's getting pretty well, he'll have that for a birdie. Jordan


Spieth heading to the 12 hole. It's cut off from the rest of the course.


Ken had a look at these magical par-3.


The 12 par-3, 180 three yards. This little tee is set in the dunes, very


difficult to pick the breeze. It feels like it in this direction.


Have a look at these couple of flags here. This one suggests the wind is


straight into your face. If you look at the one I put up the front of the


tee, it says it's definitely from left to right. If you look at the


one on the green, it also blowing in a different direction, so picking


your club on this 12 tee is not easy. On the tee the wind often


feels it's blowing in a different direction, you've got to be so


careful, one or two players will stand on the top of the mountain and


throw grass, sneaky and you need experience to know it.


Small putting surface around this green. All pars so far. See if he


can avoid those bunkers Ken is talking about. So well guarded. And


he does. Russell Henley out of the sand. This is for four. He gets it.


Hennelly goes 2-under par. Alongside Manley and Alex Noren. The 18th.


Alex Noren. The couple under, this is to join the leaders. A bit


optimistic but you never know. Very nicely done.


Ian Poulter lying nicely in the sand. Did it at 17, can he do it at


18, you never know? Delightful little shot. Should make his par.


See if he can find a birdie. None so far today. All pars. Is he? He has.


There we are. Took a dozen holes to get going. The players champion into


the red. So to finish on the 18th, Ian Poulter, this for 67. A little


longer than I thought, this one. He's rolling those in well now. Ian


Poulter has his Mojo back, bit of confidence, the lowest opening-round


in an Open Championship for Ian Poulter. 67 today. Tied at the top


with Jordan Spieth. What a start Ian Poulter. Such good memories for him,


of course. Here in 2008. He won it, then Harrington came in. Alex


Noren... Winner of the PGA Championship at Wentworth. Another


neat, tidy round for him. 68. Good-looking leaderboard. Henrik


Stenson the defending champion, what chance of him repeating what


Harrington did in 2008 and defending his champion? Ian Poulter out in


front alongside Jordan Spieth. Talking now to Richard.


Welcome back to Birkdale. Nice to be here. First round, to go out there


and post a red number on the board, on a good, strong golf course, is


always great. It feels even better that you have to go through


qualifying to get here. Links golf is great fun. This golf course is a


test in the wind. You know, we're going to have even more of a test


tomorrow when we've got the wind and rain. Jordan Spieth here at 13,


wayward tee shot, the right. He's got a free drop. Somebody might have


stood on it. Great shot. What a shot it is. A little bit fortunate it


drops left in a pretty good position. That was certainly a wide.


Now this is one of five amateurs in the field. From Glamorgan Fife.


'S father, Stuart. Justin Rose, just slipped off the back of the 12th. On


the right line. Go, go. Just par. can Brooks Koepka get 2-under? You


can do more writing middle, the US Open winner. Two birdies and no


dropped shots. Under the first tee strolls Sergio Garcia, it really is


a stroll, a leisurely pace. Is there in plenty of time, the Masters


champion not too far away from his opening tee shot. 12 hole. Koepka.


Little bit of wind from the right. Oh dear, again, bit of fortune for


Koepka. We seen so many players down there. Back to 13. Jordan Spieth,


wayward tee shot. Three dropped. Not managing to convert it to birdie.


That one has trundled on a little bit. We've seen this putt before. Up


the hill, left to right. Easy to leave it shy. But not kept go. And


he joined the leaders at the top. This is his first outing since he


won his US Open. Jordan Spieth protected from the wind in this


alcove back here. They know it's here, from right to left. So well


protected by bunkers, this green. Right at it. The American challenge


is strong. Andrew beef Johnson. Side of the green. A side of beef. --


Andrew Beef Johnston. Back to one. He went so well last


year. At Royal Troon. Popular man with the crowds. James Hahn, the


American. Korean born. He's got the chance to go 2-under. Which he


takes. Now alongside Alex Noren and Manley. The golf ball has snuggled


down here for Rose. Plenty of room at the screen to allow it to


release. A flat surface. The ball trundled up there. Beautifully


controlled by Justin Rose. Super shot. Jordan Spieth to assume the


outright lead. It's rolling truly, it's rolling well. He goes top of


the leaderboard. Two wins already this year. Job well done. Ominous


signs. Jordan Spieth is informed. -- ominous signs for the rest. The


stroke looked good, just needed a little more pace on that line.


Garcia, what a result this would be if he could salvage four. It's not


to be. A very scruffy opening hole from the Masters champion. He has


ten top tens in the open, he loves this Championship. Not the ideal


start. Second shot for Brooks Koepka 113. Koepka hit the ball a huge


distance. This coming up nicely. Beautiful shot from Koepka, just


about a tap in a three for the US Open champion. Three birdies in a


row. Eurgh to the 14th. A bit of breeze from the right. Dangerous


bunker left of the pin. That's going to be awkward. It's going to be


horrible. Stunning approach he has set up a third consecutive birdie,


possibly for Brooks Koepka. Up to the top of the leaderboard alongside


Jordan Spieth. And ominous presence. Brooks Koepka alongside Jordan


Spieth at 4-under par. Brooks Koepka missed last year at Royal Troon with


an ankle injury. They are out in front. The Americans tied at the


top, Ian Poulter with 67. Spieth second to this par-5. Back into the


breeze. Here is this nasty lie for Justin


Rose. Get up! Hang on, and on. It might come back all the way. His tee


shot was on the down slope at the back of the bunker. There wasn't


room to get himself in there behind the ball. Stenson stayed shot of the


bunker. This is one that many a player would be quivering at the


knees at. That should be a birdie for Stenson.


Thank you, golfing gods. The gathering properties of these


bunkers are legendary. Third shot for Rose. It's doing its best. But


that will be for bogey. Sullivan. Young Andrew for a birdie. Opening


hole. A good second. Not bad. A good start.


Big putt for Rose, that. What a four, what a four indeed. Two out of


the bunker and he will breathe a sigh of relief. Spieth at the 15th.


Up she comes, and it's going to be... Thought it was going to be


better than that. Stenson. Tidying up. The defending


champion going along pretty well. Brian Harman. Just enough leg.


Winner this year on the PGA Tour. Gets him into the red. Spieth,


birdie putt, and it's... It wiggles past. A safe par. The good round


continues. Now, let's join Bailey, she sounds nice friends.


You're following Jordan Spieth around as they walk off the green,


no birdie from Spieth this time, but a pretty flawless card so far. It


has been he's made a couple of good par says, wonderful birdie putts.


Spieth has been near flawless on the greens. A little wayward off the


tee, so you'll have to tighten it up, but right now going well. Spot


of bother for Brooks Koepka here on 14.


Pinball wizard. It was a poor tee shot to finish there, and a very


difficult approach shot. He'll get relief from that and not be too bad.


Well, this group or leaked their tee shots out to the right at 16. Very


much in the lap of the gods as to what sort of live a draw. The flag


only six yards on. Very steep front up to this green. That is gobbled up


by one of the cavernous bunkers. Capital. When he won at Erin Hills,


he holed miles of putts. His continuing where he left off, that's


the most unlikely three. Poor tee shot, difficult second, great putt,


thank you very much. The Big Easy. Still easy, still making it look


easy. Welcome our friend's at it again, using a 3-wood or the like


from off the green. He obviously likes it. And why not? Why not


indeed? Third time he's used it, third time lucky. After a wayward


tee shot wide, Spieth has this to hang on to shelve the lead with


Keko. Turning, turning, turning a beautiful stuff, what a great par-4


save that was out of the sand. -- Spieth has this to share the lead


with Koepka. James Hahn's tiptoeing up this


leaderboard lies and quietly. And those tip toes are turning into big,


heavy footsteps. Up to 3-under. Very nice card today.


5th hole, birdie putt. Birdie got, well done, Ernie.


Little bit awkward now for Charley Hoffman. Might have been a lot


worse. A lot, lot... No, stop it! Stop it! Poor old Mark O'Meara took


eight on the opening hole, Charley just missed a fairway and got it in


for two. He walks off with two. Worth another look, dreadful drive.


Dreadful with a small D. Just visualising this putt up a little


tear. He's put it pretty well today, Peter. He certainly has. Up the


hill, over the top, down and running to the right. Rickie Fowler up the


slope at four. He has got the game to win the Open Championship. A good


shotmaker, beautiful wedge player and chipper. Had a run at the US


Open in the last major. Took a lot of time over that one. 5-under par


is the outright lead with one hole left to play, Jordan Spieth, look at


that for a card. Pretty chilly and wet early doors.


Koepka for par at 16. Getting on for five feet. Shot gone. Massive drive


for Justin Thomas, Miles down here, almost a short iron second to this


17th. He's a big hitter. Par-5. Does he like it? It's coming in from a


mighty height. What a couple of shots. Down the breeze, came down so


soft. You'll have that for eagle. The ball goes a long way when he


hits it. Spieth, probably an 8-iron, that


sort of thing. Can he finish with three? He's happy. Why not?


Justin Thomas after that magnificent second. Just tickle its down the


left-hand side. Come on, come on. Well done. Eagle three.


Come on, Spieth. That green looked beautiful. You missed it. It wasn't


to be. So only 65 he leads the way. So far on this opening day. A very


pretty card. Good, considering he's missed one or two fairways. 65. It


is par 70 here. 65 for Jordan Spieth. Outstanding to start two


shots clear of Ian Poulter. Spieth said it's the easiest major to win


because the weather can rule out half the field. Let's get his


thoughts. 65 to start things off, how good a round was that for you?


Very. We've been informed, I feel like the last event we had was a


win, so that was a lot of confidence. Three weeks off, I


normally start slow coming back from a few weeks off. Maybe surprised at


being able to start off this open extremely strong and not have to


grind too much the next few. At this course, at this open, the Open


Championship, specifically this golf course, and no conditions change


this entire leaderboard. So it's a really good start, I now it's coming


tomorrow. I know even par would be as good, better of a poor than


today. Important to get in the red numbers today. David Lipski trying


to get 2-under. Big swinging curvy putt. She goes. A bonus for this


American who bases himself on the European Tour. The familiar stance


of Matt Kuchar. And a familiar result, kicking it out of the hole.


Huge drive from Brooks Koepka on 17. Good balance. It looked like a


9-iron. Down into the bunker. Thorbjorn Olesen. A lot of red


figures starting to appear as the sun comes out. He's got the kind of


game that could prosper here. Keko knocked it in the sand. Up and down


for birdie. Beautiful. Yes! There is legal for Brooks Koepka. Leaps back


to the top of the board alongside Jordan Spieth. 17 throws up another


eagle. Brooks Koepka this time from the sand to the hole, to the top of


the board. Look how open the blade is, he has


to get it up so quickly. Onto the down slope. Perfect.


It has been an untidy back nine. That was tentative. That is a sorry


ending to today's play, which started so brightly, 71. The damage


done on the back nine. His good form of this year


continues. Three victories under his belt already. That is a very nice


opening round. Another gorgeous shot. I think we


consider him to be home in 32. He will be tapping in for along with


Jordan Spieth. The Americans are going so well


here. Three birdies in his first five.


Jordan Spieth had a 65, Brooks Koepka matches him. What a finish.


The US Open champion off to a great start. Watching that, Ken Brown,


alongside Haley Barbour. What a round, Brooks Koepka is right


up there at the top of the leaderboard. It has just got a bit


cold, I have put my jacket on. For Brooks Koepka, his first competitive


round since the US Open victory, very impressive. He comes here with


a lot of confidence, he won the US Open so well. The key moment was the


14th, after he got into bother. That kept him going. It has been


impressive. With his power, he has done a mighty good job. He is up


there with Jordan Spieth, going for his first Open. Another impressive


round for him in tricky conditions. Yes, the earlier you started, the


trachea it was. He did not drop a stroke, it was virtually flawless.


He missed one or two fairways, but very impressive. As they head inside


after their round, there is somebody just heading out, there will be a


lot of interest, because it is Rory McIlroy. He has had his troubles,


what do you make of his chances this week? He always has a great chance,


he has won four Majors, he likes this Championship, he has the a game


when he is in form. He needs a bit of momentum. He is a confidence


player, get a couple of putts, then see what happens, because if he


starts playing well, the crowd will get behind him. The start is vital


for him. The sun is coming out for him, he is the world number four and


he is going for a fifth major title. What to expect from Rory McIlroy?


Coming in off the back of a couple of missed cuts, the Irish Open and


the Scottish Open. An iron on the first.


Is that left as well? It is OK. Got away with it a little bit. The


American challenge is strong here, and so it is proving again, so far.


How pleased I due to have 65 to start this year? It felt pretty


good, it is nice to get back playing and it was nice today. I felt like I


hit it pretty solid. I just missed one short putt, but other than that


I am in good shape. It feels good to be back.


A beautiful shot. He hits the ball a mile, but a feathery touch. He will


secure his par. He has taken a drop off the edge of the path, he has


been pretty lucky. It was a wild flower of a second shot. Some silky


skills needed. I say pretty lucky, it could have been so much worse,


the tree and the thick stuff, but it is a messy start.


A big tee shot for Jason Day at the 8th. Flicked with one of his middle


wages. How did that stay out? What a shot. Just magical.


Out with the putter from this grassy hollow. Three different levels of


grass to come through for his first putt of the day.


Four played and yet to reach the putting surface. Such a neat action,


Paul Casey. Flying through the blue sky. It was


not that first thing this morning. My goodness. What a five. I wonder


if we will see that as being a pivotal point at the end of the


week. A good cheerful Phil Mickelson, as he comes on to the


first tee. It was a calming bogey for Rory McIlroy on the first. So


important, he is such a momentum player. The wind is straight into


you at the 2nd. It is a crackerjack. Lovely, left


side of the fairway. That may be the springboard he needed. The


distinctive style of Matt Kuchar. It is good for pace and four line. He


is known as Mr consistency, he has more top tens than anybody. Maybe it


is time for him to step up to the podium at the big one.


Very nice. Just hitting the safety side of the trouble. Paul Casey has


a bit more break than you might think, from right to left. It is


tricky to get just right. A birdie at the 1st, fourth and


seventh, if you are a home player and the crowd get behind you, it is


a real lift. My goodness. They are going in from


everywhere, what a great round of 68. Brandt Snedeker could not make


it, so he was a late entry. Rory McIlroy got one not much shorter


than this at the opening hole. A bit off his right hand side, not too


much break. He was going to take nearly all of the break out. Good


speed, though. Making the game look easy. The


afternoon starters just getting under way. The fast one has been


Matt Kuchar. A wonderful round from Ian Poulter,


in some of the worst of the weather. Martin Laird, the Scotsman.


He has hit it 175 yards and six inches.


It is rolling nicely. It is enough, just has enough energy to find the


bottom of the cup. What a finish for the Englishman. Dinner will taste


good. Rory McIlroy is a fabulous cheaper but he is favouring his putt


from around the edges. You can see he is in quite a swale. Not easy.


Quite a lofted club of the Matt Kuchar. He is dialled then. A super


iron shot. 4-under already. His woes will continue. I love these


trousers, I cannot wait to get some of these. I will never get them on!


He looks a ducky, absolutely sweet. You can look like anything when you


play like that. He is always smiling, Matt Kuchar. He does not


win many, but he makes about 15 million a year, so he is not doing


too badly, he just plods along quietly. The weather folks said the


weather would improve, they were right, and so has the scoring


improved. It was rather dull at around 11am, 12pm, but suddenly we


have this. 70 is a little falls for par, it is


making it a bit too difficult, but it is very good scoring.


He finishes in a blaze of glory. Another 67. Temperatures rising, so


is the golf, everything is looking rosy. Come on, Rory McIlroy, find


the green, for goodness' sake. Good gracious me. The world is


coming to an end. None of these great players hit the


screen with their tee shots. Rory McIlroy is the furthest away, 12


feet or so. Another one gone. This is a horrendous start.


Austin Connelly going well. Nicely done. First time playing in the


Open. Not the right angle to get at this flag. He garages it out. A


difficult line in from here, he has done well to get it on the green.


That is OK. It is good. A gentle dab over the


top and down to the hole, and easy three. This looks like Charley


Hoffman. What is going on? Five holes played,


4-over par. What a start he had to his round


with the hold second shot at the 1st.


Having skipped out of the thickish rough, this is a hard par-4. Where


are you going? He keeps leaving himself very tricky


little chips and pictures back again.


Very nicely done. A good start. Winner of the Scottish Open last


week. Here we go again. He said, have a bet on me, I am


20-1. They will be trying to get their money back, I would think.


He seemed to have adapted to the new rules not too badly.


He is playing more golf in Europe, David Lipsky, a good player, good to


watch. A super shot. Beautiful. Unforced error, we call back. Rory


McIlroy and company heading to the seventh, and Ken was down there,


carrying out his forensic investigations.


One of my favourite part of these is number seven. Elevated tee. A small


green, with seven bunkers around it, including this one with an island in


it, which is awkward. Because it is an elevated tee, the ball can plug


in it. Let's have a look at HQ bunkers. This on the left is one of


the deeper ones. It is quite interesting.


My Lord! Perhaps he sleeps their! He is off! Let's have a look at the


bunker on the other side, the smallest one on the green. Cheers!


Did you have a good night's sleep? Chuck a couple of balls in there. If


you get to the bottom, you get a half decent lie, but if not, you can


be in a tricky spot. Splash it out. Lovely sand here. You cannot teach


that! The short term macro that Ken loves


so much. They have not hit many greens. You


are not supposed to criticise them, but there we are, it's the truth. A


good position of the six T. That looks pretty good. A beautiful


shot. He did beautifully at the 5th with a


similar shot. Could not do much with that.


One goes at the par-3. Stellar names in this group, but far from starry


scoring. He was not sure about it. But it is


good to see him playing well, very popular.


A double bogey on the 16th. The youngster, 20 years old, presenting


Canada, brought up in Texas. What a great first round in the Open. The


former champion. Well done, Paul Lawrie.


James Hahn gotten when Brandt Snedeker had to withdraw, and taking


full advantage. Andrew Johnstone had a great


tournament last year. He was found in a bunker by Ken Brown earlier in


the week! How much fun did you have? Not much,


that was tough, I did not play very well. I struggled, I did not strike


the ball well, I was trying to figure it out. It is not much, but


it has been like that the last few weeks. I battled well, I was proud


how I battled. I got up and down a few times. Can I ask you about six?


I liked the look of it, I knew it was a wedge, sometimes you just


know. I went, I like this. I thought, be aggressive, and it has


gone in. Recently you ran into Ken on the course in a bunker at the


7th. He found me! What were you doing? I don't really know, I was


having a little nap! It was a long day, I thought I would have a nap in


the bunker, he woke me up! Surreal as always, with both of you on the


course! Enjoy the moment, thank you! And off he goes for a bit of food


and a snooze in a water hazard or something. Lovely to see a bit of


form from Ernie Els. A rare one from the middle of the fairway for the


Rory McIlroy. The elevated green. The pain just over the left-hand


bunker. No birdie. It is going to be a front


94 Rory McIlroy of 39. The part is 34, not good.


The weather is heating up, but four Rory McIlroy there is not a lot of


heat on the course. You have been walking around with Rory McIlroy, he


is just walking past, what is the body language? Normally if he has a


bounce he is playing well, but he looks uncomfortable, he does not


look confident and he looks under pressure. It has been a frustrating


season for him, he picked up an injury at the start of the year, and


he has to get used to new clubs and a new ball. He has been busy,


getting married, but all of that together, he is having problems. He


loves this Championship, you expect it to be like this, despite what has


happened? Know, and nor did he, he sounded confident before the


tournament, despite missing three cuts in four, Pico -- he thought he


could piece it all together, but maybe he was trained to convince


himself. His career has been full of highs and lows, he might be able to


turn it around, but he is running out of time this season. He has not


got his first start, he heads onto the tenth at 5-over par.


What a start, fifth in the recent US Open. And three, two, three.


He has to take advantage of this magical drive.


Like I bag of potatoes, right next to the flag. It is superb, how he


goes through the ball, crisp, tight, beautiful. It all looks so simple.


Charley Hoffman has been to the barbers since I last saw him, had


some of the flowing locks chopped off. It has not done his golf any


harm, going along very nicely indeed.


The putt for Martin Laird, this is for 67.


Just a little pacey. So disappointing to drop a shot at the


last. You might well have taken 68 if you'd offered it to him at the


start of the round. Now, could we be about to witness a rare thing at the


moment? A McIlroy birdie. Glorious tee shot, glorious second. Yes. In


she goes. Kevin Na. Tipped it onto the edge of the seventh green. In


she pops, couple of twos on the card. Hoffman. The posture may look


a little ungainly, but that was deadly. 4-under, and what good play.


Ernie. This is a very difficult little Swale at the back of the


green. Quite a steep slope in front of him. In she comes. Has he hit it?


It's going to leave him a tricky one. 3-under. Let's have a wander


down the leaderboard. Early starters, morning starters, Spieth


and Brooks Koepka round in 65. Very good together seven, he was out at


eight. Ernie Els has a putt at the last. To join them on 67. But it's a


nasty little five footer. Come on, Ernie. Oh no. So it's a dropped shot


at the last. 68 for Ernie Els. Very fine play in there indeed. Another


good tee shot from Casey. Great balance. As he eyes up the short


iron. Delightful shot. He's been pretty much whole height with every


approach shot he's played today. A good of there. Little bit of


semi-rough to contend with. Hoffman... Third shot at 15. Nicely


done. KC. After that lovely shot into this


16th green. Yes, well holed, very talented player. He's had his ups


and downs. Over the last 12 months. Very aggressive hit for the day. Cut


it into the breeze. Not bad at all. Charley Hoffman. This is to join the


leaders at 5-under. Birdies at 14 and 15, 5-under par. This is to hole


his second shot to the first. All eyes on Jason Day. Outside


chance for birdie at the last. She's trying, she's trying. Tried hard


enough. What a way to finish the Jason Day. This is how his card


looks. 69. Very satisfying. First look at Richie Ramsay's 16th, short


of the green. An unlikely one. Sergio, 4-over. Easy. 73. Getting


towards the end of the first day of this year's Championship Kang


players in with 65. A couple more might equal or better that. 36


players in all have beaten the par of 70.


KC at 17. There will be whooping and hollering if this goes in. This is


for three. A very nice birdie four. Schwarzel to this 14th. Two yards


off the tee. Dancing around the flag. Westwood at


12. Hoffman now. For par. Needs to


hurry, hurry, hurry. Shot. . Back to four. Schwarzel for birdie at the


13th. Very good second shot. Well done.


Well done, Lee, deserved two after that perfectly struck iron. Two


birdies, two bogeys. Little train ready to travel along the coast. If


every good service runs up and down this line the shoreline.


Incidentally, couple of days ago I had a telephone call from Mary and


Peter Thompson from their home in Melbourne, sadly Peter isn't that


well and will be making the trip this year but he wanted to send his


greetings to all his many friends who are still around, living in this


area. This is where he won his first Championship, first of five, 19 54.


A lot of people are thinking of you, Peter, get well soon.


He's had a couple of chances over the last three or four holes, to


claw back some of those drop shots. Certainly doesn't want to drop any


more between here and the clubhouse. Leishman involved in the play of a


few years ago for the Championship. Look at this! Certainly but the


indicator one. Birdie putt at the 17th. Out wide. Only par. Only par.


Everyone must be very excited about a possible 62. Matt Kuchar coming


under 18, he didn't birdie the last but he's had five already today in


an incredible round of 5-under par, his joint leader at the moment. He's


on the 18th about to play down towards the clubhouse. Remember,


five of the last six open champions all played the Scottish Open. Matt


Kuchar finished fourth at Dundonald last week. Paul Casey finishing off.


Well played, well played indeed. 31, 35, 66.


He was third at the opening 2010. Here in 2017, his third place


alongside Charley Hoffman, a round of 66, just behind Spieth, Kuchar


and Koepka. Of the in your round, how pleased


are you? Really happy, great to be playing an Open Championship at


Royal Birkdale. We've talked in the states, good results over there. So


happy to be back at home, proper open on the real golf course. Really


cracking stuff, so excited... We know weather is coming, so nice to


make hay while the sun is shining. 14th green, McIlroy. Birdie putt.


Hoping for a grandstand finish. Three or four birdies. A chance


missed at the 14th. Coffman for his par on the 17th.


Birdie on 16:17, and a very, very good round stumbling the close.


Kuchar, can he finish off? With a par-4? He can. 65 shots. 29, 36. It


certainly was a tale of two halves for Matt Kuchar today. Started off


well, birdie came on the second. After opening with par, a few early


cries of Dubai. He hasn't had a great relationship with the Open


Championship, just one top ten. He came to the par-3 4th. A few players


having struggled with the bunker on the right-hand in particular.


Gathering in some tee shots. But Matt Kuchar knocked it in for a


birdie. To the fifth, short par-4, once again the putter working well,


once again a smile from Matt Kuchar as he went 3-under. At the 6th


different par-4, 300 and 90 yards. From greater distance, but same


result. Matt Kuchar rolling them in from everywhere. Four birdies in


five holes. To the ninth. Second shot. Knocked in just about stone


dead. He would tap in for birdie in 29 to the turn. 29 going out, talk


us through your starter this year's open. Amazing start, something I


didn't expect, I was sitting at home watching the guys play in the


morning, anything under par looks like a good score. As the day went


on, certainly got nicer and nicer. We had our share of some tough


conditions early, but to go out in 29 is not expected. Easier to do 29


with only par 34 on the front. Only 5-under. A great way to start the


British Open. G-Mac Chris Read, two fours, what a great finish that


would be. Good shot. Par-5, two putts for a birdie. Jon Rahm at the


14th. Long putt for two. He's got it, he got it.


When you have two par-5s on the last four holes there is always hope and


Rory needs that hope. Good effort. Very good effort. Still lots of


support for the Irishman. Second birdie of the day goes on the


card from McIlroy. This is Kevin Na's fourth shot on the 13th. He's


in all sorts of problems of the tee here.


Bubba Watson at 14. He and Harrington seemed to go to the same


School of dancing nowadays. That was a beauty. Kevin Na has had huge


troubles here on 13. This is for five. It's not going to go. Double


bogey for Kevin Na. Bubba Watson, yellow green ball. In for two. Four


birdies today. A little off the right for Jon Rahm.


Well holed. Kevin Na teeing up on the left-hand side of this area,


trying to move this in from right to left. He is on the march. Write the


flag. Good shot from Kevin Na. Cabrera-Bello third to the par-5. A


little clip sound, little bit of clap. A lovely shot. He should knock


that in. 3-under weights. A man in form. I always love watching Kevin


Na. Generally a pretty good pot. He has a chance for two at 14 permits


on his way... Is got it, he's only gone and holed it. Well done, Kevin.


2-under. Coming out the rough, the ball sitting OK, but bound to come


out a little hot. Has he got a bit of luck? His second. Beautiful...


But that eagle three. On the right ledge of the flag he's cut. What he


could do with a 3-3 finish. Little chip over the bank, trying to


tease it down the slope. Schwarzel. McIlroy has birdied the 11th and


15th. Cutting down the spine, this could change his day. He knows he


hasn't hit it, you can tell by the early walk. How frustrating is that?


Right online. It's a birdie. He must feel he's climbing Everest, but he's


back to 2-over. Cabrera-Bello has been driving it


well all day. Lovely shot. Setting up a great chance of birdie.


Schwarzel, home hole. A little twirl of the club. That's why. Gentle.


That's just lovely. What a great shot in there. Landed it on the down


slope, got a bit of check. Great chance of a closing birdie. Flag


tucked right side. I suspect Rory will be going straight at it. Well,


that gives him a chance. Cabrera-Bello on 16. He birdied the


last. That gets into 4-under. Classy play from the Spaniard. Can Rory


find something here at the last? Keep your line. A difficult day is


just got a little bit easier for the Irishman. Somehow he's managed to


manufacture 71 out of the most atrocious start. Killer front nine


of 39. 32 coming back. Hope springs eternal. 32 ties with the best back


nine, Thomas Pieters. A game of two halves. Charl Schwartzel. Left of


centre. 66 for Charl Schwartzel. Equal with Cabrera-Bello on the


course and Paul Casey in the clubhouse. The last time the Open


Championship at a 3-way tie for the lead was at Royal Birkdale in 2008.


None of them lifted the carriage of that year. If Spieth, Kuchar or


macro manage it this time around... Paul Casey well placed after his


opening 66. Rafael Cabrera-Bello, the Scottish Open champion, 3-under.


And world number two Hideki Matsuyama just short of that.


Selected others to take a look at... Richie Ramsay 2-under par. A host of


major champions in Bubba Watson and defending champion Henrik Stenson.


Further back, Rory McIlroy, the Northern Irishman won over par


today. Let's hear what he had to say after his round. Five of going out,


4-under coming back, how proud are you of what you did? Proud of myself


for hanging in. I needed to stay as positive as I could. I wasn't very


positive. My caddy was a big help today. Trying to keep me as positive


as possible out there, trying to remind me I've won this before,


don't feel any pressure, just play your game and you'll be OK. The last


12 holes that's what I did and thankfully I'm still in the


tournament. Been down on yourself? Yeah, doubted myself. Really


disheartened, because again it's so hard when you see some good stuff in


practice and it doesn't quite happen on the course for you. The last 12


holes it came together a little bit better for me. And I can bring those


feelings from those last 12 holes today into the rest of the week. We


spoken about you being one of a handful of players around the world


who when you engage the one J you forgot you can do something really


spectacular. Do you feel you're close to that or is there any way


you can tell how close you are? And pretty close, you know, judging by


the last 12 holes I played, and pretty close. As I said, I felt


after six I was out of the tournament and looking like another


weekend off, but after playing the next 12 I feel I'm right back in the


tournament, it shows how fickle golf can be. I feel I found zoning out


there on the last 12 and I have to try to go with it for the rest of


the week. Thank you so much for talking to us. Ken Brown has joined


me in the studio. Day of two halves for McIlroy. Did use the enough in


the back nine to suggest there is more to come over this weekend? His


caddy must take great credit for talking to him to get his game under


control because after six holes he was 5-over par and I think in his


mind he was almost writing the tournament off but he's come right


back, in 32, birdies at 17 and 18 were imported. 71, still in there.


Padraig Harrington won here in 2008 starting with a first-round 74, so


McIlroy not out of it. There were better fortunes for a couple of


players. If picked out some of the best. Jordan Spieth it's a


marvellous irons, this was the second, in a spot of bother. This


was an absolute beauty. Coming out of the rough, landed a little


upslope and trickled past for three. Couple under after three. Played a


delightful round, no bogeys. Very impressive it was. Next on the list


of great shots was this one from Ian Poulter, he was out in the worst of


the weather early on, this was a little touch, nearly equalled 17. 67


for him. He looked to be back at almost its very best, particularly


on the greens. Brooks Koepka also found this bunker. He had a day


where his short game was just unbelievable. This was a special


one, like Poulter, this finding the cup. US Open champion, lot of


confidence. That was a real dandy. The shot of the day for me was


Charley Hoffman at the 1st. His tee shot going out of bounds. He came up


with this beauty, right into the heart of the cup for an eagle two


start. Brilliant. Incredible stuff around the course today. A beautiful


evening at Birkdale, blue skies, but the forecast for tomorrow is wet and


windy. It'll be fun for us watching but for the players, how much does


experience come into play? When it's wet and windy, particularly wet and


windy, very tricky, articulately for the caddies, it'll be an interesting


day. You might get luck with the draw but it could be a day that


takes you into it, or you could blow it tomorrow if it's really


difficult. Could be an interesting day tomorrow and the BBC has you


covered. We've got highlights again tomorrow. Five live are out on the


cause or they would live commentary on five live live text commentary


along with in play videos. The trio of investment live in perfect


position to pounds tomorrow, but America leads the way after day one.


Crutcher, Koepka and Spieth in pole position. Who can tame the links of


Royal Birkdale Wendy wind and rain rolls in. Tomorrow could be a


pivotal day at this year's Open Championship. Goodbye for now.


Eilidh Barbour presents highlights from the opening round of the Open Championship from Royal Birkdale. Recently crowned US Open champion Brooks Koepka hopes to shine again as the world's best golfers descend on Merseyside for the 146th Open.

This time 12 months ago, Henrik Stenson secured a dominant victory at Royal Troon, registering an Open Championship record score of 20 under par. Stenson became the fourth man over 40 to win the Claret Jug in the last six years, following Northern Ireland's Darren Clarke (Sandwich, 2011), Ernie Els (Lytham, 2012) and Phil Mickelson (Muirfield, 2013).

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