Day 2 Highlights Golf: The Open

Day 2 Highlights

Eilidh Barbour presents highlights from the second round of the Open Championship from Royal Birkdale. It was American Phil Mickelson who led after the second round in 2016.

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COMMENTATOR: Spieth, Koepka and Kuchar leading the way, 5-under par.


So it is America leading the way after day one of this year's Hope


Championship but can we say the same at close of play today? Welcome to a


very windy Royal Birkdale. As blowy as it is now, nothing compared to


what we've been told to expect later this afternoon. Can't wait. Before


we see how the wind is affecting play, here's Andrew Cotter with a


quick round-up with the best of yesterday. On day one the honour of


the opening tee shot went to the 1998 champion Mark O'Meara, getting


an eight, it was that kind of day. Things improved with the newer crop


of Americans, Jordan Spieth was bogey free and good enough for five


birdies in his opening 65. Brooks Koepka hasn't played a tournament


since his first major win last month. Eagle from the sand on 17. 65


format Kuchar also, who found his birdies in his outward nine of 29 --


for Matt Kuchar also. Ian Poulter was 6-under, a runner-up a few years


ago and with the confidence of old. But problems with the big names, the


final round at Troon is a distant memory. Mickelson, not a single


birdie on his way to 73. McIlroy was fired over after six holes, but four


birdies on the back nine, 71 and hope for better things on day two --


was 5-over after six holes. Impressive scoring by Paul Casey too


and Ian Poulter and it was an Open data remember for Osteen Connelly. A


drama free day for the three at the top, just one bogey between them.


The same can't quite be said for Rory McIlroy, 5-over par after his


first six holes, but what a recovery down the back nine. He's one of the


early starters today and Ken Brown has been checking his final


preparations. Thank you, Rory is on the first tee over the bridge there.


Different conditions and what a good day it was for him in the end, after


being 5-over par early on he eventually went round in 71. The


wind is blowing 180 degrees difference. If you look at the


flags, they were blowing the opposite yesterday. The 1st hole


yesterday was into the wind but today it is virtually down breeze.


The weather forecast, medal of the day, strong wind, cold as well, soap


will be the toughest day of the week but you never know on the links,


things can change so quickly. McIlroy wanders off, fingers crossed


he has a good day today. The early tee times are the ones you


want today. Fowler and Scott hoping to make up ground, they are out with


birthday boy Paul Casey at 8:25am. Then the first of the leading trio,


Matt Kuchar getting underway after them. Richie Ramsay is looking for


another good round, along with New Zealand's Ryan Fox. Can McIlroy


continue his sensational comeback? He goes out with Dustin Johnson and


former Masters champion Charl Schwartzel. Into the afternoon, just


after 1pm, Sweden's Alex Noren and Scotland's Russell Knox, alongside


Ian Poulter who finds himself right amongst it. The final two overnight


leaders, bogey free Jordan Spieth yesterday, hoping to repeat that,


along with the defending champion Henrik Stenson. Just after 3pm, the


US Open champion Brooks Koepka is hoping for back-to-back Majors.


Tommy Fleetwood is looking for a better day in front of his home


support. Let's see how some of the early starters were faring. Joost


Luiten with a tee shot on the par-3 4th hole, the Dutchman last made it


to the weekend's played at The Open Championship back in 2012 but that


tee shot would leave him for birdie, which would put him on 3-under par.


Overnight leader Matt Kuchar dropped a shot on the second but here he is


with his third shot on the par-4 3rd hole. In it goes to move him back to


5-under par. Back to the par-3, Sergio Garcia, who got lucky with


the lie of that drive but still a tricky shot. Still looking at a drop


shot there. Frustration showing from the Spaniard. Would he live to


regret that? His shoulder may play a part of this week. A dropped shot


for Garcia but his shoulder didn't seem to bother him on what has been


today a driveable par-4 5th hole, his eagle putt from the back of the


green, in it goes, back to 2-over par. Back to the overnight leader


Matt Kuchar, looking for back-to-back birdies on the 4th


hole. Down the hill it goes, and in it goes. Matt Kuchar takes the


outright lead on 6-under par. Early on it is Kuchar out in front with a


1-shot lead. Connelly continuing his fine start, he is level over the


first ten holes. The birdie four Joost Luiten takes him to within


three. Let's go out on the course with Ken Brown, Peter let -- Peter


Alliss. On the tee, from Northern Ireland,


Rory McIlroy. APPLAUSE


A whole new day and McIlroy is hoping for more the golf he produced


on the back nine yesterday than the front.


The wind has totally switched around, straight downwind, the 1st


hole today and McIlroy with a 3-wood. A long way down the fairway,


a long way down there. Yes, the Canadian, Connelly. You think with


this wind he will go lower and lower. That's working well so far


for him. The first birdie of the day here on the 11. Huget tee shot, 372


yards with a 3-wood -- a huge tee shot. Maybe he was laying up. That's


lovely. And it's the short game that's going to be most tested in


these blustery conditions. That is a gem to get McIlroy up and running.


Casey now, a big putt to save par on the sixth. No. Struggles early on


for him, three shots coming in the opening six holes, back from


4-under, to 1-under. Now, Rickie Fowler. Gets one bag, -- bag,


disappointed with his round yesterday. Such a good player in


these conditions. Solid start. Oh, hello. The chicken appears to have


laid a human! Such a difficult hole, the sixth, back into the breeze.


Shortened it a bit, 485. A long, long second for the American.


Sending its sky-high. Oh. That's stuck in the down slope in the


rough. That's trouble. A peddler for a possible birdie four McIlroy -- a


tiddler. In she goes. Finishing with two birdies last night and getting


one to open today's proceedings. Back on the path. Looking back to


the seventh tee. -- back on par. Elevated tee, very difficult in


these crosswinds. Makes it impossible to keep the ball down.


That one is going to hang on to the left-hand side of the green. Left to


right breeze whipping across the second green. Sit, sit! There is a


big divot there. Oh McIlroy has the ball under control this morning.


5-under for the last six holes he's played, if you take the end of his


first round, so looking good again. Not looking so good, Kuchar. This is


so awkward, gripping down on the metal of the shaft. It's all right,


but that for his par. Gorgeous second shot in from McIlroy


here on the second. Great opportunity to open with two


birdies. Oh it was close, you can tell by the crowd reaction. Didn't


hit it. Rickie Fowler, from the distant


horizon for his two on the seventh. What a putt from Fowler. Suddenly, a


few birdies and Fowler making a move in the right direction. Two birdies


in a row. Almost eight smile. You know it's called when Mickelson has


his two gloves on. He suffers from arthritis but usually plays well


with two gloves. That will do nicely. He needed something special


today. 73 yesterday. Kuchar, for four on the sixth. That was up and


down. He was in the munchies on the right-hand side, gripping write-down


on the steel. What a save. Once more, Paul Casey struggling for his


par. Another one. He's all at sea, KC. Slipping further and further


down the board. Four bogeys in his opening seven holes. Mickelson on


the first. Oh, lovely. You used to hate the challenge of links golf but


he loves it now -- he used to hate. The par save from Kuchar keeps him


on 6-under par, he is the outright lead over the two leaders who have


yet to go out but look at Connelly, the 28-year-old Canadian in his


first Open Championship. Just two shots back. COMMENTATOR: Austin,


Lee, grew up in Texas, likes these conditions but struggling here --


Austin Connelly. Dropping a shot. McIlroy, big tee shot on the third.


The wind is from the right. Another one, right at the stick. McIlroy,


all cylinders firing in the opening holes here. Look at him trying to


get himself going. Calmly dropping one on 13. So, here


we are, Maureen. Needs this to keep the momentum going. Playing well,


needs to follow up with the putts. The jaunty stride is back and


McIlroy is back. Three wonderful irons on the opening three holes


have yielded two birdies and he moved to 1-under. Dicks birdies in


his last eight holes now, taking the end of the first round -- six


birdies in his last eight holes. Classic posture and swing, Charl


Schwartzel. Oh and nearly the ultimate result. Kuchar, then, to


save par on the eighth hole. A mis-judgement. Straight into the


wind today, eight, and Kuchar, it has taken his toll. Short of the


green in two and he will slip back. Testing chip for McIlroy from the


back of four. This is going to be a bumble into the bank. Oh just took a


bit of the sting out of it. Finely judged.


Now, Schwartzel. Steady as she goes so far, par, par, par. Beautiful tee


shot and this is for two. So, there we go. Charl Schwartzel goes


alongside Jordan Spieth and Brooks Koepka, later starters, just one


behind Matt Kuchar. Enormous drive from Bubba. Looked


like a flick with his most lofted club. Yesterday it was five and


four. What a chance. Oh, lovely. Fresh out of there. A little bit


cold. Strong breeze. Kuchar, his putter grip, up his left arm, very


effective and into the back of the cup. One slipping away to have a


four way tie at the top of the leaderboard. Bubba. Lovely iron


shot. Tight into the second hole, taps in for his birdie. 3-under,


only two behind now. That's how we stand with Kuchar dropping back into


the group on 5-under par. Precious few birdies but there was one on the


fourth for Schwartzel, so he is alongside Kuchar, Koepka and Spieth.


Bubba Watson making a nice move as well. Now, Schwartzel's second to


the fifth. Out of a good lie, from the fairway.


Well, don't know what happened to that one. Neither does he. He must


have flown the green. Now, Rory McIlroy. Made a great start. He's


missed a putt as well. Could have been sensational. Skip back to just


playing golf. That's more like it. Oh, study, study. -- steady, steady.


So crisply struck, you can see the ball spinning. 12,000 rpm, with a


well struck wedge like that, off the clubface. Busy out on the Bay, Kent.


A good day for electricity with those windmills. Do you know how


fast the tips of them spend? 200 mph. No wonder it gives the birds a


fright! This does not look good, Ken, for Schwartzel. No. Oh, it's


awful stuff. You can go back as far as you like. He can go to the sixth


tee or he can play it again. Mickelson. Didn't have the happiest


of days yesterday. And not enjoying this 3rd hole very much.


Schwartzel, the joint leader, has taken an unplayable lie on the


fifth. This is his fourth. He has a chance of getting down in two. Not


bad. Now, there is a bit more of a skip


and a dance in Rory's step. Yesterday he was in all sorts of


trouble. This is to go 2-under. Good try.


Matt Kuchar at the 9th hole. The shot. Birdie putt.


Six, for Schwartzel, out of nowhere. The shortest par for on the golf


course. -- par four. He will be so cross. More than a breeze, Ken. It


is and they think it may strengthen later on too. Wouldn't make a monkey


of our course today. In trouble again. Second on the sixth. Smashing


it towards the fairway and hoping for the best. And... No, just lost


the other side. Suddenly a nice round is getting very untidy. The


best part of 500 yards long and Rory has 173 left. The wind from the


left. The wind is just taking it towards the flag. What they


marvellous shot, gathering to the hole. Quality.


From the United States, Kent Bulle. A new name to me and I'll tell you


what, if he keeps doing that, he'll be one of the greats in the game.


Well done, that was for birdie on the first. Massive Sadler this would


be for Schwartzel if he cannot it in. Double bogey on the 5th hole.


This is for a brilliant par on the sixth, having found the rough off


the tee. Can he read it? Moments ago he was tied for the lead


and now he is joint tenth. Not many preliminaries with Rory, just


straight up and hit. Not many practice strokes, I've never seen


him take one. A good view here. Yeah, right in the middle. The


middle of the middle. What a good start. Keep it going for the next 12


holes or so. Lee Westwood. He's got to be


careful. He needs this to go up the level of the grain. It has bounced


an and it couldn't, could it? It is! Right into the heart of the cup.


From 2-over to level, in one good white. Magic. -- good swipe. Worth


another look, Ken. A nice, smooth swing. The fifth. A nice receptive


green. The pitch checked nicely. It looked destined for greatness and


then suddenly, here we go. Well, that went straight in the


middle. Ken has been checking on the width and the size of the holes.


What's he got to say? Let's have a look at the hole. Take


the flag out. Measure the diameter. It is a funny thing, the Diana


putter of a hole. Four and a quarter inches. In 1829, eight member


decided, can we standardise the hole size? He got a bit of drainpipe and


that is why it is that width. But can you believe it, if you go to


your local hardware store, from 1829, the rule was adopted by the


R If you purchase a bit of drainpipe to this day, it is still


four and a quarter inches in diameter. Hard to believe. I'm a big


hit at parties! Did he say he is a good man at parties? You can bet he


is! The seventh, 177 yards. The wind off the left.


A little shy, but OK. On the smaller dance floor.


I hate those three putts. Like Charley Hoffman, a bandy legged


stance, face to the breeze. Nicely done, Charley. First birdie,


3-under. Massive crowd out and a lot of them are following Rory. Nicely


done. Another hole safely negotiated. A couple of four


The par-3 12th hole, rich Iraq and see. -- Richie Ramsay. Hitting right


today. Fine effort. McIlroy, widening his stance here on the


eighth tee. Trying to draw it off the bunkers. It's got to turn a bit


more. Just lovely. Nothing finer than McIlroy in full flow. Second


most difficult hole, the 12th, at the moment. The short par-3, yards.


What can Kuchar do? -- 168 yards. Absolutely beautiful shot,


crackerjack. Cries of" Kuch!". 174 yards, a blistering drive from Rory


on. No one has yet made a birdie on this hole. -- on eight. Can he get


it past the front bunker? Oh, so nearly. He didn't like the way it


rolled around the back of the bunker. Could be in an awkward spot.


Richie Ramsay has reached the 12th. A good, solid shot here into the


heart of the green leaving him with a birdie putt. So difficult, you


have to allow for the wind and sometimes it doesn't affect the


ball, sometimes it does. Kent Bulle. Well done. He got in


because he won the Argentine Open. He is 3-under. Charley Hoffman. I


swear his parting stance is getting wider! Another one is going begging


-- his putting stance. Still a good of work to do. He will slip back.


This could be nasty, Ken. Just depends where it's gone in the


bunker. It's bound to be towards the back, settling down, not much green


to work with. Don't be greedy here, the green is running away from you.


Make sure you're at least putting on the next one. The wind helps. Yes,


what a shot, what a shot. Go on. The wind stopped it running out. He


thought he had it for a moment. Yes, there is pleasure in his play today,


you can see he's really engaged in the battle. He was yesterday, mind


you, but it wasn't happening on the front nine. Kuchar's putting has


been great. This is an 12. Oh, gosh, I didn't think it was great off the


blade but then I thought it was going to drop. Agony.


Tiddler for McIlroy after a fabulous bunker shot on eight. Well done.


Putting on a show this morning, is Rory.


Bubba Watson's second was rather fortuitous. It bounced back down


onto the shorter stuff. That is a great little chip, and in. My


goodness, not many birdies on the sixth today and that was an unlikely


one from Bubba Watson. He marches up the leaderboard now, four under par,


fourth place. McIlroy's second to the ninth, 192 yards, such a


difficult hole today, back into the breeze. You can see the pin all the


way over on the right. He is hitting it beautifully. Another one down the


flag, controlling it so well. Just a little bit shy. Kuchar, 193 today,


the 14th. Huge stands around this green. Come on. Listen to him,


listen to the man. It is getting closer. Dutifully controlled shot in


these conditions. If McIlroy can steer this little one home he will


have covered his last 18 holes in seven under par. And he does it and


he is a much happier man leaving this green today than he was


yesterday when he was 5-over. Are rather difficult day at Royal


Birkdale to say the least. Matt Kuchar in the sanctuary of the


clubhouse with five holes to go. Ian Poulter and Justin Thomas among the


latest to start. Rory Mcllroy's name creeping onto the first page of the


leaderboard. Bubba Watson has missed the green on the seventh. I can't


think that's what he intended. McIlroy on the tenth, dogleg, just


looking to put anion down between the bunkers. He seems to be pleased


with things. Hitting it well. Settle down. Misjudgement from McIlroy,


that bunker shouldn't have come into play with an iron. The bunkers do


have a habit of gathering on links golf courses, McIlroy has just found


that out. Ken has been looking at just that things.


Let's look at Birkdale bunkers, these little pots are fantastic, not


the deepest, on The Open, some are shallow and give you a chance with


lovely grassy banks. Let's look at this rake in the bunker.


Interesting, please place the rake in the centre of the bunker. The


rake is on a little stand so perhaps the ball will run past it. Haven't


seen that before, not sure if for this week. Let's look at this one.


They are quite greedy little bunkers so the ball can trickle in and go


there and go up the bank and they all get gathered into the sand


bunker. You can see how awkwardly they can lie, there are quite small,


from there you would get an 8-iron onto it but if it gets snarled up in


this position on the bank you can have a devil's own job to get it


out. These are wonderful that the bunkers, not as deep as we have seen


sometimes, but they are still greedy and very nasty. COMMENTATOR: McIlroy


in one of those bunkers on the tenth, but to the 14th Figo, and


Kuchar, after that beautiful tee shot, a chance to lead on his own


again. -- to the 14th we go. Yes... No.


So, in it goes and any pars today are very gratefully received, all


pars on the back nine for Kuchar, remains 5-under. This is for par. It


was an aggressive stroke. That's the ball of Rory McIlroy on the tenth.


Is left himself some 130 yards up the hill. He's got to get this up


pretty go all the way back to the flag.


Well, as Ken was saying, they are very greedy bunkers but he's given


himself an angle for a four. 15, the first of the two par-5s. Matt


Kuchar, ideal position. That's a great shot, right online,


creeping up onto the edge of the green. So, McIlroy into the bunker


on the right off the tee, could only get it to hear. Downwind, got to nip


it through to get any control. The wind is beginning to gust.


APPLAUSE Just being carried on a little more,


that for his par. This is where it ended up for Bubba Watson.


Very lucky to get a good lie, can he get any control? Of course he can,


lovely from Watson. Right, now, not a single bogey on his card today.


Down the slope. Yes, they roar before it drops. He


knew it, they knew it, he's doing everything well today even when


things go slightly awry, as they did, finding the bunker from the


tee. Stays at two under par. Watson for an adventurous par on eight.


Pulled it. Back-to-back bogeys, there we are.


Schwartzel for his par. His partners are struggling, but


McIlroy going along nicely. Schwartzel back to 1-under. Kuchar,


eagle putt on the 15th. A little bit timid, timid, downwind on the 15th,


a lot of birdies and a good few eagles as well today. Just a little


bit ragged over the last couple of holes, McIlroy, in the bunker on the


tenth and loose with the iron on the 11th. Hoping for the grab now but on


it goes. Testing his putter at the moment. Now, Kuchar, can he get


birdie at 15? Two lovely shots onto the front of the green. Of course he


can. Sweet as a nut. He always keeps trundling along. McIlroy, every putt


is a big putt but he's played so well, misjudged his second shot into


the 11th and came up 10-15 yards short of the green, not a very good


chip. This is frustrating when you have played so well and you start,


if indeed that's going to be the case, dropping shots.


You've got it. CHEERING


That was a wonderful putt, learned a lot from Dustin Johnson. Should have


done. Well done. Calm down, just got to hit the green. You've got two


holes to go and you are playing beautifully.


Matt Kuchar is out in front after that birdie on the 15th, Koepka and


Spieth hoping perhaps for the winter die down as they go out this


afternoon. Rory Mcllroy two under par. Good round from Austin


Connelly, very impressive from the youngster. The Canadian who grew up


in Texas. Anything around par today would see him moving up the


leaderboard. One of the deepest bunkers on the course on the 12th.


It looks to be lying OK for McIlroy. You've just got to dab it up over


the top and let it land pretty close to the top and eased down to the


hole. He should be able to do this OK. Gently but firmly enough to get


it up. That may be too hard. No, it isn't. That is a gem of a shot. The


players are brilliant now, years ago there were four or five people who


you would say were good bunker players. Wonderful to watch, great


skill. Bubba Watson has had also are problems on the night, way left of


the green with his second. Long, long putt. For his par.


Kuchar on the 16th. Straight downwind, a little bit off the left.


So many instructions. That's going down. If you are just a little bit


out the wind accentuates the mistake and blows it further of course. Now,


to finish off his good work from the sand. Beautiful three. He's making a


few mistakes at the moment but when he does he is making amends. Still


3-under for his round. Fitzpatrick, opening hole. And that could be, if


it bounces up very nice... Yes, indeed. Beauty. Kuchar, having


played out of the bunker on the 16th, this is for a par. This is to


stay ahead of the field. No. That drifted away to the right very, very


quickly. The shot has gone. Good drive, misdirected second, dropped


shot. Onto the first tee comes Ian Poulter. 67 yesterday, still


listening to the very Best of Aber, and psyching himself up for what


will be an interesting day on the links. Could be a little Chopin..


This will be a tricky little shot. Anything left will catch the bunker.


Do you go straight at it? Do you hope for the best? Excellent shot.


Imagination and nerve. Good play. Ramsay. Come on. Just grabbing and


stopping. Just one extra hop. Everything was going very well for


McIlroy on the first nine holes, and suddenly at the 10th, on every green


he has had a difficult putt. He's done it all so far. Can he do it


again? He can't. He was never happy with that one and it was not well


struck. Shot dropped. Kuchar, birdie putt at the 17th, playing right back


into the wind. 17th and 18th back into the wind, lots of fives and


sixes and a couple of sevens, very different from yesterday. 5-under


for Kuchar. The people queueing to get into the chorus. Massive


galleries we have had this week. Nice to see. It looks like the


American customs department, doesn't it? Just going a bit quicker. Richie


Ramsay for a birdie and he gets it. Well done.


APPLAUSE Two under, first birdie today, one


dropped shot. McIlroy. A handful of holes left to play. Here he is at


the 15th. Downwind, find the fairway, don't go over there...


Nobody's moving. It can't be that wide, surely. It looks as if he is.


Richard Ramsay has found the centre of the fairway at the last. How well


he has played but that one leaking off to the right. Kuchar resets


ready for his third here at the last. He drove into the bunker. Just


pop it out. He has played so well. He's got to get up-and-down to drop


only one shot here. Slimline Bubba Watson on 12. This putt will come in


on the shoulder, on the left-hand side. Perfectly judged by Bubba


Watson. He's had a few ups and downs but it's a pretty tidy card


nonetheless, even par. To the 18th and Richie Ramsay. Down in two for


an even par 70. Is he going to do it or is he going to do one better?


What a beauty. That is a round and a half. One birdie at the 17th and one


bogey. Kuchar needs to get up-and-down at the last to drop just


one shot. That is a stout effort but he made


untidy progress down the right-hand side of this hole via a bunker and


it's going to be a disappointing finish for the American. Five, five,


five. He's just going to tidy this one away. 71 today, that drops him


back to 4-under par, good, solid golf in difficult conditions. Matt


Kuchar, leader in the clubhouse, 65, 71, 4-under par, the two leaders


Spieth and Koepka yet to start their round.


Matt Kuchar walks of the 18th green, signed for 71, I'm joined by golf


correspondent Iain Carter who has followed Kuchar around the links. It


was steady but a little bit disappointing. He will be


disappointed because he gambled off the tee at 18 and put it into the


bunker and could only splash out and that ultimately led to him dropping


a shot at the last but otherwise a very accomplished performance. The


conditions are so is testing out there this morning. If you'd given


him a 71 at the start of the day he probably would have taken it. You


felt all of the conditions around the whole of the course, how is it


differing from hole to hole command how much do you feel yourself being


buffeted and losing balance. The number of times the players are


backing off. The differential in terms of the clubs you will take


going downwind compared to what you will be hitting into the wind is


probably a three or four club differential, it's really tough out


there. Tough just walking around. Matt Kuchar has played around it,


1-over par for today, 4-under for the tournament, in the clubhouse in


the lead at the moment and he has met Rishi Persad down there.


One quarter today, in the context of the conditions how good is it? It is


really challenging out there, 20, 30 mph winds, seemed every hole had


some form of crosswind, neither straight down zero straight in, hard


of the left or hard right. I remember sitting up on the 12 hole,


par-3, 160 two yards and hitting a five irony aiming at the people 30


yards left of the green and watching the thing slowly come around and hit


the middle of the green. It is challenging to force yourself to


play so far no in the wind is so strong. Did you at any point feel in


complete control of the ball out there? No, just talking about two


footers. And them that you had to play for the win, even on the putts,


there were a number of putts with right-to-left break where the wind


was strong enough to make them break left to right. There is so much


adapting there has to be done in these conditions.


COMMENTATOR: He drove into the rough and popped it out to here, this is


his fourth to the par-5 15th, the wind whistling in from the left. It


is spinning. Spinning up in the air a little, getting caught by the


breeze. Kent Bulle on the tenth. Solid play so far. One birdie, one


bogey. Lovely shot. Lascaux Bourne but don't get excited, Scots, it is


Glasgow, Kentucky. -- Glasgow born. His approach putting has been


immaculate today. Managing to get up-and-down and only drop one shot.


That is fairly tidy. This is to save his par. Kent Bulle. Well done. As


the greens start to dry out these don't get any easier. Don't rush it,


Rory. Take your time, head still. This is for a bogey. Well done. I


say well done, it's the easiest hole on the course, wasn't what he


anticipated. It could have been worse. Let's look at the leaderboard


in the second round of The Open Championship, Koepka and Spieth are


the leaders, both round in 65 yesterday. Yet to start. Matt Kuchar


is the clubhouse lead at 4-under. Let's hear from Richie Ramsay.


Well played, round of 70 today, how good a round was that? As good as


I've played this year. It's very tough out there. Putting is a


challenge, the ball is not moving but it sort of oscillates a little


bit and club selection is very tough. The wind is gusting at times


and that's probably the toughest thing, standing there trying to pick


a club and commit to it when the wind sort of dies down and gusts


back up, that's the hardest thing about being on the golf course


today. COMMENTATOR: Cabrera-Bello on this


most difficult 13th hole, it has caught a lot of the players out.


Term. Yes. He has turned into a very good putter indeed, holing out very


well this week and last. It is a long walk back to the 16th tee.


McIlroy is ready to go with the driver. He lost to the right of the


15th, which led to a dropped shot. That is down the hay diddle diddle


my huge drive over the crosswalk. Fitzpatrick at the 5th off the


fairway, so should get some spin on this back pin. Lovely shot, crisply


struck. Poulter has managed to get his


stance. That is meat and drink to him.


APPLAUSE Just a little flip of the wrists


left here. Huge tee shot for McIlroy, the flag is on 30 yards. I


have to say I think the flag positions today have been terrific.


They haven't been hidden, they are given the players a sporting chance


in these difficult conditions. That was a huge error from McIlroy,


he airmail to the green. His touch has deserted him momentarily over


these last few holes, after the brilliance of the outward 31.


Poulter has taken a long look at this one. That tells you that


conditions are not easy to get balanced over the putt. This is to


save his par at the 3rd. Hebert that in confidently. -- he put that in


confidently. Another tester for Kent Bulle. He pushed it. That is two


bogeys in the last three holes. Back to 16. Up and over the slope for


McIlroy. That's tidy enough but disappointing having had a second


shot in of no more than 70 yards or so. The second most birdies holed at


the 5th, and a chance for Fitzpatrick to enter that number.


I think as the day has gone on these greens have sped up, the grass grows


a little but it has dried out. So, disappointing par and he moves on to


the treacherous sixth. Front bunker at the 14th, chipped it out to here,


so he has this for a bogey. Absolutely nowhere, his tee shot was


almost perfect, he's going to take a double bogey. Rory steps into this


short par putt. In she goes. Steadying the ship somewhat after


dropping a couple of shots in the last three.


Well, Koepka and Spieth still in the century of the clubhouse enjoying


sitting up there at 5-under par. Matt Kuchar put in a fine round to


be tucked in behind them. Poulter is out on the course making his way.


Scotsman Richie Ramsay with a fine 70 and Matt Fitzpatrick, the young


Englishman, is currently at two under. You can see the flags there,


the wind freshening. The forecast says it could gust up to 40 miles


per out. It looks like it is getting their too, my goodness. It's going


to be quite an afternoon's play with this breeze. -- 40 mph. Look at


those numbers, Maureen. 27 mph. It was about 17 at this stage when the


players played their round this morning. Poulter walks into the ball


for the third time on the fifth. The Caddy has said 105, that's his


landing number. The wind is howling behind, big bounce. Well done.


McIlroy's second into 17. This green has three distinct tiers, the trick


is to find the one the flag is on and he has done that. Needs to throw


the anchors on. Fitzpatrick for par. It just dribbles away. So,


offsetting his opening birdie, and he goes back to 1-under. That mount


in front of McIlroy is a good four and a half, five feet and then the


green is running away from him a little bit. He looks like he might


do a bumpy one rather than a high one. There she goes, up and over.


Lovely shot. Great imagination, great skill.


Outside chance of a birdie four Cabrera-Bello, 15. Oh! He's got it.


He's missed a few short ones and suddenly a tram liner goes in at 15.


That is a reward for perseverance, the first birdie of the day for the


Spaniard. A little bit of left-to-right.


Straight in. McIlroy, a birdie again, his first since the sixth. He


gets going in the right direction once more. One hole to go.


Bubba, let's see how steady he stays over this one. Yes. So, four


birdies. Double bogey on ten just be railed him. But good play from


Watson. -- just derailed him. Fitzpatrick, very upright. This is


the par-3. McIlroy. Not a bad lie. Straight at the clock. Oh, what's he


done. Sit. He's OK. Got away with it.


Fitzpatrick, having given the first Schult a bit of a race, this is to


save par -- given the first putts a bit of a race. Look how far past it


has gone. It's the short putts that get difficult in particular. I'm


settling in these gusts. So, the story of the day for McIlroy.


Contrasting fortunes yesterday on the front nine and back and so too


today because the front nine was far better, starting with this


beautifully measured approach at the 1st hole. That would bring an


opening birdie and McIlroy was a different player. So composed.


Finding the heart of the fairway and the greens on most holes. The 3rd


hole. Having just missed a short birdie putts on the second, leaving


a similar distance on the third and he rolled it in. The 6th hole, 490


yards, into the wind, slightly from the left, the toughest on the course


but McIlroy, a beautiful drive again and the second shot to match, if not


better, his third birdie in an outward nine of 29. But when he made


a mistake he was able to recover. Par on the tenth and similar on the


11th, a bit wayward off the tee and he had to hole this for par to keep


the momentum. Short swing on the 13th and 15th. The 17th, into the


wind, huge drive, iron over to the back and a delicate touch. As it was


yesterday, a birdie on the 17th and McIlroy, still in the red figures.


Great ovation for McIlroy as he comes up to the final green.


Miserable day yesterday. The sad and nine holes were pretty good. Today,


apart from a couple of little pick-up 's, has been first class. --


a couple of mistakes. He is astonished the wind took it


that way. The last one took it the other way. The wind is gusting 35


mph, steady 25, 30. Long birdie putts for Rory McIlroy.


I'm sure he likes it, is it getting there? I knew he'd hadn't quite hit


it. But it is a days work well done for Rory McIlroy. Soren Kjeldsen, he


has a chance to make part -- to go sub par. And he takes it, so steady,


very accurate. He will draft his way around this golf course. McIlroy,


final shot of the day. A round of 68. Devilish conditions. He's right


back in the Championship. 5-over after six of his opening round and


still with a chance. When he teed off on Thursday, he was 20-1 and


then he drifted to 150-1 after a few holes of his opening round. Now he


is just 6-1, to win the Championship. Dustin Johnson. He


will be here. To play another day. But it is a long way back for him.


No doubt that Rory McIlroy was the star of the show. Brooks Koepka and


Jordan Spieth are going out very shortly to do battle in these


conditions. Kuchar with 71, Ian Poulter is just beginning his round


and further down we see McIlroy, after that 68, and that will move up


the leaderboard as the day goes on and these conditions continue.


Watching the finale, Ken Brown. 2-under par for McIlroy today,


1-under for the tournament. Incredible turnaround since the


opening six holes yesterday. Reflected in his betting odds for


the tournament which have tumbled. Ken Brown, you've stepped outside


the commentary box. Much more like the old McIlroy today. His front


nine was breathtaking, out in 31, hardly missing. The back nine was


more scrappy but he chipped and putted beautifully. Overall he will


be pleased, a superb round of golf, showing his qualities, striking the


ball and his short game was particularly good on the closing


holes. The leaders are just about to go out, two of the three leaders,


Koepka and Spieth. They will take yesterday's play again. But perhaps


a bit less experience on the links in this weather for the Americans?


They will have less experience than some players, certainly Rory, the


wind has freshened. Kuchar's for under par will probably be the top


of the leaderboard and both players would probably take level than that.


A very demanding afternoon with some grey clouds, so it might rain. The


morning starters will have an advantage. So far only four players


have broken par today. Both on great form, with wins in their last


tournament. Spieth, two Majors in his career, could he make it a third


at Royal Birkdale? On the tee from the USA, Jordan




Is interesting to see how he copes with today's conditions. I believe


the weather has softened a little bit. The wind doesn't seem as


strong. It varies so much around the course. 5-under, lovely round


yesterday, 65. And off he goes. Scampering down the fair way, just


off into the light rough. He's OK. Ritchie is with Rory McIlroy. I did


what I wanted to do, get in and finish under par for the first two


days and see what the guys do this afternoon. Speaking of this


afternoon you only the fourth player to come in under par. Is that


surprising or expected in these conditions? Expected, it is very


tough, difficult to get the ball close to these pins. It's the


toughest wind we are going to play with, Southeast and how strong it


is. Anything even par is a good score. Bubba, coming towards the end


of his round and what a mixed round it's been. That's going to make it.


You're never bored when Bubba's about. Thomas Pieters. On the


opening green. Just a light touch. Yes. If he gets going... He could do


something. Level par is good but the opening birdie, he is 2-under.


Spieth's second shot to the first. Huge drive. That's a marvellous


again. One person who's missing the action today is a good friend of


mine today, Michael Hoare Saul. He went on holiday to Portugal last


week. Captain of this club, he slipped in the shower and broke a


bone in his leg and he's in a pretty bad way in hospital. We wish him


well. A lot of his friends at the club miss him and the bar. Phil


Mickelson on the final hole, and it will be his final one. This is for


par. Sad to see. Last time we saw him at The Open Championship, great


round against Henrik Stenson last year. 10-over par, it is farewell to


fill. -- Phil Mickelson. Spieth, for birdie on the first. Looking for the


perfect start. He got it too. Pieters. For a birdie on the second.


Got it. This fellow is very dynamic when he gets going. He can really


turn it on. Great prospect. Spieth on the second.


Oh, he's missed that. Did he miss it? Start in the top I think. Don't


know where it is. He said get lucky, I'm not sure it did. Watson's bunker


shot on the last hole. Always an adventure when you watch Bubba play.


All over the course but he can put together a good round. Spieth to


save par. Is the magic wand working as well as yesterday? Looks like it.


25 putts in his 65. 6-under having birdied the first. Brooks Koepka.


Second to the 1st hole. Slightly firm bounds. The green runs away


from you. -- slightly firm bounce. Bubba for his par. Two double


bogeys, three bogeys and five birdies. Jordan Spieth leading by


one by virtue of his birdie on the first. Brooks Koepka is playing the


first. 68, McIlroy. Wonderful stuff on the front nine, 31 shots. Zach


Johnson, 66, the best round of the day. Bubba Watson, 72. A mixture of


everything, how would you describe the round? A great round at the end


of the day. Started pretty good. We knew about the wind and then the


middle holes were going to be tough. The golf course isn't designed for


this kind of wind. I just hung on. I got a couple of good putts and pars


and then I made birdies on the stretch. All in all it was a good


day. As long as Icahn Stadium round even par -- as long as Icahn Stadium


round even par. I haven't had a high finish year so


it is a good start. I don't know what the group in the lead going to


do now. When you are around Rory McIlroy you are doing all right. He


is 1-under, I think I'm doing OK. Spieth, medium short iron.


Thomas Pieters country. Brooks Koepka should have learned a bit


from his playing partner, Matsuyama. Slow from here. Give it a good bash.


Ian Poulter, three to get here on the ninth hole. Uphill and down


dale, across the green and into the hole. CHEERING


What they save that was. We talk about momentum, you need a lift now


and again and he is 3-under. Look at the reaction of defiance on the


hill. Almost as pleased as he is. -- the reaction of the fans. Great fans


here. Henrik Stenson, par putt. No. He was a bit unlucky. Couldn't get a


decent stance in the bunker. Couldn't get at it. Gary Woodland at


the elbow on the 5th hole. Started with four nice pars. Nice bounce.


Oh, well! We've seen a feud two bowl on the 5th hole. -- a few twos. As


the rain comes down. Can he find another single putts?


No. -- single putt. Dropped broke on the third and two tied at the top


now, Spieth and Koepka. Thomas Pieters, backing off this


putt and I don't blame him. We might see the stance is widening as the


round goes on. Trying to drill it in the back, that doesn't work here at


Royal Birkdale. Eight shot squandered. Very short. Sudden thing


is -- suddenly everything has changed, it is very unpleasant -- a


shot squandered. You have to gird yourself as a player. Same for ever


one at home. Nevertheless, rather painful. This is as good a test...


Over the bunker. Oh, my goodness gracious me! Don't tell me! I


thought that was going to go in. Landed it on the only sixpence he


could land it on. One of the best shots we've seen today. Brooks


Koepka. So strong, he can play it out. A terrific shot. That might be


the shot of the day. Amazing. Needed a touch of good fortune to get the


control. Magical recovery. Richard Bland, coming up short here


on the second. Oh, that's a great run. Being Leishman, off to a


terrific start, par, birdie. He moves to 4-under. -- the Englishman.


Ian Poulter, who will be trying to fire it into the heart of the green,


regardless of the flag position. Tilting from right to left. It


should come back off the cushion. Well, hopefully this will complete a


magical up and down from Brooks Koepka. Great par. Wonderful par


there. Blustery conditions, giving us an opportunity to see some


terrific saves by these players. Now, back to the 12th hole.


Left-to-right, uphill a little bit for Ian Poulter. Get it in there and


get in she does. The Poulter is back. His first birdie of the day,


she is one of the league, currently held by two Americans, Spieth and


Koepka. Ian Poulter creeping up the board, alongside the finished Matt


Kuchar. Richard Bland from Southampton has made a good start as


well but it is still the Americans out in front. Everyone trying to get


their hands on the Claret Jug. Guess who has already done that?


Have a look at this. You really can't believe it. I'll put it on


here. Open it up. Look at that, The Open Trophy. You must wear these


gloves to take it out of the box. I feel like I'm some sort of petty


criminal, I don't want to leave my fingerprints. Here it is, I must be


careful it comes out in one piece. Look at that. Look at that, look at


that, The Open trophy. It's fantastic. , bit closer, you can see


the names of the winners written down there. Who's going to win it?


Somebody. There we are. Returned by Henrik Stenson. He had his house


burgled yesterday when he was on the course, stealing his clothes for the


week while he was playing. But the Claret Jug is back. Chris Wood, when


he was last here in 2008 he was right up near the leaders, as an


amateur. 5-over par, flirting with the cut. He may need a birdie. He


may have a birdie or better! Oh, what a way to finish! There we are,


who is Justin Rose? ! There we are. Congratulations from Mark Bunn era.


Certainly making the cut now -- from Mark O'Meara. Jordan Spieth,


splashing out of the bunker to hear. This is for par. Difficult hole


safely negotiated. Few sheltering under umbrellas but those who can


are applauding Mark O'Meara, a final walk up the 18th in The Open


Championship, this is his final Open and fitting it should be here, after


winning in 1998. Stenson, one foot in. Both feet in now. Awkward on the


seventh. No, not to be. A shame for Marco


Romero but one of the most impressive rounds of the day, a


round of 70. The 60-year-old takes his leave of The Open Championship.


First shot yesterday, out of bounds, but 70, today, more representative


of what Mark Bunn era can do and has done in golf. The 1998 champion --


of what Mark O'Meara can do. Untouchable at times. Winning the


Masters and The Open. Very fitting that he says farewell to The Open


Championship here, where he had one of his greatest days.


Kang for birdie on the second. Those just starting their rounds must be


wondering... Well, if they keep doing that, the pain of the rain may


not be too bad, but it looks pretty horrid. Stenson. Yes, beauty. But it


was a dropped shot. Hardy, hardy souls. The umbrellas


today, they knew the outlook. Raining quite heavily overnight and


settling nicely tomorrow, gentle winds. Richard Bland. Can he go to


5-under? He certainly can. So, Richard Bland leading the home


challenge. He joins Jordan Spieth and Brooks Koepka at the top of


things. Richard Bland has only once played in The Open Championship


before and that was at Birkdale in 1998 when he missed the cut but now


he is 5-under par and sharing the lead with Jordan Spieth and Brooks


Koepka. Thomas, quadruple bogey putt for him and even that doesn't drop.


Up to the quintuple. That is a nine on the 6th hole for Justin Thomas.


It's All Gone Pete Tong. -- gone wrong. Spieth, his third to the


eighth hole. Oh, yes. Oh, no. If it stayed where it was earlier it would


have been brilliant. Chance for par. If you look and the card of Brooks


Koepka, par, par, par, you would think it had been steady, but not


so. He has been scraping and scrambling. Needs to get up and down


for par here. Spieth, for par at the 8th. Trouble off the tee. All is for


given. Give these players are patient,


there is some good scoring coming because it is flat calm, these


greens are soft. Koepka to save par at the 6th. No, so he slips out of


the tie for the lead, it is now just Spieth and Bland at the top. Koepka


has been living on the edge and he finally drops a shot. 1-over for his


round, back to 4-under par. Bland. Richard Bland, Oh. Didn't hit the


tree, did he? It came out, I thought it had shattered the tree. I'm lucky


there. -- he was unlucky there. Matsuyama. Nicely done. No great


theatrics, but on he goes. One bogey and one birdie. Poulter to join the


leaders. Flawless card so far, all pars and one birdie on the 15th.


He's pushed it, has he? Ooh! Just trying to cling on. Nice


reception from the crowd. 1-under, just four behind. Eilidh is with Ian


Poulter's father. It must be nice, despite this weather, to watch him


playing well? It is always nice to watch him. Obviously the father-son


relationship, we can get vibes off each other. We know that he's been


through a tough time lately, nearly losing his card, problems off the


course but he looks so focused and last week he had a good week at the


Scottish. Where has this changed mentality come from? I had to have a


word with him! Not really, he's worked hard on his game. Everything


is being sorted out behind the scenes, which is brilliant. He has


his injury out the way and he's really playing solidly. I'm so happy


with him, it's good. Long may that continue. What are you like when you


are watching him play, do you feel more nervous than him? I've watched


him for so many years, it's tough, you know. I feel emotionally drained


when he does. It's a tough one to call. When he's on a high, I am.


It's father and son. It's amazing. Amazing. Better let you go and


follow him because he may need some more support over the last few


holes. Ian Poulter is up there on 4-under par. He's heading the 16th.


Joint leader, chopped out of the bush, his third to the par-4 sixth,


and he has done pretty well. Nice forward bounce, easy up-and-down


from there. Going with one of his less lofted wages off the back foot.


See what he can produce, big bank to come up, dig into it at least once.


He will have that to save his par. High towering shot. This pin was


almost impossible to get this morning, easier to get at the flag


with a soft putting surface and some breeze. Bland is still 5-under.


We have seen this putt two or three times today. There is a little bit


of movement. If you don't get the pace just right, it can fall away


like that. Spieth always looks busy. It is really hammering down at the


moment. This is monsoon like. Stenson cracks one and runs for


cover. The shell is don't last long. Only half a day! Where is Noah when


you need him? Spieth, in the bunker on the left, played out sideways to


hear, it is on its way. It has come back. Lucky boy. That ain't easy


from there. It could be a six coming up. Look at it. It is snowing now!


Lovely. Better take cover quickly. Look at those raindrops. Raindrops


keep falling on my head. Spieth has played three strokes, this is his


fourth at the 10th and he's trying an up and under. He has played a


delightful one. What an par. Clipped it away, nice soft bounce,


co-leader. Smarter than the average bear. Look at the way he slid under


it, let the bounce do the work. Stenson. I don't think play will


last much longer, he's playing through wet bits, dry bits, wet


bits. Difficult to judge, how much the moisture will take out of it. It


has run pretty well. Amazingly well. Did I hear a siren? If it was it was


a squeaky one. As the ring comes down at Royal


Birkdale Matt Kuchar safely in the clubhouse at 4-under par but it is a


four way tie for the lead, speed, Koepka and Bland out on the course,


Ian Poulter dropped a shot down to 3-under par, along with Hideki


Matsuyama, but a good round from Richie Ramsay on 2-under par. It was


just a ten minute delay for the rain, so play got back under way


pretty swiftly. The greens are soft, he can fly this


all the way back to the flag, Stenson. Second to 11. He loves it.


He loves it. It had a bit of spin on it. Man, wasn't that good to watch?


They can even clap watching while holding their umbrellas. Bland, who


had a bit of trouble off the tee. This is to save his par at the 8th.


Will he get the pace right? Good for pace and just misjudging the line.


Doesn't break quite as much up the hill. Now, can Jordan Spieth


adjusted to the changing pace of the greens. And rocket this in for


birdie and get to 5-under and the lead? There is your answer. Didn't


take him long to adjust. Indifferent approach shot, capped off with their


wonderful putt. 5-under, he is. Third shot for Matsuyama, in the


bunker off the tee, advanced it to here, at least we can see it.


Settle. Pretty good from there. Spieth, the leader on his own at


5-under. Having a good year this year, two wins under his belt. He


sends that soaring high into the sky, and another lovely iron shot,


stone cold dead for Spieth. He is within a whisker of moving to


6-under. Matsuyama, down the hill, on ten, he went bunker, rough,


green. Nearly one putt par but two putt bogey, so he will drop back,


now at two under. This is very nearly like Seve's chip from between


the bunker is. Slightly different pin position but very similar. Soft


green. Who loves you, baby? Slow putt up the hill for Stenson


here on 12. He is finding his range. Another one drops in the front lip


for Stenson. He's on a bit of a mini charge, birdied the last two holes,


and the defending champion doesn't want to let go of that trophy. Long


par putt for Bland, who came tracking up the right-hand rough.


Another roll. Yes! Suddenly the putts are beginning to fall from


everywhere. Out in 34, level par, keeps him at 3-under, three back.


Tiddler on the 12th for Jordan Spieth to get to 6-under. That is a


two shot lead with the simplest of putts. He's had 16 putts in the


first 12 holes today, scrambled well, played a good shot, made the


most of it. Poulter at the last. The mightiest of auroras, round in 70,


very impressive stuff. One birdie, one bogey, and at 3-under, currently


three behind. 67, 70. I bet he has dead enjoyed that, Terry. I'm sure


he did, it was a real test of character out there for Ian Poulter


but he scrambled so well to stay in the hunt. This was his third shot at


the par-4 eighth and he put that in for an par, but I think he thought


he was getting something a little better. To the par-4 ninth, this


long putt to save par. Would he dropped a shot? Of course he


wouldn't. Level par at the turn, nine straight pars so far. Onto the


par-3 12th, his tee shot landing right on the green, so this for


birdie. It swung to the right and in it went, celebrations for Poulter,


he moved to four under. Birdshot now onto the par-4 13th. It would go


close. It would go very close. It wouldn't quite drop. Another par for


Poulter. He did drop a shot on the par-4 16th to move back to 3-under


but on the final hole, his third shot, went close, great scrambling


from Poulter, knocked it in to save par to finish the day on 3-under


par. As things stand, Jordan Spieth with a two shot lead in front


through 12 holes on 6-under, Kuchar warm and dry in the clubhouse on


4-under par with the man who was overnight leader alongside him,


Brooks Koepka. There is Poulter after that 70 3-under par. Let's


hear from the Englishman. How do you enjoy the challenge of posting that


70 today? Yeah am I enjoyed it a lot. Open Championship, golf is


always interesting, and through the years we always get a few that play


really tough, this being a very tough day on the golf course, 35 mph


gusting wind, wind switch on 13 which went in off the right to down


off the right and all of a sudden it cooled down 20 degrees. It was a


crazy hour to finish the round. They kind of stopped play, or allowed us


to finish the hole we was on because there was some casual water on the


greens and they wanted it to soak through, and it normally does on


links golf courses. It was a crazy day, I just had to hang tough and


try and commit to shots and there is only one blemish on the card.


Spieth in the sand. He has something to do to save his par. Koepka for


the first birdie of the day, possibly. He took a long while to


get started on the birdie run yesterday, and then when he did he


didn't lose the habit. Left to right. Oh no. Golden opportunity


missed there. Spieth for par. When he gets on a roll he seems to


hole every single one of those but that will be a dropped shot. He will


be back to 5-under shortly. Brooks Koepka looks to be lying pretty


well, plenty of green to play with. That's OK. Travels on a little bit.


Justin Thomas has not enjoyed today. That nine on the 6th hole. Here on


the 14th he nearly has a hole-in-one. Every cloud. Hideki


Matsuyama having his troubles on the back nine. This is to save par on


the 13th. I just sense the conditions have got


a little more difficult in the past half an hour or so, calmed down for


a while but the wind has lifted and the rain is near enough ever


present. This is for an par for Koepka to remain at four under. Not


to be. There have been a few casualties in this hole.


Jordan Spieth ready for his second on the 15th, just a bit of wind from


the left helping a fraction. There is a low chaser. It might work well.


What is shot from Jordan Spieth. There we go, thing of beauty,


scuttling down the fairway and that is for an eagle. That was a links


shot. Now, Matsuyama, the wind has picked up a bit, hard from the left




Stunner from Matsuyama. Beautiful control in these conditions. Well, a


slightly unconventional second has brought Jordan Spieth to hear. This


is for eagle. Line and pace, line and pace. What a wonderful three


from Jordan Spieth. 7-under par, three shot lead.


Matsuyama desperately seeking birdies.


Found one, back to 1-under, three bogeys in the last four made him


unhappy but that's better. So, this soggy and blustery day, the leaders


are beginning to stretch out, Jordan Spieth three clear of Matt Kuchar,


Koepka and Bland on 3-under par but the last time Jordan Spieth had this


kind of lead in a major was the Masters last year, and you may


remember what happened. Danny Willett taking advantage. A long way


to go, Spieth three in front. Good position here for a Spieth to


attack this pin, plenty of landing area, just a little breeze behind.


Landing very softly down breeze. Now, Richard Bland, this is his


third shot on the 13th. He has taken an unplayable. Chase it on, chase it


on. Hard work on the 13th for Bland. He takes a long look but once he has


decided he's no-nonsense. Practice strokes behind the ball, a few quick


looks and the ball is on its way. He has a chance to plant himself in


a good position here. The fourth shot of Richard Bland. He


took a bit of a gamble with his third, just over the cross bunker.


Drawing it into the 13th pin on the left side. My goodness, this is


going to be a big number now. Spieth, four footer. His umbrella


has gone. No. Well... He looks at the hole, he


doesn't feel comfortable, the whistling wind across this green not


helping him. Looks at the hole, bangs it in. The mistake from the


good position on the fairway, still leads by a couple. Big drive for


Gary Woodland at the last. Trying to draw it into that right pin. That


was a lovely shot. The percentage play, the centre of the green pin


high. Now, Richard Bland, his trial continues on the 13th, fifth shot.


Not much greener to play with. Beautiful, though. Poggi? It is


going to be a double -- bogey?. Gary Woodland, this is for a 68. It


hasn't turned quite as much at the end as he thought. 69. Only the


fifth person today to break par. The first one for quite a long while.


This afternoon has been tricky. 70, 69, 1-under, five behind. A good


chance for Richard Bland to bounce back after that double bogey on the


13th. Oh! Yes! That's the way to do it. Impressive to come back on the


14th after a horrible time on the hole before. Now, Jordan Spieth has


said this is playing about as if it were 190 yards. It is into the wind.


156 to the flag. Narrow target. He has missed it. Not too badly. He's


not sure where it has finished because it sort of disappeared. He


thinks he has hit it over the back. Matsuyama then on the 16th. Rolling


it well, yes! 2-under, and Hideki Matsuyama moves up alongside Richie


Ramsay and Richard Bland. That will do nicely. Well, from down in that


little hollow, Spieth hit a little short. The greens are getting


slower. This is for his par. And in she goes, could have been worse,


loose tee shot, it is an par, he will take the three shot lead down


the last. Bland taking a cut at his fourth


shot. That is a good one. Sit down. He may yet save his par. A lot of


holes have been slightly adventurous for him in the last half an hour.


Trying to bring it in from left. Go, go, go. It is actually not a bad


miss there. Now, Bland with a good shot to the 15th, but it was his


fourth. It would be a good save, wouldn't it?


It would have been but remains conditional and its a shotgun from


Richard Bland, double bogey on the 13th, birdie on the 14th, Biraghi


here, so ups and downs. Still 1-under. -- bogey. The old


windscreen wiper going. I thought 4-under par could be the leading


school today. It's not going to be. -- score. Spieth down to 6-under...


Perhaps... So close. He will tap that in and lead into the weekend of


The Open Championship, finishing here in front of a feud damp and


hardy souls, but at the weekend it will be brighter, it will be busier,


and it may well be Jordan Spieth coming down the stretch to a first


Open Championship. He's put himself in a wonderful position, 69 to 65,


master of the elements and leading The Open.


When Jordan Spieth gets his nose in front he is a difficult man to


shift. The overnight leader showed he meant business right from the


start. This is his second shot into the par-4 first. That was close


enough for an opening birdie. As conditions worsened, he did drop


shots at both the third and ninth and it looked like he would drop


another at the 10th, but how about this for an par save. It seemed to


spur him into life. He had another birdie opportunity at 11 from quite


some distance. But in it would drop. Level par for the day. Onto the


par-3 12th, he birdied this hole yesterday. Would his tee shot give


him an opportunity to do it again today? A bit of backspin command yes


it would. Back-to-back birdies for a Spieth, moved to 6-under par, two


clear of the rest. The second shot here on the 15th. It was low and he


fired it right towards the green, on it galloped. Look where this one


would end up. Close enough for an eagle for a Spieth. He did go on to


drop a shot at the 16th so he signed for a 69 and here he is speaking to


Rishi Persad. Can you tell us what you think the


value of your score today was? It was good, maybe even better than


yesterday. It was really tough out there today. We had brief periods of


hour-long intermissions when we could take some respite from the


rain when it died down but overall it would look scrappy and it did.


There was no way for it to look pretty today. I think I stole a few.


Even though the conditions were bad, I didn't quite play the way I played


yesterday, but I stole a couple with a chip-in and an eagle. That's what


you need to stay on top in this tournament.


American Jordan Spieth out in front on his own on day two of The Open


Championship, 6-under par, a two shot lead over fellow American Matt


Kuchar. A great couple of days for England's Ian Poulter, he's in the


top ten entering the weekend of the opened the first time in 15 years,


alongside US Open champion Brooks Koepka on 3-under par, and also a


good couple of days for Scotland's Richie Ramsay, 2-under par for the


Championship. To under par was the score for Rory Mcllroy around the


links today and doesn't that look like a good round now? 1-under for


the Championship, just back from the leader Spieth. Some selected others


to take a look at. We have the round of the day from former open champion


Zach Johnson, for under par took him to 1-over. Masters champion Sergio


Garcia one shot further back on two over alongside defending champion


Henrik Stenson. Tommy Fleetwood makes the weekend of an Open


Championship for the first time in his fourth time of asking. Missed


cuts, 2008 champion around Royal Birkdale, Padraig Harrington won't


be over the weekend, and neither will Phil Mickelson was part of


great shoot out at Troon last year. It did get a little wild out there


today. But 1-under today for Jordan Spieth is a very impressive round of


golf. Ken, what impressed you most about what Jordan did out there


today? He called it scrappy but he would have taken it when he saw the


forecast this morning. It was an unusual day starting with a howling


wind, die down to nothing and warmed up and then the wind picked up. It


was a scramble, club selection not easy but the key to his success was


his putting, he reads the greens well, he was errant off the tees but


generally it was a high quality and professional round. Anything really


around par was good today and a few players went out there and hit some


of the worst weather but they must feel like anything around par was


good today. Rory was exceptional, I must say. He went out this morning


and went out in 31 and showed his real quality ball striking. One of


the examples was at number six, a fantastic drive, very tricky par-4


and look at the shot, big rainbow shape, faded into this right-hand


pin and that was a crackerjack and he produced lots of those on the


front nine but on the back nine it was different, he lost his long game


but then he said quality with his chipping and putting. Lots of


awkward spots. Superb round and it got him right back into the


tournament. He called it one of his best rounds at The Open Championship


which says a lot for McIlroy. Somebody like Ian Poulter, great


round of golf, right in amongst it again after a good weekend last


weekend at the Scottish Open. He had the same problems, the rain poured


down in the middle of the round, the wind picked up, club selection was


tricky and he used his great skills of scrambling around, the quality of


his play on links courses has always been good and he has the quality on


the green. Ian Poulter played a quality round. It was so easy today


to hit one or two errant shots and get a double bogey. It is all set up


to be a very exciting weekend, and everybody will be glad to know that


the weather is supposed to be better tomorrow. We will have highlights


again tomorrow night on BBC Two at 8pm of all of Saturday's play, live


coverage on Radio 5 live, out on the course from midday. On the BBC sport


website there is live text and in play videos. As the wind blew and


the rain lashed down at Royal Birkdale it was Jordan Spieth who


held his nerve but he will have to be on guard as there are plenty


waiting in the wings to pounce on the young Texan.


When I think of the world we inhabit, everyone will think,


Yeah. And it wasn't, it was done by hand


Eilidh Barbour presents highlights from the second round of the Open Championship from Royal Birkdale.

It was American Phil Mickelson who led after the second round in 2016 - a two-under-par 69 lifting the American to ten under at Royal Troon. But in a portent of what was to come, a six-under 65 from eventual champion Henrik Stenson left the Swede only one shot behind. Stenson went on to claim the Claret Jug two days later, posting an Open Championship record score of 20-under-par.

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