Day 3 Highlights Golf: The Open

Day 3 Highlights

Eilidh Barbour presents highlights from the third round of the Open Championship at Royal Birkdale. Commentary by Peter Allis, Ken Brown and Andrew Cotter.

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The beautiful art deco clubhouse at Royal Birkdale. Stylish. Bold.


Confident. But it is not the only iconic structure here this week. The


famous Open scoreboard. And whose name will adorn this particular


design classic on Sunday? Welcome to the third day at the


Open. Hello from Royal Birkdale where we have much brighter skies.


The iconic clubhouse behind me proving that we are indeed in the


same place, but it is almost unrecognisable after the wind and


rain of yesterday. It is Syahrin, perfect scoring conditions. It is


all set up for a super Saturday on the links, but before we get out on


the course, here is Andrew with a look back at what has been happening


over the first two days of play. Links golf is a thing of constant


change. On the second day, the wind switched around and play more


fiercely. The timid Rory McIlroy of the opening day was gone, 68 and a


spring in his stride, one of only four subpar McGroin is


fraud in the morning starters. Matt Kuchar was rolling in the putts and


smelling his way to a 61. The American challenges remain strong.


Then the rain came, wet rough getting thicker. All players looking


for shelter about Ian Poulter was one of those holding on and hanging


in for a level par round of 70. As the rain came, the winds draft, the


course often than the later starters could take advantage, none more than


Jordan Spieth. Still missing fairways but with the scrambling of


a genius. Clear of the rest, as he has been before. And what Spieth


starts, usually finishes, but he knows that nothing is certain in


golf, and we know how quickly things can change on the links. Jordan


Spieth is at the top of the leaderboard. Some great friends from


some of the British players. Ian Poulter three bag on 3-under par and


Richie Ramsay continuing the form that saw him finish second at the


Irish Open. McIlroy's round of 2-under par yesterday looks like a


great round in that weather. He is five behind the leader. The best


round of the day yesterday belonged to format Open champion Zach


Johnson. 4-under par. He is 1-over for the championship. Just one ahead


of defending champion Henrik Stenson. Tommy Fleetwood is through


to the third day for the first time. The following players missed the


cut. You might just get away with leaving the water proves at home


today. It is really lovely here at the moment. The third day is often


referred to as moving day, and in these conditions, it might live up


to that name. Ken Brown is down with somebody who is hoping to make a


charge up the leaderboard. The players come onto the football field


and McIlroy makes it onto the first tee. He is getting a great


reception. The crowd behind him. What a performance this week. This


is what faces him on the first hole. This narrow, tied their way. It is


one of the toughest tea-mac shots on the course. He is playing with Gary


Woodland. They will be offering about five minutes. We wish Rory


well, and all these people do as well. It will be quite a day for


him. Good luck. 3:25pm is the time for a Rory McIlroy. What will we see


from him today? He is playing with American Gary Woodland, who enjoyed


his best finish at the Open last year, in 12. Following them, the


Canadian, 20-year-old Austin Connelly. He is playing with


Scotland's Richie Ramsay, on course for a top 50 finish at the Open for


the first time. This is the penultimate great. Ian Poulter


finished second around this course in 2008. An all-American final


pairing. Matt Kuchar hoping to break his major dock alongside Jordan


Spieth, looking to add the Claret Jug to his collection. The fifth


hole is measuring slightly shorter today. Just 310 yards. This is


picketing Dustin Johnson with a three wood. Take a look at this


shot. He does not look too happy at first, but he got a bit of a lucky


bounce. Onto the green, and two putts from there would be a third


birdie of the day for Dustin. He would move to level par. Rickie


Fowler from the same tee, but a different group. A more traditional


route to the green, but an even better outcome. So close to an


albatross, but he would tap that in for eagle to go to level par. The


fourth eagle of the day on that hole. What a round of golf Branden


Grace is putting together, four birdies on the front nine 429 on way


out. This birdie putt at 14 to go to 6-under for the day. To the 16th,


the par four, and this monster putt for another birdie. When you have


got your eye on, the putts going. Par, par finish for Branden Grace


and he would equal the lowest ever round at a major championship for


men. But with the par five to come, Coetzee rewrite the history books?


Jordan Spieth the man to catch, but early charges from those on the


course. Branden Grace is 7-under par 3/16. He is within three. Dustin


Johnson is one further back. He is 5-under through 11 holes. They have


shown you can be aggressive, and this might suit this man.


From Northern Ireland, Rory McIlroy. Well, McIlroy knows, all the late


starters do, that the birdies are flying out there. It is time to find


some. The driver at the first. A massive drive for McIlroy. His


third round begins. Grace is staying at the possibility of the 62. This


is the par five. His second shot Andy Green is well within range. A


narrow target. -- and the green. My goodness. He has a treacherous leave


fast putt. What an iron. Covering the flag the whole way. He made


finish three, three. McIlroy, the second shot at the first. That was a


big divot. Has he got enough ball? He certainly has. A majestic shot. A


ripper. All eyes at the moment on this man,


Branden Grace. This is a quick one, but it is a putt for eagle on the


17th. 7-under at the moment. Get in, he says. Drifting, but good for


pace. It will be another birdie. Number eight in this round for


Branden Grace. He now just needs par on the last and he will be the first


man in major championship history to shoot 62. One hole to go.


The third green, Russell Henley, trying to open his birdie account


for the day. It is not far away. Off he goes, getting into red numbers.


Is there are still enough? It is plenty of club.


-- is there still enough. Just about the perfect line for Branden Grace.


He could not ask for anything better. Safely on, and two putts. It


is a good shot, but quite a way from the hole. And running away.


Darcy, on the seventh, he birdied the fifth. He recovered well from a


bad first round with 69 yesterday. -- Garcia, or in the seventh hole.


He likes it. Another birdie. Garcia is level par for the championship.


They welcome home Branden Grace to the 18th green. On that putting


surface, they will shortly see great drama. 62. Back to the first,


McIlroy, after the magnificent second, this for an opening birdie


and a big cheer. CHEERING


What a grand way to start your round. The crowd know what is at


stake. Two putts for a record 62. Is it good for pace? It is a great putt


by Grace. Two feet left and he will have the 62.


McIlroy, the second to the second. He birdied the first.


I think he fancies it. Dead on line. Five or six yards short. A good


shot. One shot left for Branden Grace, the


62nd of his day. There it is. There it is for Branden


Grace. It seemed an unbreakable barrier it is in major goal for men.


29 before had shot 63. Jack Nicklaus, McIlroy, Norman, all of


them. But Branden Grace becomes the first man to shoot 62 in a major.


Thanks very much. I really enjoyed it. It was a pleasure to see you


play. Thank you. That was awesome. Accepting the congratulations. What


a performance by Branden Grace. He did not hit many bad shots in around


like mad. 62, his own little piece of history. A great swing from the


20-year-old Austin Connelly. He just fired it at the pin. He looks a


serious talent. The champion on the 12th, Henrik Stenson. A difficult


pin to get close to today, hidden behind a hill.


Rolling well. In she goes. Stenson. That gets him to 1-under for the


Championship. He's not going to give up his Claret Jug. Two lovely shots


for Austin Connelly. The 20-year-old Canadian, and a putt to match.


Perfect start. McIlroy at the second. This is a


slowish putt. Quite a swing. He's done it. Oh, it turned the other


way. How can you putt on greens like


this? ! Magnificent effort. Mother nature's been very kind on


this third day, and the scoring has shown that. The players have played


beautifully, none more so than Branden Grace, in with 62, setting


all sorts of records. Let's hear how he did it.


How did it feel to walk off the 18th knowing you were the first man in


442 Majors to shoot 62? It was awesome. It was a special day. It's


obviously great being in history. But it's great to be able to go out


on a Saturday and shoot a number to try to get yourself back in


contention. To be honest, I wasn't thinking about it. I didn't actually


know, I was just making the birdies and I was just on the run trying to


finish the 18 without a bogey and that was the main thing on my mind.


After the putt on 18? Yes, I had no idea until then. Both came and said


congratulations, I knew it was a great round but I didn't know it was


in he history books, you know. They told me and I said, what are you


talking about. It was great. It makes it even more special and even


better doing it at a British Open, at The Open, this is my eighth one


and it's definitely one that I'm liking so far.


Can he convert this shot? He certainly can. Lovely birdie. On the


tee from the USA, Jordan Spieth. Played very well yesterday in foul


weather. What can he do on a perfect day?


There are better places fancy. Ken's found one of them.


Golf courses are amazing for lots of things. One of them is the wildlife.


You never know what you are going to find. I'm having a ramble here.


Quite a few butterflies about. There they are. One down here, called the


Gatekeeper. Can you see it down there? Sitting on the bramble. This


week is the big butterfly count so if you are interested in doing the


butterfly count, butterfly conservation. Look at him, a little


beautiful thing. It's not quite warm enough for him to fly at the moment


so you can get your hand quite close to it. Look at this for a... There


will have been a few people that needed one of these yesterday. A


mushroom. Could have used it for an umbrella! I love links courses,


they're good for the environment, good for the wildlife and I'm


particularly interested in butterflies and there's loads here.


Well done, Ken. Look at this little beauty. What's down there then? I'm


going to pop in here for a minute and see what's about. You never know


when you get your nose into something.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. Have another look at this. Gives it


a good old crack, very youthful swing. Eyeing it. Dead on line. One


bounce and oh! That's the way you do it!


Matsuyama getting his fair share there. Richie Ramsey's attempt at


the second. Yes, yes! Three for Ramsey. Better by his playing


partner, Austin Connelly. Spieth. Easily passed by Spieth up


and down as he does so often. A par to begin his third round for the


leader. McIlroy. First of the short holes.


Where is he, where is he, where is he? Come on. Well, I thought it


sounded a bit clumpy when he hit that, as if he'd gone too deep on


line but short. Austin Connelly, magical start, birdie eagle, but a


bit of bother here on the third. Magical run is over. That for his


par. McIlroy short of the fourth, par-3.


Well short. You don't want to be dropping shots with totally


misjudged shots. That looks... Pretty good. By golly! Just when


you've seen it all, they do something silly like that. It's


wonderful. What with young Connelly starting, McIlroy pitching in. What


a day this has been. What a rare mood I'm in. Another look. See the


hump in front of him, this is no pushover, just gets it to the top of


the hill, destined for the hole all the way. The huge crowd here today


are having their money's worth. I don't think I've ever seen more


people on a golf course and are they enjoying it? !


Connelly to save his par on the third.


No pars yet. Birdie, eagle, bogey for the young Canadian. Stenson at


the 15th. Second shot. This is a great opportunity for a birdie or


eagle on this 5-par hole. It's not gone the other way. That leaves a


difficult four. Kuchar. Good lie, just off the fairway. Second shot at


the second. Good straight shot is all that's needed. And he's done it.


Good shot. All the players are out on the


course. 6-under the target set by Jordan Spieth and Branden Grace's 62


takes him within two shots. Dustin Johnson also making it to three


back, as is Rory McIlroy. What a start from the Northern Irishman.


McIlroy having a cut at the fifth. Couple of twos here. Par-4 in


reality, but the tee's born brought up and that's sailing high.


Handsome? It certainly is. Hello, hello!


Threewood for McIlroy. 310 yards today. Stunning.


Cabrera-Bello. Little chip up the green. Making a mockery of the game


today. Everywhere you look from all sorts of distances.


Just playing a 7-iron chip. Maybe more aloft than I thought. Beautiful


shot. Kuchar just folds himself into


position. This for his first birdie of the day.


Yes, indeed. Kuch-Kuch they call him.


Brooks Koepka, chance of a birdie. Absolutely dead straight. Rattled


in. It was going at some speed. Koepka hops on board the birdie


train, bogeyed the first. Casey nearing the end of his round.


Playing alongside Dustin Johnson. Something for Paul Casey. Turned 40


yesterday. Kuchar and Spieth side by side,


Kuchar playing first. Difficult to get a good view of this pin.


And it's just about there. Just in. What a shot from cut ah. Ramsey at


the fourth. Birdie putt. Oh, yes indeed!


Spieth and his caddy have been taking an inordinate amount of time


deciding how to play, particularly after the magnificent previous shot.


Let's see if all that talking has done any good.


It did! Would you believe it? It did.


Come on, come on, oh, golly. That's a three. Tee shot, on line put. Six


inches short. Still a three and a birdie.


What a simple hole the third is. Great stuff. 6-under.


Koepka. Can he get to 4-under? Yes, he can. So Brooks Koepka bogeyed the


first but birdies on the third and fourth.


This is Chan Kim from the United States. He is on the tenth hole. It


is a short par four. We are seeing more and more of these shots. Give


the best players in the world the best conditions and they will do


this kind of thing. A tap in birdie for Kim. What a beautiful day. The


man who once possessed the most beautiful swinging golf, Frank


Noble, is joining our commentary team. Thank you. Two weeks ago, the


course looked exactly like it does just now but they soften in bile --


the softening of the golf course by the overnight rain has made it


perfect, can you see perfect? Spieth and Kuchar, pushing each other


along. The lean of a man who has lost it a little bit to the right.


Short and right. At one stage he threatened Branden


Grace's round of 62. I am not sure I have seen a player


frustrated with a 64 before. But Dustin Johnson now as he left a few


shots out there and the others were making headway as well. A wonderful


round of golf, no bogeys, six birdies.


A 64 for Dustin Johnson, 3-under par, four back from Jordan Spieth


who has picked up his first birdie of the day. Matt Kuchar is right in


touch with his fellow American. Let's hear from Johnson. How much


more did you enjoy today as opposed to yesterday? It was difficult


conditions. The first to Maghreb days I was getting up and down from


everywhere, hanging in there. Keeping myself remotely in the


tournament. I really hit it badly the first two days. I got some good


practice in this morning, some good feel, and I started swinging better.


Today I controlled the ball nicely and take lots of great shots. Brooks


Koepka, going for it on the fifth, just a three wood. He might have to


take something of this. 298 yards as the crow flies. He gives it a


fearful whack. I beautiful shot from Koepka. Not as close as McIlroy, but


that for an eagle. Poulter, not as long as Koepka, hence the driver at


the fifth. He needs everything. He nearly fell over. Past it. There we


are. Stay. A lovely drive. I think the crowd pushed that around.


He was up early. No rotation of the clubface. Jamie Lovemark. Not quite


joining the party, but he might get an invitation. Kuchar left his first


putt from just off the front of the fourth Green a long way short. One


shot will go. You know you're following a long way back with


bogeys. Losing ground. Kuchar slips back to five. That is the option for


Poulter. Firmly on the red Line, more gently on the black line.


Either way, this is for eagle. On neither line. Rory is in trouble at


seven. Even the best falter. There are a few watching familiar with


that shot. Koepka, his eagle putt. There are the options. Firmly on the


Red Line. More gently on the black line, to give you an idea. It is a


two putt birdie. For Koepka, it is birdie on the third of the fourth


and the fifth. Getting a run going, two behind Spieth.


A much-needed birdie for Poulter. He drove the green.


Kuchar, two back, electing to try and drive the green at the fifth.


He will have to threaded through the bunkers at the front. He has. One of


the best we have seen. These players are showing us how the game should


be played today. What a scene, water setting, what a stretch of golfing


terrain. Birkdale, Hillside, Formby, further down the coast. West Lancs.


Nealon of 60,000 spectators coming here today. Amazing crowds. McIlroy,


problems coming out of the rough, and this to save par. A backward


step for McIlroy. Bogeys today really are the hand


brakes. A dropped shot for Rory McIlroy moves him back to 3-under


par. Matt Kuchar also dropped a shot. He is on 5-under, but Brooks


Koepka, with three birdies on the bones moves into second. There are


two shots behind the man in front, Jordan Spieth. The sixth green in


the distance for Koepka. He wants this to stay in the air. Does it


stay? One more yard. A putt for a two. An eagle on the


fifth for Kuchar. Goodness me. It finishes right behind the hole.


Kuchar denied an eagle, a chance to tie the lead. There it goes. One


behind his playing partner again. Koepka forced to chip at six.


Because of the steepness of the bank. It was very nearly going to


come back to him. McIlroy, unleashing on the eighth hole.


He lost it on the breeze, what little there is today. Bunkers, and


the ditch. He is more worried about the bunkers. Some nasty, thick rough


as well. All will soon be revealed. Poulter, testing his bunker skills


on the sixth hole. He has hit some great ones this week already. Add


this to the list. Rickie Fowler. A beautiful shot into


the 15th. Not much going on there, and eagle, and a birdie at the par


five. Time for an escape now for the US open champion.


He does. He stays within two. He needs now is to keep that momentum


going. Out of jail. Jamie Lovemark, to get to 2-under par at the


difficult eighth hole. It took its time and made up its


mind. Lots of usable green to the left of


this flag and perhaps a little past four Spieth.


-- for Spieth. Nothing left. Straight at it. Stenson at 18.


Trying to push a little closer. Well, we have seen lots of different


shots. This is awkward. The grass behind his ball is forcing him to


putt. He gave this a bit tougher wrap. A lovely touch from Matt


Kuchar. -- a bit of a rap. Yesterday


afternoon, McIlroy hit some fantastic pitches. Misjudgement from


the tee. He will have that to save par. The greens are a little quicker


today, little smoother. This is down the slope.


Slightly misread, just the one red figure on his card, despite the


second shot at number six. There are massive crowds out there today. They


are really enjoying this display of golf. He leads by one. Stenson at


18. A chance to get to 4-under par. This would take him round in 64. He


has given himself a transfer Sunday's final round. A great round


of golf for the Iceman. They love him. 69, 73, 65 today for 3-under.


Koepka, in the bunker from the tee on the short par three. Once again,


trying to get away with par. His putting does not save him this time.


Let's have a look at the scoreboard. It is exciting. Branden Grace around


in 62, a record low for a major championship. He is at 8-under in


the clubhouse. Spieth leads from Kuchar.


Let's catch up with Henrik Stenson. 65 today, just the one birdie -- the


one bogey and six birdies. How do you feel your plate? It is the best


I have played and the best my putting has been. I was reading the


greens well. I hit lots of solid putts earlier in the week. More


could have dropped in. I am pleased with that around. Hopefully by the


end of the day we might have made up a few on the leaders. It will need


something special tomorrow to challenge, but at least we might


have an outside chance. My goodness. Bogeys today, the


fielders charging past you. You cannot afford many bogeys. He found


our bad life from his tee shot. -- he found a bad lie from the tee. The


sign is certainly shining today. You can see this short par three, the


seventh hole. We will find Ken Brown down there. One of my favourite


par-3s is number 7, elevated tee back there. This very small green


with seven bunkers around it, including this one with a little


island in it which is very awkward. Because you are playing from an


elevated tee, the ball plugs in it sometimes and you are in an awkward


spot. This bunker on the left is one of the deeper ones. If you look how


steep the lip is, it's interesting. Oh, my Lord!


LAUGHTER. It's the Beef. Perhaps he sleeps


there. He's off! The bunker on the other side, this


is the smallest one on the green. Cheers, Beef. Did you have a good


night's sleep? Tuck a couple of balls in there and you can see if


you get to the bottom you get a half decent lie. If you don't, you could


be in a tricky spot. Splash it out here. Lovely sand here. Can't teach


that. The eternal vegetarian, Ken Brown, both hands full there. The


hole looks slightly different minus Ken Brown here. Spieth.


Quite a few birdies. One at the third, one at the fifth, one at the


eighth and now one at the 15th. Fisher moves to 2-under. Doesn't


waste much time once he's over the ball. Spieth for two at the seventh.


Learnt a bit from his playing partner. And he makes no mistake,


extends his lead to two. 8-under. I think he's going to be tough to


beat. Just four yards from the back of the


green, got to be careful, you go down a steep bank if you go over


there. Rory's second. But... Might soon be five. Needs to


get going again. Koepka. Good line to attack this pin. And a helping


hand. Yes! McIlroy slams it into forward


gear again. 32. Look at that. Wonderful scene.


We are just here off the ninth green, Rory just walking past us.


The spring has returned a little bit after that hole. There was a bit of


a blip over seven and eight. There certainly was. There was a huge roar


on the ninth when he made that birdie putt. It was almost


reminiscent of what happened two days ago, looks like he was gone, on


the verge of yet another misputt. He turned it around. The roar there on


the ninth, all these people right here are rooting for Rory. We should


mention the incredible crowd, it's not just around Rory but the whole


course. Jordan Spieth out in front, the difficult thing is getting him


off the top of the leaderboard when he's there. He is well entrenched


and confident. He got his tenth win on the PGA Tour, only one got it at


a younger age, that was Tiger Woods. Over the last couple of years, this


is what we have wanted, Spieth, McIlroy, by the looks of things, we


are just about to get it. Rory McIlroy's 3-under, he's on the


tenth. Fresh off the birdie at nine. Two


bunkers down the left. Perilously close.


Kuchar perfect tee shot. Pin on the back ledge of this eighth. Good


stuff. The flag's right about there! Just a puff of a breeze from his


left to push this towards the flag. Ross Fisher. Chance to get to


3-under. And he does it right in the heart of it. He joins the others in


tied position for fifth. Kuchar for a birdie.


Now, third for McIlroy at ten. Didn't make the sand but this is


ugly. Some of that is really thick rough and not much green to work


with. Down slope. Just had a momentary lapse of concentration.


He's taken a gamble here. A lot of players couldn't have played that


without strength. Spieth. Just watch this. It's like it's on a piece of


string running on ice. Absolutely magical. 9-under. There


was a touch of Tom Watson there. There's birdies all over the place


at the moment. Jordan Spieth moves to 9-under, a two-shot lead restored


over Matt Kutcher on 7-under. Back-to-back birdies for Fisher on


the sixth hole has him six back on 3-under. McIlroy splashed into the


next bunker. He's playing fourth on an awkward lie. Done pretty well to


get there. Just to drop the one stroke.


Flat lie. Poulter from just over 160 yards.


Can he? Can he? No. A six on one of the easier holes. For a lesser


player, you might say that's his Open Championship over but he's so


capable of stringing five birdies together.


Nicely done for Ian Poulter. Little birdie at nine takes him at level


par. Drops two birdies. 3-under. Found a pretty good lie in the right


rough, Kuchar. Doesn't want to go over the back of


the green. Is it going to get up the bank at


the front? No, it doesn't. Scared of a slight flyer.


Been very impressed with his irons in the past hour or so, Peter.


Striking the ball beautifully. Looks impregnable at this moment but still


a lot can happen. He looks very calm. Always looks so calm.


Maybe too far. Yes, it is. One short. One past.


Richie Ramsey. This is a good angle to putt from, but not really for a


par. Left it short. Kuchar. Beautiful


grass but not for the faint-hearted. Finds the centre of the hole. Great


viewing spot. No birdies here yesterday. There's


been a few today. Bubba makes one. 7-under.


If he misses any, they are this sort of length and a bit nearer. Breaks a


bit more than you think this one. It will dive right if he doesn't keep


the pace up. Got it. It was moving. The pin is on the left edge of that


TV tower. Can't see the flag. 143 yards. Good angle for Poulter.


Is that Ryder Cup buzz coming around the corner? Psyching himself up.


Matsuyama. Third shot, 15th hole. Very well played. Deep bunker.


Chance of a birdie. Alex Loren. He's trundled it in.


Look at that, all pars. Just outside the left edge. Ian


Poulter birdies the ninth. He's got it. 4-under. Only three players


ahead of him. I think he's enjoying it.


Matsuyama after a splendid bunker shot. Oh!


Took an awful long time to settle there. As if he wasn't sure what to


do. Everything worked out. As long as it doesn't go off the green. Oh,


would you believe it? ! It didn't deserve that.


67, 71, 71, 67. Connelly, his third shot that the 11th. Over the bunker.


McIlroy. 185 yards. At the 12th. The pin is back right. He is trying to


cut it in. It takes great skill to get that this flag. Very good, pin


high left. Poulter. He drives up the 11. Not in the.


Gee-whiz. -- not in there. In that horrid patchwork. A wry smile.


Perhaps not. When he gets there, he will not be smiling. With the modern


ball and the modern sand wedge they can do such deft things from this


range. He nearly did it, just delightful. That little bit of grit.


Brilliant from Kuch. Gary Woodland at the 12th. Two over. Oh, boy. It


has been a feast for the masses of spectators. It would not surprise me


if it is another record. A good tea-mac shot, he spun his ball off


the front of the green with his second at ten. He used the putter up


to here. This is to save par. He does not always bash it in. That was


more of a caress. No bogeys on his card, with three birdies. Poulter,


creeping along nicely. This is his third shot. He is not happy with


that. Got into trouble, hacked out. Well, I have seen worse than that. A


good putt will solve all problems. At the 12th, McIlroy. Never an easy


green to red. Well, he has misread it. It looks like a par three. Still


a trio of Americans that lead the way at Royal Birkdale. All separated


by four shots. Jordan Spieth in front, 9-under par. He is setting


the target to match. This is going to be a big drive. Three bunkers on


the right, to a crawl on the left. -- two on the left. Where is it


going? Jeepers creepers. You do not go that far on your holidays.


Poulter to save par. Another shot goes. Too many bogeys on Poulter's


card. He was in trouble from the tee on


the final hole, Fisher. This four par. It will be at least one shot.


Still a bit to do. He has scarcely put a foot wrong today. The 11th


hole, Jordan Spieth. 167 yards to go.


The long 13th, reduced to very little by McIlroy. Can he make


something happen before it is too late? That is pretty good. The putts


do need to drop. Chan Kim at 17. Two great shots.


This for an eagle. Will it come back? Not quite, but a solid birdie.


He moves to 3-under. Bubba Watson, and the chance to get


to 2-under at the 15th. The ball is there somewhere. It is there. He


does enjoy a par five for a snack. Just the one birdie today for Bubba


Watson. Spieth, another birdie chance, this is to get to double


figures. He fancied that one as well. He is not taking any risks.


That is only about nine inches. He is nothing if not thorough. The


spectators moving on to get in position. In the she goes. -- in she


goes. He says wow a lot, Jordan Spieth. So, 25 feet and one inch


four Kuchar. This for his birdie. 9.7 inches of uphill completely fill


them. Bubba Watson. A chance to get to 2-under par at the 15th. The ball


as there somewhere. It is there. He does enjoy a par five Furness. Just


the third birdie two for Bubba Watson. Spieth, another birdie


chance. This to get to double figures. No. He fancied that one as


well. He is not taking any risks. That is only about nine inches. He


is nothing if not thorough. The spectators moving on to get in


position. In she goes. He says wow a lot, Jordan Spieth.


McIlroy looking for his three on the 13th. Moving. Unhappy. It has all


gone a little bit wrong for Rory McIlroy. A double bogey on the


tenth. No birdies since. Outside the top ten.


Connelly at 13. He has hit a beauty from the tee. A long iron in. He has


a good game face. He certainly does. He gives nothing away. He would make


a fine poker player. He would soon get rid of all his prize-money.


Poulter, it needs to drop. And shot gone furry Ian Poulter. He slips


back. Back-to-back bogeys. Costly. Not putting a foot wrong, is he? No.


When he takes a tiny step out of line, he is quickly on it and


recovers well. This one is heading left. The pin is back right. You can


really attack this pin. It seems tucked away. That is a beautiful


shot from Jordan Spieth. Rory McIlroy on his way to the 14th tee.


Ken has been looking at the pin position. Day three and I have got


the pin positions for today's play. Some of them are tighter than you


would anticipate. This one is four from the edge. This one is only nine


feat. Quite a few are near the edge. The 14th is ten on from the front


and four from the right-hand side. It is perched on the very edge of


the green, with the bunker guarding it right at the front. One, two,


three, four, five and a half yards over the bunker and if you slip to


the right, the ball will get dragged off. It goes down the edge. When you


hear the commentator said, you have missed on the short side, it means


you have missed on the side the pin is caught. It is awkward to get up


and down in two from there. Impossible to get to this flag with


the wind coming from the right. You will have to in for the centre of


the green and putt for the flag. If you land here, you have the whole


width of the green to a mad. It is only about a 15-20 foot putt. This


14th, that is a Rascal of the pin. McIlroy might be dragged into


chasing the pins. He is a long way behind Spieth. Dark skies above.


Sick, says the master. -- sit, says. A beautiful shot. Just to the left


of the flying, exactly where he was aiming. The third shot for Matsuyama


at the par five 17th. That is woeful. It was all follow through


and no backswing. Connelly, he seems to play without


fear. That was a rather timid putt. If it is birdie after a daft chip.


Matsuyama to move to 4-under. He has holed it. He moves into a tie for


fourth. Matt Kuchar, a long, long birdie


putt. John Woods tending the flag. A lovely deep iron to 15 feet. This


four birdie four McIlroy. Momentum has just gone. You wonder if it is


going to be one of those majors were McIlroy threatens, he is there or


thereabouts but he cannot quite get to the very top. A perfect look at


the line of Jordan Spieth's birdie putt at the 12th.


He cannot quite get into double figures. Doing enough to keep the


rest of the field that day, though. -- at bay, though. Kim at 18. Up and


down for 67. Beautifully played. Whipping the right hand through, and


the club risking under the ball, flopping it out on a soft pillow of


sand. He is trying to save par at 17. A little heavy-handed.


Chan Kim, the American, born in Korea, grew up in Hawaii. The final


shot of the day. In she goes. 67. Playing alongside Ernie els today. A


wonderful round. McIlroy, trying to make something happen. The par five.


Matsuyama's second to the final hole. Hold that pose. He crumples


and disappointment. That is all right. Better than that.


Koepka for bogey. OK. Just the one dropped. He is now three batting


Kuchar, and five behind Spieth. Another shot gone for Poulter. Three


in a row for him. It's slipping away from him.


Bubba Watson. Couple of holes from home but this to drop just one.


Double bogey in the 16th. Matt Kuchar on the 13th. Looks heavy. Can


he get enough club on this to chase it up to the green. Looks straight.


Wants a good bounce. Oh, and he got it. It was a good shot.


The sky is so dark here. They are talking about possible storm


disruption very soon. Spieth second to 13th. Softly-softly, he says.


McIlroy's crashed a huge drive down here. Mid iron to this par-5.


Something special. And it is very, very special indeed. That for me


though. And they're still willing him on. Kuchar from the back of the


13th. Up and over the top. Up she goes. Looks good.


Matsuyama. He's reached the final green. This for a birdie and a round


of 65. Not quite. 66 for Matsuyama. Spieth from just over the back of


13. This for birdie. He may have learnt from Kuchar's. Or he may not.


So a par apiece on the 13th for the two leaders. Still Jordan Spieth


ahead of Matt Kuchar by two shots. Look at the round from Branden


Grace. He's in amongst the mix, the first time in a men's major we have


seen a 62 and here is how he did it. Let's take you through the very


first 62 in men's major golf history. Branden Grace. He was off


to a flyer, a very early starter. Started 4-over one inside the cut


mark. At the first, he found his first birdie. His next came at the


fourth. The par-3, long, long birdie putt. But this was a sign of things


to come. Never had a great record at Open Championship. Just one top 20.


Here at the fifth, took the driver and got his reward.


No eagle but a two-putt birdie and his third of the day. So today, the


par-4 and the putt working once more. Seen it done before this week


but this was for 29 on the front nine. Beautifully judged. And


Branden Grace at this stage must have been wondering what was


possible, although he said he never knew, never thought about the


record. Par-3 and another two for Grace. Not


had a great season. Seldom missed the cut.


At this stage he was 7-under trying to get on two in the par-5. What a


shot this was. Two putts for a birdie. 8-under and then this, the


62nd shot of the day. And the first time that had been done by a man,


major golf history. 62 for Branden Grace. After that, this must go in,


don't miss this! Austin Connelly. Youthful character


from Canada. 3-under. He had a couple of chances, missed a couple,


but he's kept going wonderfully well. Showing very good nerve and


concentration. Spieth. The last of the short holes. I think he likes


it. He fences it. Perhaps he's ringfenced it. Right length, wrong


line. Kuchar trying to get nearer the pin than Spieth. He looks a


little more pleased with that. Cabrera-Bello. Par-5. Go left a


bit... And get up on to to the green. A beauty from Rafa.


18th hole for Alex Noren. At long iron, he's well back.


Suits his shape. He's a left-to-righter. All pars and one


birdie so far. Might be his second birdie of the day. That was a


wonderful shot. Austin Connelly will give it a whack one day. He'll put


on some beef and who knows what 'll happen. This for birdie. Three from


the front edge. Good pace. Be easy to putt it into


the bunker from there. Koepka's second on 15. That looks to be


pretty good. Pitched all the way. Absolutely where he was aiming.


Northern for a birdie. -- Noren for a birdie. Bit of a dribbler. Kuchar


for a birdie. 14th hole. 32. Well, we are coming


to the end of this third round and I wonder if there's going to be a


couple of twists and stings in the tail.


This is not one of Spieth's favourite lengths. Could be a


two-shot swing if he misses this. Only a one-shot swing. Kuchar two,


Spieth three, and it's on to the 15th.


Ken's been looking at the 15th. I'm standing on the 15th fairway and the


tee is there. It's the first par-5 and a demanding tee shot no matter


where the wind is, due to the bunkering. There are three down the


left and two on the right. Let's have a look. Here is the first down


the left. This is the tee back here. The first doesn't come into play.


This one can if the wind is strongly in your face. This one here, that


little bunker there, that's 270 yards to clear it. But the tricky


thing if you can clear that and push it, you get gathered up by these on


the right hand side. There are two there. 300 to reach them. 312 to


clear them. The wind behind you can clear that. The whole doing leg is


at the moment where you want the ball to land. The tactics are,


depending on the breeze, you can hit it here, if you are there you can


hit it here, but the play, interestingly, is if the wind is


behind and you can take this out of play, and most of the play, can do


270 yards in the air, you can carry this one. If you pull it a bit, come


and see what the rough is like over this bunker. The rough over here, if


you can carry this, you'll avoid the ones on the right, this rough down


here is actually very fluffy. In fact, from here, you get the best


angle in and basically the rough is very light. There's almost nothing


here. If you can carry that bunker, find this left rough, you have got


the best angle in and the rough is very light. The tactics here are


encompassing, they're tricky. He knows, you know! Here is Kuchar.


What ploy is he going to use? Middle right.


Spieth trying to follow Kuchar up the fairway. Spieth may be a bit


longer than Kuchar. The bunkers could be in play but he's hit them


up the left. That should be perfect. And it is.


Eagle try for Brooks Koepka. Hawkeye showing the corridor. Good putt.


Will it get there? It will not! Good grief. Agony for Koepka.


He moves to 5-under. In sole possession of third place right now.


You don't want to go paddling there. You have to go eight miles before


you go knee deep and it's very treacherous. Come on, Poulter get a


birdie you've let it slip through your fingers the last few holes.


Well done! 18th fairway. Rafa Cabrera-Bello.


Second shot. Trying to cut it into the front right hole position.


Trying to help it. And a pretty good shot.


Kuchar. It is a mighty big hit for him to reach the screen. He might


find a bit of fairway with a bit of bounce and scuttle it up to the


front. He did not need it. It landed on the green. Good hit. That was


massive. Spieth taking a wood. Not that far


from the green. He must be coming from a pretty soft, high cut. --


must be going for. There it is. He looks right at it. Beautifully


played from Spieth. It should be a safe birdie.


Rafa Cabrera-Bello. This putt 467, to move to 3-under. He has been


stroking it well. Will he get his reward? They will. A good round. He


moves up to sixth place. Rounds of 67, 73 in the wind, and 67 today. He


is usually a very good judge of distance. Spieth. Can he judge the


distance? Its wings one way and then it swings back. A long putt. Turn to


the right. Turn to the right. He missed it all together. That is very


unlike him. Two very important tee shots coming up. If he is really


going to be challenging tomorrow, he needs to finish no worse than four,


four. That is aware right, in the lap of


the gods. Bunkers there. -- that is way


Well, if Kuchar halls and Spieth misses, we will have a new leader.


Relatively straight. Certainly a much easier putt than Jordan Spieth


had. It is not far away. It does not quite have the legs.


A good birdie. He is now tied with Spieth at 9-under.


Richard Bland. Look at this one. He has played some very steady golf


this season, and indeed last year. Now we will just see. Master Spieth.


That first putt was a surprise. It surprised me because he is usually


so good on distance and line. It made him laugh. Golf does that, it


makes you laugh, just before you take out your here. -- tear out your


hair. It does not matter. Sele V. The crowd needed a bit of


excitement. Only three holes left. -- c'est la vie. So, Spieth still


leads by one. Three holes left. I am sure there could be a sting in the


tail before we pick up the shutters tonight. Kuchar, past Arnold


Palmer's plaque in the rough on the right. That is heading towards it. I


think it will be on the fairway. It will not make it. It is very close


to army. He could be in serious trouble. -- to Arnie. A birdie putt


for Koepka. No. He has been relatively quiet. Five birdies, but


sadly, three bogeys. McIlroy, the third shot on the par five. He was


wide right with his tee shot. Not too bad. He caught it a little bit


heavy. As the rain begins to fall at Royal


Birkdale, how will that affect the remaining few holes for the leaders?


Jordan Spieth still the man out in front. The birdie at 15 taking him


to 10-under par, but Matt Kuchar is not going away. A birdie on -- a


birdie for him at the Sam Hall and he is one back, on 9-under par.


McIlroy, for birdie at 17. All caused by a misdirected tee shot.


The back nine have not been his favoured holes. Kuchar did find the


sand from the tee, so just splashing out on the 16th. Costly, costly.


Connelly. His second shot at the 17th. Skipping through. Is it going


to miss? Not quite enough steam. A very good lie for Jordan Spieth,


just off the fairway on 16. Walking after it. To the heart of


the green. And close as well. Another birdie perhaps coming for


Spieth. He is putting his way around today. Kuchar, the third shot to the


16th. In the sand from the tee, splashing out to here.


The bunker camera, and Austin Connelly. That is how you do it.


Matt Kuchar has not dropped a shot since the fourth. This to avoid


doing so at the 16th. Go, go, he is crying already. No,


no. All sorts of bother for Kuchar. Connelly at the 17th. A putt for


birdie. In she goes. Well done, young man. 4-under, very good


indeed. There is a chance that Spieth may be as many as four


cleared at the moment. Kuchar in trouble, his playing partner. This


for birdie. Kuchar racing in to watch. My word, that was close. Just


a par. He stays at 10-under. But his lead will grow. Kuchar has a putt


for bogey. That is the story at the moment, but


it is about to change. Kuchar is going to drop at least one. But it


is two. Spieth will lead by three. He did not even looked displeased


with his drive, Kuchar, but it went into the sand, out onto the fairway,


a loose third, and three putts. A double bogey and he is now three


adrift. Down the right-hand side, but he has got a good lie. Sending


it high, hoping for some control. That is pretty good from there.


Flattered to deceive in this round, got off to a good start, but has


toiled a bit since then. Brooks Koepka, his playing partner, Ian


Poulter, getting his ball out of the way.


Nicely done. Very nicely done by Koepka. A chance to creep closer to


Matt Kuchar in second place. McIlroy, on the final green.


Is there one at the last? No. That rather sums up the day. So near yet


so far. He is some way distant of the lead of Jordan Spieth. Rory


McIlroy, it is only a 69. Home in 37, over-par for the back nine and I


think that has cost him dearly in this year's Open Championship. That


is the leaderboard, the United States one, two and three. It is


stretching out. Branden Grace, the 62. You have to go down to the


second page of the leaderboard to find the first home contender. Ross


Fisher, Rory McIlroy and Ian Poulter all on the same number.


Let's get the thoughts of Rory McIlroy. Normally when one shoots in


the 60s, below par, it is a good feeling. How do you feel today?


Disappointed, especially after the start I got of two, 3-under through


the fifth hole. I had a chance to be 4-under. Just a couple of sloppy


holes in the middle of their own. I give myself some opportunities on


the back nine but was not able to capitalise. A disappointing last


nine calls. What will be the main set for Sunday? Just try and shoot a


better score than today. I am not sure about the weather will bring,


but if I want to have a chance, I need bad weather, and I need to play


well and I need the leaders to struggle. Just go out there tomorrow


and play as well as I can and see what happens. Richie Ramsay's second


shot to the last. He has just been hanging in there


today. Be right, the eternal hold full cry of the golfer. It is.


1-over for his round at the moment, Richie Ramsay. He has been slipping


down the leaderboard, but an opportunity on the final hole.


Koepka, that very good shot up to the 17th flag. This for birdie.


Yes, sir, well done. Koepka goes 6-under. Kuchar, spanking one down


the 17th. Is it straight? No. It is a troublesome little thing, isn't


it? Spieth. A long iron. This is a good hit, he has got to rely on


running it between the bunkers. That could be right. That was a big


bounce into the back of the bunker. You need to be 15 yards left of


there. If it is that one on the left, that could be a minor golfing


disaster. Connelly, towards the bright white clubhouse and the dark


sky. Look at the ball sail. I think he likes it. Why not? A wonderful


shot from Connelly. Perfect for distance. He and Ramsay threatening


the hole on the last. Still not a flicker of a smile. Kuchar has to


crouch down to get that big frame in position.


Oh, looks good. Wonderful shot from Matt Kuchar. He'll have his birdie


surely. Now, can Spieth match it? Connelly. Come on, my boy, finish in


a blaze of glory. He has a funny old grip. It's going to go right in!


Well done, young Sir! Brilliant stuff.


Perhaps we've found the only one many the world with a young head on


old shoulders. This is Spieth from a very awkward


spot. He's up and out. It looks as if it might only be a par-5.


Richie Ramsey on the final green. Final putt perhaps. That may well


go. That may well go. And it does. Ramsey finishes birdie-birdie, hits


a level par round. He joins the other home contenders.


McIlroy, Poulter and now Ramsey. Spieth for a birdie.


He gets the birdie and gets the familiar sound and he's back within


two. Two leaders make their way tonne the 18th. You can't help but


be reminded a bit of that final day at Troon last year. These two have


been trading blows out there on their third round. The beauty of


this is, we have another round to come. It's Spieth leading by two


from Matt Kuchar. Kuchar won the bronze in the Olympic games in Rio


said his heart was bursting with pride. I'm wondering if a Claret Jug


would surpass even that feeling. 300 yards down the left.


Perfectly right on to the corner of the doing leg.


Perhaps haven't seen the fireworks of some of the other players, but


Jordan Spieth, well this was some shot.


Even closer than his playing partner Matt Kuchar. That was the first


birdie of the day for Jordan Spieth. Plodding along after that. In the


par-3, seventh, birdie number two. Didn't have to wait too long for his


next on the eighth. Once again, the putting touch, perfect.


Not Beautifully from left-to-right. To the heart of the putting surface.


From there to there. To there. The only birdie at the back nine. Enough


to keep him clear of the field. Poulter. It's been that kind of day


for Poulter. Too many bogeys today. Sprinkling of birdies today. Koepka


slips back alongside Austin Connelly, 5-under, five behind


Spieth. Ground to make up on the final day of the Open.


Get it going straight between the two bunkers, that's the thing to do.


Don't try and loft it, keep it under the height of the clock, if you can.


Spieth. Birdie putt at the 18th. Our Championship leader tickles it down


the hill and what do you know? ! What a way to finish. 65 shots, 31,


43. Beautiful second shot. Wasn't to be.


Spieth three shots ahead. That birdie on the 18th for Spieth gives


him a three-shot lead as he head towards the final day of this year's


Open Championship. Matt Kuchar on 8-under, the closest chaser and,


look at Austin Connelly, 5-under on his open debut. A nice round from


Ross Fisher today. 4-under, 66, 2-under alongside Rory McIlroy,


1-under for his round today. A little further down, Ian Poulter,


who'll be disappointed not to have taken advantage of his late start.


It's all about Jordan Spieth. 11-under. Let us hear from him with


Rishi. 65, how good was that for the


penultimate day of the Open? Really good given the position that we were


in. It's just, you saw some 65s, 63 or 62 today, right, that was I


thought somewhat predicted just given softer greens and wins that


had died down. Not a 62 but lower scores. I thought it's tough to do


when you're in the lead when you know there'll be lower scores


because you're not protecting par, you need to make birdies. A lead


going into the final day of a major is nothing new for you, but what do


you do, do you defend it or just play golf? We set a goal, we see


what the conditions are in the morning, we see what is forecast.


Same thing we did in round two. Knowing that 65 is not realistic


tomorrow, that par is going to be a better score, therefore we change


the game plan. Thank you very much for coming that tuck to us -- that


talk to us and good luck tomorrow. Thank you very much.


You have picked out one moment today Ken that you feel was particularly


pivotal to the lead he has going into the final day? . Yes, there


were a lot of pivotal moments but the 18th was massive. He was two


shots behind Spieth and he's not sure if it will sneak past. It's


pinpoint accurate. He controlled the way the ball was running out. Sets


himself six or seven feet from a birdie. Spieth's hit the most


perfect tee shot over the cross bunker and he's left this. When he


strikes it, he thinks, well just watch. He's pushed it, the wind's


taken it a fraction and you think, that's going to finish in the


bunker. Back spin and Leighs himself 20 feet away. If one holes and one


misses, there could be one stroke in it. If Spieth misses and Kuchar


holes. But it's the other way around. Spieth holes this critical


putt. What looked like might be a bogey ends up as a birdie, he


finishes 11-under, puts pressure on Matt Kuchar and he's thinking, I


must hole this. He has a good look at it and I don't know how it stays


out but it does. Left edge. Just tipped past the edge. He can't


believe it. Suddenly there's a three stroke lead and an enormous


difference and Spieth is now the third player of six players six


strokes behind him. It will be tricky to make that up so it's in


his hands. The last nine times Jordan Spieth has led, he's won


eight, so I don't know what the guys are thinking that are trying to


chase him down. Let us speak to the man leading the chase. Here is Matt


Kuchar with Rishi. You have had top ten finishes so


far, what is the approach that you have in your mind as you go into the


final day? It's pretty simple. Just take the course for what it gives


you, step up, if you hit on the fairway, you can be aggressive, if


you miss it, you have to figure out what is the best situation. In golf


you have to be so adaptable. You face so many different is situations


that you make the most of what you can and, I've been playing some good


golf and I'm hoping to find a lot of fairways and hoping to be a little


more aggressive. We wish you the best of luck on Sunday. Thank you. A


shame he had that double bogey and the putts on 18. Yes; the 16th was a


real blow to him. He was going along nicely, got to 9-under with a par-5,


so he's thinking might be finished ten or 11 and he's taken a double


bogey. That was hard to come back from. That was the moment it swung


towards Spieth as well. Somebody else who started very well was Rory


McIlroy and there were high hopes around Birkdale that he'd be clawing


the difference back but it just fizzled out a little for him. He was


done by one hole too. He had a beautiful frontline and seemed to be


cruising. He drew his eye and found one of the bunkers, got into an


awkward spot then he was in trouble. He took a double bogey on what was a


relatively easy hole for him. So misjudgment off the tee or slightly,


well a big mistake, bunker shot out. The fine margins are difficult.


Branden Grace, we witnessed a piece of history there from him today.


Finally a 62 in a men's major. Unbelievable. I never thought it


would happen but it was the perfect day, soft green, lovely putting


surfaces, not much breeze about. That is exceptional. The lowest ever


score in a major Championship. Incredible stuff. We are all set for


another big day tomorrow. We'll have all the highlights again tomorrow


night, bean 2 at 8 o'clock for the final day of this year's Open


Championship. BBC Five Live is out on the course with commentary from


1. 30 and the BBC Sport website will have live text commentary and


in-play videos. Tomorrow as well, the beginning of the world swimming


Championships on BBC Two from Budapest.


He turns 24 next week and he's staring down the barrel of a third


major Championship. The big question ahead of the final day here at Royal


Birkdale is, can anyone catch Jordan Spieth?


Eilidh Barbour presents highlights from the third round of the Open Championship at Royal Birkdale.

Defending champion Henrik Stenson of Sweden moved to the top of the leaderboard at this stage of last year's Open, carding a three-under-par 68 at Royal Troon to go a shot clear of American Phil Mickelson.

Commentary by Peter Allis, Ken Brown and Andrew Cotter.

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