Day 4 Highlights Golf: The Open

Day 4 Highlights

Eilidh Barbour introduces highlights from the final round of the Open Championship from Royal Birkdale. Commentary by Peter Allis, Ken Brown and Andrew Cotter.

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The grass, the grace, the poise, the power. The prestige, the passion.


The history, the Heritage. The enthusiasts, the expectation. The


movement, the magic. The frantic flurry. The freedom of flair. Ed's


the final Sunday at the Open. Big weather, big crowds, major


history and some sensational golf. This Open Championship has already


delivered so much, but on Open Sunday it will deliver the biggest


prize of all. What twists will the tale produced in the hunt to become


champion golfer of the year? Before we had out on the course, here's


Andrew with a quick look back at what has already been a


record-breaking Championship. It all began rather strangely, a


blast from the past to open the show. A dark Thursday morning. Soon


the Stars and Stripes flew far more proudly. The Americans were coming.


There was also plenty for those craving home success. Paul Casey and


a familiar strut in Ian Poulter's stride. And there was McIlroy,. A


pale imitation on the first few holes till he was told to remember


simply who he was, and then he reminded us how good he can be.


They two, stirred into something evil by the weather. Some would cope


and others would not. Phil Mickelson came so close last year but now he


left early. McIlroy was in control, mastering the breeze, making up for


the last round. He finished before the rain came, which calmed the


winds. So to round three, and on moving day, all emotions seemed to


be in one direction, the course without offence. Newmark made out in


the game by Branden Grace. Birdies, the new holes, eagles, commonplace.


Three shots picked up in the first two holes, all perfectly normal. The


champion, Henrik Stenson, clinging onto his Claret Jug. Left a long way


behind. Spieth continued, relentless. Still young but already


familiar with Majors won and lost. But this is the oldest and the prize


he has not claimed yet. Will this be the year for Jordan


Spieth? He is setting the pace. Austin Connelly is having some debut


at the Open. He is six back. The British charge faltered a little


on day three. Rory McIlroy, Ian Poulter and Richie Ramsay or losing


on the leaders. They start the day nine shots back. -- all losing.


What is going through his mind as he makes his preparations to go on to


the tee for his final-round? He has looked invincible. He's been


practising and I've noticed a lot of long parting, so he's in perfect


shape. Playing wonderful golf, seems to know the tactics wonderfully


well. -- long putting. Not lying in the rough too long. He's a


marvellous putter. Getting it absolutely on the final touch before


he walks to the first tee. He doesn't look like a man who feels


pressure all feels the moment, but will there be a few nerves going on?


Absolutely. No question at all. He's won two Majors and has the chance to


win a third. Only Jack Nicklaus had done the same by the age of 24, so


he'll be making history, but he's up against Matt Cooch are today, who


has been playing very steadily all week. -- Matt Kuchar. He always gets


the old cry every time he hits the nice shots, so it'll be an


interesting battle. But Spieth will be tough to beat. Let's hear from


the two at the top. I'm excited to be in the position


I'm in. Three shots off the lead, great chance. Many other players in


the field with a chance to win the job. I think we see what the


conditions are, we see the forecast, same thing we did in round two,


knowing 65 is a realistic and par will be a better score. If you step


up on the first tee, hit in the fairway, you can be aggressive. If


you missed the fairway, you have to figure out, what's my best


situation? I'm hoping to find a lot of fairways. I think I'm in a


position where I can be very advantageous, everything I've been


through. I understand Leeds can be squandered quickly but also


understand how you can keep on building. -- I understand how a lead


can be squandered. The Claret Jug might be a step too


far for Rory McIlroy this year but he's giving it a good go. He's out


with Ross Fisher, defending his 66 yesterday.


Henrik tees off at 2pm alongside world number one Dustin Johnson.


And they will be followed by the world number two looking for his


first major. He is alongside Branden Grace.


In the penultimate group, on the hunt for back-to-back Majors is


Brooks Koepa, playing with Austin Connelly, who is having a serious


debut in the Majors. The final group is Matt Kuchar,


who's becoming a favourite, and Jordan Spieth, looking to become the


youngest winner of the Open since Seve Ballesteros.


So none of the early starters threatening the top of the


leaderboard but lovely conditions at Royal Birkdale, and there are some


lower rounds being posted. The clubhouse leader with a 5-under, 65.


Let's get out on the course with your commentary team of Andrew


Cotter, Ken Brown and Peter Aliss. Thank you. Come on, fella. Let's see


some real sparkle. On another day he could be leading the field with that


score instead of people feeling sorry for you, but this afternoon,


let's see a bit of that Irish. Took 30, 40 yards off it, but that's


OK. Got a nice bump off the back of the bunker. Popped it in here for


birdie three. Plenty of birdies out there today.


Lee Westwood. Birdie at the final hole. Good second shot. Come on.


Grandstand finish! 1-over par. That's a good total when you think


the par is 70. 281. Lie... Birdie putt. He got it, he


got it. Haotong Li. Birdie two. And moving nicely.


Rory for his par. Just enough pace. Says his four after missing the


green. -- saves his four. He burst on the scene here in 1998


as the 17-year-old. No such dramatics here this year. Another


disappointing Open Championship for Justin Rose. The history man of


yesterday, Branden Grace, onto the first tee.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE This is horrible for Dustin Johnson,


has to come out sideways. Almost backwards! The worst possible start


for Dustin Johnson. McIlroy again having to fight hard for his part. I


think he fancied that one but it's all just a bit of a struggle. He was


doing good stuff to save par. That's all. He'll need more than that.


Johnson for a bogey. That was out of the greenside trap. This first hole


suddenly causing real problems for the players.


Rickie Fowler underway at the fifth. Players laying up today. Tee back,


skin tight right. A nasty little slope. What a shot from Fowler! Four


pars and a birdie at the fifth to move to minus two. Jordan Spieth


being taken back from the practice ground. Just getting ready for his


tee time at 2:30pm. A birdie attempt at the first from Grace. Found a


fair few birdies yesterday. Not one here on the first. Garcia at ten.


Yeah, lovely birdie. He moves to plus one. Out of bounds with the


tee. Missed the Green Chip to hit this for a double bogey. This to


drop from four to two. That is just typical of his day so far. Triple


bogey, back to minus one. Onto the first tee comes the final group.


Cheering for Spieth and the familiar boos for Matt Kuchar. Playing for


this greatest of prizes. Has been in consistent form this


year. Can he get anywhere near the prolific Jordan Spieth? It's a


decent start. On the tee from the USA, Jordan




He's so far made it look rather easy but we know and he certainly knows


what can happen in the final round of a major.


Seems to be straight and true. Ooh! He can now snip over the corner. He


can see a glimpse of the ball there but that is horrible wrath. Might be


standing above it... Way above, and that could be very difficult. So not


a bad bunker shot for Connelly. This to save par at the first. Lovely


stroke. Oh! Couldn't come any closer! They are all having their


problem is first, Mark, aren't they? It's amazing. Just a bit more wind


and all of a sudden it looks different. Here's some snapshots


from the past of Austin Connelly. There he is on the right with Jordan


Spieth three years ago at the Ryder Cup. They shared a coach but now he


is hunting down Spieth. Should be a formality from three


feet, this. Ooh! Hit it too hard. This first hole wreaking havoc!


A little press forward, low on his hands. And another one. Yes! Birdies


on the fifth and sixth the Noren. -- for Noren. That ball is not sitting


nicely on virtual short grass. That's where it is, standing way up.


Horrible. Yes, he's got to chop it out and be sensible, which he hasn't


managed to do. So... The rough is not too bad there so he could get a


drop if he doesn't like the lie. Possible damage. I don't know. The


grass just wrapping their head over enough to pull it into the rough.


Interesting. Matt Kuchar started three behind Jordan Spieth but...


Might be closer to his playing partner here. Just left it out


there. Not great from Kuchar but far worse from Spieth. An attacking


second from Ian Poulter. Mr Green from the wrong side. -- missed the


green. Great putt. Back to minus two. China's top golfer, Haotong Li.


Belts it in. Look at that for a reply. 4-under. Only two players


ahead of him now. McIlroy at five. Safely down the middle of the tee at


five. A little shot with the wedge. Up you go... Ooh, not great. In fact


distinctly average. He's got a good lie, Jordan Spieth, and actually has


a bit of green to play with there. A wonderful putter but that is from


his par. Still no birdies son Roy. Five


straight pars. -- still no birdies for McIlroy. From the right of the


green out of the Swale, Kuchar putting up the slope, over, down and


across this first green, and it's beautifully judged. Two feet from


the cut. McIlroy again having to work for his par. Yes, they cry, but


he's just treading water so far. All par so far. Not the best start, Ken.


No, at he's got this to save his par, and if anyone is likely to hold


it this week, it's probably him. Shaky start. Bogey five and he


marches after it a bit rapidly. 10-under. A lead of just two now.


To make par for Kuchar. Nicely done. Two behind the leader.


One hole played and Spieth drops from stroke. They've got a


commanding lead over the pack as things stand at the moment.


To save par at the third, Henrik Stenson, and, no, it's gone for him.


That'll be par, par, bogey. Johnson has reached the green. Coming back


beautifully. 4-under. Today. -2 and now in ninth position.


Kuchar at the second on the semi-rough. Pin tight right at the


front. Awkward to get at this one but he's got to attack at some point


in this round. He likes it. You beauty! Over to you, Mr Spieth.


That's it. Fantastic. What a week! He'll never forget it! Winner of the


silver medal and best amateur in the field. 71, 73, 69, 73 plus six. The


silver medal worth its weight in gold. Mr Spieth has the perfect


position off the tee. 132 yards, wind off the right. Cutting across,


it's going to land very softly if he gets the line right. Ooh, anything


you can do... I can't do quite as well, but not bad.


Southgate at the 14th. Birdie chance. Down the slope, and, my


goodness, he was exhilarating. Massive roar from the gallery. Come


on! Zac Johnson. Second at the 18th.


Sticks pass the bunkers and a bit of light rough. Kuchar's tapped in for


his birdie. Spieth has this to match. And keep the lead at two.


Ooh... Signs of weakness from Spieth. The lead shrinks to one.


This is a high-tariff, as good as you can have for a massive risk. We


can see all the rough around this tee. I await its always better to


miss in the right place. Let's have a look at the conditions


of the course. The fairways are pretty firm. Let's chuck quondam


here. It's quite hard, the ground, so it does bounce. Undulating


fairways are reasonably wide but you have to get a good position. This is


standard rough but you are going to lose complete control of the ball.


Let's have a look at the other side. You ready, Martin? What we've seen


this week on a number of the holes on the one side where the rough is


deeper than on the other, if we have a look at the rough here... That's


much more pleasant. The ball is sitting reasonably well so the


players will ascertain that driving distance where the thicker side is


Andy the thinner side, and it makes a lot of difference. -- and the


thinner side. So they will He favours the right side and we can


see the top of the ball. Tricky from that position. Trouble is the Koepa


at the third. He's made it good work.


This for his par at the 18th. Very neat, tidy 66. Add a couple of those


on Friday in the strong winds. Just inside the top ten. The wind in the


last hour or so has picked up. Nobody is under-par. Making it look


a bit more difficult and that's the reason why.


Spieth in trouble again at the third. Not too bad. It's very easy


to just miss the green and take three from the edge. Easy, easy, he


said. Head down. It is at the back of the green and through. Come on,


you must have some idea! Could there be another swing here? Because this


is the perfect position to get there from. Can he get it in there? Can he


we've let into this flag? He can't! You either get it right or wrong and


there's not that much in between. In the cat box! His Noren. He's done


some sensational rounds this year. Won a couple of times. This birdie,


birdie, birdie -fest... When he gets going... Here's Li at the 17th.


4-under par. I tell you what, something silly happened now, he


could really stir things up. What a terrific effort!


Not a bad spot of the bunker here for Kuchar. Has to land it all the


way, on the green. Over to you... Spieth connecting to part from the


back of the third. He's all of 20, 20 two yards away. -- 22 yards away.


Good line. Tailing off. Fell away at the end more than I thought. Austin


Connelly. Birdie chance at the fourth.


Li for a birdie at the 17th. Yes, well done. 5-under. Who knows? With


three at the last, could bring much gold.


Kuchar found the right front bunker, splashed out here to save this par.


Really keen slope back. Par, birdie, bogey. 8-under, just as he started.


Night hole, Rickie Fowler. -- ninth hole. Cutting for a three. Looks


good. We've seen a lot of long putts this week. Chippings, bunker shots.


Out of 33. Jordan Spieth to save his par, at


the 3rd. He missed it, before he hit it. Well, the plot does beckon. And


that four and 5-under suddenly look well, you never know. Alex Noren at


the 9th for a birdie. This will be out in 31. Hello. How about that for


a tidy nine holes. Four under. They said the wind would get up and look


at that changed the leaderboard, Jordan Spieth leads by one but look


at the people behind him. One word two of them are going well, Jordan


Spieth looks decidedly shaky at this moment. Haotong Li, 5-under. That is


absolutely perfect. Almost on your follow-through.


13 macro shot from Kuchar, down the hill at the 4th. -- the tee shot.


In the sand. Jordan! Now Jordan Spieth, despite his very cool


demeanour, must be feeling a little bit shaky at this moment. This is


when the true artist... He does not like that. It ended up on the grain.


-- green. Haotong Li, golf is becoming more


popular there and he is the leading light. At the 18th. Oh my goodness!


It may have popped into the hole, that is a 63. Matt Kuchar in the


bunker, to the right of the fourth. Shut your eyes, you might get


splashed in sand. Sepp Blatter, splatter. The lightly played. --


splatter. First time in the Open Championship,


this for a 63. What a fabulous performance. An amazing 31. He is


6-under, currently third on his own and the way things are going, you


never know. This is no pushover to get down in two from here.


That is a dreadful putt. Spieth has to call on some resolve here.


Marc Leishman, plenty of birdies at the 15th. Big moment here for


Spieth, he has let it slip a little. He really needs this, desperately.


No, he is up and away. He has these moments, I have seen them before,


not very often, but we will have to wait and see. A couple of hours to


go yet, but very shaky, when the young golfing brain gets a little


bit addled. Kuchar,. It is all tied at the top, 8-under par. Out under


the covers at 6-under. Southgate at the 16th. Leading home player at


this moment. His good work continues. Not too much spin on


this, Rory. Second to the ninth. Trying to cut it into this front


right. He needs a bit of luck on the greens and it needs to happen


quickly. Another birdie chance for Southgate. Scampering through the


field. We are already seen a bit of a shift at the top of the


leaderboard. Jordan Spieth started with a three shot lead over Matt


Kuchar. They are both now tied on 8-under par but the clubhouse


leader, had timely in his Open debut becoming the first Asian to shoot 63


in the final round of the men's major and he joins Richie. The


youngest player from China to appear at the Open, your first Open, what


is your performance today mean to you? It is pretty much like a dream


come true. Since I started to play golf, I wanted to play a major and


try and win a major. Really happy to see now, getting closer and closer,


hopefully, in future, I will do something. 134 yards, just running


into the light rough which makes it more unpredictable. This is Spieth.


Nicely done. Birdie chance at last. Peter, what do you think of the show


so far? I think it is quite intriguing. It brings a sparkle to


the old man's eyes. I like to see them suffer a little bit, like us.


We had built waterproofs and grotty old shoes. It is not over yet.


Chris Wood. Started off like on fire. -- like a house on fire. Good


bounce up. Here she comes. How about this then? A putt for an eagle


three. McIlroy for a birdie. Desperately needed. Well done!


Waited a long time for that one. After all those under par scores


yesterday and today, only three players at the last 20 had beaten


the par going out. Quite extraordinary. The leaders all


stumbling. -- the leaders are all stumbling. Kuchar down at the other


side. Spieth has a good chance here. The eighth. 3-under.


Spieth after all his problems, trying to get one back. There we


are. Normal service resumes, Spieth leads by one. One of the early


jitters. After that beautiful approach to the eighth. Rafa


Cabrera-bello, calmly into the cut. Four under.


Kuchar. Safely makes his four. And by virtue of the birdie of Spieth,


once again, trailing. Now, Chris Wood for his eagle.


An amateur here back in 2008, Hometown hero. Fleetwood.


And they have stuck with him all week. Score really irrelevant, still


fighting his way until the end. So the long par four and Spieth with


the 3-wood. Left again, Spieth, there is a bit


of room out there. He was using all of it. Again, trampled down there,


should not be too bad, the sixth not as bad as it has been, a bit of a


helping wind, but there are some signs. Kuchar going with the driver


again this time. Trying to aim it at the last bunker down the left, peel


it back against the breeze. Spieth heading off down the sex.


Well, what a start to the final round it has been for Jordan Spieth.


-- heading of down there sixth. Could only hack it down the


left-hand side, lots of players struggling and Spieth is no


different. The third, despite all the talking to his ball... He did


not know where it was. But it was through the back and another bogey


would arrive there. And on the fourth, the par three, then putter


letting him down. Moving very quickly, three dropped shots, hope


for the rest of the field. It wasn't iron off the tee and a deadly


accurate second. He would knock in the putts to give him some relief


and Jordan Spieth leading again. But, these are nervous times for the


leader in the final round of the Open Championship. He has got away


with it, he can get a wood on it, he is a long way back, Spieth. Chaser.


Bunker, bunker. No. I'm fortunate to this that bunker with that flag. --


unfortunate to miss that bunker. Kuchar, off the tee. Hits a high


ball, but that one was sky-high. That bunker shot he has got is a 40


yard bunker shot, so difficult. Matthew Southgate is putting


together a very fine round, penultimate hole. Go, go, go! Three


birdies so far in the back nine, and that to get to four under. Well, it


is Jordan Spieth's birthday next week, getting at little present


there are, not finding the bunker. All the way up the green, he did


that beautifully. Took his lucky break. Took advantage. Should save


par here on the sixth. Southgate for birdie on the 17th. Yes! In it goes.


He is leading the home challenge and he is up to a tie for fourth place,


Matthew Southgate. He has had all sorts of drama off the course of


late. This is wonderful from Matthew Southgate. Spieth is close, what can


Kuchar do? You can hear the sound. Once again,


at a disadvantage. The return putt. After missing the green at the par


34 Brooks Koepka. Good enough. That is what is left for Kuchar to


save par. He is not going to get there.


Another shot gone, bogeyed the third, now a dropped shot on the


sixth. Spieth is falling back and his playing partner is as well,


Kuchar back to seven. Marc Leishman lost out in the play


of a couple of years ago at St Andrews. Eagle putt.


Matthew Southgate, second to last hole. Came up a little bit further.


That is a grand story for a Southgate, heading for a top five


finish. Marc Leishman makes his four. 31.


Has picked up two more on this side. Now, a man against himself now.


Spieth at seven. Oh come on, stop moving it like


that! This time, finds the green. Kuchar to this seventh hole, greens


surrounded by the bunkers. 106 seven yards. -- 167 yards. And Kuchar


attacks. Brooks Koepka, huge drive on the eighth. And a delicate touch,


birdie chance. He has given that a right old race.


Great round that Matthew Southgate is putting together but he is


testing himself at last. It is all about the little things, Andrew. Two


putts, nothing special. Spieth is testing himself, a la little bit


loose off the tee. And one of those... Southgate. This is his


final putt of the day. A very special round. It is! And he roars


in celebration. 65 for Matthew Southgate. Leading home player. And


that is how much it means. 65 to close, 12 at Troon last year, he had


cancer a couple of years ago and did not know if he would play again. And


suddenly here he is, tied for fourth place in the Open Championship.


Kuchar at seven. Tee shot deserved more than that,


just a three. Brooks Koepka reduced this ape hole


to a monstrous drive and a slick. Brooks Koepka moves up to four under


par, big grip on that number. -- big group on that number. Spieth, just


his third par of the day. McIlroy, beautiful second into the


11th. Yes, indeed. He moves to four under, two birdies in three holes,


all hope is not let that go all not lost for McIlroy. None of the last


four golfers on the course yet going under par through the opening holes.


Jordan Spieth still has a two lead over Matt Kuchar but Matthew Cowell


-- Michael Matthew Southgate in the clubhouse and he is on course for


his best finish. What a weekend it has been for you? I guess as good as


you could have hoped? Will be finished on Friday, we were 87. I


knew we were going to make the cut, I knew how difficult it was so many


people had not teed off but to turn it around with the big weekend like


that and look like top ten, it is amazing for me. Some great emotion


on 18 from you. Last year I missed out on qualifying, and I missed the


Masters by two and I believe there are sports if you're in the top 84


the Masters. That putt was all I was thinking was Magnolia Lane. That was


very special. You can see that in my reaction. Here comes Tommy, sailing


home up the 18th. A first round of 76. A man who used to sneak onto


here as a youngster and play a few holes here. And, Austin Connolly,


just getting ready for his next shot. Quick snack. Focused.


Fleetwood to finish on the 18th. Come on, close with a three. One of


the rising stars of European golf, of British golf, so close, he would


have loved to have delighted his home crowd with a better challenge.


They still love him. Kuchar. Very interesting style, for those of you


that study such things, lots of movement, the way he takes the club


back, the line of the swing, John Jacob said there are so many ways to


play this game well and the old boy is quite right. Super shot. Little


further up, Peter,. He is only 24 next week. He has done remarkably


well. One or two little cracks. He is only 24. The likes of Tiger Woods


only come along every 80 years or so. The gentle facade cracks a


little bit. Marc Leishman, currently four under. It is a good finish


again. 65 and starting to perform on the big stage on a regular basis.


Now, can the Spaniard avoid the hazard? He has done well. On


Thursday, it would have banded up before the rain, maybe even made it


onto the surface. A lengthy one for McIlroy. Anything other than flat


here. Beautiful putt. Kuchar has not had a birdie since


the second. Rafa Cabrera-bello at the 11th. This


is not easy to get close. Played it well. They can see eight or ten feet


past. -- you can save. Spieth has been taking a long time over those


little putts. And Grace at the town. Looks good,


doesn't it? How about that? They know at thing or two, these whizz


kids, you know! So a two shot lead for Jordan Spieth as him and Matt


Kuchar head towards the turn. Rory McIlroy heading up the leaderboard,


he is four under par through his first 12 holes. Paul Casey, after


the second shot into 17, uphill. Good race to the clubhouse, three


birdies in a row. It is an eagle -- evil flag. Very nasty. Almost


impossible to get it close really. Who said that? What a ridiculous


thing to say! He probably does not know how near that is. Flag perched


on the right and the breeze also coming in that direction. He will be


forced to go a little left off the flag here at nine.


I don't know if that is going to jump or not. It does not jump. Not a


problem if I hit it nice and solid? Yes.


Not a bad lie. We'll try to hit is nice and solid. -- he will try to


hit this. Looks good. Very good. Gave the trophy away earlier in the


week. Still trying to find his game. A mammoth putt across the green.


That is a birdie four Cabrera-Bello. Wonderful tee shot at the short


12th. The leaders might not be in bed


numbers but there are plenty of players just behind them putting in


good scores. Marc Leishman, five birdies on his way to a 65, he is


looking for a third top five finish in his last four Opens. Let's talk


to him. Currently you are inside the top five, the. Five finish if it


stays that way, definitely the fourth top ten finish in a major and


three of those have been at the Open, why so good? I grew up on this


kind of course, firm and windy. I just enjoy playing it. Like I said


the other day, it is a style of golf that I really enjoy playing. I


really look forward to coming here every year. It is nice when you can


back it up with good play. A few things happening off the course with


regards to you so nice to be able to enjoy some good things on and off


the course? Yeah, for sure, we have got a baby girl at home, two weeks


old. Life is good. Everyone is healthy. Like you said, I'm playing


well on the course as well. Very happy in all aspects of my life.


Let's hope it keeps going and very well played once again. No worries,


thanks a lot. Steadied the ship, Peter. Maybe it is time to pop one


in. May be thereon rocky season ahead.


-- there are rocky seas. Big putt here, for McIlroy, poor tee shot,


did well to get to the front of the green, five or six feet and he has


got it. He has slipped a view of those this week, still five behind


and needs a miracle finish but we have had miracle finishes on this


course before today. Kuchar for a... Could have been a three from where


he was off the tee. Yes! He has looked very shaky on those


for a long time. Phil Mickelson, the same, beautiful putter, if he's


going to miss any little putts of that length, that is the side of a


twitch, call it whatever you will come you amateur psychoanalyst can


tell us what it is but it is a twitch. Level, now. McIlroy goes to


the 14th tee and meanwhile, Ken has been finding out how the players get


the exact yardage. As a player, I've just finished the


13th and my caddy is wandering onto the 14th tee, the par-3. Let me


explain how a player and caddy get their yardage. Here is an enlarged


picture of the yardage book, the 14th green, and here is the tee and


from the back of the tee today, it is 184. The caddy will measure


because this tee is a little bit up, one, two, three, four, five, six,


seven, eight, nine, ten, 11, 12, and it is measured from there and so


from the back teeth it is 12 yards up, 184-12, back to where we are,


get a good picture of the shot, that is 172, that is how far it is from


the back of the tree to the front of the green, then you look at your pin


sheet, the pain is on 29, seven from the left, so 172, plus 29, is this


hole playing 201 yards, slightly downhill. So then you have a look at


the green plan and mark it on, that is where the flag yesterday, 29 on,


seven from the left. Your perfect shot is to hit into this area, here.


201 yards downhill, not much breeze at the moment, probably a crisp


6-iron. That is our players and caddy 's work out the yardage on


this hole, 201. Well done, Ken, McIlroy with a 7-iron, needs a


full-blooded one. He needs an extra good one to get right up to the


flag, I fancy. It is right on line, beautiful looking shot. Needs a hop


and it has stopped. Maybe a little three quarters six would have done


the job but a lovely shot. Stenson. Yes, there we are. Stenson birdied


the 11th and the 12th after a horrible front nine, he is coming


back. Not sure about his shirt! Now McIlroy. Birdie putt.


Oh! He is never far away. Just four behind. But again, time and holes


disappearing fast. Two par-5s, though, you can reach them both,


he's got the power to do it. -- he can reach. Interesting choice of


club, must be slightly on the downside, going with the putter,


through the valley end up the other side. He's given that a wrap. Not


bad at all. That is a tricky one, down the slope, a little bit of


movement on it. McIlroy, ready to crush one into the breeze at the


15th. Where is this going, left? Oh, my goodness, that is mild left. --


miles left. That is what faces Spieth here at the 10th.


It was not going to turn that much according to the lines and it


didn't. A front nine of 37 to par of 34, not


the haemorrhage of the Masters a couple of years ago on the 12th but


a steady drip of shots away. That was as while a Pichot as we have


seen this week, McIlroy, down among the spectators. But he is down there


with the crowd... I don't think they have found it yet. Now, Kuchar on


the tenth. In it goes and this group, I think they have been put on


the clock, we are hearing, so they are the last group out but they have


got to give up. Future, not exactly rushing to the next tee. All tied at


the top of the leaderboard, Jordan Spieth and Matt Kuchar, 8-under par,


as they head down the 11th. It could be an interesting white for Lee


Howard Tsonga China in the clubhouse at 6-under par. -- an interesting


wait for Hao-tong Li. Could he become the first Asian winner of the


Open Championship? McIlroy, this is his fourth, he lost


his driveway left so his Open Championship, on this fairly dental,


the easiest hole this week, this par-5, is Open is heading into the


sand and down and out. -- is Open. Kuchar's second to the 11th.


OK. First thing this morning, there was hardly a breath of wind,


gorgeous and now it is a squally looking sort of day. A lot of debate


with his caddy as to what club to hit and how is going to plate,


aiming way right, as if he will hit a low, drilling draw shot, using the


breeze. Is overcooked it, cries of fore again. It was OK, he was


worried if it was short of the gorse and it is, the group in front are


now on the 13th tee so they have to get a gallop on. Now to McIlroy on


the 15th, his fifth shot, woebegone. Well, he may just drop one but that


will be enough to be his undoing. He was seeking an eagle. Well, he has


found they lie, ten, but he is well above the green. He's fiddling


around, looking a bit agitated, everything is a bit quick. He has to


be lucky, got to play a good shot. Pretty good but a nice contact, it


has run out a bit further than it looks, perhaps.


McIlroy, to drop just one. The first bogey of the day. But it may be


enough on this par-5, to rule him out of the running, wild, wild off


the tee, a birdie with his second goal. Kuch, slow putt, big turn from


right to left, climbing the hill. Gorgeous touch. CROWD: Kuuuch! a lot


Gorgeous touch. CROWD: Kuuuch! alot lot of work left for his playing


partner. You can see, four feet or for his part. -- for his par.


Missed a short one on the ninth, of a similar distance, can he get this


one in? He can. Middle of the cup. A good break with his second shot and


an excellent up and down, good scramble. So off they head to the


12th hole, this isolated par-3 and Ken was out there earlier, having a


look at various pin positions. One of the crucial bits of equipment


for a professional golfer is the pin position sheet. It is a plan that


allows you to see where the flags are cut on the green so let's look


at today's, at this second, eight on from the front and four from the


right. I've marked all the ones that are four yards or less from the edge


of the green and there are nine of them so some pretty tight pins


today. The tightest one is on the 12th, seven on, free from the left.


Let's have a quick look at it. There's a bit of a bluff at the


front and the flag is very tight to the front left, one, two, three,


four, five, six, seven. And three, one, two, three. Standing on the


tee, you think it has almost missed the green, anything coming up a bit


shy, the ball pitches here and it will trickle off but when I say


trickle, off she has gone so you can't come up short. If you trickle


off to the left, let's drop it off the edge, you think it. But it


won't, and look at how the bunker gathers it up. Will it come back


into the sound? No, but look what you are faced with. Christopher


Columbus, look at that. You may even putt it round the edge because if


you try to float it up, it is almost impossible and come and have a look


at this, this sneaky little camera, sitting in the bank. Somebody goes


there, you will get a close-up of his agony. Don't come up short or


left on this hole, you have to go a little to the right otherwise you


are in all sorts of trouble. There is the tiles, avoid the bunker on


the left of the flag. Kuchar readies his grip. A bit of rain coming down


now. It just sits on its own, this 12, away from the rest of the


course, a beautiful par-3. Wind on the right and he is setting up to


draw it to the flag, has to get it just right. Bite, bite, softly! I


would say that was a percentage shot. Spieth, last iron shot into


the 11th was a nervy pull to the left. Don't go left on this pin.


Soft, soft! Right over the flag. That is a brave shot.


Rather fittingly, all in black now, McIlroy. He still has his followers.


Chasing it. Matt Kuchar is 39 years old, six foot four, world ranked


number 18, was fourth in the Masters, 16th in the US Open. He is


no mug. This is for his two. So he has a tester, now. Up and


down, to get to 5-under. Going the high route, the pin is in a little


valley that gathers up the ball. That really needed to come in a


fraction from the right of the pin to get close. Spieth down the slope.


He's also left it short. Maybe there's a comb of moisture on the


greens. Spitting rain. Kuchar tapping in for par at the


12th. Spieth to save par. All tight at the


top, both players at 8-under par, there is the leaderboard. How do you


think the land lies, Mark? I don't think Hao-tong Li will head how many


minute but we need another one to mount the charge to make it more


interesting but Spieth and Kuchar tied at eight, four ahead of the


pack, Hao-tong Li in at 6-under. The players know if they get a good one,


they can take the right handbag is out of play, and the rough on the


right-hand side is not very deep. Spieth has put it up there a couple


of times. Oh, my. Trying to give it a thump and it has gone to reload.


Where has that gone, Mark? That's unbelievable, isn't it? That is 60


yards right of the target. Into the elephant grass. You could lose your


caddy in there! He's hoping someone is going to waive their arm but he


is going to have a provisional. Someone has found it but whether it


is the right ball not, we have yet to ascertain. To get this close, you


have to take a risk and he's going to take a risk. Four yards of green


to land it on. Just magic. As they say in the trade come you can't


teach that. How far off line is it Chris DiMarco atrocious, wasn't it?


It is definitely 60 yards from the middle of the fairway. How far off


line was it? A big sand dune in front of him. That is one of the


widest tee shots I've ever seen, it must be 60 yards off the right edge


of the fairway. Out of the bunker to hear and it


would be a great save and it is, McIlroy stays 3-under.


They are still on top of that sand dune. It has just come to a halt.


Playing as pincers printed until Tuesday! There's a lot of point in


going on. -- play has been suspended. Maybe he's got to take a


drop and they are seeing how far he has to go back to find the other


fairway. That's possible, Ken. There is nowhere to drop it except further


back down the slope. The trucks are in the way on the driving range, or


practice ground, as the R like it to be called. Is the practice ground


out of bounds? I don't know. It's got to be, surely, there is a fence


around it. It must be. I think you are right, I think it is not


playable. Well, this is just horrendous or Jordan Spieth. -- for


Jordan Spieth. Richie Ramsay, it is glassy down


there, is he going to get the mightiest of drawers. Oh, he has!


Richie Ramsay. Sounds echo, he scuffed it as hard as he could,


little eagle three, wonderful. Golf can be so magical one moment, and


the next minute, it keeps you right where it hurts. -- it kicks you.


Kuchar is caught a bit of a flyer, wind behind, but that was lucky,


just on the upslope, could not have worked at any better for him, and he


has that for these three. Meanwhile, Jordan Spieth is still rummaging in


the sand dunes. He's going back to that you, is he? No, I think he is


going to drop it in the trucks. -- he is going back to the tee? I guess


it is not out of bounds. He will drop it behind the trucks and then


get a free drop to the side for line of sight. Huge drive from McIlroy.


Trying to cut it in out of the light rough, never easy to make the ball


turn, it is high but it is deliciously handsome. Oh, what a


shot, Rory! He will have that for eagle.


Can we move this truck? The end of the drug which is right out here but


I need to drop it. I can't take relief from the end of the trucks.


This is my hair's point. I am not sure who knows the rules best.


Wellcome he is making sure he drops it the right distance back so that


is nearest point of relief is the practice ground rather than the


thick rough towards the fairway. What a week for Alex Noren, he's


played some wonderful golf, he won the BMW PGA Championship at


Wentworth and now a good Open Championship, 67, in the clubhouse


at 4-under par. Jordan Spieth, episode 24! The rules of visuals are


undecided, I'm sure they're not undecided, but... We have to go


further back, right? This is going to take an awful lot blogger because


he's going to have to walk back up to the sand dunes to try to get a


line. He's going to have a go at the green. He's gone up there to have


another look but if you look at where the line of sight is from...


They are not quite the right angle, are they? Almost impossible to tell,


isn't it, Ken, when you are hidden behind a row of sand dunes, 25, 30


feet tall. Just getting a yardage. You can send your caddy forward to


pace it out. McIlroy, after that miraculous approach, eagle chance at


the 17th, up the slope. He's only gone and done it! He's only gone and


done it. It might be what might have been but if he can birdie the last,


6-under, he will be tied leading in the clubhouse and what a raw. He's


got that sort of look on his face. -- what a chair. OK, that is me in


line with you as well, right? I'm on the left! Yeah. Get a reference


point and try to give me a round number. Just trying to get their


alignment for the next shot. I hope he's got the club in his hand


otherwise is caddy will have to go all the way back, Michael Greller.


Guys, would you mind moving back for your own safety? McIlroy's final tee


shot. Can he avoid all the bunkers, cutting it over that one on the


right-hand corner and passed the further up? It is almost good but


just five yards to far right in that cloudy stuff. -- claggy stuff.


Remarkably, Spieth is about to hit a ball.


Well, it's not awful, but it is a tricky pitch, but he's back on the


course. Lee is there for three at the par-4. Welcome to the world


orienteering Championships. Duke of Edinburgh's awards! Brooks Koepka


completing his birdie at 15, hopefully. Safely in. Well, in any


way. He moves back to that big group of six players on 4-under. This is


what Spieth has left, his fourth shot on the par-4. Come on down. For


him to escape if he makes that with one shot dropped would be an


enormous result for Spieth. McIlroy, trying to get this, well,


interesting headgear, it was a really good effort, he got the


distance perfectly, just caught in the front left trapped and caught in


the face by a large divot. Well, it took Matt Kuchar six attempts at the


Open before he made the cut. But he is likely to take the lead, here.


Put the pressure right on Jordan Spieth.


It is good. No, it stayed left! He thought it was going to move. It


looked so good, didn't it? Herb at a par -- but a par from


Kuchar, amid all the tales he did well to stick to his own thing and


he will shortly lead. Spieth, after everything, drops just


one, extraordinary hole from Jordan Spieth, the madness at the 13th is


forgotten and he moves on. He is behind but only one behind. What a


hole, what a hole for Jordan Spieth, out of jail. McIlroy at 18, third


shot, second from out of the right-hand rough into this bunker.


It's OK, nothing special. Cabrera-Bello on 17, this is for


birdie. Can he join McIlroy at 5-under? He can. Two players at


5-under, now. McIlroy's final putt? Yes, it is, a


par the McIlroy at the last hole, a 67, around which threatens to ignite


his Open challenge but he is going to come up short. He has taken his


faithful followers on a ride of highs and lows. Incredibly in the


madness of the 13th, Jordan Spieth dropped just one shot but it means


Matt Kuchar is now out in front on his own at 8-under par. It has been


an up-and-down week for Rory McIlroy at a closing 67 has him in the


clubhouse on 5-under but the round of the day belongs to China's


Hao-tong Li, just the fourth time a 63 has ever been shot on the final


day of the Open. So let's take you through the round


of Hao-tong Li, a quiet start on the front nine, birdies on the eighth


and ninth and eventually but when he got in trouble on the tenth, he was


able to save par, playing in his first Open Championship, the sun was


still shining and the wind was not blowing too hard and Hao-tong Li


could take advantage. On the 12th, the par-3, after saving par on the


tenth, a birdie two. His third birdie of the day. He was moving in


the right direction but what a finish. First, on the 15th, a birdie


four. At the next, one of the more difficult on the course, and


Hao-tong Li rolled it straight in the middle, birdie number five. At


the 17th, the par-5, it has brought plenty of birdies and he was just on


the front edge in two and overall the undulations, so close to the


eagle, near dead to the hole but that would drop for another birdie.


This was an outstanding finish, the final hole, and his second to the


last. That would match Branden Grace's 62


of yesterday but Randall 69, 73, 69 and this closing 63, Stenson shot 63


last year to win so don't rule out Hao-tong Li winning with that 63.


Astonishing round of golf. And hanging around, playing around


with his coach in the background there, there may yell -- may will


yet be a play-off for Haotong Li. The leader, the leader of the Open


Championship with five holes to go, Matt Butcher. -- Matt Kuchar. That


is safe. That is quite heavy swearing for Matt Kuchar. I


apologise for the language from Matt Kuchar. Sarah, can he really group.


-- Jordan Spieth. Too many bad shots today.


He certainly cannot! Absolutely beautiful. This is a crazy round of


golf from Jordan Spieth, it is just extraordinary. To save par, Koepka.


You fancy that that is that for Brooks Koepka, the US Open champion,


3-under par. There they are, Kuchar and Spieth. This is


different, it is no less enthralling for all of that. Kuchar, long putt


for a two. You're absolutely right. That is exactly it. Can he is bring


a surprise? A good putt from distance for Matt Kuchar.


Then it goes and that is good enough at the moment, but Spieth with a


very short birdie putt to come. Down in the amphitheatre, the 14th,


Spieth,... Do think he will hole it? He is good from this distance. He is


good from every distance. And there it is. A two on the 14th to follow


that remarkable 13 and the adrenaline is coursing through his


veins, he has covered those two holes, that is all he has to think


about, four holes remaining. Well, Rafa Cabrera-bello's second shot


seems incredible, but we will go with that. He has got a good strike


on that. Sailing towards the green, what a good shot.


The defending champion, the defence nearly over. A birdie on the 17th.


Henrik Stenson moves into the top ten, 3-under for his back nine.


Second shot to 15 for Matt Kuchar. Wind off the right, slightly into 11


mph on the graphic, cut it up into the wind, has he got the power to


get there? He has, but he has dragged it into the bunker on the


left of the green. When it gets to the stage of the last round of the


Open you are playing on instinct, there it is Jordan Spieth, will his


instinct they as good as that tee shot on the last? Another one that


looks a little bit loose. Scratch the edge of the bunker, finds the


green, good position now, he has eagled this hole and he has two


putts for another birdie and Spieth is back on track. Birdie putt for


Carbrea-Bello, this is to move... It does not happen. Of 68 for


Carbrera-Bello, tied for fourth place with Rory McIlroy and a great


week of golf. 275. Wonderful play. Superb golf course. It is a long way


back to the pen-macro for Kuchar and it is lying well on the sand.


-- pin. Good contact, and knife should forward as well, that helped


and that is for his birdie, over to you, Jordan. Just sign it Open


champion, perhaps. The pin is on 25 so this putt must be a good 60 plus


feet for Jordan Spieth for a goal. This looks good. He has holed it.


Eagle three. Look at that! What a comeback! If it is to be an Open


Championship winning round, it is one of the most remarkable to do so.


Extraordinary, at the 13th he was down and out, birdie on the 14th,


eagle on the 15th... And now Kuchar, how can he respond? Via resistible


force of Jordan Spieth. Look at this one,. Measure perfectly. Started


with three bogeys today. The 13th he was down and out over on the


practice ground and look at him now. Kuchar, in it goes. Some intense


contact. Suddenly it is a great showdown, Spieth and Kuchar, heading


to the 16, three holes to go, one between them and it is surely now


down to these two. What defends it has been from Henrik Stenson. It is


not going to be quite enough to hold on the Claret Jug but the man who


thrilled everyone except for Phil Mickelson at Troon last year has put


up a very stout defence of his Claret Jug. Koepka, from below the


green at the 17th. This is a wiggly one, up and over, long, round, up


and down, that is very well judge. Birdie for Koepka and he is four


under. The 16th fairway and Kuchar is one behind. Pinned type II that


right-hand side. Stay there, gone back down, not too far, but that is


an awkward one. Now, from the rough, the leader.


He has got that John Tina is back again. He was looking almost a


callow youth a couple of hours ago, now he is back into his stride, for


the moment. One year ago, it was the winning putt in the final green for


Henrik Stenson. And it has been a good defence. Three bogeys in the


front nine, three bogeys on the back, finished just outside the top


ten and the Claret Jug will go to someone else. With the trust of


putter, this has done well for him this week. Uphill. All the way, it


flattens out of bit. Good pace. There is Wayne Rooney, look at him


on the left. He has warned Everton pyjamas ever since he left. Spieth


for a three. Running well. Well, what an amazing run! Birdie, eagle,


birdie. The magic returns to the fingers of the young man. I have


never seen it quite like that before. In moments of despair,


suddenly he has risen like Lazarus. He was on the ropes three holes ago,


but he has laptop, killer blows now for Kuchar. You have got to get this


in! Well done. Well done, I don't know


what you can say about that, two holes to go, much can happen. You


talk about body blows, my goodness me! What a run of holes it has been


for Jordan Spieth, he now has a two shot lead over Matt Kuchar, had


suddenly with 12 shots back, his 63 means he will finish third at worst


and Rory McIlroy, and up-and-down Championship but EN said on 5-under


par but for Jordan Spieth, what a last four holes it has been. Perhaps


the most extraordinary hour of golf from any player in contention in the


final round of a major, this was the 13th, simply a mad hole. I tee shot,


miles to the right. Head in hands. Already asking for another ball. So


far right, it was not found for a long time. He was asking, is it out


of bounds over there, down towards the practice ground. Found the ball


eventually and then found an age climbing up and down the mountain,


to get a line and a ruling and eventually went all the way back


onto the practice ground, dropped the team that trucks and then with a


long iron escaped. Close to the green and went up and down to drop


just one shot. Kuchar then lead at that point. Was he shaken by that,


Jordan Spieth? Look at the tee shot on the 14th. The powdered three.


Very nearly a hole-in-one. Recovered in two blows by Jordan Spieth. One


of those shots back and then the 15th. Eagle putt. Go and get that,


he said to his caddy. The eagle lifted him clear again. Go and get


that ball. That magical ball. Onto the 16, powdered four. This time


Kuchar must have been really pin high. And another birdie. An escaped


bogey on the 13th, eagle on the 15, birdie on the 16th and the Claret


Jug is very nearly his, but it is not over yet. Kuchar into the very


thick rough on the left-hand side with his tee shot, got it up to


here. Needs to attack. Two behind at the moment, that is for a birdie.


Spieth's third shot, rough on the right, has to get it up the ridge,


one bounce and up she goes. What a play! He has come alive after all


that larking about at the 13th. It caused a lot of controversy, of that


I am certain. Well, well. I think now it is time to leave. I think he


knows, but he will still be around for the presentation ceremony.


Coming down to crunch time for Kuchar, can he hole this down the


slope? Dives at the end. And it has dived into the hole! It has dived


into the hole and he gets within one. Well done, Kuchar! Brilliant


stuff. Downhill, Peter, Little bit from left to right. Feet are


important as well. If he putts it straight, it will go right and miss.


Firm and true, confident. A massive difference. Rory McIlroy scored 67


and he is with Richie. Did you sense at all that you are going to get


close? I did. It is tough out there, I a lot tougher today than


yesterday. The back nine is playing tough and I knew if I could just


beat the scorer of Haotong Li and if I could get to seven, I thought I


would have a chance. I have lost the ball on 15th and that stop me in my


tracks. Yes, good day, played well. A step in the right direction


compare to the last few weeks. I am getting there. Spieth at the 18,


leader by two. He has found very few fairways today. He is all right, but


he missed another fairway. Kuchar must feel hard done by, because he


has played better than Spieth. When Spieth went off the fairway, he has


been very lucky. Now, Kuchar. Two behind.


Go! Go! It may be clumpy. Great crowds here this week. This has


probably been as large an Open Championship as I have been to.


Everyone is enormous now, the crowds have turned out and the whole thing


has been very spectacular. Look at that. It has got to be taken down as


well. 220 yards. Not a bad light, long


iron. Needs to be straight on the big window in the middle. Through


the gap, between the bunkers. Can he do it? That is the green, right?


Dead on, Buddy! Very good shot indeed. Kuchar, two strokes behind.


He has to make a birdie, to have any sort of a chance, he has a good


angle. Spieth on the front of the green. He had to jump a little. It


plummeted in. Could be unlucky, it could be plugged. Great ovation. For


the young star from America and also for Kuchar, a great Championship. In


many ways, it has been different. Matt Kuchar who has played his part


in this and Rickie Fowler looks on. Oh, look at this. It has not been


his day. He once some of those telescopic legs. If he gets this


out, it will be a small miracle and he really needs to hole it, so he


will take a chance. Well done! Oh, to take it down, Bindi legs, flick


it out. A huge amount of luck involved. That is about as good as


he could do, really. Spieth with the vast luxury of having a few putts to


be champion. I think he has wrote it up very close.


He has got a masters and a US Open and now he has the Open


Championship. Kuchar, can he save his par for an


mighty roar? Terrific effort. Getting round in 68.


The final shot of the Championship. And in she goes. Spieth, young


Master Spieth is the champion at Royal Birkdale. Some great stuff.


Interesting, controversial, magical, what a week.


Joined the great Jack Nicklaus with three grand slams before the age of


24. Well done, fantastic stuff. Great


stuff. Lots of hugs along the way and why


not? He has played some great stuff. The recoveries have been amazing.


There is confirmation. Jordan Spieth is the champion golfer of the year,


12-under par, he takes it by three from fellow countrymen Matt Kuchar


about what an Open debut for Haotong Li, final day 63 in just behind him,


Rory McIlroy, I bit up and down for the Northern Irishman but he


finishes 5-under par. It did not quite turn into the head-to-head


masterclass of 12 months ago but it was a battle between two friends,


two Ryder Cup team-mates, making the presentation now. Ladies and


gentlemen, the leading amateur and winner of the Silver Medal, Alfie


plot. He had great support around the chorus, grey wig for him as well


and I'm sure he will remember this for a very time. -- a great week for


him. He finished 6-over par and played some wonderful golf. European


amateur champion. I think you will be a hot favourite for the Walker


cup. His girlfriend cannot believe it. The runner-up and winner of the


Silver Salvo, Matt Kuchar. They have loved him around the links of


Birkdale, the crowds here and he said afterwards that it hurts and it


must do because it looked for a moment that he could be heading for


a first major. He did everything right. He must've thought maybe it


was his turn. He has been a wonderful player for many years. The


cries of his name around the course have been there always, he can count


himself a little unlucky. He gets the Silver salvo but it is not quite


like the real thing. And with a score of 268, the winner


of the Gold Medal and the champion golfer of the year, Jordan Spieth!


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. He led from the start and he showed such


incredible resilience over those last five holes today. It was


amazing, he was a bit like an heavyweight boxer who had hit the


canvas and you think he is out but he came up battling. Those last five


holes were something special. I do not know how he turned it around but


there was real mental fortitude and he is a classy champion golfer.


Brilliant stuff and congratulations to him. A short time ago, I grabbed


a few words with the Open champion. Jordan, clutching the Claret Jug,


huge congratulations, it was eventful out there, how do you


describe it? It was. I told Michael after was, I said 17 pars and a


birdie would have worked as well but he said, I enjoyed that path better.


What a tremendous five holes. There was one route and you had to put


your foot on the gas pedal and 14 got me back into it and I knew I had


the momentum and we were tied and I felt I had an advantage at that


point and that was all I needed because I did not think that way the


whole day. But for those last five holes, there was the 13th, the tee


shot, describe what you were thinking as you were walking up to


find your ball. Well, they said they had found it or else I would have


hit another one but then they found the wrong ball, I was told it hit a


guy in the head and went over the other side and once I saw it, I knew


I could not hit it back far enough to get it into Blake and I was


trying to look at unplayable options. I credit myself for having


hit the ball in some pretty unique places in my short career so far to


recognise to take my time and sit there and say, I might have an


advantage going here instead of re-teeing and I was able to make a


five out of it and without that, I make a six or seven and it is very


well over. It seemed to be a huge turning point, had you turn that


into what you were then able to produce over the last five holes? I


stood on the next tee, extremely nervous as I was all day and thought


I had a good number or I could hit a nice smooth swing, when you're so


nervous you hit the ball so far and I thought I could smooth it and hold


it in the wind and it was a laser out there. It almost rolled past.


When that one went in, that was huge. When we bought off the 13th


green, Michael said we had the momentum, I know it was an odd way


to do it but we have the momentum even though we were one down. I know


you will want to enjoy this verse, but it is number three on the route


to a Grand Slam, how much does intensity build now? A bit. It adds


a headline to it. For me, the game plan is a week of rest, my birthday


is next week, I have got a trip planned with my dad and brother to


go fishing and then I have the PGA. We will go through a similar process


that I did before this, I went on vacation and I got ready the week


before and came here. Enjoy the win and the birthday, you're the


champion golfer of the year, congratulations. A great champion,


but it has been a great week. Everything has been marvellous, I


don't know how he got that boost of confidence at the 13th when he took


a bogey when he could have taken a six or seven. From there, he could


not be stopped, it was a brilliant performance. Also this week, the


chorus has been perfect and the weather has given variation for the


players, the crowds have supported well, it has been a fantastic week


of golf and we have had a really deserved champion. We have indeed,


it has been a pleasure sharing it with you but there is a lot more


sport to camp on the BBC. From tomorrow, the world swimming


Championships live from Budapest. Our next golf on the BBC, the


British Open, highlights of all four days starting on Thursday, the 3rd


of August at five o'clock. But there is more live golf to come on the


BBC. It will be very exciting to see if


Jordan Spieth can make it a Grand Slam in the Majors and it will be


live on the BBC, but tonight, he will enjoy his third major victory,


his first at the Open Championship, it was a crazy final day here at


Royal Birkdale but the 23-year-old from Texas held the lead and his


nerve to be crowned champion golfer of the year. Goodbye.


Eilidh Barbour introduces highlights from the final round of the Open Championship from Royal Birkdale. The famous Claret Jug has been won by some of the greatest names in golf - including Seve Ballesteros, Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods. In recent years, Northern Ireland has produced two Open winners - Darren Clarke in 2011 and Rory McIlroy in 2014, but there has not been an English champion since Sir Nick Faldo in 1992.

Commentary by Peter Allis, Ken Brown and Andrew Cotter.

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