10/09/2011 Golf: Walker Cup

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Hazel Irvine presents live coverage of the 43rd Walker Cup from the Royal Aberdeen Club, as the best amateur golfers from Great Britain and Ireland take on their USA counterparts.

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For almost 90 years, golf's and Walker Cup has been introducing us


to the golfing greats of tomorrow today. Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods,


Kremer could tell, the list goes on and on. They all came to a


retention in this, the foremost amateur team competition. It puts


the United States of America against Great Britain and Ireland.


It is a pretty sure bet that some of the young men we see this


weekend will go on to become golfing greats. But all in good


time and not before they have given their all in this the 43rd Walker


Cup match. In the last decade or so, the matches have been pretty close


and exciting fog will last part, but the last instalment was a


runaway for the United States. Before the sides met in


Pennsylvania, at the previous matches had been settled by a


single point. Rickie Fowler played a key role in his last match as an


amateur. And at last day singles victory by Peter Uihlein retained


the cup for the United States. From there they the run-up an emphatic


victory. This week, the US aiming to claim the Walker Cup for a 4th


consecutive time. Yesterday evening, both sides were introduced by the


respective captains. The anthems were played, formalities absurd,


and we were ready to resume the oldest of rivalries in team golf.


Ken Brown is a former five-times Ryder Cup player but this Walker


Cup predates that. Why does it still matter in this day and age?


He it is nice that amateur sport still has some sort of meaning, but


it is such an important event to playing. It is the pinnacle of your


golfing life as an amateur. If you can play in the Walker Cup you have


ready made it and made it something special, and it is always on your


CV. What does it mean far Saskia worse? It is like a Ryder Cup.


There's nothing quite like to teams getting together, Match Play,


foursomes and singles. The last two home matches had been marvellous.


This is one of my favourite events to be at. It is a thrilling place.


It is a place of real honesty and there is real honest endeavour from


these young men. What about the boil Aberdeen links, a very testing


course and a beautiful place to be -- will Royal Aberdeen. It is


filled with tradition here. It is nine holes at eight and nine holes


coming back into the breeze. It is in perfect condition so the boys


will have a delightful venue to play it in. This is the calmest


that it has been all day, right now. But there is a lot of weather


coming in and how much of the leveller could that be? Could it


play into the hands of the home team? I would think the American


side overall a slightly stronger. But they have home advantage and


the home crowd, so I think it is barely even over all. It will be,


as always, the person or those crucial parts that will turn the


match around. Let us explain the format. This is how it will be


played. Today we have four matches Tomorrow, more foursomes in the


morning and then all 10 players in each team involved in head to head


singles. The US need to 13. To retain the Walker Cup and Great


Britain and Ireland need 13.5. Let us introduce you to the teams. The


home side is very young. All shapes and sizes and a real range of


personalities. Stiggy Hodgson return from the 2019. Many that you


will not have heard of but one that you should be aware of after his


heroic in leading the Open at Royal It would have been silly to turn


pro just a couple of months before this event, when I felt like I made


that team after the Open. I struggled after the Open to get my


concentration back. I had a lot of publicity in a way and it was good


to let that pass and now my focus impressive group. They have six men


in the top 10 of the world amateur rankings. Patrick Cantlay is the


number one player and Peter Uihlein is one of the survivors of the 2009


Playing the Majors, you are playing for yourself. In my case, I was


representing my university in the States. But this is with nine guys


you're not used to play with and also your country. It is a whole


different feeling. Our open but last time my first tee shot was


very nervous. Peter Uihlein and Tom Lewis are viewed as the natural


leaders in both sides. For Tom Lewis, how much has his moment in


the spotlight at royal St Georges prepared him for this? A great deal,


I would say. Going into the Open Championship not a lot of people


had heard of him. Locally, he was well known. Going their end


shooting 65, to lowest round an amateur has ever scored in the Open


Championship. He made the cut and finished 30th. It was a great week


for him and will give him a lot of confidence. The Americans will lean


heavily on Peter Uihlein. He is unbeaten in the Walker Cup. What


could he go on to achieve in the game? It is difficult to say who is


going to become a great one, who will be good and he will disappear.


But to look at his record over the last three years and he is the best


amateur in the world. He comes from a golfing background. I like the


way he prepared for the Open Championship. He is well prepared,


a professional amateur, as it were. Most of them are full-time amateurs.


I remember Tom Watson same they were amateurs in name only. Gone


are that days when the window- cleaner is going to give them a job.


We have some wonderful systems over here in Great Britain and Ireland,


developing young players, so most of them, the old school of the


amateurs is dead and buried. These are semi-professionals. We will see


a lot of them both this weekend and going forward. Let us meet the


captains. For the United States, you have gym holed grief, a former


Walker Cup player himself. -- Jim Holtgrieve. He is pitting his wits


against Nigel Edwards. It is a game over 18 holes a where playing


foursomes, we are playing at Royal Aberdeen, the boys know it very


well. It looks as though the conditions will be similar to what


we have played throughout the year. All the trophies and all the medals


and all the accolades that everybody have got, it all goes


away tomorrow when they walk over there and announced that there are


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


At 9:00am today there were nerds, tension, excitement. Peter Uihlein


hit the first shot in this Walker Cup contest. Tom Lewis went with a


driver. A disconcerting start. Hooked it into a bush. That was not


found. He and Michael Stewart lost the first hole. Consternation for


the Great Britain and Ireland team straight away. They did get back


into it. Senior and Solomon three Andrew Cotter and Peter Alliss.


Windy conditions. Some brave soul going out to sea, looking for a


lobster pot or tried to catch some crabs. -- trying. Look at this


delightful golf course. It is in superb condition. His early days.


First round. We will visit match one with Maureen Madill. We have


been treated to some spectacular golf in this opening match. Tom


Lewis and Michael Stewart hour one up. -- are. Only two par fives on


this course. Probably a little bit out of reach. Looking for a


replacement. I was on the first tee when Tom Lewis teed off. Drifted


down the left-hand side. Lost it in the course. They have come fighting


back, played some good steady golf. You will remember Tom Lewis from


the Open Championship. Opening round of 65. Turning professional


at the end of the week. He is going hope when he turns professional


that he does not try to alter or too much. He is only a young fellow.


He has got a good game. He just needs fine-tuning. Foursomes have


always been very interesting. I had some great partners. Particularly


Christy O'Connor, my old friend from Ireland. You have to play for


your partner of relief. -- really. This is a risky second. Uihlein has


pulled that a way. It was pretty much out of reach for him. The


terrain is littered with bunkers. Lewis was always claimed short of


those. I always -- I watched that ball and nobody moved. That could


course. -- course. Foursomes, each two players has one ball in play


and they take turns at tee shot. Nathan Smith. The oldest member of


they can change very rapidly. So far it has been a curate's cake. --


pate. A little bit of this, little bit of that. We have seen two balls


lost of the first tee. Kelly Kraft lost his ball. Amazing. I like to


see the crowd walking down the fairway. It is like the old days.


It is all right when you only have a few hundred or a few 1000. When


you get 20,000 or 30,000, it is very difficult. This is not a great


lie. Michael Stewart has only got 90 yards. It is not the fattest


green I have ever seen. He give it a good Digg. -- he struck it well.


Excellent result. The Americans fired to the right. They do not


seem to be in too much alarm. But they are still looking. It is


horrid. They still have not found it. I am not actually convinced


they have found this yet. It is totally thick down here. A rather


risky shot that Uihlein took on. It was never going to make the green.


It appeared on a few occasions as though they had found it. Then they


started looking again. It always fascinates me when people stand


around. It is obviously a popular place. I was fascinated to watch


his second shot. Nobody waved their harm. This could be a lost ball.


Match two. This is Jack Senior with the fourth


shot for a Great Britain and Ireland. He drove out of bounds.


has been in a rich vein of form. The semi-final of the US amateur


Championship. A good player. news so far here. The search seems


to be switching from inside to excite the rocks. Peter has been


asked to identify a golf ball. I do not think the ball went out side


the row. The stopwatches on them. I reckon it is about 3 a half-at this


stage. -- three-and a-half minutes. They are finding a few balls. My


goodness. Is it a Goblin?! That shot sounded a little porky. Good


break. He did badly, got the run, put it close. This is matched three.


-- match. Paul copter and Alan Dunbar. Nathan Smith and Blayne


course that goes out. A little pitch and run here for Andy some of


them. -- Andy Sullivan. He has played nicely so far today. A


couple of errant shots at nine and They are having to recreate the


original live. So many people stamped around him here. They are


look happy with that now. This will be a difficult task facing Harris


English. Lucky, lucky, lucky to the players reached the ball. There


were quite a few people hunting around before they arrive. This is


smash it as hard as you can and hope for the best. Yes, I agree.


This is hit and hope. There are a couple of bunkers between him and


the safety of the fairway. This is brute strength. There is no way


that you can exert an lee macro control of the ball. -- any. That


came out well. Hit and hope, and the hope came off. A massive break.


A sigh of relief from the American camp. Some fierce rough around this


course. On to the 11th. The 10th was conceded to the Americans. One


up he beat Great Britain and Ireland team. It will be Kelly


Kraft to hit the tee shot for the 167 yards. Looks very benign. That


green is not as flat as it looks. And out of bounds fence on the


right. Nice looking hole. Gentleman King. Tricky when you get to the


Kelly Kraft has got a 5-iron. The pin on the left-hand side. At the


green. He has to control the flight of the ball. The third hole they


have played into the wind this morning. The wind is off to the


left. That has stopped nicely for him. A long way from the hole.


Almost in the three-putt range. It is not easy to get near that flag


today. To get close to the flag you have to be bold and have a good


or not, the Americans have this for the hole. This would be the most


outrageous birdie. Uihlein has about golf. They nearly lost the


ball. Eventually it was fined. Smashed it out and had a chance of


winning the hole. GB and Ireland have still got to get the job done.


By holing out has been very good in this match. Great support here for


Michael Stewart, one of the home players. James Byrne is the other


Scottish player in the team. Safely more. With a little bit better


whether I am sure they would come in their hundreds and hundreds. --


how much momentum can sway backwards and forwards so quickly -


shots that win, it is the bad shots that lose. Anyone that can hole out


is a damn good player to have Russell Henley. Once it reaches the


top level of the green it will break from right to left and run


away from him. Very tricky to judge flag-raising ceremony it was nice


to see many of the old past players here from both United States and


Great Britain and Ireland. The passing of time has been quite kind


to some. Newly directly back into the breeze here on 13. -- Neelie. -


I'm told but they are nearly all local members or low handicap


players. Not be imported from America. There is the gallant


colonel closely followed by the red jacket of one of the stalwarts of


previous two holes and a real improvement there for Jack Senior.


They are two up. That was quite a vicious celebration. HAZEL IRVINE:


Jack Senior, winner of the Lytham Trophy the share and he has put his


side two up after 11 -- this year. At the last match, a couple of


years ago, a Great Britain and Ireland lost both sets of foursomes


one, and had he been a professional, he would have made $325,000 already


this season. The situation looks Andrew Cotter. ANDREW COTTER: It is


looking very promising for Great Britain and Ireland. The red


trouser it Americans brightening up But if you are in any way short,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


Half a club shorter than that and harassed English to go first. --


Harris English. The pin is back right today so the further right


that you hit your approach shot, the longer you have to hit it. If


you aim for the centre of the green there is quite a welcoming little


bump up the back left which can be helpful. Club selection is vital


here. It is not a very big target. It is going to be something in the


region of a 5-iron I would suspect played for Mike times in the Walker


Cup. He was a tough competitor. He has been down to our match at


dealer couple of times. We will be Stewart is just a couple of paces


closer. This is one of the flatter places of the golf course. Going in


with the same club. Trying to get it up the slope. It is drifting.


What do you think? I think he was like that. I'm getting back in a


he did not have the best of lies. That has even dit up a bit, but the


home side find a reasonable lie, or were there miles out to the right.


firing well. They have moved to up now. HAZEL IRVINE: Yes, both of


from Northern Ireland. Alan Dunbar is from Rathmore, the clerk of


Graeme McDowell, who represented Great Britain and Ireland in the


Lewis but the ter rain is very unfriendly. It is straight down he


Lord lot of bumps and hollows. -- down here with lots of bombs.


hope, but it is a bit more than that. You hope the ball has the


pace. But he should not have been out just yet. Over the last few


holes there has been a thickening of the arteries out here. Players


on both sides just tightening up a little bit. That was beautifully


played, with great touch and imagination. Slightly unlucky to


get a kick away as it landed. But a good result. So often, the first


match, the top match, can set the scene. Uihlein and English are two


quality players. There is a good crowd. We wondered if the crowds


may stay away a little bit with the weather but they have come out in


Industry has crept out in this direction. We are three or four


miles north of the city centre. Aberdeen has grown with the or


industry. There was a huge conference last week. Somehow, a


little oasis like this remains. Somewhere up the road, Mr Trump is


building a masterpiece and they All sorts of ships in the bay. I do


not know if it is bad weather out down the coast. Not many of them


looking pristine. Working ships of difficult to get close to this pin.


But the man from Northern Ireland has done pretty well. That is


almost as well as you can do unless you have I courageous early or in a


partner a difficult shot. Sullivan for a three on the 12th. And he has


it! He is putting well. At cheeky look. I do not quite know what it


means. What a fantastic pot from Andy Sullivan. Kelly Kraft for a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


This pair looked - might look good. tee. We will head back to the 11th.


Play started at 9 o'clock. The pace is not too slow, not too fast. At


least they look as though they are walking bit briskly. The local


caddy six are sensible fellows. -- back all-square. Back to the 11th.


This is match three. Cutler, Dunbar, well, well. Great Britain and


Ireland 3 up and a couple of matches now. -- in a couple of


matches. Williams and Patrick Cantlay dominating the final match


for the United States. Tough time for Stephen Brown and Stiggy


in an open letter to the teams, never give up. There is never a


lost cause in team golf. The picture looks pretty bleak firm


Brown and Hodgson. Five down. Emphatic progress in match is two


and three. All square in the top one. This is a real test of


character for these young men, many who have never been in a high-


pressure situation like this. They are finding out a lot about


close to us. It is not the best lie. -- the American ball. They have no


chance of reaching the green. By my reckoning, Lewis is a little closer.


He is shaping up as though it is his shot. 187 yards remaining. Hard


to tell on the ankle. Such an important match now, Maureen. This


match is all-square. It could well tip at the morning matches. This is


proper rough. It is not that long wispy stuff we saw at Muirfield


many years ago. That is down and wept. A good thump to get it


2009 Walker Cup. It is so wet and Tangley. It requires a lot of


strength to get the ball out of this rough. The fairways are pretty


generous. Yes, but it is -- they are pretty undulating. He has got a


nice swing. He see. No great complications. -- easy. You cannot


be a bit of straight hitting at this game. It does not matter what


the others say. Over to Paul Eales. Second shot for a Russell Hanley


target. Lot of bumps and hollows. Needs to get this in close. This is


the sort of shot the Americans at are not used to plane. -- playing.


It is something they do not practise very often. It is a new


thing for them to try. Interlocking grip. He is almost down to the


He was betwixt and between. Great Britain and Ireland have been


fortunate here. They have found a part of the golf course without any


rough. He has got a blind second shot. He will have to fly this one


all the way. The long bunker is standing guard in between him and


the flag. 187 yards. Just wandering whether that shot of Russell Henley


will change the thinking of Jack Senior. A there a bunker in the


way? Yes. It cuts into the right hand side of the green. They are


Rhys some room beyond the bunker. - - there is. He has gone for a 6-


sorry, but for players of this calendar, that is pretty bad, isn't


it? -- Caliber. He has left Andy Sullivan very little shot there.


Grey strikes at never quite lived it today. It is not too cold.


Fairly mild. I can see Maureen marching around, skirting this top


match. Great Britain and Ireland in control. Yes, in control. But there


are so many changes of direction and momentum that you're almost


afraid to say that. We have seen more loose shots in the last few


holes than we had in the previous 10. That just shows you how the


nerves jangle a bit more as you get close to the finishing line and the


club house looms into view. United States have played three to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


few supporters will have come crossed the golf course. Two odds


will be good enough for the wind. - - pots. Tom Lewis will be asked to


on the golf course. This is totally enclosed by spectators and course.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


facing him. And he got the hop and the bounce beautifully. That was


really well done. His partner left him in a horrid place. That is the


art of foursomes. If you can keep your partner in play and save...


Modest players can play well executed it. The Americans are


here but there is a bunker to the left. Just a bit of applause as the


galleries stream across the fairway. The large bunker in front of the


green. Just looking for the perfect position. It is slightly elevated.


Quite a generous green. It is not a to the right. It is wide enough to


be just about okay. There are some trampled down bits. From one hide


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


it looks OK but when you get it see that very often. That really


was a let-off for G B. I fancy that the Americans had a hole that one.


= had to hole. That one is conceded and they are now four up after 12.


HAZEL IRVINE: Here is the situation. Four Cup for the pair from Northern


Ireland. Alan Dunbar is the lowest ranked player in the team but so


far performing very creditably indeed. Stiggy Hodgson is the only


it could have gone anywhere. That is 80 yards off line. Sprang to


bottom, home with no tee, I think bushes with that one. If so, his


partner may have to drive another one. The American pairing have been


steadier on the tee shot. They do not hold back. That is a real


belter and it is on the fairway. Great Britain and Ireland are


certainly going to hit another one because we saw the marshal and the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


the club on the back of the ball. The green sits below them. The flag


is very short, defended by a huge bunker. It depends on the contact.


He is going with the wedge. Probably will want to keep the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


flight it down a bit. Anything shots. Great Britain and Ireland


one up in this match. Four to play. It is like two different golf


courses. The opening holes basically down breeze and suddenly


turn into the stiffer breeze and it is a much tougher prospect. Golf as


it used to be. Wandering the fairways. All the legions of


supporters. Just a thin caught in front of them to keep them at bay.


It really is a wonderful golf course. Look at those bunkers.


Lovely putting surfaces. Running a little bit slower than I think


Americans anticipated. But it is a delight for links course. --


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


are slim. It might be. They have found the ball here to the right of


the 14th. It was much closer to the trees, I think. We have got one


right under the bushes here. Jack is coming to have a look. Did your


partner in crime find it? He did. Another one. Nigel Edwards said it


would come down to the putting and this is a chance for Peter Uihlein,


a birdie attempt. He seems to have slightly struggled with the pace of


eventually we found the ball buried. This will be a heck of a shot if


Andy some of them can actually reached the fairway. -- Andy


little touch from the right hand the greens and plenty of grass.


Just a little slower than they were in practice. A slightly


disconsolate looking Tom Lewis. His dad Brian sometimes can't -- dares


to come out and watch. He has been drop that one. But holes running


out for the Americans. As we all know, one up can quickly disappear.


Andy Sullivan managed to make it back on to the fairway but it will


be Kelly Kraft to play the second shot for the American's first. 119


breeze? Nicely done. With the pin cut to the right side it is


That part probably has to drop. A few spots of rain now. I think this


is going to be the interesting match. Ken Jack Senior and Andy


Sullivan hold on? -- can they hold on? First thing this morning at 6am


it was hosing down with rain. It is not very bright, but not chucking


it down with rain. Back to the third match. Has Alan Dunbar got


lucky or has he taken a drop? This right on this one. He is going for


eight singles this afternoon. Tomorrow we have four foursomes in


the morning and 10 singles. All the players play in the singles on


water breeze going on and the rain starting to fall with a bit more


age of 19 or 20. Everybody wrapped up against the elements. You're not


going to use her, hi you?! -- lose Nathan Smith. Up the hill and down


older men -- others member of the teams. He is a very young -- he's a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


putts will win the hole for the is from Cutler and Dunbar. Got a


bit lucky. Missed the bush and made it par. Allcott year played very


well in the Irish Open. -- Paul Cutler. Played at Killarney on the


European Tour this year. Suddenly the old boy has got one not to use


the hole. -- lose. That is Match Play, that hole. That is


astonishing. They would have thought they would get back to


three, and suddenly, they are five -- love. It is brightening out here,


but the rain is starting to fall. there? -- stop. Local knowledge. It


is miserable and there now. Sullivan to respond. A really


1:45pm. Not much respite. There has been quite a little to-ing and fro-


ing. The Americans have hit their tee shot into the rough on the


right hand side. Peter Uihlein hit the provisional shot. Great Britain


and Ireland in the rough with a fairly decent lie. I cannot evens


but the American players at this point. I am not sure if they have


gone in to look for the ball. about this one, Paul Eales? How did


it stop there? I have no idea. Have a word with the greenkeeper. 137


yards remaining for a Russell Henley. He has got an 8-iron out.


taking some deep breaths, trying to steady himself after that wild tee


shot. A great view into this green. He has got to set this down close


to the flag. You can see the flag blowing from left to right. He has


done that beautifully. That is for a bogey. I am sure both captains


will put their strongest for some pairings out first. -- foursomes.


Tom Lewis has had a long time to ponder this shot. It is a good


looking shot. Two putts from there to take the hole. An avalanche of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


people coming over the hill. Back this at the Lake City in Florida.


That is 30 yards short. Wait till it really starts to blow. It is not


a huge breeze. Looking down on the 15th green. This is a very tricky


downhill left to right putt for Andy Sullivan. This judgment. --


misjudgment. The United States players balls have got their flag


on, and hours have got the union Jack on. -- howe mack balls. --


putting boots on so far today. He has now got a good opportunity.


Nice putter, left to right. Slightly up the hill. This will be


for a three to win the hole. This would change the momentum of the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


with three to play. Michael Stewart. That will do. Tom Lewis and Michael


Stewart will now go two up with two to play. Must be a sigh of relief


after Tom Lewis losing his opening tee shot. Generous applause for


healthy. It looks very much as though it might be three to one in


favour of Great Britain and Ireland. Tempting fate. Help the lead for


Cutler and Dunbar. And in the final match for the Americans, Cantlay


and Williams leading Brown and Hodgson. Five down with five holes


left to play. He gave it a chance. The United States will have to hole


that put to keep the match alive, strong par three. I just love this


hole. You look down on a three terraced green. The pin is on the


back left today. It is a cracking par three than this, Maureen?


Two up with three to go. I growl of pit. The I think he hooked it. I


team. Three of the par threes or on the odd number of holes. -- are on


the odd numbered holes. Just hanging on. That was a good shot.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


He is happy with that. Alan Dunbar, pair... It will be Paul Cutler who


has this putt to win. Northern Irish golf is running through an


absolute golden age at the moment. He does not like to see the out


Britain and Ireland. Convincing players will be unaware that there


Stewart. That will be scooped up by Peter Uihlein. That is a lovely


three at this stage of the match. fantastic little chip, just at the


Congratulations, first point on the Board for Great Britain and Ireland.


Tell us how well that feels. knew it was going to be at half


came so we are happy to get the first point on the board. Emphatic,


five and four. What was the key to this partnership? I don't think it


was as one-sided as the result would suggest. We one down after


six or seven. Paul hit a great shot on seven and a great iron shot into


aid a wicked on from there and kept it going. Then this chance for


Great Britain and Ireland. Thomas and Michael Stewart. An ideal start.


Top match one, probably the two strongest pairings. PETER ALLISS:


But also strong pairings from the United States, so that is a great


You have waited a long time for this opportunity. Has it been worth


the wait? Absolutely. It has been great ball we, not just today. We


have gelled so well in the team rinse it is great get out here and


do the business. It is only days. How nervous did you feel, genuinely,


on this opening few holes? Of it was very nervous. I needed a great


swing of the first to get things going. I did hit a couple of


nervous shot in the first couple of holes but I felt I held myself


together. Well done, gentleman. You have much more work to do this


afternoon. We were lead you to it. -- we will leave you to it. A few


first tee nerves. There was a bit of a shock to the system. I thought


I hit a good drive but the stand pox off a lot of the wind and I did


not realise how much wind was off to the right. It was a bit


embarrassing. We had a few bad shots and gave them a couple of


shots but we came away with the wind so we are happy. Michael, did


you feel there was a turning-point in this match? Not really. We knew


coming into the back nine that the wind was going to be tougher. If we


could stick with the guys and maybe hit a couple of holes around the


turn and go back to square then we could to it from there. We started


to pull of the shots coming into the closing stretch. Nigel, your


boys played for since the right way around in that they did not go back


to the keys together. Was this a deliberate strategy? High let the


boys choose themselves. They know what they're doing, they have


played this golf course many times. They are confident in their ability


and I have a lot of faith in these two boys. You must be delighted


with the start. Yes, it is good. And I think Jack and Stiggy are


still two up, so let's get those. to be there, but at this moment it


looks like a handsome start on this opening day of the Walker Cup


KEN BROWN: What do. Mean, Peter? Points mean prizes! It is easy to


get carried away. We do not wish to be the voice of doom but let us


hold our water, as they say, and Americans hold the putts and over


the last few years, our lads and lasses have learned to hole a few


putts. Going back over the years, it in Ryder Cup matches and Walker


Cup matches, two Americans seem to putt better under pressure. But not


Kraft. When someone holes a part of that went in front of view, your


secret be thinking I do not think he will hole that. -- you are


secretly thinking. And suddenly you're left with this for a half.


And if he misses it, the matches over. I'd just stuck my head out of


the door and it is quite a cool wind and there is a spitting rain.


Kelly Kraft. Very confident. And on not play on, it so if the US should


win the next hole but will be half. have done with one less and


knocking it under the breeze. bunkers at the front get in your


way you bit. They catch your eye but there is plenty of room to land


it just over and skip it up. The wind is strengthening off the


the high street. It might be on another green. Cobb knows what


happened there. That is 50 yards off! I noticed how high he teed the


ball up. It certainly did not look as though he was going to try and


play a puncture. He clipped it straight off the top of the tee and


opened the face. Not what was line? -- but. I fancy that was a


A little bit of good fortune there, just to nudge back from the bank.


Weighted that ball go on the 17th? I fancy might have gone over the


back of the crowd. It is on the 17th green of the other course here


at Royal Aberdeen. So he will get a free drop because he is on the


wrong green. He has to drop the ball off to the side of the green.


An enormously could bit of fortune there although it was a stinker.


But a chance of a pit and a putt. He almost needs a yardage for this


second shot to the par three. fascinates me. All this faffing


around about where to drop the ball and it doesn't make the slightest


bit of difference whether he is within a foot or an inch or yard as


long as he is not nearer the hole. But we have to keep up this


tradition of taking five hours to go round. That is the new way of


thinking about it. The Zurich here, measure up there. Oh, they are in


the way as well! It is a wonder they get five holes done in a day.


It gets dark early now, as well. Ken was mentioning the yardage and


the caddy has walked all the way up there. So he knows the numbers. He


has got a nice lie on the apron of not an easy shot. I think a pitch


from here to within a talk 10 because this is going to take a bit


of time. The 14th green and the final match. Stiggy is an


interesting player. He any looks about 12! 21. Do is he? He does not


hit it a long way but he has a good short game and he knows where the


ball is going. Now is the time to captains will be biting their nails.


They sometimes get frightened of winning. Curses, and million


curses! Good Lord, Stiggy! We don't use language like that in the


Walker Cup! Count your lucky stars. Good God! Look at him, he is still


fuming! Please, please. A smile and to the high tide level. 17. Russell


Henley. They must have taken some high energy pills at half-time!


Strength in your short game with New high energy pills! --


strengthened. It is supposed to be a bit of form. It is not all life


or death. The rain is coming. Visibility closing in. I thought


they said it was going to get better this afternoon. Only three


holes have in this match so far Never looked like it! That Firm


chip from Stiggy Hodgson one home supporter. Kelly Kraft knows


what he has going to do. He has to hole this put for a three to take


the match down the 18th. He has not really had the pace of these greens


all day. He will have to find here. This for a three to win the 17th.


Steven Brown drives away at the 15th. He has found the fairway


nicely. We have seen a strange recoveries before. Four down with


holes running out is not an ideal position. The Americans on the need


Jack has this to win the match. A shots on the back nine but they


home supporter you were delighted. That is the first series took away.


A little light lunch. Salad. No Fuzzy, fizzy or even clear drinks.


How does it feel to get the first point on the board? It is a great


relief. It is great to get at point on the board early doors. I had a


little changed up a few weeks ago and it has just been flying in. The


momentum is going your way. I am playing here with the big lad, one


of my best mates, and it could not be any better what was it like on


that first tee Q it was not sure which ball to hit. I was seeing


four or 5. We got the job done in keep the match alive. It is all


over now. The Americans deserve at least one point from the morning. A


little bit of this struggle. It is 3-1 at half time in the Walker Cup


on the first day. They will walk back of the club house. I am sure


Great Britain and Ireland will be delighted with how of this opening


morning has played. The singles will start in a little while. There


Jack Senior and Andy Sullivan quickly back into the club house.


55 minutes before Jack Senior takes on his singles match. Not a bad


morning's play. I would say Great Britain and Ireland will be


delighted with that star yes. was a little rough play. We're


talking about the best amateurs in the United States, Great Britain


and Ireland. To be 40 yards off line with A4 macro iron was not


good. But overall, could play. Hazel is with the winning Americans.


Chris, you first Walker Cup along with Patrick. Can you describe the


experience? It is awesome. It was little and nerve wrecking on the


first tee. But to be who to play the way that we did in these


conditions is awesome. -- to be able. This man holed some long


putts today, didn't de? Yes, it is nice playing with him. You were the


top amateur in America. How does this experience compare? This is


even better because you get to play for the team at represent your


country. You finished that match off strongly. When you look at the


overall picture, howdy you see this? We are behind. That is how it


is. In the Ryder Cup we're always behind in foursomes. The singles is


where it is that. We will come threatened to change the look of


the leaderboard. Paul the Eales -- Paul Eales said during commentary


that Jack Senior had his brother Joe on the back. Joe is a PGA


professional. After the foursomes had concluded, it was pointed out


that that arrangement may be in contravention of Rider -- Walker


Cup rules. We did check the situation out. And sure enough,


local Raul four says a player is prohibited from having a


professional player on his caddy. We sought clarification from the


Royal and Ancient, the amateurs of the game of golf. Great Britain and


Ireland captain Nigel Edwards told Jack Senior of the situation. The


big Lancashire player was clearly upset that he had been in


contravention of the rules. But as yet, neither he nor anybody else


was a clear if the panel tee would suffer a penalty. I caught a up


with Peter Dawson to explain the What is the outcome of this? It was


discovered after the match that Jack Senior's brother is in fact a


professional golfer. There are many conditions of competition attaching


to the Walker Cup. One of them is that caddies cannot be a


professional golfer. Jack was not aware of this. Because the breach


of the rules was discovered after the result of the match, under the


rules of golf, the result stands. Great Britain and Ireland won that


match. Both team captains have been briefed of the situation. Both


entirely happy to let the result stand. As is the President of the


United States Golf Association. The result stands. It is unfortunate


this was discovered late in the day. Jack has had to change his caddy


for the remainder of the Walker Cup. I'm sure he and his brother are


somewhat upset. We have these rules and they have to be applied to


everybody. I'm sure this role will be reviewed for future matches.


That is the situation. The result stands. My understanding is that


Dhaka asked several times it this would be OK. -- Jack had asked. Why


was he not alerted to this problem? I can only assume that he asked


people who did not know the position. Had he come to us, it is


there in black-and-white. I cannot really answer that. This rule will


be reviewed going forward. You feel that common sense has prevailed?


Absolutely. I do not think Jack had an advantage by having a


professional as a caddy. A lot of the players bring experienced


caddies. We are quite satisfied there was no advantage. And the


United States team captain was the first to say that.


No penalty for Jack Senior or the home team. Jack now has to do


without his brother on the bar. Alan Dunbar's caddy has stepped in


for this afternoon. It may have cost Great Britain and Ireland at


point. It is a very unusual situation. How costly from a


personal perspective has it been? We saw him on the putting green. He


said he had asked people. Obviously he had not asked the right people.


It must have been an awful situation. It might have cost them


the Walker Cup. I think the right decision has come about. He will


have been a little bit shaken going on to the first tee. I know that


you empathised greatly with him. There is the Hogg from Kent to say,


it is all right, go and play your game. It is such a shock. You think


you have done nothing wrong. It is such a big event. He has played


well. The rule does quite clearly state that you cannot have a


professional career in your back. I am not sure why, but that is how it


is the stop eight singles matches this afternoon. After the foursomes,


it is down to man on man. The first this morning. Jack Senior, after


the controversy, very relieved to be out there. He's meeting Jordan


Spieth, the wonder kid. He is only 18. Rhys Pugh, the youngest member


on either side at 17, plays Patrick Rodgers. The Live scores as we have


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


Let us get straight back out on to the course. We will home duped into


weather seems to have improved a little bit up the moment. Yes, it


no rain at the moment but there is a stiff breeze that is making this


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


At this moment, Great Britain and Ireland might be slightly ahead.


The controversy this morning intrigued me. I thought the


Americans accepted it in a most gracious manner. Our rules are very


complicated but it could have been a very nasty situation. Good sense


prevailed but I was very impressed with the attitude of the Americans.


Innocence is no excuse. None whatsoever. Peter Uihlein knocking


that a six footer in for four. Very unfortunate for Jack. He has


obviously asked about his brother and not asked the right people. The


game of golf has obviously, out on top again and commonsense prevailed.


rules prevail, at not in the US amateur Championship for in our


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


more pleasant than it was this morning. There is still a little


sticky rain in the air. Maureen Madill is here. This is a match of


high quality. Andy Sullivan for the half. Andy Sullivan has had six


birdies. He nearly holed in one at the 11th and his two was matched by


Harris English. He was putting extraordinarily well this morning


shot here. That could have left him an awkward one. He is a big talent.


He followed Tiger Woods to become the only other multiple winner of


the US amateur. All those problems this morning for Jack Senior, a new


caddy on the back, and he is struggling a bit. I don't think


that did him any good. He is three down. He has obviously been


mentally disturbed. An interesting, foolish mistake. His new man on the


bag is one of the caddies here. He has his chance to show his form and


help his man this afternoon. But Jack wants to put all that sort of


nonsense behind him, mistakes, unfortunate bit, call them what you


grip on these greens. They are firm but yielding at the same time. The


course is in beautiful condition. It looks rather dark but it is not


to called out there. It looks pleasant for golf. Tom Lewis down


the fairway and over the two bunkers on the left-hand side.


Peter has had a little bit of trouble off the tee on the last two


Yes, a beauty. There is a little there. Absolutely. It does seem


strange to see this wonderful but of land, with so many large


buildings. Industry has crept nearer and nearer, north of the


town. Full of hustle and bustle. Harris English playing against Andy


Sullivan. Andy Sullivan two up at away so he likes that one. Behind


the course. There was some filthy water, one of those fountains,


usually placed around the ninth middle. Get is a good one. That is


gentleman is doing, that is the sound microphone which picks up all


the sounds for us. Coming back to the 13th green. This is Jordan


wonderful collection of spectators. The old boy on the right in the


Macintosh, golfing jackets, sting out for its. It is just the end of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


up both of those markers but Alan Dunbar this morning. He is not


playing in the singles so he is pressed into action. I'm sure that


Jack senior will find another caddy for tomorrow. Tom Lewis has run too


far into a dry water hazard. Peter Uihlein just stopped going in there.


is a cardinal sin if he has knocked that into the hazard. With all that


to-ing and froing and the yardage. I doubt if he will have a shot out.


Oh, it is not bad. He has a swing at this. It is a question of how


greedy he wants to be. He will try to it nip it off the top with a 9-


iron. He did not hold back on that one. He has pulled it away left


which has come left him an awkward one. He is not the favourite at


Kraft. -- moves. HAZEL IRVINE: The best amateur still buckling heart


in absolutely atrocious conditions. -- battling hard. At the moment, it


is great Britain and Ireland who have taken something of a


commanding advantage. They are up in four and down in two. All-square


King three matches. Lots to be done and dusted before the end of play


Hazel Irvine presents live coverage of the 43rd Walker Cup, in which the best amateur golfers from Great Britain and Ireland take on the USA. The competition is held every two years and in 2011 it's the turn of the Royal Aberdeen Club to play host. The USA have won the last three meetings, including the most recent in Pennsylvania when Rickie Fowler, who is now making a name for himself on the pro tour, was on the American team. This year's renewal could also feature a star of the future in the shape of England's Tom Lewis, who caused a sensation at this year's Open Championship by sharing the lead after the first round and going on to win the silver medal for the leading amateur.