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, on this. -- it is the Six Nations Chris. Hello, welcome to the show.


We have a great quiz for you this evening and you don't have to know


much about rugby to join in. This weekend, it is a crunch game in the


six Nations as Wales take on Ireland.


CHEERING They have the luck of the Irish and


we have had some really bad luck, as if somebody has walked under a


ladder or trapped over a cat, but fingers crossed for tomorrow night.


Tonight, we are looking at the best bits of the six Nations history by


testing the knowledge of some famous rugby players, has all the


liberties, hard-core fun than you at home. We wanted someone who is


asking lots and lots questions to organise the quiz but sadly Jason


Mohammad wasn't available. Instead, we have got a brilliant presenter,


please welcome... Hello. Are you looking forward to the match


tomorrow? Yes, actually. I've got everything lined up, the crisps,


peanuts, they all odds, the red wine, a big bar of chocolate, a


pizza as well. Actually, I may even watch the magic smack are you


actually setting the questions for tonight? Well, there are looking for


somebody with authority, style and a bit of expertise. Find anyone?


Actually, they said anyone but Jonathan! Do you ever shut up? What


do you think the answer is? No! Shall I popped off?


Get over there now. Ladies and gentlemen! So, we're fast


approaching the business end of the tournament and things are getting


tense. Let's be honest, there is nothing like a rugby match on Friday


night in Cardiff to get the whole country going.


It is a big weekend, the match is here. I am all saved up for a couple


of theirs. I can almost taste the atmosphere. Kiss goodbye, head for


town, train so feel I cannot sit down. Patriot's further all round.


The nation prepares as if for war. Uniting with deals of the triumphs


of yore. Stadium rocks as the anthems so. Rose for the vicar,


gasps at the pace. Huge hits and go as glorious gist. -- glory is gist.


Should Wales win through invention and guile, then Monday's shift goes


to work with a smile. Some might say it is just a game, but year-on-year


we share a silver and pain. Hopes are high and even odds against. Hope


triumphs over experience. So much depends on those numbered men. We


send about to represent, to wear the badge and carry the flag and carry


the pride of its countrymen. So much depends, so much depends as the


nation holds its breath again. CHEERING


A big thanks to our fabulous Welsh poet, Peter, for that amazing peers.


-- amazing Grace. Let's meet the team is playing in the studio,


starting with Ireland. With 41 caps for Ireland and four caps for the


Lions, it is the original, Shane Byrne. She is Ireland's most capped


a female player, with a grand slam in a famous win over New Zealand,


when Cantwell. And he has won a grand slam, four triple crowns, it


is Callaghan. Right, Shane, you'll love this time


of year. They can I absolutely love it. After that long, hit the fast


forward button, but it did game going. I like coming over here, I


can't get enough of you! Not new in particular. I know that. What is the


Irish handshake? It normally involve a little tap on the bottom. Me. Any


famous victims? One or two. Prince William, the Prime Minister of


Australia. I go for the big names. I draft for a good scalp. The women's


again, it is flourishing. The game has grown exponentially so it is a


very good time to be involved in this board. How many caps did you


get? 86. Fantastic. Let's see the Welsh team.


He has captained Wales, 13 three grand slams and six Nations titles,


Ryan Jones. She has 124 caps and is the first Welshman to score a try


against the all Blacks, Harriet James. And the man who needs no


introduction, we'll -- Scott Quinnell. You are now part of the


establishment, Ryan. How is it in the camp? It is pretty good. What is


gone is gone, we have got to front up and put up a massive performance.


You're now commentating on the ladies game? I am enjoying it. It is


not that hard! No. Well, we have been doing it for years, it cannot


be that hard! Just trying to keep going most of the time. And then,


Scott, you're in the blocks tomorrow. Doing proper stuff, in the


clubhouse again. You build the old atmosphere. It is the best game in


the world. When the Irish are over, it is very, very special. They are


not always that friendly. We have get Orion and Donegal where they


have got history. Go on. So, if is basically that is


the format? Some angry faces here. What happened


there? What was the obligation? Can't remember! Can you remember?


Yes, he got one of the ball and I thought. That is modern rugby. 40


seconds and not one punch thrown. Let's have a look at this liberties.


She is an actor, comedian and Sherlock's former girlfriend,


Yasmin. She is also an actor, a singer and a good friend of Dorothy,


our very own so the evidence. And here's the opera singer who is just


beyond compare, Wynne Evans. CHEERING


Right, Yasmin, I have to say, you do go to the games but you're not


really to watch the game? No, some they go to try to find myself a


boyfriend. So I'll pretend I know about rugby just by going oh, look


at that kick on that guy! And they will fall for that, because that is


technically who use big rugby. And you, Sophie, have come down from


Bradford. Lauder said on Friday night off? Yes, they have let me had


a night off for tonight. I told them rugby was the other passion, so be


said to go. Leeds are nicely to me! Yes! How many international studies


on that? 25, something like that. The first time, this is the headline


on the back page of the Fun, they gave us the hacker, we gave them a


fat bloke with a flight. Not false news. Not false news!


CHEERING Right! Who is in the audience? Well,


yes, keeping it real in the studio. We have got five groups of fans are


presenting the five regions. A big cheer, please, from the blues! The


Scarlets! The Ospreys! The Dragons! And 14 004, North Wales. OK, on with


the quiz. Round one is called when Irish eyes are smiling.


And those eyes are certainly were smelling back in 2009, when Ireland


won the Grand Slam and one of the many highlights were to -- was the


game against Scotland. COMMENTATOR: Now, for Alex Turner and a try. And


it is him again! So, question number one, the try change the game at


Murrayfield back in 2009, but in which country was the boring?


Press your buttons, everybody. I haven't got a clue. Is probable just


Irish! OK, next question. Let's bring you back up with the steam


roller against Italy. Advantage again to Ireland and out it goes. CJ


for the corner. So, just one of his hat-trick of


tries against Italy, but what does CJ stand for?


LAUGHTER Yes, there may be more Colin


Jacksonus in the world! Press your keypadus. A couple of Jonathan


Daviesus around. Too many. Right, moving on. It was nip and tuck away


back in 2003, when as well stick on you Irish. -- 's Welsh took on you


Irish. It is there! Astonishing! A nail-biting end to the match as


Ronan kicked the decider to break Welsh hearts. Modem, he is Ireland's


second most capped player, but word do they stand in the top ten of


players who have won caps for their country?


Come on, Scott, look intelligent! I can't even try to look intelligent.


Finally, how could we celebrate Ireland's Six Nations success


without a look at this man. Back on the French 22. It is a great kicker.


It could be a third. It is O'Driscoll again. Oh, that was the


mighty Brian O'Driscoll doing what he did best, scoring a try back in


2005. But how many tries did O'Driscoll scorer for Ireland during


his time in the Six Nations? What is a try?! Is not as You can


keep up to date with the latest news and that is it for around one.


Right, let's get on with the Irish question is, how did you get on? Did


I think we did well. I am struggling not to try and speak Welsh. Not that


I speak Welsh but with a Welsh accent. Go on, try it. That is lush.


I am thinking of Gavin and Stacey! That's tidy! That's pathetic. We had


a tidy around. Would you rather win tonight or tomorrow night? Tomorrow


night. We'll take that. We will go for both. You have been doing a bit


of acting, Shane? Well... Look at this! Yes, misses Brown 's boys.


What were you? I was a Russian baddie. , And I was told to stand in


the background and look moody. How many lines did you have? Zero. So,


you acted in a film as well, with Nick...? Here she is. Bthat was


amazing, to work with Nick Frost and Simon Pegg. Scott, a big part, what


is the name of your character? Scott Quinnell. It is very, very difficult


to get into character, I... I do manage it. But I... I get away with


that. You do it well, you do it well. Lately, the answers? OK, get


ready. Here we go with his first set of answers. We asked you in which


country was Jamie Heaslip born. Well, the answer was... Jamie was


born in Tiberius, well as Brigadier father was there on duty. So, next


up, what does CJ stand for? Moving on, we does he stand in terms


of the number of international appearances.


And two has made the most appearances in world rugby. --


and how many Chinese did play and score in his


when the question whereon scheme, you looked rather confused. There is


a lot on her shoulders. You did well. Rugged players, celebrities


and supporters. Here is the first one, sports journalist and


television presenter. In 2000, Scotland beat had two penalties


which came off the post during the match. Who was the unlucky Scottish


player? I have been at many matches. What


team do you support? Ireland. A provincial team? Leinster. I have


been told that I support them. The answer was B. .


I know for the second round. Look at this. Getting close. England scoring


against Scotland in 2015. What is his nickname?


This next question is for the team only. Watch this piece of action


from 2002 between France and Scotland. What is the missing name


from the commentary. It is the man back in the team for


the first time in a long time. It is Sophie doing all the work?


Yes. Listen to this piece of music. There is a connection. Who is


associated most with that music. What is the connection.


That is the end of that round. Have you got the nickname? Quite a few.


Moving on, here are the answers. We asked you for the nickname.


Jordan Murphy came up with it and when asked to explain it, he said


that in Ireland, 12 by three is 36. .


Next question. Which name was missing from the commentary.


I was trying to make him look fast. We showed you for pictures and said


whose nickname was linked to the Addams family music.


The name of the player was Keith Woods, who beers a resemblance to


Fester. Can anyone tell me any of his other nicknames? Keep it clean.


Hands up if you have called him Woody before. I think that is


definitely has nickname. I am over here with the Dragons. You also


played for Cardiff? We played against each other in the 1980s.


Next question. What happens next is what happens


next. We can catch up on the action from two years ago between whales


and England. What happens next? A classic moment know from three


years ago. George North schooling. What happened next. Did he laid with


the photographer? If we looking back to last season.


We beat Italy with Biggar kicking us to victory. What happened next?


We are going back for years no to Scotland taking on Italy at


Murrayfield. A authority alone with the Scarlets


supporters. You play for the women's team. I have been playing for them


since I was 14. A lot more room and playing no? It has become more


competitive. What position you? Second row. Good luck. We will put


you out of your misery. What happened next?


Moving on, what happened after George North scored?


You have got a good story about his father. I met him in Twickenham. I


was doing and exchanging Air B and it turned out I was his father. What


happens after the Biggar kick. In fairness, two tackles. What


happened in the Scotland against Italy match. Then if we get hit. --


the referee. That is the end of the road. Put two


rugby players in the same room and there is only one thing they will


talk about. And after that, they will probably talk about rugby. But


who are these players talking about no? 2008, against France. I remember


a certain young player. The Welsh flyer. A fantastic hand of. 60-70


yards. He was not fast enough. A little bit fitter and he would of


got to the line. He reckoned he should've been man of the match.


So, who was this player that run the length of the page only to get


stopped short of the line? Write your answers. Retired, yet only got


12 tries something and he took a shame... May be about three. Mark


blobby. OK, Mark Jones, Mr blobby and Mark Jones. Let's see for


ourselves or they were talking about. And once again, front


penalised on it. Go on, Matt Jones, the Welsh player. Can he go all the


way? Brilliant run by the Welsh man. Oh, fantastic, Mark Jones. Oh, no!


Yes, and he is here this evening! Go to see you, Mark. I've got to say,


that was nearly, nearly one of the greatest tries ever. I father


reckons if the risk had been open that day I would have scored,


because it was raining outside. The North Wales region is going great


guns, I do? Yes, you can see by the support tonight. As a real appetite


for rugby. The players have been brilliant and they arrived. Are you


enjoying the goods in question might be limited a lot more stressful than


playing but I am. During the game when you're playing, but when you


are coaching all you can do is sit along and and showed occasionally.


But it is great, I am loving it. We mentioned nicknames earlier on.


You have got a nickname, what is yours? Well, Boise is the one that I


was christened with. The years! It is not a particularly good story but


when I arrived at the Scarlets the Butterwick about shifty and called


me Del Boy for a while. And then during a match he was calling for


the pressure and he knew it was somebody from that show so started


shouting Boycie. That is hilarious!


This is a good place, I think, where we can tell you, if you're not going


to the game itself tomorrow night, there are all sorts of places to


catch the match. It is live on BBC One, on radio Wales and on radio


company. Thankfully, it is the half way mark!


It is time to reveal the scores. So, the team in third place...


But powering forward at the moment, Wales is 64%. And let's turn to the


regions, then. In fifth place... Oh, Cardiff at 20%. Four of... Newport


Dragons. Second at the moment... So, Top Of The Pops, on the half-time


Mark, this is... -- top of the pile. LAUGHTER DROWNED speech










If people again! Stand there. Hello. So, teams, what we want you to work


out, who and played the mascot outfit. You can ask him two


questions each, all right? But remember, he can only answer with a


thumbs up for a yes and a thumbs down for no. Ireland, would you like


to kick things off for us? What is your first question? Do you, or have


you ever, played international rugby? Great. Is your crotch really


that low? Yes! Do you play for Wales? Or have you? Yes, that is a


thumbs up. Wales! Did you ever get picked in a world's ugly 15? Oh!


Another question age. I will give you a clue, he was very... For word,


especially after a game. And he would lead the drive, and not just


in the scrum. So, would you like to ask your second question? Are you a


girl? Have you ever used peroxide on your hair? Good question! Yes!


Celebrities know the answer. Should you have been picked in the world


ugly 15? Not on! This is driving the body the wrong way! When you were a


little bit hungry, at four o'clock in the morning, say, I don't know


where it is! Shall I reveal it before the collapse of? One, two,




What the hell were you doing backstage question mark been there


since to play today. They can for Andy Powell!


CHEERING Right then, Andy, we've got a


special left for you. Wright, who is live in Worcester?


It's been tough. We've had a difficult season. The question is,


are you still wearing these lucky underpants? Oh! What is going on


here? What is going on? It is a cold January afternoon, I believe. Very


cold! Look at that. I'm sure the boys were looking for a left. What


happened there? Why we're going to keep on playing in those of speedos?


You know there is moment in your life that he would love to go back


and a race? That was it for me. And it is one that will not go away.


Google me and that is the first thing that comes up. Lyons, Heineken


Cup, nothing. First one that comes up. Have you had any embarrassing


moment? Nothing at all? I can't compare to that! Somebody knows a


story! Embarrassing moments, you have got to explain, what are you


doing here? On today's show, Glam Rock! A bit of heavy metal, rock,


you've got to. Shane has a game plan, well his wife does, and he


just has to follow it. You have to pour the cream into the egg yolk,


not the other way around, apparently. Stupid. What will they


think of next? You don't have a hair cut like this and have high


expectations of yourself, or self respect so what did you cook, red


mullet? Hull stake! Did you win? I did, I won it.


Race car back to the quiz. So, if you're Welsh and you are doing well,


you cannot stop you had from swelling with pride. Every time the


Dragon roars. So, this next round is one for the home crowd, a series of


questions about Wales, starting with this came from 2012. Here is North,


have not seen much of him. What an off-load. Davies into the 22. Oh,


terrific try. So, Jonathan Davies scores, but who did North dump on


his backside before passing? Can you not to change? That's


ridiculous! And the next question. Let's look back to 2005. Martyn


Williams, but I've passed. CHEERING


The cream of the Grand Slam cake! Kevin Morgan scored his crucial try


on his -- on his international return, but...


What was a again? His toof. Just to hear you say it, we are going for


that. OK, back to 2008, back to that Grand Slam for Wales, and it is


Wales versus Ireland. Stephen Jones, no then some when. Shane Williams


always a... Williams has scored! Oh, Shane Williams's superb try at Croke


Park there, but who does the hand of discord? Is it...?


Next question. You will remember this classic Welsh performance from


2005. Going towards... He is really going to score. He is! What a try


for Gethin Jenkins. His first for Wales in the Six Nations. But well


still a young rugby player, he had a part-time job. Did he work in...?


I would love it to be male farm! Rate, Yasmin, there is not many


people who can say they have done this. I-mate Collier, unless I need


someone prettier. -- i-mate call you. Solve me a crime, Sherlock


Holmes. How many times did you have to redo


that? Cel Lord's. Oh, it was awful. Accusing Sherlock? Why not? I


suppose. It wasn't like it was the top day of my life. It was really


great working on the show, awesome. Everyone is really lovely.


Did you have a crush on Ronan? You have a crush on Ronan O'Gara! I have


not! Sorry, I got defensive about it. Have we touched a nerve? I am a


bit embarrassed about it because he is the only, as we have... You're


going to be shocked to hear this but I don't know that much about rugby.


Tonight has, you know, people will be shocked. But I saw him ages ago.


I want to watch a rugby match in the pub and it was the love all the lads


from my town and they were like if you coming you have to sit down and


shut up and don't see anything so I thought I could do that. After about


five minutes, I saw Ronan O'Gara and all I wasn't as Batman and everybody


oh, she has seen a Ronan O'Gara and now she is making it about lads! But


he is a very handsome man. I will take your word for it. You still


doing meerkat .com then? Why, are you looking for insurance? No. Talk


us through the old advert. Yes, the next one is going to be my 50th.


50th ad. A woman came up to me once, this is true, and went, "You're him


off the telly, aren't you?" And I went," yes," thinking she meant Ant


and Dec, and beyond which he said to me? In the middle of a field, she


said I am glad I did you do with my daughter is 17, just pass the test,


thinking of buying a little car, wondering what the insurance might


be. I ended up saying to her, right, in the middle of the field, what's


your postcode? Are you keeping the car in the driveway? So I gave her a


price and she turned around and cause that's ridiculous, it's only


2600 with direct line! There you go. Sophie, are you not going to be


singing with Phillip Schofield? I am! I am starting a tour in a couple


of weeks with him. He is a silver fox now. It was Joseph back on the


day. So he has got the quarterback, I think, and get a song and be


delivered. And you voted second sexiest woman in Wales at one time.


I was. Who was first? Use, fair enough. I was on the 49th sexiest


man in Wales. Somebody said you're not the 49th sexiest man in the


street! You are 49th, we had the one who was first sexiest man in Wales,


were cute, Ryan? Yes, I was. I think it was the year when Jim 49th! Look


at that! Finally, the young Jenkins used to


work in McDonald's. This is an identity parade coming


up. There are a few tourists. We have got a few very strange


looking rugby players. All the players sharing the same first name.


What is that? The second one, what Sony do the all have?


There are a lot of common names. Whatever your dynasty? I do not feel


any different. All the family. You are confusing me know. It was


fantastic. When you grow up and your father has played on C two wars with


the British Lions. It was very special. No pressure. He was


probably the best number eight to play the game. I was never even


going to be the best rugby player with another family. I even


surprised you invaded media. -- invited me here. Here are the


answers. What was the first name. That was difficult. We are all


related! Which part of you was part of the


picture? The helmet. You have met the Queen? A dead.


It was Alton Towers, but it would have cost me ?20 to get the


photograph. Here is me, with Prince Philip and the Queen. Everyone was


there? You were all there? Just came for one more celebrity. Ireland


scrum-half, with 98, he is no playing with Sale. Peter Stringer.


Ireland will play for the first time unafraid innate in this tournament.


How many teams have Wales done it? -- playing only for radio. And you


should include this weekend as well. She's when you finished? The answer


is that this will be the seventh occasion they will have played.


Excitement. This is some of the very best magic moments.


You can usually see him at the Everything you can eat busy. It was


not own. Shane Williams. He is still going. He has scored. That was his


50th international try. He scored on his birthday. How all was he?


Stuart Hogg is a very gifted player. You can see why. He flips a torn.


What a finish! That was Scotland against France last year. But what


country was he born in? No to the Scotland match against


Italy five years ago. That is wonderful. That is one of


the great tries. That was 16 years ago. What is the name of his


international rugby playing brother? Some fantastic action. The answers.


How old was Shane Williams when he scored his 50th international try?


Question two, queer as visser from. He was born in the Netherlands. It


is all Dutch to me. And what is the name of the younger brother of the


Italian research saw scoring against Scotland.


That is that. Predictions. We are at home. I think we will win by one


point. I always go for hours when we are playing. I really hope we will


win. If we lose, I have got to Wear that jersey for a week. What do you


think? I think we have been playing the better of the two teams. You are


the most expedient sayyid in the tournament, so you should be playing


better. I think, with Sexton back. I think that will make a huge


difference. The women's International is on this weekend.


Like Scott, I cannot cheat on anyone except Ireland. We are the best team


win, as long as it is ours. Who are the winners? Will we start with the


regions? Here are the positions. Our teams, with 59%, the


celebrities. 77%, it is indeed Wales who are the


champions. Congratulations to everyone. Thank you for everyone for


taking part. My son is 15 years old. He says it will be 15-7 to Ireland.


We will see what happens. We could have done with or without him.


Special thanks to everyone taking part and to the audience. Especially


Michael Horst. Don't forget, you can watch exclusive coverage tomorrow


night on BBC One. Thank you for watching. Come Wales on,! Good


night, everyone. Oh, the dragon.


Dylan Thomas. Richard Burton.


Barry Island. The River Shannon.


We invented the submarine. with a spectacular


Friday night encounter...


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