Barnsley v West Ham United Match of the Day Live

Barnsley v West Ham United

Jake Humphrey is at Oakwell for live coverage of Barnsley's Championship game against promotion-chasing West Ham.

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Good afternoon, welcome to Oakwell, where today Barnsley take on West


Ham United. The Londoners had spent most of the season looking like


they will bounce straight back up to the Premier League, but in


recent games the bubble looks like it has burst. Are the Hammers about


That is what it means to the We are in a really good position.


Can we hold our nerve and can we Can I ask you a question? What is


The essence of this football club is to go out and win a game of


It is the play-offs which could be this is why. Coming into today's


match with just one win in seven, West Ham are out of the automatic


promotion spot. Look at the Gatt, six points to second place.


Barnsley, nine defeats in 12, they will be looking over their shoulder


at the relegation places, so plenty for both teams to play for.


Alongside me, two men will have watched the season unfold at more


What a touch of class, this Mick McCarthy. What a good match Mick


McCarthy had. At least one of them What a superb goal! Trevor


Yes, very much looking forward to seeing how this match unfolds in


the company of Sir Trevor Brooking and the man they would call Sir


Mick McCarthy appear, such is their love for the man who started his


career and was born in Barnsley. Welcome arm, a typical spring day


here! We have been enjoying beautiful sunshine a week ago, then


six inches of snow, now just freezing cold, normal service!


Welcome home. It is not just a lovely old ground, it is amazing


what you pick up, I have a lovely old programme from 1978 introducing


a 19-year-old Mick McCarthy. You look about 39! I am looking better


now! That is a stick-on moustache, I used to wear it to scare centre-


forwards. For those of the wandering, he says he enjoys Elton


John and Stevie wonder. Is that still the case? I would say it is,


yes, I avoided the punk and the Rat and all that stuff. Trevor, lovely


to have the wit as. 18 of the 24 teams in this division have been in


the Premier League at some time. It is much easier to slip into the


Championship than get back out of it, and recent results for West Ham


have shown that. Yes, from their point of view, their home form has


been the Big Issue, Jake. We have got to say that if they win today,


I think it would be a record, 12 wins, and looking up the run-in,


the way games you would expect them to get results, and the home form,


particularly the Reading game, which was so crucial last week,


just to keep the pressure on the top two. You took both Sunderland


and Wolves out of this division, is there a trick, something you manage


to unlock in your time as manager of the clubs? If there is, I'm not


going to tell everybody! It is a matter of keeping your nerve at


this time of the season. We went 11 games without winning at the end of


the season. I remember losing to Reading and Birmingham, our closest


rivals, and they were hopping and hollering in the tunnel as if they


had won the League. We hunkered down at just knuckled down and got


results towards the end, we had a really good finish and won it. It


is a matter of keeping your nerve. Not giving any secrets away, but


perhaps by watching how Brian McDermott's Reading are playing at


the moment, we can see how success works in this division. They have


won 11 out of the last 13, and today they are still Leeds. You can


say all the action from this match at half-time today. The rest of the


results in the Championship today, a big day up and down the League


The result for Reading East the pressure on Sam Allardyce and the


fans. Reading have won, did you follow the game? Does it make any


difference to your approach today? A few of the guys have got sky on


their phone, we knew it would be difficult when we heard Leeds went


down to 10 men, but it was to be expected. We know we have got to


win to get back to the four-point gaffe. We have got to do the


business tonight. Is it just a question of trying to get six wins?


Will it take that? I think the way Reading are playing at the moment,


probably Southampton, and I know they meet each other very shortly,


but you have got to focus on each game at a time. The most important


game for us, the most important game this season is to play


Barnsley and stay in touch with the automatic promotion push. If we do


not win tonight, it would not all be over, but it would be very


difficult. We have got to try to break the club record and get the


12 away wins. It has been great away from home, very good form, so


I want to see that form tonight, I want to see that performance, and


hopefully I will see three points. Sam Allardyce acknowledging what a


big game this is for West Ham, but not just picking up the results is


important to West Ham fans, it is the way you do it as well. You were


one of the exponents of the beautiful game. Can you understand


the frustration with the way they have played this season? It has


only really cropped up over the last month, to be fair to Sam. Once


you start not getting results... When they were in the top two, they


were happy with the style. They have been at the bottom in the


Premier League. At present, like he said, it is holding your nerve. If


at the end of the season they can reflect on where they are, if they


have got into the top two, great, but Sam is probably saying it in


the dressing room, it comes about confidence if you're going to pass


the ball like everybody wants the old West Ham to do. But as Nick


said, in the Championship, you cannot play that way all the time.


Sometimes you have to grind out results. The waveform has been OK,


the home form is where the frustration has come out. If you're


not getting the performances at home, season-ticket holders get


frustrated. They really got behind the team against Reading, even


though they lost, and that is what they have got to do in the last


handful of games. If they go to the play-offs, let's say, let's reflect


at the end of the season. The play- offs, not something that the fans


want to be put through. The away fans are being very loud at the


moment. One striker up front, they have got five with Premier League


experience of earning a decent amount of money, but they come into


this game with what looks like an All that about the fans, I remember


being with Wolves singing Four Four Two, and we were getting our best


results playing 4-4-3. We were not getting beaten. This is an


attacking line-up. With Nolan, Trevor says he's going to play on


the left, it gives them a licence to get in the box. There has been


nobody better than him to score vital goals in a box. Home and away


fans will enjoy watching Ricardo Vaz Te, not just because of the


haircut, but because he was sold to Barnsley for just �500,000. He has


done the same for West Ham. He has had a couple of muscle injuries,


unfortunately. He has given them the cutting edge. I inky and Taylor


either side, really Nolan will get forward slightly from the left,


with Mark Noble, O'Neill on the right of him. You need to get


midfield players into the box. Sometimes that is what happened,


they have been isolated. Attacking away from home, they have got the


numbers in. Sometimes they are isolated, they have been frustrated.


If one man knows how to control Vaz Te, it will be Keith Hill, the


Barnsley manager, let's see how he Just how big a test is is ahead of


West Ham. It is the biggest test, one of the biggest of the season.


It is a 90 minute game, and we are ready for it. I use safe yet?


definitely not. We are nine points clear, the bottom three teams would


prefer to be in our position, but we have still got points to get on


the board. A season of progress? Progress that most people will not


see. It has been a difficult season, losing games, but it is an interim


season, a progressive season. Hopefully we can get ourselves next


season. Good luck. I'm sure the managers are always going to say


they are not safe until they are mathematically set, but was it a


good move to come here from Rochdale? It is a fire-fighting job


against teams like West Ham with a lot of money. Like all the managers


in every League, some teams have money, and I would imagine West Ham


are lost more money this season and Keith Curle has had to spend. He is


doing a particularly good job, and one win will make them safe.


Ricardo Vaz Te is interesting, I saw him score the fastest goal of


the season here, but he will be targeted. When he turned up with


that haircut, he will be targeted even more! He will be a marked man


today. We have already discussed your dislike of Twitter, shock and


cuts and that is, but for each season, Barnsley would start each


year saying, survival is what we need to achieve. The Heath they


went through a sticky patch earlier in the year. They have struggled to


score goals. That is part of the resources that you have in this


league, the goalscorers, like Ricardo Vaz Te, signed at the end


of January. There was not enough time to bring somebody else in, and


that will be the challenge until the end of the season, can they get


goalscorers? That has been Barnsley's problem. What can we


expect from Barnsley today? To be honest, to watch them every week?


No, I don't, and it is interesting talking about the shape of systems.


People are saying to me, they cannot play that way, so it will be


interesting. Interesting how they deal with West Ham. They are going


to have to get into their faces, because West Ham have got better


players on the pitch, and if they are allowed to play, I think they


will win. One of my mates has been shouting 4-1, I think he meant for


Barnsley. It is not the first time they had a big game against West


Ham. Way back in 1997 it was a big day for Barnsley and a big day for


a certain Frank Lampard. It is a lovely atmosphere on a special day


which offers a blend of mystery, of of the first goal for Barnsley in


the Premiership. West Ham are looking to be the party-poopers.


That equaliser has been on the start with a defeat. I wonder


whatever happened to that young midfielder! Apparently Trevor makes


a great cup of tea, so we are going to enjoy the first half. The


commentators are in position, Mark Bright and Guy Mowbray. Give us a


wave! The commentators are in position, the players are in the


tunnel, live on BBC One and BBC One HD, live football on BBC One,


weekend has got off to a good start. Time to watch two sides whose


seasons need to finish well. Reading's 2-0 win over Leeds this


afternoon has put seven points between them and West Ham. They are


six behind Southampton and they really must win this if they are


going to even keep thinking about a top two finish and automatic


promotion. For Barnsley, a few weeks ago they were as close to a


play-off place as they were to the bottom three, but one win in their


last nine games has seen them sink. Although nine points breathing


space sounds comfortable, they might need more points on the board


from six really difficult games to come off to ensure they stay in the


Championship. The eagle eyes of Dickie Bird will be tracking


exactly what happens at Oakwell the first half of the season and he


is still Barnsley's top scorer with 12 goals. He has added another four


sides met at Upton Park in December. A goal from Papa Bouba Diop. Sam


Allardyce was sent to the stands for kicking out at some bottles and


a cat ran onto the pitch! Let's hope for the same level of


entertainment today. This is the Buckley's side -- Barnsley side.


One change from last week. Matty Done pulled a hamstring at Portman


Road so in comes Kallum Higginbotham for his first start


and home debut. David Cotterill scored his only Premier League goal


for Wigan against West Ham five years ago and he has only scored


Barnsley's only goal in the last six games. West Ham have made three


changes. Her Faubert and Faye have made way for Demel and Winston Reid.


It is only Demel's third game of an injury wracked first season at the


club. Reid has been out since the end of February. Carlton Cole makes


way for Nicky Maynard. Craig Davies has got six games without a goal,


but since Ricardo Vaz Te departed, he is now Barnsley's top scorer


with 11 goals for the season. He banged them in for Chesterfield in


the last campaign. Various Ricardo Vaz Te, three goals in his last


four games. -- there is. 14 starts for Barnsley in the first half of


the season, he scored 12 goals. Sam Allardyce did not hesitate when the


chance going to sign him, the man he brought to English football from


the captains. Next to me, on the end of the commentary position,


Mark bright. Good afternoon. I saw West Ham against Reading. 422, an


incredible game. -- 4-2. West Ham dominated for 40 minutes and


readings called two quick goals before half-time and the whole


thing changed. Very surprised to see no allow there today. He left


the pitch with what we were told was up thigh strain. -- surprise to


see Mark Noble. Sam said after the game in the press conference, they


would need to win every game until the end of the season to have any


chance of automatic promotion. did. I heard West Ham ledge and


Tony Cottee saying he looked at the Reading and Southampton games and


he thought maybe one draw and the rest wins we do it. But Reading


winning this afternoon cranks up the pressure. We heard Keith Hill


say Barnsley are not safe yet. Nine points sounds a lot, but the gap


between themselves and the bottom three over the last few weeks has


got narrower. Kevin Nolan, 10 goals this season, six of those away from


home. That is where West Ham have been picking up most of their


points recently. Barnsley hoping to get one more win to make sure they


stay in the Championship next season. West Ham looking to win the


think we all know that West Ham's home form has been the undoing.


They have drawn six of the last 10. Away from home they have been


superb and fans often look to why that is. Sometimes they play with


more freedom and also there's less and it is a Barnsley throw-in.


Nicky Maynard has already scored a winning goal here this season, for


Bristol City at the end of October. A good record against Barnsley,


five times he's played them, five impeded, but the referee Tony Bates,


who is the most experienced referee on the Football League list, begged


stress how magnificent fans have been in the last few home games.


There have been claims from the club of misleading reports saying


the manager had accused the fans of talking absolute tosh. He feels


some of the criticism is unfair and Tottenham, his fourth Barnsley


appearance. Regular No. 1 Luke Steele is out injured and regular


No. 2 David Preece is also out Winston Reid. Amazing. Amazing. You


saw Reid turn away, accepting he had made a foul. The most


experienced referee on the Football League did not feel the same way.


He is a referee who likes to lead the games go. He has not issued a


single red card all season. George McCartney moving freely again. He


had a bruised foot from last weekend, the game against Reading.


Immediately after the game Sam Allardyce thought he had broken his


metatarsal. Before Wayne Rooney did it a few years ago, we haven't


heard of that bone. Wasn't Beckham the first one? Might well have been.


It was just called a broken foot in the old days. West can get a throw-


McCartney has been on loan from Sunderland all season. His second


already been at Leyton Orient and Doncaster. This is his 11th spell


away from Spurs as a borrowed could hear the reaction of the home


fans who don't think there's anything different from the Winston


Reid challenge a few minutes ago. Craig Davies did ever so well, he


Barnsley. They have strong a few passes together. They have pushed


West Ham back a bit. They won their last home game begins Peterborough


a fortnight ago. They have lost all of their last seven away. Almost


Good play from Nolan. No question Button made the right decision to


come out. He slightly overran it. A good defensive challenge from


Stephen Foster. Nolan! West Ham much the first time West Ham have


threatened. The first shot at goal. The one thing you want to do as the


home team is to have the first shot, the first corner. A little smile on


the face of Sam. They didn't deal with it. They didn't do with the


first one at the near post. Nolan on the goal line by the goalkeeper.


Inevitably the ball fell to him. He is now their leading goalscorer


with 11 goals. Poor defensive clearance. You have to attack the


first ball at the near post. came off an unsuspecting Craig


Davies. 11 goals for the season for the West Ham captain. The last time


he spent a full season at this level with Newcastle a couple of


years ago, he scored 17 times, including goals home and away


against Barnsley. Any midfield player who get into double figures


is worth his weight in gold. They need to help out the strikers. West


Ham do have seven or eight strikers on the books and Carlton Cole is


their leading goalscorer with 10. He changes them around a lot, Sam.


Kevin Nolan got a dozen in the Premier League last season. He


averages better than one in six at worst possible start as far as they


are concerned? Reid stayed in front Maynard. A good run from Maynard,


just pulling off the shoulder. Diving in behind, Golbourne.


most difficult thing for Barnsley in recent weeks has been scoring a


goal. They only have one in the last six matches, two weeks ago,


David Cotterill against Peterborough. Andy Gray has gone


nine games since he last scored. points away from the bottom three,


is there a danger you can sink into that sort of mentality? Always.


Players at this stage start looking at results. People around them and


they start looking at the fixtures. You have to just take care of


yourself. There's no better game for them today. They are live on


the television, one of the top teams in the division, it usually


lift the atmosphere, the players should perform. Not the best


clearance from Rob Green. Davies had a go! Queen macro got across,


I'm not sure it was on target. -- Davies. Poor clearance from Rob


Green. Now a free-kick for West Ham. Tony Bates is going to have a word


as well. I think it was McNulty. It will be a booking. He was pulling


Maynard back. A great strike. I don't think and Rob Green could


take any chances. He had to push it away. A little sniff of what he is


capable of doing. When you haven't scored a goal for a while, you prop


-- probably hesitate to shoot from that distance. But it shows he has


confidence. Was that the booking? season. Hit game for Nolan. A gold


number-one priority on set-pieces to mark. They drop a little bit


early for Mayo. It comes of the defender's head. Almost a gift,


isn't it? Got one and nearly double Tomkins, didn't he? We saw Tony


Bates a fortnight ago, the referee for the Johnstone's Paint final.


did not notice them that day. one. That is OK, though. He


snatched, that is all. The opportunity was there, deflected.


He just pulls at the shot a little bit. He mentioned the word


confidence in relation to Craig Davies, six games without a goal.


He has had goals in bursts, twice he has gone eight games without a


goal. That is a long time, but as long as you get them at the end of


the season. It is nice if you can space them out, or if they come in


But what they do not have, Barnsley, his players running in behind,


trying to stretch West Ham at the back. Everything is in front, and


they can say that they were just nipped in front and make it


difficult. They need to stretch and West Ham, that switch was on, good


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


O'Neill was waiting, and he should have done better. No question, he


started off the move as well. O'Neill started the move, good


overlapping play, a bit of a decoy, good ball from Vaz Te, and it does


A golden opportunity. Take a part in his early career, Barnsley, he


scored his opening goal for them. He played his first league game


against them for Portsmouth as a career at all after he injured his


ankle against Aston Villa. It was fifty-fifty whether he would play


again. He is now, four games in man who scored a lot of goals for


Barnsley in the first half of the season. You do not understand the


football fan, Guy! I do, I do, I not get the throw-in. West Ham's


midfield players are working really hard out of possession, just


covering in front of them, more injury which forced him off at


As soon as he plays at all to anybody, it starts to move forward,


prey, stout defending by Winston Reid. It is the first chance we


have seen, Higginbotham running with the ball. He does ever so well,


holding on the edge of the box. Andy Gray was a little deeper, Reid


does well to get in front of him. referee, well, he agrees with you


that it was a foul, but which other parts does he agree with? If it


looked like a two-footed challenge. Tomkins jumped over the challenge,


he was not happy. The referee giving himself a little time to


think there. There is going to be a card of some description. You said


that he had not issued a red all season. I think it is going to be


yellow, by the body language. He has got a smile on his face. If he


sees it as a two-footed challenge, it is a red. The yellow is out. Two


in the boot for Barnsley, Stephen Dalton joins the name of Jimmy


McNulty. -- Stephen Dawson. shape of a hand, the apology. I do


not think it was for the second one, I think it was for this one here.


No question about it! The referee did not see it as clearly as we did.


He was close to the action. He is saying he won the ball. He is


outlawed, they are trying to get rid of it from the game, and I do


not understand why players challenge like that. You normally


slide with one leg and sweep with the other. To me, you do that if


you are frightened to get hurt, you're kind of protecting yourself.


That is a red card for me. A lot of them are still saying, I won the


ball. It does not matter, it is when he touched him from barely one


yard out. Barnsley have at two players caution since then. Vaz Te


going for the spectacular! Not quite a proper connection. No, but


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


forward and when a corner for West Ham. Good play. Good play in the


midfield, Cotterill giving away the ball unnecessarily. Look how West


Ham are pressing all over the pitch, that is the left-back there, having


a shot. I saw him score his goal last year, McCartney. A East caught


at Cardiff at the start of last point out to us before the match


that won more away win would be a club record, 12 away wins in a


in the Championship. It is just at home where they have struggled to


get points in recent weeks. What a good shot that was! West Ham double


their lead, and Nicky Maynard continues his run our scoring with


a 100% record against Barnsley, six in six. Barnsley 0, West Ham 2.


said before, they had had a good his sequence of passing, a combined


really well with Nolan, O'Neill and Noble, and there has not been


enough pressure on the ball from Barnsley. It is too comfortable,


and it all culminates with a beautiful finish. So accurate with


a shot, it is not the power, it is Nicky Maynard has double figures,


his 10th goal of the season, only his second for West Ham. He joined


them from Bristol City at the end of January, eight goals for winning


a kits not dissimilar to Barnes's Lee at the start of the season. --


Barnsley's at the start of the season. It is a good goal for him,


and he has struggled for goal since he moved to West Ham, in and out of


the team, San changes it around. You would like to play all the time,


you get a rhythm going as a striker. last England cap, last of seven,


Yes before -- yes, I said before, not enough pressure, far too much


praise for Noble to push it around with O'Neill, as I said. -- far too


early, using his arms on the Ford's back. We need a bit of a response


here from Barnsley. They do not want to go into those last five


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


games on a good hiding, it will not pass it between themselves.


Tompkins went along, but that is not what West Ham fans like to see.


I'm not sure if that was the diagonal he was going for.


everything is going against them. The biggest difference between the


teams is when they are out of possession, West Ham, they chase


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


and harry. I don't think Barnsley uncomfortably. He said before the


match, we are not safe yet, we don't think we are. This is the


worry, people are saying one more win will do it for Barnsley. Five


games left after this, they have Blackpool away, Cardiff or home,


Hull away, Brighton to finish. Bristol City away is the only one


against teams around them. Where is that win going to come from?


are not wrong! But there are always some funny results at the end of


the season. We have seen that Leeds 2-0. Burnley beat Birmingham


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


has hardly been in the game. I do not remember him at Arsenal. Yes,


in 2000/2001, but did not make an McCartney and it means a Barnsley


corner. Cotterill putting the cart me under pressure. He left him for


pace. Cotterill on the right hand side and Higginbotham on the other


side have shown that if they get the service, they can put West Ham


for it. He felt he was being impeded. Another corner. I think


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


Nobody with him. Maynard getting say at half-time that you have to


get tight. You have got to put on pressure across the middle. Look


how many passes they have had here, West Ham, and Barnsley no windier.


much respect. In the end, they didn't win the ball, West Ham gave


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


George McCartney, he didn't look up. A bit of an argument going on now.


Nolan is giving him a bit back! Nolan has only just stopped giving


him words of wisdom. You are 2-0 up Matthew Taylor hasn't. There is an


overload on this side and that is where the space is. Nicky Maynard


think so. Vaz Te wants to score himself. Finally he went for the


there was an opportunity when he went past the first offender to get


an early shot away. Button lost it! It is a wonderful goal from Mark


Noble! Nightmare moment for the on- loan Barnsley goalkeeper. That is a


great finish from Mark Noble. His last nine goals have been penalties.


Easy from 12 yards, not so easy from an angle like this, but he


made it look easy. You look at West Ham and all they have done in the


first half his work so hard when they haven't had the ball. It is


only because of Nicky Maynard's pressure that David Button makes a


poor decision. He tried to tap it around Nicky Maynard and made a


mistake. But it is an excellent chip from Mark Noble, you have to


be so precise. He might as well just come towards the ball and put


his arms up. A great finish. I know Dickie Bird is hit today, but it


will end up a cricket score if they are not careful. Well done! Thank


you, I'm here all day. We still from Taylor, a teasing ball. They


have got two or three people going in. It was just a little strong.


They have got a great away record and if Sam wanted a reaction after


that 4-2 defeat at home, obviously that hurt, and he has got more from


his players today. A big job at half-time for Keith Hill. He must


just want them to get out there and compete, start challenging, stay


with your runners and just start showing West Town less respect. --


right. Scoring goals from 30 yards is not really his strength. He is


apologising, they are free up and playing well. -- 3-0 up. Getting on


for 200 games for Sunderland, never really got it. It was only McNulty


that stopped him. An excellent example from a forward who gave the


ball away, he wasn't happy just to watch what happened, he chased


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


a good game of football and don't mind what the result is would want


a Barnsley goal before the break otherwise it would seem to be over.


end! They certainly are. Barnsley could do with getting a goal to get


10 years in Germany or told. -- Guy Demel. He plays at international


level for Ivory Coast. This is only his third game, he Azad or all


problems with injury all season pit our space a few times for


Barnsley. -- a bit of space. I can only reiterate what I have said,


the midfield, Noble, Nolan, O'Neill, working really hard. Taylor, Vaz Te,


chasing and harrying, making it easier for the defence. They have


never really penetrated the West and -- West Ham defence. That is


why Barnsley have not been mistakes for the third goal? He had


an opportunity to deal with it, lash it down the field, but he


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


pressure on Rob Green, but he was realised that he was not going to


get there. A good run, the space minutes to go that they had a


complete collapse last week. It does not look like that is on the


cards today, the defence looked a lot better. It was about this time


in the game, wasn't it? He is, and under any threat whatsoever. --


they do not look. It was a relaxed conversation there that we saw with


this is Cotterill. Green had to come a long way for it, and that


his wife. Excellent. When they finally get around the back of West


Ham, could pull back, Reid at the near post. That is the most


dangerous Barnsley have looked in his first half. It was a nice


thought, it kind of order on the offside. When he got to the byline,


he should have sat it up to the far right place for West Ham. If good


positional sense, he read the cat back. -- cut back. An excellent


turn, this one. Reid knows exactly what he is trying to do. He


anticipates it so well. It is his first game back since the end of


February. He has been out with a head injury then a heel problem. He


had a concussion after going away to play for New Zealand. He was


born mayor, grew up in Denmark. -- undone, he is usually giving begun


a good workout at this stage as well. I think West Ham feel I have


had a bit of an unfavourable press, 24 games they were in the automatic


promotion places, and then they just slipped out. I think it is the


pressure, the wage bill as well, the expectation of going up,


because they have been there for so at Oakwell, and that will do nicely


as far as West Ham United and Sam Allardyce are concerned, 1-0 up


thanks to Kevin Nolan very early in the police, it became two when


Nicky Maynard scored at Oakwell for the furls successive game here, and


Mark Noble rounded it off in the 35th minute. West Ham needs to win


is to keep up with Reading and Southampton in the chase to finish


in the top two, and it would be a miracle if they do not win it now.


I am sure the two men alongside me will agree that stranger things


have happened than West Ham throwing away the lead, but that


was a great first half for your team Trama, and we said that the


home fans had been moaning about the way they have been playing, we


have not seen one long ball. comes from confidence, the passing,


and you are probably saying, do not give them anything for the first 10


or 15 minutes, let's put them and the pressure, because their


confidence can be fragile. But it did not happen, they did not


pressure them, they gave them space, and the goal was a soft goal.


Throughout the half, West Ham grew in confidence and kept possession


because they never got the pressure. They actually pressurise did


themselves and won the ball back quickly. You had to get your noses


in front. There is no fire and there. The game started OK, there


was nothing, West Ham are desperate to win this game and get back in


the promotion hunt, Barnsley for different reasons. There was


nothing in the game, I didn't think, but whatever Keith Hill has done, I


am absolutely certain he will have said to Mark Nolan from corner


kicks. From then on, there is no fire. West Ham are playing 4-3-3 or


42, Craig Davies cannot really drop in, and they are getting played


around. The second goal comes from that. I do not know how many passes


they had before it. I have been in positions like that, you cannot get


close to them because they are keeping the ball, sucking you in


and playing around. Is it a case of making changes, or is it too late?


A difficult job for the home manager. We will have a go at them


now, push Jo midfield players up, let Nolan stay in behind, have a


right go at it. You could get done five or six by doing that, leaving


also wide open. But he might get one back early on, and then you


might get something. I don't think they will, to be honest. Let's have


a look back at a first half that has put a big smile on your face,


a corner in the first place. have got to go with Kevin Nolan, it


comes off his foot. Does it come off Nolan? Even then, slowed down,


you can just about see it, but the referee has not gone that too well


at his disposal. It is a tough decision. You got away with that,


and then you have got to mark. two not know if it is Craig Davies


who tries to step up. -- I do not know. But he is on his own. You


have got to be marking him. The manager put all his tactics


together, but it is a great delivery. I think it goes through


the defender's legs here. Oh, dear! Not a nice moment. When he tucks it


in, you think Nolan is offside, but when the cross comes in, he is not.


That is why he is not marked at the time, but it was a double soft goal,


to have given the corner away, to allow Nolan into the penalty area.


The game was nothing. He delivers a great set-piece, Matty Taylor.


Fabulous. We will talk later about how you are enjoying the gardening


at the moment, but it was not long ago that he was standing out there


yourself moaning about referees. If you were the West Ham manager,


would you have had a moan about the fact that this Zheng man is still


on the pitch? Talking about two- footed tackles, but looks like


Stephen Dawson is lucky to be there. At the time, I... For on that angle,


it does not look so bad. He jumped in. I do not think he put the


player at risk. He booked him for it. He jumped in with two feet.


Well, I have seen them both. card? I don't think so, I do not


think he was anywhere near the player. If he had made any contact,


I think he was getting the red card. It is so silly for a player now,


make, because you are left in the hands of what the official decides


on the day. You do not do anything like that, because he could not


quibble if he got a red card. He was low down by the time he got to


the ball, but you cannot take two ft off the ground. Would he have


gone off in the Premier League? Could well have done. It depends


whom he is tackling! Have we mentioned at the start at one of


the issues is that Barnsley in the middle, they cannot close their


opponents down, because they have not got the men to do it, and it is


indicative of their next goal. can hear Mark Bright saying that


they need to get close, but they can't get close. Maynard and Nolan


have great interplay, but the second centre-half ought to be


nailing them. Is not going to run past them. There was no contact at


all. They just sat in him. Nolan and Maynard have changed places. He


comes in on his favoured foot as well. Sending him on the inside,


you know he will shoot. That was a mistake, but it was a great finish.


For that, it is a great finish. You could blame Barnsley, but what


about the football that West Ham have played, a fabulous finish,


great goal. We have talked about a goal related to a refereeing


decision, a two-footed tackle, and we are undecided whether it was a


red card... 3-0! You can discuss this one. Should the referee have


given a free kick? If he has apologised for the foul, and sorry,


it is a free kick, do not book me! The Barnsley should have dealt with


that better. They are bad mistakes, decisions, the referee has the


first one, an awful decision not to give a free-kick. They have got


away with it, this is a bad decision. The goalkeeper makes a


bad decision. If you cannot market, side-foot it out. I think, if he


did, Maynard would be in trouble. But what a finish, Noble. Trevor?


He catches... He has put his hand up, sorry, do not book the. But


play goes on. Mark Noble has done really well, he is right in the


corner. A lot of teams would have got back. He puts him under


pressure and made the opening for himself. Really good, he keeps a


clear had, Sam will be delighted. They have worked and pressed really


well. The dilemma is, when you play in the hole and you get these days,


they find it difficult at home to get in those little holes, because


sides sit back at Upton Park, and that is where they have struggled.


On the counter attack, they have played it perfect. They can press


on Barnsley because Craig Davies is quick, trying to drop into the hole,


Peter Number Ten, but Andy Gray is playing on his own up front. He is


not going to run away, and West Ham can play our on top of him, and it


has suited West Ham, they have been able to press with comfort.


Fantastic first half for West Ham, the home fans and spend most of the


time taking photographs of you through the window. Time to show


you how their rivals for automatic promotion, second-placed Reading,


got on against Leeds. Dan O'Hagan for Thompson. Red card! Because of


this. Studs up, both feet off the deck. His manager is absolutely


livid with him. Reading have taken an amazing 34 from the last 39


points on offer. Ian Harte's cross against the post! It almost became


a lot more for Reading and Ian Federici. A rare chance for Leeds.


league goals inside the last 10 minutes of matches this season. --


it's -- their last 16 League goals. Adam Le Fondre! It is a massive


goal. Colossal for Reading. The man side to fill the shoes of Shane


Long has maybe scored a goal to propel his team closer to the


going top. No question now. A goal West Ham will curse and Southampton


will rue. Two goals in six minutes from super sub Adam Le Fondre.


Promotion looms large for Reading. Many games have been won in the


last 10 minutes. We have faith in the players, they have faith in


themselves and they know what is themselves and they know what is


required. We have done it and it is a great win. A great win indeed and


fantastic momentum at the moment mean they would be three points


Whoever ends up going up, they will be looking to make an impact on the


Premier League might Swansea have. They have been in action against


They have been in action against Newcastle this afternoon. It is


currently two-0 Newcastle. This is at the Liberty Stadium. Papiss


Cisse has both goals. You can see that game and 70s -- Saturday's


seven other matches on Match of the seven other matches on Match of the


Day. There was a time when you were taking control of the West Ham team.


How impressed have you been with the job Alan Pardew has done this


season? It wasn't expected after all of last year's turmoil. It was


a difficult time, taking over after Chris Hughton. He was a surprise


appointment. I have got a lot of time for Alan Pardew. We approached


Reading and took him from there. He did really, really well. He got us


up second time around in the play- offs. We had a great first season


where they got to the cup final and I'm sure any West Ham will tell you


about Steven Gerrard's last-minute equaliser. It just went wrong for a


variety of reasons and he left. As a coach, man-manager, he is very,


very good. It hasn't surprised me. Demba Ba was always going to be a


snip for whoever picked him up. Cisse was one and their scouting


system has to be really good because they have brought in some


very, very good players. At the moment, they are in the competition


for the top four. When you on a role like that, you just feel you


can beat anyone. Brendan Rodgers in the dug-out today. How impressed


have you been with him? He is in the short list for manager of the


year. Paul Lambert as well. So he should be, and Steve Kean as well.


Brendan Rodgers has done a fabulous job. The way they've played. I


think they have had 70% of possession again. Party has done a


remarkable job. They have had a wonderful season. Always keeps


surprising. There's a packed weekend of sport ahead on the BBC


with something for everyone, starting tomorrow lunchtime.


Every chance I get to play, I try to impress and that is all I can do.


I was more pleased with the Arsenal performance because that is what it


was, it was a top-class Premier League performance. What a goal!


get the technique right, you have a good chance of scoring. I practise


Imagine you're in the Barnsley dressing room, reliving memories,


what would you be saying? There's only one thing you can say. The


fans have turned up to watch and you have to give them something to


shout about. If they get a goal, they will be behind them and we


will get a great atmosphere. They got spanked and the first half.


were not impressed with Vaz Te's haircut, but we have been impressed


with the team. Rob Green will hope to have a quiet half. This could be


a big day for West Ham. All they a big day for West Ham. All they


have to do is get the results, starting today. Southampton and


Reading have to play each other. Southampton are at home to


Portsmouth tomorrow. Anything can happen. They have to pick up the


points and see what happens. Time for the second half with West Ham


second half started. Work to do to reduce the deficit if they can, and


restore a bit of self Yorkshire pride. Absolutely out played


throughout the first 45 minutes. Except a bright spell in the first


five. West Ham United are just 45 minutes away from a new club record


12 away League win since -- wins in a season. Quite an appropriate


place for that record to be set today. Their first ever away league


game was on this ground, Division Two in 1919. Barnsley won 7-0!


Contrary to belief of some, Dickie has been enough for promotion. They


are still on target to get that. Reading and Southampton will have


to slip up somewhere. Trevor just fed, a South cast -- South Coast


derby tomorrow. You're hoping more than anything for the teams around


you to make mistakes. Southampton go to Crystal Palace next week.


They will get a draw! Reading are at Brighton. A couple of injuries


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


backwards from the throw-in, all during the half-time break. Whether


they have any effect, we will see. Can you see West Ham going for more


or will they he's off a little bit and make sure they don't get hit?


don't think you can change now. Some will have said, excellent


first half, can't ask for more, clean sheet, three goals. I expect


a response from them at the start of the second half. Expect a little


flurry for 10 to 15 minutes. Just sit a little bit and leave Nikkei


Maynard up front with Vaz Te and then we can start to ease away in a


game full Park -- Nicky Maynard. I would expect them to be under


pressure at the start of this half. Barnsley need to work harder.


Pressing and closing. You don't have to be talented to do that.


just saw David Cattrall -- Cotterill, is their best bet from


the flanks? I think so. In a race he has the better of McCartney. But


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


-- O'Neil swung it in. As soon as the ball gets wide, he is off.


Taylor was behind Nolan. If he had left that... It is difficult to


score from that kind of distance. Tomkins put his arms around Andy


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


new contract, his deal runs out in the summer. West Ham had been


linked with Kilmarnock's canny bell. They want Rob Green to stick around


if he possibly can. Going up might be a major factor in that. He has


got himself back into the England set-up, he should beat in the party


to go to the east of Europe in the end Barnsley in the opening seven


and a half minutes? I just wondered whether Higginbotham was trying to


make three up front, but he did not, he dropped back into his left side


position. Still playing 4-4-2, and you have to apply pressure and go


together, the midfield have to work together. They are outnumbering


West Ham in midfield, but they very nearly kept it in. That was


close. A mistake by Button, he did not take any chances. If they can


get this guy into the game a little bit more, as we have said, with the


way that West Ham were so well, under pressure he has to give it


back for turnaround and goes flat. exchange. Button palms it away, but


Vaz Te is in to tap home against his home club. 4-0, West Ham, it


really is all over now, and Ricardo back, and you have got to say, look


at the Spacey Has down the right hand side. Where is Wiseman? This


looks like it is going in, but the reaction of Vaz Te, just a little


bit quicker. He has so much space, selling us of far too early, Cottle.


You need your defenders to help you out. An easy tap-in. No celebration


against his old club. The player who scored a dozen goals for


Barnsley in the first half of this season has now scored a 4th West


Ham goal against them on this very Good Friday if you are a hammer.


Barnsley 0, West Ham United 4, and West Ham will stay in pursuit of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


can hear all around Oakwell now. The substitutes are getting


on the ball than anybody else. positional sense, keeps it going,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


Maynard, and he nearly foundered, brilliant! Button was beaten, and


second of the game, the ease with which she comes off the defenders,


are allowed to turn, no pressure, sweet strike, excellent strike. He


was very unlucky. Here is the substitution. Why a strike that was


from Nicky Maynard. He has scored the last four times that he has


played here. For Bristol City and now for West Ham, and that would


have been the pick of the bunch. The change sees the Mall replaced


early. Danny Collins is on. George McCartney is going to switch across


and play at right-back. He does not look too happy about it, George


McCartney. We have seen that he has got a sweet right-foot! Yes, he can


show you what is happening in the away end at Oakwell. The West Ham


fans are doing the conga. Think back to one week ago, the mood as


Reading won 4-2 at Upton Park. Many of that lot would have been there.


I have seen a lot of West Ham this season, and this is the best I have


seen them play. Not to be outdone, has put it wide. I am not sure he


expected it to come to him. It looks like it comes off the heel.


Once again, good play, a great delivery. He just tries to cushion


it into the back of the net. Look at that behind David Button, the


Barnsley fans are having their own little Congo. -- conga. A Barnsley


substitution, Lee Collins is on. He is taking the place of Scott


Golbourne. He is on loan from Port Vale, and a permanent move will


next season to come pretty quickly now. He has got to make sure our


safety this season first. It has been difficult for him, trying to


cut the wage bill. Still try to compete and get promotion. There


are some big spenders in this Well, he has only just come onto


the pitch. It is just a basic slip, he was under a little bit of


right foot. The corner has been of play. -- lips that one. Backing


up, backing up, and in the end he changes his mind. You get caught in


between. As you say, when you are 4-0 up, that is OK. Four goals in


aren't you, in the run-in? Two last couple of games. Ricardo Vaz


Te, I have got to say, Barnsley's drop in form has coincided with his


departure. Jacob Butterfield injured as well, he is the captain,


making a move to the Premier League but out for the rest of the season


substitution. David Perkins is going to come on, Jimmy O'Brien is


going to come on as well, both making their way back from injury.


Smith is one of the numbers up. And Gray Davies is coming off as well.


Perkins is back from a knee injury, he has been out since mid-February.


Jimmy O'Brien came back last weekend from a groin problem. Craig


Davies is off. I'm sure I was calling him Craig David, he did


something else on a Friday if I improvement from recent weeks.


Just give the fans something to cheer about. They have not put West


better of it. Maynard was closer last time when he hit the bar.


excellent pass from Kevin Nolan, quick glance over the shoulder,


that is an excellent pass, he teases the goalkeeper. He does not


free kick, it is Kevin Nolan, and I think he is going to get a caution.


There is no doubt about it, it is a booking, isn't it? He will first


explain to Noble and then Kevin Nolan will take his fracas. Giving


potential chance for a break. They won the ball. He fell over in to


him! He got there as quick as he They have got Jimmy O'Brien to


Always a difficult one, heading towards your own goal, you know you


have to head it up in the air and annoying. You can't put West Ham


under pressure and then you get an opportunity to keep them under


pressure from a set-piece and you put the ball out of play. It was


not even close! It is too much for some Barnsley fans to take. There


were some real moans and groans. Henri Lansbury. A good opportunity


for him to play. 4-0 up away from home. By all accounts, he scored a


cracker in a development squad game on Tuesday. The reserves. Against


QPR. I watched the next generation! when their left-back is flagged


offside! -- West Ham know they are Gary O'Neil will go off. He has put


in a good shift. No complaints, worked really hard. On comes Henri


QPR on Tuesday night. They won 2-1 and Lansbury scored from 30 yards.


He is the player West Ham fans wanted to see come on against


Reading last Saturday. Sam Allardyce put Danny Collins on


instead. I think they will be happy with how he has managed the team


until the end of the season, I'm sure. That is what fans want, a


little bit of hope. The stats say fifty-fifty possession, but the


attempt on goal spare -- tell the against any top eight side. They


haven't kept a clean sheet against any top half team this season, and


so it goes on. Just to reiterate, four of their last five games will


be against top half teams. They will have to buck that trend.


Winston Reid has barely put a foot wrong. He has been impressive. As


at full stretch. Once again, Perkins was just shouting. What is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


going on down the right hand side? taken it over the touchline. --


Foster thought the West Ham Manor. All of the games are coming quickly.


They play Birmingham on Monday. it up by Lansbury. It is whether


you have enough players to change the team, especially with the


strikers. One player I have been impressed with his James Tompkins


at centre back. Composed, good with the ball at centre-back. He has


dominated air really today. -- area midfield. West Ham fans have not


been happy about that. Yes, as a holding midfield player, but it


O'Brien will want to do better with this than with his last effort.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


it. Lovely strike. Not easy to do. The ball comes across your body. He


was easy enough for Rob Green once the field, West Ham have reasserted


their dominance. He plays further forward than Mark Noble. He likes


to play off the front. Kevin Nolan Mark Noble. The ease with which he


got that far, virtually from the one coming from West Ham. Tomkins


had a go at! I was giving him a glowing report about his composure


in possession and his awareness. Exam looking nice and comfortable.


David Sullivan and David Gold absolutely delighted that they made


the trip up the M1. Or maybe they took this -- took to the skies.


is very good on Twitter, David Gold. what they want. Pass the ball


around, keep it. Yes. Get a clean sheet and go home with the points


and get ready for Birmingham on Bank Holiday Monday. Get ready for


the run-in. Birmingham, Brighton, former player to come back and


score. What has been your favourite goal? Are you thinking? Ironed tea


in you up to tell us about something you did on this ground


ones. I did score the best goal of my career on this ground. I was


reminded by one of the directors. It was a screamer, honestly. I will


tell you about it afterwards. have talked about it before! I can


available. Rapper Dudar -- Papa Bouba Diop will come on imminently.


One of the press guys said they had Portsmouth in the past. Just a big


converged around Higginbotham. shirts. A good example today from


West Ham, working hard. A long trip up on Good Friday. Well worth it.


There will be plenty that live locally, they have fans all over


the country. Hammer's? Yes, quite a of West Ham fans as well. Main


Ida's offside. It won't count. -- Maynard. I thought Lansbury was


going to strike it when he got to the edge of the box. Maynard goes


quite gone the distance. We didn't think he would play at all, he went


off at half-time last week, but he has lasted 80 and making his first


appearance since January, Papa Bouba Diop. A Yes, when I saw Mark


Noble was in the starting line-up, I was staggered. He had a thigh


strain, I was told. I thought he would be out for four or five weeks.


There's a difference if you have a tightening of the muscle. We are


told he had a groin injury. to some kind of consolation.


Higginbotham! Nobody could get a decisive touch. Well, excellent


delivery. A lovely touch as well at the near post. I thought he was


offside at first, but no. The shape of the ball coming into the goal


helps it into the back of the net. He is really unlucky. It is one of


very few opportunities Barnsley have created in the second half.


Higginbotham is at Barnsley because he found opportunities limited at


Huddersfield, having only just joined them from Falkirk at the end


of January. Simon Grayson joint and decided Higginbotham would not be


used by him in the near future and sent him off straight away. Keith


Hill was happy to have a player he knew well from Rochdale. He has


done as much as he can today. I thought he started the game


brightly. Just playing off the take the throw-in. He has done ever


so well, the games I have seen him playing for West Ham. He played


very well when they lost 4-2 last to do it. The only thing that


Perkins was going to do was head kept it away from Higginbotham.


Barnsley corner. West Ham had six a good covering from right-back by


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


Scott Wiseman. Excellent on that this do to Barnsley, their 6th


defeat in seven games? They have lost eight of 10 now. Though


statistics speak for themselves, but the man of the defeat, too.


was too easy, just too easy today. I know they are playing one of the


top teams in the division, but they did not compete in the first 45.


They allowed West Ham far too much space. It strains confidence on the


run-in, when they need another few points. Like many people, they go


to Blackpool on Bank Holiday Monday. On the basis of what we have seen


today and the fact that Blackpool won at Watford this afternoon, I do


not think they will have a pleasant day out. Needs must, Blackpool


charging into the play-off division. Crystal Palace. Did he tell anyone


anything useful? He is a good coach, actually, one of the old Crazy Gang,


the original. Story to tell, I am sure. Not are there! -- not on


Barnsley will not want to see any time added on, and West Ham will be


happy if the board is blank as well. Above Bouba Diop has given it away.


almost as if they had scored a goal. said that Stephen Foster was man of


the match. Barnsley's man of the match. The centre-back getting


suggest to me that somebody is not has given up watching. I don't want


to tell them what happened at Headingley earlier, Kent got more


than 500 against Yorkshire. He has on the run-in, it tease them up


nicely for Birmingham on Monday. I said before, you want a positive


reaction from the team. In many ways, the fans will be saying this


is the performance they needed record against Vale as a manager,


of what happens next season if West Ham do not go up. The board have


stated that Sam Allardyce will definitely be in charge next season,


or whatever. I think that was David Gold, wasn't it, on Twitter? West


Ham have come close to getting a Dominant. They scored an early goal.


Good travelling fans today. board has gone up, at least three


more minutes for Barnsley to endure. That was a shot, believe it or not!


performance than what I saw against Reading. I know they are promotion


contenders, as opposed to a team trying to get away from the


relegation area, but it is about how you play, and their football


has been better, their passing, their movement, their defending.


fantastic support from West Ham today, travelling up to watch, an


historic moment, 12 away wins in the league. A new club record.


got seven more points than they have at home this season. Too many


draws. They have to do it on home turf on Monday when Birmingham City


go to East London. It should be a big game for the people in charge.


club's point of view, would you worry for Barnsley now, or is it


just one more win? A couple of draws, that is what you might say.


But listen, the teams around you, if they get a result, all of a


sudden panic sets in. Keith Hill was a guest on a late kick-off


programming Yorkshire and Lincolnshire a few weeks ago, and


that at point they were poised to since. Coventry have found some


form as well, haven't they? Millwall are hovering. Nottingham


Forest have come up with a couple of big results as well. As you know,


in football, you cannot rely on control right from the start up the


match, and they have won comfortably. Your thoughts quickly.


A big reaction from the 4-2 defeat against Reading, they knew that


Reading and won today, they knew what they had to do, and that is


all they could do. A clean sheet, 12 away wins, a good day for West


Ham. Listen, there might be a few twists and turns in the tail yet.


Problems for Barnsley, but for West Ham, Sam Allardyce said they will


have to win all six now, and that is the right way to start going


about that task. Easy for them So a decent awayday for those away


fans, one win down, five to go for Sam Allardyce, and you can see the


celebrations in the away end, but for the home side it was a team


that know they are pretty much safe from relegation. I think they are,


the others have got to win four to get above them. They have not 18,


Keith Hill has got a team that he has got from lower leagues, that I


would not swap one of the West Ham players for the Barnsley players.


West Ham should come here and win, and they have done a professional


job, a good performance, and they have took Barnsley apart. With the


players they have One Show, they should do. Keith Hill will stay up


with his team, without a doubt. haves against the have-nots in this


division. To a certain extent. It was a game that I expected West Ham


to win. What they have got to do now is try to take it, two home


games, Birmingham on Monday, Brighton the following Saturday,


and they are not won at home since the beginning of February.


Psychologically, they have got to keep the pressure and transferred


the good away form into winning at Upton Park. That is their big


challenge. Sam has said they need to win every remaining game, is


that a bit of bluster and the psychological tactics. They are


only three points away from automatic promotion. It is sewing


de-seed in the players' heads, why not settle targets high? If you say


anything different, what response will he get? You have got to set


out with that intention. Southampton and Reading are winning,


I know they have got to play each other, but you have to set off with


that intention. We can hear from the manager of West Ham United, Sam


Allardyce. Imaginations, a terrific win, the reaction you were looking


for after Reading last week. -- can write relations. He has, we broke a


club record today, which I am really pleased about for the


players and the fans who have supported us. We gave them


something to cheer about all the way through, and we have been that


good at all season away from home. It is just a shame that we cannot


transmit that into our away form, our home form, sorry, and results.


It is a terrific result, well deserved, played ever so well, and


obviously pleased for the fans because the goals went in at their


end. It is a long journey for them today, and we gave great


Four very different goals. With the pick of them have been from Mark


Noble? You have to credit the rest of the team on how well they have


closed down Barnsley. The quality of the finish was outstanding. But


I thought the first goal from Nicky Maynard was excellent. Vaz Te...


All of the goals were good today and it was a great performance and


an important clean sheet for top we've got everything right today.


On we go to the next game. Does a result like that and a performance


like that give you confidence that automatic promotion this Delyn


site? It is still inside. We have extra pressure today because we


knew Reading had won. I wondered if it would affect the lads and it


affected them in the right way. They gave a performance with a lot


of quality. I'm really pleased we got the wind and broke the club's


away record for wins in one season. A well done. Thank you. We were


thinking for a minute the record was the most numbers of tattoos and


dodgy haircuts for Barnsley! 12 away wins in one year. They have


had some criticism from their home supporters, but they've come here


and got a result and performance. The goal from Vaz Te sums up the


The goal from Vaz Te sums up the day for the visiting team.


wonder if they can get a reaction at the start of the second half.


Once you get the fourth goal... He knocks it well ahead of him and


shapes to cross. Could he have pushed it wider, Vicky Barr? Vaz Te


reacts and once you get the fourth, that is going in. It was this gay -


- same scoreline that Reading had him last month. It get them back


into frame on the goal-difference side. More than anything, the away


form has been outstanding and in the Premier League, away from home,


they were so fragile. They always conceded three if they scored two.


Sam has sorted out the defensive side. At home it's a different


mindset. Tim's turn up and they sit back and West Ham are expected to


attack. It is a different mindset, a different way of approaching the


game. The other teams sit back and catch West Ham on the break. I


think they have just played exceptionally well today. It suits


them, playing away. Why that is I don't know because West Ham can be


an intimidating place when they are playing well and winning. It is a


brilliant ground. The atmosphere is fantastic. But if they are not


playing well and not winning, it can be a horrible atmosphere.


expect and sea level... -- expectancy level. The tension comes


and you can sense it as a player. and you can sense it as a player.


That is when you need a couple of characters to get hold of the game.


Perhaps West Ham enjoyed not being Perhaps West Ham enjoyed not being


at Upton Park today. I'm not sure the Barnsley fans enjoyed being at


Oakwell. A catalogue of -- a catalogue of defensive errors.


thought Vaz Te would attack that really well. Somebody would have


been designated to Mark Nolan. If anybody does it any better... This


is great football. Talk about whacking the ball! They have been


terrific. That finished his outstanding. He kept his head well,


Mark Noble. They passed the ball well. Nicky Maynard dropped back


into the hole. Mick was talking about central defenders pushing in


and they were not doing that. At home, there is not that space


because they sit as a four and the midfield four and there's no space


for a striker or the midfield to get it and that is when they start


trying to knock the ball longer. Didn't they let them off the hook?


They let them off the hook with the first sign. We never saw if there


were any signs of nerves from West Ham. They gave them a goal from a


Ham. They gave them a goal from a corner. Well done to West Ham. A


bad day for the home side. Some other big games in the race for the


other big games in the race for the automatic promotion places in the


Championship this afternoon. Leeds frustrated Reading for much of


their game following the early sending-off of Thompson. Until six


minutes from time when substitute Adam Le Fondre bundled home. He


made sure of the points in stoppage time. 12 wins in 14 games for Brian


Would you fancy West Ham in the play-offs? They've got the fight.


They've got the experienced players as well. But Blackpool and


Birmingham have had great seasons. The play-offs are fabulous for fans


and people not involved, but as managers and players they are a


nightmare. Trevor started shaking his head. The problem is, if you


look at their history, the side that finishes third, they never go


up. Somebody comes in late. Start shipping goals and go down to


fourth or 5th! Birmingham are for fat the moment. West Ham have two


big home games coming up. How much would West Ham love to have the


would West Ham love to have the kind of impact in the Premier


League that Swansea have had? They took on Newcastle today and this is


how it finished. Cisse got both of the goals. This is how it leaves


That will change tomorrow when Plenty of Premier League action


this weekend and you saw a lot of it as a manager this season. I'm


not sure what Wolves were planning for when they got rid of the man


who delivered their best finish in the last 30 years, but it wasn't


one point from the last six games. How has it been watching them?


still very much involved emotionally because Terry, is a


great friend of mine, a great coach. It has been tough for him. I think


we would have stayed up with me in charge. Would I say anything


different? We did have a bad run, I didn't want that. But you have to


take it on the chin. It is one of the things about modern football


now. You can't sack a player but managers get given no time. It has


been difficult this season, some strange decisions in every league.


It just seems to be, can you hold your nerve? Supporters get more


vocal and you have the social networks where they have a debate.


The owners then look at the social networks and they get affected.


was the first time we dropped into the bottom three, on goal


difference, all season. I can understand it because it was West


Brom that we lost heavily to. It was a horrible, horrible day, but


it was the first time we had been in there and we got out during the


last game of the season last year. We were scrapping away but I still


thought we would have done it. But it was not to be and good luck to


them. There's another vacancy you might apply for. We still don't


have an England manager. You're on the panel! Of the team going to be


badly prepared with no manager in place before Euro 2012? I don't


think so. Whoever gets the role, naturally, they can't get anyone


together until the first warm-up game on May the 26. Yes, they would


want to be looking at the opposition and doing the analysis.


Everything is in place. But you could not get the group together.


There are sensitivities so we always said we would leave it until


the latter part of the season. You have little flurries of speculation.


But nothing will happen until the latter part... You don't want to


reveal anything right now on the BBC? No, no! Mick McCarthy is with


the BBC for the European championships and it will be a good


Jake Humphrey is at Oakwell for live coverage of Barnsley's Championship game against promotion-chasing West Ham.

The Hammers have seldom been out of the automatic promotion places since October, as they seek an immediate return to the Premier League under the adroit stewardship of Sam Allardyce.

In contrast, Barnsley's form has nosedived over the last four months, not helped by losing leading scorer Ricardo Vaz Te to West Ham in the January transfer window. Vaz Te has settled in quickly at his new club - what price him scoring a decisive goal on his return to Oakwell?

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