Blackpool v Southampton Match of the Day Live

Blackpool v Southampton

Jake Humphrey introduces live coverage from Bloomfield Road of the Championship encounter between promotion contenders Blackpool and Southampton.

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No way, and not interested, it is cliche, it has been done before. He


will get the ice-cream? OK, where do you want me? The donkey or on


the Pier? Seven games to go. Three promotion places. And two sides


looking to hook up their return to the Premier League. I should come


48 times Blackburn and Southampton have met and it has never been a


goalless draw and add to that the knockout entertainment of 138


league goals between them. It could be quite the show! Apparently only


real men wear pink. Now the serious business in the shadow of the


Blackpool Tower, a 90 minutes of football that could have a serious


impact on the Premier League dreams of these teams and after a


gruelling championship and with so much at stake, there is no need for


extra spice but we have added this anyway. Mark Lawrenson, who started


at Preston and Steve Claridge, who played with such pride for


Southampton's famous and bursaries, Portsmouth. Looking out the winner,


memories of the 1970s? The ground is completely different, there was


a hotel one mile away and in those days, in the last 20 minutes, they


would open the gets so I used to watch Blackpool play for the last


20 minutes. I remember the double in 1970. Yes, it has been a massive


change. Bringing it bang up-to-date, we watched Southampton some games


ago, seven games from the end, they are still top. This might happen?


Every chance. We look at the results at they have come across,


it has done them a real favour. If this is a game that they can almost


but it to bed, they will get into the Premiership. If they can put


some distance and depth between them and... They are recognised as


the best team in the lake. Once the manager start saying that, they


will start moving. Some interesting results today. Let's get up-to-date


because this is what has been happening. No separating Brighton


and Middlesbrough. Cardiff missed their chance to return. And that


was a 4th defeat for Hull City. Leeds lost to Watford. And for


different players scoring for Reading and Burnley beat Portsmouth


5 - 1. This is what it means for the league. It makes for


interesting reading. 78 points on the board. Getting close to that


magic 80. If they win today, they will go into the play-off spot. It


is worth reminding people, 2009, relegated to the third year and in


administration? It has been meteoric, the rise. It is a good


club. The structure for the club looks to be in place. The


infrastructure is there. The ground and the facilities and obviously


the people who come to watch. Everything has been players and


they have to just find their bottle on the pitch. It is like Norwich.


like that. They're definitely doing this like Norwich, on the rise.


They will only get better. Momentum isn't something that Black will


have got, eight points from their last eight games. Here's the


manager. You have made wholesale changes, what is the thinking?


a manager and I can do what I like, really. We have had some goals


lately and I think today will be a different type of game, they have a


couple of different game plans and I think I know which one they will


play and they might have to adapt to match that and make it easier. I


am very interested in how my boys react. I have obviously picked what


I think is a good team. I have some older, senior ones that I have left


out. We have a game on Monday and on Friday next week. I am expecting


some reaction from these boys, we had a friendly against Leeds and we


won 5 - 3 and I have a word of some of them. How much encouragement


from the game down below? You ran them close? The fact that we should


have won that. They have been fantastic, all season. Great credit


to Nigel. And they are in the way of what we want to do. We would


love to swap places with them but we have not had the energy they


have had and have not produced the results. Today is about getting a


performance and result that can get us back to the Celts. Ian Holloway


does it again, he has made a name for himself by creating headlines.


There is a raft of changes. Was he right to make these moves?


things you must point out. He will do this on and match to match basis


and that isn't a bad side. They are developing. He has options. Some


games over Easter. He has picked his side and bearing in mind the


opposition. A it'll be much too much basis. He was prickly in that


interview. With the players. He has let so many of them out. Tomkins,


son of Paul Ince. The -- Thomas Ince. And unlike his father, he has


a great left foot. And a raft of different skills. It is interesting


levels spending �37 million on players like Jordan Henderson. And


they allow this man to walk away from unfilled? He has improved


dramatically from the move. You want to play games of football and


this is a good place. Especially for someone like Ken. And you think,


it was a slow-burn, you had the feeling that he would either get


progressively better because he had the attitude, the way he performed


since, and now he just has to finesse those skills. And Stephen


Dobbie. The play-off master. And the interesting thing for back pole


is the three teams at night, they all drew. They have a great


opportunity. How do those players feel when they have not been


getting results? And this amount of change? It is a shot across the


bars? You have to keep your players, regardless, and whether he gets a


reaction remains to be seen. Blackpool have struggled. Let's


hear from Nigel Atkins. Rickie Lambert, to a major player of the


year, does not make it? We have good players, Billy Sharp, we have


Steve De Ridder. We are right for the strikers. But he has been


fantastic but we will not just rely on one player. He had little injury


and came off in a previous game, he trained on Thursday but was not


quite right for today. We have good games next weekend. Billy Sharp


scoring goals? A he has come end and has worked hard and he is fit


and strong and scored twice last week. Could have scored more.


Reading against West Ham. You said you were not even bother to look at


the squash? You cannot affect the scores, we will look at ourselves.


And go through the process. One day you expect today? Blackpool always


tough? They have a good manager, good attacking football and he has


made one or two changes today. They have got goal threats in the team


and very attack-minded. You know all about promotion, is it just a


case of looking at the finishing line? Serious to, one game at a


time. Concentrate and control the Games. Focus and yourselves, we


work hard on the training ground and in the build up. Do everything


to win the game and debrief and put it to bed and get ready for the


next one. Go Glock! That pretty much epitomises the season?


troll, control. I want to know the man with all four site at


Scunthorpe who saw Nigel Adkins as a physio and turn to an end to the


manager. He has done a fantastic job. The results speak for


themselves. A we can hear the fans getting excited. And some excited


players on the pitch. Adam Lallana has been described as the most


exciting and the League and Billy Sharp, almost �2 million? Pushing


over the line when searching for promotion. They had three or four


in the summer which improved them. That was a five-game period when


they head that rocky patch and came out of it and they now have renewed


confidence in everybody. I saw him playing for Doncaster earlier this


season and he had a serious injury so he has done well. I am looking


forward to seeing this fellow. I have heard good reports. Really


attacking, aren't they? atmosphere is building behind us


and Blackpool need a result. gave away a lot and he said control


because what they do not do it is they do not give away easy goals.


They make you work. The other sides in this division, Blackpool, giving


away too simple goals. That is why Southampton are at the top, that is


why they will remain at the top. Here we go, at this stage, you can


forget about the performance. It's all about the result and that is


the hat that they did not wear at the start of the programme! The


plentiful bounty of the Premier League beckons. What will this


afternoon do? Martin Keown is beside Steve Wilson for live


championship football. Blackpool looked very nice with that Orange


face. These are the two top scorers in the Championship this season. We


game because both sounds like to two promotion places all season. If


they win today, they will go and nine points clear of West Ham in


third place with West Ham having lost at home to Reading, who are


second this afternoon. On the other side of that coin, Blackpool's


players know that if they win, they will go back into the play-off


positions. They would be 5th place, moving above Brighton and


Middlesborough, who played out and draw in Brighton this afternoon.


That is the context in which this game is being played. And they come


out into a really cracking up this year as well and as the wind blows


in from the sea, past the Blackpool Tower, up the Golden Mile... And


then to the faces of Blackpool and atmosphere inside the ground today


and no matter what Nigel Adkins has been saying, and you can understand


it, you can only control the control the ball, and saying they


are not interested in their other games, of course they are.


MARTIN KEOWN: It was a physiotherapist all of those years


ago -- he was. It has made him qualified to be a top manager, nice


and simple, he loves his players and I think that is the way forward.


He is very calm in his management and he knows that Ian Holloway will


be desperate to win this game. It is going to be a cracking match.


Southampton will play all of football and expect Blackpool to be


very direct. Ian Holloway rings the changes. Whether he thinks a change


is as good as a rest, I don't know, but he has made seven. Kevin


Phillips is out with a hip injury. Barry Ferguson and Stephen Crainey


are left out. Thomas mayor, son of Paul, is a real prospect -- Thomas


top scorer, indeed the Championship's top scorer, Rickie


Lambert, with a pelvic injury. He was a one-time blackballed trainee.


goalkeeper on their bench today. The referee is Dean Whitestone. And


there is the Southampton boss Nigel Adkins. They have been a leading


the way all the way since August. They did drop off into second place,


as Steve Claridge was referring to, in December and January. They had a


tricky time, 13 points from 12 games, but the business he did in


January seems to have revitalised Southampton. They are very much in


pole position to go back into the Premier League. Seven seasons out


of the top flight. It is amazing, Martin, that when Nigel Adkins to


go back at St Mary's, which is not even 18 months ago, they were 22nd


in League 1. They are now clear at the top of the Championship of.


is phenomenal to get that much success. They are following Norwich


through the divisions. They just played simple, they play the ball


to feet, they all believe in one another. Look out for Lallana, he


is an outstanding talent. A lot of these guys deserve to play in the


Premiership. And a lot of the Blackpool have played in the


Premiership. -- Blackpool guys. They were on they end of a second


half of the season slump that took them out of the Premiership. They


ended up going down on the final day at Old Trafford end that a


dramatic finale to the Premier League season. -- in that. Can they


get back there? Can Southampton get back there? It is a blustery day,


as you can tell from the beach ball that has just blown on from amongst


the 2000 travelling Southampton fans. It is Blackpool he will get


us under way, kick in from left to right in the first 45 minutes. Here


watching the rest, now the rest will watch Blackpool and


Southampton. West Ham, Reading, Cardiff, Brighton and Middlesbrough,


they all have their own agenda as of what they want to see come out


Southampton's win over Doncaster, his former club, last week. Dean


Whitestone, the referee, he took charge of Blackpool's FA Cup win


against Blake would down the road - Southampton. -- a. They don't make


veteran, he is only 35. There are a few Premier League goalkeepers well


quick feet -- you can see Lallana. Expect him to roam around behind


the front two. He has had an with the ball. Both managers down


on his near side have said something to the 4th official


Robert Lewis. They don't like the complete the round, the way it is


bouncing. I am not sure why the referee didn't just be that


straight away -- completely round. We have got a new one. It was like


an Easter egg, the one they were playing with. They should get


everybody to sign it and auction it. It is not much use for anything


side of the post from Guly Do Prado. It was a useful ball through. You


can see his pace, he takes yards after him. Just not able to guide


it into the goal. Should be able to get it in from there, he has done


all of a hard work and he should be doing better. -- the hard work.


Guly Do Prado has just come back caught the headlines this season


but Guly Do Prado has chipped in with 11, Lallana has 12. Billy


Sharp came in January and he is a in the shower moment. He just used


his experience. It is a useful cross in, it should be food and


drink for him. And he nearly fluffs endgame Kelvin Davis has missed


this season. -- the only game. His Gilks was a big loss to Blackpool


last season when he will best half of the campaign after breaking a


protestations of innocence from Pablo that Angel are dismissed. --


offside position. The decision went against Billy Sharp. Yes, good


decision from the linesman, spot on. about him, England Under 19 and


Under 20, and then Scotland found out he could qualify for them and


Craig Levein called him up for a friendly against Slovenia. He


pulled out injured. But we can have a clause with Blackpool that if he


plays for England, they get an add- on to the fee and they sent


Blackpool and invoice and Blackpool scented back, saying the contracts


as if he plays for England, Scotland did not count! -- the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


a really good save from Kelvin Davis, but Taylor-Fletcher will be


disappointed. That was a fantastic move down that right hand side. The


position that he takes up. That was a fantastic save from the keeper.


The Blackpool corner. Thomas Ince... Gary Taylor-Fletcher. Adam Lallana.


Gary Taylor-Fletcher. Could block by Adam Lallana and then smashed


back in by Bob Harris. Really showing his value. Acrobatic. Great


pull back. And it was that definite little flick. Gives the keeper the


chance to save. That was a great move from Blackpool. They might


have lost some experience today, taking Kevin Phillips out of the


team with injury and Barry Ferguson out, Stephen Crainey, but what they


have brought in with Philips and Thomas Ince his place. And energy.


-- is pace. On site. Polls it back. Tonight by Davis. And the rebound,


right across the front of the goal and Blackpool are lucky they are


not in front. That was remarkable. Good early ball. Pulling back. And


really, how on earth has he saved that from there? The reflexes are


outstanding. You wonder about Southampton's defending at times. I


don't think he knows much about that but it was a great save all


the same. Thomas Ince was onside. But back to the keeper with rather


more pace than he wanted. That has given the match some impetus.


Giving Blackpool left. He has lost it. Keith Southern trying to pick


his way through the Southampton jerseys. The visitors have the


Blackpool, isn't it? We have not releasing them pass the ball in


their normal manner so far. The thing which impressed so many


people about back then under Ian Holloway is just the ferocity with


which they attack. Thomas Ince... At Phillips in the middle. Onto the


right foot. Went for the Near right post, Kelvin Davis made the save.


He is a box of tricks on his right hand side. So difficult playing


against a player with the opposite foot. In the one situation he


fancies his chances but the goalkeeper stays up with the good


barrier and that was a good save from him once more. And with his


weaker foot. But it was kept well enough. Gary Taylor-Fletcher,


another good ball. Southampton feeling penned in at the moment.


Adam Lallana, looking for Billy Sharp. That is the goal kick.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


goes over and the referee says penalty! Given by his assistant on


the far side. He looked to the assistant on the far side. And John


Busby said penalty. I am not sure that is a penalty? It's sort of


flashes across them and the offender panics. Harris makes the


contact. Once he feels any kind of contact and he has gone down...


has caught the standing leg. Billy Greeted with patchier that nearly


takes the roof off. -- worth at Shea. But the best of penalties. --


with a cheer. Well, Ricky Lambert takes all the Southampton penalty


is and he isn't here today. Billy Sharp, stepping up to the played


but it was not his best. Matthew is Jack Cork. Adam Lallana. The


Trying to find Stephen Dobbie. Keith Southern, now. Bob Harris,


who conceded that penalty. I don't think Matt Phillips will reach out.


Not quite. Southampton throw. Snapping into those challenges. And


that was a good save from the keeper. Sharp will regret that, I


am sure. That was a good opportunity to put his team in


front. 50-50. If he goes to his himself in the right-back position.


He likes his team to pass the ball, Ian Holloway. Look at the managers.


That tells you everything you need to know. Fiercely competitive men.


Jack Cork. Billy Sharp chasing. Alex Baptiste is there. Jack Cork.


Blackpool throw. Had said and done taken the lead, it would certainly


have been against the run of play. Those are the opportunities you


must take when away from home and that has given Blackpool a real


lift. They have been beaten here three times this season. But they


have won on only one of their last six championship fixtures, against


with this, Blackpool. Phillips. Keith Southern. Blackpool throw.


Phillips. Running. Excellent tackle. Gary Taylor-Fletcher. Keith


Southern with the cross. Here is Fletcher and he goes down -


penalty! Morgan Schneiderlin upon Gary Taylor-Fletcher. And the


second penalty. That was a great run from Gary Taylor-Fletcher.


There was no challenge made, there. He was falling over before he even


gets to his opponent. All credit, to challenges and almost just falls


over, as soon as he feels any contact and he falls into his


opponent, for me, there. Southampton missed their penalty,


can Stephen Dobbie score from 12 yards? His first start in his


corner. No saving that. Blackpool 1, Southampton 0. That was an


excellent penalty for a player who knows all about these situations,


getting promotions, and he really has put that away into the corner.


That was an excellent penalty. other one was 50 - 50. It would


have needed a miracle to stop that. And Blackpool lead. And they come


straight back four more. Both sets, Phillips on the other side and


Thomas Ince on the side, really taking the game to Southampton.


Those two wide men are causing He puts it in. Sharp with the have


from the referee. They want to keep this going. That was a fair and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


honest challenge, in my book. over the bar. It wasn't, was it? It


was Neal Eardley who put this over the top. If you scored from there,


it was the goal of the season, wasn't it? Especially from a right


back. This is it, once Blackpool have got the bit between their


teeth, they are very hard to shake out of their stride. They were just


keep coming at you. -- they will just. You cannot see them just


sitting on this lead, they have to try to take this further to


Defenders do not get enough credit for that. Alex Baptiste was


relegated added the Football League with Mansfield only a couple of


seasons before he was playing in Southampton have had for a while.


They are not fazed, though, they keep playing the same ball out wide


for the goalkeeper to the full- backs, trying to play through the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


because I think they feel Billy Sharp had been impeded. Two options


for Richard Chaplow, Billy Sharp to his right, Julie the Bravo to his


left. -- Guly Do Prado. At that time it was definitely a foul by


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


sides, making it difficult for her Blackpool to pick him up -- Richard


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


Chaplow. This is the first felt really should have scored.


really should be doing better there. He can see it right in front of him.


It is coming at such a speed, I don't think he can get his head on


it. It is a great chance. They are like statues around him, the


Blackpool players. He should have put away his 7th goal of the season,


the centre half. Instead, at Stephen Dobbie! 2-0! What they


return for Stephen Dobbie! -- what a return. Back at Blackpool in


another loan spell from Swansea City and he scored twice in less


than 10 minutes. Blackpool 2, at Southampton 0. This is just a


hopeful punt up the pitch, something they should be dealing


with, food and drink. He is on to read first. A bit of strength,


muscles him are fed and taxied into the corner. A fantastic returned --


muscles him off it and tucks it into the corner. It is a fantastic


finish. The bit of strength when he needs it, takes the energy from the


defender and the keeper can do nothing about it. In the twinkling


of an eye, from one end to another, from goalkeeper to Stephen Dobbie


to the back of the Southampton net, and the League leaders are in big


this. Nigel Adkins admits to see some character, some response from


his team, -- needs deceive. They just haven't turned up so far in


this one. Within a quarter of an hour of missing a penalty which


would have put Southampton in front, Nigel Adkins'team are two goals


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


hour for Southampton. They need to less than 10 minutes, his first two


of the season. Free kick, blackballed. Ince brought down. --


free kick, Blackpool. He feels the challenge and there goes down.


Definitely a free kick. Every time Guly Do Prado gets involved, he


concedes a free kick. It may well be he will receive a cumulative


yellow card after a while. He is making bad point to the Brazilian.


He is calling Dover Jose Fonte, who is the captain -- calling over.


Just as they can you tell your big man up front to be careful where he


is putting his feet. He has taken exception to quite innocuous


challenges and he has pulled him in will be taken in front of a new


segment of Bloomfield Road. They have not settled on their laurels


here, they are extending the stadium. That little segment in the


are on the up and things are looking good today. The referee


still in discussions with Jose font fascinating and really entertaining


final list with Blackpool two years ago, winning promotion to the


Premier League it, he was on loan with Swansea and went back, scored


in the play-off final last season as Swansea were promoted. He hasn't


been too heavily involved in the Premier League and has come back in


search of matches and this is his first start since he came back, two


player of the future by Chelsea without cracking the first team. A


Ince, who didn't make it at Liverpool, at the more you see him,


the more you think they may be left foot is his preferred but but


he has shown today that he has not averse to using his right. A


Dobbie. Southampton will be particularly disappointed, just a


punt up front. He does exceptionally well and it is a


great finish. He knows exactly what he is doing when he gets the ball.


Just absorb the challenge and pokes it into the corner. Southampton


could really do with one back took a few by surprise, I would


hesitate to call it a gamble because he knows his squad better


than anybody, but it has certainly paid off. He has a squad which is


decent and people are coming in and doing exceptionally well. Looking


at their windows, I have been very impressed with both Ince and


Phillips. -- looking at their long, at Ince. He has sown great


character -- just took a bit too long, or Ince. He has shown great


character, coming from Liverpool, and sorting his game out. Just


Championship fixtures, Southampton. They will have to go some here to


keep that run going. But one goal would change everything,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


particularly if it comes before quite tight, that. -- offside. The


flag was up instantaneously. think he was onside and I thought


that straight away. There are probably to Blackpool defenders


Fletcher has shown some lovely touches and vision. He has done


well, he has been a real nuisance talked about Thomas Ince and Matt


Phillips working hard, forcing Southampton to really just go back


throw in. Morgan Schneiderlin. Thomas Ince, Neal Eardley. Here is


do Prado. Matt Phillips, trying to chase it down but it found its mark.


Lallana. They just do not have that accuracy in their passing,


Southampton, at the moment. Blackpool will be happy if they can


just see this through to have time. Blackpool know that Brighton and


members Brown drew with each other. And card of true earlier today. --


Middlesborough. This could turn out to be a very good day for them.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


Adam Lallana just took that away Stephen Dobbie making the wrong. --


making the wrong. Anticipated by Morgan Schneiderlin. Neal Eardley


goes back. It has gone Blackpool's way in the first half. Impressive


stuff. Yes, they are steam rolling. They need this have time to settle


down and be more purposeful in their play in the second half.


the referee says that will do. Stephen Dobbie with two goals in


the space of him minutes, his first two goals of the season. That has


put Blackpool to the good at half- time and they have their goalkeeper


to thank for saving that Billy Sharp penalty. But there is no


question at all that Blackpool are good value for their half-time lead.


The league leaders are in a spot of And what drama here in Blackpool,


the fans on their feet. Beth Ian Holloway was hoping to send a


message to his players by making seven changes, he did and it worked.


He has. There were periods when I saw them play against Leeds earlier


on and they created lots of chances and it was similar to that.


Everything I said before the game, they have done the opposite, tough


to play against and they would make life difficult. At times, that


simply has not happened. They have been sold a and if you look at


Thomas in Stan Wright and Gary Taylor-Fletcher and Stephen Dobbie,


they are winning the game for black POBAL -- Blackpool at the moment.


Southampton should have been 1-0 up for the penalty. And I said to,


what kind of penalty -- tackle is that? You said it was not? It was


not. Goes around the ball and does not take anything apart from that


little effect on the bar. The ball does not move. You always look at


where the ball finishes up. It just carries on the same way. He went


down like a giant redwood. And you will want him to be playing and


scoring penalties. It was a good save and a bad penalty. Easy as


that. He looked nervous, he kept looking at the referee. He was not


focused. That was the definite penalty and that the other end not


long after, in the commentary box they do not think this was a


penalty? The same opinion, it is a foul outside the box, it was just


there and he has almost fallen over. It is very difficult for the


Southampton man. I think you're trying to get out of the way. Sorry,


not for me. It looks like he does move towards a player? It is that


one. A at the that is forward. that was signed as a backwards, he


was not touching him. That is a penalty. That side netting, it goes


early. Still does not get anywhere near it. A and the keeper could not


have done much to say that? 2 - 0. Defensively, Southampton reacted


really Purley. It just is a big punt on the pitch. And the left


side, centre back, I don't know. Puppy comes. For mistakes leading


to that goal. But that was a super finish. He knows the challenge is


coming so he does not try to get the shot off, he waits for the


challenge. When he takes a shot, he takes a keeper by surprise because


he takes it quickly. Just gives himself enough of an ankle. Maybe


the keeper could have come out initially from the header but that


was poor defending. That is a goal but his only scored in the


Championship and down. Not Premier League. Very rarely would you see a


goal like that in the Premier League. Let's talk about


Southampton, they come into this on the back of four victories, are


they missing Ricky Lambert? They are missing somebody who can get a


hold of the ball. They have given it away far too easily. They have


not gone for any real width. The picture at times has been a little


bit congested. Stephen Dobbie has made a real difference because he


has been the link between the midfield and the fund players for


Blackpool. Southampton love to control games, they have not done


that today. Blackpool made loads of chances before they actually got


that penalty and from some really good football. We will look at some


of those later on. Not even winning here might be enough for


Southampton depending on other results because it has been and


interesting day. Here is how things chance for a decent cross and that


was low. Know that! Carlton Cole! West Ham have taken the lead. It


might have come back off the woodwork. And it fell nicely into


the path of Carlton Cole. He has jail that into the bottom corner. -


- drilled that. Can they get back on level terms? Right under the


crossbar, and they have! The Latvian international on the near


post. Having been second best throughout the whole of the second


-- first half, they will go in at half-time 1 - 1. That was not


really a very strong challenge from Kevin Nolan. Roberts. He gets the


rebound off the body of Tomkins. And that was a chance for know all


hunt! Reading are going to go in leading 2-1! -- Noel Hunt. That


makes in their top scorer of the season on it goals. -- eight goals.


The shot was on target by the big central defender, now playing in


midfield. He gets too much -- gets to it first. Hunt! There is going


to be a penalty. That was a rather reckless challenge. Hot tip the


ball away from him. The tackle was late. -- Hunt took. Ian Hart. 3 - 1.


What a comeback this is. Surely securing that position, now? 3 - 1


over West Ham. West Ham have to pull another goal back and give


themselves a chance, here. Gary O'Neill takes the corner. Oh! What


a header! Right into the top corner. From the Portuguese player.


Absolutely right into the corner. Roberts. Wood! That is going to


stand! And Reading have re- established their lead. He took the


ball. It was slipped in and then it hit the heels. Noel Hunt, Was the


offside? Here is Roberts. And he must wait for him. And he has put


it back into the middle. 5! No, no, the flag has gone up. Was he


offside boarded the ball run out? Kevin Nolan. That was a good ball.


What the sea of! -- asave! significant was that? It is three


points, we went behind today and this is always a tough place to


come to. We never really got going for the first 20 minutes and then


took the lead but I thought after that, we played really well and we


stayed in the game. We got ourselves in front. I thought we


were good value. Well done, Reading. This is how crucial that is... You


can see Reading in second place. 76 points. West Ham in third. As it


stands... With black polluting, they are currently in 5th place. If


it finishes like that, black peer will be in the play-offs. --


Blackpool. There hasn't been a more under pressure manager all year.


Look at the Budget and the players, it is right he should be under


pressure. Certain players respond to that and others do not. No doubt


that there is very little room for manoeuvre, shall we say. So it has


strange division. Southampton were in League One last year. They have


some stars but mainly unsung players. West Ham have a majority


of Premiership players, being paid think Kevin Nolan is their top


scorer. Should an Carlton Cole be? A I don't think he is. If you can


get somebody who can get 20 odd goals for you, you have a great


chance. West Ham cannot win at goal. There is talk -- there was talk


that Brian McDermott would go to Wolves, was it wise to stay at


Reading? It certainly looks like it, and with the new owners promising


new funds, it looks like a club on the up. He turned them all back and


got a new contract, happy days. -- he turned Wolves down. Happy days


indeed. You can see all of the action in the Football League Show


tonight. And as well as that, today was one of those rare footballing


days when there were a big bunch of 3pm kick-offs in the Premier League.


Marc Warren so it was very excited. It was nice to see. -- Mark


Lawrenson. Manchester City and the bottom four were all in action, it


was a dramatic day but 27 goals and some shock results. Tunic to Match


Of The Day to find out what happened -- tune in. That is


special look that sexism in football, and also from Wednesday,


the Track Cycling World Cup is live. It is a big opportunity for the


sprinters and endurance riders to stake their Olympic claims.


Wednesday is quite a day for BBC's board, with the US has massed -- US


Masters special looking back at fast-jet and forward to this year.


Tiger Woods fresh from his first tournament win for many a month.


And more football on Friday, we are at Barnsley for Match Of the Day


Live. Barnsley against West Ham. Looking behind me, I can see the


mass Copts have left the pitch which means the players will be on


their way shortly -- mascots. Let's have a look at some other chances


for Blackpool, they could have been more goals. Very much so. They have


been the better side. Butterfield gets caught in the wrong position.


He should possibly have played this and earlier to Ince. As it is,


Fletcher has to control the ball rather than doing something with it.


Ince was the ball earlier, but they made the best of a bad job, and a


great effort from Taylor-Fletcher. Steve, would you have put your foot


through the ball? He wouldn't have been their! This is what they did


well. They got around Southampton in the wide areas and got players


into the box. It looked like it would be another performance like


the Leeds game when Southampton kept -- were kept in it by the


goalkeeper. This was a great ball. Had you been impressed by Ince?


has played very well. Ince, left foot down the right Matt Phillips,


right foot down the left, they have pace and they are direct. He goes


one way, then the other, putting a question mark into the defender's


mind. Plenty of reasons to think Southampton's are completely out of


it. They had some chances and they will look for more like it -- are


not completely out of bed. I think he should score here. It is a great


chance. This is a great ball from Lallana, fantastic vision with a


little reverse pass. The goalkeeper doesn't do an awful lot. The word


that friendly about the goalkeeper when you worked on the telly. --


you weren't. He didn't want to get his kit Dirty! Trying to do too


much with it, and in the end he put it wide. You are going to have to


take a few punches from Blackpool and concede chances but you will


get one or two go the other way. Southampton score first, it will be


a great half. For Ian Holloway, they conceded three goals in the


last game, or three in the game before, what do they do? Score four.


I wondered why you went to manager for longer. Make sure people


contrast -- concentrate and do their jobs and don't let


Southampton back in. They can't change the way they play, they pour


forward and that is the way it is and you have to take defeat on the


chin. It blackballed score the next goal, they are rough. -- IF


Blackpool scored the next goal, had got beaten, they will still be


six points clear, Southampton are playing a bit off the pace. And no


Rickie Lambert. If you look around the dressing room that he is not


playing that it makes a difference. At the same time, it is important


for Southampton to remember a win puts them back over the 60. Mark.


All of the stars are out today -- point mark. Time to go to a couple


of our Owen, Steve Wilson and Martin Keown for the second half


live there. STEVE WILSON: Thank you very much,


you have come back in the nick of time. You might have caught


Martin's half-time TV burp from his cup of tea, but he has got that out


of the way. Steve De Ridder is on for Richard Chaplow. It is a sweat


-- straight position will swap. -- favour of Southampton, who were


really up against it here. Reading winning at West Ham making this a


great opportunity for Saddam turned to go nine points clear of a third


place. -- for Southampton to go nine points clear of third place.


But it is not going that way at the moment. Can they make amends for


what was a below-par 45 minutes. But take nothing away from


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


Adkins at half-time, but Steve De looking for a change in performance


without a doubt. He is looking for a reaction and they needed to


respond. You have got to see the job through, plenty of football


left in this season. Southampton still have to play Reading, who are


first half was fairly even, but since then, Blackpool were pretty


much always in the ascendancy. lifted the crowd, lifted the tempo


and suddenly, the players were playing for real. Billy Sharp on


the turn, excellent tackle from Harris. Billy Sharp was in. Bob


Harris arrived from nowhere. gave a penalty away the first half


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


his cool. He is not somebody who throws teacups or plates of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


has won a corner. Phillips has done excellently, winning the race into


the Channel, giving his team time to get out and getting them a


below the highest of the season Baptist again, and it is another


corner. Great pressure from Blackpool. Baptiste attacks the


ball very well, he has got great spring. The defender just doing


try, try again. It is in! And it is 3-0! They were all looking at bad


taste and Ian Evatt arrived. -- Baptiste. Blackpool lead by three.


It is a fantastic head at the far post. They were all looking at Alex


Baptiste, and they are just watching, there is nobody near him.


The marking is shocking. He has punished them. At the end of the


day, he has just got to see it on to his head. Totally free header


had some week. His wife has just had twins and now he has just


headed his second goal of the season to make it 3 - 0. No one saw


that coming! And only seven minutes They are all over Southampton like


a rash at the moment. Keith soon. They have got the corner.


That will have to do for the moment. Blackpool only know how to play one


way - they just keep charging the clearing header. Only Stephen


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


there? Blackpool just get forward Three in the middle. The cross


deflected, Blackpool corner. They'd just cannot got -- get their


toehold into the game. No fear, at the moment Southampton cannot live


looking as cool as a cucumber. In comes the corner kick and that will


be another one. They can barely get out of their own penalty area, said


than done. -- Southampton. The corner was short to Keith Southern.


I think that was going to be a shot Seven changes for today's game. It


Matthew Gilks in this. The referee title on this ground in Scunthorpe


five years ago. But they were beaten by Blackpool on the day. It


completely spoiled when the -- winning the title for him. There


are 3-0 down today. -- they are. I would not be surprised to see


half. All the players they have a point to prove, they have really


stood out. Harris, left back. Thomas Ince, Stephen Dobbie, who


scored both goals. -- the two goals. Southern in midfield. Driven across


by Danny Butterfield. Not really dealt with. Alex Baptiste, away.


Great little first touch from the Brazilian, do Prado. And the corner.


Do Prado are showing great strength. And good awareness. And the corner


to Southampton. How many times have we said that in this game? I would


expect him to run that off. Corner- at the back post. And Adam Lallana


own half. He really fires that up. In fairness, normally you would


expect him to do a lot better from that situation. It was a bouncing


bomb that comes at him. He simply cannot keep it down. He did have a


when Kevin Phillips, the former Southampton Blackpool striker,


their top scorer, and Rickie Lambert, were both ruled out. But


with or without them, it has turned out to be really good. Certainly,


if you were neutral or for back-up, it is. Not so much for Southampton


fans. Coming into the play-off situation, with that momentum, you


feel that not many teams will want to play them. Blackpool in the


They would fancy themselves to do that again. The little slut. The


Southampton. With 30 minutes left, in Southampton can just get one,


they just might knock themselves back into their normal rhythm and


get going. Stephen to murder. Danny Butterfield. -- Steve De Ridder.


Every game is high-scoring. I think Ian Holloway excepts the fact that


the way they play football, they are always likely to concede goals.


He has done well, Phillips. Excellent. Winning runner, bags of


energy on the left hand side. are certainly calling the tune at


the moment. Stephen Dobbie has lost it. Jack Cork. Morgan Schneiderlin.


Jack Cork. Alex Baptiste with the clearing header. His next


assignment is the South Coast derby against Portsmouth, which on paper,


he would expect to win. Aside chasing the title against a side


that is battling the Orde's and the drop. But with that kind of Derby,


anything can happen. Then Crystal Palace and then Reading, who are


currently second. They will be taking nothing for granted. Nigel


Atkins has been saying that for weeks now. Nothing for granted.


Stephen Dobbie, they don't want to go forward down here. Then it is


curtains. He should have played Thomas Ince. Do Prado. Morgan


Schneiderlin, forward. Billy Sharp. Still Adam Lallana. Nice little


ball in. The flag is up. Miraculously off the line but it


would not have counted anyway. The shot was offside. Some clearance


from the line. Fantastic. He does not know if that was offside or not.


That was a bad decision from the linesman. Great defending. Never


gives up. I have certainly been impressed with Paris today. That


was about as borderline a decision as they come. He has been excellent,


Bob Harris, at left-back. Kevin Phillips. His second ambitious


attempt of the second half. He has had a couple of those. Confident


young man. I am not sure he is going to score from there, though.


Jos Hooiveld. Harris at left back, the player they brought in from the


Queen of the South. His 6th appearance in tangerine. He


certainly has not done anything wrong today. Alex Baptiste just


kept that away from Billy Sharp. There have been three or four


occasions were a last-ditch intervention has been aided and


someone in a tangerine shirt has found it. Inspirational. He just


spins and manages to get his foot in. Look at that, he adjusts the


Brierley well, there. -- he adjusts really well. Jack Cork. Keith


Sutton. Steve De Ridder. Outside, Bob Harris. Adam Lallana, at the


back post. He seemed to take his eyes off the ball. Neal Eardley was


putting him under pressure. Steve De Ridder has got great pace. He


whips it into the box. Adam Lallana was never going to get onto the end


of that. Good defending. It is just not coming off for Southampton.


They don't really seem to have that option to go wrong. They cannot get


side are going to be slipping into defeat for the first time after 12


games. He has had 18 league games in charge of Southampton and he has


won 50 of those, drawn 16 of the other. That is a bad one. What is


the referee going to do? Thomas of the game. Well, that was late.


This sort of challenge you expect Danny Fox to put in in the first


few minutes of the game, rather than deep into the second half.


Blackpool free kick. Neal Eardley is going to take this. Three more


lurking outside the box. Neal Eardley's delivery. Danny


Butterfield. With the clearance. team today, Southampton, Billy


Sharp has been the third best player forward. Maybe he should


switch with Guly Do Prado, they have not got an option to goal. --


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


wrong choice at the end of it. -- pace, and all of the goals have


Blackpool players, they are looking more like Southampton were coming


into this game -- you can see. If Southampton are to lose this game,


it is about a reaction. They will want to get something back out of


this before the end of today. will be no time to feel sorry for


themselves when they play Portsmouth next, that is for sure.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


Lallana. I guess there will be inevitable question marks about


Southampton when they lose without this -- like this without their top


scorer. You wouldn't say they are a one-man team by any stretch of the


imagination but do they rely too heavily on the man who has scored


28 goals for them this season, that will be the question. The rest of


the squad have to stand up and be counted and say the answer is no,


they don't. Brett Ormerod will be on shortly. A player who played in


the FA Cup final for Southampton. Coli is another one, he has


featured for them in large part of the season and is out injured. --


Connolly. I am sure they will get area, it is a free kick to


Southampton and this might be an opportunity for them. There are no


complaints here. Definitely catches him. I think Angel expected Ince to


deal with it. Angel get a yellow card. Southampton have a free kick


in an instant -- interesting good stop. Not just the way he got


his hands to it but when he put it to keep it out of the danger area.


Gilks. Yes, excellent save. You would expect him to make it but it


is coming through a group of players. Keeps his eye on it and


about staying calm and keeping your free kick goes their way. He has


been fired up today. A real tussle between them. Taylor-Fletcher has


been excellent today. He has netted everything together going forward.


get. Butterfield has got to put his foot through the ball. In the end,


Taylor-Fletcher get another opportunity. -- gets. Rapturous


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


ovation for Matt Phillips as he tenacious as well. He bounces back


off the ground and get another corner for his team. There is going


to be a huge ovation here for Stephen Dobbie, whose two first-


half goals but this game firmly in Blackpool's grasp. -- put there.


Firstly a calmly despatched penalty and the second, a really good


finish. He has been excellent, set his team well on the way in this


one. Can they finish the job for him? Brett Ormerod, who will be 36


this summer, comes on. An FA Cup final loser with Southampton and


nine years ago against Arsenal. was a great day, I remember that


Southampton change, it says Guly Do Prado coming off. Lee Barnard is


coming on to replace him. 14 league goals in League 1 last season. He


hasn't played a lot of football this season. He hasn't scored yet


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


change. John Fleck is going to command any minute. -- come on any


now. John Fleck, on loan from Rangers. He was very highly rated


at Rangers and was going to be the next big thing in the SPL, it seems


to have gone a little bit astray goal. -- no real sight of a


The it is remarkable, isn't it? side has almost two-thirds of the


possession and the other has almost two-thirds of the attempt. I would


like to see the Southampton possession for the final third,


they have hardly been in the Blackpool half. Here is John Fleck,


he will get 10 minutes, and Matt Phillips, who has done really well


will be coming off. I sense he will be disappointed not to get his name


on the scoresheet but his contribution has been really good.


Yes, that willingness down on this left-hand side to really run at his


opponent. One of the standard players in the first half. -- stand


out. John Fleck is the nephew of today, a couple of 1,000 of them


have come here. -- 2000 of them. The Southampton players are just


ignoring that forward pass, may be lacking a bit of confidence. Maybe


it is the pitch. They just won't play it, it is not going in the


usual manner they play their game. Easy therefore Bob Harris just to


knock it back to his keeper. swallow doesn't make a summer and


one defeat doesn't spoil the season. Everything is in place for


Southampton. The stadium is there, the training ground is excellent,


doing more building work their this week. They had their highest ever


attendance this season for the home game against West Ham, that is the


highest about not only at St Mary's but also at the Dell. They are a


club on the up, but they have played X -- below expectation today.


We all expect them to go up and be in the Premiership, we just want to


see them give a good account of themselves and they are not doing


Blackpool performance that has been full of attacking threat, in many


ways the left-back has stood out more than anyone. Bob Harris has


been excellent today. Lomana LuaLua is about to come on for Blackpool.


I think Ince may be the man who is coming off. I think all around the


pitch, Blackpool have been solid in midfield, the energy and the work-


rate, all off the ball. They have all played their part. Baptiste and


Ian Evatt at the back, they are very strong. They will be very


terms of the way he plays football, he is a completely different type


of player but he can certainly play. Totally different, he runs at


people. He is a young man bouncing back from the disappointment of


leaving Liverpool. Now he has put himself back on the map. On comes


the Manilow and a well. -- Lualua. He found himself back here looking


for a club and was training with Hartlepool. And he ended up at


into the play-offs in form but it is often the side that make the


late run into the play-offs who find themselves going up. At the


moment, the way they have played today, Blackpool look like they're


running into form and if they make the play-offs, their experience,


having gone up from League One and the Championship in the past, would


certainly count in their favour. When you make seven changes like


that, it is almost like a new team and they have played with energy


and new-found belief. I can see no reason why they could not be


successful again. Southampton throw in. Their misery is almost over.


Nigel Adkins, his philosophy isn't to get too excited when the wind


and do not get too downtrodden when you lose. It is all about going


nine points clear. Free kick. Adam Lallana, he has been tripped up.


There has always been a black player to stop Southampton at


mounting any kind of attack. -- -- he is, pointing out what they might


have done better. He loves this, he is a football man, he loves his


football. Bringing success again. Keith Southern. Danny Butterfield.


Southampton free-kick. You would say it has been a very good day for


Blackpool. Those around them have dropped points and they have moved


up into the play-off position. It has been a poor day for Southampton,


great day for Reading. Still plenty of life left in the season, yet!


There will be a great climax. hard to call the results. This is a


real turn up. You just want to get over the line when looking for


promotion. Southampton just want to get promoted. Alex Baptiste, for


Blackpool. The referee gives a free kick. Lots of clubs talk about the


financial rewards of going into the Premiership but to say you are a


Premiership player, there is a real winter that and a lot of the


Southampton players would be desperate to get in there. As many


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


of them were in League One not so for Southampton. Six more after


today. You have to give Ian Holloway a lot of credit for the


way that he set his team out, workmanlike but they punished


Southampton on the brakes. They have been outstanding, every single


Steve De Ridder. Southampton corner. Harris has done very well. This is


my place, you are not taking it off me. The seven who have been left


out will be wondering if they get back in again in a hurry. All hands


Southampton if Billy Sharp had tucked away that penalty.


Southampton collectively have not played well today. Short of the


best. They have not looked like scoring, have they? The free kick


goes the way of Blackpool. Only 31. have been played, at three goals


for Blackpool, and they are back in the play off positions, what an


excellent performance against Southampton, who are still the


league leaders but now feel the hot breath of Reading over their


shoulders. Excellent goals from Stephen Dobbie, a calmly dispatched


penalty and a lovely finish before half-time, both of them coming


after Matt Gilks had saved a penalty from Billy Sharp. And the


crucial third, a header from Ian Evatt from the corner kick earlier


in the second half. Blackpool have been excellent this afternoon.


Southampton are, well below par, and well beaten. Blackpool 3,


Southampton 0. J eighth and what a war at the


final whistle, they know how to create an atmosphere -- it JAKE


HUMPHREY:. A difficult nine-hour round trip


for the Southampton fans today. Blackballed are fears that the


division and due lookout they table and say a great day for Reading --


you look at. Very much so. I wouldn't be surprised at Nigel


Adkins says it is one of the worst performances of the season, because


I have watched them extensively and haven't seen them play like that


many times. Blackpool went to Reading last year, conceded two


goals like that. Southampton's second half have conceded a goal


that she would never say in a million years they would concede --


you. Ian Holloway was prickly about the players, the last two


performances were not great, he has taken seven out and said here is


your chance and what a great manager he has proved to be.


are well rewarded. Let's go back to the first half, it could have


started so well for Southampton but the story of the Hafiz Blackpool


finished it two goals to the good - the ball. He showed he could tackle


and the second half. He did. It is a decent save but you would expect


him to say they did it goes the right way. Football is a game of If


I Only and if Rickie Lambert was on the pitch, he would have scored. We


don't think this is a penalty, that we think it is a foul outside the


box. He stumbled to the penalty but what a penalty it was. Great


penalty. It was going to take a lot for the referee to even better up


that wasn't. Just before this, Southampton have missed a great


opportunity and all of a sudden, they were 2-0 down. Things changed


the complexion of the game and that was one of them. Just wide belt


just completely switches are full. He didn't have the greatest up at


Bloomfield Road. I had great times their last time and when the


opportunity came up, it was a no- brainer. I know the gaffer and most


of the players and I love the place last time. How big a result is


this? Yes, I think it gets us back in the play-offs. But the results


have to keep coming every week to make sure that we get in there.


What were your thoughts when you got the penalty kick? You had just


seen Billy Sharp this one and you had the chance to put Blackpool


ahead. A -- miss one. I just composed myself. I never dared


myself when I get in that position and you just go one way and hope it


goes in -- doubt myself. There were key goals, one right at the end and


one at the start of the second half. Yes, our great header by Ian Evatt


and it compares them. We are looking forward to the next game.


Are you running into form at just the right time? I hope so, we have


had two hard games, Reading and Southampton, and hopefully we can


build on this performance and try and repeat what we did two years


ago. Well done. When he says repeat what they did, he is talking about


winning six of the last eight games to get promoted. If they go on a


run, they can guarantee a play-off place. They would not be the team


you want to play in the play-offs because of their experience but


also because they have got pace of -- up front and can get goals. You


can catch them on a bad day but she wouldn't want to play them in the


play-offs. The form is king in the play-offs. They went into it with


form and they won the play-offs. They will take that. Also, they


haven't conceded a goal, which is important when you think about the


previous couple of games, so they will be pleased with that.


Especially when you change the team around, that is always a gamble.


Defensively, they were really good. It must be grateful Stephen Dobbie,


let the others do the hard work and covered for six games for the


glory! They have players who know how to get promotion. A clean sheet


for them, not the same for Southampton and perhaps the third


goal summed up the afternoon. I saw Blackpool concede two goals


like this. I don't know what the defender is doing it, but he tries


to second guess. Watch where he goes and watch where Ian Evatt goes.


He tries to second guess. Where is he going? He is not sidearm, he has


gone to try and head the ball -- side on. We saw the second goal and


thought it was bad enough, Bath is worse. That can be sorted out in 10


seconds on the training ground -- that is worse. Why is he trying to


second-guess? Stay with your man. Southampton have had a really good


season but a really bad day today. The had over 60% of the possession.


The -- they had. Sometimes that can tell you lies, you can be knocking


it about at the back. But Martin Keown said, he would love to see


the statistics for the final third. And they are 3-0 down, blackballed


were cruising -- Blackpool were cruising. Nigel Adkins will remind


the players that the last time they lost, they went on a 12 match


unbeaten run. The response is important, particularly next game.


The fans were cheering and clapping at the end, they know it is an off


day and they haven't had many. They will settle for where they are, no


doubt. No need to be negative. will forgive but they would forget.


They might if they beat Portsmouth in the next game. You do not forget


when you are really poor, but you might be able to forgive. Plenty


more football action from the BBC today. Tonight, Match of the Day


and the Football League Show. What did they in the Premier League. You


can see all of the highlights are a really dramatic day -- what a day


in the Premier League. And the Football League Show, a big day in


the Football League as well. What a day for Reading, you can see the


goals from that huge win at West goals from that huge win at West


Ham. All of the goals from around the Football League.


Then Kibworth your company today. We have been borrowing this for the


last couple of hours, will it be in the Cabinet at St Mary's at the end


of the season? Yes. He is struggling to say yes. Probably.


Reading are pushing them now. you very much for your company, it


Jake Humphrey introduces live coverage from Bloomfield Road of the Championship encounter between promotion contenders Blackpool and Southampton.

The two sides have outscored all others in the division this season, their attacking approach proving to be effective as well as entertaining.

While Southampton have topped the table for most of the season as they aim for back-to-back promotions, Blackpool have overcome an indifferent first half of the campaign to propel themselves into contention for an immediate return to the Premier League.

Commentary by Steve Wilson and Martin Keown.

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