Middlesbrough v Leeds Match of the Day Live

Middlesbrough v Leeds

Mark Chapman presents live coverage from The Riverside as Middlesbrough take on Leeds United in the Championship. With commentary from Guy Mowbray and Martin Keown.

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Good afternoon. Welcome to the Riverside. Today, we have got two


of the league's biggest clubs, both COMMENTATOR: The end of Leeds


United's 14 years in the top flight of English football. Next season,


it is Doncaster, Peterborough and Scunthorpe... Tony Mowbray is back


at the club where it all began for him.


COMMENTATOR: Tony Mowbray, one of several local born players in the


Middlesbrough side. They're daring to dream of a return to the Premier


League. After getting out of League One, the next step has proved


elusive for Leeds. Chairman Ken Bates stands firm, and in Neil


Warnock, he has a manager who has the experience and passion to spark


a promotion push. Alongside me, Matt Holland, and a man who has


played for both clubs, Danny Mills. What are you expecting this


afternoon? I think it will be a typically tough Championship


fixture. Anything can happen in this division. You would probably


fancy Middlesbrough, because they're the form side, they have


won four out of five. Leeds United have been difficult to beat under


Neil Warnock, but they cannot score goals. I would go with


Middlesbrough today. There's something special going on with his


club, with the academy and everything. Yes, the academy


director has been here a long time, Dave Hammill, he was here when I


was here. Their academy set-up is second to none, one of the best in


the country. They have got a lot of ex-players behind the scenes. And


in the financial crisis which football is in, you have got to


bring players through, and I would say Boro are one of the best in the


country at doing that. Seven of the match-day squad today are from the


academy. When we look at the league table, it is evidently working for


them. Absolutely. Of late they have been in terrific form, and today,


they have got a chance to put pressure on the teams above them.


They will still have one eye on the automatic spots. As for Leeds


United, they will be thinking, if they could get three points today,


they would be putting themselves back into the mix for the play-offs.


As far as Leeds United and Neil Warnock are concerned, he has got


seven promotions as a manager, if he could do it again this year, it


would be the most of any manager at ever. I think that is one reason


why Simon Grayson got the sack, the fact that Neil Warnock had become


available. If you want to get promotion, and it will be very


tough, given the situation they are in, but for me, Neil Warnock is the


manager to get you promoted. If it is not this season, it will


certainly be next season. After today, they have got six games at


home, and four away, so they will have a chance if they could get


three points today.. We can speak to the managers now. Middlesbrough


on such a good run at the moment, but this is such a crucial part of


the season. Yes, absolutely. I think after Christmas and new year


we had a difficult patch, but we bounced back pretty well, and we're


in a recent -- decent run of form at the moment. It is a crucial


stage, 12 games to go. Leeds United at home is as close to a derby as


we get in this league. It is a game we are looking forward to. It is an


opportunity for both sides to get three points. It is the first of


five away games remaining for you this season, there is no breathing


space, is there, if you want to get that play-off place? No, the


Championship is like that, you do not get much we spied in the


Championship, but that is what makes it such a good league. It is


so close. All of a sudden, you think you're out of it, and you win


a couple of games... You have got to keep going. Today is a tough


match, Leeds have shown how difficult they are to score against,


since Neil Warnock came in. We know it is going to be a close game,


hard-fought, and hopefully we will come out on top. Tony has done a


great job, they have got a great chance of getting promoted, but we


would like to put a little dent in it if we could. Whatever we do for


the rest of the season, we can definitely take points off teams at


the top. We have not scored goals, which has been disappointing, even


though we have created opportunities, and we have got to


try to put that right. At the same time, I think their forward line


tonight will give us a good test, and I think I will learn more about


my team! They have different personalities, don't they? Yes,


Neil Warnock has got a history of getting teams promoted. Tony


Mowbray is a dour character, I played with him at Ipswich, but he


is a very good manager. They play a fast style of football, they like


to keep the ball, and in the two up front, they have got a goal threat.


We have seen from Neil Warnock what he does at every club he goes to,


he gets experienced players to get them out of the division, people


like Danny Webber, Paul Robinson. He is trying to put his stamp on


the club, he had a go at a couple of players on the bench who were


not ready to go on. He is insistence that everything has got


to be done right. Interesting that he says he wants to take points off


the top clubs, without a shadow of a doubt, I think he believes that


they can get into the play-offs, at least. He is just trying to play at


a little bit cool. Do you think the players respond to somebody with


the personality of Tony Mowbray? think they do, because they respect


his views on the game, and the way he wants to play, but he has got


Mark with him, a slightly different character, probably a bit more


robust in the dressing room. Tony will be quite level-headed, but the


two of them make a good combination. It should be a good atmosphere


today, Leeds have got the whole of the away end. Leeds have always got


fantastic support, their away support is phenomenal. It is a


great day, it is almost like getting towards the end of the


season, a lovely day, it should be good, entertaining football. Let's


go and join our commentators, Martin Keown and Guy Mowbray.


GUY MOWBRAY: Hello, everyone, from a glorious day here at the


Riverside. Viewers of a certain vintage will remember the 1960s and


the 1970s, and this was part of North Yorkshire. Back then, Leeds


United were pretty much everybody's rivals. More recently,


Middlesbrough fans have the memory of Juninho sat sobbing on the pitch,


of Juninho sat sobbing on the pitch, Bates, leading his team along the


line of Village United opponents. Leeds, cheered on by more than


3,000 visiting supporters this afternoon. It is only about 70


miles from Leeds to Middlesbrough. Let's have a look at the teams,


starting with Middlesbrough. Two changes from their win against


Robinson, the 33-year-old left back comes in, as does Aidan White.


Robinson made his last appearance in the Premier League on Boxing Day,


for Bolton Wanderers. He has had nine red cards in his career, but


none since January 2009. Four goals in his last five games, 15 goals


for the season altogether, for Marvin Emnes. He got the only goal


of the game when the two sides met in a fiery encounter in August.


Three people were sent off on that see the first goal of his tenure as


Leeds United manager. You may have noticed Middlesbrough's players


wearing black armbands, that is because we're about to observe a


minute's applause, after the captains have decided who is going


to kick off. The referee today, incidentally, is Carl Boyeson. The


minute's applause is for Jack Watson, Middlesbrough's recruitment


co-ordinator, who died yesterday morning, aged 90. He was a close


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


what some was brought back to the club when Tony Mowbray returned


here in October 2010, -- Jack Watson -- and he has associated


himself with the club ever since he was a small boy. He was still


active until the day he died. I know that the Middlesbrough manager


was very upset about it. Leeds fans were also given their chance to


mourn the passing of the six soldiers who died from the


Yorkshire Regiment in Afghanistan this week. Middlesbrough kick off.


At the start of play, it is fourth against tenth in the Championship.


Middlesbrough looking good for the Middlesbrough, they need to win


in the summer, to join Vancouver Whitecaps. The weather will


certainly be different over there. Why, is it freezing in Vancouver,


kept a clean sheet in his last two away games, something Neil Warnock


seems to have brought to the club. Yes, he loves his football, and we


wish him every success with Leeds, but they need to start scoring


this season, but has gone four Michael Brown style. That work man


Mike player. Leeds are definitely up for this one. I have been urged


to remind you of an FA Cup match where Michael Brown hit you with a


warm-up shot. I don't think he watch Leeds United are trying to do.


It is interesting to see Robinson getting down and left hand side. He


is very defensively minded and very get three teams promoted to the


Premier League. Well, the top flight anyway. A fantastic record.


He is very proud of that. He wanted another chance in the Premiership,


but that did not last long. Now it is a long-term project to get Leeds


back into the top flight. In my heyday, they were certainly up


there and in the Champions League Bates and' height. Five good tan


and a solid centre-back. He is doing very well in that position.


free kick for Leeds United. He has come out there and given away a


needless free kick. Rhys Williams, at the offender. Becchio, clever.


Becchio, a very underrated striker. He is a real nuisance. Struggled to


get his season under way in this campaign because of a hamstring


problem in the early weeks. He has got seven goals. He is key to Leeds


deal. We know he has got the ability. He really can hit them. He


was such a long way out, I never really fancied him to score. It was


certainly lively for the goalkeeper, Steele. Only 11 goals for the


season, Robert Snodgrass. That equals his best tally, which became


-- which came a division lower than those Leeds United loan signings.


33 and brought in by Simon Grayson -- 33 have been brought in by Simon


Grayson in his three years at the against Becchio. That is what he


does. Sometimes he gets those and sometimes he doesn't. He has a look,


doesn't he? The referee has done well were. -- there. His day job is


as a central heating technician. could do with his number! Get the


of play it is indicative of the pressure that Leeds are putting


them under. They work very hard. Neil Warnock is more interested in


what they are doing when they are out of possession and when they are


at first they might have been a deflection, but no claim from a


Leeds player. It was a nice smooth. Becchio's flick. McCormack, he is


decent quality and really should be hitting the target from there. He


is almost like a poor man's Wayne Rooney in this division. At times


he shows flashes of quality. But there, not quite good enough.


did not score his first goal for Leeds until his 20th Bowl -- game


for them. He had one particularly coal fuelled season with Cardiff


stumble, but a free kick has been given. The referee saw that as a


trip from Becchio. It looked like a trip. Surrey, it looked like a slip.


I would like to see a replay of that one. He just slips! There is


nobody near him. Is it handball, every game, says Neil Warnock. It


is the 4th game when Neil Warnock has been in charge of Leeds United.


I think she came with the idea that he might have to clear out the


defence entirely, but he has not done that. There is a no-nonsense


approach from his defence. A rather ambitious approach coming in there


from Nicky Bailey. We saw before the match started, they were


warming up, hitting the target from all angles. Maybe that is why it


vaguely fancied his chances. But you are not going to score from


there. It was high and wide. He has only got one goal since he joined


Middlesbrough from Charlton, with whom he was prolific forays central


midfielder. -- for a central midfielder. The referee has drawn a


plate to a halt so the players can be attended to. That was a crunch.


An elbow. Minute it was the fall. - - and then it was the fall.


definitely went with his arm. For me, he went down because he knew


what he had done. He is back on his feet. You try to protect yourself,


but I think he has overstepped the mark. His arm was almost behind him


to stop -- behind him. Neil Warnock is not taking up a fuss. He is


offering words of wisdom to his players. Snodgrass is getting a few.


I am sure he will be getting a message to the 4th officials as


well. Just injecting a bit of confidence to one or two of them.


They have broken well on occasions. They have closed down Middlesbrough


especially well. That attacking side comes with confidence. O'Dea


is going to wear the warrior look for the rest of the match. Kisnorbo


used to sport a headband like that every time he took to the field.


is an occupational hazard as a centre-half. You just hope you will


get protection from the referees. How many times have you want that?


A number of occasions. Always seemed to play better with that on


my head. He is trying to protect himself and get the elevation you


need, but he definitely hit the central defender. O'Dea did have


quite a serious head injury before Christmas. He had spells out in


November and December after an aborted comeback. He will not take


for a free kick. Again, trying to play through that midfield. Leeds


know all about that. Just stopping them from playing. Middlesbrough


his player, Michael Brown. They Straight into the Leeds fans behind


the goal. So far he has been starved of any supply from his


team-mates. Definitely a good player, this boy. He is a box of


tricks really. It came off his central defenders, but again it is


wild. He joined Middlesbrough, Emnes, from Sparta Rotterdam. In


his first couple of seasons, he did not set been Riverside alight, but


he has come good this season. It is his first season where goals have


come in plentiful supply. He is finding consistency in his play. He


has certainly responded to Tony Mowbray as a manager. He is a bit


quiet today. There is the rough tough centre-half as a player,


whose teams have always tried to play football, as the politically


Cornet, at the right way. Open, attacking. It certainly makes for a


better spectacle when people want beautifully, and was looking for


Becchio, but Jason Steele had watched it all the way. Lukas


Jutkiewicz... Robinson gets the better of him. Fans of both sides


warming to the battle between that pair. There was no way that


Jutkiewicz could have got through there. Well, if he is going to dish


it out, Paul Robinson will enjoy that. Real chance. Goal for


Snodgrass! Neil Warnock sees the first goal that Leeds United have


scored since he became manager. MARTIN KEOWN: It seems that every


time White gets on the ball, it looks as though Leeds can do


something. The goal comes from Snodgrass, but don't underestimate


the impact of White here. He is nice and composed, looking for


support on the edge of the box. And Snodgrass, with his right foot,


which is most unusual for him, but the goalkeeper perhaps should have


done better with that, I think he will be disappointed, Jason Steele.


Yes, it went underneath the goalkeeper, into the net, for the


12thth goal of the season for Robert Snodgrass, the man who Neil


Warnock made captain, and has just made his day! The goalkeeper having


a problem with the sun, but that one was too low for the sun to have


evident from the table, that Leeds United have to win to have any


hopes of getting into the play-offs at the end of the season. Neil


Warnock had set a target before today, of 75 points, to make the


play-offs, which means getting another 25 from 11 games, which


works out at seven wins and four drawers, no defeats. Well, if


anyone can do it, Neil Warnock can do it. The Leeds players are


from O'Dea. Just a bit too much weight on that ball, and the


Ipswich teammate, who has been his assistant wherever he has gone in


management. Becchio is offside. Free kick to Middlesbrough. Yes,


good decision from the linesman, Becchio was just ball-watching,


Winnie should have been thinking magic down the left for


Middlesbrough, but it was easy seen their side win just one of the


last eight away in the league. think that's why they are not


looking so happy, they have seen it all before. But this is a new


beginning for Neil Warnock. those fans are Neil Warnock's


examination panel, the pretty offside once more. Middlesbrough


holding a good line, good communication. He just needs to be


a bit more patient, perhaps it is his lack of pace, he wants to make


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


Middlesbrough's home form has been their failing this season. He has


had a decent career, Hoyte, did not quite make it at Arsenal, where his


good decision for me, Jutkiewicz just cutting inside, and he is just


caught by the defender, O'Dea. Middlesbrough have the chance to


problems for Andy Lonergan. Nine goals this season... But he did not


get that one right. He did not get advantages given by the referee.


That shot was blocked by Hammill. He has to go the long way around,


but he could not get around Paul muddle on the touchline.


Middlesbrough have got to start passing the ball, it is the only


way they know. Having said that, Leeds have been closing down really


well. Hammill to Emnes. Williams Robinson plays it forward into the


feet of Becchio. Great chance, for Becchio, 2-0, Leeds United! The


mistake was from Justin Hoyte. Two goals in less than 10 minutes - is


Neil Warnock heading for his first victory as the boss of Leeds?


on the break, isn't it? Leeds keeping the ball exceptionally well.


Justin Hoyte knows that he should have cleared it. Becchio, for all


of that work and Industry that he puts in, he gets his reward. The


way that they break, and there's no real pressure on them, this should


have been food and drink, into the stand, but he doesn't Claire Wright,


and he gets punished. I think it hits his standing foot. He has just


got it wrong, hasn't he? That's where you need to be calm in your


defending. Nothing calm about that reaction, goodness me, close to


tears! He changes into a different animal, as soon as the game kicks


off. He has got to pick himself up, Hoyte, and so have the team,


Middlesbrough. There needs to be a reaction now, they're the home team.


They have got to start responding, showing some character.


certainly needs to show it, a horrible moment for Justin Hoyte.


It was the eighth goal of the journey they will ever make, but


well worth it so far. They look happy, don't they? Still not sure,


though, some of them. It is Leeds! There's somebody who's not happy at


all, Tony Mowbray. No, but he will not panic, he will stick to what he


knows best. His team really have fans, I think a lot of them are


still in denial that they are not a top-flight team, and have not been


Blocked by Robinson. I think Robson is a player that they need to get


on the ball a lot more, because he can play. Robinson there will be


On his left is Emnes. Bennett... It did not come for Williams, who has


just caught his man late there. Robson has lost it. And Michael


Brown was caught by the Book of Rhys Williams. Williams was quick


to apologise, I don't think the referee really saw it. Maybe he did,


because his hand has gone to his pocket, has it? No, it is hands on


hips, he is tired. He is just drawing breath after this hectic


half-an-hour. Was this naughty or was it just something that happens


in a game? I don't think there's that midfield, sweeping up in the


defence. Occasionally, he is going to get caught. It is like all our


yesterdays. Reunited with Neil Warnock. A man he played for off


four years and duck and Sheffield United. He will know his value.


had one season with Sheffield United by he got over 20 goals. But


he is not that sort of midfielder now. It is probably one of those


things that can only happen once in your career. Well played for


speaking well of Michael Brown vote. I am very proud of people stop you


cannot hold any grudges in this Emnes. That has got the Leeds band


pumped. Lonergan had to beat that behind. But was taken so quickly.


Quick thinking. We talked about that. Get Robinson on the ball. He


has got ability. He nearly punished Leeds. I think the adrenalin was


blaring after Robson's challenge. They were responding to the crowd.


Robinson is proving to be a central figure, then Leeds United left-back.


Crunching tackle to keep the crowd up and then he players.


recognises the danger and puts himself on the line. An excellent


clearance. That is why he has been brought in. He was not getting a


game, not a regular starting place, with Bolton Wanderers. He has come


to the sort of club where, even on a short-term loan, he could become


a big favourite. That is what these experienced players off for you.


They come in and they know what it is about and they are there to save


you. Becchio made a mess of that. He should have at least hit the


target and given Leeds a chance of going 3-0 up. He was on side.


it is such a difficult ball when it is coming over your head like that.


But the Middlesbrough defence were just standing, watching him. It is


a difficult skill. Perhaps a touch more awareness in that situation


would have been better. Leeds United, trying to go out of sight


before half-time. Not really had a rousing Middlesbrough's response


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


yet. They are shell-shocked, aren't McCormack, I had been in pressed


with him. They are the people that give you the belief that you can


win games. Certainly when they are holding on to it, but support has


to them come from deep. That is well wide, but it was deflected


that way. Now is there going to be some sort of rallying cry from


Middlesbrough? Good decision. The referee was well placed there.


is another Premier League exile come up on loan from Wolverhampton


Wanderers. He was a Liverpool junior, but he did not make the


kick to Leeds. -- McCormack, bumped by Justin Hoyte. He knew he could


not go anywhere and took a dive. There was a push, but he would have


kept his feet if he had something from White. Could have been three


or four goals. We talked about White's composure with the last


goal, but he probably did not realise how much time he had there.


He should have done better. He has never scored for Leeds United. He


has played a lot of his career at full-back, notably on the left-hand


side. Bell concedes a free kick. -- O'Dea. A bit further out for Barry


Robson and his last effort. He will Robson, it is very difficult to


defend against. He really whipped it in. He almost got too much on


that. It would not go down too well if somebody called Bates scored


against Leeds. No relation! Matthew Bates, who has injured his cruciate


ligament four times. He has done both knees. He has spent so much of


his career on the treatment table. It is a tribute to the medical team


and Middlesbrough. His resolve to that McCormack was able to get the


shot away. He is angry. McCormack is appealing for a corner as well.


He knows his luck is in, everything is going his way, so why not shoot


for two. White has played more as a left-back and Neil Warnock is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


playing him as a right-winger. And subdued. He does not seem likely at


all today. You have got to be up for it every week. You are coming


into that time of the season where, keep it going now and you're in


that last 10 matches. You do not have to tell the players to go out


and do it. They know what is important. 46 games in the Football


League season. If you finish in the promotion places after that slog,


you deserve everything you get. Middlesbrough, in 4th place at the


start of the game. Seven points behind second-placed. Neil Warnock


has been positive. He has not taken ACT ball-game. He knows what he is


good that and keep supplying it in his management. It is no


coincidence that he has had three successes, three promotions into


the top flight. He will be trying to get Leeds there. That is the


January. He has bought a couple of goals for Middlesbrough since then.


You wonder if Tony Mowbray is thinking of bringing on some


substitutes and changing the system a little bit. That is Robson and a


free kick for Leeds. Nothing is quite going Middlesbrough's way.


Robson against Snodgrass that time. An honest tussle between two


players. Six of one, half a dozen of the other? I am not sure that is


a free kick. It is clever play it again and the referee has gone for


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


it. Luckily no yellow card. Robson O'Dea has done excellently bulk


since he'd had that headband put on. We will have a four extra minutes


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


this last few minutes. They do not really want half-time to come.


Robson wants it wide right. Screaming for it. But Emnes for


some reason went for goal. It might yet workout. And that was a chance


Farington, but the flag was up anyway. -- a chance for Jutkiewicz.


MARTIN KEOWN: That was better, but it was a little bit panicky. It is


close, isn't it? Yes, but I think it was a push from Robinson.


Hammill used his body unfairly against Clayton. I should think


there will be a nice, warm, cosy feel to that away dressing room at


half-time. He will still have something to say, no doubt. Yes,


these two have done fantastically well in their careers, they will


not panic, they will be looking at a plan of action to turn this


getting a little bit frayed as we approach half-time. It has not gone


as they wanted it to, or maybe expected it to. And it could get


worse here, with a free kick, won by Becchio. Yes, he is just buying


the free kick all the time. As soon McCormack. It just needed a touch,


and it got one from Bates, behind for the corner. That was good


defending. Coming across to take the corner, McCormack. It is half


time at the Riverside, boos from the Middlesbrough supporters. But


the Leeds fans are delighted with what they have seen. The first


goals since Neil Warnock has taken over as manager. Robert Snodgrass


got them going, and less than 10 minutes later, Becchio made


Middlesbrough's task even more The locals behind us is blowing


quite loudly. Yes, quite right, to be honest, it has been an abject


display from Middlesbrough. Neil Warnock will be delighted, his team


have been at it from the start, the front two, Becchio and McCormack,


have worked beautifully together. Leeds have been dominant. You come


to expect it under Neil Warnock, they have been very solid, they


have come here, and defensively, they have been good. But really,


Boro, the mistakes they have made, Tony Mowbray will be devastated.


They have not played well, but the mistakes for the goals, there's no


real answer for that. When Darren O'Dea hurt his head, there was a


break in play, we saw Neil Warnock giving messages to the Leeds


players, telling them to hit it wide. I think he recognised that


Middlesbrough were facing the sun, and perhaps he recognised that


Bennett was not the best in the air. The reaction from Barry Robson was


totally wrong, he was the wrong side of him, it was a mistake from


Bennett, and Snodgrass has got 15 yards of space, on his own. The


goalkeeper, Jason Steele, will not be happy, either. But it was a


tactic they used. Unfortunately, Joe Bennett gets it completely


wrong. He could have let that run across them. Snodgrass, it is a


tame shot, very, very Thame, and it goes right under the goalkeeper. As


a manager, you cannot legislate for simple, basic errors. I think that


is why Tony Mowbray will be furious. Individual errors are one thing, do


you think he will be annoyed about the space that Snodgrass had? There


was no Middlesbrough player within yards of him. At the moment, as


Matt said, Middlesbrough are quite abject, they have not get any bite


about them, there is nobody in the midfield to compete with the likes


of Brown. Boro do not seem to have that solidity which Leeds have.


noticed how far apart the two Middlesbrough forwards work, Emnes


and Lukas Jutkiewicz, and how close together the Leeds two were. Yes,


for Middlesbrough, Emnes has been playing virtually on the left-hand


side, with Hammill coming in off the flank. Emnes here is absolutely


miles from his strike partner, miles from his strike partner,


Jutkiewicz. Play breaks down, as we will see in a second, and on the


break, Leeds, the second goal, it was a mistake from Middlesbrough,


losing possession in the first place, but the combination between


these two, we talk about how far apart Emnes and Jutkiewicz work,


but these two are so close together. The combination is good, Ross


McCormack going down the left side, and Luciano Becchio knocking it in


full stop Yes, anybody who works with Luciano Becchio must be


delighted, because he works so hard. The Boro players did not track back.


Even here, the two centre halves do not react. It is a simple tap-in.


On the first goal, Barry Robson did not track his man, on the second


goal, it is this two centre-halves who do not react. You cannot


legislate for the mistakes, but you have got to track your runners.


Neil Warnock nearly burst into tears as the second goal hit the


back of the net. At the moment, Ross McCormack is running this, how


do you deal with him from a Middlesbrough point of view? If you


look at what Leeds have done, Michael Brown has just sat in front


of the back four, he has not even been in the other half, it is the


unsung hero type of role. I think they have got to drop somebody back


they have got to drop somebody back like that to sit in front of the


back four. You do not want to leave your shape, they had good shape, as


a flat back four, but of course, when Becchio drops off... I think


there is a big responsibility on Nicky Bailey. At Charlton, he was a


box-to-box midfielder, but he has to make a conscious effort here


today to defend the back four. was another chance, Bennett, Ball


watching a little bit once again? Yes, these mistakes have epitomised


the game of Middlesbrough so far. They have not been shop, they have


not been proactive in what they're doing, a bit lazy in the sunshine,


thinking, we can just pass the ball around, we are at home. I think


that was a difficult chance for Becchio. It was a bit behind him.


thought it was a difficult chance, he probably snatched at it a little


bit. Yesterday's action from the Championship now, involving the


Championship now, involving the sides in the promotion race.


Southampton's Rickie Lambert and Lalana are both in contention at


the awards ceremony tonight. The second goal came from good work


from the Japanese International. The two of there will be up against


Cardiff's Peter Whippingham -- Peter Whittingham for the


Championship Player of the Year award. West Ham are unbeaten in


seven, but they have now drawn their last four at home. Kevin


Ilonen -- Kevin Nolan put them ahead against Doncaster. But Rovers


are themselves now unbeaten in four. And it was James Carpenter who got


Reading, and march is heading the same way. They were heading here


towards their eighth consecutive league win. No surprise that Brian


McDermott has been named as manager of the month for February. And the


signing of Jason Roberts has been inspired. That was his fourth goal


for the club. Hunt again provided the assist for freezing's third


goal, which came from Simon Church. Leicester got a late consolation,


but they are now nine points off a play-off place. This Midlands derby


saw Gary McSheffrey heading Coventry in front against his old


club. But Birmingham, who have won their last three on their travels,


struck back through former Coventry striker Marlon King. Blackpool,


like Birmingham, are also seeking a swift return to the Premier League,


but they went down to their second defeat within a week. Darren


Ferguson's Peterborough side doubled their lead through Taylor


just before half-time. Blackpool had scored in each of their


previous 11 league games, and they extended that record, but they are


now without a win in three, after George Paul Reid got a third goal


for Peterborough. -- George Boyd. Birmingham and Blackpool's results


meant that victory over Portsmouth would see Brighton move into the


for the Spaniard, but he will not care. Play on, says the referee.


Three in the middle, Vicente scores, that they would join Brighton in


the play-off places, if they could go back across the River Severn


with all three points from their trip to struggling Bristol City.


Whittingham... This is neat from Cardiff City. And it is a


deflection, and it goes in, it is an own goal by McManus! Foster has


done well... Jonathon stared! Whittingham! Deflection, and in


full stop Mason hits it, and it spins into the back of David James'


All the goals from the BBC Sport weekend will be on the website from


midnight. Coming up on Match Of The Back to the top of the Championship.


Automatic promotion, do you think it is two from three? Probably yes.


Reading are the form team. Southampton have responded well to


a couple of disappointing results. West Ham are struggling,


particularly at home. Why are West Ham struggling? The fans are really


unhappy with West Ham's home form in particular. It is difficult.


There will always be that issue with style of play it with Sam


Allardyce. West Ham want to play in the right way. Even when they have


won games this season, it has not been particularly pretty. West and


want the ideal scenario of winning games and playing good football.


on times there is an expectation level with your home fans. We have


seen it with Middlesbrough. They have got more points away from home.


Sometimes it is difficult when your fans are on top of people stop a


coming up this afternoon, at a six nations feature earth which has


That has gone over! A dramatic finale to this game. The newcomer


may have sealed the victory. During half-time at the Riverside,


we have been treated to a display of skills from some of the local


kids. One of them, doing be Brazilian skills, was at Danny


Mills' son. I am assuming he takes up after his mother? He has beaten


my record already! Are can't believe he has not been sent off


yet! That is what is great about Middlesbrough. They had a great


link with the local clubs. It is inspirational for the kids. They


get to see what it is like to be on a pitch, in front of the crowd. It


makes their day. That is the way football has gone. It is about


skill and flair and not the way I used to play! Not about clamping


people! For arguing with the ref! Middlesbrough have to get closer to


Leeds. In the first half, based at off them and it was too easy for


Leeds. They passed it to ban most liberals but the two centre-


forwards have been excellent, Becchio and McCormack. They have to


start making tackles. If they have got to up the tempo. It has been a


bit slow and predictable, their build-up play. Not once have they


got in behind by the full-back. would like to see them get the ball


to Adam Hammill. I would like to see him stay left, on the wing, and


let the ball come to him doorstep - - to him. Do think they were


instructed to do that or has it happens naturally in the first


half? A delight to be fluid, Middlesbrough. Tony Mowbray likes


his players to interchange their positions. Perhaps it is an


instruction, but I would like to see them get into the box and C


Adam Hammill stay wider. Adam Hammill has been starved of the


ball a bit, so he has gone looking for the ball, trying to make an


impression. He has got to keep his discipline and get the ball out


wide. They do have options on the bench. Curtis Main is a young kid


he was massively weighted in these parts. He has an option certainly.


They just need to get into the face of Leeds. During that first half,


Martin Keown described Ross McCormack as a poor man's Wayne


Rooney. At that point, Danny Mills described you as a poor man's Steve


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


microphone. I was left speechless their! He will have to be


speechless until I get an extra microphone. I was battling away and


nobody could hear me. I could hear the sigh of relief all around the


the start of the second half. A little bit brighter from


supporters. Trying to get them going for the second half. The


referee waved advantage, but they will come back. I think Michael


Brown thought about putting the ball out of play. Now he does.


Bailey is in a bad way. Are you working and with us, Martin?


believe I am. You are in better shape than Bailey at the moment.


Connolly, it is a stamp really. That is going to be painful.


referee is not going to give a yellow card. Maybe he got a bit of


the ball. So early at the start of the second half. I think maybe that


shaped the referee's mind. On we go with Andy Lonergan to get the ball


upfield and a way for Leeds. Economy is the player who just left


his foot in up on the baby -- Connolly. Leeds United came into


this game looking to avoid being doubled by Middlesbrough for the


a bit to the ball before then, Surrey Middlesbrough corner.


Jutkiewicz, holding the ball up for his team. If you can be the link


player like that, you get a corner or a throw-in. Hines jump right in


front of Lonergan, so a really good take from the Leeds keeper.


almost swallowed it in the end. An excellent save. A good ball in


again. He waited an age to get his hands out. Good save. That rippled


the side netting at some pace from Snodgrass. Just a few Leeds fans


have thought that was number three. Just a reminder of what Leeds are


capable of on the break. They are falling asleep at the back. Here is


taken charge? Nobody going after a bit. McCormack plays it off nicely


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


with the left for it. You don't Adam Hammill. He is furious. He was


Middlesbrough. A bit more purpose in their play. Emnes has been


penalised. That has got the home crowd pumped up. They do not feel


he did much wrong there. He is pulling him, isn't he? Just that


arm. The linesman picked it up. Seems to have woken the crowd up


though. They are not used to all this sunshine. It has put the crowd


to sleep. Don't start with your southern bias! It is always


beautiful up here! Just under 3000 loaded with sarcasm from the


Middlesbrough fans. Bailey, wondering why he is not picking him.


Straight through the back. They have got previous from the early


moments. That is why O'Dea is sneak that one inside. Robson, what


a great left foot he has got. Williams was very unlucky there. He


travelled for an age. Should maybe hit the target after all of that.


but the ball was bouncing, so he did not want to risk it. On the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


White... He looks to have enjoyed himself, playing on the right-hand


side. He does, he's a good footballer. I have been impressed


with Leeds, they're passing the ball round, growing in confidence


as a team, and none more so than Jutkiewicz could not control but


has certainly put a spring in the step of the Middlesbrough players.


Here's the message... It is going to be difficult. It is, but it


comes from belief. You install that in your players at half-time,


settle them down, get them back on course, that's often how you react


to disappointment, and it will be a big disappointment to be 2-0 down


in this game.. I noticed on that montage, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink


and Mark Viduka, players from the past of both clubs.


MARTIN KEOWN: I have still got the down by Clayton. Clayton, no


complaints, protecting his back four. This is a dangerous area.


there might be some work to do for Andy Lonergan in the Leeds goal.


Barry Robson very interested, Adam old pro's trick in the book, taking


in an age to slot back into the Middlesbrough man down. Jo Bennett


is now back to his feet. Can he get back to the left-back position?


Robinson, the Leeds left-back... Now, Middlesbrough have another


player down, not Joe Bennett but Rhys Williams. They're falling like


flies. This will not help them, it is stop-start, no momentum in the


game for Middlesbrough. He was sent off at Portsmouth for picking up a


couple of yellow cards, back in the team today, Williams. He signed a


new deal a few weeks ago, there had been speculation that he would be


going up a level, whether or not Middlesbrough went up. Australian


international. This is how it happened. It looked pretty


innocuous, by Becchio. It did, but and these are the two goals. Both


of them came in the first half. composure, Snodgrass on his right


foot, he is the leader of this team now, leading from the front.


the second came from Luciano Becchio, who also leads from the


front, the way he leads the line. Yes, he has been excellent so far.


The coaching staff, delighted so far. Still a long way to go in this


Jason Steele was beaten! He was flat footed and pretty helpless.


Well, it was a speculative effort from 40 yards. That is the


confidence which is running through the team, and they merely get lucky.


It hits Matthew Bates, takes a deflection, and it could have been


embarrassing for Jason Steele. They have lost the ball, it has gone


into the Leeds fans, and they are not giving it back. Not yet, anyway.


They have brought another one on. So, the corner to be taken by


McCormack. In it comes... The Middlesbrough defender got a touch.


take the throw. But the referee is indicating that he is watching.


Paul Connolly takes it. Snodgrass tries to put it in, but over the


top. Boro goal kick. It is that combination again, Becchio doing


really well in the air, and Snodgrass wants to get on the end


Middlesbrough are going to make two changes. The 19-year-old striker


Curtis Main is one of those about to come on, and Kevin Thomson as


well. Off goes Rhys Williams, clearly feeling the effects of that


injury he sustained a few moments ago. Also going off, Lukas


Jutkiewicz. It does not sound as if that is a popular decision with the


Middlesbrough supporters. Straight swaps, really, in the midfield and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


Well, he has made the changes, the first two anyway. He is looking for


a reaction, isn't he? He needs to spruce it up a little bit. They


nicely, but then ran into O'Dea. MARTIN KEOWN: Robinson once again,


seeing the danger, coming in with start to believe if they win today,


but there is a lot of work to do. But they have been on it this


afternoon, right from the start. has impressed me, the way they have


passed the ball, especially in this second half. A lot of talk about


the way that Middlesbrough pass the ball, but I am very impressed by


the way Leeds are controlling things at the moment. We have talk


about Middlesbrough's academy, but Leeds United have got some good


youngsters coming through. They have got to go that way, now that


the many days are gone. You have got to give credit to Neil Redfearn,


and the job he is doing in the reserves at Leeds. Different times,


it will be a different Leeds United. It is always nice when you have got


people coming through the club, it seems to mean more to those players,


when they have been playing in the youth teams and the reserves.


drew 2-2 at Manchester City yesterday, they're mixing it with


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


the big Premier League Stars of the Adam Clayton was the guard on duty.


Becchio... Almost gets it back to McCormack. It comes for Adam


Clayton, who put his foot right through that. It was more of the


same, Ross McCormack the man with a bit of industry in the build-up,


beautiful turn. A willing runner in Becchio. And again, he wants it


back again. And then, prepared to shoot from distance. This little


McCormack. I'm not sure what he prefers, out-and-out striker, in


the hole, or out wide? MARTIN KEOWN: Neil Warnock will be


thinking, these players are just a bit better than I thought they were.


He will be going after this play- Middlesbrough. You just knew that


he was going to go down. Free kick for Leeds, I beg your pardon.


stadium who will not be enjoying this at the moment, Seb Hines, in


the Middlesbrough back four. Offside, McCormack. I think he was


expecting it. Yes, he just wanted the ball earlier. He could not stop.


Good line from the Middlesbrough there is going to be a


Middlesbrough response, it has to start soon. Cross comes in from


Hammill, but it has drifted what he has seen. Former Leeds


United Great Peter Lorimer. I should say that Turn sure both of


these sides will want to give their best wishes to Jack Charlton, who


is recuperating after a hip replacement operation. He played


for Leeds for 20 years. He then managed Middlesbrough in the 1970s.


Got them into the top flight and kept them there. For those of us to


what all the dashboard enough to remember, he did not half hit that


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


snatch at that. Or was it Adam Clayton? It is either one of them.


They had been doing it all afternoon bull stock they have


unsettled Middlesbrough all afternoon. He has got no time and


space. He has to get rid of it. He cannot achieve that discipline in


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


Connolly of. We are going to have a from Bennett. Bennett stuck to his


task there. Again, Leeds on the break, excellent plate. They are


full of running and full of confidence. He had to recover


quickly, Joe Bennett. It looked as by Adam Clayton. He is certainly


brave there. Kevin Thomson has copped one. I felt that a peer. --


up here. Chris Mosley is the long time Middlesbrough physios who is


administering the careful treatment. Making sure he is absolutely back


to his senses. There is an unimpressed Middlesbrough chairman.


Steve Gibson. And chief Executive. You can see what the chairman


thinks about it, feeling the strain. Kevin Thomson, he came on as sub.


He might be going off. This is what can happen on a football pitch. His


bravery and his honesty has cost him a little bit. He has been in


the wars. Stomach upset, missed the last couple of games. And don't


really nasty looking head injury. Tony Mowbray comes to the touchline


to dish out a few more instructions to his prayers, get them up for one


last fight. Talking of the touchline, I should apologise to


those of you enjoying your Sunday lunch who might have caught one or


two words that you did not want to hear. I hope I am right in saying


that it looks more serious than it is. Of course. You think of the


families of when the situation happens. He has just come on. We


wish him well and hope it is nothing serious. They will meet the


substitute to come on with a couple of points today for a start he


played a bit World Cup in 2002 but Nigeria when he was just 17 years


old. The Leeds United supporters have only seen their team win away


at once since the end of November. That came and Bristol City on the


4th February. They are enjoying this scoreline. It will not get any


easier for Middlesbrough. They go to that man's team next weekend,


Birmingham City away. Looking to do the double over Birmingham. They


beat them here in August, but it is a different Birmingham City now.


They are mounting a sustained promotion push of their own. Only


just outside the play-off places. Let's hope that is all proportion


Eric and Kevin Thomson will be a tape. -- precaution every. He took


a boat ride on the side of the head. Ogbeche has done the rounds. Now he


but it was going to be really difficult to steer it back on


target. Yes, good move. The substitute has revitalised the team


and has only been on the pitch 30 seconds! He has more tenacious.


Tough for Curtis Main, but he needs He signed for Middlesbrough after a


Hammill. It spiralled out for a throw-in. It didn't happen to me


very often. I would love to know how many shots on goal you had in


your career. A I had one for England! And not short Danny Mills


scored for England. I saw him score a crack at once at Manchester City.


-- A Cracker. The clock says 82 minutes played. There will be quite


a chunk to add on to the end of this. 1 Middlesbrough goal now


would get to the place jumping and inspire hopes of getting something


He was under serious pressure. none of them that dealt with that


choice? He had to pick somebody out in the box there, to be fair. He


has just come out onto the pitch. It was a lucky break for them. But


he had time to pick someone out. wonder if that is what he was


trying to do and he got it wrong. Leeds United, one target for their


first three-point haul under Neil Warnock. They did claim a bit of


credit for their fight back against Doncaster at the day after they had


been appointed. He was not actually in charge though. They also on


target at the moment for a third clean sheet in four games under him.


Excellent, Leeds at the back. They They might not get a better chance.


Steele did not manage to prevent the Cornet vote. I would like to


see that again. A hint of offside. An excellent break again from Leeds.


No, it is a great run. I am not sure what the defender is giving


flying out there again. The goalkeeper does well. It is a good


save. Just running out of steam, McCormack there, the defender


themselves, Snodgrass and Ross McCormack. But they overdid it. He


is trying to rugby-tackled him, that's more like the Leeds Rhinos.


And that was in danger of escalating, just for a moment.


MARTIN KEOWN: Yes, he has chased him for 30 seconds, and he wants


something at the end of it. Both Celtic men. It has to be yellow for


Adam Clayton, surely. And Barry Robson has got a red card! It must


have been the reaction. I'm not sure I saw anything too violent.


reaction. Was that it? He is pulling him, he has put his arm


into his face. Was there a reaction off for that. That seems a little


bit strong. It certainly does. Robson seemed to accept it easily.


But I think he has got a case for wrongful dismissal there. The arms


were going, but there was no firm elbow planted anywhere near the


face of Adam Clayton, who was manhandling him. He is the player


who was being fouled there. looks like the game is up for


Middlesbrough, 2-0 down, and a man down as well now. Ross McCormack


coming off now. He will get a good send-off. And rightly so, he has


been fantastic today, holding the ball up brilliantly for his team.


He will be in fine form for the rest of the season, hopefully, for


Leeds. Danny Webber released by Portsmouth at the end of last


season, he ignored offers from China and Qatar to join Leeds. Neil


Warnock was his boss at Sheffield United. You have got to keep your


head as a Middlesbrough player. You may lose the battle, but you need


to win the war. Plenty of games to come. Let's have another little


look. He has put his arm out, but maybe... He is just trying to get


away. I don't think that's really an elbow. But there is certainly a


stamped at the end of it. Robson indicated with his elbow that he


thought he was the one who was getting it a bit too much. It is


not massively surprising, Barry Robson has been booked 13 times


this season. It is his third red card for Middlesbrough, the 11th of


his total career. I wonder how many he will get for Vancouver Whitecaps


the middle... Danny Welbeck needed to find somebody, but he has got a


same, Leeds on the break. Brown and Adam Clayton in the midfield for


Leeds have been like two kick, Leeds. Snodgrass will be in


no great hurry to get back to his feet. We have moved into stoppage


time, and there will be at least seven more minutes to play, because


of that long delay for treatment to Kevin Thomson. This has helped


Leeds, this second half, not allowing Middlesbrough to get any


momentum. It has been a rotten day for Middlesbrough, that head injury,


the red card for Robson, nothing has gone for them. The first half,


they did not get going. MARTIN KEOWN: Yesterday's results,


Southampton winning, Reading winning, I don't think they have


Defended by O'Dea. Yes, he has been like a battering ram. Not resting


easy yet, the Leeds boss. A new imagine his reaction if they throw


away a 2-0 lead, against 10 men, in was just a glancing blow. I was


interested in a remark from Tony Mowbray after the win against


Barnsley on Tuesday. He said, it is torture standing watching, that the


Championship. Yes, it looks like this game has nearly gone, he has


got to put it to one side and react, he is the leader, the role model


within the club, the one they will could not find him. Snodgrass, gets


away from Hammill. It could be four against four here. But it does not


look like Snodgrass really wants to go for it. Cleared by Steele.


Header from O'Dea. You're right about centre-backs putting on those


head bandages, it makes them play a Mikael Forssell, remember him? He


will be coming on for Luciano Becchio. He signed a one-year deal


at the end of August, having been released by Hanover last season.


The former Chelsea, Crystal Palace and Birmingham striker, Finland


International, replacing Becchio. Yes, Becchio, his manager will know


the importance of him, just wrap him up in cotton wool for the rest


of the season, get him ready for next week. Mikael Forssell, still


only 30. He is a real blast from the past. In his Premier League


days, he got four goals in seven games against Middlesbrough. He


will be hard pushed to score in the two minutes or so remaining. Leads


do not need another goal, they will be quite happy with what they have


substitution as we get near the end. Going off will be Adam Clayton. He


was a central figure in the end, after that battle with Barry Robson,


which saw the Middlesbrough man sent off. It is almost as if Neil


Warnock is taking them off to reward their performance, these are


probably the three best players who are going off. On comes Danny Pugh,


a player in his second spell at Leeds, re-signed from Stoke earlier


on in the season. Joe Bennett has taken a dive into the Leeds penalty


area, and that is how it has been by Andy Lonergan, but Seb Hines has


missed the gift. The goalkeeper has fumbled, Hines is coming in, and we


think we have got a different game on her hands. How on earth has he


missed that? I think that just to withstand the pressure from


this Sunday afternoon. And it would appear that Leeds United's hopes of


reaching the Championship play-offs are not all over after all. They


have got a long way to go, but this is the first step on the journey


for Neil Warnock's team. Robert Snodgrass got the first, and not


long after, Luciano Becchio made it 2-0. Leeds have maintained their


record of never having been beaten in 10 visits to the Riverside. That


is only their fifth win in their last 16 League games. There is


change at Leeds United, and it would appear to be changed for the


better. Disappointment for Leeds players and fans. We can show


you know how far they are off the play-offs. Middlesbrough remain in


fourth. Leeds United, now just four points off the play-offs. Will


there be some sides above them there be some sides above them


looking over their shoulders now? think there will be. Neil Warnock


has turned things around defensively, building everything


off the basis of keeping a clean sheet. Middlesbrough's mistakes led


to the goals. But if Leeds can be solid between now and the end of


the season, we know what Neil Warnock has done before, there is


definitely a chance. When you have people like Ross McCormack, who can


create like you did this afternoon, you have a chance. Absolutely,


today he went two up top, and those two, McCormack and Becchio, were


superb. By we can remind you of the Individual errors played their part


in the first frost off -- in the first. Bennett and left-back had to


do a lot better and therefore stopped the keeper was culpable for


the first one. There is no below power on the shot from Snodgrass.


It just creeps under Jason Steele. Leeds thoroughly deserved that lead.


They were out standing. Baby D closed Middlesbrough down from the


off. The combination up front was great. We can get some reaction


from the Leeds camp. Neil Warnock is with us. How good does that


feel? It is good to get the first goal. And the grim and the end, I


thought the crowd was fantastic today. Amazing scenes. It is great


to get off the mark. Replayed cloak -- quite well in the three games.


Some great performances today. I went through the midfield. There


were of a lot of good team playing today. Martin Keown was talking


about a team that full of running and confidence this afternoon.


said to him, making their life hard work, not scoring goals. The fans


have been brilliant and we have not scored a goal. I said before the


game, wait until they win again and you might have something to cheer


about. But they were brilliant today. We had played some good


stuff at times. Overall, a thoroughly professional performance.


Three points off the play-off places. This sets you up perfectly


for the remainder of the season. West Ham will be a fabulous game on


Saturday. Nearly 30,000 fans will be there. It is a humdinger. It is


great to be involved again. Thank you, enjoy the best of your


afternoon. A near one it is not daft. He


praises the fans a lot. He bought his three most impressive players


off bit by bit, so they could get the appreciation of the crowd.


Psychologically, he is getting it right. He has come in and been


defensive. He was praising the fans and his players, giving them


confidence. He believes they have a chance of making the play-offs.


is relishing this. You heard him talking about the best and game and


how big a fixture that will be. A couple of weeks ago, Egan


Southampton, they were excellent. If let's just see the second goal


again. Ross McCormack and Becchio involved. There were probably 80


Leeds players there. It is not the fastest break in the world. It is a


patient build up. Boro do not get back. It is the reaction. Leeds


have run beyond the Middlesbrough back four. The back for their women


make good shape. It is a mistake from Justin Hoyte. The back for


covering a good position there to deal with this. -- back four.


Justin Hoyte just needs to clear it and doesn't. Look at the centre


halves. They have got to react. Middlesbrough never did that. They


never got in behind, or tried to get in behind, the two centre


halves. Leeds were very solid, decent of their defence. Boro never


tried to get in behind. It is small margins. Acrid to mistakes from


full-backs have ultimately cost them. They were not many chances in


the second half. Let's take a look at the red card. Do you think it


was harsh? Having seen it two or three times, Clayton has a no ball.


He wants to push him away. If the referee gives the first foul, that


never happens. It is big kick out at the end. It is not massively


vicious, he does not really connect. It is petulance, frustration. There


were two or three fouls before this. It is just here, where he has a


little kick. He does not connect. Under these circumstances, I think


a yellow card would have been fair. It epitomises the fighting power of


Leeds. It is laid on in the game, 2-0 up, and they are still may be


closing down. It is an afternoon of live sport here on BBC One.


Straight after us, we will be in Paris to see if the new look at


England take on France in the Six Nations. We will be with John


Inverdale very shortly. Tonight on the moment. Swansea had a penalty


saved. We should say it is not all over for Middlesbrough either.


have seen two teams here who could be in the play-offs. Boro have done


fantastically well. They were poor today. They never got their game


going. They were almost bullied out of it by Leeds. But I think they


will be there by the end of the season. They have got 11 games left.


They will be pleased that seven of them are away. Their poorest


performances have been at the Riverside. But Leeds are flying.


think they could be on a charge. I think Neil Warnock mugs it. He is


relishing this challenge to get them into the play-offs. I think he


Mark Chapman presents live coverage from The Riverside as Middlesbrough take on Leeds United in the Championship. As the race for Premier League promotion gathers pace, both of these sides are still in the hunt for a play-off spot. Tony Mowbray's team came out on top when the two sides met at Elland Road in August, but Leeds hope new boss Neil Warnock can repeat the success he had in guiding QPR to the top flight last season. Danny Mills and Matt Holland are in the studio to offer analysis, and commentary comes from Guy Mowbray and Martin Keown.

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