Cardiff City v West Ham United Match of the Day Live

Cardiff City v West Ham United

Gabby Logan presents live coverage of the Championship game between promotion rivals Cardiff City and West Ham United.

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It feels like a big time cut final. He got it through, it is Mason! It


is Miller! Will Cardiff get a better chance to win it than that?


It is in! Cardiff are level. It is going to be settled by kicks from


12 yards. Gerrard has put it wide. They should not beat themselves up


about this because they have been outstanding. Welcome to Cardiff. 12


million viewers shared in the paint at Wembley last week, now it is


back on and today they are up against the Hammers, who are


looking to bounce back up to the Premier League at the first time of


asking. West Ham United are relegated! You just wonder whether


Scott Parker has taken off a West The man who will be giving the team


talk, Sam Allardyce has joined me. Looking back from August, would you


have taken where you are now in the league? Definitely, our progress


has been very good indeed in such a short period of time. We have had


to take over from a club that has been relegated, but the team is


focused now, they know each other better, and they are playing well.


Even playing with 10 men, we are still undefeated. Hopefully we can


take that form into today's game. You have this tough period, eight


games in March, 14 games now, what is it that you take into this last


push of the season? It is about the undefeated run. If that happens,


the tired legs don't seem quite as tired. He you have depth. We have,


we lost Julien Faubert today with an illness last night, but the


squad is still good, there is still a good bench, and we have been in


good form recently so we will need to take that into the game against


Cardiff today. Eight games in March, six games in April, hopefully that


is all we have got. You been away for a few games, I'm not sure if


you watched the penalty shoot-out last week and thought this would be


good. All the men watched it, and of course two different aspects.


you choose the music by the way? not me! They have had what looked


like a very good day, very disappointing at the end, and they


did themselves proud. We were taking a sunshine break in Dubai,


so it is a challenge. Have they got fatigue? Who knows. By will let you


go and dance. Let's go to the home dug-out for the card of perspective,


Robbie Savage caught up with Malky Mackay. How are the men after last


week was a -- after last week? is the first time we got the whole


group together on Friday, but overall sense of achievement,


obviously, and that little glimmer that you are a two penalty kicks


away from lifting the trophy. is the planned for the rest of the


season? To play every game competitively, to hope we can


compete and to aim as high as possible. We would love to get into


the play-offs. It is a brand new team coming together and the


journey through the Carling Cup has been great, but at the same time we


want to among the top six. Opening day of the season, you beat West


Ham 1-0, same again today? That would be lovely. It was a tough


draw, we had 10 days for part of the season and we had six days to


build up a team to go to Upton Park on the Sunday, it was live as well.


We had Scott Parker then, and we obviously nicked it at the last


minute. It was not a convincing victory, it was uneven game, but


West Ham have bought a lot of people since then. A lot of finance


has been spent, and there is that gamble of the club going up this


year. It will be a tough game, on the back of a lot of good victories


recently. It will be tough today. If good luck.


Every little thing will be all right has just started on the PA


system here. The stage has been set as a reminder to those fans who


made the journey last week that everything will be OK. They have


got to put it into action today against a West Ham side who have


their own aspirations this season. They are hoping to see their team


keep pace on the leaders, Southampton. Both the top two side


have started in recent weeks. Reading have been putting real


pressure on the top two. Cardiff can get back into the top six today,


or they could find themselves cut adrift if they lose this afternoon.


Alongside Robbie Savage who conducted that interview so


beautifully, former England goalkeeper David James, who spent


three years at West Ham. Good to have you here. You can't let me


start without asking you about the waistcoat. This is my Bristol City


waistcoat. I thought Robbie was going to be more colourful today.


You played in these two sides, are either of them more equipped than


the other? West Ham are read decent outfit. They have taken Nicky


Maynard from Bristol City, he is a very talented player. I think


Cardiff, especially for today, will maybe suffer from the events of


last weekend. There is usually a Hanover after that. It will be


tough for them. Can they use it as inspiration? When you have come so


close to glory, they want to mix in with the big boys, don't they?


lost in a Cup final against Spurs, and the following week my


performance was the best of the season. Today they are all heroes.


It is a tough game for them, but they will have recovered from last


week. It is such a busy period now. They have eight games in March, 14


until the end of the season. It is a tough period, you have got to get


through it. At the end of March, perhaps we will have a better idea


about where these teams will be. course, the clearer it will become.


The games come thick and fast, and house Sam Allardyce has managed to


get them out to Dubai, I don't know! He has got them out there for


whatever reason, perhaps a bit of energising and sunshine. He has a


very deep squad to work with, a lot of depth. Yes I was saying today,


the forward line for West Ham, the strength in the squad is a


Premiership squad so I think they are more equipped than Cardiff to


get promoted. They do well here, but they do concede goals. Do you


expect to see goals today? What is interesting is that they have not


kept any clean sheets at home, so with West Ham strike force and the


League keenness of Cardiff's defence, it could be... The Welsh


voices have started, I can barely hear you. We are all looking


forward to this one. The teams are getting ready in the tunnel,


standing by, Jonathan Pearce. It is emotional homecoming for Cardiff's


Wembley warriors. The message in the tunnel... Fire and passion.


That which does not kill us makes us stronger, it says in the match


programme. Monday might have been melancholy, as the squad brutally


self- analysed and realised what they should have achieved a week


ago, had they not been so wasteful with chances or penalties. Tuesday


saw the self-pity start to disappear, to be replaced by new


focus and determination in the dressing room and in the stance as


well. Just two League wins in seven games has seen their promotion bid


falter. There is work to be done, and it starts against a West Ham


side unbeaten in four games with nine away wins this season, under


pressure themselves to win here after the Southampton win at Leeds


left the hammer as four points off the top spot. A victory today would


take them four points clear of third-placed Reading. Although the


situation could be clouded if Portsmouth go out of business and


their results are expunged. The Hammers would lose six points as a


result and tumble out of the top two. So, an important day for both


clubs. As Mark Hudson leads Cardiff out, his first league game in over


a month, having returned from injury last week at Wembley. He


played so much more -- so magnificently. Cardiff have got to


get that defeat out of their system. West Ham need another away victory.


It will be a nervy first five minutes. West Ham have more Premier


League experience, more top-flight experience of crucial games at the


business end of the season, for good and bad. Will that hold them


in good Stead in the weeks to come? Cardiff bring back their preferred


league goalkeeper, David Marshall, for Tom Heaton, otherwise they


trust the men who went so close against Liverpool, even though a


number of them looked so drained in missed the spot kick, is not in the


squad. West Ham have two changes, booed off after the 0-0 draw


so Henry Lansbury comes in. But for all their quality, they have not


won a league game in Cardiff since 1980 when Ray Stewart scored the


only goal. The remix queue had just been invented. -- the rubrics Cuba.


Cardiff really need similar to exercise his Wembley demons, having


missed a great chance in normal time and seeing his spot-kick miss


the post. West Ham United will look for an inspirational Henry Lansbury,


who played for 35 minutes in goal in a game that black -- at


today, a really good encounter, the Business End of the season as we


always ate. The managers get themselves together and assess what


they want to achieve -- as we always say. 13 or 14 games to go,


I'm sure that Malky Mackay is having a good chat to the boys once


he got them back together. You have to put the disappointments behind


Duke, we have all been there. It is about balancing back. -- behind you.


And it is about bouncing back. Any slip up as above them, they have to


make sure they take advantage. Bright and sunny now. We had a wet


and melancholy morning, matching the Cardiff mood as they left


Wembley a week ago. Chris for Lee from left to right. The ball played


forward by McCartney -- West Ham Cardiff released financial figures


showing a �12 million loss. The previous year, it was �922,000. The


lower figure reflected the sale of Ninian Park. There is financial


pressure here still, despite the what the owners from the Far East.


They could very well do with a promotion play-off position, but


Ham player, still in his mid-20s, a week, with Brighton in midweek.


Away by Hartson. -- Hudson. Vaz Te, reunited with Sam Allardyce, who


was his manager at Bolton. Tomkins has played well in central midfield


in recent games. Cleared by O'Brien, the former Bolton man. A goal-kick.


It looked at a corner today. -- to me. I think Kevin Nolan thinks the


Wembley. They played so well. there, they gave everything they


had, they represented the club and in many ways the country, and they


won a lot of friends. Malky Mackay will say, we have to build on that.


If you are wondering where Liam Lawrence is, he was signed from the


troubled Portsmouth, he had a calf strain and has not made the scored


yet. Cutely done by George McCartney, the experience nor the


Ireland international. -- experienced Northern Ireland


international. Malky Mackay has signed a contract extension through


to June 2016. He had a lot to deal with when he came in. He did not


have a team, did he? No, a couple of kids, he has done ever so well


with his signings, it shows you what can be done. Whittingham was


making the run-through but save pants from Robert Green. Brought


down neatly by Taylor, having a very good season. He came through


the excellent Middlesbrough academy. dangerous, arcing cross. That was


good play by Kevin Miller -- Kenny Miller. Rob Green was not too sure.


the six-yard area, he too long. I think it Tomkins just did: -- hit


long. I think it Tomkins just did enough. There was lots of light in


there, Gestede in there as well. -- for the challenge by Maynard.


was the earlier Cross, an easy save. When you are not too sure what is


behind you, you have to deal with football with injury. He came back


at the tail-end of last season. Vaz side, Ricardo Vaz Te against


of a winner. -- a winger. Ricardo Vaz Te was an Under 21


international in Portugal. He has been in English football for a


while but only really started He has moved towards the ball.


McCartney was not offside but because Maynard made a movement, he


was deemed to be active by the assistant referee. He actually put


his flag back down again, once he saw George McCartney chasing the


ball, but the referee had already reacted. We can see that Maynard is


offside. Had he not moved for the ball, McCartney would have been on


side. Mason is in the box, gear tax competitions, Cardiff, they are


strong here. Preparations for this were interrupted by international


Nolan was Square, it was just aged away by Turner. Good covering by


Turner. Maynard showed a good turn of pace. Hartson does not see him,


fans to be leaning down. -- sought by the Cardiff fans. He had a new


lease of life at West Ham. He was originally there in 2006 before


cover from O'Brien. There was Cowie, he skies it. Two good opportunities


for Cardiff. Don Cowie with the volley. Before this, Gestede should


have struck that. As the ball falls with the outside of his right foot,


just take it on the half volley and between Cowie and his fellow


Scotsman, Miller, at Wembley last week. I was quite impressed with


Gestede. He does not score lot of goals but he led the line very well,


he troubled Liverpool in the air. As he is doing here today. It is


only his 10th start. He is big and raw. He has a good touch as well.


happens if Portsmouth go out of business and the results are


expunged. It would have a significant effect on Sam


Allardyce's team, they would lose 6 points picked up against Pompey and


they would drop five points out of the top two. It would be disastrous,


Maynard. Maynard lifted his foot, the free kick is given. It is


far off. David James will let you know his thoughts at half-time, he


will know him from Bristol City days, Nicky Maynard. He has so much


pace. He scored nearly 50 goals at Ashton Gate. Recently, something of


a goal drought. Over the top, looking for Gestede. Faye could not


get there. Cowie chase, Taylor is the ball, Miller in a deep position


-- Gunnarsson has not seen much of the ball. He comes off the front


line, in Between the Lines, he picks the ball up, no one


confronting him, he teased, plenty of time to get the shot in. Close


enough. Champion in Scotland for Celtic and Rangers. He needs a goal.


Taylor, towards Gestede, Tomkins was there. Noble got fortunate.


Lansbury switched the play to was to go beyond, wide -- came in.


He is better move was to go beyond. Marshall hasn't kept a clean sheet


in six games and the word from the boys in the studio, they have not


kept a clean sheet here in 2012. They average a goal again, conceded.


It doesn't matter, if you score two, line, and he is the furthest


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


championship player of the year, Whittingham. He has adjusted his


game, playing more centrally now. He has always played as a winner.


Still contributing with the goals what a good chance that tears.


composes himself, nice and steady, it comes off Kevin McNaughton. He


just gets himself underneath the ball. A really good opportunity.


The most clear cut of the game. Hasn't scored since they defeated


Ipswich on transfer deadline day, when they were perhaps focused on


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


think it was. A hit a straight the crowd. There you go, a little push.


He only played 50 games in France before he made his move. He wants


to play for the USA, at Atalanta. He has good attributes, he is good


in the air, he has a decent touch. He has a good understanding of


Kenny Miller. He is up against a real international defender, isn't


opportunity for staff good movement from him, just falling backwards as


he hits this. Never a regular at Bolton. In the season he scored 12


for Barnsley before moving to West Ham different, he can run with pace


but I have to get the ball wide and through to him, as opposed to long


balls towards him because obviously Mark Hudson and Turner will win


knows all day. Nicky Maynard has not have the best of receptions


here, being a former Bristol City probably didn't really have any joy


so he has tried the other wing and had some opportunities. He must


have been studied throughout the season, setting the world on fire.


The best defence in the division going into this week. The most


important statistic is where they West Ham, moving the ball well,


Lansbury. A good ball, an early cross to the header from Collison.


He just needed more composure. He pulls it off, a good position, and


that is two really good have had more possession but we


away from home, recently at Blackpool. West Ham were really on


Mackay to get his team focused for the rest of the season? It is an


uphill struggle now to win promotion, and the League Cup has


cost so many teams the remaining period of their season over the


years. They have a huge prize in front of them. They are looking at


Premier League football next season. Getting to the Carling Cup final


was a bonus, a fantastic achievement for them, they have


experienced that and they want to get there again in the play-offs.


It is there in front of them. They have held their position near the


top, and now is the time to strive for the last games. It is a message


- look at the stadium. They have been unlucky the last few seasons.


Their manager might be saying this is our time now. We have done well


to get to the Cup final but we need April, look how many games they


have got. In those games, anything can happen at the top. You just


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


play. He is saying to done Cowie, the centre backs fed it into the of


midfield, into gonna send and Whittingham and started off the


moves, they hardly played any of those long balls. They have got to


do the same again, they have got to get some rhythm going. Malky Mackay


actually had a spell at West Ham United as a player, signed from


Norwich, he won three successive promotions with West Ham and


ball. They want Ricardo Vaz Te further forward, receiving that


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


possession, Cardiff dropping back. catches him on his ankle,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


unintentionally obviously, but I Cardiff. There was a suspicion of a


plush by Noble but nothing was run from Collison. -- Hudson read


Wasteful, both teams are wasteful in possession. West Ham are having


the easy possession in and around the halfway line. When it comes to


the key pass, the killer ball, it seems to be a bit long. Once again,


it to straight, from left back to the left channel. The ball is to be


thread through midfield. -- the ball needs to be threaded through


midfield. Tomkins was under no real pressure, he could guide it back to


West Ham up front. Now they have won it back. Maynard looked for


Lansbury. Peter Whittingham is sitting deep. They played the ball


through him last week. Everyone else started it off him. Kevin


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


Hudson had lots of time. People was too long. Wasted her again. --


wasted again. Both teams are trying to find rhythm around the penalty


area. If I was Gestede, I would pull away to the far post,


encouraged the ball to be floated touch by Turner but they got away


with it. Mason was looking for Gestede, who pulled up, no great


pace. He seemed to pull up to me. He did to me. Didn't seem like he


had pulled anything. He is just being the back of his thigh. --


just feeling. The right hamstring. He has signalled to the bench as


well. Yes. He is struggling. He should just go down. It is clear


that he is injured. Mark Noble, sudden, he uses up. It has probably


gone tight. It looked like he was favourite at one stage. I think


Harris book it will be the man to come on for them. -- Harris Vukic


will be the man to come on. I would say he has felt that, as he has


this week, played for half-an-hour against Scotland. He is ready, as


season for Newcastle. They rate his Miller further forward and Vukic


will play off him, that is what very poor. The game has lacked


tempo. As Cardiff are the home team, you expect them to initiate the


play. Get it going, get some rhythm going, try to push West Ham back.


West Ham have dominated possession. I think Cardiff have allowed them


to have the ball around the halfway line. They have sat quite deep.


They have tried to wait to hit them on the counter. The last 10 minutes


of the first half. Here is way by Faye. A low strike from gun


as a! -- from Gunnarsson. A decent strike. He eased himself further


forward. There is the header out. Icelandic international. He was on


international duty away to had more time than he thought.


Kevin Nolan said to Vaz Te, that is why you should be. A great little


ball. He is standing, instead of trying to anticipate the cross.


Nolan said, that is a cabin if you are moving forward. He was waiting


for it to happen, instead of making it up and -- that is a tap-in and


he waited for it to happen, instead of making it happen. Faye was just


caught after he headed it away, was an elbow. Vukic is saying,


that's not the case. It was after falling, it is not likely swings it.


He misses the ball. -- not like he swings it. I don't think there is


any intention, I think he is trying to prove that to Faye. The West Ham


physio did well, he made sure there player, he did well at Stoke. They


have only lost four league games when he has been in Sam Allardyce's


starting line-up. I think if he sees that on the TV, he will see


that Vukic wasn't trying to hurt not pick him out. Gunnarsson.


from which Mason scored last week. That is better. They are asking


Square, passing square. You can see that Tomkins was playing everybody


he was scoring at Plymouth, last season. �250,000, the price-tag,


when Cardiff bought him in the summer. He went 10 games without a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


Gunnarsson finds Hudson and this is Nolan, furthest forward again.


Ham can be expansive again. They have scored four times on their


travels on three occasions but they can also be tight and restrictive


as they were down at Brighton. Discipline is key for Sam Allardyce.


The here is our Lorton. -- McNaughton. I don't think there was


a free kick. I think he is trying to buy one of the linesman and the


referee. I think he just jockey Tim quality. He was being pressurised.


I'm sure that Malky Mackay will ask the boy is to move the ball a bit


quicker in the second half and can we get it down the sides of the


centre backs. Gestede is off, so they don't have a lot of height.


Can they have more creativity from midfield? Maynard took that well,


the pass was behind Nolan. Onside, he went to place it, 1-0 West Ham!


Just over two minutes left in the first half, and a moment of class


at last, from a player with bags of Full credit to Nicky Maynard for


finding it. He runs off the front man so well. Once he wins the ball,


he goes. He is moving forward, he is looking for the space, he knows


where it is. The hand goes up for offside, there could be a shade of


that. He knows where he wants it, knows what he is doing and he just


slides it in. His eighth goal of the season. A great finish.


eighth career goal from a midfield performances they have put in. I


mentioned the Brighton game a while back, it is very similar to that.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


Turner has gone for what. -- little flick on by Collison. A


little question that Nolan might have been offside, he was onside


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


singing at the moment. Going into half-time, it is a good time to


score. Really they have won the midfield battle. Look at the man


Ham United cautious, waiting for their moment, and then it came.


Just before half-time, Kevin Nolan stroking them ahead. Cardiff City


have not really tested Robert Green, and it is West Ham United ahead at


Let's get the thought of David and Robbie. Are you surprised in a way


that West Ham did not seize the opportunity, and make hay with the


chances they had earlier on? What telling is the fact Cardiff's


chances have come from outside the box. They have had opportunities to


deliver the ball into better areas and failed. West Ham look a little


bit more hungry for it, a bit more composed. A bit more like a team


that didn't have a crushing defeat at Wembley last week perhaps? Is


that what you're sensing from Cardiff? Yes, they have found it


difficult. Kevin Nolan has been dropping them in so deep, no one


has been there. West Ham, the goal from Kevin Nolan committee has a


great habit of popping up in the box unmarked. Let's take a look at


the goal because there was a question in commentary about


whether it was offside. You can set them straight, David. He should not


have had the chance. The full-backs switched off, it is a great finish,


you can't take that away from him, but he was not favoured when the


ball pops out. He in that situation, somebody has got a career everybody


out. Kevin Nolan is unmarked. It is a fantastic finish. That is one of


the first shot on target. I don't think either keeper has made a save


yet. Kenny Miller did have a good chance after about 30 minutes and


you thought this was his chance for redemption after the penalty last


week which didn't go in. This didn't going either but he had


plenty of space. Kenny Miller dropped deep, and he had a


fantastic chance. Gestede made the fantastic chance. Gestede made the


break. The ball comes out to Kenny Miller. Nobody goes out to him.


Normally somebody would have closed him down. Somebody needs to close


him down there. Didn't see too much from Cardiff earlier. The know, I


was surprised. The space that Kenny Miller had there, West Ham have


been more dog-eared in the middle of the park. Cardiff have allowed


West Ham to play a little bit more. There had chances but they wasted


them. Jack Collison had a good chance, didn't he? Yes, this is a


great ball coming in from O'Brien here. He just got underneath it,


but West Ham have been the dominant side. When the team is playing well,


every single player closes the ball down, they are more hungry, and


they create better chances. much time, too much space, and he


has got to hit the target. goalkeeper was tested in any of


these chances. A good move, and eyes cross from Henry Lansbury to


Nicky Maynard. As Robbie was going to say at half-time, the first goal


was always going to be crucial. know Nicky Maynard from Bristol


City, obviously? I do. He had a bad injury before I signed for the club,


and it has taken him a long time to get back to speak but unfortunately


we had to let him go, couldn't sort out the contracts but he will do


very well. There was a good chance for Gunnarsson. Yes, he is a very


good midfield player. I would say don't shoot from here because the


ball was bouncing. He struck that well. Cardiff have been limited to


long-range chances because West Ham have been closing the ball down


well and they were the better team. Kevin Nolan has come through a


three-game ban but the captain has delivered. What's our Cardiff


lacking today? They are lacking in wide areas. Kevin Nolan was trying


to drop the ball and run in behind all the time. Maybe with the


addition of Lawrence, who Portsmouth have to let go for


financial reasons, he might be a good addition. I think so. Now


Gestede has come off with these... How did he described it? The paint


in the back of his thigh. The will be his hamstring! Possibly the


second ball, when the ball was going into him, he was making a run


behind but there was nobody to feed into. Lawrence himself is in aerial


threat. Not in the squad today but may be going forward. In the future,


I think there is an aerial threat because the back of the thigh...!


Time now to catch up on the Premier League, a nice quiet north-eastern


derby to hear about. The nothing quiet about this one,


it has been feisty. Kata more was booked within 40 seconds. --


Cattermole. Sunderland overall in the first half were the better side.


Newcastle finished the half strongly, but they have much


improved in the second period. It has been all Newcastle, especially


Sunderland having to retreat with 10 men. They have just had a strong


penalty appeal as well, handball against O'Shea. Sunderland still


leading 1-0. That game forms part of a tasty


triple bill on tonight's Match Of had one eye on the top teams in the


championship this week. Here is a round-up of the significant action.


It is Lambert! What a finish. The championship's top scorer gets his


20th of the campaign. At the form team in the championship are


Reading. They recorded their sixth


successive victory, and at this is magnificent. One touch off his


feet, and bang. Goal! An equaliser for Hull City.


It has gone in, now it is three against three. On to his right foot,


feeds it towards King. Davis with the cross, and it is headed in. It


is Steven Davis. Robertson is onside, and it is 2-2. What a


comeback by Derby County. My calls Brown returned to the top


six after a win at Portsmouth. Portsmouth without a win in six,


and France fear for the club's existence after hearing they may


not be able to complete the season. Brighton are the only team not to


lose a championship fixture in 2012. Bottom of the table Doncaster


earned a point with the second half penalty from L have -- from Diouf.


Nottingham Forest are now unbeaten in three. This deflected shot put


them in front at Barnsley, but Craig Davis levelled. Bristol City


arrived it Ipswich having taken just one point from their previous


six matches. Troubles off the pitch at Ipswich, Michael Chopra was


fined after reported drinking session midweek. Andy Drury sealed


their fifth win in six but it is nine matches without a clean sheet


now for David James. Tight at the top, but Southampton


are in the ascent. Cardiff can get into the top six today with a win.


West Ham of course with that 1-0 lead. At the bottom end of the


table, the relegation zone made up of Coventry, Portsmouth, and


Doncaster Rovers. We will talk about them later, but some breaking


news - on just the loss Bolas has parted company with Chelsea


Football club today with immediate effect. -- Andres Villas Boas. Did


you see that coming? I am not surprised, all the publicity in the


last few weeks, nobody supporting him. I'm not surprised, but what


Chelsea need to do now is to have a manager allowed to manage the team


three years because they keep chopping and changing. You say that,


but he might have thought he was the man. But I thought he could win,


that guy. I still think he could win. Who vote is going to want to


take that job? You basically have a few months to prove your


credentials. It is a difficult one. The frequency in the managerial


changes at the club can't help at any level. You need consistency and


it will be a tough task. I imagine there will be plenty of people who


would like to take that job. What is the remit for Chelsea now? Is it


to get rid of the old guard, or instant success? I think he was put


in to build for the future, leaving the experienced players out he got


criticised and parted company. Chelsea are out of the top four at


the moment. A Newcastle victory and they would be level on points as


well. If Newcastle win today, I say that but they are trailing today.


Changing tack slightly, today on BBC One there is some bonus six


are a long way from the arctic conditions of three weeks ago. Even


though it is a sell-out, the question is, how many Irish fans


will make the journey 22 days on. This is a huge game for Ireland,


they have only won here once in 40 years and the expectation is that


at some point, this team that promises so much has got to deliver.


Absolutely, it is a huge game. They are nervous about Ed. It is one of


those games where if they get the confidence, they can do something -


- nervous about it. Because they have lost so often here, they are


lacking in self-belief. The French side are arriving, they have played


two, won two. There is a feeling that this is the inevitable third


leg towards a Grand Slam showdown against Wales. This Ireland team


have recovered confidence after the emphatic second half performance


against Italy. The Stade de France is fairly deserted at the moment.


The fascinating thing will be, how many Irish fans, who spent a


considerable amount of money three weeks ago to come for a game that


never was, how many will come from the furthest corners of Ireland. It


is 8 3:00pm kick-off. -- it is a 3:00pm kick-off.


here is a special man to talk you through a special Football Focus.


wait for no man. But if you tune into Football Focus next Saturday


at 12:15pm, I am going to be getting inside the mind of one of


the greatest characters ever to grace a football pitch in Britain.


Don't miss it. Who could it be? There could be fireworks. That's a


clue. It is not you, Robbie. Well set for the second half. Let's


rejoin our commentary team. West Ham have the lead. Mark Bright and


dozen peers are the commentary team. -- and Jonathan Pearce are the


in London football, your views on the departure of Andre Villas-Boas?


He seemed to lack confidence towards the end. In Abramovich, and


the project that he get talking about. You have got to get results.


Chelsea finished second last year. He has come up short with the


results. Going into the Napoli game, their whole season depends on that,


there is a struggle to qualify for the Champions League as well. I


think he will give the place a live, there is obviously something very


wrong with the players as well off manager, I am sure he will come


again. Cardiff will kick us off in the blue and white, trailing 1-0.


They immediately give West Ham a throw-in. West Ham, ticking towards


their travelling supporters. -- kicking towards. Vaz Te and


your half-time cup of tea, Chelsea have parted company with Andre


Villas-Boas and Roberto di Matteo takes over as caretaker manager


until the end of the season. I wonder if one day, Frank Lampard or


was for West Ham, to get them back into Premier League football. Still


work to be done and Maynard gets the free kick. Sam knows him it


really well. You are thinking when Barton and Nolan departed from


Newcastle, they might be on tricky ground. They recovered well. They


are in a good league position. Many people discounted them for the


challenge for the Champions League not a winger. Nolan expected


Maynard pulls it back. Arriving was Lansbury. I thought for a moment,


Turner was going to get a touch. has come out, Vaz Te went around


him. Hudson clears it. What a pass. Vaz Te tried to flick it around


Marshall and go the other side. You can see how deep the defend -- the


defence is. It was good play from lose Scott Parker for the end of


August, he needed to bring in experience. He did with the likes


of Nolan and Faye. They have a deep scored. Nine strikers. -- deep


Gunnarsson got away from Nolan. Mason has come in field. Trying to


get the full backs board. Away by press higher, Cardiff. Interesting,


as the attack built up, Whittingham was in a more advanced position at


he has been in form -- as he has he was fouled. Vaz Te overplayed it.


You have got to capitalise on situations like that. Vaz Te did


the pace to get away. He went for a backheel. Maynard, trying to get


turn of place, to get himself in first. He moved the defenders one


way, he came the other way. He doesn't use his left foot, he tries


with his right, it was open for him, a great opportunity. Just wide. He


That is what Cardiff are about. Cardiff's attacking options are


limited. It is strange that Robert Earnshaw doesn't seem to be


featuring these days. He comes on as a sub, doesn't he? Not in favour


Collison's Arak gave it back to him, Nolan blocked. -- collars and's


error gave it back. The crowd is prostrating Cardiff. You have to


keep working away, try to position yourself way you can slide the ball


into the forwards. -- where you can slide the ball. He can't find the


Marshall came and made sure it was away from danger. West Ham are


making inroads down the left. Stretching the defence. Good


sweeping from David Marshall, the great movement. Maynard got back


and won it, the home crowd don't like it. I think he got the ball.


Nicky Maynard's place came in useful going the other way. I don't


think that Whittingham is aware. He just tucked it away from him. Great


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


and Lansbury. A player on loan from back, go across, or go back. There


is the full-time score from the north-east derby, Newcastle 1,


Sunderland 1. A great ball from Faye. Vaz Te is too far out to put


it towards goal, he is trying to nip it around Marshall to get the


other side. Hudson debt-financed deals it away. Terrible mistake by


McNaughton, Maynard! The keeper spread himself and made a very good


stop, it should have been two. Ham have had some good


opportunities and that was a gift. Oh, another one there. Maynard has


closed very quickly on marshal this time, Chris Foy is running in.


think he is all right, I think he slides to block the clearance and


Marshall jumps to avoid. I don't think it is a booking. All sorts of


problems. He tries to block it. He it was the header. Once again Nicky


Maynard gets in front of the goal. I am sure Sam Allardyce will be


thinking that is three good chances in the second half, they have not


and the goalkeeper, words expressed. Just lacking a bit of composure.


West Ham are moving the ball quickly and well. Clumsy, but good


around Ben Turner. Now everybody O'Brien hoists it back in, and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


there was a push. Tomkins pushed assistant didn't give themselves a


on. The referee is trying to calm down the situation. The right thing


little touch down here, no composure. This happened earlier


off the free-kick. We saw them coming together, the swinging of


Barnes. If the referee sees that, see a way back into the game for


Cardiff. Jonathan, there is always a way back into the game. At 1-0,


you are never safe. They are only one opportunity from getting back


into the game, having the crowd behind them, but they need to give


the fans something to sing about. No Nolan was screaming for it


beyond the far post. I think he does just enough to put Vaz Te off.


Good play here. Collison get in here, was it too hard? I think it


was too hard for anybody to get on make a change. Carlton Cole is


warming up. He has won the ball. Referee is the only one in the


stadium who thinks that was not a foul. The first half was tepid, but


eye for the goal was well, hasn't he? He lets it drop, quick with the


swing. The challenge a few seconds ago, I thought it was a foul. The


change is taking place. Nicky Maynard departs. A good start of


the second half. Carlton Cole coming on, what will he give them


that is different? Taller, stronger, a better threat in the air. You


would have to say Nicky Maynard has had some good opportunities to get


his name on the scoresheet, and one lines and start again. His is


aground that generates greater excitement and noise. Gunnarsson


with the long throw in. Vaz Te! And it is just over the bar. Ben Turner


and Mark Hudson got there to the near post. It is a good long throw.


They are the centre-backs. Keeping his IRA on the ball, that is a gift.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


They have not tested Robert Green Nicky Maynard off the field now


could have really settled it for West Ham after a couple of mistakes.


This visit here, round the keeper, left foot, slide it in. He had a


volley this world. I think it was McNaughton with a header, and here


I expected Vaz Te to come over, support, help. 65 minutes. Checking


his notes. He needs a goal. Filip Kiss is on the bench, he has made


Miller. Closed quickly. Towards Carlton Cole. Twice now, in the


last couple of attacks, they have headed the ball away poorly, West


Ham United. They have not cleared it really, just moved its out of


the danger area. They have got to take a few chances. Carlton Cole is


up there on his own, just one behind the ball, just this push


frustrating the opponents. Don't give them any opportunity. It is a


good one for Peter Whittingham, the position it is in. Far enough so


that he can get it up over the wall The distance was good, the angle


was good. Up and down, Robert Green stranded. It just doesn't fall the


a free kick, none given. assistant was close by, nothing


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


Mason has let it slip away. Now Could play. Lovely counter-


attacking football. shaping it around, using the win in the


a way back for Cardiff, suddenly they have just given the crowd some


hope. They have tried to put some pressure on counter-attacks, that


shot from Kenny Miller over the bar. You have got to take chances. You


are coming to the time in the season when a draw is not really


will be interested in the plight of Portsmouth, whether they are at the


top or the bottom. If they go, their results will be expunged and


it will have a real effect. You have to feel sorry for those


supporters who have followed Portsmouth through thick and thin


equaliser. The angle was good for him. Everyone moved away, there was


only one thing in his mind. Up and over the wall and it was just the


width of the post. It could get them back in the grain, the crowd


get behind the team. -- back in the managers about their plans to deal


with various opponents -- a few Championship managers. When you ask


them about Cardiff they say they can have a game plan but if Peter


Whittingham takes a free kick, the plans can go down the drain. Most


teams have that special player. He has had a good goalscoring record


over the years. He was the leading goalscorer couple of years ago,


with 20 to from wide. -- 22 from think Mark Noble was looking for


Carlton Cole to come towards him. I tell you what, get on the weights!


It by is a bit of time, it takes the steam out of it, it runs down


hand side. Whittingham checks back on to his left foot, and the cross


measure his cross. Cowie, back to him. He dinks it in, straight to


Robert Green. Everybody is in the box. Five players waiting for that


come on. Collison, chasing, away by Tanner. West Ham are very efficient.


-- away by Turner. Good to see him back around the first team, he was


out for eight months after a horrible injury last season against


Aston Villa. Lansbury departs. O'Neil comes on. He had a brief


loan spell at Cardiff in 2004. He in the Premier League that would


have been a yellow card. There does scored! He made all the running and


it is 2-0 to West Ham. That has sent them a giant stride towards


victory. What a run. He picks the ball up by the halfway line. He


goes past Kevin McNaughton. He gets a bit lucky. The cross comes in, it


comes back to him, what a finish with the right foot. It bobbles


into the ground. David Marshall can opposed to out of play, Ben Turner.


I would say that has sealed the points for West Ham. I make that


his first goal in over five years. Five years and three months. Since


Ham United in his previous spell. Can't remember it! It was in the


Gunnarsson that he has played an advantage. -- indicated to


Gunnarsson. There is no way through. He can't -- Cardiff can't break


down the midfield. I think that is the best description for their


performance, really hard working, Robert Green. The ball was under


his feet, he did not get any power. The first save that Green has had


final. You expected Cardiff to start the game at a tempo and it


did not happen. West Ham dictated play. Nowlan got a round his man,


here in the last two seasons, in terms of the play-offs -- some hard


they were at the end of July and August, when he had to build a team


to kick of the season. He did it and got the wind against West Ham


United -- the win. It is a hard pill to swallow at the moment. A


difficult week ahead with a trip to Brighton, and then Bristol City.


Vaz Te, 10 minutes to go, he are two up. When Ricardo Vaz Te was


at Bolton, they always said he still had time but he is in his


mid-20s now. Sometimes they develop late, they sometimes drop down, to


are no passengers in West Ham. Everybody has to work hard. When


they are not in possession, they have a position, they get back,


they fill in and it is absolutely frustrating Cardiff to death.


Everybody is back behind the ball through. Gunnarsson just tumbled on


the edge of the penalty area. No question of it being a penalty.


Carlton Cole closing on Turner. And now Hudson, he has played well for


He fouled his man. He fouled him twice. The first goal in five years


Camp won in Cardiff in the league. It was 1980 -- since West Ham have


is to see your season unravel. You come to a key time in the season,


how much did the final take out of them? They have looked flat, they


haven't moved the ball well. Large credit to West Ham. The way that


they set up. Frustrate, a lot of experience in the team, but a lot


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


Ham, with plenty of bodies back. thought it was a foul. Turner was


the man behind him. The Cardiff fans are not happy with Carlton


Cole. When you get to positions like this, where one team is


organised and you drop back behind the ball, you need individuals. If


you cannot play one-twos to get behind the defence, you need


somebody who can trouble. At the moment, Cardiff don't have the


person who can trouble. Vukic has drifted in and out of the game.


That was more direct from has covered so much ground. He


always seems to, for West Ham. makes himself available. McCartney


was fouled by Vukic. He makes himself available, he works hard,


he gets around the pitch. Just having a word with Nolan. In full


the goalkeeper. Created an opening, slipping away. Robert Green had to


come and get it. Abdoulaye Faye, his teeth touching his hamstring?


He'd just got in the way. A poor back pass, just trying to look the


other side. Virtually off the line target than Cardiff City. A lot of


empty spaces now in the stance. -- Campbell? It didn't seem to me that


now. A hundred and 20 minutes a lot of these Cardiff players played


best of passes. His shot, if it had Ghanaian -- gone in instead of


hitting the post, it would have face. Frustration, a tough seven


days. This is driven in, and it just hits McCartney's left hand. I


am not sure if he did it on purpose, but it is outside the penalty area.


You can't give a free-kick for that. I don't think so. Looking at it


from West Ham's perspective, what do you want to do? Keep a clean


sheet, don't give them any encouragement, quiet and the crowd,


and they have done all those things. At the start of the second half,


they created some really good opportunities which could have put


this well beyond Cardiff early in the game. Two minutes of stoppage


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


Jack Collison decided to come in, Kevin Nolan thought he was out.


This is something Sam Allardyce a snippet of an opportunity, he


didn't take it. West Ham needed to respond today, given Southampton's


victory yesterday, and they have done. They moved to within a point


again of Southampton at the top of the table. Reading have had a good


run, they are in third place, and it would leave Cardiff City looking


like promotion is a distant opportunity now. A lot of teams are


involved in trying to get into the play-offs. It is the automatic


it? They came so close with Kenny Miller, but it was West Ham South's


victory. The goals came from a familiar source with Kevin Nolan


getting the first of the goals, but the second goal was unexpected. No


one really anticipated that George McCartney's long and winding goal


would be a long and winding road... Unintended, that was! Or full! --


I got the Beatles joke, even if he didn't! West Ham and now one point


behind Southampton. Cardiff are now 11 points from an automatic


promotion place. They will be promotion place. They will be


pushing for the play-offs, but so many teams around them. Leicester


and firmly might think they are in with a shout because it is so


with a shout because it is so congested at the top.


Kevin, well played, back with a band. I have to really, didn't I?


The men have been fabulous. I am delighted with the clean sheet. My


little curl told me I had to score so that was for her. Was this a


good time to play Cardiff given their heartache last week? I don't


know, maybe that did take a bit out of them but we have to take


advantage. We were magnificent from start to finish, well worthy of 2-0.


Is there a feeling you can hang on to second place? We are going for


the first place. We want to win, we want to go up automatically, no


doubt about that but we want to go as champions so we will be pushing


Southampton all the way. Anywhere in this division, if they are


challenging their one to beat in the automatic places. For sure. I


thought it was a really good performance from West Ham. They got


a bit of fortune with the way the ball ricocheted for the cross in


but overall they have worked hard. Crucially timed, that first goal.


Cardiff will be kicking themselves, so many players around the ball.


Nobody made a tackle, there were six guys around him, but a great


finish. And was there some lethargy in Cardiff? George McCartney's


second goal for West Ham, perhaps second goal for West Ham, perhaps


as unexpected for him as it was for the defenders. They didn't seem to


really want to get in there. surprised. The defenders are in the


right position, but they have not decide -- decided who will take it,


and then it is in the back of the net. Kevin Nolan has got to do


better in the tackle. He has run through, he has gone 50 yards, and


he is the first to react. Poor defending from Cardiff. Peter


Whittingham, 1-0 to hit the post. He will be thinking about that a


night. Yes, the keeper might have saved it if it went inside the post.


I don't know what David thinks? he is renowned for his left foot,


Robert Green obviously said he had it covered. We will talk more about


this game on the red button, but we need to talk further because of the


news that broke at half-time that Andres Villas Boas has left Chelsea.


We have boards already on names in the frame. You may be surprised by


some of the names. This is for the next full-time boss, because


Roberto is almost at 6-1. Any of those names more prominent for you


than another? I just feel sorry for AVV. Maybe he can get the best out


of Torres. I don't feel much love for him from the fans. He has been


naive, but the board and the players have got to be culpable.


They have dictated what happens. The owners are at Chelsea have got


to realise that now maybe they are not good enough to get into the


team and there Koreas are coming to an end. They are up in the business


of winning, they have got to win at different levels. Of course there


has been the criteria since Jose- Maria neo-, to win titles, qualify


for the Champions League and win it. What is interesting is that John


Terry is in the frame. Managerial material? I'm surprised he was not


in the frame for the England job! Perhaps he needs to look a


different way, Roman Abramovich. David Moyes? Someone who has taken


Everton, I mean why go down that road again? David Moyes for me.


Before we go, confirmation of the earlier game in the Premier League


today, Newcastle against Sunderland and it finished 1-1. The action


from that is in Match Of The Day 2 at 10pm. That is it from us on BBC


Gabby Logan presents live coverage of the Championship game between promotion rivals Cardiff City and West Ham United.

The visitors were relegated last season but with experienced manager Sam Allardyce at the helm they will hope to make an immediate return to the Premier League. There is no shortage of experience in the Hammers squad, with the likes of Kevin Nolan, Matthew Taylor and Carlton Cole all proven performers in the top flight. The Upton Park club also recruited strikers Nicky Maynard and Ricardo Vaz Te in the January transfer window, and Allardyce will hope the pair can score the goals to send the Hammers up.

Cardiff beat West Ham in their opening league game, courtesy of Kenny Miller's late goal, and that result has set the tone for an encouraging first campaign under Malky Mackay. As well as reaching the League Cup final, the Welsh side look on course for a top-six finish. However, Bluebirds fans will be acutely aware that they have lost in the play-offs in the last two seasons, and will therefore be desperate to secure automatic promotion if at all possible.

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