Birmingham City v Leicester City Match of the Day Live

Birmingham City v Leicester City

Manish Bhasin presents live coverage from St Andrew's as Birmingham take on Leicester in a Midlands derby, with Robbie Savage and Steve Claridge.

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A tale of two cities as Birmingham take on Leicester in the NPower


Championship, for Birmingham 2011 has been the best of times.


Birmingham City have won the Carling Cup.


And the worst of times. Their first trophy in 48 years was followed by


relegation from the Premier League and a sale of players as financial


troubles hit. Now Chris Hughton is the man chosen to arrest the slide


at St Andrews. For Leicester it's great expectations. Sven-Goran


Eriksson was one of the summer's big summer spenders. After a


stuttering start, Sven-Goran Eriksson's men are starting to hit


their stride. Leicester's evening just gets


better and better. Well, it's seven games unbeaten in


It's another busy week for Chris Hughton's side. The Blues are off


to Bruges later. Today it's domestic matters that take


centrestage. Kick-off is less than ten minutes


away. Hopefully some tasty fare for you


this lunchtime, ready to tuck in for twous men who have represented


both clubs, Steve Claridge and hot off the dance floor for a bit of


cha-cha-chat. You found it funnier in rehearsal! Birmingham first of


all, difficult to judge where they are. Eight games in, what have you


gauged from them so far? It's difficult to know where to pick.


One lost, one draw. It was a big win at Forest, no doubt about that.


They've games in hand. This division, if you win a couple of


games it can shoot you up the table. They could be level with teams in


play-offs. It's not been a disastrous start, there's room for


improvement. Inconsistency comes up when you look at the results.


inconsistent. They've a fantastic manager, good players but very


inconsistent start from Chris Hughton. Leicester, they made a


stuttering start as we saw then, but we saw the potential of this


expensively assembled side last time against Derby. This is the art


of good management, getting the best out of what the players you


have got. We knew they were underachieving earlier on in the


season. The first two games he made nine changes. I think it might be


an unchanged line-up today from the Derby game. So, now things are


starting to settle down we know if it settles down and they get it


right they're going to be the team to beat. You shared the bookies


view at the start of the season to go up, are you sticking by that?


This is how the teams lie. Birmingham are down in 18th but


with three games in hand, most of their rivals. Let's hear from both


managers. How difficult has it been for you


here because you have had to sell some of your best players to be


fair? The difficulty has really been the timing. When I took the


job, I knew that I would lose players, but we lost two players on


transfer deadline day. I think the difficulty has been working around


the timing of those that have gone. But as I said, I knew what was


happening, I knew I would lose players. We have brought in good


players. There's a good spirit here at the moment. We are delighted to


have gone through the transfer when everybody is more settled and


hopefully that will show in some of our performances. The last time we


spoke you were about to play Nottingham Forest, you did well.


You have put a great run together, you must be delighted with the


team? Lately we have been doing very well. We have been very solid.


Good defending. Four clean sheets the last four games in the League.


Of course we are happy. But it's a long way to go. I really hope we


can go on like we have done lately, because we starting to look like a


good football team. It shows how times have changed


here at Birmingham, if you take the Carling Cup winning line-up from


February this year, only four of them remain. Only six of the 18-man


squad that day are still at St Andrews. It's another tough job for


Chris Hughton. Just like he did at Newcastle, he


has steadied the ship, at least. don't think there's massive


pressure like in a normal year, I think it's one of those where like


with both managers, they're still yet to find the best system, to


find the best team. I think there's room for improvement, they've a


squad that can be competitive. do you see the game going, Robbie?


I am going for Leicester, they're a good team. For me they have to get


promoted. Steve? I am going for a draw. OK. Well, let's get to our


commentary team. What can you tell us?


Thank you, good afternoon everyone. There is an element of the haves


against the have Notts with this fixture. It's belt-tightening


Birmingham against big spenders Leicester.


Relegation and boardroom difficulties have hit home hard.


While Leicester have spent millions top table for seven years now and


they even dropped into the third tier three years ago. This is the


first meeting between the two clubs in four years since Birmingham won


away at Leicester in April of 2007 by two goals to one.


Leicester have a pretty good record here at St Andrews in recent years,


they haven't lost any of their last seven visits, winning four and


for this one. Sven-Goran Eriksson managing a club very much on the up.


Of course a former England manager, and Steve McLaren the manager of


Nottingham Forest, left the club following defeat to Birmingham


weeks ago. Chris Hughton trying to make life difficult for Sven-Goran


the line, back in the team today. Increasingly warm afternoon in the


West Midlands after a decidededly Leicester than at the moment in


this corner of Birmingham. The team seven matches unbeaten and haven't


conceded a goal for over a month so no price they haven't tinkered with


starting to mould this side in the fashion he would like has made the


most of the last weeks with the Leicester City on the left of the


picture. Mills was a signing for the club over the summer from


Reading. Martin, I know you are interested in seeing how he is


settling in and playing alongside Bamba. He is very, very cultured,


clearly has leadership skills. Sven-Goran Eriksson has identified


that very quickly. 25 years of age, you wonder what age are you


maturing at, he should be coming into the best form of his career.


Surprised none of the Premiership teams went for him. The referee


there in the middle, he has shown one red card in a dozen football


the centre circle because Birmingham City are preparing to


pay tribute to a special young supporter, 11-year-old Harry


Moseley who died last week after a courageous fight against an


inoperable Britain tumour. He raised over �500,000 during his


illness for cancer charities and the minutes applause you are about


to hear is the club's tribute to Andrews today, as guests of the


club. A minute's applause for an


incredible young man who will be in the hearts with everyone connected


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 51 seconds


do the same next week at their home match against West Bromwich Albion.


Final words ahead of this game. We are almost ready to go now. Chris


Wood, comes into the starting line- up today. Seven in eight league


appearances so far, including two last time out in the 3-1 win at


Nottingham Forest. He has been a great addition. Saw him in the


World Cup, of course, only a young man. Maybe he might grab the goals


they need today. It's Leicester City who are playing


all in white today who will get us under way.


And finally we have kicked off here in this NPower Championship match,


live from St Andrews, Birmingham City against Leicester City in a


Midlands derby. Ridgewell winning the throw-in for Birmingham on the


far side of the field, one of the few few -- players still here after


the relegation last May. Did go on the transfer list in August, but it


left. He has played in the centre as well this season under the new


managerment we are expecting to see him out wide this afternoon. First


touch for the Captain back in the Birmingham's Spanish central


defender able to get there first. He made his debut last time in the


win at Nottingham Forest, one of only two players signed for a fee


this past summer. Comfortable for the goalkeeper


Myhill. On a season loan, which saw Ben Foster go in the other


direction. Birmingham still settling in to


their stride really, Martin. They've played eight matches so far


because of their Europa League commitments, three less than


anybody else. Difficult to find a rhythm and they've fallen behind a


little in the League. Leicester, a lot of attention on them, they'll


be the team that plays the football today, I feel. Vassell here for


Leicester. Doesn't quite find King. Vassell used to play up the road


for Aston Villa. Still got good pace. You see that, you make that


difference in this game. Danns actually won promotion with the


club. Here is Vassell, playing for Sven-Goran Eriksson again, with him


for England and Manchester City. is a good type to have in the


dressing rooms as well, excellent World Cup himself last summer with


the Ivory Coast, of course. A very good team actually, Derek is a calm


individual and I am sure they create an environment for them to


thrive in. It's all about promotion, that's the push for them to get


back into the big time. For Sven, the last time he won anything, you


got to go back to 2000, he will be desperate to win this Championship,


a long way off at the moment, but you feel they're coming into form


now. So far so good for Leicester City,


seven matches unbeaten now. 12th in the table which on the face


of it doesn't look overly exciting, but it's still so early they will


be into the play-off positions if they win today. There is a pressure


for both teams to keep winning and getting points. What about that man,


Chris Hughton? He has walked into a little bit of a mine field here. He


lost 20 players in the summer. He has had a lot of business to do and


I think he will do well. Good experience, particularly in the


Championship. Birmingham City's throw-in. Ridgewell is the man who


runs across to take it. Interesting point about Chris Hughton, the


goalkeeper saying that they appreciate the fact that it is him


doing the coaching on the training pitch, so it's really one voice


they're getting. There's no mixed messages from various people. They


know what the manager wants because he is there telling them. Yeah,


managers do it in different ways, he has been a good coach and


assistant so he is hands-on and it takes time. I am sure he will do


the run there of King. Looking for Ireland international for


Birmingham. Lovely touch there from Burke. Well, the end product didn't


match the build-up but it was a nice passage of play. Just not


enough power on the shot. He shows good endeavour. Gets past a few


Leicester players and not the power on his left foot to go with that


run. Burke is in good form. Scored moment than he was for the past 12


strayed offside by a step or two. A good education -- decision from


Finds King. Now Danns. Will get a freak for -- free kick for that


challenge. They pass it around lovely, Leicester. They're very


composed. Playing into midfield, very comfortable. That's a definite


free kick. An untidy challenge more than anything else. Here is Vassell.


Peltier. Struggling to get it away from


under his feet. The challenge came from Ridgewell. He likes to get


forward Peltier. You see him down that right side, that's usually


where the which hadth comes from. They have good competition for


places. Peltier at the moment is keeping an international player out.


It's about having a strong squad as well. It's a long campaign,


particularly in this Championship trying to get out. It comes down to


the strength of the squad. That's not where the infringement took


place where he is taking the kick. It matters not, it was a confident


catch from Myhill. 28-year-old, born in California who


qualifies for Wales through his mother. He was on the bench for


them in Switzerland on Tuesday. It's nice to see your goalkeeper


taking that, particularly if you are a central defender. Nice and


positive. ball.


Interestingly central defensive could be a problem for them.. I


feel they need to get tighter to this Leicester team. They're not


putting enough pressure on them. Mills looking for the run of


Vassell but comfortably dealt with. Swiftly off his line there, Myhill.


Banba able to get that one before it reached King. I don't think King


has been able to touch the ball here. Fernandes, on loan. Another


player who Sven-Goran Eriksson has worked with before. A few of those


throughout the side. You can see they have that technical element,


it's whether they can make it count. I would like to see the midfield


players get forward more. This fella usually does it. Fernandes.


Here is Mills. It was wildly optimistic from that


sort of range. He can now head back to his defensive position. He won't


be doing that again. Suitably chasted. He is 25, by now he should


realise that's not a strength in his game. This is in row Z I think.


You can relate to that! After 22, 23, I stopped doing that. It's a


big season for him. He got close to the Premier League in May with


Reading. He can get up there now with Leicester. He is going to have


a big say in that. He is definitely a leader and passes it nicely. He


has options when he gets the ball. So close to making it to the so-


called promised land last season, but Reading lost in the play-off


final. Here is Bamba. Unlucky there. Just


signed a new contract as well, recently. Ridgewell did well.


Beausejour. Fahey is available,. for Blues. It's good play down this


right side. Carr laying it out wide for Burke and Bamba puts it out for


a corner. He was in the Ivory Coast squad at the World Cup finals last


summer when -- Sven was the manager manager then.


Away by King. Fahey took a whack there.


Beausejour staying down and the referee was waiting to see whether


there was an advantage which accrued and and decided that wasn't


the case, so Birmingham are going to have a free kick here. Once he


sees him holding his leg in that manner he opts to stop the play.


Looks originally like he was going to let it go. King gets a talking


to. Let's look at this again. It's his trailing leg he catches,


Beausejour. Just catches him. Looks a bit nasty, but he is back on his


feet and taking this one. They're lining up at the far post!


Caldwell so close for Birmingham. That's the first decent effort on


goal in the match here. We are just waiting for it to ripple into the


back of the net there, with the view we have got really should be


putting that away. Fantastic ball in. He should be at least hitting


the target. He will be disappointed when he sees that later. Caldwell


yet another one of the new faces at St Andrews over the summer.


Arriving from Wigan. Here is King for Leicester at the other end.. It


will be Leicester's throw. I have to say I don't know about


you, Martin, but when Caldwell's head met the ball I thought it was


going in. He's done everything right except get the right


connection. His manager can't believe he hasn't put that away.


You wonder how many more of those chances you will get against


Leicester. I think we are in for a cracking game, both teams prepared


to play football. At the back they're giving opportunities away.


That's Chris Wood almost winning but nobody in the Leicester team


trying to get on the end of that cross. Look at him there. He is


second favourite. Still makes it. Interesting figure Vassell, back in


the English game after a year playing in Turkey which I think was


an adventure for him in one way and Gomis let it run and nearly gave it


away. Burke. And that wasn't the sort of


delivery that he was looking for. No. This game has been played


largely in midfield and when it comes to the final third you are


looking for a bit more quality. Just not got it there. Needs more


power there. We mentioned that chances might be


at a premium here this afternoon and I have to say that the game


going into it didn't have goals written all over it. Birmingham


have conceded one at home and Leicester have let in three at the


moment. They're both solid. If we are get one goal it might open the


thing up. Vassell just nodding off for a moment there. Fernandes


tested. Willing runners the front two of Leicester and that's going


to test them. He is having to use every every ounce of strength to


keep that one out. Nugent has missed a month of the season


already but he returned for the derby County match last time and


scored. He is testing the legs of Ibanez.


Danns with a corner kick and will get another chance to try again.


David Nugent, a player with Premier League experience, most recently


successful spell so far in his career was in the Championship with


Preston North End. Leicester putting pressure on here. Peltier


winning a corner kick. It's off the defence, but comfortable. Keith


Fahey, switching the play nicely. That is if Marlon King can keep it


in, and the card. He is yet to settle into the match, Marlon King.


He is surviving on scraps because he cannot get the ball to feet. I'm


sure eventually he will. That is the pressure Leicester are putting


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 51 seconds


Birmingham under when they are in previously played for Sven-Goran


Eriksson at Manchester City. They have him on loan for the season at


David Newton -- David Nugent. could see he was standing offside,


but he looks isolated. Even if he takes the ball, it is a good run.


You just want to see more from the midfield trying to break forward.


The front players look isolated at times. Both teams seemed reluctant


Buck and quite keep it in. -- Chris in the Scottish Premier League --


there. A good job that Myhill read it because he was going to get on


the end of that. Nugent broke away and scored a goal in that fashion


against Derby County in the last match. He looks full of running


today, Nugent. As he came out to warm up, he was buzzing and that is


what strikers are about, when they are scoring, they are full of


Danns. As you mentioned, David Nugent looking lively so far. We


should not forget he has actually play for England. Exactly. As a


young man playing for the Under 21 as he looked like he had a massive


future ahead of him. Lost his way a bit. Didn't quite happen for him in


the Premier League. At Portsmouth it didn't happen. He will feel he


still has something to prove and Leicester can cash in on it.


flag is up against Marlon King. Leicester City free kick. King with


just one goal so far this season miss Read the flight of it. If he


gets a good touch, he is in on goal. He will be disappointed with that.


I think Nugent will feel he could have done better. The service from


Kasper Schmeichel from the back is fantastic. He should do better. You


are looking for those little bits of quality that get you your


Kasper Schmeichel. In case you're wondering and you weren't aware,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 51 seconds


yes, he is the son of the great opportunity from Beausejour to a


least get the ball Neill the Peltier air -- neo- at the penalty


be catching him, and that should be a free kick to the home team.


Ibanez getting across. He will know he has been in a game today. He


does well, actually, just enough Cup finals in Germany in 2006. He


was a deadline day arrival from West Bromwich Albion. Lots of


changes for the two clubs coming almost prepared to take this, but


you need to get three points on the board. Teams are running away with


the leak and they have to start going for it is the game goes on.


Leicester, the emphasis is on them. They are the away side and will


feel comfortable at the moment. They might think the game is there


for the taking, for whoever wants have made a relatively short


journey down the M60 nine to the West Midlands for this match-up and


now have great expectations and high hopes of the immediate years


to come for their side. They will certainly be hoping to get back


into the Premier League sooner rather than later. They have


incredible support. I played there at the end of my career. The away


fans singing is great for the guys out there. They will expect big


things now. A lot of money spent in Matt Mills up there. It is an


excellent turn and shot, isn't it? You're wondering if it is the


centre forward, but it is the centre half and in the end the


keeper makes a good save. A sturdy and Birmingham clear. That effort


fiercely struck from Matt Mills. A bit better than his previous


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 51 seconds


Fernandes. You look at Leicester and you think, where is the width


coming from? You could like Swansea with Sinclair on one side and Dyer


on the other, they haven't got that sort of player out wide to create


the situations in wide positions. They play through the middle. When


they payIt is a problem, but Birmingham are doing enough to keep


from the Leicester City captain, Matt Mills. Typical centre-forward


getting in there, but he has good technique and we know that. The


keeper doing his job. It might well be a set piece where the first goal


comes from. Neither team it really wouldn't -- really willing to


commit men forward. Bamber and mills have been very comfortable in


the centre of the Leicester defence. comfortable. King certainly does


chip-in for goals with Leicester. Double figures in the past three


seasons. As you see from the move, he is the one most likely to break


forward. That is what you want. You want to see him coming in a bit


later. That is what they need, a midfielder willing to break forward


one goal in the last five games against Barnsley. They have not


read in trouble to any extent here. Just the heading opportunity for


Steven Holcomb -- Steven Caldwell. We talked before the game about the


manager find his best formation and system, this is the way he wants to


play and he is comfortable. But he is the away team and you think


Birmingham would be going for it a bit more that he can only play what


before trying to get on the end of surrounded and did his best to dig


the ball out. I don't think he was done any favours with the ball he


got. Quite a disjointed effort from Birmingham so far. A lack of


fluidity in the play. And I think the referee might have a little


word with Beausejour. He has taken him out there, hasn't he? Peltier


type of player, but he has Miss Read the flight and has gone


yellow card is waived in the general direction of the Chilean


I don't know if it was the knee or the Ford that catches him on the


chest. He can have no complaints about that. You might have been


worried he would get a red for that. I think it was the right decision


the doubt and say was the tackle of a man suffering from jet lag after


his trip to South America? Well, he was certainly flying through the


spicing up a little, not in the way the Beausejour did a few moments


ago. Lacking a spark of a mind. Birmingham lacking any real


touches early in the game, but he was run out of Davide Paul


Konchesky. That is not his strength. He is not renowned. He wants to


pass it and keep possession in a much a tour in this first half, and


Marlon King not troubling Kasper Schmeichel there at all. He has put


it into an area, but no one is going to get on the end of it.


There is no real purpose to that. 10 minutes or half time. -- until


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 51 seconds


top level? A good touch there and you're through. It is that quality


in the final third. Look at the reaction of David Nugent as the


ball is played for at. He does look frustrated. It is about getting the


weight. It is on the move, and it is a hard technique, but you have


class, see his reaction in the games against Aston Villa. He is u


Palmer -- all very nice,, but no Birmingham team. The Senegalese


summer arrival from Dundee United. Konchesky's ball to Bamber. David


Nugent was waiting at the near post, and a good job that Cold War was


there to any behind. Nicely worked. -- Steven Caldwell was there.


Bamber is so good in the air and you cannot switch off, and that is


Sven-Goran Eriksson unsure he is frustrated. Just needs to improve


on it. Free-kick to Birmingham. Leicester City drew the last your


way. Their last were goalless draws need someone to keep those clean


hasn't he? And he wades in with his animated. He will be looking more


from the team as the match wears on, fouled, but Ridgewell using his


body well. You see it so many times, lean on your opponent. And it goes


bench if they want to change things. Nikola Zigic, the Serbian


internationally who scored in the Carling Cup final. David Murphy


also there, and the USA international Jonathan Spector. He


signed from West Ham over the summer. Colin Doyle, the reserve


goalkeeper for Birmingham. Dzinic comes on, you know what will


happen, it will be a long ball. -- towards Chris Wood who has been in


great form this season. But we have not had a chance to look at him


anywhere near the goal. It is easy for Bamber. Leicester's defence


coping very, very comfortably with Birmingham's for play. -- forward


play. They are all over you, like a rash. Both central defenders are


very dominant and animated. It is just in the final third where


Leicester need to improve and Birmingham not getting any change


and Carr. Konchesky has been penalised. I think he leaves a 14


on Carr. That is exactly what he wanted and now it is a free kick in


a wide position. This is dangerous was trying to take the free-kick


from a good 10 yards from where it was. It would have given him a


better angle, but not surprisingly creativity and ideas here. This is


a good Leicester City side and snooze, wasn't he? He's not the


gone to the ball he would have been in a decent position to control it.


They are heading for a couple of will be thinking this is a match to


be one today? Yes. Males playing too many long balls and it's a bit


predictable. I think if they can play through midfield -- Matt Mills.


They need to have players from the midfield wanting to break forward


can raise in wide position many have the full backs to create width


so you need to go through the added time. Will there be a


Leicester will certainly get the chance to put the ball in or around


the Birmingham penalty area. They will be looking for Matt Mills


she is getting Cabaye Liam Ridgewell, but he's using his body


well. Whether Ridgewell was impeding him or not, the delivery


is too long. He just boxer Marfan proximal. Good professional player.


-- he just blocks him off and shielded as Schmeichel comes out.


He has had a very quiet opening 45 minutes, Schmeichel, in the


Leicester City goal. I think he just showed he had kept his


Konchesky, but just not enough. A great run to end what has not been


a great opening 45 minutes. Stalemate is the word at St Andrews


as Chris Hughton's Birmingham City have struggled to make headway


against Leicester City. Steven Caldwell with the one headed


opportunity for the home side while, at the other end, Leicester City


captain Matt Mills testing Boaz Myhill at the near post with a


firmly hit shot from a tight angle. That is about it here. Honours even


Disappointing I think is an understatement. The most


entertaining thing we heard in that first half were the chants about


Robbie's two left feet. If I went down the local park on a Sunday


morning that's as bad as that. Worst half of football I have seen


for ages. What's going on, have they nullified each other?


Leicester having a lot of possession and not doing a lot with


it because they've no natural width and Birmingham not having any


possession to make an impression. The team that have the ball haven't


done enough with it and that's been Leicester. Birmingham had the first


two decent chances, we say chances! These were half-chances, we might


be scraping the bottom of the barrel here. Burke had the first


shot on goal. This almost set the tone for the first half. It's a


good run initially. You think he has done the hard work, he runs out


of ideas as to what he is going to do at the final point. He's worked


the angle, got past the two lads there. Has space but never really


sets himself for the shot. And then we have Caldwell's header. Simon


and Martin both thought the net would be ripping at one point. We


thought this was in. Best chance of the game, that's the only way teams


are going to score from a setpiece. That's a great ball there. Wood


could have headed that. You have to could in those situations, head it


back across goal. If you were a Birmingham fan you would want that


on the head of Chris Wood, he is been on form. He can see more of


the ball. He has set himself, either head that back or across.


Caldwell's always stretching for that. Now you have picked out a


definite pattern of play play here. That might also lead to why why


midfield, no doubt. They haven't any any real natural width. The


only thing you can do is play the ball into midfield and work the


ball and then the next ball has to be over the top. We see it here.


The ball goes wide here. Nobody outside of him. That has to go


inside. A third of the pitch is not available to you. Goes long. Always


been their out. They normally work it more than that before it goes


long. They'll play it into midfield and then look to get Vassell and


Nugent over the top, which is their strong point. They work the


channels. You get plenty of energy from them. We have not seen them


have any real chances. This is a tactic that's infuriating you,


Robbie, every time a ball gets hit long. To be fair, they are having a


lot of possession but in the final third of the pitch which Martin


related to in commentary, nobody's in the box. It's woeful! You are


asking the two forwards to get in the channels and get wide. What


happens then is you have to get people in the box to take their


place. Leicester are trying to play. Birmingham, I don't know what


they're doing. King and Wood, have they touched the ball? They've no


possession to do anything with. Leicester are dominating possession


but not doing anything with it. for Leicester's best chance, we saw


an effort from Mills, but this was much better from him. They've both


come from dead ball situations, one a corner and a a throw-in here.


This is more to do with probably poor defending than anything else.


Decent save. Also it's funny going into this game Peltier was speaking


to the press, he talked about Birmingham's danger from out wide.


And feeding balls up to the front men, we are not seeing that.


Burke's probably been their most dangerous player. Konchesky is


having a tough time against him. But we are scraping the barrel.


When you have four in midfield like that you have to tuck the wide men


in. You have to go four against four. Leicester will dominate you.


When they tuck themselves in and win the ball back they have to get


wide and that's where it's falling down. There's no natural width


instantly for Birmingham. They can't get themselves in the game.


OK. It was an important day in the Championship yesterday. Many of the


promotion contenders facing their rivals, we round up the games.


The big match this weekend in the Championship saw third-placed Derby


start here by Derby. Davis! Great save by the keeper and Robinson!


1-1. Fourth Derby corner. Davis with it.


It's a lovely cross. They're queuing up. Away off the line.


Derby survive as Lambert tried to tee up somebody wearing yellow.


Middlesbrough remain the only unbeaten side in the Championship,


although this draw against Millwall meant they missed out on the chance


to take top spot. Middlesbrough were in front, but Millwall


levelled. Halting a run of three defeats and moving out of the


bottom three. Although they so nearly lost. Had


this 95th minute effort gone in Middlesbrough would have moved to


the top of the table but they had to settle for a fourth successive


draw. West Ham moved up to second behind


Southampton after a comprehensive victory over Blackpool. Carew put


the Hammers in front. Blackpool conceded three more in the opening


ten minutes of the second half. It was 2-0 against a Blackpool team


who themselves scored five against highest quality.


West Ham scored a fourth. The seasiders haven't won at West Ham


for the seagulls since his move. He came close to a 7th.


Curran also struck the bar for the visitors who were unbeaten in their


last seven. Brighton, having started the season so well, now


haven't won in their last six. Michael chop ra was back on


familiar ground, having left Cardiff to move to Ipswich who had


won 2-0 here last season. Cardiff were in front, Cardiff have


scored in every game bar one so far this Wednesday.


But Jason Scotland equalised for the Suffolk side. Scotland was not


exactly a welcome visitor, given the fact he used to play for


Cardiff's rivals, Swansea. There's something about former players


coming back to old haunts and scoring. Chopra on the end of this


cross to put Ipswich 2-1 ahead. Cardiff salvaged a point from a


controversial penalty. Watch the Ipswich number seven.


Guilty of handball in the opinion of the officials. The Ipswich boss


disagreed saying his team had been robbed of victory. Whittingham


scoring from the spot kick to make it 2-2


both these teams have struggled this season. Coventry with only one


win in their opening ten league games, Nottingham Forest have lost


five of their previous six. There was little in the first half for


either set of fans to admire. Lee Camp kept Forest on level terms


with a superb save. But moments later the Forest keeper was beaten.


They now know the size of the task ahead at the ground.


That was yesterday, there was a big game in league one today, Sheffield


United took the lead today after 11 minutes.


Quinn scoring from the rebound. Wednesday came close, though.


Levelling things up when O'Grady also hit the woodwork.


But moments later it was United found the net when Evans headed in


a free kick to make it 2-0 at half- time. That was just half the story.


The second half the Wednesday comeback. Up popped Chris O'Grady


with seven minutes to go to reduce the arrears.


And Wednesday, who have had a terrific run of form of late,


winning the last four, snatched a dramatic draw.


A scramble. But it finally made it over the


early goal, a first minute. Van Persie put Arsenal ahead after 29


seconds, the fastest goal in the Premier League for four years. The


Gunners looking for their third league win of the season.


You will be able to see highlights of all of today's Premier League


games tonight at 10.00pm. Joining Colin will be the QPR manager with


Lee Dixon. Before that this afternoon the best of the action


from the gymnastic Championships. In the wake of yesterday's results


it's an interesting game with Derby and Southampton but a point each at


the end, but standout result has to be West Ham turning over Blackpool


in the way they did. Obviously, I think Ian Holloway won't be


enamered with the way they defended. West Ham - it's funny, I looked at


them before Saturday and thought they've had a few points where you


expect them to win games and dropped a couple of points, yet


they're on 18. You know, they're not far away from getting there.


Who has caught your eye in the Championship so far? You have to


look at Southampton and Brighton. Two teams done fantastically well.


Derby have done well. I think Derby probably overachieving this season,


they're doing exceptionally well. You look at that as a good point


against Southampton. They dominated a lot of that game. Southampton


went to Leicester and really tested Leicester so they're a good side.


We know their home form is second to none. They've come up and people


are starting to believe they can go and be there at the end of the


season. As for the game here, we are struggling for goals, it has to


be said. But we will be struggling to beat this blast from the past.


This is when the flares were wide Finds Burns. Burns going into the


gets the 6th goal for Birmingham City, if it comes, will be awarded


a motor car by a Midlands firm. There is Burns! That's number six.


I wonder how he will look in the seat of a TR7?


And that is what it looked like, for scoring the 6th goal of that,


35 years ago. Funnily enough, Kenny Burns sold that car not long after


and shared the proceeds with the rest of his players. I can't see


you doing that. Would you do something like that with the rest


of your team? No! You wouldn't, would you! I would give it to my


mum. It would depend what sort of car it was with Robbie. Quite


possibly. We are getting news that the referee, believe it or not, has


picked up an injury, that sums up the game after the first 45 minutes.


The second half is delayed by a couple of minutes. If you were


either a managers today, what would you be looking to do now to change


this? Put life into this contest! Leicester don't look as if they can


lose the game when you look. This is the new official in charge now,


Kevin Wright, going to be taking charge of proceedings. How is he.


He is as as -- -- - he is as bad as the game, awful! The earlier


question about the two managers, if you are Sven or Chris, what would


you be doing? Sven, they have been the better side. They've to create


chances. Birmingham have to get on the ball and making some impression


on the game. You are looking at it now and I am not sure, it's


difficult to see how the game can change, unless somebody takes a


risk. This is part of a busy day for Robbie, because you can find


out later if he survives the big one on BBC1 at 7.25pm this evening.


This was you last night. It was a very passionate tango. It suited me


because it looks like I have been tangoed! If one person can do


Strictly, let me tell you Steve Claridge, I have seen this guy


dance and he can move. He can throw a few shapes, I have been told. Did


this go as well as you would have hoped? I tried my best, I hope I


get saved tonight by the public. The response has been wonderful.


You know what, I love it. I love dancing, I am a dancer. I wouldn't


go that far! You have found it exhausting, interestingly enough.


must say, it's harder than than being a footballer. Let's see if we


can find dancing feet here. Let's get to the second half and rejoin


our comentators. Thank you. Just to reiterate we


have a change of official here for the second half. The referee for


the first 45 minutes, Graham's Salisbury, has pulled a calf muscle


there. He is going to be replaced by Kevin Wright who was the fourth


official, Graham Salisbury is going to hold the fort down there in


front of the dugouts until Trevor Massey turns up, Trevor we


understand was here as a guest and he will be now be the fourth


official. That's certainly ruined his lunch, hasn't it? I wonder


which calf that was? We know by now! The war wound certainly on


show. We will be hoping for a livier second half -- livelier


second half. It was a disappointing stalemate in the opening 45 minutes.


Stern words, no doubt, from the managers at half-time. The players


now need to take it upon themselves, I am sure there's been a talking to


at half-time. Sven will know he has the capabilities to win this game.


Birmingham will need to make changes if they want to mix it up,


maybe bring Zigic on. There is Kevin Wright heading out on to the


field with a rather different role facing him now for the second half


to that which he enjoyed in the first.


He is not in any rush, is he? won't be getting the earache from


the two managers during the second period, that's for sure. He can


have it from the 22 players instead. It's a leisurely entrance from our


new referee, it must be said. But it's probably the most dramatic


thing that's happened so far at St Andrews this afternoon. Probably


Nice if he could have a little jog, come on, ref, get a move on!


Birmingham's players have been standing out there for about five


minutes waiting for the start of the second half. At the end of this


leisurely stroll, we finally will get under way. He is just composing


himself, getting ready. Here we go then, Birmingham City will kick us


off for the second period. No changes made by either manager at


half-time. Watch is working. many watches does he have! So is


the other one. At last, the football match breaks


out out again. Fahey gets us under way. Mills with


a powerful header clear. I didn't notice the referee counting the


players on each side by the way. certainly had a sizable half-time,


it was over 20 minutes long. Plenty of time for the two managers to get


across whatever points they were thinking of. They've always had --


almost had too long, they need to revitalise. The game is there for


the taking, whoever wants to win it. It will be a Leicester throw-in.


Peltier will take it. What do you think Chris Hughton might have been


saying at half-time? I think he will have been looking to get more


from the front two. King has not been in the game at all. Get bodies


forward at every opportunity. They're trying to stay in the game


at the moment, Birmingham. No designs on going forward. You can't


do that in a football match, the home side you have to go and attack.


Good distance on that kick. What a thunderous shot from Beausejour!


Much better start to the second half from the home side.


The post is still rattling. Away by Mills. That's worken everybody --


woken everybody up! It's a stunning strike from Beausejour. Beausejour


played most of the first half as though he was in some sort of daze


but this was a cracking effort. Schmeichel no chance, and the frame


of the goal that saves him. Hopefully that's woken this game up.


Encouragement there for the home side, that effort from Beausejour.


Konchesky now for Leicester. Leicester all in white playing in


their changed strip today. You would think it's unlikely


Birmingham would play as badly in the second period as they did in


the first. They really didn't... It's a change of emphasis. It's


about being willing to get forward and brave enough to try and play


and it was there, it was a great effort.


Here is Chris Wood. Now Beausejour.


Buoyed by that effort of a minute or so ago.


Dangerous ball in. And the home side have a corner.


At last we have a noise inside St Andrews. Good pace and ability and


suddenly you are seeing a different diving in to try to get it away.


Birmingham looking threatening for the first time in the afternoon.


Ridgewell. Beausejour.


This is Marlon King. A bad first touch, down goes Beausejour. They


have a penalty here. The referee, Kevin Wright, who has


only been in charge for this match for under three and a half minutes


has awarded Birmingham City a penalty kick.


It's good pace from Beausejour. At first I am not sure whether he


actually makes contact. It's King retrieving defender. Does he make


contact with the ball? I think he does. From this angle? He is


probably unfortunate there because he makes contact with the ball and


Beausejour knows exactly what he is doing. I think he catches the


inside of Beausejour's foot there. he is willing to get into the box


and he asks questions of the defender. Chris Hughton knows even


though his team has this kick, it will mean nothing unless King


buries this chance. It would be his first goal of the


season in the Championship. It is! Marlon King for Birmingham City!


They lead Leicester by one goal to nil.


Pressure on him, of course. He puts it away simply. He has turned this


game on its head. Never for a moment thought Birmingham would


take the lead and now we are going to have to see what Leicester are


made of, see what character. He tucks it into the corner.


Beautifully placed, cool, calm, collected. Schmeichel, no chance.


It's a goal you didn't see coming for Birmingham. Start of the second


half with that Beausejour chance and fantastic effort from nothing


really and Leicester on the back foot since. It sets us up nicely


for this second half. It's what the game needed and Leicester City, the


favoured team perhaps. It's typical of the Championship. They've got to


come out now. Difficult to call any Leicester come up with? Konchesky


there going up for the ball with Leicester here, but Vassell unable


to keep the momentum going. Birmingham will be buoyed by that


goal, confidence will flow through their veins now.


It's only the fourth home match Birmingham have had this season.


Two wins and a draw before today. 1-0 winners over Coventry, three


over Millwall and 1-1 draw with Barnsley. And now they have a one


goal advantage. Ridgewell unable to keep that in. Suddenly when they


score a goal you see confidence coming through the team.


referee, Kevin Wright, only on the field in the milledle -- middle for


three and a half minutes when he made this decision, the penalty


kick. I think he stands on his foot, in fairness. Difficult to see.


doesn't get the ball. It's a the pitch, the new referee, but he


was quick to make the decision. was Quick on the Draw when he


finally did, that decision three and a half minutes, I think, after


now. Peltier counsel. -- down. Free kick.


First time in five matches Leicester have conceded a goal.


complaints here. Leicester's players are complaining because


Beausejour has had a yellow card in the first half. It's not a sending


off. That's why they were making a fuss. That's what the Leicester


fans think of it. A cynical bit of play there by


Beausejour. I didn't think it was a booking, though. I wouldn't want to


see the game changed in that manner. Konchesky then will look to whip


this one in. Anxious moments these for the home


team. Whipped in too quickly there for


Vassell. He's gone for power. Really not a lot Vassell can do


with that when it's coming around at your body height. Konchesky, who


played in a European final with Fulham a couple of years back.


Scored in an FA Cup final for West King I think. -- just an untimely


slip. Neil Danns unable to kick the making a change in the not-too-


distant future. We will keep an eye on that for you. Not a great


clearance by Schmeichel. And Mills is in a spot of bother here with


the referee. And it is a red card. What a dramatic introduction to the


match for Kevin Wright. We have only played for 10 minutes in the


second half and he has awarded a penalty kick and sent off the


Leicester City captain. Kasper Schmeichel puts him in all sorts of


bother. His touch is not great. I He is lunging in, off the ground.


He has gone in with two feet. They going on their backside, and the


foot comes up and it's only going to do damage. The you cannot go


into a challenge with both feet off the floor, launching like that.


Then referee is right in the situation, but why the player needs


to do that is beyond me. He was one yellow card from going into a ban,


and for this two-footed lunge she badly injured because he has sought


to have gone through him. Time and time again you see players going in


with two feet to raise and there is no place for that on a football


changes. John Pantsil, the Ghana international who has played at the


which I think will happen now. Neil Danns will be one of the players


coming off. So, Neil Danns leading down again. Beckford looks as


though he is waiting to come on. But it is just the one change at


the moment. They did have two ready to go. I think the sending-off has


affected that. One final word about the referee, to big decisions and I


think he's got both of them right. Very much so. We were giving him


some stick the matter time it took to get him on the pitch, but he has


given himself time to make those decisions as well and he has been


behind the management duo. They consider what their best move is


now. Remember, Leicester are a man down for the rest of the match and


that is over half an hour. And the flag goes up against Marlon King.


penalty spot when it arrived and now he looks a different player or


the sudden. They all do, these Birmingham players. -- all of a


sudden. They suddenly look really sharp. Another great call from the


A lucky bounce Britain for two Ridgewell. Peltier's header.


officials spot-on with that one. Steve Copeland on the nearside.


Things have spiced up in this half. So many talking points and we are


again and ride out the storm, but they won't do so with play like


that from macro Abe. Keith Fahey's were down to 10 men and you have to


protect it. -- giving the ball away, defender for Birmingham over this


forthcoming season. I think Beausejour changed the game with a


shot at goal and the penalty. He of the twin giants around him has


been sent off. Much resting on the soldiers -- shoulders of Bamber.


Hansel playing as a right-back. Suddenly burning are winning a good


that Leicester could do something. now, but he is the man who has been


scoring the goals for Birmingham. Year-old fashion target-man. Not


that mobile, but always available - far this evening. That is David


quite there for Leicester. Leicester will make another change


now. Richie Wellens is going to come on. Yes, it is you. He comes


on here for just half-an-hour. Wellens is a good player and will


pass the ball to death. He needs caught offside. No, always playing


on the last defender's shoulder. The linesman was right across it,


so an excellent decision again. of activity, the Leicester City


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 51 seconds


comfortable to come out top. -- to always told when you're young to


deal with it and worry about it after. Another change by Leicester


City, and the player coming on his Jermaine Beckford and Darius


Vassell, the former Aston Villa player leaves the field. That is a


like-for-like substitution. Beckford will be a willing runner.


He will have to get through some work here. He arrived from Everton


on deadline day in August. He missed the last match against Derby


with a groin injury. Yet to get a goal for Leicester City. Was


particularly prolific for Leeds a couple of seasons ago. He scored 85


goals in 152 games for them. What a great player to be putting on in


this situation. You need to chase heavy from Beckford -- Nugent


caught offside. He needs to go back a little before he swivels. And


Nugent, playing on the last defender, he knows he has to gamble


but needs to be more patient and more intelligent with his runs.


Starting to get a bit frustrated. at the moment. They have had to


change their system with a player down, still keeping two on the top.


They don't get the same time on the Gelson Fernandes. The temperature


get on with the game and Chris Burke was holding him. Good work


from him. Tenacious and then he is being held. He just wants to get on


with it. Not sure what he has done little happier than he might have


home on the opening day of the season by one-0 at Coventry City


and have work to do if they are going to win on the road for the


getting rather irritated with each It certainly is and Birmingham


looking to just wind it down. They are in no rush to take the free-


the ball in play. He is looking for a better ball from Marlon King


by the crowd. The crowd numbering a little over 17,000 here this Sunday


the box than that. I feel that is Leicester's best way to play, get


the ball into the from players early. Miss out the midfield a


little bit. When you're in good positions you have to make it count.


Sven-Goran Eriksson will be pulling his hair out that he is not getting


a better delivery from his four BOP real sighting of goal for Chris


Wood in the match and he brought the best out a Kasper Schmeichel.


You saw Peltier's naivety going just gets on the inside of Peltier.


A decent strike from there. Schmeichel does especially well to


save it. -- a chance for two-0. Just a bit naive and the defending.


United to join Leicester. -- Kasper Schmeichel move from Leeds. It is


the third time he has played under option. He is trying to come inside


when he should go for Ally -- I think Beckford takes the wrong


option. -- she should go for the intelligent run from Chris Burke.


He runs off the ball very well. Konchesky was a bit slow to see


that. He looks quite lively. He looks as though he might have a


little trick or be able to do something to change again here or


there. I think he is an intelligent player. Probably best playing more


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 51 seconds


central because he hasn't got the by Alex McLeish in the summer


before he left to join Aston Villa. slipped away from him. He could not


see this coming. Very comfortable in the match or the sudden gives a


penalty away, concedes it, down to 10 men -- or the sudden. He has it


famous face in the ground. Birmingham's most famous supporter,


Jasper Carrot. He is certainly laughing at the moment. He will be


but saved by Schmeichel. He looked like his father, the way he spread


himself. A great save. Should be that. No one there for the passport.


That was in the great Schmeichel tradition, the way he shaped his


body to make the block. The way they spread themselves, him and his


father, he stands up for a long while. He does his job for his team.


expecting that. I think Ridgewell decides to jump out of the way of


it. Birmingham lucky to get away with that one. Just sort of whips


it in. That incident shows that we are far from done and dusted in the


he might have got a bang on the head, but he was OK and fairly


comfortable for the keeper. That is way you see a bit of extra quality


from Wellens. -- that his way you see. You concede a run of King.


Good defending in the end to stop the ball from going behind for a


Leicester City Trelfa that solitary penalty kick. He will know he has


to do better there. Both full-backs, and that she shows you, with John


Pantsil on one side, Konchesky on the other. It has gone wrong for


Sven-Goran Eriksson and his team in the second half. Started soon after


the break with a shot from Beausejour which beat the


goalkeeper all ends up, then the big decision for the referee


awarded a penalty kick and expertly dispatched. This was the sending-


off of Matt Mills, the Leicester captain. Straight red card. Things


started to unravel for Leicester City. And that is why we are left


with this one-0 scoreline. But, penalty because King was held up,


but the referee says know. -- says think the ball was out of control.


He knows what he's doing, King, he plays it through to players and


knows there is no way to go. Ridgewell stands his ground and


there has been an infringement in afternoons, Sven-Goran Eriksson


certainly not a penalty. certainly don't think he is


thinking him what he should do next, that is for sure. That would be a


If there is a team that goes down to 10 men who could still win it,


it would be Leicester. It makes intriguing. But they keep trying to


play through midfield. They would brings the run to the end. They are


really going to have to defend now, throw. Leicester are knocking on


Heres Wood. A great chance to wrap up the points. And he has! Chris


Wood for Birmingham City! Just as Leicester were knocking on the door,


looking for an equaliser, surely now Chris Wood has ensured the


points stay at St Andrews and go to the problem for Leicester,


committing bodies forward, and Chris Wood shows maturity beyond


his years. He has a lot to do. A great reverse pass from Marlon King.


I think Schmeichel sultans of a bit short, but he shows the maturity


and tucked it away. Does everything right. Really, from this situation,


you cannot see Lester getting back into it. In Birmingham's nine


League matches this season, including today, Chris Wood has


found the back of the net eight times. Marlon King with the through


ball. And you felt from the moment he had the ball at his feet that


Wood was going to score. He is in that sort of form. What a release


for Chris Hughton and the backroom staff. He is a very reliable


footballer. You expect him to score, but he still has a lot to do and he


keeps his head. He is making a name Right On from the home crowd. They


were rather nervous until about 30 seconds ago.


Five minutes to go here. Five minutes for Leicester to score


twice, to salvage something. Tall Birmingham City.


And Beausejour, the player being replaced. Really it was Beausejour


who got the ball rolling for Birmingham in a way, with that


effort early in the second half which energised the play and the


crowd. It didn't seem in the the first half anybody in the


Birmingham side believed in themselves, he gave them that


belief and with that penalty, he wanted to make something happen and


changed the game. Elliot scored the goal that won the play-off for


Burnley a couple of years ago, so he knows what it's all about in


trying to get out of the Championship. Mostly played off the


bench since his arrival, often as a second striker playing behind the


main man up front. Often the way with one team trying


to get back into it, they get hit by the sucker punch. It's a decent


with a clearance. Birmingham will be looking to keep


a clean sheet, but Leicester, you wouldn't put it past them to grab a


goal here. Three minutes of the 90 away from home for the first time


this season? It looks that way at that ball could have gone in on on


umpteen occasions there. It's not the quality on the ball. A big


decision by the referee from Leicester's point of view, they're


looking for a penalty here and it's not given. For me the ball is out


of control. He knows what he is doing. He has played it between two


players. The referee's right on top of it. Ridgewell OK, he has been


professional, using his body, but for Burke.


Birmingham maybe push for a third. Schmeichel right behind the shot


their teeth here, they don't look like a side about to surrender this


legs one more time. for Birmingham, just pop it around.


They're a little bit behind on the fixtures. Win those games in hand,


they can fly up the table. We are in the last minute now of the 90


and it's strange when we look back to the first half how this match


has panned out. You can't call it. Anybody tuning in now after the


first half won't believe the scoreline. But it's been - it's had


everything in the second half. had everything the first half


didn't. We are heading into four minutes of added time. Birmingham's


players are rather enjoying Sven has opted to leave two


strikers on the pitch. Birmingham are going to make a late


change here. Zigic is the player coming on. And Chris Wood, the


scorer of the second goal, what an impact he is making this season. He


gets a standing ovation. Zigic, well, frankly, he will do well to


get a touch of the ball before the final whistle. I bet it will be on


his head, if he does, because he is absolutely enormous. We remember as


Arsenal fans the melee he caused in the Carling Cup final. Probably the


last time that - I think he has played once since. I imagine that's


imprinted on your brain, Martin, that Zigic scored in that Carling


Cup final against Arsenal. He's been limited to one start since the


final back in February due to groin and hip injuries. Only just really


starting to play again. We are into of added -- four minutes of added


time. At the back end of last season Birmingham falling out of


the Premiership, almost a major here. King underneath that but


Bamba able to get to the ball. No doubt there will be better days for


Leicester ahead this season? It's about learning from this, about


taking opportunities when they're there. When you are dominating a


game, as they were in the first half, you must put something on the


score sheet. It didn't really look as if they were capable of doing it


in the first half. Birmingham City, for all the doom and gloom over the


summer, the financial meltdown and the problems at boardroom level and


the rest of it, actually if if they're able to win a couple of


matches in hand they've got Birmingham should do well this


season, or certainly have the potential to do well and be in the


shake-up at the end. They lost a lot of players but if he look at


the defence, looks very solid, very experienced. It's something to


build on. As long as you have players who can score goals for you,


as we have seen with Wood, you have And that rather sums up the way


things have worked out for Leicester here.


That's goal of the season if that goes in. You want him to start


learning, start developing. He's been at Everton. He can be a big


player at Leicester but he has to - would have been better off getting


into a more advanced position. way off target. That is the catch


minute of added time, looking for a third goal. It will be a goal kick.


Good day for Chris Hughton and Birmingham City in the end. He was


saying he feels their season has to be built on their home form and


they're unbeaten here in the league at St Andrews. Three wins in a draw


from four on their home patch. keeps it tight, keeps it simple.


Beausejour is the one standout player for me today. You got to


have that attacking threat and he needs more of that type of player


to go with that solidarity he has in defence. The last 20 seconds or


so here. Leicester City with time for one last attack. There will be


no route back for them here today. They'll have to lick their wounds


and prepare for home matches against Watford and Millwall next


on their horizon. There goes the final whistle! It's


Birmingham City's day after a second half that was much better


than the first. Marlon King set Birmingham on the road to victory


with a penalty kick four minutes into the second period and Chris


Wood added the second six minutes from time. A final score here at St


Andrews of Birmingham City 2, Leicester City 0. Leicester beaten


away for the first time this season. and second half. Yeah, the referee


got it spot on. I didn't think he was the best referee last season,


but to be fair - he had a good second half and got every decision


right. Two big calls. That's frustration. He's caused the


problem by a bad back pass. This is a fantastic move. Great ball there.


The weight of the pass, the time. That's fantastic finish as well.


Good result for Birmingham at the end. Very good result. They were


the better team the second. Beausejour was the key second half.


Arguably could have been sent off after he scored. Thank you very


much for your company this afternoon. Good luck tonight by the


Manish Bhasin presents live coverage from St Andrew's as Birmingham take on Leicester in a Championship Midlands derby. Chris Hughton is looking to repeat the success he had with Newcastle in leading the Blues back to the Premier League at the first time of asking, but it was big-spending Leicester who began the season as promotion favourites after Sven Goran Eriksson spent the summer overhauling their squad. Robbie Savage and Steve Claridge, who played for both clubs during their careers, offer their views on the action. Commentary comes from Simon Brotherton and Martin Keown.

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