Burnley v Leeds United Match of the Day Live

Burnley v Leeds United

Gabby Logan presents coverage of the Championship match at Turf Moor between two teams who are separated by just 35 miles. With Lee Dixon and Danny Mills.

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time for us to hand over with a brie reminder for everyone watching


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


that the two teams Burnley and Thank you. Two teams with a proud


history looking for a return to the top flight. I am joined by Danny


Mills. Thank you for turning up dress smartly. This is such a tight


league. The Championship is always tight. Occasionally one team just


runs away with it. But anyone could beat anyone else. Well let's have a


look at your old club. In the last six games they had two wins, two


defeats and two draws. We can catch up now with a roller-coaster few


weeks. The results at the start of the


campaign were far from ideal for Simon Grayson's site. Russell


McCormick was in prolific form in front of goal. Nine goals in the


opening 10 games. A run of five wins and two draws so at Leeds


should up from 19th place to 5th and starting to look like promotion


contenders. But goals and points have been hard to come by


culminating in an embarrassing hammering to Blackpool. But with


their tails between their legs, Grayson's team found their golden


touch once again at Leicester. Adam Clayton and getting them back


to their winning ways. Simon Grayson has chosen to bring some


points back hopefully from Lancashire to Lincoln. They really


need the goals today because they have had dodgy away form of late.


It has been difficult for them. McCormack had a bit of a barren


spell so he needs someone beside him. They have a lot of young


players that have been away on-loan. But there is nobody yet, but they


have not really found that striking partnership. And that is what they


need. Jonathan Howson is always consistent. Absolutely and that


partnership with Adam Clayton. They do have a good partnership.


Jonathan Howson is yet to score or but they both want to play, they


both want to pass the ball and they can control the game which is key.


So they just need a little bit more or up front. Let's take a look now


at Burnley. They have had a couple of defeats and they need to start


picking up the points. They are in 18th place, just seven points


behind Leeds. Just five points away from the bottom three so the next


few weeks could define what has been a frustrating season of poor


them so far. Cut the real Burnley please stand up? The site have


delighted and frustrated in equal measure this season. For all points


of the bottom of the table in September and growing discontent.


But Charlie Austen's 6th goal of the season so them snatch a point


from Southampton. And then they beat Millwall with a rare clean


sheet. But with the defence was again at leaking goals and things


drying up of the other end, it took something special glamorous -- rest


Weller's to turn things around. Retailers continued to find the net


ever since. But there Burnley, so have the opposition. The pressure


is once again building. So Charlie Austen it seemed to be


the main man and Paul Burley with eight goals already this season.


Yes he had a fairy-tale start. At he does have a life for the goals.


With barely where they are at the moment they needed to get that


consistency. -- Bailey. Simon Grayson it was having a chat with


me last night and he said that that is the key thing in this division,


trying to get some results together on the trot. And that could just


put them into the safety zone. macro is the most recent


acquisition, he is on the bench today. -- Sam Vokes. I think he


could do it for them. Again the consistency is the key. He need a


good, solid base and a run of form. We have seen it in the past with


Crystal Palace. They got promoted after a brilliant run around


Christmas time. They need players who can find the back of the net.


It is frustrating for the fans because they had that taste of the


Premier League. Still in the position there in an owl, they


expect them to be a little bit higher in Belleek. -- in the league.


This game has a retro it feel to it. It is as double fixture. And


hopefully we will live up to the billing to date and it should be a


good game. It is a shame that Ross was could not make it. He has been


an outstanding performer well as this season so he is a big loss


today. But it gives someone else the opportunity. Lab been quite


inconsistent this season. That is the biggest single area we have to


strengthen. We had some good performances this year and then


some not so good performances. would be fitting to serve up a good


game in memory of Jimmy Adams and who died recently. Absolutely. We


are fired up for the game there are a number of reasons. The passing of


Jimmy, up we would to get a win for him today.


And we were here about Jimmy Adams incredible career later on.


I'm always intrigued to know what a young manager says in the dressing


room. When you have players the same age or maybe a little bit


older, how do you get the message over? Do you instantly get the


respect? So it is intriguing. do you see happening today? IT that


Leeds United will come in as the favourites. They always have a big


following ad it will be a good atmosphere. Sometimes the early


kick-offs, the players can take some time to get into their stride.


Players love their routines and the early kick-off can flow of a man


and Little. -- can flow them a little.


There are coming out now on to the pitch. And we will have a minute of


applause for the Bailey legends Jimmy Adams put -- Jimmy Adams.


Time now to hand over to our match commentator. Guy Mowbray alongside


Mark Wright. Good afternoon. It is a beautiful day. At a cracking and


fixture in the N Power Championship. Finding consistency has been a


problem for a burly. But in terms of points they are very close.


It is with noting that in spite of it is slow at start and some dodgy


performances, Leeds a one-point better off than the same stage last


season. Great no always around the stadium


as ever. They may have been in different divisions there a lot of


that time over the years but there is a good health the rivalry


Let's take a look at the teams. Benali, Keith Tracey comes in a


foreign Ross Wallace. McIlduff is Leeds were dealt a blow yesterday


with an injury problem, and Danny Pugh. Darren O'Dea is at the back.


And Alex McCarthy is on loan from Jimmy Adams after the first half


has been enjoy it. Six years as Burnley manager in the 1970s. 11


days ago was a very sad day for the town when he died aged 82. And many


of Leeds United supporters will remember him as he spent some time


as their manager. Christmas can, J Moore will pay its respects with a


one of its true greats with the death of Jimmy Adamson at the age


of 82. He was at the Turf Moor Paul 30 years. As captain he guided the


football club to Wembley in the FA Cup final. He made 486 appearances


for Burnley. As manager, he led Burnley to the second division


championship. He also managed Sunderland and Leeds United. Please


join us in observing one minute of applause for the late, great Jimmy


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


on all four sides of the ground. Now we are ready for the action


between two of Jimmy Adamson's clubs, Burnley and Leeds. Some of


you may have recognised some of the older faces in that line-up of


Burnley legends. They will all be hoping for a Burnley win today.


Leeds have any lost two of their last 11 games in the league. Their


fans will fully expect them to win. Scott Mathieson starts proceedings.


Early in their traditional claret and blue. The Leeds away kit got a


mixed reception at the start of the season. Alongside me is Mark Bright.


Burnley corner. A decent start. Rodriguez attacking early ball,


just what you want when you are the another go at it. The ball was


reaching a half-century of appearances for Burnley this


you have started the season like he has done, you think you are never


going to stop scoring. But they could do with some of his goals


opening moments here. They are the the 18-yard box, Echenique to take


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


a gamble. Anticipate somebody am not sure there was that much


who was then caught and immediately the whistle goes for a free kick. -


that he will ever since his head injury on his debut for Leeds a


couple of seasons ago. He has had an injury nightmare, the Australian,


only one appearance in the whole of ago at Leicester. He was closed


down at the last minute there which makes him brush his shot. -- rushed


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


pressure to Howson, he was not very Wolves. He is back at his home


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


ground. He has been on loan eight advantages with Burnley. A


wonderful cross, and Burnley have the lead! An absolute peach of a


delivery from Trippier, met by their heads of Rodriguez. What a


wonderful advantage played by a Scott Mathieson. What a cross from


Trippier. This was the great decision, allowing the play to


continue. Somebody has to come and close him down. A grade, deep


delivery, downward header, just give yourself a mental pat on


the back when that happens. Leeds will try to hit back straightaway


the 1st October. 15 goals last season. Burnley born and bred,


despite the exotic surname! It may strike us go through patches where


you have a blinding spell and then that can be followed by a dry pouch.


He has got the boot movement, a nice touch. -- he has got good


movement. That was the kind of cross you ask for, coming away from


the goalkeeper, making him straight. You had that role for many years.


When you see that coming, do your eyes light up? It is the kind of


all that strikers want at the end of a run. You commit yourself, you


go 60 yards, and that is the kind of cross that you want, so that you


as a Leeds United goalkeeper. Leeds throw, conceded by Duff. We have


got what we expected - a goal. Better away than at home. Good


decision. Good defending, too. decision for the ref. I am thinking,


he is lucky to get away with that! There is a collision, that will be


a Burnley free kick. Just trips Rodriguez over. Caught by gravity


there, couldn't get off the floor. Stanlislas has yet to score for


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


goal. Connolly stops him. Good play from Keith Treacy. Good control.


Rodriguez is a threat when the ball is in the air. This is Trippier.


just trying to steal a few yards. Clayton and Trippier know each


other well. They were both members People talk about consistency in


the championship. Should be a yellow card. Why would you debate


that challenge? He is going to err on the side of leniency. A word in


Michael Duff's ear. But it should be a yellow. Good deep cross.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


behind. He has scored 45 goals in professional football. He is a good


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


time as he would have liked. Austin could not hold it. Connolly foul on


Treacy. Both teams giving away possession too easily. A clumsy


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


player? He is. Talk is he will sign to get free of the attentions of


Trippier off again. That is a decent touch from Treacy. A good


save from McCarthy. Great acceleration to the 18 yard box.


Straight into the side netting! Treacy gets the ball and just goes


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


from a standing start. Good save Burnley started off the game as if


they were ahead of Leeds in the league. Forcing defenders to make


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


rash choices. O'Dea the offender in pain. He landed awkwardly.


on his left side. Might be his shoulder. Major concern around him.


Is is dislocated? It is just how you land. Looks painful. Never nice


the major incidents so far. That was the main decision from the


referee. Trippier goes too far without being confronted. It is a


perfect cross for any striker. Still a little bit to do for


Rodrigues but that happens in training every day. As a


professional, you wish for that happen on the Saturday. Rodriguez


was named the Championship Player of the Year at the north-west for


manager, Eddie Howe. He is 34 in 10 days' time. And he were about to


make up Port Vale debut! And Sam Vokes Fred is getting ready to make


his debut. He only came yesterday. Unfortunate circumstances. That is


one goal threat gone and I just wonder how long Charlie Austin will


be gone for because that is obviously a serious arm injury. It


is really good to see that Kisnorbo is the player attending to him.


can go through these challenges all season, and nothing happens, it is


just that one awkward one. It is just how are you land. It is a


great shame. It looks as though his shoulder has popped out. Really


unfortunate for him but an opportunity for Sam Vokes to come


into the team. They Sam Vokes came on to score two in two minutes for


Wales against Norway. One of his loan spells was at Leeds two years


Rodriguez but I do not know why he stopped. He is in the middle of the


pitch and if he continues to run he has a free strike at goal. I have


fought the defender was going to Leeds fans who remember Bartley


You make it difficult for your team mate to control that ball as it is


Simon Grayson's team, to be honest. They are hovering outside the play-


off position. They had a great run in September, unbeaten, which


lifted them to the play-off positions. Then they any got one


point in 10 games. -- they only got. We are getting confirmation that


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


hand ball, how did they miss that? The arms were up to save it. Grant


denying Leeds a clear goalscoring opportunity, as well. No doubt


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


each. Cancel each other out, I he was. He is complaining to the


referee but I think he was using his arm to pulled him back. He is


saying McCormack died, but he appeared to me to have hold of him.


This is a good position. He is the wrong side NGC him holding his hand.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


He needs to be cold side there. against the gloves of Grant.


think Grant should be complaining about the wall because if it is set


up correctly that Paul should not go past the defender. -- ball.


not sure Grant should be complaining about anything, he is


did not think so but I think it was played on to his foot as he came


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


determination and energy to get forward. Good example where. He


loses the ball but he gets back up on his feet. The referee's


have gained then sells a free kick in a goalscoring position. --


into O'Dea in the wall. It really was worth ago. -- a go. We should


point out that O'Dea has missed the last couple of games with a head


great view of this. I am amazed that nobody appeals. I am amazed.


problems with the Sun today. I have noticed that a few times. But the


assistant has a great you of it. -- for the injury to Charlie Austin,


in particular. The dislocated that is a good cross, into a good


area. But Leeds have not really a moment, there was a player coming


in on the overlap. For Burnley, Trippier has been willing to get


forward and delivered the cross for the goal. But the backs for Leeds


have not really ventured forward that much. A do not know that is


part of the plan for the first half of a lot. His assistant should have


helped him. Here is Treacy, taking on Clayton and beating him.


just puts a deep cross in. Not much else he can do with that. McCarthy


which did not get the better of Aiden White. That was close from


McCann! Lovely piece of Burnley play. What a goal that would have


been. The Burnley captain also has had problems with injury. Only


seven games in the top flight. No card yet. We should have had one


red possibly, for the keeper. Leeds players did not appeal. It


probably will not even be spoken about in the changing room. Grant


anticipated that well. Maybe third time lucky. He will get a third


chance, the way this game is going. Trippier, I think that will be


going in the book. Holds his hand up, fair cop. No question about


that. He has committed himself all the way. Tippier lives up to his


name! Rodriguez! Well saved by McCarthy. What a touch! Did


everything right there. Both defenders chasing him. The referee


is going to have to separate them. He did well to let play go on.


McCarthy saves it! Great strike. Excellent save, full stretch.


Stanislas corner, just too high for Edgar. What a good save that was.


No question that it was going in. I think that tackle is too high. It


looks reckless. Good finish. Lee Grant will be on for the second


half. Trippier the only player half. Trippier the only player


booked. It seems as if there should have


been a lot rare goals. Great action, a great atmosphere. But it was


Burnley who dominated that first 20 minutes or so. That goal was the


proof of that. But dean macro did get back into it as it went on. --


Leeds. Some controversial incidents which we will take a look at in a


moment. Burnley just edging it. They had greater possession. Leeds


just did not seem to get into that? It took them a while. This can


sometimes happen with the early kick-off. Burnley came out and


played really well. They got Leeds on the back foot and that continued.


Leeds have not really got their game going. It has been about


Burnley. They created some really good space down the flanks. Looking


at the game, it seemed as if it was all Burnley. Leeds had a little


spell but in general Burnley are dominated possession and created


more chances. I think that Leeds have been sleeping and Burnley have


had a go with them. Let's take a look of the goal. Rodriguez a much-


fancied, highly rated player. started the game really well. The


referee did really well letting this free-kick go. Sam gets sucked


into the midfield. Not aware of what is behind him. That creates a


big space over there. And look at the runner up front. Rodriguez


behind him, he does not see that. And look at the space that the


full-backs got. It is a fantastic cross. Once you have that


midfielder going into the box. I think Leeds lacked a bit of


communication, defensively. Not really terrible mistakes, but they


have just been in the wrong positions. They have been a bit


sluggish. They need to liven it up in the second half. Keep tree seat


taking advantage of that. -- Keith Treacy. It is the same thing as the


defenders, you have to be in the correct position. Look at that


space they leave behind, no one is covering that. And in the end


McCarthy makes a good save. But time and again they are getting


into positions where they can cross the ball. It is poor defending. He


cannot turn, cannot go anywhere. They make his mind up for them. By


running at him like that they almost say, there is a big space


behind. Disappointment for Burnley. We talked about Charlie Ulster a


head of the match and how important he has been for them. But that


shoulder injury has taken him out of the game. Added slowed things


down. -- and it. The incident looks quite innocuous. You often see that


in football, some of the worst injuries come about from almost


nothing. It does not look as if he landed especially heavily. But he


is in the wrong position. He could be out for at one months, three


months. A row they were treating him, there was a bit of a break and


Leeds seemed to just get back into it. They created a couple of


chances. They had that handball that never was. The referee has had


a decent game but how he missed this, I will never know. If that is


not a handball, I do not know what is. That has to be as sending off.


It has got to be. He is well outside the box, the Lions manager


is looking directly at that. -- the lines plan. And in the end I think


it is a decent save. Going back to the handball, none of the Leeds


players appealed. Everyone else seemed to see it. We shouted hand


ball straight away. Romiley eat you would have several players around


the referee putting a bit of pressure on him. Leeds them kind of


went off the boil again. And at the end of that half it was all Burnley


again. Lurid Sammut IT has one or two problems. -- lurid Sam. He is a


right winger. And the fashion now is to play the players on their


wrong foot. He has been drifting inside were the time, leaving big


spaces. And Burnley are making the most of that. But that is the job


of the full-back. We talked before about standing still and that is


not a bad thing to do it on a football pitch at times. He was


doing a job by covering that area. And in injury time, Burnley out


looking to convert none of their many chances. It was a long ball,


gets a fantastic touch from Rodriguez. And he is away. He just


did not get it away. I felt it should have grown in and the other


That looked good could save when you first saw it and then you see


it again and it is fantastic. He has kept them in with a chance.


Simon Grayson has to say something positive at half-time. Mark Bright


pinks the full-backs have got to get more involved. You may disagree,


due often do! Time to consider at her and the legend. Jimmy Adamson


captained the club and was crowned footballer of the Year in 1962.


Jimmy Adamson was born in Northumberland. He escaped the pit


to join Burnley at 17. He played the game simply but his economy and


the skills dovetailed with his close friend Jimmy Mackle Roy.


Together they powered Burnley to the league title in 1960. As a


player, he reached his peak in 1962, voted English footballer of the


years. He led to his team to the FA Cup final but Jimmy Greaves's


Tottenham proved too strong. When he retired after 486 games for


Burnley, he was rewarded with roles as coach and their manager, where


he oversaw relegation, promotion and eventual stability. When he


finally left his beloved Lancashire, success was harder to find. He


returns to his adopted home town in 1980, never to work in football


again. Over the years, affection remained. At his funeral on Monday,


crowds lined the street and applauded, in salute of Jimmy


Adamson, one player, one club, one word, legend. As we heard, his


closest friend was Northern Ireland international Kimi Roy, who is


sharing his memories now. What When I look back, I think how lucky


I was to have a player of Jimmy Adamson playing behind me. In fact,


when I played for Northern Ireland I felt lucky again, because I had


Danny Blind Flower playing behind me. But to have somebody like Jimmy,


he was a superb for Paula. He was Player of the Year up once and


apparently I was second in that line-up. They will never be another


Jimmy Adamson, as far as I am concerned. He went into management


but he was a one-club player. He was offered the England job, why


did he turned that down? I think he turned it down because we knew he


would make a top-class coach. But I think that England job came too


soon. If he had a year or or two more of experience I'm sure he


would have taken it. But he was big enough to say I do not think I am


good enough just yet. He would be happy with this Burnley performance


this afternoon, wouldn't he? Yes, I think we are all happy. They are


really playing better today, this is the best I have seen them play


this season. Thanks, lovely memories of Jimmy Adamson.


second harp is coming up shortly but there is another game under way


in the Premier League. Norwich took the lead but Arsenal got back into


Something Special tomorrow on Match Of The Day. Beautiful control,


Fernando Torres! The world is gripped by this epic saga. He has


crossed the divide. They are usually fairly entertaining


matches! Chelsea against Liverpool and a look back of all today's


action. Lee Dixon will be there. Who else is there? I am not sure!


You just work on a day-to-day basis. What have Leeds got to do in the


second half? They have to be more positive. They have sat back a


little bit. McCormack has not had support and Keogh has not been in


the game. They have great quality and they have to get players going


forward. If not, it will be all Burnley. It has been a bit up and


down for them so far this season. They look like they were losing


touch of it and they have got themselves back in touch. Have they


been not as consistent as last season? For me, Leeds our liking


just one very special player. They have the basis of a good squat.


Since Beckford has gone, the player he got 30 goals in a season,


McCormack has done well but he has not found a strike partner. Keogh


has come in and Doni scored a couple of goals. They lacked


something special. Ken Bates says they should be higher up the table.


It is such a competitive league and nobody saw Southampton or


Middlesbrough coming in and doing so well. I spoke to Simon Grayson


last night and he was saying we have not spent a lot, we have spent


7 million bombed the crowned, he is juggling the books and doing the


best he can with the players. -- �7 million spent on the ground.


Bates came into Leeds when they were down-and-out and he saved the


club. What do you think of him, he has done not a bad job for Leeds.


Burnley not far from the relegation places but also not far from the


top six. It is half-time and they are playing a very good Leeds side.


If they get their passing game, they will have it tough half. But I


have been impressed with Rodriguez up front. With the fans behind than


they have a chance here. There was a big Leeds come back here last


season. Let us rejoin the commentary team who have no doubt


been enjoying the local pies, Mark Wright and guide may break. -- Guy


coffee and a biscuit! Leeds were 2- 0 down here last November and they


won 3-2. Burnley have not kept a clean sheet at home in 18 games.


The last one was against Crystal Palace. Goal chances to come, I


would think, for both teams. First- half, very enjoyable. It finished


came here and sat back a little bit. The key thing is getting people


forward, try to control the midfield area. It is less than 30


miles as the crow flies, due west, pairing for Burnley in the first


half. Treacy, and when he was at Blackburn, was rated by Sam


Allardyce as their brightest prospect but he never quite got


getting hold of 30 two Fred. Sometimes that kind of thing goes


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


Winder. He is barrel-chested. -- three places with a win today.


think Eddie Howe would say to them I want a clean sheet and much more


in the second half. They are just keep the ball. All the way


back to McCarthy because of the Burnley pressure. And could Burnley


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


noise ringing around Turf Moor. -- an option on the other side of the


field. He does not seem to be playing with as much confidence as


I had seen in the past. That was a poor decision. It was almost like a


roll of the dice, that option. was so far out and there were a


beat players who are in position. You have to have movement in the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


team. The whistle has been sounded Burnley fans. Trippier. Great touch


from Vokes. But you have to have people gambling. Someone else has


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


to come in and support him. Only positions. Snodgrass cannot get it


through. Patient play from Leeds, a little bit better. Brian Easton


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


lot better. Still plenty of time Easton going to wind up a long one


here. Trippier, Howson invited to challenge for it. A powerful drive.


And a free kick. Bartley did so well here, great determination. He


draws the foul. An easy decision to give! Trippier and Stanislas have


had one each. Maybe Treacy. Is he going to test the Leeds keeper


again? He does, and McCarthy is up to it again! The important thing is


it does not come loose. Howson trying to barge his way through. A


Leeds free-kick. Takes a little chance there. Could have been a


throw. Leeds not quite ready to make the changes yet. They have


been waiting for a while. McCormack making way. Nunez and Becchio both


scored earlier this week. Two for two? Two strikers? Keogh and


McCormack have made way. Leeds need something else to change. Vokes in


that near post position. He is winning them every time. He should


be saying to the mid-field players, you have got to take a chance.


solid game is what Leeds needed. Andy Lonergan still out with a


broken finger. Blocked by Easton. Looking at the run of Burnley games,


they have two won, two lost. Everyone talks about consistency in


this league. That is the key thing here. I have watched a few games in


the championship and you cannot tell who is up and who is down.


is a young team. You can see what they are trying to do. You just


need that consistency. Really good strike! Treacy has come so close a


number of times now. That is a lovely angle. Just clipped the


corner of the goal. Leeds will have to do some defending. Zavon Hines


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


down! Now Leeds get a free kick. That will anger the Burnley fans


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


further. Could only be a penalty. Burnley approach. Hines, a very


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


similar to Stanislas, it likes to Plenty of pressure from Leeds, with


noise from the Leeds fans. Before the game, it Simon Grayson was


making the point that the away end is just above the away dressing


room and last season, the noise that they made inspired a come back.


be heading back to home territory tonight, Elland Road, the setting


for the final of the Rugby League action is going from one end to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


whistle. If we think back to Grant. You s, exactly the same. -- BS.


do not suppose he is even thinking about it now, the Burnley


but obviously seen as six of one and half a dozen of another, as it


Plenty of gesturing going on from himself and his management team.


player is down. It is O'Dea again. He suffered a head injury three


weeks ago. That is twice today he right hand side and getting on to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


the left. Are you trying to through the back of 30 two Fred. It


away. The caution means he will not be playing against Barnsley in next


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


of the Leeds fans. From nothing, from absolutely nothing. Great


anticipation from the Snodgrass, he is the only person who gambles.


Great delivery, it comes in from going to go for the win. -- I would


clean sheet at home since March. is 31 games. It is down to how they


react now. And how Leeds react as well, of course. They will feel


that they are back in again with a bit of a gift. You can almost feel


referee has just March in a way to stop it escalating. It was a poor


ball. It is like refereeing used to be. In the old days. Just a word in


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


it was an easy tap-in. Even then, he made sure he put it on his left


today, of course, by so many legends from their past. Will that


on the touch line now. Simon Grayson will be thinking three


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


points now, at not one. Yes, coming players. Nunez on the chase. Good


anticipation. As a sub you go on and try to make a difference. This


is the handball claim. Once again, only one Burnley player who's hand


goes up. We have seen that a lot this season. There is nothing wrong


with appealing. I think he might be concussed. I am pretty sure we have


not had a single offside all game. Good pace from Vokes. Had blended


well into the Burnley system. Rodriguez! He got there and having


got there, he thinks he should have scored. He is just under a bit more


pressure. Kisnorbo is not the tallest, you need to get somebody


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


Sam in the first half. Leeds fans screaming for a penalty. Bartley


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


goes down. Hines has shown the manager he is keen. Closing down


and working hard for the team. He has had some nasty injuries. Lovely


from White. White goes down and it is a Leeds free kick. Foot was up.


I think it was reckless. No yellow card. Nunez went for goal, it was


deflected. Looks like it is going towards the near post. Did well to


chip that in. And Snodgrass has scored for Leeds! They might be


going back with three points! is a great cross. Just controlled


by Snodgrass. After all the hard work Burnley have done, they are


undone by poor defending. Snodgrass has won the game for them, it seems.


Just amazing how this game has turned around. A glimmer of hope


for Burnley. A free kick for Leeds. Vokes had his foot up. Under a


minute now plus injury time. Again a goal with just about five minutes


of the match remaining. McCarthy will just hold onto that, run down


the clock a bit. The defence under pressure. Just controls it down to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


the ground. Rodriguez, that was a The mood has certainly changed at


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


Turf Moor. Sam feeling a touch of about last chance. The whistle has


gone and Leeds United once again have turned it around. They have


won six of their last seven at short trips across the Pennines.


And it is Robert Snodgrass who pulled it out of the bag for Simon


Grayson and his team. Leeds United at least temporarily are rising


actor so if in the Championship table. I would say that his


Brazilian -- that is pretty handily placed. Simon Grayson's team have


So tearing out to be a happy hunting ground for a Leeds United.


But did not look as if it was going to be that way in the first half.


Leeds came back into it in the second half, they were more


positive. I think Burnley and will be disappointed but Leeds have


shown great resilience. They kept going, kept pushing the are that


little chance. They did not create golden moments but in the end they


came away with three vital points. I think Simon Grayson got stuck


into them at half-time. In the first half they did not have any


fluidity to their passing. But then they came out a different kind of


team. And Snodgrass put it under pressure at the other end. I think


Simon Grayson will be pleased in the way that they are changed it


and played a lot better. It is a good result. Burnley have to keep


it going in the second half and they did not do that. Well weaken


Was it in your mind that a similar thing happened last season? You s,


it was. When you ourselves we had to get out here. Look at these fans,


they are unbelievable. The game looked like he was slipping away


from you and they had a lot of the ball. That is what happens. We knew


what to do. Especially in this league, because everybody beats


everybody. We know what to expect in this league. It is very tough


every game. Burnley made it very difficult for us. But we have to


keep on doing what we did in the second half. Can I dedicate their


goals to my friend's kid who passed away one Europe go tomorrow. -- one


years. I think they will be disappointed with how they gave the


goal away, Burnley. I think the back four has to come out. It is


too deep. But the offside rule Eddie Howe will be disappointed.


The player at the far post does not know where Snodgrass is. He has to


have his shoulders facing down the pitch so he can see everything. By


the time the ball comes in, Snodgrass does fantastic do well


because he has really gone with his wrong foot. A great ball in, but as


a full-back on that far post you have to have your back to goal and


you have been looking almost down the pitch so you can see who is


coming behind you. Let us see the winner. Snodgrass takes the corner


and follows the ball in. There is confusion and that is a great


finish. He has done fantastically well. Because he has taken the


corner, he trypsin, unmarked. He had to take that early. Was the


goalkeeper a bit static? It is very close. He hits it into the ground


and the bounce makes it awkward. You have to have two players on the


post. They just had one on the near post. That us remind ourselves of


the goal from Rodriguez in the first half. They were big gaps. Sam


gets dragged into midfield which creates the space. He had one thing


on his mind, to get the ball into the box. It is a great ball in.


Again, Leeds had problems with the two wide players. It caused them


problems in the first half but, to be fair, it Simon Grayson stuck


with it and in the second half it worked for them. Was it a


legitimate shed for a penalty? think we might disagree here. I do


not think it was. If it was giving you could probably understand why


it was given. But when you see it close there, he has a little bite,


first of all. And I think that he gets the ball. I think he makes


You have to give the referee credit because White does get a touch on


the ball. He does not get a replay, and Digby guessing that, he is a


better referee than I thought it was! The Leeds players did not


protest on the pitch about this one. The linesman is literally looking


straight at that. How he has not seem to a hand ball. An important


three points for Simon Grayson. It keeps Leeds in position with some


big games happening today. You have the South Coast derby and


Middlesbrough also in action. puts pressure on those other teams.


They are thinking now we have to Simon, many congratulations.


Another comeback from Leeds. We did not play well enough in the first


half. We gave them too much time on the ball. In the second up we knew


we had to up the tempo and get in amongst them and get balls into the


box. We should start games like that and be more positive in what


we do. But ultimately it is a result business and we have played


far better than that this season and lost. How do you explain this


amazing away form that Leeds had the season? I think it has


something to do with 4000 Leeds fans being here and backing the


team. We have a tremendous character about the team that they


never give up. They are learning team and have to do things better


at times but you would not be able to question the character than they


have. Do you have that you want the instant in the first half where the


keeper handled outside the area? looks like he has handled it but


the referee has missed it. It is easy for me to talk about a


decision but we have won the game. Two goals for Robert Snodgrass, how


important is he for you? He is a good player, he is an international


player. We said to the two wide players do you need to get the ball


back into the box a bit more and Snodgrass has reached the reward


with two goals from the far post. That result will put you back in


the play-off makes. Good night for Leeds. It is. We will see where the


results go this afternoon. We have a lot to do and it is where you


while at the end of April, but we feel we have an opportunity. We


have done what we needed to do They go back to Yorkshire with


three points. Plenty more football to come on the BBC today. Let us


Plenty of football this afternoon for us to argue over in the studio.


One games in the Premier League is already over and it happened at


Carrow Road. Arsenal beat Norwich 2-1. Robin van Persie with two


goals and five wins in a row for Arsenal. They had to come from


But Arsenal took the three points and they are now up to sixth in the


table. They are level with Chelsea and Spurs. Chelsea have won a game


in hand, which is the game tomorrow against Liverpool. Norwich stake in


That early results did not affect the bottom of the table but it


highlights one of the big games, we can against Blackburn. There are


some big battles in the lower half of that decision but there was a


Very much so. You think how badly they started the season. Starting


to put their consistency Together and moving in the right direction.


It is difficult to go to Carrow Road, nobody else has bomb their


this season. It has moved in the right direction and Robin van


Persie is a delight to watch at the moment. You cannot forget how badly


they started this season. I said a few weeks ago, when they were


threatening to do this, that if they get it right, Arsenal, they


will be a real threat. They will say that the table never lies but


it does not tell the truth exactly. They are in fourth position, its


same points as Chelsea, but of the teams, Chelsea are playing the


lesser pop also Arsenal will now become a real threat. Another big


game this afternoon is Manchester City against Newcastle. Two


unbeaten sides in the Premier League. You would have had good


money against that at the start of the season. You would, but they


have put so much work into their team. Their work ethic, they are


unbelievable. But Manchester City will be too good. It promises to be


a fascinating games. If Newcastle get anything out of this I will


take Newcastle very seriously. will be on the red button on the


BBC sport website and back on BBC We can see how it the result here


at Turf Moor affects the top of the Championship table. Leeds moved


back up-to- fourth place. At the bottom of the table, Burnley are


still in 18th. Worryingly close to the drop zone. This afternoon, at


the top of the table, at the South A quick word on Nigel Pearson going


back to Leyser. The same administration has when he left --


Leicester. Confused? Slightly. He has probably been promised a bit of


money to spend in January. Long term, unless they probably had the


greater opportunity to kick on. Nicky Barmby has taken over the


managerial role at Hull. Do you know him, do you think he could


make a good manager? I don't know him that well, but it is great to


see the young managers getting a chance. And that is Michael


Appleton taking over at Portsmouth. I think it is great that they are


learning the trade and they are trying to be better coaches. To get


the respect of the players you need to perform on the training pitch.


Full live coverage of the Championship match at Turf Moor between two teams that are separated by just 35 miles, and who are both aiming for promotion to the Premier League, having narrowly missed out on the play-offs last season. Former glories are hard to shake off. Ten years ago, Leeds were one of the best teams in the top-flight, while Burnley were champions of England in the 1960s. Gabby Logan presents, with Lee Dixon and ex-Leeds defender Danny Mills providing expert analysis. Commentary from Guy Mowbray and Mark Bright.

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