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Euro 2012 Draw

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Good afternoon. It is just 189 days to go until the start of Euro 2012.


In the next hour, England and the Republic of Ireland will find out


what lies ahead next summer. 16 countries will be in Poland and the


Ukraine. The competition has given us plenty of memories over the


not seen a match like this in years! Here is Ally McCoist! What a


Spain definitely the ones to avoid this time around. Crossing their


collective fingers for a favourable draw, we have Martin Keown, in the


English camp, and Mark Lawrenson English camp, and Mark Lawrenson


with his eyes on the Irish. The two host nations are among the top


seeds and already know their fate to some extent. The rest of the


country's are seeded with the These are always entertaining


affairs. They tend to have a long build-up and then you pull out a


few balls. Very significant and very important. This time around,


with the fact the two host nations of possibly the weakest sides in


the competition, it makes the draw out of group a more important than


ever. It does. From England's point of view, it looks like Spain could


be one we want to avoid. Portugal are another one. The French are


starting to re-emerge. There are lots of difficult teams in Pot 2,


it's difficult for England to see how they're going to progress and


win this tournament. We are hopeful we get a lucky draw and somehow


they might just pick out the Irish today. You've got the feeling about


that but you don't. No, I don't. From Ireland's point of view, while


it would be a great fixture, I don't think they want England, they


wanted something easier than England. Germany? Exactly! They've


come in by the back door because -- but that is great. You would want


an ideal world, you wouldn't want England. In some ways you look at


it and you've got Spain in the top group. But if you look at the


second group, with the likes of Germany... What makes it almost


better to be in that one than perhaps the top group. I think so.


The quality in the second is better because of the two poor teams in


the first group. If you widen it out with England, it's a tournament.


In a tournament, they don't do particularly well. Whoever they


draw, they've got to learn from those massive mistakes they made in


the World Cup, and I don't just mean the players, I mean the


manager, the FA and all those things. A lot can happen between


now and June. I think we are looking for Poland. Or even Ukraine.


One of the two. What about from Pot 3, of Greece? Even Sweden that we


played recently didn't look the best. I think the fact that they


are home nations will give them an extra bit of spice. The best one


from Pot 4? Denmark. You don't want to take the French. The other thing


we will find out today is who plays where. There are eight venues in


total, four in each country. England are based in Krakow, so


they will be hoping to play the majority of their games in Poland.


Groups and C would make that possible. They could be some big


treks across Ukraine to come. Donetsk could be a place to avoid


considering how far away it is from Krakow. Our man amongst the balls


in the Halls is Jonathan Pearce. As we speak, he is outside the arena


and listening up for the build-up. These things never seem to be quick,


what is in store for us? Very exciting, dignitaries are arriving,


the coaches of arriving. We will have the draw, all the drama. Will


England get the dreaded group, will they get Spain, will they play


Ireland for the first time in the European final since England played


them in 1988? We will have politics, the Ukraine President is speaking.


We will have Ukrainian culture, there's a dance troupe here, a


singer. We will see videotape of all the venues. How the country has


arrived at these finals coming up in the summer. Very exciting times


ahead. Then we've got to go through that draw and work out just to play


through. He is very excited, his eyes are boarding out of his head!


They liked to put on a bit of a show in these drawers. Are you


looking forward to the extravaganza? No. As we know,


extravaganza is just such the wrong word for this. 30 of minutes to


draw the ball out. Just get on with it. It is true. As a player, when


this is taking place, you are getting on with your own domestic


situation. You don't know if you are going to be in the squad. It


doesn't matter at the moment really, because England have to find some


form come the summer. We want a good draw today, the English need


to be lucky. We want to avoid Spain. Do you hate Christmas as well,


Lawro? No, I don't. I love Christmas. I'm sorry, I've sat


through too many. They are boring. Please state, don't go anywhere.


Don't listen to Lawro, he doesn't know what he's talking about! We


will be handing over to Kiev shortly. But there are still five


minutes until things get under way. A quick look at the sides to avoid.


Despite last month's win over Spain, England would perhaps prefer to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


meet the world champions later in The world champions, the reigning


European champions. Over 20 games unbeaten in any qualifier. They are


really quite something, even though they were a number two won the


world for a while, they are back to number one now. They are like a


machine. The way they play, churning out trophies. Their ideas


to come from them as well. You think of Fabregas, Xavi is the


player he was pulling the strings. It's going to be tough. I think it


makes the competition fantastic because this is a special group.


think you might argue they could have three teams. They've


definitely got two. You can't, you are only a loud around 22 players.


You are not too far off the same age as me and when we grew up,


Brazil were the team. Spain are now Brazil for me. For young lads now


of 15 think Brazil on any good. It's Spain. A different style.


different level. If it is possible, it's a better level because of the


way they play. Even though England batted them at Wembley. Come on!


The one thing about Spain, they haven't got Messi. They struggled


to score goals against a fairly ordinary England side but you would


expect Spain to score goals. That's because he is Argentinian, that's


why he's not playing for Spain. feisty affair with the Netherlands


is another potential for England and Ireland. The Dutch are ranked


second in the world after top- scoring and the Euro 2012


qualifiers and reaching the World No. Two won the world. I guess


everyone else outside of the competition would like to avoid.


outstanding World Cup apart from the final. It was awful. Not like


the Dutch. They've got outstanding players and now they seem to have


got over, remember a few years ago they seemed to have factions within


the team that seemed to be pulling in all directions, not any more.


Perhaps a chance to redeem themselves for that final.


Persie coming into a bit of form. I thought he was quite quiet in the


World Cup but now he is probably the player they are going to look


to to score the goals. He has had a brilliant year for Arsenal. It's


just keeping him fit. The thing about him, like one of the Dutch


lads were saying, they fancy Huntelaar as well. But van Persie,


surely. One side England will avoid, but Ireland could get them, are


Germany. They are the team that are the biggest threat to Spain.


think most definitely. I would have them as joint favourites. Really?


They've won every game. The way they play, the whole club set-up is


set up for the national team. They've got one or two younger


players also coming in. This is a big thing. They do tournaments.


They get the whole thing. It's been quite a while since they have won


one. It is, but they get so far. I think they are real danger to win


this competition. They have firepower as well. They are coming


in at the right time. They are starting to mature, they've got


their experience from the World Cup and this might be their moment.


Aside from Spain and Germany, who else do you see as the big threats


in this competition? The French, they could start to do something.


They are 17 games without losing. They are moving into position.


have such an awful World Cup but they have responded really well.


part due to the manager. He was just a joke. Laurent Blanc has got


the respect of the players because of what he was as a player but also


he has got the job at exactly the right time. It's a great time to


take over the French national team. You wouldn't want to play Portugal,


Ronaldo is probably the best player... And they have done quite


well against England as well. know, they have knocked England out


on so many different occasions. Remember this moment? Absolutely. I


think almost with portable, they are not as good a team as they were


and they are more of a one-man team. It but what a one-man team that is.


He's going to be the player of the tournament if he plays like he does


for Real Madrid. I'm pretty pleased that they qualified eventually.


don't think they are as big a threat as they have been in other


competitions. Do you think Rooney will bowl, come what may? Has to.


Would Argentina not take Messi to the World Cup? They have to take


him. The fact that England very rarely qualified for the latter


stages... You still have to take him. We will find out soon if he is


going to be successful. He might be reduced to two games. You'd take


him, wouldn't you? Absolutely. He is England's best player. You have


to take him and hope that you get through at the knockout stages. A


lot will depend on the draw. Whether you think the chances of


England of good or not. The thing about England, we all complained


about last year, about the World Cup, they look a better team. That


is the only way to play with the players they've got. It's the


moment Lawro has been waiting for. England fans have waited Ade years


Thanks, Garrett. Ukraine's Palace of art is ready - politicians,


football leaders, coaches are all seated. Now it is time, here in


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


The vibrant capital of the Ukraine is ready. The Palace of art is 15


minutes' walk from the Olympic Stadium, where the final will take


place on the 1st July. Suspense is growing. Ukrainian entertainment


lies ahead. We will have Cossack dancing, we will have legends like


Oleh Blokin. TRANSLATION:...


He is saying it is going to be an excellent tournament. He is saying


that footballing history is going to be made. This is the P Virsky


the Ukrainian National Folk Dance Ensemble. They have been going for


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


74 years. Cossack dancing was Historical Ukrainian dance


traditions to celebrate a harvest, the winter festivals, Berthes and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


Olga Freimut, she is hour TV Welcome to the national palates of


Arts here in Kiev for the all- important draw -- the National


Palace of Arts. The tournament kicks off in Poland and Ukraine in


just six months' time. Yes, all of our friends are looking forward to


welcoming fans from all across Europe and the world, to welcome


them to our very own celebration of football. Tonight there will be


more entertainment like our opening routine from P Virsky. Many thanks


to them. Most importantly, though, the 16 competing nations will learn


of what awaits them in the group stages of the competition when we


make the official draw for Uefa euro 2012. We will also be joined


on this stage by some of the greatest names in the history of


football. First, we are or not to be joined by the President of


Ukraine. I will do my best. Basically, he is


saying it is the first time in football history that this


competition will have taken place in central and eastern Europe. For


the Ukraine it is more than just a sports competition, the country has


proved to the world that it can act as a reliable partner. Huge changes


have taken place in social, economic and cultural life in the


Ukraine. It is certainly a change country from when I first came here


a decade ago. He is saying that they have built new stadiums, new


airports to open Ukraine to the world was up he is convinced that


the competition will be a great feast for millions of football


supporters. If you are coming, a cup of beer will cost you about 80p.


Travel in Ukraine could be a problem. Not so much in Poland, of


course. Kiev certainly is a commercial city now. You see many


of the high-street shops we have at They do not think that the speech


that was submitted to Uefa is the speech that he is giving. It is his


moment, though. -- I do not think. Ukraine gave the world Tchaikovsky,


Prokofiev, Vladimir Klitschko and Vitaly Klitschko. Michel Platini,


watching on. You may remember watching the scenes of one million


people in Kiev for the Orange Revolution.


We are all looking forward to next June when the first of the matches


kicks of that we can all start creating history together.


matches in a eight host cities - four in Ukraine and four more in


Poland. Eight beautiful historic cities that are ready and prepared


to extend a hand of friendship to football fans from around the globe.


Let us look at the host cities. Five games to be played in Warsaw's


national stadium. The City was completely rebuilt after the


ravages of World War II. One million people died there. It is a


skyline of soaring skyscrapers now. Old buildings have been restored.


The Municipal Stadium is about 200 miles from Warsaw and it will hold


some games. The place was an inspiration for Pablo Picasso. In


Gdansk - the key to everything, said Napoleon. Solidarity was born


there. Like Valencia, who became President. -- let...


On deposit and. Three games there. Ukrainian cities. Lviv is the


capital of western Ukraine. It was here that Ukrainian capitalism re-


emerged in the 1980s. Kharkiv is in the engine room of agricultural


Ukraine. It does the manufacture of Donetsk will have five games. That


is the heart of the coal-mining region. They also call at the City


of roses. -- call it. There will be five matches there, including the


final. It is known as the mother city of all Eastern Slavic people.


Now we are straight onto our next entertainment, a young lady called


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


I think Fabio Capello was rocking out to that. The official slogan of


Euro 2012 is creating history together. It really sums up the


spirit of unity between Ukraine and Poland, to make this the best


European Championship ever. To celebrate the tournament, we


decided to create a visual illustration of the sense of


Some of the greatest names in football have graced the euro. We


invited them, one from each tournament, to take their place in


the wall of legends. Our chosen players were all signed one of the


authentic match balls used in their UEFA Euro win, to create iconic


symbols of each individual championship. Each match ball will


be mounted on the wall of legends, which will become a unique


exhibition of the history of Ladies and gentlemen, every


tournament produces its own stars. Names and faces that entered the


history of the game. Please welcome some of those greats of European


football who have created the 1960, this player got the extra-


time winner in Paris to Yugoslavia, 2-1. He also scored in the semi-


final against the Czech Republic. The man who scored the goal for the


former USSR that won the championship. Very few people knew


Luis Suarez of Spain in 1964 was in the side that beat the Soviet Union


in the final in Madrid, 2-1. He was man of the match as Bain one with


victory over the Soviet Union. -- as Spain 1 with victory over the


1968, Italy's winning side. One of One of the legends of the Italian


The Italian manager was looking on there. The West Germany side in


1972. Beat England on the way through. One of the greatest full-


backs there ever has been in 1976, Czechoslovakia beat Germany


in a shoot-out, after a thrilling 2-2 draw. A wonderfully cheeky


In 1980, it was West Germany's turn again. England went out, they


suffered tear gas in Turin. Rupesh scored two in the final. Germany


were winners again thanks to this What a player this was. France,


1984. What a team that was. 14 1988 in Germany, Marco van Basten


from the Netherlands scored perhaps the greatest goal ever in the


competition history to beat the USSR in the final. From 1988, Marco


Denmark got in through the back door in 1992 because war-torn


Yugoslavia were omitted. They won it and Peter Schmeichel, of


Manchester United, was the key role Wembley, football came home in 1996.


Unfortunately, Germany went away How about this? Zinedine Zidane.


France were winners in 2000, having won the World Cup two years earlier.


From 2000, Zinedine Zidane from France. He excelled in the final


against Italy. Greece winning in Portugal in 2004 was one of the big


So to Austria and Switzerland, four years ago. This play emerged in


Spain's first choice as left-back I think the plan is she interviews


one Lord two of them. You won the very first tournament with the


Soviet Union. How does it feel to see European championships come


I wish I could tell you what he is saying but unfortunately, I haven't


the foggiest. He is saying, I am very glad that football is coming


to our neighbours in the way it can. Ukraine and Poland. And then in


2018, we have the championship in Russia as well. Look at that


football, that is when football's really were footballs. Marco, what


are your memories of the golden era of 1988 with Dutch football? It was


a bit of an orange summer for us. We were delighted. Finally we were


able to win a tournament after 74 and 78, when we lost the final. We


could finally holed up the cup. It You have been the world and


European champion with France. This tournament is really where players


get to test themselves against the It is a most difficult competition


to win. With 16 great teams like these we have tonight, the quality


This is the most successful time for Spanish football ever. You must


hold some special memories of the HE SPEAKS IN SPANISH.


He said it was so important because they waited so long, since 1964.


That is why the success was so miserable. They are going to repeat


it in Poland and Ukraine. That is his manager there. Thank you for


the moment, gentlemen. Can I just say what a privilege it is to stand


on the same stage as such an array of legends representing the whole


history of the way for European Championships. OK, so we have


players and match balls from every Euro event. There is still


something missing. Introducing the official match ball for the


official Euro 2012 inspired by a This is when we will see the new


Mums and dads, you will probably have an edition coming up for the


The blond head German in there, he destroyed England at Wembley if you


Zinedine Zidane had such balletic ability for such a big man. Better


Please welcome on the stage the Ukrainian legend and one of the


greatest athletes the world has ever seen. He lives in Donetsk, the


six-times world pole vault champion. And the match ball is the Adidas


tango 12. Thank you so much for bringing the official match ball.


Could you have scored with this one? I like it very much. I like


football, and I think this all will bring a lot of success for Euro


2012 for Ukraine and Poland. I know you have been involved in the


development of the Olympic Stadium. Tell us, is everything ready for


the Games here in Kiev? Yes, the stadium is ready. I think it's one


of the best stadiums today in the world. I believe it will be


fantastic games in this stadium and an unforgettable final. The you


must be so happy and proud that such a big event has come into our


home country. I am very proud that Ukraine and Poland host Euro 2012.


For me it is a great honour, because Ukraine is a supportive


nation. It will be an enjoyable and unforgettable championship. Please


We've seen football legends from the past and the match ball. Now we


will move on. The goal of every young footballer is to represent


their country at the highest level and win trophies on the biggest


stages. In Europe, there is no bigger stage than the way for


European Championships. And the prize they all seek is the famous


trophy. The last tournament in Austria and Switzerland was the


greatest festival of European football so far. And the images of


UEFA 2008 will live long in the The trophy was made bigger for 2008.


It is Silva, it now weighs eight Will England finally get to lift


the big trophy? Well Ireland prove giant-killers, as Greece did in


Portugal? Will Germany take the next steps? No nation has ever won


three major football competitions Ladies and gentlemen, please


welcome their Uefa president, and the leading scorer end European


Championship finals, Michel Platini, It is almost time for the main


event of the evening - the draw itself. But please thank me in


joining our -- please join me in thanking our special guests he run


the stage tonight. Let's look at the countries and the players who


could be joining our wall of Holland are the lowest ranked team


here. -- Poland. Croatian are in Pot 3 after qualifying with a play-


off win against Turkey. -- Croatia. The Czech Republic are the lowest


ranked side to qualify. For England, Rooney's suspension appeal next


week will be absolutely crucial. They will be expected to reach the


quarters. France have work to do to repair that tattered image caused


by the World Cup last year in South Africa. An outstanding, team, the


Germans. The Republic of Ireland that their first competition since


1988, when they drew with Russia. Italy have all we conceded two


goals in qualifying. -- only They have reached the last eight of


the last five caps might euros. De Portugal meet -- beat Spain in a


friendly last year. Russia are dark horses. It is difficult to beat


them. The reigning world and European champions - Spain. Sweden,


their fifth finals in the last six. They have not won and knockout game


To assist with the formalities of the draw, we have four of our


distinguished guests. To oversee proceedings, please welcome our


General Secretary, Gianni Infantino. He will explain how it all works


and introduce a video, I think. Welcome and good evening, ladies


and gentlemen. I am delighted to be in your company tonight for this


Before we start, I would like to say a few words in tribute to a


member of a footballing family that we have sadly lost this week. Gary


Speed was one of the great ambassadors of our game, both as a


player and, more recently, as the coach of the Welsh national team.


In the qualifying phase of this very tournament, he transformed the


fortunes of his country. Gary was one of the most popular characters


in the game and he will be missed by all who knew him, and many who


knew of him. OK, we have a draw to complete. First of all I would like


to congratulate the 16 teams who have made it through to the final


tournament. We're now looking forward to seeing more of that


entertainment and passion when the best national teams of Europe take


on the centre stage in the summer of 2012. Now let us move on with


the technical explanation of the draw procedure.


Sir 16 teams will participate in the final round of the competition


was up two host associations, Poland and Ukraine, and the 14


qualified teams. The qualified teams are qualified on the basis of


the Uefa national team ranking. This determines their allocation


from pots 1-4. Pot 1 will contain the hosts, Poland and Ukraine,


Spain and the Netherlands, the team with the best coefficient and


seeded as 4th. The rest of the teams are allocated in descending


order from Pot 2 to Port four. As hosts, Poland and Ukraine are


automatically placed as top seeds. Poland will be in Group A and


Ukraine will be in Group D. Spain Ukraine will be in Group D. Spain


and the Netherlands will be placed in the first position in Groups B


and C. Pot a to pot de will determine the remaining positions


in each group. From Port four, a team will be allocated to each


group consecutively from Group A to Group D. The first team from Port


four is placed in Group A, with its position being determined by the


ball drawn from pot a. The same procedure is repeated for


positioning all teams from Port four in two groups C and D. -- into


a groups. The draw is completed when all the teams from Pot 2 have


been drawn and positioned in each group. For each team, the group and


position will determine the order Here we got, then. At last we come


to it. I hope you have listened carefully to the technical


explanation because I am not going to repeat it! What I can repeat is


that, as you have seen, Poland, the World Cup bronze medallists of 1974


and 1982, is already placed in Group A in position one. So we have


to say good luck to our Polish friends. The second thing is


Ukraine is in Group D in position one. They were World Cup quarter-


finalists in 2006. Good luck also to the Ukrainians and their coach.


Now we can start with Mark Bunn bass -- Marco van Basten. I can


already see that Vicente del Bosque was nervous. The first one butt the


Netherlands -- the first one... Now the second one, which will be...


Spain. A have won 42 of their last 45


competitive matches. -- they have They will be placed in grew at sea.


-- Group C. Now we have Pot 4. Just the second.


We are now choosing the team who will play against Poland in Group A.


I think Ireland would quite fancy to be in the script.


Czech Republic. The runners-up of the Euro 1996 and the semi-


finalists in 2004. They will be placed in Group A, against Poland.


A bit inconsistent, the Czech Republic. They do not score enough


goals. Position A 4 for the Czech Republic.


Now we will find out who will play Holland.


Denmark will play the Netherlands. The Danish were the winners in 1992.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


In Group D butt B 2. in Spain in Group C. Now it is the


winner of the euro. France won the euro in 2000 with Zinedine Zidane.


And also in 1984 with top-scorer Michel Platini with nine goals.


France will play Ukraine in Group D. They finished bottom of their group


in their last two major finals. They have got good players, though.


Ukraine will have massive home forgot the Republic of Ireland. We


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


where we have Croatia, Greece, through. They finished top of their


group. A bit of a lack of pace here against Greece. Greece like to play


Portugal, the runner of of Euro 2004. 7th in the world, that is


higher than Italy, Russia, Croatia and Greece. Their new manager took


over after a disastrous start and Denmark finished three points above


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


Spain, and the Republic of Ireland. Hosts, which position? Positions


opening game, Ireland, against a team yet to come out. It is Sweden,


Kiev. The Irish opening game will be against Croatia in Donetsk on


most recent meeting with Croatia England came out with Poland in the


Russia will be very happy, that's for sure. Not since France and 84


has a team come out of Group and opening game will be in Lviv


Portugal and Germany. They've won 13 of their last 14 championship


games. Most of the team who starred at the World Cup 2010 will be there


here is happy as well. England come out in Group C, that's the group


with Ireland and Croatia. The first game will be against Spain in the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


go in with Spain, the Republic of Ireland. Giovanni Trapattoni gets a


of these gains in terms of the schedule will need to be confirmed


in the next couple of hours. Kick position. -- Italy's position.


opening game will be against France. The last time England beat France


was in 1997, Alan Shearer's late winner decided the game. 1966 in


the World Cup, England beat them 2- 0. The next game will be Sweden in


Kiev. One win in 43 years against Sweden, never beaten them in


official competition. The last game will be against Ukraine in Donetsk.


Two gains in Donetsk Cup. It will be a Ukraine a stronghold. They


first Secretary General and our same group with Italy and Spain and


Croatia. For England, it is France, Let's take a look at the complete


That is almost it from here in Kiev. I'm sure you will need some time to


digest those fabulous matches. We wish everyone good luck next summer.


Before we go, it remains far as to thank all of our guests here to die


to -- tonight. We are really grateful that you have been with us


tonight. We have another performance for you. This is one of


the official songs of UEFA Euro That is just about it from us as we


are brought into the final song. It's England against France, Sweden


and Ukraine. It's Ireland against Italy, Spain and Croatia. That is


just about it from us in Kiev Much to Mark Lawrenson's


disappointment, we are going to opt out of that song. It was


entertaining. Your first thoughts. As far as Ireland are concerned,


very tough. Group A macro would have been the group to be in.


England is tough but certainly winnable. There they are, the four


Group C is almost the group of debt. What do you make of England's


chances in that group? Ukraine, Shevchenko was still there star man.


We know about Sweden, we played them recently. The French are re-


emerging and will fancy their chances also. Thank God we are not


in Group B. That looks a tough in Group B. That looks a tough


proposition. Denmark not having much hope in that group. It's going


to be tough for the Republic of Ireland. For tough for England


supporters. They are going to have to go to the Ukraine. For the


supporters, that is the worst supporters, that is the worst


We look forward to it, don't we? look forward to it more than the


draw. We just about kept him awake through the draw. We've done all


right, England are OK. There is more reaction to the draw on


Football Focus tomorrow. Dan is in the company of Rafa Benitez, Steve


Staunton and John Hartson, who will be paying tribute to his friend,


That leaves just time to thank Mark Lawrenson and Martin Keown for


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