Portsmouth v Southampton Match of the Day Live

Portsmouth v Southampton

Live coverage of the Championship clash between Portsmouth and Southampton. Just 18 months ago Pompey were a top flight team, two divisions above their south coast rivals.

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Portsmouth and Southampton. Two south coast seafaring cities with


plenty of history. Three years ago, Portsmouth paraded through the


streets having won their first FA Cup in 69 years. They sailed into


Europe, but then came choppy waters. Portsmouth's Cork! A famous, famous


goal. They take the lead against AC Milan. Relegation and


administration have followed as they seemed to be a couple more


managers and owners than point. On the brink of liquidation, the club


was almost sunk. Michael Appleton has steadied the ship, unbeaten in


three. And just as things have improved for Pompey, they could


hardly be better for Southampton, on course for the Premier League.


But it has all not been plain sailing either. Relegation from the


Championship in 2009 with a 10 point deduction for good measure.


But where Pompey floundered, of the St Paul together. A new boss,


impressive football and chasing back-to-back promotions -- the


Saints pulled together. Top of the Championship and almost double the


point of their rivals. Portman Southampton, near-neighbours off


the pitch, worlds apart on net that Portsmouth and Southampton.


This afternoon, they go toe-to-toe at Fratton Park where it is fair to


say the atmosphere is rather excitable. A famous ground, a


famous fixture in the Kompany of the famous faces. I am joined by a


saint and a sat-nav. Alan Shearer and Steve Claridge. -- they Sinnatt.


Steve, how much of your heart belongs to a team you managed and


played for a mess City where you grew up? It is the same sort of


question you could ask Allen, it is where I was born, so from a


football perspective, I probably had better times. But to play for


your hometown club, it gives you an extra special place in your heart.


This second goal, you have confirmed it is all about the


movement and not bad defending. manager said, don't bother marking


him. Got away with that one. A very grumpy looking at Roy Keane. You


have spent the last 20 minutes looking out of the window. I love


the atmosphere, saying 50-year-old men shouting things I have never


heard in my life. As a player, you played for Southampton. You went at


your most prolific, but Alan Ball... It was probably the best thing I


had ever done, moving away from Newcastle to learn my trade. That


is everything I haven't got now, pace and hair. I really did love it


down there, I learned a lot, learn how to live away from home, which


is important, but learned my trade and it stood me in good stead.


Lovely to have the with us and I know the home and away fans have


been pleased to see you. This week, I was reading about how HMS victory,


which is in Portsmouth harbour at which Nelson sailed to victory.


They are spending �40 million to renovate it, I'm sure the football


fans could think of something that needs those millions. What is the


latest with what is happening off the field with Portsmouth?


parent Kompany has gone into administration. So far, it hasn't


affected the club, but there will be repercussions. Everybody is


waiting for decisions to be made. You can assimilate that with


Southampton, who did the same thing and were docked a point, because


they were inextricably linked. -- points. There is a feeling of dread


and probably knowing what is going to happen, but the decision hasn't


been made so there is still hope. They are very unlucky club in that


respect, with regard to the UN as they have had in recent years.


the owners are in administration, a kid and find a buyer, the club will


join it. -- If you don't. They will be cheaper to buy in administration


and they will take a hit on a point. Nine or 10 points, which will


automatically put them into the bottom three, which is a huge up


till -- uphill task that they have one already. The way things are


going at the moment, this trophy is going at the moment, this trophy is


a little bit out of reach, but not for Southampton. Let's have a look


at the league table and you can see the Saints are top, just one win in


their last four games. Portsmouth have won the two on the Spen but


still set in 17th place, 26 points from 20 games -- on the spin. It is


like the Premier League, it is having a goals scored and that is


what Saddam that have got. Whatever lead you are in, that it doesn't


lead you are in, that it doesn't matter. When you look at Portsmouth


and Southampton, Portsmouth actually have a better defensive


record. Portsmouth have conceded 22, Southampton 23, so that tells you


how important goalscorers are. He is the main difference. 14 this


season up to now, 21 last season, 30 this season before. If you have


a goalscorer in your team, you have one hell of a chance of being


successful. This man has scored goals throughout his career, Dave


Kitson. You look at the squat, Luke Varney, Dave Kitson, Benjani,


Premier League experience, why can't they score goals? He is top


scorer with five goals. Southampton have three players that have got


more than that themselves. That is the indication of how they have


found goals easier to come by than Portsmouth. They can't get a


partnership. I think we will have David Norris playing of Dave Kitson,


they cannot get a pair of people they can go with and be securely in


the knowledge that they will get goals. You to know what it is like


to score in a Derby and the fact that it can make you as a player.


Port would want to keep the good run going, Southampton 12 extend


their lead at the top -- Portsmouth 1. Let's check it with the managers.


Michael, a whirlwind few weeks and the baptism of fire into management,


but the adversity seems to be bringing you together. We have had


a few positive result recently and they don't get any bigger, the game


that we have today. I was made well aware the minute I walked through


the door and I am glad it is here and we can get on with it.


difficult have the last few weeks been? You make it as difficult as


you can, and I have tried to keep the focus on the football side of


things and the players have been fully focused on what we can do on


the field. We cannot affect what goes on off the field, are the


result. Nigel, these targets have a


passionate atmosphere. Do you do anything differently to have -- to


your usual preparation? The players are well-versed with the atmosphere


and it is a special day, one we are looking forward to. It is


passionate but you have to use your head and make the right decisions


in the situations that arise. You get out there and give yourself a


chance to win it. A passionate and atmosphere, how important can home


advantage be? I hope it is very important that


I'm sure the fans will be very noisy and get behind the players.


They are not known as the 12th man for no reason and I hope they will


give us that extra we might need. Barcelona against Real Madrid is


known as Al classic though, this is known as El classic coast. Looking


at the ingredients you need for a really good derby match, at this


has all of those. You need to reasonably sized clubs and that is


what we have got here. Maybe two weeks ago, you would have put them


apart but there has been a coming- together of form. Southampton had


dropped a couple of points and Portsmouth have won their last two.


It might be closer than we imagine. A story I love about these two


teams, in 1939, Portsmouth 1 the FA Cup. It was so well received in


Southampton that they paraded the try of the around at the Dell.


Wouldn't happen these days. -- they paraded the trophy. The atmosphere


is electric. The players cannot wait to get out there and get the


ball rolling and get stuck into each other. It will be a tough game


for both teams, but a very important one for different reasons.


Let's hope it is a good one. As we know, Sat and they are top, but a


good statistic for the Portsmouth fans -- Southampton are top, bought


that had taken 12 points on the last 15. -- Portsmouth. Victory


here offers much more than three points. The fans are in good voice.


Let's hope that Martin Keown and Steve Wilson are as well. It is


been in bigger crowds and stadiums this season but I don't think I


have been in a noisier stadium for a long time. Absence has not made


their hearts grow fonder. Portsmouth and Southampton may not


play after an but they retain one of the bitterest rivalries in


English football -- often. A month or go, you wouldn't have given the


Pompey much of a chance, but they had a new manager and a new


confidence. Back-to-back wins for the first time in nine months and a


first away victory. Southampton have taken four points from their


last three games, their worst run of the season. Borrow a lot of the


fans, at league positions and all the rest of it is a complete


irrelevance -- for a lot of the fans, and deep positions and the


rest of it is a complete irrelevance. It is all about


beating your rivals. Reports that have Liam Lawrence back from an


ankle ligament injury -- Portsmouth have of. Luke Varney is out with a


knee injury, David Norris has scored two in the last three games.


Joe Mattock on loan from West Bromwich Albion, as is George


Thorne, where Michael Appleton was first team coach. In the meantime,


Southampton have Kelvin Davis back in goal, which is crucial for them.


He replaces Bartosz Bialkowski, who had a bit of a shocker against


Blackpool last weekend. So a big plus for Southampton to have him


back in goal. Rickie Lambert up front has scored 16 times this


season and as Alan Shearer was saying that, if you have a


goalscorer, then you have a chance. Martin Keown, fantastic noise and a


fantastic atmosphere. Let's hope for a decent game. It should be.


The atmosphere is absolutely incredible, these teams can't wait


to get at each other. The form book suggests that Southampton have the


players and will play the football but it goes out the window in these


games. Nigel Adkins, the Southampton manager, who has done


such a brilliant job getting Southampton out of League 1 last


season and has just made a fantastic start to the season. I


just wonder, it is the first time in a long time that Southampton


have had as little blip. We spoke to him before the game and he


seemed a remarkably relaxed. It is about getting the best out of his


players, he was talking about them keeping their heads and passing the


ball. A heart can rule the head in May's local derbies and he is


anxious that his players don't forget to play football. Mark


Halsey is the referee, a familiar figure from the Premier League


terrifically well. -- the various. It has all been happening off the


field for him as well. But he has won two and drawn two of his four


games. Portsmouth in the blue and Southampton in the red and white


stripes, what else. Southampton will get the game off


and running it, having seen their lead at the top of the Championship


cut by West Ham yesterday. They are still top but they are top idly on


goal difference. -- Only. B game, big-match atmosphere. Southampton


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


off and running. An early touch the good pair, Dave Kitson. Lots of


experience and he has scored a lot of goals throughout his career.


A real success story. He had enjoyed at the start off the


Premiership season and has been hot and cold since. He will play a big


part in this game. Hooiveld will pronounced by his manager in the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


the number one spot from Jamie challenge and it is a Portsmouth


froze. This young man is back on They have started very well in this


there, trying to be clever. They just needed to get it in there,


relief. If anybody can do that, Greg Halford can. He has a


isn't it? And a strong challenge with kits and there. -- with Kitson


brilliant. They dropped points for the first time this season against


Blackpool. Their if a waveform has not been good. -- their away form.


It has not been bad by any means is an excellent player. Yes. A


great box of tricks and a very intelligent young man. The


outstanding player of this season comfortably taken by Stephen


Henderson! A good take for the keeper and that will be a nice set


love for him. That is nice early on, to see your goalkeeper coming in.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


very well, Steve. It is a feature of their playing. You just put it


into his and another corner. -- from your centre-forward, don't


you? This is the first time they have met since the spring of 2005,


Premier League are still around at Fratton Park. Not too many of them


in the Portsmouth starting line-up at the moment but several on the


but safely done. I think what they are looking for is a whip past. You


want to be whipping that in for Tottenham defender there. If it was


intended for Norris, he did not give him a chance. I just think


Mattock needs to settle down a bit. Twice he has done that now. But he


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


certainly knows what this derby astray at the moment. Portsmouth


just don't have the quality of pass at the moment. They need to settle


man, didn't it? I thought it did and so did Joel Ward. -- that


flicked off. Norris has been him and it is a decent pass! --


Joel Ward. And a good counter. great defending at the end. I think


it was Hooiveld who got a cross there. And now we will see this


long throw-in. Just like Stoke. A young teenager and an interesting


player, George Thorne. Part of England's under 17 side which won


the European Championships and beat Spain in the final. If you do that,


that is a feather in your cap. certainly is. And what he shot. --


position. You can see what a threat Lambert is in the air. That is just


what he needs, Lambert, whipping the ball Inn. A big, powerful boy.


He has that presence around him in the penalty area. A lot is made of


the fact that short of a yard or two, the way he links in with


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


people, and he is a great blocked. Never going anywhere near.


A terrible shot at the end of it. Still Norris but just couldn't


squeeze around his man, Dan Fox. They have played 15 minutes and


Portsmouth have had their fair share. This is where they need to


improve in that final third. It is picked up quite simply there from


going to take it again. -- Cork again, Fox is going to take it


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


heard of. You can't hear the whistle, but I think our midst all


the hullabaloo, the referee has given a free kick by that. If he


didn't, he should have done. He has gone in with his foot, he connected


with the ball. The modern-day player seems to go with all of his


studs raised. He gets away with it. Greg Halford has got away with it


to, without being injured, which he midfield. Lallana likes to come off


the line. -- in that midfield. George Thorne, number 20 for


Portsmouth, on loan from West Bromwich Albion. Michael Appleton


would love to keep him here but he doesn't think he has got any chance


of that, because he is very highly rated at West Brom. And Michael


Appleton would know, having been ball, or looking to play a patient


game, they don't look like a side who are under pressure at the wrong


end of the table. Michael Appleton obviously has seen enough and


thinks they can play football. They have those busy two in midfield and


with Hayden Mullins, with good experience and a George Thorne who


looks very impressive, physically very strong. He looks like he has


got leadership qualities, the way he is ordering people around.


Ward is offside. Your experiences down here as a


player, I think he came with Brighton, didn't she? I did, I came


as a young man at of 18. I couldn't believe the atmosphere. It was good


experience, because only a few months later, I was playing in the


Arsenal and Tottenham derby game and this one is right up there for


body to Shand rocky are fit. just prised him out of play. -- a


didn't get a lot on a header. coming from a standing jump,


couldn't get the power, but it is an excellent leap. Just coming off


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


things a bed. Setting out their stall. A Schneiderlin is coming off


able to get out at this point. is the best spell of pressure for


Southampton in their game. -- the game. In Hammond is sitting at the


back end of the diamond in front of the back four -- been Hammond.


Schneiderlin is coming in from the right-hand side. They keep


tampering with their system, making it difficult for Portsmouth to work


out what they are doing. It all you had the chance to come and


coach here. I did, under Tony Adams. I had a better for side, because


Tony wasn't in the job very long. - - a bit of inside. It was a lucky


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


turn the screw. This probing pretty comfortable save for


Henderson. We were right behind that where we are sitting and it


looked like an impossible task to score from there. The keeper coped


with it easily. We had a good view and so, eventually, did Mark Halsey.


You wonder how much the crowd influenced that decision. Dave


Kitson has worked hard, but I don't think there is an awful lot wrong


with that, personally. I would say Claridge are watching that and


out of their last three games under Michael Appleton. They had taken


eight games this season to get to the seven. Mark, so it has been an


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


Norris with the shop, which he didn't hit as truly as he might


have liked. Joe Mattock are getting them that left-hand side very


impressively. Lovely little ball in with the outside of his left foot.


Not enough power in the shot to trouble the keeper. It was some


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


and the process. Jack Cork is going to get a yellow card, I think.


must have said something, because I am not sure that is a booking. Dave


Kitson doing what he is good at, holding the ball up and inviting


the fell. Mark Halsey deciding to book him. Good play by Kitson. The


free kick has been taken, but too quickly for the referee. Nice feet.


Pulled him back, but we are on the halfway line there. It is a cheap


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


course, early in his career, Those two just got in each other's


way, didn't they? But beautiful by Lallana. Just skipping past. Great


to see that, unless you are a over the years, Southampton. In


recent times, the likes of Theo Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain.


There is a big future for this boy, Ward is a nonplussed. This might


tell us more. It looks like a for Wimbledon before they became MK


Dons. They will be pleased to see him back today with the tension


that surrounds these derby matches. He has such experience. This is his


250th game for Southampton. He Southampton. It will be interesting


to see what the referee does with this one. He is not interested him


booking him. But Cork is not happy with that, having got in the book


himself. Yes. You have to compare that with the challenge that Cork


got a yellow card for a few minutes as he took the free kick. But he is


back up quickly. -- a bit of a his shoulders to show him where he


Cork. The way he gets around the pitch, lots of energy. Good feed.


He is making his way back into the game after coming through Chelsea's


books. Doing an excellent job on the ball into an area. He gets his


head up and looks, and realises ground since 1976. -- haven't won.


Being top of the championship at Christmas is a good place to be.


Five out of the last six years and it means you will be in the Premier


League for next season. But it is very congested at the top of the


championship. West Ham will be watching this keenly and


Middlesbrough just behind them. Hull, Leeds. Leicester out of it


and Reading and bat or. A lot of clubs up their opera will still


feel they have a real chance going into the second half of the season.


-- clubs up there who feel. Yes. You want to keep winning and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


when it came in from Thorne. Portsmouth fans are making a


each, the possession Stats. -- four down the right hand side, but


shooting is not his strong point. A bit wild there. He has been around


the Premier League in his time, corner. Could play again. Lambert,


the way he uses his body, superb. Anything that comes into him, he is


leaning on his opponent. And he is clever because he waits until it


goes into the box. He has not had a sight of goal yet, except for that


free kick, which was comfortably in next winner, which really causes


on form and the man they wanted on the end of it. -- he is the man.


think the chance has gone as they failed to deal with it and it falls


into the path of Norris. It always looks like it is going past that


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


keeper, is from a bit of a dynasty of footballers. His grandfather,


challenge. They looked for him and it goes over. Thanks very much! A


free kick. In the last minute of Plenty in there hoping to get


each other in the first half, haven't they? A good battle.


Southampton get plenty of bodies in the wake of this. Good defending.


the other half. He has caught him there. It goes into Kitson and they


get bodies in there earlier. It is difficult to play. Kitson is


half. And not a bad effort at all. We said he didn't have his shooting


boots on today and that was certainly a lot better. I think


Kelvin Davis thought he might have been 10. That is the last kick of


the first half. Both goalkeepers remain unbeaten. Recovered with the


free kick, just wide. David Norris per one just wide of the post as


well. Lambert had a free kick at the other end and it has been very


All they have really been doing his baiting each other, because there


has been so little on the pitch. But very little for us to get


excited about at all. Martin said it has Ben Berry even, but it has


been evenly poor. -- it has been very even. Southampton have a


reputation of knocking it around and passing and creating chances.


They may have passed it around better than a Portsmouth in the


first 10 or 15 minutes, but Portsmouth will be a happier,


because it is a scruffy game. I understand that in these games,


sometimes you have to win a bleak and it might come from a set piece


or a mistake, but for the first 45 minutes, very little quality.


has been a weird display from Portsmouth, they have won the two


on the spin and they are playing like the away team. They have set


up to stop Southampton playing and the way the game has panned out,


they have done well. They have stopped the passing game. There


have been fits and starts where they have got men up in support of


Kitson, but all too frequently, people have looked for a pass


forward and it hasn't been on. The game has suffered. Nigel Adkins


gets his game -- team in the dressing room, what does he say?


They have the quality to beat Portsmouth and extend their lead at


the top. He will be looking at their big players, Lallana and


Lambert. Lallana has all -- had one or two little bit, but they have


had the opportunity to have a shot or get it into the box that they


haven't quite done that. He will be looking it -- for a bit more.


Southampton are flattered by their league position, only one win and


the last month. A I have seen them four or five times and they are not


there on luck, they deserve to be where they are. They are not


playing as well as they can and Nigel Adkins will be telling them


it is up to us to win this game. Portsmouth are probably happy to


get a point out that this. In games like this, let's be fair, it


doesn't really matter how you play, it is about getting a result. If


they were to scrape a 1-0 victory, they would be delighted, whether it


is ugly or it is nice. This club has its fair share of problems but


the sun is shining and they are drawing against their biggest


rivals. There are reasons to think that if they snatch a goal in the


second half, it could turn into a very nice Sunday indeed. They are


set up to be tough to play against and difficult to beat. We will all


accept every now and again you would have your best performance


and you won't see the best game of football in a derby match, but they


expect people to give 100%. They will forgive everything else.


Neither side played particularly well, but I don't think it is due


to a lack of effort. We will look ahead to the second half, not too


much to get excited about so far. Here is all the important action


from the Championship yesterday, starting with Southampton's biggest


rivals at the top, West Ham -- West Ham.


West Ham knew they would join Southampton on 43 points if they


could beat Barnsley. The only goal came early from a Papa Boupa Diop.


His first goal for six years precisely. The Hammers had claims


for our life -- late penalty turned down. Big Sam taking to the bottle


in frustration, kicking out that some water containers and getting


sent to the stands. Cardiff to, Middlesbrough. -- took


on. Middlesbrough have opened the scoring! It is his first start.


Flick on and turn them. Cardiff City had an equaliser. -- turned


end. The Ben Turner will love that, his deflection gave Middlesbrough


the opening goal. Here come Cardiff City. Leading the


charge is Miller, he might go alone. Neat back-heel. Cardiff City are in


front! Justin Hoyte has got around the


back. An equaliser for Middlesbrough.


And a brilliant goal for Middlesbrough! Middlesbrough have


their noses in front once more. Hull City moved above Cardiff into


four, their highest league position this season, after a 4th successive


league win. Jack Smith's own goal came after some comical defending


from Millwall. In search a wry joke about an early Christmas gifts.


Robert Koren is a man in form. Does caretaker Nick Barmby what the job


on a permanent basis? I have said all along we will speak in any year


and nothing has changed. You will continue teasing us? I have been


straight up and honest that we will speak in the new year if.


Reading beat West Ham and travelled -- at last we can travel to


Yorkshire having never won there in the league. They have now, Simon


Church with the early goal. Brighton had of two players sent


off inside the opening 12 minutes against Burnley. -- two players.


The first four and off the ball and of the Kamara incident. Ashley


burns -- Ashley Barnes then sent off after a reaction to that


challenge. Gus Poyet refused to make any comment after the match,


knowing he would be hit with a fine if he said what he thought.


Burnley could only score one said the 79 minutes they faced nine men,


but it was quite a goal -- in the 79 minutes.


There were no goals between Blackpool and Watford. Matt


Phillips hit the post for the seaside us. -- seaside HRS. Five of


the last seven meetings between the sides at Bloomfield Road had ended


in draws. Ipswich's terrific turnaround at


Barnsley last weekend halted a run of seven successive defeats. The


only goal here was controversial. Keith Andrews's effort crossed the


line according to the officials, but they didn't immediately


indicate it was a goal, annoying the they Derby manager at Nigel


Clough. We are a bit frustrated because it wasn't given straight


away. I thought the lines that would have put his flag up


accordingly, but four or five seconds on and then to go back and


give it was a bit frustrating. David James made his debut for


Watford way back in August 1990. At the age of 41, the keeper is as


good as ever. Steve Cotterill said his team would have won had it not


been for James. But teams in the relegation zone.


David Nugent put Leicester in front at Doncaster with his 7th goal of


the season. But Billy Sharp, aided by the Leicester keeper, levelled


for Rovers. Billy Sharp is said to be on the less the list of January


transfer targets. He turned this match around with two goals in


three minutes, taking his total to the campaign up to known. -- 9.


They are closing the gap on the teams above them.


Bottom-of-the-table Coventry are now eight points from safety after


a 4th successive defeat. Emil Sinclair scoring for Peter Braude


after they halted a run of five games without a win. At


games without a win. At Peterborough.


Yes, you fear the worst for Yes, you fear the worst for


Coventry. We will take a look at some League 1 action in just a


minute. And don't say that BBC Sport burned off the Christmas


present all week-long -- don't present all week-long -- don't


offer you. Let's have a quick chat about the Championship. I am


looking at the table now. The top eight sides are separated by 11


points, all of them with recent Premier League experience. Such a


difficult division to get out of and it is really tight at the top.


There aren't any Newcastle's all West Proms this year. Before this


season, we could have said they would get out of it -- Newcastles


all West Broms. It is no surprise that this division some people


outperform their cells and some underperform, but it is no surprise


that the top two have come back to the pack -- they're Celts. Would


you expect West Ham to be running away with the division with the


resources they have? And not running away we did, but I would


expect them to be doing well. Allardyce knows what his players


can do and he has a certain way of playing that has been successful.


Looking at the teams at the bottom tells you as much about the


strength of this decision -- division, Birmingham, Derby,


Ipswich, Forest. They would all have ambitions of a play-off spot


but not automatic promotion. At the top -- start of the season, you


would expect 15 or 16 they have a play-off shared, so one or two


underperform and one or two will be very pleased. It is so relentless,


game after game. We could talk for 20 minutes about how well Norwich


started -- Norwich City did to get back-to-back promotions, but it's


Southampton do go up in two successive seasons, it will be


testament to a very good job. has done a very good job, at Nigel


Adkins and I don't see why that would change. You look at the front


two in Lallana and Lambert and they are probably better than anything


around in this league. I think they will go up. They probably enjoy


this league more than the other one, because the pressure they were


under to get out of League 1, the expectations are lower here and


players can sometimes prosper in those conditions. West Ham are


under a lot of pressure this year, so that is why it is tough for them.


Let's drop down a division, I said Let's drop down a division, I said


we would look that some action, and a young man called Jordan Rhodes


scored his 14th goal of the season. And also his 15th, 16th and 17th.


That is some Saturday. He was no good for Roy Keane at Ipswich, but


Lee Clark has taken a gamble on him and he has proved to be one hell of


a gamble. He got goals last year, obviously not as many as this year,


but what about this finish? At this fantastic. Steve loves this one.


This is pace, strength, and the ability to take it with the outside


of his foot and Kerr left. In the last minute of the game as well. 17


years old. We said at the top of the show that if you have a


goalscorer, you have got a great chance and Huddersfield will be


there or thereabouts. His dad as a goalkeeping coach and I am sure he


was very proud of his son, but perhaps not yesterday because he is


goalkeeper coach of Sheffield Wednesday. The second half as and


far away and neither is Christmas. How do we know? Too many mince pies,


last-minute present buying? No, it achieved has been recognised.


feel very humble that people want to vote for me. Just to be


nominated alongside nine other great sports people is a great


achievement. It has been a truly wonderful year and this would


capita off. Just to be nominated was a great feeling. It is the


highest accolade you can have bestowed on year. Just to be a


nominee is massive, but to be winning it, I would be lost for


words. It would be one of the highlight of my career. There is a


great list of winners and one I would love to join. We don't play


sport for accolades, but it would deciding on the winner is probably


any easier job than presenting the programme. Gary Lineker also has a


late finish the night before with a full Premiership that Premier


League fixture list on Wednesday this week. Five of the top six


Premier League teams in action today, making it the perfect


evening to stay in the warm and and it was a big lunch time for


Queens Park Rangers, back in the big time with a 2-0 defeat to


Manchester United. Not long too Aston Villa kick off against


Liverpool and then we have Spurs at home against Sunderland. And


Manchester City, the leaders in the Premier League, hoping to emulate


their United rivals. Let's talk about the second half here, though.


If you are Portsmouth and at home and you have got the points and


stresses and pressures off the pitch, what were you looking for


from your players in the second half? I'm not sure you want to


change it too much. I think caution is probably the best option in this


respect. He could take Norris into midfield and put another on but


then you will make it a straight sort of game. On the face of it,


South Antrim probably have the better players. With or not he


wants to open up the games, I don't know. -- Southampton probably have


the better players. I think he will be content with the way it was,


quite ugly. If you take Southampton on and create passes and chances,


they might just be due. They need to get their players on the ball


and stop passing it around and start creating chances. -- start


passing it around. His could be a rather loud duster


might right hand side because these are a -- away fans. We know they


are better than that and can create more chances. Kicking towards their


own fans, they might just do that in the second half. And a special


convoy bringing them in, not allowed to mix with the home fans


for obvious reasons. You heard the boos there!


COMMENTATOR: They are out for the second half. Not thinking of the


manager has made any changes. I would imagine that Nigel Adkins and


Michael Appleton would like to see a bit more activity in front of the


opposition goalkeepers. Certainly, Rickie Lambert has been around the


Portsmouth goal in the first half. And Dave Kitson of Southampton.


Though David Norris did have that shot just to the right hand side of


the right post. On the whole, or was nothing to choose between the


two side, Martin? No lack of passion, even if a lack of quality.


No. I expect to see a difference in the second half. Southampton now,


as they have said, the rest of the teams are catching them up and they


need to win. It will be very competitive at the top and


Southampton are going straight at and are the indicator of just how


strong that wind is from left to physiotherapist at Scunthorpe, of


course. But as he said to me once, Bob Paisley used to be a


physiotherapist as well and it game goes on, maybe in the last 10,


15 minutes, if distilled zero have been Sera, that both teams might


not think it is a bad outcome. -- if it is still 0-0 at the end.


The players are not kicking well enough and nobody is confident


enough. The game is in that period where it could do with a goal, you


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


he, Hooiveld? Yes. Hooiveld tends The Southampton fans have just let


off a flair there. I could smell it. I think it has been dealt with by


Pearce, not taking any risks there. And this man, the Frenchman, not a


very French name that he has but he tight as he can be because he knows


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


No, it has gone quite Scratby. Every time the players get near the


ball, the fans make quite a noise. have done better. Great play from


realised and the keeper then collect it. It would have only


taken a touch to put it past the keeper. But they Interchange so


well. Schneiderlin, the way he goes in and plays the front. They are


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


France, at U21 and Under 23 level. game into life. -- to get this game.


And now something involving Fonte behind there. If it is, it is well


seen by the linesman, isn't it? went behind, which is a waste.


from these set-pieces, and it needs to be better. And a tough job for


Kitson up there. Not had a huge amount of support. He needs better


balls are coming in to him at if Quay is to hold it up for his team-


Kitson tried to find Norris and did not put enough on it. The game is


the game might open up and we would get more room. You get a Portsmouth


player playing on. Portsmouth need to be braver but if they've may


Kate the midfield when Southampton are so strong, that is their


concern. -- when they'd they'd hate get the ball are back. They need to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


They look a bit panicky in that final third. I think maybe the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


atmosphere is getting a little bit His first touch let him down. He


definitely. It Joe Mattock it is going to get Olap -- Joe Mattock is


going to get a yellow card. His left foot just chased him and in


beginning to look a little more likely. You need good quality into


the box. Let's see if Fox can post. Up I think he was caught in


two minds, it was an excellent ball in Andy Bates everybody to the far


post. He tries to cushion it -- it evades everybody. He may have been


better heading it. It is a difficult skill when it is coming


such a long way. Fantastically difficult to volley that into the


at Reading and then it didn't really work out for him at all at


Stoke. He didn't seem to get on season plying along effortlessly,


Southampton. This might be a little blip where they have to begin.


is not all about football in this division. It is about grinding out


not always going to come easily in this division. Sometimes you have


to scrap and take what you can get. They are almost getting in each


other's way in the middle, there is no wake up to their play today.


Southampton free kick. Taken too the play go. He is punishing


Southampton twice. They are trying to play it early and this allows


Portsmouth to get all of their pace-setters are the Championship.


A decent ball in and did it in! Rickie Lambert with the goal! His


first sight of goal and Rickie Lambert takes it and that is what


he is all about. Southampton celebrate, they are 1-0 up. Finally


we get the quality ball into the box from Fox and Lambert, look at


this base he has got in the penalty box. -- space. You can't leave him


alone with that kind of room. He is so strong in the air. It is a great


finish. It is Jason Pearce he has got over the top of, he uses his


body so effectively. The goalkeeper chose to stay on his line, Lambert


beat Jason Pearce to it. It only needed a flick and Southampton are


in front. Portsmouth are going to have to change something now.


Perhaps they might push another body further forward. He certainly


better for the first scorer. Just wondering, when that ball comes


into the area, is that the goalkeeper's territory? Definitely.


He has elected to let the defenders deal with it. If he comes, he deals


with the whole situation. Liam Lawrence, out for five matches with


an ankle ligament injury, to be replaced. They have responded very


quickly to make a change. Michael Appleton is not hanging about.


Huseklepp is an interesting player. I remember him coming on and


scoring for Norway in Oslo against Scotland a couple of years ago.


Very highly rated at that time, had played in Serie A last season with


Southampton have been a man down, I think it is Schneiderlin... I think


he will be OK. Just trying to slow it down a little bit, I think,


Southampton. A bit of professionalism creeping in.


just got one in the face from Joel Ward, I don't think for one minute


it was delivered from the Portsmouth man. -- deliberate. This


could be a really big win for can't argue with that. It is a


teasing ball into the box, the goalkeeper has elected to stay and


you cannot get lumbered that kind of room. When he get that close to


the goal, he is pretty deadly. -- you cannot give Lambert that kind


of room. One chance, won goal. think he is a player who is just


realising how good he is. He is scoring goals for fun in this


league and he is more confident. If they make it into the Premiership,


that is where he will be performing next season. Early in his career at


Macclesfield and Stockport, he was and prolific at all. It was only


really when he went to Bristol Rovers that he started putting the


ball in the back of the net been a regular basis. Sometimes it takes


longer. He has certainly done it in the red-and-white of Southampton. I


think that Stockport, he was scoring one in eight, something


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


killing the game, really. Need a Appleton think of a way back into


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


Sithole Southampton. Jason Pearce, the defender beaten for the goal. -


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


the goal. I think he is definitely leaning on him, David Norris. Just


edges his body in. Good decision, I think, from Mark Halsey. From that,


Southampton scored. The game has gone very scrappy, hasn't it? It


has almost knocked the stuffing out some ways where in the last four


games they felt a bit, but West Ham also lost. That was not dissimilar


from the position Southampton scored from. No. If the defenders


stay a bit higher for the initial goal, he will have something to


you look at the Portsmouth bench, there is a young Hungarian down


there, Marko Futacs. He has got options, hasn't he? More of a


tactical change needs to be made. With the one up front, it is very


difficult for them. Kitson has put in a shift, that is for sure. But


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


in the middle. Almost too clever here, isn't he? He should have hit


that first time. A shot from 30 yards which did not travel


endlessly. If Bobby scores from there, it is goal of the season. --


any minute. The foul goes against Kitson and more frustration for him.


Yes, an honest challenge but he is actually fouling his opponent. He


Southampton. Fox coming off and Harding going on. He will play at


left-back. A strange substitution. You wonder if poppy has got an


injury or a problem... -- if he has got an injury. I think his


this throw-in. Portsmouth are also going to make a change and Hayden


Mullins is coming off and Marko strike on, Steve? Yeah. They have


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


in injury time? -- cannot -- can pressure from Southampton, isn't


it? Every time the ball comes into that box, they are dangerous. Do


Prado getting on to the end of it and just over swinging. Can't


generate the power but good defending in the end. Two players


getting in the wake of it. -- in more than his fair share of headers.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


He has been excellent and will be Portsmouth were a bit fortunate


that they are only a goal behind. Good move here from Hooiveld.


Excellent the way they keep the ball, Steve. Just looking for that


run. Great movement off the ball and the keeper doing a great save.


But more space in there. The field Portsmouth but as it is, they are


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


noise from behind that goal. A long ball from the keeper. Kitson


flicking it on and suddenly they have another striker alongside him,


which makes it difficult for goal and Portsmouth are level!


best bet was always going to be a set-piece. Hardly seen them in the


final third. In the end, a great header back across the goal. Ward


climbs up ahead of everybody else. Appleton is waving his players


forward. Look at a fire in his eyes! My goodness, Martin! He looks


like you! He wants it badly! system. Yeah, and it has borne


through. The corner was won by a long clearance down from the


goalkeeper. Kitson caused the problem and from the corner, this


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


was Portsmouth's route back into but it was blocked. This last four,


five minutes could be real Grandstand staff. -- Grandstand


You want him where he will be take what either side. -- for


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


just catches him as it goes in with bad food, follow-through. -- back


for it. It was an uncompromising pros, he is every bit as effective


disappointment. He doesn't look fit. All eyes will be on the 4th


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


official to say how much added time bullet. It would have been


somewhere. It shows you the confidence he has. It is a great


effort. It comes back to him off the clearance, he backs away at...


He backed himself to hit it and he was very unlucky. Good technique.


Henderson looking delighted that Southampton Two-nil up but didn't


take it and then was beaten at the back post for what turned out to be


suggested at the start of the second half, a draw wouldn't be a


bad result for Labour side. -- there is contact. -- jumps for it.


Henderson is not going to hurry back to his feet. I can't see that


this is a free kick. The ball is there to be one, the striker has


got to go for it. What is wrong with that? Maybe Mark Halsey can


tell us afterwards. I can't see what is wrong with that. If he


didn't go for it, his manager wouldn't be very happy. Henderson


it is a Portsmouth fans who are probably the happier. Michael


Appleton's excellent start as Portsmouth manager continues. They


have certainly fanned an upward trajectory since he took over. --


banned. Rickie Lambert scored the goal that you almost expect from


him now but their lead didn't last too long. Joel Ward with the


equaliser. A draw is probably about right.


JAKE HUMPHREY: It is a season of goodwill and what a very friendly


piece of defending from Guly Do Prado. We will look at that again


in just a few moments. It finishes 1-1 on the south coast. Of


Portsmouth go four games unbeaten. Steve, you were fearing the worst


for a while. STEVE CLARIDGE: We waited for a


game and we got it eventually. Going two up front for Portsmouth...


Yes, they could have got beaten more and conceded again but it also


gave them a chance of getting a foothold in the game. As it worked


out, they got back into the game that didn't look like it for long


periods. Frustration to elation for Steve, the opposite for you, Alan.


You're all team had chances to kill the game off.


ALAN SHEARER: Before the game, if you said you can take a point, you


probably would, but they should have put the game out of sight and


they will be bitterly disappointed. They will see it as two points lost


rather than one gained. Their quality came through in the second


half and they managed to get their foot on the ball about Blake


Portsmouth, but plenty of endeavour and passion and where Craig from


Portsmouth and ensure Michael Appleton would save a deserved it -


- would say they deserve it. It is three years ago now that they were


playing AC Milan in Europe. We would love to see them get back to


those dizzy heights. Michael Appleton has just got to do a solid


job and at the moment, that is a few games without defeat, drawing


in the big derby, it is starting to look better. Absolutely. Their


first away win last week was a turning point, so they can go away


from home and winning games. You cannot rely solely on your home


form. There is plenty of endeavour, plenty of spirit and belief in what


they are doing. They come up a bit short occasionally and I am not


sure how much they wanted to win the game, but they have got


something that they probably set out to do. That is now 14 points


from 18 available from home for Portsmouth but said and did have


extended their lead at the top to one. Over West Ham -- Southampton


have extended their lead. That his promotion form, Portsmouth, 27


promotion form, Portsmouth, 27 points from 21. Let's talk about


the team that took the lead. Have you seen enough to believe they can


go from League 1 to the Premier League in a season? It is difficult


to judge from one game. From what I have seen through the season, yes,


but from the first half today, no. But the team top would have been


about being better than that and getting your foot on the ball and


something will come. And they did and it was no surprise that it came


from their main hitman Rickie Lambert. He took it very well. A


good ball in. The same ball coming good from Fox. Into identical


positions, which we will see here, this is the first one in. The


keeper does it come, Lallana gets it at the far post and should do


better. Five a six minutes later, exactly the same thing happens,


exactly the same player would sit in -- five or six. The defence gets


deep, Henderson chooses not to come and Rickie Lambert, you have to say,


he is a bully their. He is stronger and he wanted more. -- there. That


is the side of a very good goalscorer, he once said that much


that little bit more. Goal 17 of the season, that is the difference


between these teams. Southampton have conceded a goal more than


Portsmouth but Portsmouth haven't been scoring them. Southampton


could have put it to bed, couldn't they? They had at 10 or 15 minute


spell when the game opened up and all a sudden, you can associate the


way they play with this game. You could end up until then. There are


some nice movement, someone TWO's, some overlapping. -- some 1-2s.


They didn't take their chances, but the problem was, Portsmouth were


still in the game and they hadn't killed them off. That was a period


where we saw the real Southampton. Apart from that, I am not quite


sure we saw the best of them. one of those chances forced to


Lambert, it is game over. Let's talk about the goal that was scored


the other end, that nearly had to climb in through the window


celebrating. The man who missed a couple of opportunities there


Southampton could have stopped this goal. If you look at Joel Ward and


you look at Guly Do Prado, it is to completely different desires. --


two. Look at Joel Ward, how he attacks the ball. Guly Do Prado, it


was fifty-fifty and then it becomes a 80-20. And it's a goal. That is


the difference between winning and losing a game. He is 6 ft 6, why


his the not picking someone up that he is on the post? That is the


problem. It was a goal for Portsmouth, let's hear from Joel


Ward. A priceless equaliser for your side.


Yes, I have been at the club all my life and to get the equaliser in


such a big game, everybody knows how big their game is between us,


to get back to equalise and to come away with the point is fantastic.


If you keep the belief even when you went Wandel bad and they seemed


on top? -- Did you. We kept compact and we stayed in the game and that


was the main thing and we worked hard and I think we deserved a goal.


A full-blooded affair between two side in front of very passionate


fans. Everybody knows throughout the country how big it is for the


fans and for the clubs and we played well, we kept it clean on


the pitch and that is the important thing. They are the league leaders


and you have matched them, can you kick on? We said before the game,


it could be the start of kicking on for us and I think we can do that,


we can push on and take momentum from this game. Well done, thank


you. Cy two goals here at Fratton Park.


Two goals at Loftus Road and Aston Villa, Manchester United beating


QPR in the day's any kick-off and Liverpool are Two-nil up against


them at the moment -- early kick- off. Manchester City looking to


extend their top -- lead at the top of the Premier League in the late


kick-off. You can see all of the goals tonight at 10pm on Match of


the Day 2 with Colin Murray. And the Day 2 with Colin Murray. And


that isn't it for the sport this afternoon on the BBC, all of the


action from they British rounds of the World Cup coming up. -- the


the World Cup coming up. -- the British round of the World Cup.


Goal 17 for Rickie Lambert. He is talking to Tony.


You 17th goal of the season, it looked like it would give you


success today, but not today. should have been. Obviously gutted


that we have conceded in the last few minutes and we didn't really


have the chance -- they didn't have a chance and then they scored from


a corner. Did you regret not getting a second goal? You had


plenty of chances. We were looking to push on the counter-attack that


we had a couple of chances we didn't take, but we shouldn't have


to score two, one should be enough. An important goal to give your side


of the lead, did you think you would go on and win? I thought we


were comfortable, it didn't look like they were going to get back in


the game. You are top of the table going into the new year and


Christmas. Can you go on and get promoted? We hope so. We have had a


good half of the season and we will be looking to do that in the second


half, we have to take every game as it comes. Thank you.


It is a footballing cliche and also a cliche to say it was a game of


two halves, but it probably was. Looking great for Southampton but


it was and debate. In the Christmas season, the season of goodwill, 11


is probably right, isn't it? really. No. I knew you would say


that. Lovely to spend the afternoon with you. It looked as their father


Christmas had come early with the Rickie Lambert celebrating a famous


red and white outfit but a gift from a Saints player was just what


Portsmouth needed. They may have problems off the pitch but they


showed on it, they can mix with the very best, drawing with the league


Jake Humphrey introduces live coverage of the Championship clash between Portsmouth and Southampton at Fratton Park. Just 18 months ago Portsmouth were a Premier League club, two divisions above their fierce rivals. However, after winning League One last season, the Saints have had little difficulty in making the step up to the Championship, meaning they could be on course for back-to-back promotions under boss Nigel Adkins. Portsmouth have found life in the second tier of English football more difficult since their relegation from the top flight in 2010, and their season has been disrupted by the departure of manager Steve Cotterill to Nottingham Forest.

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