Great Britain v Brazil Match of the Day Live

Great Britain v Brazil

Gabby Logan presents live action from Middlesbrough's Riverside Stadium as Great Britain's men play their one and only warm-up game ahead of a historic return to Olympic action.

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James de Gale is the Olympic champion.


Seven days from now, 80,000 people will be packed inside the Olympic


Stadium, awaiting the start of the opening ceremony. Tonight at the


Riverside, another piece of history is about to be made. In the first


time in over 50 years, Team GB is preparing to field a team at the


Olympic Games. History could be made. Gold is the aim, and a chance


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Terrific skill by the 19-year-old. Nice touch, nice term, a great goal.


That is what he is all about. Joe Great block by Tomkins. It is into


the back of the net by Marvin So this is it. On a sunny evening


at the Riverside, 90 minutes for the Team GB to gel. Faces like


Micah Richards, against nine Mar and the whole of Brazil. A team


that are much more unified -- against nine Mar -- Neymar and Hulk


of Brazil. It is over 50 years since Team GB competed at the


Olympics, even Garth Crooks is too young to remember that. Team GB


football is new to Robbie Savage, too. Good to have you here. Us


Olympic football excite you? Yes, it does. From a wealth point of


view, to see Ryan Giggs playing a major competition. -- a Welsh point


of view. It could be this experience only, there is no


guarantee there will be a team sent to Rio, we have got to make the


most of it. I have been lucky to go to two Olympics, Atlanta and Sydney,


and I realise that is where dreams are made. Team GB have a chance to


go on the most amazing ride. They have got to Gill for big -- got to


gel. That starts tonight, that is the test. The will is still only


had to incorporate two new players but this team is not one that


anybody would recognise -- the women's team. As a collective, they


have never played together. That is absolutely right. That is the


challenge for Stuart Pearce. They have got to pick the road running,


almost. They have got to start quickly against an unbelievable,


fantastic Brazilian side. More on those players, and you will notice


that Robbie and I shared a sud this evening. Stuart Pearce has plenty


Stuart Pearce has the historic task of steering broke Britain's through


this Olympics. This is your first public Team GB selection, what is


the thinking behind your line-up tonight? We have played one it away


in Spain dined closed doors. This is another market, to get been a --


behind closed doors. This is another marker, to get the fitness


up ahead of the game against Senegal. And to go into that game


ready to fire for the tournament. You said you will assess Daniel


Sturridge after tonight's game, what is your gut feeling as to


whether he will make it or not? think he will be fine, personally.


He has showed us in training that he is at it. On the back of that we


have given him a start up front, his favoured position. We are


looking to maybe push him out there for 45 minutes and pull him off at


that stage, and see how is and how he comes out of that tomorrow


morning. A very impressive Brazil line-up, some big Games in there,


all of their players have senior caps, how big a test will this be?


-- big names in there. It is the biggest test we can have at the


level. For us, it is a perfect game to judge what we are, physically


and tactically. We will come out of this game the better for it, no


matter what goes into the game. I have said, go out and enjoy it,


make sure we get what we want out of the game. With the main


objective being next Thursday, hitting the ground running them.


This is the team that Stuart Pearce has gone with, his first first 11.


He has gone with local lad Jason Steele in goal. Quite a few


familiar names, quite a few Welsh names. Joe Allen, Ryan Giggs,


Taylor. Sturridge was suffering from meningitis last week. There is


plenty to play with on the bench. am very excited about the front


three. He has gone for pace. Sturridge has an eye for goal. He


said it is his favoured position. Danny Rose is a bit unknown. And we


all know about Craig Bellamy. It will be interesting. Let's talk


about Ryan Giggs and his leadership about Ryan Giggs and his leadership


qualities. I was fortunate to play with him for Wales and when he


speaks, you listen. All of the young boys will learnt so much. I


believe Stuart Pearce will look to his leadership to help him. He is a


fantastic character, he is funny around the players and he is the


most decorated player in British football. Never had a chance to


perform on the global stage, with Wales not qualifying for major


tournaments. A potential for him to show the world. It will be


interesting in the midfield. England got criticised for not


keeping the ball. Great Britain have three players in the middle of


the park who like to keep the ball. They need to do that tonight


against a Brazil who will keep the ball. Those players around Giggs


needn't threat. If they feel under pressure, they can give the ball to


him -- needn't fret. It will not faze Ryan Giggs so it is great to


have him in the side. Micah Richards was a part of the


Manchester City scored, if not always a regular. -- the Manchester


City squad that won the league. He has never quite Brogan into the


England team and become a regular. He fell away a bit at Man City.


never quite broken into the England team. It is a big chance for him at


this stage. Brazil, up 18 who know each other well. They don't qualify


for the next World Cup because they are hosts -- Brazil, a team who


know each other. This tournament is an important landmark, the


development of a young squad. Neymar is known the world over, he


is wanted by the world's richest clubs, they can't get their hands


on him just yet. They have the money in Brazil to keep some of the


best players and he is one of them. I am interested to see how he


We know they are going to play with flair and exuberance. We are going


to have to cope with that tonight. They will attack. Brazil can't play


any other way. They have been unfaltering, regressing their style


after a bit of criticism in the last World Cup -- they have been


altering. Against Argentina, Messi played and scored a hat-trick, most


of these Brazil players play. I am looking forward to seeing Oscar,


and Lucas who is on the bench. is there too. You won't like him


when he is angry! -- Hulk is there. Stuart Pearce says it is the best


way to start, against Brazil. it? I am not sure. I think if they


played a lesser nation, they would have been able to keep the ball


more. Brazil will have more possession. I don't disagree but I


think players are best on the edge. Players will know they are against


the best on the world and they will have to play. Let's see. 90 minutes


for this team to gel against a Bristol side who are looking to


conquer the world in a couple of years -- against a Brazil side. It


will be an interesting test. Here There is something special about


this that we can't put into words. The Olympic adventure that lies


ahead for Team GB. For years -- seven years football fans have been


debating the ins and outs of entering a British side for these


Games. The home nations have been good. The talking stops on a lovely


Teesside night, with Great Britain player its first match since 1971,


a 5-0 defeat against Bulgaria. It was a team of amateurs, teachers,


insurance salesmen and fishmongers. The gloomier pundits predict a


similar scoreline tonight, worth �300 million, the Brazil side. As


an order for the Olympic Games, this could be sumptuous in the


evening sunshine. Vital for Brazil that they do well in these Olympics


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to come. We pause for the anthems gold at the Olympics in a fortnight,


what can Team GB do? # God save our gracious Queen


# Long live our noble Queen # God save the Queen


# Send her victorious # Happy and glorious


# Long to reign over us Stuart Pearce. He is the hero of


World Cup 90 and Euro 96. What a test this will be for a Team GB,


that have had one at warm-up game against Mexico, played in Spain


last week, 330 minute periods, they lost 1-0. -- 3 and periods of 30


minutes. Ryan gig captains the side -- Ryan Giggs captains the side.


Ryan Birch and starts on the right, normally a left-back. -- Ryan


Bertrand starts on the right. Stuart Pearce says he needs to see


Jason Steele in action, he has seen a lot of Jack Butland for the U21s.


The big question, is Daniel Sturridge as fit as the coach says?


A decision on his Olympic participation will be made after


this. Only Pato is missing from Brazil's glittering line-up. All 11


starters are full internationals, 10 players have won major-league or


Continental titles. Neymar is the Thiago Silva has just cost Paris St


Jermaine over �30 million. Martello is one of the best left-backs in


the world. That is some line up. There will be a lot of interest on


young Sturridge, whether he can get sharp in training. He will want to


be part of it. The Brazil team is littered with talent. Look what


they have one already. They have the equivalent of the European


Champions League. That tells you the seriousness and quality of the


team. This is the man we have come to see. Only four players have


scored 100 goals before the age of 20, including Neymar, there he is.


There was a huge cheer when his name was read out before the game.


This is what you come to see, the stars. It is a star-studded Brazil


line up. He scored his 100 goal on his 20th birthday, Neymar, South


American football of the Year at the age of 90. -- footballer of the


passes from the 20-year-old who is about to sign for Chelsea for �25


They are inside GB's 18-yard box. Making them kick it long, that is


one thing Stuart Pearce did not want to do, he wanted to play from


pressure. They lost some of their there was a late challenge.


referee spotted it. The referee is the Euro 2012 English players, no


Northern Ireland players four Scottish players. The respective


football associations of those two countries did not exactly support


their players in turning out for the right-hand side. Brazil, out of


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possession, they quickly run Joe will wonder from flank to flank --


Neymar. There was a foul on Allen. to one of the Giants in Europe. The


Brazilians have money now and the World Cup is coming there, they can


got to the byline, pulled back with a chip to the far post, moving well,


across the line, coming short, there is a lot of movement there.


Tom Cleverley is quite high up the pitch, near to him. He has played


three games for England Under 21s last season, for Stuart Pearce, the


only coach to take that in just that level. You would expect that


to be in the back of the net. is criticism of Neymar back in


Brazil that he has not lived up to expected Brazil formation. Hulk has


started further on the left than we had thought, Oscar Moore to the


right hand side. -- Oscar, more to the right hand side. The Brazil


coach is under pressure, there is a feeling he will be sacked if they


don't win gold. He was a defender as a player, then he became a P E


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retinue of doctors and trainers, youngster really. He is one of the


He is offside, there is a worry about the English centre backs.


There is a huge gap between Micah Richards and James Tomkins and even


though I have to say that they will come round on number two, he comes


round, he wasn't offside, was he? Micah Richards steps forward, he


between these players in the squad, Team GB 29, Ryan Giggs has 23 of


Ryan Bertrand forward as much as line but it was covered by Tomkins


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can have an argument in a phone box now. He scored 30 goals for Santos


Sandro has scored for Brazil. The Team GB defenders were expecting a


shot at goal, he crept in totally unmarked. It is a Spurs player, who


scored for Brazil in this Olympic warm-up. He got caught, flat footed,


expected the shot, it did not come. A lovely ball to the far post,


Neymar with the cross. It was weighted beautifully. He floated it


over Steele, a simple goal in the end. Lack of concentration at the


back for GB. He has entrusted Sandro with a starting place in the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


side in the last four games. That You're talking about him a few


minutes ago, slightly erratic. I think Daniel Sturridge has gone


past him twice now with relative ease. Sent off a couple of times


for Real Madrid last season. referee has made it very clear to


him that this is a friendly, no more of that or you are in the book.


I like Daniel Sturridge for his acceleration, he can stop the ball,


can go past a player. He was waiting for a bit of support. There


Richards got up well. Britain's did ever so well to keep it in. --


the international player. The each other. Oscar has dropped back


to left back. It is basics. Hold that position until you go back.


Three years, it they have used full backs as attacking wing-backs in a


back four -- for years. I was reading a journalists say that they


have gone too much for pace and power and that the Spanish way is


the way now, and Brazil have to get the free kick. Let's have a look at


the Micah Richards chance. He comes around the back post. I think he is


trying to head it back across the goal. He heads it down and take the


pace of it. Cabral comes across, he looks like he has got a blocked.


But Richards could not direct it back into the six-yard box, where


he could have caused trouble. A good leap at the far post. The best


chance of scoring is that set his weak spot according to the


Brazilian side -- the goalkeeper is Brazil have never achieved in the


Olympics, we have two gold medals at football. 19 a late and 1912! --


leave out David Beckham? Gig just gave yards and yards for the papers.


He was damned if he did and damned if he didn't. He was proved that if


he was given the job, was allowed to choose his own squad. I feel


sorry for David Beckham, but his career has been littered with


medals and great occasions. He has played at a high as levels, he has


played in the World Cup, European Championships, Champions League


finals. David Beckham isn't without the top end of a player's career.


If you look at Bellamy, he has missed out with Ryan Giggs, because


Wales have not qualified. For themselves, I think it is a good


decision. I understand that David wants to play. Had there been a


squad of 23, I think he would have made it. Unfortunately for him, he


hasn't. People sympathise because of everything he has done to help


bring the Olympics to the country. A lovely ball by Marcello to Thiago


tried the little spin. The free- kick goes the way of a Team GB, a


pass but he did not have enough movement went Craig Bellamy took


the free-kick. Not enough people in advanced positions to take


advantage. It is quiet inside the stadium. Brazil have won two


Olympic silver medals and two pass the Olympic Stadium for the


last few years. Bertrand trying to find a front runner with an


optimistic ball. I think we are doing relatively well, keeping the


ball at the back. Tomkins is comfortable, Taylor is comfortable


on the ball. They are trying to work it into Allen and mines. It is


the middle third, when we half- into the feet of Sturridge and


under 20 football. They have won the World Under 20 Championship


three times. They have won the South American Under 20


Championship 11 times, including the last three. The home nations


can't boast that kind of record. Whatever competition they enter,


they look to win. It is was Stuart was under pressure. He is composed.


This is one thing we have found with the international team, when


the ball goes back to the keeper, it is usually clear it. That is


where we turn over the ball on occasions. If they have had a


chance to pass it out, they have done that. A bit of hesitation


between Bertrand and Richards. He was confident enough to bring it


out. I wonder if the referee gave him the benefit of the doubt, he


was in possession. I think he could are made to feel very much part of


the British Olympic team at the village, when they stayed on Monday.


They came up here to the north-east, to train on Wednesday. Stubble


training sessions. They met the cerebral palsy GB team as well --


double training sessions. And emotional moment for the Sinclair


family, because Scott Sinclair is with this team and his brother is


this time. Got himself a bit of space. That is Sandro, the goal


scorer. He did better with his head of. -- his header. It just took


everybody by surprise. Tomkins doesn't really anticipate his run.


He lets his man get a rate from him. -- away from. You are relying on


everybody staying tight and concentrated. It took a good


challenge to stop Sandro by amazing story for him last year.


come from nowhere to play in a Champions League final. And being


on the left-hand side of midfield, he has played most of his football


away from Chelsea on loan at various clubs. Oscar was gifted


team together over the last six months or so. Six of the squad were


in the Under 20 World Cup winning side of last summer. Oscar was the


start. Marcelo was in the previous referee. Team GB look for Rose.


GB corner. They have hope because the goalkeeper doesn't look the


most confident in the air. Sturridge has had a couple of


shooting opportunities and he takes them. As a striker, you have to be


didn't do too well with the last year's Under 20 World Cup-


winning side. Here is Hulk. Rafael joining in. Rose got across to him.


This is Brazil's first corner. play from at Danny Rose. Timed it


well. As always with Brazil, full backs to have to get forward. This


is the midfield and attack. -- they have to assist the midfield and


with Manchester United over the last few years. A new contract, he


has the ability to become one of the world's top right full-backs


art to get it back underneath the bar. Good passing from Brazil, it


opens up, he has time and space to look up. He tried to pick out


Leandro. Not easy to get it back on target. Just to ease with which


they got the full-back in there, Rafael, too easy. He made his debut


to get away with a messy defending. Was this a foul? It looked like,


didn't it? Yes, it was. Ryan Giggs not so magical when a player goes


down. Totally unnecessary. He does have something of a reputation


about that as well. Correct, against Scotland, he did the same


thing. It was a slip, whether there was contact with Bertrand's boot, I


am not too sure. He tried a foul initially, go back on his feet, it


in that game in March 2011 and was accused of this sort of thing,


going down too easily. He went down far too easily. Was it birdcam's


hand on his head? -- the Trans's hand on his head? He should come


down to the panel -- you could come to the Pamir it lead if he comes


down that easily. The way the game stopped, this is just awful. The


slightest of touches, is that what you are going to go down for? It


does not endear him to the crowd. Everybody on that side of the pitch


can see that. We saw this with Drogba, a lot of the foreign boys


here. What about the good side, the skill? There is no question of that,


lovely skills on the move. That is fantastic, that is what we try to


encourage kids to do, move the ball around. His goals record speaks for


itself, there is no question of his quality, this is unnecessary, the


play acting. He has been rated alongside Messi, Christian Ronaldo.


about it. Where I come from, we would say, man up. A flick of the


Absolutely. He just moved away from him, slipped so easily away for the


Manchester City defender, who will get a yellow card. His first touch


is so important, then off we went. There was always going to be


problems. There would two good touches, then this, the Chase of --


change of pace, there, you can't go to ground. You can't go to ground


and make that challenge. He has got in front of you. Richards is now


12 minutes, have a chance to double their lead. The Blues are for Moura


becoming a world footballing great. -- Naymar. There was power and


accuracy in the strike, but it nice and slow. He guessed right. It was


finished really well, no question about it. We get a lesson here,


Micah Richards can consider himself fortunate he did not get a red card


for that as well. Nice and accurate, it hits the side netting.


Unstoppable. The referee has said to a Naymar Packet Inn, the


celebration, you antagonising the favourites to be a limpet top


scorer in twos us and and 12 -- Team GB nil, Brazil two. The GB


women's team open up their Olympic campaign against New Zealand on


Wednesday, at 3:30pm. The men's team play Senegal next Thursday,


7:45pm. Both of those games on BBC A great combination, Leandro, Hulk,


nee Moa, Oscar. -- Naymar. This is tight, he knows what he wants to do.


to Brazil's defence whatsoever. Probably from... Confirmation that


Micah Richards was cautioned. He gave away the penalty. In the


competition proper I think it would Olympics, Senegal, United Arab


Emirates, Uruguay. There are some great names to look forward to


seeing in this tournament. The quality that Brazil have on this


pitch right now. They are in Group C, playing Egypt and pillories.


They will avoid Spain until the actually. I know it was slightly


forward but I think that is where the space was and that is what he


anticipated -- and that was where he anticipated Leandro going. Great


pace, movement. It is the movement of the ball on the way to the pass.


They can keep the ball under pressure and cause as a problem.


When we are under pressure, give played left midfield and the


Champions League final. Sitting the final third, we are


dispossessed. We are sitting far too deep. There is not enough


support to him, no one close enough to him, we are spending a lot of


time chasing. Brazil have always had two City midfield players who


are prepared to gobble up anything loose and pressed the ball inside


their own third. There is a near -- there is a real difference. Romulo


and Sandro are sitting players this is the important areas. We can't


keep the ball. Cleverley was fouled. Sandro is looking cross. He looks


heard. He has had problems with foot and ankle injuries. His last


start for Manchester United was October. He was a clear run,


doesn't it? Get himself back in the spring of things. He was not happy


with that challenge whatsoever. He has had senior England call-ups.


has not made an appearance for the the ball comes to him, flicking up,


trying to flick to over somebody's head, get hold of the ball and just


retain possession. We keep giving it away far too easily. That is why


we are spending the majority of the catch the keeper out at the near


post. Once again, a great movement of the ball. Neymar was going to go


in that space. Hulk comes into it, what he is trying to do his


disguise what he was aiming to do which is fake the cross for the


shot. Good movement, great movement from Brazil. There was criticism in


Brazil for his selection, some felt he should have been kept back and


off Micah Richards. Once again, the electric pace down the right-hand


side for Rafael, lots of space. Look at the space at the edge of


the 18-yard box there. Micah Richards, hands behind the back,


blocked it with any. So much space. There again, time and space for


The full-backs are always going forward, they shift over one side


ball at this late stage of the half. Just the movement, watching Oscar


at the moment, in the frontline of the midfield, he comes close to the


back to collect. He is challenging the team. He played against one of


the fancied teams to win the tournament, one of the best teams.


That was a poor ball by Thiago Silva. Bellamy has gone to the


left-hand side. Joe Allen had to haven't made the best use of it.


Hulk was offside. I think the can pass the ball well, he did well


season -- did so all season with Swansea. Giggs was onside, he


didn't realise it. That is the last moment of a first half, dominated


by Brazil in terms of class, quality. Neymar's penalty for the


Micah Richards's foul, adding to Sandro's header. They have been


very good Ms value -- very good value, these are stars in the


They were certainly a difference in class in the first 45 minutes.


Neymar showed flashes of brilliance and that was the penalty that made


it 2-0 to Brazil after 45 minutes. We will show you how that was won


in a few moments, with some of the best bits of Brazil and some of the


worst bits of defending of Team GB. We looked like a team that has


never played together before, that is the kindest thing you could save.


Micah Richards Sam Tomkins are finding it very difficult to forge


any type of understanding -- Micah Richards and Tomkins. I am worried


about most of the dangers coming down the left-hand side. Hulk was


superb for the penalty, he brought him down almost back into first


gear, then went to third gear and Richards couldn't get there. When


you are stretched as a defender, stay on your feet. Forget it, he is


through. Micah Richards solved the problem for the attacker. There are


a lot of lessons to be learned but we have got to hit the road running.


Being together in training, spending a couple of weeks together,


getting to know each other is one thing. It is not until you get into


a semi competitive environment that you start to find out about each


other. We have seen the first half lack of communication,


understanding and the whole back four in general. Brazil have been


the far better team, keeping the ball and Brazil -- Team GB have


given the ball away cheaply. It has been a poor performance by a Team


been a poor performance by a Team GB, understandably so. Let's look


at the first goal. Tomkins has a word with Bellamy but he loses his


marker. Once the ball is bouncing in the penalty area, it is game


over. He will have to learn very quickly. Once the ball bounces, you


have got to forget the ball and mark your man. The body position


was all wrong. He should have been open. The warning signs were there.


They were. We have seen the lack of communication. Richards going for


the same ball as Tomkins, I think Neymar was clean through on goal. I


think we are going to see it here. Tomkins should have got around a


bit quicker. Are we are let off the hook there. As a defender, you know


he is not going to win it, that is the attitude you take. You get


round and you cover but he doesn't do it. This one, Richards has tried


to play offside. Tomkins is watching the ball. By the time he


realises, is man is in. It is a lack of communication. They have


never played together before. The left-hand side, looking at Tomkins,


he doesn't actually know where his man is. Were it not for what some


finishing from Brazil that was slightly suspect, it could be a lot


worse. It could. They are playing against top-class players. That is


why I said, better now than later. If we are serious about getting a


medal, we will probably have to play these in the semi-final.


seems a long way off right now. is a friendly, let's not get


carried away, there are no points at stake. We are learning how to


play together. Stuart Pearce has 15 minutes to get them regrouped and


calm down. I would like to see the midfield, Joe Allen and Cleverley,


getting into contact with Oscar. Oscar is running the show. Don't


let him dictate the play, push up a few yards, get in contact, make it


competitive. Let's look at the penalty, no doubt for you that


Micah Richards was a bit naive. is fantastic player from Hulk. He


stops Richards, he goes again. Richards is naive, diving in. Lack


of games from Richards last season and pre-season... This is the angle.


He is struggling, leave it alone, he has gone, it is up to the


goalkeeper. He hasn't scored the goal. Once you have a penalty


against the Brazilians, that is what happens. Steele will not have


enjoyed his first half in his Home enjoyed his first half in his Home


Stadium. It is growing up time for a lot of these guys. Which is good.


Micah Richards has got to do some more growing, certainly Tomkins has.


Taylor is finding it very difficult. Danny Rose is disappointing. By


trans, not too bad. I think -- Bertrand is not too bad. We have


seen a gulf in class. You can paint the picture how you want. Basically


Brazil are a far better team. first 10 minutes or so, when Ryan


Giggs was more in the game, there was a bit of delivery, you felt


that perhaps they were going to build steadily. But Brazil just


smothered to them. Jonathan Pearce said that Great Britain's best


chance was from a set-piece. It was chance was from a set-piece. It was


Micah Richards was unfortunate. We have got to try to take advantage


of Ryan Giggs' quality. That has We have a double header of men's


and women's football at the Riverside Stadium. The Olympics is


going to be opened by the football on Wednesday, how much is tonight


helping to a print -- raise the profile? It is fantastic to bring


it to the north-east of England, the chance for the not Voller --


the north-east of England to get really involved. A tough match, but


great experience of what they are going to face coming into the games.


Really pleased on both fronts. A chance to get involved in the Games


in the north-east and a chance for art seems to have some top


experience. In Great Britain we don't necessarily think of football


as being an Olympic event, football doesn't need the Olympics, unlike


some of the other sports. What have you been doing to create the one


team ethos with the other sports? Actually, it is a very historic


moment tonight. The first time a Team GB team has competed in


women's football for this country so I think it is important. Every


single athlete, all 542 that will represent Team GB, has come to the


Loughborough preparation camp, where they have had the opportunity


to meet the other athletes and be inducted into the team. Every


athlete has been through that, all 800 support staff. Now all of the


athletes including the footballers are coming into the village


environment and we have the privilege of having the footballers


with us last week. Give us an insight into what it is like in the


village at the moment. Interesting times. 130 nations are registered


for the games. About 2000, 3,000 athletes are in so far. It is


fantastic and important to get there early and they have had that


opportunity. Thank you. Team GB took on Sweden in the


women's game earlier. It was not a The pullback is not good enough but


it still works for Whyte and it is just past the post. The closest we


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


goalkeeper wasn't too sure. Always left. Little has the chance to


venture forward. Smith is offside. A good finish but it won't matter.


We look across tell Sir the offside flag is up. Kim little picks it up


and it is definitely offside. It is a great finish and she will be


tested Rachel Brown, the second test for the Everton goalkeeper and


Brown but the goalkeeper had done enough to close the angle. A great


run him behind both centre halves. Just didn't get enough on it to


curl it in. Rachel Yankey is through and onside. The follow-up


Yankey was at the heart of it all missed. The best chance of the


did enough to put off and the Congratulations on your player of


the match in a Team GB shirt. What is it like? I was delighted to play


friendly game with South Africa, it helped me get my nerves out. The


goals have been fantastic. It was good to have family and friends in


the audience and at home in Scotland. I tried to keep it simple


and stick to the game plan we have been working on for the last week


or so and we achieved that. Bob was a disappointing not to get the win,


but it was good to be undefeated. He was England captain, now the


Team GB captain in your fancy new kit. What was it like out there


today? It was a tough challenge. We knew Sweden would be tough. They


are World Cup bronze medallists. We know we can play better than we did


today. It is good to get a game under our belt. A clean sheet is


fantastic. It was good defending. We need to take chances and more


Don't forget, you can watch Team GB take on New Zealand in the first


event of the 2012 Olympics next Wednesday afternoon at 3:30pm. The


majority of that team playing for England, or that was lacking today


was a competitive edge. That will be there on Wednesday, you can be


sure. Let's look ahead to the men's through to the quarter-finals.


Argentina failed to qualify this time. Brazil will be confident of


qualifying from Group C and the Spain squad featuring Mata will be


favourites to progress from Group D. Great Britain's main opposition


will come from a Uruguay team featuring Luis Suarez and they meet


in the final game of the group on Wednesday, August 1st, at the


Millennium Stadium. Before that, Stuart Pearce, men -- Stuart


Pearce's men face Senegal and the United Hamed -- United Arab


Emirates. Whilst you we are the weaker side they have played 17


times together in preparation for I would expect GB and Uruguay to


come through. Mexico are very dangerous on GB's side of the draw.


Joint favourites for me as Spain and the team we are seeing at the


moment, Brazil. They are the teams to beat. Players to watch in the


tournament, I mentioned you have got out there playing for Spain and


Mata, they put quality in their side, don't they? They just won the


under 19. They are not short of talent in the Under 23 Stakes.


the Spaniard has moved to Barcelona. They were fantastic and the euro's,


a great talent. You have Luis Suarez, a fantastic players on show.


It is going to be exciting. GB are going do have to defend better than


they have tonight to get any medal at all. What I will be looking for


the second half is them playing with respect for the Brazilians,


they are good players, step-up five yards and compete more. I am


expecting changes by Stuart Pearce. Don't be surprised to see Sinclair.


You want to see the over-rate players, kids, Bellamy and Richards.


I agree with Garth, the players have pace. Let's see what happens


in the second half. A huge learning for Team GB at the start of the


second half as we see a second significant change in fact, because


as we are seeing running out there, Scott Sinclair, Team GB has made


two half-time substitutions and they are making a third now. They


are also bringing on Scott Sinclair, Jack Cork has come on as well and


Jack Butland has replaced Jason Steele in goal. The Middlesbrough


goalkeeper replaced by the Birmingham City goalkeeper, who was


out on loan at Cheltenham all last season and was watched at one game


by 52 top scouts and went with England to the European


Championships of course, did not make an appearance but he is very


highly rated. That is his first for Team GB, Jack Cork has come on


to the heart of the midfield and Scott Sinclair has come on one the


left-hand side. The son of the substitution, there is Steven


Caulker out there. Yes, Tomkins has will the changes have, do you


think? It looks like Taylor has gone to write back. Danny Rose has


gone to left back, he has played there before. The Spurs left side


midfield. That is Caulker there, a loose touch. Craig Bellamy has gone


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


down the middle, Scott Sinclair has Southampton. He has had a nomadic


existence until then, on loan from Birmingham. He has played for


England at every level, hasn't he? proved a real danger at set pieces.


He scored the opening goal. Just getting and the free header, the


set piece, misses GB's best opportunity to score but they have


Jack Butland has been brought into action since coming on and it was a


good save. An excellent save. Neymar doing well, nice and


composed, shifts the ball and tests the keeper. Straight at Butland. It


was the first thing he has had to Leandro moving to the near post. A


good understanding with Oscar from to look over the goalkeeper. He


knows he has too much on it. years of age, be experience already.


-- big experience already. Leandro, Oscar, Hulk, nee Moa, the movement


up front, interchanging of positions, coming away from the


play to get the ball, this is just... Bellamy going into da Silva.


He uses his body. The sunset at the seaside -- over Teesside,


Middlesbrough's own Olympic flame. A special night for the people who


have come. They won't forget this, going into an Olympics and being


able to play apart in it by they will be able to say in years


to come, I remember seeing them at Teesside. GB have to apply pressure,


in midfield, try to win the ball from 1960 will be watching the


simply can't attract P&O, Hulk, Neymar, Oscar -- they can't track.


That isn't accurate shot Crom Estate Jack Butland. That is the


second time within a few minutes he has had to deal with it. Just the


movement off the ball, out of position, to be able to create


space for other players. It is fantastic to watch, the passing as


well, the accuracy, the tempo of their play, slow, then quickening


it up and it has become an exercise of can Team GB get the ball, and if


they get it, can they try to keep He needs support on the right-hand


side, I am not sure that is what Mary's, after travelling around on


loan, six clubs to learn his trade a lot of players, it stops the


growth of the home-grown clubs. -- Team GB. Huff Bellamy was in their


-- this is much better. That is the best Team GB move of the game.


excellent move. Juan they have worked it, great play of from Danny


Rose, a celebration -- acceleration. Cabral pulls of their wonderful


save, he didn't know he was offside. We have not had full backs bursting


down to put in crosses. I think Cabral is injured. He is


disappointed it didn't go in the back of the net, but it is better.


It is the first time we have really had a shot on target. With Rose and


Taylor playing further up, the Brazilian right backs cannot raid


as dangerously as they did. only time the full backs can get


forward like that is if you keep possession, to allow them to step


forward in the opponents' half, to comfortably have the ball. If you


start going forward as full backs and you haven't got comfortable


possession, you get exposed at the back. 50-50 possession. For all the


game? Yes, but look at the goal attempts on target. I wouldn't say


Team GB have had 50% of the play. Brazil keep the ball moving, keep


it moving. The two holding midfield players just hold, they changed


positions, they run off Ford and you have Oscar coming deep. If --


they run off forward. It is wonderful to watch simplicity of


the moving and the passing. Marcelo with the header away, Team


GB can still bring on Dawson, the West Bromwich Albion defender,


Aaron Ramsey of Arsenal and Marvin Sordell who moved to Bolton in the


general windowed. -- January window. All of the players will be itching


good, composed touches. Jack Cork captained the England Under 18 at


the 2008. I like what I have seen it off him. He is quite elegant, he


runner when he was a schoolboy. An for Giggs. Marcelo was there with


cleverly. -- Cleverley. Juan clears it towards Leandro, he was trying


to bring in Hulk on the left-hand Ramsey. I should imagine Cleverley


will have a rest. Marvin Sordell is going to come on as well. Rose has


think Danny Rose did ever so well. He got down the left-hand side.


This is good place and play. Rafael goes to ground and doesn't get the


ball. He is trying to pick out Ryan Giggs. On the edge of the box,


seen Oscar in the second half, here Romulo, the Spartak Moscow player.


the block in, well played. He read the situation well. This was low,


the defender down, and then up through the gear. Neymar with the


shuffled around in terms of moving forward. Taylor has come to this


side, Rose has dropped to the left- back position and he has got for a


better than he did from the Ford position -- he has got forward


better. Than he did from the forward position. I am sure Stuart


Pearce will go back and look at the DVD and break things down into


areas. In the first half they couldn't really affect the back


four of Brazil, they didn't get at them or put them under any pressure.


Here is Aaron Ramsey, the Arsenal player. Coming on for his national


hero. Ramsey, the youngest Welsh captain. He replaces Ryan Giggs,


his old hero. The next GB substitution, Marvin Sordell comes


on to replace Craig Bellamy. GB have had better shape in the second


half. Craig Bellamy, presumably being saved for Senegal next


Thursday. It is only right that you try to give everybody a run. See


what they can do. Try to get themselves back into this game. It


is good for Marvin Sordell. He had a really good spell at Watford, he


moved in the genuine transfer window, he didn't get the start


that he wanted. He has a great opportunity here. He has only


played 43 minutes for Bolton after the 43 -- after the �3 million a


genuine move. He had a decent scoring record at Watford. -- �3


when you have had so many Well played by Aaron Ramsey. It


left-hand side. Marcelo eventually -- footballer of the year for the


will make history with appearances in the same summer in the Olympics


hurry to press like they did in the first half. Sordell is in the


back courageously and in determined fashion to save his side. Neil


Taylor played Neymar onside in the first place, he showed the pace to


stay with him. He managed to get get back, he times it perfectly.


Sandro has gone forward, the man who got the first goal. Sandro is


substitutions. Ganso, number 16. The first want to come on, Lucas


United made a bid for Lucas. He is a very good dribbler, be? That he


may be too selfish. -- there is a Oscar. Oscar would be my pick of


the Brazilians in the first half, his movement and his touch, his


awareness, linking the play. went Donga did not pick Ganso four


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


appearance so far for Tottenham, had a bit of a nightmare in the


League Cup competition. He found his speech playing for Brendan


Rodgers at Swansea, he came on leaps and bounds when he used the


ball. I think it was the way they play, everybody has to have the


hit and I hope from Ramsey. -- hit and hope. Trying to be creative.


Running into the front line, running beyond from players


sometimes creates space for the wrong. Centre-backs, we have not


been able to test the mettle, Juan, Thiago Silva, they have been


protected by the full-backs. They have not been under any pressure


have lunged into a challenge, but he has learned. The same for Rafael,


once he got into Manchester United, his talent is not questionable but


he is rash, he would slide all the time, get himself booked and for


what they want to do, when the Champions League and the League, he


had to learn quickly and he has improved such a lot. They could


send on Pato added time now. -- any Sinclair and Rose. They have looked


dangerous on the left-hand side. A could cover though. Good work from


substitutions, that is going to be Pato who comes on for Leandro. He


has had a thigh injury for most of 2012, a sumptuous talent though.


Craig Dawson is going to come on, the West Bromwich Albion defender.


There is Pato, the Brazilian substitute. Will RGB be able to get


Dawson on before the corner tick -- before the corner kick is taken?


They are trying to. Yes, they are going to do it. Micah Richards is


coming off. It is pre-season, they are searching for this business. --


for their fitness. Here is Dawson, from Rochdale, from West Bromwich


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


substitutions, haven't we? I think so, from GB. What a talent Pato is.


Name Llyr has gone down. -- Neymar has gone down. I think he has dirt


in his sock. You can take a touched like that and anticipated challenge


from the defender, can you complain when it comes in? You look at Messi,


the likes of the Spanish player, they are filed a lot. What they


tried to do is let go of the ball played for England Under 20 once on


eight occasions. -- Under 21s on youth policy way you cannot afford


enough. Look at the pace, he did not get for Sordell any time to get


out there and run at him. He accelerated. He snuffed out any


chance of Sordell turning and out. Well done, Butland. It opened


up on the edge of the box. Good movement, a good pass once again.


You can see what he is trying to do, the shape of his body, trying to


whip it around the first post -- the far post but he does not get


the angle. It is weak. I wonder if he goes on to be a football legend,


whether kids around the world to will copy his hairstyle. It is the


more it. A free kick given against Wednesday. Their opening game in


the Olympics, kick off at 3:30pm. The men play Senegal on Thursday,


so quickly, division to in 2010. -- played 13 minutes in the finals, he


knows that he has Marcelo ahead of him in the pecking order for a few


didn't he? Lucas has got great exhilaration with the ball. He got


away from Jack Cork. Ten minutes to go. It is slightly petering out,


but you know, keep the spirits up, try to get back in the game. There


is no one in the group as good as these, there is no doubt about that.


Brazil are one of the best. Senegal are a different threat, a tall,


confident young man, Neymar. moves the ball very well, a short


free kick, opens up. That is the viewing position of 40 is trying to


go for, keeping it low. He works hard as well. Everybody has to work


hard at the team. Especially the stars of the game, they press GB


right on the edge of the 18-yard box. They tested them out to see if


senior debut, they beat the USA 4-1. They were beaten by Mexico. Mexico,


a great counter-attacking, then Messi scored a hat-trick and they


got a 4-3 win. Bessie is one of the superstars of the game to have


played in the Olympics. -- Messi. He insisted on playing and scored


excellent. Their composure in possession. Romulo has been a good


foil for the attacking, creative made here -- made it here tonight


that Neymar has been kept on, a genuine superstar and are making.


The crowd has come to see him. There is hype about him, he needs


to perform brilliantly on the international stage. Some people


say that Messi still has to do that on. He did not see Danny Rose on


the outside of him. That ball came to Sordell, a lack of awareness.


Brazil making another substitution, Danilo was going to come on. He is


another player who moved to Porto last season from Santos. Sandro is


going to go off. Yes, played well. Our first goal after 11 minutes. --


midfield. He won a title in two different countries in the last 12


months with Danilo, with Santos. Then he picked a title with Porto.


face. We have hardly mentioned the boys at the back, they have been


well-protected. Sordell's are was out. I think he is trying to pin


the centre-back behind him. Lovely ball in from Alexandra, looking for


plateau from the bench. It is ridiculous. Matt - to bring on a


to a very old George Best. -- Neymar just then was a flashback to


a very young George Best. The way he used to run with the ball at his


feet. The ball was glued to his feet, he used to mesmerised


a video of George Best. He was a came to see him, a superstar in the


making. I said before, the amount of goals he scores in the games he


has played, here he is, Neymar. I think he has shown the very best of


what he can do. He has good food skills and his work-rate and


movement... -- good foot skills. The combination of their movement


up front, they have been really well supported up front. That was a


nice touch to Sinclair by Sordell. The take it and strike. Just take


it to your left foot and a strike, you might as well. The game is


didn't. A lovely ball to the far post, a good save by Jack Butland.


He dived at the feet of Lucas very bravely. He goes to make sure that


the striker is OK and helps him up. with Neymar on his case. People


need to remember that these are the favourites for the competition.


�300 million of talent, at least. The centre half has just cost 30


they finish it? A good save again. Really good goalkeeping from an


excellent young star. Watch out for him in the future. Joe Hart could


have a real challenger in the England side. A lovely gifted touch


again by Neymar, trying to set them up through the middle. This was a


good stop by the keeper. Ben Foster said, take a note of this guy's


name because he is a one for the future. He goes down well, he gets


up, he covers his near post, on his toes all the time. He has made two


or three good stops. He has come on at half-time and impressed me.


Three minutes of added time at the Riverside. At half-time we feared


that a Team GB might be buried in an avalanche of Brazilian second


half goals, but it hasn't come. Credit to them. Robbie Savage said


at half-time that we have seen the gulf in class. These are just good


players. Exceptional players. The team has been together for a couple


of weeks and they are working for their fitness as well. The same


could be said for a lot of the other teams taking part. This looks


a slick operation in front of us. If this is the team they are


grooming for 2014, it is looking well. Don't forget, this is the


first time that this Team GB has played together over 90 minutes.


This Brazilian side has been together for most of this season.


They have a chance now to wrap again. He won't forget this game in


a hurry. The a smirk on the face of Menezes. A little touch from


plateaued, I think he is expecting that to go over. -- from Pato, I


think he is expecting it to go over game of the season was for


Cheltenham against Macclesfield in front of 2000 fans. He has come a


long way. We are looking for the younger talents to come through.


From what you have seen in the second half, he hasn't been phased


to keep possession and keep the ball moving. Movement all the time,


always looking for a new position. Wherever the ball is, everyone


takes a position. Moves away, moves into space. Sometimes running


unselfishly to create space for others. It has opened up a bit of a


gap, closed quickly by Dawson. against what will be the favourites


for the gold medal. Stuart Pearce's men well beaten on the night, 2 a


very good side. Neymar is one of the emerging global stars, a gulf


in class but they dug in deep in the second half. There were a lot


of changes. You can see why he was brought into the squad when Ruddy


got hurt in the euros. A big gulf in class, a lot of quality in the


team, players coming into the side. He didn't disappoint me. There can


be occasions where there is a lot of build up. I think he knows the


expectations on him and the team. He showed flashes of brilliance. A


little bit of petulance. In general I thought they were real class


tonight. The Team GB adventure starts tonight, watch them in the


Olympics, watch Brazil over the next two years. This is a special


Thank you. The good folk of Middlesbrough and the Riverside


seem to have enjoyed what they saw. It was noted on Twitter that there


was no chanting going on, because there isn't really a Team GB chant.


Not yet. I think it might develop in the latter stages. It was much


better in the second half. Enough to build atmosphere? Taylor, Rose,


Colcot looked much more comfortable in the centre of defence -- Caulker


looked. I think in Jack Butland, we have seen a performance in the


second half which was very special. You could see the fruits of the


labours from the training camp in Krakow. Absolutely, with Joe Hart


and Robert Green. The Olympics is not unusual for bringing through a


star or two. He might be that staff. We were quite critical about the


lack of cohesion and communication. Players looking like they were out


of sorts, not forging relationships. The second half, there was


definitely a building. I saw confidence. There is no room for


shrinking violets, you have got to have a go. I thought we saw one or


The rose was better at left-back, I thought. Much better. I still fill


in the last third, we are not creating enough. We don't look like


we're going to score a goal. Do you think it is we are out there?


is not now, it will be. It is work in progress. We play sanicle next


week. We have UAE to look forward To I think you will hear chanting.


What are they going to chant. is what the be away think they


should chant. David Hart, given sell, a Team GB, go for gold. --


These are the goals from the first half. This is when things were


rocky at the back. Tomkins gets caught out and you can't allow the


ball to bounce there. Because this ball to bounce there. Because this


is the result. He put it past the goalkeeper. James Tompkins had a


poor first half. Caulker did much better in the second half. But


James Tompkins played in the I thought holed was clever and


dynamic in the way he ran at Richards -- I thought Hulk was


clever. He stops him, he goes again. Fantastic play and a definite


penalty. Very clever how the changes gear, goes into overdrive.


I think he should be leaving it alone there, leave him with the


problem to score the goal. You were impressed by Hulk? I thought he was


very impressive. I wouldn't be surprised to see him get a move, I


think he is suited to the Premiership, he is big, strong,


very quick. I know they gave the man-of-the-match to Neymar. His


vision for a pass in the second half, Hulk was fantastic for me.


What did you make of Neymar, so much hope and build up around him


much hope and build up around him and so much demand for him. It is


not unusual for star Brazilian players to have to cope with that


hype and they have to produce it on the big stage. Their fans demanded,


we want to see it. I thought Bosco looked very good today. He looked


exceptional at the back. The Brazilians are not renowned for


defensive qualities but they looked They were not tested. Menezes has


been looking to change the style and be a side that can smother the


opposition. I don't think they have never won the Olympic gold, their


intention is very clear. They want to win this. They will have to roll


Spain over to do it. But they are very capable. This Olympics is huge


for them, they host the next Olympics, they host the next World


Cup. They have the Confederations Cup next year, this is a big


stepping-stone. If it is. If you look at Hulk, Oscar, Neymar, icy


little signs of previous Brazilian teams -- I see little signs.


guy who came on, Lucas, he was fantastic. His pace, he went past


Caulker are once. There was a great shot and the save by Butland.


hear what Stuart Pearce made of his What is your assessment of that


team two performers? Certainly not a fully fit one at the moment. We


know next week is the most important one for us. I think we


played against one of the outstanding Olympic sides, to be


honest with you. I think they are let alone being under 23 side, they


would take on most international teams to be fair. They could be one


of the teams to knock over in this tournament. If you are going to win


the tournament. They are a very good side, well ahead of us in


respect to fitness and games together and understanding, but our


players and a lot of young players in there have got to come out and


use the positives from that. We passed the ball quite well,


probably up to the final third. We gave away -- we gave away a couple


of sloppy goals. We will draw the positives from it, we will have a


look at it over the weekend and we will be stronger for the


performance. What do you think you're side might have done better?


We gave the ball away when we got it in advanced positions. We do not


have enough numbers forward quickly enough to support it when we got it


forward. They endeavoured to pass from the back for the full 90


minutes. Certainly, one or two needed the fitness and needed 90


minutes under the belt. A couple of these players have never played at


this standard and this level before. What do you feel you learn from


some of your players tonight? is a great deal to be learnt. We


knew where we were fitness wise, that is for sure. I think we need


to find a bit more punch in the final third, you know, that is for


sure. That will come with maybe fitness, getting players into the


box and numbers into the box. is your only competitive warm-up


match before Senegal on Thursday. Do you feel ready for the games?


think so, if you say do I think the team is ready, no, I would have


answered the same weight if you had asked me before the game, we are


not ready before this moment in time. On Thursday we will be more


ready. We will have had two matches under our belt and another four or


five training sessions between now and Thursday and it will be all to


play for. I think we will get stronger as the tournament goes on.


We knew that from the of said. Thank you.


He said, before the match that Brazil was the best test for this


side. Do you think it was and with hindsight a side that may have


given you more confidence in your own performers? I don't think you


going to a tournament with false notions, you need to know the


reality. You have young kids who will grow up quickly because they


have to. In the second half, some did. It was a fair assessment by


Stuart Pearce. They struggled at third -- times, gave the ball away


cheaply, but those guys want to be successful. They have had good


seasons at their clubs. They are lacking in fitness. People might


think it is a cop out. When you are tired, the form and technique goes.


Give them a couple of games and they will be back. One of those


players who progress during the game was Danny Rose. Yes, when he


went to left back he was more comfortable, he formed a good


partnership with Sinclair on that side. He set up the best chance,


for a late dash for Craig Bellamy, It was much more positive from


Danny Rose, from the left-back position. Maybe a shade of side.


shade? Miles offside! If you are offside, you are offside. It


terrific ball from Danny Rose, a better performance from the young


Neil Taylor had a growing performance. Yes, he grew in


He timed the tackle to perfection. He does brilliantly, he was


thinking about offside, he tracks and tracks, gets the block in.


Excellent defending. He gets tired towards the end, understandably so.


Rose got tired, they work hard. By Thursday there will be much more in


the tank. I think what we wanted to see more of was Ryan Giggs with set


pieces or dead-ball opportunities. How proud way you to Captain Team


GB tonight for the first time competitively? Obviously very proud.


It was a good game to be involved and against Brazil, it is special


to play Brazil. To Captain and be involved was great. Brazil are


clearly an extremely talented side. A difficult match. Do you feel more


or less confident going into the Olympic games after that? It was


great preparation for us. They are ahead of us fitness wise. We have


only been together really nearly two weeks, so we are getting better


and better. Yes, it was a good market today. We are definitely


getting better. We will improve as the tournament goes on. It was a


good benchmark for us. Where do you feel the players are fit as wise?


Are some tired, or are some on it - - undercooked, even? It is


difficult really because you want all 18 players to be fit. That is


the main thing for the first game. You can't kill them, running every


day. Do what you would normally do in a pre-season. Equally, you need


to get some sort of base fitness. It has been tricky, balancing the


two. This game will bring as on again and we have another six days


or so to get ready for Senegal. the captain of a side playing with


each other for the first time, what did you learn about some of the


other players tonight? We have talent in the dressing room.


Everyone is comfortable on the ball. We will get better. I have seen it


in training. I have seen the quality and training and we have


seen in parts tonight. It is always disappointing to lose a game. But


we will take the positives out of it. A bank you.


He will enjoy playing at Old Trafford for the first competitive


game of the Olympics, won't he? Ryan Giggs it must be bizarre, for


Wales, playing with people who were not up to his standard and in this


team he will look around the team... Oh it is generous of you to admit


that. He said the players are comfortable on the ball. He is used


to play with the best players in the world that United. He will help


the younger players. It was nice to hear him say they are comfortable.


He seems positive and comfortable that -- and confident that they can


grow. Stuart Pearce has to decide what is best team he is. He has


only had a short period to see what they can do. What is your best


team? Put them in. I thought Caulker, Richards, Rose, Taylor,


Buckland, that is his best five and we will go with that next Thursday


but he has learnt a lot tonight. This time next week we will be


half-an-hour or so to the opening ceremony extravaganza and there was


some spectacular scenes in the capital tonight. The Olympic torch


was at sailed into the Tower of London, where it will be locked up


for the night along with the medalled. This is Royal Marine


Martyn Williams are sailing torched down, the relay is entering its


final week. It was handed to Dame Kelly Holmes. What a beautiful


sunset in London. Let's hope that we're the remains. It will be


carried by Lennox Lewis, Tim Henman, going from Downing Street to Albert


Square. An historic week ahead. The Torch relay is the subject of a


special programme coming up next week. Incredible. I know what the


Queen feels like now. Wonderful. Marvellous. I am out of breath,


The British will come out, whatever the weather. This is what makes an


Olympics special, people getting behind it. Just mind-blowing.


loved it, it was the time of my This programme tells the


inspirational stories of people who carried the Flame, one to putting


your diary. None of us carried it, Jack Butland, there was a few


eyebrows raised when he was called into the squad. It is great to see


another English keeper playing for GB tonight, coming through. There


was a time when we had three or four world-class goalkeepers. It is


great to have heart and Butland, he looked top-class tonight. A string


He has strong hand. He pushed out of the danger area numerous times.


Even there, the Punch, he knocked it 20 yards out of danger. Here


again, he keeps strong hands. I love this. Look, straight away,


smothers it. Brave. Brave. This is superb. You can see the benefit of


the three weeks spent with Rob Green and Joe Hart. He is


comfortable in these surroundings, completely. Yes, the public think


great saves but the work you have to do to be able to react like that,


week in, week out, these guys really put there are was in.


Steele, the local lad who came on in the first half, he is the number


one for Stuart Pearce? Yes, tonight has shown him what is best


goalkeeper Rab best back four are in. Caulker will replace Tomkins,


he has a decent back four. One of the best performances I have seen


second half. He looked uncomfortable, out of his depth in


the first, settled down and played better and... In this that -- in


that respect it was a useful exercise for Stuart Pearce. Yes,


getting fitness. You are confident they can get out of the group?


expect GB to get out of the group. Uruguay, Mexico and the other group,


And The no Demba Ba, no Cisse. We expect to beat them. United Arab


Emirates, Uruguay will be interesting thought bit obvious


reasons, Luis Suarez. It is at the Millennium Stadium. A of course.


The Welsh fans will come out in force? I think so. I think they


will seek Giggs, Bellamy, Taylor, Joe Allen, Ramsey. Pires surprised


Ramsey did not start tonight. Being the Welsh captain. Joe Allen was


picked ahead of him. That is a nice problem for Stuart Pearce to have,


will he play Joe Allen or Ramsey? Can he pick two? I remember Gary


Speed saying that Joe Allen was one of the best players he has worked


with. This is a big stage for him to work on. Thank you for your


company. The dress rehearsals are done. Next time Great Britain's


footballers take to the pitch it will be for real. You can watch the


first event of the games when Great Britain's women take on New Zealand


on BBC One next Wednesday at 3:30pm. It is good night you can stop a


Live action from Middlesbrough's Riverside Stadium as Great Britain's men play their one and only warm-up game ahead of a historic return to Olympic action. Stuart Pearce's side will be the first to represent Great Britain at the Olympics since 1960. They face a tantalising prospect in taking on 2008 bronze medallists Brazil, who will begin this year's Games among the favourites to win gold. The Olympic contest is for under-23 teams, but with each squad allowed to include three over-age players there are set to be some big names on show.

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