Great Britain v Sweden Match of the Day Live

Great Britain v Sweden

Gabby Logan presents live coverage from the Riverside Stadium, Middlesbrough, as Great Britain's women face Sweden in their only friendly before the Olympics.

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Hello, welcome to Middlesbrough. This time next week the Olympic


torch will be on the final few miles for its journey to London and


the start of the 2012 Games. It will be a landmark occasion for


Great Britain's little teams. For the men it is over 50 years since


they have appeared at the Olympics, and for the women it is the first


time. In fact we were banned from playing football 50 years ago. This


is the only a warm-up game at the Riverside Stadium today and if


Olympic gold is the target, we will get a good idea of how realistic


that is in the next few hours. If gold is to be the colour, that may


well come down to the formal of the team's golden girl. A Kelly Smith!


Our country's top scorer and one of the world's top players. The


striker heads eight cast mainly made from the England team, and at


the helm at their coach, now a leading Team GB. Hope springs


eternal. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We go into games


wanting to win everyone and this is no different. The ambition is there


but all that be enough to win the biggest prize of the Olympic Games?


One of the great things about football at the Olympic Games is


the chance to spread the message around the UK and take it out of


London's. Six stadiums are taking hold of the football. Two of the


most players have joined me today. A BBC regular, Sue Smith, and


recently retired former captain here. Was that deliberate timing? A


lot of fans would have loved to have seen you play a bit longer.


Now I am here, I am thinking, can I take it back? But my knees were


giving out. Team GB's lost his our game. There was 60,000 watching


women's football in Germany. For this team to play in front of


30,040 1,000, it is pivotal. Without a doubt and they are so


excited. They just want to play. To take them to different venues


around the UK is great and it is a way of letting people that have not


seen women's football before... saw boys and girls in their school


uniforms coming to watch. That is your audience. They can aspire to


be them and that is fantastic. GB could not wish for a more


experienced woman at the helm. Hope Powell has been managers since 1998


and in that time, the men's team have seen nine different bosses in


charge. Hope Powell has guided the women to two World Cups and three


world champions, -- what championships, but this is


different, this is Team GB. This is the first time we have seen


a Team GB line-up. Four Scots in this side, no Pharrell Williams.


Explain the thinking. -- no Fara Williams. There is no Rachel Yankey,


Karen Carney, Williams, a lot of experienced players are not


starting but those who are starting probably have earned their right to


start. We will probably make changes at half-time. You are


explode -- playing a very experienced Sweden line-up. That is


a great test. They came third in the World Cup, which is great for


them. They provide the right colour back at this stage to really test


us. We know it will be a tough game -- bill right Caliber. It gives us


a barometer to see how much work we have done and how much work we need


to do. You have managed England 150 times, and this is the first time


publicly with Team GB. How different is it? A very different.


The kit is different, the players are different, it is a different


environment. We have been with the male Team GB. It is a different


atmosphere and something very special. We are trying to adopt the


one Team GB ethos, which has been great. But in terms of the coaching


staff and preparation, it is very similar because I am not going to


change that, but it has been an enjoyable experience so far. Hope


If you have followed England's women, you will recognise a lot of


those names. That two Scots in there, and I do not mean Jill Scot.


The Scottish players. People will not know as much about them. But we


do know about Kelly Smith, one of the outstanding players of a


generation. She is so it influential. When she is playing


well, England and Team GB will be playing well. She can make things


happen. I think everybody will want to watch Kelis Smith. She has


struggled with her fitness but she has managed to get back. She broke


ankle in March and is just getting back from that. Four months of


recovery. I spoke to her over the last few days and she has been


feeling really good. She can't wait for this. She played 40 minutes at


Arsenal and 45 in South Africa. It will be great for me to see how her


and Kim Little joined-up. Little is a Scottish player. They


know each other. Kim has been in the Arsenal team for a long time.


She will be used to the system. They are very similar players, very


creative. I think Kim Little is back in midfield, and that was


saved Kelly's looks a little bit. They will link up very well -- that


will save Kelly's legs. Casey Stoney seems to have seamlessly


slipped into the armband for England and obviously captain for


Team GB as well. She is a definite for the starting 11. I think so.


She has 90 caps for Scotland, Kim Little, more experience than Sophie


Bradley, and this game is really important for them. She will know a


lot about the Swedish players. They have been a bogey side for England.


Not Team GB obviously! But one of their key players is not starting


up. But they have a lot of good players and they do seem to be


their bogey team. We always seem to draw against them. Caroline Seger


is the player to watch. She gets up and down the pitch and she makes


things happen. I know she was captain for a while and she left


the captain's armband because she wanted to concentrate on her own


game, so that is interesting. were third in the World Cup. They


have always been England's nemesis. It is a great opportunity today. If


we want to progress in the tournament, it will be coming up


with teams like Sweden in the latter stages that we will have to


get past. This is an important game to give Team GB a sense of being


together as a Hull. -- as eight he met together. They need a good


result, a good performance. They meet the girls to gel together as a


team. Hope it said she would swap and maybe bring others on at half-


time but this is a chance for the girls to prove themselves and make


sure they starred in the next game. Most of the goals have played in


big tournaments. -- most of the girls. You can see that the whole


experience and the build up have been very different, you can see


from Twitter. Just the experience of going into the Olympic Park,


scene other athletes from other countries and other sports. It is


the whole team of every sport and that has really come across him one


of the interviews I read. And they have met the men's team as well.


They had a social night together. It has been a bit much for some of


the goals. Now they have to think about their game rather than the


fact they are walking around with Craig Bellamy and Ryan Giggs! It is


a new experience for some of the goals. -- some of the goals. Good


afternoon, everyone, from the Riverside Stadium. A proud venue


for a piece of football history. This evening we will see Ryan Giggs


lead at Team GB against Brazil but first it is the turn of the women.


That Team GB than it comes together for the first time. The first game


of the Olympics comes next Wednesday against New Zealand. The


first action of any sort in the 2012 Games. This is a really


difficult a warm-up match. Sweden have history in every Olympic Games


in which England's women have the injured. -- have it should. The


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 117 seconds


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. The national anthem, which of course we hoped to


hear a lot during the medal ceremonies win the Olympic Games


get under way in less than a week's time, as far as the football is


concerned. Nine English players and two from Scotland, Kim Little and


Dieke being the only non-English internationals. In Germany at the


likes of Casey Stoney, Jill Scot, Alex Scot, familiar names. A lot of


these places all play their club football in Sweden. The Swedish


team includes four veterans of the Beijing Olympics four years ago,


including the goalkeeper, Hedvig Nilla Fischer is wearing its


familiar colours of Sweden. That is the kit we will have to get used to,


Of all the names in women's football on show at the Olympic


Games, Kelly Smith's will be really prominent. She is making her voice


heard in the Team GB huddle. Sweden are just as experienced as side.


They will fancy their chances of meddling for the first run at the


Olympics. They have played at all previews four games at which


women's football has been played but they haven't yet managed as


facture of the fruit in March. She has briefly appeared for Arsenal


since then. -- Fracture of the people get him to try to watch two


tremendous games of football. It will give us a taste of what we can


enjoy once the Olympic games get under way. You wanted to get your


boots back on. It is a tremendous honour to be selected. What a great


atmosphere! A good Test against Arsenal player these days. She is


from a bit further north east. is actually from Sunderland. Bitter


will be dying to get involved. She will be a key player. She has a


tremendous left foot. She has not really started her third spell


where Arsenal. She played in the Cyprus match and got an injury in


That will be her proudest moment to date. This is Ifeoma Dieke. The


Houghton with that. The game will start off with Team GB being a bit


nervous. We eyed days away from the start of the Olympics. -- week our


days away. The point has been made about the crowds. It all starts on


Wednesday with Team GB against New Zealand. A crowd of over 40,000 is


expected. They have not played in crowds of that size at home. To do


it regularly you get used to it. Once in a while, you cannot hear


the ball in. She is one of the number of players in the Team GB


squad who is all set for another year in USA but that had to be


cancelled in January due to a lack pitch for both sides. Not the


midfield when she can. She is a tall presence. It will be


interesting to see how Kim Little integrates into what is essentially


an England side. She is Scott and a past appears best player Foster she


is a clever player. -- Scot land's best player. She will probably be


one of the star performers. It is a home from home. That was well


but it was always well wide from Ellen White. That was a good break


by Team GB. Ellen White is a great striker of the ball but probably


not one of the best. The full-backs Straight on to the head of Steph


Houghton. Hope Powell has coached for 150 games. Matt is a record for


England. She has played a key role in revolutionising women's football


She loves to do that for club and country. Ellen White in the box


with a clever little ball. That was well-defended by Sweden. Good


experience! They will be looking to tried to get the ball to Ellen


the field. Team GB plays a similar formation to Sweden. The wide


players of pushed a bit further forward. It is extremely attacking.


it a bit. Sweden are allowing GB to come forward a bet. She happily


accepted the close attention of Nilla Fischer. That was a bit too


close! Kelly Smith managed to get her body in front of her and the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 117 seconds


ball and she got that foul. It is problem at all for Hedvig Lindahl.


She needed her team-mates to make their runs a bit quicker so they


could get a touch. In the end it was easy. Another free kick


conceded by Nilla Fischer on Kelly Smith. That is probably a tactic of


Sweden, up looking after Kelly's net. They are targeting have as one


of the dangerous players. -- Kelly Smith. That was just the wrong side


bounce of the ball. Definitely more junior teams and she is a good


player. Ifeoma Dieke has had a lot of work to do at the back so far.


One reason she is in the squad is the experience she has in some of


the top leagues in the world, playing against the top players.


You can cope at this level. 90 caps for Scotland. She missed at that


time. -- alt. -- out. Scotland are ever improving in terms of the


women's international team. They are up to 21st in the world


rankings. The last time they played England they beat them as well, in


She lost the ball. The Swedes are set up with two screening


midfielders. They are more protective than England. Sweden are


trying not to concede that many goals by having two enforcers in


front of the back four. It would take something especially serious


for a referee to take cards out of the pocket. A different scenario


next week! One eye on next week but you have still got to play the game


as you were it because you want to place next week. The ball nearly


had enough weight to beat Casey Stoner a. Good defending. -- Casey


Stoney. She is right but it and that little balance helps. That is


a great challenge. Kim Little kept week and that it was a rare


occasion. She scored for Lincoln. A reverse pass into Ellen White which


away again. Ifeoma Dieke heads clear. A smart turn from Casey


Stoney. The ever increasing crowd. A lot more people have come in


since the whistle. They are fully behind Team GB, which is good to


see. A little bit more fluidity about the position. I have seen Kim


Little picked the ball up in her own half and switch with Jill Scott.


We have good players who can switch positions. She seems to be playing


quite deep. She likes the ball at her feet and she has not been


getting it. Players like that can unofficial training game for Team


GB against South Africa. Good work from a Kristin Hammarstrom. Rather,


that was Sofia Jakobsson with the effort. Sweden are attacking in


numbers. That was a waste. She she stood on Steph Houghton's foot.


Houghton has broken legs and things like that in the past and when


somebody challenges like that, you are very aware. Especially on the


eve of a major tournament. Which has happened to her twice. I think


Aluko thought that maybe Kelly could have gone for that. Aluko


attacks at speed. Killeen knew she was given to be offside. -- Kelly


knew. She wanted it a little bit it physically and difficult to get


then well and truly flattened by Karen Bardsley. The assistant


referee caused a bit of drama by not raising the flag but it is


obvious that it was offside. Karen Bardsley is a tall girl. Caroline


Seger has had enough of them in her As close as we have come. Aluko


spotted for Team GB but way to go and finish it. -- but White. Great


pace from Aluko. It fell to Ellen White but it was just wide,


unfortunately for Team GB. A good opportunity though. Ellen White has


only scored one goal in her last thwarted by Karen Bardsley anyway.


Jakobsson is busy, she wants to make those runs. She is getting


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 117 seconds


closer to time it right. -- timing that she can't get hold of the ball


there. Those Swedish midfielders the Swedish side, has been in


Jakobsson. That looked tight again. Sweden are cantering extremely


wealthy. -- countering. Conjuring extremely well. I think Jakobsson


it will cause a problem at some the centre of defence for Team GB.


Maybe they need his game to get Smith is looking sharper. Often the


case. She has just come back from Jill Scott was not happy with the


execution. If it is in front of the Swedish defence, it is easy for


them. Team GB are just getting themselves into this game now. They


need to look for that last pass into the final third, for that to


play left back, I have seen her play just about everywhere else.


She is talented. She is technically very good and strong in the air and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 117 seconds


Bardsley yet -- nothing to relieve American professional soccer.


Who wouldn't? Playing football for it living sounds good to me.


latest incarnation of the professional game there has hit


hard times. But the American public have a great attitude to female


athletes. You are expected for what you are, as a good athlete, female


and male. These players who have played out there will probably say


direct play, Sweden. They lost three world class players a few


years ago. They are now a passing team. The formation they play lends


itself to patient passing. They are a good passing team. Four in the


FIFA world rankings. A mistake from Seger. One of the Swedish side you


would normally put good money on across to Caroline Seger and she


will wonder what she did there, you would have expected that to have


tested Karen Bardsley. It was a tired and lazy shot. In the heat of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 117 seconds


Middlesbrough! It is warm. I have expression with her shoulders when


the ball is not exactly where she wants it. She couldn't quite reach


it. Sir Clive Woodward is here, director of sport. He was there to


greet the girls in the Olympic village this week and speak to them


and he was quite inspirational, as was Dame Kelly Holmes. He was not


in the Portakabin earlier! With two games today, the women and men have


been forced to change in a Portakabins. Brazil and Sweden have


got the star treatment. But it is not what everybody is imagining.


has been the start of the FA Superleague this year? Yes. She is


a clever little player. It is difficult for the defender and


midfield to pick her up. I would love to see her get the chance to


get forward into a goalscoring position for Team GB. I am sure it


goalkeeper was not 100% sure! That was a lovely ball from Kelis Smith.


Houghton instinctive leak struck it but just a bit over the bar. It was


an instinctive strike and it was the closest come.


wonderful try! She just went for it. Not too many players in women's


international football would think about trying that. I have seen her


escort two or three like that. technique. It just drifted to the


right. From where we were, it looked like it was going in. She is


probably disappointed with herself but it is not on target. She sets


has a very high standards. -- that Stoney. That one is guided back to


Karen Bardsley. It is a good central defensive partnership.


Sophie Bradley is an extremely good player as well. Back to Karen


Bardsley. That was touched on to Caroline Seger. They allowed the


goalkeeper to come and get it. Ifeoma Dieke used all her


experience as centre half to stop that shot on goal. That was good


not been on the ball match. She has been on the ball less than British


players. When she has, she has diver was for the cameras really.


That was for the slow motion really. They were never really troubling


starting it all from a deep position. One of the goalkeeping


substitutes is Kristin Hammarstrom. You will be able to tell them apart


because she has gloves on, she is the goalkeeper. She is the twin of


out a bit earlier. Good goalkeeping from Hedvig Lindahl. Counter-


situation. -- do a lot. From the Team GB attack, you are looking at


runs being made. A bit too quick. From both sides. No problem with of


sideburns. Steph Houghton was always in front of her. -- offside


there. Caroline Saker for Sweden is just dropping in. -- Caroline Seger.


The midfielders are behind her. She is picking it up and putting the


developed for Sweden. If you have a kick out of Nilla Fischer, you want


to be as far away as possible when she turns round. These teams are


housed in the same block in the Olympic village will start she


loses add to Annica Svensson. -- Olympic village. I like that side


of Kellie Smith. She has a spark. - - Kelly Smith. She is aggressive.


Kim Little looks like being her heir apparent at Arsenal. There are


11 years difference between the players. She will only be 22 soon.


She is on the ball now. She scored against Sweden when they lost --


when Scotland lost to them. She is capable of filling the shoes of


Kelly Smith. Kelly Smith is 33. You would not think there would be


another World Cup in her. She might have another euros next summer.


do not see why not, if she keeps herself fit. Injuries do tend to


take their toll, particularly late thirties. Speaking from experience.


Why did you flex your knee when you block it. A corner for Sweden. The


first of the match. That was a great run. Steph Houghton got in on


the end of it but it was not kept out. It is difficult to score from


there. The first set piece for Team defend. It was rolled out to Kelly


Smith. Eniola Aluko did not put the brakes on quick enough. They could


have cantered very well. She came out to collect. She collected it


well. That cross was over everybody. I do not think they expected her to


throw it out. It is a wasted opportunity. Team GB have been


doing what Sweden has been doing to Little was blocked out by the


strong figure of Nilla Fischer. Ifeoma Dieke has won more than she


has not. She has got herself a free kick. Together with Casey Stoner a,


they have done really well. They have not played together match. --


Casey Stoney. They have done really well today. It is her second spell


in Sweden. The United States mostly. She is from the United States


initially. She moved to Scotland at the age of three. That is why she


is not bothered about wearing No. to find Kelly Smith. She is


delaying the past. Maybe holding on to long. One reason she came inside


her is because she could see Eniola Aluko. Maybe a waste of a final


trap. It is the first time she has beaten the trap. Thankfully it was


when she was in a wide position. She held her Ramphal stub she


looked like she was clear. -- she held her ran. Team GB with a chance


to break. That was collected well buy Kim Little. There was a really


good tackle. Emma Berglund got it back for Sweden. This is game one


of the Team GB double-header. 7:45pm kick-off tonight with Team


GB against Brazil. Karen Bardsley did not have to bother with that.


Looking at the chance for GP, she tried to get it wide for Ellen


White but it ended up at the feet of Kellie Smith. It really felt on


her left foot to poke at it. Team GB has not really got behind the


Swedish defence. It has all been in front of them and easy to defend


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 117 seconds


good finish but it won't matter of. at the Riverside Stadium will stop


I think it has been one that has is respected in the school. -- in a


People coming home are looking up forward to a double-header of Team


GB, the men are playing Brazil later. What did you make of that


first half performance? Especially the way the Scottish players are


blending into a solid England line- up? Hope will be pleased with the


possession that Team GB have had. Or the back has been quite solid. I


think Kim Little needs to get in the game a little bit more. In the


game they had on Sunday, there was struggling to find her but we saw


when she did at the end, she opened up the defence. She has shown


flashes where she gets on the ball and make something happen. Casey


Stoney has done well. Sweden are looking to sit back, but quite


happy to allow Team GB the ball, playing on the counter. Our


mistakes have allowed them him. Flashes of good stuff from Team GB.


A Kelly Smith and Kim Little, if they can work well together, that


She has looked lively and powerful. apart from school. She is more of a


natural centre forward. -- apart from score. She works hard for the


team. She will always support the The Arsenal lady had a good chance


as well. She has been on the left, Steph Wharton, and that is not


unnatural side, but she has a cracking technique and her passing


with her right honourable friend is you broke, one of the best in the


She is another utility player. It shows what a class player she is


that she can play anywhere. Kelly Smith's ankle has caused a problems


in the last few months. She did not show any signs of being rusty.


said in training she has been blowing a bit! Kelly it is about


her vision and confidence to try things like that. In 2009 against


Russia, she scored a goal from the halfway line like that. She is not


scared to try things when she gets a little bit of space. This is the


snap shot. This is where you see Kim Little and driving at defenders


and picking the ball up. It is a lovely little ball and she was just


offside. It was a nice finish. Problems for the Swedish defence at


the other end of the pitch. We need to keep an eye on Sofia Jakobsson.


Sweden are using their wealth. seem to be sitting back. -- using


her well. Jakobsson and Seger look dangerous. Every time she gets on


the ball, you can see her movement. But a couple of offside decisions.


Seger is just dropping in. Centre halves do not want to go with her


but Jakobsson is stretching them. She is like lightning. She turns


Casey Stoney. Seger should have sloppy and allow women to get


through. We need to watch Jakobsson. She looks the most lively. She is


only young and she is out to impress. She has done that so far.


What do you think she will do in the second half, Hope Powell?


would have thought she would make some changes. I don't think Kelly


will last the whole game because she needs to build her fitness. It


is a friendly, so it is seeing what other players can do when they come


on. They need time to gel and play We have got players in midfield and


up front that can come on. It is goalless at the Riverside but later


this evening, Britain's men take on Brazil in their Olympic warm-up


game. It will be a tough test for Stuart Pearce's team.


It might be fashionable to criticise football in the Olympics,


but Stuart Pearce's squad are relishing the opportunity to play


in tournament football. They are also revelling in being a part of


the Olympic experience. It has been brilliant. I have really enjoyed it.


I knew certain things were going to happen and this is such a big scale.


To be involved in it and to see it for myself has really opened my


eyes. It is something I am not used to and some think I am enjoying.


The training, the banter, the set up, I am really enjoying it. Given


that support has get paid a lot of money, here we are all treated the


same. -- given that footballers get paid. We are in a two bedroom


apartment and we have a single bed! It has brought us right back down


to earth! It is good. It is good that athletes are treated the same.


We are eating in the same canteen as every other athlete and it has


been special, I have really enjoyed it. I have tried to embrace it and


I am so glad I have done this. GB have not featured in the men's


tournament since 1960 but there is no doubt the major nations of the


game taking very seriously. Argentina have won the last two


tournaments, with Carlos Tevez and Ian will messy at the heart of


those sides. -- and Lionel Messi. People little bit but wait until


the tournament starts and you can see the preparation and the


magnitude of the other teams and their preparation they have done --


people belittle it. Representing your country and Team GB and the


Olympics... I think only the World Cup gets bigger than that. We play


Uruguay in Cardiff in a couple of weeks and it has been sold out for


a couple of months so the world public have shown up the support,


it is there. And the support I had in Cardiff in the last couple of


weeks was really positive and. It makes me proud to be involved.


Along with Senegal and the United Arab Emirates, Uruguay are in Team


GB's group. Spain have selected three Euro 2012 winners, as they


look to we met yet another competition. -- look to win. Brazil


arrive as favourites for surprisingly a competition they


have never won. The magnitude of the Brazilian and the Spanish squad,


to Lindahl, they are hell-bent on winning. -- to name but two. We did


not have a qualification period for a week. To put that into context,


the UAE have played 17 preparation matches. The teams will be very


good. We want to mix well in training and get to know each other.


They come with a great reputation, Brazil, and it is good to test


ourselves against the best. This Team GB squat Features many players


-- Team GB squad features many players. We are preparing this got


to win the gold medal. That is why I have picked the best available


squad. I train them and I prepared them to win gold. We are going for


gold because we do not come to the event and aim for any low well.


are here to win. We have plenty of talent in the team. It would be


tough because a lot of the team have been together for six weeks.


We have trained really well. The preparation has gone well. We have


plenty of talent within the squad to go far. You can watch Great


Britain's men take on Brazil some 7:30pm on BBC One. Let's look ahead


to the women's tournament in the Olympics. The United States remain


favourites having won gold in three of the four since women's football


was introduced, but there is plenty of tough opposition. The top two


from each of the three groups and the two best third-placed teams


going on to the quarter-finals. Japan have won last year's World


Cup final in Germany. A rare blip for Germany, who won their five


qualifying games with 38 goals The Wembley Team GB haven't Brazil


showdown comes on July 31st. -- Team GB-Brazil. Team GB's women


start two days before the opening ceremony, Wednesday. It all comes


thick and so fast. We have picked out a few of the teams to watch and


certainly the players to watch. Abbey is one of the top places, 138


goals for her country and so You know that America want to win


every single game and every single tournament. Their preparation has


been fantastic. Since they qualified in January, they have


been away for three weeks of every month. That preparation will


definitely stand them in good stead. It it comes down to Team GB needing


a result in that final game against Brazil, let's talk a bit about what


Brazil will pose. Martyr can win a game on her own. They are ranked


higher than us. They have been in the last two finals of the Olympics.


They have got to the World Cup final, in 2007, and lost out.


Sheasby heads the team. They have a lot of flair and attacking


brilliance. I think personally it will come down to that game. Even


if Team GB have done well. If you look to the next stage, the winners


of the group will play a third place of Group F and Group G, so


you would think that would be easier than playing the second


place of Group F, which could be Sweden or Japan. And New Zealand?


Babel beat us. We have played them before. -- they will be tough. Hope


had that in the back of her mind. She has played them before and


experienced how we will set up and play against them. We should win it,


I would say. They have just had a change of manager but it is their


assistant manager so you think they would play the same. They tend to


play a diamond midfield, which is a bit tighter than the 4-4-2. A how


much do you think those tactics that Hope Powell will employ a,


what do you think? Today is a chance to get the other players


have an opportunity but with Cameroon in our Group, we have


never played them before. We have never really played Brazil. We can


look at their previous formations and results, because they have


always played in the big games, but she has got a good squad and if you


look at the likes of Williams, Yankey, Carney on the bench.


Williams has 100 caps for herself! You s. The play is you can bring on


can make a difference and that is exactly what you need in these


sorts of games. It is certainly built as the... There is Rachel


like she is ready for action. The crowd has certainly built. Brazil


are taking on Team GB a bit later on. We have the second half of this


game where we will hopefully see some goals from Team GB. We are all


set a poor the second half, which will begin with a flurry of


substitutions. For the second half. Annica Svensson has come off the


pitch will start there will be three Team GB changes. -- off the


Team GB. It will be a good run out to more important players. This is


the final and only proper warm up match. Fara Williams is a veteran


of 105 England games. She gets her first run out in an official Team


GB International. Rachel Yankey can trump that. She has played for


England 119 times. Rachel Brown has more international experience than


anyone allows. She made her debut back in February 1997. -- anyone


else. What did they have to do to try to break down Sweden? They are


very organised and experienced. They need to try to get the ball


behind defence. They did not do that match. I am sure that is what


they will be looking at. Away we go. Kelly Smith is immediately on the


partner back. She is used to playing with Fara Williams. Each of


these players will be looking to cement their place, to get a place


in the team. Asllani Macro ran quarter-finals current semis and


final. Everyone in the squad needs to be ready. You need to be able to


slip into this formation. Everyone is top quality of. Nilla Fischer is


an absolute certainty to be Kelly Smith ball went -- for it.


ball was left by Caroline Seger. A much more open field to the start


of the second half. Rachel Yankey will add to the pace if she gets a


chance. Kim Little is further forward for the British team. The


cross was too close to the goalkeeper. It already looks a


little bit better. The game will become stretched as we go along.


New players will come on who want to prove a point. Rachel Yankey


will add to that on the left-hand away from Asllani. Kelly Smith gets


back on side. You can hear small moans and groans from the crowd as


more people arrive at the Riverside Stadium. -- more moans and groans.


GB men play Brazil live tonight. Hope Powell and Stuart Pearce could


not have picked two up more stern tests. You need to be tested. You


need to know what it is like against the top teams. For but the


men and women, this is a test. -- started this second half with a


purpose. She picked the ball up. She could have gone a bit further


forward with it and made a pass. I am sure that Hope Powell will have


said, Kim, get yourself into a striker. Sofia Jakobsson plays in


Russia. She plays like a player with an air of confidence that does


not seem to faze her at this level. Hope Powell is taking notes, as


ever. If you are planning on making a lot of changes, it is very


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 117 seconds


different -- difficult. A throw for the match by Casey Stoney. --


mistake. That is the first involvement for Rachel Brown. It


laying a claim to be the player of the match will Great Brittain.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 117 seconds


she lacks in stature, she makes up from Fara Williams. She will not


like having been left out of the starting line-up. Sweden are


looking strong whip Nilla Fischer. That is the second test for the


Everton goalkeeper and has she -- and she has been up to both of them.


That was easy enough for Rachel Brown. The opportunities of getting


there for Sweden. Asllani poked one through for Sofia Jakobsson. GB has


Jill Scott. She won it back cleanly. Alex Scott brakes inside. That


Cross is going nowhere. That looked a promising break for Team GB.


Quite a few choices. That was not ball over Rachel Brown but the


goalkeeper did enough. She is definitely the most dangerous


player for Sweden. She did not get enough on it to cut it in. She is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 117 seconds


occupying both team-sheet -- Team was bow before that but she was


complaining. She got beat Farrell. -- fouled before that. She was


impeded again and again. Kim Little again. Rachel Yankey was strong to


withstand that push. Kelly Smith was trying to gain ground. She did


well. That is not where she wants the ball. She is so effective when


running with the ball. She closed likely to score at the moment.


looks like Jakobsson will create its or score. That is Thomas


Dennerby's 5th major tournament in wires crossed. Thomas Dennerby is


making a change, he will take off Dahlkvist. It will be John Al Green


who will come on. She played at the Olympics four years ago but did not


make the last two World Cup squads, rather famously for those of us who


follow the games. She was proposed to by Ronald de neo- in the last


Olympics. -- Ronaldinho. It didn't Carney to get ready. All these


changes are expected. One -- Carney is a regular and she will be coming


on determined to show that she upon by Aluko and Smith. -- gang up


on. Clever play by Sweden, they get out of tight situations in touch


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 117 seconds


neither team has a grip on proceedings. I think when you start


to make changes, there is a lull. We have to remember, this is a


warm-up match. Ready for the real thing. The Olympics of 2012. It


will be kicking off in Cardiff next Wednesday, Team GB against New


Zealand. Alex Scot! Nick you collected by Hedvig Lindahl. --


had to take the action of not doing it. She did well to direct the


header for a throw-in and not a corner. A bit of confusion there


but that was a great defensive header under pressure. We only have


two substitutions. Kelly Smith put in a solid performance at


centre-back, and Sophie Bradley is on for her. Dieke has definitely


staked her claim for next Wednesday's game. Sophie Bradley is


another good young player, used to playing in tournaments. Perhaps


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 117 seconds


doesn't have the physical stature inside. Not enough to trouble


Rachel Brown. She has had more to do in the second half and Karen


Bardsley had in the whole first half. I think she will be glad she


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 117 seconds


she turned into whether congestion was. Another easy one for Rachel


Brown. Jakobsson made the run and to create the space, and then she


ran straight into it! I am impressed with Jakobsson though.


Aluko was offside. This is where Aluko is strongest, down the middle,


Goransson, both attacking players. Hammarstrom is the first number up,


plays for the team that is top of the table in the Swedish Women's


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 117 seconds


in the Bundesliga in Germany for preparations for Team GB. --


Knowstone. They went on a tank driving exercise last week, to help


with bonding. I don't know how these things work. I have seen lots


of pictures of it. They painted their faces and went in a tank and


got muddy. Make of that what you will. It makes you better at


football. You get to know each other. It is all that one Team GB


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 117 seconds


stuff. They need to drive a tank and Lord Moynihan as well from the


British Olympic Association. Andy Hunt was there earlier from the


British Olympic team. Rachel Yankey was at the heart of it.


good run by Rachel Yankey. What a great striker, she just hit it too


true. That was unlucky. In that position you would bet on her


scoring. That is pass of the match from Karen Carney. Absolutely. That


is what be game needed. A bit of a spark with the changes. Better if


it had gone in. We will see whether nearly claiming and assist with a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 117 seconds


quarters ball. Houghton. -- with a limit is better next week -- with


that Schelin is better next week. One of their most experienced


players. Sweden's group consists of Japan, or what champions, and


Canada, which is not easy. -- world champions. Casey Stoney had a hold


of Madelaine Edlund there. assistant referee could not see.


She let go of her in time. There is Jill Scott... Team GB have come


closest to scoring, hitting the post to Rachel Yankey. Just over 80


minutes to try to find a morale- boosting win to take them to the


that is ranked above Brazil. -- it would be a boost. Sweden are


traditionally a powerhouse in women's football. To beat the team


like them is a real coup, particularly for Team GB in the


run-up to the Olympics. Sweden managed to fire ball towards goal


more often. I suppose that is what really matters. What review matters


is getting it in. -- really matters. That is the hardest thing in the


game. Her first speaks a striker! We are at the stage of the game


where we have to think of players of the match. No one has really


stood out. -- player. No one has rarely stood out. Alex Scot is


always effective going forwards. -- really stood out. Karen Carney has


looked sprightly since leaving the well. They have. It is a big thing.


It is what they want to do. They want to play next week. Karen


Carney was probably disappointed not to start today. She was dragged


off the ball by Antonio Goransson. It takes a lot to bring Jill Scott


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 117 seconds


the Swede will stop I was thinking it was a free kick. -- the Sweet.


15 minutes to find a goal for That was a big opportunity for


Sweden to take the lead. It was given away. It was wildly off-


target. That was a great ball in. She could not get her leg over the


port and direct it towards goal. I that and restrained herself. She


has not really been troubled in the second half. I am struggling to


think of a save she had to make. The Swedes have defended really


well. Is that what the British team is like? I think so. It will mean


playing together now will help in the three group games and further


on in the competition. It is positive for Team GB. I know what


these players are capable of, going think that Sofia Jakobsson looked


up before she put the ball in. As the striker you make different runs


to each other. That was a great challenge by soapy Bradley. She was


struggling to get to her feet. -- Sophie Bradley. It lacked a bit of


enough. That is the confidence of Karen Carney. Hedvig Lindahl was


worried about that. Karen Carney is well capable of theirs. She


struggled back a bit but it was too high. Worth an effort. Up Kelly


not even trouble the side of the net. The shops up being fired in.


bit more positive. -- the shops are being fired in. I do not know


in spring of last year. That was in an England win against Sweden.


was a good win. Sweden were by far the best team. They defended well.


Sweden could not really understand how they lost the game. It is their


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 117 seconds


dubbed she had three defenders around her. -- off balance.


usually sets herself extremely well in that position. I think she was


muscled off the ball a bit by the defender as well. Rachel Yankey is


great going forward, with her pace. A substitution for Sweden. Susanne


Moberg is coming on. She is not in the 18 squads for the Olympic games.


-- squat. I am not sure if the cut- the best chance of the match by


some distance. -- nest. What a terrific ball! Right behind the


centre-halves. She will definitely go back to the hotel and think


there is definitely was not heard day to score a goal. She did not


expect it. -- her day. The touch she got was not good enough.


have had chances but we have not had goals. You can see the promise


of goals in both these teams going into the Olympics. It has not


materialised today for varying reasons. Both teams are nervous.


Players have enough minutes on the pitch to be effective when called


upon next week. Casey Stoney has presented the ball to and the


Swedish player. She is strong again and plays it against her for a goal


kick. Casey Stoner recognises the initial mistake. -- Casey Stoner e.


-- Casey Stoney. The captain is making way. Claire Rafferty is


going to come on. That would just leave the Birmingham striker


without any match action. She is a natural left-footer. Steph Houghton


will play anywhere and is good anywhere. She switches to centre


it is a throw-in for Team GB. Claire Rafferty will take it


to slide in and put the ball out for a throw-in. She was stood on


chances are coming for Sweden. has been building momentum for


Sweden. That was an excellent block by Jill Scott. In the end it was a


got to that. A bit of the zip has gone. That has not really been in


the game. I said a number of times, changes do not help the flow of the


game. I think Hope Powell will be happy with a lot of the game and


the way they had defended and some of the sparks of the attack. Who is


your player of the match? I think, Ifeoma Dieke will stubbed her


positioning is very good. She is strong. -- Ifeoma Dieke. She has


done extremely well. She can have players of the match. Ifeoma Dieke,


the Scotland international. She gets the vote for player of the


match in this warm-up game. She plays in Sweden. No surprise you


with give it to a central defender. Like I said before, her and Casey


Stoney had done well. She edged it growing side of Team GB supporters


in the ground. The eye think Yankey expected Aluko to be in a certain


attempts of Smith and Carney. was a poor effort but Williams is


well capable of scoring from that distance. Left and right foot.


think your choice went well, judging by the player of the match


was not sure whether Hedvig Lindahl like to see just a little bit more


from Kim Little when the Olympics gets under way. She is settling


into the squad. I'm sure she will be fine. Once she gets used to this,


playing in the tournament with different team mates. That is the


thing. Dieke has done well. The other Scott. Kim Little as well,


the first major tournament for her. All the England players have seen


this before. This is a massive. This is going into the Olympic


Games. It is difficult for people to understand how proud these girls


are to represent their country. British team ending stronger. Three


done well and physically worked hard. A last-gasp Swedish


substitution. Nilla Fischer has Sembrant into Fischer's role on


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 117 seconds


best chance for either team to win opportunity had it been left to


Linda Sembrant, behind Emma will finished Gaullist -- Claire


Rafferty's cross is behind an this game will finish goalless. The


British men, led by Ryan Giggs and coached by Stuart Pearce, against


Brazil. Later tonight. A mouth- watering prospect. There will be


some goals in that one. FINAL WHISTLE.


We haven't had anything to trouble by a vet met today. Hope Powell


will be happy with the way the team has played. They should do enough


to get out of the group when the Olympics start next week. Sweden


have been as strong as ever. Sweden always proved to be a tough nut to


crack for any British International team. Full-time full game one in


It wasn't perhaps the scintillating, competitive encounter that we have


seen from England in competitions before, having watched England in


quite a few tournaments. To see those players not performing at


that high a level, the competitive edge is missing. And you could tell


at times. The players were standing back a little bit. They think about


the Olympics. Maybe they don't want to give too much away before the


first game and they don't want to get injured, but a goal was missing.


We were close and Sweden were close. I think that might have opened the


game up a little bit. But it could have gone either way. The some good


signs, especially the centre half's pairing. Dieke, a very strong


addition to the side. We could shoot week, Hope Powell? Dieke was


rightly it player of the match. I think that back line will be set


from the first half performance certainly. Midfield, she has a good


idea. But maybe at the front line, she could change it. Kim Little can


even go up front but Rachel did Rachel spotted the place in between


and for his centre half, that is always the hardest run, when the


forward comes in. She hit it well and that could have probably gone


in. Yes, up when they make the run in between the two centre halves,


it is so difficult. Rachel Yankey did really well. If we look at the


players who came on in the second half, Carney, Bianchi, Bradley,


difficult to choose from. You both seem to think the team that started


the game are the preferred 11. Maybe front line. Rachel has done


well. She has got options with Karen Carney and Ellen White. Ellen


White is more of a number nine for me personally, but with someone


like Smith in your team, you would put her there. But that is the


beauty, the options she has an that players can interchange. You saw in


the first half, their knowledge in their positions, they make sure the


team shape is always the most important thing. K Lee Smith came


through a test. She has not had much club football -- Kelly Smith.


For her to come through a look-in match fit, that is good for Hope.


Of course. It was nice to see her. I think Hope Powell is ready to


Hope, this was your only chance to watch Team GB In a competitive


match before you go live next Wednesday. What did you make of it?


Very good contest. Pleased about that. I think we were a bit nervous


to begin with in the first half. We played some good stuff. The second


half disrupted it a bit. An even contest. We had some opportunities


and so do they. We didn't lose but some lessons learned. It gives us a


barometer to work with. We have some work to do. What have you


learnt today? Casey Stoney did well. Kim Little obviously, coming into


the side in that role. Her contribution was good. I think she


was a little bit nervous and could offer a bit more. It is about


getting a team playing together. It is a new squat so we have to be


pleased with a draw against bronze medallists. How clear are you about


just starting line-up on Wednesday? Everybody has put themselves in a


good position to start. We have to see in terms of sickness and make


sure everybody is OK. -- in terms of fitness. There is a lot of


choice and it makes it difficult for me but when you have that depth,


it means you can bring them on with quality. Hopefully they will do a


good job. They will head down to Cardiff now, for the game against


New Zealand. The atmosphere in the squad is fantastic. Giving us a


different kind of sense of an international experience? A lot of


the players are used two World Cups and European Championships, but it


is a whole Team GB, and they are in the same hotel as the guys. It is


togetherness and they are really enjoying it. They can't wait to get


out and start. Today, they will take quite a lot of confidence from


this performance. That would be great for them. Great to see you


both as usual and I will see both on Wednesday. I will need to add


the Olympic Park. It is good turn of the men on the Olympic stage for


the first time in 50 years. Who better to test themselves on than


the mighty Brazil, work �300 million -- worth �300 million? We


Live coverage from the Riverside Stadium, Middlesbrough, as Great Britain's women face Sweden in their only friendly before the Olympics. England manager Hope Powell is in charge of the first ever women's team to represent Great Britain at the Games. Their match against New Zealand at the Millennium Stadium will be the opening event of the 2012 Olympics.

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