Women's Football - England v Holland Match of the Day Live

Women's Football - England v Holland

Live coverage of the match between England's women and their Dutch counterparts, with qualification for next summer's European Championship at stake.

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Welcome to the inner sanctum of Salford City Stadium where, in a


matter of minutes, hope Powell will be giving her final team talk to an


England team trailing the Dutch in the race for the European


Championship. Win this evening and top spot will be back firmly in


their sights. Biggest game of the year so far.


Probably the most important game in the group. A massive game. We need


three points. We want the win. finish top, make sure we are the


best in the group. Live on BBC so really looking forward to it.


Everybody had to really focus. to give everything out there.


want to go to the euro finals more than anything. We need to take our


chances. That's all that matters, to win. A big test on Sunday. We


are look forward to it. We need to watch out for them tricky players


and the threat they can cause us. It will be a tough challenge, one


we are ready for. We are delighted you could join us for this crucial


European Championship qualifier between England and the Netherlands.


The Dutch are expected to provide strong opposition for Hope Powell's


side. Two of the country's most decorated footballers joining me


now, over 180 caps between the three of us in fact. Faye White and


Sue Smith. You have a decent excuse for not showing up on the pitch?


Yes, an ever growing bump, six months pregnant so they don't want


me on the field tonight. Well see how they get on! Sue, you have a


fairly more traditional reason, you have done your ACL, so you are out


with your knee, but what's the target now, I'm guessing the Euro?


Yes, I want to get back fit, then play for Doncaster Bells and


fingers crossed to get Pickford England, that would be amazing.


group table says it all. More margin for error. The Netherlands


five points clear and England have a game in hand. There is an outside


chance that England could progress as the best loser but they won't


want to leave anything to chance. Looking at that table, they can't


leave anything to chance. Wintonite and it's in England's hands. Well,


there is very little between the two sides in their first meeting in


October. It was 0-0 in Holland. England just managed to get past


them in the Euro 2009 semi-finals. What do you expect from the Dutch?


Nfrpblgts 2009, the Dutch were defensive -- in 2009, the Dutch


were defensive. They've got a new coach. They look to play out from


the back a lot more, very much more comfortable in possession through


all of the field so I think they'll be confident. They are top of the


table, they'll come here thinking we'll probably sit back, soak the


pressure up for us and we'll hit them on the counter because they


have forward thinking players. You have been in the dressing room with


Hope Powell lots of times. What is she like in this situation? She's


very experienced and has played at the highest levels. Hope without a


doubt will be very calm and relaxed with the players. I think she'll


tell them to go out there and enstkwroi whole occasion. They are


good enough to win the game -- enjoy the whole occasion. That's


hard to enjoy themselves but they can do it and she'll instil that


belief into them. It's a little over ten minutes before kick off,


so it's time we got to know England's starting 11, with a


little help from the boss. Rachel Brown, Everton ladies, goalkeeper.


Experience, dedication, hard work and very, very brave. Alex Scott,


Arsenal, defence. Athletic, versatile, could run a


marathon, brings a lot to the game, can get up and down the pitch. Can


score and can defend. Sophie Bradley, Lincoln ladies defence.


One of the youngsters up and coming. See her having a very bright future.


Good defender. Very physical and very capable. Casey Stoney, Lincoln.


Defence. Captain, good leader, game understanding, fantastic positional


awareness second to none and very clever.


Steph Houghton, arge, defence. play midfield and anywhere along


the back -- Arsenal. Fantastic left and right foot and good in the air.


Jill Scott, Everton midfield. marathon runner, can go box to box


ah good athlete, good technician and goal skeerer. Faye William,


Everton midfield. Our most creative player can hit a 50, 60 yard ball


on her day with accuracy. A creative player.


Karen Carney, Birmingham City. Creative player, can open up the


play with through balls and can score as well. Eniola Aluko,


Birmingham City, forward. Plays anywhere along the front line. A


very quick and good eye for a goal. Rachel Yankey. Arsenal. Crosses


well and has good pace. Rachel Williams, Birmingham forward.


call her the tank. Physically one of the strongest players. Works


hard. Will get into a tangle with any player probably win the one-to-


one battle and is a natural goal scorer. So a new permanent England


Captain tonight, Casey Stoney. Faye, what sort of Captain is she? She's


very good at reading the game, very vocal in the changing rooms and on


the field, can see things before other players and a very good


organiser. She reads the game well for herself for her own position.


She'll be talking about Sophie Bradley. You know Sophie well from


your Lincoln an Leeds days. An important partnership. But she


hasn't played much football. Will that affect her? I don't think so.


She's very young and fit. You would say she's experienced for a year.


She knows this level, she actually played when we played them away and


did fantastically well against their forward so we know she can do


it. Tonight she'll go into the game with a lot of confidence. There's


no Kelly Smith. We are hoping she'll be fit for the Olympics.


She's on track at the moment. Rachel Williams gets her chance,


Birmingham player in fine form. What sort of player is she? Strong


and powerful. She'll run for the team, works hard, very good eye for


goal. Sometimes scores when you don't realise that she has an


opportunity. Last season she had a fantastic year in the WSL and a lot


of people were asking why she'd not been Pickford England and this is a


massive game for her tonight to show what she can do at this level.


I think it just shows with those sorts of goals that Rachel's very


different, very hard to mark. She scores great headers which is hard


for defenders. She's variable, you can put nit the nine, 11 or seven.


She's quick and powerful. It will be a tough physical battle for the


Dutch defenders because she uses her body well to protect the ball


when she's come in short as well. Manon Melis looks to be the key


player for the Dutch. 89 caps, 42 goals, she knows where the back of


the net is. But apart from that, what does she bring to the side?


She's so quick. That is the main strength of her game. She loves to


get in behind. We can see she scores goals with her record. She's


experienced despite being only 25, she's played in lot of games and


Sophie Bradley will be trying to pick her up. She did well away from


home and she'll be carrying on from that hopefully. Rachel Yankey is an


experienced player but is up against somebody she's played


before, an extremely strong player in Dyanne Bito. How be will that


pan out? Rachel is one of the most senior players. We'll look to her


to lead the line and Bito is a very strong player and Yanks has the


experience to know how to manage that speed of Rachel. She'll have


to mix her game up to see how she's going to get past her and be


physical. Sue, apart from the obvious, what do England have to do


to beat the Dutch? I think it's going to be tough but we know that


Holland are direct, they like to play football, they have mixed it


up but we know that that is their strength, that they look for the


pacey players in behind. We've got to try and soak up the pressure and


start to play football. I think that's what we are good at. We are


good at, get Fara on the ball out wide and get the wide players in


there and get the ball in the box for Rach Williams because she can


score. Same again really, yes. Sue's wrapped it up, but I think we


have to be confident and take the game to them. In the away game back


in October, I thought Holland were the best team for much of the game


and the players were very disappointed with how they


performed. Fara missed a penalty so it didn't go for us quite that


night. Home advantage tonight. The players seem up for it so they've


got a good job to do. It's a must- win game in terms of keeping the


qualification in their own hands. A lot of experienced players out


there. If it doesn't go to plan, at least they have good experience, is


that an advantage? You wouldn't even want to get to that point


though because Kelly's not playing and some of the girls have a few


injuries, but we should be better than that now, we should be


expecting to win these games. The expectations are in the players but


they have to be good enough now, we've played at big tournaments and


quarter-final level so they have the experience to get the job don


tonight. Steph Houghton will be playing at left back, an unfamiliar


role for her. Is that something the Dutch will target, bearing in mind


she's a right-sided player? I think they probably will, but I don't


think it will be an advantage for them because Steph can play


anywhere in the back lines, she's a good technician so can use her left


foot just as well. She's in there for her pace. She's very quick and


Holland have a pacey front line so she can get back and cover. I think


Steph will do really well. Got the Olympics coming up this summer,


Team GB with our only chance to shine and a lot of the players will


know already but another opportunity for them to try and


convince hope that they need to be in there? Yes, first and foremost


they'll concentrate on getting the win in. The back of their minds


they'll be thinking I want to play well and I need the confidence.


Their positions are certainly not picked and the squad's only 18 so


there's an even harder chance to get into the team, so there's some


on the fringe that might think, I can make it, I'm young, upcoming,


you know, Sophie Bradley, Clare Rafferty, people like that, if they


get a chance. They've got to take the chance and perform how we know


they can. OK. Please do get in touch with out


throughout the match on Facebook and Twitter. At half time, we'll


have the latest from the England men's camp, including an interview


with Wayne Rooney. The teams are coming out of the tunnel. It's time


to join the commentary team, Lucy to join the commentary team, Lucy


Ward and Nigel Adam. 12 months ago England were


preparing for what turned out to be a dramatic disappointing appearance


at the World Cup finals in Germany. Here today, they know victory would


help them plant firmly one foot in the European Championship next weir


next year. They'll be aware that Holland have plans of their own.


Three points would book their place in Sweden straights away for them.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 97 seconds


Before the action, we'll have the GOOD DEAL MORE TEMPERATE THAN THEY




akin to a monsoon here at the Salford City Stadium. The England


coach Hope Powell has been forced into making big decisions today


with her team selection. Brown is in goal due to Bardsley's broken


finger. Houghton replaces Unitt to help cope with the pace of the


Dutch attack, while Sophie Bradley will be alongside Stoney, the


captain, despite playing only 45 minutes since March. Rachel Yankey


also returns, to win her 118th cap and has a first start in nearly a


year for Aluko. Ellen White is only fit enough for the bench so


able to field a settled team for much of the campaign. They key


player, as you have been hearing, could be striker Manon Melis. She


is Holland's all-time top scorer at the end that -- tender age of 25


and six of her 42 goals have been netted him how last four qualifiers.


Who can Dyke is the one player with the experience of playing in


Stoney. It is, she has and the right to step up as captain. She


will follow the lead off Faye White, who has retired, and this is a


tough game, Holland are it Cup team and they have been 100% for the


qualifying campaign -- a tough the team. Steph Houghton has had a


rotten luck with injuries around major tournaments, but real


responsibility on her shoulders today. She has missed out on a


couple of major championships because she has got injured just


before, but she is a good player, she is athletic and physical, good


in the air and technically very good, so she should be all right


and I think they expect the Dutch forward to cut inside on to Steph's


right foot, her strongest for it. And Aluko has barely featured since


the World Cup 12 months ago, but Hope Powell clearly has they then


have. England look that the Dutchman saw how high the full-


backs played so they have their to quickest players out wide with her


and Rachel Yankey. The referee is Swedish and Sweden is the intended


destination for both of these teams, as England, in all-white, get the


game under way. It is a reminder that basically it is a game they


have to win. Three points for Holland and they will have already


qualified for the tournament in direction of Dyanne Bito, then


England have their first experience given the job of trying to look


after Manon Melis here this dealt with very well. That is what


Alex Scott is all about, getting wider and getting the ball into the


box and that is what England will be trying to do, exploit the space


behind the full-backs. Manon Melis was the target again but picked up


by Rachel Brown, winning her 37th cap today, but she has not been


number one for a couple of years. But Karen Barclay suffering a


broken finger before this game, so the Everton stop back between the


posts. She has got save Hants, she has played from the age of 16 for


her country -- safe hands. The team is full of experience and one of


those is Rachel Yankey. Over the next couple of years, she can match


the achievements of Coltart, so even to be mentioned in the same


breath of her -- as her is an achievement. There is Roger


Reijners, the Dutch coach. We were hearing before the game he is


trying to encourage a more expansive style from his team after


what was a very defensive performance in the last European


Championships, when ultimately they lost out to England in the semi-


here with the point here, if they can leave with their five-point


lead still intact. I guess so, but they will think that if they get


any encouragement from England whatsoever, they will go for the


three points because they will then have qualified for the


championships. So it is important for him that the to start well and


Hope will have stressed that in the team talk -- it is important for


England to start well. Hope Powell in charge of arguably an even


bigger job this summer when Great Britain take part in the Olympics,


which it will also be able to training last night that it is a


very decent playing surface. This stadium has only been open eight


months or so but it took an awful lot of rain in the build-up to this


game, but it still plays extremely three and they are clearly looking


to exploit that from the off. England have done their homework, I


know they have been looking at their front three and seen how


quick they are and the winner of this game, if there is to be a


winner, will be the people who exploit the space behind the full-


backs. Rachel Brown with problems and thankfully, from an England


point of view, the moves come to an end. England are the home team and


the expectation is on them, but they are making wrong decisions,


and I think Rachel Brown wanted to go that here. It is passed out to


Steph Houghton and she doesn't naturally take it on her left foot


and I think the connoisseur's of football like to see balance in the


team. Steph Houghton is a good player but it is good to see her


left-back naturally take it on the Late post -- left side. Rachel


Unitt is the usual left back, she won her 100 cap against Croatia,


but she is not the quickest and that is clearly something Hope


Powell had in mind before the game. The movement of the strikers is


important for the Dutch, and the movement of the right hand side


striker. She comes in on the inside and Steph Houghton is right footed,


Brown does just enough again. think when you are scoring goals


and you are confident, you will have a go from anywhere. Rachel


Brown has not started with the most confidence, it just bounced in


front of her. She is such an experienced player, she must be


nervous when she is not number one. And she will be wanting to prove


the point, but she needs to get a in this group. They are away to


Slovenia on Thursday. Then they play the weakest side in the


section, Croatia, in September, so if they can win today, you would


think they would be capable of picking up the six points to win


the group. Carney with a decent effort, just too high. The two is a


corner as well, a little Nick off and has to go, and it is worth it.


That will settle the team down as well. Karen Carney scored a very


important goal for Birmingham recently in a Cup final win against


Chelsea. She often pops up with important ones for England as well.


That dramatic opening to Euro 2005, when she scored the winning goal in


deal with it. And space for Williams with the header, but she


was never really able to get too much power behind it. That is


better from England, it was an excellent ball in, in fact two


excellent balls in from Yankey. Rachel Williams just a bit too far


switch places and it is very difficult for the Dutch to pick


them up. It was 0-0 when these two sides met in November on the


plastic pitch, but England will feel they should have won that game.


Fara Williams missed a penalty he was probably very unlucky to not


get sent off in the game for conceding the penalty that Fara


grip on midfield. Yes, the three in midfield are on top at the moment.


Anouk Hoogendijk is looking after Karen Carney, looking to play


adds a bit of pressure to the girls. England are currently five points


behind the Dutch, but they do have that game in hand. I think it is


safe to say that if they can beat the Dutch, you wouldn't expect them


to lose in the last two, and it really is that key, this game.


Dutch finish their campaign on Wednesday against Serbia, a team


they beat six nil right at the start of qualifying. They could sit


down and waited three months to see if they finish a Boeing lunch.


There are definitely -- if they finish above England. It we don't


want to be at the highest run up, we don't want to get that far, we


want to be better than that. -- enough for England. I think when


you are a bit nervous like that, you don't play the right weight and


it, and you see the Dutch are getting their full-backs on the


World Cup for England 12 months ago plan very quickly, it is to get the


ball forward, but there hasn't been the necessary quality so far.


sure it will come, getting the ball quickly to the three forwards,


getting the full-backs supported -- Carney was felled, the two Number


tens come together. Heuver on Carney and this is a very good


opportunity. Whoever got to it first, the other would album, and


Heuver was not happy about that. -- other would foul them. It is a very


poor set piece from England. In this sort of game, those kinds of


opportunities cannot be wasted like that. Karen Carney scored a goal


like that in the FA Cup final, she am not too sure Rachel Brown


appreciate that passes like that after what happened earlier on.


definitely didn't want that but she Lincoln ladies since an injury at


the start of the season. I think Hope Powell sees her as a long-term


project, along with Steph Houghton who's moving forward now. Yankey.


Scott was the target, but the pass was overhit. Looked for wide


players for number 9. At that point it was Jill Scott. Forcing the


passing when it wasn't needed. They are all internationals with lots of


experience here. They are looking to calm down and Hope Powell will


be wanting them to calm down and stick to the game plan. Plenty of


orange shirts in support. One coming from the back there was


Claudia van den Heiligenberg. made sure she cleared the ball.


does just enough and it's cleared away by Bradley. England will be


mindful of the Dutch's goal-scoring record. They've scored 16 goals in


qualifying so far and conceded only one.


So if they fall behind in this game, Hope Powell's side, they'll find it


very, very difficult to respond. A throw-in. The Dutch are obviously


full of confidence coming into this game. You can see that already.


They've not had that many opportunities, but they have


players who look like they can score. They're in the afraid to


have efforts on goal as well. They knead to be mindful of that. They


are a new force in European women's football. Never qualified for a


World Cup. Until they got to the semi-finals on the 2009 Euros,


they'd never qualified for a major, but they've shown already in


qualifying that they could be a team to watch over the coming years.


They're coming forward now. Pieete attacking Scott. Aluko doing her


defensive duties. And doing them the Dutch half. Carney. Koster used


all her experience there to bring the ball away. There were a number


of centurions in terms of caps in edge of her technical area barking


out the instructions. She only wishes she was playing I think.


That's probably why. She probably could as well, that's the thing.


Houghton. All the way back towards Brown. It was a very attritional


game in Zwolle back in November. At the moment, Lucy, it's shaping up


to be something similar? There's a lot of stake at international level.


Nobody wants to be a mistake and nobody wants to be the reason why


they concede. The first part of the games will be like that. The Dutch


don't have that much to lose. If they get the point or the three


points, they're well on their way to avoid the play-offs. Scott


working hard in the opening stages. Jill Scott can't pick up the loose


confidence on the ball. You can see they've got the sort of experience


and mindset that all decent Dutch teams have, although if you maybe


look at the men's team in Ukraine at the moment, you'd think


something different. Yankey tries to keep the ball in play but can't


do so. It's been a game of what ifs for both teams so far. If they can


get an idea of how the Dutch are playing there, England have to


exploit the space. At the moment, they are not connecting with each


other very well. They'll want to improve that. Carney working hard,


at the expense of a corner. Steph just got her leg out. Conceded


another corner, putting themselves under pressure. Good defending.


think it's significant that Houghton made that challenge with


her right foot. That poor girl. That's it, you go with your left


and put it out for a throw-in perhaps. The shot bank in, play-off


target. Wasn't worth talking about, but she's got better than that in


that he played against Everton in the cup winners' cup when Everton


went all the way to win a tournament then. Even though that


game was 30 years ago, he had a really good recall of Andy Gray's


hat trick. You said he bored you with that and you wanted to know


about more things. Yes, I was keen to learn about today's line-up.


England not helping themselves in key areas at the moment. Williams


is usually better than that. They'll look to her to get on the


ball. They'll look for things to come from her in midfield. The key


to point out there that she's been playing centre half all season for


Everton. And then coming into an international game into favoured


position, centre midfield, it can be a little difficult. She's got to


settle in as well. Koster. Good anticipation from Carney. Scott


charging forward on the overlap again, but Aluko doesn't use her.


The quality of ball in that final may capitalise. But she's helped


out by her captain. Strong defensive play from Houghton again.


The Dutch have more invention in the final third at the moment. You


can see the tension all the way through the English side. Van den


Berg. Heuver switches the play well. Martens steps away from Houghton


and Yankey. Spitse. The Dutch here giving England a chasing at the


moment. Bito's ball in. Melis was the target but Stoney stood firm


again. Confident one-touch football by the Dutch. They could get there


with the final ball but they always find themselves in space. The goal


keeper is far out of her goal and the play comes from her. I think we


could hear the Strang lated cry from Hope Powell, saying something


along the lines of, midfield get a grip and Williams is trying to do


that. Good ball to find Aluko. Scott. A lack of quality in the


final third again. Both these systems the Dutch play - watch this


first - it's a great ball to Aluko but the quality's got to be better


in the box. To be fair to Scott, the quality usually is better and


she'll be annoyed with herself. The two systems they are playing,


you've got to be disciplined. These two in midfield, Williams and Scott,


they have to be disciplined and can't wander out from their


positions. Bito. Can't find martens. Stoney mops up for England. The


Dutch very quickly have it back. Martens again. This could be a real


problem for Houghton as Martens was allowed to step inside. England


will be grateful there that Heuver had a loose first touch. The Dutch


had a promising position. Any game plan for either of the teams, the


initial part, you have to wrestle the initiative away from the other


team. Until that happens, these two midfielders, rather than race


forward, which is what she's good at, sit for a while and get a grip


of this game. England are outnumbered in midfield and at the


moment it's showing. Really they shouldn't be because they play a


similar system so the Dutch are a little better at it at the moment.


Salford City Stadium on Father's asleep there, somebody needs to


have a word. Let's hope something wakes her up soon. Aluko is the


outlet, but wasn't watching the done well there to find her.


Williams does well to play it back towards Brown. There's lots of


number 1 dads here in Salford today. Every dad's a number 1 dad, you


Williams can lead a break now. Aluko. Driven wide by the first


touch and in the end, a decent save but maybe Aluko could have done


better. Williams had two excellent runs there, the one from Scott and


the one to Aluko. The keeper did well. More promising for England


there. Melis barged in the back there by Bradley. You could


probably get away with that in the WSL but not at international level,


particularly with the international referees, a bit of a nudge. She


didn't even make the most of it either but it's a dangerous


position for the Dutch. Spitse is over this free kick. What height


there is in the Dutch team is now end, Brown was caught late at the


far post by van den Berg. It's the Dutch player who seems to have come


off worst. It wasn't the best ball. She was


going to try and challenge Brown but come off worse in the challenge.


been a real feature or England's play so far and Carney believes she


was caught late down this near side but doesn't win a free kick.


She probably was. Good work down that right hand side and Scott just


pushing there back because she wants to play further forward but


she's got the initiative a little bit, Alex Scott. Has gone a bit


scrappy in the past five minutes or to make that extra pass somewhere


just to create the space upfront because at the moment they are


forcing it. They've worked on it because I can hear Hope Powell


saying, there it is and play it forward. Williams is a rather


isolated figure at the moment as the lone striker. That's what


happens in this system. If you are the lone striker and don't have the


support, opposed to that, the Dutch do have the support, the number 9


has the support. Need to get close to Rachel Williams because it's a


but she is having to speed up scraps. He is not even watching.


save by Rachel Brown. Yes, a great save, but it could see there, the


speed, she just went past everybody. It was a give and go and she got to


it ahead of Greece -- Casey Stoney. It was a good strike. In a tight


game like this, there is the danger for England. It just needed to be


in either corner, good for England that it wasn't. Koster with the


shot! She will be disappointed that she didn't find the target. She had


a lot of room, nobody was closing her down. The ball seemed to take


an age to arrive to have. They needed to get closer to her, but a


centre half's strike. Daphne Koster playing for their country for the


121st time today. She is one of the number on both sides who have had


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 97 seconds


are defending very well. -- To be fair. The back four are being


screened by a number six, and it had been dyed, and they are


defending the England attacks well. -- Anouk Hoogendijk. Aside from the


shot from Aluko, which was a routine save it for Loes Geurts,


not too much from England. There has been some bright moments,


Carney and Aluko look like they corner. She was just looking around


then she didn't have any options, but she has got her team a corner.


But she had two defenders on her, the Dutch are defending like they


want to get to the Championship. Yankey has come across to take the


the Dutch goalkeeper. That Steph Houghton. But the corner doesn't


beat the first player. They got wise to it from the last one, you


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 97 seconds


need an England player in front of be a constant threat to England.


is, England need to remain a more with the first half an hour or so.


The Dutch have stuck to their game plan and I think they will consider


themselves unlucky that they have not gone a goal ahead, because they


are quite dominant at the moment. That is one way to watch the game,


I suppose. On their way to Barton airport next door. They haven't


to an orange shirt. -- every loose number of things to say in the


half-time dressing room. She well. What she has asked them to do it


not working as well as she thought, and the Dutch looked dangerous on


the break, but having said that, England are going forward, if they


can get that final ball with a little more quality, they can do to


create better opportunities and we have players who can score goals.


That was Rachel Unitt we could see in the background. I hope she plays


that pays more attention when she is on the pitch! Getting herself


psyched up. And not for the first time, Heuver has a shot that does


match played at the Salford City Stadium, now home to the Salford


Reds Super League club. They will also be playing rugby union here


next year, the Sale Sharks are moving from Stockport's Bletchley


Park. It is a great little stadium, they say it is a good surface, it


is the type of surface that the Dutch like playing on. It is not


always the case. Super League is a summer sport but the pitch has been


helped by the fact that we haven't seen too much summer so far. Summer,


son and she is a busy little player, Heuver, she managed to get herself


Dutch to build. She is in for the experienced Kirsten van de Ven, who


all she can do is find a throw-in. That really epitomises England's


attacking players so far. She was frustrated about the lack of


options, but part of that was the way the Dutch defended. The full-


backs stayed tight with her. Alex Scott caught offside. Hope Powell


just looked down at her feet when that happened, she doesn't expect


endeavour from the England side but the quality has been lacking.


this group are going to work hard and they will hope that it will


start to fall for them, and ensure it well, but if we were better


technically, we could go on and win against England three years ago.


That was a Dutch team known for its blanket defence, but there is a bit


more about them today. You tend to forget that they will have worked


up to this game knowing that the three points will get them


qualified, and I think that is why they have come and thought, let's


go for it. They have played with doesn't find Rachel Williams.


can see from the England's men's game the other night, a ball from


that position into the centre forward can result in an


opportunity. Rachel Williams just need the ball in the right place.


She was overlooked for the World Cup squad last year but then went


on to score 14 goals in as many games for Birmingham, so she is one


of the form players in the Super League. It is the most difficult


thing to do on the football pitch, score goals, and that is what she


does. She will want to start doing it at international level, she has


the eye for goal, she has the strength. Hope Powell called her a


little different. Karen Carney should get it into the area where


helped into the arms of the goalkeeper. England did try


something a bit different, but Fara Williams's first touch it let her


down. That is extremely unusual, it doesn't often happen with Fara, but


it was something different, and Fara is well capable of striking


has got lots of energy, she is extremely quick and the interchange


with that for and four, they need to get a bit more of a grip on the


She has only had one sight of goal so far, and that is the most


difficult thing that Rachel Brown like glue. Stead for 10 has pulled


up on the right hand side, have hamstring. -- Steph Houghton has


pulled up. So Rachel Unitt might be in the action sooner than she


anticipated. She is trying to run it off out of your picture at the


good challenge from Alex Scott. England have the free kick


eventually. Good defending by Alex Scott. Relieve the pressure there a


little bit. Houghton looks like she's moving freely there, but she


definitely grabbed I think it was her right hamstring. She did pull


up very, very quickly. Seems to be moving a bit freer now.


Bradley. Aluko looking to make a nuisance of herself. Martens.


Getting the ball away to Carney. No-one waiting in a white shirt in


the Holland box at the moment. As a result, Alex Scott didn't deliver


the ball in, but strong play from Bradley. Aluko. Takes the wrong


option again. England take the wrong option again and it's through


towards the keeper. I think she thought Yankey was going to make


the run and it might have ended up looking like a good ball when it


wasn't. She's never shord of a word, Eniola Aluko, at the best of times


-- short. She's very clever. The girls call her dizzy but she's


extremely clever. I think she's a trainee lawyer, something like that,


but incredibly dizzy. Here she is again. Alex Scott.


They've been a bit loose in the central area. Martens. Looking to


exploit the pace of Melis. Waits for the support. Hoogendijk. Carney


does well. The free kick given to England. Might have been a free


kick for the nutmeg, it was quality. It's wasted anyway.


And that is it. No added time at the end of the first half. Hope


Powell trying to get her side into the dressing room very quickly. The


best chance in the game was for Melis, a fine save from Rachel


Brown. It was 0-0 in November and so far here in Salford, it remains


goalless. We said before the game that it was


going to be pretty tight and it was very tight. The Dutch had the best


of the first half though. Sue Smith is with me. England winger. What


did you make of it? It was a really tight game. We predicted it before


it started and Holland have done exactly what we thought they were


going to do, they've sat back, let England have it nice and easy and


as soon as England have gone forward they've made it difficult,


doubling up. We need to get Fara on the wall and Carney. We seem to be


a little nervous and it's the whole must-win pressure and Holland are


just relaxed enjoying the football and playing nice football. We need


to relax. We need a goal to bring our confidence back in and start


playing. You can feel the tension around the stadium here and you


could see it out there on the pitch. The England goalkeeper Rachel Brown


had far more to do than her opposite number. We picked out


Melis before the game, a fantastic international goal-scoring record


and this stung the hands of Rachel Brown? Without a doubt. It showed


her pace. She's probably got five yards on Casey there but she's so


fast and it was a good, good save from Rachel Brown, she had to be on


her toes for that. But she showed a threat all the way through the game.


And from the resulting corner another chance? To be honest, she


probably could have done better. I'm not too sure who's marking her,


she seemed to pull off and it was quite a nice, you know you could


see what she was trying to do, but I think Rach Williams narrowed the


angle a bit so she did well there. A few yards in front of us and we


were racing to get to the ball faster than some of the England


players. More on the first half in a moment. Time to turn our


attention to matters in Poland and Ukraine and after the dramatic


events of Friday night which we've just recovered from, now England


welcome back Wayne Rooney after his two-match suspension and the big


man is back and has been speaking to Gabby Logan.


What has it been like watching from the stands? We have seen you


getting animated and involved. Frustrating? Not frustrating. I


think it's more difficult than playing because when you're playing


you always feel you can change the game or you can do something to put


it right if it's not going right. When you are sat in the stands,


there's nothing you can do, you've got no control whatsoever so you


are basically a fan for the game and obviously I understand a bit


more now why the fans say it's so difficult to go and watch. Sven


Goran Eriksson said don't kill Rooney, he wanted you to be able to


flourish. That pressure's almost like the team has to exist until


you return? To be honest, I don't listen to it, I don't read nothing


about it, I don't really feel pressured that I've got to win the


tournament for England. It's not one player, as you see with all the


best players around the world. It's not just them who's going to win


the tournament, it's the whole team. Theo Walcott said it would be 23


men who won the tournament, not 11. He also used the word family. Does


it feel like very quickly this could be the players have bonded


under Roy Hodgson? Yes, it feels more like a club team now, rather


than an international team. Everyone gets on and there's a lot


of trust. Do I read into that that there are no Clicks, everybody's in


it together? Yes, you don't have to go to the hotel to see the lads,


you've got City players playing snooker with United players,


Chelsea players playing with Liverpool, everyone's mixing, it's


the most comfortable the team have been in the round and off the pitch


since I've been in the squad. It's great to have a full English set-up


again. The communication makes a big difference? Yes, that's made it


a lot easier and everyone a lot more settled.


We'll have the best of the action from England's crucial match


against Ukraine on Tuesday. Before that though, there's plenty of


unfinished business to mop up. Group B reaches conclusion this


night with Croatia v Spain. Also back with us yourbgs deserted us


for a few minutes there. You have got a very nice presentation. Tell


us what you have been presented with? Went down on the pitch and


Sue presented me with some flowers and a picture of my 90 caps


basically, so it's obviously a nice gesture, rounds off my career quite


nicely. A bit emotional. I couldn't hear what they were saying on the


tannoy, I'm pleased I didn't otherwise you might get me choked


up. England's defending, what did you make of it? We looked cagey,


the Dutch controlled the game better. We struggled to find our


forwards. The Dutch got through with Melis. She had a good chance


and Rachel's saved that and kept the scores level. Overall, Hope


will need a lot more urgency in the players to move the ball quicker


because they are allowing us to play it at the back and making it


hard for us to play the balls through. They are playing it out


wide, but they are not breaking the lines of the Dutch. I think also we


need a few more Carney-type players on the ball. Fara's not seen a lot


of the ball either and she can spray it. We are looking for long


balls over the top of the Dutch, rather than playing it through.


Eniola's trying but she can't find the feet. A bit more upfront needed


as well. Plenty of dads and daughters in the crowd here on


Father's Day. For an England centurion, that relationship's


helped yield some impressive results in her football career.


realised when she was 12 that she could probably make a career of


being an international footballer. They've supported me all my life,


travelled absolutely everywhere, every home game they'll watch us.


think what might have held her back, she was very tiny, four foot


nothing. My worst critic, honestly. He encouraged me, when I did well


he praised me, on the other hand if I had a bad game I would know about


it. That's probably why I'm where I'm at today, to be honest. We sent


her to the girls' team when she was 11, then Bentley Community. When


she moved to Everton, we had to drive up two, three times a week


the train which was never a problem. Had to lose a few hours from work.


Petrol money! There's more important things than work. We have


been abroad. Went to Norway, France, China. Germany. We have done a few


little away games, but having two daughters, we have to find a


balance somewhere. I always look out for him during the warm-up.


It's great that they support me how they do. This is where Rach learned


to kick a ball for the first time with the lads. She was about seven


or eight I presume when you used to play with the lads. If this hadn't


have been here, I might not be here today. Along with my dad who I used


to come on the field with and play football with, the lads in the


street, I think this is probably another reason why I chose football.


I first realised probably when I was maybe 15, 16, which is quite


late on. I was at Wolves ladies at the time and had a trial for


England under 18s. I think that's when it all started for me. Before


that, it was total enjoyment. love to represent your country at


anything, but to be an England international with 100 caps is


phenomenal at any level. When I joined England under 1s, when I


kind of took it more seriously then. That's when I wanted to play for


the seniors. I wanted to win silverware and play World Cups and


European Championships. -- under 18s.


Rachel Unitts and her father Terry there. I've seen Terry around the


place and plenty of parents, brothers, sisters, all over the


world, including the China World Cup in 2007. How important is it to


you all as players to have that kind of support network? Without a


doubt. My mum and dad have support med all the way through and it


helps. It's so nice to have them. My mum's here today so it's lovely


to have that support. I think any player will say that and we are


obviously grateful for them taxiing us round and things when we were


younger. It's really nice. Saw a glimpse of your mum earlier. Yes,


she was falling asleep someone said. I don't blame her after the first


half frankly, but it will get better! Faye, you are close to your


brother as well, he watches you at matches. How important is it to you


to have them around? My parents as well. They allowed me to get to the


sport by ferrying me to training and watching me. My brother is one


of my biggest fans, he came to China and my mum and dad did. The


families get into a real knit, staying in the same hotels. They


cause more trouble than the players. Your brother and family are all


Spurs fans and you play for Arsenal so they've done well to support you.


England are on the back foot for the first nervey half. They had a


couple of chances though? It was a bit nervous and we need our forward


players to get on to it here. The likes of Rachel Yankey who's played


the ball inside and Kaz Carney is a great technician. Looks over her


shoulder, sees the gap and looks up. That's not a bad shot. It's dipping


right at the end. I don't think there will be many times when she


gets that much space without being closed down. This was probably one


of the better chances. The touch takes her a bit weeder there for


Aluko. She's been one of the better players. Yes, she has. She's seen


more of it than it has on the left side. Steph has a lot of the ball


from the keeper. We need Rachel to come and find the ball, often like


Carney will do when she's playing. They can just interchange positions


somaybe Rachel on the right, Enn y on the right and put Holland's


defence on the back foot. Playing quicker on the back as well because


they are happy to sit back and let us play midfield. If the players at


the back get it, they have to be quicker, rather than let it be a


long ball. Fara Williams has been centre half. She's usually a


midfielder. Do you think that's affected her fitness levels? I do


and she was concerned and getting frustrated playing at centre half


for Everton. She's not getting on the ball as much as you would like.


Her opposite player is seeing a lot of the ball. She's linking up well


with Melis as well. So Fara needs to find some space, give it to her


and she can feed the other players. It might well be that she gets to


feed Ellen White because looks like she's coming on in the second half.


Had a back injury of late. What do you make of the change? I think


Ellen White's a great player, she can run in behind score goals and


she's very experienced. With Williams coming off, I think that's,


Rachel was isolated I felt and no fault of her own, and I wonder if


Ellen maybe will start coming in and spwr changing. There was a


couple of times when we were breaking and Rachel was running


straight, she needed to be more clever with her runs. No-one's


really got on the back shoulder of the defenders. Ellen works sohard


for the team, closing down, running across the line. Fitness-wise, we


hope she's OK but she's a fit young girl. I'm sure she'll work hard and


worry about feeling tired after the difference she can make in the


second half. Let's get back to Lucy painted at half-time but plenty of


festivities for the young fans that the Salford City Stadium, as the


Dutch to make their way out for the second half. As the ladies were


saying, a change for England and a significant one? Rachel Williams


seemed isolated up front but I do think the quality off the ball


forward and the runs that were made from the forwards were not good


enough, but Ellen White has proven she can score at this level and go


would suspect the reason she didn't start is because of the back injury


she has had, but Hope of this it feels she cannot go on and do 45


minutes. -- obviously feels. We saw her score a spectacular goal in the


World Cup 12 months ago against Japan. A no changes for the Dutch


at half-time of. And just to remind you, if the Dutch win this game,


they will have qualified for the European Championships for the game


to spare. Three points for England and matters will be firmly in their


own hands, with two games to play against a couple of the weaker


sides in the group. And that has been a problem for both teams, they


are both by far the best side so the group. Ellen White is on the


ball straight away. Up towards the edge of the penalty area, that is


the sort of endeavour we didn't see from the England front line in the


first half. She did well and she will have made the Dutch have a


little think. She closed it down, she got the ball and took her touch


a little far, but the Dutch will be thinking it is a different


in the opening minute or so of the second half than they showed for


much of the opening 45 minutes. Clever play by Jill Scott to let


the ball through her legs to Ellen White. The cross could have been a


bit better, two players in the box, but I am sure they will have had


some sort of telling off or a lot of stern instructions at half-time.


We were predictable in the first half and we need to be more fluid


than we had been. Aluko runs into their first attack since half-time.


It was a good ball but slightly over hit for Manon Melis in the end.


The Dutch are going to do similar to what they did in the first half,


because it was quite successful. They dominated the game and asked


questions of England. England are looking to maintain their run of 10


consecutive home wins stretching back a couple of years. Some very


formidable opponents in that run, including the United States and


Sweden, in the build-up to last Sweden, in the build-up to last


goal, but the flag is up for offside -- going for goal! What a


goal that would have been. definitely drifted, you could see


it as the ball was coming. It is one of the best goals she has never


scored. But what a strike. I don't think the Loes Geurts with the flag


was up. She definitely didn't, she went for it like it was a proper


shot. What a great technique, similar to the World Cup last year.


She was a bit further out of the World Cup but it was a similar


delivery. It was almost be inspired substitution for Hope Powell. -- to


some confidence. Why it is full of running. -- White. And all of a


sudden, the Dutch back four have two players. It just shows you, a


bit more quality going forward and you put that the opposition


defenders under pressure, and that England at the start of the second


Houghton seems to have picked -- shaken off the injury she picked up


may see her at the right of your picture in a moment as she trots


back towards position. I don't know whether she can Harrow ankle or


something down that right-hand side in the challenge. -- she turned her


ankle. She is heading towards the bench then this near side.


Considering the injury she has had, she is desperate for every single


mate and international football she can have. She broke her leg just


above her ankle, so she is well aware of challenges and if she goes


over Ahmed, but it looks as though she is getting back into her


start to the second half here. -- need to. Aluko doing her defensive


body in front, a little nudge on Ellen White, good defending. But


she is a willing runner and it was great movement, making sure she was


onside. She managed to get to it first, a little nudge but the


referee wasn't having any of it. That slight frame can sometimes


belied the power she brings to the game. The girls all laugh at her


six back, well, not laugh, obviously, but she is more athletic.


They are jealous, that his wife. -- be get the ball forward to Ellen


White and very, very quickly. second balls, the Dutch are still


picking them up in the middle. The England midfielder's are struggling


to get on the ball. But it is a much better start to the second


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 97 seconds


opportunity, and that will be at might tire, due to a lack of first-


team football. Step out of having to come inside, she is


predominantly right-footed. -- right-footed player. She is capable


with her left foot but that won't give her any confidence to use it.


This is the goal, you can see Alan White just drifting offside, but


everything about it was sumptuous. Great technique, she watched the


ball all the way. Whether you are male or female, that is great


see Rachel Yankey on the ball a bit more off -- England will want to.


Just going at this full-backs and putting them under pressure, trying


to get a ball in. Plenty of White a little stretched as we approach


the hour mark. A little bit. It was a quick break, it was unlucky for


Alan White, she couldn't get away. It was Martens back their


defending, and from the Dutch. Of view, it is a good job -- back


wasn't too far away. It is an excellent opportunity for Aluko,


just wide. Like I said before, from the set piece, Jill Scott did read


it well to hook the ball around the corner and great vision -- really


well. More promise shown and the Dutch will be looking at it now and


feeling that England have the momentum. Aluko has been a


peripheral figure throughout this campaign but she is making her.


Here today. -- making her. Here support when she has moved forward


and again, she goes back. I do think she has been England's


brightest spark, though, she is full of invention. A good player.


And it looks like Anita Asante is about to come on for England. Just


going through the tactics. Either that or she is playing cap and


It is the hi-tech way of going through the tactics these days.


Maybe they are playing something, I am not sure. Anita Asante is a


experienced player, probably the most difficult centre half I have


played against in the women's Premier League, so she will fit in


the edge in height and are looking target and it's a teaser for the


keeper but that ball can drift over. Probably not the ball that Carney


meant, probably should have been more driven. Just over the keeper's


bar. Houghton was worrying whether she was going to have a challenge.


The Dutch had been careless at the start of the second half. England


have it back again. Far more zip about the play from Hope Powell's


whole back four have to be careful back foot since virtually the start


of the second half and need to maintain that intensity.


momentum of the game is shifting. It's important, we have seen from


the men's Euros that you have got to score when you're on top. The


Dutch haven't done that in the first half and let's see if England


can when they're on top. Aluko the target there. Houghton was


supporting the attack. Here is Fara Williams. Alex Scott. Koster with


the clearance. Williams appeals for handball. Hoogendijk goes down


clutching her face. This is a really good chance for England.


That's harsh. Probably a case of ball to hand, seeing as though the


ball was travelling at about 100mph. For England, this is a great


opportunity. Not sure Hoogendijk knows where she is at the moment.


Maybe it was a case of ball on to hand on to face there. Yes, I think


it just shocked her. She's had a free kick given against her.


England won't be complaining. Casey Stoney leading a committee over the


ball at the moment. Also some repairs for Jill Scott for England.


Ten yards away, referee, surely. The difference in this game could


be a set piece and that's how important situations like this are.


Yankey. Also Williams over the ball here for England. In such a tight


game, moments like this could be crucial. It's Williams. Into the


wall. Yankey. Still a poor clearing. Houghton tries to keep the move


going. Not for if first time, Koster clears for the Dutch.


England have not really made the most of their set pieces so far.


But I can see the idea Fara was expecting the wall to jump and was


going to curl it in low which is the right way to do it, she just


didn't get the connection she want and it hit the wall anyway.


England still waiting to make their wonder if it was Steph Houghton who


was the intended player to bring off but she's OK again now? Maybe


they are monitoring Steph. Well won by Fara Williams. Alex Scott in


support and here is Aluko. White can't fatten on to the ball.


Anywhere will do for the Dutch at the moment. -- can't fasten on to


the ball. Yankey. Carney has room to turn. Finds Williams. Into the


area for Houghton. Tries to go all the way but runs out of room. The


Dutch got lucky there. Good interchanging of passes and good


build-up for Yankey and Williams. Houghton's offside but she just


overran the ball. She's done extremely well, the Dutch centre


half Captain. Something for the English support to get excited


about. Hope Powell more animated at the start of the second half as


in the second half. I think they've realised that they have to make the


play here and make the game and that's what they're doing.


Absolutely. They've got to go for it. Hope if told the girls at half


time, if they can get the three points here, if everything goes to


plan, thairl get through to the Championships. It's key and


important. The nerves are gone now so they're just going for it.


think England thought the free kick went their way there but it was


Jill Scott's challenge on Melis. The ref did point as if it was


England's free kick but she's smiling, she always smiles, gives


bad decisions and smiles at the same time. Always helps. The Dutch


not helping themselves there though. Back towards the keeper. It shows


that you put defenders under pressure. They were defending well.


You can see the difference now. Spitse looking to lead a break away


for Holland. At the moment, England are first to every second ball.


Melis is on the break away. She showed far too much of that to


Bradley who could shepherd it back to Rachel Brown. Melis thought


she'd have the beating of Sophie Bradley. She kept up with her.


Brown scoops it up. Second opportunity for Jill Scott. Free


kick. A lot more to be concerned about for Roger Reijners in the


second half. Good vision from Carney. Alex Scott. Williams wins


the free kick. Koster not happy. Here is another free kick


foreEngland and it's about time they capitalised. A great cross.


Williams was trying to step over the ball and in the end she got...


Taken quickly and it's into the net and the referee has given the goal!


Rachel Yankey with the goal. Quick thinking and England have got the


goal they needed. Definitely quick thinking. The


England players were asked by theeveree do you want ten yards,


are you all right, and as soon as that happens you can have a go and


I've seen this happen in the cull final, you know, and the referee is


speaking to the attacking players. A great finish by Rachel Yankey.


She used her head and England have got the goal they were desperately


searching for. It's great for England. If I was a Dutch player, I


wouldn't be happy, but you have got to have somebody stood on the ball


and make sure it doesn't happen and have the ref push you away. A poor


goal to concede. A great free kick. It would have troubled Geurts had


it been in normal play, if you like. That's why Rachel Yankey's in the


side, that sort of experience and that sort of know-how. But the


Dutch looking for a quick response here. Hoogendijk inside the area.


Oh! England saved by the woodwork. And it's Yankey with the clearance.


Someone's switched this game on now! Great counter attacking from


the Dutch. It was nearly in then. Great reaction from Sophie Bradley


to clear it. Now need some luck in any qualification tournament. Maybe


England have had a slice of it there. Just need things to calm


down now. England need to maintain back into shape. See this again


from the Dutch. Great play out wide. Looked like that was a cross but


she skewed it a bit. Good reaction from Sophie Bradley. Two pieces of


luck. Bit of luck for the goal, bit of luck for the Holland attack


straight after. England looking to finish the game off now. Ellen


White. Alex Scott to her right. Scott's ball cleared by Koster.


Carney. Nicely done. Aluko. Carney must be off side. She knew it.


Aluko didn't and it's a free kick. Let's have another look at the goal.


There's hope Powell speaking to all that matters. For the majority


of the people in this stadium. Let's hope they can keep the lead


and maybe build on it. Bito. It's a reward for England. They've looked


far more like it in the second half, although there's a miskick from


Bradley. Heuver. Good challenge from Jill Scott.


1-0, I'm sure the Dutch will have plenty to say after the game.


Didn't seem to say much to the ref when the free kick went in. I think


they were in shock. As we all were. I think they want a win or at least


a draw. A change of tactics and personnel maybe. Marije Brummel who


we saw there about to come on for England are approaching the final


20 minutes with a precious lead. they can keep it then they've won


this game. The Dutch have not offered too much in the second half.


No. They did well. Two substitutions now. The two number


12s are coming on, Asante for England. And Brummel of Holland.


But here is the goal. Let's look again. Yankey clearly had one thing


on her mind. She said something to the referee. You can see her asking


the referee can I take it, can I take it. The whistle wasn't blown


clearly. I think you can ask the attacking team do you want ten


yards and a whistle and she didn't. She kept asking her so obviously


that's what Rachel Yankey had in mind. Clever thinking and it's got


England 1-0 up. The change has been made. Carney coming off and Asante


coming on, so clearly that is a defensive change and for the Dutch


as well, Brummel coming on to replace Heuver. Anita Asante, a bit


of steal in the midfield three. Karen Carney will count herself


unlucky because she's been a bright spark. Anita Asante's come on.


Another free kick for England. This time the Dutch have somebody on the


this far-out, but you never know. It has not been a good week for


Dutch football, men or women. Their men's team played Portugal tonight


in Euro 2012, with their hopes on deflected and in the end, the


referee has given a free kick to Holland. Anouk Hoogendijk with the


touch over the crossbar. Casey Stoney on the toe. She barges her


and the referee looked in favour of the Dutch team. Sylvinho Smit


coming on a for the Dutch. Definitely a straight swap --


Switch. It is like for like. England team were anticipating that


she would play in this game after watching the training session jet -


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 97 seconds


bit deeper the closer we get to of the England team throughout the


game today. It is a question now of keeping their fit best for the


final 15 minutes. They will definitely be fit enough, it is


something they have mastered. second goal would make life a whole


right-footed and playing on the left, that his wife. Just not the


strike for through, curling it to the bottom corner would be better.


Brummel, who has just come on, is the player who is down for Holland.


She looks in some pain, I didn't see the challenge in the build-up


she makes her way off. Trying to challenge Aluko. I don't know if


she got eight stirred up on her foot, a bit painful with a thin but


stay where these days -- with the thin Bude stay where these days. --


win that, although it doesn't put them into the European


Championships, it would make them strong favourites to win this group.


Italy sealed their place yesterday and... Holland come forward. It is


a good ball in, a man on Mellor's with the header, and a brown hat to


scamper to make the save. -- Manon and it would have been in the


bottom corner, now dead, but couldn't generate the power from


Dutch have conceded in this qualifying campaign, but they will


also know that England have not conceded a goal since their opening


match, when they threw away a two- goal lead to draw in Serbia. So it


won't be easy for them to get back into this game. It was always going


to be tough between these two teams. It may come down to the results


against each other, you have got to beat the lesser teams. Automatic,


it may come down to one piece of quick thinking from Rachel Yankey -


- ultimately. Let's hope so, they have done enough to get this goal


in the second half, now it is about the way England have performed in


given. It has got to be a foul, surely. Sophie Bradley helps it


back towards Brown. The referee was unsighted, but she has to get help


Salford City Stadium, a different sort to the one we had in the first


of, because England now know they you could see Fara Williams working


away across the pitch after she won out, but it fell to Aluko. It was a


good strike but good defending second half, and she applauds the


ball, but the rest of the team can applaud her work ethic. She keeps


both centre halves busy and that is what she has done, she is physical


Martin to have gone down -- has gone down, but England have the


keeper, but after what she did earlier from the corner... Time is


just beginning to run out there for lot way. It makes you wonder if she


had gone down under the challenge, she would have got something.


can see Rachel Yankey asking the referee is she can take it. And she


did eventually. Clearly, the referee said yes, because the goal


stood. Rachel Yankey's 19th international goal in her 118 for


always tense to referee the big games, it's with an aunt involved -


- tense to. She made a big decision there. Her that is the way it goes.


The referee answers the questions of the attacking team and Rachel


Yankey of this the asked two or three times, to make sure she


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 97 seconds


didn't wasted. And she didn't. -- enough to find Manon Melis.


back four of England seemed assured. In the at the end of the day,


England have to win this game and what other way they did, they will


be happy with it. I don't think they will be particularly happy


with the performance, but their lead, they will. It is all about


finding a way and that the moment, England are doing it. -- at the


their penultimate qualifier on Thursday, and then they play the


weakest side in the group, Croatia, in September, and we would hope


that would be the night they can clinch their place automatically at


the European Championships. One final throw of the dice short


before the Dutch. Stentler was just what England need. And van den


Berg is about to come off. The two centre halves for England, the play


has been in front of them in the second half and they have been able


at. A great crossfield ball from Steph Houghton. A finding a bit a


space and striking it. She has had a better second half, Rachel Yankey.


Van den Berg makes way for Stentler, who plays her football for Den Haag.


It is a straight swap. I think Koster is throwing herself up front,


the centre half captain. She was the target there for the long ball.


She has been sent forward as the find her goalkeeper, who just about


deals with it. A baptism of fire into the game there, but well dealt


herself about and occupy the centre halves and maybe shake the ball


loose for one of the quicker forwards who can score. And England


have played so much better in the second half, but they cannot take


places at the European finals, that was yesterday. England are moving


closer to going a long way towards the finals here. But that is a free


kick, Jill Scott with the challenge. They have just got to be careful


and defend this set piece well. Make sure they are the first to it.


Aluko is going to stand on the ball, wherever that is. Not taking any


chances after what happened with the goal. She is lining the wall up


and Fara Williams has stood on the waste. It is a waste, they were


overloaded on that side and in that only had three defenders. --


England only had. You have to be cleverer with you set pieces than


play-offs is that Scotland look as though they are going to finish


second in their group, which also includes Wales and the Republic of


Ireland. The French are clear favourites to qualify automatically,


and Scotland, with Kim little of Arsenal leading their attack, she


got a hat-trick yesterday, it will be 18 England will be keen to avoid


Just can't let down, that is the message. Yes, no need to take this


quick. Let Holland get back and get into shape. Only a couple of


bit lucky with Bito's clearance. England have Holland where they


want them. Deep inside their own half. Williams. Looking to win the


free kick, but Spitse comes away with the ball. Solid defensive


header from Stoney. Can't score from where that header ended up.


Koster look to make a nuisance of herself. Asante. Hoogendijk forward


towards Melis. She's done very little in the second half, apart


from watch long balls go forward and shoot wildly off target. And


very soon, all eyes will be on the fourth official. I think it would


have made her more quiet this half. They'll be happy with where she's


shooting from, a long way out. England edging closer and closer


here. There'll be three minutes of added time. White looking to finish


things off. But Stentler with the challenge. Asante only finds van


den Berg. Asante. Stoney does well. Captain on


Captain against Koster there. Anywhere will do from the Captain.


And that was at the second time of asking. Anita Asante's


introduction's calmed that field down. Has a bit of steel and


defends very, very well. She wins the ball back. Plays her club


football now in Gothenburg. As things stand, England could be


joining her in Sweden next summer. virtually kicking every ball at the


moment. She's got a microphone on her. It's all very close to her


flag's up for off side though. One minute to go. Had a good game,


Eniola Aluko. Worked hard, created opportunities for herself and


others and done really, really well. She came into this game with a real


point to prove after a disappointing World Cup. She has


worked extremely hard. She's a good player, very experienced. She's


played out in the States professionally and you have to be


top quality to do that. She's brought all that experience back in


here. Hoogendijk heads it forward for the Dutch. One last chance


maybe for them. Bito. Asante. Strong play. Assured play just when


it was needed. Aluko. And Asante getting it where it hurts again.


England now seconds away. Share ago joke with the referee. The referee


Come on, blow your whistle. Houghton throws long. Bito.


Williams gives the ball away. And one final chance for the Dutch. The


shot driven in by Spitse and Rachel Brown was right behind it. And


that's it. England have done what they had to do. A crucial victory,


Rachel Yankey with the only goal and it's a goal which will be


talked about for some time. But England here can celebrate the win


which has put them in poll position to win Group six andialify for the


European Championships. They've beaten Holland 1-0 -- Group Six and


qualify for the European Championships. Huge relief for Hope


Powell and the back room staff. All that mattered to England tonight


was that they won this match. The performance frankly wasn't


important because that is what it means, that victory means England


are now just two points behind the Dutch with two games remaining, the


Dutch have just one game remaining. So regardless of what happens to


the Netherlands on Wednesday when they play away in Serbia, England


know that if they beat Slovenia away on Thursday and then Croatia


in the live match on the BBC in September, then they will be top of


the group and they'll be at Euro 2013 in Sweden next year.


That's what it means. Rachel Brown all smiles. Steph had a great game


as well. Rachel Yankey, the girl who scored the all-important goal.


Everybody absolutely delighted and also I would suggest, relieved.


Absolutely vital victory. Now, Faye and Sue, phew, huge sigh of relief.


What was the difference in the second half? At the first, it was a


cagey game and England were not the better side. What was the


difference or who? Ellen come on and injected pace, scored a great


goal but was off side. You wouldn't think she's been out for over a


month. I think it was just more the midfield were getting on the ball.


Fara got hold of the ball more and was pushing forward. I think Hope's


gone in there and really told them that they need to perform otherwise


they are going to make hard work for themselvess to get to Sweden.


The midfield come into it so much more and started to dominate the


game and they've picked up the second half fighting and moving and


just basically picking up the ball a lot quicker and working harder


for each other to find the passes. I think for me, they just relaxed.


That's what we need to dop we seemed so under pressure in the


first half that we were forcing things, then the play makers made


things happen. I think Ellen White did fantastic, closed defenders


down and made things happen. She made them make mistakes and I think


that shot she did early on was fantastic. She's willing to work


hard and make intelligent runs. It just makes the defenders think


twice. She certainly lifted things. The one person that got the crowd


going was Rachel Yankey because her goal won it for England. A free


kick, a foul on Fara Williams and you can sigh the Captain


remonstrating with the referee, but already in Rachel Yankey's mind,


she's thinking, I want to take it. She had a word with the referee,


gets the nod and she's thinking, as soon as Elle listen White's out of


the way I'm going to take it. me this is clever, experience to


the utmost. That's all in her head and whether the fact that Kaz


Carney scored one in the final in her mind, but it was clever, she


spoke to the ref and you can see she touches the ref just before as


if to say, can I take this quickly. I think as well Karen tried it in


the first half, it didn't come off and Rachel's probably thought if I


ask the ref again she will allow us. Seeing the keeper on the post


lining the wall up is perfect. You need experienced players to grab


hold of the game and make something happen and she's done that. All


credit to her, she's joining us now. Karen Carney took one in the FA Cup


Final as well. Rachel Yankey is standing right next to me.


Congratulations. I'm trying to work out who's sweating more. Just about


you! Yes, sorry. Congratulations on the goal. Talk us through it,


because there was some controversy with the ref. I asked her probably


about three times and she just smiled at me, she was just looking


at me and I was like, is that a yes and she went like that, so I guess


that was the go-ahead. It was always in your mind straightaway if


you want to have a look tonne monitor, as soon as FAry Williams


is fouled you are thinking, what are you thinking? I thought, let me


have it because she hit the wall last time. -- Fara Williams. I was


asking her there, so I just thought about it. We tried it against


Chelsea and we didn't quite score so it's always on our minds now so


to get this one was great. The fact that Carney scored one in the Cup


Final, did that give you an incentive? No, I think she was


watching me. No, of course, it's something we want to practise at.


If you are off guard, you can get the advantage. What was it like for


you being out there tonight? Looked very tense in the first half. All


the talk before the game was about it being a must-win. Did you feel


the tension? It was a bit. We'd been working on defending this week


and not letting them break us down and then going out on attack and


getting goals but really making sure they don't score, so it's


positive for us to come here and we are happy with a 1-0 win so it's


good. In termss of the next two games in your mind purely two


victories, you are not going to worry too much about what the Dutch


do on Wednesday? No, no, no, we have to think about ourselves and


we have to win convincingly. The next games we'll be looking for


performances and to play a lot better than we did today. We found


it difficult to pass right. We got the win and three points now we


need three points in the next performance. Thank you so much.


You've done the job tonight! Faye and Sue, what do you think will be


in England's players' minds now ahead of the game on Thursday


night? Will they pay much attention to what the Dutch do? They're


fortunate that they played the night before so they'll know what


they've got to do, but irrespective of that, it's Slovenia away, not


nice to travel away to somewhere like that and then Croatia, but we


are by far the better team and should expect to get the three


points. You never know what's going to happen in the first game of the


campaign. We drew to Serbia then. I'm sure the team and Hope will


learn from that and they have said that in the programme earlier. They


won't take their foot off the pedal and change the team around too much.


Faye and Sue, thank you so much for this evening. Before we go, just


time to remind you of the next live football action on the BBC which


# To party Croatia v Spain and Ireland v Italy


tomorrow night on the BBC. Well, that's all from Salford tonight.


Live coverage of the match between England's women and their Dutch counterparts, with qualification for next summer's European Championship at stake. England trail the Dutch by five points going into this match, which will be staged at the Salford City Stadium, and will be desperate to close the gap.

The reverse fixture ended in a goalless draw, with Fara Williams' missed penalty proving costly for Hope Powell's side. English players are likely to make up the majority of the Great Britain squad Powell will select for the London Olympics. But with only 18 places up for grabs, competition will be fierce, so the English women will have an added incentive to impress against the Dutch.

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