Quarter-final: France v Germany Match of the Day Live

Quarter-final: France v Germany

Gary Lineker introduces live coverage of the all-European quarter-final between France and Germany at the Maracana in Rio. With commentary from Jonathan Pearce and Mark Lawrenson.

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quarterfinals of this quite superb World Cup. Our live game could be a


classic, France versus Germany, two the leading lights of international


football take to the stage. deans of their -- Zidane. Schumacher


thumped him pretty hard. Klinsmann, what a girl. Thierry Henry for


France. Matuidi with the second. -- goal. It is 3-0, Muller is there.


Benzema. Ozil again. It is 24 years since Germany won the


World Cup, It is 24 years since Germany won the


of flu in the camp, they are one game away from a fourth successive


semifinal. The French coach, Didier Deschamps, was their captain when


they lifted the trophy in 1998, his talented squad have put their


troubles of four years ago firmly behind them.


Alongside Alan Shearer and Rio Ferdinand for this clash of the


European heavyweights, an old friend, Ruud Gullit. Are you


enjoying a? Yes, great World Cup, we did not expect to see this kind of


attacking football, loads of goals. The South Americans have surprised


us in the way they have played, and I've enjoyed it, and the people at


home as well. This Saturday's game should be tasty, two great


footballing nations? The Germans, old friends of the Dutch! In the


last few years, they have improved a lot. There is a foreign influence,


the Turkish players, they play technical, good stuff, they try to


keep the ball. Scoring a lot of goals. I am looking forward to it.


France have been a surprise to everyone. An old clash of two


titans. Both these teams playing entertaining football, this could be


the tie of the round? We hope so. Germany started the tournament


scoring goals, blazing away, they have pleaded for little bit. France,


not huge expectations on them in this tournament, like the Germans,


they are feeling their way into the tournament, feeling comfortable,


looking good. Should be a free-flowing game? It is funny,


Germany always remembered as being an efficient group of winners, they


have gone into this expansive, open football. The French team, they are


surprisingly few people. They did not have the expectation to do well,


the harmony that Didier Deschamps have got -- has got, should make for


a good game. This is shaping up to be the most open World Cup for


years. Who will be champions is not clear? We are inviting you to take


part in a vote. West Germany beat France twice in


the 1980s. The first of those encounters was one of the most


infamous in World Cup history recalled by Eddie Butler.


1982, a warm night in Seville, recalled in infamy. The villain of


the piece, Harald Schumacher. They were playing Michel Platini's


France, Schumacher protecting his area forcefully. Every square inch


of his area, from the goal-line to the outer reaches of the 18-yard


box. On the receiving end, Patrick


Battison, three teeth knocked out, the Saint-Etienne defender knocked


out. Schumacher was unhurt. Battison ended it, Platini thought he was


dead. The Dutch referee awarding a goal kick. As for the game... Michel


Platini. Vital for France. It is in. It is 1-1. What a moment in


Platini. Vital for France. It is in. area. Tigana. What a cracking goal.


Onside. Karlheinz River nacre -- Karlheinz Riemann ago May six --


makes it 3-2. It will now mean sudden death. Schumacher still


centre stage as the world's first penalty shoot out took place. It


will go out to the mag on until someone misses. Schumacher. No


question he moved, he takes the applause. West Germany have won.


They have won in a totally unsatisfactory matter. West German


celebrations would end here, they lost 3-1 to Italy in the final.


It was an extraordinary game, great memories, great goals, but always a


member for that unbelievable moment with Schumacher. 3-3, great goals,


great game, but that. I don't mind physical contact, but that was a bit


too much. Incredible. It was a Dutch referee! In those days, the


punishment was different maybe. Horrifying. For


punishment was different maybe. on, it was terrible, he was OK.


Being remembered for that Ba the referee did not give any thing. No


foul, no penalty. A goal kick. FIFA did not look at it. Any memories of


that? No memories. It was a car crash. The game, you remember it for


the wrong reasons. The nominal. We were tough in those days, Rio!


Today's all European encounter takes place in the most famous stadium in


South America, across Rio de place in the most famous stadium in


Janeiro, at the Maracana. Mark Chapman and Danny Murphy


imposition. We are. A glorious lunchtime at the


Maracana. Germany have not hit the heights of that opening game against


Portugal. They had three tough games, they were tested against


Ghana in the heat. games, they were tested against


all the way. Against Algeria they needed extra time. The French may be


a bit fresher. If you were a French midfielder, would you be licking


your lips at taking on this high defensive gem in line? I would be


amazed if they do that today, that is asking for trouble against a


quality side. They are more well-equipped. We think Philipp Lahm


will go to full-back, Boateng in the middle. They might try and do it,


but I think they will be more cautious. Is that because of the


high line, Lahm going to full-back? I think it is because of Griezmann,


he was a game chain, allowing Benzema to go into the centre,


causing problems. The German manager has seen it, thinking my most


experienced full-back, one of my best players, I will put him on


Griezmann. They are still warming up, we will city you -- we will talk


to you at half-time. There has been much debate to the


open nature of the German tactical approach. Whatever happened to


ruthless efficiency? Dan Walker can tell us.


A dash of daring, sweeper keepers, high defensive lines. Walking the


tightrope. What would they have made for this? 18 years without a


trophy, and attire generation knowing Germany as the nearly men.


Before the only thing they did not win was friends. Efficient,


functional, they were the World War I arrows let loose from the high


ground. They simply raised their metal shields to the sky and smiled.


Then the production line slowed, a systemic overhaul, a period of


transition where they still reach the World Cup final. Then Germany


showed a new face, fresh, cosmopolitan, expansive. Yearling


Klinsmann, the quiet technocrat, Low is a thinker, he found it at his


players 2.8 seconds to make a pass, too long. The kept going until it


was less and less, too long. The kept going until it


was now he says it is 0.9. Flamboyance rooted in science.


Goalkeeping midfielders apart, the fluid style is best personified by


this man, what is Thomas Muller? Winger, striker, false nine, one


thing is certain, he is deadly, usually. Will this more muscular


style at its time? Low may have a stopwatch on his team, but those 18


years, he knows his clock is ticking, too.


Indeed, he has made big tactical changes. Manuel Neuer winning his


50th cap, he has lost just three times in a Germany shirt. The


experiment are times in a Germany shirt. The


playing Lahm in central midfield is over, he returns to write back. Mats


Hummels comes into the fence. Schweinsteiger and Khedira are


United in front of the back four. Toni Kroos has had more touches than


any other player in the World Cup. Ozil to his left, Muller is no


longer a false nine. Miroslav Klose given the chance to create history


and become his country's all-time leading scorer. Everything has been


talking about Manuel Neuer, Rio, that sweeper keeper role.


Defender in front of his defence. I think he is the best keeper in the


world, he plays quickly, incisively. He has become a sweep almost. This


touch map, almost one third of this touches on so -- outside the box.


Finding danger, clearing it up, phenomenal. The AUC, making a


decision early, phenomenal. The AUC, making a


athleticism. Sliding tackle. Head down, back to goal. This would be a


defender's nightmare, I would not want to see him out here. He punches


it, through one of his own guys, off they go. He sees Mertesacker... Out


he comes. Quick. Is there a sense there is a red card waiting to


happen? It is high risk football, if it does not come off, it is a red


card or a goal. The centre halves have no cover, they are drilled he


will be coming off his line. Mark your man, they get the space. People


recover the space. It is not the way I like to play, but it works for


them. Doesn't it just but to show how


football has changed for a goalkeeper in the last 20 years when


he hardly used his hands! Hugo Lloris is the same, he does not mind


coming off his line, either. Did you not to the words that a goalkeeper


must be able to play football? That is why he was in goal, otherwise he


would have been playing out. But he chooses people, plays people in


different positions, whatever. You need that. As a goalkeeper, you have


to be a footballer. That changed. But he took a lot of risks, I agree


with you. Against better opposition, Algeria are not France, and the


forwards in the French team will be thinking, if that ball comes to me


now, they will be thinking, I will be running in behind. You can bet


whatever you want that France have been working on exactly that. I want


to see somebody clever enough to see him and catch him out of his goal.


As for the French, Thierry Henry is now back in playing action in New


York, but he still found time to record a rallying cry for his






LINE-UP. back in central defence, in place of


Koscielny. Paul Pogba scored in back in central defence, in place of


their last match back in central defence, in place of


settled midfield trio. And back in central defence, in place of


has tinkered with his front line, with Griezmann coming in for Giroud,


meaning Benzema moves into the central role. Alan Shearer, you have


had a look at Benzema. He is one of the players who is in contention for


the Golden Boot? Traditional centre forward, he wants to play number


nine. The contrast between him and Muller, this guy wants to get in the


box. He wants to play on the last man. This was a fantastic finish. He


has had more shots in the tournament than anyone else. He can assist as


well. The weight of pass there was brilliant. But this is what he will


be looking to do today, get in behind. In contrast, this guy, I do


not know what he is, an attacking midfielder, centre forward, number


ten... Here, crossing from the left, and this time, coming from the


right. Another assist. That is fantastic, on a plate. And he does


his bit for the team as well. Defending here. You will not see


that from Benzema too many times. Again, from the left, another


assist. Brilliant. But he is also a guy in the right place at the right


time, who can finish. That is not a fluke, that that ball comes to him,


but what about the finish. It is brilliant. He is similar to a Frank


Lampard, an attacking midfielder who will be in the right place at the


right time. Golden Boot four years ago, and a great chance of doing it


again. There are not many number nines here. Look at the guys who are


scoring the goals. Both Muller and Benzema have been moved around a bit


in this World Cup. He looks more comfortable in the middle, that is


where he plays at Real Madrid. He is a real striker. For instance, van


Persie is not a real striker, he just converted. And I think Thomas


Muller is the same. You know he can do it, you can put him on the right,


the left, and he will do something for your team. He is a player that


every coach would be happy to have. You have played against these


players, Rio, how do they compare? Very different, Benzema is a pure


centre forward, one of the most difficult guys I have played


against. He can shoot off either foot. Comfortable with the ball


coming into feet, and can run-in behind, here's a defender's


nightmare, he can do a bit of everything. Thomas Muller, when you


look at him, he does not scare you, he is not physically imposing or


articulately quick, but he is efficient. He does what is best for


the team. He is one of those kind of ghostly players, he sneaks into


positions. Maybe a bit like Lampard, or David Platt. But also, as we saw,


he can assist. Those balls he played in were fantastic. Going back to


Benzema, if Germany are going to play that high line today, then he


will love that. You will see him trying to run-in behind at every


opportunity, if they are going to leave that space. That is what he


wants to do, because he is quick, and defenders do not like that. What


do you think, Ruud Gullit, about the fact that Lahm has now gone back to


full-back? I must say he does it well when he plays in midfield. He


is a good player. Of course you miss him at right-back because he always


comes forward at the right moment. That is why they played Khedira.


Almost all season he was injured, but in the final, he played for Real


Madrid. So they know what they are going to get from him. A more


natural holding player? Yes, he is. But going back to Lahm, he went into


midfield for Bayern Munich, for Germany as well. He gets the most


touches, and his pass accuracy is really high. That is a top, top


player. Pep Guardiola said he is one of the best football players he has


ever managed. Also in the French team, Griezmann and Pogba, laying


with no fear, just enjoying their World Cup. I think that is


important. If they can make runs in behind as well. The Germans want to


have the ball, so they will be writing for the right moment.


Quickly, how do you see it going, Alan Shearer? I will go for Germany.


Also Germany. Rio? I think France will win it. It is a quarterfinal


between France and Germany, watched in the Maracana by Mark Lawrenson


and Jonathan Pearce. JONATHAN PEARCE: Good afternoon,


everybody. One of the hottest Rio days in the World Cup so far. We


could have a World Cup classic here today. Germany, unbeaten in 15


games, France and beaten in eight. Germany into the last eight for the


16th time in a row. A sixth quarterfinal for France. We will


have the anthems, and then the two captains will read out an


anti-discrimination declaration. Temperatures down on the pitch side,


about 30 degrees Celsius. It is searingly hot. And the players will


have to wait while this anti-discrimination explanation is


read out on the PA system. And they will introduce a message from the


two captains, Lahm and Lloris. Hugo Lloris, he is saying, on behalf of


the national team France, they wholeheartedly reject any


discolouration on any grounds -- discrimination on any grounds. Using


the power of football, they can help to eradicate racism and risk


ruminations from sport and society at large. We ask you to join us in


this fight. Philipp Lahm, on behalf of Germany - we appeal to everyone


who is watching us today to help us remove discrimination from our


society. It is only together that we can succeed. Those players have been


made to stand a long time in the sunshine and the heat.


# Allons enfants de la Patrie Le jour de gloire est arrive


L'etendard sanglant est leve # L'etendard sanglant est leve


# Entendez-vous dans les campagnes Mugir ces feroces soldats


# Aux armes, citoyens Formez vos bataillons


# Marchons, marchons # Qu'un sang impur


Abreuve nos sillons # Amour sacre de la Patrie


# Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit Fur das deutsche Vaterland


# Danach lasst uns alle streben Bruderlich mit Herz und Hand


# Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit Sind des Gluckes Unterpfand


# Bluh' im Glanze dieses Gluckes Bluhe, deutsches Vaterland. #


It will be interesting to see who the Brazilian neutrals in the crowd


will be supporting. They lost to France in the 1998 final, and in the


quarterfinals of 1986 and 2000. The winners of this will play the


winners of Brazil-Colombia. France have everybody fit. Two changes.


Griezmann, from Real Sociedad, starts his third game, with Olivier


Giroud dropping to the bench. starts his third game, with Olivier


Giroud dropping to the That allows Benzema to be the central striker.


He has rediscovered his goal-scoring touch. Mamadou Sakho is fit again,


preferred to Koscielny. Watch out for bellboy in, one of the


candidates -- watch out for Valbuena, one of the candidates for


player of the tournament. There is the referee, Nestor Pitana, from


Argentina. Philipp Lahm has three times been voted best full-back at


tournaments. Hugo Lloris has been simply outstanding so far. Again,


there is some delay in this ritual, which will not help the players at


all. changes, now they will have another


delay for an anti-discrimination say no to racism photo. Bearing in mind,


once you get out onto the field of play, you just want to start. They


may think it's necessary, but I'm pretty sure the players don't, in


terms of the temperature. A crucial message to get across. Yes. The


German changes, Arsene Wenger would like to know why Per Mertesacker was


not playing, he is set behind us, one of the players suffering from


flu. The press also believe it's a tactical decision. Khedira returns


to the starting line-up, the other big talking point upfront. Klose


coming in, Rio got sir. -- coming in for Mariga -- Gotze.


When you look both teams with the changes, both look extremely well


balanced. You would argue better than they have been in the


competition so far. I wonder if Yogi the -- Joachim Low has been waiting


for this, you all a great piece by Dan Walker, he has been honing the


German team down to the split-2nd. We're about to get going at the home


of football, the Maracana in Rio de Janeiro. Many people have France as


the dark horses, they had to beat the mike and experience of Germany,


all in white. The first World Cup where they have not had black shorts


or green shirts as part of their kits. Awaiting final permission from


the feeder macro official. -- FIFA official. Germany get us going.


Put forward by Debuchy. Newcastle trying to keep hold of him.


We're still not sure if Schweinsteiger is fully fit.


We're still not sure if problems with Bayern Munich this


season. He came out to warm up with tracksuit bottoms on. Very hot out


there. Germany do have orthodox full-backs,


they have been playing with four centre-backs. That is where all the


width will come from, with Lahm. Mats Hummels, important player.


Germany playing possession football early on. The French are ready and


retreating, five across midfield. The French are rejuvenated, saying


the whole of France is behind them. Six months ago the French press were


decrying them are the worst team ever. They would have to go


mixture of experience and youth. A mixture of experience and youth. A


chance for Muller to attack. Looking for Klose, to the edge of the


penalty area. That is pumped away by Cabaye. The French centre-back from


Liverpool did not look comfortable. Evra was breaking forward, the ball


was not played to him, he was completely a position. -- out of


position. Hamill -- Hummels blossomed in the last two years.


Schweinsteiger plays it back to blossomed in the last two years.


Hummels. 14 of the squad are 25 or under. It is a conveyor belt of


talent. Has been for many generations in German football. The


French cannot get the ball at the moment. Looking for Muller. Away by


Cabaye. Sakho or Koscielny, who would you


have preferred? The presence of Sakho makes me a bit nervy.


Deschamps likes Sakho, his goals. They struggled in qualifying, with


Spain in their group, but they had been a completely different team


here. Miller thinking Lahm was going to continue his run. Interesting


that Griezmann, who plays on the left, did not even think about


tracking Lahm. Some thought... That is a brilliant shot, I hope you can


see that at home. Christ the Redeemer, the Maracana. Some French


observers thinking they were going to play Sissoko on the left-hand


side. Griezmann beaten in the air by


Boateng. Cut down. The French have not started, have they? Not up to


speed at the moment. He could make history, Thomas


speed at the moment. He could make finishes top scorer?


speed at the moment. He could make finished top scorer in World Cups


twice. Nine goals in his first nine World Cup games. The same is Pele.


Klose trying to make his own record. Great interception by Sakho. Great


start by Germany. Klose holding it up. Lloris taking a while to


start by Germany. Klose holding it out, trying to calm things down. Or


slow down the Germans. Blaise Matuidi, a lot of people thought he


slow down the Germans. Blaise was lucky to be playing today, a


fierce tackle leaving the Nigerian player with a broken leg. He did


apologise afterwards. Klose. Klose the highest scoring German. Evra,


head down. It is behind Benzema. Not the highest scoring German. Evra,


a great header away. Valbuena has had a magnificent tournament. A


little chip, an effort is by Benzema. Great little ball from


Valbuena. A quick look, thinking it in. -- dinks it in. I'm not sure why


has gone with a side foot. Nobody has had more shots at World Cup


2014, that is his 25th. Cristiano Ronaldo in second place!


A free kick to France. Have you seen the official feeder -- FIFA player


of the tournament? I have. David Luiz according to the stats. Johan


Have not scored a goal Djourou is in the top ten!


Have not scored a goal half in a last three games. Debuchy.


Varane, the best young centre-back in the world according to Jose


Mourinho. He would love to get hold of him


Mourinho. He would love to get hold with injury every Madrid. Started


the Champions League final. Had an operation near the start of the


campaign. -- Real Madrid. Fairies Deschamps, he was decried by Eric


Cantona as a water carrier. Had a great influence on that side.


Benzema macro offside surely. The flag stayed down, through to Manuel


Neuer. Have you seen the DVD of Deschamps in the dressing room in


98? Absolutely brilliant. Getting the players together. A great man


motivator, they say. A little chip in. Away by Sakho.


Germany penetrating deep into French territory. Schweinsteiger.


Schweinsteiger dwelling on that. Came into the tournament carrying in


injury, had to macro operations this season on his ankle.


Had to have a couple operations. Twice Valbuena has got in either


side. A good start to the game, opening ten minutes. Germany having


most of the play, the French looking a bit more dangerous.


most of the play, the French looking a Valbuena is the key. That is


forward to Griezmann, onside, Benzema macro in the middle. The


cover was there I Mats Hummels. Both offences looking vulnerable.


Matuidi. Here is Schweinsteiger. Neuer flaying his 50th game. That is


a free kick. The little nudge by Pogba. A big occasion for him, 21.


He is on. Kroos with a free kick, one, nil.


Germany lead. Mats Hummels. In a competition of wonderful goals, and


old-fashioned set piece from the big centre-half coming up. Not unlike


the one Marouane Fellaini scored for Belgium. Similar position. A really


clever header. Lovely ball in. Just helping it on,


as much as anything. Scored against Portugal. Now has another.


He was fighting with Varane at the time as well.


Great for the game. When he pushes it forward there, one of seven


players in this German side to have played in the 2009 Under-21


tournament winning campaign. They have kept that side together.


Cleverly done by Pogba. I think Valbuena was looking at Debuchy, as


if to say, let me know! He will have been aware of the danger of Germany


at set pieces. They have the height advantage, if you compare all 11


men. Hugo Lloris, but for only the third


time in these finals. -- beaten. Good football, France. Valbuena has


had a really good game so far. Griezmann is in the middle. And


Valbuena nipped in. Followed up by Cabaye. Seen out by Howedes. He did


well, Howedes. He just retreated a little bit so he did not have to


make the tackle. Clever header, that was, Jonathan, very clever. Good


strength as well. He was injured against England back in November. He


only came back in January after a ligament problem.


Hugo Lloris has got great feet, just like Neuer at the other end.


Combined in this XI, the functional and the flamboyant. Good mix, good


balance today. Well, the goalkeeper is as good a parser is anybody in


this team. He was described this week as the best German sweeper


since Franz Beckenbauer. A little bit tongue in cheek, I think. But we


studio guest today, Ruud Gullit, saying that Paul Pogba is the future


of the game. Joachim Low. The pressure is very much on him to


His contract has been extended to succeed at these finals.


His contract has been extended to July 2016, and the Euros.


have only failed to make the last eight once, and that was in 1938.


Remember, we want you to vote BBC World Cup website on who you


think will win the tournament. That vote closes at half past five


tonight. The Maracana, absolutely packed.


The French supporters dotted around the stadium. A big section of


Germans behind Manuel Neuer's goal in this half.


Cabaye was banned for two yellows following the Ecuador game.


Valbuena, lovely touch. Just too far for Debuchy. He looks a player


today, doesn't he? Fiorentina want him, but he has been a folk hero at


Marseille. The new coach at Marseille does not fancy him,


apparently. I thought Benzema was a yard at


least offside. He looked it, didn't he? He has not been particularly


good at keeping up with the play, the referee's assistant. There was a


decision early on in the game, and the referee had to give it. He


wonderful World Cup history between these two sides. 1958, the French


won the third-4th place play-off. 1982, semifinal, the first-ever


penalty shoot-out. And then, 1986, in Guadalajara, won by Germany.


Another good ball. He is better at centre back then right-back, no


doubt about it. He is having a better World Cup than his brother,


who was sent home by Ghana. Oh, Thomas Muller nearly got that.


Patrice Evra. Matuidi behind him. A curious recent World Cup history,


France have had. They have got out of the first round -- not got out of


the first round, or got to the final!


Toni Kroos has been a little metronome at times for Germany.


I think he was hoping that Griezmann was going to run-in behind there.


No sign in the last game of any understanding between Benzema and


Giroud. They only passed to each other two or three times. Much


better balance with Benzema in the middle. Looking for Klose, and he


has gone down, very theatrically! It was Debuchy, the man with him. How


about this, maybe you should have just controlled it and had a shot


instead?! What is all that about?! He got hold of his shirt. Are you


saying you would have given it? Not for the way he went down, I think,


that would have counted against him. They have only ever lost one match


on Brazilian soil, France, one in ten. They are trailing here.


Khedira, looking for Thomas Muller! Hugo Lloris did well. Yes, he did


extremely well. He had to change his stride, Thomas Muller, which enabled


Lloris to come and collect. Playing some lovely football, Germany, Mark.


Parliament they are, some lovely football, Germany, Mark.


although I will say that there is something about the French, they are


still a threat, especially when Valbuena gets on the ball. When they


got to this stage, one or two players have started talking about


winning the competition, and Cabaye came out and said, confidence should


not become arrogance. Here he is, Yohan Cabaye. Title winner with


Paris St Germain. That is why he went there, to win things.


Matuidi also had a fantastic year for them.


That is good play by Germany, they are just sat in, forcing the French


to go back. Still playing that high line, Germany. They know that Manuel


Neuer is behind them. Matuidi trying to get it through to


Griezmann. Manuel Neuer starts another Germany attack. This


referee's assistant on this site, he does not anticipate anything, he


does not go until the ball is played. He might get himself I have


not seen him before at this competition. Hernan Maidana, from


Argentina. He has probably not seen you, then!


coach after yelling Klinsmann, Joachim Low wanting to improve the


speed of their movement, and he's still unhappy going into this game.


speed of their movement, and he's -- after Klinsmann. Paul Pogba, such


a talented Frenchman. Great header. Don't forget, he must have been


staring into the sun, quite easy to get that wrong. He is small, one of


the diddy men. Lovely disguised ball by Kroos. Klose not quite got enough


pace to get away from anybody. Evra unhappy with the free kick. His


guile won him that. He has caught him, hasn't he? If you keep going


down like that, theatrically, no surprise a 50-50 in the penalty area


will go against him. Ozil and Klose over by the free


kick. That may have come off Sakho. A


corner ball. Some dispute over that. The first corner of the game.


Lloris has to come, taking away from him by his own player, Varane. Very


nearly still in play. A brave decision to come, you have to be


certain you are going to get it. May when year it. Hugo Lloris is a big


Pogba was holding off Kroos. Lucky not to be sent off for swiping out


at Palacio -- Wilson Palacios. He is an impetuous young player, according


to his manager. The ball just skipping on, Neuer could come and


claim. He was lightning quick, just watching the play. A great shot


stopper, sharp reflexes, but also sees things from a long way out. I


den think there is a better goalkeeper around, in all honesty. I


den think there is a better remember the 2009


den think there is a better winning team, he kept a clean sheet


in the final. Defeating England. Lie on the right. The return ball to


the area. They thought alone was impeded. It is Debuchy. The referee


was in a great position. -- Muller was impeded. No. Debuchy is looking


at the ball. Deschamps got after the worst


at the ball. Deschamps got after the international manager. Everything


changed after that play-off second leg. Griezmann pulling it back to


Valbuena. The state comes the Benzema. -- save. Nearly I got a bit


fortunate. -- Neuer got a bit fortunate. This is a good ball in.


Really good first stop, Benzema could not force it in. It comes to


the far post. Another corner. Great pressure on Benzema after the


original first save. They allowed Valbuena together shot on target,


but as a good height. Across goal, Sakho was up from the


back. They carry a threat, France. They


know that. Really good goalkeeping. The top goalkeepers have 15-20


minutes when they don't touch the ball, and those other saves which


are difficult because of the concentration element. There have


been some good goalkeepers, Navas of Costa Rica, the Colombian and


Mexican. A class class of his own? You think he is the world best? I


do. A good goal-scorer, Muller,


prodigious worker. Well done from Pogba. A little slip from


Schweinsteiger. Malone was pulled back. -- Muller was pulled back. In


the German cup final, Bayern Munich against Borussia Dortmund, few


people could even manage walking, and he was still going for the gold.


-- goal. Klose. Khedira. Ozil available on


the left. Toni Kroos looking for Klose. Khedira has gone down.


Clutching his face. Another player who missed a lot of football this


season. He got a ball in the face. Looks at the referee, then goes


down. Man playing football hit by ball in face shock! He had a really


nasty knee injury, early in the season. Playing just three games for


Real Madrid. His injury allows all the players to get a drink.


There can be an official drinks break if temperatures are high


enough. It must be today, surely? We were shown official figures. The


referee is chatting to his assistant. We were told the official


figure was 26 degrees, it will be hotter at pitch side, around 30. I


don't think this is an official break. The players have made it into


one. I wonder what the referee is doing. He is asking the assistant


referee and Muller where things stopped. He is asking the player? He


asked his assistant. Khedira is OK. Neuer was starting to come. Went


backwards. It is a two reflector midfield three, Schweinsteiger,


Kronos, Khedira. -- Kroos. The same again? It was from


that the goal came. Ozil standing over it, Kroos is there. Lovely


control by Yohan Cabaye. 4.5 minutes to plus stoppage time.


We mentioned about the referee asking a player, in the Bundesliga


they often do. They ask a player if he handled it, and expect honesty


afterwards. Interesting. Piti they didn't ask Thierry Henry


in that game in Paris! -- it's a pity.


Plenty of white shirts back for Germany now. Looking for Benzema.


Tentative appeals for handball. Hummel 's the Levys -- Hummels


turned his back. The referee was not helped by his assistant. No.


turned his back. The referee was not hit him in the guts. I was about to


say, I know the assistant has two wait to see if the player is active,


but I am not sure if the assistant on the near side is up to this. He


but I am not sure if the assistant just does not anticipate the play. I


still think it is harder than actually refereeing, though, being


the assistant. France famously won the World Cup in


1998. And they got to the final in


Germany, and it became a bit of an infamous final, because of the


Zinedine Zidane thing. Lovely ball from Pogba to Benzema.


This time he is onside. Benzema! In the end, great ball from Pogba,


but he created the chance for himself, Benzema. But he really


should have done better. You are thinking, go on, but it was white at


the goalkeeper. thinking, go on, but it was white at


game at these World Cup Finals. Pogba, his strength and everything,


game at these World Cup Finals. and Valbuena, they are a real


problem for Germany. Benzema has taken up a position in


the middle, Griezmann was coming from deep. Away by Schweinsteiger.


Sliced out by Muller. One minute of stoppage time. Valbuena was in and


out of the side for a fair few years, but Didier Deschamps Billy


has placed his trust in him. That was surely out of play! It is now.


I think if they go in 1-0 down, the French, at half-time, I think


Deschamps will be saying to them, let's get Pogba and Valbuena on the


ball as often as we can, because they will make things happen. The


goal which separates the sides, guided in by Hummels, who used the


pace of the free kick well. That is the half-time whistle. And it is


Germany who lead against Didier Deschamps' France. Joachim Low


making notes, he will be congratulating his defender Hummels,


whose goal separates the science at half-time.


Chances for both sides, but it is the Germans who have a slight


advantage at the moment, but this game has got a long way to go? It


has. I think the Germans have just edged it for me, neat and tidy. They


are getting in behind once or twice. But France look dangerous on the


break, particularly with the German high line, they have caught them out


once or twice. That it is a very good game. It looks to be a better


balance to this German side than in previous games, perhaps? It looks


like France or most are giving them the advantage, letting them keep the


ball, and then we will just try and get in behind you. A couple of times


they have succeeded. But also for the Germans, it is difficult the


goal came from a set piece. It is difficult for both sides, but


Germany has the initiative, trying to make the play. But the danger is


always waiting for a counterattack. How do you read it, Rio? The Germans


look more composed, like they have been here before. They are not


panicking, they are a goal up, and for me, they are just going to


strangle the game now. Interesting that Joachim Low was brave enough to


leave out big players are - did you ever do that in your managerial


career, Ruud?! And look what happened! I just thought I would


bring that up. The goal came from a set piece, as you said, Ruud, and it


was a very good header, wasn't it? ALAN SHEARER: It was impressive.


RUUD GULLIT: Hummels just pushes the defender away when the ball comes


in. It was a great header. Looks a little bit like Fellaini's goal for


Belgium. As a centre half, you cannot be bullied like that. I think


that is probably the week part of Varane's game. He is young, growing


into his frame still. Experience also? Yes, you have got to be able


younger, maybe not now. I tried to stay away from you because I did not


want to fight. How stay away from you because I did not


with that, now experience, he has got to fight


more? experience, he has got to fight


aggressive, but also, do not let Hummels get his hands on you. He is


right. Hummels wants to take control of the situation. As the centre


half, you have got to do exactly the same, but he is pulling him around.


That cannot happen. Penalty shout for Klose, what did you think? I


thought it was a penalty. Went down a little bit too easily. But Debuchy


has got hold of him. He gets the wrong side of him. What costs Klose


is the way he goes down, but he has got hold of his shirt. If the


referee sees that coming he gives a penalty. It was a great ball to see


that. The way he takes the extra step, the way he goes down. Also,


with the heavy touch, the referee probably thinks, he has lost the


ball so he has had a dive. That is what you do most of the time. The


moment you control the ball, you get a little push or a little pool, it


gets you off balance. And then you a little push or a little pool, it


go down. We spoke a lot about the high line prior to the game, and it


go down. We spoke a lot about the does not seem quite as drastic as


before? It is still high Gary. Look at the space in behind.


One well timed run in behind and they will strike glory. They have


had one or two attempts. You either make a run in from the side, whether


had one or two attempts. You either that is Griezmann or Valbuena. Or


the way to catch them would be Pogba, or a midfield runner, coming


from deep. The defenders will not be able to spot a midfield runner. I


mentioned coming off the line, Griezmann, and he did it very well.


He has got the whole pitch to look at so he can time his run. This was


a very good save from Neuer, at so he can time his run. This was


can be difficult for a forward, because you are sometimes the last


man, but a midfield guy can break the trap, if you like. And I think


if they keep on doing that, there is a little bit of success for France.


Germany, especially the centre halves, they react to danger, they


do not see it early. They all stay in line. I do not understand that as


a defender. I cannot wait to see, still after 20-25 minutes, it is


still 1-0. I want to see France take a bit more of a risk, and I think


they can do it with this team. When they have, Benzema has had a couple


of chances, Rio? Yes, you do not want to give this guy too many


chances. This one was nice. I thought he should have put his laces


through this but he tried to place it. Alan, you would have smashed


that. I said that straightaway. It is head down, hit it as hard as you


can. This was never going in. Well, he has worked hard to get himself


the space, but then it is a poor header. There is no way it is


handball. But it is a poor header. This is typical Benzema. He comes


inside, and this is what you are waiting for him to do. Centre


forward play at its best, sitting the defender down, take another


touch and get your shot off. Rio de Janeiro has two world-famous


landmarks. You can see Sugarloaf Mountain across the bay. The other


is a mighty statue of huge symbolic significance to this city and


nation, as Dan Walker has been finding out.


There is a legend which surrounds this amazing place. The engineer who


designed this 38 metre wonder of the world started work as an atheist but


finished it a man of faith. Many who visit this city will tell you,


wherever you are, you can see him. But in Brazil, it is much more a


case of him seeing you, watching over you, in life, in football.


COMMENTATOR: We are going to a penalty shoot-out, there is plenty


of drama to come yet. COMMENTATOR: Off the post! Brazil


have won in the most dramatic of circumstances!


Brazil are not the only nation displaying a strong faith. There are


many praying that it will be them, their country.


The Argentinian fans have been coming here in their thousands. They


have a man called Lionel Messi, and a home-grown hope. Don't tell the


Brazilians, but could this be their year?


Of course, God cannot answer all of those prayers. Most psychologists


will tell you that faith in someone can give you a little extra


something. And in a World Cup, something extra could make all the


difference. You can see whether the faith of the


host nation is rewarded in our highlights tonight on BBC One. Five


past midnight if you are watching in Scotland. Then, tomorrow evening, we


will have another live quarterfinal for you.


The Netherlands versus Costa Rica will be live on BBC One from 8.30.


That is pre-seeded in the afternoon by the Wimbledon women's singles


final. And a little earlier, we asked you who you thought would win


this years World Cup, and the answers are in. And 20% of you went


for Germany. A lot of faith for your nation? It


didn't start like that, we had trouble in the defence. That is why


we have played five at the back. We have scored a lot of goals. The


football has not been extraordinary. We have not passed the ball like we


usually do. The results are there. Costa Rica looks like the easy one


on paper, but that's where the danger is. The South Americans are


playing good football. I saw Colombia against Uruguay, strong,


unpredictable, fit. Van Gaal, clever? The thing is... All the


time, he has tried to make his mistakes right. Why don't you start


immediately with the right ones? There is controversy. Van Gaal is


very good, clever. Not easy to get rid of the old system. Doing


something different. Speaking to some of the guys in the camp, the


way that the media have gone on about the way they played. You can't


always be romantic. You want results. Backing in Maracana, Mark


Chapman and Danny Murphy give us their thoughts.


I think Alan said it, the Germans are keeping possession better, but


the French are hitting them on the break? Especially when the French


got into it. When they get in behind, they look dangerous. The


Germans are in control, dictating possession, they had something.


Schweinsteiger dictating play. There will be a point where the French


have two step out, press higher up the pitch, take risks. You have kept


an eye on the battle on the German Reich and the French left? The


German Reich is where Muller is playing, he is the second striker in


possession, but he's not getting back quick enough. The French have


had a lot of joy down the left. More importantly, they need to get Pogba


on the ball with his surging runs, causing the Germans problems.


Valbuena has not had the influence he did in the previous games,


although he had the best chance. The ball over the top two Griezmann and


Benzema is causing the Germans problems? It is, I think as long as


it does, it could still be a fascinating contest.


it does, it could still be a There are the two teams coming out


for the second half. Germany having the lead, long way to go. How


for the second half. Germany having do you think before France take


chances? I think they will give it 20 minutes, perhaps looking to Remy


because of 20 minutes, perhaps looking to Remy


German Highline. The Germans? What will they address? They will say, if


it stays like this for 20 minutes, the French will change. And what


they will have Came through to Griezmann there. He


went to ground. The ball would not fall for him. Fascinating to hear


Rio Ferdinand talking about Varane filling out his shape.


Pogba, like Raphael Varane, will be a terrific player in the future.


Good pressure by France. A bright start. Here is the forementioned


Raphael Varane, signed for Real Madrid on the advice of Zidane.


Offside against Valbuena. Enough for you? Griezmann does not make a great


deal of this at all. Is it Griezmann leaning back? Two threes could make


six. Why would you run the risk? Matuidi battling with zero. Klose


making the run. Could not cushion the header down.


What will they be thinking right now on the French bench? One of the


first things, they will look to see if the Germans are playing the


first things, they will look to see way, then they will start, if they


are not already, making plans in the next 15-20 minutes.


Muller gives Ozil a chase. 74,000 the official crowd figures. 74,240.


The Germans the official crowd figures. 74,240.


the Copacabana yesterday, they had a great day. Another goalkeeper quick


off his line. Patrice Evra, his 62nd cap. Low


looks on. Valbuena winning a free kick. Very clever. Schweinsteiger


cannot believe it. Nothing in that from Schweinsteiger.


France have an but unity to draw level. -- have an opportunity. Taken


quickly, Germany switched. The flag stayed down. -- switched off. Get


absolutely nothing whatsoever on it. Maybe the linesman's problem was the


shade or the light? Good start by France. Matuidi overran it.


Anticipating a touch from a defender. He was hoping as much as


anticipating. He squeezed between them, thinking he was going to get


tagged by one of them. I fink it is quite obvious what Deschamps said at


half-time, raise the tempo and the pace of the game. I certainly think


Brazil against Colombia will be played at a higher pace, because


Colombia have been playing like that all covered vision. Mind you, they


are in Fortaleza, stiflingly hot. It is hot here, but no hotter than


Germany in 2006 or Italy in 1990, Marseille in 1998. The players


cannot complain too much about the conditions in Rio, other places,


yes. Toni Kroos. A chance for Mesut Ozil. Just cut out, he was looking


for Klose. I kind of feel when they broke the opportunity was better


than it turned out. Asking a lot to read it through there. He has had a


quiet World Cup, Ozil, similar to the season he had at Arsenal. A


telling look. Hummels was there. Does he get fouled? He has got away


with it. Really got away with that. What is Hummel 's doing wrong --


Hummels. Eyes on the ball. What is Hummel 's doing wrong --


is onside. Rolling office to. -- off his toe. Coming out the sky, came


off his knee in the end. Germany lead, as they try and end this


longest barren run without a trophy. lead, as they try and end this


Nothing since 1996. 28 years. Lovely ball. The defence was


wrong-footed. Lovely ball. The defence was


blocking. Griezmann has space. Valbuena is available. Khedira will


get a yellow card. I should hope so. Quite right. The other thing,


Griezmann can play it earlier. He was looking and looking, so many


touches. Once was looking and looking, so many


it was always looking to do Muller, Klose, saw the runner


Schweinsteiger. Toni Kroos... He absolutely wanted to belt it, in the


end, contact is really poor. He is thinking Hollywood, name in


Approaching 50 caps, only goals, three came in qualifying.


I spoke to a Marseille fan this morning, more agitated


I spoke to a Marseille fan this destination of Valbuena then


France's game today. Here is Griezmann. Blocked by lie. --


blocked by Germany, third in 2010 and 2006,


runners-up in 2002 to Brazil. Can they finally get their hands on the


trophy, for the first time since 1990? Matuidi. A better touch, and


the French were away. Good run, mind. Some engine on him.


He seems to have added a bit of goal-scoring as well this season,


Matuidi. Howedes went to ground. Pogba cannot


quite believe that one. It did come off him last. He has gone for the


double bluff. Time and space now for Mamadou


Sakho. Patrice Evra. Sakho to Valbuena. That really was


not a good all. Those two players, very much favourites of Didier


Deschamps. He must be thinking of making a change now. Well, he has


got nearly all his bench warming up behind the goal away to our


left-hand side. That is foul on Muller. He did well he just never


stops working. One more goal for him today, and he will be joining those


players who have scored ten World Cup goals.


Boateng beaten, and away goes Matuidi. Benzema in the middle. Cut


out. Yes, it was actually a poor header by Boateng which put the


French on the attack. Germany got away with it. Schweinsteiger was


unhappy that it was he who had to make the block. Valbuena with the


corner for France. Benzema in there. It is


Cross comes in, anticipated by Neuer. Yes, comfortable in the end.


He must be glad he has had something to do!


Just to remind you, you can see the last quarterfinal, between the


Netherlands and Foster Rica, live on BBC One tomorrow, at half past


eight. The Germans want to know why there


was not an offside flag against Benzema. He will say he was not


interfering. He was not, strictly, Benzema. He will say he was not


was he? As Brian Clough used to say, if you are on the pitch, you are


interfering. That was 45 years ago. In towards Klose, nearly came


through to him. Won back by Schweinsteiger, who has left


Valbuena in a crumpled heap. There was nothing wrong with the


challenge, he goes and wins the header. That is one of the problems


with the Germans, in terms of the way they play, Jonathan. Howedes on


the left, he is a centre-back playing left-back, so they do not


really get much joy down the left-hand side. What is wrong with


that? I think every hard challenge by German on a French player will


remind the French of Patrick Battiston being steam-rollered by


Harald Schumacher in 1982. That was assault, wasn't it? How the referee


could just give a free kick... There were some fantastic goals in that


match, though. The bicycle kick. And then of course it was the first


county shoot out in the World Cup Finals. -- penalty shoot-out.


Griezmann attacking the far post, good block by Philipp Lahm. That is


a good battle between those two. Fourth corner of the game for


France. Valbuena. The whistle has gone. The flag did not go up... He


has probably had his back to the referee's assistant. That is harsh,


if it was called for handball. Very. He has made a lot of chances in this


World Cup, as well as scoring, Karim Benzema. He has got 20 or more goals


at club level for six seasons out of the last seven. The game has got


very bitty. But one was there to be won by Evra. He was hardly caught,


Muller. You cannot go down clutching your head. Germany over the years


have so very rarely lost in the knockout stages from this sort of


position. But it is certainly not beyond France, unless Germany score


here. Free kick. Muller, the offender. Muller on Evra,


25 minutes to go. I think the Germans might be going to make a


change. I think they might make the first one. The assistant coach has


called one of the substitutes, first one. The assistant coach has


Schurrle, to come to the bench, having been warming up behind the


goal. Maybe it will not be a record-breaking day for Miroslav


Klose today. Stick Muller through the middle. That is what the German


press thought they were going The whistles are I think from the


Brazilian fans, who have seen this game becoming something of a logjam.


The Germans are slowly working their way up the touchline.


He has scored five in his last five competitive internationals, the


Chelsea player, Schurrle. There is Olivier Giroud. The game needs


something. Good football, Germany. Mesut Ozil


on the far side of the penalty area... But it was too long for


Muller. Yes, Ozil came to the near post, creating the space, but they


could not exploit it, Germany. The record will have to wait for another


day. But he certainly gave them a target to hit in the first half, he


gave them better shape. On terms Schurrle. The German press have been


gave them better shape. On terms fulsome in their praise of Schurrle


over the last few days. That was for his goal against Algeria. Generally,


when he has come on, he has injected haste and energy, which is probably


what this game needs. And here he comes, of the right.


Mesut Ozil is in the middle. That has to be a corner! It IS a corner.


Everybody in the stadium can see the deflection. Sakho with the original


mistake, it came off him, should have been a corner. We are right


behind it, you could see it was a definite deflection.


behind it, you could see it was a referees today have been really


poor, both of them. Here is the injection of pace.


good ball by Schurrle. At the moment, Germany are not playing with


a centre forward. A couple of false nines. Have you seen any tactical


innovations here? No. The biggest tactical innovation has been the can


of spray paint. Which they have had in South American football for


years. But it has been a great World Cup. And they have invented another


one as well, just in case its nose, in orange. Seriously. -- just in


case it snows. France are going to make a


substitution, and it is going to be Laurent Koscielny who comes on for


Sakho. Sakho has been in and out, he has had this thigh injury, and he


missed a couple of months for Liverpool this season with another


injury. He is one of those players who, as a forward player, as a


striker, you always think, he will give you a chance. He virtually went


missing at Selhurst Park when Crystal Palace came back that day.


What do you mean, virtually? Schurrle puts it out of play.


Valbuena created over 100 chances for Marseille this season. Benzema


was goal side. Not great positional sense by Boateng. Koscielny for


Sakho is OK, but you are not sending out the message to your players, be


more adventurous. What are you saying? He went for goal. He sounded


surprised. The young man is 23, choosing the wrong option, way wide.


Another substitution, Cabaye coming off for Loic Remy. That is your


statement, midfield player Ron, attacker on, probably playing wide


right. It is Schurrle, Ozil making strides. He went for goal as well.


Would have to be some strike to beat Lloris from there.


Great change of play to Valbuena. Took it well, coming inside. He hit


it too flat. Great ball, nice touch. Schurrle,


the Tottenham keeper making sure. The French are almost playing with


four, Griezmann up with Benzema, Remy on the


four, Griezmann up with Benzema, late on with the Swiss. We know what


four, Griezmann up with Benzema, happened there. Benzema


challengingly Boateng. Can Germany counter decisively? Into Muller,


looking for Ozil. The touch via Raphael Varane was enough for the


goalkeeper to get it out. They were unlucky, nice reverse pass. The


French did not panic. A quarter of an hour left in the


Maracana, the lead is a fragile one between Germany and a record fourth


semifinal in a row. Koscielny, no great urgency. They need to come out


and play, take a chance. How many times have we seen centre halves do


that. Lovely ball to Griezmann. Valbuena coming in, Benzema!


Brilliant block by Mats Hummels. Evra beyond the dearer. Neuer comes,


and gathers. What a difference getting a shout. I wonder if Benzema


let it run through to Valbuena. getting a shout. I wonder if Benzema


great block by Hummels. 2-Benz. Here is Matuidi. -- that


Germany need a second dearer powering on, brought down by


Pogba? No. The German benches absolutely furious. This --


French cheers ringing round the Maracana. Comfortable save, isn't


it? They threw him in for his debut, five years ago, he was 23. They have


the attitude that he was going to be the world's best, we will throw him


in, he will stay there. No great support for Ozil. Germany


Conservative, losing possession. I keep thinking there is an


equaliser for France, it has not come. There is an impetus with Remy


coming on. Possession is now 50-50 in the game. A good ball by the


outstanding Muller. Not by Lahm. A free kick against Matuidi. So he was


trying to win the ball. The next goal in this game could


have a huge The next goal in this game could


to win the trophy. Germany were very narrow, running


into trouble. That is trouble for Schweinsteiger. Flicking his leg out


to make sure Griezmann did not get away. The Germans are not sure where


Griezmann is playing. Causing problems. Loic Remy.


Benzema was fouled by Schurrle. He said he did not miss timed tackle.


Ten minutes ago. -- to go. France have seven players in the


opposition penalty area. A competition where we have seen so


many late goals. Hitting a defender, bouncing wide.


It's a German, looks like Hummels. Did not know much about it. It was


hit against him by the left-back. Brilliant. What a difference that


makes. Pressure off, break. It we go. Ozil looked offside. Back


towards Muller Schurrle missed it. Germany saw the semifinal beckoning.


He was on. When it comes to Schurrle, he can have another touch


if he wants. On his favoured foot. He panicked. He knows. That could


come back to want them. Games can spin on moments like that. Lloris


keeping France in the World Cup. They have a man over on the left.


Played in, not far enough. Valbuena trying to win it back. Toni Kroos


timed it well. It is intriguing, for all the French attacks, the Germans


could score another one. It comes little Mario got -- Gotze. They will


replace Ozil. He had a strange season, replaced by Mario Gotze,


brilliant against Portugal, has faded since then. His future is


clouded at Bayern Munich. Comes out to Gotze, corner off Koscielny.


Neuer is almost on the halfway line. Headed away by Koscielny. Here comes


Olivier Giroud. For Benzema? Valbuena going off. It must be,


Griezmann on the left... Remy on the right, the big two through the


middle. When Giroud has played in a three, Benzema on the left, it has


not worked at all. A foul. The referee's assistant, 3.5 metres


away, never put his We haven't spoken to much about the


referees in the World Cup, they have been good, but the assistants are


lagging behind. I think France


regrets if it stays like this and they go out. Not going for it early


enough. It will not be today, but in the fullness of time Deschamps will


tell them it was a game they could have won.


tell them it was a game they could Yes, the Germans are just going to


slow the game down at every opportunity now.


Well, Mexico thought they were home and hosed in the round of 16. Two


very late goals saw them off. We are into the last four minutes here


What is that?! He thought the player was down. He did. I think he thought


that Giroud was down. You cannot was down. He did. I think he thought


change it to my referee, surely. What are you doing? I will


change it to my referee, surely. has done the decent thing. Well


done, Patrice Evra there. has done the decent thing. Well


is. Thomas Muller. Away from Patrice Evra. Schurrle to finish it! The


block came in from Varane. Evra looks the Benzema. Boateng. Do you


want your looks the Benzema. Boateng. Do you


far forward in this situation? Has Boateng left them exposed?! Offside.


Yes, it is not a problem if you're centre-back comes out there, you


just fill in, it is fine. I don't think actually we have seen enough


centre halves bringing the ball forward in the competition. No,


Marquez has been as good as anybody. With the exception of David Louise,


let's not forget. Oh, Schweinsteiger, where he has been


all day, blocking anything loose. Loic Remy. Griezmann underneath it.


Too far. The French need to squeeze up and


try and win the ball back in Germany's half. Two great European


heavyweights. It has been intriguing but it has


not been free-flowing. Koscielny has gone forward. Looking for Benzema.


Brought it down well. Hamas again. He has been brilliant. Yes, he has,


his positional sense has been outstanding. -- Hummels. There have


been a couple of second-half cautions. We know now that there


will be for minutes of added time. If you wanted any team in the world


to protect a 1-0 lead in the World Cup quarterfinal, it is Germany,


isn't it? It is, indeed. They are going to make another substitution


as well, I think. They are going to be in no hurry to take the throw,


that is for sure. Christopher Cramer is going to come on for them. Forced


forward. of these finals. He runs his socks


off, says Joachim Low, of the 23-year-old. Giroud fouls him.


Toni Kroos is going to be the man replaced by Cramer.


A funny old game. He had a very strong end of the season on loan at


Russia Moenchengladbach. He does not influence the game enough for me. He


was not in the original 30, but he played well against Poland on his


debut in a 0-0 draw in May, and that got him into the squad. That is


foul. The referee's assistant has given a throw.


He has had a frustrating afternoon, Pogba. He needs to learn how to


dominate. Yes, it will come, there is no doubt about that. That is


foul. Debuchy down, it was foul by Muller. Mind you, he has taken a few


prisoners in his career as well, Debuchy.


Forward by Lloris, won cleanly by Schurrle. Goalkeeper pursued by


Muller! Comes forward. Griezmann. Benzema! Needs something special.


Karim Benzema. Manuel Neuer, one-handed, almost nonchalant!


Matuidi wants it. Benzema waits. Oh, that is a terrible ball, and the


chance has gone. Well, I think Benzema has got to go low and hard


across the goalkeeper. He is not going to score from there, sorry.


It is an easy save them isn't it? And he knows, look. France are


heading out. We have had the four minutes of stoppage time. Germany


are through. The goal by centre-back Mats Hummels after 17 minutes was


enough. The campaign has ended for France. And they will know, in the


fullness of time, this is a game they might have won, had they been


more aggressive, more adventurous. But it is Germany who roll on in


extra be to the last four of a World Cup once again.


GARY LINEKER: So, Germany into the semifinal for a fourth successive


time, a record. They have not won it since 1990. The French have done


puffed but they since 1990. The French have done


something overall. It is the same disappointment that we have seen


from so many disappointment that we have seen


competition, as they go home. All in all, it was not quite the


footballing feast we expected, Alan Shearer? No, we wanted to see better


football in the second half, but France were not able to produce it.


It was very surprising, their lack of urgency and spring, going


forward. They were chasing the game. He brought Loic Remy on, and played


him on the right-hand side, which I was surprised about, because the one


thing the Germans did lack was a bit of pace through the middle. I


thought he should have put him on up front with Benzema. But other than a


couple of opportunities created by Benzema for himself, there was very


little from France attacking-wise. But defensively, Germany got it spot


on, and Hummels was brilliant whenever the question was asked of


him. What a brilliant decision it was by Joachim Low to leave


Mertesacker out. Ruud, if there is any criticism of Germany, it is


probably the fact that they failed to kill it off, they had a couple of


chances? Yes, it was a great chance. But I agree with Alan Shearer, the


lack of urgency from France. It is a disappointment from this game,


because I wanted to see Germany a little bit more under pressure. But


maybe it is also because Germany are that strong, it is possible.


RIO FERDINAND: I was disappointed with France because they did not up


the tempo, and they did not have anybody to take the game by the


scruff of the neck. I think Pogba will grow into that. But they missed


Ribery, he was the guy who will grow into that. But they missed


always look to to unlock doors, that little bit of magic, and I do not


think they had anybody in their team who could produce that, and he was a


big miss today. The German back four were comfortable against the French.


Not too many times that France had a runner from midfield. The back four


were always comfortable, facing forwards. Particularly second-half,


were always comfortable, facing they hardly got in behind them at


all. Just the single goal of the game, it was quite a while ago. Yes,


very, very good header, he was strong, he wanted the ball more than


Varane. He controls the situation, rather than Varane controlling it.


Hummels is rushing him and pulling him around, and he is


Hummels is rushing him and pulling him, and he gets his reward.


Hummels is rushing him and pulling a sign of his inexperience as a


defender, Rio? Guess, you cannot let the forward dictate to you, you have


got to push him around. He did not do that, and it comes down to


experience. We often see defenders grabbing hold of players. You have


played in Spain and Italy, the Italians, they do it, they push you


out of your position. It is also anticipating - where do you want the


ball? He pushes him here, he pushes him away, and he cannot reach the


ball. In that situation, as a forward, have to get the eye of the


ball, to pull and drag the defender, and you take control of the


situation by knowing where that ball is going, rather than the defender.


As a forward, you can gamble, but as a defender, you can't. As I said,


sometimes even just a little nudge, it puts you off. In the end it was


Hummels who was doing that. But is it a foul? No, it is good play. Just


playing devil's advocate. Hummels played an important part in the


game, as well as getting the goal. He made an important block as well.


Yes, this was from Benzema. A rate last-ditch tackle. Benzema was


looking to pull the trigger, and Mats Hummels does not give up on it.


Great tackle, Rio. Yes, he just cruel as the game went on. He is a


big guy. In and around the box, he reads it well and smells the danger,


shuts the door. RUUD GULLIT: Was it Griezmann who


almost had a shot at goal? Funny, also important was Muller. He runs


for fun, the whole game he is annoying the forwards. We were


saying during the game, one chance, and here it came, right at the end.


Benzema again, it has got to be something special to beat the


goalkeeper from this angle. The goalkeeper did everything right. He


will not beat him from there. That is what I mean, these are just half


chances, really. If you have got Ribery, he is jawing two players, so


somebody else that's more space to create danger at double can anybody


but this Neuer?! So The number of possibilities they had, if you have


certain moments, you can. It was the Germans on the counter that have the


better chances. The more that France tried to push further forward,


inevitable they were going to create chances. When they missed this one,


we thought they were going to regret this. They would get a chance at the


other end. Terrible ball into the middle. They didn't


other end. Terrible ball into the advantage of it. Later on a better


chance. A beautiful feeling when the keeper comes out in claims one like


that. Straight into the French half. Muller again. You expect him to put


this away. A disguised pass! He has a big gap, but he just put it


straight down the middle. We thought they were going to regret missing


these chances. Muller again, always involved. An opportunity. As much as


we can say we were disappointed with the French, the lack of urgency, we


have two say, you know what? The Germans killed again, taking the


sting out of it. -- killed the game. You have to give them credit. No


real superstars, all very good at doing their jobs. A good example of


that is Klose and to dearer taking yellow cards. -- and Khedira. You


have to do that. Let's pop back to the Maracana and hear from Mark


Chapman and Danny Murphy. You are like everybody in the


studio, frustrated at the lack of urgency from the French? I don't


know whether they ran out of legs, or the German possession wore them


out. It was like a group game, ten minutes ago, I am thinking, run


around, leave it out there. You saw the Americans against Belgium, not


one player who did not put 100% in, dying out there. Credit to the


Germans, talk about killing the game off, keeping the ball, they should


have won by two or three. The decision-making came from the three


in the middle, Khedira, Schweinsteiger and Toni Kroos.


Schweinsteiger was outstanding. I like a good midfielder... Muller,


playing is a midfielder, as a number nine, going wide, coming to feet.


The Germans had a bit more experience, they knew how to do it.


I suppose that experience will come for people like Pogba? He was one of


their best friends players, -- one of the best French players, he


didn't have his best game, but he looks like he will be a top


midfielder. We don't know who Germany will play, if it was the


hosts, would they have problems with the Germans? Yes, I think they


would. It would be a fascinating game. The Germans showed their


experience and know-how today. The Brazilians have good athletes, it


would be a fascinating game. I don't imagine the Brazilians giving up


like the French did. That is it from Danny and myself, the German


celebrations were understated on the pitch. They are used to making


semifinals at World Cups. Nothing to them. Let's find out what


is happening in the world of social media with Dan Walker. A national


holiday in Brazil every time the host play. South America in during a


three-day weekend. Enjoying a moment of Messi magic, this van. When he


scored this goal against Nigeria, he posted the word goal, but with


20,000 characters. Obama has been getting in on all the social media


attention with Tim Howard. I just wanted to call and say you did us


proud. It has sparked thousands of pictures, including things he could


save like this one... He could have presented Del boy from


that fall. David Luiz posting selfies. Have a look at Daniel


Ricciardo, the F1 driver, silky skills. I surprised myself. Send in


your efforts. These have been going down very well with the tourist.


Locals say you need two a day. I will prepare you a lovely bunch of


coconuts when you come off there. We will play keep ups with them.


The Germans are through, who will they play? I think they will play


Brazil. With the they play? I think they will play


is in, the expectation, the pressure, I


is in, the expectation, the impressive? I am supporting them. I


like them very much. I would not announce that too loudly here! You


have to make your choices. How do you see it going, Rio? The whole


Brazil behind them, I cannot Brazil getting beaten.


Brazil behind them, I cannot Brazil way they have played, but Brazil, I


want them to get to way they have played, but Brazil, I


there a great team in this tournament? Great teams going


forward, not defensively. In the last 90 minutes, only one goal the


match. -- a match. The difference is becoming less, they are making less


mistakes. We're running out of time, Germany are our first semifinalist,


some things never change. Germany are our first semifinalist,


the dark horses, they have two beat the mighty Germany. Wide from


Benzema. Germany leading. He stayed comes out to Ben. -- Benzema.


A lovely cross in. Muller. Schurrle has missed it. Germany roll on




Live coverage from Rio de Janeiro's Maracana stadium of the first World Cup quarter-final as France take on Germany in an all-European clash.