Netherlands v Costa Rica Match of the Day Live

Netherlands v Costa Rica

Gary Lineker presents live coverage as the Netherlands take on Costa Rica in Salvador with the last semi-final place up for grabs. With commentators Guy Mowbray and Danny Murphy.

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# La la la la la la lala la # La la la la la la lala la


COMMENTATOR: These are the marches that really matter. Knock outgames


on the big stage. Higuain, that really matter. Knock outgames


on the big stage. 1-0, Argentina. Oh, the header just wide of the


goal! Argentina are heading to Sao Paulo.


Good evening. Argentina join Brazil and Germany in the last-four. All


eyes are now on Salvador to see if Holland can plot a course to join


them. I want to tell you of a legend. A


legend that grows every four years. It's the story of the Flying


Dutchman. It is also the story of a curse of restlessness and failure.


The story is my story. For I'm one of the Flying Dutchmen. We've been


doomed to spend eternity on a series of four year quests. A fruitless


search for the golden treasure. We always get close, so very, very


close. But I tell you, we remain united with belief we can lift this


curse. We will find what we're looking for and we'll finally return


home as heroes. I see a new foe standing in our way. A land


undiscovered, full of volcano and forest. A land of


undiscovered, full of volcano and forest. A land danger filled with


the proud people. COMMENTATOR: It's in. They want the


golden treasure and they too want to return home as victors. Costa Rica,


quarter-final. They want to keep us cursed. Van Persie, what a fantastic


goal! Will the curse be broken or will we be fated on this eternal


quest. The I'm one of the Flying Dutchmen. This is my time. That


wasn't Stephen McLaren with the voice over. The Dutch are the nearly


men of the World Cup. Losing finalists on three occasions. Here


in Brazil, Louis van Gaal's side have been impressive on their way to


the quarter-final, winning all four games and coming from behind in


three of them. Costa Rica were expected to struggle in the Group


stage but took seven points from Uruguay, Italy and England to finish


top of Group D before seeing off Greece in penalties. Los Ticos could


be the first team from Concacaf to reach a World Cup With us


semi-final. We have Alan Hansen, Alan Shearer and Rio Ferdinand. We


should reflect on the big story from last night, Neymar. He is out of the


World Cup. He suffered a fracture to his third vertebrae two minutes from


time after Juan Zuniga controversially kneed him in the


back as he tried to shield the ball. Neymar, Brazil's top-scorer, with


four goals, was clearly in pain as he left the field on a stretcher. A


statement from the Brazil football confederation later revealed that


although he does not need surgery, a recovery period of at least four


weeks is required. Which of course rules him out of the rest of the


tournament. Sad news. A loss to the tournament? It's bad for the


tournament. Terrible for Brazil and devastating for the boy himself.


It's funny, the last thing in that first-half I thought it was the best


team Brazil played. Passing quicker, moving, incisive. Everything was


coming through them. For the first time I thought they would win the


tournament. Silva gets booked. He misses the next match. The two


minutes from the end. I think he is unlucky. 99 times out of 100 this


tackle comes in. The guy receiving the knee in the back gets up and


walks away. Unfortunately for may marr. Bad challenge or one of those


things One of those things. There were a few bad challenges in the


game which I thought the referee could have stamped out early on. I


don't think there was any intent. It happens in the game. It's a disaster


for Brazil. He is the one guy that can produce the magic to win them


the game. The game was physical or filthy? A bit of both. Fernandinho


was lucky not to get booked. Hopefully we won't see that in the


next game. They have Germany which look the most drilled team and ready


to win this championship for me. We have one player left at the start of


the mural on this show. That is Messi. We draw it or something,


dole! Time to focus on tonight's game between the Netherlands and


Costa Rica. Kickoff in Salvador is just over 20 minutes away. As you


can imagine, there will be plenty of orange on display in the Arena Fonte


Nova. They are sampling the atmosphere in the stadium is Danny


Murphy and Jason Mohammed. This is where the Netherlands World Cup


began. JASON MOHAMMAD: Good Friday Agreement says he is not taking


Costa Rica likely, what is your thought on a Costa Rica upset? DANNY


MURPHY: He has to say that. They will be well-organised. They will


play defensively and hit them on the counter. I imagine the Dutch will


have too much of them. I can't see them limiting them to enough


chances. I think Holland will dominate possession. Costa Rica will


rely on the break away and the skill of Campbell and Ruiz. They are


worried about Arjen Robben's diving. He asked the officials and FIFA to


clampdown, what do you think? I hammered him a little bit. I would


like to say he is a wonderful player, everyone enjoys watching


him. Give him credit for that. It's not the first time with him, I think


he has let himself down. He is not the only one. It needs to be


addressed. Especially in World Cups. It seems more prevalent now


especially rather than the Premier League. It is not something he needs


to do. His talent gets him through anyway. I'm disappointed in him. I


think the manager has every right to ask the referee to keep an eye out


for it. Bryan Ruiz you know very well. If Costa Rica are to win


today, he has to have a big game? He will not dictate play for long


periods. He has magic moments in him. He can score wonder goals. He


can see a pass. Great feet and skill around the box. He is capable of


having a brilliant moment. Sometimes he looks for 20 minutes he is not


involved in the game he can then put one in the corner, a Chippendale or


a pass. Joel Campbell has worked hard. Either one of those two is the


only real hope for Costa Rica today. Thank you very much. We were at the


Costa Rica hotel last night after training. They looked relaxed and


they say they don't fear the Netherlands. You have the


top-scorers in the tournament alongside Columbia against a team


who came here with low expectationses. A David and Goliath.


If you look at Costa Rica they were great against Uruguay, terrific


against Italy, not so good against England. With the Greeks they


struggled for long periods. The way they played against the Italians you


would have thought the pace and ability and technical of Wesley


Sneijder and van Persie and Robben would be too much of them. This guy


has done well as well. He is single minded.


has done well as well. He is single for him. Rio, you have to fancy the


Dutch in this game. The last-16 for him. Rio, you have to fancy the


in the quarter-finals every single for him. Rio, you have to fancy the


favourite went through? No-one expected anything from them.


favourite went through? No-one game against Spain they smashed


Spain out of the park. They have grown from there. I think, seeing...


Spain out of the park. They have Even around Rio, I have seen them in


the bars relaxing. The manager has given them that responsibility - The


bars! The bars oochlt I walked in, saying, what is going on? They say


said they had a curfew and the manager believes in them and trusts


us. I have been impressed with them, five at the back, three at the back


or four. He changed systems to suit whatever teams they are


or four. He changed systems to suit against. It worked against Spain.


When they are chasing a goal in the round of 16 game he took van Persie


off, he put Huntelaar on. Creates one, scores the penalty. Big


decisions are working for him. You can be complacent. Sometimes you sit


in the dressing room and think it's anywhere over. Complacency is the


enemy of success. The manager is very single minded. He will be


saying the right things in the dressing room. That is ultra


important. Let us look at the Dutch starting line-up. Here it is.


Jasper Cillessen is in goal. He has tasted defeat only once in 12


appearances. Indi is recalled in one of two changes made by Louis van


Gaal. The other being Memphis Depay, who starts on the left. Daley Blind


has been given the responsibility of replacing Nigelle de Jong. Wesley


Sneijder has scored five goals in his last five World Cup knock


outmatches. Robin van Persie and Arjen Robben scored six goals in the


opening two games between them, but have not scored since. No doubting


the star man of the Netherlands, Arjen Robben has been electrifying


and at times almost unplayable. Despite his sensational form he


continues to divide opinion, Dan Walker reports. He admitted he will


take a dive if he believes it's necessary. He is trying to con


people. The man's ability is never questioned. His actions often are.


Yet another inspired performance was overshadowed by both the dive he


admitted to and the controversy surrounding that game changing


spot-kick. The talent, undeniable. But the dark side can't be ignored.


There was one foul, in the first-half, in the last moment I


think he took his leg away. I went to the ground without any touch. So


it was a stupid action from me. It had nothing to do with the penalty


kick. That is football. That has had nothing to do with any result of the


game. Sometimes you get it because he gets moments that it would be a


penalty. I think the first moment against Mexico was a penalty. He


didn't get it. He was trying to look for it. Of course, if he plays


against you, that is not nice. Yeah, what can you say? If it was against


us, for Germany, we would hate him! Glory in Brazil could change things


for the Flying Dumpman. COMMENTATOR: This is the chance.


Arjen Robben is in. Arjen Robben has been denied. Robben has eaten you up


the ground. He kept his feet. It looked like he caught Robben. He


could fall down. He didn't do it. He wanted to be the hero. He learnt


from these moments. I think he is more decisive in this way. More


mature. Louis van Gaal's tactics aren't the footballing fee lossty of


the '70s, Robben has the potential to join their long list of legends.


I think he is world-class at the moment. I think he makes the


difference for this Dutch He is team. Fast. He can score. He can


create chances for our team, for other players, o for himself. Not


only his pace, but how he uses it. He goes for you. Have you to make a


choice as a defender. That is I think his strength. What of the man


himself? He is here to win. You don't come to World Cup to enjoy the


weather and enjoy the beach. In Rio you come here to win matches and we


are in the last-eight. Nobody would have expected that from us. We will


try everything to reach the semi-finals now. We will focus on


him as a footballer. One hell of a player? One hell of a player. I


think since we saw him in the Premier League he has gained a yard


of pace from somewhere. When he's running at you, running at the


defence, it must be and is pretty pretty scary for them. Watch this


run. He sucks the defender in. Goes short to go long. Fantastic run.


Great ball. Very, very good touch. He's away. It's a very good finish.


Pace here, he is running against Ramos. He gives him five or six


yards there. He is no slouch. The way he gets away from him. He stays


up. Keeps his balance, keeps concentrated. Again, wonderful


finish. He could go down here. The the reason he doesn't is because he


has a sniff of goal. Space in front of him and he knows if he stays up


he can get away and a pop at goal. He did. He did it well. The same


thing here. Three or four defenders there he goes down. Gets a


free-kick. One or one or two on two he has a chance ever scoring. A


chance of getting something away at goal. Assists. This is for Depay.


The way he gets at the defence, uses his pace. That is all the positive


side of things. most difficult players to play


against. When he gets the ball, his first thought is, can I heard you?


He wants to run at you and cause problems. He reacts off you, he will


dribble at pace, and when you make a decision to tackle him, he shifts


the ball. How do you defend against him? Smashing, get in early, try to


not let him turn. You have got to get someone right behind him. The


extra thing he has got is the pace and trickery. When he is running at


you with the ball, it is tight to his feet. He is never going to have


a bad touch, so you will have to try and maybe nudge it to make him have


a bad touch. What about the diving? We heard Ruud Gullit sake, if it


were Germany, we would hate him! When he is in trouble, he is more


liable to go down. If he has got a chance to score... This is against


Chile, he is in trouble, he is down. It is the actor allows well. This is


against Mexico. -- theatrical as well. The other side of the coin, if


you are a defender and you put your leg out like that, you are asking


for trouble. It is the elaborate nature of it. What happens next is a


joke, by the way. This is what I am talking about, when you have got a


chance to score, he is not going down. He has every chance but no,


again, the lake comes dangling. He is entitled to go over there, but he


takes it on. He wants the defender to commit and make a lunch at him,


that is when he reacts. It will cost him in a game, because he will get


brought down in the penalty area and he will not get it given because of


his reputation. One guy who does not go down is Messi. Costa Rica were


50-1 to win their group at the start, but they have gone further in


this competition than at any time in history, so why stop? Jason Mohammad


has been talking to their assistant coach.


Football is a universal language, but at the start of Brazil 2014,


nobody thought we would still be talking Costa Rica.


I think the players, the country went up, you know, to play against


Balotelli, Pirlo, to win the game, that is something special for us.


Three former world champions, we play against them. The most


difficult test you can imagine, we passed that. I don't believe it,


Uruguay 1, Costa Rica 3! We have players who get together,


and they want to win as a team. That is our strength. Players like


Campbell, Ruiz, they are not the biggest superstars, but they have a


nice connection on the field. Small country, big dreams.


Unbelievable but, they have done it again! We knew that it wasn't going


well, but down in our Hearts we again! We knew that it wasn't going


we were going through that. We played against Greece without


we were going through that. We man, extra time, we go to the


penalties. Anything could happen. Michael Umana can win this for Costa


Rica. Costa Rica, quarterfinal! Making history. The second stage,


anything can happen now. Holland, they are the favourites, but we can


do something. At the end, if we win, nice. If not, nice. It will be


something we will remember. You are living the dream. The World Cup is


about life, you need to receive what life will give to you, and right now


they are giving us too much. This is how they line up.


Keylor Navas is a strong contender for the Golden Globes. Five at the


back for Los Ticos. Johnny Acosta comes in for the suspended Duarte.


Celso Borges has been impressive in midfield, Brian Ruiz is the top


scorer with two of their five goals. 22-year-old Joel Campbell will play


up front, his only tournament goal came against Uruguay. Rio, you have


picked out Bryan Ruiz, as Danny Murphy said earlier, he has magical


moments. He reminds me of a former team mate of mine, Berbatov, he has


a lazy kind of style, but moments like that, he goes past people. They


play together at full. Yes, they do. See that? A fantastic footballer, he


has a picture in his mind, he sees things and does the unexpected.


Here, a great header in the end, and he looks a different player in a


Costa Rica shirt, the responsibility of being captain, demand that the


team look to for inspiration. He grows in the Costa Rican shirt. It


was not the same at Fulham, it did not work out for him. But he guided


in here, you can see the look on the defender's face, how did he see


that? I really like watching him in a Costa Rican shirt. They are one of


the teams that has played a high line in the tournament. They played


a high line against the Italians, and against the Greeks they defended


deeper. If they play the high line in this match, they will be


pulverised. Because if you have got Schneider, Robben and a Van Persie


against you, you are in a bit of trouble. Do we expect a Dutch


victory? It won't be easy for them, but they have only conceded two


goals. It is the Netherlands versus Costa Rica for a place in the World


Cup semifinal against Argentina, your commentators in Salvador, Danny


Murphy and Guy Mowbray. Thank you, Gary. Good evening from


Salvador, the city of goals. There have been 24 in the five games


played here so far. The tone was set by the Netherlands on just the


second day of the World Cup three weeks ago yesterday. This is where


it started for them, with a 5-1 thrashing of defending world


champions Spain, featuring that header from Robben van Persie.


Today's opposition, Spanish speaking, with a Premier League


player, but Costa Rica are here long after they surrendered their crown.


There always seems to be one team that goes further than you might


think, Los Ticos are this year's story. Out of a group of three


former World Cup winning nations, they had a warriors like win over


Greece, and now the biggest game in the history of the small but


football mad country. This is what we will get before the anthems, as


with everyone of the quarterfinals, the captains reading out FIFA's


message against discrimination. The microphone passes from Robin van


Persie to Bryan Ruiz. Ladies and gentlemen, please


stand... Now we stand for the national anthems.


And now the national anthem of Costa Rica.


# Conquistaron tus hijos Labriegos sencillos


# Cuando alguno pretenda Tu gloria manchar


# Veras a tu pueblo valiente y viril


# Vivan siempre el trabajo y la paz. #


I always think it is a little cruel when the microphones go that close


up to the players. They are here to play football at the World Cup, not


sing at an Eisteddfod. Everyone of them was trying to sing out proudly.


The injury to Nigel de Jong men change was inevitable for the Dutch,


and there are two changes, Indy starts for the first time after a


concussion in the match against Australia. The defensive midfield


role goes to Daley Blind. Memphis Depay comes in for Verhaegh, it


really is a side that screams attack, particularly with that front


trio, as it will be, of Sneijder just behind Arjen Robben and Robin


van Persie. A lot of Costa Rican supporters


never thought they would get to the banner holding stage of this World


Cup. Watch Arjen Robben, that was the


play from the Costa Rican coach yesterday. Uzbekistan's Ram Irmatov


has his work cut out in trying to work out what is fair, fowl or fake.


It is his fourth game of the tournament, having taken charge of


five in South Africa four years ago. The Costa Rica team is one that is


missing the defender that they call the rock, Oscar Duarte, suspended


after his sending off against Greece. That means a first start of


the World Cup for Johnny Acosta, now 30, he only made his international


debut at 27 against the nation that lies in wait for the winners,


Argentina. Undoubtedly take to Costa Rican hopes, Keylor Navas, Joel


Campbell and Bryan Ruiz, well-known to the Dutch from his time with


Twente and PSV Eindhoven, and well-known to Danny Murphy.


Bryan Ruiz? He has done well. He has had a tough time in Fulham. He has


shown in this World Cup the quality he has. He is a match winner. They


are going to need him tonight. All set to go in Salvador.


Ruiz superb finish against Greece. Headed the winner against Italy


Ruiz superb finish against Greece. all in white, who get the final


quarter-final of World all in white, who get the final


underway. Straightaway, the men in orange get themselves onto the


attack and try to put pressure on the Costa Rica defence. They needed


to blast that one away from their penalty area.


to blast that one away from their Rica get forward particularly with


their Rica get forward particularly with


chance might be a fine thing today? There is a line of five rather than


a three. They are airing on the side of caution. You can't blame them. Up


against of caution. You can't blame them. Up


Daley Blind has started on the left. The Dutch led us to believe they


Daley Blind has started on the left. were insisted Blind was a certainty


to fill Nigel de Jong's were insisted Blind was a certainty


midfield role. Look as though Georginio Wijnaldum will be carrying


out that job. They have gone to a 3-4-3. Which is a little


out that job. They have gone to a different than they have been doing.


I don't think there has been a coach at this World Cup who


I don't think there has been a coach van Gaal has. He has done it well,


hasn't he, at pivotal moments in games he has done it well. They have


lined it up as a five. games he has done it well. They have


to wait and see. Versatility, a key part of the way the Dutch play.


to wait and see. Versatility, a key There will be no complacency in


their ranks, not with Louis van Gaal in charge. The only previous meeting


between these nations at a FIFA tournament was in an under-20 World


Cup in Argentina, Costa Rica won 3-1. Louis van Gaal was the coach of


that team. You did well finding that. Up all night! It is definitely


a 3-4-3. Playing van Persie through the middle. Robben on the right and


Depay on the left. Here is Daley Blind playing behind Memphis Depay.


Knocked out by Johnny Acosta. I wonder what look you would have


got from the harden Costa Rican supporter if you said before the


start they would be here playing in the quarter-finals. They went


start they would be here playing in a Cup match last year to Honduras.


They have a free-kick. He has been unfairly blocked there Granodos by


Stefan de Vrij. I'm not sure there was too much in that. He will be up


and about before you know it. Nearly followed you to Charlton,


and about before you know it. Nearly Granados, signed a one-year loan,


but didn't get a work permit. He took that free-kick. Very nearly


caught the Dutch out. Unlucky. Good run from Joel Campbell at the back


post. Notes being taken already by the man to the right, to the right,


as he sits, Louis van Gaal. That is Danny Blind, father of Daley. He


played at the 19 90 and 94 World Cups. The three front players for


Costa Rica are squeezing very high on the central defenders. Trying to


make the keeper kick it long. A good tactic. It means the Dutch


make the keeper kick it long. A good have consistent possession of the


ball from the goalkeeper. Bruno Martins Indi. Allowed to wonder out


with it -- wander out with it. There's the man from Aston Villa


that the Dutch fans called concrete" Ron", big Ron Vlaar.


Robben, dropped into a pocket of space much he was followed every


step of the way. Depay, he can be a flying machine, if allowed to get


going. Gamboa straight to Sneijder. Depay


has Robben closest to him. Robben down. The ball was won fairly. In


fairness to Arjen Robben, he was quickly back to his feet. Had a


swing and a miss there. Ruiz can't take it for Costa Rica either. Here


goes Robben. Van Persie wants it across to the right. Depay to the


left. Van Persie, misjudged it. The flag


is being waved anyway. You can see from the opening exchanges that when


Costa Rica go forward on the break, like they did then, and commit men


forward, the big spaces that the Dutch love to counter-attack into,


they have to be careful when attacking that they don't give away


possession so easy, like Campbell did there, with a square pass. The


man we had a look at will be aware of all that. Jorge Luis Pinto, a


student of the game. Never played as a pro. One of those football


academics. He is an admirer of Jose Mourinho. Similar paths they have


taken. No playing pedigree, they know their onions.


Managed to get pass Umana and hold off Diaz. A corner. He did well,


Gonzalez, didn't dive in. Didn't give Robben a chance to do anything


bad. A positive run from Robben. What we want to see from him,


committing people. What we want to see, I know it's early, seems to be


making a concerted effort to stay upright.


Sneijder all the way back to Jasper Cillessen.


Bruno Martins Indi with the ball intended for Robben. It was missed


by Diaz, taken by Robben. Can't find Depay. Gamboa in from the right hand


side. Blind to Sneijder. Just thought for a second when Diaz made


that mistake Robben would be in and it would be curtains for Costa Rica.


Van Persie. Just rested his hands on the shoulders of Gonzalez. They have


to settle down Costa Rica. They can't keep giving the ball away so


quickly or they will be chasing a lot in the game. Bolanos chasing. He


won't get there. Seven appearances in World Cup matches. What is


evident, from minute one, the front three pressing high making the


goalkeeper kick it. The back five staying in line


goalkeeper kick it. The back five to the Dutch, the two wide men in


midfield they will leave them to keep the ball free. And shuffle


over. An interesting tactic. Would you see that, I suppose weakness is


over. An interesting tactic. Would strong, seeing Depay in those roles,


not what strong, seeing Depay in those roles,


The Dutch think they will have a lot of the ball not defending


The Dutch think they will have a lot of the game, which is a reasonable


assumption to make. They will have to choose their moments, Costa Rica.


Be nice and clever and put men forward as and when they have good


Gonzalez, had a look and saw that possession. So far,


Gonzalez, had a look and saw that Gamboa had set off. He does get


up-and-down that right wing, Gamboa had set off. He does get


seemingly limitless energy. He's on the ball now. Followed by Blind. He


managed to wriggle away from him. Gamboa


managed to wriggle away from him. Indi. Off balance.


managed to wriggle away from him. from Gamboa. Good balance and pace.


Now of course he from Gamboa. Good balance and pace.


that is being attacked here by Depay with Robben outside. Akers of space


in the box, if with Robben outside. Akers of space


know. Ruiz, lovely change of direction. Nice use of the ball too.


Well played. He surprise to see Bryan Ruiz heavily


involved in that. Lovely exchange there with Ballinamallard. Can't get


Campbell into the there with Ballinamallard. Can't get


to van Persie. Look at Depay go. Look at van Persie go! An


to van Persie. Look at Depay go. touch from Acosta. It was very


important. Actually, touch from Acosta. It was very


away from a turnover of possession. The best passing movement we


away from a turnover of possession. seen from Costa Rica. As soon as


they lose the ball, the Dutch are away, with their pace.


The noise you can hear building in the background is coming from Dutch


voices. Kuyt's throw. Wanted the return from


Robben. Robin stead Cleverley finds Kuyt's throw. Wanted the return from


van Persie. Now a Kuyt cross. Just where he is lacking a bit that,


Kuyt. A loopy, nothing cross. No pace on it. Not really picking


anyone out. Robben calling for a bit of calm


from his defender as he was tracked and beaten to the ball by Junior


Diaz. it is a Costa Rica takeover in the


stands, and they have definitely got the neutral vote in Salvador.


Very assured on the ball, Christian Bolanos. This is exactly what they


need, don't worry about having to attack, just get some possession. It


is the best way to get a breather from all that defending, keep the


ball a while, make the Dutch run around a bit.


They have started really well, Guy, they have not been overawed by the


occasion at all. De Vrij was callous, they have given it away.


Borges sensed his chance but couldn't go much further with it. He


will do that, he likes to break. Of the two central midfielders, he is


the one that will go. Is touch let him down a little bit, but good


anticipation. Having to work really hard, those midfield two. I know


that position well, it is tough, getting back in, getting up to help


the strikers, back in again. It is going to be a long day for the two


in the middle of the pitch. You galloped up the stairs! I use that


word loosely. That is a poor News of the World gallop. Depay showed a


little bit too much of its the World gallop. Depay showed a


Gonzalez. -- use of the word. Plenty of time for Vlaar and Martin is


there. It has been 16 and a half minutes in


which the Netherlands have looked as though they are going to assert


control of the game, but Costa Rica, as Danny said, far from overawed.


The longer they hold out, the more they are in the game, the more they


have a chance of what would be, let's be honest, one of the biggest


upsets the World Cup has known. They have already achieved something


unbelievable, nobody gave them a chance. Nobody is giving them a hope


this evening, including myself, but they have started off brightly,


confidently, they seem as though they are enjoying it. Fair play to


them! I think they deserve huge, huge credit.


Varane also has had a really bright start to the game. -- Bolanos. From


a Dutch perspective, they will be happy they have got some good


control of the game, but they would want the passing to be quicker, a


bit sharper, more incisive. They are a bit slow, a bit lethargic. Try to


play to those front always a little bit quicker. -- front boys.


Robbyn just dropped the shoulder and threatened to get away from him, but


he is all over him now. Here is Bryan Ruiz on the ball. Well-known


to the Dutch players, he played at Twente and then spent the second


half of last season at PSV on loan from Fulham. Ron Vlaar turns it


away. Gamboa covers some ground! He does, it is a good play, Campbell


doing what he does best, running at people, committing people. Nice


reverse pass, good cross, good move from Costa Rica, the best of the


game so far. Gamboa with the throat when he is


good and ready, when he has an option. He is probably having a


rest! He has already sprinted down the length of the pitch and back.


Ruiz trying to let that one dropout. It is with the help of Daley Blind.


On a serious note, it is important for Costa Rica, when they have


possession, they do get a breather in. They need to preserve their


energy so that they can get numbers in the box when they do attack.


hurry up from the referee there. This time it is the Netherlands'


ball to throw back in. I think the move to Palermo is the most recent


gossip surrounding Bryan Ruiz, not likely to be playing in the


Championship with full next season. No, it is unlikely. A very talented


player, someone will get the benefits of his quality. Campbell


might be benefits of his quality. Campbell


League with Arsenal at long last. Sneijder away.


Good save, Navas, here is Sneijder! A little mud gait bit more routine


for the Costa Rican keeper. Brilliant move, brilliant save.


Kuyt, lovely pic on the edge of the box, the keeper is off his line so


fast. We have seen Van Persie take those chances so money times. Much


easier for the goalkeeper, that is the threat, that is the danger. I


think it was Depay or the threat, that is the danger. I


the reverse pass, a terrific move from Holland, much better. Two more


saves made by the goalkeeper they call the Falcon, Keylor Navas, who


has saved 16 of 18 shots on target that he has faced at this World Cup.


They reported bid came in from Atletico Madrid for the


They reported bid came in from keeper in the last few days, but


they want the ?8 million in his contract.


You have to credit Robben there, he could have gone down, he was honest.


Arjen Robben and honest in the same line! He is a threat, though, every


tiny runs at them. They need to keep giving him the ball, he is the one


that is going to unlock them. giving him the ball, he is the one


finds Campbell. Campbell scurries away from Martins Indi. Nothing


happening to the left, he had to go back the other way. Blind stops the


cross, took the wind out of his sails, that, from Gamboa. He does


that well, Campbell, gets into the pockets and starts running at


people, clever little positions A bit of a fly hack from Ruiz, free


kick already taken. Sneijder with the lived through to


Depay, who went a little too soon, the flag is up.


It is a good run, trying to threaten in behind, just goes a little bit


early. That is the type of run they are going to get in with. It is


actually about five versus three at the back at the time, for Costa


Rica, five in a line against three Dutch forwards. If Blind and Kuyt


can push on, they are going to have a problem. That is given away, there


is a problem here. The flag is up against Van Persie, and he did touch


it. Robin van Persie in the box, definitely active at all times! That


will be a free kick for Costa Rica, but mistakes starting to happen,


cracks starting to appear. Yeah, a bit more pressure from the Dutch,


Van Persie earlier, he has got to be careful to stay with your runners,


especially in the box. He got away with it about time. On Tuesday


night, live on BBC One at half past eight, we will have the first


semifinal, Brazil against Germany from Belo Horizonte. Coverage of


that also on BBC Radio 5 live, of course. The second semifinal comes


the next night, and that will be between the winners of this game and


Argentina. Be semifinal stage already, I don't


know what we're going to do after extra week! I don't know what you're


going to do, I'm going home! I have loved it, actually, I have to say


the football has been wonderful, so loved it, actually, I have to say


refreshingly attack minded, so many goals, so many good games, and I


have had the pleasure of working with you, Guy! Steady! Costa Rica


coming forward with Campbell, blocked by Kompany. Martins Indi.


Mistakes from the men in orange as well. Yes, it is a bit sloppy, and


time having so much of the ball coming you do get a bit sloppy with


it. They are not really putting too much pressure on at the moment,


because they have been under a bit of pressure themselves, but that was


a poor pass. Sneijder is getting a little bit


frustrated there. I think he is having a go at Martins Indi, who


gave that ball away. This is a great opportunity for Christian Bolanos to


swing one in, curling one in towards Jasper Cillessen's goal. We saw


against Uruguay, the effectiveness of their set plays, they have got


some big lads. Gonzales and Umana are the two biggest towers of all.


It wasn't a bad ball, just a little too high. Really good ball, didn't


cover the back post area. Usually you have every part of the box


covered, but they all seemed to make similar runs there. He is lucky to


get away with that, actually, the hand on the shirt, he has to do a


little bit, I think it was Martins Indi tagging him. He will have to be


little bit, I think it was Martins careful. Not spotted by Ravshan


Irmatov, that one. I think you can rest assured that if he did spot


it, he probably would have pointed to the spot. The last thing the


Dutch want to do is give away a stupid penalty.


Forced into the mistake, Van Persie. Depay with a chance to shoot, Navas


is in a way of yet another one. Good save again. Ruiz giving the ball


away that time. Now a Costa Rica break, but it is controlled with his


hands. He is saying he didn't, but it was right under the nose of the


assistant referee. Run back, stop waving your arms in the air, the


decision has gone! Another good save from the goalkeeper. Navas has been


good this tournament, hasn't he? He has been one of their main players,


they're better performers, for sure. I read this morning that according


to the national registry, four babies born in Costa Rica in June


were given the name Keylor, presumably after the goalkeeper -


you don't hear it too often! 22 named after Joel Campbell, so they


are making an impact. You are making it up! I don't know where you get


these facts from, brilliant! I think I would rather be called Joel,


wouldn't you? A great save, that was the Dutch chance, two good chances,


a poor finish, really. Navas away. Dirk Kuyt plans to meet it. --


climbs. want in the release clause, no doubt


about that. Monaco and Milan, and the Atletico Madrid bid has been


rebuffed. The


all their own way. They've half an hour played in Salvador.


all their own way. They've half an dominant as I thought they would be


in terms of chances and opening up Costa Rica. Blind. I haven't seen


too many errors from him. Martins Costa Rica. Blind. I haven't seen


Indi. A little too rough in his atents to win


Campbell, does well. Battling with Blind. Reads the bounce just


slightly better. Acosta. Fouled by van Persie. Who was forced to run


back with him. Good defending from Acosta. Got in front of van Persie,


nice and strong. Forced the foul. Lewes look ing a at those two, it


underlines the difference in pedigree. I know that doesn't mean


they will play the game. Acosta had a loan spell in the Mexican second


division last year. It shows you how much hunger, passion, well-organised


team can take you. It's a similar story to America, if you like. Not


the most gifted players, not household names, the passion they


are playing with and the intensity is fantastic to see. There might be


an opportunity for Costa Rica here. Ballinamallard. That ball wasn't as


good as his previous free-kick. No, a wasted


-- Balanos. Was that a push? Louis van Gaal disagrees, strongly! He is


certainly a man of strong opinions, Louis van Gaal. Not sure there


certainly a man of strong opinions, anything in that. I think he slipped


and tripped on himself. Certainly what it looks like, on second


Nice flick from Christian Bolanos, viewing.


Nice flick from Christian Bolanos, he couldn't find Ruiz. They get a


throw-in. Has to make his mind up. Borges


bumped to the floor. I don't think it's the worst in the world for the


Dutch to have it's the worst in the world for the


Open the pitch up more and give them a chance to use their pace on the


counters we talked about earlier. a chance to use their pace on the


area which they can exploit, the Dutch, Costa Rica I should, Costa


Rica can exploit the Dutch. Better delivery needed this time. Looking


for the run. It was a great run. It's cleared away.


for the run. It was a great run. complete the job. The The


Netherlands can run away with Robben. No free-kick. There is


Netherlands can run away with He started to complain much he


didn't think he was get anything. Clever set play, Costa Rica. Yes,


this is the free-kick. Clever set play, Costa Rica. Yes,


Gamboa. A good job for Campbell that he didn't get him - when he was


trying to take everything out. Best chance of the game for Costa Rica.


Borges around the back. Really clever move, didn't pick him up. A


similar sort of free-kick, the Netherlands could threaten.


Sneijder is the decoy. Not good from Robben.


Kuyt. Blocked by Bryan Ruiz. Blind gives it to Martins Indi.


Costa Rica tried to play a runnout on that free-kick and play a high


line. One of them stayed in, very dangerous tactic. Not sure that is


what they should be doing. Big boys in there. Defend your box. Mark your


men. Don't need to run out and play high


They can certainly defend this Costa Rica team. They have shown that


throughout the competition. Never more so than in the last-16 against


Greece, 1-1 draw. They were 1-0 up for so long, until the last seconds


of injury-time. Robben has gone spiralling down to the floor. Costa


Rica are claiming he looked for something, but there did seem to be


a pull from Junior Diaz. It might have been theatrical, but I think


there was a foul. The replay will tell us, when we get it. I'm not


sure there was too much in it. Good run from Robben. Trying to get in


between defenders. He knows Sneijder has the capability to pick him out.


Junior Diaz is getting a booking. First of the World Cup. No danger


there. No, the referee must have seen something. Certainly when he's


at full flight, Arjen Robben, he is a hard man to stop.


It's within range for Robben or Sneijder. Looks frustrated that he


has to wait for the circle to be drawn around the ball.


Along way from Keylor Navas's goal. Only a shot seems to be in mind from


either of the two. Robben leaves this one for Sneijder! What a save.


What a try. A long way out to score with a curler from there. This is


the foul. Yeah. Good spot from the referee. Really good spot. Yellow


card. Sneijder tried to give the keeper the eyes. Keeper has not


fallen for it. Really good save. Clever idea from Sneijder. The


corner is a good one. Defended by Acosta. Miskick horribly by Depay.


Can't do that with a first name, Memphis. Daley Blind. We have all


done that before. Says Memphis Murphy. I liked his confidence to


try it. Not the best ball. Wijnaldum is on


the ball now. The pace screams for it. Kuyt is the first link in the


chain. Now it's van Persie. Sneijder. Signs the Dutch are


stepping it up now. Depay and Robben have swapped sides, to mix things up


a little bit. Blind. Nobody really in there for him. Sneijder to


Wijnaldum. They are having to work it. Having to work hard.


A lost of Costa Rica chasing and going on. Not a Good play. Look


where they forced the ball back to? Yeah. Well-drilled. Manager deserves


good credit for that. It doesn't happen just by saying it. You have


to work at it hard on the training ground.


Trying to spring Persie. Here is Robben. One touch to


control the ball, the second to miss the ball completely. Good defending


from Borges. Got back in. Robben didn't see him coming. Robben. That


is a lovely take. Through to van Persie. Out comes Navas, had to get


that right. Got it just right, like everything else he's done in this


tournament. What is impressive with Navas is his speed off the line.


That is the second time tonight. The van Persie chance earlier. A will


havely slide from Robben. So quick off his line. A bit like the French


goalkeeper. That pace. Narrows the angle very quickly. Went down. No


free-kick. Here's Depay. Van Persie wants it. Van Persie is seen off. He


has gone into the back of Michael Umana. Good defending again. Really


good effort from Costa Rica. Just when the Dutch are look dangerous? .


They are looking dangerous. Reverse pass. Umana stays with his man


They are looking dangerous. Reverse the box, what we talked about


before. Not sticking your hand up and trying to play offside. Staying


with your man. Hard work, good tackle, do the right thing. That is


the set play earlier. Costa Rica's best chance of the game.


Tejeda. Gamboa. Robben is met by Acosta. Ruiz's header. Acosta,


again, now Tejeda. Just got a little excited. He is allowed to, Tejeda.


Try harder? He has not stopped running the whole half. Honestly, he


has been side ways, he is helping his defenders out. He has been


everywhere. his defenders out. He has been


from him. He is allowed to be. One of the few in the Costa Rica team


who we were told is very open to the prospect to a move to Europe. He


plays with one of the leading club sides in Costa Rica. Only 22,


Yeltsin Tejeda. sides in Costa Rica. Only 22,


would like him Good foot work, Kuyt, and from van


rather than later. Good foot work, Kuyt, and from van


Persie. Costa Rica up as one from their dug-out. Claiming


Persie. Costa Rica up as one from Ruiz is having a word. Nothing is


going to happen. The dug-out is furious. Yeah,


going to happen. The dug-out is something. Vlaar, out of defence to


win the ball, and finds Sneijder. but does manage to squeeze it out to


Arjen Robben. Kuyt gets passed


Diaz. Again, Valiant defending. Only one more minutes to be added on.


They will be desperate for that string in the dressing room, get


those fluids in. They are having to work really hard to stop the Dutch.


Now Kuyt, lovely ball, good running. Yet again, a white rock in the way,


Gonzales this time. The referee is having a look at the


watch and brings to an end a first half that Costa Rica can be very


satisfied with indeed. The best chances have gone to the


Netherlands, like other teams before them, they have found Keylor Navas


in their way time and again, frustrated expressions on the faces


of some of the players wearing orange shirts. They have got a long


way to go to win this and book their place in the semifinals, Costa Rica


still very much in this World Cup. Waiting for something big to happen


in the game, I am sure there is plenty for the boys to talk about.


Netherlands 0, Costa Rica 0. Still all to play for, some of these


goalkeepers won't be beaten at this World Cup. Rio, perhaps the Dutch


spent too much time in the bar! No, I think they have had a couple of


half chances, Sneijder played a few nice balls in behind, but I think


they need to get two upfront. I would change myself and get two up


front, put them under pressure, get the ball around their centre halves,


they are having an easy time with one player. Alan, you have to admire


the fortitude and spirit of Costa Rica. We saw the USA against


Belgium, they were prepared to get men forward on the ball, commit men


forward, and Costa Rica are doing that, but it is costing them a


little bit, because the best moments from the Dutch have come when Costa


Rica have attacked and the Dutch have gone back with a quick pass and


attack them. That has been their best option, and it is high risk


from Costa Rica, it is brave, naive at times. There you go, you can see


they have got six or seven guys committed there, and one early,


quick pass, lift your head up, you are in trouble. There you go, five


or six out of the game now, and a better pass from Van Persie, and


they are in trouble. Again, they commit men forward in the box, three


in the box, look, but five, six ahead of the ball, one quick pass,


and that is how they have caused them problems. With the pace of


Robben, Depay and Van Persie, that seems to have been their best option


in the first half. Lovely in there on the right-hand side, and it is a


chance that Van Persie should put away. Good save again, it is moving


the ball quickly, not letting... It is letting Costa Rica attack, then


having the confidence to go, right, we are going to get at you now,


commit men forward, four on the four. With the pace of Holland going


forward, they have caused them problems, and that has been their


best out. What I find surprising is that at this World Cup we have seen


a lot of goalkeepers blocking like that, the finishing has lacked


imagination, from great players. Navas has had a terrific first half,


but you have to commend Costa Rica, because not only are they


disciplined and organised, but their energy levels are like unbelievable.


Al is right about hitting them on the break, but the number of Whites


getting back was unbelievable. What they have done exceptionally well is


they have left Dirk Kuyt out, they have eliminated Sneijder in the


middle of the park to a certain extent, and the back three play


along the back and Dirk Kuyt is not a playmaker. He either goes square


or back, and that gives the Costa Rica defence time to settle, and


tactics have been spot-on. This fella, Navas, blimey! He stops


everything, Rio. Has been unbelievable. This is a fantastic


save, I thought it was in. He just actually takes a step to his left


hand side and then manages to get back over to the right-hand side,


very good save. And this here, I mean, so sharp of his line, the


reading of the game glance, looking at the picture, expecting the ball


to come through, brave when he collected. He has got a great shot


stopper and can read it off the line, very quick to his feet. You


have played in front of great goalkeepers, it must make a great


difference, a huge difference with that confidence. Yeah, the


confidence in the back four comes from the goalkeeper. If he is


assured and decisive, it gives you the confidence to do your job,


rather than thinking about what is going on behind you. A good


goalkeeper is the coolest guy on the pitch, on his left foot or right


foot, he would deal with it, and that put us at our ease, and we


could be clear about what we were doing. It takes the pressure off


when he is a guy who will come and take crosses, rather than you make


headers all the time. It is all about communication as well, never


going to the bar! Costa Rica, not too many opportunities, set pieces


were the best, Borges. Well, a decent ball in. They have not had


many other than that. That is about it. They have lacked a little bit of


quality. When they have at the opportunity to go forward, they have


lacked that quality, the ball has not stuck with the likes of


Campbell. If it had, I think they would have attacked. As long as it


stays the 0-0 and they get set ablaze, anything can happen. You


made the point about Dirk Kuyt... Yes, playing along the back, this


happens virtually every time, a nothing ball up in the air, he picks


it up here, a lack of communication there. At no stage did he get it


down in this position and play anybody in. Now, Robben has come


short, he plays it long... I think... The one great as was when


he was further forward. He never sees these pictures, he has never


played in this position. When the ball comes to him, he has not seen a


picture to ball comes to him, he has not seen a


almost blind. When he got up near the goal of the right-hand side, he


played a ball he had seen a million times before. Alan and I were saying


he played on the left and right, he was sort of destructive when he


played for Liverpool, you never thought of him like that, he played


centre forward. As a playmaker, virtually nonexistent. In the other


quarterfinal, Argentina played Belgium in Brasilia, watched by


Simon Brotherton. This is the first meeting between


these two nations for 28 years, since the semifinal in 1986 in


Mexico City. Messi. Argentina have had most of the early


play. Messi, so difficult to get off the ball. The finish was clinical,


Belgian behind early on. -- Belgium. Plenty of red shirts


surging forward. Kevin De Bruyne. It was too long.


It is a direct route for goal, Higuain, off the top of the bar! It


has been an excellent performance from Higuain, he very nearly had a


second one with this shot. The header from Fellaini over the


top of the bar! Suddenly, that was a bit more like it from Belgium.


Delaney could not quite keep the header down. -- Fellaini. Not much


time left now for Belgium. Here comes Lucas Biglia.


Away goes Messi, he could put the finishing touch on the victory, good


save! Lionel Messi with a chance to finish at off for Argentina, denied


by the excellent young Belgian goalkeeper. Here is Witsel,


Martens, in towards Lukaku. He stays up, bit salt with the shot! --


Martens, in towards Lukaku. He stays Witsel. That is the closest


Martens, in towards Lukaku. He stays have come in this game for


Martens, in towards Lukaku. He stays time. He had to give it a crack, and


that might just about be Belgian's lot.


Argentina are through and continue to sort of stagger through this


tournament, that is the best way to put it. So disappointing, like the


French against the Germans, the Argentinians got the lead and


French against the Germans, the held on and just did enough. Are


some teams lacking a bit of steam, getting tired? There is also a


little bit of fear in there, a mistake and you are out, whereas in


the group games, where everyone seemed to be attacking, you are


allowed a chance. Just one goal. I said before the game, when was


Higuain going to come to the party, but I will tell you what, this is a


brilliant finish. Watch Zabaleta and Hazard, Wendy Maria gets it, the run


of Zabaleta. -- when Di Maria. But the finish is absolutely


sensational. He hasn't got any time to think about it, he knows where


the goal is, instinctive, a brilliant finish, the goalkeeper has


got no chance. We have seen some great saves, a few wonderful goals.


Do we have a contender for as of the tournament, Rio? This is what sets


Messi apart as the best in the world. He sees a pass like Gerrard


or someone like that. The defender thinks he has


or someone like that. The defender getting it, he says, no, this ball


is on a bit of string. This touch, the skill, just beautiful. They have


five or six attempts to hack him down. Other players in this


situation, it goes blurry. For him it is crystal clear, he is seeing


everything crystal clear. They have one bite, another! Another bite,


three! An example of what you were saying earlier, it takes a lot to


get Messi down. It does, but he should score! He never misses these!


We were on about dinking. I cannot believe how many one on ones have


been missed at this World Cup. You would have scored it! It is easy


watching it. One of the features of the World Cup has been the quality


of the goalkeeping, we have seen more examples in this first half,


nothing short of sensational. He somehow turns it on to the post!


Dani Alves looking for Neymar, clawed away! That is a big save,


actually! A free header, a terrific save, acrobatics denied him!


He made the save to keep out Thomas Muller! Good save by Tim Howard!


Ronaldo, great save! Di Maria has gone for it! Splendid save!


him! -- Bravo. Neuer has come a long way, he gets it right every single


time! Brilliant save. Sanchez. Saved again


by Cesar! Well done the goalkeepers. Some sad news to report. Real Madrid


great is in a coma. Di Stefano had to be revived by paramedics after


falling ill whilst with his family. The Argentinan-born player scored in


each of Real Madrid's five successive European Cup wins between


1956 and 1960. What a great player he was too. There is plenty of sport


to look forward to tomorrow. We have live coverage of the British Grand


Prix on BBC Two from 12.00pm. Over on BBC One the build-up to the men's


final at Wimbledon. It gets underway at 1.00pm. Looking into the


second-half. I mean, it's, the first goal is always massively important


in these games, isn't it, obviously. If Costa Rica can hold it the Dutch


will get more nervous. The Dutch move it quicker. They had


opportunities in the first-half. They will get further opportunities.


It's very difficult to envisage Costa Rica having the same sort of


energy in the second-half as they have had in the first. What we have


seen, Alan, in most of this tournament, certainly the knockout


stages, however tight it has been the so-called "big team" the


favourites have found a way? Absolutely. Holland will be content


if Costa Rica keep coming at them. They can sit and have the passes.


They might say, OK, come and get your four or five men forward, move


the ball quicker and forward. Lift your head up, is your first thought,


get the ball into the final third. That is where they will get success.


Louis van Gaal made good substitutions in games before?


Exactly. If Huntelaar comes on, he is not going to need two chances. He


puts the ball in the back of the net. Costa Rica are are looking more


comfortable as the half went on in terms of getting into their shape


and containing Holland. I think the longer the game goes on, I think


they will be more content and looking to go to penalties. This


could get very exciting. Let us rejoin Danny Murphy and Guy Mowbray.


COMMENTATOR: Thank you very much, Gary. Just in the nick of time for


the start of the second-half. 10 of the dozen goals that the Dutch have


scored at this World Cup have come after the first 45 minutes is up.


Costa Rica know what is coming. They will have to weather a storm at some


stage. It's dangerous taking the lead against the Netherlands, they


keep coming from behind? I think Costa Rica would love that


opportunity to defend a lead. I sense it will get more and more


intense, the Dutch pressure. The legs will get tired with all that


defending. A hook towards van Persie. Robben's down. He was sent


down, the referee had to look a long way to see that, but


Robben attacking Junior Diaz. Three in fact


What do you think the key message would have been from Louis van Gaal


in particular? Play with more tempo. Try to make things happen quicker.


Get the ball down. Keep the pressure on. Don't give them the chance to


get back in shape. Doesn't seem to be a tactical change at the moment.


Both teams seemed to have be a tactical change at the moment.


the same way. Bolanos, gets there. Stefan de Vrij gets there at the


same time. I think there might come a point in the game, like Rio said


in the studio, a second striker to put Robben up there with van Persie.


Play two up high. Good weight on that ball away from Dirk Kuyt.


Cillessen ready for the cross. Ever ready goalkeeper, having not had a


lot to do. Talking of the other goalkeeper, as


we were at half-time, when Costa Rica first got to the World Cup in


the 1990 their procession was down that their keeper, who is now their


keeper/coach. They are keeping it in the football family. Passing on


experience as well, isn't it? Invaluable, players who have been


there. Dutch doing the same with Daley Blind. The second proved one


too many. Blind. Costa Rica's throw-in.


Campbell, nice bounce Forced to turn.


Stefan de Vrij 22, has already captained the nation aal team. Shows


how highly they must think of him to how highly they must think of him


captain your country at 22 years of age. The ball goes back to


Cillessen. I wonder how long Louis van Gaal


will leave it alone? He has hunt hundred on the bench who could


partner van Persie, scored the winning penalty so calmly against


Mexico. partner van Persie, scored the


winning penalty so calmly against He could tweak the formation with the


players he has on the pitch of course. I don't think it will be too


much longer. Knocked on by Robben, not to a


team-mate, it's straight out. A slow start to the second-half proceedings


in Salvador. I think that is a point that was made about so much at stake


now that it's one mistake and you are out. The games are getting a


little slower. A little bit more tetchy at times. Yeah, cautious. I


mean, the Dutch need to be... I think they have every intention to


try and go and win the game. Just to play with a bit more pace and


intensity to get the attacks moving a bit more quickly. Otherwise, it


gives Costa Rica players the chance to spoil. The chance to get back in.


Get the front-line of five we talked about. Very difficult to break down


a packed defence if you are playing slowly. Robben, Kuyt went forward


this time. Robben is taken out. He went a long way through the air, I


think with justification that time. Caught in between Umana and, who has


a yellow card, Michael Umana. Junior Diaz was on the other half of the


sandwich. Yeah, I think that's - thou shall not pass. I think he was


lucky there. Diaz was already on a yellow. It's Umana's first of the


tournament. If you hadn't been booked going into the quarter-final


you do essentially get one for free. Single yellow cards get wiped out


after this stage. You might might as well use it. There speaks a pro. If


you know it will be wiped, you are allowed a free one again, why not!


Robben to take the free-kick. The jostling is just inside the penalty


area. Robben, something different to


Sneijder. He didn't really have a sight. Bryan Ruiz was half in his


way. He still let fly with some conviction. A clever free-kick. I've


seen it used quite a lot. Tries to pull round. Bryan Ruiz, clever


player, has probably done that free-kick many times himself. Very


aware, very sharp. Good defensive play from Bryan. Some Fulham fans


will be saying - say that again! Yeah. Just kept in by Gamboa.


Campbell, uses his strength against Ron Vlaar, who will win in the end,


if it is about strength. Acosta. Slotted in nicely into the


gap left by the suspended Oscar Duarte. Offside, Campbell. Went too


early. The Dutch will need to start to press higher. Trying to win the


Bala bit higher up the pitch. They can't be - it's not a group


Bala bit higher up the pitch. They where you can be content with 0-0.


They have to take risks and push on soon and take a grasp of the game.


Do you think there is a sense at the moment, watching them, they know the


chance will come eventually? Maybe. That is a risk in itself. As we saw


in the first-half, it's one set play, clever set play to the back


post. One defensive lapse you can be out of the tournament. I'd like to


see them push up the pitch 20 yards everywhere and maybe press the Bala


bit higher. Go and try and win the game.


Forced to turn this way and that by Celso Borges.


Robben, off he goes. Managed to poke it through to van Persie. A really


good block tackle. It will be a Dutch corner. Gonzalez, again.


Navas, forced to go back towards his goal. It's blocked by, first of all,


Diaz, then headed away. Reasonably decriesively. Now it will be a Costa


Rica throw. They have defended another one. They have looked


comfortable defending set plays. Well-organised, good height.


Clean sheets against England. Dead rubber effectively, certainly was


against England. Against Italy in the Group stage. Only conceded one


against Uruguay and only conceded in the last seconds against Greece.


Defenders who play in Norway and Costa Rica.


They are not what you consider clubs from the top of


They are not what you consider clubs Certainly well-organised. Well


disciplined. Passionate. You can tell they have been trained really


well. Organised by the manager in that line of five or three.


So far, in the second-half, not really been troubled. Gonzalez. Nice


cushioned header from Blind to Jasper Cillessen.


Looking down for signs of the Netherlands bench. Nobody is


doing stretching or warming up for them. The Costa Rica substitutes


are. Up towards van Persie. Gonzalez. Good positioning once


more. Robben, with his head down. Lovely


jump and nice bit of control to keep the attack going. Dirk Kuyt is up


there. He was blocked bygone gone, who is having a (inaudible) Sneijder


sees the passes. He opens them up. The one who has the vision. As soon


as he gets his feet, Robben makes his runs. Van Persie makes his runs.


Nice ball through to Blind. He put the brakes on successfully. They did


just force Diaz into a panic, behind for the corner. He wasn't sure where


Robben was. Better to be safe than sorry. Enjoying this one.


athleticism from Robben. Supremely fit, Arjen Robben, he seems to


expend twice as much energy as anybody else in his style of play,


doing things in the fast forward. He has worked hard to keep his fitness,


doing things in the fast forward. He because of his injuries. He has


worked because of his injuries. He has


fitness guys. Costa Rica on the charge, Campbell goes down, referee


is not interested at all. Nobody could have had a better view than


him. Van Persie, that is a push into could have had a better view than


the back of Gonzalez, that is a sign of just how careful the Netherlands


have to be. That is what I was talking about earlier, it only takes


one breakaway, one bad refereeing decision and you are chasing


one breakaway, one bad refereeing game. He is a little bit


one breakaway, one bad refereeing little nudge, not an to send him


over in my opinion. No attempt to play the ball. No, I don't think it


was a penalty, though. A little spell for Costa Rica, that


will be a free kick, De Vrij slamming into a side. -- into his


side. Well, if it has been a little bit too pedestrian for your tastes


back home, think what a Costa Rica goal could do for it! Goodness me,


the game would have to come alive. The Dutch would have to be bold,


courageous, throw men forward. I do not think you are alone in this


stadium. Talking about set plays in the first half, this is definitely


an avenue they can have some joy with. Really inventive on the one


earlier. Bolanos has been the free kick


master so far, but it looks like he's going to be again, he ordered


Borges away. Campbell trying to take Blind out of it. Just a dummy run.


The signal has gone up from Bolanos, and he goes for gold. I had a little


feeling they were trying the double bluff there. He won't try it again.


feeling they were trying the double Yes, a little bit adventurous, to


say the least. At least he is looking and thinking, can I catch


them off-guard? That was a tad ambitious. Half expecting Gamboa to


come in from the side and hit it. ambitious. Half expecting Gamboa to


Sneijder deal Martins Indi. -- to. There is an gangster about the


Netherlands' play. It is just a There is an gangster about the


little bit slow, Guy, no urgency. I think they think they have so much


control that they don't really need to play with that tempo. Sneijder is


trying to hurry it up now. Van Persie is offside. It will not be a


corner, it will be a free kick for Costa Rica. 18 second-half minutes


played. Yes, not much change from the first half. He has gone early


again, you could argue Sneijder played it too late, but I think he


made his run to early. The obvious way to see a change in tempo, if


they go a goal down, you would see everyone pressing more and playing


much quicker. Or a substitution, you know, take some risks. Huntelaar has


been jogging ever so gently, he has just made his way down the tunnel, I


am sure just temporarily. A block, Martins Indi on Ruiz, Ruiz


is calling form or that the free kick he has been awarded, and he is


going to get his wish - it will be a yellow card for Bruno Martins Indi.


Yeah, the same as the Robben one earlier. He grabbed him around the


midriff, brought down. Another Bolanos ball into come for Costa


Rica. It looks like they will blink first in terms of substitutes.


Jorge Luis Pinto is going to make a change. The free kick comes in, and


Cillessen stays back, and it is over the top. That is what I'm about,


Guy, that is exactly the type of thing that Holland have to be


careful of. Good defending from Vlaar. Yeah, really good, did not


give Gonzalez enough space to have a free header, but he was the target.


Costa Rica bringing a strike on, Marko -- Marco Urena, as soon as the


opportunity arises. The referee has not swivelled his head to see him,


but he has just got the message via the wonders of technology, a


straight swap, Campbell off, Urena one. He came on to score against


Uruguay in their opening 3-1 win. I am a little bit surprised, he looks


a little bit lately, but he has got the capability on a breakaway to


beat people and score a goal. The does not look a happy boy. No.


He scored at the World Cup having not scored a league goal for


Krasnodar in three league seasons, although he has not started the last


two. He has not scored a goal in the last


three seasons? He has not started a league game in the last two seasons,


but he is still there. Somewhat confusing, why he is in the national


squad if he is not playing. He is on the ball now. Good ball too from


Urena, just a little bit too hard to be controlled by Borges, but he has


started brightly, full of energy. Just a little too deep by Gamboa. He


had the room, he had it all laid out in front of him. Yes, good effort


from Gamboa, getting forward into areas, the attacking third. He just


overhit it a little bit. The first time they got a few men in the box


in a little while. Blasted up by Diaz. Easy for Cillessen. And we


have just over a quarter of the game to go. Unless, of course, we don't


see a goal, and then we have got plenty more to go!


Great tracking from Tejeda, he got there in the nick of time to help


out his defenders. It is a there in the nick of time to help


move. Robben coming in on the left foot we have seen so many times, a


little give and go, what you want from your midfielder, get back in,


spot the danger. Offside, Van Persie. We have said


that quite a few times. Yeah, he always plays on the shoulder, Robin


van Persie, but normally you don't see him get caught, but he has


tonight. It remains Netherlands 0, Costa Rica 0. A team playing in its


tenth World Cup, three times runners-up, always the bridesmaids,


the Dutch. The Costa Rica team are playing just their fourth Cup, this


is only the second time they have got out of the group, and did this


is already the furthest they have got.


Gamboa has gone down, and I think it was the way he landed. He jumped


with Daley Blind. No blame attached to him. Gamboa attacked it, and as


soon as he hits the deck, he crumbled. You looks as though he is


in pain. It would be a huge blow for them, he is a great outlet


down the side, Gamboa. It looks it could be his Achilles.


down the side, Gamboa. It looks jarred badly. Yeah. Words between


Cillessen and Urena, and not particularly friendly ones.


I hope we can see Gamboa comeback on. -- come back on. He


knee injury, but I think it is a bit lower down. I think so, he might


just need a minute or two to get himself together. Van Gaal


unruffled, the expression rarely changes. You looks remarkably calm


and cool, actually. -- he looks. would expect some type of change


from him shortly, whether personnel or tactical. It seems as if he is


challenging himself, how long he dare wait! Yeah, maybe! Martins


Indi. Gamboa is


just trotting up and down the touchline, as Vlaar plays it all the


way out to Dirk Kuyt. touchline, as Vlaar plays it all the


frustrated, that is out for a Costa Rica throw, and here comes Cristian


Gamboa. It was just a jar, temporary pain. Yeah, let's hope so, good to


see him back. They still have good substitutions, thankfully, if they


do need them, but he has definitely been one of their brighter players


this evening. A lovely touch from Urena, and


Bolanos is onto this! De Vrij made sure it did not reach


Urena, or Borges, who had made a run from midfield. Tejeda is moving


forward, so Costa Rica must be in a good place. He missed his chance of


a shot, I thought the chip might be on the bend in the far corner.


Martins Indi, shoulder to shoulder with Bryan Ruiz, Cillessen get it


out to Daley Blind. Just got behind that Dutch backline for one of the


first times in the half, I thought he could have taken it on, tried


something a bit more inventive. You can feel the nerves creeping


into the game more and more now from both teams.


18 minutes of the 90 two go, and we are moving towards one mistake and


you are done territory. It is a difficult place as a player, that,


you are done territory. It is a especially the back lads. You don't


want to be the one to make the mistake, lose your man, give the


ball away. for the little deflection up off


Gonzalez. Who is defending well. Robben, doesn't mind going backwards


to come forwards. Cool tackle by Gamboa, not so sure about his second


attempt to keep it in. Looks all right. Helped out by Acosta. Ruiz,


dangerous play, boots raised high by Gamboa. He has come back on with


something extra in his step, a little bit too much fire. That was a


bit rash. Dangerous play. Sneijder with the Netherland's free-kick.


Spice into the game now. There is a feeling it has intensified.


Sneijder, in. What a free-kick. The header is over. Couldn't have


delivered it any better. No. Terrific pace. Vlaar just gets under


it. Needed a lesser of a touch, a bit more of a glance. Can see a


Netherland's change imminent. Jeremain Lens is going to come on. A


striking option. It has not been rip roaring, but it


's a game that has something about it. You have to admire what Costa


Rica have done. Defended well, played to their strength. Tried to


counter-attack the Dutch when they can. It's up to the Dutch to break


them down and show their quality. Which, as of now, they haven't done.


Depay looks shattered. On his place comes Lens. Yeah. He's not been


great. Looks like, like-for-like, in terms of position. Van Persie finds


Blind. Lens first run. Can't quite get the


legs moving freely just yet. That is Tejeda. I noticed a few


moments ago they had number 22 ready. He has come on three times.


He sat back down and put a bib over his shirt. Robben runs into Diaz.


Netherlands get the throw-in. This is where it's a bit slow. Too many


touches. Lethargic with the passing. Robben breezes past the first


obstacle in his way. He wins the Netherlands a corner much they will


make a change. It's Gamboa, will it? Yeah. He has not run off the knock


he got. It will be a straight swap. Myrie is coming on. Keep giving the


ball to Robben. Let him be the one who beats people, injects that pace


into the Gamboa looks game. Broken, mentally and physically here. This


is the - he kind of jarred it. He Scotland Yard something, like a


straight leg. Straight leg and the heel went into the ground. So it


could be numerous things. He has certainly tried his best to give it


a go, didn't he? He's played well. He had a good tournament. I wonder


how ready Myrie will be. He was called up late into the squad


following an injury. This will be his competitive debut. Played a


dozen times, but only in friendly internationals. What a game to come


into, World Cup quarter-final, minutes remaining. There can't be


many players who made their competitive debut in a World Cup


quarter-final. A player who was sent off twice in the first three amongst


of the Costa Rican season gone. I didn't find that one myself. In from


Robben. Headed away by Diaz. Robben, surely the Netherlands need


him on the ball more Robben, surely the Netherlands need


they are going to win through to a semi-final against Argentina. For


sure. Diaz not deceived by the dummy cross. Made a bit of room now.


Offside flag is up against Lens. A good save by Navas anyway. Yeah. He


wasn't to know. Stepped up quite well, the backline. It's really


close. Probably just about the right decision. That man, Navas, again.


It's like watching a decision. That man, Navas, again.


him in goal. Everything off him, decision. That man, Navas, again.


is stuff of fairytales. He has not had much to do this


is stuff of fairytales. He has not going to say that. Tim Howard did


the going to say that. Tim Howard did


he had to do he did, remarkable performance. One of


he had to do he did, remarkable second-half he hasn't been


he had to do he did, remarkable busy, credit to the Costa Rica team.


We thought they might tire. At the moment, they look OK.


Up towards Bryan Ruiz. The ball won't break for Urena. Lovely lay


off to Lens. Sneijder has made a run here. Robben, down. Free-kick.


Yellow card. Right on the limits of the penalty area. It was almost on


the line. the penalty area. It was almost on


didn't he? Good feet from Robben. A bit of a tired lunge from Gonzalez.


Free-kick, yellow card. Right decision. If Costa Rica do defy the


odds, and reach the semi-final, he won't be playing in it. The


odds, and reach the semi-final, he blessing is that they've already got


their main centre-half suspended, who would be back. Duarte comes back


in. Acosta thinks, who would be back. Duarte comes back


incentive to win now, he stays in. He's done well. There is a long way


to go for Costa Rica here. Wesley Sneijder with the Netherlands'


free-kick.ment they have built a wall of four. He is peering around


the corner of it. He tested him earlier, didn't he? Tried to give


him the eyes. He has gone into crouch just behind that wall. Ready


to spring. Really difficult for Sneijder. The runners are ready in


orange too. Sneijder goes force goal! Off the post! Navas well


beaten that time. What a free-kick! Sneijder might get on to that.


Acosta in his way. Looking for Bolanos. Good strong


stuff. We are set for a Grandstand finish here. Arjen Robben, taking


three defenders with him. Stopped by Diaz. Look how quickly he is on the


ball again. Shirt being tugged by Bolanos. This is the free-kick. Goes


over the wall. Brilliant technique. Give Navas credit he was almost


there. If it was on target he might have got a hand on it. Very little


battle from those two on set plays this evening. Riding their luck now


the Costa Rica team. Arjen Robben, with the latest chance to deliver


something pretty special. Van Persie wanted it played in quickly. Managed


to free himself of any markers there. Over him this time. Off the


head of Gonzalez. Navas didn't get cleanly to it. Van Persie. Lovely


turn. Navas blocks. Kuyt is prevented. Costa Rica, clear. Can't


keep it in. That man, Navas again. I feel like we are repeating ourselves


a bit. Which Navas did you expect to star in the World Cup. Keylor is


brilliant. Great skill from van Persie.


This is a Netherlands side that was one done to Mexico last Sunday and


scored in the 88th minute before Robben won his penalty. Huntelaar


converted. 90 plus 4 the official timing. Fourth minute of


injury-time. Now, van Persie. He managed to pull it down. He couldn't


quite get the ball set in front of him. The pressure is building. This


is the chance from earlier, van Persie's right-foot. Gets down well


to his right hand side. Cleared the danger. The free-kick from Sneijder,


wonderful effort. Navas knew he had to get that pace to make sure he


couldn't get across. The pace was everything. That is the only way you


could have beaten him from there. The wall could have done more


actually, and jumped, technically a free-kick. Neuer might be running


Navas pretty close. I was going to say. Tejeda, couldn't take it and


run. Myrie, finds Ruiz, good tackle that from Robben. Snuffed out the


threat, straightaway. Yeah, well played Robben. Busy off and on the


ball. Working back for his team. Showing intent, desire. Four minutes


of the 90 to go. Myrie got the call from Acosta to leave it to him. Lens


was offside anyway. You might have been sitting back for most of it, it


might be edge of the seat time for the rest. I'm surprised there has


not been a change in formation from the Dutch. Even though they are


controlling the game, in terms of possession, they are not really


making lots of chances and opening them up. They are more half chances.


We've seen, in previouses games, Louis van Gaal, make changes that


have affected the game. There is a lack of urgency, there really is. It


doesn't feel like the quarter-final of a World Cup. Is at stake. A


semi-final is at stake. Lens. Holds up Acosta. Takes on Gonzalez. He has


had a super match. You took the words out of my mouth. He has been


the pick of the defenders. Been everywhere. Giancarlo Gonzalez of


Columbus Crew. He has two bookings now.


It is not often that the orange army of Dutch supporters are outsung. Van


Persie has misted! Surely he just had to make contact! They don't not


know what has happened. I cannot believe he has missed it. I thought


it might be a penalty, but I think he has just missed. What a ball from


Sneijder. For a man of his quality, it is a huge mess. Robin van Persie


with a goal on a plate. I think the defender just put off little bit. --


put him off a little bit. But that is as good a chance as we have seen


tonight, and if you wanted it to fall to one man, it would be him.


tonight, and if you wanted it to Less than 90 seconds of the 90


minutes to go, and then whatever is added on. Offside, Lens. The


Netherlands have failed to win any of their four World Cup matches that


have gone into extra time. Well... It could change!


Snide again, he has been the one this half. -- Sneijder. Bolanos


still battling away. Van Persie beaten to the ball by the


interesting. Van Persie beaten to the ball by the


-- Acosta. He had to do better there Van Persie beaten to the ball by the


for his team, take it Van Persie beaten to the ball by the


a throw in. Four minutes, it will be a long four minutes for


Robben has got the momentum for a run at Diaz, and Diaz has brought


him down. Diaz is in the book. He is surely going here. The referee has


just looked down to check the number. He is letting off. I think


he is, you know. Well, that is incredible. I think if he was going


he is, you know. Well, that is by the letter of the law, it


he is, you know. Well, that is yellow card, but


he is, you know. Well, that is malicious. I do not like to see


players get yellows for that, really. We can't afford to even


slightly missed time that. No, I know. He is lucky, for sure he is


lucky. What he has done is give away a free kick to the Netherlands, and


Van Persie. Well, he couldn't score could run out.


Van Persie. Well, he couldn't score from two yards out, how about from


the angle of from two yards out, how about from


we have seen from Navas, he will have to hit a worldie. We have seen


him score them from there before. We have. Robin van


him score them from there before. We ready. Iodine, straight at the


gloves of Navas. -- fired in. Lovely ball in! Missed by everybody!


Incredible scramble! De Vrij has run


again, isn't it? How on earth did that not going in -- not go in?!


again, isn't it? How on earth did Tejeda on the post! Sometimes you


start getting a feeling. Could it be Navas' night?


start getting a feeling. Could it be way to go, if it goes to extra time,


but... He needs to blink that out. That came off one defender, then


onto the defender on the line, who mis-kicked it onto the bar, and


Robin van Persie must be thinking, what does he have to do?


Robin van Persie must be thinking, minutes of injury time played, the


board said four. Up towards Van Persie again,


Gonzalez' header straight to Robben. He finds his balance and finds


Sneijder. Sneijder is looking for Kuyt. Bolanos dropped back in.


Kuyt, a measured ball. Gonzalez is there every time. He has been a


rock. He has got to keep the ball better, come back, get some passes


in! The flag is up against Arjen Robben, and I think time might be up


for the Netherlands. They will be forced into extra time here. And we


still don't know whether or not they will be forced out of the World Cup.


Robben actually was not offside, comfortably on. I think he has to do


more for his team, get hold of the ball. Well, in the stadium where the


Netherlands began their campaign with a 5-1 win over defending world


champions Wayne, they have been held to a goalless draw against Costa


Rica. -- Spain. We are going to extra time. 0-0 in Salvador.


Extra time it is, and somehow Costa Rica holding onto the end of there,


it just shows you, if you wait long enough, you get excitement in the


end, especially at the World Cup. Knockout, extra time, the


possibility of penalties, stick with us, it could get really exciting in


extra time, as we have seen in so many times at this tournament. It


seemed to open up at the end. many times at this tournament. It


Absolutely, the first was a bit poor, the second half was a


nonevent, then it came to light. The biggest scramble you have ever seen


at the end, Sneijder had a great shot, a great ball in to Van Persie,


and the Dutch had four great chances but failed to convert. The Dutch


work very poor for much of that second half, and as soon as they


picked their heads up and moved the ball a lot quicker, that is when


they started causing problems. When Sneijder was able to pick his head


up, their first thought was passing it forward. That is when they had


their chances. This was close! I just cannot believe that ability.


The keeper was not getting that! I think Navas has been


unbelievable, the goalkeepers have had a great tournament. Navas is in


the way again. I think Gonzalez, the centre half for Costa Rica, deserves


a special mention, he has been fantastic. A great ball, how does he


miss this?! I think he goes with the wrong foot, his balance is wrong. He


hits it with his left. It is not like his left foot is poor.


hits it with his left. It is not exactly! In the last five minutes,


he should have had a hat-trick, Van Persie. This is the scramble, one,


two, three, four, one of the great clearances off the bar! Absolutely


amazing. Your former team-mate has probably not enjoyed that very


much. Chances are coming, he will be thinking, I am getting chances, I am


happy with that. As a forward, as long as you are getting the chances,


fine. Sneijder has been the best player, brilliant. What we have seen


in some of these games in the two and is that sometimes the smaller


nations have hung on and hang on, and then it is almost like, we have


done it, then they have conceded goals pretty quickly in extra time.


We may see the same again, we may not. The team that are expected to


win have realised, coming to 85 minutes, one mistake and they are


out. So you have to go for it, by gambling a little bit. Gary is right


in what he is saying, there is always an exception to that rule. In


this game, we talked about the energy levels of Costa Rica and said


that they could not keep going in the second half as well as they did


in the first half, but they did. They kept on going and going, Rio,


didn't they? Costa Rica look out on their feet, towards the end of that


half they were camped in their box. This is the problem that you have


got with Holland, though, passing it slow, coming into the last 15


minutes or so, I am saying one mistake, and that could just be the


mistake, a little nudge. I have just seen a Dutch goalkeeper, first-time


for about an and 20 minutes! Look, what a resilient bunch this art.


Great spirit. Their determination not to be beaten. I think it has


been said, they have got a great attitude, they have got a work


ethic, they are all prepared to put a shift in. If you do that, you have


got a chance. They are organised, drilled, they have got great


communication, a never say die attitude. Rio, the Dutch are walking


around, looking refreshed, Van Gaal saying, get up, the Costa Rica


players are lying on their backs. Sometimes that comes from the


managers, get out early, show that you are ready, wait for them on the


pitch, they will see you waiting. It might also be that once you have


been working hard, the other team have not, the energy levels of Costa


Rica... At this stage, we have seen it in the games before, experience


tells, and the Dutch experience, they are composed. They have got to


do what they did in the last ten minutes, keep the pressure on,


forced the play, move the ball quicker, make the forward pass,


rather than backwards. When they did that, they caused problems. I think


the Costa Ricans will hope for penalties now. As they showed in the


last round, they are not bad at those, and the Dutch have not got a


great track record. And they have also got a great keeper, the Costa


Ricans! They are changing ends for another 30 minutes. It is all Danny


Murphy's and Guy Mowbray's. Thank you, Gary. Costa Rica is one


of the few sovereign nations in the world without an army. They have got


some fighters. Proving themselves every step of the way in this World


Cup. How fit is Bryan Ruiz, Danny? Can he run all night? Nope! Do you


know what? We need to praise them for getting to this point, because


I, like many others, did not think they would get anywhere near the


Dutch tonight. The Dutch have disappointed, they have not played


with great urgency, but that backline, they have defended like


heroes, honestly. Gonzalez especially, as Rio said in the


studio, has been absolutely immense. Can they hold out for another half


an hour? Stefan de Vrij on the ball for the Netherlands, no changes in


terms of the players at there for now. Costa Rica have one


substitution left, Louis van Gaal has two available, one of them being


Huntelaar. I think we has two available, one of them being


Argentina players will be supporting now. They are waving Costa Rican


flags right now. Robben De mise is way out of it,


which side of the flag has that gone? -- dummies.


which side of the flag has that Messi waving his little flag around,


can you?! If they have travelled Robben hadn't


correctly. It Robben hadn't


Persie running together. A clever Both onside. I think they are.


Sometimes when you are so quick and get ahead of play so quickly, you


look like you're offside and you're not. Victim of his own pace, if you


like. Something I never suffered from, I can assure you of that! From


Kurdistan the assistant referee on that far side. He has had a busy


night. Lens finds van Persie, he takes that


nicely. One thing about Robin van Persie, he won't let the sitter


affect him. The next one he will back. Timed to win the ball away.


Here is Robben. Kuyt outside, and needed. Kuyt can't go any further


though. It's a corner. Much of the same from the Dutch,


pressure. Ball out to Robben. Causing problems.


Kuyt on the move. Ron Vlaar's header. Navas across - you wouldn't


expect anything else! No. I was calmly awaiting his save. A great


header. Again, no men on the post. Something that has


header. Again, no men on the post. in this tournament. Navas


Sneijder in time. Navas. He has made a mistake now. Nowhere near that. He


was allowed one at some point, wasn't he? Shouldn't be coming


outside his six-yard. Absolutely no-man's land. Gets lucky. This is


the Vlaar header. Does well. Pushes it away from danger. Laid flat on


his back at the moment, as we look at his flying save from Vlaar again.


He has actually missed a couple of training session this is week with a


shoulder problem, Keylor Navas. It's his knee this time. That wouldn't be


the change that Costa Rica want to make before the end. No. Goodness


me. He looks calm enough does Jorge Luis Pinto. Calmish. It's reasonably


genuine. He does look in trouble, doesn't he? The old magic spray. How


fast will Patrick Pemberton's heart be beating now? Oh... It's strange


sometimes the substitute, I have done it in big games myself you


desperately want to get on, when your time goes - yeah, he falls on


it awkwardly, doesn't he? Sometimes, as a substitute, you get that


nervous feeling, adrenaline pumping through your body as you are about


to come on. He won't want to come on in a situation like this. I'm sure


they will be good friends. He will want Navas to stay. In he has played


to brilliantly. Thankfully they are up on his feet. They have number 22


waiting to come on. Sit down, Patrick, not yet. Corner in and


headed firmly away towards Blind. Robben. Kuyt. Robben. Never going to


get there. They are going to gamble. They obviously have the OK from the


fizz owe that Navas will be all right. I think Bryan Ruiz might be


taking issue with the change. He has just had words with the bench. He


won't be the player to come off. It will be Tejeda. Cubero on in his


place. Maybe Tejeda just can't run much further. He has done nearly


12.5 kilometers. That is a huge amount. The team average less than


10. He has done 12.4. Put a real shift in for his team. Very pleased


with his performance. He hasn't stopped from minute one. Of course,


the central midfield areas you do cover the most ground. I mean I'm


going to stay that. It's statistically proven.


going to stay that. It's Pemberton has sat down with the most


going to stay that. It's dejected look on his face. I thought


he would have been happy. Not in the fact that he is not coming on, but


the fact his friend is OK. This might be his one and only chance of


playing in a World Cup game gone. might be his one and only chance of


Thrown in by Myrie. Down. What does the referee do? Nothing, he points


for a goal kick. Costa Rica protest. Most throngly from the touchline,


rather than the field. Vlaar is having words. I tell you what. It's


a penalty. I think he has clipped his left leg. He does go down


a penalty. I think he has clipped looking for it. I've seen them given


in this World Cup. Definitely left leg on left leg connection. Hinge


was looking, but he might have found it. -- I think he was looking, but


he might have found


Live coverage from Salvador as the Netherlands take on Costa Rica in the fourth quarter-final of the World Cup, with the last semi-final place up for grabs.