Semi-finals: Brazil v Germany Match of the Day Live

Semi-finals: Brazil v Germany

Gary Lineker introduces live semi-final coverage. Hosts Brazil, without the injured Neymar, face Germany in Belo Horizonte. With commentary from Steve Wilson and Martin Keown.

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It is saved by a Tim Krul! And then there were only four. Good evening,


it is the World Cup semifinals. Tonight, two sides who have lifted


the trophy yet times between them. -- eight.


If they win it for a third time, they keep it! Gerd Muller! Again!


Brazil have arrived in Bellow horrors on page. Their hopes took a


big load in the last round with superstar Neymar ruled out of the


tournament, while a Thiago Silva is suspended after a yellow card.


Germany saw France to reach this stage and in doing so became the


first team in history to reach four consecutive World Cup semifinals.


However, they have lost the last two. Two huge footballing nations


competing tonight, Alan. We have seen so many thrills and


excitement, but have we seen a great team? No, I don't think we have.


Usually that would be to the detriment of the tournament.


Usually that would be to the of the remaining sides conceivably


could win. It is wide open. You have basilica in Germany, two giants of


the game, looking for a basilica in Germany, two giants of


mouthwatering prospect. The win for Brazil came at a hefty cost. Is it


too hefty cost? They are missing their two best players. Who will


stand up and take responsibility? Will David Luiz control the defence


away Thiago Silva does? Will David Luiz control the defence


provide the flare? Losing their most Will David Luiz control the defence


skilful player in Neymar, who will step up? Difficult


skilful player in Neymar, who will answered. In terms of Germany,


consecutive semifinals, quite some achievement, but they haven't gone


on to win. Other questions about the Germans? Everyone keeps telling me


that we could do at the German way or the Spanish way. It is a nice


problem to have! They are a decent team. They have a great goal-scorer


upfront in the Miroslav Klose. Thomas Muller can play well either


left or right. Thomas Muller can play well either


them because of what you just mentioned, but I think they can


handle that. They have a mental toughness. Who do you think will win


the World Cup? Vote on the BBC sport website or you can use Twitter at


the address below. We will announce the result at half-time. Rizal and


Germany have played more World Cup matches than any other side, but,


incredibly, they have only met once before in the turbulent, the final


of 2002 when Ronaldo laid Brazil and Germany coming nights,


for the first time ever meeting in the World Cup, and what a fitting


arena. You have to win when you play for


Brazil, always. There he is, the leader at the moment. I was really


scared. I have that bad experience. I had to transform that. It was my


challenge. I did that. I lost the World Cup in 1998. After my injury,


that was my inspiration. COMMENTATOR: Rinaldo! It is Ronaldo!


I was in Japan, it was fantastic to see him coming back. I was very


happy for him. Rinaldo makes up for 1998 by a getting the rebound.


It was the best experience you could have in sport.


After the finals, we celebrated for three days. Nobody was sleeping!


There were more than 10 million people on the streets! They wanted


to party! COMMENTATOR: to Wobegon figure of four years ago is now a


World Cup winner! If you think, you have 15 World Cups, I think you come


back on top of the world. Brazil win it for the fifth time.


There is the team in the tunnel. They all want to emulate the class


of 2002. Amongst them cheering them on today is a man who played in that


final. Well, be ready for another


roller-coaster of emotions! Ginny Newell is with us. What is the


difference between the team of 2002 and this team?


There were more experienced guys in 2002. In this grip, I feel they are


strong as a unit. Even without Neymar, they can be strong as a


unit. What worries you most about this Germany side? Giving them too


much space to play. We have to look at the midfield. We need to protect


our defence. If you give them too much space to create, they will


cause problems. You have actually been in the camp, talking to Big


Phil Scolari. What is the atmosphere like the?


been in the camp, talking to Big Phil Scolari. What is the First of


all, he asked me for my boots! I said, I am too old! I felt a very


light atmosphere. I felt psychologically they are very


strong. It makes me believe that Brazil can get to the final. Enjoy


it. What an epic semifinal we have! I think you might get a game upfront


if he was a few years younger, he probably would. In 2002, Big Phil


Scolari led the team to World Cup victory. Whatever happens, the big


65-year-old will always have a special place in the hearts of


Brazilians. Tough, blunt, unyielding, not much


samba about Felipe Scolari. He has his roots firmly planted in one of


the coldest southern states of Brazil. An entirely different


Brazil. Felipe Scolari is the third consecutive sub bass of the national


team. Some say this is responsible for the change in style.


I thought he was going to crack last week, but I feel he has regained his


control. He is emotive, the sentimental patriarch of the


family, the broad back father figure who walked into the job a year and a


half ago announcing that Brazil would win its own World Cup. He has


seen those things, but maybe he and his men were not adequately prepared


for this. From the start, it almost seemed too much. Many tears have


slowed, and many opinions. For many people, the World Cup is finished


because we have no Neymar. Our expression is Neymar plus ten, so


Neymar and ten other players. I think people are getting prepared


for a bad result. The players have met with a psychologist to deal with


losing their figurehead. The fans will wear a Neymar masks, but Felipe


Scolari must come up with a master plan. Now, where did he leave it?


He is not the best, but then these kind of psychological games, he is


amazing. I could imagine him talking about Ayrton Senna at some point,


trying to rally the troops. He has got to hope it works, or a ride of


this man's life will come to an end to night.


Big Phil Scolari, he seems like a really likeable guy. We have had


conversations about him. What did Rinaldo say about him? He said that


he creates a family environment, he becomes a father figure. That puts


the players at ease. If you are at ease with everything, you can


perform better. He lays that platform. It hits all the emotion of


the players. He is very loyal to his players. He has a group there, and


he sticks by them. He was very close to managing England at one stage.


Brian Barwick went to him before the World Cup and asked him to be named


manager before that he said he couldn't, because what would happen


if England played Portugal, and, as it turned out, they did. I like him.


He is pragmatic, single-minded, immune to criticism and Stanton


faults by his results. The Brazil fans are making their presence felt


in the stadium. Let's have a look at them!


Dante has come into cover for Thiago Silva. David Luiz will move over to


the right. Luiz Gustavo returns after a one match ban. Bernard has


been given the responsibility of replacing the injured Neymar. Oscar


will be asked to provide the main creative spark. Fred is the leading


scorer for Brazil in the absence of Neymar, with 18 international


goals. David Luiz divides opinion. All these questions about him. I


think his concentration levels have to be at 100%. In this tournament he


has done all right. Made some timely interceptions. He reads the game


well. I don't know what this is about!


ALAN HANSEN: He is the ball. Reads it early. Gets in


front. Good block. This is a free-kick. Magnificent


front. Good block. This is a in the Premier League last season.


This is what I talk about - concentration levels - and there is


a mistake in there. Against Cameroon, the equalising goal.


Thiago Silva doesn't do particularly well at the near post.


Thiago Silva doesn't do particularly off and, as I say, at this stage of


the competition, one mistake like this and it could be fatal. Poor


position. Body shape all over the place. You always feel there is a


mistake If Germany get the opportunity, they


will not let too many get away from them. They have runners going in


behind all the time. As soon as Ozil turns, they are dangerous. Has he


got that in him, Rio? He has to. He's done quite well. His defensive


head has been on in this tournament. This is too easy. Brazil have to be


better and much more compact in This is too easy. Brazil have to be


game today. The Germans will turn and play the ball into the danger


areas. They have Klose up front and Muller. That is too much space for a


midfielder, to turn and face you up. Again, turn and face you up. He is


the one dictating to you where he is going to go. I don't think he has a


bit of communication in him! This is a massive test for him. Germany are


unbeaten in their last 16 internationals. This will be their


12th World Cup semifinal but many in the squad still carry the scars of


losing in 2006 and 2010. There is something quite unfamiliar


about Germany. History tells us they are a team for the big moments.


Squeezing every ounce out of their considerable talent. Three World


Cups, three European Championships. They are our continent's footballing


superpower. This Germany are different. The football is dashing,


daring. The team are young and adventurous.


COMMENTARY: Thomas Muller with a beauty.


Where is that silverware the nation has become used to? Two World Cup


semifinals in a row - lost. Again, in the Euros to Italy. It is all a


bit unGerman. COMMENTARY: Once again, it is a step


too far. The third semifinal in a row. It was


a shame against Italy. Now, they have to deliver. We are waiting for


the World Cup title for 24 years. It's time. Time is running out for


Germany's golden group. It seems like pressure to succeed has seen


Joachim Low's side become more pragmatic in Brazil. The Germans are


more German. We have really got used to beautiful


football. Now, the team is more focussed, a little bit more


disciplined. If he win in the final 1-0, there is a lot of hurry and it


is all about winning the title. It is the same team that beat the


French in the quarterfinals. Manuel Neuer is in goal. Philipp Lahm


continues at right back with the centre-back pairing of Hummels and


Boateng keeping out Arsenal's Mertesacker once again. The midfield


is anchored by Schweinsteiger and Khedira. Thomas Muller has scored


four of Germany's ten tournament goals. He and Kroos have two assists


each. 36-year-old striker Miroslav Klose remains one goal away from


setting a new World Cup Finals record of 16, but he's yet to score


in a semifinal. Over the years, Alan, you have picked out a few


German defenders to have a pop at. You have a new target? No, no!


Against the French, they still played a high line, but not as high


as they did against Algeria. They were more solid with Hummels in


there. They are up the pitch a bit. There is space behind. It ain't the


best position you have ever seen. The body shape is right. He can get


back and chase. He does enough to get back in there. The ball comes in


the box. Everything was a bit bitty. That is good. Same sort of thing


here. He mops up. Gets rid of it. This time, it is played over the


top. The French exploit the space. He gets into a decent position here.


I suppose this was the tackle of the game. It is a fantastic block.


Wonderful block. Then, of course, the goal. He's a better player than


Mertesacker. If I was to say who was going to win this game, it would


depend on who defends the better. I think he is fantastic in the box. It


is when he is outside the box, his mobility lets him down. If you can


move him about, you will have chances. In the box, he is very


good. Have Brazil got the players to exploit that weakness without


Neymar? Home advantage will play a big part for them. They will be


playing for him. They will be playing to get to the final for


their captain, Thiago Silva. They have a togetherness. They have got a


wily old manager who has been there and done it before and put that


together, that will be a huge help. A lack of discipline about this


Brazilian side at times? Very much so. Fernandinho has been very lucky


at times to stay on the pitch. They spoil it in the middle of the park.


They commit fouls high up the pitch. They stop the rhythm. They have


committed more fouls in the tournament than anyone else. A tough


call this. Who will win? Brazil. Long night - Brazil. Rio? The


Germans. Ooh! Playing for a place in the World Cup Final, Brazil play


Germany. Our commentators, Steve Wilson and Martin Keown.


STEVE WILSON: Brazil, five-times World Cup


winners, twice a runner-up. Germany, three times World Cup winners, four


times a runner-up. They have been the best in the world at playing the


world game. This is a super heavyweight semifinal, but in this


wonderful arena. I will stop talking because first you will hear the


German anthem. And then Brazil's. As you know, when the music stops, the


singing doesn't! # Ouviram do Ipiranga as


margens placidas # De um povo heroico o


brado retumbante, Brazil's a cappella anthem becoming


one of the sights and sounds of sport. The Number 10 Neymar shirt


being held aloft. # Ouviram do Ipiranga as


margens placidas # De um povo heroico o


brado retumbante, # E o sol da Liberdade,


em raios fulgidos, # Brilhou no ceu da Patria


nesse instante. # Conseguimos conquistar


com braco forte, # Desafia o nosso peito


a propria morte! # Brasil, um sonho intenso,


um raio v?vido, # De amor e de esperanca


a terra desce, # Se em teu formoso ceu, risonho


e limpido, # Gigante pela propria natureza,


Es belo, es forte, impavido colosso, What about the ball boys and girls?


essa grandeza. What about the ball boys and girls?


The Estadio Mineirao is a long way from being the most beautiful of the


12 World Cup venues. It lacks the grandeur of Brasilia. It is a big,


old bearpit of a ground. But utterly thrilling and spectacularly noisy.


Brazil are without their superstar and captain. The last time they


started a game without Neymar and Thiago Silva was the quarterfinal of


the last World Cup when they lost to the Dutch. Neymar had started every


game since that defeat, a Brazilian record equalling 38 consecutive


matches and scoring 27. Brazil tried to get Thiago Silva's second yellow


overturned but failed. Dante is in for him. Luiz Gustavo for Paulinho.


Bernard is in for Neymar. The captain for the ninth time of


his country is David Luiz in the absence of Thiago Silva. The referee


is Marco Rodr?guez of Mexico. His first game since the Uruguay-Italy


match in Natal. A vote of confidence in him from FIFA after he missed the


Suarez bite. His nickname is "Dracula". Germany have reached the


semifinal or better in 12 of the last 16 World Cups. They have never


beaten Brazil in a competitive game. One World Cup and two Confederation


Cup defeats. As you know by now, Miroslav Klose is on 15 goals, equal


with Ronaldo. He breaks one record already - becoming the first player


to play in four World Cup semifinals. Fantastic atmosphere


inside the Estadio Mineirao. Scolari's third World Cup semifinal.


His second with Brazil. One with Portugal. Germany, the nearly men of


the last decade of world football. And Germany in their change strip,


the red and black hoops, the Flamenco kit, will get the game


under way. They will kick from right to left in the first half. We just


wait and pause for the clock to tick around. Martin Keown, what do you


think? MARTIN KEOWN: It is going to be


fascinating. David Luiz MARTIN KEOWN: It is going to be


looking forward to this. He is loving it. What an arena. What an


occasion. Who is heading to the Maracana? Brazil are yet to play in


Rio. They must be hungry there to welcome their team. Will they get


the opportunity or will it be Germany through to the final again?


A horribly long pause for the players to sit and dwell and the man


on the near touchline in a FIFA blazer has his arm raised and no-one


can do anything before the arm drops and drop it does! Germany get the


first of the 2014 World Cup semifinals under way.


Has it gone out of play? Yes, it has, it is a Brazilian corner. Yes,


Bastian Schweinsteiger coming across. I am not sure that was


completely out. No, neither am I. Oscar to take the corner.


Directory just having a word with Fernandinho and he is trying to


stand on the toes of one of the defenders.


Dante and Luiz Gustavo both play their football in Germany. It is


important that Luiz Gustavo is back today. When the Brazilians arrived


at the Estadio Mineirao today they were all wearing baseball caps


saying come on, Neymar! That shot did not trouble Gerd Muller. Marcelo


is really in the mood today. He is playing very high up the pitch.


There was some contact their on Luiz Gustavo by Bastian Schweinsteiger.


Yes, the referee let it go. There are questions about this


Brazilian team's composure under pressure. That is a wonderful ball


to Hulk! Gerd Muller was there. An incredible ball by David Luiz.


That was a good moment for Dante. Pressure on him. If Germany had


broken their, they could've played at wide to Thomas Muller on the


right-hand side. I hope we see that again, to see the position that


Thomas Muller was in. I think Maicon is a weakness on this


right-hand side. It will be interesting to see if they test


him. He looked rusty in the last match against Colombia. Maicon puts


the ball out of play. Brazil have to retreat again for another German


through. O works very hard.


very hard. It is interesting that Joachim Low has gone with the same


team that he had last time out. I am not sure how long Miroslav Klose


will last for. Miroslav Klose played for just over 60 minutes in the last


game. He is 36 now. Given away carelessly by


Fernandinho. Brazil are not looking very


comfortable in possession, they don't look like the sale at times.


They have to be brave, deal with the pressure. Their best 45 minutes was


in the first half against the Colombians, but they panicked in the


second half. Good clearance by Mats Hummels. He


is one of those who has recovered from a sickness. Quite a lot of


people who have been travelling a lot around Brazil in the last couple


of months, coming from the cold climates in the South, particularly


Sao Paulo where it is wet, then coming up north to the humidity,


quite a lot of people have got the flu. It is about 70 degrees here


tonight. Thomas Muller is trying to find a


way round Dante. It hit Oscar. Lost by Jerome Boateng. The free kick


goes the way of Brazil. by Jerome Boateng. The free kick


stroke of fortune! Marcelo on by Jerome Boateng. The free kick


left-hand side, he just leaves so much space them run into. They get


lucky here. It hits Miroslav Klose much space them run into. They get


on the back. That is why the free kick was given eventually. Their


full-backs are pushing up so high, they are leaving huge spaces in


behind. Well cut out by Benedikt Howedes. It


has been a good flowing started the game. Bastian Schweinsteiger in the


right place for Germany. Good challenge by Marcelo. It needed


to be, too. He is looking for a free kick, and he got one. Yes, Marcelo


is doing well. Fair play to him. What an open game! What a promising


start to the game, from the standpoint of a neutral! Basically,


both teams are saying, we are going to attack better than you are! Luiz


Gustavo is going very deep when they have possession at the back. Here is


David Luiz. Just a little nudge on him by Miroslav Klose. I think he is


David Luiz. Just a little nudge on liberties in possession, or I will


get it off you. Miroslav Klose is in the middle. The


first German corner of the game. Sami Khedira doing well, breaking


into that channel. Plenty of mistakes in the first ten minutes! A


slight nervousness from Brazil, when they are trying to Mike these


attacks from the back. it is in! Germany lead! Thomas


Muller from the corner puts Germany in front! His fifth goal of this


World Cup! Who picked him up? Nobody! It is a ball that ends up at


the far post. He is totally unmarked. Unbelievable! To get that


kind of space at this level. It is a decent ball. He makes it look easy,


but it is about concentration. He evades everyone. Look at that, a tap


in! The Golden Boot winner from four years ago, Thomas Muller, has put


Germany in front in the 2014 semifinal.


character. We will see what they are made of now!


He has matched his tally of four years ago in South Africa. It will


not win the Golden Boot this time around, but it puts him within one


of James Rodriguez. Bad touch, wasn't it? If Brazil are looking for


leaders, there is no captain, no Thiago Silva. If they are looking


for inspiration, no Neymar. Many people have said it, that this


Brazilian team can be beaten. The will of the nation might not been


beatable, but the team was. Well, we are just looking at leadership,


commanding your own box. I would be embarrassed if I gave my opposite


number at that kind of room. Was there an elbow there on the


Miroslav Klose? Thomas Muller taken out of it by


Marcelo. Marcelo knows, he needs to take a out -- him out. David Luiz


goes on a fantastic run, you have to say. Hulk should have done better


with the cross, though. They will be looking to David Luiz


for inspiration and leadership. Germany are stopping them getting


any attacks going. Sami Khedira is coming out to help.


He has been very mixed in this tournament, Hulk.


Scolari keeps sticking with his team. Free-kick is taken by Kroos to


Khedira. Blocked off by the Brazilian wide


man. Free-kick to Germany. Germany in the ascendancy. They are. They


are taking the sting out of things. They will boss possession.


A long way to go. Kroos with this free-kick. The early signs aren't


good for Brazil. Ozil trying to get underneath it.


Again, he hasn't got the pass into midfield.


They fell behind in the first match of this World Cup, you will


remember, with that own goal Bernard, good pressure. He is like a


little terrier. Oscar. He has come very deep to get


little Big pressure Oscar. He has come very deep to get


it. Into Fernandinho. Fernandinho looking for Fred. Hummels might have


got a touch on that. Oscar finds Hulk. Marcelo trying to get in


behind Lahm. Lahm with the challenge. Kornler kick. -- corner


kick. Beautiful challenge. I think the Germans are not happy because


they thought Marcelo was taking a dive. Lahm's challenge looked


inch-perfect from here. The referee instantly indicated a corner and no


more. Boateng's reaction was all about the way Marcelo hit the


ground. Yeah. It is boiling over a little bit.


Good play from Brazil. Marcelo trying to get behind him. Look at


that for a perfectly-timed challenge. Brilliant challenge.


that for a perfectly-timed Brilliant challenge from a brilliant


player. Marcelo trying to get Oscar in


the near post. That was really poor. Marcelo trying to get Oscar in


behind. Oscar did well to get any ball in.


Dante won the header. Oscar winning the header.


Bernard goes over, Well cut out by Maicon.


Bernard goes over, playing advantage.


Germany are so dangerous on the break. Brazil are so open.


Oscar has won a free-kick. He is putting in a shift. It is breaking


down far too often on the Brazil left-hand side. Marcelo giving it


away. Hulk has to improve that ball retention. Credit the Germans the


way they are closing down. It was like a knife through butter. Their


midfield is exceptional. 66 competitive home matches Brazil


since they were last beaten on home soil in a match that mattered, back


in 1975, Copa America semifinal, Peru beat them on this ground.


Ozil is saying he was fouled. He was pulled back. I thought he was going


to do a Gareth Bale then! Klose needed a bit of help there.


Look at Julio Cesar, he has no option. Klose should give it to


Muller. He is running free on the right-hand side in acres of space.


Germany are in front in this semifinal.


No real problem for Julio Cesar there. Nothing on it. Don't


underestimate Khedira in that move. He is a beautiful footballer.


Effortlessly through the midfield. Loves arriving in the final third.


There was only Klose in the middle. Ozil was doing his best to get


there. He covered 57 kilometres before tonight's match. He's going


to break some records because before tonight's match. He's going


got oceans of space to run into. It's found its


got oceans of space to run into. Fernandinho to Toni Kroos. Kroos,


back into Muller. Klose! Brilliant save. Klose scores. Historic goal.


Germany 2, Brazil 0! Miroslav Klose is the all-time World Cup record


goalscorer. Brazil have a mountain to climb in their own back yard


against Germany! They are two down inside 23 minutes. Stunning! They


are punishing them. They look lost, the Brazilians. Down the right-hand


side again. They look really strong. It comes central. They work it


nicely. Great little lay-off. Klose gets another chance. He ain't going


to miss that one. It is so simple. Puts him in the record books. That's


Klose's range. From 6 to 12 yards. 2-0 to Germany. 16 goals in World


Cup Finals. He eclipses the phenomenon, as Brazil call him, that


was Ronaldo. Tears are not far away already. The players look stunned.


David Luiz over the top. Bernard trying to get on to it.


Neuer is a man mountain. How do Brazil shake-up the unshakeable? At


the moment, you look at what he's done in that midfield, it is not


working. Germany are completely controlling the match in the middle.


Mesut Ozil. Lahm in all kinds of space. Lahm, Muller. Could be


embarrassing. It is three! Toni Kroos! Brazil have fallen apart


inside 25 minutes! Germany 3, Brazil 0. Again, down that right-hand side.


What a finish this is off his left foot. He smashes it in. Quality


finish. A dizzying 25 minutes from Germany. Brazil are nonplussed. That


is as good a finish as you will see. Again, down the right-hand side.


Oceans of space. In behind Marcelo. What a finish that is. Goes like an


arrow. It is lucky. But look at the fin ishl at the end of it. -- finish


at the end of it. The dreams of 200 Brazilians look like mere fantasy.


Blown apart and it is getting embarrassing. It could be four. It's


turned square, it's 4-0 to Germany! After 25 minutes. Fernandinho caught


in possession. Brazil are being humiliated, humbled and taken apart.


Their supporters simply cannot believe what they have seen. It is


as if without their two main players, it is like pulling the plug


out of the bath. It's unbelievable! So unprofessional. Khedira, look at


this. Gives it him back. Nice side-foot finish. It is


embarrassing. The dream, the fantasy is well and truly dead. Germany 4,


Brazil 0. In 25 minutes. It is about restoring pride now.


Stunned into near silence in Belo Horizonte. We were talking about the


pressure, is it too much, the expectation of the public? Really,


they haven't turned up. expectation of the public? Really,


been different class, of course. You have to have that strong backbone


and it is missing from this team. Here is Luiz Gustavo for Brazil. How


do they find some composure now? Who wants the ball? You want to look at


those players. Of course, Neymar is out. Who is the next player that


wants to take that mantle on? Fernandinho,


wants to take that mantle on? 30 yards from his own goal!


Julio Cesar, forward, Philipp Lahm. It's almost got to the stage where


Germany have stopped celebrating their goals. I don't think they can


believe how easy it is. Four goals in 15 minutes. FOUR goals


in 15 minutes for Germany. Incredible. Looking here, whether


this is a foul. He takes a dive. No contact there. Hulk's


this is a foul. He takes a dive. No like the old fisherman's fly! I'm


sure the boys at half-time will have plenty to say. Scolari's team raised


a few eyebrows here, Willian on the bench, Ramires, lots of high-energy


a few eyebrows here, Willian on the players. If Scolari could


a few eyebrows here, Willian on the again, I'm sure he would pick a


different team. Ozil. Khedira! 5-0! 5-0! Absolute


humiliation. That one is down to David Luiz. Absolutely no


discipline, he goes David Luiz. Absolutely no


Leaves a great big hole to run into. They get punished again. Brazil


scored their first in the 11th minute, the second in the 23rd, the


third in the 24th, their fourth in the 26th and their fifth in the


29th. Martin, they have scored four goals in six minutes. It is truly


unbelievable. They are so patient. They wait for that chance and then


it is a tap-in. They have been gifted these opportunities.


has gone. Blown to smithereens, by the way! Just incredible! Sami


Khedira is having a field If you have joined us slip, the


scoreboard is correct! -- joined as late.


It is getting to the stage where Joachim Low might think about


resting people for the final. Brazil have been shambolic from the


moment they fell behind. You can't put it down to just two top players


not playing, all teams have to do without their top layers at some


point. There he is in the standard. without their top layers at some


Thiago Silva. -- in the stand. Bodies all over the place!


Deflection! They have a corner. Bodies all over the place!


are claiming hand ball. They are so bad defensively. It is like a


testimonial game here! Brazil cannot get the ball. There is


so much more structured to the German side, the way they pass the


ball. Look at Bastian Schweinsteiger, making himself


available, options everywhere. There is a structure to their team. I


think the emotion of the competition has got them through, but without


those players, they will not go on. Thomas Muller complaining to the


referee, but he is having none of it. Tomorrow night on BBC One at


11:45pm, highlights of Argentina against the Netherlands. On a


Sunday, the final itself, on BBC One from seven p.m.. Germany are,


basically, already there. Toni Kroos is a beautiful passer of


the ball. Philipp Lahm is a willing runner. Germany have been efficient,


unselfish. Brazil have been terrible. They could not have


believed it would have been this easy.


He could have gone wide there. Thomas Muller is giving him a very


heavy look there. It is almost as if it has become so easy they are


ignoring the easy pass. They did that time and time again.


David Luiz is forced to send that long because nobody is showing in


midfield. Hulk was offside. Germany are such a


well oiled machine. It is a stroll in the park for them. Has Manuel


Neuer got his knees dirty yet? He has made one catch early on, when it


was still a game. It was a game for ten minutes!


The biggest ever margin of thick jury in a World Cup match is nine


goals. It is almost beyond belief that we are talking about it, but


that it is 5-0 after 30 minutes, you do have to start to talk about it!


No European team has ever won a World Cup on South American soil.


Germany to not look do not look.


A desperate lunge by Luiz Gustavo. He just catches him. Such good


movement from the edge of their block is, they are all making runs


from deep, sometimes it is Sami Khedira, other times it is Miroslav


Klose. Brazil are not playing together as a unit at all. They are


shell-shocked, look at them. Who fancies this? All of them!


Bastian Schweinsteiger looks very interested. It is Mesut Ozil to over


the top of the crossbar. Mesut Ozil might not get the next one!


the top of the crossbar. Mesut Ozil probably the worst thing they have


done! This is a team that has not lost at


performance. home in a competitive fixture in


nearly 40 years! They haven't lost at home in any fixture in nearly 12


years! It is hard to believe what we are seeing.


Sami Khedira becomes the winger. It works well.


Germany structure it so nicely. They are free in their movements. They


are comfortable in possession, as well.


Miroslav Klose's appetite to try and win it back is impressive.


Great tackle by Philipp Lahm. See high he stays on his feet


beautifully? He just takes his chance to make the tackle.


It looks as if Germany have learned some lessons, maybe the hard way, by


losing semifinals two of them. -- too many times.


You fear for Brazil every time Germany get the ball. Germany can


counterattack so quickly. That was a bit overconfident by Toni


Kroos. We have not seen much from Fred in


this tournament. I can't believe he will be out for the second half.


Germany doing simple things well, Brazil making this simple look


unfathomably difficult at times. There are a few German players out


there who have tasted it defeat in the European Championships and the


World Cup. Free kick to Brazil for a high note.


Brazil can salvage some time a sliver of self-respect from this


game. -- some kind of sliver of self-respect. Joachim Low is


strolling around his technical area, as if he is walking through a


blue Bell would. He has never had so much fun!


Cup tied well by Maicon. -- cut out well by Maicon. This German side is


ruthless, no sympathy at all. They have their foot on their opponents


and they are not going to lift it. In this scheme of things, they talk


about the great 1992 Brazilian team, saying that they are perhaps the


best team that didn't make the World Cup final. Is this one of the worst


teams ever to make the World Cup semifinals? Here they come. It is


looking that way now, isn't it. 1992, such a great team, players


like that do not exist in this team. A totally different Brazilian


team. They are so reliant on Neymar and Thiago Silva.


Into one added minute at the end. It's the worst 45 minutes of


football, possibly, in Brazilian history!


Hulk is chasing it and has failed to keep the ball in play. There will be


three changes made at half-time. Maicon has to go, Fred definitely.


Brazil vulnerable without their captain.


CROWD BOO They have been outplayed and are being booed off. They have


been humiliated by this German side. At half-time in the World Cup


semifinal - Brazil 0, Germany 5. GARY LINEKER: In 18 minutes the host


nation's hopes have gone from hope to despair. Have you seen a


capitulation like that in your lifetime, Alan?


ALAN HANSEN: Never. It is humiliate for the Brazilians. The pictures


tell its own story. When you talk of every facet of defending, when you


look at the organisation, the communication, the position, the


cover, it's four levels below rock bottom! It is so bad it is


embarrassing. David Luiz, he's meant to be the captain, the leader and


he's abandoned ship. I have never seen a team look so beaten walking


off at half-time. They are 5-0 down and it was a shambles.


Germany have been outstanding, they have won every tackle. They have


created chances. Got the ball wide. Movement is much better. Every


position for a man, they have been a million times better. Brilliant! If


ever there was a time to gloat, Rio, this is it? It is the first one he's


got right! I called it before the game! Brazil have come up against a


well-oiled, clinical machine. I think even the way that Germany set


up in the first ten or 15 minutes, there was no gaps, no space for


Brazil to play. They were getting it, they were lumping the ball long.


They didn't have Neymar who could pull something out of the hat. I


understand where you are coming from. They haven't had to do a lot


to score five goals. Some of their play has been outstanding! Some of


the play has been terrific. The passing, the movement. The Brazilian


defence has been non-existent. The forwards have been outstanding.


Khedira has been the best player on the pitch. He's broke things up,


joined the attack, got his goal. He has done everything. Let's have a


look at the first goal. It went to Thomas Muller. Hummels


moved Dante and Luiz. Gets blocked by Klose. Well worked corner kick.


Again, the Brazilians should have by Klose. Well worked corner kick.


done better. That has worked on the training ground. That has worked.


Three moves there - one to the ball, Klose has blocked the defender and


Muller comes around the back. Perfect off the training ground. It


works brilliantly. If you are losing that type of game, would you be


happy, Rio? No. You have to admire the attacking play there. They have


set that up. They have blocked Luiz. He can't get out. And one man you


don't want it to fall to is him. Four guys do the job. The ball has


to be a great ball. That is not the fan park in Rio! You can guess where


it is. It is in Berlin. Their arm -- arm also be aching. Klose


it is. It is in Berlin. Their arm -- Ronaldo's record? Marcelo, who has


had a nightmare, we could have said anyone to be honest. Watch the


reaction, or lack of reaction here. They get in too easy. They work it


well, Germany. It is good They get in too easy. They work it


is incisive. They get in too easy. They work it


They should have finished it first time. You can't give that guy a


second chance. That is brilliant play. The passing and movement from


Germany is awesome. 26 mistakes in there! Right from the start, they


don't close down quickly enough. When it comes across, Fernandinho


missing it. The two centre-backs are 15 yards behind the centre-backs.


You can only play what is put in front of you. A word on Miroslav


Klose. That is a phenomenal record. He is not a Ronaldo or a Pele, he is


a poacher. Great record. He doesn't do anything outside the box. Anyone


that scores goals... I want to see someone doing skills. You get the


same from one yard as you do from 20 yards! I want Ronaldo to be out


there on his own! Kroos scored the next two goals, Rio. It was getting


simple? It was getting embarrassing! It was coming too easy. Watch the


space down the left. Marcelo is not wanting to defend at all. There's


loads of defenders in there. No-one is taking responsibility to pick


anybody up. Who is going to step up and take responsibility and make


sure people are doing their jobs? It is a fantastic finish. If you think


this is bad, wait till you see the next one! This is from the kick-off.


We were talking about David Luiz, he has to step up to the plate. Well,


they pass it, they pass it, and Fernandinho comes short. It was a


bad touch. Unbelievable. Just... That is good pressing from Germany.


If you look at the way they are set up, there are no spaces. Fred is


isolated. They can't see anything. When you start playing from the


back, sometimes you leave yourself open. They have to be punished and


Germany have been fantastic. Clinical. Is this a question of


Silva's out and they can't cope without him? Everything has fallen


apart? He seems like he is the glue in that back four. Marcelo has


played like a left-winger! It is unbelievable. Being the captain, you


need to say you, come here! You are looking for your characters. There


hasn't been any for Brazil. Somebody mentioned Khedira was the best


player in the first half. When he starts scoring goals, you know you


are in trouble? This is Luiz again. He's come running out 15 or 20 yards


in front of the centre-back. Jumps into the tackle. Embarrassing.


Coming out like that, you are leaving your mates in the lurch. You


have to take everything there. He has to take and win the ball there.


There are no ifs or buts, he has to take the ball. He cannot pull out of


a tackle there, 4-0 down, pulling out of a tackle? It is an


embarrassment. I wouldn't want to be one of these Brazilian guys walking


out into this stadium after this. You don't think they can come back


into it, no(?) I don't think they can believe it in Berlin. We played


against Liverpool at Old Trafford and they beat us 5-1 and Paul


Scholes said, "Listen, no more goals." I don't see no-one in that


team doing that. You need someone to say, "We can't be embarrassed


anymore here." It will be tough to find a restaurant tonight! I'm not


leaving my room. Overall, what does it mean to a country like this? You


saw what it meant to some of the images of the crowd there, they were


crying, the boys were crying. They were devastated. You have to put up


a bigger fight than that. We have talked a lot about David Luiz. He


had a couple of incidents where there was an elbow. The first one


here on Klose. That is a red card. If the referee is nearer to the


incident, he is off. That was early on. The next one coming up. He does


this quite a lot playing for Chelsea. He gets away with it. He is


fortunate. Klose again. Then, like Rio was saying, he's out on the


right-hand side. Watch him trying to get back. He is not interested. He


laboured. They are under real pressure. Like Rio says, they don't


want to go six down, but where is he? It is not good. And we said


before the match because Thiago Silva was missing, somebody had to


step up to the plate and hold that unit together. He's disappeared.


No-one has. Let's find out what Juninho made of the opening 45 MPs.


-- 45 minutes. This should be interesting. Incredible, the host


nation destroyed. Juninho, what has happened to your country? I'm in


shock. It is unbelievable. We said at the beginning we need to match


the players, we don't need to let them play and they are playing all


over the field, even in our box. It looks like a training session when


the players let their mates play. So, it is unbelievable. Especially


the back four. We are not closing off. They are receiving the ball so


easily. They are moving and passing so easily. So, it is difficult to


understand the attitude. We have talked endlessly about the loss of


Neymar. Yeah. They have lost Thiago Silva, his leadership, his


organisation skills are missed tonight? Exactly. Exactly. Exactly.


You are right. Everyone was talking about Neymar, but Thiago Silva in


this game, I'm sure we didn't concern the space to play as we did.


Now, I think Scolari needs to protect the team. Don't think to win


the game. He needs to protect the team. Thank you very much.


Bizarrely, the lights went out above us in the stand. The lights have


most certainly gone out on Brazil's World Cup dream.


They certainly have. Thank you very much. Rio is not the only Londoner


enjoying this World Cup. There is more worth waiting for this


summer on BBC One! GARY LINEKER: Brazil might bring on


Sharon for the second half! The World Cup Final takes place on


Sunday. We will have highlights of tomorrow's semifinal between


Argentina and Holland on BBC One at 11.45pm. Argentina will take to the


pitch tomorrow with the country mourning the death of one of its


greatest ever players. Alfredo Di St?fano represented the national


teams of Argentina, Colombia and Spain. It is his contribution to


club football that gives him a claim to be the most influential player of


all time. At the age of 27, he crossed the Atlantic to join Real


Madrid where he would win the European Cup five times in


successive seasons. Like a blond arrow fired at the


heart of the game, he ran the heart of the show. He ordered and cajoled,


set up the play and scored the goals. He was, said Bobby Charlton,


the complete footballer. Today, if Leeds United play in all white, if


there is a team in the United Leeds United play in all white, if


called Real Salt Lake, if football fans all over the world are in


morning, it is down to Alfredo Di Stefano.


saw him play live, but some of the older guys I know say he was the


best ever. What an accolade that is! The two sides are ? on the pitch.


The last time Brazil lost by four goals in the World Cup? 1954 against


Hungary. Pride. It'll be interesting to see how they approach it? Do you


go for it, or do you just hang on? There have been three substitutions


at half-time. Per Mertesacker has come on. Ramires and Paulinho have


come on. Martin Keown, have you ever seen a performance like that in a


World Cup semifinal? MARTIN KEOWN: it is just about hanging onto some


pride now. Good luck scoring three in the


second half against Germany! So, Mats Hummels is off, Per


Mertesacker is on. There is one of the substitutes, Ramires. This team


where occasionally brewed by their home supporters. -- booed.


The shaft by Ramires is cleared away. Many people thought that


Ramires should have been in the starting line-up. Yes, the one thing


he will give you is legs. He will run and run. It was an attacking


selection by Felipe Scolari. Rather than that attacking selection, he


put a lot of people in the midfield, and it has backfired in


some fashion. He has put a lot of faith in Hulk and Fred in this


tournament. German free kick, Philipp Lahm to take it.


It is hard to say at the moment is the empty seats on the other side of


the ground or just people being slow to get back, or if people have just


gone home. Jerome Boateng does well when he


realises he can get it. The Mexican referee is completely disinterested


in that call for a penalty. No real contact. One of the big differences


between the Brazil team this year and the one that won the


Confederations Cup last year is the goals that they got from elsewhere


in the team. Fred got five goals in the Confederations Cup, he only has


got one in this. It has all been about Neymar, virtually, in terms of


putting the ball in the back of the about Neymar, virtually, in terms of


net. To reliant on one player. Per Mertesacker will be trying to


stake a claim for a place in the team in the final.


Manuel Neuer got a little touch on that. The danger is, when Brazil


pile forward in search of some sort of honour from this game, that they


could leave themselves open at the back.


Gerd Muller is therefore Germany. He gets it away to Mesut Ozil. -- Gerd


Manuel Neuer is certainly the best goalkeeper in world football.


Just looking at a replay there, Manuel Neuer, great reactions, he


makes up his mind. Bread and butter for him. David Luiz, the good and


the bad. Chelsea were not convinced. They let him go. They were probably


right. Manuel Neuer with a stop! Great save by Manuel Neuer. Oscar


should have scored. He tries to hit it with the outside of his right


foot. He had more time than he realised. Better, though.


to play. They are going to approach this in the manner of a team which


is giving the impression of one that might get back into this game. They


might give themselves problems approaching it like that.


Magnificent save by Manuel Neuer! Stunning! He is a man mountain,


isn't he? Paulinho takes an absolute age to hit that.


You get the feeling that Manuel Neuer in the German goal is


thinking, OK, bring it on! In our pre-match your vote, 41% of


you said that Germany would win the World Cup. Then the Dutch. 14% of


you now have egg on your face! He thought that was going to hit the


back of the net, but, no, great reactions by Manuel Neuer. For me,


that is a bad finish. He is some goalkeeper.


They have all the experience in the world with the coaches in the


Brazilian dugout, but no one will be able to get them back into this one.


That goes out for a German through. -- throw. Right idea, bad execution.


Just look at the times on the goals! -- throw. Right idea, bad execution.


From 11 minutes after 28 minutes. They just


It is that old saying, go and win the second half. Such effortless


thing to do, really. They have given the ball away carelessly again. That


is a great ball back into Thomas Muller.


Into the hands of Julio Cesar. The work rate by Thomas Muller is


phenomenal. Manuel Neuer patrolled the area


outside his 18-yard box Manuel Neuer patrolled the area


only. He hasn't really needed to do it today, that if he does, he is


there. The sweeper keeper. Another change here. Howedes is


coming on for Miroslav Klose. A record breaker, 16 goals. It gives a


much better balance to the team. This is his goal. It comes back to


him nicely. An incredible achievement by him. Extra salt in


the wound for Brazil, Reynaldo's record has gone. -- Ronaldo's


record. The top scorers in this tournament


are mostly what you would call the number ten.


Fred with a shot. Very comfortable by Manuel Neuer. Fred should be


giving that to Bernard. That is Khedira at his best, the


threaded little passes he makes in the final third. He enjoys getting


out on the right-hand side when Muller goes central. Given away


badly. Muller around the goalkeeper. Julio Cesar manages to get a foot on


it. And put it behind for a corner kick. Thomas Muller might have made


it six. Might have gone down as well. Muller is like a rash.


They have given the ball away so often in such awful areas, Brazil.


Kroos with the corner. Kroos, two goals of the five. Schweinsteiger


here. Schweinsteiger, to Khedira, who scored the fifth. Andre


Schurrle. Khedira. Clever disguise on that. Muller shot


- good save! Top play there. Julio Cesar, that is a wonderful save he


makes, on to his left foot. Just pushes it over. That is going in.


But for the fingertips. Muller senses there's more goals


here. Already he has ten goals in his two


World Cup Final appearances. He had never scored for Germany


before the last World Cup Finals and then scored five. Schurrle is coming


back to close Bernard down. outstretched leg. The referee is


unmoved. He's given a corner. And the Germans are saying that Maicon


should be shown a yellow card for a dive. Maicon takes a touch. He's


diving. I hate to see that. Lucky not to get a yellow card. In comes


the corner. Neuer takes it ever so easily. That


is where he is majestic. Great athleticism. His distribution is


slightly off the mark. Maicon back to Julio Cesar. He doesn't admire


his save. He launches another attack.


Brazil will have a throw-in. They are trying to get themselves on the


scoreboard. There he is. And there is the man whose record he has


beaten. He was some player. I had the privilege to play against him.


David Luiz is fouled. Comparing Fred to those great strikers. His


movement is non-existent. I have to blame Scolari for picking him. If


his next best options are Jo and Hulk, perhaps that is why he keeps


picking him down the middle. I thought Hulk might have started down


the middle tonight. Paulinho. He might unleash something here.


Maicon gives Dante something to chase. Thomas Muller doesn't. Dante


finds David Luiz. Bernard has kept it in play, but his


cross is too deep for Fred and it is smashed away by Howedes. Where do


the Brazilians go after the humiliation of Belo Horizonte? They


go to Brasilia for the third place match and then they go into hiding,


I guess. Germany are doing enough, just seeing it through. Again, so


professional. Ozil, infield to Kroos. Lovely


stuff. Muller into the middle. Schurrle arriving. The flick on it


from Dante, just helped it reach Julio Cesar rather than Mesut


from Dante, just helped it reach and Andre Schurrle. Look at him, he


from Dante, just helped it reach wants more. They are all over you,


the Germans. Great movement, a willingness to get forward.


Joachim Low is thinking not only can we absolutely batter Brazil here,


but we can send out a psychological message to whoever we reach in the


final, whoever we play in the final. message to whoever we reach in the


Every one of them - this is Howedes, he is


Scolari is going to have to draw names out of a hat to pick a team


Scolari is going to have to draw play-off. I don't think there will


be too many volunteers. The game has gone to a walking pace. Dante


looking for Luiz trying to play it through to


Luiz Gustavo. Won by Bastian Schweinsteiger. Here is Thomas


Muller. Schweinsteiger is making a run


Muller. Schweinsteiger is making a Muller. They have two in the middle.


This is Schweinsteiger. He will let it go to Schurrle and Julio Cesar


did ever so well. it go to Schurrle and Julio Cesar


really well the goalkeeper. Paulinho for Brazil.


That's a good ball to Bernard. Bernard can tee up Marcelo.


That's a good ball to Bernard. for Paulinho. Mertesacker's header.


Oh and almost on to the chest of Fred!


Oh and almost on to the chest of Fred got a touch on it, it wouldn't


have counted. Just straying offside. Well seen by the linesman.


Julio Cesar did really well for that one. Muller was running free again.


Schweinsteiger was so unselfish. Muller is playing centre forward now


and it is a Muller is playing centre forward now


problem. He is playing on the last defender's shoulder. If he can get


the through ball he is looking for, he will be in.


Argentina beat the USA 6-1 in the 1930 semifinal and Uruguay beat


Yugoslavia by the same scoreline in the same year and Germany put six


past Austria in 1964, so five is the biggest ever margin of victory.


Brilliant from Muller. First yellow card goes to Dante. Muller made


that, he comes off to feet, plays it off. Willian is going to be on


shortly for Brazil. Germany want more.


one more, he is on a hat-trick. Lahm can play in Khedira. Three in the


middle. Khedira, lovely ball into Lahm. Lahm square and it's a tap-in!


middle. Khedira, lovely ball into That's six and Andre Schurrle makes


it six to Germany and if it stays this way, it is the biggest ever


victory in a World Cup semifinal. Shambolic defending once more. It is


pass and move. The boos ring round. It is another


tap-in. The marking is totally non-existent. Look at David Luiz


standing there. He has to be marking in the box. Ridiculous! Still 20


minutes to go. Brazil have made a change. They have taken off Fred and


it was Fred who was the recipient of those boos from around the stadium.


And Willian does not look exactly thrilled at the prospect of playing


these last 20 minutes. He's on. The Brazilian crowd, many of them, are


off. The Germans might declare in a


minute! Not sure the Brazilians have been third best, let alone second


best! He's got that pass in the locker,


Kroos. Switch-pass. Beautiful passer of a ball. Khedira into Ozil. Ozil


with a change of direction. Khedira. Kroos was just a little bit


stationary. Listen to the reaction - that picture is on the big-screen in


the stadium. He finds Willian. Willian, a little


curler, he is well wide. This has been such a happy hunting ground for


Fred. He scored 42 goals in 49 appearances in this stadium. And now


he's booed every time the camera picks him out on the bench.


There are many people in this stadium who have not seen Brazil


lose at home. No-one has ever seen them lose like this at home.


Germany are enjoying themselves. They are keeping it so simple. When


it is tight on one side, they go out the other.


Germany, for all Brazil's obvious inadequacies, have been excellent.


This is a system that other teams can copy. It is not rocket science


the way they are playing. That midfield three, Schweinsteiger sits


deeper, their full-backs push on. It is their game management, the way


their intelligence and they will punish you when they have to.


Germany have become the first team in this World Cup to score six. Here


is Paulinho. Nice footwork from Willian. Paulinho. Into the gloves


of Neuer. He will refuse to be beaten if he has anything to say


about it. in 2002, Germany scored eight goals


against Saudi Arabia. The funny thing is, I think Germany have more


in their locker for the final, whoever they will be playing


against. They will go into it fresh, having one extra day of rest.


Great for their confidence. Toni Kroos was looking for a give


and go to get his hat-trick. And why not? They are letting the ball do


the work, Germany. Just a little bit too much on that


pass by Toni Kroos to Mesut Ozil. Another substitution,


pass by Toni Kroos to Mesut Ozil. is going to come on. Part of this


seeming conveyor belt of German forward players. He has been heavily


linked to Arsenal. Julian Draxler will get about 14 minutes of play.


Great for the young man to get on. Sami Khedira is coming off. He has


been wonderful tonight. Hasn't he? He was out with a very bad injury,


he was not able to play in the Champions League final. So, Sami


Khedira off, Howedes arm. -- Julian Draxler on.


losing his head. Thomas Muller not happy with the challenge. That all


came from when Marcelo, the left-back, give up possession. They


are six goals down, how many do they want to lose by? Handbags there.


The German fans are swaying from side to side.


I'm sure they would like to see a couple more.


There are the German fans. Lovely little reverse ball. Howedes! It is


seven! Stunning finish! Everyone of these is just sublime that role. --


sublime football. I think the Brazilians have had enough.


Unfortunately for them, I don't think the Germans have had enough!


They just can't believe it. They are shaking their heads in disbelief.


Applause breaks out around the ground, which is good to hear. Look


at that. It is like watching one of the great Brazilian teams of


yesteryear. Fantastic finish, top corner. In this country they know


all about good football. The Brazilian fans still in this ground,


I would suggest have just stood and applauded the team that has


dismantled their heroes limb from limb. They know good football when


they see it. Fair play to them. Germany are one goal away from their


biggest ever World Cup final spec tree. That was against Saudi Arabia


in 2002, 8-0. -- biggest ever World Cup win.


Tomorrow night, BBC One, highlights of the second semifinal, Argentina


against the Netherlands. Sunny, the first thing that Gerd Muller did


there was try to get the ball moving again. And why not? The World Cup


final of 2014, Germany versus either Argentina or at the Dutch, on BBC


One. We are on air from seven o'clock. The distribution from Gerd


Muller is different class. Julio Cesar has been beaten seven


times in the semifinal. Whatever the state of the game, the


Germans do not abuse it, they keep it simple, move it from side to


side. Great to watch. The Germans have not missed too many. Brilliant


German finishing. Almost everything they heads went in. You have to say,


David Luiz has pretty much given up in the middle of defence.


The Brazilian fans are actually giving the German team oles. That is


The Brazilian fans are actually ultimate humiliation for the home


team. I don't think it gets much more humiliating than when the fans


are giving an ole for every pass that the opposition strikes. Look at


this fellow Bastian Schweinsteiger. A ball. Great they are. -- never


seems to waste a ball. He is a great player.


It has been an astonishing World Cup. Every other day that seems to


have been a classic game, and unbelievable result, a brilliant


story. It is intoxicating. Addict did. It will soon be over, what


shall we do with our time? In terms of shocking results, this is the


daddy of them all. The agony is almost over. Five


minutes. It will be interesting to see what the crowd does on the


whistle. Manuel Neuer never took his eye off it. Ramires has had a real


goes into came on. You should have started, in my opinion. Manuel Neuer


has been the standard goalkeeper of the World Cup. If you want to win


anything, you need to have a top, top goalkeeper, and they certainly


have that. Jerome Boateng was looking for


Howedes, but couldn't find him. If Jerome Boateng was looking for


Germany get their skates on, they could be their biggest ever big


tree, and match the biggest ever margin of winning at a World Cup


tree, and match the biggest ever A needless collision between Bernard


and Manuel Neuer. Look at this finish! Again, David Luiz, nowhere


near his man. You just have to do the basics. It is very difficult to


look beyond Germany now for he is going to win the tournament. -- who


is going to win. Magnificent performances by


Kroos and Mesut Ozil. Brazilian football will have to go through an


intense period of self examination. Good covering by Luiz Gustavo. It is


a corner. His left-back has let him down tonight. They all have.


Germany have completely owned the semifinal, from the moment they took


the lead. Surely their best ever performance in a World Cup. It is


certainly not over yet. They now go into the finals. There


certainly not over yet. They now go Lahm. I think they will be


overriding favourites, I'm afraid. The shot came in from Oscar. Almost


an impossible finish from that angle.


He's been disappointing. Another one. Oscar.


A test of character for Brazil, they have failed abysmally.


A shocking finish. For once, a German mistake has given the ball to


Ramires. Germany can break here. Ozil down the middle. Mesut Ozil is


onside and through. He's put it wide! That is the one thing missing


from his game, Ozil. That ruthlessness, a great run through


the middle. You think he is going to be calm - he is. He misses the


target. Neuer be calm - he is. He misses the


and retreated. Oscar for Brazil gets one. The Germans are furious. That


tells you a lot about them. The Germans are absolutely livid. For


once, Neuer is not there. You expect him to be covering. He starts to


come and he goes back. Oscar does the rest.


At least it's given them something to work on before the final.


Everything else has been pitch-perfect.


Oscar scores the most pointless of World Cup goals. Two added minutes


at the end of the game. Here's Bernard. He is onside. Oscar is in


the middle. Here's Willian. Brazilian corner. I don't think they


are singing, "We are going to win 8-7!"


Germany can break. Onside here. Draxler. Still Draxler. The whistle


has gone and the referee has said that Draxler fouled his man. It's a


Brazilian free-kick and that's it. Germany are into the World Cup


Final. Brazil, thoroughly unforgivable


performance. Germany, thoroughly unforgettable performance. Brazil 1,


Germany 7. GARY LINEKER: We have just witnessed


one of the truly astonishing victories in football history. This


was not just one of the game's superpowers beating a small nation,


this was Brazil, for crying out loud, Brazil hosting the World Cup


for the first time in 64 years. Germany's elation is matched by


Brazil's desolation. Germany are the first country to score seven goals


in a World Cup semifinal. Spain, the World Champions, scored eight


throughout the entire competition. Brazil have gone 62 competitive


games unbeaten at home before today. Try, Alan, to put this game into


context? ALAN HANSEN: I have been watching


football for over 50 years, the high point was the Brazilian side in


1970. This is a low point. If you come to Brazil and see them


capitulate in the manner they did, you have to give the Germans tonnes


of credit. At the same time, it was a woeful, woeful, woeful performance


that could not get any lower than it did.


ALAN SHEARER: I would be concerned that some of these players may never


recover from this, the pressure on these guys to perform is incredible.


Thiago Silva there consoling the Brazilian players. Nice


sportsmanship from Luiz Felipe Scolari there. Yes. And Klose came


and gave Scolari a big hug, which was nice to see. I don't think the


Germans can believe it themselves what just happened. They scored four


goals in six minutes to go 5-0 up in the semifinal of the World Cup. It


is like... RIO FERDINAND: These guys have to


stick around now. And play a third and fourth play-off game. Will the


fans come out and see them? They have to read the papers. All of the


media will be on them. I hope the media don't try and find a scapegoat


for this as well. This was a case of a group of individuals coming up


against a very, very clinical side. The Germans reaction to their


supporters is in such contrast, Al? It looks as if Luiz Felipe Scolari


is staying in the middle of that huddle and saying, "Leave it to me,


I will sort it out." That will be very difficult. He will try and


protect his players as much as possible. He is a very loyal man. It


will be difficult for him to take this away from them. Incredible


scenes in the stadium there. Big-name players, David Luiz there.


I mean, everything is incredible. The scoreline was incredible. The


scenes are incredible. It is just disbelief of what's happened in the


last 90 minutes. It is - nobody could have written the script. The


faces sum it up. He is in tears. Even though he gave one of the worst


performances I have ever seen, I feel sorry for him. You can't


understand what these players feel like. You had Holland, who battered


Spain in the first game. And then you could never see that being


surpassed. You come to this in the semifinal. How these players will


recover, I don't know. The supporters - we have been here for


four-and-a-half, five weeks. It is grown, the interest has


four-and-a-half, five weeks. It is All of a sudden, all these


supporters are totally deflated. I think the Brazilian support has been


total. We have said from the start, it is not a great Brazilian side.


Every time they have gone on the pitch, the crowd has given them a


lift and some purpose. They have been absolutely brilliant. When your


team has been beaten by the margin that we have just seen, there is not


a lot of good news. The other side of the story, for the desolation of


Brazil, elation there for these supporters. A word on Germany's


performance. They were ruthless, clinical, right from the first


minute. They showed their intentions. They got after the ball.


They didn't give them any space. And their one touch and two-touch


passing was fantastic. It was great to watch. Yes, you can criticise the


defensive errors. The Germans made it. They made it easy. You have to


go out there and show what you are made of. The Germans did that. They


did it - the game was won at half-time. Also, second half, I


think it tells a lot about the players' mentality. Players can


switch off in a game, 5-0 up, you think we have done the hard part, we


will take it easy. They wanted to go out and get more goals. That is how


ruthless they are. This Brazilian team didn't have a structure. The


great Brazilian teams in '70 team didn't have a structure. The


'82, they didn't play with a structure, but they were that good,


it didn't matter. This team had nothing. Rio, we talked prior to the


game tonight, such is the excitement we have had, but one thing we lacked


was a great team. Have we found one? I think we have. They have been


was a great team. Have we found one? showing glimpses of this. I think


here, not trying to take the gloss off this performance, they have to


win this tournament now. This performance and result will count


for nothing if they don't win. I noticed there that scoreline. 7-1.


People tuning in - they think there is something wrong. It is disbelief.


Everywhere you look, on the pitch, here, the spectators watching, total


disbelief. You can go on about a great team, but it doesn't say a


great team on that trophy. It says winners. Whoever it is. You don't


have to be a great team. You have to be great winners. This German team


have got it in them. 5-0 at half-time. Schurrle scored a couple


to make it seven! It was no surprise that it came down the right-hand


side, the Brazilian left-hand side. Marcelo, who escaped criticism also,


he was as poor as David Luiz was. Lets him in too easily. David Luiz


standing still. Hasn't a clue. Schurrle, good movement. Very good


finish. No reaction to anything. Six or seven Brazilian defenders in


there. And yet no reaction whatsoever. This is an amazing


finish. This is a great finish. It comes from a throw-in, Rio. I don't


think they have had to have great movement here. That is one of the


disappointing things. David Luiz and Schurrle, he has not tracked him. It


is an unbelievable finish. A superb goal. First touch as well, puts it


into his path. To score a goal like that, that is something dreams are


made of. He is living that dream. They have not had to work too hard.


A simple run-in behind from the throw, David Luiz doesn't track the


runner, it is simple things that are happening. Basic errors that are


going on and you can't recover. That was a good half for them, the second


half(!) The first half, you cannot believe what was going on there. If


we show the goals from the first half, they were worse than the two


goals that Schurrle scored there. We will come to those goals shortly.


Firstly, let's get the views of our South American football expert to


try somehow to put that result into context of what it means in this


continent. A few years ago, we met some of the players from the 1950


World Cup, the players who lost that day against Uruguay. They had never


ever been able to forget that defeat. It will be even worse for


this team because this is the biggest humiliation in the history


of Brazilian football. I feel desperately sorry for these players.


But also I feel that the medicine, it might be cruel, but it might also


be necessary. Brazilian football is operating ludicrously short of its


potential. It's resting on its laurels, it's been pointing at its


five World Cup wins and saying everything is fine. It isn't fine.


Germany have given us the lesson, regrouping after their 5-1 defeat to


England, Brazil need to do the same thing. They certainly do. Let's


remind ourselves of the emphatic nature of Germany's victory. It


started quite early on with Thomas Muller. I mean, there's a block on


David Luiz here that's come from the training ground. If you score, it is


great. If you lose a goal like this, you will be disappointed. It is well


worked. There's four things happen. One, the ball has to come in.


Hummels makes the first run, Klose blocks him, Muller pulls round the


back, simple finish. Poor marking but well worked. Then we have a


record from a goalscorer, beating Ronaldo's record. Pure goalscorer.


When the ball comes in, he comes alive. They get lucky there. Static


defending. The two centre-halves don't react. Watch when the ball


goes in the back of the net, they are on the edge of the box. This guy


is a live wire. I can't believe he didn't put it in the first effort!


Predator. Great goalscorer. 16 goals in four World Cups. Here is all of


them. COMMENTARY: Klose!


lead. Klose! He completes his hat-trick. Here comes Klose. It is a


goal for Germany. Klose! Miroslav Klose, a splendid save.


Klose from the rebound. Bull-back for Klose. It is his eighth goal in


World Cup Finals football. Klose will make it two. It is Klose! His


tenth in all World Cups. Klose's header. He's got one. Klose is in.


Miroslav Klose has given Germany the lead. Klose! Germany - that is a


record-equalling goal. Klose scores, an historic goal and Miroslav Klose


is the all-time World Cup record goalscorer.


goal-scorer in World Cup history. Here is the touch map of his goals.


ALAN SHEARER: he's certainly excites me! Has he had an attempt from


outside the box? These guys win you games. Right place at the right


time. I have lost count! It is important that this junction to give


the Germans the credit they deserved. Yes, they moved the ball


very quickly. Maybe the keeper should have done better? RIO: I


think you have to give the goal-scorer credit. Look at the way


they press here. All over them. Calm, cool, clinical finishing. They


have incredible belief in themselves. Passing and moving the


ball is how you win the game, doing it quickly. Sami Khedira got the


fifth goal. Another great hit. He comes running out, misses the


tackle, David Luiz. Easy for them. Not great. The thing is, they looked


like a team that is well drilled, with a philosophy that they have all


bought into. Brazil was a team of individuals. Let's give the final


word on this came from a Brazilian, Juninho is with Jason. Unbelievable


here at the Estadio Mineirao. Juninho is with Jason. Unbelievable


recover? Well, it will be difficult. Some of them I don't think we'll be


back to where the Brazilian shirt. There was


back to where the Brazilian shirt. them, but it is wrong for us to


criticise the players. We saw the Germans teach us how to play the


role. We have to learn from that. We need to learn from the seven goals


that we conceded. The Germans played that we like to play. We need now to


sit back, see what is wrong with Brazilian football. Is there


something wrong in the academies? Something wrong with the way we


teach? I think a lot of changes will come. What you just said there,


Juninho, is fascinating, Germany came here and talk Brazil after


rolling lesson. Exactly! Pass, move, straight balls, great control.


Without the ball, they get back, organise, go forward as a unit. They


taught us how to play the role. Thank you very much indeed, Juninho.


I like football. I am a fan of German football. I am happy because


football was the winner. I sense they will be talking about


this for quite some time. Germany will be playing for a place in


history at the Maracana on the Sunday, live on BBC One from seven


o'clock. We will have highlights of the match tomorrow between Argentina


and Hollands at 11:45 p.m.. COMMENTATOR:, the Argentinian


manager, has promised a festival of COMMENTATOR:, the Argentinian


attacking the -- attacking football. The Dutch are


attacking the -- attacking football. we kicked off. This


this match has started has changed the feel of


It is there! They have equalised! We are playing injury time. It hit the


post! The crowd is doing their best to rears the Argentinians. It has


gone in! Mario Kempes will take the credit, but I think the defender


touched that. Surely now the host nation will take the 1978 World Cup.


I bumped into Mario Kempes the other day. Great player, lovely bloke.


Another programme to look out for on Friday, Alan Hansen, player and


pundit, a lifetime in the ball. -- a lifetime in football. 22 years as a


pundit, never seen anything like it, 40 years in the game, never seen


anything like it! That is asked for tonight, the night that the


Brazilian beautiful game died. Good night.


Miroslav Klose scores! An historic goal!


Brazil are being humiliated, humbled and taken apart!


Sami Khedira, five - zero! Absolute humiliation!


Howedes! It is seven!


Gary Lineker introduces live coverage of the first World Cup semi-final from the Estadio Mineirao in Belo Horizonte. Hosts Brazil must take on Germany without their injured talisman Neymar or suspended captain Thiago Silva.

Record five-time winners Brazil are looking to reach their first final since 2002. Germany also last reached the final in 2002 but have made the final four for a record-breaking fourth straight occasion.