World Cup Final Match of the Day Live

World Cup Final

Gary Lineker introduces live coverage of the 2014 Fifa World Cup final. Germany face Argentina at the iconic Maracana stadium. With commentary from Guy Mowbray and Mark Lawrenson.

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will face the might of Germany. It's seven!


Spain are out. What a fantastic goal!


Rio, a special place on the ground, but even more special from the air.


Brazil has always drummed to a different beat, but the drama, the


twists and turns, the sheer excitement of this World Cup, it's


simply been beyond what any of us could have hoped for. Even here,


some things have remained consistent and reliable. Never, ever write off


the Germans. COMMENTATOR: Mats Hummels is there!


Looking for Goetze. Found him all right. And it's in. Miroslav Klose


runs away to celebrate. Thomas Muller with a beauty. And then


there's the little man from Rosario, Argentina, about 1200 miles that


way. So many world-class players never get the chance to play on the


ultimate stage, but Lionel Messi gets his chance tonight. Even


without hitting his extraordinary heights in this competition so far,


he's dragged his team, his country up the mountain. And now, there's


just one summit left. COMMENTATOR: Give it to him and pray


- oh, he's done it! Who else, Lionel Messi. We know who the locals will


be supporting, tango doesn't get much of a look in around here


amongst the samba, there's no Brazilian beat here tonight


COMMENTATOR: Brazil are being humiliated. It's


seven. But this is where the 2014 World Cup will end, the pulsiating


heart of a nation, the Maracana. It is the World Cup final between


Germany and Argentina, a final that's been played out on two


previous occasions, in 1986 Diego Maradonna led Argentina to victory.


Four years later the Germans got their revenge with a 1-0 win.


Germany are playing in a record-breaking eighth final, hoping


to lift the trophy for the first time since the Berlin Wall came


down. It's a fifth final for Argentina. Winners on home soil in


1978 and of course, in Mexico, eight years later. Here with us for the


final Rio Ferdinand, Alan Shearer and for the very last time, Alan


Hansen. You've covered many tournaments, any Bert than this one?


-- any better than this one? Not a bad place to go Gary! This has been


the best by a mile. I said at the start of the tournament that we


needed something after the last two or three competitions have have been


substandard and as far as entertainment was concerned, haven't


been great. They needed something to elevate it to the best sporting


event in the planet. We've seen it here. It's exceeded all


expectations, the goals, the games, the excitement, the drama. When it's


come to the knockout stageds, there's been heartache, euphoria.


I'm a great believer that winning is everything but you have to have


excitement along the way. We've had that in We have abundance. Two


giants in the final. Absolutely, I think Germany, superbly organised.


They have a record goal scorer up front. Muller is in the form of his


life. Argentina, a lot of the talk about the tournament was about the


Fab Four, Messi, di Maria, Higuain, Aguero, but of course, it's been the


back four and the goalkeeper that have been their safior. Four clean


sheets -- safior. -- saviours. Four clean sheets. A tough test against


Germany, a Germany that has gradually got better including that


astounding result in the semifinal. Earlier in the tournament they did


enough just to get through. As the tournament has gone to the last


stages, they've started to command games, dictate the pace of games and


I think that's what the Argentineans won't be expecting to command this


game or dictate the pace. I think they'll be looking to hit Germany on


the counterattack. That's their best bet with the players they have in


attacking areas. Germany will come out and do what they've done, trying


to attack, break teams down How big early. An advantage is it for


Germany to have had an extra day's rest and essentially a pretty


comfortable semifinal? The biggest thing is that you will pick up


injuries along the way. They will have done that. That extra day is


huge. Have you time to get in the ice bath, to rehabilitate your


muscles. It's an extra day. Wur doing loads of things to -- you're


doing loads of things preparing. They will be ready to go out there


and do the job. They are often tight affairs, finals. We could do with


one that's quite open, I suspect it won't be. It will be a cagey affair.


It could be a long evening. Two very, very good teams. Two very


different teams. A lot has relied on Messi for Argentina. He's produced


the goods, most of the time. Had a quiet time in the semifinal. But


Germany are the best team. It's the best team against the best player. I


think where Messi has struggled is where the teams have doubled up on


him. I don't think the Germans will. They might, but I'd be surprised


because I think the Germans will feel they can win this game. The


Argentineans have a great defensive record with Mascherano just from


front. An early goal and quids Rio has in. Been invaded by Argentinian


supporters this weekend hoping to see their side lift the World Cup


for a third time. They heavily outnumber the German fans, although


I suspect the locals will be cheering for the men in white. Our


man just a few miles from the fan park is Jason Mohammed. A truly


fantastic atmosphere here. Can you see the Argentina fans are here.


Where are you from? SanJuan. How excited are you? Excited and


confident Are you also. Going to lift the cup Yes of today? Course,


we have leanel. There -- Lionel. I think we can win this What would


cup. It mean to lift the trophy in Brazil? This is the dream of every


Argentinian. These guys have something to say


about that. Where are you from? Manchengladbach. I love Brazil. I'm


sure we take the fourth star today. I want you to meet this couple. They


look like German fans, but they're from Brazil. Why are you supporting


Germany? Because of the Germany. Same colours. Despite the fact that


Germany absolutely battered the host company. Yes, Brazilian has the best


soccer in the world, nowadays the Germans are playing the best soccer.


I don't think there are any Argentineans left in Argentina,


they're all here. SINGING


There is a fabulous and very friendly atmosphere right around Rio


de Janeiro. This has been one of the best world cups ever. Dan walker


reflects on a magnificent festival of football.


Questions, questions, could the five-time winners give us a World


Cup to remember? Statistics, logistics - sceptics said no. Brazil


said yes. This was different, the old kings quickly lost their crown.


COMMENTATOR: Spain are out. And what of England? Youthful vigour, yes,


but home long before bedtime. In the mighty jungle, the lions fell


asleep. COMMENTATOR: Balotelli is going to


get there. Zblt nightmare never stopped.


COMMENTATOR: Oh, Suarez has knock today in. He can dribble,


COMMENTATOR: Oh, Suarez has knock nibble. But this party isn't all you


can eat. We saw the two sides of another star, Robben the rogue.


Robben the ruthless, Robben the reliant. It was a World Cup of


wonderful number ones. Terrific save. Keepers, sweepers, swappers.


None shall pass. Saved, brilliantly saved. Football was frantic. Goal


after seemingly endless goal as the records came tumbling. Miroslav


Klose records came tumbling. Miroslav


record goal scorer. The world's most powerful nation fell in love with


the world's most powerful game. For the first time, two African sides


strode into the last 16, but their light was soon extinguished. We saw


the very best from the very best. He dance as way and he scores! Lionel


Messi. Messi on his way to the Maracana, the two together again.


His is not the only left sided one to weave and leave his magic.


His is not the only left sided one even loved by the locusts. His team


had class, style. Perfect rhythm, while others were dancing aloan and


had class, style. Perfect rhythm, left the stage without -- alone and


left the stage without an encore. Wood work, hard


left the stage without an encore. warmed the world up. Neymar broke


his back, but the broken Brazilian hearts will take much longer to


heal. Mullered. Humiliated, humbled and taken apart. Germany will always


remember. Brazil try hard to forget. and taken apart. Germany will always


Andre Schurrle, it's seven! We wept, we roared, we sang. They sang.


Andre Schurrle, it's seven! We wept, sprayed. They prayed. We watched.


Andre Schurrle, it's seven! We wept, watched. Millions of viewers.


Millions of fans. 32 nations down to just two. The best team against the


best player, only one can go home happy.


Indeed. Tone was set for this tournament right at the start with


that remarkable game between Holland and Spain. It went from there. Yeah,


we thought oh, it's not going to get better than this. Then the 7-1 as


well. We've had fantastic goals, great players emerging. For me,


playing in World Cups and coming here as part of this team, being


able to go out and see the fans and locals and how the different nations


are merging together, a carnival atmosphere. Very friendly as well.


Exactly. You don't see that as a player. You're in a hotel,


concentrating on the football and getting ready for each game. This is


so different and I've had a fantastic time. They've host today


brilliantly. That game, that five when Holland beat Spain, I thought


that was it. It set the tone. I thought that game won't be beaten.


But that semifinal was just absolutely incredible. Let's not


forget England, how great we were. Then the you had the underdogs,


Costa Rica were terrific. When you looked at their side and the


personnel in the side and you think, the lesser players usually will be


men behind the ball and defend deep and it will be a bore, but they had


quality as well in the final third. They didn't score a lot of goals,


but real quality and were a joy to watch. Even in the cagey games, the


tight games, the games that were perhaps in some ways dull ended up


exciting affairs, whether it was a penalty shootout, dramatic extra


time. It slowed down a little bit after the group stages and I couple


of games were 0-0. Even the extra time were just brilliant games.


There's always been something significant to talk about in most of


the games. Then even the norm was if you had a relatively bad game, the


next game you could bet your life was going to be sensational. Let's


hope the final lives up to the rest of the tournament. Argentina winning


tonight is every Brazilian's worst nightmare. Brazil's campaign started


brightly but ended in humiliation, thrashed by Germany on Tuesday,


defeat in the third place play-off yesterday has done little to ease


the pain. Will this be Luiz Felipe Scolari's


last game in charge? His CV is now tainted by the defeat to Germany.


It's probable lit end of the road for some of his squad.


Robben is pulled back. Penalty kick. Had to be.


Referee deciding it is inside the penalty area. After 90 seconds the


Dutch are awarded a spot kick. Arjen Robben was flying away. Robin Van


Persie can put the Netherlands in front here. 1 off #. -- 1-0. Super


cool penalty kick from Robin Van Persie. Good penalty. Arjen Robben


here. Van Persie arriving in the middle. Luiz away. It's 2-0.


Terrible defending by Brazil. David Luiz clearing heading straight to


Bulletined and it's in the back of the net. The home fans are silenced.


No foul by Dan. Good overlapping run. 3-0. Always been a suspicion


that Brazil would be armed on on the break and that's exactly what has


happened. Bash macro under armed. Brazil's World Cup is over and the


boos rained down on the selection and on Scolari. (STUDIO) they


imploded. Whilst they weren't brilliant early on, they completely


lost it from the semifinal onwards. Neymar and Thiago Silva being out


totally destabilise them. Emotionally, with the T-shirt with


Neymar on, it took too much out of them. We spoke about their defence


earlier in the tournament, as soon as they went up in quality, we saw


their weaknesses. I don't think enough of their defenders want to


defend. Conceding ten goals in two games. The way they capitulated,


I've never seen anything like it. They just gave up and collapsed. I


thought you were going to say you can't win anything with Fred! He was


useless. To wait so long to have the World Cup finals in Brazil and be


beaten 7-1... I was distraught myself! A great game to watch, but


unreal. I look at it and I think a country of this size, I look at the


centre forwards, I've had my say about Fred, but how can they not


produce a guy who can give them good quality, hold up the ball, run into


the corners? You see better players on the beach! Their midfield and


their forward line is the most unattractive in terms of football


flair you will ever see in a Brazil shirt. The first time they've lost


back-to-back home games since 1940. Without Neymar they had no flair


going forward. You still never saw 7-1 coming. Absolutely not. Four


goals in six minutes to go 5-0 down. Everybody was in total disbelief. I


did! You said it would be a tight game. Picking the team of the


tournament isn't easy, but we thought we would try. Mark Chapman


-- Mark Chapman cheddar discussion to pick a BBC 11.


Before we get to the players you've picked, the first thing you have to


do is whether you will have a back three or back four. You've gone with


a back three. If the majority go with a back four, you have to change


your side. Who is your keeper? Noye. He's the best the world. -


Manuel Neuer. The same. The full package. Right back?


Manuel Neuer. The same. The full best right back in the world. Never


gives it away, perfect full-back. He can defend, attack, that tackle in


the semifinal, perfectly timed, that some Tim up. Left back. Rodriguez,


Switzerland. Blind. Competition going on! He's an all-round


footballer and he is a must. Centre halves? Gonzalez of Costa Rica. And


how moles of Germany. Especially for the performance against France. -


Hummels. Thiago Silva brought them together and organise them. Thiago


Silva missed the semifinal. Take him out! The next six will be very


fluid. Mascherano, Toni Kroos, Rodriguez playing behind the


striker. I saw Mascherano for the first time playing for the Argentina


under 20 side and the harder it is, first time playing for the Argentina


the more he likes it. He's been sensational. You could take any one


of the German midfielders and you'd sensational. You could take any one


be happy. Have you all got Rodriguez? Yes, goal of the


tournament. Mascherano and Rodriguez. Who else? Mola up top and


they can all move around and do Rodriguez. Who else? Mola up top and


they want. - Muller. There hasn't been an outstanding centre forward.


Neymar had two excellent games and I think quite order was more important


in more games. No Neymar. Messi hasn't


in more games. No Neymar. Messi deep for Argentina. I've gone for


Thomas Muller up top. No doubt that without Messi Argentina would have


been out a long time ago. Who else have you got alongside Muller? Just


him, Rodriguez behind. Robben on the left. Muller has been consistent,


the chances he's created along left. Muller has been consistent,


the goals and his ridiculous workrate. Messi backed up by James


pulling the strings. One Midfield Place alongside Mascherano and one


right-winger. - midfield player. Schweinsteiger. Kroos. One winger.


Robben. It looks like he will hurt you. I'm not sure he warrants being


in there, others have been better. He was on fire. I can go with


Robben. Neuer, Lahm, Gonzales, Hummels, blind, Mascherano and


Kroos, Robben, Rodriguez, Messi and Muller. Can't argue with that. Can


we do this again on Monday morning after the final? Very attacking


line-up. You were having your afternoon nap. I watched them


filming fat and I got bombed out. You've got your chance now, do you


disagree with that? Kompany is the best centre-back. I thought he was


excellent. That would be the one change. Ron Vlaar! I'd get him in


instead of Gonzales. You just picked the team! We'll have another


discussion at the end of the final. We can now hear from David Beckham


who's here in re-over the final. - in Rio for the final. Beckham! It's


in! Beckham has scored for England. Great to see you again. Do you think


it's the best World Cup you can remember, either playing in


watching? Without a doubt. I've loved every World Cup, even 98.


People question that. There is nothing better than playing in a


World Cup. Where will the final B won and lost? It will be won by a


big moment, big player. I am a big fan of line all. - Messi. Germany


have a group of players that are great players and they perform so


well together and they have done for a number of years. They are a really


strong team. Footballers always want the best players to be at the


biggest events. You don't want a World Cup to be held without them,


particularly when they do what Luis Suarez did. I don't need to say


anything about what he did. He knows. I look at him as a player and


he's a huge talent. It's a shame he's leaving the Premiership because


the Premiership needs teams like him, players with character and


passion. It's sad to see him leaving. What is your assessment of


what went wrong? Small margins or a bigger problem? Roy has brought


young players into the team with a few experienced players. In the


future we will perform really well. When you look at the way the World


Cup worked out for Steven Gerrard, can you look at him as a captain and


feel he hasn't delivered or can you look at him as a captain and


case of just not working out? You definitely don't blame one player


for the early exit. I know as England captain you feel the weight


of expectation and the responsibility. When you are England


captain, you take that on board and Stevie knows that. You could see his


pain. I hope he continues as England captain. You've got to love Becks!


He knows a thing or two about our next subject. There have been four


penalty shoot outs in this World Cup. Two of the last five finals


have gone to shoot outs. We've prepared with a man who has taken a


few in his time. Representing your country and the whole nation is


watching, and the pressure is huge. Imagine there are 50,000 people


around you, you're walking from the halfway line to the penalty spot,


take it through what's in your mind. This is where your mind starts to


play tricks. What should you do? It's a very long walk and there are


a million things going through your mind. Try to stay calm, although you


can feel your heart beating faster. You have to believe in what you've


trained to do. And you have to stay in control of the situation. Looking


at the keeper? No. He will try mind games, we saw it with Tim Krul. He


was trying to get into their heads. I would have stood ten yards outside


the box and waited for Tim Krul to go back in his goal. Stay in


control. I always used a line up the ball and look at the opposite side


to where I was going to put it. I would always look to the


goalkeeper's left knowing I would go to the right. The valve at the top,


don't ask me why, I just had to do that. You already know where you're


going to put it and you should never change your mind. The Germans have a


word for the process of taking a penalty. It means strength of nerve,


nerves of steel. They aren't bad at it! If you're going to make sure you


score a penalty... I would rather wear a Sunderland shirt! What is the


last game that goes through your mind? Don't miss!


And then the walk back is better than the walk down. Two arms, unit


that from someone! You are under more stress than ever before and


they don't even count on your record. We have to get that changed.


Bobby Charlton wouldn't like that. Despite their success in this


competition, Germany are looking to end 24 years of hurt by lifting the


World Cup for the first time since beating Argentina in 1990. Their


victory over Brazil was quite possibly the most remarkable result


in World Cup history, but will count the little if they fail to winter


night. In the lexicon of football, thousands of words have been written


on the spirit of the game in this nation of that. One notable section


looks a little sparse. Because this isn't a romantic tale. You've heard


of boy meets girl, this is more boilie meets strategic grassroots


funding, good governance, learning. - boilie meets.


In 2010 we played decent football, sometimes very attractive, but


without delivering. The guys have matured and they know how to get a


result. It might not make for a blockbuster page turner, which is a


pity because German success could shouldn't be anything other than a


cause for celebration. It would also be a victory for humility and


respect. Bellow horizontal, Tuesday, half-time.


This was winning in the grand manner in every sense of the term. And the


knowledge month that a grieving Brazilian public had seen billions


diverted to pay for and finally build this World Cup. The land of


the last minute didn't expect to be 5-0 down after 29. We've been


brought up like this because in our history we couldn't afford to show


any kind of arrogance. We've been told don't humiliate people. It


would also be a victory back home for a packed stadium, cheap tickets


to watch home-grown players who also happen to be some of the most


skilled footballers on the planet. The current player of the year


dreamt of carrying his nation all the way and no posters ever needed a


World Cup triumph like Brazil. Fantastic storylines thrown on the


fire and now the world's finest talent of all could also see his


wildest fantasy go up in flames. Another polite act from this very


decent group of dream wreckers. Four Germans have been nominated for


the Golden en Ball. Ozil has created more chances than


any other German player. Up front Klose makes his 24th World Cup


appearance. He's the only player who was involved in the 2002 final.


Alan, you are focussing on the right was involved in the 2002 final.


side of the German side. They're a very strong side. Down the right


side, whether very strong side. Down the right


Kroos, in particular, Phillipp Lahm, they link up incredibly well.


They want to get into the space as much as they can. When


They want to get into the space as there, they want to deliver. It's


nice, neat, tidy. there, they want to deliver. It's


one-touch football. They're all moving, looking for the ball. They


all want the ball in, out, through. Very unlucky, with the thought to


get into the final third. pop to the Maracana, Clarence is


there alongside Jason. Thank you very much. A very good


evening to you. Welcome. The Argentinian fans have wasted no time


in mocking their Brazilian rivals. They're here. Where are you, they're


sing. They've been singing it at the beach all weekend. Good evening to


you, great to see you. I remember last year, when we met at the


Confederations Cup you said to me, the team that gets to the final an


the team that may win it is the team that gets it right on the pitch and


off the pitch. That team, Clarence, you were right is Germany. They


built their own training venue. They've been impeccable on and off


the pitch. Absolutely. Argentina have done their job as well. Great


players up front of course. It's going to be a great final. How do


Argentina stop the German machine? Well, I think this is the hardest


match for the Germans. Arg tona showed against Holland that they


have a very solid defence that they can defend very well in their own


half. Up front, we don't have to explain how dangerous they can be.


It is going to be very, very interesting to see how the Germans


will find the spaces. The big question that lots of people have


been talking about over this weekend is Lionel Messi. For many people he


is one of the great of the of all time -- greatest of all time. That


is guaranteed. If he wins the World Cup, do we start talking about Messi


in the same breath as Pele and Maradona? You know, they always have


to finish their career to make those kind of statements. But for sure


Messi is incredibly busy with going in that way. He achieved this final,


finally. He achieved a great performance in a few games in this


tournament. He scored finally also in a World Cup. Let's see was going


to happen. I think he's going to be brilliant today. I think he's going


to score today. Still, I think, the Germans normally, normally should


win this game. We'll talk more at halftime. Thank you very much. Gary,


a chilling message from the Germany coach, Joachim Low, in the news


conference, he says, "We're here to win the final and dominate world


football for years to come." Nothing new there then! They mentioned


Lionel Messi and he's been the man largely responsible for Argentina's


presence. The Argentinian genius is attempting to repeat the feat of an


Argentinian genius. Ten years ago, Spain wanted to call


up a tiny, timid youngster from the Barcelona academy. Lionel Messi's


response - I'm Argentine. Another old boy, briefly, was Messi.


Like so many in this city, his skills were honed with endless hours


playing on the Rosario streets. Always shy, always brilliant and


always compared to Maradona. As far as Argentines are concerned, he is


always in his shadow. Messi has shown signs of World Cup


greatness in this tournament. But there's only one outcome that will


cement his place in Argentine hearts.


We shall see shortly. There is the little genius. He's got four goals


in this tournament. He's not been quite as dominant in a lot of games


as perhaps we've seen in his days at Barcelona. Even in the semifinal, I


was at that game, he was pretty static for large parts of it. He's


always capable of something. static for large parts of it. He's


had the magic moments. I static for large parts of it. He's


Germans, they'll be looking to represent lip Kate what the Dutch


done. They crowded represent lip Kate what the Dutch


bodies in the way. They wouldn't let represent lip Kate what the Dutch


him get in the zone in the midfield. him get in the zone in the midfield.


He wants to run at them and cause problems. As a midfielder, Khedira,


they have to get back and help the defenders. The defenders will delay


him and the midfielders can help. One on one he can beat you like


here. See you later. You have to be diligent in your work, get back,


double up. He's capable of going past anyone on the planet one V one.


You double up and he's not as exciting and goes back. That's what


he was about, the Dutch done that very, very well and smothered him.


I've got a couple of stats. We talked about Thomas Muller br. I


know you love stats -- Thomas Muller before. I know you love stats. He's


covered 69,000 metres, Messi 52, he's not working as hard as in


previous times. He used to be a explosive player.


previous times. He used to be a too much from him? I watched him in


the early rounds and saw him score four goals, three world class,


the early rounds and saw him score got us off our seats. His passing is


incredible. He's got assists to go with that. I agree, he looked static


in the semifinal, with that. I agree, he looked static


scores the with that. I agree, he looked static


of the tournament. Nobody with that. I agree, he looked static


setting a team up against the Argentineans, you're doubling up on


Messi. Of course that should provide space elsewhere, but the great times


he had in this tournament is when he goes past the first man and the


second man isn't waiting. When the second one is waiting, he's tugled a


bit. He -- struggled a bit. Will the Germans do that today? I'm not sure


they will. We have seen wonderful moments from him. He's created more


chances than anyone at this tournament. If he gets the ball


higher up the pitch, and starts facing the back four, he will cause


problems, skipping past people. He gets his head up. Doesn't come off


here at end of it. But he's causing havoc in the Swiss back four. The


players here, look, everyone comes to him. That creates space for other


players. He sees that, goal. Assist. to him. That creates space for other


Devastating. This is the pass of the tournament. He gets his head up,


sees that. How he see that's pass, I don't know. The likes of him and


Maradona are probably the only people who can play that and are


devastating dribblers as well. And you, ruo! He -- Rio! He see that's


type of stuff clear, other players it goes hazy. But he does. I was at


this game. This was brilliant. I came to that game to see him do


something, have that. I mean, he's brilliant. That's beautiful. That


something, have that. I mean, he's pace is frightening. You can't


defend against it. He doesn't even have to beat you. It's a sign


defend against it. He doesn't even great player. Stand here and I'll


put it round you. He does more than anyone else. Maradona and he can see


passes, dribble. Here change of direction, see you later. Come back


together and I'm gone. That's watt kids want to see. YouTube is about


skills. This is his time. What a kids want to see. YouTube is about


chance he's got. That is in that box, the World Cup trophy. It's


being carried out by Carlos Pugol and Guselle. -- Guiselle.


It's only 12 irchls high. -- Inches high. I think the other guys haven't


performed. Aguero, Higuain, one goal. They haven't helped him a


great deal either. I think Lavezzi, this could be a good game for him.


He has the legs to get behind the Germans.


And here is the Argentinian team. The Germans believe that Mascherano


is Argentina's key player and Schweinsteiger says he is the leader


of a pack of Wolves. Messi has never scored in a World Cup knockout


match. Higuain has not hit top form in Brazil but he got the crucial


strike against Belgium. Mascherano, one of the great holding players in


world football. Without a shadow of a doubt. He has pace, a wonderful


tackle, anticipation, and he can pass as well. The complete midfield


player. This is timed to perfection. This against the Dutch was one of


the great performances, reading it, picking it up, possession is king,


never give it away. He looks, looks, and what a past that is. The great


players, the great passers in world football would be happy with that.


Again, not giving it away, looking all around, produces an inch perfect


pass again. This is what he's best at. Six Argentinian defenders in the


picture and he's in near the penalty spot. He's blocking, coming right


across. Spotting the danger and eliminating it. An absolutely


magnificent piece of play. Coming up, without a shadow of a doubt, the


tackle of the tournament. Seven or eight yards away from Arjen Robben.


Perhaps Arjen Robben should hit it earlier but to time that tackle to


perfection was masterful, brilliant play. I suppose that's five the


Argentinian defence and goalkeeper have been so good. He is a


defender's dream. I had Michael Carrick read the game in front of me


at Manchester United and that was a dream for a defender. But the first


thing he does is sniff out danger and snuff it out. The free kick is


for Germany have been hugely important in this World Cup and they


scored from a lot of set pieces. They have scored from five. This


does not just happened. It is from work on the training ground. Mats


Hummels goes in, Klose is blocking David Luiz for the run around the


back. Look at Klose blocking David Luiz. He realises but too late.


Muller has the space. They are very dangerous from set pieces whether it


is Muller or Mats Hummels. Dangerous. World Cup finals offers


players the chance to achieve footballing immortality. Thierry


Henry at pays homage to some of those who have triumphed on the


world 's biggest stage. What does it take to be a World Cup


legend? For me, if you want to go down in history you have to perform


in big games. It obviously helps if you win, but as long as you


perform, people always remember. Pele! Number three.


The walk up is the biggest thing for me that you can play in. -- the


World Cup. Especially if you are supposed to be that player that can


make the team win. People start to talk about you, other teams are


aware of your quality. You are going to get it, people will try to upset


you and take you out of the game but you need to do one thing, make sure


you don't let your team down. It is not only about scoring goals.


Beckenbauer with a delicate chip nearly surprises the goalkeeper. As


long as you can have an impact in the game people always recognise


that. When you have players of quality around you you become a


better player because of it. It is difficult to put your finger on it.


They have that little thing extra that will make them perform.


Ronaldinho! They are great players, obviously, but it is up there, how


will you perform under pressure when you know the world is watching? But


we have a legend already in this World Cup? We will see. We have 90


minutes ago. You might have a guy like Zinedine Zidane, he did not


score a goal before the final, then he came up with two goals and the


rest is history. So don't choose one yet. Wait until the final.


GARY LINEKER: The final is here, of course. And there is a great player,


without question. Walking down the tunnel. Will this be his day of


reckoning? We will find out. Somebody once said that great


players win football matches and great teams win tournaments. The


perfect example of one against the other.


ALAN HANSEN: Exactly, this is Messi's time. If ever he needed a


performance, that he alone in this Argentinian side could give, it is


right now. I think the Argentina 's side could win this. I think the


Germans were great in the semifinal but before that I was not that


impressed. They play a high line and leave space behind and that is a big


weakness. I would like to see him have a fantastic game. Some of the


moments we have seen before. His have a fantastic game. Some of the


great goals, that is what we want to see and it does not get bigger than


this. For him to be placed alongside Maradona and Pele, he has to to win


this game. I think everybody tuning in except the Germans and except


most Brazilians will want to see this man. They want to see him


produce a world-class performance and take this trophy with both hands


by himself. I think it will be difficult. I'm with the Germans


myself, as a team I think they are strong and commanding with a lot of


experience and I think they will get themselves over the line. A very


good team and they have a different goal-scorers, that tells them they


are a team. We said before the game that we wanted it to be a spectacle


and an early goal would help that. The World Cup final, Germany against


Argentina at Maracana. Your commentators are Mark Lawrenson and


Guy Mowbray. GUY MOWBRAY: Thanks, Gary. You have


been closer than most of us, but imagine how that feels. A group of


players about to realise the dream, a moment when the money really does


not matter. Look into the eyes. From the parks and playing fields to the


professional game, One of that number about to


the iconic Maracana field, Miroslav Klose, this is his chance to secure


a World Cup. Before the game we will have the national anthems of Germany


and Argentina. When all of the have the national anthems of Germany


the supporters from the two countries that have travelled to Rio


de Janeiro, their anthems will never sound so sweet.


# Danach lasst uns alle streben Bruderlich mit Herz und Hand


# Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit Sind des Gluckes Unterpfand


# Bluh' im Glanze dieses Gluckes Bluhe, deutsches Vaterland. #






GUY MOWBRAY: It will hurt Brazil hearing the Argentinian national


anthem ring gained out loud and proud around their national stadium,


their temple of football. It is time for Germany against Argentina part


three in finals terms, a record. We hope for something more like 1986


and a little less of 1990. The heads of state are in position. It was to


be the same German team for the final that beat Brazil in the


semifinal, but spare a thought for Sami Khedira who was injured in the


warm up. A first competitive start for 23-year-old De Rossi


Moenchengladbach man, Christoph Kramer. -- by Russia


Moenchengladbach. Miroslav Klose will be here for what


will surely be his final World Cup appearance. Three of his record 16


goals have come against Argentina in the last two tournaments. Nicola


Rizzoli has the honour of REFEREE: The biggest game, let's hope he has


a more routine job than Howard Webb last time around.


Angel Di Maria pulled up in training yesterday so won't be risked. Enzo


Perez will feature again. Sergio Aguero is only among the substitutes


again. This is a team yet to concede a goal in the knockout stages. It is


a team all about Mascherano to stop them, and Messi to star. The


proudest moment in the coaching careers of Joachim Low and Alejandro


Sabella. Both cut their teeth as national team assistants before


promotion. They are both looking for greater honours than their previous


incumbents. One of the modern wonders of the


world. What a setting for a game that promises so much.


The stars are out and ready to shine.


Everything is set for the 20th World Cup final. WHISTLE


The ultimate contest in the game and one of the ultimate teams against


another a lot more reliant on one particular talent. This is the


fourth time I've seen Argentina live, and they scrap for everything.


I think they will need some magic from the aforementioned little


fellow to win today. They've had a day less to prepare.


They won't be as fresh as the Germans. If you look at the Germany


game against Brazil, they only had to play for about 25 minutes, so a


massive difference. It went from 1-0 to 5-0 in under


seven minutes. They will find this Argentina defence harder to pick


through. Yeah, especially with Mascherano in front of them. They


start with Perez on the left, Lewandowski on the right. Higuain --


Lavezzi on the right. They tried to play a tricky one


through to Klose. Argentina very deep in the early stages.


Demichelis gave it away. Mascherano has only managed to move


that up to Muller. He claims he was blocked. Yes, the referee agrees.


That's a daft foul as well. Just clatters into the back of him.


There can be the touch of the reckless about Marcos Rojo. In two


years in Portugal he has seen five red cards, three of them last


season. red cards, three of them last


They score from set pieces, don't they, Germany? They have been doing.


More from the wider positions into the box, but they'll fancy this.


Committee meeting first. A smile on Schweinsteiger's face is


telling. Ramiro has kept three clean sheets.


He's hard to beat. So are Germany when it comes to free kicks.


This is interesting. What happens next.


They're all in the queue. Not a lot. A bit dancing round your handbag


really. Hummels has to retreat. Neuer wasn't entirely sure of where


his line was. It goes for a Germany throw. Argentina's first sorte into


opposition territory and they look dangerous. And from a very poor


German free kick. You could hear the change in noise


around the stadium as soon as You could hear the change in noise


men in blue broke forward. Argentina have by far and away the lion's


share of support, even though have by far and away the lion's


from Brazil are behind the They've come across the border in


any way they could. They're sleeping anywhere and everywhere. It's been


They'll be hoping for an Argentinian an Argentinian takeover.


They'll be hoping for an Argentinian take away, won't they? They aren't


the favourites. Might be worth


the favourites. last World Cup here, the only


previous World Cup final here, Brazil came into it


previous World Cup final here, seven past Sweden and six against


Spain. Then they lost as favourites to Uruguay.


Here's Ozil. Muller. Nearly came back to Ozil. He looked to


out, Muller, actually. It's a good deflection back to the


goalkeeper. The referee just saying that he


couldn't really get out of the way. The last touch was a German one. It


will be an Argentine throw. That's unfortunate there.


Senor Rizzoli, this is his fourth game at the tournament.


The noise around the place now, you could be watching BocaJuniors,


astonishing. Muller might get onto that.


It is Martin Demichelis who comes across to stop him in no uncertain


terms. A little bit worried that Argentina


down the left-hand side, that's three occasions, they're all coming


down here. Muller was there. Lahm has nobody opposing him at all.


Kroos dictating a lot of the passing in the German midfield. They look


sharp, Germany. Sharp and measured. They won't hurry


it. Can you see


it. out of every player in white.


it. -- you can see the confidence oozing


out of every player in white. Hummels was a doubt. Problem with


his left knee. But taken off at halftime against Brazil purely a


precaution. Look at the room Phillipp Lahm


There was no way through for Kroos. Messi will leave Hummels in his wake


here. He found Schweinsteiger in the way.


Messi was a little bit tired, someone was saying. Waky, waky.


Not now. There has been a feeling that he's


been saving something special.. We hope. So


-- something special. We hope so. Demichelis came out into the pocket


again. Demichelis came out into the pocket


The whistle has gone for a free kick. That wasn't the pinching the


ball off Messi, it was the first challenge by Hummels, I think.


Brilliant, though. He almost stops and then goes again. Hummels is


trailing in his wake. Perez was waiting. Higuain was the


man further over. In between the two of them! Turned


clear by Muller. Great play by Zabaleta. We haven't


seen him come forward that often in this competition.


Biglia had time to line it up there. He took plenty of time.


Decent block too by the Schalke man. Yeah, it was. We haven't got a ball


at the moment. There is a spare special final ball.


There's the man most consider to be the world's best goalkeeper, having


to keep out The Many think is the world's best player and co.


Now Argentina down their right posing problems. We thought it might


be cagey and lack pace early on. Not a bit of it. Certainly not.


Zabaleta hung Rhyl into the tack -- hungrily into the tackle. He doesn't


really tackle any other way. Kramer is playing a little bit


further forward than Khedira would be, certainly from that point of


view, it's given the Argentineans a little bit of problems when he tries


to come off the front man. Messi comes back to help out


defensively. Germany get the throw. Demichelis stout stuff. Yeah,


Demichelis just read it a Demichelis stout stuff. Yeah,


second before close close close. He just -- Miroslav Klose. He just did


enough to put him off. I think they might have conceded a


key free kick here. It's in the back of Klose. I'm not


sure it's a foul, is it? A little late.


It is another free kick in a very promising position for Germany.


Zabaleta read it. Germany's throw.


It squirted awkwardly off the head of Demichelis, the sun in his eyes.


Yeah, he Jess -- gesticulats that. fascinating to watch from the German


players. That was unlucky, it was meant for Muller. He came out around


the back. meant for Muller. He came out around


Perez tries to run away. That's twice they have broken from set


pieces, Argentina, and for the neutrals that is good.


pieces, Argentina, and for the Joachim Low spoke about at press


conferences, he was aware of the speed at the break. And wary of one


man in particular. We have speed at the break. And wary of one


darting run from him so far down the right-hand side, Lionel Messi.


Ezequiel Garay, a solid centre-back. Marcos Rojo was a little


off-balance. Looking down at the pitch. I don't think so, must have


been a worm! There has been a bit of rain around Rio in the last few


days. Perfect evening for the World Cup final.


Demichelis was shoulder to shoulder with Miroslav Klose. He has already


taken the throw. That was hefty from Kramer. Germany are a man lights


just now. They're not too worried, they're just keeping the ball.


Argentina's players are pointing to the touchline to tell Boateng to put


it out of play. They don't have to, it is their man. They've made the


decision on the pitch. Toni Kroos does that. They have the ball, they


can make the decision. It is the call of the referee whether he wants


to stop play or not. At sea ought to have done. Always when you are


looking the other way that you miss one. -- perhaps he ought to have


done. He took the full weight. Zabaleta took one the other night,


very similar. Clicking his jaw back into place. A


penny for the thoughts of Sami Khedira. Ruled out in the warm up.


He's a player who has had rotten luck with injury in last season.


Kramer will carry on for now. He only made his debut against Poland


it one of the warm up games in May. What a rise for the 23-year-old.


Sometimes it's just meant to be. Watching on anxiously in the town


where he's from, famous for making swords. I'm sure he's got plenty of


steel in him. He won't be coming off. Not if he


had has any say about it. He's fine, He won't be coming off. Not if he


jogging around the pitch now. Over two wards Lahm, but it won't reach


him. Rojo looked to find Higuain. A


nose of Alejandro Sabella. They nose of Alejandro Sabella. They


called him Alex when he was at Bramall Lane as a player. Standing


down, what may after this game. Kroos to Lahm. Muller this time


takes one. Get up, he's fine. Rojo went in. He was waiting for it, well


done, referee. Nothing wrong with him. There was a bit of that in


Germany's opening game, a 4-0 game against Portugal.


Germany's opening game, a 4-0 game enough to get himself off.


Germany's opening game, a 4-0 game take a lot to get Pepe sent off.


Excellent slide into win from Mascherano.


That was a risk, DME, a chance for Higuain! What a waste. He was


presented with a World Cup final gift. He obviously couldn't believe


it. He snatched at this. He waited to hit it and it almost came off the


ankle, above the boot. What an opportunity. Toni Kroos headed the


ball back without looking. A player who has hardly wasted a pass all


tournament long. For him not to make the goalkeeper made a save from that


position is criminal. What a let off for Germany. They now have a free


kick in the Argentine half. Kroos has just steadied himself. His heart


will be absolutely pumping. Just tries to hit it too hard, doesn't


he. Kramer was second to that ball,


Demichelis won it. A free kick to Argentina.


Demichelis won it. A free kick to when you look at it, looked around,


and he's just dragged it. Dear oh dear. The man wearing number nine.


Looked at Javier Mascherano's reaction. And the bench. Sergio


Aguero, number 20, he had his shirt over his head. What he would give


for a chance like that, if and when he gets on the field.


Acres of space for Philipp Lahm here. Not the best ball. It sent him


backwards rather than forwards. Past the midway point of the first


half. Cross by Philipp Lahm, Klose collapse, collected by Muller. Zappa


Letta, great on his left foot. -- Zappa Letta.


Benedikt Howedes was Germany's goal-scorer... As we look down


Benedikt Howedes was Germany's Copacabana beach. He was the


goal-scorer for Germany the last time


goal-scorer for Germany the last friendly in Frankfurt, it was a 3-1


Argentina victory, and we had something almost as breathtaking in


the Higuain mess in the first half, we had a missed penalty from Messi.


Germany getting a bit of order back about themselves.


All the way back to Neuer. He doesn't mind receiving the ball


anywhere in his doesn't mind receiving the ball


field. One of these sweeper- keepers.


A lovely take and turned by Mesut Ozil. Klose is stopped by Garay.


Just as This is good pressing from Rojo and


Perez, forcing Germany back. Germany bossing possession but not


going anywhere that quickly yet. Schweinsteiger is having too


going anywhere that quickly yet. the ball as far as Argentina are


concerned. Good closing from Lavezzi. On it again.


Didn't get that one right, not close enough to Kramer. I think he


stopped, thinking he was running offside. Thereafter some Germans


here. -- there are some Germans here. There have been plenty of


Germans wherever they have played, they have plenty of support in


Brazil. That killer Lee in the south of the country. -- particularly in


the south of the country. Even more today.


Forced out by the pressure of Kramer. Sabella's face tells a


story. A great one for reactions, Sabella will stop never left in any


doubt what he's thinking. A chip up towards Klose and Romero


had seen that developing. I think Klose realised if you went for that


he would get smashed. Just a split second, he's onside, has a look at


the goalkeeper and thanks, maybe not. The timing of the run was


exquisite. The veteran striker is looking to go out on the biggest


high of all having already broken the record for the number of goals


scored at the World Cup in this tournament. Lahm was through. Romero


gets it away but the flag is up. Would not have counted for Muller


even if he got his toe to it. The flag seemed to go up late. A clever


ball as well. Great decision. Renato Faverani wasn't just the right place


to see it all. Lavezzi is sent sprawling. A free kick. He wanted to


take it quickly but the referee was not ready because he's making a note


of the foul and we have the first yellow card of the World Cup final.


Asti and Schweinsteiger gets it. -- Bastian Schweinsteiger gets it. No


complaining. Stopped him in his tracks.


That was Daft as well because Boateng was just waiting to tackle


him. No surprise at all to see who's the


wall. Biglia with a touch to Messi to allow him to run. Can't get


through that way. to allow him to run. Can't get


keeps that in. Might have caused a problem but Romero is out to tidy


up. Rojo, that wasn't tidy from Germany. Lavezzi has Rojo and


Higuain is in there. Germany. Lavezzi has Rojo and


it won't count. He doesn't know yet. But Argentina have not taken the


lead. The flag went up very quickly. Great ball. This is a ball and a


half and an absolutely correct decision again. What a finish after


his miss as well. Curling away from Neuer. This time we give the thumbs


up to the other assistant referee, Andrea Stefani. I think Schurrle


could be coming on here. He's taken off his top. There's a subplot


within a big story. Kramer in at the last minute for Sami Khedira,


injured in the warm up. And now he's only lasted half an hour himself.


He's still very, very dazed. Yeah, he's groggy. I hope he's all right.


Christoph Kramer's dream hasn't quite gone to plan.


On will come Andre Schurrle, who when he has left the bench has made


impact after impact for Germany. You get the impression actually that he


is a real impact player. When he starts and thinks, not sure, when he


comes on, most definitely. The referee's assistant just explaining


what was wrong. Andre Schurrle, the Chelsea player, came on as a


substitute against Algeria in the last 16 to give Germany the lead, to


look really lively throughout. Then came on against Brazil, last


Tuesday. He got himself two of the seven. He's going to play on the


left. I think they'll probably just, I don't know if they're going to


drop Ozil in a little bit with Kroos and Schweinsteiger. Play a front


three. Joachim Low, even in his days as the assistant to Jurgen Klinsmann


was the tactition in the camp. He will have a plan for every


eventuality. This might improve Germany's attacking prowess. Howedes


is not particularly great about going forward. We know Schurrle is


all about attacking people in those areas.


keep rolling overment you got -- over. You got your foul, mate, get


over it. Mesut Ozil caught him. Let's see how many rolls we can


count. One, two, three... I think there were three-and-a-half.


Zabaleta has been taken out. That is a naughty one. Has Howedes. That


will be a yellow card. Maybe something brewing for


Argentina here. Maybe something brewing for


Two German names in the referee's note book. Germany having already


had to make one change in the game and one just before it. Oh, it's a


naughty foul, that. To be fair to Zabaleta, he's tough.


If he's going to catch any player in the Argentinian side that will note


it down for later, he's just caught him. Any player plus And him


Mascherano. . Just need to settle down a bit,


Germany, here. You might say


with Higuain missing that sitter. -- lightly.


Schweinsteiger is even more important to the Germany plans.


Lavezzi felt he was fouled. The Italian referee begs to differ.


Rojo almost getting in Perez' way. Both so eager to go in and make the


tackle themselves. Yeah, it's getting a little bit


spicy, which is always good. We are just over ten minutes from 45 being


played. This is good stuff. just over ten minutes from 45 being


Not edge of your Messi couldn't get it through to


there's a lot developing here. Messi couldn't get it through to


Higuain. He has won a corner. It was Schweinsteiger again, I think.


That's Lavezzi originally into Messi.


Schweinsteiger there just reads the situation.


Lavezzi has got a turn of pace from somewhere.


Starting his fourth game in a row with Sergio Aguero having been ruled


out. Oh, yeah we need one of them, mate, to carry on.


He's looking lively. It's Manuel Neuer's. The box belongs


to him. Muller gives Zabaleta the slip.


Good chance. Good save, Romero. Schurrle met it nicely. So did the


keeper. I think it's a corner. He's saying


no. a little nip at him. Ozil just got


out of the a little nip at him. Ozil just got


been given. No, offside. Yes, offside, Ozil. Romero taps it out to


Demichelis. Germany 0, Argentina 0.


Argentina have had the ball in the German net. Offside Higuain. He


should have had the ball in the German net earlier.


Messi ran straight into Schweinsteiger, who doesn't make a


meal of it just gets on with the Perfect ball to Lahm, just bounced


off his boot. He wanted to keep it a lot lower, obviously. But great ball


into him. That's gone out for an Argentina throw-in.


A rocky few minutes for Germany. They seem to have got their rhythm


back at the moment. So fantastically poised, this game.


Argentina beaten in only one of the last 25 games. Germany can do


better, one defeat in their last 27. Perez has swapped sides at the


moment. Yeah since Lavezzi took the corner before, he's not gone back to


his original position. Another one, they're creeping forward.


This time it's Germany's. Ticking around towards halftime.


Strange to think after today it's all over. Luckily you don't have to


wait too long for the football to start again. Match of the Day


returns in 34 days, Saturday August 16 for its 50th year.


Messi has managed to get through. It's turned away from goal.


It's Boateng. He got through unbelievably easily, Messi.


Hummels is feeling the pace of the races he's having to have against


the brilliant Argentina Number Ten. He has largely been kept quiet, but


you know it's there. Hummels and Howedes had big guys.


Messi is causing them problems. No free kick. Well done, ref.


Late challenge there. Germany appeal for a free kick.


Muller is down again. Referee didn't see it.


Muller back to his feet. Biglia caught on the ball and needlessly


fouled by Schurrlement A -- Schurrle. Schurrle and Rojo having a


little set-to here. Lavezzi is across to have a word and


Mascherano is here too. Thomas Muller can rub opponents up the


wrong way and he's doing just that here.


This will play into Argentina hands. I would have thought so.


That's just a Schurrle foul. We know that all day. It's amazing when they


don't see it. This is the one. What's that? It was something rather


manufactured by Thomas Muller. It was indeed, for the second time.


Rojo is lucky. He tried to be too clever. In the end, he just let


Muller have a simple cross and thanks goodness for Zabaleta, for


Argentina. Thomas Muller has to be careful. If he wants a battle, he's


playing the right team for it. Or the wrong team!


It goes Argentina's way. Contested by Schurrle. He's come on full of


fire. Yeah, he's getting a little bit rattled, the Germans, which


would suit Argentina. They don't have a problem with this.


It was the right call. straight at Romero from Kroos. Klose


did really well here, great awareness, out of his feet. That's a


back pass. Not his thing today. That's two though, isn't it? Germany


just showing signs approaching halftime of knocking it around


again. They're going over too easily as


well. Muller had to make sure he stayed in front of Lavezzi.


Could Miroslav Klose have flung himself at that? I think he thought


about it. Great ball, isn't it? No. Even though we're goalless, for a


World Cup final, it's actually been good, the first half.


Schweinsteiger has run most of the first half.


Germany corner. We move into two minutes of first-half added time.


That's such a good relationship down the right, Muller and Lahm. Perez


puffing there. It's difficult. It will be Kroos with a corner.


puffing there. It's difficult. It and Howedes have made their way into


the Argentina penalty area. - Hummels. Romero started to move


towards the ball and he retreated and he will stay


towards the ball and he retreated corner kick. Hummels is a danger.


Two goals in the World Cup at already, one against


Muller is the target of the referee's attention again, pushing


and pulling between him and Pablo Zabaleta. Expectant German fans.


Against the post! The flag has gone up. It hasn't gone in. Romero has


the ball in his grateful gloves. Such a great header as well, this


was, from Howedes. It comes off the post.


I'm saying it's a good header, he should have scored. He


I'm saying it's a good header, he run at it. Got great leveraged at


I'm saying it's a good header, he the header as well. Good officiating


once again. A stroke of luck for Argentina. Schurrle caught by


Zabaleta. Half-time at the Maracana. We haven't had a goal, but we have


seen a glaring miss from Gonzalo Higuain, who then did put the ball


in the net only for it to be ruled out for offside. Right at the end we


had that Howedes header. I think out for offside. Right at the end we


will get goals, we just don't know out for offside. Right at the end we


score them. Goalless it may be, but fascinating


it certainly is. A contrast in styles between attack and


counterattack. Classic, German pass and move and they tried to thread


their way through a resilient defence. The Germans are then


playing high up the pitch, distinct lack of pace and susceptible to the


counter attack. It's very, very open. Argentina have probably had


the better chances, apart from the one that hit the post at the end. It


was tough to call before the game, but it becomes increasingly


difficult. Still tough to call. Germany have had a lot of


possession, a lot of play down the right-hand side. Both teams have had


two great chances. Higuain should score and Howedes at the end is a


sitter from the set piece. Thoroughly enjoyable first half.


Yes. Argentina are looking very dangerous on the counterattack. I


can't believe Germany are playing with such a high line in possession,


with the lack of ability their centre halves have. Lavezzi and


Messi are having a field day. You said that throughout the tournament,


but you'd suspect with the class Argentina have got... Algeria did


the same thing, but this is against Argentina. If they continue to take


chances like that... There's no great recovery pace so when it's


played pass them, Messi gets in on the right-hand side and he's in.


Conceivably should have done better. Germany went very close to scoring


just before half-time. Before the game you said set pieces could be


crucial. They are very good at it and they know their jobs, Germany.


That is a fantastic ball in and Howedes should score, five yards


out. You've got to score. Eventually gives offside. It's a great ball in.


Argentina haven't defended brilliantly. Higuain has had an


interesting first half. He had the best chance before that. Just before


Mascherano had made a great tackle. He takes about three days to get it


under control. Then a gift of a chance. He's onto it, but he is


slow, pedestrian, laborious. Just nudging forward with your head and


make the chance easier. It sat out really well for him. He can take it


on. Because it's so nice to hit, and it's a sitter, you dream about one


of them. I don't think he needs to go so early here. He needs to check


his run to three yards. It's a very, very good ball in and a great


finish, but he doesn't need to make the wrong so early. He can see the


defenders. He should see a cross the line. Messi getting the ball between


the lines and he puts someone else in. Fantastic to see. You said


before the games that Germany are strong down the right and that is


predominantly where their threat has come from. Almost everything is


coming down the right-hand side. Lahm starts it off the vast majority


of the time. Whether it's Muller, they get in there and they have a


habit of getting in there. They find pockets of space and eventually


Argentina will get punished if they don't stop the cross coming in. They


are not prepared to rush, they wait. They get into the final third


and they are dangerous. You can tell that their favourite side because


and they are dangerous. You can tell the vast majority of it is there


whether it is Muller and Lahm or the others down there. It's a dangerous


area. You have to stop the cross. Defender lets him cross it to be


easily and at the moment Argentina are getting away with it. They are


creating half chances, Germany. The final ball hasn't been great. This


is fantastic from Ozil. Bit of a backpass, but they are working the


spaces really well. If they can find the final ball, they will punish


them. We've talked about the high line and the lack of pace of


Hummels, is it possible to exploit that? Yeah. He's been protected


really well this tournament, they haven't been left isolated man for


man. He has a lack of ability. He can't live with him. Comes inside.


The next one shows it even more. Neuer knows exactly where he is,


great goalkeeping. One on one, he identifies who he is up against, see


you later. Stop start. That's what they have to do. Great players


identify a weakness and they sit on it. The thing about a high line, and


we've seen Neuer are coming and sweeping, sometimes you can't come


and sweep. You just need one little ball in and the player to make the


right run and the goalkeeper is out of the equation. The game springs to


life when it gets to Messi. Three occasions in the first half,


including this one. Not only that, his vision and to execute the pass


also. He is top, top drawer. That is a very good tackle from


Schweinsteiger, who comes across and cuts out the danger. Him running at


you, you fear the worst. For the first time, his final ball let him


down. This is the one over the top I was talking about. A simple ball. So


dangerous. Boateng does well. So much space behind that Neuer


account, and get this one. When the ball is good enough like that, the


goalkeeper will be in no man's land if he dares to come out. If you are


giving Messi that space, he will punish you. Eventually. We shall


see. Time to pick your goal of the tournament.


Great ball, he's onside, van What a fantastic goal! What a


fantastic goal! The underdogs have made such a good


start. Is there a response? K Hill! What a strike! Tim K Hill has done


it again for Australia. - Give it to him and pray. And he's


done it! It had to be Messi. He's broken in rainy and hearts. -


Iranians. Now Jones. Jones! The equaliser!


Jermaine Jones. James Rodriguez! Moment of magic!


The outstanding James Rodriguez has once again lit up a game at these


World Cup finals. David Luiz! Brilliant! What a goal


from David Luiz! Absolute perfection. David Luiz Hammers home


a sensational free kick! A lovely reverse ball. Schurrle!


Andre Schurrle, seven! Seven to choose from and we know which one we


like. To vote, head to the BBC World Cup website and click on the goal of


your choice. Voting closes on the full-time whistle and we'll give you


the result towards the end of the programme. Plenty more sport to look


forward to this summer, starting with the live coverage of The Open


Championship from Hoylake on Thursday morning. But what about


next month? Thursday morning. But what about


next month? Life returns. I don't think I know


who the doctor is any more. I'm the doctor. I've lived


who the doctor is any more. I'm the years. I've made many mistakes. It's


about time I did something about that. Where are we going? Into


darkness. Here we go again. Am I a good man? I don't know. Dr


Who. Let's pop back, not in time, but


right now to the Maracana to hear the thoughts of Clarence Seedorf.


Just before kick-off I spoke to Lothar Matthaus. He says he's very


confident, although I'm not sure how relaxed he was when Higuain was


clean through. Is this the World Cup finals you expected?


clean through. Is this the World Cup Cup final, great quality, great


game, exactly what we expected. Argentina waiting for the Germans,


great possession from the Germans, but Argentina are knocking on the


door. Do you think Germany need to speed up their midfield? Yes, and


use the left side more. They are ignoring the left side. They have to


be more adventurous. They came out quite dangerously a couple of times.


I think Argentina have had the better chances. I know how impressed


you've been with Thomas Muller, whose movement has been fantastic.


He's fantastic, always doing the right thing. He's a bit out of the


game because they are forcing the game on the right-hand side, which


ups Argentina to defend better. - helps. The atmosphere is incredible,


what will happen helps. The atmosphere is incredible,


what will in the second-half? Is it going all the way? I expect


Argentina to sit back and Germany to push forward, with more movement up


front. They have to be aware of the speed of Argentina up front. Messi


is in the game and I'm liking what I'm seeing. Who will lift the


trophy? Very hard question. The logical thing is Germany, the best


team of the tournament. But Argentina are knocking on the door.


Thank you. Brilliant way of saying he has no


idea! More of the same in the second-half? I can't see it


changing. Germany will have the lion 's share of the play, but Argentina


have looked dangerous. If they introduce Sergio Aguero, he could


have a big say. We don't always say this but you have to say the Germans


have been a little bit unfortunate so far, losing Khedira before


kick-off and then losing his replacement, Kramer. It is one of


those were you can't see him coming. You take the full force of it. I


feel sorry for him there, You take the full force of it. I


introduced to the game and then for that to happen to him. Normally when


you can see somebody coming you can prepare yourself, you tense up, but


there is nothing there. Nasty one. How do you see it going, Alan? I


agree with Clarence. The Germans had a lot of possession in the first


half. Because Argentina can see Germany are susceptible to the


counterattack they will sit back and try to hit them on the break. They


have the pace of Messi. It just needs one ball over the top. I agree


with Rio, if Aguero comes off on, he can make the difference. Is it


fate? You just wonder. We have had a first half with no goals but it has


been end to end. We expected Argentina to get men behind the ball


but we did not expect a first half as good as that. Both managers will


be happy at half-time with all players carrying out their


instructions. Argentina will be looking for more of the same. Mats


Hummels, they have been in your team of the tournament. He has been slow.


It's still 0-0. They just look relaxed and happy in this situation.


It is a World Cup final, 24, 25 years old, but they're just chilling


before they go out. He looks pretty cool, with his family by the looks


of it. Looks like he's supporting Argentina. How can he let them wear


Argentina shirts? I don't understand it. Diego Simeone told him he had


to. One goal for Thomas Muller and he would grab the Golden Goal. James


Rodriguez has six at the moment and there will be watching closely. The


first goal will be vital. I think there should be more of the same but


with goals. The first half was absolutely excellent. Great watch.


Cancer attacking play against a classic passant move team. Cash


counter attacking play. -- passage and move team. Germany will


definitely be hoping to get that first goal. The two sides walking


back out onto the pitch at the fantastic Maracana Stadium. Back to


Mark Lawrenson and Guy Mowbray. GUY MOWBRAY: Thanks, Gary. A change


to start with. Ezequiel Lavezzi is going off to be replaced by Sergio


Aguero. A change for Argentina. Lavezzi came into the side after


Aguero was ruled out with injury. He has started the last three games.


Aguero still looking for his first World Cup goal. He has half a dozen


international appearances without a goal but is not a bad player to have


coming on at We did see him in S?o Paulo and he


looked a bit ring rusty. Growing problems? I'm not sure you could say


that. He's had a number of muscular problems since New Year with


Manchester City. His first touch in the World Cup final, sending it back


to Javier Mascherano. Messi is running already. Howedes is beaten


by Higuain. Aguero An interesting story developing in


that Argentina kept the Germany players waiting for some time in the


player's tunnel. Mascherano lists it three for


Higuain but he's offside again. -- lifts it through for Higuain.


Probably four or five different occasions down that side now.


Looking at what Argentina have done, I think Higuain will play on the


right, Messi in the middle and Aguero on the left. Aguero and


Higuain Hattie tucked in from those sides. Perez is playing as a


right-sided midfielder. Aguero will try to run onto this but Jerome


Boateng combines with Neuer. It was easy for Boateng. A positive stride.


Positive start for Argentina. Biglia has gone to the left of Mascherano.


Messi, the flag has stayed down but he has missed! Right across the face


with the crowd waiting to roar. Of all the people. He is on the side. A


massive intake of breath. You are just waiting for the net to bulge.


How close was that? Very. Neuer was beaten. He was stranded. Another


It has got those blue and white Argentina opportunity goes by.


It has got those blue and white striped shirted


It has got those blue and white feet and waving the flag


It has got those blue and white They like what they have seen since


the break but they might not like Muller the ball now.


A little bit of a waste. But a really bright start by Argentina. He


is not just feeling his left hamstring? I'm hoping it's just an


itch. So is he. He knows where the camera is, Alejandro Sabella. Still


0-0, still a lot of Argentina fans wondering how that is


Fired all the way through by Mascherano. Not quite sure


Germany players. They were waiting in the tunnel except Philipp Lahm.


He came out onto the field but was in the tunnel except Philipp Lahm.


called back in by the referee. Lahm ignored him and had the Maracana to


himself for a couple of minutes. Zabaleta was caught by Klose. The


sunset in Rio, not many finer sites in the world.


That is a picture. Staggering, isn't it. To think we have been up there


as well. Argentina free kick. Mistake by Perez.


Javier Mascherano for bailing him out there. Perhaps he was lucky that


Javier Mascherano for bailing him it was Klose who


Javier Mascherano for bailing him quickly as he used to. Don't mind


seeing the odd mistake, it usually means goals. Aguero climbed early


and five. Higuain went in with Howedes, but the defender did


enough. A swing and a miss from Higuain.


Messi, defenders doubling up on him. Messi couldn't get involved there,


he was wandering back rather lazily from being offside. At the moment


every time Argentina come forward, they are posing problems for the


Germans. Its lack of football now, isn't it. That is amazing. Almost as


though it was planned that way. It isn't it. That is amazing. Almost as


just doesn't look real. That is how amazing it is.


Ozil got it out to Howedes who showed too much of its two Pablo


Zabaleta who took a bit of everything. He looked like a


centre-back playing left-back then, Howedes. The second touch was almost


a header. There is room on the right for


Philipp Lahm should Germany choose to go that way. Lahm, threatening to


under all busily through, to go that way. Lahm, threatening to


instead he will have to get back pretty quickly. -- to bundle. Great


tackle by Boateng on Aguero. They will have a rest and set off


again. The game is quickening up, which is great. Even Mascherano


threatened to break forward then which is great. Even Mascherano


he was ignored. They will try another way round. Zabaleta sets


off. That was wasted by Mascherano. Two


in a row for him, most unusual. He goes down, tripped by Zabaleta.


The advantage is played and it's turned behind by Garay for the


corner. Schurrle asking for the free kick. But the referee gave Germany


the advantage. Foul, yeah, but look what a good position Germany are in.


They will have to settle for the corner, which they are pretty good


from. No card for Zabaleta, incidentally. Howedes is making the


run to the near post. Well over him. And there was a bit of pushing and


pulling with Muller grabbing hold of some shirt.


Well, yeah, right. After his was pulled. I think the free kick has


gone against his reputation. Mats Hummels was getting a hug from


Garay. Thomas Muller was unlucky there.


Germany. Quite clever when you are under the cosh a little bit.


Argentina quickening the tempo once more. Zabaleta looking for the run


of Higuain. Outcomes Neuer, a long, long way. Big collision. He's given


a free kick the other way, the referee. Was Neuer inside the box


when he made the connection with his fist? That's exactly what Sergio


Aguero is arguing about. Higuain has a look, he knows he's coming, he can


hear him. That doesn't tell us, does it? I think he's just all right,


just. Higuain might not be. It's his knee coming up into the side of the


face. Is that dangerous play from the goalkeeper? He does get to the


ball first. What's he going to do with his knees when he's that high


up in the air? You make contact with the ball and then worry about


everything else later. German goalkeeper Polak Singer boy in blue,


we are back to Schumacher! Not quite in that category, thank goodness.


we are back to Schumacher! Not quite Higuain is half accepting the


apology. Hard to know how it can be a free kick to Germany. Very harsh.


He got his head in the way of a six German. - six German. You can


understand his anger and his business. Quite a few breaks for


blows to the head throughout this World Cup. He's having a go at the


fourth official as well, Higuain, on the touchline. Sub ballot is joining


in. Not getting a lot of movement from


Klose, are they? Finding it really difficult to get into the game at


the moment. A cross towards Klose. He's got one


on target, there's always once a match. That's what he's good at,


within the confines of the 18-yard box. A good league, but not a great


connection. It seemed to slide down his face rather than


connection. It seemed to slide down temple. Echoes the way he got off in


2002 when Schurrle runs into Pablo Zabaleta.


five goals Just kept in. It will be an


Argentina throw in. They claim it should be a goal kick, but not the


case. Joachim should be a goal kick, but not the


with a few words to say, it Lahm couldn't quite slide it


the feet of Muller. No. Did Muller stop thinking he was offside, maybe?


the feet of Muller. No. Did Muller Clever play by Lahm. No,


the feet of Muller. No. Did Muller moment it looked like Bayern


He is forced a slice from the keeper. What a touch!


Demichelis was caught by Klose. Muller wants it in the middle.


Mascherano didn't really get it away and then it was behind from Ozil. It


shot up at him, a bit unlucky. Klose was also behind Ozil. Looks like a


deflection off Mascherano. A little bit unfortunate, not a lot Ozil


could do. Running at full pelt. The World Cup final remains


intriguing. Still don't think you would want to


firmly put yourself in one camp, saying one team will win it over the


other. Hummels against Aguero and that's getting tetchy. Well done,


Aguero. He fought three different people to win that corner. He is


strong. Looks far more ready for this than he was the other day. He


was undercooked the other day, no doubt about it. Clever too. Didn't


let Hummels anywhere near that. Demichelis and Geraint Hughes and


row Joe up from the back. - garra right.


My first thought was it was another corner for Argentina. I think I was


right, it came off Klose. Schweinsteiger is


want it. Doesn't want it there. I don't think he wants it anywhere.


Really messy between Neuer and Howedes. Neuer are saying to


Howedes, you have to accept the ball. Zabaleta will take the


Argentina throw in. Threatening to have a good spell with Aguero


instrumental. Mascherano has made another mistake. And then plunging


into a tone for the error and he will get a yellow card. He knew


straightaway as well. Doesn't complain. OK, I'll take that, my


mistake. Argentina in the final, you might say, largely down to his lots


this chick tackle to deny Arjen Robben. - last-ditch tackle. Most


definitely. Stretched so much he almost did himself a mischief in


that game, but fit today. Aguero was in late and he will be


yellow carded. He has ended Schweinsteiger and there is a lot of


feeling creeping into this now. Echoes of when they meant in the


World Cup in Germany in 2006, when it went all the way to penalties. At


the end, Schweinsteiger was punched in the back by Maxi Rodr?guez after


the penalty shoot out. It all went off, as they say. I think it's


because you've got that undercurrent in this game as well, which is why


it's so intriguing. Lots and lots of Argentinian noise again. I thought


they had been quiet for a while. Overruled. Ozil took it. Not to any


great benefit for Germany. Biglia was caught waiting for it. Free kick


for Argentina. Klose as well, back a long way. He


couldn't stop himself. Germany have six or seven players warming up


behind the goal. Can't bring them all on! Played in. Neuer was the


only player ready for that. Very coolly done by Demichelis. He


had to get that absolutely right. Schurrle and Romero have words. We


had a player sent off in both of the last two World Cup finals, why


shouldn't this one be any different? I think Romero is the biggest player


Argentina have in terms of height. Not a tall team at all. Free kick


for Germany and Biglia is contesting that. Many duels developing all over


the field. Returned to Ozil by Muller. Zabaleta doesn't take any


chances. Kept by Higuain. Perez claims handball and gets it against


Toni Kroos. Not sure what Kroos can do in that circumstance. Is he


supposed to chop it off at the shoulder?


Great run from row Joe down the left-hand side. Higuain is in the


box. left-hand side. Higuain is in the


Schweinsteiger. Who else? Three separate


Schweinsteiger. Who else? Three he's come in and saved Germany. Nice


turn by Enzo Perez and then he drove straight at Hummels. Demichelis out


to Zabaleta, who can put in a cross, but it was too close to Neuer R.


The game is opening up. Here we go. Lahm breezes past Biglia. And then


he is unceremoniously taken down. He bought it, didn't he? He wasn't


turning round and running back to his own goal.


Lovely passing Germany players. Howedes with a


cross that is anything but lovely. It goes for a throw in. That's why


he's a centre-back. It's also why we've seen no goals to determine who


will be closer to lifting that trophy at the end of the day. You


can still focus your goal of the trophy at the end of the day. You


Cup website. The vote Clark says - closes at full-time. It has run


away, Rome are row has it. Poor touch. Lovely play.


much longer there, he ran straight into Kroos. He had a couple of


moments in the first half, most definitely. But you could have said


that about ten in some of the other games until the last couple of


minutes. And then we saw games until the last couple of


Particularly in the last 16 game against Switzerland when he made the


winner for Di Mar?a in the nick of time. Perez and Schweinsteiger


having a falling out. To be considered with Maradona and Pele,


does Messi have to start performing before this game is done? Yes.


does Messi have to start performing answered that! Did you want the


longer version? Yes will do. A little bit of anxiety at


German end but they seem relaxed by and large. Argentina supporters have


been anything but relaxed. I'm amazed they all made it four


kick-off because of the noise made in Rio last night, until 6am,


fantastic stuff. Aguero towards fantastic stuff. Aguero towards


Higuain. Away by Howedes. Mascherano went in bravely, some might say


foolhardy. I'm not sure it was a free kick. He goes download to head


it. You are allowed to challenge him.


Higuain can't get past Mats Hummels, one of the defenders of the


tournament. Howedes asked a lot of Andre Schurrle there. Schurrle went


stride for stride with Zabaleta. Looked like the assistant was about


to give a free kick to Germany. He undoubtedly was. It is a throw for


Perez to take. Now it is Zabaleta to take.


Messi can't take it. Looked as though he was about to burn away


from Howedes. I think he had a little luck before the ball was due


to arrive at his feet. Must have just taken his eye off it. They all


look old enough to have enjoyed Maradona at his best. This is not


Messi at his best on night. The touch from Perez somehow bounces


through to Messi. Messi bounces past a couple of tackles to shoot but he


couldn't quite wrap his left foot around. But here he comes. Amazing,


isn't it, defenders seemed mesmerised when he's up against


them. His movement is so quick, short steps, fantastic control. He


was thinking of Iran all over again. That goal in injury time moments


after Iran had had their own chances to win it. Argentina are yet to be


behind in any game in this World Cup.


Klose did well to keep his balance but couldn't quite keep the ball in


the end. Neither could Lahm. Joachim Low is contemplating what


move to make next but I think Sabella will make the next move. It


will probably be Palacio. He seems to come on quite regularly. Has come


on in four of the games. He could have won it against the Dutch.


We don't know if Di Maria is fit to play any part at all. You would


think if he was he would be involved. Howedes beat Perez to


that. Schurrle loses out to Mascherano and in fact was impeding,


stopping Mascherano getting away. The referee in the right place. The


question is, who does he come on for? This will be a statement. If


it's not the like of Higuain, you're not taking Messi Ofcom is on. He's


either taking off Higuain or he's going for it with everything,


Sabella. The board says nine, Higuain will be coming off.


Throw for Argentina. They will make the change before play is reserved.


-- resumed. Higuain was put through by, of all people, Toni Kroos with a


backward header. He won't be getting a goal in this World Cup final.


Rodrigo Palacio takes over. Aguero had to be strong. Messi


trying to hold off Schweinsteiger. It won't quite run for Palacio and


Neuer is there to pounce. A good bit of distribution as well, Muller was


screaming for the ball. Looked for a split-2nd like Messi would burst


through everybody. Muller got himself in a mix up. They


have managed to get a corner from it. I think what Argentina have


done... Look at that, fantastic. Just stumbles and then


off-camera... He turns to the rest and thought he had been caught. He's


now playing through the, Messi. Argentina looking all the more


dangerous for it. It will be Germany who could threaten from this,


though. Garay is trying to go where ever Mats Hummels wants to go. It is


towards Muller. He could not get off the floor to challenge for it.


Argentina in no hurry to get out here.


A lovely ball from Muller. Had defenders swarming around Howedes,


the chance was gone. Again, it went to the wrong man. But he was the


the chance was gone. Again, it went only man in there for Germany. Won


back by Mats Hummels. Lahm lists it towards Muller but it looks like a


push. Everybody's down. It was like Beaches Brooke. -- beach


I think they just clattered into each other. Howedes could not get it


out of his feet and under control. It has been the story of his game.


He broke free from Demichelis... No, he didn't, he just fell over. The


referee said that all of the German players lining up behind the goal,


it's a distraction. For whom? I think for him.


Less than ten minutes of the 90 to go. We are yet to see a goal in the


first World Cup final played Palacio never really had a handle on


where that was going over his head. The game continues to be reasonably


open and The game continues to be reasonably


both teams. Can Ozil create something? Behind Schurrle. Kroos!


He passed it wide of the post. Well wide. Never felt like he would make


the net bulge. Ozil cuts inside, head up and a great ball. No. Didn't


even bobble or anything. No excuse. There was no conviction in me shot


from a player who scored twice as Brazil were bulldozed in Belo


Horizonte Leeds on Wednesday. I wonder if were getting to the


stage I wonder if were getting to the


pressing and Argentina forced to sit back, where the toil of Argentina's


semifinal against the Dutch takes control. Goalkick. Ozil thinks it's


a corner. So did I at first. Good decision. Ozil was in front of


Mascherano. Ozil Ben claims he should have had a free kick. But it


will be a goalkick. -- Ozil Ben Joachim Low is unruffled. There is a


delay for an intruder. That is a far better site. Absolutely. Some


village has just lost its idiot. It looks so close, doesn't it. We can


see it with the naked eye from where we are sitting, just on top of the


hill. Germany 0-0 Argentina. Nodded on towards Klose. A combination of


Demichelis and Garay can bind to keep him away. Romero was very cool.


And a lack of pace Palacio is on the move down the


left. Slip from Boateng it allows the ball to be played into Messi but


a slip from Aguero. I don't think he would have got to it anyway. No, he


was just setting himself and Messi flicked it as though... He does


about 50 of those everyday. Here you go. We knew the final would be tight


but we did not know how it would pan out other than that. Six minutes.


Are we set for a big finish? Argentina are getting ready to make


their third and final change and it looks like a defensive one with Gago


getting ready. Will it still be level terms? Schurrle could not find


Muller. Germany's throw. Sabella wants to make the change. The


referee has not glanced over. It will be Gago for Perez when they


get the chance. Argentina's throw, and it is their


last road, substitution wise. -- their last throw. Perez


last road, substitution wise. -- two games in the World Cup, not bad,


in the semifinal and final, but now he makes way for Fernando Gago. Gago


actually lost his place to Biglia. A home-based player takes the field


for Argentina, plays for Boca Juniors. Another player who fits the


team old, very steady and solid. Joachim Low is going to throw on


someone a little more exciting in style, Mario Gotze. When he gets the


chance. Palacio on the ball for Argentina in the meantime.


I think it will be Klose making way for Germany, which presumably will


mean Muller in the middle. Yeah. Gago demanding the ball. Messi ran


into Boateng. Biglia. What a great tackle that is. Two tackles


actually. That one firm Schweinsteiger, yet again in his own


penalty area, and Boateng beforehand. Now the change. Mario


Gotze, 22 years old, who many thought would have


Gotze, 22 years old, who many tournament than he's had. He did


score against Ghana. The Bayern Munich boy wonder is probably a


better player than he's shown overall. He might have a big say


yet. Presumably the end of his World Cup career. 36, he's done it all,


he's scored more goals at the World Cup finals than any other player.


Two at this one. One more than Ronaldo and two more than Gerd


Muller. Says it all, what a career. On comes Gotze, whose career is


bouncing along very nicely, thank you. A worry for Argentina. Biglia


is half smiling, half grimacing. Joe Cain lurve has taken the opportunity


to speak to Schweinsteiger. - Joachim Low. Tactics, I presume. Pat


on the back and carry on as you are. Biglia will be OK to continue, he


has to do, Argentina have used all their substitutes. Germany have one


left. It might be needed in extra time because that is now looming


large. Sabella is going mad... Biglia is back on now.


Palacio has Zabaleta in support. He got past Hummels all by himself, but


a good challenge by Howedes. Gotze is through the middle and Muller is


still on the left-hand side. Schurrle on the right. Muller is


trying to make a nuisance of Schurrle on the right. Muller is


will stop Demichelis had time to steer it back to Garay. Gotze not


close enough to take advantage of the stumble.


Three minutes to be added on. Three minutes to find a winner all we will


have another 30. - or. Messi minutes to find a winner all we will


to take it from Ozil. A lovely shift of the ball. Almost rude to Aguero.


Boateng has had of the ball. Almost rude to Aguero.


Given away by Biglia, that was very, brilliant.


Given away by Biglia, that was very, very casual. Gotze with Schurrle


running strongly. Gotze stuff debt. - scuffed it. The ball never seemed


to come down. Romero going long again, Aguero


trying to force the error from Hummels, but there haven't been many


throughout the World Cup. No way through to Messi, well cut out by


Muller. Rojo ran straight into Schurrle.


Lahm finds Ozil. A touch from Gotze. Three in the box for Germany. Gotze


trying to ghost into a shooting position. Zabaleta away. Towering


staff from Hummels. One last staff from Hummels. One last


Argentina break before the end. Here it is. Aguero. Messi and Palacio are


up. They are outnumbered and it is. Aguero. Messi and Palacio are


been outdone. Yeah, Hummels just kept his eye on the ball.


been outdone. Yeah, Hummels just really for Gago to go, he had to go


into reverse. Schurrle is still full of running.


Palacio looked like he might have been offside. Knocked down by


Hummels to Kroos. Demichelis can't get it through to Aguero and we are


going to have an extra 30 minutes and maybe a little bit more! There


have been chances, but nothing taken even with the likes of Messi on the


field. We still don't know who will be world champions in 2014, but


don't go anywhere. (STUDIO) it's awfully tense and it


could go either way. It's been like that all evening. Chances at both


ends, but despite that, there's only been three shots on target in the


entire match and they were all from Germany. Argentina probably having


the best chances in much of the game, but they failed to hit the


target and Messi just after half-time having one of the best of


all. Perhaps a good omen for Argentina, the last two World Cup


finals that went to extra time were won by the team wearing blue or dark


blue. 18 years since Germany's last trophy at Euro 96 and 24 years since


their last world title. Argentina's last significant silverware was the


Copa America in 1993. It's the longest drought in their history,


but something has to give. So difficult to predict which way this


will go. Unbelievably difficult, the game is so open. The first half was


better than the second half. The second half was stop start. Messi


had a golden opportunity just after half-time and he missed the target.


Very, very difficult to pick a winner. What do you think? It is


very difficult. The big thing is there have been big chances and the


disappointing thing is none of them have made the goalkeeper 's work.


Messi had his moment, one on one, left foot. Put it wide. The second


half wasn't as exciting as the first half. Gotze coming on will give them


more legs to run in behind because Klose was really, really tired.


Expected at his age. Gotze will give them more. We've talked about the


German high and whether they will get caught out, but they are getting


away with it. They are. The first half they got away with it, and in


the second half. Boateng has had a fantastic game at centre half, he's


been immense for Germany. Almost in there. So square. Hummels doesn't


even look on his left shoulder. Both centre halves on the same line,


which is criminal. The full-back is a centre-half. There's not a lot of


space behind that one, but there is here. Look at the line. This was his


chance. Pick-up the trophy himself. That would have put him up there


alongside if not above Maradona. A few inches the difference. Sometimes


he bursts to life. Few and far between. Probably their best chance.


It is. When he gets the ball in this position and he's running at you,


it's virtually impossible to stop him. You know where he wants to go,


but you can't stop him. A clever little pass. Three players around


him and he has a picture in his head before he gets the ball. Everyone


knows he wants to come on his left foot, but you can't stop him, he is


so quick and so good. That's where they've improved a little bit,


Argentina, when the ball has gone up to Aguero and it's stuck to him.


Messi has benefited from that a little bit. It has been fits


Messi has benefited from that a starts with Messi. He's disappeared


for long periods. A great tackle on him therefrom Boateng. He's had a


great game. The best players have been Schweinsteiger, Mascherano and


Boateng. It's been a good game. Very, very cagey. Alex Sabella


giving his instructions, once of Sheffield United. Messi waiting to


hear. He's had enough of that Team Talk, he knows what to do, he wants


no part of it! Vital moments, viz. We've all been in this situation.


Did you need cajoling at this stage? I was more concerned about my


physical state. Worried about how you will get through the next half


an hour. Your mind is already set far how you will perform, the


structure of the team. The physical well-being... Some people like great


speeches, others don't want you to speak to them. Two of the smallest


men on the pitch tossing the coin. I'm starting to think about


penalties. Someone get us out of it! It just needs one piece of


individual brilliance and he is the man. I've always been a big fan of


penalties, quite entertaining! Lets get back to the commentators.


Thank you, it is the seventh World Cup final to go to extra time. Two


have been decided on penalties, in 1994, Brazil beating Italy in Los


Angeles, and 2006 in Germany when Italy held sway. Over the French.


Joachim Low has been in and out again during the break. Nothing of


the sort for Alejandro Sabella. Lionel Messi led the Team Talk as


they went into extra time against the Dutch on Wednesday, this time he


was well away from it. It was about Sabella and then Mascherano took


over. 30 minutes or the next world champions will be decided by a


penalty shoot out. Argentina played in one final that went to extra


time, on their patch, 1978, when they beat the Dutch. Germany lost in


1966 when it went to extra time. Schurrle went down. Up on his feet


and beaten away. Another chance! Garay managed to get it down to


Mascherano and now there's an Argentina break. Stopped by Boateng


and then by Hummels. What a start to the extra period. Aguero taking on


Hummels again, Noi in charge. Great break by Germany, absolutely


brilliant. - Knoydart. I hope that's set the time for extra time. The


goalkeeper having to make a save. Straight at him. Germany are going


to try and have a go again immediately.


Schweinsteiger wanted Muller on the end of that. Important header. Now


Nobody there. No. His argument will have done. Palacio miscontrolled it.


Nobody there. No. His argument will be there should have been somebody.


He was in control of the ball. Messi tried to get in there with him.


He was in control of the ball. Messi We locked at -- looked at Romero,


but Germany are a team in a getting the bigger picture. Just


waiting to pick off the tackle. Rather lucky that he fire today


through Schurrle. It's an Argentina throw.


It's that final ball. A comfortable save. Actually doesn't do great


time. Largely thanks


time. We have seen they could be picked


off on the counterattack, Boot raised a little high, was it?


Yeah. Schweinsteiger has plenty to say. Germany carry on apace.


Schurrle being followed by Mascherano.


Goetze can't quite get there. Just looking at Schurrle. He seems


to be frightened of Zabaleta. Certainly won't go and take him on


at all. All eyes on the game. But we're all


still waiting for that one moment of magic that could decide the biggest


prize in football. Many times during the game it's


looked likely to come. It's looked close, but never quite happened.


Got to credit the two sets of defenders for that.


Demichelis and Gabius, the two of them.


-- Zabaleta, the two of them. up with something special now.


Palacio's got it. Neuer out to meet him. All he can do is lift it wide.


Another chance goes. What a fantastic ball from Rojo. Just


picked him out. Over Hummels ' head. The height over Neuer was the


problem. Muller lurking on the point of the


penalty area. Germany throw.


Give Neuer a bit of credit, how quickly he came out to Palacio.


We've seen some good goalless draws at this tournament. This probably


not the best of them actually. No. Schurrle was trying to play it


against Demichelis and get the corner. Not very convincing acting


skills. No. No. Just a little bit out of his feet.


He got everything wrong from there on in.


The other thing as well, if it's on target, Boateng deals with it


because it's a roly poly ball. Boateng has been in control of


pretty much everything. Yes, he has. I think Mats Hummels breathed a sigh


of relief, certainly. Just no way through. Also, there's


no-one in the box. Something that Klose will always give you. Muller


will make his way there now. Great work from Lahm. Once more


outstanding work from Mascherano. Radar for danger.


Aguero met by Hummels. He's done just about enough. That was almost a


Hunter Thou salt situation. Not pass? No, Poland at Wembley. I


thought you meant he was going to take everything. No.


They can't get out of their own half.


Ozil as well, I thought he was going to come on to it.


Germany have done all the pressing in this first part of extra time.


Good tackle from Mascherano once more. Then a dual between Mascherano


and Schweinsteiger. Germany did all the pressing and Argentina should be


in front. Story of the whole Yes, you game?


Could argue it, most certainly. Better chances have certainly gone


to the team in blue. He's just caught his instep, has he?


Mascherano has been booked. But no danger there.


Schweinsteiger like-wise. I think they both appreciate each


other, don't they? That time when players have to stretch it out a


little bit more. Body and minds in focus.


Three minutes of the first extra time to go.


We're still at deadlock. Boateng moving in laboured fashion


out to that one. Mascherano suffered a concussion in


the last game. Has he been caught again? Not as badly I


the last game. Has he been caught It was Kroos. There's a big


difference in height It was Kroos. There's a big


time. Argentina supporters have decided the time is now. They're


time. Argentina supporters have going to lift their team as best


they can. Out came Mascherano to snuff out the


threat. Similar situation, same old players every time. Yeah, it is. If


Just a few snapshots of the tension Schweinsteiger or Boateng.


Just a few snapshots of the tension around the Maracana stadium. A lot


of money been paid. A lot of people have come a long way to see their


team crowned world He'll get a free kick. He was lucky


because he miscontrolled it. Looked as though he had the chance to poke


it back to Aguero. He did. Phillipp Lahm now struggling.


it back to Aguero. He did. a free kick for Germany, ouch.


I think once they've taken it that will be it for the first period of


time. In fact, they won't take it. That will do it for


time. In fact, they won't take it. minutes. 15 minutes to find a


winner. It is getting more and more tense all the time and still we


wait. STUDIO: 15 minutes to go


wait. this gripping final of the 2014


World Cup. Will either of those goalkeepers be beat? Manuel Neuer,


who's stood resolutely throughout this tournament. Romero, who's been


equally difficult to beat for Argentina, but you have to say,


they've had very few saves to make in this competition, certainly in


this final so far. Both teams have had a chance in extra time. Big


chance. Schurrle for the Germans and Palacio for Argentineans. It was


well worked. Good stuff. He comes inside. It's hit right at the


keeper. Straight at him. Did him a right favour, straight at him.


Difficult skill on the half-volley to curl that in the corner. This is


a proper chance. Palacio. This is his time. You look at the keeper. He


comes out very quick, stands big, makes it difficult. But a striker


playing in an inter-Milan team, scoring 19 goals last season, you've


got to put it in the back of the net. He didn't look comfortable. The


chances have been there. They haven't been taken. That 15 minutes


was really good. The first five minutes of extra time was end-to-end


stuff. Argentina have never been behind, at all, in this tournament.


Brilliant defence, solid. Mascherano is unbelievable in front of that


back four. He's a defender's dream to play behind. He just sniffed out


all the dangerer. Every time the ball is in the box, it hasn't got


through, it's him. After months Phenomenal. Of playing game after


game, reaching the final, final 15 minutes of extra time,


game, reaching the final, final 15 on your feet now. It's pure fighting


spirit that will see these players through. You have to get your mind


going. 15 more minutes, you're saying that to your body. You have


to find it from somewhere. Otherwise? Extra reserves of energy.


This is 15 minutes that could define your life. It becomes mental.


Physical fatigue, but you mentally get through it and adjust everything


and make sure you're there at the Still all end. Is to play for. They


still believe. I wonder if they're players too. The Germany players


will, that's for sure. Guy. There is Lothar Matthaus, filming a movie!


Movie selfie! For the former captain of West Germany. You would think


with Argentina's extra time and playing a day later, this would be


better for Germany. A fantastic chance for Palacio. Three out of the


last four games have gone to extra time for Argentina. Germany were


only taken all the way by RG your - Algeria in the last 16. One big


quarter of an hour left or penalties. Which you would assume


Germany will win! That might be a big assumption. That's just the way


it goes, but Argentina are pretty handy from the spot, too, as they


showed against the Dutch in handy from the spot, too, as they


round. Romero, handy from the spot, too, as they


Netherlands penalties. I don't think the man at the other end would lack


confidence. Certainly not, no. I think he might even take one. I


would think so. Just for a second it looked as though Boateng might be


beaten by Palacio. We might not get to penalties yet. He said hopefully!


Fingers crossed. Although there is an argument the other way, of


course. Some sort of drama guaranteed, anyway.


Biglia went in late. That will be a free kick. He caught Schweinsteiger.


He got a knock a few minutes earlier from Mascherano. It was Mascherano


who actually caught him and he is on a card. The ref hasn't seen that.


Not as Mascherano. They both got him, actually. That warrior spirit


is being dragged out of tired legs. What can Germany work here? Ozil


leaves it for Kroos. Mascherano's header. Cleared by Rojo. It will


drop to Pablo Zabaleta. Aguero is the man in the middle. Boateng was


there with him. About to say lots of room for Lahm


to gallop into, but it's not the galloping stage now. When you gallop


forward as a full-back, you worry about getting back. A dozen minutes


of the World Cup finals left, I would think so.


Nicely back to Mesut Ozil. Cleared by Rojo. Aguero has jumped into


Schweinsteiger, free kick. Aguero on a yellow card. Careful, careful.


He's caught another one. That looked as if to say, what? What have I


done? He knew where Schweinsteiger walls. Very lucky. - was. That


really is fortunate that the referee has not seen that clearly.


Mascherano's tackle just 1990 World Cup final... Look at


that, that's the evidence, goodness me. Argentina fell apart towards the


end of the second half. Pedro Monzon and then decide the full off and


Andreas Brehme scored from the penalty spot. - Dezotti. That's not


just a second yellow card, it's a straight red card and he's got


nothing. Schweinsteiger asking why not. Sami Khedira is really


furious. He is the nonplaying substitute and he is being led away


by the Germany Assistant. On goes the game. Argentina ball. They have


a head injury of their own to worry about.


Muller on Demichelis. at the cuff full in


Muller on Demichelis. the technical area. - scuffle.


You would want Schweinsteiger on because he would take a pen, would


he not? You would just want him on. Second bit of thinking. He would


take a penalty. So would Aguero and he really shouldn't be on. Messi


managed to get away from Ozil. Germany down to ten. Should have


been Argentina down to ten for the rest of the match. Those in front of


the German dugout are getting very animated. Khedira was furious. They


need to calm down, it has gone. Biglia is there to stop a run down


the week. Schweinsteiger is back Biglia is there to stop a run down


his feet and saying, get me a. Biglia is there to stop a run down


a reception from Germans Biglia is there to stop a run down


Brazilians in the Maracana. - get me on.


Schweinsteiger's last four international goals have all been


penalties. They will need him. To qualify that, with eight and a


half minutes to go, they might need him. Lahm's shirt was pulled by


Palacio. The German substitutes him. Lahm's shirt was pulled by


getting to their feet. Joachim Low is calling for calm.


getting to their feet. Joachim Low little bit excited. They got a free


kick. Mine is going back to 2006 after the penalty shoot out in


Germany. - my mind. We hope it doesn't end in those scenes. It


wouldn't befit the final of the tournament generally played in good


spirits. Very good, generally. Chancellor Gotze! Mario


The coolest man in Rio. Even the Chancellor is on her feet. A


symbolic goal-scorer. One of the new batch of brilliant German talent. He


has put them in front in the closing minutes of the World Cup final. What


a great run as well. Committing defenders. Shall I? Shall I not?


Fantastic first touch and it's a brilliant finish. Technique


fantastic. Didn't even brilliant finish. Technique


the goalkeeper was, he knew where brilliant finish. Technique


was going. That's a goal worthy of winning the biggest final round.


Yeah. Mario Gotze, brought up at Borussia Dortmund, moved to Bayern


Munich. He wins a lot at club level. Has he just won the biggest prize


you can get? Up goes Muller with the header.


Argentina have to throw the lot at Germany now.


Think of the chances Argentina have missed. The likes of Higuain and


Messi missing them. That took the best technique of all. Wasn't it


just magnificent? Yeah, absolutely fantastic. That boy doesn't think


so! Lawyer with a huge throw to Schurrle. - Manuel Neuer. Sliced out


by Kroos. Jumping Germans right around the ground. A fourth world


title is close. Just can't get the


moment, Argentina, to affect a reply.


Messi can't work it to Palacio, cleared by Boateng.


Rojo did welterweight for it. Gotze couldn't slide in. Great cross, just


behind Palacio. Comes out to Biglia. Heavy. Lionel Messi can't keep the


ball in play. Great idea as well. Schurrle got in the early ball,


which was key. What a sensational finish from that angle. What a chip


through and what a finish into the goal. Might not be finished yet.


Willie and from Manuel Neuer. There isn't another goalkeeper in the


world who can do that. - brilliant. He looks the best. And he looks it,


he absolutely wants to be part of the action. Ozil has run the ball


across the line. Won by Gotze. With his arm. Three and a half minutes


for Argentina to find a goal that would force penalties.


Rojo is playing as a left-winger for Argentina now. Didn't go out. Neuer


has had to go back to his goal. In came Messi! The goalkeeper knew


exactly where this was going. Just watching. - just watch him. Decides


to stay. Nothing the other goalkeeper could have done about


that goal. Another German substitution, I think. They have one


left. Per Mertesacker will get a run out. I'm guessing he won't play up


front either! That's if they can get him on. They will do now if the


referee sees the substitution is ready to be made. Not yet. Romero


kicks it long. Demichelis and Arfield have gone up. Only


Mascherano sitting now. - Garay. That is Neuer's all night long.


Just wondered whether he might kick it out to get Mertesacker on. He's


gone long with it. 90 seconds remain of the World Cup


final. Muller has got away. He can't find


spirit now and a stroke of luck. Muller has got away. He can't find


Ozil. Such a great position as well, Ozil.


Unfairly tackled, free kick. Here's the Germany change. Not a bad place


to foul either. They're getting ready. They're on stand by to


celebrate. Ozil coming off I think for Mertesacker.


Coming off at his leisure. Germany are seconds away.


You may argue they now have centre backs on now with Howedes.


Mertesacker wins that ball. ( Neuer, how quick he is, he's off the


line, ready, alert. He knows this is his time. Joachim


Low is managing to look as cool as anybody possibly could in the


circumstances that he's in. He always does. Wondering away,


about to become the World Championship winning coach, if


about to become the World team can hold out for two more


minutes. Two minutes remaining


Sabella's spell in charge the Argentinian national team.


One last surge down the middle. Messi has been brought down. Looks


like he might have cramp. Aguero got away with his. Schweinsteiger got


away with that. Argentina free kick and this really is last chance


saloon. Romero is asking to go forward. Why would you stop him?


Those fans have seen him. Sabella is ignoring him.


Lionel Messi. He's asking. Sabella is ignoring him. Now he's said he


can go, has he? No. No, I don't think he has.


Why wouldn't you let him go? Well, this is "the" moment. They have only


been fleeting from Lionel Messi. Best player in the world. Some are


still having Ronaldo. Officially the world Player of the Year this year.


It's not been the world Player of the Year this year.


have wanted it to be, Lionel Messi, unless he can put this in against


the best goalkeeper in the world or create something for somebody else.


Presumably Schweinsteiger has to go off. He can barely move.


Those Argentina players will race in It's all about Messi.


Those Argentina players will race in if there's a rebound.


That's his final. It's not if there's a rebound.


Argentina's. The other thing, that free kick is a long way out to beat


Argentina's. The other thing, that They know, don't they? Mario Goetze


has asked the question of referee Rizzoli. The first World Cup win for


the reunified Germany. The referee has had another look at both


watches. They're screaming for fulltime on


the touchline. Another look at the watch. Another


muted cheer from the Germany's substitutes. That will be a free


kick. That will do it for them now. Schweinsteiger taken out, again. He


has given absolutely everything. But he doesn't have to give any more!


Germany are champions of the world. One Goetze goal has the whole of


Germany, its leaders and power brokers, beaming from ear to ear.


Not a night for the world's best individual to shine. But a night


when the world's best international team put it all together, as a team,


again. You might argue that the goal that wins a game is possibly the


most difficult chance of the night, bearing in mind the ones that went


before it. Argentinian tears are one side of


the story. The German celebrations will carry on. They've been a long


time in the making. They've seen this team grow. They've grown


together, six of the team five years ago, won the European under 21


champion, Neuer, Boateng, Hummels, Khedira, Ozil, they have all come


through together. Schooled masterfully by that man, Joachim


Low, who's done what his ally, Jurgen Klinsmann, couldn't quite do,


taken Germany to the top of the world. Lothar Matthaus once upon a


time had his hands on the crown. This is Phillipp Lahm's time and


once more, Germany's time. STUDIO: After a 24-year wait, the


Germans have won the World Cup, their fourth triumph in the game's


sternest and greatest competition. It equals Italy's tally, one behind


still Brazil. It wasn't an easy ride. Argentina had their


opportunities, but this wasn't to be Messi's time. This is the German


time In the end, it was a sublime finish from substitute Mario Goetze


that clinched it for Germany. There he is, what a moment for that young


man. What a memory that he will have forever. Germany become the first


European team to win the tournament in the Americas. All in all, they've


probably been the best team in this tournament. Yeah, they are


absolutely phenomenal at getting the job done. It's very much a team


thing. A team ethos, team spirit, really good players, but there's


been a special, special World Cup. A special goal to win the final, a


great one with Schurrle. Good cross, great first touch and a stunning


volley. The technique was out of this world. We saw Rodriguez take


volley. The technique was out of one earlier in the tournament on his


chest and volley, well that was equally as good, I think. Absolutely


stunning finish, it was. The mix in emotions between the two sets of


players. Graphic. This is the goal. If ever there was a goal to win the


tournament, it was this What Schurrle one. Did to them, he gave


them legs. The work rate that he put in, up and down that side, he got


into the danger area. It's a good ball in, but still a hell of a lot


to do, when that ball comes to Goetze. The first touch was


brilliant. And the finish was out of this world. The technique there is


brilliant. It's absolutely outstanding. He's been promise to do


something like this for a while in a German shirt. He's a wonder kid over


there. In Germany, they love this kid. This is the future. He will be


the talisman in years to come. He's fast forwarded that and come here


now. Argentineans had their chances, but I agree, that is probably the


hardest of the lot. The technique, the first touch, he knew he was


going to score. He was always in control of that ball. Never got away


from him. Left foot, bang. That made an awful lot of people happy in


Berlin. Reminiscent in many ways to the finale four years ago. We waited


till extra time. Magic moments come into games. You have to dispatch


chances that come their way. Them guy who's missed their chances,


Higuain, they will have nightmares. Three terrific chances Argentina


had. You know, there's no good news there, I'm afraid. You're beaten.


You have to admire the Germans play. They play with risk. They get


everybody high. The defenders are high. We've been going on about the


defenders holding the high line. They want to keep possession in the


opponents' half and press when they lose the ball. They stay there and


it's paid off. They have great belief in the guy behind them, the


goalkeeper. He can play left foot, right foot and he's very coming out


of that 18-yard box. He is sensational. Quite scary at times.


Four or five games now, he just comes off the line and gives nobody


a chance. He's quick and dominant. This man, well - Didn't happen for


himment Wasn't his -- Didn't happen for him. Wasn't his He had night. A


great chance. Palacio had a good chance when he came on. He was


magnificent, Schweinsteiger. Put through the wars he was. Battered


from pillar to post. They've got some top players. We mention Neuer.


Look throughout the team, Muller, Lahm, Schweinsteiger, Kroos. Boateng


was fantastic today. A lot of young players as well. This team could be


dominant like perhaps Spain have been. I think it goes in cycles.


Spain were before. But Germany, I mean, now they look like they could


dominate for a few years. Average age of 26. Let's hear from inside


the stadium, a view from Clarence and Jason.


You were talking about the mixed emotions as far as the players are


concerned. Wonderful World Cup moment, when the Argentina fans


applauded Germany. Clarence, over the tournament, you have to say that


Germany are worthy of the title? Absolutely. We announce them in


2010, and they made it all happen. The best team. They grew a lot. The


first games were not the best. Always very solid, getting the


results and they play fantastic from then on. I think today was quite


equal. Maybe the best chances actually Argentina had, but this is


well As we deserved. Approached extra time, Clarence turned to me


and said, it's either a moment of magic or madness. It was a moment of


magic from Mario Goetze. Absolutely. A great run on the left side. I


magic from Mario Goetze. Absolutely. really surprised how few times they


actually used the left side. In extra time they started to use it


much more. Argentina had more difficulty to cover that spot. It


was a great spot and a fantastic finish, worthy of the World Cup,


worthy of really this great final. What happened to Lionel Messi


tonight? This was meant to be his big moment. You don't play alone. I


think Argentina had a lot of chances. They should have scored at


least one goal out of them. You know, the law of football, if you


don't score them, the others will. Thank you very much indeed. Back to


you. Thank you both. There he is, Manuel


Neuer, one of the stars of this German side. Well, he didn't have


that much to do tonight. His presence is always there, of course,


because Argentina, in 120 minutes did not have one single shot on


target. They had their opportunities, but their finishing


was wasteful. They had big opportunities. You're in bed last


night hoping and dreaming thinking, come on, give me a one on one with


the goalkeeper from 14 yards out. It falls perfectly for him. You cannot


miss the target from there. That is a sitter, I'm afraid. That's the


scene at this present moment. It wasn't the scene for a Messi triumph


that we all possibly expected. He would have hoped for it, and


Argentina too. We said it before the game, the kids watching want to see


him produce something and do something


him produce something and do win the World Cup. His moment comes,


he's here, moves people around. Once on the left foot, you can't stop


him. His time didn't come today. It's unfortunate for him that he


wasn't able to produce. He It's unfortunate for him that he


other chance where he had a great opportunity to score, but - Just


after halftime, he went through. The really good chance was just after


halftime. The Germans played the high line. He got through.


halftime. The Germans played the missed the target. It was a golden


opportunity. This is Palacio. The keeper again. How quick he comes off


his line. keeper again. How quick he comes off


going to score. That's a gilt-edged opportunity, I don't care if the


keeper comes out, you find a way to score. They


keeper comes out, you find a way to Messi, Higuain and Palacio and not


one of them hit Messi, Higuain and Palacio and not


unbelievable. Almost like they weren't expecting the chances to


unbelievable. Almost like they their way, like they had resigned


themselves to penalties. What is the significance of the Messi? Can we


not consider him alongside Maradona significance of the Messi? Can we


or Pele? The whole tournament we have been saying that for


or Pele? The whole tournament we have the card - iconic status of


Pele or Maradona, he has to lift the biggest one of all. He had his


chance tonight and it hasn't been taken. The true test is the World


Cup. Pele has done it, Maradona has done it, unfortunately


Cup. Pele has done it, Maradona has If you want to be one of the


all-time greats in the history of football, you have to do it in the


World Cup and he hasn't done it. He's done things at club level is


those two haven't been anywhere near. He has influenced his team to


win the Champions League a couple of times. That Barcelona team was


better than this Argentina team. That is the big chance. He didn't


take it. You expect the great players to make things happen. You


do. You go back to Neuer and you say they haven't hit the target, and


that was correct, but he's got an incredible presence. When you


one-on-one with him, he stands big anti-puts players. Even the free


kick in the last seconds, he was resigned to it. Miles over the top.


Affectionate moment! Wonderful. Schweinsteiger was awesome today.


He's shown a different side to his game, I never knew he was as good


defensively. You saw how many times he got the ball back, covering the


centre halves. On the ball, the simplicity with which she plays,


getting it to a man in the same shirt. He is brilliant at reading


the game. He goes left, he goes right, and he will get it every


single time. The manager right, and he will get it every


lot of credit. Being so near but so far and he stuck with it. He changed


his tactics, changed his system and he is believed in what he thought


was going to work and it's worked for them. He made a big call taking


Klose off and putting Gotze on and it worked for him. The German FA,


this wasn't a project that started last year. This was a ten or 12 year


project. They played together at youth level, U21 level, it was a


plan and it's come to fruition. A long wait for these players,


particularly for the losing side. It always takes quite long for them to


get the trophy ceremony ready. You just want to get into the dressing


room. There is no good news for these players. It's a World Cup


final and you've been beaten. It was a magical goal that won it and it's


worth seeing again. Awesome, it really is. He was the only one in


the box. Just brilliant. A hell of a lot to do with the ball comes to


him. He knows exactly where he is, great touch. When you chest it like


that, sometimes it might go away from you but he got it under total


control. The folly! - volley. He started on the left wing. He went


into the middle, greater rotation. This team have that in abundance,


the rotation off the right-hand side with Muller and people coming inside


and allowing Lahm to get outside. They will be around for a while,


these guys. They have some very, very talented young players. Draxler


didn't even get a sniff. They are talking highly of him. Churning out


players. They addressed things and the turn-of-the-century, they


weren't happy with not winning competitions like they were


accustomed to, they changed it, Klinsmann was involved and it's paid


off. Definitely. All the English fans will be thinking, can we do


that? Is it an opportunity for us to re-evaluate what we are doing at


home? Coaching and facilities. Trying to breed players of this ilk.


That's what they did. Schweinsteiger has a cut


That's what they did. Schweinsteiger from this incident. Aguero was


already on a booking. He came across. He gave him a good whack. He


actually punches him. Not sure it was deliberate. He's not that kind


of player, generally. Give him the benefit of the doubt. He won't care


he's got a black eye, he will benefit of the doubt. He won't care


lifting the trophy. I would take a black eye all day that trophy.


There's Draxler, a future star. They've been brilliant, they really


have. Superbly organised. Joachim Low has done so well organised. It


works. They've got belief in the goalkeeper. They have top players


going forward. Lahm, we saw right throughout the tournament,


particularly when he moved back to right back, he gives them great


wits. Muller is a top player. They play between the lines, they are


very comfortable. At this level, possession is king. If you've got


the ball and they are chasing, ultimately you will come out on top.


Interesting break introduction with the presentations to have the party


for the winning team on the pitch before the presentation! For those


poor individuals... Purgatory for these guys. No worse feeling,


waiting to see your opponents lift the trophy. You want to be inside


the changing room licking your wounds. These guys will happily wait


for hours and hours. I wouldn't mind being at the party later. It is life


changing. A word on Mascherano. He had a terrific tournament and a


terrific night. I know he got booked there were a couple of bad


challenges late on, but the way he's played in this tournament, the way


he's covered for the back four played in this tournament, the way


getting himself into position was that severely sensational. It looks


like things are about to get underway in terms of the


presentation and the ceremony. Lionel Messi inching his way towards


where ever that presentation may be. Guy Mowbray will talk us through it.


There should be a few things to sort out before Philipp Lahm can get his


hands on that World Cup trophy. Golden Boot, Golden gloves, Golden


Balls. 171 goals scored at this World Cup with that Mario Gotze


winning. That equals the record of France 1998. The goals


winning. That equals the record of in the group stage, not so much once


we got to the knockout stages and those tense one mistake means


anything moments, but it has been a truly magnificent tournament. The


people at home can't see at the moment, but the Germans are making a


guard of honour. That is a nice touch. It doesn't feel great when


you are the losing side, but it's a nice touch from the victors.


Everything they do seems to have a touch of class about it. Yeah. I'm


sure that comes from the the top. Stepped out of the shadows of Jurgen


Klinsmann in 2006. Not a bad coach either, the man leading the way in


the USA. Plans put in place. He doesn't seek the limelight, he


doesn't dance up and down on the touchline. He does have his moments.


He generally keeps his counsel. He's had a strict regime as well


throughout this tournament. 6:30 every morning, he's got up and gone


for a run or walk down the walk on his own for half an hour. The rest


of the days have belonged to the team. The booing R4 Sepp Blatter.


The president of the fire. And the President of Brazil. - FIFA.


Lionel Messi is wandering through, making his way, along with manual


lawyer. - Manuel Neuer. I think we have a clue for the Golden Ball and


Golden gloves, undoubtedly the best goalkeeper. Has to be! He struts his


way to the top of the stairs as though it was something he was


always destined to do. That one was never in doubt. Best goalkeeper in


the tournament. Best never in doubt. Best goalkeeper in


the world. One of the best defenders in the World Cup! I was just hanging


fire. He might be one of the greatest there's ever been. Might


fire. He might be one of the be. I'm sorry, but that statue...


Looks like the hand from the Addams family. The award that will mean


most of all to Manuel Neuer, but it won't be a patch on the


most of all to Manuel Neuer, but it winners medal. This


most of all to Manuel Neuer, but it different. Lionel Messi has to


somehow put on a dignified half smile as he


somehow put on a dignified half Michel Platini,


somehow put on a dignified half company. Golden Ball, player of the


tournament, but we know he's better than he's shown. An Argentinian team


full of will and self-determination, but not


massively full of ability. To get them here, you can't disagree. He


will be pushing 31 at the next World Cup. There's at least one in him. I


hope so, he's such a fantastic player. Not his or his country's


night tonight. Golden player. Not his or his country's


supposed to be presented as well, but I can only presume James


Rodriguez as Columbia - of Colombia is not here. No. What a forlorn walk


down the steps it is for Lionel Messi. He knows he has to go back up


in a moment as losers. Four times play - world player of the year, six


titles at play - world player of the year, six


titles Barcelona, three Champions League, two club World Cups, he's


done the lot. Best player at the World Cup won't merely great deal to


him at this stage. How do you think Nicola Rizzoli handled it? Generally


he did well, but some of the tackles he let go... Aguero should go


straight. A little bit like Howard Webb last time, trying to keep as


many people on the pitch as possible, but generally he had a


good game. Messi will have to turn around in a few moments. Ignominy,


isn't it? They could handle these presentation ceremonies a little bit


better. It all has to be done on the pitch in the full glare of the


world. It's taken an eternity, I feel sorry for Argentina. They will


now get the supporting reception - sporting reception they deserve from


the German players. All players were going at it hammer and told us, no


love lost during the match as it should be, but a lot of respect. We


talked about Germany and their young squad. This Argentina squad was the


oldest at the tournament. Average age of pushing 29. Unlikely to see


Mascherano again at 30. Maybe. Aguero wasn't fully fit, or didn't


appear to be. He got another injury. Higuain struggled. Lavezzi, in and


out. They are now officially in transition with this being


Sabella's last game as coach. Might be the last game for two or three of


the players as well. That is an awful trudge. As the Dutch would


testify from Johannesburg four years ago. Especially to go so close, to


be on the brink of taking a go at penalties, which brought them


success in the semifinal, and then like the Dutch four years ago, to


have it taken away by a masterful finish, and yesterday that time,


Gotze this time. - Iniesta. The words will be falling on deaf


ears right now. Yeah, you just want to get out of the place, back into


the dressing room, get your kit off, get in the shower and clear off on


the bus. Lionel Messi described by Alejandro Sabella as "our water in


the desert when things aren't going well." Water usually can find a way


through any crack. That Germany defence doesn't have many. Even


harder to have to walk past the trophy you came here to win.


Germany players are just awaiting their turn, as they do that,


reflections. BOO. Hang on, they're not for you. I'd


get more! Reflections as a whole. I think it's been fantastic. It's been


extremely well run. We talk about a lack of a number nine, but so many


outstanding number tens. We have a goal tonight which was brilliant.


Could well be one of the goals of the tournament. Everybody really,


there's been no outstanding team, apart from these in the last two


games. Before that they weren't outstanding, But it's Germany. A


team game that's been won by the best team. Yes. Here come the world


champions. Only fitting that Bastian


Schweinsteiger should lead them up the stairs on the occasion of his


108th appearance for his country, putting him level with Jurgen


Klinsmann, in fifth place with all-time Germany appearance makers.


He's up there with the greats now. Nearly everything has to go through


him, he's a wonderful player. Tonight, defensively, as good as


anybody. You see Per Mertesacker in the queue, his brief appearance put


him onto 104 games, one more than Franz Beckenbauer. I know Alan


Hansen will love that one. Not. Schweinsteiger, Schurrle, goal


maker, impact maker, every time hes come from the bench. At 23, he's the


future for Germany. Howedes 26, Hummels 25, Boateng 25, Muller 24,


Kroos 24, Goetze 22. They're not going anywhere.


And Angela Merkel is laughing. She can't stop! Big supporter of the


German national team. Not just the World Cup final she attends. She's a


regular at nearly every international match that they play.


Hand shakes all around from Sepp Blatter and the president of Brazil.


Hugs from the German contingent. I dare say, these medals won't be the


only awards that these players win. There'll be something waiting for


them on their return to Germany. Marvellous scenes. This is the


reason any footballer plays the game. This isn't a World Cup that's


been won in two hours tonight or over a month in Brazil. This has


been planned, crafted, taught and from a German point of view, meant


to be. Hanse Flick. Former Bayern Munich


player, deputy of Joachim Low. Now eyes on the middle of that pack


for THE big moment. They have the model that really is the envy of the


world. From the schools, to the parks, to


the Bundesliga and beyond. Now on the biggest stage of all, in the


Maracana, a European team, for the first time, winning the World Cup on


South American soil. They are history makers, this German team.


They might go on to a few more records yet. In football, Germany


rules the world again. CHEERING


It has been a magnificent World Cup won by a worthy goal in the


marvellous city of Rio. Thank you Brazil. Danke.


STUDIO: The trophy is aloft. Germany are the world champions. For the


first time, European sides have now won three successive World Cups and,


of course, to repeat ourselves, the first time a European team has


triumphed in South America. Fireworks go off on the Maracana.


Germans enjoying their moment. This young team, this talented team, this


supreme team. Long will the party go on, I would


imagine, through the night. Well deserved. They've been terrific.


Absolutely terrific all the way through the tournament. The manager


has done particularly well. He left Mertesacker out. He took Lahm out of


a holding role and put him to fullback to give them much-needed


pace. His substitutions and general team selection have been


magnificent. None more so than the substitution that led to the They


slowly goal. Got better as the tournament has gone on. When they


had to dig deep today, they did it. They did it


had to dig deep today, they did it. tremendous team spirit, very, very


well organised from the manager. They were the best team. There's no


doubt about. It I don't think anyone can argue with that. It must be


slightly mixed emotions for Khedira of course, he was in the starting


line up, until minutes before the kickoff when he


line up, until minutes before the warm up. He would be devastated. But


this is a real team He has effort. His medal. He made a huge


contribution in the semifinal as well. These guys look like a bunch


of players that will be here for well. These guys look like a bunch


right. The frightening thing was Guy's commentary, reading out the


ages of the player, in two years, four years, this team is going to be


better. How delightful (! ) What a moment. He made big decisions, when


Khedira got injured. Kramer got injured. He had to make a great


substitution. We were saying how long before Klose can last. He took


him off. That's the first long before Klose can last. He took


to score a winning goal in a World Cup final. There you go. That's a


great stat. That's a wonderful stat to finish on. Wonderful. Still, you


go back to the Argentinian chances. They had so many great chances and


could not take them. Time to announce the winner of the goal of


the tournament. Here's how you voted: You agree with us.


the tournament. Here's how you voted: You agree with us. Rodriguez


should win it. 48. 3% of you, nearly half and what a goal it is. I could


watch it over and over again. Special, he sees the flight of the


ball. Takes a touch ah, just his feet and bang, have that. He makes


it look better when it hits the cross bar and the celebration,


beautiful. He won the Golden Boot as well.


All the big names up there. This is an emerging star. You could make a


case that he should have won the Golden Ball as well. We aren't sure


whether Messi deserve that's trophy in this World Cup. I don't think


Messi did enough in the tournament to win it. Even four or five of the


German players that beat the Argentineans tonight probably played


better throughout the tournament. Concur? I don't agree with that, I


think he's been good at times. I would go with Muller or Rodriguez.


Who do you think? I would have gone with Rodriguez. He played that


exciting football, attacking football. Every time he got it, he


wanted to hurt the opposition. Messi done some fantastic things, but they


were magic moments but he doesn't consistently perform. It was all set


up for him today. If he had scored the winner, he would have got it.


But he didn't today. There were questions as to whether Brazil could


or should stage this World Cup, with his take on how it will be


remembered by the Brazilian people, our South American football expert


Tim Vickery. We will come onto that in a moment.


What do you think of this Germany side, because we've travelled around


Brazil, I've watched them three times, there's something very


professional about the way Joachim Low goes about his business? This is


one of the all-time great World Cup wins. Their general manager was here


last year and they said it would be very hard for a European side to win


here. Germany got three games in difficult conditions. They had a flu


epidemic. Now they've beaten the two South American powerhouses in South


America. This ranks with any previous World Cup win. And the


other thing about Joachim Low and his coaching staff is that whilst


Luiz Felipe Scolari's joking around with the journalists, in the news


conferences, no answers -- Low answers every single question to the


international media. It's a ruthless approach to football management.


It's also a wonderful way that they've had a look at where they


were a decade ago. Klinsmann did it first. What is our identity? What do


we need to do? We are Germany. We are high tempo, in your face


aggressive. They started from that and they looked at Barcelona and


other models and added little bits. It's all been crowned with a victory


today, which, all right, they weren't entirely convincing.


Argentina had good chances, for the tournament this was the right


Overall, for result. The tournament they said that Brazil wouldn't pull


it off and it has. It's a World Cup turned upside down. Going into the


tournament, Brazilians were very confident they were going to win on


the field and very worried they were going to be shown up off it by


organisational chaos. The exact opposite has happened. There have


been one or two problems, but the shame for Brazilians has been what


happened on the What happen field. S next for Scolari and Brazil? His P


45, another job. What happens to Brazil, you would hope would be a


sit down and a thinking process. Scolari tried to say after Germany,


it was a bad day at the office. Then they had another one against


Holland. One bad day can be put down to misfortune, two is carelessness.


Even while Brazil were winning games, they were losing friends.


Billions of people around the world who followed them were disappointed.


All they can do is counter-attacks, set pieces and fouls. They have to


be capable of more. Thank you very much indeed.


While he's been here in Brazil, Rio has been making a documentary about


his experiences in Rio. It goes out tomorrow night and here's a sneak


preview. One of the most colourful cities,


culture, colour all merge into one. I've met great people here, taken


pictures, the lot. I have the kick man. He's here. He's arrived. Who's


your favourite players? Messi. What about me? One million people live


here. When I was growing up, you hear a lot of people say "I'm from


the ghetto." You want to come and live here for while. See what its


like. This is my journey. Welcome to Rio


in Rio. You can see Rio in Rio on BBC One


tomorrow night at 10. 35pm in England. It's on at 11. 05 in Wales


and 11. 35pm in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Worth watching


wherever you are. Well, Alan, this is almost it. It's a great way to


go. The World Cup here has been sublime. The matches have been


great. It's all about the product on the pitch any way. It's been


exciting and tonight was terrific to watch. The goal that won the World


Cup was extra special. Great. What are you going to do now without


football? I'm sure you will still watch I will football? Still watch


football and dip into the television, I'd like to thank


everybody that's worked on the programmes and watched the


programmes. I've had a great time here, worked with great people. And


a great organisation. It's been great working with you, I really


mean that. Rio and as well. Thanks very much. Well, after the most


enthralling of World Cups, 64 games, 171 goals, 20-odd men kicked a ball


around for 120 minutes and at the end, do I really need to tell you -


the Germans won. From all of us here, good night.


# Run boy run # Running is a victory


# Run, boy, run # COMMENTATOR:


The greatest game, the biggest names, another World Cup is under


way. Neymar, the boy wonder. Van Persie! What a fantastic goal.


Cahill - oh, what a strike. That's what they came for. (


Benzema. Goal Algeria. What an upset we have here. Wayne Rooney's first


ever World Cup Finals goal. Oh, he's done it!


Spain are out. England lost concentration. They lost Luis


Suarez. He is suspended for nine matches. Italy join England. Kofta


reekament they've -- Costa Rica. They've only gone and won it.


Off the post. Brazil win. It's the most dramatic of circumstances. Oh,


a bit of magic! Sheer brilliance. Genius, I think it is. France are


through to the quarter finals. Costa Rica quarter final. Belgium are


through. Yet another incredible game at this quite amazing World Cup.


That's a picture no Brazilian wants to see. It's in! Brazil are into the


semifinals. Higuain! Argentina are heading to Sao Paulo. It's Germany


who roll on again. The Costa Rican fairy-tale ends here.


Joo-Ho -- Klose scores. Brazil are being humbled and taken apart.


Absolute humiliation. Here go Argentina. They're going to Rio.


Joo-Ho this is it, the stars are ready to shine. Higuain.


Chance for Goetze. Mario Goetze scores for Germany! Germany are


champions of the world.


Gary Lineker introduces live coverage of the 2014 Fifa World Cup final. Germany meet Argentina at the iconic Maracanã stadium in Rio de Janeiro as the tournament reaches its climax.

Both teams last won the World Cup after facing each other in the final. In 1990, West Germany beat Argentina 1-0 in Rome to lift the trophy, while the 1986 final in Mexico City saw Argentina defeat West Germany 3-2.

Germany, managed by Joachim Löw, will go into the final as favourites after their sensational 7-1 semi-final victory over hosts Brazil, but Argentina's squad features an array of superstars including Lionel Messi, who coach Alejandro Sabella will hope finally puts on a memorable performance at international level.

Argentina hope to become world champions for the third time by winning on the soil of their neighbours and arch-rivals Brazil, while triumph for Germany would put a fourth star above their badge and give them the honour of being the first European side to win a World Cup in the Americas.

With commentary from Guy Mowbray and Mark Lawrenson and analysis from Alan Hansen, Alan Shearer and Rio Ferdinand. In the Maracanã, Jason Mohammad is joined by Clarence Seedorf.