Czech Republic v Portugal Match of the Day Live

Czech Republic v Portugal

Gary Lineker introduces live coverage of the first Euro 2012 quarter final between Portugal and Czech Republic.

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Good evening, we've reached the quarter-finals of Euro 2012 and


it's time to answer some big questions. How good are Spain? Are


the Germans re-emerging? Is Ronaldo the best player in the tournament?


Can England go all the way? And what do the fifth officials


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It's all to play for. Tonight we have the first of the quarter-


finals, and a European Championship first - a last-eight meeting


between two countries who lost their opening encounters, the Czech


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


How about that! They have done it, Only one nation won all three of


their group games, guess who? Yes, of course, Germany. So who better


to welcome alongside Alan and Lee than our favourite German, Jurgen


Klinsmann? Always good to see you. Enjoyed the


tournament so far? Yes, it is wide-open, anything can


happen. It has been quite open in terms of


the weightings are playing, we have seen entertaining matches?


Yes, we have seen the usual big names going through, but also some


surprises. Holland have been a big disappointment. If you look at all


the games, anything is possible going forward. Anybody can beat


anybody. Anybody can even beat Spain!


It is an unpredictable tournament, but Ronaldo took a bit of time to


warm up, but he is part of a Portuguese line-up that is


unchanged for a 4th consecutive game. A special player?


Absolutely, and what he needs to become a really special player is a


trophy, a European Championship or World Cup. He has that chance now.


Against the Germans he was nearly there, and against the duchy was


phenomenal. Everyone says the Dutch played very openly, but he was


absolutely fantastic on that left- hand side cutting in and showing


what a great player he is. We talk about the two a great feat, the


strength, the power in the air, the shooting ability, but like Jurgen


says, he has to do it in a major tournament, and this could be at.


The Czechs were the first team to qualify with a negative goal


difference. I am sure they have not lost sleep about that. What do you


think of them? Their first game was an eye-opener,


and since then they have got better. Any team can beat any team at this


stage, and they can cause Portugal problems. They have got pace in the


wide areas with Pilar and Jiracek. Both of them attacked the full-


backs, so although there is Ronaldo on one side and Nani on the other


for Portugal, you will see the same for the Czech Republic. They will


cause some problems. Whether they have got enough, I am not so sure?


Petr Cech has had a topsy-turvy tournament. He has struggled.


Yes, he played so well for Chelsea in the Champions League. We all


know he is a quality goalkeeper, he has come to this tournament in


great form, and he has been patchy, he really has.


D'you see goals coming in this game? Portugal have only got one


clean sheet in 10 games, Ronaldo has caused every game that he plays.


We have got the Czech Republic who have scored in 12 of their last 13


matches. I see a couple of goals tonight, I


guess. Ronaldo is the player to watch. He cuts in from the left-


hand side and get space. I watched the first to two games of the Czech


Republic, and they left a lot of space behind their full-backs.


I think Portugal can go all the way. They have got it could to central


defenders, they have got a couple of players playing very well, and


they have Ronaldo. In Warsaw this evening for us is


the second highest-scorer in European Championship history, Alan


Shearer, and the second-highest person in European Championship


history, Jake Humphrey. Welcome back to Warsaw, where the


tournament kicked off. Tonight, it is a more serious atmosphere. It is


knockout football, you have played in these games. What is it like for


the players? The pressure is high. No mistakes


are allowed. The Steam team's got in by the play-offs, both lost


their first game, but they are in the quarter-final with a great


chance of getting to the semi-final. Portugal's hopes rest on the


shoulders of Ronaldo. I am expecting much the same from


him. He has numerous attempts on goal, two goals, and I think we


will be in for a treat. He is not the only one. The Czechs


have got good wide players as well. Yes, on both the right hand side


and the left-hand side. PLR has two goals, so we should be a good game.


-- Pilar. Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk teens he


barely made it, one win from the semi-finals. -- two teams.


How do you see it panning out? The cheques will not be as open to


begin with, but they have got pace on the wings, and they like to bomb


forward. -- the Czech Republic. Jurgen, sometimes Portugal have


played very negatively and left Ronaldo isolated. But they have now


were it appears quite good going forward!


They need to get him it in the game right from the beginning. If he


comes in from the left or moves in from the ride, that is the big


advantage, he can play everywhere. But the other three midfielders


have to do a lot of work to cover for him and make sure that once


they lose the ball, they are organised defensively.


I cannot see that the Czech Republic can handle him. If you


look at the gain, Portugal against the Dutch, if the Czech Republic


play open, Portugal will hammer them. I think the Czech Republic


will start of pretty tight, and I cannot see them pushing a lot of


players forward. I will do with Portugal as well.


This quarter-final promises much, it's the Czech Republic versus


Portugal. The commentators in Warsaw are Martin Keown and


Petr Cech and Ronaldo a weight. A good evening, everyone, from the


beautiful national stadium in Warsaw. Hopes and dreams are built


venue, just as they have been in this competition for these two


nations. It is only the second time two team is beaten in their first


game have reached this stage. The roof is closed, it is a lovely


evening. 50,000 people are here to see if Portugal are indeed a one-


man team or if the Czech Republic are better than their individual


proverbs that work here. We have seen what Ronaldo can do, but had


he done it -- can he dominate the finals like Maradona in 1986? Does


he have the desire to take the competition by the scruff of the


neck? A strutting Peacock or a # Nacao valente, imortal.


# Levantai hoje de novo. # O esplendor de Portugal!


# Entre as brumas da memoria. # O Patria, sente-se a voz.


# Dos teus egregios avos. # Que ha-de guiar-te a vitoria!


# As armas, as armas! # Sobre a terra, sobre o mar.


# As armas, as armas! # Pela Patria lutar.


# Contra os canhoes marchar, # Voda huci po lucinach.


# Bory sumi po skalinach. # V sade skvi se jara kvet.


# Zemsky raj to na pohled! # A to je ta krasna zeme.


# Zeme ceska, domov muj. evening, Portugal in their third


successive quarter-final, a run that started when they got a


generation were beaten by the Czech Republic in 1996. Then, as now, the


unsung Czech side improved and made it all away to the final. Tomas


Rosicky, the captain, is still suffering with an Achilles injury


picked up against Greece. Vladimir Darida or is preferred. Ethiopian


born Gebre Selassie has been impressive at right-back. Hubschman


and Plasil have anchored midfield well in the racing games. -- in


recent games. The referee is our he will take his place in the team.


Paulo Bento sticks to the same side he has used on their last five


competitive games. He turned 43 yesterday. Ronaldo has now made 94


appearances, and goes into this on in that park, the Czech Republic


soon took lack game changes on all in red who will kick ass off.


The majority of travelling fans will support Michal Bilek's t and


today. The Czech Republic a neighbouring country. But this is


the first time they have had to play this far north in Europe --


Euro 2012. The Portuguese manager Paulo Bento, he played very well in


Euro 2000 when they reached the the quarter-finals of Euro 2012. --


Bruno Alves is that Zenit St Bruno Alves is that Zenit St


Against Holland, with all of those great players, he was certainly the


best on the field that evening. had three fine chances against


Denmark, he was unlucky not to squad because of doubts before the


tournament kicked off over Tomas Rosicky -- Vladimir Darida was


so far in the competition? We were not expecting the Czech Republic to


go through, so it is a great achievement to reach the quarter-


finals. I think the Portuguese are quietly confident as they are


progressing. I see them as the outright winners tonight, but it is


all about performing on the big defence looked more secure and


mobiles and moving in from left back. The offside flag raised by


Mike Mullarkey. A Howard Webb of with a role Meireles on the left. -


- Meireles on the left. You can see such incredible whip, with Nani on


one side and Ronaldo on the other their play-offs. Portugal beat


Bosnia Herzegovina 6-t on aggregate. The Czech Republic went through


after beating Montenegro 3-0 on aggregate. In qualifying, Petr Cech


was in fine form and here he has looked shaky. He had his shaky


moments in Euro 2000 and date as because his father moved to the


Czech Republic to study medicine. One thing we know about him, he can


run, just like his namesake. in English football at Tottenham,


who cost a lot of �0.5 million, and he scored one goal in 19 games. --


a lot of money, �6.5 million. almost a decoy for Ronaldo when he


comes into that central position. He just look awesome all over the


Jiracek. He has come off that right hand side. Plasil of Bordeaux will


take the corner kick. Gebre Selassie has gone for it. But Baros


on the edge of the penalty area. break. -- Portugal. Ronaldo


frustration. Eight minutes into the game and he hasn't really been on


the ball yet. Meireles looks for Ronaldo. Cut out by Gebre Selassie.


This is Hubschman, who has been very tidy. He is the man he was


critical of England's hotel plans, that they didn't base themselves in


the Ukraine, they based themselves in Poland. Hubschman himself plays


he was excellent against the Dutch. playing the ball out to the left-


an errant genius such as Ronaldo? think you can see in Nani, almost


as if since his older brother has been away from Manchester United,


he has risen to the occasion and has looked better in this


tournament than he has for Manchester United. We have seen him


has just pulled him over, hasn't he? Can he not expect Nani to get -


- do something to get the ball when he is deliberately blocking it?


but he has pulled him over. Nani knows a thing or two about diving


himself. To be fair, we have seen fewer confrontations, by this stage,


than we have normally had. In recent competitions, the level of


dissent has been pulled right down, and the pushing and shoving in the


penalty box at free kicks and corners. I just wonder if the


officials behind the goal have played a part in that. Although the


officials behind the goal may look, as you watch on television, to be


doing nothing, they are in constant communication through radio links


in these opening exchanges. He is a feeder in that midfield, he has to


feed those quality players in front TAS. He has been steady in this


galloped away downfield, Ronaldo had no intention of chasing back


with him so Helder Postiga had to do it. Nani has come over to the


left-hand side. Earlier, he was doing the chasing back. They


recognise, they are feeling for him. When you have a player of that


quality, you want him fresh on the ball, he cannot be going up and


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made 12 starts this season in their his team this season. They won it


on the last day. Great closing down from Postiga. Interesting that the


full-backs for the Czech Republic are not really getting forward as


much as we have seen them do so far in up Portugal in 2004. The Czech


Republic side went out to Portugal, they were expected -- who were


players in qualifying, including 11 forwards who shared six goals


drop --. The Portuguese have just finals, 1996, the Czech Republic


11-0 at Villa Park, then four years ago, the Portuguese 13-1. Ronaldo


the only survivor from that team A great noise in here now. Another


corner for the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic are dangerous


when they are prepared, they made a run in behind the Portuguese


defence. They seem much more storm predicted, but the atmosphere


the goalkeeper, Ronaldo was just in front of them. He is like an NBA


basketball player, the height he gets from a standing jump. Another


some very good moments, and Petr Cech at the other red has had some


shaky ones as well. He did not look comfortable from


that corner. Ronaldo has got more of a free role than we see him


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


force things a bit at the moment. each other all over the place then.


A teasing ball, you just want a strike on the end of it. Pepe is


deep. Paulo Bento was one of the players banned after that Euro 2000


semi-final, a six-month ban for trying to wrestle the red card away


from the referee when he was sending off a team mate after


you are a defender, Ronaldo is always on the shoulder and there is


quality at the end of it. 60 goals for Real Madrid this


situation, Pepe scored from a corner and went close against


Germany as well. A superman would not have got on


the end of that cross. That is poor. You have got to pin Ronaldo,


because he has got incredible leap on him. Jiracek just overdid it


full-backs are higher up the pitch, they have not really been able to


do so yet because they have also got the wide men.


They are almost wingers, they are allowed to spread out like a flower


in this position. It has to start off with a good ball in the early


Joao Pereira, and then fouled m. That is what the Czech Republic


need to do, put it in behind the full-backs who like to push on.


Alves has no place whatsoever. -- players are kept on from the 2010


players, they look very suspect defensively. -- when you run at the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


deflected, but Cech recovered his ground.


He always gets a very lucky with this deflection. -- he almost get a


flash in the stadium. There were blue skies when we'd picked up


through the glass roof, about 20 minutes before kick-off. Dark this


is descending. There is an amazing -- was an amazing electric storm


has made mistakes, he with -- he redeemed himself there, but the


whistle had gone anyway. Look at the movement of Ronaldo. He


puts an arm on him. Petr Cech, what a fantastic save. He does not know


it is a free kick. Two players at the top of their game there.


Howard Webber gave it, the assistant referee, he did not.


game, doesn't he? Not the boat -- not the most robust of challenges.


He makes so much a bit, as they all do these days.


Nani missed the World Cup finals attracted defenders out of the way,


but they simply let him go and stayed on Ronaldo. Miguel Veloso


will get the yellow card. No complaints with that. He does


not seem like he is at the races. Simply too slow death. -- to slow.


I think the referee made the right decision with Ronaldo. It took


three of them to stop him. Neither side is on a great one -- a


great one of victories. The Portuguese have won three of their


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


Czech Republic have looked dangerous, but it is almost like


the Portuguese are drawing you one so they can get pocket of space for


Ronaldo to run into it. -- pockets Greeks beat Russia famously a few


hand side, Pepe in the end with great defending. If he doesn't get


to it, it is in the neck. On that is what they have got to do, I get


into that area behind them. On an - everything it 10 yards inside their


midfield. They go man-for-man. They are being forced to play long balls


and it is difficult to get them under control. It has to be settled


penalty shoot-outs in European Championship history and have won


Cech will settle him down, because he has looked a bit nervy, for a


man of his experience, more than 400 games for Chelsea, that his a


surprise. There was one stage during last season when we thought


he had almost switched off, and in Limbersky. All over the pitch,


little jaws are appearing. -- duels. The Portuguese don't seem to move


the ball in the same way as she saw the Dutch, the Spanish and the


of occasions to have a go at goal - have had nine corners in the


opening 32 minutes and chances have been few and far between. Jiracek


with a deflected shot, an effort stick, back across the face of goal


by Limbersky. Pepe in there again, Rinaldo! He was onside. -- Ron Albu.


It would have been a goal befitting a maestro. Sloppiness from the


defender there. What is Gebre Selassie doing? He will punish you


effort, wasn't it? 34 goals for nine out of 10 supporters wanted


Nani riders on the floor. -- writhes. He got across his five.


And the follow-up caught his ankle, he will make the most of bed. Just


to let the referee know. -- Make Ronaldo. He has an emblem where his


name is spent out and the letter H is replaced by a shadowed figure in


this pose -- letter A. The posing, preening, prolific Ronaldo. Is this


terms of power. You never know what he's going to do it from this area.


It is swerving around away from the leading a band at their. Of -- the


Czech supporters are leaping up and there. He is a changed man, he digs


in deep now. He was previously criticised for his attitude,


accused of being more interested in shoes than football. What do you


make of a Vladimir Darida's entrance into Euro 2012? He has


looked impressive, he has got pace and he wants to get forward and he


has been a useful addition to this season in Russian football with


Carlos Martins, who is out of the and just did it at the wrong moment.


let his team mate know. Gebre Selassie had to think about it, it


seems to be a problem for him. He just needs to get it out of his


speed, get down that right hand side and get crosses in. -- out of


not seen much of Pilar. He is best sort of Arshad then, very good


player but not in the game. -- he middle. It is Helder Postiga, is


it? He is holding the back of his five. -- thigh. It is a


professional's nightmare, it is little sprint, tries to get beyond


the defender and bank goes a hamstring. He has not made it


through a game here without going off. The usual substitution for


Portugal is to bring on Nelson Oliveira at around the 70 minute


mark. He is going to have to make Almeida ready. It will be Hugo


Almeida who comes on and he is a more experienced optioned for this


stage of the game. He is 27 years of age, he has been around a long


while. He made his debut against England some 80 years ago. He has


not been a great score at international level -- eight years


ago. He is now with the Sheikh TAS. One would imagine that even they


get -- if they go through, it could be the end of the tournament four


Helder Postiga. Almeida comes on. Six foot three, a real target man.


He will carry on with that central role, much the way Postiga did.


Czech Republic, Hubschman, he is goal in these finals, just as he


did four years ago, has gone moment. It certainly has. Deal with


Moutinho making a run of to the right hand side. Ronaldo has


-- A. He has looked solid at the back but he will have his work cut


out now. Just to remind you, you can see England against Italy


exclusively live on BBC One and BBC One H D on Sunday evening at 7pm.


All of the England games from now on in there are run the BBC. We


hope it is not just the one. -- on and has used did poorly. -- used it.


Just not good enough, you have got to have their top-quality playmaker


in that central midfield and they rebel at his club. He won the title


at Benfica and then fell out with under. A clever ball end towards


Nani, he has gone down in the box. The man running with him was


Limbersky. The Portuguese protested long and loud. Should that have


been a penalty to Portugal? No, he slips. It is a poor first touch.


For me, he takes a dive. fullback does have his arm on him.


You would expect him to put his arm across, there is not enough contact


to go down in the manner he has. have seen them given, though. And


in a game like this, I think the referee will be have do -- have to


be absolutely sure of and if it didn't get a good view of it, even


though he has his assistant behind technology now, but not before time,


it will not extend to penalty box They are moving the ball quicker


now. Noticeably so. Yes, that was better.


We have seen nothing of the Czech It is as if the Portuguese sense


they have a chance to go in front magnificent! -- Ronaldo! That is


what we have all been hoping to see, Ronaldo at his brilliant best.


Fantastic swivel, just the post takes it round, it is like he is in


his own back garden. Get it under control in a flash. He is in a


league of his own. Scored a two against the Dutch,


could have had four. It could have of the quarter-finals in Euro 2012,


0-0. Cristiano Ronaldo hitting the post with a piece of sublime skill.


Portugal are getting stronger, they sensed victory could be theirs in


the second half. No goals at the No goals so far, but more


threatening towards the latter stages of the first half?


The first 35 minutes, I thought the Czech Republic were the better side,


they defended well, they attacked in numbers, and I thought they


passed and moved better than Portugal. Ronaldo, he had one good


passing move with my tea neo-, and it was a foul, but on that occasion


it was the one time when they moved it quickly. It is as if someone's


wit -- flicked a switch, and they moved it quicker and got the Czech


Republic turning quicker, and in the last five minutes, they could


have had a couple of goals, culminating in a wonderful piece of


skill from Ronaldo to hit the post. The Czech Republic had a game-plan,


but it seemed the Portuguese gradually got on top of it?


The plan at the beginning was to man-mark Ronaldo. He was surrounded


by three or four players, even Gebre Selassie was following him


into the middle. But then that when you start to switch positions, you


start to lose people, then you have problems, and I think the last 15


minutes was all Cristiano Ronaldo. It was all him, he took over a


whole game. He has the skills forehead, and he looks hungry, he


wants it badly. He looks angry! I think the Czech


Republic started really well, created the best move that, got in


a couple of times down the sides, but the game plan to stop Ronaldo


and Nani, especially Ronaldo, has been set up by their full-backs.


Gebre Selassie basically went man- to-man. In the first 10 minutes it


Jiracek ends up going back all the way to the left-back position to


try and cover. They know what they are doing and are trying to cover


bad. Gebre Selassie stays tight on You would expect to Gebre Selassie


to be able to run all day! He is just stay in really tight. All of a


sudden, with 20 minutes to go before half-time, Ronaldo started


to move into the middle of it. You do not see that so much now?


Greece played it in 2004 and won the European Championship with it.


It works to a certain extent if you have one or two exceptional players


to mark. One is Ronaldo and the second one is Nani. But it does not


work if there are three or four players, Spain would kill you. They


can only focus on Ronaldo and a bit on Nani.


You can see that when they started to pass it better and quicker, when


you move them more about the place, they do not know whether you are


Would you say his exclamation his hunger? You could also argue it is


petulance. It is passion and hunger and desire.


It is different body language to what we saw against Germany. He was


just frustrated and negative. Now he has different body language,


even if a team-mate have made a mistake, he encourages him.


I did not think that was a foul, it is a good save.


I think he is a bit unlucky to give a found a way. That is the first


time he got away from Gebre He needs to use his left foot!


is talent. Four magnificent touches. Wonderful to watch, and it deserved


a goal. It is a piece of skill that lit up the stadium.


You said before, Jurgen, that he needs to go and win the European


Championship or the World Cup to prove he is a great player. Does


that apply if he does not have that great group of players around him?


It is much more difficult for Cristiano Ronaldo than it is for


Xavi and Iniesta or even for the Germans. Even for the LSE? -- even


for Lionel Messi? Yes, probably.


He is a great player. Should Nani have had a penalty?


Know. It would have been a softer decision. It is a long ball,


Ronaldo chases it. The other angle That might have been a soft one,


but an interesting stat, 53 fouls inside the penalty area, 52 of them


committed by Ford's! -- committed by four words!


From hereon din, and I hope you will consider this good news, every


England game will be life on the BBC, hopefully three of them. --


It is all getting very exciting. Let's get the latest from the


Momentum, it is everything. The pragmatic, be hard to beat. The


brilliant, p a bit lucky. Be what you have to be, do what you have to


do. Just get through. Remind you of At the Italian base in Krakow, they


know a thing or two about tournament football. And they see


something to admire in England. TRANSLATION:, England are the


favourites. They qualified well, we had difficulties. The only thing we


have in our hearts is to win, to cultivate this dream that we have.


Expectations of England? There is no more talking down their chances.


There have been a group of people who did not think we would do well,


but anyone who knew our mentality and what we came here to do, it is


not a surprise. This is part of the plan. The whole point of coming


here is not to keep people happy, we have come here to win games and


be successful for us and for the country and to make people proud of


English football. We do not fear anyone. We have not come here to


fear anyone ought to feel inferior. We are a good team and we are here


to do well. Tournament football is all about


sticking around. Too often, this is when England have come unstuck.


Trevor Brooking said you had a video of Italian penalty-takers.


When you watch that? I watch it on my own, quite late on


the day before kick-off. When I have not got a great deal to do! I


do my research and know where the Italian players put their penalties,


but I think anyone can do that if they just click on YouTube. It is


all in the moment for me. In practice, have you been saving


them? I try not to!


Them is not really a right answer to that!


I am going to say I have not saved one because they are all brilliant!


Have you seen England play, Jurgen? Yes, I enjoyed them play in. Them


is a different spirit around. A different atmosphere around this


English side, it seems like they are getting along, there is no


controversial stuff going on that, like we had in the last tournament,


and they are looking good. Rooney is now back, he is not there yet,


in the game against Ukraine he was not deep really want to see, but he


can only get better. -- not the Rooney we want to see. They can


build a belief to say that they can do that. There is no team in that


competition you cannot beat. The Italians have not been hugely


impressive, but they are always difficult to beat.


The last game, two set pieces. They won the World Cup in 2006 with set


pieces. Back in Walsall, let's get the


views of Alan Shearer. -- back in Walsall.


The substitutes are giving us the most entertaining we have seen.


What is the problem? The Czech Republic are reluctant to


break their system, they are quite content to going at 0-0 at half-


time. From Portugal, I would love to see Contra get a little bit more


for it, which will release Ronaldo. -- control. -- contralto. It would


take a little bit of magic to break the system down. The Czech Republic


will be quite happy going into the last five minutes at 0-0.


Portugal are slack -- shackled by their own sluggish this?


We have not seen at Jiracek or Pilar break free from the system,


and we have also not seen much from Nani or Fabio Coentrao getting


forward, and I hope the manager will wanted to get forward and we


will see something brilliant from Ronaldo.


There has not been much so far. You get the impression that Portugal


can do it. How can the Czech Republic beat them?


They can release the two white Ben, and we have not really seen them


get forward. Gebre Selassie has been getting forward in previous


games, he has only done it once so far. We have not seen much of


Ronaldo working backwards. There is not much for the Czech


The guys mentioned about the wide players for the Czechs, that is


something you look at. It has not been their normal wing play.


Jiracek are going down the left- hand side, when Ze corner. On the


other side, Darida goes down and other side, Darida goes down and


creates a chance. A decent ball in, just ahead of barrels. And Gebre


Selassie a, as Alan Shearer said, the one time he did getting, it was


then that right hand side and that is an invitation to Ronaldo to say


if he is going forward, I will get space, but it hasn't happened. But


I think if they are going to get any joy at all, it is in those


areas. But having said that, Portugal are in the ascendancy.


they stuck between a rock and a hard place, the Czech Republic? It


is all well and good to have players back marking the likes of


Nani and Ronaldo but it lessens what you have going forward. There


is no danger, it is not going to change. They are not pushing up


enough and I think they will speculate on a set piece, a corner


kick to score a goal. We are as Portugal have him. If they play the


way they did in the last 10 minutes, they will win. Let's hand you back


to the second half with Martin Keown and Jonathan Pearce.


JONATHAN PEARCE: Bank you very much, Gary. No changes to the team's --


thank you. Portugal have already made one substitution with Almeida


coming on for Postiga, who had a hamstring injury, we believe. And


the goalmouths are just scuffing up, a little bit bare in patches. Heavy


rain in Poland during the tournament so far, we had the


electric storm, but apart from that, the two countries have been poles


apart, it you will excuse the pun, in terms of temperature. The UK and


has been taking part. -- the there. He has to score at this


level from there. A great run by Meireles, he would sit in. He has


got acres of space, he really should be putting bat away -- he


whips it in. The European Championships quarter-final, the


chances will come at a premium and that one needed to go in from him.


He scored a couple of what -- in qualifying. He scored 14 in a


Turkish football this season for Besiktas. It was only at Bremen in


German football where he scored regularly in what is a fairly long


career now. The Czechs were fast asleep at the start. We talked


about people running with it but Mikel Platini, the highest scorer


in the history of the European Championships -- Mikel Platini. He


has scored nine, two ahead of Alan anyone is free, he is going to go


and nail them. No attempt to play the ball, he certainly blocked off


finals, two European Championship Ronaldo turned quickly with the


appeal -- handball against Vladimir Darida. They a good spot by the


Portugal think he got a fingertip to it but Howard Webb says he


didn't. It is a fantastic strike, isn't it? I am not sure he got a


hand on that. It just clicked the woodwork again. You really have to


the brave as a goalkeeper when he is in that situation. He thunders


it, the ball is squirming all over the place. Four times they have hit


the woodwork now in this competition. All were the efforts,


twice Ronaldo in this game. -- of Tomas Rosicky. He is the only


game breaker they have on the bench. He will travel with it and he will


punish you with his passing, he is a big loss. He is down on the bench


and he took part in the warm-up Portugal at the moment are keeping


the Czechs back in their own half. Moving it quickly, that is the


name of Milan Baros. 30 years of age now. He has looked a bit


sluggish at times in this discipline in the last couple of


years, a couple of brushes with the sort of publicity he wouldn't have


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


the Czechs from deep could be a problem, because Pepe only has an


eye to pick up the striker, Baros. They were well beaten in their


opening game against Russia. They scored two goals early against


Greece and were fortunate at times against Poland, but they have been


disappointing tonight, the Czech great run, he just wants it down.


He tries to take it early and put it over. If he had taken the extra


touch it would have forced the angle into a poorer situation.


has come off his shin, he knows the defender is closing him down and he


has to get the shot off. It is all up and down that line. -- You're a


is all Portugal. 55% of pick-up -- the way back to the goalkeeper


windows in their earlier days -- wingers. They are both very


advanced again. The two centre- backs have only got Baros to deal


with and he hasn't really been a threat. This man has, Ronaldo. It


is a corner kick again. They are giving him too much space. As soon


as they have the quality to find fantastic effort from there. Just


beat the keeper for pace. Luckily for Petr Cech, the post was there


lost in this competition before. Holland's defeat by Denmark. The


Republic don't look like springing any surprise. They have almost


giving up trying to attack, they are just staying in the game.


Surely Ronaldo will not be on the losing side tonight, the way he has


played? If they are banking on going to penalties, there is a long


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


officials. Nani just Delaney cross for long enough. -- delaying the


cross. It is always a joy to see those forwards running offside!


And Arsenal centre-half with his hand in the air appealing for


offside. How many times have we and the chance the Czech Republic


have been waiting for has come and gone.


A reminder of Pilar's quality, he his father played in the 1996 final


referee does not agree. Jiracek just coming into the


central position, causing a problem. It will be a man who has already


played a role in this competition. Darida comes off, and the man who


comes on his Jan Rezek. Started the competition, was then dropped to


the bench after the first 45 the door on Nani. This is a big


position with Rezek coming on the Republic.


Very optimistic from Baros. It is high and wide. Almost a desperate


attempt. This is Nanny's effort goal attempts, but the Czech


Republic have just come back in terms of possession in the last few


moving a long way in the air. Good goalkeeping.


Petr Cech is in the eye of the storm. Another outstanding save.


Top goalkeeper. Mitie neo- hit it qualifying, that would have been


his first in the finals. -- Joao Moutinho.


He should be hitting the back of the net with that. They cannot keep


giving away these sorts of opportunities. Almeida, shocking


header. You can watch highlight of


tomorrow's quarter-final, Germany favourites for the competition, but


there is a growing belief that the English boys can do it, and why


but he still gave Cech a panicky moment!


Yes, the big man got his feet sorted out there. Com is put --, as


personified, he has got a Champions Kadlec's sales.


The goalkeeper has to come up for this, he just takes the goalkeeper


out. He is positive, and I love to he is big and long, he does not


look as if he is carrying any sort of excess weight at all, he is so


lean and life, but that is some weight that hits you.


Goalkeepers always going with any up. Defenders always come off


second best! I got hit a few times like that myself.


and he has seen Petr Cech make a couple of very good saves. Portugal


have had 13 efforts on the Czech goal, the Czechs have just made two,


Adnan on target. -- and none on target.


If Petr Cech does not come for that poor, there is a danger that


Ronaldo flics that on. Grade's the last 20 minutes, Limbersky


looks as if he is tiring. Nani is to sort his game up, his


decision-making. Ronaldo appeals for a corner, gets


it. I think Howard Webb has changed his mind. He has looked up at the


assistant referee, had a goal kick is now given. Initially, the corner


flag had been pointed at by the referee.


I think they have got it wrong. No, a good decision. Maybe there is a


bit of delay on the extra official getting the decision. -- getting


the decision proved. The Martin Atkinson is behind the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


goal. They have these radio nothing wrong with that tackle. The


Portuguese player did not get a shout.


He just wanted to belong. -- he just wanted to long.


He has hit his ankle or something. He has been substituted in their


three games so far, Silvestre Varela has, on a couple of times


and indeed scored the winner against Denmark. -- Silvestre


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


right back. The Portuguese full- by Pepe and when it comes to


Meireles, really he should be hitting the target. He just flashed


at it. He nearly hit the great a vaulted roof of the stadium. He


said to me beforehand that he thought it was like a cathedral


before hand. It is the most unique atmosphere I have ever been into.


summer, Madonna. But it will be the national stadium. Hugo Almeida just


offside. The old stadium he er, the tenth anniversary Stadium, had


rather crumpled into disrepair. had become a flea-market, actually.


I have to say, the line -- linesmen half well, have just gone back into


their shell a little bit. They just can't get Ronaldo on the ball at


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


starting to cut a forlorn figure deflection. Portugal have another


corner -- looped up and over. was another good move. Just getting


enough on it. Meireles did well to hold off the challenge and slip it


was his header away. And Pienaar has been filed. A bad Pilar has


have had 66 attempts on goal in 3.5 games in this competition, Portugal.


-- they have had. But they haven't thought he was felled by a Pepe,


who whacked a finger at him. -- Waggett. The knowing the player, I


am gambling that is a foul. The ash knowing the player, I am gambling


that is a foul. Just to remind you, you can see England against Italy


exclusively live on the BBC, Sunday evening at 7pm. All of the England


games from now on I'll live on the BBC. The winners of this will play


the winners of Spain or France -- Almeida was begging for the ball.


What a waste again. You just want that quality in the final third and


it doesn't seem to be here today. He didn't look up, you can see the


centre forward right in there. has just got to pick him out, punch


Portuguese, are they going to let Kadlec, vital there. Kadlec track


is man brilliantly. -- track his man. He has done so well since he


went back into the centre in this showed too much of it. But it is a


ball that bad ball out by Limbersky. -- a bad ball out. This is a good


run, a very good run. Jiracek's cross. A tree Co came. -- Patricio.


And the quick release, Portugal realise that time is going away


They need a midfield player to make that run, to go forward. They don't


do it -- seemed to have that energy be his tournament? Could it be the


year that Ronaldo finally get international silverware? The year


that he becomes a true international legend as well as a


club legend? A magnificently taken goal. Yes, right on cue. We were


asking for a midfield player to make the run, Moutinho makes the


run this time, a great cross and he does the rest, Ronaldo. Look at the


run, brilliant off the ball. He would sit in and he is so good in


the air, no chance for the keeper. -- he whips it in. Once you headed


down, no chance. -- ahead it down. Petr Cech couldn't keep it out. His


third goal in two games. He is on fire, isn't he? You can see what it


himself at international level and not his country, in the best


interests of Portugal, but he turned to the fans, bellowed, and


got a huge ovation. And you are seeing the composure that he showed


in the Dutch game, and now you are seeing that raw belief that he has.


And that simple ability, he is just he will have played almost 12


months of consecutive football. 70 competition as a whole, he got


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


goalkeeping, because he will have saying that so late from behind


Ronaldo. He is an outstanding goalkeeper. It is that run from


deep again, just the extra player. He seems to have so much time as a


custodian, the defensive midfield player, is about to come on --


Custodio, the defensive midfield door. That is the goal. He covers


so much ground to get there. Listen, he is so fired up. It is the


movement off the ball, the hunger and the willingness to get on the


end of it, and then he has the midfield player -- Custodio has


come on. He will play in behind the because he was being towed dollar


over the place and when he couldn't gain the advantage, Howard Webb are


Blue -- he was getting pulled. Howard Webb is having a very good


game. A I think he is having a very enough to stop Portugal in the end


and I think they will be disappointed that they hadn't had


an effort on target. The game plan was to hold, hold, hold and that


was it. Park the bus and see if they could protect their goal,


maybe breakout. There was one that will run by Pilar in the second


half. -- one a little run. But they just laughed and attacking cutting


edge. -- they have just been lacking and that tacking cutting


than the rest. Here comes the Czech Republic substitution. Tomas


Pekhart will command, a centre- his third appearance of these


finals. 10 goals in Germany this season, but it is a big ask for him


now. He scored the winner against England end the U21 Championship


Here is Meireles from range. We know he can thump them from there,


he has done for both Liverpool and very things. Almeida has played


because of the injury to Postiga. The referee has a glance at Ronaldo


and a wry look at walks away. Howard is right again. Ronaldo's ft


on mesmerising at times. -- Ronaldo's feet are mesmerising at


Portugal, who have been the only really attacking side in the game,


prepared to make sure they are defensively durable as well in the


last two minutes. They now have three centre-backs on the field of


play, two defensive midfielders. Rolando was born in Cape Verde


I do not like to be too critical, but that has been like his


performance for me. Very average. 20 Everts, 70 in the competition.


The team, that is, not him. -- 20 Czech Republic fans begin to look


resigned. They need to grab the Rinaldo in


cotton wool between now won the semi-final. -- they need to grab it


Ronaldo in cotton wool. I think about him, they will be pretty


at one or two of them throughout the evening.


He has fought manfully. He will miss the semi-final if the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


Czech Republic come back into the man, he has just been booked. He


has lost his head. He will not want to pick up any suspensions with the


World Cup campaign coming up, they have Italy in their group, and


Denmark as well, much-improved to Denmark. The Czech Republic have


done very well to get to this stage, played his man, he certainly was


not looking at the ball. The stage was set for Ronaldo, he took centre


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


player in his time, a good ride problem for Alves and the


Portuguese defence. Cech has gone forward. This would cause a


sensation that if he could score here. He has kept Portugal at bay


He has called control. -- he has caught Fabio Coentrao. I think the


referee may have sent him off but for the fact we are in the closing


stages of the Czech Republic's appearance in these finals.


He is running like an express train, trying to get his team back in it.


No malice in that challenge, for me. Well done, Howard Webb.


Cech is now back -- back in his the semi-final of Euro 2012, and


there Titanic leader has taken them through. It was billed as the


Ronaldo showed, and that is the way it turned out. Hit the woodwork


twice, he was foiled by the goalkeeper but finally, a brilliant


header 11 minutes from time. He can bellow with delight. Ronaldo, match


winner in front of his former heroes. And the Czech Republic are


out, had Portugal sailed through, with Ronaldo getting better and


better. STUDIO: Portugal are our first


semi-finalist. The woodwork denied in towards the end of the first


half, Cristiano Ronaldo found the net at the end of the second half.


The Czech supporters and players are in it -- no doubt usually


despondent, never really threatened in the game at all, all they could


do was try and keep that man out. In the end, by sheer determination,


he made it happen. Portugal had the better of the


chances. I did not think the result was in question. The two best


players, Mid T neo- and Ronaldo, combined to score the goal. -- Joao


Moutinho. It was all Portugal. A win for Portugal, Jurgen?


Absolutely. The Czech Republic did not do enough.


Was that because of ineptitude? I think they wanted to speculate on


a set piece, but you cannot play a knockout game like that. The nice


thing to see what in the second half that not only was Ronaldo a


constant threat, the players around him, they stepped it up. Routine


ear, Nani came into the game. It was far more alive than the first


half. -- Joao Moutinho. We witness the different emotions


that you get in football. Even the cameraman seemed upset! For the


Czech Republic players, it is over for them, but the euphoria


continues for Portugal. The Czech Republic team will be


disappointed, but they worked hard. As Jurgen said, they did not try


and make the name -- win the game, and it summed up their performance


at the end when they had the chance with the corner, said the


goalkeeper up, and kicked the ball out of the box. It summed up their


quality. On the other side, I quality. On the other side, I


thought Portugal were full of quality, and they are a dangerous


side. They were frustrated at times, but deserved to win.


The story is Ronaldo. How good is He is world class, he is


exceptional, in the top three in the world alongside Lionel Messi


and Xavi or in the estate. -- investor. -- address any Esther.


The rest of his team-mates have to pull themselves closer to this


level. I thought Joao Moutinho was the


better player. Ronaldo will take the headlines, but he was brilliant


against the Dutch. Time and space are the hallmarks of great players,


as being portance of getting it and giving it. He just controlled the


game, it was a phenomenal performance.


Portugal were your dog courses before the tournament, whence they?


If you have got Ronaldo in your side, then you have always got a


chance. -- dark horses.


At times they have moved the ball better. Against the Germans, for


the first 60 minutes, it was a waste of time, they defended too


deep and had too many men before the ball -- behind the ball, but


after they conceded, they hammered the Germans will stop they are a


good time -- a good side. I think they have to do better


century. I thought Veloso and Meireles were poor. I think there


will be exposed against better teams.


What about the goal? Terrific determination. He went in there and


it really mattered for him. If you see where he was, he was


outside the box, and he made the sprint to run into the box, and it


Gebre Selassie was beaten, he has got to see him coming.


It is difficult at that speed. Yes, but he did not even see him


coming. A great reaction from Luis Figo!


They have produced some great players.


Truly great players. Joao Moutinho in the build up, get past the last


defender, a great ball into the box. For me, they do the big two players


tonight. They started believing. The minute


they beat Holland, they are in the semi-finals, and Ronaldo, he has


the class, the leadership. What would you do with a two in


midfield? They have tremendous work-rate. It


is getting to a point where it is probably a mind game.


Veloso looks like he has about 24 stone. I think the two centre-backs


are really good. In attacking mode, I do have got Ronaldo and Joao


Moutinho. I think it is the ones in the middle he or I am not sure


about. Throughout the night, Ronaldo was


the constant threat. We were talking throughout the game


and saying that there is nothing he cannot do. What is his weakness? He


very rarely does anything wrong except from Greg frustrated when


his team-mates cannot get him the The bite back played him onside


there. -- the right back. The control, the term, it is


fantastic. You can watch it time and time again.


is a nothing ball and he makes it into a good ball. And watch what


happens here. We are trying to work out what he did. With the slow


motion, this is a trick and a half. The full-back has got twisted blood.


They call that good technique. wasn't a penalty, by the way.


love getting people's views on this, are you a Lionel Messi or a Ronaldo


are you a Lionel Messi or a Ronaldo man? Lionel Messi. He has got


weaknesses, he is not as good in the air, but if I was going to pay


to play -- what one of them, I would pay to watch Lionel Messi.


Jurgen? It is down to the chemistry of the team, so how does this work


with a high energy Ronaldo that you have, how much energy does he give


to the whole team environment? Lionel Messi is a pure giver,


always one of the lads, always around, giving and giving. Ronaldo


is a more ego-driven, which also helps him when he does that run and


scores that goal. So he is a big difference maker, but how much does


that kind of Kent into a team environment and the chemistry of a


team? That is what wins a tournament. As a central defender,


you always ask which one you would play against, and I would rather


play against Ronaldo.Yet to find a top professional that goes for


Ronaldo, it is frustrating for him. If you gave me the choice, I am


taking Ronaldo! He would be the best player in the world of Lionel


Messi wasn't around. The Portuguese Messi wasn't around. The Portuguese


had other chances in the second half. They did, it was chance after


chance. They pushed the Czech Republic back. Almeida should have


done a lot better. That was after Jurgen told me he was a great


finisher! He needs more games. and Moutinho, a great hit, great


save. And it was all Portugal. That is a good block. Kadlec played well,


the centre-back. The it was a very one-sided game, particularly the


second half. We try to build a case in the first of all the Czech


Republic but ultimately Jurgen was right, saying you cannot win a


right, saying you cannot win a knockout game like that. The gave


us the first 10 minutes and that was said. What is required there is


a view from pitch-side, it is back to Alan And Jake.


As the Portuguese fans walk out into the cool night, they breathe a


sigh of relief. They have done it but only just. He was a man who


scored a lot with his forehead, what did you make of a Ronaldo's?


It was that desire and hunger to get into that place to score goals.


If you look at where he started his run on the left-hand touchline, to


get into the box, a great cross from Moutinho, and as I have said,


it is up to the forwards to get onto it and Ronaldo has certainly


done that and he has got his team into the semi-final. And deservedly


so, they were the only team who wanted to win. As for the Czechs,


you get into the tournament through the play-offs, get badly beaten in


your first game and somehow find yourselves in the quarter-finals,


so disappointing to produce such an impotent performance. They never


looked like winning, I can't remember them troubling the


Portuguese goalkeeper at all, so they didn't deserve to go through.


It shows what a poor group they were in, they won that group.


Looking ahead to the game tomorrow night, the Greeks did not even


manage to win their group and they take on Germany, what can we


expect? A Germany win, simple. all in all, pleased to see Ronaldo


still in the competition? Death Neddy, he was the stand-out player


tonight and he probably was in the last three games -- definitely.


When you have him, you always have a chance. It is hard to know


whether they did it or he did it, but either way, Portugal are into


We will not stay out of the Warsaw stadium for longer because we can


hear from Nani, who is with Steve Wilson.


Congratulations, you are through to the semi-finals, but a cup game.


Yes, very tough game. The -- tough game. I think everyone was


fantastic on the pitch. It was a great effort by both players, so


satisfied with the result. You have been consistent through this


tournament, but it gets harder every match. Yes, now it is going


to be more difficult every game. But all of the team is confident,


very confident, about the next game and now we have to rest and prepare


for the big match. It was just beginning to look quite frustrating


for you, because chances were coming and Petr Cech was playing


well and it was getting harder. we had a couple of chances, but


finally Ronaldo scored a goal and we won the game, that is the most


important thing. Everyone is happy. Well done.


This time on Sunday, we will probably be going through the


turmoil that is extra time, praying for a bit of magic, a great strike


are ready for trouble. All I come off for now is -- can offer now is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


Lethal Blizzle. I am reliably informed that dench


is the word to describe that. Let's get over to Gabby Logan. In an


England press conference today, and it was revealed that he would step


up and take a penalty if it came to and do it -- down to that. -- came


down to that. He did so in Sweden in the Under 21 championships, but


he didn't get through to the final after goading the Swedish players.


He wouldn't discuss Mario Balotelli today but he did say it would be


fun to play against him. The Italian press see it slightly


differently, they see it as Balotelli against England and those


circles are the various confrontations he has had with key


England players, although Joe Hart say it is not players that wind him


up, it is things off the pitch. He has also been a topic of


conversation in the Italian squad, the reason his fellow player put


his hand over his mouth was because he was going to say something to


the Italian management and Balotelli later thanked him. Both


camps interestingly are very relaxed, no infighting, everyone is


going along very harmonious and they both see themselves as the


underdog, they are both in a state of transition and you can't help


but make the comparison between the two sides. As for training today,


all 22 players that were present trained. Jermain Defoe return home


for his father's funeral but is expected back tomorrow. Everything


is rosy in Krakow at the moment. is rosy in Krakow at the moment.


Good to hear it. A reminder that the BBC is the place to be full


coverage of England against Italy this Sunday. We are live in Kiev


are from 7pm on BBC One. Meanwhile, England's women have moved a step


closer to the Euro 2013 finals with a four-goal victory in Slovenia


tonight. A win in their final match at home to Croatia will see them


at home to Croatia will see them qualify as group winners, you can


see that game live on the BBC in September. Jurgen, I asked you


about England earlier on, but she played the Italians and you are now


the coach, of course, for the US national side and you gave them a


good spanking. What is the secret? We beat them 1-0, surprisingly, in


Genoa. It is a good side. They are a team in transition, in a certain


way, yes. The manager changed the system and he is a little bit


attacking -- more attacking minded, even if the last game did not look


like that, so they have fresh blood coming into the team. Obviously


Balotelli plays a major role, at both ends, positive and negative of


them, but they have a lot of quality, they have a lot of quality


in that team and experience as well. When we played them, this -- they


could have scored two or three goals, we were a bit lucky in the


beginning. It is a good side and I think we are going to see a very


exciting game on Sunday. I will come back to you in just the second


because we can return to Walsall where Ronaldo is waiting to talk to


us. That Warsaw. You have come out to be incredibly difficult group


and now a very Cup semi-final. we have to realise what the team do.


We didn't play well, created chances, hit the post, but the


priority is to get to the semi- finals, so we are happy for that,


we know it will be difficult next game but we are ready and confident


that the team is very mature, so we are ready for the fight.


frustrating was it for you? You hit the woodwork twice, at Petr Cech


played great. I remember the last game, I hit the post twice as well,


but today, it was important that I scored, the team win, the team


played very good, and we are in the semi-finals, so we are very happy.


Big smiles all round. Of course, big smiles and good music. Then Q.


Excellent, good to here. Germany play Greece in the next semi-final,


there must be a degree of confidence in their homeland?


Absolutely, we expect as Czech Republic to go to the final, that


is the simple way it is. There is the possibility that you might meet


England! But I mean Greece goes into that game and has nothing to


lose at all. And they will go in to defend and maybe come out for a set


piece of something surprising, something on the break, and they


need to be prepared for that. We haven't seen the real Germany yet,


I think they are playing at 75%. not deliberately, surely? I think


they can be much better, but I think it depends on how the


opponents look at them because the opponents so far have been too


afraid of them. Do you think there will be harmony in the stadium, the


Germans against the Greeks, the way things are going? On the financial


markets? Well, I think there will be some tension, that is part of it,


and I hope we will see a good game. How good a job is Joe Jemma Lowe


doing? He is doing an amazing job. He was my number two, and he he has


carried on the pulse of the, he has had a lot of players coming through


the German youth system -- he has carried on the philosophy. We


changed it at few years ago. The it seems to have done the trick, you


are producing some great players. And he has amazing talent sitting


on the bench, waiting for just a couple of minutes to play. He is a


very positive character, very calm, good leadership, and he has kept


the entire staff that I built over the two years up to the 12,006


World Cup. -- 2006 World Cup. would be lovely to beaches in the


semis. Yes, us to. That would be a really good game. It is hard to


look past Germany in this game. think it will be Germany. The game


against Denmark, there was a penalty, it could have been


different, but Germany look like they can step up at any moment.


don't think we have seen the best of the Germans. They have got some


great players, phenomenal players, and I think they will get better.


We haven't seen the best of England either. There you go, it is a


promise for you. That will be our next game, but we will have


highlight of the other two. Thank you, Jurgen, you will be joining us


in Poland and the Ukraine. That is it from us as Portugal and Granada


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