England v Italy Match of the Day Live

England v Italy

Gary Lineker presents live coverage of the Euro 2012 quarter-final between England and Italy in the Ukrainian city of Kiev.

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Good evening. Welcome to key ever. We are here for an England quarter-


final. In recent times they haven't gone too well, but it has got to


red! England just cannot when Let's put those dark days to one


side and remind us that we know how to win a quarter final. Mind you,


And the impossible job was never harder than the date Roy Hodgson


walked in. Fabio Capello has resigned... A Rooney has been sent


off... The favourite is Harry But this English gent offered a few


simple instructions. Signor heart out for your country. Fight to the


last in every game. Feel the weight Now he has turned expectations


The East and Europe has brought us a marvellous tournament, but it is


the best of the West that are in the semi-finals. Will it be England


or Italy they join them? It has been a beautiful day in Ukraine's


capital, I understand it has been far from that at home, but if it


blew away your barbecue, let's see if Rooney and Co can put a bit of


summer back in England and spring us into the semi-final. Here inside


the magnificent Olympic Stadium we have got Alan Hansen, Alan Shearer,


and Jurgen Klinsmann. Let me start with an Englishman. I think we have


the fewest passes completed in the opening stage and the fewest shots


on target, we won our group quite comfortably. We did, and I have


seen, as each game has progressed, more belief in the players. There


is more belief in the media and the public, you get that feeling now.


But what happens is that comes with more expectation. There is now an


expectation from every one that this team can improve. I don't


think they have got out of third or 4th gear, I think they can improve,


certainly on the pass in front. They will have to keep hold of the


ball against an experienced and good Italian side. Do you see this


as England's stiffest challenge so far? I think it is a big challenge,


because the Italian side is full of quality, but they are beatable.


Looking at England over the last couple of games, I think they came


quite a way, they have a lot of experience, very good players, they


have a chance. What did England have to do to make the Italians


beatable in your view? I think they have to be very alert. Because the


Italian midfield, with Montolivo, piano, they are players who can


kill you with a pass. You have to be very awake, the back line has to


be very sharp. They have to help each other, close all the gaps.


you see his team growing? I think they can get better, I think they


got out of the Group Stage, everyone was saying that anything


else is a bonus. You don't want to go home disappointed. I think the


Italians are eminently beatable, I watched them against Spain, I


thought they were decent in the first half, but apart from that, to


me they don't have a lot of pace. If you look at Pirlo, who is


phenomenal on the ball, but not great without it, you look at the


rest of the side, I think England can win the game. When you get to


this stage, possession is King, and the frailty of the England side has


been that they give it away too cheaply. If they are going to


progress, they have to keep it. I would like to see England have a


real go at the Italians. Hodgson has gone with an unchanged


I am not surprised. When you talk about good football teams, you look


at the spine appeared, you look at Hart, Gerard, Terry, Rooney. That


is a good line, and that is something to build upon. What we


seem to have had in two or three of the games is a little bit of luck,


which every team needs, if they are going to win tournaments, you need


a little bit of luck, and we have had bad. We have not always had


that. Steven Gerrard has led from the front. I think you're big


players, John Terry at the back, Steven Gerrard and Wayne Rooney,


they are the man that can win you the game. The big players as we


have seen time and again, they have to perform. Well Wayne Rooney be


better for the game about he played it? He was out for a little while.


He is catching up now, he is trying to get a rhythm, but these are the


big ones now. He will be fired up. He wants to prove a point across.


He finally wants to show in a big tournament that he is a big player.


I think he needs to be aware of the Italian back line, I think they are


very solid, but also they have their moments where they lack a


second or two, and that is Rooney's chance to surprise them. If England


are going to progress, he has to play better than he did against


Ukraine. Let's have a look at the Italians. Three changes, Balotelli


plays. A I am not surprised he put him in. He knows Joleon Lescott's


game inside out, and he knows he is as well, that will be a fascinating


battle. If you look at the centre backs from Juventus, the goalkeeper


is also from Juventus. This man, will he be Super Mario all the


stupid Mario? We are going to talk about him a little closer to kick-


off, but is he had Gamble? At this stage of his career, he is still a


gamble. He can make you or break you. That is the danger, he is not


balanced enough psychologically, he needs more experience, he needs to


grow. What he does is he divides opinion but he also divides the


team, and when you have that, it is... A if you were the Italian


coach, would you have taken the risk? I probably would have.


Because it is a knockout game, and you want to win it. To win, you


have to take risks. You have to have believed in your players, if


you put him in the squad, who knows how he is going to perform.


Hodgson is unbeaten in 13 games as an international manager, not all


would England, of course. Long may An unchanged starting line-up, you


have 23 Feb players, which at this stage of the tournament is quite a


thing. -- 23 fit players. It is very important in games like


tonight, because it is going to be decided once or fall one way or the


other, and is good to know everybody is fit and ready to play.


We have people who can change a game in different ways. So why


think it is a very fortunate that we had our misfortune, as it were,


before we came to the tournament. Since we have been here we have


kept everybody fit. Any dilemma about the starting 11? Not really,


I think we have done well so far with this 11. At think they deserve


to start the game. The bench is important and is probably going to


be even more important than ever on an evening like tonight. Does


knowing that penalties could be the future, you don't know when you are


going to finish the game, does that change the way you make your


substitutions? It might do, it is what happens in the game, really,


it is foolish to try and second- guess the substitutions in your


head. It is all going to be based on how players are coping with the


match, with the heat. It is quite tight at the moment, how fresh


their legs are, etc. I haven't done any second guessing, but we have


given a penalty is quite a lot of thought, this time. We know the


records of all the players, they're percentage success rate, and I'm


sure that Gary and Ray will be working feverishly when the time


comes, if it comes. But I hope we can win the game in normal time.


That would be much less stress for everybody, least of all our fans


He has been around the block. He addressed the press conference half


in Italian and English. The Gary Neville, I presume they are


speaking English! I have been really impressed with him. He has


had decisions to make, every decision he has made has worked for


him. He was asked in the first game, Danny Welbeck, Ashley Young, he


played them. He changed the game by bringing Walcott on, he left Andy


Carroll on, he brought Wayne Rooney in, who scored the goal. Quite a


remarkable story. It is, when you realise he left Anfield 18 months


ago, his reputation was damaged. Now, it is intact and he is on the


verge of greatness. It would be Sir Roy, whatever, Eddie takes England


all the way. But it is great for him, he is so well respected in the


game and so popular, and what happened at Anfield was tragic for


him. His first job at a big club. Will he have an advantage, knowing


Italian football like he knows it? Absolutely. The culture of the


Italian football, you can see clearly in their game, they are


hesitant, they keep the ball, they wait for their moment. They want to


kill you with one ball, really quick. So I think his experience at


Inter Milan helps him a lot. Olympic torch has reached Britain,


has reached Manchester. It was carried by Bobby Charlton,


England's highest ever goalscorer. He braved horrendous weather


conditions to eventually deliver his verdict on England's chances


against Italy. England have got to win it. That is


what I think. This is the big game. If we beat Italy, we will start


getting excited, but I really think we can win it. Great man. Gabby is


pitch-side, she is joined by Lee Dixon.


Tension building, it feels very different from a week ago. You have


seen both teams, you know how they are lining up, where rather main


dangers for England? Prandelli is keeping with the back four, that


means a diamond, and their most skilful player no doubt his Pirlo.


It is whether they click on the night, it is a difficult decision


for Rooney, when he picks it up and when he plays his own game.


Yesterday, Steven Gerrard said it is that midfield area he feels the


game could be won or lost him. He has also intimated he is driven by


previous failures. He has grown in stature. Rooney is back, everybody


has been talking about him, but the Palace man put his team is no doubt


Steven Gerrard, he has been magnificent. I see him taking this


game by the scruff of the neck. They need Steven Gerrard dominating


that midfield, because there are going to be times when they are


outnumbered, it is up to him to boss that midfield. Italy are a


good side, but let not forget that England are a good side as well.


much talk about the mercurial Balotelli, Gazzetta dello Sport


said it was him against England. How much added advantage is it that


he plays week in week out with a two of our players? It he was a


team-mate of mine, I would be having a little chat with him in


the tunnel, winding him up, trying to get into his Psyche. It might


not sound pretty, but that is what you have to do. We have seen how


good he can be, we just have to hope he has a bad night tonight.


Part of that is the psychology Paul Stott it is not going to be


comfortable, is it? It never is. Going into the tournament, Italy


were embroiled in another match- fixing scandal. But history


suggests that when it comes to major competitions, it doesn't seem


The names to not trip off the tongue, unpalatable tongue twisters


of regularly on the footballing diet in Italy. The scandal in 1980,


players throwing matches, one player banished the two years. He


Donations to cosy between certain clubs and referees in 2006.


Juventus are stripped of two league Now, 2012. The usual mysterious


international betting syndicates. Atalanta's captain band, former


legends implicated, Juventus's manager investigated. Is history


repeating itself? Cesare Prandelli said he would have no problem if


Italy were prevented from appearing, the good of football more important.


First, the world champions. They could start, renewed faith. Croatia


next. The general leading from the Against Ireland, Italy were on --


in control, on the field, at least. Now, England. Playing like Italy


themselves. A scandal of its back home, trials, unrest and summer. --


all summer. The need to stay away longer, all-consuming.


They have had their problems. You played for many years with Inter


Milan in Italy, was that all was an undercurrent? That is too harsh,


but there is always a sense, is this OK? It is part of the culture.


The Government changes every couple of months. There is always a


feeling, what goes on? But you have to give them credit, because when


they are in trouble and they have their stories, similar to 2006,


they start to stick together. They can be in the same room for three


months, they work it out. They are not getting tired of which are


there, they are not going Khadija there. They build chemistry.


coach has used it to his advantage. Before 1996, we were getting


slaughtered from the media, the manager said, let's use it to our


advantage, let's stick together. They will make that tonight.


have picked out Andrea Pirlo as the danger man. What threat does he


carry, apart from the obvious? is to Italy what Steven Gerrard is


to England. He is what makes their midfield tick. He will get the ball


He is not afraid to take it under pressure. He makes himself at


available, he is aware. He is starting every mood. He is not


afraid to have the ball under pressure. He has belief in his


ability, he passes and moves, he gets it back. You will see that


time and time again. That is where Wayne Rooney will come in. They


vied for the past. If you give him the time and space to pick his head


up, he can do that, at a right foot into Mario Balotelli. Mario


Balotelli should do better. Look at him again, the same position,


getting the ball from the full-back. He has got the time and space. He


goes past the midfield player. This time, with his left foot. He plays


it into Antonio di Natale. England will have to be aware of that. He


is gifted at dead balls. Lethal. Yes, he is excellent, we have got


to be aware of them. It is important, will it be Danny Welbeck


or Wayne Rooney or James Milner or Ashley Young? Somebody has to stop


him playing go. You have got to keep him in his own half. The


minute he comes over the halfway line, he will destroy you. You need


to get on him tight and quickly. Should England reach the final on


Sunday, the likelihood is Ashley Cole will win his 100 cap. A man


for the big occasion, he never let Most appearances in tournaments.


Seven FA Cups, a record. Three league titles. Their Champions


League win. You will go down as one of the greats of English football.


Do you feel appreciated? I am not too sure. To be honest, I looked


back myself and think of the career I have had, and say, I have had a


great career, I have won a lot of trophies. It is not down to meet


two were bit about me being appreciated. Does it matter?


would be nice to be appreciated and loved, but it is not something I


lose sleep over. I am here to play football, and I had to carry on


winning trophies. You are loved by Chelsea fans and the court England


fans. Is there a misconception about you? I think so. It is


understandable in certain terms, other issues that come with it. I


have dealt with it for five years. Yes, his relationship with his


country and its media. Portugal two dozen of four, a battle with


Cristiano Ronaldo sums up his finest time in English colours. A


tabloid newspaper inadvertently awarded him three out of 10. Did it


become a chant on the bus? It is normally more than -- it is more


than I normally get!, you do not really enjoy this kind of situation.


I'd you OK now? I am not worthy, I do not like seeing myself in the


paper and on the TV. There I let my football do the talking. To the


public know you? I do not think so. Everybody thinks I am allowed, but


I am quiet and shy. -- everybody thinks I am allowed. I was asking


Lee Dixon about you, he was worried about his place. But he said you


were not good on your right foot. I asked, who taught you the art of


defending? He said, Tony Adams. was amazing to be around him.


People like him, Lee Dixon, Martin Keown, David Seaman, they looked


after me. He said that Tony Adams had you on a piece of string.


always covering Kent! His legs had gone by then! That go back to the


first cap, against Albania. Do you remember that day? Yes, being so


young, it was nerve-racking. Of course, I will always remember the


game, because somebody threw a lighter. One of my colleagues had


it. Everybody said it was lipstick, I said, come on! It could my eye.


It was a debut never to forget. colleague picked it up, and he has


kept it as a souvenir. Would you like it back? I would! You will


never forget it! A long time ago. We are heading towards cap number


100, that would be the final. have three games to go, but it


would be amazing, to have a great career and get 100 caps in the


final. To get to a century a week today, he can rely on a battle plan


that has already worked once this season. With the Champions League,


nobody thought we could win. Not that many people gave us a chance.


But we had determination, fight, the will to win. TUC that in this


England squad? I think so. We have got a mix, a lot of senior players,


but a lot of young players, eager to impress. You nearly got the


first goal against Ukraine. In my head, I thought, this is my chance.


But it was a good save. I will never score! You cannot say that!


You should be positive! You never know, but I cannot see it! If we


put a camera inside the dressing room, 30 minutes before kick-off,


what would you be doing? I would have Mark iPod on.


superstitions? No. I am so boring! I disagree! The Life looks quite


interesting from the outside! Just an ordinary guy? Yes. You happen to


You can be as boring as you like if We have brought a Lee Dixon, he


knows about full-backs. This substitution, for Jurgen Klinsmann!


The BBC has gone crazy! We had one too many blue shirts! Ashley Cole,


what does he give you, apart from consistency? When he first came


back to Arsenal, he was a fresh kit, his huge amount of talent, and he


learned the art of defending it of Tony Adams. He was an unbelievable


loner. His talent is there for all to see. His biggest asset is not


his pace, it is not his reading of the game, but he knows his job.


That is what has made him the best left-back in the world. It is his


position in for May. He gets everything right. He is rarely out


of position. He does to go tight. As soon as the ball goes wide, that


is where he goes back. He is back into his position. He is in a


decent position. As the ball goes into the box, he knows where to go,


so he recovers his run. He is now in a good position. He does not


dive in, brilliant defending. One on one, take me down the line,


because I am quicker than you, and I will get a tackle in. He has got


no fear of windows, he has dominated Ronaldo. Cover for Joleon


Lescott. If he does a bit tighter, he is too tight, if he goes too


wide, he would be too wide, but he is perfect. Now, they win the ball.


He knows he can go. He has got an engine. He hopes to get the ball in


that position, but he does not get it. He has a look behind him, he


realises that Ashley Young has put cover on. When James Milner does


well on the right hand side, the ball comes over. He nearly got his


first goal for England. Apart from that side... Their rubbish


goalscorer! But his consistency has been brilliant. The great divide in


defensive play since time began, when the winger is attacking, do


you bring him inside or dandelion? -- down the line? Sometimes, they


were taken down the line. He is the best I have ever seen at that. For


Arsenal, for Chelsea, for England, I cannot remember any time that


anybody has gone past him. young man England will have to be


worthy of his Mario Balotelli. Not May be some people think I am


arrogant, but that is me, I am a footballer. The most important


moment is on the pitch. If only it were that simple. Mario Balotelli,


always the centre of attention. With country or club. We are


intrigued, beguiled, frustrated, but always cultivated. The riddle


that is Mario Balotelli. We like him! Manchester City fans worship


him. I would like to dedicate this to my favourite person in the world,


Mario Balotelli. The magic tricks, stealing Sergio Aguero's clothes,


the goal with the shoulder. Some team-mates adore him. I have come


to love the guy. When he is on form, he is a great player. At times, he


shows exactly why many predict greatness awaits. He flows with the


natural attributes of a striker at the peak of his powers. That is a


brilliant finish. There is a message for everybody! It was a


message for all of the people that top bad about me. Why all was me? -


- y always me? Why? And for all of the good, there is considerable bad.


Clashes of inexplicable rage and petulance. We know what he is like.


If you are a world beater, you could get away with that. The key


is a liability. -- he is a liability. He is going to go!


occasionally let stand those who fought so hard to save him. --


leads down. I love him, he is a fantastic player, but he needs to


change. If not, he could lose the It all boils down to trust. Can you


trust him to perform, not to explode? The Mario Balotelli we


know it is just as likely to losing a crucial game as to win it, so has


Prandelli chosen wisely? Whatever happens, we will all be watching.


He said yesterday he was more of a man then Peter Pan. Mark Lawrenson


is more of a man then Peter Pan! But you are not a fan? You have


made it clear he is a gamble. Jurgen was talking about the time -


- the Italians been together, but I cannot see how he can be in the


team, and them be together. When the coach says, it is imperative


you are together, I cannot see how it can be, because he is always a


Against the Spanish, he does really well for me, he closes down quickly,


he is in on goal, and I tell you what, what is he doing? He is


dawdling. Then there is petulant, frustration, you cannot tell. The


goal his cause is absolutely fantastic. Wonderful technique.


Fantastic ability. Then he spoils it because he is going to mouth off


about something. He can hurt you, though. The ability it is there. He


has under-achieved much yet in his career, but what an opportunity


tonight to shut everyone up. He has won a championship! With that hand,


and I believe he has aged huge amount, let's just hope we don't


see it tonight -- with that talent. It is getting closer to kick-off. A


bit of Shakespeare perhaps? This Happy breed of men, at this little


world, this precious stone in the silver sea, or would you prefer


three little words? Come on, Three little words, a new beginning.


It is not going to be easy, claw you kidding? Start the game,


heightened expectations. You have got the best fans in the world


behind you. Or you have got to do it is achieved. You are halfway


there, captain Steve Bee Gee. So close, so near. Come on, England!


Three little words. Three little Far too important now for juvenile


references. So leave it, yeah? England have got to start quick. We


have to play with passion. Absolutely. Do better in possession,


they have got the players. The players can data level from the


group stages, if they can, then I think they can win over 90 minutes.


They have to get the ball into the box. On the occasions they have


done it, they have been dangerous. What has served the most teams well


in this tournament has been crosses into the box, we saw Ronaldo score


one from a great cross from Moutinho, we saw Alonso score 1 for


Spain, four other England's goals have come from crosses. We have got


to get the ball into the right Just watch the way one attacks the


near, one attacks the middle. It is a fantastic ball in from Gerrard.


You have but to have the desire to go and attack of that, Lescott had


that in abundance. It was just a dream of a cross. Andy Carroll gets


in, it is an incredible ball. Look at the power he generates, his neck


muscles, that is textbook centre forward, how to head a ball that is


coming into the box. Walcott came on against Sweden, and when you


have got that space, you have got the pace of Walcott, you have got


to use it to good effect. And he did that. He gets to the byline,


and he cuts the ball into a dangerous area, that is a great


finish from Danny Welbeck. This is Rooney, where he should have scored


at the other night from a Young cross. But again, Steven Gerrard,


get the ball into the danger area, you have got four guys in there, it


falls to Rooney, he should have scored earlier, but you probably


won't get a simple tap-in than that, ever. People always say you have to


pick the ball out, you don't - you have to put it into the right areas.


It is up to the forward to get into the right area. Steven Gerrard, he


is one person who gets the crosses in, he is so influential. Best


player England have at the tournament. We said at the start,


he looks 100% fit, the quality of that cross is absolutely fantastic,


in the same game, against the French, defensively he gets in a


good position. A superb blog there, the ball for Andy Carroll was great.


We have seen this from right to left, over the years, and a great


example, getting his C-difficile in, tackling. Enthusiasm, energy. Don't


give them time and space. Encourage a mistake. Another ball into the


box, unbelievable, then again, in a defensive position. A good touch,


and a great hit with his left boot. And saved the best fast, this is


fantastic, he has a little look up, he sees Wayne Rooney running, and


an inch-perfect pass, it Wayne Rooney had been fitter, it would


have ended up in the net. So vital for England that he keeps that


level of performance, because over the three games, he has been


magnificent. The key to England's success? They have to stop Italy's


best player, which is Pirlo. It is up to them whether Rooney drops


back, they have to attack down the wings, when they have got the ball,


be expansive, and be tight when we haven't. Will they do lead?


penalties! 90 minutes, England. is almost time. England versus


Italy for a place in the semi-final of the European Championship. Will


be fickle finger of fate finally. With domineering hand she moves the


turning wheel. Like currants in a treacherous Bay, swept to and fro.


Her ruthless will has just deposed before King's, from locomotion


lifts appointed head. No cries of misery she hears. No tears she


heeds. But steely hearted laughs, groans. Such is the game she plays,


and so she tests the strength of mighty power, when one short hour


sees happiness from utter The commentators are Mark Lawrenson


quarter-finals at Euro 2012. A date with Germany awaits the winners of


the biggest game ever played Mameli" ("The Mameli Hymn")


# Fratelli d'Italia. # L'Italia s'e desta.


# Dell'elmo di Scipio. # S'e cinta la testa.


# Dov'e la vittoria? # Le porga la chioma.


# Che schiava di Roma. # Iddio la creo.


# Fratelli d'Italia. # L'Italia s'e desta.


# Dell'elmo di Scipio. # S'e cinta la testa.


# Dov'e la vittoria? # Le porga la chioma.


# Che schiava di Roma. # Iddio la creo.


# Stringiamoci a coorte. # Siam pronti alla morte.


# Italia chiamo. # Stringiamoci a coorte.


# Siam pronti alla morte. # God save our gracious Queen!


# Long live our noble Queen! # God save the Queen!


# Send her victorious. # Happy and glorious.


# Long to reign over us. have faced off in a tournament of


significance, and the first time outside a bit of it. In 1980 the


Azzurri won 1-0, in World Cup Italia 90, the host team won again,


but nobody really cared, it was the third place play-off. This time,


more than any other time, it unchanged. It is the same team that


kicked off against Ukraine five nights ago. Four at the back, four


in midfield. Cole, Milner, Young and Steven Gerrard are on a booking,


but that is only something to worry about if England win. Portugal's


Pedro Proenca is the referee. He was the man in charge in Munich or


Chelsea's Champions League final glory. That is just a fact rather


Italy side that started against Ireland in the final group game.


Bonucci is in for Chiellini, and Montolivo replaces Thiago Motta


come he says he is fit, but he has been left out any way. In attack,


Mario Balotelli is back. He scored off the bench against the Irish, he


changes places with the -- Di Natale tonight. Chiellini is listed


among the Italy substitute despite team plays more like an Italy team


than the Italians themselves. Foundations built by Capello, all


put together by Roy Hodgson who took so much from his time in


charge of Udinese and in tough. -- into Milan. AC Milan were founded


by English men. The links are strong, but for one, the chains at


these championships will break to wait an eternity to get the


games started. They have been at there, straining at the leash, for


some time. But we have to wait for the obligatory countdown to kick-


off. Take a seat. Hold your nerves. Try to enjoy it. One week from now,


here it will be the final kicking off. Roy Hodgson took Fulham to the


final of the Europa League, and he did it by beating teams from


Ukraine, Italy and Germany, in that order, followed by a meeting with


one from Spain. Could it be the same path to England success,


orders the Road end here? One thing for sure, as ever, we do not expect


it to be easy. It will be a roller- coaster. The first glimpse of Mario


Balotelli. The important thing for England, they have to get tight on


to Andrea Pirlo. He makes the Italian team tick. Joe Hart has not


quite done what he usually does with the first clear rounds. He is


against Croatia in the group stage. Italy's record when he gets a goal,


they have won eight and drawn one. Joe Hart wanted John Terry to wait,


but he did not have enough time. Italy trying to play everything


through Andrea Pirlo already. Wayne Rooney is not straying too far away


Juventus players in the starting line-up. They won the leak in the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


survivors from the World Cup- winning team of 2006. It is off the


post, Joe Hart was well beaten! hits it first time, right across


left Joe Hart. It was a good job he got the slice of it. It made its


been away. -- it made it spin away. Daniele de Rossi has scored in the


last two tournaments, against Paraguay in the World Cup, and a


free kick against France at the last European Championship.


could have been worse, it could did all of the hard work in getting


there, but he could not finish it not get in if purchase on it. --


enough purchaser. It was a great height for Gian Luigi perform to


make the save. In the European Championships qualifying, he saved


at 93% of the shots that were fired in at his goal. He has been a giant


in the Italian call for some years now. Absolutely. If this boy gets


anywhere near that ability, it will teams. England had at least six at


feared players behind the ball. -- outfield players. Glen Johnson


follows the ball in. He shovels it as much as anything. It does not


come out of his feet. It is an excellent save, but it is straight


at him. He had to dig it out. kick. I am not sure that that could


centre of defence in Italy's first two games. Joleon Lescott was


fouled. Two or three times, they have hit the long, straight ball,


Italy, mostly from Andrea Pirlo. That is another look at the Daniele


de Rossi slice. Just there, he had to dig it. If he had it either side


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


Back's forward, and the wingers There is a deliberate ploy from the


Italians, the long ball, behind John Terry, rather than Joleon


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


prowling more than Roy Hodgson at It is a corner. Clever play by


Wayne Rooney, he had not had much as they start to this game, but he


is composed in these areas, he always gets his head up. It was


blocked by Leonardo Bonucci. The goalkeeper has not been too happy


but his defenders at times already. -- with his defenders. Now, Ignazio


Abate has gone to the floor. It is an England throw-in. Wayne Rooney


was more in danger of hitting it with his hand. England are spending


a good amount of time around Italy from the great goalkeeper. Not only


that, he chose to punch under no great pressure, but in a straight


line. It was straight to Scott Parker. Very unusual from him. It


was like he did not want to get his gloves 30. A promising spell from


Balotelli. It was the long ball again. They have tried that four


times. It is great to see that look -- that they look fallible in


defence, Italy. Not too many ideas about how to pass their way through


attacking a 10 from those two. That is a wonderful interception


from Ignazio Abate said. As a goal kick being given? It looked as


though he had got too much on his header. But it looked as though the


defender got the last touch. I think he did. Editor of both, maybe.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


-- bit of both. It is good consider that Steven Gerrard


received the ball 10 yards from his own goal line. The other thing is,


we spoke at the start of the game about Pirlo and trying to negate


him, the best way is by England attacking, because he just doesn't


feature, he is being bypassed at the moment. Mario is having a


Cup winners in this squad. Pirlo, De Rossi and bruised on are the


words about that back at Carrington. He doesn't need to hold him, he was


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


free kick and Andrea Pirlo. -- if tournament for both of these


nations. We know the circumstances in which Roy Hodgson took over. He


had to get a team together in a very short space of time. Italy


were beset by another match-fixing scandal, and their form coming into


this tournament, they lost three in a row without scoring. They lost to


Uruguay, the USA and Russia. But they got out of the group and they


showed why they are usually a good been a problem for Hart, but he did


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


Hart. Joe Hart's 22nd England cap. England have only lost one game


with him in goal so far, against tournament. He got himself booked


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


hear Joe Hart, he is a constant presence. That was a good header by


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


the summer. He scored two goals in qualifying, his first goal since


Euro 2004 for his country. A really interesting story and selection,


Antonio Cassano. He suffered eight mini stroke in October, he had


minor heart surgery, he proved his worth with Milan to get his place


in the team. Rossi would have been it Italy's main man four goals


into this sort of pattern we were expecting now. Italy will try and


change the pattern, that is what Lescott against his Manchester City


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


that has been played to him, Danny to get himself bore down that side.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


the ball. It does look to be James Milner. Read very nearly


being onside. I think Glen Johnson the right hand side as the Italian


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


fans try to lift the momentum of Ian Butterworth watched all of


England's performance. Italy, just starting to pass it around now. The


shot from distance didn't trouble thought at first it might have come


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


at the moment. It is important with England to play the way they are


Johnson. Federico Balzaretti is such an outlet down the left.


could hear Joe Hart telling of Wayne Rooney where Andrea Pirlo is.


and he has kicked out in frustration. It was not a bad drive.


It is a great ball, round the corner. England are playing to a --


trying to play offside, which was almost disastrous. Mario Balotelli


is playing the offside trap pretty well. It was John Terry trying to


not get many better opportunities. It was a good break, great into


play. -- into play. At least made Gianluigi Buffon make a safe. He


winning goal against Sweden. There was a debate about whether he meant


it or not. He knew where he wanted to put that. He was not quite up to


it there. Such a sharp bit of movement. But the shot is wide.


never really troubled Joe Hart. It is about even Stephen, this game.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


have completed twice as many passes as England. England had the same


number of chances. You might argue even better. Gary Neville has got


to his feet to have a word with start again. Just do not give the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


the ball from Daniele de Rossi. Wayne Rooney is told to get back to


his feet. The referee was in a good John Terry. He was waiting for the


talking to the fourth official. Joe Hart makes a casual saved. He was


making sure he stopped it. It was a good strike. Just make sure you


stop it, you can make sure on the next move. I just caught the


England manager having words. He thought Daniele de Rossi had taken


dived, surely. It is that Paul again. -- that ball. Has that been


England's greatest weakness? little bet. -- little bit. Scott


Parker went in strongly. The referee acknowledges it was a


commission. -- commission. almost turns his back. Khadija


London -- Daniele de Rossi thought he had been shot! At was a foul on


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


Well done. He does really well in their situations. Mario Balotelli


has put it over! He kicks out at the post, he is livid. It will be a


corner, but surely it should have been a goal. It is a great ball by


Andrea Pirlo. Dear, oh dear. must have been Joleon Lescott, but


Mario Balotelli bingo sheet. It was a Super Bowl -- Super Bowl from


Wayne Rooney. It is important England go into half-time level.


Rooney. They did not make enough of own free kick. England could not


capitalise. We are seeing the best of Mario Balotelli, from a


footballing point of view. A wicked strike. He is getting himself into


goalscoring positions. At the other end, with the England chance, he


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


fire is stoked. Unfortunately. Rossi having words. England need a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


of the training ground, not here at Stadium. Mario Balotelli has looked


dangerous sport Italy, England have had chances, which is perhaps one


of the biggest surprise is, the amount of chances both sides have


had. Nobody able to convert, though. Welbeck perhaps have the best


chance for England to take the lead. The players are going off to


regroup and I'm sure, get some fresh tactical instruction from


The best way to describe that is exquisitely painful to watch! As


always. It is a great game. England started poorly, De Rossi had a


great shot, it hit the upright, then England got into it, they


settled into their game. They had two great chances of their own. It


is anybody's game. Very evenly balanced. I'm quite happy with it,


going forward, but defensively, I think we have looked very iffy. We


highlighted Pirlo, I don't think we have worked hard enough to stop him.


But going forward, we have got balls into the box, created one or


two chances, but if Balotelli had the shooting boots on, it would


have been different. It seems there is more ability and the back four


this evening. I am worried about what is going to happen in the


second half, they have created a few chances with Pirlo, he has been


their danger man, but we have been good at times. One minute you are


off your seat. What has happened is that more men you get bored, the


more do centre-backs have to get up the pitch. -- remain you get


forward. When they come up the pitch, then they have got to get it


together. Derek three minutes that sum that half up. It was an


You try and analyse things, but this particular act but, I am not


sure what you can do better. You just have to say, a great strike.


No goalkeeper around would have got anywhere near this. It is going


away from Hart, and it is a fantastic strike. He is so unlucky.


The only thing you would say is the two midfield players, they are a


little bit deeper. He is over 30 yards out. What about this? A great


strike from Johnson. He has looked good going forward. We have got


numbers in the box, just watch him, he does it right for me because he


lifts the ball away from the defender's legs. That is an


excellent save from a Buffon. But he does the majority of things


right there. The number of times you have seen him at Liverpool,


going at defenders and causing them problems. One of our problems has


been the speed of our attack, but this time, jumped in just follows


the past. And then as the ball comes in, if it toe-poke it, the


defender Stubbs M. He has got to get between the defenders, and he


makes a great stab at it. But a fantastic save. De and you just


hate goalkeepers sometimes! You talked about strikers, any striker


likes crosses. We have heard about how Roy Hodgson can be negative,


but the positive thing is, look at the number of bodies we are getting


into the box. That was bad play from Balotelli. But then we have


two guys in the box, Rooney tries to pick out Welbeck, and yes, the


crossing has been positive for me, because that is the way we are


going to score, if we continue. He has a look to get the ball in at


every opportunity, Glen Johnson. Well defended in the end. That


would encourage me, yes, we have seen him make a great save, but


that was poor goalkeeping, he should have caught that. I don't


think their full-backs are great. They are playing narrow in midfield,


you can get down the side, and that is proved right. A lot of occasions


when England have broken... That was close, but not as close as that.


This was the best bit of play we have seen from Rooney. You have got


four dies looking to get forward, I think that is encouraging. On the


first Balotelli chance, you could have written a dissertation on how


bad it was. He runs about 25 yards, no pressure on the ball. That is


the problem when you get men forward. Pirlo will not drag back


and tackle, he will be in position, but then he will one day off, when


he gets the ball... It is in a good attack, he is on the edge of the


box here. Picks it up, no pressure on the ball whatsoever. He runs and


he runs. Balotelli, a bit of movement and he is in. I think John


Terry in the end, if you watch the three defenders that England end up


with in a straight line, as Pirlo gets the ball, watch Balotelli's


Movement. In a straight line, that is where the danger is. A little


ball over the top, and he can head that ball all day long. Let him


have it to feed. That is the other thing, I think we can do better. We


highlighted before the game, to get Rooney or Welbeck in and around


Pirlo. He is looking good balls in, he has the ability to hurt you. We


highlighted it before. That was the closest of all. Certainly the best


chance. He is the only man they have got. When you look at how they


play, every single thing goes through him. He has got every pass


in the box. How do you deal with him? You get Rooney and Welbeck in


and around him to stop him. Difficult, I know. Especially when


he is starting to move off on the edge of his back four. We have a


couple of clubs coming up, we say that if you leave him in his own


half, deep, like here. This is fine. From that, that is a straight ball


down the line. You should be able to defend against that. This is the


one. Danny Welbeck is hustling him, harrying him, that is the beauty of


it. But before the first Balotelli chance, he was coming in again,


picking it up in this area. Again, no pressure on the ball, just


inside the England half, he is watching the play. To me, that is


dangerous. The nearest guy to him is Welbeck or Rooney. The trouble


with that is a I think our trouble comes when we lose the ball, then


he picks it up. Rooney and Welbeck are not going to be thinking about


him then, they are thinking, they might get a goal. All of a sudden


they go... That is when the back four are so Key, they think, we


might lose it, and if he gets the ball, what is the game plan? At the


moment they are not sure. He has got in a couple of times, Balotelli.


He is a real quality player, he can play it long and short, his deft


touches, you have got to get eye on him, because if you don't, you lose


the game. A quick respite to tell you about a couple of sporting


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


Coverage of the first day's play starts at 11:30am tomorrow morning.


The Germans are waiting to see who they will play on Thursday. Let's


get a half time thoughts of Jurgen Klinsmann.


Your thoughts on the first half? think a very good start, the first


20 minutes was a very fine, watching the England team.


Afterwards, Italy got a little bit more into the game, got closer to a


goal, but they are lacking the, from the English perspective, the


kind of clinical finishing. Both sides. Balotelli has had his


chances, and Pirlo, we spoke about before the game, has proven why he


is so dangerous. Yes, but also Montolivo. I think he is very well


involved in the Italian side, creating stuff, and it is an open


game, anything is possible. You have to keep going. The tempo from


England, much greater than they have played that so far in this


tournament. If you are Roy Hodgson right now, and thinking about your


substitutions, do you go early in the second half? Because they are


getting a lot of breaks down the wings. I think it will open up,


another 25 minutes, the game will open up, and it is a question of


fitness, who is the fitter team? If I were Roy, I would wait a little


bit. Maybe another 25 minutes, see what is needed. Maybe push it


towards the end of the 90 minutes, having in mind it might suddenly go


to extra time. He is definitely on our side, you know. Both semi-


finals are live on the BBC, starting with Portugal against


The following evening, a real showdown - the Germany will face


the winners of the night's encounter. We will also have the


Perfect Sunday, really. A nice lie- in, roast beef, Yorkshire pudding.


Nice relaxing game of football! yes, wonderful! Just the one thing,


though. England win! It is a tough call. Probably for spells in the


first half, that is the best England have played it in the


competition. But as we said, they have certain frailties, they have


to get tighter, quicker, be good news for England is that against


Croatia, he was sensational in the first half, but he disappeared in


the second half, Pirlo, he is 33 years-old. In terms of England, a


lot of forward play, in many senses they played as well in the first


half as any time in the tournament. Going forward, they can be very


happy, they have got into some dangerous positions, some decent


balls into the box, with better finishing, we could have scored one


or two bowls. On the negative side, you could say the same with the


Italians, they have been in great positions, notably from our poor


defending. It is a big test for England, the second half, but let's


not forget, it is a big task for them as well. We got the ball into


dangerous areas, we got it wide, we have created, but there is always a


but with England. We have been lax at the back. One simple balls, as


well. They should be our bread and butter. You have to defend better


with the ball over the top. I would leave it for 20, 25 minutes, then


we have got Walcott, we have got pace to bring on, we also have Andy


Carroll. They might not have faced anyone like Andy Carroll before.


Defensively, don't get caught up the pitch. Because we have seen in


Danny Welbeck has had a really good tournament, for a young player.


Offensively and defensively. Here is your man. He is always a threat.


He has had a few chances. They were good chances as well. If he had


another two or three, you would not expect him to miss all of them.


is going to finish in 90 minutes, England 45 minutes from glory.


hope so. Bags of heart and passion, they have got to start the same as


they did in the first half. They got into the game really well.


is there for them. Grasp the moment. Let's go back to the commentators


be nice if England could stop the second half as they did against


Ukraine on Tuesday -- start the second half. They scored within


three minutes of the restart, courtesy of Wayne Rooney. A present


from the goalkeeper. His Gianluigi Buffon feeling generous? He might


have made his mistake already. Another 45 minutes to hopefully


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


Balotelli. Joe Hart was in a hurry to distribute. Ashley Cole always


happy to get the ball and to get forward. We need to see so much


more from Ashley Young again. has all of the ability in the world,


difficult header, helping it out towards the touchline. It is


difficult to know what to do, but incredible miss! I am not sure if


it does not come off his shin. He snatched at it. That is its huge


let-off for England. Daniele de Rossi knows it. They were


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


corner. It was better from rain ruin a -- from Wayne Rooney. It is


when he is at his best, committing people. He is so strong. Steven


Gerrard is England's Andrea Pirlo. He is peelers when it comes to free


he is strong. He was about to react angrily until he realised it was


get the mess of his mind? The game is so finely balanced. We always


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


a free kick. There can be no him by John Terry. That was great


defending. He reacted immediately to the danger, he knew where the


top! England's goal is leading a charmed life. How many


opportunities to the Italians want? It is not a good Paris, it is


straight back at Mario Balotelli. It was good pressure in the end


from the third attempt. It was great pressure, Glen Johnson, I


think. Joe Hart took as much time as he dared with the goal kick, he


took a few deep breaths, and he let the players in front of him the


shape. How many times will Mario Balotelli be onside? If you want a


number, seven. Seven times too many. Yes. It is not exactly a subtle


tactic. James Milner did not quite chances to score? -- are Italy?


Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is out to do some stretching it. Andy Carroll


as well. Two very different options available for England. What Roy


Hodgson has done so successfully in the tournament so far, he has timed


the substitutions well. Yes. Jurgen Klinsmann hit the nail on the head,


he weds 20, 25 minutes, and thus the game changes -- he wades.


Italians have missed golden chances. I am not sure they created as many


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


with Juventus in his first season he knew where the run was coming


from. He did well, he was always -- almost in the wrong position. He is


defenders and midfielders to go after the ball. Andrea Pirlo is


Pirlo have in this much time on the ball? I have got to have somebody


in and around him. But it is difficult. You are asking the


forwards to do it. They want to be and editor of respite. There was a


clash of heads. Who is the England player? Glen Johnson? It is Ashley


Young. He went head-to-head with it that they add. -- with Ignazio


Abate. England are thinking about a change, Andy Carroll is ready. Theo


Walcott is ready. Ashley Young might be one of those to make way.


Yes, regardless of his injury, he might have been coming off. He


keeps giving the ball away. goalkeeping coach is giving a


handshake of good luck to the substitutes, getting their tactical


message from Gary Neville. A chance for Cesare Prandelli to have a word


with Andrea Barzagli. That will have hurt. Yes, it is when you


least expected. With one week to go, the rest is all live on BBC One. On


Wednesday, Spain against Portugal, from 7pm. On Thursday night, the


winners of this play Germany in the second semi-final. You can keep up-


to-date on our website. Or you can tweet! You can. If you are sad


still awaiting the chance to come good attacking threat for Italy. --


Quite brilliant! It was a great something very special about him.


Danny Welbeck and James Milner our players to come off. Young stays on.


clear to see. I think he has done well, he has worked hard, as per


in the play. You concede Pirlo looking over his shoulder saying, I


where they keep giving the ball away. Roy has gone early and first


of the colleges. -- coaches. He doesn't mind a double substitution.


Never shy of changing it. Well done, Lescott. He knew exactly where


England have managed to catch anybody offside in the entire


tournament! I'm thought being as centre-back of culture, you would


appreciate that tactical nous! who was getting himself into the


penalty area, but is not finishing with any panache. I am not sure if


not playing as well as they were for the first half? They were


denying Italians the ball, keeping hold of the ball. But they are not


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


of hounding and caressing and England's left-hand side, Abate is


looking more of the danger going forward than Ashley Young has for a


long time. I thought I'd just saw him clutching his left hamstring.


from the cross. It sat up for Ashley Young. I don't know how much


contact you made, it wasn't great. far from the England manager's


thought. He was very keen to talk blow his whistle. You almost know


that when he stops the corner being taken, everybody is pushing and


pulling, it almost never goes for the attacker. Lescott's show it was


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


being tugged, Terry's show it is hold it up under pressure from


Barzagli, he has been adjudged to many more defenders who have


managed to block the ball as many fashion, stops to Rossi. -- de


Rossi. Cesare Prandelli has applauded Ashley Young for that.


Nothing wrong with the tackle. might get one of those back! I


don't think it works quite like that won the competition is this


fierce, at this level of the game. Do you see the Italians giving the


ball back? You never know. Paolo di Carroll. There is a clash of


maybe not. That is the other thing, or about substitutions. There is


the possibility of extra time. dreaded what follows that will not


be mentioned yet. The way things are going at the moment, England


would do well to reach extra time. Italy are the better team at the


swept out to Abate, who has the beating of the Young almost every


time. That was much better from him. Below's performance is a little bit


like Schweinsteiger was in South Africa. -- Pirlo's performance.


That remains England's last defeat in a competitive international


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


enough to get on the end of that. Just that lack of quality in the


final third. They just have to be very clever and selective in their


passing. England need those people only found Hart. I can't wait till


PLO's starts to tire. The men at Milan thought he had. They went far


Work for England's medical team to do. A long way to go. Another 19


minutes, plus whatever is tacked on, plus another 30, you want him on at


It is still a very warm evening in Andy Carroll and Wayne Rooney, and


Gary Neville is chipping in. Just telling the front two what they


would expect from them. A goal be great. Does he look sharper than


in the last game? And little bit, Walcott to give the ball back to


Italy. He passed it straight to have a little look at Steven


Gerrard and make sure he is not Getting it and giving it. England


knew he would be the man to stop if Italy were to play, but he is


having more influence on the game in the second half. As everybody


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


Ashley Young giving the ball away feel aggrieved not to be leading


the game and not going through to the semi-finals, if that is how it


works out. I wonder if their heads would react to go in behind. They


have not been behind in the tournament yet. Andy Carroll has


won England a free kick. Because of the paucity of England chances, you


might as well send-up the centre- backs are. Joleon Lescott is going.


John Terry is going, but only when he is sure he has cover. Scott


Parker is being directed back to the centre circle. We need some


movement. We need somebody to run ended up in geller rigid before


and's gloves. -- in the Gianluigi Buffon's gloves. He seemed to jump


underneath it. He has misjudged it. Being held again. But he would have


Henderson have been warming up, and Jermain Defoe is warming up, but


Italy will make a change. Alessandro Diamanti, the former


West Ham United player, will come Antonio Cassano is coming off. It


looks as though he has worked as much as he possibly can. Alessandro


Diamanti, he is 29, only his third appearance. He had only played for


Italy once before these championships. He has had a good


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


club season. His season at West Ham, another change. Antonio Nocerino is


coming on. It is Daniele de Rossi, one of the senior players. He has


used up one of his chances. -- all of his chances. But he was a player


of some influence. Antonio Nocerino has had a good first season with


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


throw-in. England cannot get out of but he watched it all the way.


was comfortable, but what is a worry, the time and space Italy are


getting in all areas. England are starting to back-pedal. They are


trying to go wrong almost every time to Andy Carroll. It is in the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


further. Andrea Barzagli is a bit unlucky. The referee deemed it an


aggressive tackle. It is the first days. Gianluigi Buffon is happy


The referee has stopped the game. He said the player got hit in the


face. He may have got Scott Parker's boot. Does the referee has


to stop it? What does the extra assistant do when that is


happening? He has a stick, and he presses it to alert the referee.


think it is a white stick. It was not his face, stop holding your


face. England were just ready to put under cross. -- to put in the


cross. It caught him on the shoulder. Hold your face anyway!


is a shame, England should have let the ball go out and have the throw-


in. Scott Parker was not to note the referee was going to stop the


game. Federico Balzaretti is OK. Really?! He is married to an


Italian ballerina, he has learned tips off the stage from her!


holding on for an additional half an hour. And then holed another


again. Italy have dominated the second half, and large chunks of


the first half. They have not taken their chances. Will England take


as he was? Not that he has to. is still getting the ball. He is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


England to get a really good 90 minutes out of the team. Cast your


mind back to the World Cup. In the tournament, they cannot seem to


come up with a good performance for Theo Walcott, but the Arsenal man


was on his heels. He needed to play it to his feet. He was in acres of


space. He could have turned and run. Roy Hodgson already thinking about


what the message will be before promise that has come to nothing,


and a bit of frustration. If looks could kill! What has Cesare


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


Prandelli got up his sleeve? tournament, Glen Johnson. He just


got a vital touch. A superb, darting run from the substitute,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


is their last available the end of the game, there will be


Make sure he cannot turn. So it is a straight swap at right-back for


Italy. Abate coming off. Match year, more of a wing back for his club


than an orthodox full-back. Then again, Abate has played as a wing-


back for most of the game as well. He has played more forward than


Ashley Young, certainly, and used like he was struggling to retain


pointed you, but a seriously difficult chance. It is such a


difficult chance to convert for Rooney, this. No fairy tale


overhead finish this time. Great you cannot doubt their resolve at


all. But it is just at the quality. They can't keep the ball, they want


to force the play, the drop deeper and deeper. They rode their luck in


because they have another 30 minutes to go. This is how it was


written by many in the preview to the game. Always knew it would be


tight. Even Roy Hodgson always thought that it might go two hours


long, this game. Maybe even penalties to come at the end of it


all. Extra time to come. What are your quick thoughts about what we


are about to see? England need to start getting the ball down and


passing. Just passed it, keeps the ball, get the confidence back up,


stop giving the ball back to the Italians! A quick break for us, we


90 minutes of punishing, exhaustive football, and that is just for us


watching. England, hanging on in that second half. Italian chances


to wrap the game, they have largely dominated. They have done. England


in the second half were poor, I thought they played reasonably well


in the first, but it doesn't matter that they have been the better side,


it doesn't matter that they have the better of the play and the


chances, the score is still level. We know anything can happen in


extra-time. The one thing you can say about this England side, there


is so much spirit and resolve, sometimes big heart can take you


through. We have been so lucky. So we have got to make the most of


that. Montolivo, Nocerino, Balotelli, they have almost big,


big chances, so we have got to use that to our advantage. You work so


hard to get the ball back, and then to give it away straight away is so


hard to take. Sometimes when you are outnumbered in midfield, when


you are playing 4-4-2, you're outnumbered, so sometimes there are


not the options to pass it. When they have won but ball back in


certain areas, they have no options, but there are a lot of tired


players out there, more so England. It is about the mental attitude now,


how the big players stand-up in extra time, when you start to get


tired, John Terry, Steven Gerrard, Ashley Cole, it is about those


players going around, it is about their attitude to how they go about


this next 30 minutes. We have seen This was an extraordinary bit of


play. They had chance after chance after chance. We didn't learn our


lesson against Sweden. De Rossi, that is a sitter. Lescott played


him on side. You have to come out together, it is difficult, but you


have to. This is a great chance, Balotelli. Don't know how he missed


that, Montolivo. Got away with it again. Johnson just put enough


pressure on. He has played really well, he has defended really well.


Hart, we might need you shortly. This play is the best player on the


field by a mile, Pirlo. When you are playing with somebody with that


quality, it is imperative to get close to him. We have brought


Walcott on, but we have got to get the ball further up the pitch so


they can run at someone, and caused some damage. On the occasions we


have got in the box, a couple of shout or penalties. He gave this a


free kick the other way. He drags into the ground. De Rossi has got


hold of him. That is a penalty kick. That is what the officials behind


the goal are meant to be looking out for, to clamber back out. Here


it is, exactly the same again. What is the other official doing there?


Such a big call, to give a penalty kick there. The players are still


recovering, getting as much rest as they can, massaging those muscles.


Let's pause briefly and get the thoughts of Jurgen Klinsmann.


think everything is still to play here. I think Italy had most of the


second half, but there were moments that can change the game, momentum


that can change everything. They just need to get that moment now,


Rooney had a bicycle kick, in training he probably put that in. I


think they have to stay positive and wait for the one moment and


change it. What is required, it is a question of fitness and heart


over everything else? Certainly, but it is a psychological mind game


now. They have to keep going, obviously you're looking for the


special player who steps up, is it Steven Gerrard all Wayne Rooney,


you need one lead out there who makes a difference. A thanks, you


can. It looks like we're getting close to the extra 30 minutes. We


have been there before. You have to look at Theo Walcott. He is still


fresh, he hasn't done an awful lot since he came on, and he is a fit


lad. You have to get him on the ball and drive the Italians back.


Parker looks like he is really, really tired. It it get any more


tense, will have to call for the paramedics. The three of you are


driving me crazy! Particularly with Andy Carroll now on, it could work


in our favour. They must be as tired as us. It is about your


mental strength now. Stay strong! Believe! Make things happen. Guy


looking across to see if Jurgen is smiling. You know who the big


winners are, Germany are waiting, fresh and ready. Yes, he is smiling.


Either that, all he has got wind. England are going to start extra


for him to somebody in the next half-hour. It is just as it was the


last time England were in the European Championship, eight years


ago, they exuded to Portugal 6-5 on penalties after a draw. It does


look as if it will go the whole difference -- distance, although


Italy might have other ideas after the way they dominated the second


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


Italy, but Andy Carroll is charging Parker's legs? He has looked tired


in the games before tonight. This second half, is he about to come


touch on the way through. It is going to be Jordan Henderson. Well,


a tired potboiler. -- it the his socks down a lot of retired


the squeal of anguish. The referee is producing a yellow card, he has


given England A free kick. He has taken a long time to reach that


decision. If Italy managed to get through, he won't be available for


not sure if that is any great surprise. No, he has given his all.


Henderson. Born and bred in Sunderland. He turns 22 last Sunday,


but this is his coming-of-age tonight. Fresh legs, that is the


counted if they had managed to. corridor of uncertainty for the


goalkeeper. He just went too soon, and then John Terry was as well.


They have looked a threat from set- pieces, Englander. It is just as


well, because they have not what a threat otherwise. -- they have not


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


Balotelli sprung the track again, but he could not stretch enough.


Just when England are at their most vulnerable. They pulled men forward,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


way he rallied the supporters, at the start of the first period of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


is it from Andy Carroll, though. Just when he shows his inexperience.


Thankfully for England. The last time these nations met in a


competitive game, the World Cup qualifier, October 1997, England


produced such a battling display to get the point they needed to win a


place at the World Cup in 1998. This team will have to battle again


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


is Mario Balotelli against Joe Hart incentive, he has got a German


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


mother. He has played pretty well, pushed the woodwork. He was not


quite sure. It is a cross. He missed her tit, and it almost


sneaked in. -- he mishit it. Would be a cruel way to go out. They miss


it cross from a West Ham reject it. -- a mishit cross. Cesare Prandelli


keeps looking up at the screen, looking at the score, how are we


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


supporters at seeing Ashley Young stopping it. Wayne Rooney was


ball away, put England are not bothered if -- Ashley Young. It is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


not good enough. The Italians will they just keep the ball for one


Glen Johnson, and Theo Walcott as well. Just too much height. The


in Kiev. Still, we have yet to see a goal. We have yet to see any


signs, apart from that last flurry, of England getting the chance they


might need to reach the semi-final, which is still looking at massively


unlikely at this stage. Let's get a word with Jurgen Klinsmann. How can


England hang on for another 15 minutes? They do hand on. This is


the only thing that matters. It takes one brilliant moment, and you


might win the game, even if you do not deserve it. But who cares? The


worst case, go to a penalty shoot- out and win it. When it? This is


England! But remember Chelsea! This might be the year! Is Roy Hodgson's


message just going to become a police defend? He will not want


anything ambitious, wealthy? They do not have it in their legs still.


That is a problem. If he realises the legs are not there, they have


got to defend, and go into a penalty shoot-out. It is a pity,


because these games, you want to go further up and create more chances,


the earlier, the better, but it is not happening. The Thursday semi-


final will be upon us, what are Germany's thoughts? With extra time,


they will lose some energy already. He has got two jobs tonight, Jurgen


Klinsmann, working for us and spying for his mate! We have seen


why the news from the Germany camp was that they would rather face


England and Italy in the semi-final. It is nice to have the choice.


England just want to work their way through this. It would be a case of


making it now. Yes, but we have talked about resolved, there is


nothing wrong with that. Hopefully, England do not get too deep.


have heard about the spirit and togetherness that has been with


this England party ever since they gathered together and travelled to


Krakow for their training camp. They have presented a united front


throughout, and they need it more than ever. It is strange, they were


vilified for deciding to stay in Poland before the tournament, and


now, it was a great idea! Well played, Fabio Capello! That is all


and Pirlo touches the ball out. He has pulled Diamanti up, the referee.


His indecision was final! He has got Premier League to to his,


Diamanti. He was a Premier League player for 12 months. He was a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


surprised! I'm still astonished a bad decision made by Milan a year


Robbens, wasn't it? Just a reminder of the time difference. It is past


midnight here, we are two hours ahead of you back home. It is


Monday morning. Which of these two teams will be going to the Warsaw


teams will be going to the Warsaw eventful time, he has been booked,


he will miss the semi-final it Italy get there, and he might lose


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


some teeth. He catches in with his Young. I am not sure about this. I


am not sure if he is going to get on the ball when he plays it


through his legs. Where can Ashley Young go? Are he couldn't have had


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


been too close. Wayne Rooney is hopping around, the England players


are furious. Marchisio has got one outnumbered by the English inside


the stadium tonight, but they can be heard loudly now. Their role so


empty seats, you know. The official and cannot bring himself to stare


into Balotelli's eyes. He didn't even smash it, did he? It is as


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


pleased to have on the field every until it comes to the most


important part of the tour. Steven Gerrard just could close to him,


put him under a little bit of pressure. -- got close to him. Even


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


remaining. It is purgatory. It is, the net finally, but it will not


count. Who is starting to believe wasn't prone to premature


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


any more dramatic, nail-biting and just are not in the game, you


haven't touched the ball for ages. off the cramped that afflicted him


early in the second half, but he now has to rally the troops to


defend his corner. -- defend this -- happy to let that one goal


behind. Joe Hart is the sort of goalkeeper who you just think... I


more. Roy Hodgson can't really do any more. He did say before the


game that it would be an important time if it came to it for Gary


bitterly's view of the game, if they do not get through to the


semi-final, they will feel a massive but ball in justice has


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


come their way -- Italy's view of about retrieving the ball, putting


it down and getting it as far down effort from the players. Just to


on. A free kick for Italy. Another one to be swung into the England


box here. Get Andy Carroll back. Everybody back. We're into the last


time. It is a free kick. Push everybody out, stick in the corner.


Roy Hodgson is out of his seat, and we have played time. The referee


has his was already, and that will be it. England are going to


penalties, they have held on, they have worked hard, they have battled.


The scenario many a of us thought would come to pass has. England in


a penalty shoot-out. This time, Fall the Italian possession, all


the Italian chances, all that matters now is who can keep their


nerve from the penalty spot. Italy have only ever lost a two quarter-


finals in major tournament, both on penalties after 0-0 draws. Spain in


2008, and France in the World Cup Of 1998. England's won a penalty


shoot-out success was in the Euro 96 after a 00 draw against Spain. I


am looking for every omen. The two goalkeepers have prepared Int


contrasting ways. Joe Hart has watched DVDs of every Italian


penalty taker for 10 years. Buffon said only that the only thing he


watched was a naughty videos in his room. Less professional, but may be


This is the moment that every player dreads. It is a horrible


situation, but all I would say, stay strong, mentally, and do not


change or mind, and do what you have practised for the last two


weeks. It was interesting, seeing Joe Hart looking at an iPad with


penalties on it, and the coaches were picking the players. They have


got to work out who will take them for Italy. With England, the


approach has been, it is not worth practising it, I have never


understood that, but Roy Hodgson has got his players to practise


frequently, he has got Joe Hart well-drilled. This is why you have


to stay strong, you have got to believe in what you have practised.


The court from the halfway line to the penalty spot will be the


longest Walk of their life, but there is a lot going through their


mind. They have to stay strong and remember what they have practised.


Sometimes it is written, England have done well to get to this stage,


because the gulf in class in the second half and extra time was


embarrassing. Italy were by far the best side, but when it comes to


penalties, there are no favourites. It is fifty-fifty. It looked like


England might have lost it during the second half of extra-time, but


A wonderful decision! We jumped off in disbelief! Make it right when it


matters. This is perfect. Watch the linesman. It is a great decision.


Spot-on. By six inches, brilliant. We have not played well at all. We


were OK in the first half, but after that, we were in our own half,


in our 18-yard box. We were lucky, but we might be lucky again. Who


knows? Jurgen Klinsmann, who would you prefer to play? A good first


half, but second half and extra time was all Italy. If you look


from the German side's perspective, they would rather have the England.


But now it is all over, the game is over. It comes down to nerves. It


comes down to follow when your first thought, and having a


positive first thought. If they trained at, it is a good thing,


they are ready. Forget about the game, just get the penalty shoot-


out done. You have got two competent


goalkeepers. One of there is going It is almost set up for Joe Hart to


be a hero, I can feel it. I said before the game, it would end up


almost. Mario Balotelli is gunning for the first penalty. They are


team-mates! He must have said something to him. He must say


something to him. They are trying to avoid eye-contact. I would be


all over him like a rash. He has got a tendency to she put down the


middle. Come on, Joe! Come on, Joe penalties. A slight stutter, but in


the corner.. Absolutely perfect. Nothing his Manchester City team-


mate could do. How about the captain of Liverpool and England?


In the quarter-final of the World Cup in 2006, Steven Gerrard's


Balotelli did. That is what you need to see, the captain coming


Buffon. Those waiting can barely smile. You cannot blame them.


Riccardo Montolivo. He has missed it! Joe Hart did not need to save


it! The first chink of light shines threatened the frame of the golf. -


- the goal. Wayne Rooney. He has barely threatened in the game. He


cannot bring himself to look up at England. The best penalty so far.


Italy. He missed in the Champions League final for Milan against


Liverpool in that miracle in middle, the coolest player on the


pitch has stayed that way. That is incredible. Remember all those


years ago, in the European Championships, when that was


started? Brilliant. That takes nerves of steel. Ashley Young makes


too much into it. He went for power, and it did not pay off. That has


summed up his night. It has summed up his tournament. It is all square


after three, 2-2. Italy send one of their substitutes for word, Antonio


pressure turns around on to England's men. Just that stutter


again, waiting to see what the goalkeeper does. Ashley Cole. He


scored for Chelsea in the Champions League final shoot-out against


Bayern Munich. If he misses this, penalty, it is this one. It is the


former West Ham man, Alessandro Diamanti. He left the bench in the


second half. Alessandro Diamanti takes Italy through. In a football


sense, justice has been done. But it is crawl on England. Beaten


again in a penalty shoot-out. That is eight in all competitions.


England have only ever won once, and it stays that way. Quarter-


finals was the first target. It is this far and no further. An Italian


Job Too Far. Italy will face Germany on Thursday. England are


homeward-bound. Their next game against Italy, in a friendly in


August. It will not matter nearly We have been here many times before,


but it does not make it any more palatable when it happens. Again,


England failed on a penalty shoot- out. Not England's finest


performance, they were lucky to take it that far, but you thought


that it might have been written that England would go through, but


it was not a day. Overall,...? a football perspective, we did well


to get there. We were lucky. We were given a lesson, really. But I


would never blame anyone or point the finger at anyone who has the


courage to take a penalty. Ashley Young has had a poor tournament,


and it was one of his penalties. Ashley Cole as well. They had the


courage, it is a difficult situation. But we were lucky to get


there, let's be honest. We should have been out of sight within the


90 minutes, let alone extra time. Sometimes, you get lucky, and you


win a game you should not. The quarter-finals was probably about


right for England. Tonight, they were outplayed, but they got


themselves into the penalty shoot- out. The amount of chances Italy


missed, you thought it might have been denied. They got off to a


great start, then Italy missed a penalty, but all of a sudden, they


missed two. You feel for them, but well played, Italy. Justice was


done. Pickard, togetherness, organisation, it can only take you


so far. This was as far as England were capable of going. The


outstanding player was Andrea Pirlo. He has got unbelievable quality.


England could not match him. In 90 minutes, the Italians were better


in virtually every area. That shows how far away England are from


competing at the next level. shows that we are way behind some


of the nations in world football. This Italian team was not renowned


for their passing skills. They were renowned for organisation, being


defensively solid. But we could not get near them, in the 90 minutes of


the game, and extra time. This is our level, this is what we are. We


are fifth, sixth, seventh in the world, we are behind Germany, Spain,


Italy, Portugal. For when you come to this level, possession is caned.


In the group stages and tonight, the biggest frailty has been in


possession. We have given it away time and time again it. In this


game, it was a conveyor belt of misplaced passes. But you cannot


keep the ball, there is not a lot there for you. The Italians' best


player on the ball is Andrea Pirlo, ours is Steven Gerrard, and Steven


Gerrard chased them around all night. Andrea Pirlo had a cigar on.


But technically, I think he is super. You have to give credit


where it is due, he has always been a fabulous player. At the age of 33,


he controlled a bad game, he dictated it, he picked it up and


played it. -- controlled a bad game. Let's hear from Steven Gerrard.


Heartbreak again for England, but you leave this tournament with your


heads held high. We do, but it I just feel for the players, since


day one, they have given absolutely everything. Today we did the same,


I thought this time on a penalty shoot-out we might have got that


bit of luck we needed, it wasn't to be. Did you think one Italy missed


that and you went ahead in the shoot-out? I think any penalty


shoot-out, when you get your nose in front, you are praying that you


see it out, and it is your turn. But credit to Italy, they are re


fantastic team, and they got the luck in the shoot-out. England had


a lot of luck in 90 minutes, absorb a lot of pressure and defended


magnificently. The lads at the back were fantastic tonight. Everyone


has been great in training, every time we have come out, we have done


the country proud. We go home again in heartbreak, which is difficult


to take. Thanks for talking to us. He has been by far England's best


player, but tonight he was chasing rather than dictating the play. He


was up against one of the best players on the world on the ball,


and his penalty kick was absolutely sensational! I don't think there


are any complaints from anyone. The guys out there have given added,


they have been courageous, given everything. But we are short, that


is clear to see tonight. Despite the fact that the Italians missed


He pulls it left, Montolivo. We are top of our seats, saying we are in


with a ripe chance now. Two-to-one up. Then this one, what a political


stop unbelievable. The bottle you need it to take a penalty like


that... He had a bad one, actually. You just think, put your foot


through it. I think that is the same side as where he came -- went


on the Champions League final. I think Buffon had done his homework.


He didn't hit it well. This is the winner. He kept his cool. Joe Hart,


no chance. But as you say, justice was done, the best team have gone


through. That is just Supreme confidence. That is unbelievable


confidence. To do that, in that situation, with this crowd here,


with the millions watching back home, that is unbelievable. But he


gave a masterclass in technical ability. When you talk about short,


long, picking up, playing it, making time and space the yourself


on the ball, it was just a joy to watch. There is not a party hasn't


hit, he has it everyone. -- a pass he hasn't hit. The disappointing


thing for England is they didn't really give themselves a chance. We


were chasing the ball virtually for the bustard majority of the game.


There was one period in the game, from about the 5th minute, where


England dominated the game, and in that period, could have taken the


lead. We had one or two chances, but never really... We had Glen


Johnson in the first few minutes, a very good save from Buffon, but


other than that, the frustrating thing is, because you work so hard


chasing the ball, you are so tired when you get it back, you have


nowhere to go with it. So what you do is you get further and further


back. You are right, the five to 20 minutes was the best bit, but then


they had the best control of the game. All of a sudden... You have


to remember, you are playing against a team that is trying to


affect you, so you are playing well, all of a sudden, their best player,


when you give the ball away, he starts... I never thought we got a


Pirlo at all, or might. Sooner or later, I thought he was going to


start to dominate. If you play 4-4- 2... That was the surprising thing,


we highlighted Pirlo beforehand, we said, we have got to stop him, when


he is on the ball, to get nearer to him. But Roy doesn't play that way,


he plays a flat back four. You look at the Balotelli chance, he has


gone about 20 yards, totally unchallenged, knowing that a player


anywhere near him, and then he plays an inch-perfect ball over the


top... You cannot afford to give a player of that quality... You have


Steven Gerrard, you never saw him with 40 yards of space. It was a


masterclass. He looks, great control, that is a hard ball to hit.


It was coming. He picks it up here, and on the edge of the England half,


spreads it, right to left. Steven Gerrard can't go to close him,


because he has got a guy behind him, so they are always a man short.


is asking an awful lot of Parker and Gerard in midfield. But why


would you want Steven Gerrard 10 yards away from Parker? You want


him further away, when he can affect the play. This is the


Balotelli chance. Nobody is pressing the ball. There is no


pressure on the ball at all. The danger is in behind, it is a great


ball into Balotelli. A good first touch, John Terry does well to get


back. With a guide of this ability, it is going to be impossible to


stop him for 90 minutes. What we want to say is, can we get closer


to him? He didn't cause that much damage against Croatia, he had his


moments, but he didn't cause that much damage against Spain, he had


his moments, but he ran the show tonight. Germany awake Italy now in


the semi-final, let's talk to Jurgen Klinsmann. Firstly, the


Italians, their performance? think they were far superior. What


impressed bit was not only technically, they controlled the


game, they outplayed England, but they were physically stronger, they


were physically in better shape than income, that surprised me a


little bit. I think they really deserve to to be into the semi-


final, I expect a good clash with Germany now. What about England?


Found wanting, yet again? I stayed positive throughout the game until


the penalty shoot-out. I had hopes! But to be honest, they didn't


deserve it, they really didn't deserve it, because they couldn't


keep the tempo of the Italian side, they were not able to close spaces


down, they looked tired, they looked like this was too big of a


mountain to climb tonight. In that way, I think Italy deserves to move


forward. Two days extra rest for Germany, Italians in the semi-final,


you would anticipate Germany going through to the final? Absolutely


not, I think this Italian side tonight really showed their


qualities. They have qualities all over the place. It is going to be a


very close game, and Germany know that. But they have a good run now,


they are very confident, it is a game to play that is far open from


the beginning. I am looking forward to it. It is sad that England has


to go home. I'm looking forward to you joining us in the studio for


that semi-final. Thanks very much. Commiserations, it is the cruellest


way to leave a tournament, this campaign hasn't really had a


familiar ring, it has been a different England, they fought hard


tonight. I agree with that, it is nice of you to say so, I think it


is true. I thought we were quite magnificent throughout, I have


never seen such enormous support from the first whistle, and in the


penalties, I was rather hoping that this might be our tournament to win


on penalties, certainly be practising didn't help too much on


this occasion. Maybe it is just feted at the moment that we don't


win on penalties, but I can't fault any of the players. We had players


running on empty, with very tired legs, are fighting off crammed.


They kept us in it, but unfortunately Italy took the chance,


not us. When Montolivo went wide, did you dare to believe? Of course,


because the five penalty-takers we had are very good ones. We have


been doing a fair amount in training, and Ashley Cole and


Ashley Young have smashed in penalties on regular basis. It just


makes my point all along that it is going to be an even bigger


obsession in the country with penalties now, you can't


unfortunately practice, you can't reproduce the tired legs, you can't


reproduce the pressure, you can't reproduce the feeling of nervous


tension. So they stood up to it better than we did. Pirlo's penalty


is a classic example. You said you wanted to win it in 90 or 120


minutes. England absorb a lot of pressure, and in the second half,


chances. They did. I thought the chances were there for both teams,


I thought we created some good chances ourselves. But it was


always going to be a question of who took the chance, as extra time


wore on, I thought we were tiring badly, they came at us time and


time again. In some ways, you might have even preferred it if they had


got a goal in that time when they were playing well, you might have


felt it was less of a cruel way to lose than on penalties. But we have


lost, we have gone out, but without losing again, we have gone out with


our heads held high. I personally think the lads have done a


fantastic job for the country and people have appreciated it. Pirlo


was peerless today. Was the way he was able to distribute the


difference? He was very good. I have worked with him in the past, I


know what a good player he is, today he seemed to always find time


and room, he very rarely wasted a pass. We worked hard to keep him in


check. Obviously, a player of that quality, you can only keep him in


check to a certain extent. He will find a way of keeping the ball.


What do you take away from this tournament? You were thrown into it


very quickly, tend training sessions, you exceeded many


expectations. Now you have a World Cup qualifying campaign to look


forward to. How do you go about beating atop nation in a knockout


stage? I'm sure we shall. If this group of players continues to show


the same degree of determination and will to be at team and to work


so hard as a team, we have got quite a few players to come in two


hours quite who will add to the competition -- to come in two-hour


squad. I'm sure it will be soon pit when we beat a top nations. I think


we have to keep building on the work we have done in this


tournament and makes certain that the good things we have done,


remain, and keep working on some of the aspect of our play where we can


be a bit better. What is the most positive thing you are going to


take away? I think the fans, probably. When you were close to a


team, you take a lot of comfort and encouragement from the way they


play, but the tournament, how kind the people have been in Poland and


Ukraine, how enormously supportive the fans have been, if we can get


an England team that get the fans behind them, we have got half a


chance. Thank you always giving us Roy, as dignified as ever. At the


start of the competition, England were average. All the way through,


they will average, but at the end, they are average, they have a long


way to go. I always thought there oil strong groups and two weaker


groups, and that is reflected with the groups in the semi-finals.


had plenty of coverage, but we were found wanting again in the passing


state, we are not as good as four or five other teams, and that is


what we are, 5th or 6th best in the world. Waiting for a batch of young


players. That is what we need, courage, a spirit, all of that you


can direct at the England team. What Roy has done with the spirit


of the team in this tournament, as in how they have gone through with


a smile on their face, ultimately they fell short, I agree with the


lads, that needs to improve. Somebody with the technical ability


Gary Lineker presents live coverage of the Euro 2012 quarter-final between England and Italy in the Ukrainian city of Kiev.

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