Portugal v Spain Match of the Day Live

Portugal v Spain

Gary Lineker presents live coverage of the first semi-final of Euro 2012 from the Ukrainian city of Donetsk, as Portugal take on their Iberian neighbours Spain.

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Good evening. The semi-finals of Euro 2012, and I think it would be


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fairly accurate to say we have the We'll see Germany face Italy


tomorrow night, but first, it's the Spain of Xavi, Iniesta, Alonso and


co against the Portugal of, well, Ronaldo - in the company of Hansen,


Shearer and Dixon. Absolutely fantastic. Really looking forward


to it. If you look at the quality of the players, they are


exceptional. This Spanish, arguably the best the world has ever seen in


possession. They played football of a sublime nature. But Portugal are


a good side. I just hope they don't play the way they play against the


Germans. If they play with flair, they have shown we are in store for


a belter! Everybody seems to sit back against the Spanish. At times,


you have no choice. That is the way to Spain plays. We do not need to


tell anybody how good they are with possession of the ball, how much


more they have than any other team. They have passed the ball more than


twice the number of times Portugal have in this competition, so they


will have to get it right, defensively. But they have had some


decent tests, and I think they have been OK. I watched Portugal-Germany,


and they did not come out and play until they were 1-0. So common I


hope they are like that from the start of the game. Then they iron


for a chance. For all the talk of Spain, people are starting to say


the Spanish are boring! You would love England to be boring, though,


wouldn't you?! Do you buy that, though? You can get a bit flippant


with that. It is very difficult to play like that, and to keep the


ball. But also the way they lose the ball, they probably work harder


to win the ball back then any other team. You will have a team in


possession, and the most important thing for Portugal is to be in


position when that happens. Them, you have got a chance. Nanny and


Ronaldo can surprise Spain. It is so hard for opposing teams to get


the ball back of Spain. When you do get it, you give it away in the end.


But he -- teams keep on sitting back against the Spanish. So, why


it shouldn't Portugal just have a go? Let us hope so. Beat players


arrived 10 a short while ago. You probably recognise him. Cristiano


Ronaldo. A terrific in the last two games. And there cut the Spanish


stars. Just world-class players. And Vicente del Bosque, who has


That is the big surprise - they went 10 against Italy and France


with no number nine, and they still got the results. But they will try


and dominate midfield as they always do, and that will pass, pass,


pass. We will have more passes than before. Torres has struggled in the


tournament. Obviously, the big thing here is Ronaldo. I think he


is a weak link, and there will be an interesting confrontation


an interesting confrontation between the two. Postiga is out


injured, so a bigger test for him. The Spanish have been struggling to


score goals, which you might suspect. Perhaps, it could be the


remedy. But you look at their results and they have not really


needed a striker. This got the odd one. It is a case of carry on


regardless because they pass the ball so well. They rely on stout


defence and winning the ball back. They have set high standards. They


have only scored one less than Germany, who have scored eight


goals up to on now. Having said that, eight goals... I genuinely


think the Spanish looked a better side when they had a striker.


They've met three times before in major competitions and so far, it's


The old international rivals. Both of them must go for a win. What a


Spain, in football terms, have usually had the edge over Portugal.


Ronaldo! And here is Fernando And it is a red card at! And it is


Costa! And Spain's striker gets You were at that game at 2010,


weren't you? Yes, they could not get the ball off him after he


scored the goal. But, of course, they played them in a friendly not


too long after that and Portugal beat them. I know that is only a


friendly, and sometimes people say friendlies do not count, but they


do. There were five teams left in this tournament until Sunday


night's rather painful experience. Gabby's been with England


throughout the Euros, here's her So, the names young and coal


complete the names wishing the penalty hole opened them up and


swallowing them up. But first, the positive - England fulfilled and


exceeded modest demands. They showed the required levels a fight.


For the first time perhaps, England can return home with their heads


held high. On arrival, Steven Gerard told that he hoped to be


able to come up from a championship with a sense of pride. The nation


is cautiously back onside. A small point, perhaps, but this Krakow


experience proves the England football team can lead relatively


normal lives. Past experiments of station in them on an island, up


the mountain, up a volcano can be banished for good. Also, it appears


this has been a happy harmonious camp, where the potential for


discord was office. And the FA's chosen one managed to organise a


difficult to beat side. England nearly stuck around until the semi-


finals. But organisation can only take you so far. The gap between


England and the top nations remains wide. But it probably will not beat


Roy Hodgson who benefits. May be his successor, or even the man


after him. Not the first time, it we leave the Euros. When Germany


found itself lagging behind, they overhauled their coaching system. A


gifted a new generation glowed and grew. Look at them now. Indeed,


previous shoot up failures have been treated as disasters, but here,


it was a whispered relief that there was better to use this way. I


asked the captain whether it was sustainable for England to


surrender so much possession to the other side. He said, Chelsea won


the Champions League that way. England need to learn to cherish


the ball. It will take time. The hard work starts now.


Mixed opinions on England's performance. There was talk of the


great effort. But you think England were largely poor throughout the


tournament? Yes, I do. The big thing that people have spoken about


is the together nurse. I do not attach any blame to Roy Hodgson,


and the worker put, but if you want 11 guys to go out and work, I can


go and get 11 guys from Newcastle city centre! That has to be a given.


So, I do not go along with the hard work thing. Yes, we were together,


but we are one million miles behind the top teams. Do you think France


have gone home to that kind of reception? 20 years ago, England


was like an exclusive club where the harm worker, team ethos and


determination was miles in front. Now, it goes in technical. When you


look at the Spanish passing, when the ball was coming towards the


Spanish, they just think, I will control it. Whereas the English


have learnt to control it. When the ball comes towards you, if you look


at Iniesta, for example, or I do not think there is one English


Let's remind ourselves where we were two years ago, with Capello.


So, there has been an improvement. But we went backwards, and then we


have gone forward again. Hang on. The way the team was then, it was


an absolute shambles. So, we have repaired that. We have not moved


forward, we have moved backwards, as far as the football is concerned.


What really worried me the other night, people say... The main thing


is, we have to win games. But the one thing which stood out for me


was not the fact that we went out in the quarter-finals, or that we


went out on penalties, the thing that got me was that we were


playing against a team with Pirlo as a free man for 120 minutes. That


was not sorted from the first minute to the last minute. You do


not keep getting hit by the same thing. He absolutely ran that game,


and we did nothing, neither on the pitch with the players, or from the


point of view of the manager, that needed to be sorted. If you look at


the players in 2006, and from that year onwards, there were some


terrific players that year. There are not as many world-class players


now. Absolutely. We are a helluva lot behind. 20 years ago, Spain had


a revolution, they started paying for coaches. Germany, 12 years ago,


they had a revolution because they had not won anything for just a few


years. We do not seem to be prepared to do that, to invest in


the coaches. We have got something like 3,000, the Germans, the


Spanish, the Dutch, have got about 30,000. That has to change, surely.


It has to change, and to be fair, the FA are trying to implement that.


But that is not going to happen within a year or two. We will not


be winning the World Cup in a couple of years' time. It will take


a lot longer than that. It takes time to put all of these systems in


place. We have got to get out of the habit of saying, yes, we can go


to tournaments and expect to win it. This tournament has proved that.


That is how far we are behind now. We can go home and people can say


we can hold our heads up high because we got to the quarter-


finals. What about the emphasis of people watching kids playing


football, win at all costs under the age of eight... If you look at


the Continental teams, they are all doing it differently from how we


are doing it. And we are not progressing, so they must be doing


it right - it is not rocket science. We keep saying our league is the


best in the world, for entertainment, but there's a


helluva lot of foreigners in our league, that's why. Back to


tonight's game, and our co- commentator tonight will be Martin


Keown. He is now speaking with Damien Johnson. You can get a


fantastic view of the stadium from here. Martin Keown joins me. What


are we expecting tonight? I think the Spanish really have not turned


up yet in this tournament. It will be about now that they will start


to turn up the volume. Expect to see some lovely passing from Spain,


and maybe some goals this time. They have got Ronaldo, the best


player on the planet, apart from Lionel Messi, who will punish them


if they do not get it right. there a danger that Portugal are


depending too much on Ronaldo? do. They have got some other really


good players, Meireles in midfield, and Pepe at the back. Nani is


another player who can be really dangerous. But essentially, it is


about Ronaldo. He is an outstanding talent. Just to reflect on


England's departure, how do you feel about what they have done, and


on the way forward? I think it has been a step forward, a lot of this


is about Roy Hodgson, and what he has learned from the situation. It


is very rigid, the way we played, perhaps we need to change that.


People are saying that we were not very good technically, but I think


it was more of a tactical issue, in the match against the Italians.


Maybe Steven Gerrard could have got on the ball a bit more. We have got


to build towards the future, but we trust in Roy Hodgson, we have now


got a top quality manager. Everywhere you go, the Scandinavian


countries are talking really highly of him. I think we have got a


decent manager, but let's hope he is learning. Spain of course are


both European and World Cup holders, but other resting on their laurels?


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Expectations are higher than ever Spain can win this title again.


Our man in the Spanish camp is Damien Johnson. England's training


base in South Africa at the World Cup was off the beaten track, but


it is nothing compared with Spain's training camp here, deep in the


Polish countryside. No distractions, as they attempt to become the first


team to successfully defend their European title. Spain have swapped


their rural retreat for Ukraine's rugged industrial heartland for a


semi-final meeting with neighbours Portugal. The reigning champions


have hardly raced through the gears on the way to the last four. It has


been more family saloon than Formula 1. Some have been muttering


that by monopolising possession and not scoring very often, their


football is boring. That's a new one.


TRANSLATION: Football is great in this respect. Not everyone likes


the same thing, and not everyone can agree on everything. It is a


mix of opinions, that's what makes it so special. We have our own


style, our own game. We won two trophies with this style of play.


Whether to field an out and out striker is one of the few selection


debates - the false nine or Fernando Torres? The Chelsea man


has played a big part, when selected. I am happy in the


national team, playing with confidence, enjoying the time I


have here, and having the confidence of the coach in the


second game, I scored two goals. The team played very well, and I


feel very good as well. There is no reason to think that something has


to change. At the other end of the pitch, the unstoppable force meets


the immovable object, as Cristiano Ronaldo tries to breach a Spain


defence which has not conceded in nearly five hours of football at


this tournament. You have to be more focused when you have the ball,


because it is more dangerous. Because if you lose the ball, that


is when he starts to run, and that is when he is unstoppable. I don't


know who will try to stop him, it is not about me and Christy Jarno,


I think all the defence has to help each other to defend him, and if


someone is looking at him, do not give him space or time, because


then, you are dead. A bit like England against Scotland, but with


more sunshine, these two countries have an intense rivalry. Spain's


record against Portugal is not that good, just two wins in more than 50


years. Spain have made the decision to play a strike on this occasion.


We he spoke about it earlier on, Negredo has been selected. He has


got a pretty decent record. Yes, he has got six goals in 11 appearances


for Spain. Spain introduced a new system to everyone, when they


decided to play 4-6, with six midfielders, if you like. At times,


it worked for them, because it suits the way they play. They had


to get a midfielder into the box, but having a forward tonight will


give them that extra punch. definitely think they are better


playing with a striker. It gives them more fluency of movement.


looks like they have stuck the big man up front! He is not scared of


making changes. You might think Fernando Torres would come straight


in, but straightaway, he brings in someone else altogether. We have


spoken many times about how good Spain and are with the ball, but


you're really impressed about what they do when they have not got the


ball. Well, they have the ball a lot, no mistake about it. When they


lose the ball high up the pitch, they all press at once, they have


this five-second mythical rule, to win the ball back. So, they are


very dangerous. But also, if they cannot pass, they will all dropped


off, and they just get into a great shape, they are superbly organised.


You can just watch this clip on how You can just watch this clip on how


they move around and link up with each other. The ball comes out to


the wing, and straightaway, the first thing you see is pressure on


the ball. Arbeloa, tight on his winger, making sure he cannot get


past him. Covering the centre-back, down the line. But also, there's


pressure from Torres and baskets, all putting pressure on the ball.


As they switched the ball, a little run across field, and all of a


sudden, Alonso goes instead. It is as if it they are telepathic. He is


doing the screening, and everybody is behind the ball, nice and


patient. This is not the hard pressing, high up the pitch. The


ball gets switched again, this time, Arbeloa goes very tight. Iniesta


decides to drop in behind, to do the covering. Absolutely superb.


This is them pressing high. They lose the ball, and one of their


weaknesses, if you can get through that first phase of pressing, if,


then all of a sudden, you can get then all of a sudden, you can get


through. As Alan said, their two full-backs I think are susceptible.


Martin Keown said, they have not really got started yet. They have


scored eight goals, and they have not even conceded one. What do you


mean, that they have not even got started yet? Old school! For all


the Spanish brilliance, they still do not possess the star of the show.


COMMENTATOR: Wonderful movement and then the cool finish. Admired but


not loved, appreciated but not adored. Magical, but for the


doubters, just not Messi. Messi is always one of the lads, always


around, always giving, giving, giving. Ronaldo is more driven by


ego. How much does that affect the chemistry of the team? Cristiano


Ronaldo is a Madeira man. This was By the age of 17, he had left his


island home for the Portuguese giants of Sporting. But it was


Manchester United who eventually gave him the stage he craved.


not seen anybody take players on and score goals and make goals like


he did. Never short of step-overs, never short of goals, and never


short of that belief that was it was his destiny to be considered


great. The brand grew mighty with every bullet free kick. The men at


Madrid saw him as the real deal, the man to wrestle back the Spanish


crown from the Catalan Kings. all knew that one day, he was going


to leave. They paid a king's ransom, a world record �80 million.


motivation is very high. I want to play, and I want to win many things


here. With the title back at the burn about, and more than 100 goals


increase seasons, the return has not been bad. -- in three seasons.


For his country, things have never been so straightforward. His first


major tournament ended in heartbreak in the final of Euro


2004, as the golden generation melted at the hands of the Greeks.


Two years later, Portugal polished off England, and the Battle of


Ronaldo against Rooney ended with a resounding win for Ronaldo. As the


season went on, there were less and less people shouting derision at


Cristiano Ronaldo. They had to admit that he was a marvellous


The joint top scorer at Euro 2012 started the tournament slowly, but


at times, he has been tireless, To be a true great you have to do


it on the international stage, say the pundit parade. And what better


way to silence the doubters? Some of might doubt it, but he never


There he is. I saw a newspaper article saying 95% of women in


Ukraine are supporting Portugal because they love Ronaldo at! He is


some player. He is absolutely fantastic. We always talk about his


quick feet, pace, strength brewing there. It is a wonderful


combination. If the fullback comes then, if he can get the ball to him


quickly, he can attack. He has got a great partnership. Ronaldo


attacks in here. And it is inside out. That happened every time


against the Dutch. The movement is against the Dutch. The movement is


against the Dutch. The movement is terrific. The fullback does not


come in a tall because of fear. The same again. He is there. He has got


to tucking in. Massive space. And look at that. What a finish!


Absolutely fantastic. And then against the Czech Republic, he


comes of that touchline. Great save. comes of that touchline. Great save.


. Normally aggressive and desperate to be successful. He is desperate


to score goals. You can see the willingness and desire there. He


has had more shot on target than anyone on this tournament, more


anyone on this tournament, more shot off-target that anyone.


shot off-target that anyone. Watches movement here. He just goes


one yard to his right, and that the offender goes with him. First touch


- 1, 2, and it is in the back of the net before you know what. Look


where he actually starts. Just watches movement. He is sprinting


and breaking his net -- neck to get into the box. The next one, I laugh.


Against the Czech Republic. You often see wide Milt -- midfielders


admiring. But not this guy. He just wants to get in and score goals,


and his movement is just fantastic. A-grade header at the end of it. He


is just walking. Watch how he comes is just walking. Watch how he comes


alive at now. It is a very good header. When you are a fall-back,


you want him out there, near the line. As soon as the ball is on the


other side, you have got a big problem. I would like to see you


play against Ronaldo! Tell you what, I will have a go! You can see him


getting a ball early. Pique is the next man coming out to him. He is a


contender for the Golden Boot, of contender for the Golden Boot, of


course. Gomez and Ronaldo would be the obvious favourites. He is also


hunting down a certain Alan Shearer in the league table of top


goalscorers. You could save first is first and second is nowhere!


penalties, was that?! And I am rock-bottom on the list! The other


thing about Ronaldo, in this tournament, you can tell when his


face he once said. Portugal or Spain? Portugal. Very tight Spain


when. I think Portugal might give them the game. We have come halfway


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to Siberia to see the pride of It is Spain versus Portugal for a


place in the Euro 2012 final. Back to tonight's game and our co-


commentator here in the Donbass Arena will be Martin Keown. Here he


Tonight could be a classic semi- final. That visit Portugal can get


final. That visit Portugal can get final. That visit Portugal can get


the ball and give it to him. The arena is so -- the jaw of the Crown


are in a city founded by a Welsh industrialist. Under Soviet rule,


it was a city closed to foreigners completely. It is full of


foreigners tonight, though. Can Spain become the second team ever


to reach three successive major tournament finals? Kent Portugal


may get to their first final on foreign soil? Or can Cristiano


Ronaldo's individual brilliance eclipse Spain's collective


excellence? Into the arena bestride. meeting between these two was one


up 4-0 by Portugal. But Inchcape down, two years ago in the World


Cup, Spain were the victors. It will be the Spanish SPANISH


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# Herois do mar, nobre Povo. # Nacao valente, imortal.


# Levantai hoje de novo. # O esplendor de Portugal!


# Entre as brumas da memoria. # O Patria, sente-se a voz.


# Dos teus egregios avos. # Que ha-de guiar-te a vitoria!


# As armas, as armas! # Sobre a terra, sobre o mar.


# As armas, as armas! # Pela Patria lutar.


# Contra os canhoes marchar, # Contra os canhoes marchar,


# Contra os canhoes marchar, # Contra os canhoes marchar,


not sink, it is because it does not whether that might have a part to


play. Spain have had two days fewer to recover them Portugal. This is a


UEFA respect match, by the way, and both captains will address the


crowd prior to kick-off. We all applaud the respect for diversity.


It is probably not the first thing on the players's mind. It is a new


one, isn't it? See how they get on. He is saying we owe our success to


our team spirit and the device at the bar backgrounds. On the pitch,


we stand together, united as a team. That is why we are against all


football can bring people together, no Mata what their background is.


That is why we are supporting UEFA's respect diversity message.


So, Spain or Portugal cot --? Two years ago, in Cape Town, the coach


was pretty defensive. And they lost 1-0. Paulo Bento is in charge this


time. He has had to make one change. First time in this tournament he


has made a change. Postiga has an injury. There are defensive


question marks, I think. Some very good players. But there is only one


Cristiano Ronaldo. And he is absolutely plain. -- key to


Portugal's chances of reaching the final. The youngest referee of the


finals. He also sent off John Terry in the Champions League semi-final.


Well, like Portugal, Spain have started every game. The only


dilemma seems to be whether to go with the striker all Fabregas. He


Fernando Torres feels about that. Yes, he must be hurting. But what


an outstanding team of the Spanish side is. Ronaldo playing against


Spain. Can he pull it off against so far, against the Italians. They


line up now against their near neighbours, the Portuguese. Spain


have played in four semi-finals in European Championships and World


Cups, and they have won them all. They did lose a semi-final in the


Confederations Cup back in 2009, to the United States, however.


Portugal, in contrast, have only won one semi-final, which was on


home soil, in 2004. They have lost four others. Spain get the semi-


final under way. Xabi Alonso immediately plays it forward, but


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Ronaldo's first touch. Portuguese who was just dozing a bit. Pique,


immediately helped out by Arbeloa, whose clearance was not the best.


That is going to be a Portuguese corner.


MARTIN KEOWN: The Spanish players claiming handball. Veloso can hit


them from distance. STEVE WILSON: Miguel Veloso will


corner. Good early test for the keeper. Veloso has got a lot of


goalkeeper, Casillas, playing in his seventh major tournament. We


are now two minutes in, and Spain finally have some proper position.


Arbeloa felt his man, and that will be a Portuguese free kick. I think


the Portuguese will be very pleased with the first couple of minutes.


Yes, Coentrao is a player that they might feel they can get out, of


course, being more of a winner. -- more of a winger. The first touch


for the Portuguese goalkeeper, Rui put the high price on, not allowing


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


the opposition to play out from the Free kick goes Portugal's way again.


Yes, Pique giving the free kick away. But Pepe, for the Portuguese,


doesn't he look outstanding? It is getting to the stage where you


the back four for Portugal. That is a feature of their play, Bruno


Alves, every time he gets it, he will be looking to play those long,


raking, diagonal passes. Their wingers give them so much width.


The Portuguese coach, that 4-0 victory over the Spanish in Lisbon


back in November 2010 was just his that's a throw to the Spanish.


Jordi Alba to take it. There were two in the middle, but the cross


was dealt with almost as soon as it left the foot of Jordi Alba by Pepe.


Pass-and-move, Iniesta, lovely last two or three minutes.


Portuguese have realised that they have got to take the fight to this


Spanish team, otherwise they will just destroy you with their passing.


Xabi Alonso won his 100th cap against the French in the quarter-


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


the halfway line. Xabi Alonso looks in this tournament, how far up the


field they have managed to get Arbeloa. I do not see him doing


that with Cristiano Ronaldo on his side of the pitch too often. David


Silva has given it away, but now Alvaro Arbeloa has never scored for


his country, and he might have done better with that.


MARTIN KEOWN: Both the Spanish full-backs involved in the build up


here, it was a beautiful move. Arbeloa again, probably technically


not the most gifted of Spaniards, he puts it over the bar. But it


just demonstrates, there full-backs just want to push on. Coentrao for


Portugal, dispossessed by Busquets, who was snapping. Pepe has been


busy already in defence for Yes, if he looks to his left, there


is a better pass on for him. Just interesting, though, after that


chance, they have just gone up a gear. They are really passing the


ball well. You get the feeling, if they want to turn it on, they can.


They are passing the ball more quickly than in previous matches,


Spain. Here's Coentrao, and Pique comes across. The referee says it


is a Portuguese throw. Spain have spent so much of this tournament


passing the ball to each other in front of the opposition, but it is


not the way the first 10 minutes of You can compare it to the England


team, just sitting back and inviting teams on. Rui Patricio


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


below will take it. Coentrao goes really seeing much of Negredo, it


is not really getting into the front player for Spain, but they


He has barely had a mention in the pre-match conversations, but he is


capable of course of doing outrageous things. If he can get


the ball, that is. Well anticipated by Miguel Veloso. Now, Ronaldo has


it, running at Pique! Lovely ball in! But Casillas was there. It was


a fabulous cross. Yes, the counter- attack, that is what we were


waiting for. Ronaldo did not disappoint, but it was a great take


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


the end, a free kick has gone against Temple stop yes, if he is


the one player, isn't he? He gets isolated and makes the wrong


decision. Reported that Arbeloa has just extended his Real Madrid


contract to 2016 today. At least, I think his representatives have done


that on his behalf. He probably has Pique. And the referee has given a


free kick. Quicksilver, through your fingers. Yes, Arbeloa were is


desperately trying to get back. Any kind of contact and he goes down.


He just catches him, ever-so- forward. Joined inside a pair of --


penalty area. Kids all over the world are addressing the ball right


now. Straight into the wall. Yes, corner of. This is a contest, no


question about it! Ronaldo has clapping his hands and urging those


around him. The ball has come off the head off Sergio Ramos, and this


is a good spell for Portugal. Spain have not been at the end of a


passage of play like this too often. Italy scored against them. No one


Long ball in. Pique was doing to him what he was doing to Ramos I


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


off he goes! The referee has said - player on! Cannot believe it!


there has run across them, without doubt. A cynical foul, that. The


referee has Mr that. Not convinced it Nani needed to go down, but I am


convinced he was fouled. Here it is. Just steps across. Does go down


easily, we know that. But to me, it encouraging for Portugal. Spain


used to playing most of their matches firmly in their comfort


zone. They are a long way short of that at the moment. It has ruffled


their feathers a bit. They are the three players who have just


passed the ball to each other. Now Yes, that midfield is crowded with


lots of bodies and lots of players. And their wealth comes from their


Know, but I am hoping Roy Hodgson is watching! It is about learning.


They have given us a lesson in quickly. Bruno Alves was determined


to win that. Nicely done from were. A free kick is given. And


Vicente del Bosque are concerned enough to come over and a shrug his


shoulders. Coentrao gets his reward. It is extraordinary. Vicente del


Bosque has been in charge of 59 games for escape -- Spain and they


rueful smile. Only scored three goals. He has had the post four


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


tournament today. Not counting the Iniesta control dead as it dropped


out of the sky. And Spain have a free kick. I think it has been


fascinating so far. Just love the way the Spanish amount of their


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


confronted by two. That is too deep as well. And too close to Casillas.


Yes, a pity. Some good play it there from the Portuguese. Winning


the ball from high up on the pitch is their best way forward in this


match. Nebreda, his movement for was worried enough to have a look


at the referee, who immediately it, from the Portuguese? That is a


Portuguese throw in. It was a question asked. Chest and Chen, I


would say. Yes, get away with that. There is no way that was deliberate.


Just a bit panicky there, when Beaten by Switzerland in South


Africa. They cannot get it into Xavi, can they? Alonso in the end.


Iniesta, that little man, great feat, hasn't he? We all know what


he was trying to do with that. Just that had that been going under the


bar, he might have got his gloves referee has blown his whistle.


That's just incredible. Has he with high hopes of a classic, but


in the back of my mind was the nagging thought that Portugal would


just try to contain and probably end up losing 1-0, but the first


half an hour has been really, really good. No, the Portuguese,


they really fancy it. The Spanish, it seems like a strange performance,


quickly they win this ball back, fantastic. Ronaldo is on to this in


a flash. Just put it past the post. Credit to Joao Moutinho, who gain


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


from the shadow of Ronaldo tonight. this poor to give -- in this


Portuguese team, with runners off the ball. The Spanish team, on the


other hand, we're not seeing any real movement off the ball. Their


enthusiasm for the gritty side of the job it is impressive as well.


You could say that about both sides, wing. Iniesta now... He kept it in


cleverly. Did he? Apparently not. Yes, but that's what they need,


they need somebody prepared to run at the Portuguese, in the same way


that Ronaldo is doing. Lovely feet from Iniesta. Portugal were not


happy about the choice of referee, not particularly because Cuneyt


Cakir was chosen, but because the President of the Spanish football


federation also happens to be the president of Uefa's referee


shake, they are forcing them to go wide, and to go along. Nani has


been excellent so far. -- to go along. But he is not getting much


help from the referee. Negredo has lost it, and the referee is going


to go and check on Nani on the far see him doing that, going over?


Let's give him the benefit of the be sure there is some physical


contact. The Portuguese coach so far deserves great credit for the


way he has set his team out. He played in Portugal's semi-final


defeat in the year 2000, when they the ball, floats into the game, and


finds Iniesta. Pepe was in the right spot. It is just not


happening for Spain in the final kick, by jumping into Negredo.


have never seen Casillas kicked the into Iniesta. It was not a bad idea.


He has to try to find Iniesta, because Negredo just is not moving.


He is completely stationary, at the top of the team. We are not in


control of these pictures provided by Uefa, but I guess it will not be


long before we see a picture of Fernando Torres on the substitutes'


member of the Portuguese squad four years ago. Raul Meireles, doing the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


same as Alonso does, dropping deep, through to Iniesta, that was an


important block. Ronaldo, blocked off by Sergio Ramos, and this term,


the free kick is given, and the card is old. It is not a lot


different from the one he got away with before. Yes, he just steps


across him again. Ronaldo and Nani looks so sharp. We have not seen


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


the same sharpness in the Spanish Portugal have lost possession. It


having a good game. Bashing top play from the Portuguese, passing


the ball just as well, if not better, than the Spanish. And then


they have the threat with Ronaldo, who just seems to go up a gear, and


waste of a free kick. Joao Moutinho has been brilliant. Yes,


defensively, he has been fantastic, the way he presses. And technically,


he is a great player. The complete midfield player, really. He did not


even get selected for the World Cup Almeida was ghosting in behind.


does look as though Pique mistimed that one. It was just a bread-and-


butter ball. He should be doing far side of the field, Jordi Alba


for Spain, and Joao Pereira for that one. It is going to be a


Referee not too concerned by what he saw. Pereira has got that in his


nature, hasn't he? He is an angry man. Bruno Alves has put that


straight out of play. And he for Coentrao or Pepe? Must have


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


said something. Yes. Coentrao has of the ground up there, did he?


Definitely a foul. In stoppage time, Xavi. And Patricia is there.


that is it. The referee has blown his whistle and brought a


fascinating first half to a close. Portugal have come out in a


positive frame of mind, and they have asked the world if you


question civil stop let us see how they can respond in half-time.


Portugal have got a game plan, and has worked. I think the Spanish


have had more longer balls and the first half the men have the last


four years! If you look at the Spanish individuals, we always see


the great players struggling - Xavi and Silva struggled. Top marks to


Portugal. They have not created a lot of chances, and I suppose the


Spanish have had the better of the chanters, but the tactics have been


spot-on. It is tough to sustain that level. To do that for 90


minutes is hard work. But the better it works, the more


confidence you get. They can definitely take heart from the way


they played Portugal. We spoke about Negredo before. We have not


seen him at all. He has not run in behind. Torres did do that when he


played. They will have to... If it would not be surprising if you saw


Torres or even Fabregas. Paulo Bento has got his tactics right,


but how brave his seat to run against the Spanish like that in


midfield? Confident, and the way he has set the team out, they will be


disappointed they have not got more chances. This second half now, they


have got to do the same. Spain will get back into it. Martin Keown was


right. The pressure started ride from the very first minute. It was


clear what Portugal were trying to do. They foster the Spanish into a


game they were not familiar. Look what Spain do. One pass, two passes,


body shape is forcing him down the line. Long-ball. This time, you


have got the three players there. And Casillas ends up killing and.


You are talking about a team that usually has three options


alternatives. But the way the Portuguese have played so quickly,


they have got more options. I run it that that long ball eventually


comes to Iniesta, who has the shot. It goes over the bar. I do not


think I have ever seen Spain kicker think I have ever seen Spain kicker


so long in the first half. When they do get the ball, and the ball


does go forward, you look at where a has landed, and there is no one


within 20 yards of it. Still see the occasional flashes of the


the occasional flashes of the Spanish at their best. Arbeloa were


at one particular move. It is hard closing them down. But you have got


to try and limit that. They are excellent players. Interesting to


see Arbeloa were getting the chance. We have talked about him before. I


We have talked about him before. I think he has had a decent half. He


is the only one Google forward in that occasion. Arbeloa of verses


that occasion. Arbeloa of verses Ronaldo? He has got a difficult job.


He is caught inside there. Silva end up running back on him. This


time, Ronaldo ahead of him. Look how many Spanish players are trying


to get back to help them up. Does not get there in the end. He tries


to get behind, Arbeloa were kind of stays with him. A better ball


perhaps from the left back. That was Ronaldo. To be fair to him, he


has done very well. With that chance to get tight, he has gone


tight. In the end, he brings him down. Sometimes, you have got to be


down. Sometimes, you have got to be a pest. Bang! Gets a tackle in.


Spanish have contained Ronaldo. They have trebled up. One of the


little half chance. But he did really well here. You can see


Ronaldo, on the edge of the ball. He just comes loose. Great tackle


there. He is on to it quickly and he has hit it brilliantly. That has


been the best that we have had. They have contained them, yes. More


of the same. But it will be very hard work. The other semi-final is


also light on the BBC tomorrow night. Germany play Italy, two


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


football chants whose paths have crossed over the years. We have


just spotted Tim there. He has been looking forward to the prospect of


Jake Humphrey. Welcome to Walsall. It was peaceful and calm. But that


one not be the case in 24 hours time. Germany-Italy is a clash, to


say the least. What is the atmosphere like? I think they are


getting excited, tense but little bit. You want to get a game like


that every day if you could. I am sorry to remind you about 2006, but


it is indicative of the way these fixtures have gone in big


tournaments. Germany just do not have the edge of it Italy. I do not


know. Every game is different. It is always very close. Sooner or


later, you are going to change that. Do you think Germany have got what


it takes to do it tomorrow night? They have got a young, Phyllis team.


They have the quality and a pretty experienced group of players in


there, with some of dynamic and creative youngsters with a lot of


energy. They have a lot of belief in their group. They are ready for


it. To be the Italian team will be -- or taking off. What would be the


code's message? Really to step it up tomorrow night. And to make a


difference. You have got to be at the top of your game, based Pacific


time. And the players need to be aware of it. I think they are aware


of it. There are also some older, experienced players. They have been


around the block for quite a while, and they need to put his stamp on


their career and win a tournament. You do not want to miss too many of


those occasions. The Italians know what it takes towed went a


tournament. The Germans will have to find a way of tackling some


players. He is a special player. He is like a conductor in an orchestra.


He needs to find a solution. Her whether you kind of dedicate to


that role, they need to be on him. They need to step on his toes.


Otherwise, he can kill you with one ball. At the moment, there are


young couples having coffee and cake and tea Houses. Tomorrow night,


it will be a little bit busier. Indeed. They generally serve up a


feast, those two. Absolutely. It will be interesting to see how they


cope. The Germans have got great players and so much enthusiasm and


pace. Also, he left three of them out in the last game. Will he bring


them back? Also, they have had two days of rest. They are normally


efficient, pacy and fit. Join us efficient, pacy and fit. Join us


tomorrow night from 7pm on BBC One. Spain may be struggling, but we


have got great guests and a studio. Our Wimbledon coverage continues


Our Wimbledon coverage continues from 11:30am tomorrow. Andy Murray


will be an action. Looking back to the second half here, it is


goalless, have caused. Interesting to see if the Portuguese can


maintain this style of play. When you are successful, to me, we have


seen it time and time again with the Spanish can lift their game.


But I am not so sure it will happen. The Spanish never had any fluency


in the first half. They have stopped the Portuguese a couple of


times. Nani has been unfortunate. The referee has had a tough time.


He completely misses this one, doesn't he? Look where the referee


as! Not an awful lot in it, but it was a foul. Really strange.


Brilliant play from Nani. And he stops it. And he has been good,


Nani. When you see him play the Manchester United, sometimes it is


hit or miss, but when it is a hit, I don't know if Spain have made any


changes, but they need to, quickly, and when they do so, it will change


the whole pattern of the game. can see over our shoulders, the


Portuguese team... He has not changed things at the minute.


would appear to be unchanged at the moment. We cannot see any obvious


substitutions at present. But here come Portugal. Nani has been


terrific so far, and Moutinho is a lovely footballer.


ALAN HANSEN: Great feat. And what can we expect from Ronaldo in the


second half? A goal would be fantastic. But like Lee says,


Arbeloa has done reasonably well against him, but they have been


doubling up. He just needs one chance, up against Arbeloa. It is


all to play for. Let's get back to all to play for. Let's get back to


Martin Keown and Steve Wilson. STEVE WILSON: There have not been


any half-time substitutions, so Negredo is still out there for


Vicente del Bosque's Spain. You would say that he has more


alternatives at his disposal than Paulo Bento, when you think that


they have got Fabregas on the bench, Fernando Torres, Navas, Martinez


and Llorente. Portugal do not have anything like the same options. But


anyway, we will see, as the game Bosque will leave it, Martin, if


things do not change. MARTIN KEOWN: Well, he is giving


them another opportunity. They came out onto the pitch before the


Portuguese side. Interesting, Ronaldo, holding them back, let


them get out early and sweat a bit. Maybe that is something he has


learned from Jose Mourinho. He is very much the leader of the


Donbass Arena, it is a magnificent stadium. Paid for by Ukraine's


richest man, the baccarat Shakhtar Donetsk. Very much in the same way


that Roman Abramovich backs Chelsea, and he is here tonight as well.


is a very different Donetsk stadium to the one that I visited here some


years ago. We had a little walk down to the stadium where Arsenal


played against Shakhtar Donetsk, all those years ago. What was the


score again, Martin? We lost. I think you will find. I remember


commentating on it. Arsenal were already through to the next phase


of the Champions League, however, and Shakhtar Donetsk were already


out. It is a very, very different stadium from this. The hotel was


very different as well! You should get that with him going in the


second half? They had 54% possession in the first half, much


lower than normal for them. They have got to just keep passing the


ball, believing in themselves. David Silva has been quiet so far.


He looks strangely muted. Spain have also got one matter, who has


not even kicked a ball yet in this tournament. -- have also got Juan


wavelength. It is most unusual. They just need to snap out of this


was a good defensive header from to Spain. Negredo is holding the


top of his head. He takes no prisoners, Bruno Alves. He is a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


composure, Spain, but they have not comes in from Arbeloa. Spain's


see Xavi going in to the central position, it is like he has


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


switched on his footballing brain, Portuguese. Again, the long,


diagonal ball. Good movement, and Spain did not seem to be able to


it was not his best, and neither was the clearance from Alonso. It


Vicente del Bosque has not waited long. No, seven minutes, he has


seen enough, he needs to make it happen. He needs some inspiration


take the throw, and I don't think anyone will be too shocked to see


that Negredo's number is up. He has done absolutely nothing in this


continues, Fabregas is on. I think he has got every right to be


annoyed. Fabregas has scored twice in this tournament. Martin, you


were a central defender - do you want to play against a centre-


forward? Or a floating, shadowy presence, like Fabregas? Fabregas


is a great passer of the ball. He has great technique to find a


player. He is not a centre forward. But really, the runners will have


to come from deep, and he will have to try to find them with a piece of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


vision. But he is not really going Arbeloa is helped out by David


Silva. Fabio Coentrao has done superbly, he has won a corner.


sloppy clearance on the through ball from Arbeloa, and he ends up


having to defend on that corner. much, but he did have Ronaldo and


Nani to pick out with a pass. think he has seen the headlines.


There is no way he should be shooting from there. I don't think


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


Alonso seems to have lost his Just to underline, I am not sure he


is quite good enough. Ronaldo is making that run. He needs to find


him again. Instead, he shoots from an impossible angle. Busquets has


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


clearly pulled back Cristiano yellow card.. And Navas is going to


go one for Spain any minute. think Ramos here, just doing enough.


Why did Busquets to get a yellow card? Not sure. I am not sure how


the referee could not see those things at once. David Silva is


coming off. He has done an enormous amount for Spain tonight. Navas is


coming on. As he did against Italy, it came on and scored against


Right in front of the Portuguese bench, who are not happy. Alonso


did get a bit of Pepe's elbow in his back. The thing is, he is


climbing for the ball there, Pepe. He has got his leg in the air. But


he has got to win that. You want your defenders to be positive like


that. The cards are beginning to flutter now, like blossom from a


No love lost there? Not team-mates tonight! Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


Arbeloa of the Spain. Failed to has got to the stage now where they


are beginning to really cancel each other out. The first half was


fascinating. Here is Almeida. Still his feet so quickly. Sergio Ramos


came across and then Ronaldo was back on his feet. He is patient,


Ronaldo. Yes, good play all-round for Busquets. Now Fabregas. Iniesta


in support. Fabregas was knocked over, just outside the penalty area.


It is a yellow card for the Portuguese right-back. Suddenly, a


little bit of movement in the Busquets and Iniesta or an Ramos.


Pique and Fabregas lurking over the edge of it. Portuguese goalkeeper


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


from Pepe. Good spell this, the free kick. Yes, Fabregas coming so


deep. Absolutely no centre-forward. You wonder whether Vicente del


Bosque it will make a change in a midfield. Maybe it is time to take


header, wasn't it? From Hugo Almeida. It has been a strength on


his team tonight. A little sneaky feeling that the pendulum is


beginning to go Spain's way. Alonso is trying one of his specials,


which she tried against the French Portuguese keep this up? Straight


Expect Patricia to say that, though. Spain's first attempt on target,


he? Navas, a new problem for a Coentrao to work out. Pepe just


missed that. Spain getting a bit of furious with Jordi Alba. That is an


excellent intervention by Sergio Ramos. Portugal have they throw in


down here. Just starting to get tetchy, isn't it, Steve? Yes. A


little kick out. He runs back and important part of the gable


Portugal. The Spanish are beginning Steve? Lots of pace, tries to get


behind the last defender. He areas, Navas. Played in the World Cup


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


centre-field. Free kick! Well, they might just be within 30 yards this


kick folk Cristiano Ronaldo. Yes, it just steps across him, doesn't


he? Knows what he's doing. They are frightened to death of him. Cannot


about retreating. Wait for my whistle. That is the signal from


the referee. Cristiano Ronaldo steps back is five yards. They


should cast at that pose in bronze. concentrated, isn't he? Knows all


the drama, the build up. Big moment for the keeper there, Casillas.


Just theatre, isn't it? Ronaldo Fabregas shakes his head.


MARTIN KEOWN: Pepe's making all sorts of that. That's where you


lose respect for him. He is a fine player, but he is a drama Queen at


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


gives it to Iniesta, never a bad option. Good tackle, Joao Moutinho!


He has had a terrific game. He has tracked Iniesta for about 30 yards


Nani in the second half. He was dazzling at times in the first.


I think the Spanish are retaining the ball better in the second half.


But they have not got the same Nani was looking for. There were


some very optimistic appeals for handball against Xavi. It is a


and the goalkeeper obeyed the play by Sergio Ramos. It needed to


be, Ronaldo's movement is superb asking whether that did not merit a


Fabregas had Jesus Navas to his right-hand side.


MARTIN KEOWN: Yes, it is very wild, isn't it? He puts his arms up, but


it is coming at him so quickly, he cannot really get out of the way.


for the Spanish. It is bizarre, really. Fabregas is up there in


name only - he keeps dropping deeper. I don't think you could say


either side looks terribly threatening at the moment - Spain,


flight of the ball. Nani might have made a meal of that, actually, but


didn't. It is going to be a Portuguese change. Nelson Oliveira


will be coming on, the 20-year-old striker. It cannot believe that


Almeida will stay on - that's unless he cracks this one in the


net. But that was so poor, really. Miguel Veloso, straight to


well here, I think Alba is making a lot of this. He has got to go for


the ball, Nani. He actually gets there first.


STEVE WILSON: So, Almeida makes way. would not say any of them had


Casillas worried. So, on comes the 20-year-old Benfica striker Nelson


Oliveira. He scored four at the world under-20 Cup in 2011. He


scored on his debut for Benfica or back in the spring against Zenit.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


Can he score the biggest goal of did not at first, but I do now.


drama starts again now. Free kick, was either handball or it was


encroachment. It is Arbeloa. And Cristiano Ronaldo will have another


Ronaldo scored from here? That wall is considerably more than 10 yards


away. He looks like a man possessed. was coming round on the ball a bit.


balance. The second semi-final is tomorrow night, Germany-Italy, live


referee has got a job on here. Who is he putting over? I think it is


Alves. Alves, one of the few who did not have a yellow card, but he


has now. Pedro is coming on for Spain any second. That will be


their third and final change. just takes him out, doesn't he?


Getting tired, I think. The entire back four of Portugal has now got a


Alves there. Up it will be a who comes off. He has not been


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


Martin? It is. It is coming down to ball in play. One thing Spain have


now got, with Navas on one side and Wasn't it? Because when he is


running at you, he just gets his body across. Nani cannot help but


his hand, hasn't he? He has. It is almost like a game of chess.


mind here - keep this out! Alonso surveys his options. Bruno Alves,


good defensive header. Could break in such a hurry to get this shot.


Keeps it on the deck. You think he goes to strike it. Moving into


three minutes of added time. Spanish fans behind that goal loved


that. What a relief for them, though. Four white shirts, haring


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


holding up. Taking on Coentrao. Corner kick - Spain. Stuck to his


corner, but it found its way to Iniesta. Almost as if the Spanish


isn't he, Casillas? Might just be time for one last attack. Strong


challenge. The referee here. He will book another Portuguese -


Miguel Veloso. Well, it is a heavy challenge. We have seen a lot worse


than that, haven't we? Eight yellow the 90 minutes to the end, but not


the game. The Iberian Derby will go into extra time, with a place in


the final of Euro 20 top still to be decided. Portugal nil, Spain


Well that was a rubbish, wasn't it?! Very disappointing. We might


end up with penalties. They are always entertaining. Nothing like


what we anticipated. And the big players of them I did not perform.


Ronaldo, I thought, was in and out. The big players of Spain and never


really got going. I mentioned the Spanish fluency, but they didn't


get moving. Always knew there would be one big chance of the match, and


it fell to run out a. Unfortunately, but at Mars over the top. How can


That is the worst I have seen it Spain play. The things they are


brilliant at, they were not on the game at all. Their passing was all


over the place. They are the best passers and the world, and they


were really of the game tonight. Every team has his off days. To be


fair to the Portuguese, their unsettled the Spanish. I do not


think the Spanish thought they would press them high up on the


pitch like they did. They never settled into the sort of fluency


that is the norm for the Spanish. This was that one breakaway for


Ronaldo. Nani, and then a little ball in the corner there from


Veloso. Not the best pass on to run out a. Should have done a lot


better. He has got to hit the target though, hasn't he? You would


expect him to hit the target there. Portugal have had two extra days of.


A big advantage, that. Spain looked tired. A lot of Spain's players


have had long, hard seasons. The Champions League, Europa League,


etc. Yes, and it is a bigger test for them. If you play as badly as


they have done, then the heads tend to go down. This Spanish side, you


do not win as many sides -- games as they have done. I am sure the


manager will be telling them the right things at the right time. He


will expect them to come out in extra time and give it to go.


would not surprise me at all if they found a little bit extra and


this 30 minutes. I cannot believe Vicente del Busquets -- del Bosque


did not put Torres on. Tonight, I thought he was crying out for him


to be put on. He has got great believer in their passing game. It


has not worked yet, but he is reluctant to change the way they


play a. His tactics were spot-on. The Portuguese tactics helped them


on the way. Will it be a moment of magic phone Ronaldo, it all come


the Spanish find their game? All we get excited at all? I think we


should just go straight to the penalty shoot-out! It is a


spectacle. A massive disappointment. spectacle. A massive disappointment.


The second half, we talked about tactics. And Spanish passing was so


bad. We thought the Spanish would pick themselves up, but it never


happened. Chances were few and far between, and as respectable, it was


a non-event. 30 more minutes. Let us rejoin Martin and Steve.


Well, it has got to be decided. I do not quite know who will score.


But it will have to be decided. Portugal's history in extra-time in


the European Championships is not any source of encouragement for


them - they lost in 1980 fought to France. And in 2000, they also lost


to France. Away we go. Half an hour to play. And there may be penalties,


who knows? Navas looked pretty lively when he came on. Pepe got


there first, just. Bruno Alves with Portuguese. How much a big


difference does it make it, Portugal play their quarter-final


two days before Spain? Listen, if you had been out here in the


Ukraine you will understand the heat. Playing in Poland was like a


different tournament - it was ten degrees more cool. You wonder about


the Spanish side though, I am not sure when you look at the players


in the eye, or whether they really wanted, the Spanish. They have been


tested. But you fill it is there for the Spanish have they wanted. I


though not an enormous amount of contact with Busquets. Meireles,


missed the Champions League final, of course. Not want to lose in a


semi-final. Hard on the heels of that disappointment. Just as


all of whom will be worrying about Getting a knee in the back. As you


often find, a little bit of urgency is injected into things as 90


minutes approaches. At the start of extra time, it is all gone. Yes,


Moutinho's eyes were always on the ball, I think. You can't help


thinking that it will be a moment of brilliance in this game. Was it


set up for a Nani or another to come alive? We have not seen


Ronaldo in the second half of the Pedro has kept it in. Perrera was


fortunate that Pedro's first touch was a bit heavy. He was in a bit of


Moutinho again. I do not see anything wrong with that. That's a


superb challenge. The referee is right next to that. He is punishing


good play. Maybe he has given it for the angle from which she came,


but there is no question that he got his toe to double. Spanish free


kick, Alonso over it. -- he got his a Iniesta, but blocked by Bruno


the pitch, somebody who wants to run at players. Certainly a bigger


Spanish contingent in the ground final four years ago between Turkey


and Croatia, comfortably one of the worst games of football I have ever


seen, and Croatia scored in the 119th minute. Turkey kicked off,


went down the other end and equalised. So, you never know what


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


Pique recognised the danger, the better of Pique. Was that a


foul? No, says the referee. Spain He has taken out Pedro, but Pepe is


not going to worry about that. The referee has stopped play. Little


man hits big man. MARTIN KEOWN: Yes, I think you will


find Pepe just using his body. He knows what he is doing, just


leaving something on his opponent. stuff. I would not put it past him


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


change, Portugal. Custodio will be coming on, the midfielder from


Fabregas will take the corner. It Navas is happy just to I think it


Remember, the entire Portuguese back four are on a yellow card. So


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


is Miguel Veloso, who sits just in pitch by Pedro. He did superbly.


Jordi Alba... Iniesta! It has gone for Portugal. Great play, they are


almost passing them to death here. Just turning the screw. This is


on, Portugal. Yes, desperate, aren't they? Some of them are out


excellent. Nani retained his composure, and Pepe swept it away.


But Portugal cannot keep the ball at the moment.


MARTIN KEOWN: Spain are finding that extra energy from somewhere.


STEVE WILSON: Spain at the moment are sapping the energy out of


Portuguese legs. As Portugal lose their energy, Spain seem to be


gaining it. Free kick. The referee is having a little look at Miguel


Veloso. There will be one added minute at the end of this first


period of extra-time. The pay just blocked off Iniesta. Yes, and he


had a little kick at him here. This was very wild. -- Pepe. There is a


desperate look about the Portuguese now. Custodio waits, he has been


standing there for ages. They still cannot get him on. Spain, suddenly,


look powerful again. Sergio Ramos! Well, it is closer than Ronaldo has


been tonight. Is he really a centre was a great save by Rui Patricio.


There was a has gone for the end of the first period of extra-time. And


what a good save by Rui Patricio, Martin, to deny Iniesta right at


the end. Yes, it took ages for a Spanish chance on goal. But that is


the scion of a quality goalkeeper. It was a great save, pushes it


round. How many times have we seen Iniesta come to the rescue for


Spain? In the last five minutes of that first period of extra-time,


the Spanish have come alive. They suddenly looked like world and


European champions again. That is it. If you push champions into a


corner, they find the extra gear. It is a real examination of the


Portuguese team now. They will be taking the drinks on board, getting


last messages from the manager. There will have to be a lot of


resolve in this Portuguese team now. And finally, Custodio comes on.


under way. Still hoping that they can provide another clearer


opportunity for Cristiano Ronaldo. It did have one, towards the end of


the 90 minutes, but it was wild. is just about getting him into a


position where he can score. Their best bet would be on the break.


Fatigue and fear are both big factors mangers. -- big factors now.


We're not seeing the Portuguese pressure. Fresh legs at least in


the Portuguese midfield. Jordi Alba down that left-hand side was


magnificent in that first period of extra-time for Spain. Well, the way


they are finishing the game, their set-up, as you can see, is much


this Euro 2012 semi-final. Just red shirts around him. So calm, the


in the end. Very patient. An excellent defender. That is the


message - get M there, get tight. here. I am not entirely sure advert


that Ronaldo is heard here. Sergio Ramos took it away from him. That


is his ego dented. Ramos has really matched his power and pace, and he


has nailed him. In fact, he has tried to nail him. But a positive


he has, though. That is how you deal with him. Might just have got


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


tonight, has he? He is another no- And you really get the feeling that


Spain feel that the only way Portugal can win this is on


penalties, and they are not about to give them the chance of they can


help it. No, suddenly, there is an extra spring in their step. Pedro


is a real addition to the second period of extra time. He looks much


better for us but still no centre Pepe. Referee says it was not


deliberate. Yes, Navas takes an age to get the cent. I think Pepe knew


exactly what he was doing. Good save by Patricia again, though.


copier. My bin and a. Perhaps the keeper. One from Iniesta, one from


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


away. He has hardly got the energy to get off the pitch, has he? Just


a goes to they know he can at the start of Euro 2012. It is coming on


as a Meireles comes up. He has worked hard, though. Varela came on


and scored over Portugal's win over And an immediate yellow-card from


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


the referee. Yes, that was nasty. Yes, definitely. Look at that


volleyball Fabregas put simple stop Peugeot, not played a lot this


Goalkeeper thought about coming, was a stalemate. Extra heart has


the Spanish winner before the end of extra-time? We need extra


quality now from the Spanish. Lovely ball, Fabregas. Free kick


Portugal. Just leans on Pereira, centre-forward, Fabregas. A real


centre-forward Times is run better. The only guarantee is drama.


Whether it is a Late, Late Show, or whether it is penalties, we can


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


Coentrao dealt with that superbly, Well, that must have been close.


Beautiful from Iniesta. Is it that one? A poor decision. I think so.


The Spanish just a little bit more ambitious in their passing. Nobody


wants penalties. Taking a few more there. But they are clinging on now,


Portugal. Beautiful ball from Alonso. He rarely committed himself


to that past. We have not seen that enough tonight. Spain have not been


great tonight, but they are looking with the block. And Portugal with a


big sigh of relief. Just wandered for a moment there, was Pedro going


to go down? Could credit to him - at the pace of Jordi Alba! Still


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


made the run. Why did they not do game to Spain in the first half.


Spain dragged it back from them in the second. Could not find a way


through, and we will have a penalty shoot-out for a place in the final


Broughton his team in the second half, and they have produced the


cobalt we are more accustomed to seeing from this terrific Spanish


side. It will go to penalties. Ronaldo is sure to be one of them


that takes a penalty for Portugal. Portugal are two for two in


penalties. Into 1004 and 2006. Spain must be completely useless.


ALAN HANSEN: It was an amazing turnaround. For 90 minutes, the


fluency, the passing, of Spain, was appalling. And yet in extra-time,


they pinged it about, some of the stuff was great. Iniesta had a


great chance. Two brilliant saves. Absolutely. How many times over the


years have we seen Iniesta in this position?


ALAN SHEARER: This was Navas, I think this was great defending from


think this was great defending from Pepe. His positioning was great.


LEE DIXON: They were shouting for a pass back, but that would have been


harsh. The way Spain played was partly down to the tiredness of


Portugal. They looked really, really tired at the end.


ALAN HANSEN: It is also a sign of the great teams, you can play


really badly for 90 minutes, then you can pick yourself up and start


playing. There was one move which started off in their own defence,


eight palaces, and it was magnificent to watch. That was in


the last two minutes of extra-time. Coming out of penalties, both of


them are technical teams. Yes, we spoke about it the other night with


England, it is very hard to do, but when you hear the crowd and you're


walking up to put down the ball, you have got to completely block


everything out. If you can do that and focus on what you have


practised, then you have got a chance. It is one of those


anomalies, you can play a whole tournament and not have a single 0-


0 draw, then you can have two games in succession, both decided by


penalty shoot-outs. ALAN SHEARER: I think Portugal


would have settled for this before the game. This is where they are


all going, not me! Interesting, you do not usually see that, the entire


squad around the coach. You need characters to take the penalties.


But some of those big characters sometimes do not like to take


penalties. Tony Adams was a big character, but you look at him and


he would go, I really do not fancy it. This is a moment, you have to


go with the players who want to take one. And remember what you


have practised. You have got to try and blank everything out. There is


a big crowd here, but you do what you do in your training sessions.


wonder if anybody will chip it, like Pirlo did the other night.


send your best player down first, I think. You might be saving him, and


you might be out. If you win the toss, do you go first?


LEE DIXON: Yes, get it out of the way. I always think, take the first


one. I feel a lot better sitting here than I did the other night


when England were taking them. GARY LINEKER: I suppose in some


kind of way, there will be less pressure on Spain, because they


have won the last two tournaments, there is not quite the same


pressure, because of that. Yes, but they are a team of winners, Gary,


so they will be putting themselves under pressure.


ALAN HANSEN: I would say there is more pressure on the team that is


expected to win, so the pressure is on Spain. Ronaldo, having a few


words with his goalkeeper, who kept them in it in extra time. It is


Alonso going first. GARY LINEKER: let's go back for the


penalty shoot-out, to join Steve Wilson.


STEVE WILSON: Well, Spain's Captain won the toss and decided to back


to! Xabi Alonso to go first, against Rui Patricio. Alonso, who


scored in this ground against France in the quarter-final. In the


same goal. From a late penalty. It is saved! Brilliant save.


MARTIN KEOWN: He has made his mind up, and that was an outstanding


save. He hit that with power, and it was virtually in the corner.


Alonso will not be happy with that. Joao Moutinho comes forward for


Portugal to try to give them the advantage. Facing Casillas. It is


outstanding save again. Andres Iniesta. Surely we're going to see


one goal tonight. Andres Iniesta, one of the greats, picks up the


ball. Faces an inspired Rui Patricio. And scores! Spain lead.


That was all about handling the nerves, the pressure. He is a true


champion. You just wonder how many times Casillas and Pepe have taken


penalties on Real Madrid's training ground. That was probably a bit of


MARTIN KEOWN: He does ever so well with this, excellent under pressure.


I have to say, I thought the way he was approaching the ball, he was


just going to smack it. Here comes Patricio looks enormous in that


goal. This is Bruno Alves. He is a bit of a free kick specialist, but


he does not often get the chance for Portugal. Hello, Nani has sent


interesting to see if Bruno Alves is supposed to be next. Well, there


is no saving that penalty. Here comes Sergio Ramos. Still they


He really cannot be a centre half. He has got nerves of steel -


comfortable. Another defender, by one. I cannot say I am surprised.


He did not look comfortable. Cesc Fabregas scored his penalty in the


quarter-final in 2008 against Italy. He can send Spain to the final.


Only once has a nation reached three successive major tournament


finals. Fabregas can do it for Spain... He has done it, just! It


is Fabregas, and it is Spain, who go to Kiev for the final.


Incredible. In off the post. Real pressure. That young man has


produced just when he needed to. And Cristiano Ronaldo never even


got the chance to look Casillas in the eyes. Portugal are beaten on


penalties. Iniesta, Pique, Sergio Ramos and Fabregas the goalscorers


for Spain. This one had to be right in the corner to beat the 'keeper.


He could not have been more precise. He gets away with it - just a


fraction to the left, and it goes past the post. What a climax for


Fabregas. What a hideous split- second that was, when he saw the


ball rebounding off the woodwork, but in it went. Spain are through,


GARY LINEKER: Spain's long undefeated run in tournament


football continues after that unbelievable penalty shoot-out.


Unbelievable penalty from Sergio Ramos. We question whether any


player would dare do what Pirlo did the other night, but he did.


Perhaps the biggest talking point is that Ronaldo clearly saved


himself for the fifth penalty, and he was never needed.


ALAN SHEARER: It is absolutely ridiculous. The coach, or Ronaldo


himself, has got to put him forward before that. Surely he is their


best penalty-taker. They have sent up two centre-halves before him, I


do not understand it. Three centre- halves, because Bruno Alves went


twice! ALAN HANSEN: I have never seen that


before. He has got to the 18 yard line, and then Nani has gone and


taking the kick, it was totally bizarre. But like you say, Ronaldo


is the last man standing. LEE DIXON: The last thing we said,


you have got to put your best penalty-taker first. And he does


not get to take one. He fancied the big moment, but it never came.


ALAN SHEARER: I just cannot were kicked out, how he has not taken a


penalty. Let's have a look at one or two of those penalties. First of


or two of those penalties. First of all we had this, Bruno Alves


working up, and then Nani... They have obviously forgotten the order.


We were saying at the time, that would not do his confidence any


good. It did not affect Nani. then Bruno Alves has got to walk up


twice. What about this? ALAN HANSEN: a central defender!


And this was the guy who had already been up, and Nani had


pulled him back again. He never looked comfortable. But what a


penalty this was. He thinks he has Great scenes of course, for the


Spanish. Desperation for Ronaldo. Him, as the captain, he has got to


put himself forward and say, I have tried to get this off to a decent


start. It was not the best of games overall. Extra time got a bit more


exciting. Overall, it did they deserve to win, Spain? On the night,


not really. I think it was quite even. The thing is with Spain, they


finished really well, and also, they did not concede a goal. Still


another clean sheet. They have got to play better than that and the


final. I think we have seen a great side to them. If you can play that


badly in 90 minutes, they have been able to pick themselves up and give


something extra. That is a sign they are a great side. One goal


conceded in five games. Must remind you, of course, that Spain are in


you, of course, that Spain are in the final. We will find out who


they face tomorrow night. And, of course, the final itself on Sunday,


live here on BBC one. Spain versus live here on BBC one. Spain versus


Germany or Italy. Final thoughts? Drama and excitement, but not a


great game. I thought, because of the performance, I thought the


Spanish deserved to win by just a margin. I agree. They played like


we know they can do. They probably just deserved it. Thank you very


Gary Lineker presents coverage of the first semi-final of Euro 2012 from the Ukrainian city of Donetsk, as Portugal take on Spain. Home to Shakhtar, the impressive Donbass Arena has a distinctive jewel-like shape, and is covered by glazed façade which can be lit at night. At the 2008 Euros in Austria and Switzerland, Germany and Turkey were involved in a thrilling semi-final, with Germany narrowly prevailing 3-2. They progressed to face Spain, who easily beat Russia 3-0.

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