Netherlands v Denmark Match of the Day Live

Netherlands v Denmark

Gary Lineker introduces live coverage as the Netherlands, the 2010 World Cup runners-up, kick-off their European Championship campaign with a game against Denmark.

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Good afternoon. Group B: Germany, Holland, Denmark. Three former


winners of the Euros. And Portugal, who have the best player in Europe.


Now, I'm not overly keen on the phrase "Group of Death", so how


about we call it the "Quite Difficult Group"? It's got a ring


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 90 seconds


to it! We've got both games from Group B live this evening. Later on,


we'll see Germany take on Portugal, but first, it's the Dutch against


the Danes, to be enjoyed in the company of Lee Dixon, Harry


Redknapp and Clarence Seedorf. Day one sought two gains -- games. It


is good to get the double group out of the way. Fantastic again


yesterday. Really exciting stuff. Normally, the first games, you


expect everything to be very tight. No one wants to get beat, but


yesterday was opened. What Holland can we look forward to seeing? They


went from Total Football to anti football two years ago! I think


they have adapted a little bit, their philosophy, to look a little


bit more for the result. They have been criticised over the years,


playing well, but never winning. I think they are confident in doing


it well, and maybe after a long season, it is important to analyse


the players and their fitness. Keeping the team a little bit more


behind the ball. 37 goals they got. The best of all the teams. Well,


with the strikers they have, they have the quality and quantity of


goals. Lee, who will win the quite a difficult group?! I have tipped


the Germany to win the tournament, so I think they will be very


difficult to knock off at top spot. This will be a game that Holland


needs to win, but this Danish side are not easy to turnover. They


qualified ahead of Portugal. They have scored in every game. So,


there are goals. They have got a playmaker in the medal in Eriksson.


He is an absolute star and only 24 stop Denmark are probably the


outsiders. But they can take heart from winning the tournament 20


years ago. Quite a remarkable story. It seems certain that the


international football authorities will expelled Yugoslavia. Denmark


will replace them. The war in Yugoslavia, it was so brutal that


the Community decided enough was enough. When they got thrown out,


it was left for us to represent a group. I got the call. We all


gathered on the pitch, and Richard Neilson was standing in the middle,


and he said, OK lads. We are going to Sweden to win the competition.


But, I think, at that very moment, you lay down your dreams and


thoughts that we can actually go on and do the impossible. I told the


players - listen! If you can go with the English team, then we are


at the same level as England. Thinking we can compete with


England, obviously the reputation and players in the team at the time,


that we could not only compete with them, but we felt we should have


won. We showed we would not win the competition, that at least we have


got one point and we are all on the way. I cannot remember any time


throughout that Korea a more disappointing dressing room and


after that game. -- throughout my career. The commentator, on Danish


TV, said it is all over. It felt like it was all over at that moment.


France, even has stood in the tunnel, were a bit arrogant towards


us. This said, do not be too tough on us. We have got to play the


semi-final. It was, how easily can we beat Denmark? They are not the


best team in the world, and France, at that time, were a very good side.


It is Palser and coming in now. And What a goal! I am not saying it was


a question of time before they would score, but there was


certainly looking that way. I made a substitution. One of our players,


For it is Poulsen. And there is the He never fails to mention this. He


says, what we doing in that tournament and the first place?


cannot promise we will win the game, but I can promise you one thing -


the Danish team, every player will do his best. Do you have it one


more surprise left in this championship? I hope so. We are


standing in the tunnel, just before we were about to enter the pitch.


Everybody said, okay, let us get this over and done with. And we are


in the finals against Germany. That is what everybody expected. That


game was probably the best game of We surprised ourselves, once again,


by playing as well as we did. One of our best players could be


horrible injury. Took the wind out Then we had to play again, two


times in 15 minutes. It was just a matter of time before the Dutch


would score, but that did not happen. You can always get that


I was phoned on the night before the final. I was told - after the


final whistle, we will swap shirts. I said, no problem. It was a matter


A fabulous start for Denmark! And the underdogs have struck again.


John is one of my best friends. He says, that is my quality. By strike


the ball very well. When he got that goal, we were infer an upset,


the biggest surprise in football That was the first time when people


realised what a goalkeeper we had. Denmark is a small country.


Absolutely amazing. After the final People have, they have an


experience for that moment. People come up to you, even 20 years on,


and tell you exactly where they were at that particular moment.


did not have all the best superstars, but together, we make


the best team. A Danish team could go on and surprise a whole football


World - that is something that will stick with most people together. It


is incredible to be part of that. It is great that having done


something that has made such an impact, but people still remember


Great moments in Danish football history. It just shows you, anybody


can win it. It is a hell of a tale, that! That was one of the all-time


upsets, wasn't it? This tournament is a wide-open, I think. There are


a few teams that could win this. Apart from Spain, the favourites,


and Germany, I think there are other teams with a chance. Perhaps


give England a little bit of a hope! They showed how it can be


done with a better team spirit. That was the key - the unity. He


spent four years at Arsenal, telling us how good he was.


Memories of again? The Dutch? have good memories from 1988,


though. It was Asad dame in Holland for sure. We saw Peter's Michael


His son is part of per squad for Denmark. What you make of this


team? It is a reasonably solid back four. We know what we will get from


them. The key to it is the midfield. Kvist and Zimling will hold in


front of the back four and you have pace on the wings and then Eriksen


is the real star of the show. 20 years of age, he is going to carry


this team from the point of view of flair. We saw him by Stuart play at


Wembley when Denmark came Andy had a great game. -- last year. Can he


carry this team further? And they have a Rommedahl on the wing. I


nearly played against him, he is that old! And he is against Willems,


the young lad for Holland. Eriksen, you must have seemed quite a lot of


him. Yes, I know pick teams in Europe are chasing him. But he


needs to grow further with Ajax and made his choice. A on the shopping


list for Tottenham? Good player. I watched him two or three times. I


watched Ajax play, not necessary looking at him, but they had two or


three good players. Amongst the stars fought the Dutch is a


goalscorer that we know reasonably The crowd a loving this, he is


playing on his own! Robin van Persie fast told! -- for Arsenal.


No wonder he is the footballer of the Year! Instinctive, magnificent,


There he is, warming up for the game this afternoon. 31 goals in


the Premier League last season. Footballer of the Year, and Harry,


you are probably sick of the sight of him. Fantastic, what a player.


suppose he was the difference for Arsenal qualifying for the


Champions League and yourselves. Well, you look at his goals. Well,


I do want to say what the other problem was! A certain goal keeper.


He is an exceptional talent. I do not think word Dutch are overloaded


with exceptional players. There is him, and Arjen Robben and Wesley


Sneijder. They still played those two holding players in midfield.


Yes, we saw during the World Cup that it functioned. They were not


changed a lot of their tactics. I just hope that Robin van Persie can


explode finally on the final tournament. We expected a lot from


him during the World Cup but after this season we expected. Van Bommel


in midfield, a very experienced. He should have had about 15 yellow


cards in the final! Not to exaggerate! It is said that playing


the two holding players like that they do not get the ball quick


enough to the forwards. But with forwards like that, they do it for


themselves. If you can get the ball in to them and let them do their


magic. But I agree with Harry, look beyond the front three or four Poll


Holland and Identikit is that great beside -- I do not think. They went


very close in the World Cup. It just shows you that you do not need


that many stars. I suppose just like Denmark showed. I would like


to see van der Vaart play, I pinky give you something special. But


they play with two very solid be peeled players and it has worked


for them in qualifying. Although Rafael van der Vaart has played


most of the gains in qualifying under surprised is not in the team.


How do you see this game going? am not sure. I have a feeling that


Holland will not come out of the group. It is a tough group. I think


Portugal are dangerous. Germany I fancy to be their right at the


finish. Portugal are dangerous. I think Holland might struggle to


come out of the group. Clarence is giving you s there! Well, it shows


courage! He could still play in that team. I think the Dutch have


everything to go through but you need to show every time, especially


as they get nearer to the final, they will get very motivated


opponents. I think Denmark will make it very difficult for them but


I think they have enough. Let us go over to Kharkiv for the meeting of


two former winners, Holland and The commentators are Martin Keown


Good evening, everybody. Some empty seats here. This city is the


birthplace of Soviet nuclear technology, they tell me. The


engine room of agricultural Ukraine. This is now called of the Metalist


Stadium. The locals call it the Spider, because of the legs but to


hold it up. At the so much criticism of their right to hold


this tournament, the Ukrainian people at last get to put on a show.


Those Dutch players have already been critical of races and in their


host country of Poland. Nervous- looking faces. This group is the


toughest on paper. The four teams dropped only 16 points from 106 in


qualifying. The goal with which Holland won the tournament was


voted the best ever. They have not been beaten by Denmark in open play


since 1967, and they beat them 2-0 at World Cup 2010. Those Dainese


players will know that their country has never won the opening


match in big Euros. The underdogs in this game. But as the boys in


the studio had been telling you, in 1992 they were underdogs when they


stunned the football world by winning the trophy. You may get a


glimpse in a moment of Kasper Schmeichel, the son of the


legendary Peter Schmeichel. No father and son have ever lifted the


European Championship trophy. About 15,000 Dutch fans here. It is still


sunny, it is very warm, but we expect thunder storms to hit us


what the game is still being played. Martin Keown, what you expect


tonight? I fully expect the Dutch side, after a magnificent World Cup,


to build on that. But lots of attention in this first match. They


will not be in a great rush, it is a very hot evening here. But expect


a cracking match. We have had two so far. 12 of the world's top 17


countries are at these championships. 24 countries will


contest the next championship. We # Der er et yndigt land.


# Det star med brede boge. # Naer salten osterstrand.


# Det bugter sig i bakke, dal. # Det hedder gamle Danmark.


# Og det er Frejas Sal. # Vort gamle Danmark skal besta.


# Sa laenge bogen spejler. # Sin top i bolgen bla Der er et


We caught a glimpse there of Morten Olsen, the coach, who has managed


the mouth of 100 times. # Wilhelmus van Nassouwe.


# Ben ik, van Duitsen bloed. # Den vaderland getrouwe.


# Blijf ik tot in den dood. # Een Prinse van Oranje.


# Ben ik, vrij onverveerd. # Den Koning van Hispanje.


The oldest and then in the world. They are in their famous orange and


their fans outnumber those from Denmark by eight I would say 10 to


one. The familiar face their of Daniel Agger, the Danish captain of


Liverpool. They are up against it here. In some places, Holland are


years old. Van Persie once again preferred to Huntelaar up front,


the top scorer in qualifying. They are expected by many pundits are


and EDM men to qualify. The Dutch fans, I can tell you, are not so


confident. The referee is estate agent Damir Skomina. He enraged


Arsene Wenger there this season with his handling of Arsenal


against AC Milan at the Emirates Stadium. There is just a concern


whether they will move the ball quick enough to get it forward to


their front man. That was a criticism of them in the World Cup


final. It is the strong point of Denmark, the defence. Eriksen must


not carry the team, it warns his manager. Bendtner has six goals in


eight internationals, more leave well for his country and he is for


his club side. Difficult to see a match winner on the Danish


substitutes bench. Amongst the substitutes for Holland, Huntelaar,


who scored eight goals during qualifying and Dirk Kuyt, who


championships, in this group, and There are two officials behind the


goals. The Danes were not doing badly against Holland at couple of


years ago, until they got an odd goal. Schneider, magnificent in


that tournament. The referee gave the Netherlands the advantage in


that tournament. Stekelenburg, plays football for Roma. Some of


these players came through the successful U21 the European a


and he did. Just one of several brutal challenges on that day. Free


kick, I think, will be taken by shows where their main strength


will be. Many huge players on the pitch today. Willems, only with his


third cap. The big ask for him. Van Persie. Only made his debut last


month against Bulgaria. Here is a from Willems. Big tournament here


Yes, he has got the confident to take that on a, but you can see


here, already, a real talent. He has only played 45 senior games in


a Dutch football, Willems, and 100 metres in 11 seconds. And


Heitinga, Everton's Player of the Year. Very experienced. He has


never watched that game on television, never seen a video of


bed. Willems. The Dutch are dominating possession. They are all


about sense of occasion. These are big-game players. Already, you can


see that from these opening exchanges. Poulsen, went in first


over. No time to get any sort of fitness, after a life. He injured


himself back in training in September. It is a difficult ball,


but it just shows you the calmness the Dutch are playing the ball with.


They have that air of confidence in to the left. Defending on the right


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 90 seconds


ball. Robben's cross. And van Persie. Yes, Robben of getting down


that left-hand side. Van Persie there, it is almost a blind effort.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 90 seconds


The keeper really does not know kick. He can play, then no, and if


he wants to play, he is a real refereed making sure the wall goes


back far enough. Eriksen scored against Scotland last summer. And


here is an example stop -- Eriksen. Only Greece scored fewer goals than


Denmark. It is difficult to see where the goals will come from. It


is just go where the composer the Dutch players have, the way the


pass that all around, it is great to see they have a separate system


of they are all comfortable with. They do not want to make it too


Van Persie. Switch back to the left-hand side again. A decent


effort. Comes in up front that right hand side. He just cannot


control it, cannot keep it down. A difficult skill to do that. Scored


a couple against a Northern Ireland box and van Persie? Just a little


bit too much there for but van Persie. They do things in such a


measured way. So different to watching the first game last night.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 90 seconds


This is measured, top quality, carp van Persie is coming onto that left


a third of his. -- that left foot chance here. Van Persie, stalking


the ball. Denmark, ten men behind And a disappointing free kick for


the tango ball. Schneider comes screamer against England, nine or


10 years ago, 30 or 40 yards out. I hope that is not down to be new


tango bald! I certainly remember they tell us. Lots of marketing


splurge, entered instructing us, and also to make sure you buy it


the game tonight compared to to the matches yesterday. One fact is the


heat today. I can assure you that it is very born here. All football


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 90 seconds


is coming from Holland. They have the tears, it is a real change of


pace. But it was comfortable for the goalkeeper. In a friendly just


before this tournament, Arjen Robben was booed by Bayern Munich


fans. That is disappointing to hear that and we hope that he is over


that. As a professional, you lick your wounds and tried to be


Rommedahl. He still has his pace. By Polly was not in a hurry to get


into the box, I think he was surprised that Rommedahl can still


their last seven official games. The Danish were unbeaten in their


last seven competitive games. cannot believe how leisurely the


game is. It is one thing to be composed and calm but you do need


to step up the tempo. I am sure bird found Maher work will want to


get that into his players. He has every confidence in them -- van


the goalkeeper, and that was a major let-off for Denmark. I wonder


if Robben was trying to be too clever. He could just pull the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 90 seconds


trigger and issued himself. -- sued. international manager. A calm and


rational, a straightforward man. He has his principles and his rules.


He has banned social media sites bore his players at these finals.


His government ministers said that was a denial of human rights and he


said I will Labour politics the u, you leave the management to me. --


look at the referee. A lovely little ball in. He has gone for it


there and it is very rare to see a like a sack of potatoes. He used


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 90 seconds


Agger. Sneijder appealed but the a good turn. Look at Robben, the


way that he plays that and follows it as well. But he could not get


enough power on it. There seem to be problems between Agger and van


Persie. They are thinking that van Persie is appealing for everything


and they want it dealt with. Bert van Marwijk, at the Taj coach. --


the Dutch manager. He has been fairly Kurt in his press


conferences so far. He has recently the run of play, Denmark, at their


greatest underdogs perhaps in the history of European Championship


final football, have taken the lead against the much fancied Dutch.


Would you believe it! Balsam comes down the left-hand side and he just


wants to run with that for -- Poulsen. He gets lucky, really. The


goalkeeper, to put it through his legs, is disappointing. What a


scoreline we have here, or after all that magnificent football from


the Netherlands. He celebrated his 20 night birthday this week. He got


a crucial goal against Portugal in qualifying. They won their group.


And that is four in six games for Gdansk Alex. The fans cannot


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 90 seconds


believe it. -- for Michael Krohn- club football but he is a folk hero


quickly but he has not really been given that chance because Robben


has kept to this left-hand touchline. But they will not panic.


They will carry on playing in the same manner. They just need to pick


up the tempo, the speed of that. that tempo hit by the fact that


they do have two defensive midfielders? It can slide a written


down. Yes, but a light that pace about that -- I like the pace about


the team. What you could argue it is that as the game proceeds, will


they put another striker on? Sometimes they seem to be lacking a


those red card and yellow cards against Portugal, and they went out


there. They do have talent in through the legs of the goalkeeper.


He certainly got lucky there. He enjoyed it. It is quite a settled


side. He said back in November that he knew his starting line-up for


these finals. Krohn-Dehli has been arm, the Dutch seem to think so.


Without back -- without doubt, hand attend. He was totally committed


and that think it may have hit him on the shoulder. He clattered into


one of his own team-mates having missed the chance. He just could


not get enough Ahmed. Was this hand ball? It certainly was. They have


that extra official there, as well. I'm not sure what they are doing


their if they are not going to make Scored the one Golf, against


so far. Van Bommel is shackling him. Afellay waits to come back from 4


you sit on the hunt a large debate? -- then to allow a debate? If van


Persie comes off, they will slot in as two players. And some of these


players, you cannot replace. I think they just need to raise the


tempo a little bit. At the moment, Robin van Persie is away in a left-


back position. What is he doing back there? They seem to have


gone... They have temporarily at gone back. Afellay is coming back


on, and van Persie taking that responsibility to slot back in at


left-back. I don't think he times. Sneijder. Half an hour gone.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 90 seconds


behind him. And Willems took the Dutch shirts. Tickets are 30, 40


Euros, up for sale today. A fair bit of improvisation there from


added. Wages are about $500 a month, just to give you a sense of the


cost of that ticket. A pint of milk He was smothered. And the


goalscorer, Krohn-Dehli. Decent Just a little bit more quality


needed. But this is better. And Rommedahl's pace is a reminder that


the Dutch side cannot switch off terrible bore out! Big chance


followed again. On the post! Van Persie was a lurking on the left,


and now brings it back to Sneijder. pass the ball like that, it is one


thing to pass the ball, you just give that away. In the end, the


goalkeeper kept out of jail. Just Kvist. Friends from their


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 90 seconds


Quest, because they know each other Robben awaits. Some effort to there.


Great feet from Afellay. He just cannot keep a shot down. Just a


waltzes past him. Just wonder how many of these chances they can keep


giving away. That is the greatest ever Dutchman. He felt Afellay was


in great shape for these finals. He got back to fitness after that knee


injury. Van Bommel has gone for the cheering, from the far side of the


President that there are empty two players getting in each other's


way. Krohn-Dehli coming in at the far post, and surely, there is


another goal coming there. But they get in each other's wave. Krohn-


Dehli will not be thanking him for was an international handball


player in his youthful stop -- touchline in an animated fashion,


shouting at his team. I think he is annoyed that Eriksen, and Krohn-


Dehli. You have got to defend as example of Krohn-Dehli. This time,


could not watch. Denmark simply Snyder, pressure is still on the


though. It would have been a worthy effort. How many times have we seen


van Persie scoring? When it comes to him, look at the space he has


got. He just wants to stop that. In the end, it is his left foot that


lets him down. And then the Sneijder tries to bend it wide. Has


not had a great season because of his injuries and playing out of


position a little bit. The Dutch side have not got their shooting


boots on today. There were glorious opportunities. They have got to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 90 seconds


Poland. They have troubled 700 miles to get here. -- troubled. --


players not working hard enough when they are out of possession.


Denmark are getting a lot of joy down that right-hand side. It is


the first corner of the game for actually played in the finals of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 90 seconds


the story you might have expected. Arjen Robben has hit the post but


Krohn-Dehli, gives Denmark a surprise lead and they grew


Another 45 minutes of open, entertaining football but you have


to say that the Dutch have been unfortunate. They made all the


chances. The last 15 minutes or so, Denmark came into it, but early on,


you could NDC won team winning it. It was pretty much one-way traffic.


But I just think that going forward Holland will be dangerous to


anybody but defensively the better teams will open them up. I think


they're back form looks very average. The thing about football


is that you can be very dominant and betraying, it is that sort of


sport. Holland have been so dominant in that half.


absolutely, have we remember the Barcelona Chelsea match! Holland


was dominating, clearly, was waiting for the goal, but also had


the feeling that they were not determined enough to go for the


goal, it was a little bit too easy. And then all of a sudden an


opportunity for Denmark. I have been quite surprised that it has


been open, attacking football, which is to be encouraged. It has.


I think Holland started as if they meant to go on and win the game. It


looked almost too easy and Denmark did not really get in the game.


They were a bit sloppy at the back and then scored against the run of


play. And they have got themselves back into the game. Bendtner has


come into wit and Rommedahl has had a few runs down the right-hand side.


And the back four of Holland did not look great. We were just


waiting for the Dutch to score and then Dom Mark scored. You us, a bit


to go for goal. It was a bit of luck to get the ball there. A


couple of mistakes from the Dutch side. Van Bommel is not closing


down towards the ball, and looking towards an midfield player who is


far away from him. If he had closed down towards the ball he would have


been closer. And Heitinga should know that van Bommel is closing up


and should push the player to the side. Instead he goes for the


tackle. It was a good finish but, as Clarence said, it was poor


defending. No communication, they let the play go where he wanted to


go. They will not be happy with You thought they may have problems


getting out of this group. I just seek good forward players but icy


average defenders. You look at the young left-back. He has been open


to war ball in behind him. Yes, couple of times. It is experience,


for sure, we do not want to hit him hard on that. But it is a choice


that they made. It is a quick learning curve at international


level! Schneider loves that little position where he gets between the


lines of the opposition. He is difficult to mark. He is, he is one


of those players, he stand still a lot, which great players do. If you


can stand still and not move around and your eye in space. And he just


pops the ball off. Who is picking up? When the ball comes in, check


is positioning. There he is at the top of the screen and nobody within


15 yards of him. Known midfield player. He does not do a lot with


it a what it does is it creates side on the left-hand side. You


think is he doing a lot? But you see him at the top of the screen.


All of a sudden, when the ball comes into van Persie, I lawmaker


run this time. There he goes. Van Persie should have gone for the


return. They had not picked him up at all in that area. Eriksen is


that type of player for Denmark by we have not really seen him in the


game. Denmark played it out from the back and it is quite laboured


at times. Absolutely but it is also played like a sat on them, you


would be satisfied. You have to have the right players, it don't


you? I love to see players play out from the back. It nearly cost them


with a chance for Arjen Robben, a game you have to have the players


to do what. The Dutch were really pressing hide there. I suppose it


is encouraged by the fact that they are doing these kind of things.


suppose they can sense that there Dainese players are not that great


on the ball. It is also why Denmark of getting into the game, because


they are playing so much from the back. They broke time and time


again and Robben should shoot here. Normally he would cut in and hit it


with his left. You would be surprised if Holland did not score


in the second half. There has to be a goal at least for them. How many


times have you seen him had that Normally, in that position, it is a


goal. There was a penalty shout, what did we make of it? As but


decision! It is quite unusual because the defender here would say


no penalty, but I extinct think it is a penalty. I do not agree, I


he knows what he is doing. It is not intentional. I think that is a


penalty. No, I don't think you can give a penalty for that. If it was


an Arsenal and Tottenham game and he was on the sideline, or would


you have said? I think what his manager would have been doing as


They would have been some water bottles thrown about there!


careful! With two games to go to their opening game, England are in


Krakow and Gabby Logan has been speaking to the cabin -- captain.


It is just past the 10th anniversary of England beating the


top team in the tournament. That is some time and a record that need


rectifying. It is too long, especially for the standard of


players that we have had over the last 10 years. It is an extra


motivation going into the game. If we give France too much respect


they can hurt us but I am confident that we can put that tend year


think to bed and hope to win against a bid side in a major


tournament. The manager has been communicating how we wanted to play.


Kenny get through a hole tournament play that way? I do not think so.


That is the key. He is new owner will be a time before the message


is drilled in proper way but the clubs are adapting well and picking


it up. The focus for me is to try to get the right result against


France. Little did his team a lot of confidence. You can beat France,


you can prove that you can compete against any team in the tournament


because I think France are one of the favourites. I am quietly


confident that we can get further than the public think we can get.


Whatever! Bryan Robson has been one of your heroes growing up and he


played for England against France in 1992 and opened the scoring


within a few seconds. A bit Pinney after us a couple of seconds that,


I haven't done what Bryan Robson did! It is all better result that


the team get, not about me or what I'm trying to emulate. But you are


happier playing where you are now, you said in 2010 then you had been


in the graveyard shift playing on the wing. It is a great judge it if


you are not totally used to playing out wide. I think the days of me


bombing forward every 30 seconds are gone. I have to be more


disciplined, especially at this level. When Martin Kelly joined the


side we are you able to help him because it must be difficult to


have the attention focused on the fact that he was not Rio. I do not


think there was pressure on Martin. But think he has done ever so well


in his career and he has not come in as instead of Rio Ferdinand, he


has come in as back-up to come right back. I'm sure that if we get


even shorter in that department it will be Jones who goes into that


slot. Have you discussed us agree what you do if there is racist


chanting at the match? We have discussed it. If there is a case of


races and on the pitch and one of our players is abused we will go to


the referee and discuss that with him. That his instructions were


under. It is all set up to be a factor this tournament. We were


hard extended highlights of England against France on BBC One from 7pm


on Monday followed by live coverage of Ukraine against Sweden. Harry,


should you have been England manager, which you have had Steven


Gerrard as your captain? Scott Parker plays for me, I'm not going


to answer that question! I think Steven Gerrard is a top player.


were all surprised at the Roy Hodgson appointment, would you?


don't know, it was difficult. It dragged on so long. I heard it on


the radio on the Sunday night, the same as most people. Listen, it is


a great opportunity for Roy's. He has been involved with the FA for a


long time and I think he or two a great job. Were you disappointed


not be approached, or would you approach? I was never approached.


If I sit here and say I was not disappointed, it they will say it


was because he did not get the job. I love club football, I love going


in every day with the players, every Saturday going to Old


Trafford, the Emirates, I enjoyed that. I think to be away from that,


I would miss it, that is what keeps me going, that day-to-day


involvement. If you had half been offered it, which you have taken


it? Of course, it would have been difficult to have turned it down.


But at the same time, I accidie love what I'm doing at Tottenham.


It is a great club. We have a new training ground cumin there will be


as good as anything in Europe. New stadium, great players. I think it


would have been a position where it would have been hard to turn it


down if I was offered a but in a way ours quite relieved that I was


not offered it. And it can be a poisoned chalice. Maybe. But I


still think looking at the England crew, I think our back four and the


goalkeeper is as good as any in the tournament. There is not a better


left back than Ashley Cole. The goalkeeper is as good as anybody.


Or I think that is a fantastic place to work from. Lee played in a


great Arsenal team that was built on a great back four and a


goalkeeper. I think this England team has got strength in the back,


we have Wayne Rooney to come in, I It did not affect me. It never


affected the way I felt. We seem to have a bad spell of luck.


Everything that could have gone against us, went against us, but we


still finished fourth. What is going on at Tottenham? I have got a


year left on my contract. I will sit down with Daniel when the


opportunity comes. He has had a very difficult time - he lost his


mum last week. He has got more important things to worry about at


the moment, but when the time is right, we will sit down. Are you


thinking about buying, Clarence? You seem to be getting cosy!


performance was unbelievable at White Hart Lane that night.


Speaking of the Dutch, we ought to there with Harry, watching on. A


lot of admiration for the way the Dutch play football. No changes for


the Dutch at the start of the second half. Nor for the Danes. So,


defending the got to the right hand side then the second half. The


crowd have been shouting the name of Russia, on the left, the name of


Ukraine. So, not all the orange and red shirts will be won by Danes and


Dutch. We have not heard any racist chanting at all. The young, black


Dutch left-back picks up the ball. Have not heard any racism at all, a


welcome relief. And it is Denmark who gets us underway in this second


half. Agger, magnificent nd first the last European Championships.


This is a game on it now, though. The Dutch boys need to play with


more conviction. This is getting that balance right - become, make a


contribution, but play effective football. You have got to switch


into that aggressive mode. The shirts. Yes, it is tight but it is


quicker. A quicker tempo to the way they are playing. It from a double


in their qualifiers. 2-1 in third of his, he is quite lethal at


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 90 seconds


and dangerous. Van Persie was the Persie's a touch has let him down.


A horrible moment for him. He has fluffed his lines, hasn't he? Let


it roll over his shoulder. Huntelaar looks on and wonders when


his chance will come. Takes a free it burly. Very nearly catch is the


almost entirely in the Danish half. Lovely effort! Zips through the air,


and was pushed away by Andersen. Aim real screamer! The goalkeeper


there are just happy to get anything behind him. Sneijder


growing in influence in the game. Look how quickly he takes that.


quickly taken corner while that range effort. Not enough power on


this, a bit of a daisy cutter. Luckily them, it has just gone wide.


The 19th effort they would have had was just looking there for Sneijder.


There is more of an urgency about their play enough. This is their


sixth corner. Arjen Robben takes it. Holland are the driving Orange


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 90 seconds


doesn't it? You want to see better can tidy up. Harry Redknapp was


saying, the Dutch looks so, so full of flair going forward, but at the


back, they are ordinary. Poulsen it will put crosses them. It is


causing problems for that Dutch for Robin van Persie. That was a


horrible moment. I was being kind to him when I said it hit his


support for Huntelaar to start for the Dutch. 52 goals he has scored


for club and country this season. Krohn-Dehli has caused problems all


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 90 seconds


international football. Danish journalists were telling they fancy


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 90 seconds


Kvist. He has done that a few times, just gets the wrong side and pulls


him down. He does not want Schneider getting into that little


pocket just in front of his bag for. Kvist missed the last month of the


season with a shoulder industry -- headed it away. That is desperately


disappointing for a team with the ability and technique of Holland.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 90 seconds


Persie. It was a great ball from Schneider around the corner to van


I used to love seeing the goalkeeper do that. It gives you


confidence, especially at this took it up, Bendtner make no sort


of run in support. I think he is doing a lot of work off the ball,


being a target man and I think he switches off when someone else has


Bendtner in that role. There is a foul for the challenge on Willems.


Yes, there is Willems getting forward again. It is a hot, sultry


evening and players are beginning too early. The linesman did


exceptionally well there. He picked This is the last chance of


international success for this inside the Metalist Stadium.


Another chance goes begging. He almost gets there too early. A


fantastic ball whipped him there but he just cannot seem to put it


on target. The Dutch have had 22 efforts, seven on target, and


Denmark have had seven effort, at six on target. Does this remind you


of Barcelona, maybe, against Chelsea, in the Champions League?


Maybe that result gave a lot of people believe that they can beat


these giants in world football. you think we will see a change in


the way the game is played? Will we see more teams Park the bus, so to


speak? I think the results have football since coming back from


injury. Robben is trying to get his team back into this. He certainly


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 90 seconds


beaten finalists, a German Cup final beaten finalist and second in


Zimling and a yellow card. That had that familiar look about it, that


tackle, it late, and a chance of winning it. One of them many


players booked in the World Cup is about to come on as well, the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 90 seconds


Dutch are going to make a double crucial. The run up plays the


winner of Group A, and Russia looked in sparkling form last night.


The Czech Republic, who work fancy to finish in the top two, took a


real drubbing. The keeper acknowledged his error there. And


they think Holland will make the almost as though they are waiting,


the players, who were going to take off? They are waiting as well, get


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 90 seconds


They have been very strong at the Will they make a substitution at


this corner? They had decided that defensive midfielder to bring on


the creative talent that is van der Vaart. And a Afellay goes off to


make way for Huntelaar, so they will have Huntelaar and van Persie


on the field together. They did appearances for his club. A glut of


goals have come in recent internationals. He struggled to


score at this level early in his career but 16 have come in his last


21 games. 14-want to become top these Dutch players to get


Huntelaar on the pitch. Now he is on the pitch, let us see if he can


do any better than the rest. Well, he is up front with van Persie.


Robben about on that right hand side. Her opportunity of a


Hollander! Steered away by Jacobsen. Just a teasing ball. Huntelaar


making a contribution that straight away. Just nobody getting on the


end of it. Sneijder with a corner. The keeper has come and pushed it


have won the last three when Huntelaar has come on. Denmark are


going to make a substitution. Eriksen, the young starlet, goes


off. He is replaced by Schone. Schone had a sore hip last night.


Just moved to Ajax. They Dutch- side - Huntelaar and van Persie,


and neither of them can break the Danish resilience! It what they


pass, though! Huntelaar really should be scoring. Look at that!


Are great touch. He settles and soft, and the goalkeeper just to


stand up to him. Great save. Persie came in and caught the


goalkeeper. The goalkeeper is their clubs this season, between


the two of them. Remarkable, isn't everything there, appealing for a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 90 seconds


their opening game in Euro 88 to the then Soviet Union, before they


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 90 seconds


player. On the Danish Bence. Still captain of the side, though mainly


It was almost a light of the Greek getting sent off for that last


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 90 seconds


just arriving at the edge of the box. Since then, he has just hit


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 90 seconds


they are passing the ball and Kvist. Very humid. And it has


England, what does it feel like when you lose the first game?


puts massive pressure, but to lose this, there will be an emphasis.


There this energy, zapping the all. It is stoppage time, with 10


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 90 seconds


Van the Vaart on the next game against the Germans. They will have


to sacrifice one of their defence and midfield players, the Dutch.


Well, they have to do something. They will lose this match if they


Mikkelsen for Denmark. His fourth cap only. The previous three have


come from the bench. A bit of a surprise choice. He was not best


pleased to go off as well, the Willems. Perky winner, just won


the league title. Here comes a much more experienced man. Looking tired,


isn't he? His 89th cap for his country. He has only scored two


goals in his last 10 internationals. Very unhappy! Huntelaar's a touch


is poor. I wonder if they will back for Denmark. And both great


scoreline coming. They are saying, we are not as good as you think we


of magic from the van Persie, or separates the sides. He has been


excellent. Really been impressed with him. They always travel with


great gusto and enthusiasm, the Dutch supporters. All around the


world they travel. An unhappy screaming at his players to get a


further up the pitch. He wants his van Marwijk back in the Netherlands,


stoppage time caused by all the preparation for this game. It is so


humid and energy-sapping. You wonder what games they have had to


fierce is young Molby, who is working for BBC Five Live tonight.


watching this will be revelling in the pictures that they are seeing.


It claimed for handball. A big shout, the Dutch bench are enraged.


down time. We are into the last minute. Krohn-Dehli has been


excellent, used the ball well, are rarely given it away, took his goal


well. As a team unit, Denmark had been resilient. They took their


chance when it came. Holland have had excellent individuals but they


squandered their opportunities, big time. Your overall thoughts? This


is just the kind of game where England, it they will watch it now,


will be thinking, why can't we do this? Be professional and organised.


This will be a great result for Denmark. Three minutes of stoppage


Huntelaar was arriving. Fortune favours Denmark. In the end, it is


a hopeful ball. Lots of players attacking it, brave defending.


is hand ball. Definitely hand ball. How is the referee missing that or


all the officials that surrounded these days? He is incensed, and


had two penalties. That would have take the energy out of the ball,


but could not keep it down. He knows what he is doing but just


cannot keep it down. So frustrating for the Dutch boys. 28 attempts on


the Dutch goal, only eight on target, and unconverted. Into the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 90 seconds


and that is it. One of the biggest upsets of recent times. The much


fancied Dutch have been beaten by Denmark. The goal from you Krohn-


Dehli after 24 minutes separating the sides. Robben hit a post. The


Dutch created a chance after chance but did not take them. They won


Euro 88 having lost their first game, they will have to do it again,


Quite an extraordinary game, dominated by Holland, but there is


a new one thing that matters, the scoreline. 28 attempts at goal for


the Dutch but they could not find the target. You said before that


they would struggle to get out of the group. You are entitled to that


little belated now. Listened, they haven't the conceded one goal so


they have not been exposed defensively but I've been better


teams will expose them. Denmark are not a great side, I think Portugal


and Germany will beat Denmark and I think Holland have got it all on


now to qualify. A slightly glum looking Clarence Seedorf. Amazing


catalogue of Mrs for your country. Yes, I think it is a matter of


determination. They were just comfortable feeling that they have


the game in their own hands and that sooner or later they would


score the goal. It did not happen. They were unlucky, I have to say.


For sure they did not deserve to lose the game. But I think what was


missing was the energy. Even up here and win he needed to be a bit


more aggressive and the coach risk a lot, but you did not seek the


energy. Denmark did not have anything like the chances but


Holland had but they did the all- important thing, to put it in.


Holland will play in other games and scored twice as many goals as


the chances they have today. Against the run of play, Denmark


the rebound. And Krohn-Dehli does very well to outwit her back four


there was not really on this game, I thought. Even here you can see


the defensive mistake. That starts with van Bommel who is not closing


up enough. Giving this play enough space to go ahead. And Heitinga


makes another mistake, not pushing the player wide. Well, he made a


great finish. They got themselves back in the game after that and


towards half-time they were in it with something to defend in the


The Dutch were remarkably proffered and perhaps the Dutch were feeling


the same way. In the second half, again, they had time and space to


get the shot away. A great shot and a good save. A lot of shots from


the outside. After 20 minutes in the second half, when they started


well again, I saw the difference in their whole, being short as a team.


The defence was far away from the strikers, it got split into two.


And also a lack of energy to go and find another space. Huntelaar had


just come on there and it was probably his first touch. But you


The two centre-backs was strong, they did not give an awful lot away.


They got behind them a little bit in the second half, Holland, but


Denmark will really enjoy themselves tonight, they thoroughly


deserve it. A little disagreement in the first half over penalty


decision. What about the want was the end of the game there? Again, I


think this is very similar to the first one, I think it is a penalty.


Jacobsen, although his hand has not gone towards the ball, I think he


is very lucky to get away with this. You think it is a penalty this


time? Yes, he can give it, but it is always very difficult. I hate


these type of moments. What about that one, hurry? His hands were out


there and the ball was flicked on to his arm from a foot away. I do


not know what you are supposed to do with your arm. They need a


change in the law. At least you know where you stand. There are so


many penalties given now, we people a yard away, how do get your hands


out of the way? Well, they have do. We have marvelled at Robin van


Persie this season. He had an appalling day, nothing worked for


him. But he will keep trying, he will keep going. He had to let for


a shot early on in the game and you think, give him the benefit of the


doubt. But this for him, unbelievable, first touch was awful.


Persie is someone who feels the responsibility and I think he feels


it a little bit too much when he is in the Dutch team. He should be


flying after a season like this. usenet that the think there is a


question mark against him in the really big events, when it really


counts? I think he is not relaxed When I see him play against Arsenal,


it is a different van Persie. much tension. He made a great point


about him so that when the substitutions were made, he was not


taken off, he was still on the pitch, because they are going to


need him. Do you think he will bring Huntelaar in? He has got to


go for it. You do not need those too defensive midfield players, one


of them has to go. They have Germany next, there will be some


game, and you can see that live here. That has changed the subject


because Roy Hodgson has been explaining to Gabby Logan his


reasons for not including Rio Has the wake emission of Rio


Ferdinand has been handled surprised? No, I do not think it


has surprised me. It is a pity that the real story behind it has not


been told. Which is? It is very simple. I chose 23 players to start


with and in that 23 I left Rio out. When Gary Cahill got injured, then


there was never any question of turning to somebody like Rio


Ferdinand, because my first thought was the turn to somebody who could


come in at the lower end of the squad, possibly a younger player to


get some experience, because I already have 16-17 senior players,


four of which can cover that position. My first thought was Kyle


Walker and we got in touch with him to see the injury had cleared up.


It had not so we turn to Martin Kelly who had been with us before


we went to Norway for the Oslo training camp. We let him go when


the Chelsea players are right on the scene but we just called him


back. There was never any question of which play shall I take,


Charlotte in Rio or shall I take What you make of that, Harry? Deano


just tried to pick your best players? Artistry, and Rory felt


that he had put Gary Cahill in front of Rio, and he has Lescott


and Jagielka. He is happy with the defensive cover he has got and he


thought he would bring someone in he wanted that experience. What Roy


is saying, rather than having we are not playing and being around


the squad. He is a player that has never not played. He has always


been in the team. Maybe he felt that if he is not going to play, I


don't want him hanging around and been a bit-part player. It is a


If Rio is going to her coming, he will not be playing. But if there


had not been a situation with John Terry and rear Ferdinand, it would


have been anybody else in the squad. I kind of understand what Roy is


saying. I think there are other things going on. If he has got


Ferdinand and Terry in the squad, he can let them sort it out. There


are many examples and history where players do not go on and they just


carry on. I have had the same type of experience, for a reason that is


similar. I think you should just pick your best players. What was


that experience? The fact that they already have a young player coming


in, but who said he would not be accepted? If, after the first game,


two of your centre-backs are injured, you have to play your


youngest player in for his experience. I think it is a big


risk. How do you see them lining up, the two central defenders? I think


they will cope OK. Gary Cahill is a good player. He has done a


fantastic job at Chelsea. I tried to sign him at Tottenham. But lost


him with injury. There will be nothing for me. John Terry is top


class, in my opinion. I think it is a fantastic back four. It is all


about the players there. They will be playing on Monday night. You can


see more of that Roy Hodgson interview during our second game.


Portugal versus Germany, one of the big games in the group stages. And


there is unquestionably the finest player in this tournament. The


German national team coach's players on the pitch, got there


burly. I should not -- I should not separate the towels out! Two of the


top sides in this tournament for As you can hear, the atmosphere is


starting to build up a stop this was a recently voted the best place


to live in the Ukraine. We would talk about that in a moment. But


first, Roy Hodgson's comments about not taking Rio Ferdinand. You are


entitled to pick whatever Timor's squad you like, but I think he has


enough ability to be in that squad. And his comment he has too much


respect to per real on the bench? would have thought, were the


injuries we had, Rio Ferdinand would be perfect with his


experience. He has 81 caps. Let us turn our attention to Group B.


There has been an interesting start of the evening. Denmark,


congratulations to them. That has put the cat among the pigeons.


Absolutely. The Dutch have one week point, the back four. Holland had a


lot of the ball and missed a lot of chances, but Denmark worked so hard.


Big news just into ours - nine goals to qualify. If the Germans


made him to come on, he could be a great substitute. They are not sure,


are they? As you can hear, the Portuguese players have just come


out of the pitch to a lot over lose. Most people in this stadium


supporting Germany tonight. It is 16 years since Germany won a


It is 16 years since Germany won a tournament. That was at Euro 96.


A lot happened. After the big disappointment in Portugal, we said


we wanted to shift to a more possession oriented game. And we


did that. Might assistant coach at the head time, probably to carry on.


We were also lucky that there were a lot of youngsters that came out.


They can play attack minded football, and good possession game.


And so, Germany kind of really step it up in terms of quality and


attacking minded football. We have nine players who have not played a


tournament here. It can be very good farce, because the


regeneration of young players is very fast and quick, but on the


other side, they do not have too much experience. But we are hopeful.


It is very tough. There are strong teams like the Netherlands and


Portugal, and we are also among the favourites. But let the best when.


We have to start well against Portugal.


16 years without a trophy, but you sense a re emergence of the force


sense a re emergence of the force that is Germany. We saw that in


South Africa. We realised then they were an emerging team. They have


quite rightly won the title favourites. Looking forward to the


Germans? Absolutely, yes. Their other big favourites with the


Gary Lineker introduces live coverage as the Netherlands, the 2010 World Cup runners-up, kick-off their European Championship campaign. The Dutch are looking for a first continental title since 1988, and first up for them in Group B are Denmark, who surprised everyone to claim the 1992 European title.

The Danes are winless in five matches against the Dutch, since knocking them out of Euro 1992 on penalties at the semi-final stage. The two nations also met at the group stage of the 2010 World Cup, when a Daniel Agger own goal and a Dirk Kuyt effort secured all three points for the Netherlands.

Dutch legend Clarence Seedorf offers his expert view from the studio.

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