Poland v Greece Match of the Day Live

Poland v Greece

Gary Lineker introduces coverage of the opening match of the 2012 European Championships: the Group A clash between co-hosts Poland and 2004 winners Greece in Warsaw.

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The Euros. We have seen great moments. Great memories.


atmosphere in the environment is the greatest experience. When I


think about it, I think about a lot of emotion. Incredible highs.


We were lucky, to a certain extent. 1996 is as close as we have been.


In 1988, we lost every game. That was our biggest ever moment in


international football. We played a great Dutch team that went on to


win the tournament. They had it all. That was a nice memory. 1992 in


Sweden, we were relatively weak. The last final, against Denmark,


Peter Schmeichel played the game of his life. They have thrown up a few


If ever you needed a reminder that any team can win, that was it.


expectation level than ever, maybe we can win it. The ball is round,


the grass is Green,... You look at them on paper, you think they would


be lucky to get to the quarter- finals, but you never know.


could prove that we are capable. is hard for an outsider to win.


will always look forward to watching the Spanish. They go in as


the favourites. How hungry are they? The Germans are re-emerging


as a major force. They are ready for the title. The Dutch will have


a say in the competition. Germans, the Spanish, the Dutch,


France, the Italians. Your guess is as good as ours.


We have had the torches, the beacons, it is time for some flair.


It is the opening day of Euro 2012, so welcome to the very far west of


Poland, or as we call it, Salford, home for the group stages of Alan


Hansen, Clarence Seedorf and Lee Dixon. This tournament is hosted by


Poland and Ukraine, two countries with vast distances between eight


venues. From Gdansk to do next, there are 1125 miles between them.


This is a tournament like no other we have had, what expectations?


Every two years, when you have a tournament, there is a massive


sense of anticipation, it has been a long time since the end of the


domestic season, the waiting is over. We are very hopeful for the


tournament, a lot of controversy at the moment, but once the football


starts, we are looking forward to great teams, great players, great


performances, and at the end, hopefully, the rhetoric will be


about how great the tournament was on the pitch. What are you looking


forward to in particular in terms of teams, players? England. The


expectation has been really locate, but as soon as it kicks off in an


hour, everybody will be expecting England to do well. We are all


England fans. Nearly all of us! We are looking to them to do well, so


I think we should go into what really confident. But I am also


looking at Germany, they stand out, the mixture of youth and experience.


How do Spain carry on the amazing run? Holland, as well, they have


got something to prove, because in the World Cup final, they played


really poorly, so they have got something to prove. There have been


some issues, controversy, one issue that will not go away, seemingly,


races them. UEFA have said there was an isolated incident of racist


abuse and chanting towards some of the Dutch players. You were in


Poland a couple of days ago, launching the Respect campaign,


your feelings on what has happened? It is not a good moment, it is


never a good moment, but we would like to ignore these actions of the


public. Should players ignore it and not make a stand? Yes, we


should tell them, you are not affecting me. Otherwise, it will


reinforce it more. It is not easy, especially the guys that are


involved, but the statement is, you are not affected me. But also, the


authorities have got to jump on it right away, zero tolerance. What


can they do? It is a minority, so they can try to excite the majority


more and overrule them with the voices, with the positivity of the


tournament. But the local authorities should have zero


tolerance. But they might be late, the tournament starts now, and the


documentary was there, it has been there before. The authorities


should have stepped in the fauna. They have got to get into the


ground and identified the trouble makers and get rid of them. Exactly.


But the more attention we did it, it reinforces this behaviour.


cannot have players walking off the pitch, the authorities have to make


the decision. Hopefully, we will not talk about those issues when


the tournament starts. The first combatants will go head-to-head


very shortly, and already in situ for Poland against Greece, Jake


Humphrey and Alan Shearer. Welcome to the National Stadium


here, for all to be the biggest day in Poland's sporting history. They


are the lowest team in the tournament, but it is their stadium,


their fans, their party, this must bring back memories of 1996. What a


magnificent stadium. The guys in the dressing room have heard all of


the talk, they will be desperate to get onto the pitch and play. If


they get off to a good start, they could go further than people expect.


The roaring when they came out of the dressing-room was remarkable.


Obviously, there are not high expectations for the rest of the


world, only 3% of the Polish people think they can win, but they have


some quality. Three players that play for Dortmund, Lukasz Piszczek,


and Robert Lewandowski, a lot of clubs are looking at him, he scored


a hat-trick against Bayern Munich in the Cup final, said he will have


bid expectations. We have got the Greek trainer behind us. People


will recognise Georgios Samaras, and the only joy that could two


have had is the draw for this tournament, any team in this group


thinks they can win. When the draw was made, all of the teams thought,


if we can get off to a good start, we can progress. They will be


pretty confident themselves, they are on a decent run. As far as


England are concerned, they will be happy that, finally, after the talk,


the tournament has got going up, but another three days to wait.


will be frustrating, they will be watching today, and they will have


to wait three days, they will be thinking, I wish we could have been


in the first couple of days. But there is no pressure on England,


nobody expects them to win, so that might help them. Hopefully it is


not clear that we are sweating, just standing here, but the players


will have noticed, with the reform, it is the regime it. That is the


first thing I noticed, how humid in tears. It will be fascinating to


see how the players cope, it could be uncomfortable. The atmosphere is


building, it is amazing to be standing by the pitch with the


Polish fans. It is aged huge day for Poland. One fan had 80 should,


Poland are better than Brazil. -- had a T-shirt.


This is a tournament of firsts, the first time it has been this Far


East, the first time additional goalmouth assistant referees will


be used, and the first time we are not expecting England to win, but a


bit of realism might be a good thing. That looks quite a pleasant


place you are in, in Krakow, different from Ruston bird a couple


of years ago! Krakow is beautiful, about 26 degrees, we have had today,


and it is expected to get hotter as the week progresses. It will be


hotter where England play their first game. They had their first


open training session today, 2000 local people came along to cheer


them on. It was a charm offensive from the England team, they were


signing autographs, and dated a light training session. The mind of


the players only lasted a couple of laps on the pitch -- nine players.


The FA have confirmed that nobody else has picked up an injury. Those


players we were watching closely, Scott Parker and John Terry, are


fine at the moment. He Stewart Downing was whipping in the crosses


for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Andy Carroll. Kidd seemed to go


well, and the FA of opening things up. The players went to the art


gallery yesterday, they had a civic reception, it is a beautiful town,


and they will be encouraged to wander round. His Roy Hodgson


expecting a full contingent to choose from? Jermain Defoe has had


to go home because of the loss of his father, but aside from that, is


he expecting a full choice? Jermain Defoe will come back, we do not


know when it yet, but he will be back in time to go to the Ukraine.


Aside from the niggling injuries that have been all the way through


this tournament, Scott Parker is absolutely fine, as well as he has


been in the last seven days, John Terry trained yesterday, Glen


Johnson was fine today, so at the moment, everybody is OK, he has got


a full contingent. The players have been out at two poignant


destinations, most of them went to the factory where Oskar Schindler


did his work in World War II, saving the lives of Jewish people,


but seven players went to Auschwitz, where they will have had an


emotional afternoon. If you see pictures of that later, a decision


was made last night that the players should go in informal wear,


because the medical staff felt that walking around for quite a long


time could be quite damaging on their feet if they were wearing


shoes, so they will be in trainers and tracksuits letter, but an


emotional afternoon, some of the players that did not go had been on


previous trips. Last week, they heard from two Holocaust survivors,


and they were all very touched by the experience. It is a wonderful


town, a great cafe society, and we saw Mario Balotelli a moment ago,


because Italy and Holland are here, having a coffee. Anybody can wander


round. He gets everywhere! He drinks


coffee, that is quite common for him! England are there, it has not


been the easiest build up for Roy Hodgson, he is fresh to the job,


the preparations have been far from ideal. Yes, but in the warm-up


matches, two victories, two clean sheets, the big thing is that, when


he has been a manager, he has been cautious, and the England line-up


will suggest we will be more difficult to beat than anything


else. To win the tournament, they will have to be good with the ball.


will discuss the options that he has. We think John Terry will play


I don't think you can play Lescott on the right. Jagielka might be an


option. I think he will play Terry on the right and Lescott on the


on the right and Lescott on the left. You have to play your most


experienced player out of position. Lescott likes to play on the left


side. As far as the formation is concerned, we are talking about how


Roy plays. Capello has come out of playing 4-4-2 in the last World Cup


and said every week we want to change it, we want more players in


midfield. Why plays that well -- way. I don't think that suits


Gerrard. I would like to see someone else in there. I don't


think it is ideal, Terry going from left to right. Ferdinand could play


on the right! That is another question. If I was English and 30


years younger, centre-back -- centre-back play is about


partnerships, I would want to play with Rio Ferdinand. What is your


view from the outside, the Ferdinand issue? Were you surprised


he was left out? Yes. Quite surprised. He is still playing at


the top level, he is fit. I'm wondering what the real reason is.


I know personally about curious decisions! The fact he has played a


lot of matches for Manchester United last season. He has had a


back injury and when you have a back injury, you are susceptible to


other injuries and he has had a few. But he has played a lot of top-


class football and there's no doubt about it, even if you don't put him


in the team, he should be in the squad. Can England go far in this


tournament? England can always go very far. They always can! They


rarely do. We should keep cool. Keep the expectations low.


first game is so important. They are very low over here! I just want


us to go out there and play. I don't want us to sit back, I want


us to have a go at the French in the first game and try to get three


points. They won't have a go against the French. I would like to


see it. They will sit back. Everybody is talking about the


expectation and anticipation. Everything is so low. If England


play badly in this tournament, they will get absolutely hammered


because that is the way it is. it always has been! It is the first


time the Republic of Ireland has qualified for the finals of the


Euros since 1988. They've set up camp outside Gdansk in the north of


Poland and enjoyed a warm welcome from the locals. Unbeaten in 14


matches under Giovanni Trapattoni, they are in confident mood ahead of


Sunday's opening game against Klasnic! Croatia are marching on.


They are a good side. They keep the ball moving very quickly. I know a


few of the players, Modric and Kranjcar and Choi lucre. I look


forward to seeing them after the game and getting three points.


Irish have done it again! You have to believe you will win every game.


We have played for a long time. Regardless of who you play, whether


you are playing Real Madrid or Barcelona, it is irrelevant. We are


in one of the toughest groups, we are the underdogs. It will be tough.


The players are really looking forward to it, it has been a long


time coming for us. This will probably be the last chance for


many players. We have to grasp it with both hands.


You suspect with having both Spain You suspect with having both Spain


and Italy in the Republic of Ireland Group that they need a very


good result against Croatia. Almost one of those must win games. It is.


I think Ireland are better off in a strong group because Spain, Italy


strong group because Spain, Italy and Croatia... How does that work?


If you're a look in a group with two really strong teams that


dominate and you're out, but you have got Spain, Croatia and Italy


who might take points off each other. If Ireland nicked a win, it


-- they are right in the next. us that convince you? I know what


he is saying. You only have to get one result and if you beat Croatia,


you have a chance. That is the one they must win. The Italians, you


still play in Italy for AC Milan... They are going into the tournament


under a cloud once again, match- fixing scandals are rife. But they


have been successful on those occasions in the past. What is the


mood in Italy at the moment? It is not really buzzing yet. The team is


always getting motivation out of these things. They are feeling


involved in something they have nothing to do with. As in the other


tournaments, they have performed well. 1992, 2006. -- 1982. It is a


young team with a very good coach. I expect them to do well. They


generally do when it becomes to picking the winner, the usual


suspects topped the list, but I suppose are relatively new


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


additions to those usual suspects. These are the very latest odds. It


is a great time to pick a winner. Alan? I'm going for the favourites,


Alan? I'm going for the favourites, Spain. I look at the middle of the


park and the players they've got to pick from and you have a Alonso,


Mata, Silva, Fabregas and then Iniesta and Xavi. There's nothing


comparable to that. You know they will have at least 70% possession!


The big onus is on Torres. Dutch, Clarence? The Dutch are


always in good shape in these tournaments. They need to show that


they can do it again. It took some luck to go all the way in the World


Cup. There are big expectations in Holland. Who do you think will win


the tournament? Germany has impressed me. Even if they have


been struggling in some friendly matches, I think this is the


strongest team with the right motivation. It will be hard for


Spain to have the same motivation after winning the European


Championships and the World Cup. Winning is a habit. Lee? I will go


for Germany. I think they have the perfect mix of youngsters coming


through, the education in the last World Cup, and they've got


experience of Schweinsteiger, Podolski, Philipp Lahm. I think


they have the balance right. He has got the balance right there! It is


like we rehearsed it. Everyone is talking about the German players


being down because of the Champions League final, but this is Germany


we are talking about. They will be so focused, so switched on, and


they are winners. I think they will win it. I can't believe you have


not gone for England! Loyalty! I'm just keeping the pressure down.


opening game of Euro 2012 features two of the rank outsiders to lift


the trophy. Poland and grace of God but the Poles are co-hosts and


Grease won this thing just eight The most unlikely story in the


history of international football. What a turn up. They've won it!


Greece are into the final of Euro They are in the lead, the underdogs.


Unbelievable! The almost impossible They are two of the outsiders in


the tournament. You would not completely rule anyone out at this


stage of top Poland have three players that played in the


successful Borussia Dortmund side. They have some winners in the team.


I think you can roll them out winning the tournament. There's so


much quality at the other end of the draw. But Poland have got the


home advantage. We've seen already with the interview with Alan


Shearer, the atmosphere is building. They have got a decent record and


only lost one in the last 12 and five clean sheets against a team


that doesn't score many goals. well-organised. Yes. I think the


Greeks and will try to get a draw. They haven't got a lot of flair in


their team. We are looking at levels of speed to get a goals for


Poland. I think the home advantage will be key. The coach for greets,


it is all but effort. He says they have to bleed to succeed. They


don't concede many goals. They don't. We have seen what happened


in 2004. It is a team that will need the respect of everybody. I'm


curious to see how they will come out. I'm curious to see how the


opening ceremony goes. Here it is. The opening ceremony of Euro 2012.


The commentators are Mark bright Thank you. We can look forward to


16 teams playing 31 matches in eight venues over 21 days. But


first we have the opening ceremony. But it will not be a long affair.


Just a few minutes ahead of the big kick-off in front of a packed house.


It has been put together by a production team. The company is


also working on the Rio flight handover which will take place


during the closing ceremony of London 2012. The countdown is on


It is a warm and cheery welcome from the host countries to get us


under way. The cascading strips featured the red and white of


Poland and the yellow and blue of The costume design inspired by


traditional dresses of the host In total, this opening ceremony


involves 1,000 performers with another 400 volunteers working


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


Two mascots kick-starting a transformation now as we head for a


segment dedicated to one of the greatest European composers of the


Mall, Frederic Chopin, who was Watching a renowned Hungarian


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


the eight stadia being used for the mascot, this is the bit where the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


audience get involved. Poland on transforms in the centre. Here it


is hoping that it blossoms into a tournament to remember. Poland's


big day has arrived, and the kick- off to Euro 2012 is just a few


Michel Platini applauding the opening ceremony. We have got the


first game, which will kick-off shortly, Poland and Greece. How do


you see it going? It is the weakest group, and Poland will be looking


to do well as the co-hosts. The game will be tight, but there is an


opportunity for somebody to win it and put them in pole position. It


would be great if Greece could do well, because they are on their


knees, all austerity measures, elections, and if there is one


thing that can unify a nation, it is doing well at sport. They can


replicate what they did in 2004, if so, or even get close, they will be


fantastic. It is hard to imagine lightning striking twice, they were


rank outsiders on that occasion. Absolutely. We just need to see


what will happen today. I would like to see some goals, some are


open football, the Polish side has all of the fans behind them, so


they will be energised. I am not sure you are going to see open


football! You look at Greece, the way they set out to play, Kostas


Katsouranis and Giorgos Karagounis have 208 caps between them, and


they put a wall up in front of the back four and they make it hard.


But Poland, they have the home support, they have got a 30 galled


goal scorer at the head of their strike force, it might just go


their way. They have had five successive clean sheets, the best


record in international football. Both sides have got great recent


records. You tend to find that opening matches, things are


relatively tight, you do not want to get beaten, you protect what you


have got. Let's hope that the whole thing is different here, and it


sets the tournament alight. I think Greece will do everything in their


power to be competitive. Clarence, you played in a tournament in your


home country, you know the feeling. There is nothing like it. They are


going to be pushed by the excited fans, pushed forward, but it is an


emotional game. That is why I am hoping to see a bit of what I ask


before. If you get an early goal, it makes a difference. Who will


win? Poland. Poland. 0-0. optimist! Lets rejoin Simon de


Stadium, they have been building up to this for a long time. We should


not underestimate how big a deal this is for Poland, it is the first


major international sporting event to be held here, a once-in-a-


lifetime chance to showcase the country to a global sporting


audience. All of the Polish people I have spoken are nervously hopeful


rather than expectant when it comes to their own team, they are not


bullish about their chances. Greece also unfancied ahead of the


tournament, but you get the impression they are comfortable


with the underdog tag. They caused a real shock by going all the way


and lifted the trophy eight years ago in Portugal. Giorgos Karagounis,


their captain, said last night that they will give it everything and


they hope to bring some joy to the people back in Greece. They have


not had much to cheer about lately, with the economic problems


engulfing their country. The final few nervous moments for the players.


That is Jakob blusher Crosskey at the front, the captain of Poland --


Jakub Blaszczykowski. The place for Borussia Dortmund in Germany. The


familiar face behind him, for which it shares the, the Arsenal


goalkeeper. -- Wojciech Szczesny. We are almost ready for the walk


forward. The bomber to matches went well for Poland, wins over Latvia


and Slovakia, and a thrashing of Andorra a few days ago. I have to


say, it is a spine-tingling atmosphere in a wonderful


footballing arena. It has been a while since Poland prospered on the


international stage, the best part of three decades since they reached


the knockout stages of the World Cup in 1986. Candy's players emerge


from the shadows, or will they be also runs again and leave at the


end of the group stages, just like the World Cup in 2002 and 2006 and


at Euro 2008? Greece will recall that they glorious summer of 2000


before started with an appearance in the opening fixture, just like


today -- summer of 2004. Now, the national anthems. The first one we


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


Giorgos Karagounis, the captain of Hearts -- Greece. Players go


through the ritual of the match. The National Stadium, opened in


February, looks a picture. Poland have a familiar face in goal,


Wojciech Szczesny of Arsenal. Their right back, Lukasz Piszczek, of


Borussia Dortmund, not to get forward, and a Damien Perquis is


has not long recovered from a broken elbow. The captain will


start on the bike, he will be a key figure. The third player with the


German double winners, Robert Lewandowski, leads the attack, he


scored a hat-trick in the Cup final last month. The referee in the


middle is Carlos Carballo from Madrid. He officiated at the Europa


League final in Dublin between last three major tournaments, the


oldest player at Euro 2012, Kostas Chalkias, starts in gold. In front


of him, it is a miserly back line, marshalled by Avraam Papadopoulos,


who only conceded five goals in qualifying. Giorgos Karagounis is


still there at 35, while Georgios Samaras will start on the left-hand


side. Theofanis Gekas will be on his own much of the time through


Rafal Wolski, the find of the league season, and Kyriakos


Papadopoulos is among the Greece substitutes, he has owned reproduce


in the Bundesliga. Mark Bright is alongside me, we are almost ready


to go. You would think it would be an advantage for Poland, being at


home, but it brings its own to pitch is in great condition.


They are playing under a close roof. The sun is trying to peek through


on the far side. Euro 2012 is up and running! Poland against Greece


live from the National Stadium in Warsaw. Greece in the blue. We have


booze in the background from the partisan crowd! Greece are no


strangers to turning up in somebody else's house at the start of the


European Championship and upsetting the olds. They did so in Portugal.


move around and pull the strings. Lewandowski, the No. 9, on the left,


enthusiastic for the referee's liking. I'm not too sure how he can


give that one way or the other. Two players contesting the ball. They


have got hold of each other's arms and shirts. What is your take on


what we might see this afternoon? Poland have not played a


competitive game for a couple of years. Greece don't score many, but


they don't give much away. 14 goals in 10 games and only conceded five


for Greece. They will keep it tight at the back and hope to score.


Poland will be very, very nervous. I think only 3% of the country


think they can win this. They will just be happy to win a group game.


It is tough for them, they are the lowest ranked team. Another free


kick to Greece. Given away by Greece to put their opponents under


this one. It was Lewandowski who leads the Greek attack, he plays


the Samsunspor in Turkey. He quit international football a couple of


years ago, mysteriously citing special circumstances, but he


returned a year later and he he is Under 21 side when they won the


European Championship a couple of years ago, is now playing for the


38 years of age, the oldest player come forward at every opportunity.


superb save. That will get the crowd going. This is the second one,


it is straight at Chalkias. He easily taps it over. It was the


first opportunity which was the good one. Grace under pressure for


the first time. -- Greece under snatched at it. Good early pressure,


though, from Poland. The that will give them some confidence. Straight


at the goalkeeper, NEC tap over. -- an easy tap over. It was that first


one when Lewandowski just laid the right hand side getting forward


in qualifying for the last World Cup with 10 goals, but he has gone


a little quiet in international campaigns since then. They have not


done well since they won the tournament since that final. They


took everyone by surprise, they back in the squad. He scored the


winning goal against Nigeria and South Africa a couple of years ago,


the first time Greece have won a nature at the back, Greece, they


the previous 15 occasions the countries have met. They have not


lost any of the last half a dozen encounters. They want to extend


that run to seven against today's opponents. A good run of 16 games


unbeaten on Dos Santos. You would imagine it would be a tough job


taking over from Otto Rehhagel, but he has started off pretty smoothly


with a 17 match unbeaten run. Fernando Santos, the Portuguese


coach of Greece. Good pedigree as well. He has coached three of the


big clubs in Greece and his own Maniatis, he is the middle of the


midfield. He is there to do a lot by Holebas. A bit too much on that


might be, and that Greece only conceded five goals in qualifying,


Poland have kept five clean sheets in a row and have not conceded


when they are friendly matches, players who might be qualified to


play for them. Perquis is French. He speaks very little Polish.


was criticised. He went and got players who were natural but moved


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


away. He did not get a really good touch on it, Gekas. He just glanced


it. Interesting seeing Torosidis running in at the far post, a yard


right under that one. Could play a game from the right hand side. --


could play again. Blaszczykowski continues his run. He has guided it


up in the air. Again involved in the build up played, Obraniak.


Another one of the French connections. He has a reasonably


turned out. It is great to make the start that you want in the


tournament, but so many teams are cagey in the first game because you


don't want to lose. Absolutely. Most players will tell you that the


one thing you don't want to do is lose your opening game. It puts


pressure on you. Poland have done well, they have moved the ball


around, they have got into the opposition penalty area and created


a couple of good opportunities. Santos will be hot in that jacket.


I don't think it is that hot. centimetre or two away. I don't


think Piszczek did Lewandowski any favours. He fired at ball from


close range. He just needed to slide it on the deck. Lewandowski


went to the near post. He is in front of his defender, it is a


side-foot into the net. They are are at sixes and sevens in


defensive quarters. They do at the I think it was when he jumped to


head the ball. The referee played a good advantage. The Greeks will


know all about Obraniak, the Bordeaux player, because he scored


two goals against him on his international debut three days ago.


This is the incident. He had the better opportunity, he is only five


yards away. It was in front of him the end of the season, Marcin


Wasilewski, having elbowed an opponent. He broke his elbow.


Damian perky, with a broken elbow beside him, they are an interesting


corner. The referee has given a goal-kick. He said he was having


his shirt pulled. He looks lively, he looks a threat. He is a quality


player. The big worry is, can they get the service to feed him to


score the goals? 23 years old, he has become a big star in the


Bundesliga. They have got great footballing traditions in Poland,


but they have not had much to cheer about for a long time. One of their


old players said, it is the easiest group, and if they do not get out


of it, they only have themselves to blame. It is Robert Lewandowski!


The hosts are ahead in the opening game! The star striker has got the


threatening to come off the stadium here! What an atmosphere inside the


stadium! It is the perfect start for the co-hosts! Absolutely. You


have got to look at the goalkeeper, Kostas Chalkias, where was he


going? He was nowhere near the ball. Robert Lewandowski still had


something to do, but he headed it down. The atmosphere is electric


now. The perfect start for Poland. A lethal header down, past Kostas


Chalkias, the goalkeeper. Robert Lewandowski. The home crowd will be


sitting in easier in their seats for a few minutes, perhaps, because


they were very nervous ahead of this one. But there is a long way


to go. We have talked about Greece only conceding five goals in


qualifying, they have looked at sixes and sevens at times. Greece


are a man down, but the game continues. Now, we will have the


stoppage. Avraam Papadopoulos is the injured player. He commits a


foul. I am not too sure why he goes down. He is a no-nonsense central


defender. He was the Player of the Year last year. The referee is not


allowing a trainer to come on. He has already taken his boot off.


Spanish referee is keen to keep the game flowing. A 50% strike rate!


Where is the goalkeeper going? I do not understand. He was neither here


nor there. If he stays where he is, it makes it more difficult to score.


It was a wonderful cross. The goalkeeper was tempted. Franciszek


Smuda said that his team would play offensive, attractive football, but


sometimes he found out he did not have the personnel. But they have


been positive so far. They were beaten 6-0 by Spain, and he changed


his philosophy. For nine months, he did not win a game. This does not


look too good for Avraam Papadopoulos. But we have his


namesake on the bench, no relation, Kyriakos Papadopoulos. I think he


opponent. This is not the ideal situation for Greece, they need to


try and put a stop to all of this momentum and excitement. Absolutely,


yes. It is a fantastic noise. With the roof being on, it keeps the


noise in. They have been here before, they have played against


Portugal in 2004, the opening game. Theofanis Gekas is very much on his


own as the spearhead of the attacker. They have not put Poland


under any pressure at all. Looking at the quality of teams in this


tournament, they are the poorest will have to come on. Avraam


Papadopoulos is yet to emerge on to his feet. Georgios Samaras is


playing left-back. Lukasz Piszczek will be excited! Poland do not seem


to be in any hurry. Avraam Papadopoulos is back on. Poland


bench to press height of the park, to try to win the ball. Sotiris


Ninis is their brightest spark, they need creativity from somebody.


We have not seen anybody do anything so far. He has not had the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


service so far. Poland with the full back. There is a bit of space


along the outside for Poland to exploit. Jose Holebas sometimes


plays as a left-winger. No problems caused a tall by a Kostas


Katsouranis. They are shooting from distance. They have got bags of


experience, Greece, Kostas Katsouranis played at Euro 2004 and


2008, he played all three matches in the last World Cup, and the


captain, Giorgos Karagounis, is making his 100 and the 18th


appearance this afternoon. -- 118th game at the moment. The service is


everything go. It was all rather untidy. The referee is smiling.


referee... They feel that nothing is going their way at the moment.


The frustration there for Sokratis Papastathopoulos. He plays in


to wait for a moment. It is the usual, tugging at shirts. Vasilis


challenge. Giorgos Karagounis sliding been unnecessarily. I would


be interested to see if he has got the stamina and mobility in this


tournament, because he has mainly been used as a substitute for his


club side this season. But the national coach still puts him in


every game. He takes all of the set pieces. He has got some defending


-- keep the ball. They look rattled and disjointed. They have not done


careful. It is right on the edge of the penalty area. That is what we


have been waiting for. He knows what he is doing, he gets his body


in front. That is all it will take have to make out. Creativity in


open play is not their strongest suit. The shot from Kostas


It was hacked that bite Ioannis Croatia. Poor play today, they have


not put Poland under any pressure at the back. They arrived here at


this tournament on the run of 10 competitive internationals unbeaten,


seven wins and three draws in their last 10. But we have seen very


little from them so far. The winners of the European


better team. They have moved it about, the goal has given them more


composure. Half-an-hour gone under nerves have gone. In possession...


improvisation, game changes, or lack off. -- changes. A creative


player in the heart of midfield is also that suggest -- something that


Poland have been looking for. Two players staying deep in the centre


of their midfield with Obraniak away. -- Wasilewski. A strong man


mountain, Wasilewski. Very back in the whole squad. Karagounis


wins a free-kick. He looks a very frustrated figure, the Greek


captain. A little bit of pulling. Nothing going on. So far, with over


half an hour played, Szczesny has not had a save to make. A couple of


shots from distance that have been on the training ground with free-


kicks is working so far, that's for sure. Many artists trying to get


things moving, but not close to finding Ninis on the far side. --


up with a 1-1 draw against Slovenia and a narrow win against Armenia in


the last match before coming here. They have been uninspiring he is so


far. 1-0, 1-1, 0-0. Two is the most goals they have scored. I was


thinking if they go a goal down today, how do they get themselves


He caught a little bit of the Polish goalscorer as well, I think.


And the first yellow card of the tournament. It goes to


Papastathopoulos. I'm not sure what he does wrong. The genuine attempt


to head the ball, which he does. One arm is on the shoulder. I


really can't see what the Spanish referee has seen in that challenge.


He hasn't been a fussy referee until now. A very unfortunate


dispatched by Robert Lewandowski. The one piece of quality. A lovely


cross, the goalkeeper came for it. relief all wrapped into one with


that goal. Inside the last 10 minutes of the first half. This is


Kyriakos Papadopoulos who will replace his namesake, Avraam


Papadopoulos. They are not related. Papadopoulos it is the most common


surname in Greece, a bit like Smith in the UK. It might have been from


a challenge earlier on. Avraam Papadopoulos will be hoping that is


not the sum total of his opportunity at his European


rated. Rave reviews in his first couple of years in the Bundesliga.


We will hear more about him in a moment. It has a chance for 2-0!


Maybe it should have been 2-0. It went wide from the French player,


Damien Perquis. They just got caught a little bit. Nice and


smooth, strike through it, but he pulled it. A centre-back's finish.


the odd goal. He scored again Slovakia. That was in May. But he


did not bring his shooting boots there. That is Santos, the coach of


Greece. I think his face tells the story of where they are at the


moment. A poor display, lacking enthusiasm and direction, any


pattern. They have not put the Polish defence under pressure,


Szczesny has not had a save to make. It is all going according to plan


for Poland. There was an excellent chance for Perquis. You won't be


surprised to know we have statistics for almost everything


provided by UEFA. They are saying possession is exactly fifty-fifty


between the sides, but I think one team is doing a lot more than the


Piszczek with some defending to do. He used to be a for a player, now


converted as a right-back. -- forward player. Papadopoulos, the


substitute, he was doing his stretches and his high kicks.


will need to be careful, he missed the last month of the season with a


hamstring injury. He will want to make sure he is nicely stretched


and ready to go. To be fair, he did have Papadopoulos going for several


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


defensive line-up. Szczesny with a He was aiming at Lewandowski and


they will have to settle for a corner. I think Obraniak was happy


he did not get the pass. He is getting an earful from the captain.


He is saying if he could swing the ball into the penalty area,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


Lewandowski is there. He did ever was Wasilewski. A little push there.


They are queuing up to head the Greece to close up the first half.


All about the delivery, but it was Poland with half a dozen attempts


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


on goal, a couple from Greece so of Desire, which has been lacking.


The left-back, Boenisch, is quite slow and ponderous. If Ninis can


get the ball and get at him, get a run on him... Boenisch was only


recalled to the Polish side in February after over a year out with


a knee injury. He has not played very much for Werder Bremen. They


have let him go over the summer. A few concerns about the amount of


football he has had in the last couple of seasons. Karagounis wins


the free-kick. The challenge from first half. The Greeks were saying


they would lead to succeed, to bring some cheer to the good folk


back in Greece. Very little from them so far. We could have a red


card. It is for Papastathopoulos. The Spanish referee has sent him


off! He was already booked. The first booking should never have


been. That one looks like a little bit of an obstruction. Is it a


goalscoring opportunity? It is a little coming together and if


you're going to book somebody for that, you will give out a lot of


bookings. He is pleading his innocence. Does he obstruct? He


does. Not every foul is a booking. When you look at what he has done


in those two challenges, he has done very, very little. Yes. Very


little indeed. You could say there was a slip as well. He can't


believe it. It could not be worse for the Greeks. That is a very soft


red card. Very soft. The first yellow, I can't understand it. A


genuine challenge where he wins the ball fair and square. He is looking


up at the screen, looking for replay. Oh, dear, it goes from bad


to worse for Greece. He just needs to leave the field. He has been


very unlucky. I'm sure their team will look at that at half-time. He


just can't believe it. He has switched from the right hand side


of the left-hand side. Bob docker loss came on and he was marking


Lewandowski. -- Papadopoulos. that is the way the games will be


refereed, we will have several matches where we don't end up with


again. Just a flick at the far post. Three minutes of added time at the


end of the first half. Greece have got some reorganising to do. They


should be disappointed at themselves. A lack of creativity


and effort. They have not put Poland under any pressure. There


has been far too much space. They are shorter in midfield as well,


because Kostas Katsouranis was having to play in the middle at the


back. That ball touched the hand of Damien Perquis, Robert Lewandowski


is down. Here comes another card. Greece need to calm down. The coach


has just kicked the ball into the crowd. Could two need 15 minutes in


the dressing room. -- Greece need touchlines. It clearly strikes him


on the arm. He cannot see where the ball is. It touches him on the arm.


You can see Theofanis Gekas looking at the additional assistance.


Absolutely, and the assistant does not do anything. Jose Holebas has


been shown the yellow card, the full-back. Greece need to try to


keep a lid on things until the half-time whistle, which is coming


up shortly. They can try to use it at the end of the first half. One


or two talking points. It will be a goal kick to Wojciech Szczesny.


reshuffle, a rethink. There goes the half-time whistle. The home


crowd are happy, Greece are anything but. Robert Lewandowski


scored the goal. Not great goalkeeping by Kostas Chalkias. The


referee is the focal point, as the players leave the field at the


break, certainly for those in blue shirts. Georgios Samaras has a word,


because two yellow cards, the first in particular, looks to be very


soft. They have led to a sending- off for Kyriakos Papadopoulos. At


half-time, Greece have got a lot of work to do, they are down to 10 men,


An enthralling first half to those of you that expected a dull affair!


Hold your head in shame! I said Corless, not dot! -- chorus, not


boring! Poland had a good start, really energetic, and they have


played all of the football. Once they got the goal, you could see


them winning comfortably, but we have now had a sending off, you


never know what will happen. It was quite clear that Poland came out


invigorated by being the co-hosts. The crowd were behind them, they


started quickly. Absolutely, they went for it, and the tactics were


clear, go for it, get an early goal, and they got it. Everything good


about the game has been Poland. The first 20 seconds, they pressed high


up the pitch, which is highly unusual. You talk about invention


and creation, the chances have all been Poland, the only surprise is


they have only scored once. They should be home and hosed. They sent


a message from the start. The first 10 minutes of the opening game, the


teams normally have a look at each other. Even if you are the home


side, you do not press of the pitch, but 20 minutes into the match, they


pressed high up the pitch. The goal came from similar pressing. The


backer for... This is good play, pressing high up the pitch. Showing


an intent. The same for the court. Again, pressing high, lots of


bodies of there. It is a great cross, and a striker in form.


Greece giving the ball away, the worst two full-backs. Jose Holebas


and Vasilis Torosidis. The right- back is completely out of position.


It is a great cross, and Robert Lewandowski puts it in, but if your


full-back is high on one side, you do not go higher on the other side.


You cannot see them getting back in the game, because they are awful at


the back. What did we make of the red card? I have been practising


the name of Sokratis Papastathopoulos! He joined Milan,


and I played with him. It was a big mistake of the referee. This is


nothing really going on. He likes to use his hands. Hardly a yellow


card. That is a good challenge. Polish player slipped. He has


ruined the game. The referee does not need to do that, there have


been no bad tackles, and he has completely changed the complexion


of the game. The second one is a bad decision, the first one is a


crazy decision. It is a good, clean header. I cannot see any reason why


he would give a yellow card. To accentuated by giving a second


one,... Unbelievably harsh. Three chances, they have created, down


the right. You talked about the weakness of the full-backs. It is


the opposite on the other side, Lukasz Piszczek has got down the


other side time and time again. Jose Holebas does not know if he is


coming or going. They kept coming down there. The right-back used to


be a striker, he likes to get forward. Where is the left back? He


is all over the place. They can pick any crossed they want. When


you are playing with a back four, if your fall-back is pushed up, the


centre-backs are clueless where to go, because they have got no cover


whatsoever. This is Lukasz Piszczek at his best. He should do better.


It would not be harsh to say that the back four of useless. They have


had such a good defensive record. It is amazing. We were talking


about the tactics of the teams and the difference in the tactics were


unbelievable. It was very clear. Amazingly so. It could have been 2-


0, Damien Perquis had an amazing chance. The ace and a half's


finish! Than -- it was a centre- half's finish! He did not by what


he was doing, straight from the free kick. You have been watching


the tactics of both sides, you have seen some interesting differences.


Absolutely, the first 20 seconds, they showed the direction they have


wanted to go. They wanted to score. They showed some good tactics, some


skills. Six players going forward. They were very clear in their


intentions. After the 1-0, instead, they changed tactics, and they


waited for Greece to come. They were in total control, comfortable,


chasing tactics, reading the game. Greece have got 11 men, this is


before the sending-off, and they all wanted 0 down, and they are not


pressing, they are letting go Poland have the ball -- date of 1-0


down. You cannot see them scoring apart from a set-piece. England's


tournament kicks off on Monday against France, the first major


championship for Scott Parker, and For centuries, this has been the


first line of defence in Krakow. England, they are beginning to


realise the true value of theirs. Did you think at some point your


pick tournament experience had passed you by? Yes, probably. 2010,


the World Cup, not making the squad, coming out of that, I thought that


it was going to be hard for me to see a big tournament. As always in


football, nothing surprises me. The new manager has come in, when you


go out there, you know exactly what he wants. It is a disciplined role


that he wants me and Steven Gerrard to play, quite defensive. But he


also wants us to get up with the front when we can. Now considered


indispensable, his fitness had been a worry ahead of Euro 2012. When


you get to 31, you have treatment every day! It is not just my


Achilles, there are another couple of issues. When I first met the


squad, it was still an issue, but leading into the Belgium game, it


has been pretty much perfect, and the best it has felt all year.


People do not think of you as being 31, do you feel your average?


the mornings, I do! But you only have to look at the squad, you have


players that are 19 and 20, and it makes you feel that age. One feels


for Martin Kelly, he is caught up in the furore about whether or not


Rio Ferdinand should have been included. What are the players


saying? The does not something we talk about. You read what people


are writing, but me personally, it is not something that has ever been


at the forefront of my mind, and I have never heard anybody talking


about it. 31 and still hungry, one former coach said he was the best


trainer he had ever seen. How do you keep yourself so motivated?


is probably the fear of failure. The fear of letting people down. It


is the fear of that which drives me on to keep working hard and trying


to be the best I can. All its core values, Odsal look, he is a


pleasing throwback to a different age. Your father was a huge


influence, and he told you, to cure shirting, respect the game. It goes


back to the way I was brought up, the Trades I have. That is what I


am. Every time I play for England, the thought is there. I am sure he


would be very proud. Have you talked about France in training?


will be a difficult game. We know that. But if we are organised and


we set up well, we prepare well, we can go out there and get a result.


You will be busy, the way their midfield play. Have you heard the


trumpets yet? Could is the first line of defence in Krakow. You are


England's trumpet. OK, that is A very modest man. He has come to


international football on a more permanent basis relatively late in


his life. Yes, the timing is perfect for him, he can go straight


into the team. He is Tottenham's best signing of recent years, I


thought that Arsenal needed him, and he should have gone there, but


Tottenham came in, he had a brilliant season. To play alongside


him, Steven Gerrard must look at him and think, I want to be close


to him, because he wins the ball and gives you the ball. Competitive,


brave, fearless, brilliant in front of the back four, and technically


better than people give him credit Let's pop back to Warsaw to get the


views of Alan Shearer on the first half of Poland against Greece.


Alan, 16 years ago you opened the scoring in this tournament in 1996.


In 2012, it is Robert Lewandowski, an impressive player in an


impressive sight. I don't know whether Poland have been that


impressive or Greece have been that poor. He looks a real player,


fantastic Cross, he timed it well, very good header. Poland have been


causing them all sorts of problems down the right hand side with plush


and ski -- Blaszczykowski and Piszczek. They looked a far better


team. Those three players from the Bundesliga I head and shoulders


above. We mentioned them before the game and they have not let us down.


I would be devastated if I was the Polish coach. It should be two or


three at least. Let us talk about the Greeks. I'm not sure who's more


before -- disappointed, you with the Greeks or the Greeks with the


referee. It should never have been a sending off. The first one wasn't


even a foul let alone a yellow card. Greece have to get more players up


front to support their main striker, Gekas. Samaras and Ninis have to


get in there. He is 50 or 60 yards away from anyone else. They have


got no chance. They have to get men forward, but it will be difficult


because they have to be patient. They have to keep it to 1-0 with 10


or 15 minutes to go and then gamble. Thank you. As things stand, Poland


have never won a game at the European Championship finals. In 45


minutes, they might make history. The odds are in their favour now.


It is difficult to see where the Greeks can get back into the game.


The first half, no adventure whatsoever. Second half, they are


down to 10 men. You would expect the Poles to win comfortably. The


only way the Greeks can get back into what is a set play.


Unbelievable support in town, in the centre of Warsaw. In front of


the Palace of Culture. 100,000 people are there. Wonderful to see


that support. As you can imagine, when Poland took the lead, this was


the reaction. Fantastic! They knew it was coming. I suspect there will


be terrific parties if they win this game. They have only won one.


Ever in the European Championships for this. This is what the Euros


are about. This is what we need to promote and show. A absolutely.


Amazing how other things slide away when you get a bit of football


action. It is. We said how tight this group is, a win is a really


big win. Any way back for Greece in this game? What can they do? They


just have to go for a set-piece, Samaras, one of the big guys.


Salpigidis is venturing onto the field. He is taking the place of


Ninis. We can go back to Mark park earlier, I'm glad we have


booked a table! Yes. Poland will get us under way at the start of


the second half. Greece, having made that change, down to 10 men. A


very, very soft sending off for two yellow-card. Papastathopoulos. But


Poland deserved the lead and Robert Lewandowski, their star striker, is


the man that has caught the goal. - - scored the goal. Poland and the


European Championship finals for only the second time. They have


been to the World Cup seven times, but this is only the second time


they have been in the European Championship finals. As the hosts,


they did not have to qualify. They have only ever scored one goal at


the euros before today, four years his Greek players at half-time?


Well, probably ran through the DVD quickly and looked at the red card,


a sense of injustice. They probably sure they -- thought they should


in a friendly just before Euro 2004. Poland and won that game 1-0. It


turned out rather well for Greece a few weeks later. But Greece look


anything but potential Euro 2012 winners so far in this game,


although they have been hamstrung in the second half by the absence


of one of their central defenders. They are now without both of their


starting central defenders in the game. Great challenge. Timed to


ball in and around the penalty area, everybody in the stadium stands up.


You can feel the excitement. He was trying to clear his feet to get a


good shot in. Samaras continues his run. He doesn't give love and of


ski the time to compose himself. special day for Lewandowski, who


was born here in the City of Warsaw. Scorer of the first goal of the


before half-time. Understandable frustrations with the red card.


Even more so at half-time. You have to compose yourself and carry on.


They will be looking to get a point out of his game. It looked worse


every time we saw it at half-time. Injustice about officiating. He


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


just gets it wrong. It is very think they have done well. Gekas is


up front with Samaras. They have had to take off their most creative


player in Ninis. I know he did not do a lot in the first half.


shone just towards the end of the first half. The Polish left-back


was probably glad to see the back an equaliser! Greece are level and


cities the substitute -- and it is the substitute. That is what we


said we were looking for. I am looking at just neat and I think


you did not get it. You can argue with your defenders, it is your


responsibility. You have to get the ball. Mistakes by both goalkeepers


have led to the goals. Szczesny comes, he is nowhere near it. The


same as Chalkias. He is nowhere near it. That ball drops to the


substitute and it is in the back of the net. Salpigidis scored their


first ever World Cup goal against Nigeria and South Africa and he has


got another big one. Suddenly the 10 men of Greece are back in this


game. Just a moment of quality. Don't forget they were all over the


place, both centre-backs have gone off. One injured and one sent off.


A proper reshuffle in the heart of the defence and the one good bit of


quality they had shown going forward, they have scored. It has


shocked the stadium. Once again, Szczesny comes for that ball, he


doesn't even extend himself, he knows he's nowhere near it. Poland


Absolutely. Could not get the better of Blaszczykowski, but he is


able to track back and make the challenge. That will give the great


players heart, something to work with in the second half. It is


better already. The passing is he realise they have scored? Did he


miss the goal. They are back in the game. There's the man that scored


the goal, Salpigidis. He only managed one goal in 10 qualifying


appearances ahead of this tournament. But he has got one very


important goal early in the second half. He had only been on the field


for six minutes. Handball. Should be a booking. A yellow card for the


captain of Greece, Karagounis. Deliberate handball. The referee is


close enough to see it. He stuck out his left hand, intentional.


he gets another yellow card, we will not complain about the first


one. No, not this time. The crowd doing their bit to lift the home


team. It was all going so well. Now the potential for the hosts to be


frustrated. First shot on target against the host nation. You just


have to look at the goalkeeping. He has not had anything to do, really.


I suppose you are tempted to get involved and do something. It is


all of that experience in the next 35 minutes or so. They will have to


work hard to contain Poland. When they get the ball, if they have a


chance to pass it, they must try to keep the ball to give themselves a


little respite. Greece have lost all eight previous occasions they


have played on Polish soil. Before today they had managed four goals


in those eight games while letting in 22. History favours the home


team, but that means nothing today. Greece have given themselves a


a little while. Settling into the game, perhaps. He was an unused


score member in each of the last three major tournaments. He was not


the first choice during qualifying to open up the defence? The referee


was initially happy to let the game continued, but the FA has been


given. It was Kyriakos Papadopoulos. The trip from behind. That was the


first challenge, by Vasilis Torosidis. The referee played


see what he was trying to do. The goalkeeper gambles as well. He


moved to his right and he had to switch to go to his left. The


substitute has made the difference. A decent ball in, but it does not


matter how many times you see it, I cannot believe what for check shows


me is the wind. He was miles away. -- I cannot believe what Wojciech


Szczesny is doing. You could tell there was going to be a golf.


Confusion. The centre-back things he is going to get it, there was a


better a collision, it drops into the space, everybody is out of


position. All of that hard work they have done, we talked about the


opportunities they did not taking the first half... That Cole has


created a pleasant diversion in Athens, that is for sure, in a


difficult year. Theofanis Gekas was lurking. He only has 10 caps, for


which it shares the. He is still very young. -- Wojciech Szczesny.


His goalkeeper was also a have got to go deep, try to keep a


tight line. This is a real test for Poland, because they are playing


against a team that have shown that, generally, they do not give much


away, and they are naturally going to fall into their shell a bit here.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


Especially after the half-time talk Vasilis Torosidis going down and


won a free kick. That used to be called a shoulder charge, a good


old fashioned... Not any more, it is a free kick. You can watch


highlights tonight of this game and of the match between Russia and the


inspiration to the home team. have found their voice again.


Poland have been stuck in a rut for Greece supporters than they were as


it was always going wide, off the outside of the boot. What a chance.


It was a lovely pass, he runs off the shoulder, he is onside. He


miscued completely. Wojciech Szczesny leaves the whole of the


door open. He was trying to get it with the laces. Warning signs.


quietened the crowd down for 10 seconds at least. A worrying moment


for Poland. They need to make the extra man count. They need to move


the ball a bit quicker. We have not seen much of Robert Lewandowski for


a while. I was watching their warm- up game against Andorra, and he did


not do much, and he scored a fantastic goal, so maybe he is that


Karagounis. He is looking a bit tired. He has fallen awkwardly.


it hit him on the ankle? He was that it was a 50,000 limit in the


stadium, but 56,070 are inside. Most of them cheering on the home


go off and get treatment. Obviously, having a man sent off, it exposes


you a bit more. We saw Giorgos Karagounis go down and then he


thought twice. He did not want to send them down to nine men for a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


the not-too-distant future, there by Sebastian Boenisch. Maciej Rybus


got ahead of his marker. It is their only effort for 15 minutes at


least. They cannot break down the Anderlecht, 32 years of age now.


That should have been a foul. He has given it now. He got sandwiched.


They are looking for inspiration, they need to move the ball quicker.


They are taking too long. This is interesting, Kostas Fortounis is


just 19, he plays in Germany, but he is a creative midfielder.


Perhaps they are looking for him to try and unlock the door. To perhaps


sneak all three points. He was playing for the under 19 side


earlier this season. They are down to 10 men, they are having to work


a bit harder. They are freshening it up. For check shows me is all


over the place. -- Wojciech Szczesny. He is sent off! He is


given a straight red card! He does not live under, he does not Avon


argue, he knows he made contact. -- he does not even Orchid. He catches


the ankle. He has to make a decision. There is the contact.


What an impact he has had. The goalscorer for Greece, again the


man involved. For Czech shares may walked off. -- Wojciech Szczesny.


You wait so long for the tournament to arrive, it is all about


decision-making, we have had two a bad decisions, we have had two red


cards. That man was relaxing in the chair a minute ago, promised after


Tom. -- Przemyslaw Tyton on. lovely touch. He draws the


challenge, there is nothing else the referee can do. We await the


arrival of Przemyslaw Tyton. It is a penalty, they are down to 10 men,


Greece have been much better in the second half. Maciej Rybus is


sacrificed. The left midfielder goes off. Przemyslaw Tyton it, he


could be the hero of the day. This could be an opportunity for him.


is not expected to save it. He is a big lad. He is good that mind games,


clearly! Giorgos Karagounis placed to the game for Przemyslaw Tyton.


Unbelievable! This place has gone wild. You come on, you are not


expected to save it, you take your time, the mind games, he picked up


the ball, he placed it back down, he walked off, he got on one knee,


he said a prayer, it is all about gambling. He was correct. It is not


a bad penalty. He gambled and he got it right, he kept his country


for Greece. Page huge sigh of relief. A dramatic game at various


points! Somebody said it was an awful penalty. It wasn't right in


the corner, but it is a gamble. The goalkeeper got it right and he is


their hero. Full credit to the goalkeeper, who clearly would not


have expected to be coming on 30 seconds before he did. He will play


the next game as well. Snooder, the Greek player,... That is the most


relieved man in Warsaw. It was his fault. A reminder that unless UEFA


decide otherwise because of particularly violent play or


something like that, it is a one- match suspension if you're given a


red card. Szczesny will not play good about himself at the moment.


had a bad concussion earlier this season when he was on loan at PSV.


They signed him permanently in January, but he was on loan before


that and he missed three months of the season because of it, he was


hospitalised with a bang on the head. But he is happily recovered.


I doubt whether there have been many entrances to a European


Championship like that. Szczesny looked very nervous. It is all


about decision-making. Two bad decisions today. Greece fancy this


now! It will not count, offside. Salpingidis thought he had helped


himself to a second. What a substitution he has been. Nobody


argues. Samaras wins the header. The flag went up. A little tap in.


The correct decision, but very close. A marginal decision which


has gone against Greece. They fancy it, don't they? Just from half-time,


probably the injustice of the red card has spurred them on, a little


bit more positive. They could not have played worse. They topped


opportunity. Everybody behind the ball for Greece. 10 against 10 for


back? Yes. He was waiting to see how it worked out. Blaszczykowski,


the Polish captain. No harm done. There was good officiating.


minutes to go in the national stadium in Warsaw. I will stick my


neck out and say that Greece looked the more positive. -- Look. They


looked in such trouble in the first direction, bad tactics, shoddy


concerned that Lewandowski has been quiet for while. Holebas wins the


much, Blaszczykowski, in the second half. We have seen the limitations


of both sides in this opening game. I'm not sure it will be the last


penalty missed, but it was a key moment in this group. You have to


say, Russia and the Czech Republic spring in their step. Speculative.


Torosidis. He apologises to team- mates. Rather than look for the


cross, he tried to test the new coal keeper. This is his penalty


save again. It is a decent strike. It was hit with pace. He gambled


and won the right way. You always say to keep them low, give the


keeper a problem. But give him credit. We know who will be on the


front of the newspaper tomorrow morning. Absolutely. Poland with


almost a dozen attempts on goal so far in the game. Twice as many as


Greece. You sense the pendulum is swinging the other way a little bit.


We talked about Lewandowski, the one bit of quality they have. He is


only as good as the service. If they don't give him any service, he


can't do anything. He had a lot of touches in the first half. In the


second half, no touches whatsoever. run out of room. I thought he was


looking for the penalty. He did not take the shooting opportunity. He


is looking for a slide from after coming on. Just 20. I for him


stretching and I was not sure if he was ready. -- I saw him. People


have had an eye on him for a while. The youngest ever player in the


Greek league, he was 15 when he made his debut for Olympiacos. He


obviously has a little bit of for the winner? In might be Greece.


matches that he starts these days, but he has to stay on here, giving


everything he has got. Space in the centre of the field for Kostas


the target, compose yourself, bring the ball down. It was wild. That


was one with the right foot. You are facing the goal, you have a


good site, he doesn't even get a good connection on it.


goalscoring has not been great in the last season, just one in


qualifying, but he only scored four this season for Celtic. He has not


been in great goalscoring form. And he has continued in that vein today.


20, a couple of youngsters in the Greek team. The changing of the


Guard. It has been the same team for quite a while for Greece, a few


of the old boys are still in there, led by the captain at 35. 80 of the


players in the squad were involved four years ago when they lost all


of their matches. -- eight of the players. The new coach is slowly


changing things. The average age of the Poles is 23 or 24. What a pass


Lewandowski in the penalty area. has found it hard in the second


half. Far too much space in the first half, unopposed. Playing


against a poorly organised team. Inside the last 10 minutes of this


game. Quite right, a free-kick for Poland. Still time for somebody to


find a winner. We are watching the two worst teams in the tournament,


will make in this tournament. Giant screens on the board


displaying the time. Just from having been here for a couple of


days and talking to locals, they really feel in their minds that


they need to win this game because they have got Russia next and then


the Czech Republic. To regain some momentum and give themselves a good


chance, they really were banking on winning this game. You have to say


they got fortunate with the draw as well for the group. Look at all of


the group's and they have given from Tyton, the goalkeeper. A long


way out. You just wonder but up 1-0 down at half-time, Greece would


have been happy with a draw. A man down as well. The coach has turned


it around. A penalty missed. Poland down to 10 men. They have not taken


who thought that had gone in. A rare touch for him, really. A


decent run, ball fed in, it sat up nicely for him. A quick glance at


the goalkeeper. One of very few touches. He has had very little to


work with as the game has worn on after a bright and promising


opening and an early goal. He came short and got the ball, ran in the


opening match of Euro 2012. Is there a little sting in the tail?


Is their final twist to this opening match? -- is there. Or will


just have to be brave. Lewandowski could not find a way through.


Papadopoulos got the ball through. every opportunity. On that occasion,


just trying to drive his way at the heart of the defence. He is like a


diesel. Not the quickest over five yards, but when he gets going, he


takes some stopping. Surely at one to one insider last five minutes,


that is the best case scenario for Santos. Of course, you would take a


point. But having come out and played a little bit better and put


Poland under more pressure, and missing a penalty, that was the key


moment. As you said, when the penalty was being celebrated, it is


back. That was a lazy fell, silly. The crowd are getting nervous.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


in the opening game. How often do opening matches end up as a draw?


Very often. But you never know, there is still time. Przemyslaw


Tyton was off his line. He has looked composed and shot. Not just


the penalty saved. When you get into the team, you might just stay


a few more seconds. That bit of extra quality that you expect at


this level... It is a pass to somebody, and it goes astray, and


the move breaks down. Poland have won four of the last five matches


they have played against Greece. imagine Russia and the Czech


Republic will have their feet up in the hotel somewhere. Russia looked


impressive against Italy last week. mostly, he must be feeling the case


of a stopped yes, Giorgos Karagounis. He is taking that extra


couple of seconds. He is using all in the second half. He was willing


to get forward in the first half. Poland played the better of the


football in the first half, they have more chances. We talked about


the mess from Damien Perquis. They have not created anything in the


second half. A draw is probably the right result. The missed penalty


was pivotal. I am not sure Poland will see it as a missed opportunity,


but Greece had the penalty kick them. Kostas Katsouranis was lucky


that did not end up in the roof of the net. It is a fantastic ball.


Can you believe, the ball boy has not given them the ball.


again. He will be relieved to have a goal-kick. No goalkeeper has


game, which are almost there. The expectation of the host nation's,


to get off to a flying start. a big game on Tuesday night here,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


somebody at either end? -- is there I will be surprised if he does not


start the next game. He is full of remained, Finn, vigour, hard work,


scored the goal, when the penalty. with the point. That is what they


get. The referee blows the final whistle. Honours even in the


opening match of Euro 2012. A sigh from Franciszek Smuda. Robert


Lewandowski had given them the lead. But Greece, with 10 men, came back


into the game. Fernando Santos' side equalised through Dimitris


Salpigidis. Then, the key moment, for which it shares the sent off


for bringing down Dimitris Salpigidis -- for check shows me


sent off. Przemyslaw Tyton, with his first touch, saving a penalty,


to preserve the point. The final We are off and remained. An


archetypal, sterile opening game! Mundane! He could Polish side in


the first half. -- it was a good Polish side. But in the second half,


it was the total opposite. The referee had a big hand in that.


extraordinary game. An amazing transformation. You could never


have seen that happening at half- time. We thought Greece were dead


and buried. 10 men, 1-0 down. Poland had played so well in the


first half. This was after three or four good chances. They played


lovely football. A great cross. The striker in real form. He was not


going to miss that. Time and time again, they got down the right hand


side in the first half, but they did not use it in the second half.


It was as though the first half did not exist. It was fabulous, the


game had everything. Including a couple of red cards. Two della


cards for Sokratis Papastathopoulos. We thought it was very unfair.


unfair, it was a fair match from both sides. The referee changed the


whole game. Poland suffered, psychologically. Especially after


the equaliser from Greece, the team went out. They tried a bit harder


at the end, but there was no energy any more. Give credit to Greece,


for coming back into the game. Dimitris Salpigidis came on and he


transformed the game. Lee Dixon will talk us through the decision


of the Arsenal goalkeeper! He has had a nightmare, coming out for


that. If you are 1-0 up against 10 men, you do not let teams behind


you. Poland did it three or four times. Greece deserved to predict,


probably, in the end. -- deserved to win it. I do not know what he


was thinking. A bad decision. in danger of having his parish


might have taken off him! Would you blame him for the penalty? He goes


in with his feet. Dimitris Salpigidis is coming away from the


goal. It is very good play from Greece. He is clearly onside. The


goalkeeper comes out. Dimitris operandi this is going away from


the goal. -- Dimitris Salpigidis. He has been put into a bad position


by his back four. Every card? ball is going away from the goal.


Pressure must love comes on, a fabulous saved. -- presents us


laugh. The first a substitute goalkeeper to save a penalty in


this tournament. This is the scene in the centre of Warsaw when he


saved the penalty. Much relief. They still have not won a game in


this tournament. They have got themselves to blame. You can't


believe the second half, what happened. It was such a great game,


credit to Greece. We have got highlights of pressure against


Czech Republic tonight. -- Russia against Czech Republic. Then


Two excellent games, joint was on BBC One tomorrow at 4:30pm. --


joined us. What a start we have had. They gave us more than many


expected, I am happy with the start. I hope that it will be better every


time in the coming matches. Lots to look forward to. The next game,


Russia against Czech Republic, if one of those wins, it shoots them


to the top of the leak. We are talking about the football on the


pitch, which is a great start for the tournament. A lot of people


said that this group looked quite dull, nobody fancied anybody, but


now, what a start. It is wide open. Greece, they are gone, finished,


and they have come back into it. It was a great start. Poland, if you


Gary Lineker introduces coverage of the opening match of the 2012 European Championships: the Group A clash between co-hosts Poland and 2004 winners Greece in Warsaw.

Neither team is expected to go far in the tournament, though Poland could be buoyed by noisy home support, and they also boast the outstanding young Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny in their ranks. The Greece squad does not sparkle with individual talent, but their players always work hard for each other - as their qualification proved.

Expert studio analysis comes from Alan Hansen and Lee Dixon, with match commentary from Steve Wilson and Mark Bright.

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