Netherlands v Germany Match of the Day Live

Netherlands v Germany

Gary Lineker presents as the Netherlands and Germany, two of European football's powerhouses, lock horns in a crucial Group B encounter. Plus highlights from Portugal v Denmark.

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Good evening. What a prospect we have tonight, Germany against


Holland. These countries do not like each other. Think England


against Scotland but without the jokes and where both sides could


win it. What makes a rivalry? many things. Competition. It is


history. Stuff that happened years ago. Good and bad. Rivalries do


provoke intense emotions. Desire. Anger. And this is not just any


rivalry. Germany against Holland. You can't put a label on it.


goal! At the crux of it, our Mutual interests, something in common.


are not so different, you and I. And wherever you live, one thing


stands out. The love of football. We need to win. 1-0 Denmark!


Football. It wasn't meant to be like this. This game was supposed


to decide who would come first or second in Group B, but Germany


could make very life -- life very difficult for the Dutch after their


opening defeat to Denmark. Here with us is a tense Clarence Seedorf.


I'm not sure you could do tense even if you tried! One of life's


more laid-back characters. Even you must think Holland have to win this


game. These are the games. This is what it's all about. It is an


exciting moment. It is an important moment for important players to


show what they can do. It doesn't happen very often in Dutch history,


but players are starting to complain(!). Unusual. Van der Vaart


has said he should be in the side. This is generally a good thing when


it happens to Holland. It would be very bad to see the opposite!


Everybody is motivated and wants to play. Speaking out, it means this


generation is starting to get into it because it is important. They


all understand choices and respect the choices of their coach. This is


one of the highlights of the first phase. Potentially a classic. The


ingredients are there, two sides with quality and ability. If the


opening games have been straightforward, where both sides


got three points, the consensus says it would be a draw, but not


now because the Dutch have to get something out of this game. It is


set up to be a classic. The Dutch missed so many chances in the first


game. They have to put that right, they have to find the target.


football, the time to worry is when you don't create the chances. They


will look at that and think if they create as many chances tonight,


which I don't think they will, they have to take one or two.


Interesting that van Persie is still in there instead of Huntelaar,


which I think is a bit of a surprise. You think perhaps he


should have left van Persie out? think he might have put van Persie


think he might have put van Persie to the left-hand side and put


Huntelaar up the middle. I would be devastated if I was Huntelaar. With


his record, not only for the Dutch team, but how many goals he scored


last year, he got 31 goals in 51 caps. To be not playing in the


starting 11 when you have missed so many chances in the first game, I


many chances in the first game, I would be thinking, come on, what


have I got to do? You would have thought it was virtually impossible


for van Persie to play so badly and Robben to play so badly again. I


know if Clarence things differ the about the system, but if you create


25 chances in the match, you are doing something right. It was just


the ineptitude of the strikers. you not happy with the selection?


would have made some changes. But in general, having those players,


like Sneijder, Robben and van Persie, having van der Vaart on the


bench, you have two creative players. Van Bommel and De Jong are


to match -- too much. I would have another player up front. Maybe


putting Sneijder on the left. thought Sneijder in the second


half... He has had a poor season in Italy, but in the second half, when


he started to play, he played one incredible pass route to van Persie.


He can be prominent in this match. The German side are unchanged. They


won their first game. Doesn't surprise me. They were not


spectacular in the first game, but spectacular in the first game, but


they won. But that team has got used, experience. The youngest


German squad for a major championship since 1934. But if you


look at the number of caps those young guys have got, Ozil, Khedirar,


they have played in major competitions now. Muller was joint


top scorer in the World Cup a couple of years ago. They are still


very experienced be they all seem young to last! -- to us. They are


brilliant at getting the job done, and even when they came under


pressure against Portugal, they survived. They have got good


players, four of the back five play for Bayern Munich. And Hummels, 23,


is an exciting prospect. OK. This encounter takes place in Kharkiv,


where Jake Humphrey is our man on the spot.


One of the real challenges being in this country is trying to


understand properly its fractious persecuted past. If you head west


from hair, Warsaw in Poland, it is clear they have a dislike of Russia.


We saw that in the clashes last night between the fans of BOP in


the eastern Ukraine, in Kharkiv, it is a very different story. This was


the first city to recognise Soviet rule in December 1917 and as well


as that, when this was under Soviet rule, it was the capital of Ukraine.


Looking at the building's tells you a lot. The building in the distance,


the white building, was the first- ever Soviet skyscraper, built in


1928 in that Plashet -- classic construction this style. And take a


look up there. Lenin staring out over the city. Need I say more


about the fact he is up there and people are happy to look at that


statue on a daily basis. How ironic that in the city that has got on


well with its near neighbours over the years, tonight it hosts one of


the classic grudge matches for top the fans are starting to stream in.


They have got the big orange footballs. Look at the number of


coaches. It will be an exciting match. I have a few fans with me.


But take a look at the toenails. Well done. Proper effort. You guys


have played all of your group matches in Kharkiv. How have you


found the tournament? Absolutely great. We have had a lot of fun.


The atmosphere, the weather, perfect. It in England, a lot of


black and Asian English fans were told not to travel because of


concerns over racism, have you experienced any? Not at all. They


all want a picture with us. People have helped us, people are very


friendly. Nothing about racism or whatever. I don't feel anything,


nothing negative. So good to hear. Now we need positive vibes on the


football field. You think a 3-1 win for the Dutch. Certainly. I hope


van Marwijk will start with Huntelaar and van Persie. And that


they both crush the jinx they have and score some goals. A what was


the problem in the first game? Is a just taking chances? They must show


more initiative. I dreamt we would win 3-0. 3-0, quite a lot of


positivity here! But if it goes wrong, I have some good news.


You're only 20 miles from the Russian border and the vodka is


dead cheap. You can drown your sorrows. Enjoy the match. Thank you.


Living the dream, Jake Humphrey! Franz Beckenbauer said meetings


between these nations always breeds footballer class, a motion and


unprecedented tension, a statement supported by the weight of history.


Two nations with amazing talent, going at each other. The rivalry


between the Dutch and the Germans has always been very hot. One of


the biggest grudge matches from a German perspective. What really


annoys me about the Dutch as that they turn winning a game of


football into more of an issue. the 1970s, the past played a


certain role of it because of the Second World War and the horrible


history. The football became a replaying of the allegory of the


war, good against evil. Dutch, good, Gillett, good, Lothar Matthaus,


evil. It probably started in the 1974 World Cup final in Munich.


1974, the World Cup, always a big memory in Holland. Johan Cruyff


having a great World Cup. He must score and das! Every year it is on


TV and it is a great memories, even if it is a sad memory in the end.


Holland have exhibited a brand of football that has won them friends


all over the world. A style of play that everybody hopes will make


their World Cup final against West Germany a classic. 1974 has always


rankled with both sides. The Dutch feel the best team in the world


didn't win. I think the Germans are a little bit resentful because


their win this sort of diminished in review of the world because they


beat Johan Cruyff's team. Out of the game, the Dutch said they were


the winners because they had more possession and did more tricks and


flicks. Johan Cruyff is the father of Dutch football. His bizarre


thesis about 1974 was that we won. People still remember our football,


they don't remember the German's football. I looked up the laws of


football and law 10. Let me read it. It says, the team scoring the


greater number of goals during a match is the winner. To our nation,


match is the winner. To our nation, that World Cup meant a lot.


remember everything about the tournament. Great games with


Holland. For me it was a huge disappointment because I thought we


could have won that game, the semi- final. I thought we played a very


good game. Van Baston! Goal! With barely 90 seconds to go. I think it


was seen as the writing of an historical wrong from the Dutch


perspective and then it did feedback into the ideas of beating


the bigger neighbour and perhaps exerting some kind of revenge on a


symbolic level, pay back for the Second World War. Millions of Dutch


people went on to the streets into what was then a very staid country


on a Tuesday night, they threw their bikes in the air and said


Ahoure, we've got our bikes back, because the Germans had confiscated


bicycles during the war. A big rivalry between the Dutch and


Germans. It is all to do with their lack of sportsmanship. They had


this famous incident with Robben Combe and gesturing -- Ronald


crewmen. That did not go down very well. For the Dutch players to


behave like most angry fans was astonishing. We all got carried


away. Ruud Gullit! Les! -- yes! Winning the European Championship


with that fantastic group of players, they deserved that. In


some way we admired them. Ruud Hollett had their hair and some of


my friends were running around celebrating. It was really, really


great. 1988 was special. On the day, the Dutch won it fair and square.


It would be nice if they would not make such a big deal about it.


great sides from Europe, West Germany against Holland. Two years


later in the World Cup. We always remember Frank Rijkaard's moments


with Rudi Voeller. Did he spit at him? Rudi Voeller got sent off.


doubt about it, right card spat on Rudi Voeller. -- Frank Rijkaard.


They had a falling out in the corridor towards the locker-room.


Years later, they talked about it Anne Frank apologised. Klinsmann!


What a goal. At this point we talk about those moments of the rivalry


and a negative moments of that game, but I also remember great players


on the pitch. It was an amazing Dutch side and once we got them out


of the way, we felt like nobody Since the 90s, it has wound down.


The Germans have changed, because they now want to play beautifully.


They have begun learning a lot from Holland. The Dutch have been going


from Total Football to a more solid team, waiting for their chances.


This Germany team is blessed with technical, exciting young players,


the players that Germany did not produce when the Dutch had


wonderful players. Germany is playing great football, but we have


not won a tournament since 1996. That is 16 years, we have not even


been to a final. For the best part of 48 months! All of those days of


her at! 1988 since the Dutch won anything,


1996, the Germans. Germany have become more flamboyant, the Dutch


have become more workmanlike. It is quite confusing! It is, but it is


all to do with the talent of the generation. The Germans have


produced players with those characteristics, and the Dutch, the


opposite. But the Dutch still have great players up front, and they


can produce those special moments. The team that scores the greater


amount of goals wins the game! never knew that! He read it


beautifully! Fantastic! There is so much history, it goes back,


genuinely, they do not like it ever. That is great for the game, it is


great to watch. We talk about the talent and the ability, but the


history set it up perfectly. Potentially, we have got a classic.


The hair things are called dreadlocks! I had them myself, but


I could not remember the name! Before we move on, a bit of


domestic news. Chelsea have confirmed they have appointed


Roberto di Matteo as their permanent manager on a two-year


contract. That is his report to guiding them to a first Champions


League trophy this month. It is a two-year contract, with no exit


clause after one year. If he does one year, he will do well! The


other two sides in this group met Agger. He has acknowledged it is a


foul, but it should not be any more again. The chances are coming for


Portugal, Helder Postiga this time. It is flitting from the corner!


Portugal scored through Pepe! They have been building pressure, their


key players have been getting shots on towards golf. Now, it is their


key defender, the big man, Pepe, who makes it 1-0. It will be a


yellow card. Then Mark Field it should have been read against Raul


Meireles. -- Denmark feel it should Postiga! That is a great golf. --


goal. Fabio Coentrao got the Cross end. Nani threaded the pass through.


As soon as Helder Postiga was in front of Simon Kjaer, it is


unstoppable. Portugal are in control of the game. Helder Postiga


was lifers against Germany, the media said that Nelson Oliveira


should have been chosen instead. -- he was lifeless against Germany.


Denmark are back in business! Where was the Portugal defence? Nicklas


Bendtner maintains his 100% run, played five against Portugal,


scored five, a goal in every game. That is another phase of play,


because he was offside from the first ball. He was never daring to


miss. A clever header from Michael quicker than that. He got a look of


disgust from his captain. He should turned it around! Paulo Bento's


Portuguese have thrown it away. What a ball from the art -- from


Lars Jacobsen! Rui Patricio thought he had saved it. It was pushed onto


the post, but there is enough power Ronaldo has had so many moments


against Denmark, but we always felt it was not going to be his day.


Silvestre Varela, who miskicked at first time of asking it, walloped


might be it. The ball just rolled away.


Another thrilling game. The group is still very much alive. The Dutch


will be breathing a huge sigh of relief, they cannot be knocked out


tonight. Should Germany when, they cannot quite guarantee their


progress to the quarter-finals. If Holland win, all four teams would


go into the final round of group games locked together on three


points, imagine that. Quite a prospect on the so-called Group of


Denmark looked dead and buried, Nicklas Bendtner scored twice, but


Cristiano Ronaldo, he missed two chances, you cannot believe it.


Then, Sylvester -- Silvestre Varela, he is strong on his right and on


his left! And unbelievable bit of luck. It was incredible. It was a


great game, and we saw the Portuguese attacking it, finally.


They were so disappointing in the World Cup and in the first game.


Kristiana Ronaldo will be relieved. He fluffed a half chance in the


first half. He does not miss these! It is an excellent chance. How many


times have we seen him stick those in? That is 40 yards past the post.


I was screaming for him to take it around the goalkeeper. This is two


minutes later. That is a fantastic header. He likes playing against


Portugal, six goals in five games. That takes us to 2-2. Talk me


through this, Clarence! A good left foot! He is so lucky! It lands


perfectly for him. He was in the right place at the right moment!


Twice! It is some strike. What has been fascinating since the


tournament started, 30 goals have been scored, and over a third have


been headers. It has got something to do with the football, because


two years ago, everybody was moaning about it, but I have not


heard one person complaining about it in this tournament. It is not so


difficult, and they get the shots on target. It helps when you do not


play with a balloon! It is a very good ball. Thank heavens they got


it right. In 48 hours, England will play their second game of the


What have the players beat up to today? Training this morning but


was swept, we have had rain today. Martin Kelly is still suffering


from a virus. Ashley Cole does not do bald work for two days after a


game, so he went to the gym. Otherwise, no other injuries. Roy


Hodgson has given the players time off, and about a third have got


family or friends flying over to spend some time with them this


afternoon. They have to be back in by 10:30pm. It is widely known that


the England team are based in Poland, but they games are in


Ukraine, how inconvenient has to travel been? Roy Hodgson is


convinced they are still doing the right think. This was not his plan,


but he said he did not change anything, because the heat and


humidity in the Ukraine, he thinks it is worse to be in that all week


long, he would rather come back here, and a more accessible town,


the players can for come round, go for a coffee, he feels the


facilities they have far better. It was raided today -- it was raining


today, and it will be raining tomorrow when they arrived in Kiev.


The temperatures are called up there. He is much happier with


those conditions. This game against Sweden is a different proposition,


this is going to be a game that Sweden have got to chase. Danny


Welbeck told us earlier that he thinks it will be quite an exciting


match. From a neutral perspective, it will


be fun. It will be better for us, once the game gets opened up, there


will be a few goalscoring opportunities. I was excited to be


involved in a major competition for England. I was quite isolated at


times, but at that level, you are not going to get so much possession,


and you have got to take it into your stride, and when you get the


ball, hold it up and bring others into play.


I understand a few of the players have had haircuts, including Wayne


Rooney, which I imagine this and think he only dreamed about 12


months ago! We could not help but notice that his head looked


different. The new hair on the top is still there, but the hair at the


back was shorter. It became clear a few others had had haircuts. Ashley


Cole has gone for a mopey can, -- most piquant, and this was going on


in Ashley Young's room. Roy Hodgson did not trust that Barber, he has a


man back home who does his hair! You can always tell it has been a


quiet day when we start talking about haircuts! It all got very


exciting! That game can wait, because we have


There is sure to be a terrific atmosphere in Kharkiv as two of the


best supported sides go head to head. Sampling the mood in the


Metalist Stadium, Martin Keown and Jake Humphrey.


For the second time in this tournament, the Dutch are here on


the field, they will hope they do not have a repeat performance of


the first game. It is not just the team's playing tonight, but again,


you are a few feet away from a football pitch, it has got you %.


Yes, it reminds you of when you played the game for yourself. When


you look at this, I watched this in the 1974 World Cup, what a


fantastic game, let's hope it is half as good tonight. The Dutch


became famous for Total Football, the Germans have been efficient,


but a bit of arrogance from the Germans tonight to prove to the


Dutch they can play Total Football? He think about professionalism with


the Germans, but tonight, they will look to play quality football.


Bastian Schweinsteiger, his raking passes, Mesut Ozil will get forward,


if you switch off, Mario Gomez will The Portugal win helps them. They


have to focus on what they're doing. They want to put the show on for


their supporters. I'm sure tonight they will play with much more


ruthlessness than in the first match. This game is the equivalent


of England against Germany, they don't need any more motivation.


There's no love lost. Team-mates that I played with, they will want


to win. Robin might come alive for them. Van Persie will surely score


some goals tonight. Two classic teams, let's hope for a classic


match. Martin picked him out, but Arjen


Robben has stated that losing becomes an art in itself. Very


philosophical! The Dutch will be It is always very disappointing


when you lose your first game. But I think we played well. We created


enough chances to beat them and unfortunately we missed too many.


We have to forget the game against Denmark and there's a major game


coming up against Germany. Every game from now will be a final so we


have to make sure we win. A big chance for Holland! Off the post!


TRANSLATION: Everything is becoming more intense. The whole world is


watching us and we are used to that and a few, as runners up in the


World Cup, if you lose the first match you know this will happen. It


gives me more energy and I tried to pass that on to the players. These


things happen and if you want to dwell on it for days and my awake


at night, Be My Guest, but that is not what I do. During the World Cup,


sometimes you have easy games to start with, but once you play the


Euros, from the first game, it is very difficult. But the confidence


we have got in the team is that we have the quality to get three


points. They have the quality to get three points, but they have got


tough opposition. Very tough. I think they are very motivated. Dirk


Kuyt said some interesting things, we created a lot, but Denmark had a


much better defence. I think they have to play fast and better and


more aggressive and be a little bit more determined in terms of energy


and team spirit to go and get the win. The interesting thing is the


two holding players for the Dutch are destructive more than creative.


It puts tremendous onus on the from four to play. That is where


Sneijder comes in. He has to pass and move well. The other thing they


need is at the van Persie we have seen all season for Arsenal rather


than the one that played the other night. I was fascinated to see how


he would play in this tournament. He just hasn't missed anything in


front of goal all season for Arsenal. If anyone was going to


come into a tournament full of confidence, it was this guy. We


were unsure whether he would play up front on his own or whether he


would play hunt a lot and may be moved him to the left. -- Huntelaar.


He doesn't seem as fluid when he is on his own for Holland. At Arsenal,


he goes to the left and the right, he comes short, he is not afraid to


do that. But in this Dutch team, he do that. But in this Dutch team, he


is probably not allowed to do that. This was early on in the game. As a


striker, this is what you want. You think to yourself, give me another


one. He had four or five. This one, right foot, across the goal. Not a


particularly great effort. This one is all wrong. He tried to take a


touch with his left foot instead of his right. He did not look as


confident as he has been all season. A fresh-air shot. All season we


have seen them smashing them. Shocking bobble! It wasn't a bottle.


It hit his right foot. His balance was all wrong. Decent movement, but


again, right foot. We have seen again, right foot. We have seen


them go in all season. He has to score goals tonight. You said there


are question marks against his temperament, he gets too nervous


playing for the national side. He has to answer those critics. Yes. I


think the coach has a vital role in that. They all know who he is. He


puts a lot of pressure on himself and the coach has to give him all


the confidence he needs. He know he has all the confidence at Arsenal,


but it is not the same for Holland. It is the flair missing from him in


these games. You have to handle that as a top player, Clarence. One


thing is pretty sure tonight, he would get as many chances as he did


the other night. He can't play as badly again, impossible. Let's


speak about Germany. You have spoke -- picked out Mats Hummels. He has


had a great season in Germany. Begins the Portuguese I thought he


was so impressive. -- against the Portuguese. Bayern Munich have four


of the five players in the back five. This guy is terrific, the


five. This guy is terrific, the best of the lot. 23 years old. We


pick him up here, a little look. Another little look. And then he


tracks the run and he has got the lot. He has got every attribute you


would want as a centre-back. He is dominant in the air. Tremendous


composure, two good feet, brave, brilliant covering head of there. -


- header. He picked this up with consumer tees and when he gets


possession, he can't half play. Two great feat. He comes for what can't


always finds a team-mate. -- forward. Terrific pass. What I like


about this is there is movement in front of him, he waits and waits


and picks the right option. and picks the right option.


Fantastic player. Left foot this time, build up fabulous. You've


been quite critical of the German defensive partnerships in recent


years. It has been a weakness for them, but he could make a


difference. He is fantastic, he has every attribute and he is better


than Mertesacker. Arsenal fans will not like that, but because


Mertesacker was so slow, that can affect your performance. If you


haven't got any pace in your defence, you tend to go deeper and


deeper, whereas this kid will come out and play. Clarence, what have


Holland got to do to win this game? Be very aggressive. Make sure they


don't give too much space away. The Germans up front are really Will


Sharp. Alan, who will win? Germany, just. Gomez might have a big say.


Clarence? You will stick up for your country! That is obvious!


goes without saying. Final word? think Germany will be too strong.


Ozil will have a big part to play. If this game lives up to the hype,


we can expect a genuine classic. The Netherlands begins Germany. --


Our commentators in the Metalist Stadium in Kharkiv are Mark


Lawrenson and Jonathan Pearce. COMMENTATOR: good evening, what a


privilege it is to be at one of the most enthralling international


football fixtures. An old Dutch midfielder admitted thirsting for


revenge for the Second World War in the 1974 World Cup final. It was a


day of national redemption when Ruud had it's brilliant team won


the Euro 88 semi-final in Hamburg. -- Ruud Gullit's brilliant team.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


You can see the tension on the Germany have memories of losing the


second game in Euro 2008 and World Cup 2010. There will be no


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


If Germany win tonight, they might still not make the quarter-finals.


It is all to play for. A very hot night, the stifling 84 degrees. As


airless as the old detention room at school. It was always Ella's in


my day and that is how it is in this stadium. -- Ellesse. The last


time the Dutch failed to qualify it time the Dutch failed to qualify it


from the group stages in the European Championships was in 1980.


Robin van Persie keeps his place up front. Huntelaar, the top scorer in


the Bundesliga this season, only on the bench. A surprise for many who


have been following Holland in this tournament and were very critical


of van Persie after their opening defeat. The role of van Bommel in


shackling the movement of Ozil will be crucial. Philipp Lahm voted one


of the best full-backs in his last three tournaments. The referee is


Yonas Eriksson from Sweden. -- Joan S Eriksson. The Germans beat


Holland 3-0 in a friendly in November. Miroslav Kloser was among


the scorers as they inflicted the biggest Dutch defeat in 13 years.


Do five of that side were in the team that beat England in the Euro


Under 21 final three years ago. It is a fine German conveyor-belt


system for bringing through talent. 7 Bayern Munich players in that


side. Among the substitutes, Rafael van der Vaart can feel a little bit


unlucky not to start. He impressed late on as the Dutch were beaten by


the Danes. Klose will be hoping to come on, two short of good Muller's


record of 16 goals in World Cups and European Championships. -- Gerd


Muller's. The Germans ranked third in the world, the Dutch fourth. It


is another sultry evening in Ukraine. We are in Kharkiv, the


second city. Support in the stadium. Orange Serps -- orange shirts a way


to the left. Germany in their famous white and black, kicking


away from the bulk of their fans. Khedira seems to be playing in a


more forward role than he did in the World Cup finals in 2010.


Wesley Sneijder, who had such a brilliant tournament. The boys in


the studio have been talking about Hummels. De Jong partnering van


Bommel. Will Holland move the ball quickly enough from the central


midfield position? The referee keep us waiting a few moments. Robin van


Persie will kick-off. Was he trying too hard for Holland? Did he lose


his composure in front of goal? Holland will kick-off. So many


memories behind us of great matches between these two countries. The


role of the referee just as important as it was with Jack


happen tonight? Two identical systems, we do not hope they cancel


each other out. The Dutch played well enough against Denmark to have


won two games, they do not need to beat themselves up, but it is the


enemy, it is Germany, and they hate each other. No unrest in the Dutch


camp, they insist. Bert van Marwijk admits that the fixture has thrown


up the best games of the last generation, very intense. There is


van Persie. It was a bad idea, the past. It was a bit too quick for


to a team-mate! -- Arjen Robben. was booed in a pre-tournament


friendly. He gets booed by L of the in German tactics and style over


the past the years. They still resemble a team of giants, they are


Gregory van der Wiel struggled in the last 20 minutes, he was


exhausted by the heat. Lukas Podolski and Thomas Muller, they


make the pitch as big as possible. They understand how the system


works, even though they are not naturally wide men. The system has


brought and nine of the Under 21 side from 2009 through to the


senior team in the last two finals. Only James Milner and Theo Walcott


have made it through for England group tonight. That is because of


the earlier result, Portugal ID and often against Philipp Lahm.


Philipp Lahm is a real competitor. Height is a disadvantage, but he


has never let it bother him. Just like most of the Barcelona team.


Nothing will bother Nigel de Jong. No it never seemed to get to him. -


Germany play their football has developed in Holland over the last


few years. The lot of Dutch players now play in the Bundesliga, like


Arjen Robben, that has helped it up. One of those players, Klaas-Jan


Huntelaar, will not be pleased being on the bench. They are right,


going with Robin van Persie. You do not suddenly throw him out of a


the season this season, he has picked up a couple of red cards.


One of them was for failing -- found and Miroslav Klose, the


Mats Hummels still in? He drifted as though he had no idea where


Robin van Persie had gone. If that had been in the Premier League, it


would have been nestling in the back of the net. He could have had


They know the threat he carries. Three of them had to deal with him.


Holger Badstuber, described by one of the great Dutch coaches as the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


best left-sided defender in Germany goalkeeper got down low and saved


from Mesut Ozil. I do not think Maarten Stekelenburg saw that until


centre of defence, Germany. Dutch are moving the ball very


quickly. Has the guy from the does not feel it was as dangerous


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


strides this season, the 18 year- they are creating chances, and he


is not taking them again. It is a good save in the end. A goal-kick


was given. Apologies. He scuffed it a bit. I thought he had got a touch,


but obviously not. This is the Maarten Stekelenburg saved. It hit


the post! What is Mats Hummels still in? He thinks the goalkeeper


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


system after Euro 2000, Germany, when they had such a terrible


tournament. They finished bottom of their group. Alan Shearer got a


terrific goal in the first few minutes. They reviewed the whole


system, and they came up with this Khedira will take turns to get


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


into Joris Mathijsen. He played for The first of the game. The


Barcelona player, he played very little football this season because


of a knee ligament injury. He has only had 190 minutes since that the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


injury. -- he has only played 90 the world, Holland, last August.


They were found out when they went referee and got it for


Schweinsteiger's efforts. I'm not sure they really wanted it, they


Germans. But Badstuber had his arm twice with that diagonal ball,


right to left. A suspicion of contract goes on to the World Cup


finals in Brazil and he has had the dreaded vote of confidence in the


last couple of days from the Chief of the Dutch FA. Why would you be


of the ball. He has seen very Bronckhorst missing at the World


Cup two years ago. Van Bronckhorst retired after that. You forget how


Persie. It was a poor ball. It is not difficult from this position to


pick him out. You have got all the time in the world to pick out van


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


three times from that position that the history of European


Championship finals and the Dutch are the second highest, but it is


against Denmark. -- Willems. He got his defensive positions wrong once


or twice and nearly got caught you. Team-mates, aren't they?


Bayern Munich. Runners up in the Bundesliga. Lost to Chelsea in the


Champions League. He has had to after Terry Butcher picked up a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


terrible cart playing away in execution. No, they have looked


ordinary so far, Germany. Jogi Low the season with a groin injury.


Chelsea were once interested in him. A lot of interest, I would imagine,


They were beaten by Croatia. They have made three tournament semi-


referee says Heitinga was wrestling lead! Mario Gomez. He scored the


goal that won their opening victory and he gets his second of the


tournament. Jonathan, that is probably only his third touch of


the game so far. But doesn't he come alive when the ball comes into


the box? As we saw in the first don't worry about that. Great take


with his left foot. He passed it into the back of the net. Quality.


Brains on the ball as well, Schweinsteiger. There was criticism


that he didn't score at such a regular level for his country as he


did for his club. That is 13 goals in his last 16 internationals.


Amazing. Only touched the ball half a dozen times the other night.


everybody knows, he was coming off. The substitute was ready to come on.


Germany are building something special. Can Holland hit back


people might once have said. Got game in the blink of an eye. But he


stadium, but they are being outnumbered. The German supporters


of the noisiest. -- are the noisiest. Robben went for it! A


good save by his Bayern Munich team-mate. It would have to be some


strike to beat Neuer from there. It is his trademark, coming inside


with a whipped shot across the year-old tonight, raw and


concern for Germany, the way that move was allowed to build. I don't


think they expected van Bommel to run with the ball. Not much in it.


Van Bommel rarely got above walking pace against Denmark, but he was


climbing on Ozil there. A real sea change in this tournament since


Ukraine's opening win, it has come alive in Ukraine. This situation


completely suits Germany. They do could still go through if they beat


Portugal. But this could be curtains for them. For that


equation, they would need Denmark to lose against Germany in their


final game. A very tall order. Denmark to lose against Germany?


For Holland qualify should they lose here. Look at Philipp Lahm.


Couldn't quite stretch enough. Interesting to see the offside with


where the ball or the man was. need more assistance, they don't


have enough on the pitch! Accurate 2012, the two linesman and then the


assistants behind the dole. assistants behind the goal don't do


anything. I haven't yet seen them make a decision. No. It is either


playing the more simple football, the more effective football. Yes.


Yes. The thing is, we go back to van Persie's chance so early in the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


not won a tournament since 1996 at were seeing the same picture that


we work in the stadium. That is the himself in again. -- left back.


They have had to play him because the man who would normally have


filled end his injured. Stijn Schaars could play there, but he is


more of a central midfield player. The Germans spot the weakness all


the time, and they play on it. were in that square last night, it


was fairly quiet, but the Dutch fans we spoke to were very cautious


and disappointed about their team's tournament, presumably. It is the


last chance for a fair few of these Dutch players. Robin van Persie has


another tournament in him, should they qualify for Brazil. D'etre


Williams has time on his side. -- Jetro Willems. The German players,


it is they youngest squad since little better. Yes, understandable,


I suppose, 1-0 down. Wesley Sneijder needed it to feet. It


looks like he is you -- losing a bit of confidence, Robin van Persie.


four occasions in qualifying. There is a quandary, back -- they played


together in a successful Dutch side? They played together when


Dutch defence the other day, saying that they were ordinary. I do not


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


bopped, to try and get the ball. -- fate hated his spot. Jetro Willems


is all over the place. They might need to taking out of his misery at


half-time. He got caught out of position and was struggling to get


game they have played since losing the World Cup semi-final two years


there! If it had gone anywhere else, it was 2-0. Either side of the


goalkeeper... But where were the Dutch defensively? It is amazing.


Absolutely amazing. They had to score from there. That is the clue,


centre back, up from a free kick, nervous start. He had a nervous


start in the first game, but then place. 2-0. He cannot miss at the


moment, Mario Gomez. A magnificent finish. That is the same routine.


Bastian Schweinsteiger, to Mario Gomez. There is a man on the edge.


Jetro Willems gets sucked in again, underneath the ball. They are


really clever how they work the ball out, all the time. It is a


brilliant finish again. The kiss some angle. -- it is some angle.


They have only lost once when he has scored, he has 25 goals for his


country now. I am not sure about the goalkeeper, you should go with


your right hand. But try telling that to Mario Gomez. They were a


very good team in South Africa, a developing team. Mario Gomez has


matured as an international player. They have got very good youngsters


coming through as well, Andre Schurrle, Mario Gotze, a special


team developing. They have needed one to calm the anxieties of 16


you do at half-time, assuming it is only two? Bert van Marwijk has a


hangdog expression, and he has told they found -- they can find a way


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


back. The German goals, the Boateng! He thought, I will have a


smash at this! He did not score a goal for his last four clubs, nor


Germany. That is why. They looked Bastian Schweinsteiger, where it


life. Germany have not had to play that well to be winning. He missed


chances in the Champions League competitive football against


Germany, that goes back to 1990, is about to end, and as they come up


with something special. Arjen movement. He has had a patchy


the races either. Philipp Lahm is coming up as the attacking full-


back, sending Ibrahim Afellay backwards. They are all over the


here against Portugal. But Portugal looked dangerous on the attack


against Denmark today. You would not fancy this Dutch defence


can run at the defenders. It was first foreign player to captain


of Muller. Free-kick given against Willems. Painful to watch the young


man. I think you need to take him off. Just take him off. It is going


from bad to worse. For his own sake let alone the team. One minute of


stoppage time. 18 years and 71 days when he played against Denmark,


Willems, to set the new record as a European Championship finals


youngster. Out of his depth against Podolski. -- fouled Podolski. Very


much in the autumn of his career, van Bommel, at 35. Struggling in


half. Schweinsteiger will take the the corner. Germany very nearly 3-0


up at the break, it would have been an own goal by the Arjen Robben.


Germany very much in the driving seat. Two goals by it Mario Gomez,


at the top scorer now. The first on 25 minutes, played in by


Schweinsteiger, the second, played in by Schweinsteiger as well. It


looks like van der Vaart might be coming on. The Netherlands are 2-0


The German's power on and it is looking mighty grin for the Dutch


at present. Alan Hansen, you tipped the Germans to win the tournament.


Alan Shearer! What an insult that is! Now you can see why I did tip


them. Now I know I'm getting old!. After 15 minutes of that half, it


is men against boys. They are offering so much more than the


Germans. Van Persie had a very, very good chance again and he


missed the chance. You could see the air being sucked out of the


Dutch. They have collapsed, it should have been three or four. The


big difference in the first half is you have got the Dutch playing such


a rigid system, four at the back and two sitting midfield players in


de Jong and van Bommel and they are not moving. Germany, Khedira and


Schweinsteiger, are getting up to support Gomez. Two fantastic


finishes and two great balls by a Schweinsteiger. Clarence Shearer!


You came into this tournament, the Dutch, with high hopes, Great


expectations. They are in desperate trouble. The first game did not


help. A good start, I liked the start, very aggressive, they got


chances again. Unfortunately, no good finishes and the Germans grow


into the game. They did score when the chances came. That is the big


difference. I thought it was a high-quality match. Some of the


technique was excellent. I agree with Alan that the first 10 minutes,


van Persie had a couple of really good chances. And then the Germans


came back in. Defensively both came back in. Defensively both


teams have had problems and no more so than with the opening goal. A


brilliant take by Gomez, but watch the full-back. Van der Wiel is too


interested in what Podolski is doing instead of watching the ball.


Eventually he plays Gomez onside. It is a magnificent ball from


Schweinsteiger and a fantastic take. But it if he is doing his job


properly, Clarence, it is not a goal. But also, we have the central


defender, Heitinga, he makes the same mistake as he did against


Germany. Stay with your man. Let him shoot from miles out. Another


mistake. That is the difference. Schweinsteiger, not once have I


seen van Bommel or de Jong getting into the German half. The big thing


about de Jong and van Bommel, Alan is right, creatively they are doing


nothing, but defensively they are poor as well. Not a great


combination. A word on Gomez's finishing. It is the difference


between the sides. One strike in form and one out of form.


striker had a great chance and would normally put it away. We have


seen him score all season for Arsenal. But Gomez is the big


difference. The second one was a magnificent finish. A great finish


of BOP great play from Gomez, he read the flick on. His movement is


brilliant. But Schweinsteiger gets the ball and it has a lovely ball.


You could ask one or two questions of the goalkeeper, but I have to


give the credit to Gomez. That is a sensational finish. He lifts it


over the goalkeeper. A lovely ball from Schweinsteiger, first touch,


vision is fantastic. Just watch the goalkeeper go down. He lifted it


over him. He doesn't even look because he knows whether goals.


keeper is so culpable. You think he should save that? Absolutely.


was right in the corner! By not having it. Clarence, if he stays on


his feet... Seeing the left-back being in the centre and the centre-


back on the left, this says a lot about the development of the action.


There were few other German chances. Ozil... Terrific player. It was a


while after he hit it that we picked up that it had hit the post.


You don't realise. It was soon perk. The goalkeeper has got no chance.


And then there was a penalty shout. I think the referee got this right.


I don't think that is a penalty. Definitely not. Too easy,


absolutely not. Wonderful technique, Ozil. The other chance was from an


Ozil free-kick. Badstuber should have scored. He has to score, this


is a situ! A good save nevertheless. No, a bad miss. Can we talk about


Heitinga? It is impossible for a defender not to feel the man on


this occasion. You could see it coming, that he would go free. It


is such a pity that he doesn't pay attention in the box. Earlier in


the game, the Germans defended quite high. They were up the pitch.


We talked beforehand about togetherness. On a couple of


occasions, Lahm on the left was playing van Persie on. I think this


is the first three minutes. That is three or four minutes in an van


Persie get through. This is a great chance. How many times have we seen


van Persie burying one of these this season for Arsenal? He could


take a touch, he could do anything. The thing is, for a striker, he


keeps getting in there. Sometimes it goes for you and sometimes it


doesn't. A but unfortunately, you get judged in the big tournaments


and he has missed three or four big chances in the first game and he


has now missed certainly one big chance. We have seen him two or


three times this season looking at the ball coming over his shoulder


and finishing it. That is the difference. You get chances at this


level and you have to put them away. That one coming over Hummels's


shoulder, he looks like he is snatching at it. The ones he has


scored for Arsenal... It is confident. Clarence, in contrast to


the Dutch getting one man up front a lot of the time, the Germans get


a lot of players forward. Absolutely. They are a little bit


more confident in front of goal. We have seen it a couple of times


where the Germans get into the box with three or four players, five


players, and the whole team goes up front. The Dutch have sometimes two


front. The Dutch have sometimes two players in the box and that is the


difference. OK. It is not too long to wait for England's second game.


Not long, but a little bit too Captain, leader. You command the


team. You command the pitch, you command respect. Rally the troops.


Joleon Lescott gives England the lead! Dictate the play. Bobby Moore,


Terry Butcher, now it is your turn. Let's get the thoughts of the


England boss, Roy Hodgson, who has been talking with Gabby.


You've had time to reflect on the team performance and the tactics


you chose for France. Have you had time to think about what it meant


to you and your personal emotions standing there as England manager


in a tournament? No. I don't know if I have. The game was so intense.


There were not many moments where you felt you could relax. Laurent


Blanc would probably have felt the same way. My emotions would be that


I really enjoyed the game. I enjoyed the way the players went


about their work, I think they did exceptionally well to keep their


shape and discipline as well as they did and also to look dangerous


on the counter-attack. Especially knowing that France were going to


be, on paper at least, the most difficult opponents in the group.


Do you know your team to face Sweden? Yes. But I haven't


communicated that. We also have plenty of time, it is 48 hours


before the game. I wouldn't dream of suggesting to someone what the


team will be. But in our mind we have worked out what we think will


be the best thing to do. Sweden only had 35% possession and England


had 40%. Something has to give. don't believe in possession


statistics, they don't interest me. I don't believe in shock statistics,


possession statistics. Until someone, one day, manages to devise


a system where every time I see a statistic about a shot at goal, it


is a shot at goal that worries me, I don't even consider it. I think


the Swedes will be what they are, very well-organised, very hard to


beat. In most major tournaments they have made an appearance and


they have held their own very, very well. You have allowed the players


some time off this afternoon. Is that part of your plan that they


would have some time today? Yes. In Krakow we said you one more than


welcome to bring your family's along. We had a team meeting this


morning before the training session. I said to the players, if you want


to spend the rest of the afternoon and early part of the evening with


your wife or girlfriend or other members of family, you are welcome.


And then we want them back in the hotel at a reasonable time. 10:30pm


curfew? I can't remember. Who will check them in? Will you be checking


them in by the door? Those days are You should not miss any of you


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Let's pop back to Kharkiv where Martin Keown is doing a man-to-man


marking job on Jake Humphrey. Well come back to vote stadium in


Kharkiv. We are eyeing the sprinklers with caution because


they keep coming over. We are amongst the Dutch fans at this end.


Orange tops, red faces. They certainly have. The Germans are so


clinical, Gomez in front of goals quite stunning, it is almost


embarrassing for the Dutch. They have to respond to this. They have


to make tactical changes because they were second best. Let's


imagine you're a van Marwijck, what do you say and do? I think


Huntelaar has to come on. Van Persie energies a role. Van Bommel,


I think it is the end of his international career. They are too


rigid in midfield. With Khedira and Schweinsteiger, they are so fluid


in that area. They have the extra player in the final third. As for


Germany, they will know that is going on in the Dutch dressing room.


I guess Jogi Low will be saying we can make history, we can punish the


Dutch players. They are winning at a canter. Hummels at the back


looked a bit shaky. I thought the Dutch might feel they could get in


behind with diagonal runs. If you can get Sneijder playing those


balls in behind the defence, you never know, the Dutch might respond.


You're an Arsenal fan. A van Persie man. Is it time for Huntelaar to


replace him? Without a doubt, but van Persie still has something to


offer. In front of goal it is not happening for him. It is a sticky


night in Kharkiv, the heat could be about to be turned up massively on


Holland. They need something in the They need at least two goals, can


you see them getting back into this? We need some changes. What


changes would you make? Ibrahim Afellay and Mark van Bommel, I


would take them out, and I would bring in Rafael van der Vaart. I


would bring on Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, and keep Robin van Persie on.


all at attack, and for the Germans to hammer them on the break. They


have got to get more support from midfield for the strikers. They


have got to get rid of the two in midfield, take-off Mark van Bommel


and get Rafael van der Vaart in there. They have got nothing to


lose it. It looks like Rafael van der Vaart is coming on. Mark van


Bommel is off, because he has the captain's armband. And Klaas-Jan


Huntelaar as well. You have named both changes! But who has gone off?


The captain is off. I am sure we will find out. Jonathan Pearce will


Klaas-Jan Huntelaar coming on. Mark van Bommel and Ibrahim Afellay have


gone off. It will be interesting see -- two-seat where Robin van


Persie plays. He is starting on the right hand side. It looks as if


Holland will play that way, as they chase the game. Rafael van der


Vaart has the captain's armband. Germany lead, with the two goals


from Mario Gomez. It will be interesting if the Dutch can pinch


the first goal. If not, it is game goals between them at club level


this season, and who have 59 goals for their country. They have gone


it was not a brilliant run, he just jumped over to the left-hand side,


and he got in behind John Heitinga. It is far too easy. Germany are a


very good team. They will get better in the next couple of years,


I would suspect. At the moment, Holland are making it easy for them.


Klaas-Jan Huntelaar was sitting uneasily on the bench. Deflected


from Arjen Robben, it is a corner. The first of the game for Germany.


They do not need corners. Rafael van der Vaart approaching 100 caps


least the quarter-finals in every European Championships inswinging


in 1988. But they are on the brink Khedira and Mesut Ozil have run the


midfield. John Heitinga is complete control, not! An arm came


back and flicked him. It was accidental. Is that the multi-


millionaire referee? Yes, he sold his share in a multimedia company,


they tell me. He does this for love, was not much wrong with the


challenger. Rafael van der Vaart never really went with -- never


really went for the ball. It is a foul. Because of Portugal's victory


against Denmark, 3-2, nothing can be settled in this group. It was


always promising to be a tight grip. If Germany win tonight, results


could conspire against them in the last round of games. But it is


of these sides could be in the quarter-finals, but that has not


happened in these finals since 1968. Germany are very much in the box


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


Schweinsteiger is the epitome of the German side. Mats Hummels was


denied by a fine save from Maarten Stekelenburg. Dear, oh dear. The


Dutch defence completely parted. The second Sabres excellent. --


second save was excellent. Mats Hummels, looking for his second


goal for his country. He scored in the edge of the box. You would not


bet against Germany scoring a couple more. Jetro Willems had no


help whatsoever. Sami Khedira has done some fantastic work, getting


the ball back. He allows Bastian Schweinsteiger to play. They swap,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


a foothold in this game, and very have an awful lot more touches on


the ball than Germany. There were has not happened too often tonight.


The Germany manager is going nuts, working nerve. -- je which unnerved.


22 of his squat -- his squad will be at the World Cup finals.


Miroslav Klose says he will be for anybody else. It is all about


back into this game, back into the tournament. The great band of


orange cloud, with wearing, a fancy-dress costume wearing Dutch


supporters. They always have great fun travelling the world, and now


the German fans can respond with their noise. Some of the stadia


have been a bit flat in the Ukraine, but it is lively tonight.


prevent van Persie giving Holland a lifeline. That was class in three


departments. All from Arjen Robben. The finish from van Persie and the


half a little bit better. A young full-back of great potential. Given


things happen. It is great for us because they are going to take


that nervy start. He has been has always been the best full-back.


Holland are happy to let them play Germany. They are being allowed to


play like this, there's no great pressure on them. A bedraggled


Holland. Lahm went for it. He scored the opening goal of the 2006


World Cup from that sort of position. Holland's other problem


is that there are so many attack- minded players on, there's nobody


to get the ball back. 37 goals they scored in qualifying. They did lose


their final game against Sweden, but they had qualified by then.


They beat San Marino 11-0, a Dutch record. Everything looked bright


and Rosie. Then they arrived here Germany have settled into that


rhythm. You can see England again Sweden live on BBC One on Friday


night. -- against Sweden. A big one tournament so far, the goals --


Arsenal new boy, not a great tournament for Arsenal striker's!


- strikers. Arsene Wenger is it away so he could pick it up.


Didn't fancy a left-foot shot, did corner as well. It moved late on.


got down very well. A good keeper. Unoccupied for long periods and


Neuer. In 2010, he said he would stay the goalkeeper for the


foreseeable future. He has given pair of hands. They had to produce


a new league trophy in Ajax because he dropped the trophy from the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


Holland to win 1974 because of the style of football, but we have to


admire the style of this German side as well. You said in the


preamble, it has been completely rebuilt. They had I think about the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


conversation with Arjen Robben on telling him to do. They were lucky


there. -- unlucky. They have made two substitutions. Always a


question as to the strength of their squad overall. That is van


Bommel, is his international career at an end? The manager's son-in-law.


ball into Schweinsteiger, he was Ozil's movement has been


bamboozling at times for the more competitive in the Channel and


in the ground. A ticket costs about 30 Euros. 300 Euros the month is


about 40p to 50p. Is there any currency you have not mentioned


being a harsh type of place, but the city's we have visited had open


spaces and parks, no building development going on. I think minus


25 in the winter might make it harsh! I don't think Arjen Robben


the finish was there. Clever movement got him in their in the


first place. He snatched at it a little bit. He had a bit more time


than he thought. With the Dutch, I just think the chance for van


Persie that were saved -- that was saved... If they had scored. One of


the boys in his studio said it seemed to suck the life out of them.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


in this half without van Bommel there. A very solid performance


from Germany. The Dutch are weak in the challenge. Too easily dissuaded.


They can't complain about long and exhausting clubs' seasons. Bayern


-- brilliant block by Jerome Boateng. The referee was in a


his best. But when he gets his head up. More often than not he just


Arjen Robben bravely won the free- kick. I think if he had pulled out


for Mario Gomez. Two goals brilliantly taken separate the


On comes Miroslav Klose. One of more in three World Cup finals.


Five short of good Mola's national German record of 68. -- Gerd


Muller's. Brilliant goal! That is what he can do at his best. He has


driven Holland back into the game. He just caught his manager having a


sneaky look at the clock as well. This is brilliant. On his weaker


right foot. A sumptuous finish. They moved the ball really quickly.


A good run by Huntelaar to take players away. Sweet strike. Got


Netherlands have reduced the arrears. The lead has been cut in


Mats Hummels got across at Robin van Persie. It was last ditch.


have gained half a yard in straight away, if you can see it, they have


down, he is upon his feet. It is a great at this there now. -- great


atmosphere now. There is such a difference, when they moved the


ball. The amount of touches. A good recovery challenger. Editor of the


German cynicism, there is nothing wrong with Mats Hummels, he just


wanted to slow the played down. Four goals in his last five games,


Robin van Persie. Goodness me, if he had only taken a couple more of


his chances, the Orange team would be facing a different future. They


are not out of the championships de Jong. Why did he not hit it


early? That is what he is saying to himself. It was a really good


One of the great sounds and sights of world football, Dutch fans on


their fate. -- on their feet. Dirk Dutch, the way that Germany are


hacking it forward. It is a young German team. Do they have the


experience to hold on against the does, but he could have played in


Wesley Sneijder. That is a foul against Mesut Ozil on Nigel de Jong.


It is starting to get ratty. free kick given up against Mesut


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


was not a penalty. The Dutch bench were quickly on their feet, but


will make another substitution. It is not a penalty. I agree. Toni


Kroos will come on. The Bayern Munich player. Another youngster,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


Lahm. He will get a yellow card. last, from Nigel de Jong. They are:


To make a slightly defensive change, Tony Close replacing it Mesut Ozil.


-- Toni Kroos. They did this the other night. A wonderful player,


the 2007 and a 17 World Cup. -- Under 17 World Cup. He went to buy


La the coups and to kick-start his career, then he went back to Bayern


Munich. Dirk Kuyt is coming on for secure rhythm. They now have an


extra man in midfield, so they can the back of his head. It is just a


delay. A pat on the back! What a Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. Arjen Robben


has gone off on the far side of the pitch, he is walking round the


picture. That would suggest he is very displeased. It would not be


the first time, certainly not the last. Maybe it was just so that he


could get things done quickly. He is walking right in front of the


Dutch fans. There is no I in team. A long walk for Arjen Robben. This


is fairly and necessary. -- necessary. It is hot, it is


exhausting, but it is also a the camera then, every single


Arjen Robben from the Dutch fans. He still has not gone off yet. Not


the dug-out. The man who likes to be in the spotlight, he can offer


such wonderful skill and match- team role against his club team


that is what team stands for. that a mantra at Anfield? No, I


second half. Germany are in no hurry to take the goal-kick. Rafael


van der Vaart smashed the ball. has played well. Yes. He is a good


another chance? All credit to Holland for the way they have


fought back into the game. April limit taking Robin van Persie goal.


-- brilliantly taken. The changes at half-time were positive. If they


could get an equaliser, it would turn this group of death on its


head. Wesley Sneijder could not be e-petition. He has been full of


running from the start. He has had his injuries with his club this


season. Not the best of campaigns for him, with Inter Milan. He never


looks at -- he never looks concerned, not a grey hair on his


head, it Joachim Low. A yellow card for Jerome Boateng for time-wasting,


is a corner. Pursued all the way by Miroslav Klose, aged 34. He has had


long as he can. He has forced another corner. Germany have


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


maintained possession. The seconds up his body and very nearly let


Klose in. That was almost suicide by Stekelenburg. Genially tackled


the ball into the net, Klose. -- he the return by Willems. He will get


a yellow card for that. It looks as The problem is, it wastes time. It


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


Marwijck, by Jogi Low's side still in the lead. Muller is replaced by


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


down a few seconds. German fans are there. -- Willems. It was a


wretched clearance from the young full-back. They are playing to see


They are good at it. Every aspect of the game. They look as if they


fear the worst, van Bommel and Robben. His theatrical gesture,


having been substituted, will not the ball, Huntelaar. Jogi Low wants


it all over. We still have around two or three seconds left. The


referee has blown. All Germany need is a point in their last game.


Germany have taken a giant stride. Two more goals for Mario Gomez in


the first half, brilliantly taken. Holland made changes, they brought


on van der Vaart and Huntelaar at half-time. Van Persie pulled them


back into the game. Germany need a point, the Netherlands need a


A great win for them, but Germany A great win for them, but Germany


have not quite qualified for the last eight yet. Only a shock defeat


against Denmark and Portugal win against Holland would put them at


risk of missing out on goal difference. The Dutch are living


dangerously. To sneak through, they must beat Portugal and hope Denmark


lose to Germany. If that happens, they also need the best goal


difference against the match against the team they will be tied


against the team they will be tied with. Simple! Another good game.


Remarkable how many games we have had where a team has taken a two


goal lead... They come back into it. It was an exciting climax. For a


long time before the Dutch scored, we were looking at the Germans


playing with quality. We thought they were justifiable second


favourites for the tournament. It was really, really impressive. The


Dutch had missed a few chances. When van Persie scored, all of a


sudden there was a spring in the Dutch step and they came back into


it. But maybe a bit much to ask them for. The Germans are renowned


for getting the job done. I think you have seen two great sides to


the Germans. One in the first half where they were passing the ball


and scoring two could goals. But in the second half, when they were


asked a question after van Persie scored, they didn't panic. Some


teams you think they will get nervous, but you don't think like


that. Annoyingly so! With most teams you would have felt that


because you would have expected an onslaught from the Dutch, but the


Germans stood firm. I never thought they were in any trouble. A decent


comeback in the second half, Clarence, but two defeat now. But


all is not lost. A win against Portugal and they might well go


through. They have to believe in themselves. This is a very hard


defeat to cope with, but I think the second half they showed some


very good moment. Especially when they put Sneijder on the left and


van Persie was closer to Huntelaar. They created much more energy in


attack. They just couldn't give even more. I didn't see the whole


team... You never sensed it would happen. You have nothing to lose.


What will this mean to the Dutch people? I imagine they will be


distraught at this stage, but will there be despondency about the way


the team played? The biggest disappointment is losing against


the Germans. But there's still a chance to go on. It will be mixed


feelings. Disappointment, but you lost against a very good team. On


the other hand, you still have the opportunity to go through. Would


you like to see them start the game against Portugal with a little bit


more of the approach they still are -- showed in the second half?


Absolutely. Van der Vaart brought a different game for the Dutch,


playing a little bit more up front when the Dutch were attacking. Even


in some of the action we may see later, he was the extra man in


attack and that allowed the strikers to stay close to the box


and become dangerous. The first and become dangerous. The first


half was all about Germany, they conceded a couple of chances, but


they showed how to finish. Great play. It was an excellent ball from


Schweinsteiger. It really was. He has a little look and the weight of


pass... A great turn from Gomez and an excellent finish. Heitinga is


with Gomez there. He is tight with him. But he drops back five yards,


which enables Gomez de getting between the two centre-halves and


once he does that, he has got them where he wants them. But he still


has a lot to do, but a brilliant touch and an equally good finish.


The full-back has a shocker. He does not watch the ball. He plays


does not watch the ball. He plays Gomez on. I agree with Clarence


about the structure, but defensively in the two games, the


defensively in the two games, the Dutch have not been good enough.


wonderful finish for the second goal. A wonderful finish. But we


have seen it in the last game and also hear. Great centre-forward


play. The number of times you see centre-forwards flicking it on and


the other one standing and watching. He trusts Mola and he wins it. --


Muller. He wants to get in the box. Another lovely ball from


Schweinsteiger and it is an even better finish than the first one.


Yes, the goalkeeper goes down, but I would say that is a great finish


rather than poor goalkeeping. goalkeeper has gone down on the


deck. If he stands up, he saves it. An identical thing happened in the


second half with Gomez. He is expecting his team-mate to win it.


He creates another chance. Gambling. You have to gamble. You have to


trust your team mate and he does that. He got another opportunity.


But he is absolutely shattered. Not a bad guy to come on, Klose!


and I would have hated coming off with two goals. The Germans were


totally impressive in possession. The way they played, they were


always in control. They will be difficult to beat. Schweinsteiger


had an awesome game today. He did. Robin van Persie, we talked about


him at half-time, we said he was the sort of striker that kept going


and something would happen. have to give him credit for the way


he kept getting in there. He wasn't put off by a his missed chances. He


kept on going. A lovely turn. Right foot as well, a great strike


through the defender's legs. When he picks it up, there's no real


chance. He has cut inside and that is then -- harder than any chances


he has had four top less time to think. Unbelievable hit. Fantastic.


For the Dutch it is very important that he got this goal going into


the last match where goals need to be scored. They looked far more


comfortable in the second half with the system they were playing.


Sneijder was passing little balls into van Persie and Huntelaar and


they looked much more of a threat. Van Persie had three other chances


in the match and he snatched at everyone. The first one is the best


one. How many times have we seen this in the Premier League where he


puts his foot through it and he scores? Not any easy ball to hit.


You have seen him do it before. goes in when things are going for


you. Yes. That is the difference. That was a half chance. The fickle


thing called for. I have to give credit for him for keeping


believing. We said beforehand the time to worry is when you're not


getting the chances. You also see centre-forwards shying away from


getting in there when he has missed a few. But he kept going and got


his goal in the end. Sneijder is an important player. He will have to


produce some of those things we saw in the second half. Sneijder has


had a lot of problems this year physically. I would prefer to see


him on the left side where he can come in and take a shot at goal or


put the strikers in action. That happened from the second part of


the second half when he started to play more from the left and van


Persie was more in the middle with Huntelaar. A great block here.


Coming from the left again. You need people in the box. This time,


for one of the few times, we had four players in the box. That is


Tactically, you look at the game, from the Dutch perspective, and


also the Germans... The Germans, always, very disciplined, how they


have the game tactics. They showed it in the second half, the Dutch


came in with Rafael van der Vaart, but if you look at the strikers,


somebody has to go into the space. They are a bit too slow. The ball


goes back in again there. The Germans instead, they have pace up


front. These are the positions, Wesley Sneijder on the left, Arjen


Robben making speed, was the Schneider close to the strikers,


and that gave an of the pace to the game. The Germans, every time, they


had six players are striking. It was a different pace. That was the


biggest difference. He took off Mark van Bommel. Mark van Bommel


and Nigel de Jong offered nothing in the first half, but it changed


in the second half. They looked much more of a threat. If you look


at the performance of the two sides, the Germans were a class apart, but


the Dutch had their moments. not enough in the end. Let's remind


ourselves of what happened in the other game in the grip today,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


Denmark against Portugal. -- in the back in business. Nicklas Bendtner


maintains his 100% run, he has played five against Portugal, a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


Helder Postiga needed to react much Only minutes after coming on, it is


the substitute who might have won Two terrific games today. Let's


turn our attention to tomorrow. The Republic of Ireland have it all to


do, and we have been assessing the mood in the camp ahead of


They have returned north to their training ground, licking their


wounds after the defeat against Croatia. Still a sizable press pack


following them, the dream is alive, but it does not come much harder


than the world champions, Spain. Spain began the defence of their


European title with a draw against Italy at the weekend, a result


which ended their run of 14 competitive victories on the bounce.


It was not their best performance. Is it a good time to play the best


team in the world? Everybody in this room has written the script


already, that the players will be beaten by Spain, but in the


dressing room, there is no way we will believe that. Whether they are


superior, we have to believe that we have got every chance tomorrow,


it is 11 it is 11, 90 minutes. Irish were always going to be


massive underdogs, and after the defeat to Croatia, things have got


even harder. They have been in the position before, and they have used


it to their advantage. It was always going to be back against the


ball. We were going to be massive underdogs. But it has suited us


before. The pressure is on Spain to get the result. Tate are one of the


best international teams in the world. -- they are. The Irish were


a hugely disappointing the other night, and their coach is hinting


at changes, but not that many. Is now the time for James Maclean? Is


he in your thoughts? Or you friends with him?! I do not know what the


manager's plans are, he has not told us. He is played -- he is paid


to make the decisions. It is down to him. But we have got 23 players


all raring to go, and willing to play, and desperate to get on the


pitch, so whatever 11 players are picked, they will be ready to go.


The last time Ireland played Spain was in 2002. They were the better


team, but they lost. 20,000 Irish fans are already in Gdansk. They


will be hoping they find some of the good form and keep alive their


dream of a place in the last 16. They will need all of the good luck


they can get. Mick McCarthy has been talking to us.


The two not know what you feel about that game, did you feel pride,


or are you still disappointed? should have won on the night. It is


10 years on, so there is pride, disappointment, but we had a great


competition, we did really well. it impossible to get at Spain?


Never write them off. You might be able to do more than we could, but


they are still the team to beat. They can get something. Is it


likely? It is unlikely. If Spain play as well as they can. They


dominate the midfield. We will have to take care of them in the middle


of the park, but the manager has done an unbelievable job in getting


us here in the first place. We have done as well as anybody, playing a


4-4-2. But playing against Spain, if you let them dominate in


midfield, we are in danger. The manager knows his best players, he


knows his best team, and he will know the best way to play against


Spain. His list of honours is as long as my arm. I have my opinions,


but I will not give him advice. It is going to have to be a brilliant


performance to get something, but we are capable of producing that,


and being a tight and tough and resolute, and the underdog tag has


always suited us. It will be lovely to go into the last game with


something to play for. Playing against your old manager, it is


always a frightening, daunting prospect, so let's hope we get to


that position. They have got a lot to do. They


will get 70, 80% of the possession, Spain it. The game against Croatia,


they last -- they lost the goals at bad times. They have wonderful team


spirit and phenomenal support, but at the end of the day, they have


not got the quality required. But you can never write them off.


do you think they will get on? Do they just have to play tight and


hope to get a draw? Is it conceivable? I like the team, how


they play. They made a good impression on me. They were a bit


unlucky with the goals they conceded, but if they played with


spirit, it bit more organised... The Spanish could have difficulties.


Spain did not have any centre- forward, what is going on?! I was


amazed at the system. It was like the old Barcelona, passing. They


got the point, but I have not seen anybody that has been spectacular.


Barcelona have got Lionel Messi. But they had Fernando Torres, they


looked a lot more threatening when he started running in behind. It


will be fascinating to see what Let's pop back to Kharkiv to hear


the thoughts of Martin Keown on tonight's game.


It is approaching midnight here in Kharkiv, you can see the stadium is


emptying, the fans are disappearing off into the night, it was said


that these games are full of class and tension, but the class belonged


to Germany and the tension now belongs to Holland, but it was one


of those great European Championships nights. The slick


machine of Germany, but showing great flair and imagination now,


what we have not seen in the past. Mesut Ozil wording for what, the


passing from Bastian Schweinsteiger, and Mario Gomez is a phenomenal


finisher. I'll be seeing a German team coming to the boil at the


right time, combined with a Dutch team who have gone over the edge?


They made the World Cup final in 2010, they were the top scorers


coming into this competition, but it has gone somewhere. The rest of


the teams are watching this, that is a major psychological blow, the


way they have taken apart the Dutch team. But it is about growing


through the tournament. They have not yet qualified, and Holland are


not yet out, so it is still all to play for, but the Germans were


truly superb. The Dutch? They got better, Klaas-Jan Huntelaar will


have to start next time. Robin van Persie came to the fore in the


second half. But it is tough for them, they almost need a miracle.


am sure they are sick of the side of the stadium, but they play here


again on Sunday, and if they fail to win, they are finally buried in


the Group of Death. Third time lucky for Holland?


hope so. You do not seem overly confident! The Danes are in the


best position. Portugal and Holland will have to play a final.


Germany and Denmark draw... I am worried defensively about the Dutch.


They have lost the first two games, they are so low-key that they still


have a chance. Germany, winners? Very impressive technically,


togetherness, passing, not panicking under pressure. Alan


Shearer has diverted -- deserted Spain! You pick a team and stick


with them! Saltend means that Germany have won, if you were not


watching earlier, you will not have the slightest clue what I am


talking about. Good night. -- Law they hate each other. It is a good


effort. They are creating chances, he is not taking them again. The


Gary Lineker presents live action as two of European football's powerhouses lock horns in a crucial Group B encounter. Neighbouring nations the Netherlands and Germany have met on 39 different occasions throughout the years, producing several unforgettable moments. West Germany overcame the Dutch 2-1 in the 1974 World Cup final to win on home soil, with Paul Breitner and Gurd Muller both scoring in a fine comeback win. The Netherlands had their revenge with a comeback win of their own in the 1988 European Championship semi-finals, while Frank Rijkaard and Rudi Voller were both sent off in an infamous last 16 clash at the 1990 World Cup. Dutch legend Clarence Seedorf will cast his eye over affairs this time around.

There are also highlights of Portugal's match with Denmark, two nations who also met in qualifying for Euro 2012. Both countries recorded home victories, but it was Denmark who ultimately won the group to qualify automatically. Portugal had to overcome Bosnia in the play-offs to secure their place at the finals.

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