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Ukraine v Sweden

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Good evening. You can relax now a check out the other two sites in


Group D. We start with a reminder of how England fared in their


opening game against France. The commentators are Guy Mowbray and


with an new cautious approach. The French side is the one England


expected to face and arguably just one player away from full strength.


Diarra starts in midfield. Evra, Cabaye and Nasri faced their


Premier League counter pots. England on the defensive? Perhaps


not quite as much as we thought. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain preferred


to Stuart Downing on the left-hand side. No Wayne Rooney, he is


suspended, of course. Just Ashley Young and Stephen Gerrard left from


the team that lost to France in wide from his Manchester City


could not get himself adjusted to put it into the centre! Big chance


for Milner. Definitely onside, he just never wrapped his left foot


rash. Joleon Lescott gives England the lead! Easy as you like! Created


by the captain, scored by the Manchester city centre back. Inside


half an hour. It is a great ball in but there is only England that want


to attack it. It is a good header but perfect delivery and nobody


from the French team wanted to Chamberlain and the teenager is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


his header in the first place and past Joe Hart in a flash. That was


a cracker. It was, superbly taken. Look how deep England are. They are


almost on the penalty spot. But a perfect finish. I think from


England's point of view, the centre backs need to push on. Get on the


edge of the penalty area. accuracy, the power and the pace,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


-- but. The goalkeeper of the class are all Joe Hart, it takes some


certainly for Liverpool. This is fine, come inside. The next time he


comes forward and you are playing against him, you are not sure if he


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


referee thought it was unfair Lee. The referee is telling him to get


up. Get him off, if you are really injured, get some treatment! He is


gesticulating as though Johnson could have been a vital touch.


Watch Hart here, I think he is crumbling. He is scrambling to get


Rooney was instinctively trying to put it in from his seat in there


stands! A lovely whipped ball in years ago in South Africa they


started with a draw against United States of America. They were pretty


much booed off the park. Very different now. It is France him are


the more frustrated team and England will consider that job done.


They have got a draw from their We would have been delighted with a


win but you saw tonight that France have fantastic players. We are


satisfied with the performance but we also said before the game, no


matter what the result today, we do not get carried away. It is great


to get off the mark and now we need to fill -- followed up with a win.


Would it be fair to say the referee did not do you any favours at


times? It is easy to look for excuses. Sometimes he gave us


things that we did not deserve. We do not look at the referee, we look


at our performance and analyse but overall we are satisfied. There


were a lot of young players out there tonight, what have you


proved? Yes, John players, but good players. Wayne Rooney showed all


those years ago that if you are England have still failed to win


any opening game in any European Championship game in history but a


decent result against quite possibly the best team in the group.


Lee Dixon, would you say that is fair enough? Decent result, decent


performance at times. There are lots of issues that they can


improve on. They played quite deep at times and the centre backs were


not quite sure who to pick up. But I thought the youngsters did very


well, well back did ever so well, Parker was everywhere, and I


thought the performance was encouraging -- Welbeck. The French


at the back, I thought the two centre-backs were there for the


taking. They seemed to start each half well and then petered out.


am pretty sure that we Hodgson after 25 minutes would have been


delighted with the way that they started the game. Well back was


giving the back for all sorts of problems. -- Danny Welbeck. The one


thing that disappointed me is that we scored a great goal from a free-


kick but we did not seem to get enough balls into the box after


that. But you would have taken that before the game, without a doubt.


Forgive me for getting the English few First! I endorsed entirely what


the two guys have said. The first half, I thought the movement was


intelligent and Bright. They got the goal and they possibly might


have had two or three. Then, as Lee said, the French came into the


ascendancy and England went deeper and deeper. They paid the ultimate


prize for it. Two small criticisms, they did go to, and secondly when


you're under pressure and it is very hot, you have to hold that.


But boy Hodgson will be delighted with that performance. For all our


play in that first 30 minutes, we never really troubled the


goalkeeper. Milner had a great chance but he never hit the target.


Hit the target once! This came from shoulder of Diarra. For me, that is


not -- that is what we did not do enough of. I would have thought, we


have seen them panic and struggle There was almost immediately the


sense of sitting back. It is so easy to do. The 18 yard line, that


should be the sanctuary, but to knock it back towards your


That line is always there. Do not go into the box unless you have to.


It France only threatened from long-range shot. The French did not


want to get behind, they felt they players, they are all in there. --


added ends up in the back of the net.


If you do not have anyone to mark for long periods of the game, you


almost get into a false sense of security and think you will just


told that line. All this sudden, you drop back, because you let the


people in front of you do your work. You should step up a little bit.


Gerrard should have been holding a higher line.


Should that come from the goalkeeper or the central


It should come from John Terry and from the goalkeeper. He should be


on the 18-yard line. The goalkeeper should be telling them to push out.


If you are a centre half and it is hot, you are quite happy staying


there, because all the work is going on in front of the!


At the other red, there was a lot of promising play from England,


particularly in the first half on the break.


This is what the French did not do, running behind. Welbeck was full of


that. He is going up against Rami available. He did this all first


great run. For me, he has got to score there.


He is falling away, and you have got to go across the goalkeeper.


Penises to put the ball in quickly. The forwards have made their run


Welbeck was terrific in that first 30 minutes.


When you run that way, behind defenders, they will go deeper, and


then you can go forward and you can turn, because the defenders are


expecting you to run in the Hyde, so I thought Welbeck did both jobs


very well. He shows a lot of promise. He could


be a real find for England. The defending at times was very stoic,


but not the heart or spirit, it was France were expecting to beat us,


but we have come at with a point. If you look at the French,


technically, they are very good, but England were very good.


Let's get the thought of the manager, Roy Hodgson.


1-1 against France. A good performance overall?


I thought we played well. The boys put in a good performance from


start to finish. There were times in the game where they kept


possession very well and last -- asked a lot of questions in the


final third. They take an extra pass, an extra pass, and they are


waiting for you to lose your shape or your discipline so they can slip


somebody in, but with the chances in the game, we had some very good


ones ourselves. The result does not flatter us.


You said you wanted to see England passing and moving better. Did you


see that today? At times, yes. We started the


second half well. We need to build up our confidence so that when we


get the ball in the final third, made it we take that extra touch


and extra pass and having little more patience. It is quite an


English characteristic, but when you reach this level of football,


you get caught out a little bit if you do not do it, and then the


counter-attacks can become a very dangerous, as happened on a couple


of occasions. Steven Gerrard put in a great ball


for Joleon Lescott's first goal. Yes, it was a great ball. The


French have a good spell before half-time which led to the


equaliser. Not a good time to concede. I


assume you wanted to hang on to half-time and reassess things?


Yes, if we had done so, I think we could have got away with it, as we


took control again at the start of the second half.


Sensible words from her Roy Hodgson. Sensible words from her Roy Hodgson.


Sensible words from her Roy Hodgson. Sensible words from her Roy Hodgson.


P Beckett guises the frailties. They


They lost their lead by losing possession. The passing when the


defence lost it, England were not great at times towards the end of


the first half. That is the frailty. Expectations are probably growing a


little. Let's keep it calm! Tighter focus on our live game, two


European giants. Ukraine is the biggest country entirely in Europe,


and Sweden is fourth-biggest. It may only have gained independence


in 1991, but Ukraine has a rich The welcome to Ukraine, and you


have to be careful, it is not the Ukraine, it is simply Ukraine.


Thank you for having us. This place has a quite remarkable


past. Here is a quick history lesson.


The earliest form of Ukraine was the first Russian state, and the


largest in Europe. Until it was smashed to pieces after attacks


from all sides, including the Mongolians. By the 12th century,


Ukraine was carved into three. The borders kept changing, until a


massive war between Poland, Russia and the Cossacks divided it into


little regions. After all those problems after all those years,


still Ukraine could not find peace. But thankfully, they had Motherland


mother, who looks like a decent centre-half, to protect them.


This is the bit that everyone remembers. The Russians. They had


always been there or thereabouts in Ukrainian history. By the 19th


century, they owned a large part of it. By the 20th century, Lenin had


taken over the lot and for the USSR. Then the Germans decided they


fancied running it for a while. Not for long, though, as there followed


50 years of communist rule, until that fell to pieces and Ukraine was


married wanted to be. -- where it wanted to be.


Finally, Ukraine is its own country, and what a country it is. In fact,


Lviv is a world heritage site. Remarkably, it was right here where


Polish football first started, because they owed this place then a.


Not those 3, Poland owed this part of the world, at the first goal by


Polish food - barrack the first goal of Polish football was caught


here. This is moonshine, a typical


Ukrainian Fokker that you follow up with pork fat to soak up the


alcohol. -- Ukrainian that the Down south is Crimea, home to the


Crimean War. It was the Iraq -- inspiration behind the charge of


the Light Brigade. Ukrainians paint their Easter eggs. Anyway, famous


pork spare income -- include Andriy Shevchenko and Sergei Butko. He was


born in Donetsk, a coal-mining city formed in the 18th century by a


Welshman. As far as Kiev is concerned, I am afraid it was not


founded by a Welshman. Oh, and chicken Kiev, they were not


invented here. But Dynamo Kyiv are from here. They are not bad. They


have won three European trophies. As for the Ukraine national team,


over the years, they have been slightly less successful, but they


do get to host the final right here at the Olympic Stadium.


Jake is still in Ukraine, in the centre of Kiev in the Fan Mile.


I am, I get all the best jobs! On a night where Ukraine appear at the


European Championship for the first time, the place to be his Kiev, the


square that has been so central for the struggle for independence.


Since Ukraine's a session to independence, this place has been


Independence Square, but it was not the end of the story in 1991. It


was the scene of many student demonstrations and hunger as those


famous shot in 2004 off 80 Shanker standing on as a there -- standing


on a stage promising Ukrainians a wonderful future. It feels over the


years that if Ukraine wanted to his boys to be heard, this is where it


comes. -- the President standing on a stage. This country, you feel


they have finally got the independence they work so hard for


over the years, but what they are looking for is their identity, and


I think the next couple of weeks is more important for Ukraine to show


Europe what they can offer off the football pitch as well as on it.


Tonight, it is what is happening on the pitch. Tens of thousands of


people are rain here enjoying the local brew, and I was thinking that


if Andriy Shevchenko has caused their tour -- plenty of goals, you


never know, you could come here on holiday next summer and have a


coffee in a Shevchenko square! Inside a noisy stadium are Jonathan


Pearce and Martin Keown. It is very hot, steamy, sweaty,


yellow inside the stadium. And very loud as well. The noise levels


increased when it was known that Shevchenko start for Ukraine. The


national hero of this country. Are you surprised he starts?


Since they gained independence, he has flown the flag throughout


Europe. He is a goalscorer with an eye for goal, I expected to do well


tonight. Conditions will play a part, it is


very humid, the Swedes will rely on Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Heavily


criticised in England, but playing in a deeper role these days.


I saw him at Wembley earlier in the season, he is a good player. He


understands his role in the team better at he is more of a team


player now. Watch out for Yarmolenko on one


side, a useful man with lots of pace. What did you think about


England? We were very well-organised and can


be happy with that. It was a credit -- Welbeck was a credit.


A draw the best result England can hope for here?


Yes, then moved towards the Swedish game.


If Shevchenko is cause for Ukraine tonight, there will be a national


holiday. It is a sensational atmosphere.


You spend some time in Ukraine, Allen. What is it like out there,


the atmosphere? I read that the Polish coach said


that his team collapsed in the second half under the pressure from


their home fans. If he thinks they are under pressure, he should visit


to Ukraine and see the pressure they are under, because I fancied a


great atmosphere, really happy and excited, wanting to get the


football under way, but they are expectant.


If I saw a great line from Oleh Blokhin, he does not want any


donkey's! He is the Ukrainian Alan Hansen!


They have got some pace up front we Shevchenko and Voronin. Against


Mellberg. Sweden qualified as best runners up.


We played there host nation in the first game and that is always going


to be tough considering the support that they have. It is a tough side


with some skilful players but I think we are possibly at an equal


level circle be a tough game. -- so it will be a tough game. With his


attitude and everything, he gives us a lot. When he gets the ball, he


can turn and pined the small spaces between the midfield and the


defensive line and we can push up the team. Everybody is hungry here.


They want to do their best in French of the Swedish fans and in


front of the coach. -- in front off. We play every game to win. But


first goal is to get past the group stage. The Swedish press describe


their team as sexy but unreliable. Certainly looking forward to the


game now! They play a very open game. They are attacking keep


possession and get forward but they are not the greatest at the back.


Mellberg getting on a bit. With that, you tend to get a really


opening game, they create a lot of chances but give a lot of chances


away. We always say that Ibrahimovic is slightly enigmatic.


A do not think we can ever doubt his ability. He has a lot of polls


in Italy it is a question more about the big game. He has got a


lot of goals for his national team as well. The one thing you can


doubt sometimes is his attitude. Back comes from the way he is, the


way he jogs around, the perception is that he sometimes does not work


as hard as he showed. But they will be relying on him, he is the God of


their team, and did they are going to go further, he has to score and


he has to perform. He is their talisman but interestingly they


have a better record when he does play. There is another camp that


says not convinced, and I would be in the latter! I am with Martin


O'Neill, he doesn't like him either. As for Ukraine, they will be hoping


to see the old Shevchenko. Actually, they would probably prefer begun


Shevchenko, but you know what I mean! Here is the man himself.


Welcome to Kiev. Ukraine and Kiev is my home. It was my dream to


finish my career here in Ukraine in my club, Dynamo Kiev, and the


national team. I know that country did everything to make the


competition to recurred. The stadium in Donetsk, and the stadium


here, they tried to everything the best for Euro 2012. We have a very


difficult group. European competition is different to the


World Cup because in Europe there are so many good teams. I tried to


do everything to be fed. I know I am not 25 or 23 years old and I


have to do a lot of work to be fit for this big competition. If we are


good enough to past the group, then it will make us stronger, give us


more confidence, and you never know. For us it will be something


impossible, unbelievable, to win at the euro 2012. It kids a dream. --


it is a dream. You have to try. There he is, at the man himself. I


tell you if he scores tonight, they bought named the whole country


after him! He is their talisman. He nearly did not get into the squad.


Blokhin said it was not about names. He has certainly lost his pace so


he is now just averagely pace because it was electric!


wonderfully gifted player in his prime. Such a nice guy as well. We


did not see the best of him in this country. When he was in Milan he


was sensational and he came to Chelsea, it was like he was pulling


her train when he was running. I met him 10 months later and I felt


really bad say it because he was such a nice guy. He is a legend in


Ukraine. The if he had this thing go tonight, will you be nice about


him? I'm always nice! Ukraine, we expect them to play on the counter


attack. Yes, they get everybody behind the ball and they tend to


try and break. They have pace on the wings. Yarmolenko is a decent


player so they will try to hit Sweden on the break. Sweden are


open to the counter attack so heavily there will be a few chances.


How do you see this on panning out? What an incentive that is for both


of them to win this game and set themselves up. They will have heard


the result from France and England so they know that if they get a win


here they are probably favourites to take second place. You watch the


game, hoping for a draw. On paper, you would expect England to beat


either of the sides. Looking at it, Ukraine, home advantage should help


them. Again, it is whether you can handle it. The experience that we


had in Euro 96 is that for two years you have not played any


competitive games because your automatic qualifiers. You're


desperate to get into the game. it to help or a hindrance? It can


work as a bit of both. Friendly games are not the same as


competitive games. It will be interesting to see how they start


this game. Ukraine or Sweden for you, Lee? If they get off to a good


start, I think Ukraine will beat Sweden, but Sweden can score from


anywhere, so it should be high scoring, hopefully! This is the


last game of the opening phase and if we have saved the best form last


is should be a very good game Our commentators in the Olympic


Stadium in Kiev R Martin Keown and absolutely throbbing at the end of


a scorching hot summer day. The air heavy with national anticipation.


The Olympic Stadium is where the competition comes alive for the


host nation. Tonight the ordinary people of what is at complexity are


determined to enjoy it there because day since the orange


revolution eight years ago. Tonight, a vibrant place in Kiev, a place of


hope and unity, in support of their national I can't, Blokhin, and his


underrated team. There is Andrei Shevchenko. To many it was as


surprised that he starts tonight but there is no bigger name in the


Ukraine football than the man who was not successful at Chelsea after


his big-money move. But he has won 18 trophies in his career,


including European Footballer of the Year. And there is Zlatan


Ibrahimovic, so much depends for Sweden on their talismanic striker.


They have nine players who were at Euro 2000 debate. Sweden are at


their 50 Championships, Ukraine have never played in the finals. --


fifth. The game is as intriguing as this city itself. A draw would be


the best result for Roy Hodgson, but as we heard Alan Shearer say,


we are delving into the unknown a little bit with Ukraine because


they have not played competitively for a couple of years. That is


correct, they are an unknown quantity. We talk about them, but


if they play anything like their near neighbours Russia, we will be


in for quite a game tonight. When they step out underneath this


remodelled main stand, you will here the noise. Everyone is wearing


the yellow of Ukraine, the Yellow of Sweden. There is the Turkish


referee. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the teams!


Shevchenko has waited so long for this moment. What a greeting for


him. Will he carried them main goal threat! -- will he carried the main


goal Fred? They do have youngsters in the team as well. There are


smiles on the faces of Swedish and Ukraine fans in the ground and


there have been on the streets, as nord.


# Du tysta, Du gladjerika skona! # Jag halsar Dig, vanaste land uppa


jord. # Din sol, Din himmel, Dina angder


grona. # Din sol, Din himmel, Dina angder


grona. # Du tronar pa minnen fran


fornstora dar. # Da arat Ditt namn flog over


jorden. # Jag vet att Du ar och Du blir vad


du var. # Ja, jag vill leva jag vill do i


Norden. # Ja, jag vill leva jag vill do i


Ukraine there, to his right hand i vola.


# Shche nam brattia molodii, usmikhnet dola.


# Zkhynut'nashi vorozhen'ky, yak rossa na sonic.


# Zapanuyem i my, brattia, u svoii storonci.


# Dushu i tilo my polozhym za nashu svobodu.


# I pokazhem, shcho my, brattia, Kozackoho rodu.


# Dushu I tilo my polozhym za nashu svobodu.


# I pokazhem, shcho my, brattia, Kozackoho rodu #.


# Dushu I tilo my polozhym za nashu svobodu.


# I pokazhem, shcho my, brattia, there, born in Kiev, and such a


proud man in his second spell in charge. A mixture of experience and


expressive use coming through as well. He has blended them over to


time there since the 3-3 draw in the first game in this stadium. In


the wide men there are the two to watch, from Dino Kiev, real flyers.


-- Dynamo Kyiv. The referee is a Turkish insurance


salesman, responsible for sending off John Terry in Barcelona, and


has also sent off Mario Balotelli. And there is the in it -- enigmatic


as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, relishing his more creative role this year


for Sweden, he has thrived plane behind Johan Elmander, but he or


will not play today. Sweden have recalled Markus Rosenberg. He has


not scored since 2007. Or Andreas Isaksson, once of Manchester City,


cannot look dodgy on crosses. -- at Andreas Isaksson. Mellberg will


miss his regular partner. Elma is the biggest talent since


Ibrahimovic according to his manager. -- Rasmus Elm. Shevchenko


may not last the 90 minutes, he is not expected to play all three of


their games. They may call on Devych if they needed goal, he is a


poacher. Two very good goalscorers at club level, one has a proven


record at international level, Ibrahimovic, though, his 31 goals


for his country, only four have come against top 10 international


side. It will be Sweden in their change strip who will pick us off


and get us under way, and we saw in Poland's opening game, a great


start by the host nation, and then the emotion got to them and they


trained a little bit. They allowed Greece, with ten men, back into the


game. I do not know if we will see the same from Ukraine. They have


all heads in their. -- old heads. What a change in this stadium in


the years. What a change in the City over the years, and we are


He played in the 2006 World Cup, Ukraine got past Switzerland after


a dreadful game. They were beaten in the quarter-finals. Dennis Oleh


Blokhin, played for the USSR and scored 42 goals. They have had a


chaotic build up to these finals. scored against them are in 2009 in


Kyiv centre-backs together. Ukraine football is split between Kiev


followers and those of Shakhtar Donetsk. They won the double this


season. The players have not been friends are -- over the last few


team, Ibrahimovic will play slightly deeper. He likes a


slightly differently in this Swedish set up.


A very different start to how Poland started in their game. I


tried to convey how warm it is, I think we will see a progressive


game from the host nation. Rasmus Elm is playing in a deeper role to


the one we thought he might because he had a spell there. Voronin, his


these days. They did well in Russia this season. The left-back has


really come through this season. A little tester from range. The


good ability, not frightened to shoot from distance, selling, but


that wildly hit. That was Konoplyanka.


He played against Fulham in the Europa League. Scored nine goals


this season for his club. A slightly optimistic attend their


by Kim Kallstrom. Certainly was. He can really hit


them from distance, had it might be something he is looking to do early


An experienced player, his 4th tournament, always has a quick left


foot. -- a good left foot. He plays for Olympique Lyonnais is, and will


pass beautifully from a defensive Ibrahimovic's performance and that


of Sweden in Croatia in February was described by a former


international as their best performance in a decade. When you


think of the team that played in England earlier in the season, they


were woeful, lacking in ideas, and it was that performance that


persuaded them to change things. They all know their roles in the


team, Ibrahimovic has become a much better team player now. He


recognises his responsibilities. That was a difficult ball for


Khacheridi, but he got back. Lustig this season because of a


wants to drift in from the line. We have not seen Shevchenko in the


game yet. He took my breath away when I played against him in 1999.


It would be interesting if he can recapture some of that tonight,


just as some of that may be enough. To think Arsenal would have beaten


Dynamo Kyiv that day if you have played at Highbury?


Yes, we played at Wembley, had it felt like every game was an away


game. Playing on your shoulder the whole time, his pace was phenomenal.


He is conserving energy and waiting for an opportunity at the moment.


Erik Hamren is back in charge, six wins from his 13 games in charge so


far. Ukraine have always had great footballers. Eight of the Soviet


team that got to the final in 1988 were from Ukraine. The coach was


one of the all-time greats, took almost the entire Dynamo Kyiv team


to that squad -- to that tournament. Tymoshchuk is playing further


forward for his country than he ball, they are very comfortable in


possession. But he has just retired to Mellberg back there.


Between them, those two have 220 caps.


While! You have to respect Mellberg, the number of competitions he has


thought he might. Four goals in his last six starts. Tina Shick has


been detailed to watch a Zlatan Ibrahimovic, that is clear. --


Tymoshchuk. He has made over 100 appearances for his country.


I have sympathy for him there. I thought he got hold of the ball.


quality from those areas. Swedish fans appealing very hopefully for a


penalty. The first yellow card, and the referee. The Ukrainians were on


in the European Under 21 Championship in 2006. The Ukrainian


team, that is. This is Ukraine's first competitive


international since 2009, when they lost to Greece in a World Cup


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


the Dina Meyer Kiev players. -- temperament of Khacheridi, who can


crones and whistles, just starting poor stock at the moment, and


Sweden are nice and compact. But I think the football will come from


Ukraine. Just a little bit of tension in the players early on.


There is pressure on Ukraine to reach the quarter-finals at least,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


Ibrahimovic. He is certainly a big boy and that is an area where they


will need to improve. We serve an earlier -- we saw an earlier one


from Larsson, and it went out as brave. The book came up from


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


most of his players are home-based. bounced off and very nearly went in.


Ibrahimovic it reminded me their of Eric Cantona, that upright figure


and the way he put a foot on the ball. It created panic and the


goalkeeper electing to punch. They You can see his strength, he really


is a big man, but quality on the goalkeeper drifted a colt to Bremen.


winner with them this season. was not the best from Olsson, at


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


more of the ball than I can them, a big, strong, fast forward,


movement. In the build up to that, a Ibrahimovic again looking real


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


class. He looks much better than left-hand side but they did not use


him. Ibrahimovic is a safe pair of hands, so they play the ball into


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


on the last defender, he can punish have lifted the roof off. It was


not to be. Just could not get that power in his shot. His manager


knows it was a chance. He is the player that they want the chance to


fall to, just not able to convert it. It was a good build up. That is


what he is interested in, getting in behind the last defender. It is


a very difficult angle and he sends it wide. He was nursed through the


club's season and by his national manager as well. He has been


football, including European He is holding the back of his clive.


Chelsea but he still scored 22 goals for them. He had three


operations and it just hampered him. When he got going each time, it


stopped him. He was a truly outstanding player in his day. I


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


from Voronin. He starts the movement from way back but just


could not get there. He has been an international for 10 years but only


has eight goals in that time, he has had to play a supporting role


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


only really interested in getting game, and Sweden had plenty of


from the 2006 World Cup, one of the players who had food-poisoning last


week and was on a drip for much of He has got an awful lot of pace,


get away from the defender, no doubt it is -- it is a free kick.


They are very strong out wide, the Ukrainians. Lots of pace.


Lustig played every minute of experts, but that is straight to


Isaksson. Some of the free kicks tonight have


not been the best. He was the man in the Manchester


city's goal when they conceded eight goals at Middlesbrough. -- in


the Manchester City goal. Toivonen can be pretty awful at times,


countries have been sharing Dynamo Kyiv's training base, 15 miles away


from Kiev. -- two countries. Shot on the half term spilled by the


goalkeeper, who does not look convincing.


He has turned very quickly, and it is worth a pop. Does not really get


hold of it. Beekeeper break -- keeper makes a real meal of that.


I remember Pyatov playing against Barcelona in a Champions League


game when he was awful a few years the last Graf once, only three


starters from the team that played Sweden last August in a friendly. -


- the last 12 months. Yarmolenko has been quiet so far.


He looks like a good player, though. Watch for him drifting in on his


the centre will pop -- centre of the pitch, Nazarenko not getting on


the ball as much as they walked Olsson made a real meal of that,


and the referee has got that one wrong. He gets to the ball first,


and then runs into him. Ibrahimovic is not getting


treatment, he has just had some new laces for those heavily endorsed


boots. Part of the sponsorship deal that


he comes across to the side of the pitch!


What would you make of a defender - - a striker who wore pink boots?


I wore red ones and got away with sometimes in games, he has got to


go and get that ball. A fantastic season for Milan, 35


goals, his best season. He was the top scorer in Italy.


United out there. There seems to be no problem with the Shakhtar


Donetsk and Dynamo Kyiv players, although they had a fight in the


tunnel when the two teams played against each other. The coach seems


to have sorted it all out. Ukraine having more of the ball.


They seemed very structured. I want to see some individuality.


The keeper seemed to to get that all wrong.


We got a little bit of imagination checked back on to his right foot.


Who said getting back, a vital interception. --, Oleh Husyev


getting back. You rarely see goalkeepers holding on to things


already that he can come in off the left-hand side, on to his right


hand side. Konoplyanka. They are so rigid, and I think if he looks more


then he can be a real danger. He did not match his but erratic


enough. His club rate him and �50 million.


He plays in a more central role smothered by the keeper. A nation


waited, and de Gaulle did not come. Yarmolenko trying to finish off a


a few things, he has not been a regular player for his club.


He has got to do better with his cross there. We know Voronin has


had his ponytail cut off, but he looks like a great player.


He has never played club football in Ukraine. Played all his


professional football in Germany. Oh, dear, oh, dear! Just a lazy


back-pass. Ibrahimovic hit the post, the


keeper looked at the defence who were nowhere.


He has got time and space. He picked his spot and unfortunately


put it wide. He should be burying that. That is how you Markell to


top strikers, by scoring important own six-yard box to block that


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England game from 10pm on the red not tackle and score goals.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


lines of four. They are letting these diagonal


play is beautiful. At the end of it he did not have the technical


quality to keep it down. Should be between 15 people over the last two


years. They have lacked a real hit after they had worked hard to get


last defender. He still keeps weak link at the back and Lustig


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


time. Blokhin, at the cage for Ukraine, said if either team loses


tonight it is virtually curtains how organised a park, it really


working hard for one another. -- Chances are few and far between.


I said before have this was done last game of the first phase and if


it was going to be the best game we had seen he would have to be quite


something. It was not! The first half was a bit of a non-event. It


livened up in the final 15 minutes. Early on, Sweden defended the 18


yard line very well, St Ewe Ukraine, come on and try to beat us. Then


they decided to defend higher up the pitch. When you get that right


it looks easy, when you get it wrong, you are in big trouble. Once


they started to that, Voronin got in, and Shevchenko had possibly the


best chance of the half. Overall, there seems to be a lack of quality


from both teams. I would agree with you. When they increased the


tournament to another few teams in four years, this will be the


question. It is quite clear to see that, ability wise, it is not as


good for as interesting as we have seen. Not necessarily bad news for


England. Very good news for England. The guys will have nothing to fear


watching these two teams in the first half. But they should have


been a goal at either end. Leak, it did not quite turn out how eight


you thought it would be because Sweden generally play quite open.


Exactly. They caught Ukraine by are not bothered. It is the


opposite of what we thought. The pressure is on Ukraine to go


forward, the crowd want them to go for it, and that is not their


normal game. Sweden changed after 15 minutes and started to play are


high line. It is a good line but there is no pressure on the ball.


Shevchenko is just off side and they get that right. But we have


seen time and time again, you get it partially wrong, and you are in


trouble. Mellberg was terrific. should have scored there. He gets


in because of the line, because Sweden did better when everything


was in front of them. Now the ball is go behind the man runners are


going behind them and they look on the ball. It was interesting how


things change. I presume they came from the coach. You get more


confident and you think you can push up the pitch. Shevchenko, the


first 50 minutes, they did not think he was playing because he did


not touch the ball. Ibrahimovic, we always have a debate about him!


Anything remotely dangers, he has been part of. He is the focal point


What the goalkeeper it -- what the goalkeeper is doing, I am not quite


sure. Most good things that have happened for Sweden, he is the one


threat. But this is the infuriating part of him. He pulls off his man


at the far post. It was like the one we saw for Germany but he did


How do you see this changing in the second half? Both sides, England


and France, coming up, they must be thinking we have to win this.


team should win this. Could they come and have a go and take their


chances that they will win. They look a bit anxious when they get in


front of goal because they know what the win means for them. If he


did come in late and missed England against France, here is a brief


could not get himself adjusted to lead! It is a great ball in but


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


there is only England that want to Reddy could stop by Mexes. -- from


It is a good start, we would like to have won. We sat back a bit


which was a bit silly of us but we dug in and got the result. What


about the goal? He hit it well, it was through a lot of bodies. I like


to save everything, but not that one. Did you see it? Not very well!


That is football, there are bodies in the way. You do your best but


unfortunately it went in. He beat Joe Hart from 20 yards, had he


teased him about it yet? A little bit! I know that he knows me in


training when I shoot so instead of opening my foot by a cold it in the


first post and he was a little bit surprised, so I am really happy


that I scored. When I come back I can tease him! What about Roy


Hodgson and what he said to you? Is he pleased? Definitely. We showed


quality at certain times and our organisation is there. When did you


decide to play Oxlade-Chamberlain? Fairly early on. He has been


extremely good in training and he is the type of player that I


thought might just get away from them in midfield, as he did on


three occasions, but he got brought down. Had he been allowed to


continue he might have put a pass in. It was a massive honour for me


to go out there today, to see all the travelling England fans, and


you realise you're playing in the European finals tournament. When


did you find out you were starting? This afternoon. That late?


Sometimes the boss tells you the team before, today it was on the


day. You have to always prepare and be ready. It was important not to


lose. Is this in you England we are seeing? I think so, it was clear to


see that we were tactically aware against a very good team which has


a free shape and they play with lot of players in and around two. But


we stayed disciplined and at times we had a little bit more composure.


We need to build on this now and stay positive. What changes now


between this game and Sweden? have to rest, I think you saw there


were some tired bodies out there and it is very hard. I do not think


anybody expected that when Ukraine and Poland were announced. I think


the lads have to recover and dig deep and then we have to score some


goals. Not quite there when we were discussing the other day, but does


that draw goes some way to addressing the disappointment of


the defeat in 2004? Yes, of course. We do not look back as players, we


look forward. It is any good tonight if we go on to get the


points that we need to get out of the group. There is still lots of


hard work to do and we will analyse this game, where we have gone wrong,


what we did right, and we will go into Sweden all recovered from


All of our live matches and highlight programmes are available


on the iPlayer. Now a alternative view with Chris pop -- Chris Waddle.


What did you make of the performance?


I thought it was genuine, honest, they defended very well. Perhaps


they kept their shape too well at times. We were hard to beat. The


ideal scenario is the counter- attack as the set piece, where we


got one with a great ball in from Steven Gerrard. Apart from that, we


still do not seem to create enough when we have the ball, we give it


away cheaply, we need one or two players to come around a bit more


and ask questions of the other team. We have got those players, but they


are not just -- just not doing it? James Milner, Oxlade-Chamberlain,


they can do that. Babel drift inside and look for the poor, and


that is what you want, clever players, Paul, like France had. --


clever players on the ball. The first 15 minutes, it was like a


practice match because there was so much respect. All of a sudden,


England scored, France show what they have got. They are over 20


games unbeaten and you can say what -- see why. If you are going to


criticise France, they do not get enough bodies in a box. There were


three players who they lead to what they want.


France irate Dog course. England matched them, so our expectations


now growing for the chances in the tournament?


I hope not. I hope people realise that the younger players are coming


in, had Roy Hodgson should be looking to think that we need to


qualify for the next World Cup, and I would be looking to the European


Championships in four years to see what we could do. Maybe then we can


get a side together to challenge. He has done the basics, we are hard


to beat, then you can take the next step.


Interesting points made in terms of flexibility, letting players wander


around. It is hard to do it within that 4-4-2 system, isn't it?


Yes, it is quite rigid, and you do suffer from that. You also need the


players to do that. They could do with a Chris Waddle!


Yes, a free spirit, someone who can hurt the opposition. I feel that


when we played 4420, that it is a little bit Brighid, and I would


like to see something a bit different. -- when we play 4-4-2.


we're not that good at keeping the ball, but we have to take positive


spot stop we heard how great France have been, we matched them today.


That was a positive. A negative would be the lack of chances we


created. You have to go with the positives


and a word of praise for the manager. I thought he said the team


up 12 and he is renowned for being negative, I thought England were


positive. Well back had a lot of pace and movement, and conceivably,


it could have been over. Do you think France are possible


winners? No, not with those centre-backs.


A positive for England is this game, there is nothing to fear from these


two teams. It didn't play like that in the


next two matches, they will qualify for the quarter-finals.


Where do you see this were going? Either team can win this, the game


is wide-open. Do you expect to Sweden to come out


a bit more? Yes, I think with their new manager,


they will come out to win it. Ibrahimovic is the one.


Shevchenko may still have a part to play.


They are ready for the second half. Jonathan Pearce and Martin Keown


surprise that Shevchenko is starting the second half of all


stop there was an opinion that they were change him. -- there was an


opinion that they would change him. They are chained -- sticking with


the starting 11 it for now. He has encouraged a more attacking Swedish


bit, the humidity has dropped as the end of that cross, but it was


taken away. Sweden have lacked some creativity by playing Rasmus Elm in


gets what in the face but goes than Yarmolenko has been disappointing,


for periods of the game. Only seven of the Swedish squad play in major


European leagues. Ukraine have not beaten the better sides in their


build up. Several of their opponents have played them in the


last couple of years, and they have and I tend to agree bit Sebastian


Larsson. -- I tend to agree or with midfield. The referee says play on,


an opportunity perhaps? A good defensive block.


It certainly was. Pyatov came, but he did not look


whistles of derision for Granqvist's challenge on a national


hero. Great defending in their from


Sweden. -- from Ukraine. Defenders do not get enough credit for that.


I wonder if that is the Shevchenko bench as a coach. He was in charge


of the senior squad for a while, back on the field of play. There is


a lot to smile about in this city, a wide brim of Bart's and cafes. I


first commentated here 13 years ago, when you were playing for Arsenal,


Martin. The people have been so welcoming


to us. It is really refreshing. times, the quality is letting them


down. -- he wants to that ball The talismanic Swedish striker has


struck. Whatever you say about him, he has


come to the rescue tonight. He is lethal. Just a tap-in, but he has


got to be there to do it. Ukraine will protest, because one


of their players, Celyn, was down, and Sweden played on. -- Yevhen


Selin. It is their right to do so. The coach is not happy.


The ball is buried in it, he comes away from his man, no one picks him


up and it is just eight have been. Goalkeeper has no chance. -- just


eight happiness. A poor header from Yarmolenko.


Yes, he has got to be better than that. Suicidal defending.


Four in four games for Ibrahimovic. No one has scored more in the


European Championships for Sweden than him. A new record for his


country. Then again, it was only That was a bit more purposeful from


Yarmolenko down the right-hand side. He is a threat and knees to get on


the ball more than he has been. He has had a shoulder injury in the


last few months of the season. Nice to see a goalkeeper coming at


taking the ball. It is a real relief for defenders when you see


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


Shevchuk on the bench. Shevchenko! What a moment! National treasure.


National jubilation. Superbly. Cometh the hour, cometh the man. He


has waited for this moment all of his life. Great movement of the


ball. Good build up on the right- hand side. Look at the movement. He


is first to the ball. He embarrasses the defender. His 47th


Col for Ukraine will be the one Shevchenko paid off. The two main


strikers that we spoke about most before the game have scored.


just before that, Ukraine were all Ukraine this season, ahead of this


game. The longest serving international footballer in this


tournament. He made his debut 17 years ago. A wonderful moment.


These other players they give you that belief in your team.


Unbelievable pressure for him and on your skin, very simple --


similar to when a South Africa France and England. Will this group


proved the most tricky to Brilliant defending from Larsson,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


who is angry with his defenders is fair to say a controversial


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


wobbling. It is a nightmare when you are in that position, he turned


away well. The nerves and expectancy levels settled for


Ukraine after they went behind. We are seeing the best from them. It


took the Swedish goal to bring the absolutely incredible. Such a


sloppy goal to concede. He is the man on fire. It is his movement


defending is poor but it is a great finish. Two goals in seven minutes.


For Ukraine's record goalscorer. They prepared him well, the manager


Sweden, apart from the odd moment from Ibrahimovic, have shown


nothing to worry England or, indeed, of the host nation with their


talisman scoring the goals. The spend on a very experienced player


in Anders Svensson. Eight former wide to the right hand side. That


is where we thought he might start kept his temper in the end.


Khacheridi taking a huge gamble, trying to win that ball. It would


be a better place just to let him have it. He gets away with that one.


Ibrahimovic pointing him up. He is such a strong player. But he felt


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


options on the bench, he may bring on a player to sit in front of the


back four. And surprised the referee has not had a word with


Ibrahimovic. I think Ibrahimovic just senses a weakness in


Khacheridi and is trying to bully position. He has worked hard.


Obviously Shevchenko will have the headlines if they win this but he


deliver the ball earlier. The midfield that times are not getting


forward early enough. They are winner. He played for them in 2006


about Sweden at the moment. It is an anxious shot from distance, he


is never going to score from there. The script was written for him. At


the moment, it is a perfect evening for Ukraine football, but there is


finals but to not keep calm and impress. They have not won a


tournament knockout match since 1994 in the United States. The onus


is on them to get back into this match or they are not going to be


box waiting for that. Look has the run of Shevchenko. Brilliant runner,


had he get away from Ibrahimovic. - - and he gets away from Ibrahimovic.


You have one player marking and one in the space, and they did not do


down, Sweden scored, and they came close again. It was Yarmolenko who


was down. Just too much on that ball from


Ibrahimovic. He does ever so well off from the wing. It is high and


Elmander coming on. He broke his foot in Galatasaray's last game of


the season. Has not scored this season for Sweden in the build up.


His last goal was a year ago for his country. Had he been fit, he


would have started, because for hitting Voronin on the back of


the head. He does not think he did much wrong.


It looks as if he has just gone up for it, but no, he has hit him. The


referee was right. A remarkable character, Mellberg.


He has not missed a minute in six tournament files for Sweden. --


Yarmolenko. You can see the movement from


Shevchenko. Always pointing in behind. He has a great footballing


Mykhalyk. The emphasis is on Sweden to get


back in this, you had Wilhelmsson running in behind their. Ukraine


has spread the ball beautifully at a great deal to necessarily worry


England, but if Ukraine do get on a roll, the last game in the group


against England in Donetsk will be a tough task for Roy Hodgson's boys,


because the national fervour here will have really built up.


It certainly will. If Shevchenko is in this kind of form, it will be


tough for us. Oleh Blokhin is a fiery sort of character. He scored


goals in the 1982 and 1986 World on the left-hand side.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


It looks like he does not have any a team that has been four games


unbeaten. O! Hit the goalkeeper! The free kick is now given against


Ibrahimovic for bustling through too energetically.


You talk about turning a tap on and off, he seems to come alive. He hit


the ball like thunder. Eventually it is a free kick, but you cannot


switch of foreign minute against him. He really tanks that ball. --


and switch-off Forane minute against him.


Had that been a foot either way, it direct runs, and the keeper was


decisive. -- Wilhelmsson it can me, he is just catching a breather.


Nine clubs in nine countries for Wilhelmsson, he has been around a


Milevskiy, and Shevchenko is walking towards the bench. --


Ukraine are warming up. Milevskiy for Voronin to close down the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


Wilhelmsson has looked a threat since he has come on. He is full of


pace. Just not enough, the shot. -- their substitute. Liverpool were


interested in Milevskiy a couple of years ago, but they thought of �13


million was too steep. He is a big him on their own turf, in a major


finals, and he has scored two goals for them. -- the Ukraine people


long to to see them. He deserves it, he has done his


country proud tonight. Ukraine have to defend. If you are


watching, as Shevchenko waves to the fans, sweet and actually


mounted a fairly dangerous attack. -- Sweden actually mounted a


dangerous attack. If he could shake the hands of the whole population,


he would do. There are 2.8 million tripped. It will be a yellow card


for Elm. Voronin does brilliantly there.


Full of energy, buying the free kick had giving them some more time


thought he would be playing in a more defensive role. He has given


away a free kick in the striking range before, last November against


Germany, and against England and Sweden.


That was always going wide. Worth Yarmolenko. Milevskiy is chasing


hard. It is Voronin who will go off. Never a success at Liverpool, was


he, Voronin? Scored goals with Dynamo Moscow this season, and


worked very hard today. Off he goes, succession it is important that you


the ball and just is the centre forward the chance to go down


easily. Taking Voronin off, they have the strength and the mid-


taken off the two experienced players. We talk about arresting


people but all of a sudden it has become a panic. -- about resting


immense. Two goals from Shevchenko turned the game around. Four


France in Donetsk. Sweden, of course, playing England and we will


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


have that came live for you. -- Khacheridi. Whenever they have been


able to pressure at the younger players, Sweden have tried to do


that. It has gone very scrappy. There is a lot of attention here.


They just want the game over, protect his full-backs since


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


gives this free kick. I think Mellberg is a little bit lucky


there. It certainly did not go out. The referee has given a foul


are in the last minute of the 90. Tens of thousands of people in the


square in the heart of Kiev. Goodness me! What a chance for


Sweden to a level. Played in by Ibrahimovic and the goal kick.


is a glorious chance. Ibrahimovic is strong and keeps his run and it


sits up nicely for Elmander. He should be burying that! Yarmolenko


was coming in but there was no composure. You have to be putting


those chances away. It should be instinctive for a striker, coming


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


the pitch there, just to wind up the clock down. Three minutes of


it right to take off the experienced players? Ibrahimovic


looking up at the clerk. Ukraine will descend on Devych. -- Sand on.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


on the left-hand side. He is still full of running, Mellberg


nearly rescues his country. these substitutions they keep


making, strikers coming on, no defenders at all, Ukraine are


leaving themselves exposed at the back. Sweden have shoved Mellberg


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


Showed Jane coat, her the new record goalscorer for the Ukraine,


-- Shevchenko. The perfect Rahmat. -- drama. And Ukraine take the


upper hand in England's group. It is the night of Shevchenko and the


night of Ukraine. 2-One winners. -- Wonderful scenes and what a story!


The story is the best ever. You could argue that Sweden deserve to


get a draw but Shevchenko missed a chance in the first half and then


the long and illustrious career he has had, this must be one of the


highlights. Not only scoring two goals but two sensational once.


the latter stage of my career, Bobby Robson said played the width


of the 18 yard box. Shevchenko has obviously been told the same thing.


My whole career there! Two great goals. We said at half-time it is


going to be about Ibrahimovic or Shevchenko or both of them and the


second half was exactly that. They both had chances and in the end, it


Shevchenko was not a national hero before, he certainly is now. A to


be perfectly obvious, the Shevchenko Stadium has never seen


the ball off but his movement, and I am screaming out, get in the box.


He has a little job there, does not get in, but he gets in for the


second one. He smells danger. He is in the right place at the right


time and it is a lovely finish. is a deft finish. You did not like


The rest will be written in folklore forever. Great movement.


Any kids watching as a centre- forward. It is about a winner, just


get the ball in the box and let us get on the end of it. He cannot run


over 25 yards but he can run over from the point of view of the


defender, Mellberg has to be over by to Michael three yards just to


stop the run. He does not. They say you should always be on your toes.


He was on his heels. That is the split-second that allows Shevchenko


to make the run and get in front. The header is phenomenal. He has


attacked it and Shearer would have about wingers picking forwards out,


it is not, it is about forwards getting in the danger area and


gambling. Then he did it again. Again, it is poor defending but


look at his movement again. He just gets in front and gambles. It is


like Hide and Seek. We always said if you're going to depend a corner


do not have the centre court in this area trying to defend it. The


body position of Ibrahimovic is all over it. Yes, it is a great run,


and the guy on the post, what is he which he fully deserved. A national


The encouraging for me is that in this tournament, centre-forwards


are seeing a lot of crosses coming into the box. Ibrahimovic has


caught tonight, Lescott scored earlier on the. We see said Chen


could there. It is great for for words.


Sweden had chances at the end. One particular effort from Ibrahimovic.


-- Shevchenko. It is it really good save by the


keeper, because when he hits it, over the goalkeeper. I am not a


centre forward, but you need to be more delicate.


It is Mellberg at the end, they have pushed him forward. He does


well to connect with it, but it is a difficult chance. We are all


England fans, except for Allen, and you have to take encouragement from


what we have seen tonight. If you keep Ibrahimovic quiet, I think


there is a great chance for us to We can go to the Fan Mile and to


join the Jake Humphrey. What is it like there?


Battered Chiswick revise the fact that Ukraine have won their first


ever match at the European Championship. Since independence in


1991, the team have not qualified for this to championship, so this


is history. Ukraine fans cheering on their team at this tournament


for the first time. We were joking that baby named his place after a


or Andriy Shevchenko, he has scored a two goals tonight, added they


happen tonight. This is the moment that he scored the winning goal.


What a truly remarkable light. A special night for everybody here. I


guess they are off to drink the local brew. They will be drinking


that late into the night. Considering the circumstances, it


would be rude not to join them. A remarkable, historic night in the


middle of Kiev. It is great for the nation's


hosting. Both teams are pretty weak on the world rankings, but they


have done in it -- coming and it lifts the tournament.


The fans did really well, it was all yellow in the stadium with


Sweden and the Ukraine fans, and it was a great atmosphere, it started


slow. It turned into one of the best games so far, it had to do


everything, to a presenter forwards battling against each other, Mr


Shevchenko coming out on top. England will take the nervous this


out of things by beating Sweden. This makes it more difficult for


England, because Ukraine now know that whatever happens in their


second game, if they beat England, they can go through.


Looking at the performances tonight, you would not be fearing them. If


you play anything like you did today against France, I think they


will beat either side. BAFTA Shevchenko, all credit to him. When


he left Chelsea, we thought we would never see him again. He has


scored two goals tonight and has given the tournament a lift.


He has played the last two seasons to get into this tournament, and he


could retire after this. There is hope for Fernando Torres


yet! Let's take you back to England versus France, which kicked off


five hours ago. A new tournament, a new England.


They have not won their opening that was wide.


None a could not get himself adjusted to put it into the centre.


England the lead!. Easy as you like. A great ball in, but it is only


England attacking it. Not offside. It is a good header, than were


thrust on it, but perfect delivery, nobody from the French team


past Joe Hart in a flash. That was a cracker.


England are too deep, almost on the penalty spot. A perfect finish,


mind. The accuracy, power, pace, it was


near post, it did not quite go behind. It is deflected behind, and


that might have been a vital touch on Danny Welbeck. -- from Danny


Wayne Rooney was instinctively try to put that in from his seat in the


stand. Hart had to save it. You got the feeling there was going to be


one more shot. That will do it for England. Two years ago in South


Africa, they started with a draw, a very different, two years on. In


good book consider this job done. They have got a 1-1 draw from their


Steven Gerrard put a great ball in for Lescott's first goal?


Yes, it was a great ball, and I think we were looking quite good.


They had a good spell which led to the goal.


It was a massive honour for me to get out there and see all the


travelling fans, and realise you are playing in the European finals,


so I was delighted. Is this a new England we are


seeing? We were very tactically aware


against a very good team, and they really have a free shape and


planeloads of players around you, so it was difficult at times. We


stayed disciplined, and we had a bit more composure at times. Like I


said, we need to build on this now and stay positive.


It is a progression and we are unbeaten. We showed quality at


times and our organisation was there.


What do you need to change between now and Sweden?


We need to rest, it is very hot. I do not think anyone expected that


when Ukraine and Poland were announced as the hosts. It is warm


up here, so we need to recover, dig deep and score goals.


How difficult will be sweeping game be? You were split -- you were


targeting specific areas of France today?


We need to be difficult to beat, but we need to be better on the


ball. -- Sweden. We need to try and create more, because it is


important to get three points on Friday.


John Motson has joined us. You have seen this tournament throughout the


years, but you have never seen a England beat Sweden in a


competitive game. I have never seen England win an


opening game in the European ship - - European Championship.


How did you see the England game? What it stood out for you?


Be very deliberate way Roy Hodgson said the team up, most of what we


knew France would be good that, England reasonably contained. I


thought we well worth the draw, although I am a bit more cautious


than Alan about the two games to come, I am not sure how poor Sweden


and Ukraine are, I think England baby tested.


Have you got a statistic for me? I was going to speak about Holland


and Germany, because they need in the next game.


That is a perfect cube, because Colin Murray will have highlight of


Colin Murray will have highlight of both games in Group A tomorrow.


Holland versus Germany, many great memories.


1988, Holland won the European Championships despite losing the


first game against Russia. Marco van Basten, scoring in the very


last minute of the game to beat Germany in the semi-final. He


scored an even better one in the final.


A brilliant player. One of the great strikers, cruelly robbed by


injury. He had everything, pace, power,


goals. Who is your tip for the tournament,


Motty? Germany. They have got many good


players, they played very well in the last World Cup, they started OK,


a bit slowly but did enough to win, I think they will get better.


England start slowly, but we don't usually do better! Alam, a month


ago you were tipping Spain, and you have just told me Germany.


Yes, I think Germany can win it. I agree with Motty. With the


youngsters and the way they have been together, I think they can do


It will be a great game tomorrow, the Dutch need something out of the


Gary Lineker introduces live coverage as co-hosts Ukraine enter the tournament. Oleg Blokhin's men are in action against Sweden in the first competitive meeting between the two nations. This is Ukraine's first appearance in a European Championship, but they did reach the quarter-finals of the 2006 World Cup under Blokhin. Sweden beat the Netherlands in qualifying, and also warmed up for Euro 2012 with a 1-0 friendly away win over the Ukraine last August.

There is also a chance to see highlights of England's first competitive match under the management of Roy Hodgson, as they took on the highly-fancied French in an eagerly-anticipated Group D encounter in Donetsk. The French are unbeaten in their last five games against England, winning four of those matches. The Three Lions' last victory was a 1-0 success in Montpellier in 1997, courtesy of an Alan Shearer goal, when England were on their way to winning the Le Tournoi tournament.

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